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#canon divergence
filhadoboto · 8 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 (Explicit)
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova/Alina Starkov
Additional Tags: PWP, here there be sex, Losing Control, Multiple Orgasms, Fingering, Cunnilingus, Alina asks for what she wants, she also takes what she wants, seriously theres no plot here, Who even knows where this falls in canon?, First Time
Summary: He kissed her again. His fingers worked quickly down her body, ridding her of her outer layers. He pulled back to look at her and, yes, there it was again. A flicker, a hint. His lips found her collarbone and pressed lightly to her skin. Her hands came up and slid through his hair. She turned her head and sighed loudly into his ear. “Touch me,” she requested.
Or, Aleksander finds out he can make Alina glow during sex. Shenanigans ensue
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filhadoboto · 8 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 (Explicit)
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova/Alina Starkov
Characters: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova, Alina Starkov
Additional Tags: Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Clothed Sex, Vaginal Fingering, they're married, And Alina made him wait, Who's mal again, closet, kinda dom aleksander for now
Series: Part 1 of Ten Years Is A Long Time
Summary: Which brings her to this day. A grand feast will be held in the grand palace for some new found alliance she cares little for right now. She has the perfect plan in mind, ten years is a long time but today is the day she breaks him, if she doesn’t break first.
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deancaspinefest · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD (AS WE KNOW IT) |  M  | 139,352 words
Author: tiamatv | Artist: deathbycoldopen
The year is 1996, and Dean’s stuck in Kankakee, Illinois while Dad’s on a long-haul hunt. It’s not too bad. He’s even got a friend, now—even if Cas is a weird, gawky loner kid who gets way too intense about his sci-fi novels and doesn’t know how to stop staring. Just business as usual.
Until his dad comes back, and it isn’t.
The year is 2011, and the shadows known as ‘angels’ and ‘demons’ are falling from cracks in the sky, raining death, destruction, and monsters where they pass. When the Joint Task Force asks for their help in stopping the end of the world—John Winchester, his sons, and a ragtag band of hunters—well, that’s just business as usual, too.
Until Dean meets the cold blue eyes of their team liaison—Dr. Castiel Novak.
Link to fic  |  Link to art 
Pairings: Dean/Cas (Garth/Bess, past Sam/Jess, past Benny/Andrea)
Warnings: Homophobic language and behavior, bullying, minor character death
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eunoiapaintficrecs · 19 hours ago
it's a cruel world
By ilikeyougreenie
Their bodies are riddled with bullets, stretched out prone on a floor that is glossy and slick with blood. Nicky can hear shells dropping onto the floor, overlaid by the sound of their attackers murmuring to one another. No doubt congratulating one another on a job well done. Nicky wasn’t particularly interested in what they were saying, he was too busy considering the fact that he could hear what they were saying. He should really be dead right now. Like, properly dead. Halfway to healing and regenerating, but still unable to hear and see type dead.
or - nicky dies in south sudan, and wakes up a ghost.
Fandom: The Old Guard | Chapters: 6/8 | Words: 25,357 | Published: Oct 2, 2020 | Updated: May 7, 2021 | Status: Incomplete
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aspeckeithfics · 19 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Keith/Shiro (Voltron) Characters: Keith (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron), Keith's Father (Voltron), Krolia (Voltron), Kolivan (Voltron), Ulaz (Voltron) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Hurt/Comfort, Canon-Typical Violence, Half-Galra Keith (Voltron), Diplomat Shiro, Alien Cultural Differences, Bonding, Mates, Assassination Attempt(s), Caretaking, Purring Keith (Voltron), Intimacy, Feelings Realization, Heartbeats, First Time, Non-Penetrative Sex, Hurt Shiro (Voltron), Protective Keith (Voltron), Comfort, Sparring, Xenobiology, Frottage, Bodyguard Keith (Voltron), Demisexual Keith (Voltron), Galran Culture (Voltron) Summary:
Raised by his Galra mother and human father and trained by the Marmoran Academy, Blade bodyguard Keith is assigned to protect Earth's first diplomat, Captain Takashi Shirogane of the Galaxy Garrison, at an intergalactic peace coalition. What begins as a simple mission evolves into shared connection as they spend time together, but when an attempt is made on Shiro's life, Keith's Galra instincts kick in, as do some surprising revelations.
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ereri-lost-and-found · 20 hours ago
Hi I think I posted earlier but I can't seem to find it so sorry if you see this again. I am looking for a fic about eren meeting levi in the underground after levi saves him. Eren always goes back even though levi tells him not to and eventually levi grows fond of him. Levi and the two people (can't remember their names) he is with get caught by the scouts. Years later when the titans attack levi goes back to erens home town but thinks he is dead because he finds the scarf he gave eren before he left. They meet again later when eren becomes a titan. Thank you for your help your page is amazing. I got Tumblr just because of all the good recommendations.
Hi @artlessmaxes!
Is this the fic you’re looking for?
Chronicles of the Exiled: Genesis by InsanityIsFreedom
(Rated T, 59,579 words, multichapter, complete)
Eren lives in the small town of Shiganshina, but peace does not suit him and he ventures into the city of criminals: Oz. It is there that he meets Levi with whom he will start a journey towards exile with both Titans and Humanity standing in their way.
Part 1 of Chronicles of the Exiled
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stickmanthescientist · 21 hours ago
Just some Monday Jack Manifold angst. No happiness for you.
Word count: 205
Jack died like how he always did, not a soul caring, not a soul mourning. But this time, it was worse dying on the brink of redemption and understanding. But no, his one and true death is treated a punchline, a joke, a wink and a nudge to the people who knew.
Jack died like how he always did, through laughter. Not on his own accord but from people who simply did not care that someone had lost the life that christened their body.
Jack died like how he never did, unbothered at his death, no soul to ever watch it happen, just the melancholy silence only a deaf man could wish for. There was no laughter of a broken man, there was no laughter of a broken child and there was no laughter of a broken god.
He couldn't revolt to this death like the others, it entangled him like ropes, it pulled Jack closer. Closer. To his imminent death.
But closer he got, the more relaxed became. You can't rewrite a closed book, and you can't hurt a dead man. There would be no more pain, no more suffering, just an eternal abyss of calm. Jack let himself be pulled into the abyss.
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fragile-teacup · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TREAD SOFTLY - a Hannigram Soulmates AU by fragile-teacup
Chapter 1 - Just alike
Jack Crawford being irksome is not a new experience.
Will hasn’t known him long, but within about twenty seconds he’d had the measure of him: astute, bullish, sharp as a tack. The bullishness he’s employed in spades, railroading Will into this Special Agent profiler job. Newly-minted, if pretty much toothless.
Jack Crawford with a hidden agenda is something else.
‘I thought it was my imagination you wanted.’ Will sits and scowls. This shifting of boundaries is unwelcome.
‘I need your imagination.’ Sitting behind his desk, the big boss is unperturbed. ‘I also want Doctor Lecter’s opinions. He isn’t unlike you, you know.’
‘Same charming personality?’
The sarcasm bounces right off. ‘Same ability to read character and motive.’
Will gets up and paces. ‘Trying a little matchmaking, Jack?’
Jack steeples his fingers and watches. ‘Would that really be so terrible?’
Continue reading on AO3
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no-caged-bird-sings · a day ago
'End of the World' Chapter 27 'Disclosure'
Mulder confronts Skinner about his relationship with Scully.
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Tumblr media
Kaiba used to play soccer as a kid, but dropped it when he was adopted, and hasn’t really picked it back up since. Nowadays, he plays tennis and basketball, though not professionally. (Probably considered tennis, though.) Kaiba built a court for both, attached to the mansion. Sometimes he can be found playing against robots/holograms, as part of his workout routine. Yes, he can dunk.
Every once in a blue moon, Kaiba and Mokuba will play ‘KaibaCorp H-O-R-S-E,’ (aka ‘B-E-W-D,’) where the two of them are allowed to use any technology they want to make a basket. Jet packs have been involved. The Blue-Eyes Jet has been involved. Strapping the ball to a drone/RC car and making it go through an obstacle course that ends at the hoop happens at least once per game. There have been multiple fires.
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Chapters: 8/13 Rating: Teen. Check AO3 for more comprehensive tags/warnings.
Summary: Qrow has lost too many people in his life. Just once, he wants to be able to save someone who could make his life- no, everyone’s lives- better.
With a deal from the Brothers and the Relics themselves, he might just be able to accomplish that.
-set in V7/V8, canon-divergent in V8.
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penvisions · a day ago
“The feelings weren’t foreign, necessarily. But there was an air of meaning around them, of change. He couldn’t just grab his best friend of twelve years by the shoulders and press his lips to those infuriatingly; seemingly forever chapped ones with no preamble.”
don’t mind me, just using my sick day to work on a fic that’s been in my mind for a few days, inspiration? a tangerine flavored popsicle
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bluedaddysgirl · a day ago
Ok you’re probably gonna hate me for this….but what if at one point….Omega just disappears. No trace left. Like after the show. Years later, someone is tasked once again with hunting down Clone Force 99. There’s a confrontation. The hunter’s helmet comes off mid fight. Everyone stops in shock. It’s Omega. She’s about 20 now. Her face twists in anger and she kicks Hunter in the groin, bouncing away from him. Ya see, she’d of been young enough to forget somethings or someone. She forgot. And now she’s a highly trained weapon. Her abilities make her the perfect weapon. (I believe her abilities are a combination of the rest of them.) She has been used to track and kill leftover jedi. The only thing that she remembers is Crosshair coming for her. She thinks they betrayed her.
Yeah I broke my own heart again 😢
Let me raise your stakes by altering things a little :
I don't think Omega would have forgotten them. She seems to be 11 or 12, at least mentally (We don't know about any aging yet for her). You wouldn't forget meeting your idols, the only brothers out of millions who are just like you.
But what if she stayed behind with Imperial!Crosshair? What if for years her only role model left was fully comitted to the empire? What if her training was done by him and others, as you say, to make her into the ultimate clone weapon?
Maybe she'd move in with Crosshair, go learn with him. They'd be a killer team of two.
And then one day the Bad Batch strikes back and steals Crosshair away, presumably to dechip him.
Now we have Omega, in her late teens, raging that the same men who abandoned both of them took the last person who stayed by her side away from her. She's the last irregular clone, and no one came for her.
When the Emperor tasks her to hunt down the Bad Batch, she might do it gladly then. And I can imagine that a reunion between a de-chipped Crosshair and angry Omega would be intense.
Would Crosshair even want to stay with his brothers? Might he not rather return to the one he's spent the last five years teaching and dotting on and working with? His little sister girl?
If he only could have one of them, what choice would he make.
Let's all be sad together. Fuck I'd write it lol but no more plunnies for this week!
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How You Leave - Chapter 22
So sorry for the delay with this. Also, for those of you interested, I was asked by a couple folks to offer my thoughts on Bucky’s character in FATWS. I just finished the series this past week, so I plan to write a lengthy commentary (you know how I roll). I also have another ask about a comparison between Baghdad Waltz and A Little Life, which I’ll be preparing in the next few weeks, too. 
Thanks so much for your support and awesomeness!
Chapter: 22 - CLICK HERE TO READ
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Minor Bucky Barnes/random folks.
I check the monitor again, just as Steve’s eyes slide open. He looks into the camera. He looks into me. And I— I don’t know how to do this part. I never planned for this. I never dared to wish it into life, because I knew it would only bring me pain. And I was done with longing for the dead people and the dead world behind me.
This is a different kind of pain from the one in my shoulder now, as the skin frays around the place where it meets metal. It’s a pain of my reality crashing into this, into Steve Rogers. Alive. Drifting back into my life as I begin to drift out of it.
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wangxianficrecs · a day ago
❤️And Miles To Go Before I Sleep by Glitterbombshell
Tumblr media
❤️And Miles To Go Before I Sleep
by Glitterbombshell
T, 24k, wangxian, WIP
Summary:  Major character death is Wei Wuxian's canonical death.
From a (paraphrased) prompt on @angstymdzsthoughts that the blog's runner said they would like to see expanded:
Four years after the Yiling Patriarch met his end, the Jin clan discovers that the sole remaining Wen was taken in by Lan Wangji, and demand that the child be handed over to face "justice." Lan Zhan was sure his family and clan loved his son, was sure that they would never hold a child responsible for the crimes--real or imagined--of his clan. He was sure his brother would never allow it, sure he would never allow Lan Zhan's son, his nephew to suffer for something that was not his fault. He was sure his brother would never betray righteousness for intersect politics.
He was wrong.
Forced to flee his sect like a thief in the night for the sake of his son--Wei Ying's son, their son--Lan Zhan must now find a way to survive and raise A-Yuan on his own. He is determined to find a way. Their son will be protected. Their son will grow up safe and happy. Even if Wei Ying never heard it, never knew, Lan Zhan made a promise the day he found A-Yuan in the Burial Mounds. If it is the last thing he does, he will keep it.
My comments:  Ooooh, this is delicious. (By author of Wei Wuxian, Gusulan's best kindergarten teacher series Joy In the Midst of These Things.) I love this whole concept with a passion, and damn, does Author deliver all the angst and anguish and betrayal and fierce protectiveness that Lan Wangji experiences when he discovers that his brother is  perfectly willing (albeit a bit guilty) to hand his baby over to the Jin Sect to... not kill, but make an example out of.
So he plans their escape and then whisks his son away in the night, leaving behind an empty jingshi and two forehead ribbons, one large and one small. Their adventure is only just beginning, though, because they can never rest, they are being sought by the Jin (and who knows who else). In the midst of this, though, lwj manages to be the Best Dad, and to love his son, and to follow the creed he and wwx came up with: to protect the innocent with no regrets.
All this leads to QUITE A CLIFFIE at the end of (current) chapter 9, and I'm DYING. (But also, don't let that stop you from reading this story, because you will miss out on such a wonderful tale if you do!)
canon divergence, angst, more angst, so much angst, heavy angst, betrayal, brotherly feels, not in a good way, subterfuge, running away, threats toward a child, A-YUAN, parent-child relationship, single father lan wangji, lan wangji is a good dad, FEELS, rogue cultivator lan wangji, grief/mourning, lan xichen is a bad brother, presumably he’ll redeem himself at some point, 13 years, hurt lan wangji, favorite, @itsaglitterbombshell​​
(You may wish to REBLOG as a signal boost for this author if you like – or think others might like – this story.)
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Chapters: 7/13 Rating: Teen. Check AO3 for more comprehensive tags/warnings.
Summary: Qrow has lost too many people in his life. Just once, he wants to be able to save someone who could make his life- no, everyone’s lives- better.
With a deal from the Brothers and the Relics themselves, he might just be able to accomplish that.
-set in V7/V8, canon-divergent in V8.
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thawedpatriot · a day ago
it’s mother’s day so friendly reminder that steve is a big time momma’s boy and would do absolutely anything for sarah rogers (and misses her v much).
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dear-miss-everglot · a day ago
Tumblr media
The Blood Runs Deeper: Chapter Four
Summary: Between finding her father and meeting Anthony, Johanna’s life has drastically changed from the sheltered life she lived with Turpin. Her father is a murderer. Anthony is the kindest soul she’s ever known. Through runaway attempts and elopements, she’s tried to find something in her relationship with Mr. Todd. Perhaps there is a father inside of him. One that she discovers.
"'All right there, miss?"
Johanna opened her mouth to answer. Her jaw clenched with the motion. Black spotted her vision.
She fell.
Raw pain plummeted down her back and limbs as she lifted herself up. Before slipping on nothing again.
Read On: AO3 or FFN
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tsundanire · a day ago
WIP - Snippet 2
“You could be a thousand miles away. In tattered clothes, or soot covered. You could be the smallest voice in the room, and you would still have all my attention.” 
-The Darkling to Alina~
It’s finished, but I’m working on heavily editing this before posting. We’re sitting around 4k or so of mostly smut, but some big feels too. After edits, it’s fixing up a header/poster and then I’ll throw y’all a handy link~! 
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