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smittenskitten9 minutes ago
It's been awhile since I finished watching word of honor. I am still technically watching it for gif making and stuff.
I am recently looking up clips for Xie-er and honestly I am still not over his relationship with his yifu 馃槼
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bisexualdonlothario58 minutes ago
wow can't believe bob odenkirk did a film named after a mitski song. true girlboss 馃槏
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imposterogersan hour ago
mobius: I鈥檝e studied almost every moment of your entire life. you鈥檝e literally stabbed people in the back life fifty times聽
loki: well i鈥檇 never do it it again! cause it got old聽
mobius, covering his laugh with his hand bc he鈥檚 so caught of guard by this variant: ok (:
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lanceurdalerte2 hours ago
Nous devons pas tombez dand l adversitee que les criminels en reseaux nous donnes a faire contre les personnes cibles ou minorites.
Tous on le droit a leur place. Nous sommes pas en esclavages mennee par les mondialistes. Comprennez la malhonnete que profere les criminel en reseau.
Denoncer ces crimes qui atteingne un bas degres de mefait qui ne devrait pas existez.
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shadowy-dumbo-octopus4 hours ago
Funny thing about Castlevania season 3.
Both Hector and Isaac were called "pretty", Hector by Lenore ("you're just a pretty man in a box") and Isaac by Miranda ("kill them all, pretty forgemaster.")
One of them didn't really react to it and went off to have fun in s3e9, while the other got distracted by the pretty words and fucked himself into an even bigger mess than he was originally in.
Hector, babe, you really have no excuse.
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elisheanaufeminin4 hours ago
Le retour de la magie incubatoire dans la strat茅gie des 茅lites
Le retour de la magie incubatoire dans la strat茅gie des聽茅lites
La magie incubatoire fait partie de la Gn么se Lucif茅rienne qui existe depuis toujours. Les 茅lites, la Noblesse Noire, d茅tiennent cette connaissance tenue secr猫te, depuis le d茅but de l鈥檋umanit茅. Selon Carlos Castaneda, des entit茅s parasites : les Flyers ou Planeurs, nous ont infiltr茅s et ont conf茅r茅 脿 notre esprit son c么t茅 routinier, r茅p茅titif, maniaque, peureux, avide, violent, calculateur, et鈥
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ysera4 hours ago
#as usual like clockwork its khoshekh breakdown time#i hate living in this house populated by so many ghosts#the spectre of my abuse and the spectre of my now dead friend in this home this neighborhood this whole town is like#so deeply suffocating#and every little thing will lead me on a trail to one of the two#axiom verge 2 is coming out -> remember when your abuser was gonna show you the game and never did ->#remember how in that same car trip she talked about meeting her dad with the boy she cheated on you with and then twisted your arm to let ->#her date anyway even though you were gutted? and then forgot that YOU met her dad even though the trip where you met her parents was ->#deeply important to you? and remember how she said you werent allowed to be mad that she forgot and talked about him so much ->#and then she talked about self harming with something that had been giving her a lot of breakdowns ->#which you were afraid of because any emotional unhappiness from her meant getting abused? leading you to center her happiness ->#as the highest goal in your life and now you dont know how to live for yourself or talk to anyone even though you did then for a bit? ->#and now you wanna die except the thought of dying in this same place is disgusting as well? lol#unrelated how do you tell people that you probably need to be put on self deletion watch and also that you need everyone to be very nice and#very gentle with you for the forseeable future but thats not realistic lol#even people who know an inkling of my pain have like#still manipulated and gaslit me RECENTLY#so i really dont know how to live anymore#halfway up my head
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hopeamarsu6 hours ago
Writer Wednesday #10 by @autumnleaves1991-blog鈥 and @flightlessangelwings鈥 Pride Celebration Writing Challenge: Week 3聽
Star Wars -universe, adventures of Little Ben Solo
Word count 689
Warnings: Light angst, bittersweet story, hint of manipulation, children (young Ben)
A/N: I鈥檓 continuing with young Ben again, this time with his mother Leia. The story has a bittersweet taste to it and it鈥檚 not the happiest one even if it does end in a somewhat happy note.聽
Tumblr media
Glitter and/or 鈥淚鈥檒l always be by your side鈥
Ben turns the photo around in his hands. He looks at the woman in the photo; how the glimmer on her skin and in the air is reflecting off the light that shines from the side, illuminating the white dress she wears. She looks beautiful in the photo, delicate and still so strong. The smile gracing her lips is beautiful if barely captured, slightly off-frame. It is one Ben hasn鈥檛 seen often on her face but recognizes nonetheless. It's the quirk of the upper lip he has inherited.聽
His mother, the Senator Leia Organa, rarely smiles these days. Ben, despite his young age, knows it鈥檚 because his father is off on one of his adventures again. The small brows knit together in worry as he recalls the latest argument over Han taking off yet again. He wasn鈥檛 supposed to hear it, crouching down low in the foyer next to his mother鈥檚 study well after his bedtime, but it鈥檚 hard to sleep when the voices grow so loud both outside and inside his mind.聽
Shaking himself off the dark thoughts, Ben flips the photo around and studies the written words on the back. He recognizes his fathers loopy handwriting, the letters curving to the left and all the same size. He looks at the words, mouthing them silently to get a better feel for them.
鈥淚鈥檒l always be by your side.鈥
It鈥檚 a promise, Ben thinks, a promise that has been broken. Because his father is not here, his mother doesn鈥檛 smile and neither of them realize the toll it鈥檚 taking on all of them. On him. He blinks, the sudden mist in his eyes obscuring the view of the worn photo as he turns it around to see the glossy side again.聽聽
鈥淐an I see?鈥
The voice of his mother startles Ben out of his thoughts and he squeaks in surprise, lifting his dark eyes to see her standing next to the couch he has made his nest in. The neat press of the suit she wears tells Ben she is either off to another meeting or just finished the one she had. Her eyes are relaxed though as she looks at him, waiting patiently for an invite to join him, and he can鈥檛 deny her.聽
鈥淚 found it on the floor,鈥 Ben offers shyly as his hand reaches out to give the photo to Leia, who takes it with a nod as she sits down next to him.聽
鈥淚 must鈥檝e dropped it earlier. Thank you for picking it up,鈥 She doesn鈥檛 look at her younger self, her eyes focused on the words behind. A delicate finger traces the letters in silence as both mother and son stay still, lost in time and memories.聽
鈥淵our father鈥︹ She begins, swallowing the rest of her sentence suddenly as something shines in her eyes. Leia is shielding her emotions well, but Ben can still feel the sorrow and sadness underneath and it makes him want to hug his mother, wrap his tiny arms around her frame. He does so, surprising them both. He feels her arm wrap around him as she pulls him closer so that they are side to side, as close as they can get.聽
鈥淚 hate it when he鈥檚 not here.鈥 His words are muffled as he speaks them more to the fabric of the suit but Leia seems to understand them well as she pets his hair. The up and down movements of her hand on his inky locks feel both soothing and safe and Ben presses himself tighter into the embrace, enjoying the moment for as long as he can.聽
鈥淢e too sweetheart, me too. But one day we鈥檒l be together again.鈥
鈥淚 promise,鈥 Her words come out strong, convincing as she soothes the worries of her boy.聽
It might turn out to be a lie too, a promise broken like the words behind the photo, Ben thinks. But he feels his mother鈥檚 arm tighten around his shoulders and he is filled with warmth. So he keeps his eyes closed and breathes in the fragrance of his mother and believes the words with his entire heart.聽
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mickmathersartblog6 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈥淭he Little Red Han II鈥
digital collage & digital painting by Mick Mather
(click image to view full size)
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lanceurdalerte7 hours ago
Notre quotidien est basee sur une qualites de vie artificiels. Aux noms des criminels en reseaux. organises des actions agressives contre les personnes cibles et en minorites.
Discredites les cibles de toute sorte de facons pour ne pas les croires.
Dans mon cas , il utilise les medias de masse connue et les marchands pour etablir une marche a suivre contre moi.
Commes des personnes branchers sur leur cellulaires avec des applications a l Covid. Sont facilement detectables a la together.
Ne soyes pas du mauvais cotes quand tout sera reveler.
Les medias de masse qui deforme la realites en vous donnant de l assurance.
Il vous cache plus a vous que pour moi.
Leur cover c est vous. Si ca plante. C est vous qui devrer en repondre de vous actes.
Nous enregistrons les faits des stalker. Nous Commandons a l access a l information les cameras de surveillance , recuperons les mouchards laisser la veille.
Il annoucent les arrives des TI.
En plein magasin. Faut le faire et pense que personnes vont parlee.
Il offre , il y a quelques temps aux services a la clienteles dans les magasins des rabais au comptoir pour faire du stalking.
Renversee la vapeur des criminels en reseaux. On les attends tres bien leur sollicitation.
Des causes en devenir. Votre temoignage va valoire des milliard a travers l internationnal.
On sera entendu de bonne facon.
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snezhnayah7 hours ago
childe kaeya and diluc r literally mansplain manipulate malewife in that order
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rhymingwithpurple7 hours ago
Genuinely idk if I could ever watch a conjuring movie because there is truly not any genre of human being i hate more than fake pyshics/mediums
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wildernessuntothemselves8 hours ago
Lmao it's for real. She loves her but the girl is completely wrapped around her daddy's finger and he's been poisoning her view of her mother so she mistrusts her a lot and the oc is very angry and upset by it and she knows her daughter will pull away if she tries to reason with her so she pushes her away before she snaps and turns her wrath on felix
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