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#spilled quotes
poetsbloom · 8 hours ago
I didn't choose this life
Grief isn't something you
Can just choose not to feel
I didn't choose to fall into this depression
Obviously i couldn't.
If i could have chosen
Whether to waste my life
In a coma of numbness
I would have said no
But yet here i stand
Sad to admit i regret the days
I let my head win the battles
If it was up to me
I would have lived my teens
Like any other person
But alas
I could not choose.
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iamsiddbk · 18 hours ago
Let it come out that is emptying you from inside. Irrespective of having any fears,worries or kind of some hidden feelings or emotions behind your fake smile. Because, it really doesn't matter what you want to pretend to like to be ,but it really matters to showcase your beautiful soul to get enriched with luminous heart, abundant with true feelings and enlightenment of self happiness and care.
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sixsixtysixinkblots · a day ago
No, I do not support that one percent sharia law that exists in India not because I am against polygamy but because like some tribes in uttarakhand, I being a woman should also be allowed to marry four husbands if i want to. In fact why four, everybody should be allowed to stay with as many people as they want. Similarly I also do not agree with the hindu marriage act. If I had a hot cousin I liked, I would like to marry them and i would like to marry by dancing on dinner tables in a swimsuit rather than make ridiculous trips around fire and that too without special directive from a recognized exceptional sect of hindus. Although my idea of government is slightly different, that too involves having registered partnerships and not because of property(if you commit violence against your neighbour, you should have to pay for their medical care too until they can get better and all people should have a job that pays enough for them to take care of themselves and dependents and there should be no ownership of the property of a stranger that is taken for granted from a registered partnership unless there is a special directive from a person to be that way) there is the problem of custody of children which is actually an issue that sometimes partners are not capable of resolving between themselves. I am a little conflicted about the implementation of uniform civil code within the current situation but in theory i support it wholeheartedly. In theory all religion should have been banned by now.
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allenazera · a day ago
The uncertainities of life will never fade.
At one moment it'll be the most beautiful
The other it will rip your soul out of your fuckin body
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november-rage · 2 days ago
Is it really a life if you don't run into the person whom you have never seen, have never heard their voice, don't have a clue on how they are, but know that there exist a person whom you always write letters to; in a café while reading books and the place is Rome and you would exchange your diaries with pressed flowers,hand-written letters addressed to them, and recite poetry to each other?
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november-rage · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"She was a pen, she was a highlighter. She drew the world, other she made it brighter"
-Joveine(@iespeciallyme )
Read the notes.
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hxpelesslx · 3 days ago
You’re the last person I would’ve expected this from. You out of all the people I’ve ever trusted. You broke my trust in ways I’m not even able to comprehend. You took so much away from me without even realising it. You became so selfish in the act of protecting me from yourself that you took it upon yourself to take the decision away from me, away from us, without even thinking about the fact if this is what I would’ve wanted to happen in the first place. You took it upon yourself thinking you were doing the right thing by keeping me away as far as possible so that I won’t get hurt. You took it upon yourself to take the chance away from me to show you that I’m different, that what we have is different, that I’m not like her, that I’m a million times better, that I would never hurt you the way she did, that I could never hurt you the way she did because the difference between me and her is that you’re actually important to me, I actually grew to care for you, I was serious about you, but to her you were just a game. I never would’ve played with you and you know that, I never would’ve used you and you know that, I never would’ve broken your trust and you know that. Or I guess you didn’t because you let fear consume you, you let fear come over you, control you, you let your fear of commitment hold you back from something that could’ve been so good, something that could’ve changed both our lives, something that could’ve lasted. You let your past overtake you. Your fear of heartbreak, of broken trust, of betrayal, of love itself let you make up assumptions about what could happen instead of focusing on what’s happening. And so you chose to leave as soon as things got serious and real. You chose to leave as soon as you felt drawn into this thing you thought you were ready for but turns out you weren’t. You chose to keep me safe by pushing me away and taking the choice away from me to show you otherwise. You thought you were keeping me safe by doing so but little did you know you were destroying me in the exact same way she destroyed you. You thought by pushing me away, keeping me out of your life, deleting everything we had, cutting off everything that could’ve been, you were keeping me safe, trying to make it less painful, but not once did you consider the fact that I didn’t even want to be saved. I was ready for you. You out of all the people knew that I am scared as well, but the difference between me and you is that I was ready to face my fears. I was ready to look past my fears and chase you, I was ready to forget my past and keep you, I was ready to let my guards down for you, I was ready to give you everything with nothing in return, but you took that chance away from me, from us, thinking this was the only right way. But you’re wrong, you weren’t trying to keep me safe, no. You were trying to keep yourself safe. And I get that, but what I don’t get is why getting to know me in the first place when you knew that you couldn’t handle it, that as soon as things got heated you’d run, that you wouldn’t be able to stay and face your fears like I did, that you’d crawl back into this hole that I supposedly got you out from. Why start anything in the first place when you knew you won’t finish it. You know, loving means losing your fears, and I guess I just loved too much for you to handle and in the process of doing so, I lost my fears. And I guess you weren’t there yet.
- hxpelesslx
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wanderingnaturalist · 3 days ago
For your next writing prompt, I want to share this photograph I took and a quote with you:
“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.” –Antoine de Saint-Exuper
Create a response to this combination of photo and quote. There is lots of space for your own form and creativity in ekphrastic poetry, so just have an enjoyable time writing and don’t worry about conforming to any kind of form.
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