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#imagine your otp
i-put-the-pan-in-panic · 42 minutes ago
Person A: "Hey, I'm like, so into you~"
Person B: "Okay if we're gonna do this, I'm the top in the relationship, 'kay? I'm in you. Inside."
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homefreeptx · 3 hours ago
Imagine Your OTP #17
Person A and B in the middle of a slow make out session together on their shared bed when B suddenly pulls away to smile adoringly at A. “What’re you looking at?” A asks curiously, unable to help the blush now appearing on their cheeks. B doesn’t reply to them, but after a moment has passed, they shake their head and lean in to kiss A’s forehead.  “You. I’m looking at you. I wish you knew just how much I love you.” 
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moistmailman · 9 hours ago
SCP AU part 1
*In a room with a man and woman standing over a computer monitor which had a live video feed of a young girl with long redhair and green eyes sitting on a bed in a room with other variety of furnitures*
Cinder: So are there any updates on SCP-312?
Roman, sighly deeply: Nothing concrete yet. The subject is still refusing to speak to any of the staff members, or at least speak of anything important about herself that is. Unless you count stuff like her favorite food important that is.
Cinder: So she’s just ignoring the questions?
Roman: Not ignore. Just plainly shut down. The first few times she just politely declined the question, but she soon grew more agitated and stopped them before they could even asked. Sometimes even during 30 minute talks. She somehow will know when they’re about to pop the questions. We can’t seem to get her guard down.
Cinder: How about D class? Sent any of them in?
Roman: A few. But I put as stop to that real quick.
Cinder: How come?
Roman: Well for the few we sent in there, she treated them very harshly. A total 180 on her usual behavior. Like she’s a totally different person. Hell, she hospitalized one of them for just entering the room.
Cinder: Any idea why?
Roman, shrugging: Well again, this isn’t concrete, but I think she has some sort of...mind reading abilities. Or something even more. It almost makes me thinkshe’s in her prison willingly, instead of her being trapped.
Cinder: So you think she can read minds?
Roman: Something of that sort. You see, she treated the D class with hostility, but she treated some more harsh than others.
Cinder, writing that down: Really, that’s interesting.
Roman: Yeah. And I think I know why. The one she treated less harshly was Mercury Black. She just ignored him. Not giving him much attention and glaring at him when he pushed. Although Cardin Winchester wasn’t so lucky. He was hospitalized shortly after entering the room. A broken jaw and a fractured femur.
Cinder, whistling: Damn. What did he do?
Roman: Nothing. Nothing to HER at least. You see, we picked Mercury up after he told him we’ll clear his charges for multiple arm robberies. While for Cardin on the other hand, he got him for multiple murders. Kinda a big step up to arm robberies if I do say so myself.
Cinder: So you’re hypothesizing that she people like a book? She has morals.
Roman: Yes and no. Yes on morals, on mind reading....well, she seems much more aware than that....much more. *gestures towards screen*
Cinder: *looks at screen to see the redheaded girl staring back at the camera knowingly*
Cinder, shivering: Damn.
Roman: See what I mean when I said I doubt she’s trapped in there, instead in there willingly?
Cinder: Got any ideas what we should do?
Roman: Well, since she might knows each person’s motive and past, I think I have one idea.
Jaune, shocked: Hold on. So you will actually pay all my college fees if I just do one social experiment for you?
Cinder, smiling: Why yes sir. You are a young man fresh out of college with no criminal records at all. You got your whole life ahead of you, so let us make it a little bit easier for you for the fee of a....’practically’ experiment. So what do you say?
Jaune, not even questioning the red flags: Hell Yeah! These college loans were eating me! Had trouble sleeping at night with all this stress! Where do I sign up?!
Cinder, smirking: Right here, young man. *pulls out document*
Jaune, ignoring the red flags AND reading said document: Don’t mind if I do.
Cinder: Great! It’s going to be an honor working with you.
Jaune, smiling: So when do I start?
Cinder: Now. *snaps fingers*
Jaune: Wha— MMMF!!!!!
*two guys quickly put a bag over his head before escorting him to a black van*
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kanejrights · 10 hours ago
tsa made everyone go through airport security in pairs and paired me with some other college student and my brain immediately began constructing a fic
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Prompt #11
“I thought you hated B.” D said.
At least A wasn’t drunk this time. They did wish they were, however. “Nope.”
“All that fighting, bickering… that wasn’t hatred? It was just pent up sexual frustration?”
“Romantic frustration.” A corrected. “I’m asexual.”
D stared at A. “So how much am I going to be learning about you over the next few days that I didn’t know before?”
“My name’s not A, I’m actually 2 years older/younger than I say I am, my favourite artist is [pop singer/country] not [emo band] and I am touch starved?”
This prompt is part of a story I’m writing! Use the controls below to find the next parts!
Alternate: prompt 12
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mango-of-the-sea · 11 hours ago
Person A: Hey cut me some slack my life priorities are a bit not great rn
Person A: Like I spent today in pjs eating oreos and milk with the curtains closed watching Rocketman, singing along to the songs and crying
Person B: Oh man, you okay?
Person A: Nope ✌️😄
Person A: But I'm making ravioli tonight so whatever 😄
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parkhyunwriter · 11 hours ago
at 4am.
person A: "Say HEYYYY?"
person B: "HOOOOO!!"
person C, exasperated: "If it were not for the laws of this land, I would've slaughtered you both."
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styob4 · 11 hours ago
Wade: «lmao kitty he doesnt care about my courtship»
«wut can i will do?»
Logan: «i am not google»
«uh what exactly did you do?»
Wade: «he sneezed n i told him 2 b gud»
Logan: «you done that now or...»
Wade: «now buddy-prada-swetty-kitty»
Logan: «was he patrolling the city and you two meet or did you break into his house?»
«boxes said that gud idea»
«<( help me plz»
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russelramharack · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Past experiences can leave us rigid and inflexible when it comes to decision making. Though experience is helpful, intuition should not be left out of the decision making process. Learn how to combine past experiences and personal intuition to make the best decisions for personal and professional development.
Intuition can be a highly powerful source. It’s the feeling of knowing something without having a conscious reasoning behind it. Your intuition is a feeling of absolute knowing you may not have a reason for it, you just know.
Having faith in anything you can’t see or hear can be scary. But your intuition is something worth testing. Next time you have an opportunity to make a decision based on an intuitive feeling, do so. If you need inspiration, just look at how entrepreneurs like Henry Ford, Sharran Sriatsaa, Elon Mushk and Robert Kiyosaki made decisions based on their authentic, individual intuition despite it not really making sense. They each took a leap of faith on their own intuition and won big. 
There is greatness in all of us.
I believe it is possible.
Follow your dreams.
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Sigyn: How could anyone say Loki’s evil?
Loki: *wipes blood off face* Yeah, I’m absolutely adorable.
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cheesyotpprompts · 22 hours ago
an OTP where A is normally very confident and calm, but as soon as they realize they’re in love with B, they start to get all clumsy and awkward around them
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parkhyunwriter · 23 hours ago
because I realized I have a shit ton of them sitting around, not being useful at all I'm sharing some of them now!
Is nothing sacred?
Sometimes it's Wednesday but most of the time it's not
A friend is just an enemy who hasn't attacked yet
Ya know what they say, one man's trash is another man's lunch
Piece of advice, never love anything
Well that was not a very good idea
Uh, is this a cutscene?
I continue being a disappointment to the general public and my loved ones
Are you sure HE/THEY/SHE's the chosen one???
Mind your goddam heterosexual business, Janet
Lessons were learned, mistakes were made
Hey is this my super villain origin story?
Hello, tall man.
The disaster zone
Is he possessed or just stupid?
Oh cool, I think these people are crazy
My good friend Jack who is definitely real and not made up
Woah! Where'd my legs go!
Look dude, I just wanna eat my cereal
Operation: ruin friendships
Pickles made me spiral into a nervous breakdown
It has been....a day
For only 8000 dollars a month, you too can buy my silence!
It's not normal to be THAT relaxed right now
Dead bodies in my kitchen, dead bodies in my living room, dead bodies everywhere!
I'd literally die for you but no
I'll be honest, we are not having a jolly good time guys
Emotions are for children
Could we stop running headfirst into danger?
I wish the universe would quit bullying me
Getting disowned is super in these days
If I just dance, they can't see me suffer
A friendly smack
Look, people go to jail ALL the time!
I don't understand the words coming out of your mouth
Alexa, play irreplaceable by Beyonce
Unfortunately, freedom is not free
I have made a discovery and now im scarred for life, cool
That's it, I'm banning fish
Oh, just ignore the sobbing that's (character)
Hi, could you maybe not boil me alive? Thanks!
Time to lie to all of my loved ones!
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parkhyunwriter · a day ago
"Well, this is extremely inconvenient.." You mutter to yourself, looking down at the dead body that's mysteriously appeared in your apartment kitchen. There's a sticky note on the body. It reads, sorry about this, i'll be back to pick it up tomorrow!
You're going to give your best friend an earful tomorrow. Maybe beat their ass too while you're at it.
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Person A: You took my daughter’s virginity!
Person B: Sorry, won’t happen again.
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katmotif · a day ago
imagine...your otp/3/etc...
Tumblr media
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skriveting · a day ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #18
"I wish you'd stop doing that." "And I wish you'd stop being so annoying. Guess neither of us are getting what we want anytime soon, huh?"
"I hate you." "I hate you too." "... So, want to be friends?" "Sure."
"I can't believe you actually spent your money on this." "I know, right?! You can't put a price on this thing, baby!" "That's.. that's not what I meant."
"Look, it's obvious we won't come to an agreement on this." "Right." "That leaves us only one choice, doesn't it?" "Yes." "Fight to the death-" "-Dance off." "..."
"What would make you think I actually cared about you?" "Oh, please. You and I know both know the truth. You're just too much of a coward to admit it."
"Hey, are you listening to me?" "Sorry it's just really hard to focus when you look like that"
"This is... interesting." "No, this is wrong! This is vile, it's disgusting!" "... Interesting."
"For the hundredth time, constructive criticism about your cooking is not a personal attack-" "Then why did you say it in that tone?!"
"Don't make me choose. Please don't make me choose."
"Well, they're certainly sprightly, aren't they?" "I don't know what that means but yeah it sounds right."
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emswritingprompts · a day ago
prompt #40
B: "What are you doing here? I told you to stay at home, this is too dangerous!"
A: "If you actually thought that I was going to let you go and get yourself killed while I played Super Mario and ate nachos back at the hotel, then you've severely underestimated me."
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Prompt #10
“So you’re in love with C?” D asked as A downed the next shot of something strong, they weren’t entirely sure what it actually was, all they knew was that it was getting them drunk, and that was good enough for them.
They sighed, glancing at the bottom of the shot glass. “Nope.”
“Then what’s going on? It’s 4pm - you are never out drinking this early. You always say that you’re not a child.”
A closed their eyes for a second and signalled to the bartender for another.
“You know, you should probably stop drinking that much. You’re going to get alcohol poisoning.”
“Do you think B would visit me in hospital?”
“You like B?!?!”
This prompt is part of a story I’m writing! Use the controls below to find the next parts!
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fandomdoormat · a day ago
Roleplaying information
I will be updating this as i go. Eventually there will be also a directory with all oc's but for now, if you are interested in any of the X oc plots, i can offer a description upon request, with no obligation to accept the rp.
I can range from semi literate to advanced literate, depending on what you like, but i will not write anything under 6 lines. Also absolutely no **. It has to be just "" , past tense and 3rd person. Keep in mind that the more literate, the longer ill take to reply.
Respect that i am a busy person and can take quite some time to reply. I will do the same for you. When i do take time, don't spam me, simply wait up to three days and then message me- assuming i didn't warn beforehand that i would be away for a longer period.
My only triggers are r*pe and pedoph*lia. Others are ok, but they must be discussed beforehand and have to be relevant to the rp. Smut is also ok, but once more, must be discussed beforehand and relevant to the rp.
I will rp with any gender, but you must be 18+.
Its ok to get excited! Make a playlist, an edit, headcanons, squeal ooc, go nuts- i love it lmao
I will rp either here or discord (annarps #7089
Other rules may be discussed upon talking the rp over
Fandoms, pairings and plots (⭐ beside those I'm really excited about lately)
Not all of these must be strictly romance, I love slow burns and i love when there's mistery or adventure along with it. Those with 3 people are for 3 people to rp, so it would be a group thing.
Pidge x female! Oc (me)⭐
Trans! Pidge x female! oc (me)⭐
Keith (me) x shiro
Lance x sister! Oc(me) (family rp in which Lance comes to earth and find his sister was kidnapped by the galra. He rescues her, only to find the situation was more complicated than he anticipated-)⭐
Matt X female! Oc (me)
Galaxy garrison oc x oc
Next gen! Klance child X next gen! Shiro and adam child (me)
Allura X male!oc (me)
Shadow and bone
Oc x oc
Avatar the last airbender
Sokka X yue (me) - college AU in which they started dating in high school but she moved to europe for a boarding school and sokka sort of made everyone thing she was dead? And then she comes back? (Inspired by fanarts i found on pinterest, if you recognize the storyline please tell me so i can credit)⭐
Sokka X female!oc
Oc x oc
Katara (me) x Zuko
Harry potter
Marauders era:
Peter Pettigrew (me) x Mary Mcdonald- in which after the mulciber incident, she turns to the one guy who seems truly harmless ⭐
Lily (me) x James
Marlene (me) x Sirius
Marlene (me) x Dorcas
Golden trio
Harry (me) x Draco- in which after the war Harry turns into a workaholic healer and a few years after Draco's wife died, Scorpius happens to get sick a lot ⭐
Pansy (me) x Draco
Blaise Zabini/Fred Weasley/Cedric X female!oc (me)
Harry x Ginny (me)
Ginny (me) x Luna
Cedric (me) x female! Oc
Lily(me) X harry X James - family rp in which they didn't die
Parvati (me) x Lavender
Parvati (me) x Seamus x Dean (friendship group)
Next gen
Louis Weasley (me) x Lysander Scamander ⭐
Lily Luna(me) X female!oc
James Sirius (me) x female!oc
Draco X Astoria (me)
Victoire (me) X Teddy
Victoire X Louis X Dominique (family rp)
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