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halfagod · 4 minutes ago
these r all my self indulgent thoughts/ideas but what abt bi4bi jb? or maybe even tormund jealousy jaime at the wall bc i think it can be fun though brienne is clearly off put by tormunds uhhh. approach :/ if youre feeling drama what about how a brienne and cersei stand off would look like. with jaime being the one left in winterfell 🤔 im also always a sucker for tragic-but-doesnt-have-to-be mutual pining. fluff wise old ass jaime and the joys of becoming a grandfather when he never even expected to get the chance to be a fully recognized father.
i've never really thought about bi4bi jb but i kinda love it!! i def do see jaime as bi. i've always kind of thought of bri as being completely straight but i do love the idea of her being bi and having a crush on cat and maybe margaery. i love in fics when jaime tells brienne about being attracted to men in the past and it would be cute if bri was like actually i've been attracted to girls too :)
LOVE jealous jaime. i don't even care who he's jealous of, the more ridiculous the better. and a brienne and cersei standoff would be interesting!! i would actually love to see them just have a proper in-depth conversation about jaime that makes brienne finally understand what their relationship was like, and she realises that she doesn't have to be jealous of cersei any more bc actually cersei doesn't understand him at all and their 'great love' was just an illusion. it might help put some of her insecurities to rest.
and yes i always love grandad jaime <3 <3 he would be the best and funniest grandad. still playing swordfights with the kids even when his hip is about to give in
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gabesapwhoreta · 7 minutes ago
first of all ur cool second what's ur favorite music video
1) that's not even remotely true, so glad u think so tho... my persona is successful
2) that's a hella tough one, but at the moment its probably Lil Nas X - Montero lmao
//ask me questions, tell me your thoughts
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prisoner219 · 7 minutes ago
@assassin681​ radioed:  "please don't leave . . . i need you."
at her words,  sam grinds his teeth together with a flex of his muscle within the line of his jaw.  brows furrow together,  concealed by the blanket of the night in her room.  they are dangerously close,  with him hearing each rise and fall of her chest,  and the hesitation within her baited breath.  she feels warm beside him,  her fingers slipping effortlessly within the solace of his own touch,  and instinctively,  his fingers curls about her hand to hold onto her.  a stir swells in the pit of his stomach,  and soon,  he feels her forehead press against his own. 
Tumblr media
just as he feels the touch of her skin against his own,  and her breath dust along his cheeks,  sam finally releases the sigh that he had tucked in the cave of his mouth.  “selene..”  he murmurs,  because her name always tastes so sweetly on his tongue.  he now starts to realize that her breathing is his favorite sound.  “leaving you is always the hardest thing i do,”  he confesses,  reaching a hand up to the slope of her jaw with,  his own exhales growing heavier by the passing second.  “don’t let me do it again.  tell me to stay.”
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imposterogers · 9 minutes ago
yk how thor's kinda a himbo, esp abt earth culture, but also weirdly knowledgeable abt history and science having lived through so much? you know how bruce is a straight up nerd? here's my crack concept: thorbruce clueless au
similar energy: thorbruce legally blonde au
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5am-raining · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
My parents got me the Tepra Lite label maker for my birthday from @kinokuniyausa (technically, I went and got it since they live in FL and this is store is in Seattle 😆). I love it so much!! THANK YOU!! 🙏 I think it's going to play a huge part in my planners from here on out. It's a thermal printer, so that means it doesn't require any ink. Just AAA batteries and a special thermal tape (which you can find on Amazon and on Aliexpress for sooo cheap). They have so many cute icons, frames, and fonts! It's a lot of fun. ☺
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prisoner219 · 17 minutes ago
@assassin681​ radioed:  "come back safe."
there’s a upturn curve against the corner of his lips,  a brief sigh of mirth that rumbles from deep within.  the concept of safe seems to almost laughable to him  --  who can really be safe on the ground?  despite this,  though,  sam lingers his soften gaze on the outline of selene’s countenance,  drinking her in and the image of her.  sometimes,  their goodbyes feel like it may be the last.  nightfall was starting to slope around the corner,  and sam knew he would have to leave to return to camp.  on treks to her hut,  sam worries that she won’t be there waiting for him.
Tumblr media
sam moves so that he returns within her orbit,  lingering close.  there’s a bidding storm that brews within him whenever he’s close to her.  chin tilts down to look between their bodies,  and to their hands that hover just near each other.  he uncurls his index finger out towards her,  and when he’s greeted with a brief hitch of her own finger that grazes against his skin,  the warmth of her electrifies him.  “i’m always safe,”  sam quips,  though his timbre is quiet,  like a whisper.  like it’s her secret to keep.  gaze finally reconnects with selene,  and he knows..  if he doesn’t move to the door now,  it will be harder for him to leave.  “i’ll always find you.”
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rightguy · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
think about it often, way too often, when he was like i know you can't stand my name and you know that that won't change, that was actually an homage to dom in phone numbers, in which he states that yes [he] knows you're tired of hating and that [he's] tired of staring at your face, as well as suggests to keep [his] name out your mouth like some wisdom teeth.... and then if you pay attention to the part at the end, where mark goes on to warn the listener not to ever try to come even closer, you will begin to notice that, that is actually an homage to beyoncé on shining, in which she, as is known, urges to hold on and not to try to slow [her] down. *saves word document* *submits paper*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dilucsbimbo · 31 minutes ago
do u know any other genshin creators that write dark content >///< i also LOVED !!!!! your xiao fic omg <3
HI BABY THANK YOU SO MUCH! and yes i do,,, the only other person who i know definitely writes genshin dark content is @lovebo :) they used to be on seita but recently moved around the same time i did,,,,
i recommend her stuff!!! shes a great writer and my writing style has improved A LOT just from spam reading their works LOL
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yandere-vent · 31 minutes ago
I wish I could be perfect for you my love, I want to be your ideal partner, so please indulge me while I work for you. Choke me in your love, make it obvious that I will never be rid of you and then you'll learn that I feel the same way. -👸
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susurrationofthewind · 34 minutes ago
god I'm glad my parents influenced me in terms of what music I listened to growing up
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garak · 54 minutes ago
most important video on earth btw
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suispiria · an hour ago
i'm not sure where you're up to in the poppy war but if you read the novella (the drowning faith) i'd recommend reading it after you finish the burning god for a more intense experience! i hope you're liking it, it's one of my all time favourite books!!!
oooooh I didn’t know there was a novella!!!! ty for letting me know I’m loving it so far
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