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#friends to lovers
ilvermourn · an hour ago
if im gonna be honest with u tfatws hasn’t given me enough queerbaiting to truly satisfy me. listen marvel idc if you make it canon or not but i need to see sambucky develop in a way that’s close to what u would see for best friends but subtly queer enough to be seen by the audience.
wheres my scene where they’re willing to do anything to save one another or where one of them is kidnapped and the other loses their shit trying to find them and the idea of losing each other hurts so much they can’t bare it.
where’s my scene where they’re staying at motel during a mission and there doesn’t even have to be the one bed trope, just give me them coming together after the mission all bruised and bloody and have a deep talk as the moon light and the neon lights from the sign outside shine on them through the window.
where’s my scene where bucky patches up sam and they have a deep conversation about being safe or sumn whilst he’s tending to his wounds.
where’s my well over due hug scene that happens after a life threatening moment, and they’re both teary eyed and the hug isn’t a bro hug; it’s a hug where one of them is enveloping the other around the shoulders whilst the other melts into the very much needed comfort with their arms loosely around their waist and they sigh into their shoulder.
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lowatlupins · 2 hours ago
writing canon-verse hp fic is actually so difficult because jkr's worldbuilding sucks shit and doesn't make any sense. even if you change things, it's still canon-verse which means you use jkr's worldbuilding as a framework off of which to change things or add things, when in reality the whole thing needs to be torn down and you might as well start from scratch.
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fave-bts-fics · 2 hours ago
Roommate to My Soul
BY: justananpan (allodoxaphobia)
He squints his eyes and brings his wrist closer. It’s almost like a triangle, except the top is flat instead of pointed. From the middle, there’s a diagonal line going up to the right and outside of the triangular-like shape. With a tilt of his head he realizes it looks almost like a metronome.
When the hell had he gotten this? Did Jungkook convince him to get a tattoo while he was drunk? He supposes it would be payback from when Seokjin had done that to him some years ago. Tentatively, he touches it and is surprised it doesn’t hurt. Then as his brain wakes up more, he realizes it looks completely healed already, like it’d been there for a while.
Seokjin finally realizes what he’s looking at. This is his soul mark. He had met his soulmate last night.
-- Seokjin isn't as happy to meet his soulmate as others would expect him to be. He'd honestly prefer to have nothing to do with him. Too bad Yoongi makes it too hard to dislike him
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hp-fanfic-archive · 2 hours ago
Another Day in the Sun by REwrites Pairing: Remus/Sirius Rating: T Word Count: 19k Is it haunted? I suppose that depends on who is telling the story. (Really good, also kinda sad- Haunting, if you will)
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exoxobsession · 4 hours ago
Spring Days || Chapter 7
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Childhood FriendsAU!, Friends to LoversAU!
Warnings: Death
Pairing: Kai x Ji-Eun (OC)
Word count: 1.4K
Summary: Friends become strangers, trust is gone, he betrays their friendship, she moves on. What if they meet again? Will they become friends or stay as strangers with memories?
Part: 1 |  2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Tumblr media
“A marriage between you two, you and Junmyeon.”
“What? Don’t I get a say in this?” you asked, utterly shocked. As if right on cue, the doorbell rang. Your mother moved to open while you just stared at your dad and Chae-young, who looked as shocked as you. You heard shuffling from the corridor soon after you were seated. You did nothing, just played with the food, appetite long gone. Junmyeon was like your brother. Did he know about this? Was he okay with this?
“Junmyeon, I’m sure your father told you about the alliance?” your father said, but it came out more like a question. Junmyeon looked at you, “Uh- y-yes, but I never looked at her that way. So I’m not sure where that’ll go.” this made you look at him, finally! You were glad he didn’t want this either. “What do you-” your mother asked, but you cut her off, “Me neither if you and his dad are great friends, then shouldn’t you two be okay with whatever alliance you have without marriage?” you asked glancing, at your father finally getting your thoughts out. "Ji-Eun don't talk like that-”
“Plus, I have no interest in marriage and not arranged. I don’t want to be some contract,” you added. Everyone was shocked. “We’ll discuss this later, eat.” your father calmed you down. Fiddling more than eating, you gave up.
“Junmyeon, Ji-Eun follow me.” your father gestures to his office. “So you don’t want this?” he starts, which makes you both shake your heads. “Okay, reasons?” he raises his brows. “I’ve already told you my reasoning during dinner, Sir,” Junmyeon says to which your father nods. “Yours then?” he looks at you, gaze softening the second he sees your pout. “One: I don’t wanna get married yet. Two: Never to Junmyeon, no offense.” you say turning to him, “And three: I don’t want to be a contract!” you say firmly.
“Okay.” your father says shocking both of you. “Okay?” you repeated, “It was that easy!” you added, and your father just nods. You both left the room shocked. “Do you think it’s done? Would they leave it that quick?” he asked you. “Not sure. But… I hope so!” you said you pouted.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” he said, going out. “The guys are having a movie night, you should join us.” he offered. “You too,” he said, looking behind you. “Sure,” Chae-young said from behind you. “You coming?” Junmyeon turned to you. “Yeah, I have another way. Oh, and could you tell Chanyeol and Baek to come to Jongin’s room? Just them both.” you requested.
Looking at you weirdly, he walked away. Grabbing Chae-young by the wrist, you led her to your room. “Why are we here?” she asked, confused. Noticing that Jongin’s bedroom window was opened, you saw two silhouettes walk in and turn the light on.
“Yeol, Baek!” you exclaimed to get their attention. “Ji-Eun? What are you- no don’t tell me you’re going to jump in?” Chanyeol shouted at your stupidness. “You’re what?” Baekhyun and Chae-young said at the same time. “All you need to do is pull me in, okay?” you said with the dumb brain of yours. “I’m not sure…” Chae-young sounded behind you. “It’s fine, it’s just a tiny leap. You’ll be fine, I promise,” you promised her.
“You better catch me!” you yelled before swinging your legs to the other side. Chanyeol pulled you by the waist and Baekhyun secured your arms. You yelped when you stepped on a toy car and you lurched forward, hitting the ground. “I’m coming…” Chae-Young said from the other side as Chanyeol helped you up.
“I’ve got you,” Baekhyun said as he helped Chae-Young in. “Your so lightweight, do you even eat?” he asked Chae-young to which she just gave a weak smile. “Let’s go down.”
Taking your usual spot on the couch, you got hooked to the tv. Meanwhile, Chae-young looked around and the only spot was beside Baekhyun on the ground.
The killer was going to the main lead, the knife already stained with blood. The scene growing intense each second, there was going to be a jump scare as you prepared yourself for it. Shutting your eyes right at the moment, but you heard a scream, but it wasn’t from the tv, it was right beside you. It was so girly that everyone started laughing. Looking beside you, you saw it was an embarrassed Jongin.
Tumblr media
You don’t know when you slept, but the shoulder looked so inviting, and the sleep was coming in. The next morning you woke up in your old bed, right beside Chae-young. She was awake, though. “Ji-Eun, where are we? Did we get kidnapped,” she questioned you. “No. We’re still in Junmyeon’s!” you said, looking at the time on your phone. “It’s 5 am. We should go back before mom and dad realize,” she said, stirred up and out.
“Let’s wake Chanyeol up,” you spoke, which she just shook her head. You raised your eyebrows as if questioning her. “We’ll wake Jongin.” You just gaped, slightly shaking your head. But you knew she would be wrong. It was impossible to wake him up.
As you said, he wouldn’t get up, and he wasn’t alone in his bed either. Chae has been shaking him up for 7 minutes now. “See?” you gestured. “You try.” she pushed you forward. “Jongin.” you called out softly, and he just stirred a bit and murmured something along the lines, ‘go away Ji-Eun,’ Sighing, “Jongin, just wake, hm?” and that’s when his eyes fluttered open. “Ji-Eun.” he sluggishly, and you stepped back.
“Can you help us go through?” Chae-Young asked. “Sure,” he said, still sleepily. He first sent Chae-young through. Then for you, you held your hand up to signal him you could alone. “Wait.” he caught your wrist, preventing you from making any more moves. Chae-young from the other side smiled and murmured ‘just talk’ and walked out of your room.
“What?” you asked, your voice slightly wavering. “Just let me explain,” he said, giving you the puppy eyes he knew which would tip you off. “Then explain, explain why you ghosted me for over three weeks.” your voice cracked, and you didn’t continue letting him take over.
“I was scared. Minji told me she loves me, she’ll go to any lengths to have me. I was naïve, and I got scared. Then she mentioned your name one day with her friend, so I thought-” his voice cracked. “-you thought that she’ll hurt me, and you thought-” you were going to finish when he cut you off. “I thought it would be good if I ignored you.”
“That’s stupid,” you said bluntly. “I know, I should’ve told you.” Jongin breathed as he looked sideways. “Then, why didn’t you call me for the past two years?” you asked. “It’s not something to talk about over the phone,” he explained. “You’re an idiot,” you said as you hugged him, finally content. “I know, but you still love me,” he said, wrapping his arms around you.
“I think I shouldn’t forgive you that easily for something like that.” you pulled back and declared. “Goddammit! You just made up Ji-Eun! Fight later.” Chen whined from the bed. “Help me through.” you smiled, and he lifted you over.
When you came to your side, you waved him a bye and fell on your bed, giggling like a teenager. You might’ve forgiven him too quick, but you were impatient. And Minji, you swore to yourself that you’d kill her when you see her next time.
Just as your eyes were closing, Chae-young came and jumped on you. “Looking at your smile, I think you guys fixed it?” she teased. Turning away from her, you buried yourself in your blankets and finally slept.
Tumblr media
“Ji-Eun, Chae-young, wake up!” you heard someone call out, but you didn’t wake up, turning over to Chae-young you draped your leg over hers.
You woke up to no one beside you, so you woke up. After freshening up, you went down to get some breakfast, but the air was awkward. They all looked at you as you sat down, and Chae-young was in tears. You assumed the worse. You looked at your parents, tilting your head, silently asking what happened. They just looked down, and you understood. In an instant you wrapped your arms around her hoping to soothe her, now she can she’s lost everything.
Your parents held the funeral. Even you were affected, you tore up because you saw this woman as your grandma. You held Chae-young’s hand in your and she offered a weak smile. The one you knew too well, the fake one she would give, but you didn’t call her out. Nobody special came it was just you and your family, after all, she didn’t have any family. Just thinking about them made you angry.
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satchihatchi · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
College king / pet AU
Dipper is studying physics and astronomy at college. But he's also the target of jokes and ignorance because of how big nerd he is. In addition, during his puberty, he grew up surprisingly a lot, now about 2 meters tall, along with a thin, not very muscular body (thanks to which he gets the nickname Pinetree from a "certain group").
And then there's Bill - the most popular guy at the university, more beautiful than most girls, trendy, rich, and always surrounded by fans and his group called "Weirdmageddon". Someone like him has never noticed a loser like Dipper, so he just lets his "friends" tease Dipper with their pranks.
One day, however, Bill (who is not interested in studying at all) gets into big trouble and is in danger of being expelled. Dipper, who would like to get rid of the terror he is experiencing, thanks to his (little crush) good heart, has mercy on the blonde school king and manages to persuade the principal to leave Bill at school and also says that he will make sure Bill improves his marks. Bill is surprised that "Mr. Nobody" stood up for him and wanted to help him. What's worse for Dipper, Bill gets interested in the boy and has the plan. Bill wants to repay Dipper by inviting him to a party, where he takes him to the bedroom after a few drinks, where he takes Dipper's virginity (and secretly takes pics of naked Dipper). What's even more embarrassing, everyone at the party are peeking and listening to them through the door, and when the couple leaves the bedroom, they start clapping and congratulating Bill for taking another virginity, making fun of Dipper and his whining as he came too fast. Dipper, realizing that Bill just wanted to use him like this, runs away with a cry from the party and hopes that he will never have to talk to Bill again...
But Bill has other plans with a tall nerd.
He sends Dipper (thanks to his contacts) a message that he wants to see him in their Weirdmageddon clubhouse, otherwise, he sends everyone Dipper's nude photos. Dipper is horrified and goes to the clubhouse, begging Bill to delete the photos. But Bill, pleased with his new toy and his begging, agrees not to send the photos on one condition: Dipper will now be his little pet, who will do as he says and will also do homeworks for him. Dipper is forced to agree and then receives an ear piercing with a triangular earring from Bill, as a sign that he is from now on his pet.
Dipper is then obeying Bill's orders and watching the blond boy get one date after another. But what Dipper doesn't know is that Bill soon finds out he can't get hard if he doesn't think of Dipper. Desperate for good fuck, Bill decides to order Dipper to have sex with him again. But Dipper absolutely refuses and says that Bill can send the photos to everyone at the university, but that doesn't force him to have sex with a blond man. They even get together in a fistfight that Dipper surprisingly wins. Bill is surprised that Dipper is so much against sex with him and realizes that he has a big problem. He left to return to school three days later, apologizing to Dipper for his behavior and hoping they could start over as friends, and that Dipper would become an official member of Weirdmageddon. And he also offers Dipper compensation for all the problems by paying him for tutoring. Dipper finds the sudden offer a little suspicious, but at the same time tempting and trustful enough, so he agrees.
Bill is still a big jerk, but now he treats Dipper with respect and for the first time in his life he becomes interested in Pinetree himself and not just his body. Dipper begins to turn Bill's desire for sex into something more and more.
As they became friends gives Dipper a little makeover, goes to the library to study so Bill can improve his grades, or just having lunch in the school garden. Bill even begins to trust Dipper so much that sometimes, after his quarrel with his parents, he either calls or comes to Dipper's place and asks if he can stay there for the night, playing Mario kart and chilling until he feels better again.
However, a few months later, during one of the class teacher collects Bills phone bc of his 24/7 texting and after that actually finding by accident the blackmail nude photos of Dipper (at this time Dipper and Bill are friends and Bill just uses photos for “lonely nights” ) so the teacher talks to principal who calls Bills parents and gets Bill to principal office. Of course, Dipper saves Bill by saying that he is "dating" Bill but that doesnt change that his parents know about blackmailing, bullying and Bills bad grades now and wants to punish Bill to learn some good manners.
For the first time in his life, Bill is punished hard by his parents, and although he tries to explain everything to them, he still has to face punishment. He no longer has the right to wear expensive Gucci clothes or anything other what is “inappropriate”, his parents sell him his car and forbid him to go anywhere but to home and to school - to be grounded (even though he is already 21). But that's not all they want to teach their son to behave properly and regret his mistakes ...
It takes a whole week for Bill to be allowed to go back to school, and when he comes across Dipper, who was very worried about his good friend, Dipper hardly recognizes him. Bill no longer wears piercings in his ear, nor other jewelry, and his hair, previously his long golden curls and the greatest pride of his appearance, are gone, left only in a brief wavy mess. Also, for the first time in his life, Bill is forbidden to wear concealer, so Dipper can see that Bill has freckles. What's more, he loves it on Bill. He accepts Bill's official apology for all the problems the blond has ever done to him, noting that Bill looks so much better now and looks finally like "his true himself."
Bill is surprised that Dipper likes this and when he confides that he has been wearing contact lenses all this time (and then showing what he now looks like with the glasses his mother ordered him to wear from now on), Dipper says that Bill with glasses is incredibly cute and it convinces the blonde to wear only glasses from that moment on.
And as time went on, Bill became more and more interested in astronomy, improved his grades, and even managed to transfer to an astronomical major so that he could study what he really enjoyed and could study with Dipper as well. Not to mention that it turns out Bill always was as big nerd as Dipper was, but due to his lifestyle and being pampered in the past he had to supress it and act more like rich asshole.
They both begin to feel more and more feelings towards each other, and eventually they finally manage to confess their love and become an official couple...
Do you like this story? Let me know!
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hklnvgl · 8 hours ago
thanks so much @andrea-lyn for tagging me in this super fun game! 🥰
found family or soulmates || slow burn or established but complicated || enemies-to-friends-to-lovers or best friends-to-lovers || love at first sight or get back together || morally grey character or unreliable narrator || sunshine character or sarcastic character || self-sacrificing or teamwork || fire-forged friends or childhood friends || description-heavy or dialogue-heavy || fluff or angst || high school au or college au || flower symbolism or color symbolism || hero from the start or reveal the hero near the end || body swap or gender swap || bed sharing orand clothes sharing || magic au or human au || de-aged or future fic
tagging @ailec-12 @flitwickslittlebrotha @uncertainglobalfuture @of-stars-and-moon @navigatrixloves @sunset-moons @ephemeraltea @philosophersandfools @har-graves 💛
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salemwritesxx · 8 hours ago
happy birthday, kacchan
Tumblr media
summary: Y/n and Bakugou celebrate Katsuki’s birthday every year ever since they were little.
w.count: ~ 3k
content warning: childhood friends to lovers, dating under 18, fluff, confession
Tumblr media
Ever since Katsuki was little, he remembered being surrounded by a bunch of people – people his age, people older than him, people younger than him. And everyone would faun over him and his amazing quirk. It was inevitable that after kindergarten and throughout his school years, ‘friendship’ was something he valued less and less. Who needed friends anyways? He was amazing, everyone was just there to probably gain something from him and his amazing skills.
But, despite his best efforts to get rid of people in his life that he deemed unworthy to be his friend, there was someone Bakugou could have never pushed away – and that someone was you.
You and Katsuki had lived in the same neighborhood, your mother was friends with his mother and they both worked in the design industry and, in the end, you were born barely one month apart as well. So, it was inevitable that he and you were basically together ever since you were born. You shared everything. From laying in the crib together to bathing together to sleeping over at each other’s houses, you were always together growing up.
The one and only friend he deemed worthy, the one and only person that he could never get rid of and that he actively sought out when frustrated and angry – it had always been you.
“Kacchan!”, you smiled brightly as you called his name and ran towards him, the 4 year-old in question immediately turning around and in the end, catching you when you flopped into his arms.
“Y/n! Don’t glomp me!”, he embarrassingly yelled, though he also didn’t push you away, thus you didn’t care and instead, you took his sweaty little hand and pulled him with you.
“Kacchan, come with me. Come with me!”
“Eh?! Why??”, he whined annoyingly, yet he followed without any restraint.
“Close your eyes.”
“No! I don’t wanna!”
“Please.”, you looked at him so pleadingly, your e/c eyes sparkling, thus he just clicked his tongue, blushing lightly and closing his ruby eyes.
“Fine, but don’t do something dumb, Y/n!”
“I promise, I won’t!”, and so, you pulled him further into a secret little corner.
Bakugou then stood there for a few moments when you let go of his hand, only to open his eyes the moment you said, “CHACHAN! Happy Birthday, Kacchan!”, a big, wide grin on your lips as you held a limited edition All Might figurine in front of his eyes.
“Y/n…”, immediately, Katsuki little, ruby eyes sparkled as he grabbed the box, then he shouted in glee and before you knew it, he glomped you this time, making you laugh and squeal in excitement as you fell to the floor together.
“Kacchan… do you like it?”, giggling happily when he nodded and sat back up to stare at his new figurine, his words “This is the best birthday present ever, Y/n!” melting your little kid heart, knowing that begging your mother and helping out at home just so she would buy it for you, was well worth it in the end.
It was the day Bakugou, you, Izuku and some other friends were marching along the riverside. Your friend was quite excited, shouting his song about the Bakugou agency while you just smiled and shouted along.
Then, as you walked across the river, it happened, Bakugou slipped and fell, cutting his singing off as well as your own.
“KACCHAN!”, was your knee-jerk reaction as you looked down, the other kids mocking you for being so ‘dramatic’ and that Bakugou was Bakugou – amazing, he wasn’t hurt.
Izuku, however, had basically the same reaction as you, though, as you ran back and down the little cliff, you only heard a slapping noise.
Bakugou had slapped away Deku’s helping hand, he was visibly angry, feeling like he was mocking him and yet, you didn’t care about his furrowed brows or that he was about to cry from fury that was gleaming in his eyes – you just jumped him out of worry.
“Kacchan!”, you cried and your little arms held your friend as tightly as you could.
He should have pushed you away, he should have been as angry as he was with Deku, yet, he could barely press out a “Don’t glomp me!”; though, when you sat back up to look into his furious, ruby eyes, he was startled as he saw tears streaming down your face.
“B-But.. I was so scared, Kacchan… What if you would have hurt yourself?”, the way you cried over such a silly accident – why wasn’t he annoyed and angry the same way he was with that stupid Izuku?
Katsuki was still too small to comprehend these weird feelings and all he did was just click his tongue, look the other way and mumble something like “You’re such a stupid crybaby, Y/n!” while he didn’t push you away and just let you hug him.
Back then, neither his friends, Izuku, you or Bakugou himself understood why he had such a different reaction or why he didn’t push you away.
“Don’t call me that!”, the 14-year old growled and stared at you with those angry eyes, yet you just smiled and then pulled out a present.
“Happy Birthday, Kacchan.”, you were never scared of his attitude, probably because you had lived your life by his side for as long as you could remember. Plus, he hadn’t pushed you away yet, like any other friend he had had.
“Why? I don’t need that shit.”, Katsuki tried so hard, but you insisted and pushed it into his hands.
“Kacchan… You don’t get presents from anyone because no one likes you…”
“HA?!”, he was so close to blowing up your present, but then, you leaned in closer, your noses almost touching and that stupid, wide smile playing around your lips.
“But I will always like you Kacchan, even if you are really mean to me. Mhmhh.”, you giggled, then rose again, “I hope you like it.”
Bakugou on the other hand was blushing furiously and he tried to kick you, though you chuckled and jumped back.
“You are such a dumbass! Don’t say that shit out loud…”, yet he still took the present with a little bit of grumbling.
He didn’t want to show it openly, but he was a tiny bit happy, there had never been a birthday in his life where you didn’t give him a present, even though he was sometimes mean to you, you were still as inseparable as you were in kindergarten. Bakugou didn’t know why he couldn’t manage to push you away like he had pushed away anyone else, but maybe it was because he didn’t even try hard enough…
“Y/n… Where do you get these all the fucking time??”, he held another limited edition All Might merch in his hands, his ruby eyes sparkling like they did when he was still a little kid.
“Hehe, that’s a secret.”, grinning widely, you grabbed a chair from in front of his desk to sit on it, he was the last one in the classroom anyways as everyone else had club activities or went back home.
“Wanna come to my place today, Kacchan?”
“Eh? Fine! I guess I have no fucking choice, ha?”, rolling his eyes, he tried so hard to sound annoyed when he grabbed his bag and the merchandise, his new pride and joy, and walked with you out of the classroom eventually.
On your way out of the school building though, you ran into someone, someone Bakugou didn’t know so he assumed you also wouldn’t know them, but he was wrong.
“A-Ahh! Y-Y/n-senpai!”, they stuttered, obviously embarrassed as they played with their fingers, not even acknowledging Bakugou beside you.
“Oh, Saito-san.”, you smiled at them and waved.
Why was he so pissed when he saw that? Why did he feel his heart quench when someone else besides him managed to make you smile? You weren’t supposed to smile at others like that…
“Y/n-senpai, I… uh. D-do you mind showing me- uhm… A math problem tomorrow? I- I’ve heard from my friends Y/n-s-senpai is really good a-and…”, they tried so hard and yet, Katsuki found their stuttering annoying, but what really pissed him off was your gentle smile as you nodded.
“Of course Saito-san. I’ll come by your class tomorrow at lunch, okay?”
Watching as they smiled so brightly and bowed made Katsuki angry.
“Don’t smile at him like that! Don’t stutter so much! Don’t try to get with him so fucking obviously!”, Bakugou thought, trying to keep his thoughts to himself as he only stared at them with his usual scowl.
“Shall we go?”
The way you smiled at him, the way you grinned, it all made his heart ache – but why? Why did Katsuki feel so… betrayed?
“Whatever!”, and with that, he threw his bag over his shoulder and walked with you back home, not knowing that this feeling of “being betrayed” would not fade away too quickly.
“Y/n-senpai! I like you, please go out with me?”, another one confessed to you.
And Bakugou had to witness it.
He didn’t mean to eavesdrop, it just so happened when he walked out of the school. You were so close to graduating, you were both ready to go to UA together – his one and only friend. Though… could he really call you “a friend” any longer?
Over the past year, Katsuki managed to figure out why he felt betrayed – it’s because he didn’t want to share you with anyone. You were his. Your smile belonged to him. Your laugh belonged to him. Your body was supposed to cling to his and no one else.
“You don’t get presents from anyone because no one likes you… But I will always like you Kacchan, even if you are really mean to me.”
Those words still echoed in his mind almost every day after it happened. At first, he was confused why such words as “I like you” from another boy could make him feel so… weird? He had only ever seen you as his best friend, but nothing more.
And yet-
“I’m sorry, Suzuki-san. I already like someone else. And… there is no one else for me but them…”, you said, smiling to yourself and bowing lightly.
Who was it?
He didn’t know.
Why didn’t he know?
It almost ate him up inside that he didn’t know who you liked. But why was Katsuki even so obsessed about knowing? It’s not like it was any of his business anyways…
Bakugou didn’t like anyone – a lie.
Bakugou didn’t have any romantic feelings towards you – a lie.
You were just his friend – a lie.
Why did he keep lying to himself all throughout Middle School?
“Kacchan. Happy Birthday.”, you smiled so brightly like you always had, though this time as you handed him the present, others in the class 1-A came closer.
“Y/n- I-“
“Woah it’s Bakugou’s birthday, huh? Happy Birthday man!”, Kirishima said, even though they barely knew each other at that point.
He was pissed. He didn’t want anyone to know or acknowledge his birthday. Only you were allowed to.
“I don’t need your fucking birthday wishes!”, he grumbled and stood up and for the first time in 16 years, he pushed the present back into your hands and stomped away.
Bakugou didn’t look back, he just stared straight ahead when he walked along the big hallways of UA. He didn’t want to see your hurt face.
“You don’t get presents from anyone because no one likes you… But I will always like you Kacchan, even if you are really mean to me.”
He wondered if that was still true. How long could he hide his true feelings behind his mean attitude towards you before you would turn your back? Katsuki was a shit friend, he knew. All he wanted to do was focus on his hero career. And yet, he had to deal with things such as “love”? Pathetic…
There it was again. When he turned around, you were there chasing after him, like always. Ever since you were little, but this time you stopped a few feet away from him. It was a quiet spot just by the lockers, so no one was nearby.
“Ha? Didn’t you fucking hear, dumbass? I don’t want it!”, Bakugou wanted to sound threatening, his usual dark growl in his voice had scared almost anyone – anyone but you.
“Kacc… Katsuki.”, you then suddenly said, your usual happy facial expression turning so serious it hurt his heart, “If you don’t want to be my friend anymore, that’s okay.”
Wait! What?! When did you-
“You have pushed everyone away and I thought, I could stay forever. I… wanted to stay by your side, but… You have so many new friends now. I think I am obsolete, don’t you think?”, your sad smile was enough to make him feel like his heart was ripped in two.
“No- Y/n-!”, he hated how he could barely choke out your name, because he never thought the day would come where you would turn your back on him.
“That’s why…”, then you stepped closer and presented the gift again, “I want you to have this last gift from me. Please accept it, Katsuki.”, you pushed it into his hands that he just couldn’t help but take it.
For the first time, his tongue was tied and he didn’t know what to say.
When you turned around and walked away, he wanted to call out to you, tell you to stop being so stupidly dramatic, but in the end, Katsuki just said, “”I will always like you Kacchan, even if you are really mean to me” That’s what you said to me, no!? So why the fuck are you leaving?!”
You stopped, but didn’t turn around.
“Kacchan… Whenever I’m close to you, my heart hurts. My head starts spinning, I get dizzy and my stomach turns, because all I wanna do is grab and kiss you… but I CAN’T!”, then you slowly looked back, that sad smile playing around your lips again, “But you don’t get it… You don’t have time for this “mushy shit”, right?”
Bakugou’s heart was thumping so loudly, his ruby eyes widened as he stared at you with mouth agape. Trying to realize what you just said to him. You liked him – like REALLY liked him. Like he liked you.
“Y/n… I don’t understand…”, he was lying. And it made you furious.
Before he could react, you had kabe-don’ed him against the lockers, both of your hands above his and your face so close to his he let the present fall onto the ground in order to claw at your school uniform – he didn’t know why he did that.
“Don’t tell me you don’t understand. You are a fucking genius, you ace every exam, you have an amazing quirk, so don’t play fucking dumb anymore.”, it was probably the first time in his life he saw you so… Wild? Angry? In Pain? And all of those emotions were because of him.
Suddenly, he had hot tears welling up in his eyes – it wasn’t out of sadness. Katsuki was frustrated and angry. Angry at himself for never realizing it. Angry at you for never clarifying it. Angry at everyone and everything.
Before you realized anything, he suddenly reached out and his lips brushed against your own.
His face was beet red, he was visibly pouting and scowling deeply, especially when you stared at him, completely taken aback.
“Kacchan… Do you mean…?”
“Ever since fucking SaItO-SaN wanted help with their math problem… but you never realized anything…”, Katsuki rolled his eyes, making a single tear run down and over his cheek, “I am so fucking jealous… When you talk to someone that isn’t me…I feel betrayed and alone… You should only smile at me, dumbass!”
“Can I kiss you?”, your question almost made his head explode with embarrassment as it came so suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, but then he just grabbed your neck and pulled you down on his own with a “Don’t fucking ask.” before your lips collided.
A very clumsy first kiss.
He didn’t know what to do. You didn’t know what to do. But it was okay.
Everything was okay now.
“Don’t you dare…leave my side… ever again, stupid.”, was the one thing he whispered as your noses brushed against each other, before you hugged him tightly and he buried his face at your shoulder and yours buried in the nook of his neck.
“Happy Birthday, Baby.”
He was groaning a bit, still tired as he slightly turned, one eye open to look at you, mumbling an “It’s too fucking early, Y/n…”, that earned him your giggle as you hugged him tightly, face cuddled into the nook of his neck.
“I can’t help it… I still wanted to be the first one to wish you a happy birthday…”
Inevitably smiling a little, he just softly kicked you and mumbled a “So mushy.”, before he grabbed your hand to lace your fingers together, your wedding rings touching. Though, you had other ideas when you rose and then turned him as well so he was laying on his back, groaning a bit again.
“Y/n- mh!”, being interrupted by your lips, Katsuki just didn’t have the willpower to push you back and instead, he wrapped his arms around your neck when you pushed him into the soft mattress.
“It’s our first time celebrating your birthday in our own place, Baby… You don’t have to go to the agency today, right?”, it was only 5 in the morning and yet, you already were so horny and purred so seductively that, even though he rolled his eyes, Katsuki grinned and pulled you back in for another kiss.
After celebrating 19 birthdays with you, the 20th was probably one of the best he had thus far.
Tumblr media
@salemwritesxx || do not repost, edit, modify or translate my works
writer’s note: I don’t know if I forgot to mention, but this is for Bakugou’s birthday :) jk jk lmao hope it was enjoyable! I kind of had this idea of them celebrating each and every birthday together so… I couldn’t help but make it a childhood to lovers thing; AND it’s only 2 days late so I am happy with that
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lovelydrusilla · 9 hours ago
the older i get when i rewatch FRIENDS, the more i realise that joey and rachel were way healthier and worked way better than ross and rachel ever did. joey is so supportive and lovely and they communicate so well and are best friends that happened to like each other like that and ross is just so so.... toxic
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realperson022 · 10 hours ago
Dude, I just checked it out, and you're right! There's only ONE story on AO3 with that friends to enemies tag asdgajfhkl
SEE, I TOLD YOU! I wanna know why though? Like is it impossible to write a story like that or do people just not want to? I mean yeah it’s not cool to see Shadow and Sonic becoming enemies instead of lovers, but...I don’t know, it sounds like interesting territory for someone to explore.
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zutaralesbian · 11 hours ago
The world needs more f/f rivals to lovers and m/m friends to lovers tbh
Let the pointless rivalries that often pop up between female characters become a slowburn hate to love romance.
We already have an overabundance of bromances in media. Let some of those relationships become romantic yearning.
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mrs-amber · 12 hours ago
James Sirius Potter’s hobbies include annoying people, leading his father to an early grave with his career choice, and managing to fall in love at the drop of a pointy hat, inevitably ending in heartbreak. Hazel’s hobbies include trying to be professional, getting wound up by James, and consistently managing to end up in awkward situations.
Following popular demand on Tumblr, a nonlinear account of James Sirius Potter’s realisation of true love. Spoilers for In Mendax/Theia Higglesworth Trilogy, but can be read independently of that series.
Status: In Progress, Rated: E, Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, Words: 108,153, Chapters: 42/?
well, I was a bit unsure about reading a fic with an oc, but I’m in love with Hazel!
as every other work that @floreatcastellumposts has made, they are canon compliant AND this is so so good!!
it’s about James! it’s Harry Potter’s next generation and i love the way she pictures all the characters 🤧🥺
it’s a fip!, but I’m sure you’ll love it!
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pastelsandpining · 12 hours ago
wasteland, baby
formerly “Ameliorate”
Chapter Four
Words: 1882
Summary:  Link reflects with Impa upon his situation and learns more about Zelda in the process.
Warnings:  slight discussion of malnutrition, death mention, read with caution
“She won’t stay here,” Impa spoke over her cup of tea. “She will take her leave as soon as we let her.”
Of course she would, because she was just as headstrong and determined as she’d been a century ago when he accompanied her, when his memory was still full instead of fragmented and scattered.
“What will you do now, hero?” she continued, though her eyes gave him the impression she already knew the answer.
Link looked towards the staircase, where Zelda had disappeared hardly an hour ago. He couldn’t see her, but he didn’t need to. He knew she was curled up in Paya’s bed (at Paya’s insistence), tucked into the realm of rest that she so desperately needed. 
“I’ll follow her as long as she lets me,” he replied, and it was the simplest thing in the world. “My duty is to the Princess.”
“But this is not out of duty.”
His mouth felt dry and he licked his lips, but he shook his head and said, “No.”
“It is a comfort to know not everything has changed.”
Continue on Ao3 | Chapter 1 | Masterlist
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sunny-assaf · 17 hours ago
while we’re all enjoying the sambucky dynamic in tfatws, let’s take a moment to remember the og I-Hate-You-But-I-Respect-Your-Skill-And-I-Have-To-Tolerate-You-Because-We-Have-A-Mutual-Friend-So-We’re-Forced-To-Work-Together-And-We’re-Constantly-Bickering-But-We-Actually-Make-A-Good-Team duo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jjofalltrades · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
An addition to a favorite scene from Hello.
"Can I ask you something about Steffon?" She rested her elbow on the back of the couch, swirling the contents of the wine glass. Gendry finished the last bite of his bell pepper and let the fork clank against the empty plate. As soon as he finished setting his plate on the coffee table, he curled closer to her underneath the blanket. The brush of his hand along her inner thigh reminded Arya of earlier, blushing into her wine glass.
"You can ask. Not sure if I can answer." Gendry wrapped an arm around her tracing some designs against her naked back. He dropped a kiss against her shoulder, and the brunette smiled at the small intimacy. "He's a private guy."
"Understandable," she twirled the stem between her fingers. "Do you know what happened thirty years ago?" The tracing stalled. "Today at lunch, the topic came up, and it made me curious."
Gendry didn't say anything for a long time. When his fingers moved again, it was more of an act out of self-comfort than anything. Arya wondered if she overstepped onto something too personal. "Steffon didn't bring it up, did he?" This time, the sheriff seemed to be irritated, though she couldn't tell at who.
" know what? Don't worry about it. I don't particularly appreciate when people go snooping about my past. Sounds like it's something neither of you wants brought up." She finished the last of her wine and bent forward to set the glass down. Had she ruined the mood? Cautious when she leaned back into Gendry's embrace, Arya waited for a sign that she hadn't screwed everything up. He pushed some of the loose strands of her hair and began a new trail of kisses towards her neck, then he paused.
"Wait," the sheriff straightened, "you two had lunch together?"
Amused, Arya shrugged. "Jealous?"
Gendry snorted, but after a moment's thought, a mortified expression twisted his features. "Do I have a reason to be...jealous?"
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fractured-rift · 18 hours ago
the homoerotic tension of ryland and braham starting out as drinking buddies and bonding over something very personal to the both of them to end up with one betraying the other, and choice after choice happening until they're each other's thematic opposite in every way, coming to a head as the champions of two dragons, evenly matched, destined to destroy one another. unmatched.
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abitgryffindorky · 18 hours ago
Not You Again- Chapter Ten (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
Years after escaping from Hydra experimentation, y/n goes on a Tinder date with none other than the Winter Soldier himself. With her powers now reveled to the Avengers, y/n is going to have to spend a lot more time with the one man she truly hates.
Masterlist, Chapter Nine, Chapter Eleven
CW: Fluff with a dash of angst, mentions of sex, so so so many innuendos, mentions of self harm, dissociation, and substance abuse
Chapter Summary: Y/n wakes up severely hung over and Sam stops by unexpectedly.
AO3, if that’s your style.
Chapter Ten-
Your head was pounding. Groaning, you rolled over in your bed. You jumped back, causing you to fall off the bed. There was someone else in your bed.
Crawling up onto the bed, you saw Bucky sitting up, chuckling slightly at your fall. “G’morning, doll.”
“Fuck, hi Bucky. You scared the shit out of me.” You were sitting up, a bit uncomfortable with the fact that you had woken up next to Bucky. You were both still wearing your clothes, which was a good sign. “What happened last night?” you asked wearily.
“Well, what do you remember?” Bucky asked. You thought back to last night’s events, the memories coming back in flashes.
You felt yourself blush slightly. “I… fell asleep on you, right?”
Bucky nodded. “You slept like that for about an hour. Then you threw up for a bit,” you interrupted his recounting with a groan. This was so embarrassing. “I made you drink some water and tried to get you to go to your bed. You… said you were scared to fall asleep. I offered to stay with you, so…” his sentence trailed off as he shrugged.
“God, I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll never-” you stopped as an earlier memory came back to you, one before you blacked out. “Wait. Did I try to kiss you last night?”
Bucky went red and looked away from you. “Uh, yeah, you did. You were really drunk though, no worries. You even said,” he cleared his throat and blushed more, “that you would sleep with me if I weren’t… me. So, you obviously weren’t thinking straight.”
“Fuuuuuck,” you dragged the word out, burying your head in your hands. “I am so sorry. I’m gonna kill myself this is so embarassing.”
“Please don’t. I worked really hard to keep you alive last night,” Bucky said with a smirk. He stood up and stretched. Walking over to a mirror you kept on your desk to do your makeup, he began taming his hair with his fingers.
There was a knock at the door. You buried your head into a pillow. “Why is the world so louddd?” you whined.
“Because you downed half a bottle of vodka last night, darling. Want me to get it?”
You nodded, mumbling about how it was probably your neighbor down the hall trying to get you to buy into her pyramid scheme again. Bucky chuckled and headed toward the door. You heard it creak open, and before Bucky could say anything, a horrifyingly familiar voice began to speak.
“Let’s go for a run- Holy shit. Holy shit,” You heard Sam’s voice say, before devolving into laughter. This day could not get any worse. You sprang out of bed and scrambled toward the door. That was probably not the best move, as Sam saw you, your clothes and hair disheveled from sleep, come sprinting from your bedroom, an obvious sign that you had just now woken up.
“Holy shit, Barnes, I didn’t think you had it in you anymore,” Sam said, still unable to stop chuckling. “Good morning, y/n. How was the cyborg dick?”
“Fuck off, Sam, we didn’t sleep together,” you said.
Sam raised his eyebrows. “You don’t have to be shy. I’m not judging. Just wish you guys would’ve said something. Or is this like a one night stand kinda thing?”
“Shut up. She was really drunk,” Bucky said.
“Dude! You got y/n drunk then slept with her? That’s fucked up!”
“No, I mean she called me because she was drunk,” Bucky clarified, as if that statement would make it any better. You wanted to hit him.
“Oh my god, Buck, were you a booty call?” Sam said with a smile that might’ve split his face if it got any bigger.
“What’s that?” Bucky asked.
“Sam, I’m going to kill you. We didn’t fuck. Can we drop this?” you said before Sam could explain the 21st century terminology of causal sex to Bucky.
“Oh, I’m never letting you live this one down,” Sam promised. “I wanted to talk to you two, anyway. I’ll swing back by here after my run?”
You took a deep breath, just wanting to end this conversation. “Yeah, sure, whatever.”
“I’ll be back in,” Sam glanced at the time on his phone, “90 minutes.” You nodded, beginning to shut the door.
“Wait, y/n!” Sam said, causing you to pause and open the door again slightly. “Don’t forget to use protection,” Sam said with a wink. He ducked as you went to smack him, and sauntered down the hallway.
You slammed the door shut. Bucky stood awkwardly, his metal hand rubbing the back of his neck. He was blushing. He hadn’t been blushing when Sam was teasing him. Why now?
“Uh, sorry about… Sam,” he said quietly. “You know that’s not why I came over right?”
“Yes, I know you didn’t come to my house while I was heavily intoxicated to fuck me,” you said, rolling your eyes.
“I wouldn’t… do that… with you… drunk,” he said slowly, like he was hoping the right words would just come to him if he started a sentence.
“That’s not why I texted you last night,” you said quietly.
“I know it’s not.”
“I wanted to hurt myself. To do something to get my mind off of Hydra. So I got drunk. Then I just wanted to hurt more. If I could replace the scars Hydra caused with new ones, maybe things would be better… I don’t know. I just didn’t feel real anymore, and maybe being hurt again would fix that. I’ve been hurting for so long, maybe I just needed to get back to that.” You sighed, then shook your head. “I couldn’t find your knife, and I guess I kinda saw it as a sign that wasn’t the answer. I figured you would keep me safe.”
Bucky was quiet for a long time. Then, he just walked over to you, and hugged you. It was the best kind of hug, the kind where you lean on each other, lean into each other. Soft and sturdy and comforting for you both. You didn’t know how long you stayed like that, intertwined together in your foyer. You didn’t care.
He pulled away slightly, his arms still on your shoulders. He looked at you sadly. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” he said, as if he had a say in whether or not Hydra used him as a weapon. You shook your head slightly and he tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “I’ll keep you safe now, though. We can help each other with the Hydra stuff, remember?”
You nodded. “I’d do the same for you if you needed me to,” you said sincerely.
Bucky gave you a lopsided smile. “Soon, doll. You’ve got enough on your plate right now.”
He went to release you from his arms, but you stopped him. You grabbed his left hand, and kept holding it. You didn’t want to be alone, even for a second right now. He didn’t protest. There was a moment where his eyes widened, surprised that you chose to grab his metal arm. He was so used to hiding it, but you, someone who had fallen victim to its grip, was comfortable enough to hold it. 
You led him to the couch, where the two of you sat, each on different ends, your hands still connected. It was a silent agreement between two people who had isolated each other for so long. You understood the pain the other experienced, and took solace in the touch of one another.
When Sam returned, he was sweaty and downed multiple glasses of water. The comfortable silence you and Bucky had enjoyed was now broken, and you sat far from each other on the couch, no hands reaching for one another.
Sam flopped down onto a chair in your living room with a huff, and a devious smile spread across his face again.
“Ok, I have a few questions,” he said. You rolled your eyes at his joking tone. “Does he do the staring thing in bed? Does it get really intense?”
“Sam! I told you nothing happened!” you said. Sam waved you off.
“I mean, good for you, Barnes. Getting back in the game after, what? 70 years?” Sam continued. Bucky shifted uncomfortably. His awkwardness was making this so much worse. Sam winked at him.
“And the arm. Is it like a kinky thing? Like the super strength must help. But like the  metal arm has to add something to choking-” Sam was cut off by Bucky.
“Sam! Shut up!”
“Oh, it’s definitely choking.” Bucky glared at him. “And there’s the stare. It’s all coming together.” Sam turned to you. “Does the arm vibrate?” he asked.
Bucky, ever the idiot, answered that question. “It’s made of vibranium, the whole point is that it absorbs vibrations, dumbass.”
“Bucky, you’re making this worse,” you said, pinching the bridge of your nose in frustration.
“What? He’s being an idiot!” Bucky retorted, hands raised incredulously, as if you just weren’t seeing how obviously he had to correct Sam.
Sam opened his mouth to continue his teasing. You spoke before he could. “Sam, I think I’m sober enough to use Foma now. I’d be really careful what the next words out of your mouth are. It’d be a shame if we had to kill you.”
“Okay, okay, fine. Keep the details to yourselves,” he said, clearing his throat as you shot him a warning glare, Foma appearing beside the couch.
Sam adjusted the way he was sitting, his demeanor becoming infinitely more serious. “I got a lead on who ordered your attack, y/n.”
Taglist (let me know if you’d like to be added/removed, or if I missed your tag. I think I got everyone!): @vicmc624, @goodcleanfunsis, @pixieyosi, @osterfieldshollandgirl, @freyagallileaevans, @misfortunatem00n, @buckys2thicc, @nickkie1129, @shinypufferfish, @paryl, @tommiboy96, @jjlizz, @amelia-song-pond, @babyjaney
A bit of a lighter one, I think y/n deserves a break honestly.
HUGE thank you to @buckys2thicc, @winter-soldier-vibes, and @thundering-barnes for egging me on in our group chat to make this. like 50% of Sam’s jokes in this chapter are theirs!
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plots4us · 18 hours ago
i play ( various male and female idols ) and i am looking for ( m/f, f/f, m/m, m/nb, f/nb ) with ( anyone ). i’m looking for the following (slow burn, fwb, exes, friends to lovers, etc ) plot. this plot will be for ( psl, maybe a group later on ). this plot ( WILL ) be chemistry based, ( WILL ) contain mature themes and will be ( para / hc friendly ). feel free to message at ( gh: ginuwinestan )
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