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#levi x reader
demonic-silver-and-gold · 46 minutes ago
Hi! I was wondering how the obey me boys would react to their S/O being asexual? I've been feeling a little down about it so I would like some comfort please!
Being asexual is an experience that gets tough sometimes, and as a fellow asexual I can tell you that you are valid and the way that you feel is okay, yeah? I hope you gain a bit of comfort from this (like seriously, it’s pure fluff ^-^).
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
Asexual MC (Demon Brothers)
Things were getting better between everyone, and MC felt they could truly be open with their partner, so they decided to come out to them. What was his reaction?
-As the eldest brother, but most importantly MC’s boyfriend, he gives them his unconditional support.
-If MC came out in a moment of emotional vulnerability, he’d immediately comfort them and reassure them that there’s nothing broken nor wrong with them just because of their sexuality.
-If they felt comfortable with their sexuality when they came out, he’d ask more questions about their comfort level with touches and other common expressions of love.
-He’d make sure that if MC is sex-repulsed, they wouldn’t have to watch anything with such a scene in it, and if they’re indifferent he’d ask beforehand.
-He’s likely had some knowledge with sexuality before, or even if not he’d see nothing wrong with not having that type of attraction. After all, one can’t change what their sexuality is and there’s nothing wrong with not being allosexual.
-He might need a quick explanation of what being ace is, but once MC explains he understands and apologizes if he’d ever made them uncomfortable.
-MC laughs slightly, comforting him that if he had made them uncomfortable they would’ve said something
-But if MC wasn’t doing well, he’d ask them how he can make them feel more comfortable (and then goes out to buy them something they’d like, doing his best to be a supportive boyfriend).
-If anyone ever made unsavory comments towards MC, he’d have them take their words back, one way or another :) It’s one of the few times other demons are scared of him, doing his best to protect his human -- wait, are they comfortable with that title-
-He’s been on the internet and has most likely watched/read something with an ace character before, so MC doesn’t have to go into too much detail before he offers them a hug.
-He’s almost relieved at the fact that MC truly doesn’t like people for what they look like, so while he understands how hard it must have been for them to tell him about this, he keeps his head a little taller that day.
-Always rethinks his anime suggestions just in case MC feels uncomfortable, he just doesn’t want to make them feel disgusted ;-;with any suggestive content.
-He will get them an ace flag for them to show his support (no MC you don’t have a say in this-)
-Being an avid book reader he was bound to know several sexual orientations, so he’s not completely clueless but he’ll still ask questions.
-Will give MC a hug and tell them that he loves and cares about them no matter what, even if there are some things that many believe are important in a relationship that won’t occur in theirs. It doesn’t make them less of a couple, just like it doesn’t make MC less of a person for being asexual.
-With how many books and media revolves around romance even in genres where romance shouldn’t be the main focus, he’d gladly spend time searching for characters who are ace or relationships that aren’t necessarily romantic, if that’s something MC would like/needs/asks for.
-Number one supporter — he knows stuff, you know? He’ll immediately ask about their boundaries and will act accordingly
-Many would expect him to be disappointed at what he and MC won’t do in the bedroom but in reality the fact that MC chose to be in a relationship with him of all demons shows they actually care about who he is rather than what he can do for them.
-He’ll gladly get them a black ring, doing his best to show he’s accepting of who they are as much as he can.
-An explanation might be needed for this gentle giant, but truly he’s very careful in how he shows his support
-He reminds them that even before the topic came up, it wasn’t something that he’d felt he was entitled to or that was required in their relationship, so now that he knows it’s not going to be a bother or an issue between them.
-Truly, to him just being in a relationship with MC where they can just be together is enough, so MC being ace is something he accepts
-Hey, nice! More nap time
-Just kidding mostly, to be honest doing it was not something he’d really thought too much about seeing he spends quite a lot of his time sleeping.
-He’d much rather spend nights with MC watching the stars or watching something he’d likely fall asleep to, so he treats their coming out as more of a new fact that he now knows about them.
-If MC needs it, he’s quick to pull them into a hug and remind them that no matter what their sexuality is he’s there for them and will be there for them whenever they need him. He loves them for who they are, no matter what.
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
So yeah, I hope you liked reading this, ace and aro people belong in pride, and requests are open! I hope you have a great day ^-^
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maskedninja · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
— levi x gn!reader
— cw: toxic relationships, swearing, self-esteem issues.
—summary: the reader goes through the stages of a breakup after ending their relationship with capitan levi, based on Olivia Rodrigo's album SOUR.
Tumblr media
Chapter Directory.
0. the end: coming soon
— This story is based on a one-shot I made from the song deja vu, read here as a sample chapter if you'd like
Tumblr media
tag list: OPEN (send me a message or comment to be added!)
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incorrectly-aot · 3 hours ago
Attack on Titan Incorrect Quotes
Erwin: What is your biggest weakness?
Levi: I can be pretty uncooperative.
Erwin: Okay, could you give me an example?
Levi: No.
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coffeeleafdepression · 4 hours ago
Obey Me Opposites Attract (1)
It’ll be that you are full of flaws, low self esteem, forgiving and merciful,
and Lucifer is flawless, high as fck self esteem, unforgiving and unmerciful.
Like a strict dad and a forgiving mother.
h u h-
Conversations sometimes go like this:
“That scumbag Mammon, I’m gonna-”
“Calm down, Lucifer, I’m sure he didn’t mean it.”
He’s somehow always calm around you.
And you somehow manage to calm him down easily
It’s a mystery and miracle to be honest-
So many people wonder why he would ever bother and fuss about you.
You were... mostly plain, you didn’t stand out, and you don’t really have much in you.
Your grades were average, performances were average-
You are basically average in the majority’s eyes.
But Lucifer thought differently otherwise.
How tf do you even not KILL Mammon? Or Levi? Or anyone?
How do you have that much of mercy??
Sometimes he reprimand you of letting people go so easily,
but once others see that you forgive them, 
I think they’d feel guilty if they do it again to upset you.
You’re kind hearted, unlike Lucifer,
and seeing you upset will break your heart. So they won’t cause the same trouble again at best.
And Lucifer was like “Wait, there was no murder involved??”
So, he’s thankful to have you around.
And he finds comfort in you.
Best to make sure those people once at fault don’t do their wrongs again,
if they made you sad, Lucifer will exterminate them.
Just for you :)
“Lucifer, no-”
If Mammon is greedy, a slack, immature, sensitive, empathetic and egoistic,
Then you are generous (if necessary), hardworking, mature, insensitive, coldhearted and humble. (somehow-)
He would be always trying to go to every gambling corner, and you’d be the one to drag him away from it.
Basically just dragging him away from danger, which he’s somehow always attracted to it.
At first, he’s always whiny and complaining about it, to which you gave him a glare and coldly ask him to be quiet, to which he promptly shut up afterwards,
it’s apparent that you two had a soft spot for each other.
Well, in different ways.
Mammon acts all haughty and stuff in front of you, saying he doesn’t need your help, or he’s doing it because he “felt like it”,
but really, Mammon’s just really protective over you,
and he knows he’s not good at helping or solving a problem at all, 
but he knows your human, and that the problems he’s dealing with most of the time, could get you killed if you weren’t careful, so he doesn’t want you helping him.
You on the other hand, always tell him cruel truths, coldly ask him to go back, because you’re worried about him too,
and you don’t want him to get hurt.
So you ask him to get out of the place or to shut up so he wouldn’t get into further trouble.
You actually help him in his tasks, since you’re hardworking and he’s a slack,
and though you have always told him to do it,
which he would cuz you’re pretty intimidating-
you end up helping him because you do love him.
And he feels sorta guilty for you doing all his work, so he helps you out-
I say you two are a tsundere couple- in different ways :3
You’d be outgoing, confident, contented, optimistic and a social butterfly,
Levi would be reclusive, insecure, envious, pessimistic and a closet shut in.
Unlike with Lucifer, where you’re the loser (I’m sorry-) and the other is seemingly perfect in every way,
it’s the opposite.
You’re the one seemingly perfect in every way, while Levi is the loser-
Levi calls you the biggest normie he’s ever met,
and he was at first, super jealous of you.
you make friends so easily, and everyone seemed to like you since day 1,
and how could you be so grateful for everything?!
Won’t you feel upset if everybody else got the world, and you only get a grain of sand??
but little did he know, you were also kind of jealous of him, too.
That was because you couldn’t really survive on yourself without people wih you,
or the fact that you were a lot more dependent on other people,
not so much like Levi,
he does quite a lot by himself,
and he’s pretty independent too.
And Levi was shocked as frick-
Jealous of him???
He became a blushing mess of embarrassment,
he doesn’t know how to react.
Your relationship is something like this:
“LEVI *pulling him by the leg* GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM, YOU NEED FRESH AIR-”
But, he’s happy you actually look up to him,
and because you’ve always pushed him out of his comfort zone,
he’s a lot more confident than he used to be, so he’s thankful for you.
“What? No- I- I- okay fine yes, I like you, too... in a way..”
Satan is a bookworm, practical, short fused, calm at times and overthinks too much,
You are, well, not a bookworm, more fond of video games, focusing more on emotional intelligence, more calmer and patient than Satan, and underthinking.
Satan actually thought you’ll get along more with Levi,
since you both are pretty hardcore when it comes to gaming.
Apparently not.
Now he’s rambling to you about a book he’s read, while you played on your game consoles while showing him an epic kill.
Pretty funny huh?
Like Lucifer, you tend to be the one calming Satan down, and he appreciates it.
And you help him understand the emotional side of things, allowing him to understand other people’s feelings and how to deal with them,
and you helped him get along with Lucifer after so many centuries.
He’s gotten a lot better in managing his anger because of you.
And he helps you not make a bad choice, get killed, and help you get out of the situation with his quick thinking.
He thinks too much, so you help him calm down and stuff, not to
ya know,
overthink SO MUCH-
And he helps you to actually process your thoughts.
He engulfs you with a bunch of knowledge he knows to impress you,
and while you love gaming,
you know when to stop
and just listen to him ramble-
before you start geeking about a game to him,
and while he doesn’t know anything,
he’ll just listen.
It’s you after all he wants to listen to, and that’s all that matters <3
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lov-1996 · 6 hours ago
routinely visits part 2
part 1
levi ackerman x reader
*tw: sexual themes* minors dni
sypnosis: y/n is a doctor who goes on missions with the scouts to aid them during life threatening expeditions. after a mission, y/n visits levi for a routine check up.
wordcount: 1.09k
a/n: i didn't expect to get 50 notes the first day so here's part 2!! the final part is already in my drafts just waiting to be posted so there's that. enjoy reading!
whoever said that y/n is innocent should be held accountable for screwing with the captain’s mind. how can anybody conclude that she was innocent in the first place? she was a doctor who knew the anatomy really well. however, learning the different parts and functions of the body isn’t enough to give someone lewd thoughts. she was pure, but not innocent.
perhaps that’s the reason why she changed into a thin white nightgown before coming back to her captain’s office with the rest of her paperwork clutched closely to her chest. she kept whispering to herself that it’s practical to wear her short little dress especially since the evenings are hot during summer. surely, levi would understand that it’s not in her slightest interest to grab his attention… or is it?
y/n shook the thought away and reminded herself that the captain only wanted her company since they both knew that paperwork can be quite stressful when done alone. as she got nearer to levi’s office, her thoughts seemed to betray her when she was reminded about the subtle tingling she feels whenever levi briefly touches her.
she suddenly remembered the time when she was standing in a room full of people at hange’s birthday celebration. she was just casually talking to commander erwin about the project she was currently experimenting for when levi suddenly excused himself to get to the other side of the room. since the pub was quite full that night, he had to squeeze himself between guests and y/n was the last person that levi had to get through.
not wanting to interrupt y/n and erwin’s discussion by making her move, his hand grabbed her hips and slid between her and a wall. y/n slightly looked back as she felt levi’s body press onto her while he was holding her inplace with his hand. she’ll never forget the sensation she felt that night. the butterflies that seemed to flutter at the wrong place.
she shouldn’t be thinking about it right now when she’s about to see Levi so y/n quickly forced herself to think of something else as she turned the door knob, revealing the man who always infiltrates her thoughts.
unlike earlier, levi wasn’t wearing his jacket and harness anymore. y/n guessed that he, too, felt the hot summer air as she noticed how a few buttons were opened from his shirt; just enough to not seem uncasual.
“where should i sit?” she asked, stepping closer to the desk and putting her own stack of paperwork in front of his.
“before you sit, tell me what you think of this.” he asked, tone colder than the atmosphere. levi didn’t even turn to look at the girl when she entered, knowing well that the only person bold enough to come into his office without knocking was y/n. he still didn’t look at her when she walked and bent over his side with her right hand on the back of levi’s chair and the other on the desk.
sitting on the desk was a letter from a noble family, stating that he was invited to a gathering for different regiments and other rich personnel.
“i got one of those as well but i'm not into stuffing my face with food while being shamed by nobles.” y/n stated bending closer to study the expensive paper used for the invitation. she felt like it was a waste of good parchment.
“i agree however, erwin wanted us-” he paused to avert his gaze to y/n but only to be greeted by her thin dress that dropped lower, just enough to give him a view of her covered chest.
“-to. to, uh.” levi stuttered, quickly looking away, trying to get the unholy image out of his mind. he blushed slightly, failing to forget how her bra was in the way of her supple breasts.
“to what?” she queried, confused as to why the captain was stuttering. y/n felt a shiver, wondering why the air suddenly went cold. she straightened her back up and went to the open window, now regretting her choice of clothing.
“erwin wants us to come. he thinks that our presence could help us get sponsors.” he finally said, letting out a relieved sigh as she went farther from him. giving him a chance to gather his frenzied thoughts.
it’s like you’re begging for me to hate you. levi thought, still struggling to get the unholiness that was invading his mind.
“is that so? i guess i should ask hange about what we’re gonna wear.” y/n told Levi, busying herself with the open window.
y/n easily closed the left panel yet the right gave her a hard time. she furrowed her eyebrows from frustration since the window won’t budge. half of her body was already outside, struggling to get the right side of the window to close.
a few more struggling pulls later, her eyes widened when she felt an arm wrap on her waist and another held the hand that she was using to pull the window. y/n felt the grip on her hand tightening as they pulled the window close together.
“you know…” levi darkly said.
“if you wanted to show me this pretty little ass…”
levi’s hand that was sitting on her waist slithered into her dress. one of his fingers went under the band of her underwear just below the line where her ass and thigh meets. y/n wasn’t sure if the goosebumps were from the sudden cool air or because of how hard their bodies were pressed.
“you didn’t have to wear this short dress and bend over my fucking window”
he let go of the band, making it snap back in place. y/n gasped softly then proceeded to bite her lip. she felt her breath become shorter and her pussy get wetter. was this a good thing or a bad thing? whatever the answer to that question didn’t matter. all she knew was that she liked how good it felt to have her captain talk to her like this.
levi let go of her hand and waist, his boots echoed in the four walls of his office as he walked back to his desk. he sat down, leaning back and looking at the doctor who slowly turned to face him with her lip still between her teeth. levi despised how his pants tightened just because of a quick glimpse of her underwear that was accompanied with a mere lip bite.
“come here.”
don't worry ya'll. smut is coming!
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starrynightlys · 6 hours ago
jealous levi + possessive sex, that's it
my favorite gender if you ask me
cw: rough sex, chocking, degradation.
Tumblr media
from the moment you stepped in your apartment, you should have known something was off. if it wasn’t the way he roughly put his jacket back where it belongs, the cold stare he gave you had to be a red flag.
as soon as your back hit the mattress, hopelessly longing for a well deserved rest, your entire body was dragged at the end of the bed. firm fingers tightly wrapped around your ankles, then angrily gripping your hips to turn you around and having you laying on your stomach, you could only gasp in surprise, wide eyes and parted lips.
‘acts like a dog, gets fucked like a dog.’ there is nothing but anger in a voice that was always so soothing and comforting. panties shoved to the side, the metallic sound of a belt getting unbuckled falls on your ears — loud enough to turn your face and meet his dull gaze.
‘i don’t get it,’ you whine, fisting the sheets with trembling fingers, the simple feeling of the head of his cock prodding at your entrance making you shiver. for someone who doesn’t get it, you sure are a bit too excited, ass rubbing against his pelvis, string of saliva running down your chin.
‘nasty whore.’ levi hisses, his hand roughly crashing against your ass. it has you jolting forward, a whimper falling past your pretty lips as you bury your face in the sheets. if you felt the slightest of regret after spending so much time with erwin tonight, you definitely don’t anymore — there was something about this jealous side of him that wrecks your insides and messes with your mind.
one deep thrust is enough for him to burry himself whole into you, a loud cry tumbling of your mouth as salty tears sting the corner of your eyes. you don’t know where the pleasure starts and the pain ends, mind hazy and eyes rolling at the back of your skull. levi is ramming into you mercilessly, letting out all the accumulated tension and the frustration of seeing you being so flirty with a man that isn’t him, right before his eyes.
the sensations of his cock grazing against your velvet walls, the tip of hit hitting the deepest spots in you and his balls slapping your clit at each of his thrust are overwhelming— so much that you can’t form a proper sentence, words colliding in your brain messily.
but you are loud. so loud — too loud. and he quite despises it, the way you’re enjoying this punishment as if it isn’t one. the bruising grip on your hips loosens, only for his hands to grab your arms, yanking the upper part of your body backward and pulling you closer to him, your back resting against his chest.
one hand pressing the sides of your throat, tree fingers find their way into your mouth, muffling your moans as they have you choking around them.
in a desperate attempt to breathe through your nose, your hands hold onto his forearm, back arching and tears painting your cheeks with the purest glow. and you aren’t supposed to like that, right ? so why are your walls clamping down on him for dear life, fluttering around his length and sucking him even harder ?
‘you’re so pretty when you’re not talking,’ levi whispers into your ear, nibbling at your skin as he slowly loses himself into the intoxication of your scent and the delight of your body.
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imisserwin · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
A/N: Here’s a one shot story. Please forgive my violence on my latest upload (Basement) I’ll make it up to you. Please forgive me this is my first Smut and I didn’t know what to do and how to do smuts :) 
Prompt List: Click It!
Tumblr media
You and Levi are in a relationship for 3 years. He’s a famous actor and you’re a model. At first, you both never initiated any physical intimacy. No kissing, No holding of hugs but as time went on, you began to open to each other more. You can hug him, kiss him and hold his hand.
Your first kiss with Levi is accidental. He asks you to peck his cheek but you hesitated. He’s your first boyfriend and he’s the first man except for your dad that will receive a kiss on a cheek given by you. You hesitated for a minute and when you reach for his cheek, he turns around because he thought you’re not going to kiss him. You accidentally press your lips on him. He was taken aback but he enjoyed that moment.
Since then, he will always initiate make-out sessions or kissing. He will always initiate it since he knew that you’re shy. Every time that you’ll hug him or have a make-out session with him, you can’t help but imagine what it feels when he’s inside you.
You even imagine his dick while you’re modeling. You imagine how big or long it is but you always shake your head when you think of that. You feel bad for him because you fantasize about his body while he only wants to spend time with you.
You remember the first time you saw him topless. You almost drool on the spot and want to taste him but you compose yourself. You also saw his dick print when he’s wearing gray sweatpants. You can’t help but stare at his crotch every time he’s wearing a sweatpant. Maybe he’s big inside? Maybe he has a treasure hidden inside his pants? You didn’t know since you didn’t try to initiate anything more than a make-out session.
“Why are you drooling?” Levi snaps your thought and you look at him. You’re horny and you’re alone with him cuddling on the bed. You planned to watch Netflix with him but damn these hormones.
“Nothing, babe” You look at him and wipes the saliva that came out of your mouth. For Pete's sake, he’s wearing a sweatpant that you give him and you can see his dick on it. You want to touch it but you’re shy to do that. You straightened your sit and stared at him. He’s not looking at you so you stare at his crotch. You want to palm him but what if he gets mad? What if he feels uncomfortable because you fantasize about his dick? Hat if he gets turned off?
“You want it?” you quickly averted your gaze and look at the movie playing on the TV.
Jeez, he saw me. You thought.
“I always caught you staring at it, Y/N” you can sense that he’s smirking at you. You didn’t answer him and he tugs your shirt. You are now on top of him. Staring straight to his lustful eyes.
“Do you want me to put it inside you?” Your blush immediately crept on your cheeks. You look away for a few seconds and your heart beats rapidly.
“I…Ah…Accidentally look…be-“ he cuts you off.
“No, I know you want it” He gently lay you on the bed. He got on top of you and he spreads your knees. He rubs his crotch on your clothed pussy.
“Tell me, Y/N. How much you want it?” He asks you again. You moaned at the contact and his smirk grew wider.
“Agh… Levi… I want you”
~~--~~After admitting to him that you want him, you began to kiss each other in a heated one. He’s on top of you and he’s in between your legs, crotch press on your inner thigh which added the heat. While he’s caressing your stomach, He began to travel his hands on your breasts and when you felt it, your heart pounded from nervousness.
“Don’t be tense. I’m just fondling your soft breasts” He pulls away from the kiss and told you that. You can’t look at his eyes and you badly want to rub your inner thigh on his crotch. You want to get some reaction from him and when you started rubbing, Levi groans.
“I’ll remove our clothes,” He told you and you nodded. He helps you remove your shirt and the moment he began removing the hook of your bra, you immediately stop him.
“Are you shy? Don’t be, I won’t judge” he told you and waited for your response. You stare at him for a minute before you unhook your bra. The moment you tossed your bra on the floor, Levi stare at your chest for a moment which makes you feel embarrassed. You cover your breasts and he gently holds your hand.
“You’re so beautiful, Y/N” he gently removes your arms and he started to fondle your breasts. You tried to stop yourself from moaning loudly but you failed. You moan and that makes Levi aroused.
“I’ll remove your shorts too, is that okay?” Levi asks you. You can feel your cheeks heat up when he asks you those but still, you nodded. Levi removes his hands on your breasts and he gently and slowly removes your shorts.
After a while, you feel him stare at you again. He’s staring directly at your clothed pussy and you tried to cover it with your two small hands.
“Stop staring, I’m very shy” he laughs at your remark and nodded. He positioned his head between your legs and he gently touches your clothed clit making a circular movement.
“Can I remove your underwear?” He asks you. You stare at him for a moment and nervously swallow the lump in your throat.
“Su…Sure” You bit your lower lip and waited for him. Levi gently removes your underwear and when he’s done he asks you a question again.
“Can I put fingers on it?” you nodded at Levi. You love how he always asks for your consent before he does his next steps. You felt Levi slowly put two fingers inside your wet cavern. You squirm at the contact and Levi looks at you.
“Does it hurt you?” you shake your head and ask him to continue. Levi slowly pumps his fingers inside you. He also rubs your clit using his thumbs. At first, you tried to hold back your moan but now, you’re a moaning mess. You love how Levi gently pumps his fingers and it drove you crazy.
“Levi… aghh…faster,” you told him. Levi smirks at you and he quickens his pace. He cups your right breasts with his free hand and you moan loudly. He pinches your nipples and plays with your breast.
“I want… to pee…” you told him. Levi knew what it was so he lowers his head and licks your sweet spot. You tug at Levi’s hair because you really felt the pool swirling on your stomach. You don’t want to pee on Levi’s face but he’s stubborn.
“Cum, Y/N” Levi told you. After a few more pumping and licking, you cum on his face. You breathe heavily and look at Levi. He’s smiling at you while wiping his face.
“I’m sorry, I… didn’t mean-“ but he cuts you off.
“That’s okay” Levi gently removes his boxer but before he positions himself, you stop him.
“Let me also do the same for you,” You told him. Levi was taken aback but he nodded. He settles himself on the edge of the bed and spreads his knees away from each other. He looks back at you with a soft smile.
“Kneel” you smiled back at him and nodded. You got off the bed and kneels in front of him. While staring at his crotch, you feel your excitement. 
“Firstly, palm my dick” he points at his clothed dick and you happily oblige. You tightly hold his left knees using your left hand while your free hand gently palm his crotch.
 “Mmm… Big…” Levi chuckled at your remark but he focuses on the sight before him. You look so hot kneeling in front of him and he almost drools on the spot.
“Next, take out my dick and stroke it” he orders you next. You nervously looks at him and smiled. He bit his lip and stare at your eyes. You gently remove his underwear and the moment you saw it, your eyes widen. 
“How… It’s so big… it can’t fit” you tried to reach for your pussy and you nervously stare at his dick. Levi smiled at how innocent you are. 
“Stroke it first then we will try later” you gently wrap your hand on his dick and when your cold hands made a contact, Levi moans softly. You stroke his dick up and down earning a loud moan from Levi.
 “Hanji show me a video last time… I want to swallow your dick too” Levi’s eyes widen and he got pissed at Hanji for ruining your innocent mind. But that’s not the thing here. He also wants you to take him. 
“Go ahead” You lick Levi’s shaft and slowly take his dick inside your mouth. Levi moans loudly and he tightly grabs a fistful of your hair. When you adjusted from his length, you began to pick up your pace and you take him deeply. 
“Are you sure this is your first time?” Levi asks you when you deep throat him. Your lips even touch his balls because you take him deeply. You choke a while ago but you didn’t stop.
 “Faster… gonna cum…” You quicken your pace and after a few more minutes, you felt his cum shot on your throat. You swallow his cum and pull away. 
“Sorry, didn’t mean to cum that much” Levi lifts you and he brings your mouth against him. He can taste himself on your mouth and he gently lays you on the bed. 
“Can I put it in?” you nodded at Levi’s question and he began to position himself. When you felt the head of Levi’s dick, you nervously look at him.
 “I’ll be gentle. Relax” he told you. He slowly and gently put his dick inside your pussy and you almost cried from the pain. You can feel your walls being stretch and you want to pull away but you want to show him how much you love him.
“I’m inside” Levi gently caress your stomach and when he saw your tears running down your face, he pulls away. He guides your body to sit up straight and he hugs you tightly.
“I’m sorry, sshhh…” you shake your head and pull away from the hug. You look at Levi intently and smiled.
 “Please continue” However, Levi is fully convinced that you’re not yet ready and he didn’t want to force you. He gently pulls you into a hug and you both lay on the bed together. 
“We will try it next time, Y/N.” Levi gently strokes your hair and wraps his arm around your waist.
“But, we already did the foreplay,” you told him. Damn, Y/N. Why did you cry? 
“I will patiently wait for you, Y/N. I’m sorry I took your virginity for nothing but it’s just… I didn’t want to feel that I’m the only one who’s enjoying it” He told you. He kisses your forehead and you put your arms around his torso. 
“I love you, Levi, thank you for being patient” You smiled at his chest and gently strokes his torso.
“But I must admit, you’re good at blowjob, huh?” Levi chuckled and you smack his arm. Now, you’re embarrassed. 
“Stop it” Levi chuckled loudly at you. 
“I love you too, babe. I’ll always wait for your go signal. Now and Forever” Levi told you. 
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asteroshearts · 9 hours ago
Levi as Asian Dad Things
or just Dad!Levi things in a Modern!AU
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If your kids mention that they like this one food item at the store, boom, the next time Levi goes grocery shopping he's back with ten of them. It's how he shows his love.
["Hey, dad, do you need any help?"
Ten minutes later. "No one ever helps me in this damned house."]
He shows his affection by cutting fruit for his family. If you show interest in a fruit, he'll grab the knife and start peeling it for you immediately.
When he gets in an argument with someone in the household he lessens the heat by letting both parties cool down and he shows that he's open to talk by putting a plate of cut fruit in their room.
He takes one tiny bite of a dessert and immediately goes, "It's too sweet."
Alternative: You guys go to a restaurant and he turns to you and says he can make it better at home.
Uses "Have you eaten yet?" as a way to express his caring side.
Doesn't say "I love you" verbally, but he definitely shows it. Cleans your rooms (although he says that's more for him than for you) and he always gives his appreciative head pats. If they're off to college he checks up on them frequently, and when they come back home he makes their favorite food. He sends them off again with boxes of snacks.
Complains when you and your kids save a stray dog or cat off the street and bitches for a while but two weeks pass and they're inseparable.
"Look, [Name], a stray? I'm putting my foot down."
/Sighs/ "I know the kids are already attached, but pets are fucking filthy."
One week later: "I got the baby a stroller so they can go on long walks with us without getting their paws dirty. The pet store also had a sale on this dress that's for dogs and cats so I bought it. Why are you looking at me like that."
He even has a dedicated and meticulous showering/bathing routine for the pet.
Your pet lifts up a single paw and he carefully wipes down their toe beans with a towel.
"Other paw."]
When your kids are adults they still have problems trying to stand up to him.
But when he says "I'm proud of you," your heart and your kids' hearts would probably combust from the cuteness.
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lov-1996 · 9 hours ago
here i am, writing smut about 2d men while trying to memorize the whole ass periodic table of elements because im bored in a summer afternoon.
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lov-1996 · 10 hours ago
routinely visits
levi ackerman x reader implied smut
*just pure sexual tension* part 1
sypnosis: y/n is a doctor who goes on missions with the scouts to aid them during life threatening expeditions. after a mission, y/n visits levi for a routine check up.
wordcount: 1.2k
a/n: i originally posted this in ao3 but i didn't get to finish the whole fic so i'll just post some snippets here
it only took y/n half an hour to finish with everyone’s post-expedition check ups but she still has one person to check up on. the captain.
to be perfectly honest, she finds levi as the hardest patient to tend to. y/n wasn’t really sure why her friend loathed these check ups of hers. another reason why he was very difficult to deal with is because of how he was not always honest with her whenever she asked if he’s injured or not. however, after quite some time spending with levi, she got used to the fact that she could never trust him with telling her whether or not he was hurt.
figuring that levi’s already in his office by this time, y/n climbed up the old castle's stairs, bringing tea along with her. without knocking, she entered levi’s office. the two cups of tea are still hot in her hands.
“you should really learn how to knock. who knows if someone might be taking a shit and you just come opening the door unannounced” levi said, not even surprised on how his friend just open doors without a second thought.
he was sitting behind his desk, pen in hand and documents piled neatly beside him. their offices were nearly identical. at the left, you could see the door that leads to the bedroom and to the right where the bookshelves are placed, silently watching the two soldiers converse.
“why? do you take a shit in your office?” y/n replied teasingly as she laughed.
she sets the two cups of hot tea on his desk. almost immediately, levi’s hand went to the rim of the cup but y/n slapped it away. he retracted his hand, massaging it with his other one and proceeded to glare at the doctor.
“nu-uh. i don’t think so, mister. check up first.” she demanded, waving her fingers at the glaring captain. this was one way to speed up the process. he always whine quietly whenever they had these visits.
“but it’s gonna get cold,” levi sternly said, scowling with all his might as if to try and  get y/n to change her mind. if there was another thing he hated even more than titans, it was cold tea and he was not having any of that tonight.
“better get on with it then” y/n smiled, her pearly whites blinding the mad midget in front of her. if she wasn’t a close friend, levi would’ve broken her back by his kicks.
break her back… the thought went away as quickly as it came.
“get on with it” he sighed defeatedly, not believing how fast he can lose to an argument when it comes to tea. levi stood up, earning a screech from his chair. He walked to the front of his desk, moving the cups of steaming herbal liquid so he wouldn’t sit on it. he only sits on the desk since it’s a hassle for y/n to lean up and down if he sits lower than her. she always stumbles and lose balance whenever levi was sitting on his chair, though she never complained.
one time, y/n’s spine cracked loudly when she straightened her back which was a god awful sound, according to levi. of course he only said that as an excuse. he just didn’t like how she struggled from that position. since then he started sitting on his desk, making y/n’s job easier and less bone cracky.
levi made himself comfortable on the wooden desk, already knowing how he will hate this check up. y/n stood between his legs and grabbed his face closer to check his eyes. levi desperately tried to stop the breath threatening to come out of his pursed lips because of how close the pair were.
he hated every moment of it.
he didn’t like how he has troubles with keeping his composure when it comes to y/n touching any part of him.
it wasn’t like he was attracted to her anyway, he thought. maybe he just didn’t like being touched by other people, he concluded. yes, maybe that’s the reason.
letting go of his face, y/n asked if levi’s feeling any pain while she checked his reflexes, hitting his tendon with the reflex hammer from her pocket.
as always, levi replied a no.
she huffed, continuing with her check up just to make sure that levi was telling the truth. luckily, not even a single scratch was found on his body. at least when he’s clothed. y/n wondered if she should check under the clothes too but she’ll just earn herself a smack to the head if she even dared to ask.
“alright, that about sums it up. you can drink now.” y/n said giddily, grabbing her own cup of tea. it was still warm since the check up didn’t really take that long.
in the process of grabbing his own cup of tea, levi managed to accidentally knock a pen over, making it fall on the carpeted floor.
“oh, i’ll get that.” the doctor said, putting her cup back on the desk.
“no, i got-”
levi inhaled sharply. his eyes widened as she went down, sliding her hand on his thigh for support.
as if her careful touch wasn’t enough, she dragged her hand down a little, insync with her body as she bent. oblivious to the effect that she’s giving levi, she looked up with an innocent grin that only made levi get the ticking urge to wipe it off.
“a bit clumsy, aren’t we” she teased, standing back up, squeezing his thigh in the process.
y/n grabbed her cup again, and sipped on her tea. she turned and went to the other side of the desk. y/n used the pen that she picked up and a clean sheet of paper she found by the documents to write a brief report of the Captain’s health, writing how he was still sleep deprived.
a devil. levi thought, clenching his jaw at y/n who’s humming and enjoying her tea while she jotted down notes.
her innocence annoyed him the most. even before with other people, he always noticed how carefree y/n was when it came to her actions. levi hated how the other cadets tensed whenever she put her hand on their knee when she was worriedly asking about their recent injuries. he wasn’t even sure why he was mad. he just didn’t like how she was unaware of the urges she gave to the soldiers. and maybe even him.
me? no, i just don’t like naive people. yes, that’s totally it.
“i’ll get going now, i still have a lot of paperwork to do.” y/n piped, interrupting Levi’s thoughts.
“aren’t you supposed to rest? we just came back from an expedition.” he said monotonously. not letting a single emotion slip.
“you’ll be doing the same, right?” she fired back, biting her lip whilst raising her eyebrows with amusement.
that lip.
that fucking lip. there are times when he thought about how annoying those plump lips are especially when she bites it like that. every part of her was annoying to him and all he just wants to do is ruin it. ruin it as her tears run down that pretty fucking face.
how annoying… but maybe…
“let’s do it in my office.” he said, not in a requesting but rather in a commanding tone.
part 2 is already up, loves!
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imisserwin · 12 hours ago
𝓢𝓮𝓬𝓻𝓮𝓽 𝓡𝓮𝓵𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓹: 𝓛𝓮𝓿𝓲 𝔁 𝓕! 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻
Tumblr media
A/N: Sorry it took me a week to make this but thank you!~ I’m back after 6 days :) did you miss me?
Prompt List: Click It!
Tumblr media
💗 Secret Relationship with Levi! will probably involve a lot of cuddling behind closed doors. Levi is a touch starved especially when it comes to you and when everyone is sleeping peacefully, you will always find yourself sneaking inside his office to sleep beside him and cuddle with him. Sometimes, when you two see each other walking in the hallway, he’ll definitely tug you behind the pillar and hugs you tightly as if his life depends on it.
💗 Secret Relationship with Levi! Will involve a lot of stealing kisses with each other. At first, you’re the one who always steals some kisses on him and he’ll scold you but deep inside, his heart is pounding and he wants more. As your relationship with him go further, he also tries to steal some kisses but he almost got caught which causes you to die in laughter because he’s very nervous and embarrassed. 
💗 Secret Relationship with Levi! Will involve a lot of gifts. He loves to spoil you especially when he comes with Erwin to go somewhere. He will probably buy you a lot of souvenirs and in return, you’ll give him a heated make-out session. Erwin is probably suspecting Levi because he saw Levi buy a necklace but when he asks Levi, Levi only makes a sarcastic comment about minding business. 
💗 Secret Relationship with Levi! Will involve teasing under the table. He loves to tease you, especially during the meeting. He knows how sensitive you are when he plays with your clothed clit and he badly wants you to moan so the higher-ups will hear it but you have very good self-control. You give him a hand job underneath the table to see him lose his composure but you failed miserably. Levi only smirks at you and after the meeting, he punishes you.
💗 Secret Relationship with Levi! Will involve a lot of investigators. I mean, Erwin, Hanji, and Mike. They know something is going on especially Levi’s mood will turn 360 degrees every time you’re near. Mike also has a habit of smelling Levi’s office and every time he visits Levi, he smells your scent. Erwin knows something is going on because he saw how Levi’s eyes will turn into a murderer's eyes every time another man approaches you. Hanji knows something is going on because she’s a fucking stalker. She always notices that every time you go to stable, Levi will follow after 3 minutes. They are investigating but they don’t have any evidence. 
💗 Secret Relationship with Levi! Will involve a lot of tickling session. When Levi is not busy, he’ll call you to his office. When you got there, Levi will hug you from behind and that’s where the tickling session began. Every time you both got into a tickling session, Levi will always go out with a bruise or black eye since you’re very strong and you accidentally kick or punch him right into his face. Hanji will laugh at him and asks where did his bruise comes from but he’ll only glare at her and tell Hanji that he got into a fight with a monster. 
💗 Secret Relationship with Levi! Will involve a lot of letters. I mean, Levi doesn’t reply to any of those since you knew how shy he is when it comes to relationships and you know that Levi is not that kind of affectionate person. You knew that he prefers to show his love through action than words. But, you love to send him letters even though you always see him. You just want him to feel special and you want him to appreciate your effort. Levi will act mad because it’s such a waste of paper but you saw your letters to him safe and sound inside his closet.
💗 Secret Relationship with Levi! Will involve a lot of star gazing since midnight is the best way to have a date. You didn’t mind though. Levi will knock on your dorm secretly at night and when you hear that knock, you know it’s him. He will prepare a picnic on the rooftop and you will enjoy it with him. He loves to be with you and you love to be with him. 
💗 Secret Relationship with Levi! Will involve a lot of knowing glance. Every time he’s horny, he will look at you across the table and pout sometimes, he will lick his lips and that will drive you crazy. You know what it means and when the meeting is over, expect a lot of rounds. Every time you’re horny, you’ll simply whisper at him and his eyes will widen but then, he’ll love how straightforward you are. 
💗 Secret Relationship with Levi! Will involve a lot of comforts. Levi suffers a lot and he always has a nightmare. You’ll always comfort him after and when he wakes up, he’ll hug you tightly and he will probably be clingy since he dreamed about your death. When it’s your turn to be sad, Levi will be the best listener. He will make you feel safe and he will always remind you that he’s always there to support you. 
💗 Secret Relationship with Levi! Is the best. He didn’t want to tell anyone about your relationship because he knows you’ll be in trouble especially he has a lot of enemies on the underground. He fears that someone will take you as a hostage and you’ll die. After a while, he’ll tell the veterans about your relationship but that’s it. No one will ever know except them. Being in a secret relationship is hard but when it’s Levi, it’s all worth it. 
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miekasa · 12 hours ago
sorry if you've already answered this, but what do you think the aot character's love languages would be? we know levi's is acts of service, but anybody else?
No worries! I don’t think I’ve answered for everyone before, so I’ll take a shot at it now bc I love thinking about people's love languages 😌
LEVI Gives: acts of service
This is one is talked about a lot, but Levi shows his love most often through doing things for you, even if you haven’t asked anything of him.
He’ll go out of his way to make your life easier and/or more comfortable in any way that he sees fit, and he doesn’t expect the same in return; it truly just makes him happy to know that he could have done something for you.
It includes bigger things like assembling furniture for you, building you something completely from scratch, or cleaning your car for; and also small things like making you a cup of coffee or tea, or even just holding your bag for you after a long day.
Needs: physical touch
Classic touch-starved man who doesn’t outwardly ask for physical touch, but doesn’t back away from it when you initiate it.
After some time, he’d begin to initiate himself, he just needs to get comfortable with the idea of it first; but after he is, it’s really cute to see. Catch him on a lazy morning, and he’s especially touchy; or find him after a long day of work, and he’ll cuddle himself right into your shoulder.
It makes him happy to know that you seek him out for physical comfort, and that he can begin to do the same. Also, he loves the feeling of you playing with his hair, it’s a surefire way to get him to fall asleep.
HANGE Gives: quality time, physical touch
Hange likes spending time with you, and loves roping you into their favorite hobbies, activities, and antics. Even something as simple as a 3 minute FaceTime call to ask them a quick question is enough to put a smile on their face.
They really just like to share their interests with you, and would love it if you did the same! Hange is willing to give everything a try at least twice for you.
Also loves physical touch, maybe not even necessarily in traditionally “romantic” ways either—having their hand around your shoulder to show you something on their phone, knocking into your body while they’re laughing, clapping your hands together out of boredom—all simple touches that make Hange happy.
Needs: gifts
Hange looooves presents, and you can’t prove me wrong. To them, it’s really touching to know that you would take the time to pick out or make something that you think they would like.
They cherish any and every gift you get them, even if it’s something as tiny and routine as bringing them a coffee during a busy a day at work, Hange never takes it for granted.
(And they also go on and brag about it to anyone who will listen, “Ah did you see my baby brought me coffee for lunch? Just how I like it too, they know me so well!”)
EREN Gives: quality time, words of affirmation
Quality time for Eren can also be mistaken as him spending all of his free time annoying the hell out of you, but it’s really just him being Loving.
When he’s not annoying you, he really does just like to be in the same space as you, even if you’re doing your own things. He likes having you around because you comfort him even if you’re not directly speaking to or interacting with him.
Words of affirmation come out of him in a very matter-of-fact tone. It’s almost as if he’s not consciously trying to affirm you or flatter you.
To him, he’s just saying what he believes is an objective truth: of course he thinks you’re smart and talented and pretty and fun to be around. If those things make you feel good, then it’s a bonus, but really, he just means it like it’s a fact of the universe.
Needs: gifts, physical touch
He’s not the best at giving gifts, but he does love to receive them, and honestly, he’s very humbled and flattered whenever you give him something that you clearly put a lot of time and/or effort into.
He almost feels undeserving of it, but he loves it all the same, and he really does cherish it. Even if it’s something as generic as a pair of shoes he was talking about, it still means a lot to him that you would remember and buy them for him.
Once he gets a taste of physical touch, he doesn’t know how to let go. All sense of personal space is out of the window, and this goes hand in hand with quality time once he discovers it.
Loves it when you touch him: play with his hair, play with or hold his hands, hug him out of the blue. Also loves to touch you, though he seems to not understand the size of his body when he’s draping himself over your shoulders, or has his leg over your thigh while you’re sitting on the bus.
ARMIN Gives: gifts
To him, it’s the simplest way to express himself without embarrassing himself by potentially tripping over his words. Also, gifts can be given remotely, so he doesn’t have to sit around worrying if you’ll love it or hate it while you open it.
Though, he certainly gains a lot of confidence over time, he still likes to leave you little presents to find when he’s not around. Something as small as buying your favorite candy and putting it in your coat pocket, or leaving flowers at your place.
He’s also very thoughtful, and when he does get you a bigger gift, or something to celebrate an occasion, he always makes sure it’s perfect.
He does it to make you happy, and when you’re happy, it makes him happy.
Needs: words of affirmation
He won’t ask for it, but it’s really reassuring to hear, and it makes him feel really good, and relieved to know that the person he loves thinks highly of him.
If you told him you’re proud of him, he might… he really might malfunction a bit, but your words would stick with him. The next time he was going through something hard or even just doubting himself, he’d remember what you said to him and it would give him a little push to get through it (and maybe be nicer to himself as a consequence).
Not necessarily an affirmation, but it also flatters him to hear that you think he’s attractive. Though, be careful when and how you say this, because he’s very… easy to excite.
MIKASA Gives: words of affirmation, acts of service
Mikasa lets you know how much you mean to her, and how much you mean to everyone in your life all the time. She doesn’t want you to ever feel like you’re less than you are.
She loves hearing about your progress or achievements in work/school and is quick to tell you that she’s happy for you and proud of you.
She’ll also do anything she can to help you out, so acts of service a big thing for her. She doesn’t want you to have to go out of your way to do something she could handle for you.
That isn’t to say that she thinks you’re incapable of fending for yourself; rather, that she would like to ease your pain whenever and wherever she can.
Needs: quality time
She doesn’t realize how much she likes/needs this until you guys start spending more time together; and it’s in your absence that she finds herself missing you more than she’d anticipated.
She doesn’t even mind sitting idly by while you’re busy or doing work, so long as she gets to be by your side. It also brings her a sense of comfort to be able to take care of you during this time; having snack breaks with you, occasional tangent conversations, and reminding you to rest when necessary.
She finds that one of the simplest means of quality time is sleeping next to each other; whether it be for a nap, or going to bed, it’s a kind of intimacy she never thought she’d crave, but comes to really, really enjoy.
JEAN Gives: quality time, gifts
Just. Just let Jean tag along to whatever you’re doing like a little golden retriever and he’ll be so damn happy. It doesn’t matter what—buying makeup, going on a walk, heading to the grocery store—he just likes spending time with you.
Though he—and anyone who expresses themselves in quality time—completely understands there are moments where you need to be by yourself. But if you don’t mind him being there, then he’ll take the opportunity to be with you.
He looooves to give presents, and even though he can get kind of embarrassed by it and try to play it off as nonchalant, he’s quite thoughtful and romantic with his gifts.
Needs: quality time, physical touch
He loves doing what you’re doing, but he would also love to have you around when he’s chilling or running errands or doing whatever, too. He doesn’t care, Jean just likes talking to you, and will take any opportunity to hear you speak to him and be around him.
He shows a normal amount of physical touch and/or PDA throughout your relationship, but really casual and gentle touches by you mean the world to him. When he feels you stroking his face when you think he’s asleep, wrapping your arms around one of his habitually when you’re sleepy after a night out, putting your hands on his face when you kiss him—all those things mean the world to him.
I don’t know if this would fall into words of affirmation, but he also likes it when you tell him that you find him attractive. Call him handsome once and he’ll be thinking about it for the rest of the month. Tell him he’s pretty and you might even get him to blush.
CONNIE Gives: quality time
Similar to Eren, his quality time is most commonly expressed through a little game he likes to call “how many times can I annoy my girlfriend in the span of twenty minutes.”
You could be chilling like normal, having a casual night in and Connie will just come bursting in your room like the loudest mf on the planet, with Monopoly in his left hand, and a six pack of beers in his right.
He lives for doing stupid (borderline illegal) shit with you, and to his credit, you’ve never gotten caught. He really just likes to hang with you and make you laugh and make memories the both of you won’t ever forget.
Needs: acts of service
Help this man. No, really, literally, help him, even if he says he doesn’t need help, he’ll appreciate it in the end.
From stuff like tutoring him for a class, to packing him lunches (beyond Lunchables, but inclusive of a strawberry-kiwi CapriSun, nonetheless); it’s a love language Connie didn’t even think he would like.
He fucking loves it though and never shuts up about anything you might do for him; always thanks you a million times and puts you in a loving chokehold and pinches your cheeks in appreciation.
SASHA Gives: words of affirmation
She’s really good at comforting you, or even just making you feel good about yourself. Sasha might not even realize how much her positive outlook on you might mean, but she sure does love to tell you how much you mean to her.
Adores singing your praises and rewarding you with compliments all the time. She’s so sweet and she doesn’t even realize what she’s doing. Best girl.
Needs: gifts
Sasha loves presents in all shapes in forms: birthday presents, anniversary presents, planned presents, surprise presents. Doesn’t matter, she’s happy to receive any and all of them.
She looks at the gifts you get her with sparkles in her eyes and the widest grin on her face. It means the world to her that you would get her something she loves and she appreciates it so much.
Takes extra special care of your gifts too. If you got her one of something she collects, the ones you give her have their own little special place in her collection and she loves to show them off whenever people ask about them.
PIECK Gives: acts of service, physical touch
Pieck will do just about anything for you, and if she can’t, she’ll commission someone else to get it done for the both of you. (Someone being Porco and Reiner if this act involves lifting or carrying anything heavy).
She adores the smile on your face after she tells you she’s taken care of something you were putting off or having trouble doing; it makes her whole day to see you happy and relieved to have one less task on your to-do list.
She definitely does things because it makes her happy to see you happy, but there’s a small part of her that’s not above admitting she likes to be rewarded for it, too. Even something as small as a hug will do 😌
That’s also where the physical touch comes in: Pieck is kind of handsy, an almost unexpectedly protective kind of way. It’s equal parts of her liking to show you off and have her hands on you, and making sure nobody else thinks about doing the same.
Needs: quality time
Once she discovers the joy of having someone else to laze around with, take naps with, and do… questionable antics with, Pieck feels like she’s discovered the true meaning of life.
Adores when you ask to come along with her to run errands, or when you show interest in any of her many hobbies. She comes to find that she loves sharing them with you.
Napping together is a must, and if you think she’ll let you out of her hold just because your leg cramped or you have to use the bathroom, then think again. There’s a minimum of three one-hour naps per week with her.
PORCO Gives: acts of service, gifts
Gifts might come as a surprise for him, but he’s got a good memory, so when he sees something you’ve been talking about, he’ll just pick it up/buy it for you.
Could be anything from a new pair of house slippers, to a pair of earrings you showed him once. If he sees it and remembers you wanted it, there’s a 9/10 chance he’ll just get it. You can’t say he never did anything for you.
He approaches acts of service the same way, and usually does things he knows he can handle doing for you, like cleaning your car, cooking you dinner, or giving you a massage.
He can get kinda smug about it tho, going off about how you’re his little baby and that you need him to take care of you, as if he didn’t go out of his way to do these things, unprompted 🙄
Needs: physical touch
He’s not going out of his way to do extreme PDA, but he’s not hiding it either; if he feels like touching you, he will. But the first time you initiate it, or the first time you touch him in a gentle way, he’s such a goner.
He doesn’t even know how to process it at a first, and when he does he feels stupid and embarrassed for even liking it, but he certainly likes it that for damn sure.
He gets kinda cranky if you don’t cuddle up to him or hold his hand or poke his cheek (even though he claims it’s oh so annoying, you know he likesssss it).
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Thanks to You, Ch. 15- Connections 
TW// Depictions of injury & violence, talk of drug use.
Following the first real lead they get, Reader and Levi try their best to navigate the suspenseful task at hand while keeping the increasingly demanding feelings they can't ignore at bay.
More notes at the end!(:
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fierydiamond · 13 hours ago
⭐️ dory's 100 celebration ⭐️
First of all — thank you so much for 100 followers!
To celebrate, I thought I'd do a simple event whereby I match my followers up with characters from Attack on Titan!
You'll also get a lil blurb with the character I've matched you up with along with a simple graphic of your name/initials + character's name/initials as one of those chalk drawings you see on sidewalks. I just think these sidewalk chalk drawings are really cute and wholesome <3
Here is an example (I used Reiner and myself lmao):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you're interested, please send me an ask with the following details:
Your name/nickname or initials — whichever you're comfortable with sharing. Do note that if you send your name/nickname, I'll use the name of the character and if you send your initials, I will use the character's initials
Whether you'd want to be paired with a character who is male, female, or if you don’t mind either one
A brief description of your personality, hobbies, and interests
Thank you so much if you choose to participate! I look forward to seeing your entries!
Tumblr media
If you don't want to see posts on this, feel free to mute or blacklist the tag #dory's 100 celebration
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Tumblr media
late night angst from last night but imagine you and your favorite character are ex lovers and one time both of you just casually walking in the streets of the city when both of you bump to each other, matching with accidentally making eye contact, him with the girl that he always been dreaming and you just walking with your friends with your casual talks and gossips.
it might seem like it has been a long time but you still and always daydream and remember the past promises of forever made by both of you.
Despite how many you shake your head to forget but you can't cause you loved him too much that you forgot to remember your own emotional health at times.
so going back to reality, realizing that you've been standing there for a long time with your friends calling out to you and realizing that he didn't even probably see you, when suddenly a tear fell out your eye unintentionally, just staring back at him and his forever more, while slowly disappearing from your vision.
promises were meant to be done but not with the person who doesn't even give back the same love to you.because if your love the one that loved him too much and not both, the more you fell for tht person the more you won't realize that person has already lost everything he was supposed to give to you.
Just like a broken bridge one cannot cross the other side, unless another tries to find a way to truly cross with so much determination tht even with the hardest obstacle to face, they will be willing to give everything they have.
Cause love can be troublesome sometimes
Tumblr media
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To Honesty and Comeuppance, Chapter 9
Tumblr media
Link to all previous chapters is here.
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Two years have passed since Wall Maria fell and as able, willing bodies become harder to find, Levi is tasked with recruiting someone from his past, someone from the Undercity who now controls all its organized crime. After a decade of running the Undercity alone, Himmel Zweite is thrust back into Levi’s world. Will she thrive as she always has? Will Levi finally be able to discover the secrets she’s always kept from him, and will he be able to accept her if he learns them? As the pair rediscover their friendship, the lines begin to blur, and the risk to their tenuous bond grows.
Pre-Canon, During Canon, Mostly Canon Compliant, Canonical Character Death, Canonical Child Abuse, Younger Levi, Criminal Levi, Long, Slow Burn, Long-Distance Relationship, Caring Levi, Mean Levi, Eventual Smut, Fluff and Smut, Porn with Plot, Historical Accuracy, Undercity, Organized Crime, Secret Relationship, Friends to Lovers, Hurt/Comfort
Shit. Himmel hadn't been back to the barracks in over forty-eight hours. Levi had told her to be ready to leave in a couple days. Had Erwin's gamble paid off?
"Since when and what'd he say?" Himmel asked the innkeeper, continuing to disinfect her patient's wounds.
"For two hours, and that the gamble paid off."
Shit. "Livid" couldn't even begin to describe how Levi must have been at this moment. But how could she leave Trost, how could she leave her people when they had never needed her more?
"Sabakiya, what instructions do you want me to get to Nathaniel and the others?"
Himmel's big green eyes grew wide at his words. She wasn't running this on her own anymore. She had put her operations in capable hands so she could get everyone out of here one day.
Just two days down here and she had nearly forgotten how to think about anything beyond "today."
She sent her patient on his way and took off her apron and gloves as she spoke. "Undercity Trost and her people are our top priority. We're going to see an influx of upsiders displaced from this as well. See that they're taken care of. I'll be in touch when I can. Business as usual otherwise. Thank you."
And with that, she dashed full speed upside and to the barracks, terrified of what state she would find Levi in. It took her twenty minutes to run there, and chest heaving more from panic than exertion, she opened the door to her chambers to find Levi sitting in her desk chair, looking at her as though she were the most disgusting blot on humanity. On the desk was a folded bundle of uniform clothes with the green Survey Corps cape on top.
"I told you to be ready," he said.
"I didn't realize what day it was."
"You missed the induction ceremony last night. Everyone's been looking for you."
"Undercity Trost was a mess," she said. "I've been down there this whole time."
"Except for when you're raiding warehouses. You were in the papers. 'The Sabakiya Slaughters 100+ in Two Nights.' And it looks like you haven't bathed or changed clothes in the entire two days you've been gallivanting around. Have you even slept?"
Himmel bristled. "I saved maybe four or five hundred lives with the medical goods I stole. You can't make me feel bad about it."
Levi's gaze narrowed in distaste as he rose to his feet. "You've set us behind by two hours. Put on your gear and let's go."
"I'm your commanding officer now," he said curtly. "I'll give you the information you need when you need it."
So she was now an official member of Team Levi of the Survey Corps. Himmel had always thought that this moment would feel special, as though the world would pause its busy rotation to congratulate her. It was stupid and self-centered, and of course her graduation from cadet to Survey Corps only felt like she'd been passed from the hands of one keeper to another.
Levi wasn't going to afford her the time to shower or change into a clean uniform. She threw her ODM gear and blade boxes on, removed her original sword hilts and sheaths and put them in a long sack with her Survey Corps uniform, and put on her Survey Corps cape on over her filthy, crusty black clothes.
Lastly, she opened the double doors of her wardrobe and reached into the breast pocket of her old Cadet Corps jacket to retrieve their letters.
But the pocket was empty.
There was no way she had misplaced them. She had been keeping them in that pocket for months. When she was sent on a mission and it was her turn to write a reply, she always had them with her. Just in case. In case they were found by someone and misconstrued, or in case she simply needed to know that she wasn't adrift.
She checked the other breast pocket, and then the inner pockets, but the letters weren't there.
"What the hell's taking you so long? Let's go."
Himmel sighed and relented. It would be too embarrassing to tell him what was bothering her, so she just followed him out of the room. Below, in full uniform and gear, were four members of Squad Levi on horses with their hoods up. A fifth was manning a wagon full of various supplies covered by a tarp, and there were two spare horses at the front of the procession. Levi and Himmel got on them and with a simple "Move out," from Levi, the team headed down the empty streets of Ehrmich, through the gates, and out into the starlit plains of Wall Rose.
Himmel felt immensely awkward, having been given no chance to introduce herself to the team she now belonged to, being covered in two days of dirt and blood and filth, and having taken the lead alongside Levi. Had they been in Titan territory, it may have made sense to have her and Levi at the front to engage targets head on, but here in safe territory, it felt like she was skipping rank.
"Who's this fresh blood think they are, riding beside the captain and not even in uniform?" a man muttered.
"Hush," a woman chastised. "If Captain Levi wanted them there, it was for a reason."
Himmel wondered what that reason was, too.
The wind gusted suddenly and her hood was caught in the breeze, falling back to reveal her massive mane of blonde curls.
She turned around at that familiar voice, her green eyes bright. "Eren. Long time no see."
"You've been put in the Special Operations Team to babysit me too?"
Was that what Levi had summoned her for? She had thought that she was just going to be joining his team.
"She's been put here so I can babysit the both of you," Levi said. "She's a valuable asset, but she doesn't take orders well."
"But she commanded twenty missions when she was a recruit," Eren said, confused. "She was the model soldier."
"Well, while you were running around AWOL as a Titan, this lunatic took it upon herself to kill at least seventy Titans by herself at the hole in the wall. And she vanished from the barracks for the past two days without telling anyone."
The five behind her erupted in various surprised utterances.
"Levi!" Himmel hissed. Her kill count had already begged belief before Trost. This wasn't how she wanted her entrance into the team to be.
He ignored her and continued, "At least, that's only the number of Titan corpses still distinguishable enough to be counted. It was probably higher."
"Levi, shut the fuck up," Himmel said, glaring at him.
This only incensed everyone behind her further.
"You can't speak to the captain that way!"
"It's how I've spoken to him all our lives," Himmel said. "He hasn't changed how he refers to me, so I'm not changing either. Tell them the name you have for me."
"Fucking idiot," Levi supplied.
"Wait, so Levi-heichou is the 'old friend' Levi? The one who wrote you those really rude letters?" Eren asked.
"The one who told me to read a book next time I took a shit? Yep." Himmel laughed as she saw Levi's expression sour. "He's eloquent, isn't he?"
"Wait, backtrack. You're the recruit that handled the supply runs to Nedley? The one that had 123 kills?"
"And another seventy during Trost?"
"And then the nine when you helped in cleanup?"
"That's...202 kills."
"More than all of you combined," Levi said. "Of course, most of her kills were winter Titans, so they should only be worth half. Now if we could just stamp out this insufferable martyr streak in her, she might actually be useful to us."
"I just want to be a good member of this team," Himmel said. "I don't care about kill counts. I just care about getting missions done and getting everyone back home."
“Hard to be a good team member if you can’t be found,” Levi said.
A silence settled over the group that didn't feel particularly pleasant, and as if to shield herself from it, Himmel grabbed her hood to pull it back up.
"Leave it down."
She looked over to Levi, who was staring straight ahead as they continued southeast.
It was a bullshit order and she fisted the hem of her hood, trying not to let the anger get the best of her. He had somehow managed to humiliate her by talking her up, and as a result everyone thought she was some glory-hungry freak who probably fudged kill counts. Now he had given her a stupid command in front of all of them. It was a test to see whether she would submit to him.
Oh, how she wanted to throw her hood up to spite him. But it wasn't just the two of them down in the Undercity anymore. Now they were in a team, he was her leader, and there was no room for childishness.
Himmel let go of her hood and slid her hands under the nape of her neck to fan out the full length of her hair that was under the cape. Golden tresses spiraled and spilled down to the middle of her back like a waterfall.
"You've had the same exact haircut ever since I met you," Levi said. "It's impractical. I can't believe a Titan hasn't grabbed you by it, or it hasn't got caught up in your ODM gear."
"You know I always tie it up before I head out."
"You're cutting it tomorrow."
Himmel sputtered in outrage. "Maybe you've forgotten, but my hair was one of the three conditions I issued, and Commander Erwin agreed to it."
"He said he personally didn't care, but you'd have to fight your commanding officer for it. And I'm telling you you're cutting it tomorrow."
She was gripping the reins so hard her palms hurt. If she objected, not only would she come across as insubordinate, she would come across as vain. And there was absolutely nothing more damaging to the reputation of a female soldier than looking like she cared more about her looks than she did her duties.
But Levi knew. He knew that she never cut her hair. He may not have known the exact reason behind it, but he knew that it was as significant to her as her blades were.
It was just like he had said in their letters. He really did plan to make her submit to him.
"I'd like to discuss this with you in private," Himmel said.
"Whatever you have to say can be said in front of the team. There are no secrets."
Himmel scowled and thought over her words carefully before speaking. "No secrets, that's a good policy. When the Survey Corps returned from their expedition and you felled the Titan that was about to eat me, did you see anything unusual about me?"
"Yeah. Your uniform looked like you'd been stabbed in the chest, but you hadn't been. And even though we know you slaughtered at least seventy Titans, you showed no signs of fatigue."
She gritted her teeth. "And jog my memory—when was the first time you saw me like that?"
He was still staring straight ahead, but he cast her a sidelong glance. "A long time ago."
So, it seemed that there were some secrets in front of the team. Himmel smirked.
"Fine," she said. "But I want you to be the one to cut my hair."
They reached a castle shortly after dawn. Someone said that it was an old Survey Corps outpost that they had stopped using some time ago, and Levi immediately ordered everyone to begin cleaning. He assigned quarters to everyone and set them to work, and only when others failed to hide their disgust with her smell did Levi tell her she could wash herself. After that, she found herself in a room on the third floor with a bed, a chest, and a little desk with a dusty chair and mirror. A French window allowed her to look out onto the endless plains of grass and sky, and she took a moment with the windows open to lean on the sill and just enjoy the view. Before joining the Cadet Corps and running those supply runs up to Nedley, most of Himmel's work had kept her in the Undercity or in the towns within the walls. Being able to see so much and so far was a rare treat.
It was times like this that she thought how unfair it was that everyone in the Undercity was robbed of such simple freedoms like sunlight.
The harsh scrape of wood on stone in the room across the hall brought Himmel back to the task at hand. That room was Levi's, and he had probably moved the bed so he could clean under it.
The freak.
Himmel resumed her cleaning, but she left the windows wide open so the fresh air could flood in and wash away that stale smell that tended to gather in old, unused buildings. It took her all of four hours to get her room to a state that she thought Levi would find acceptable. There wasn't a single mote of dust to be found, and she had even found a cracked, unusable mug in the kitchens that she washed and put some dandelions and violets in. It was a nice addition to the rather shabby desk and made the room feel more her own.
She headed into Levi's room across from hers, not bothering to knock on the open door. He had taken the mattress off the bed and was on his hands and knees with a wet cloth, wiping down every inch of the bed frame. It was an excellent view—the belts that wrapped around the thighs and the brown leather that provided cushion in case of falls always did such a stellar job of accentuating and honing in on the rear when a soldier was bent over like this. And Levi, like all of the soldiers, was a treat to look at.
Himmel jumped at his sour tone and remembered that he was being a complete asshole to her. This was so very different from their old dynamic. They had had their spats, certainly. Anyone would when they lived together for over a decade. The coldness, the bitterness, the coarseness—it made her think of their last few months together before they had parted ways, and she hated it. Judging by the tone of his letters recently, she had hoped that that was behind the both of them, but perhaps she was wrong.
She said, "I finished cleaning my room and wanted you to come check."
He backed up and rose to his feet easily, then handed her the dusty rag. They certainly looked the pair, him with two white bandanas over his mouth and hair, and her with two black bandanas over the same. "Keep working on the bed."
Perfect. Himmel was dying to know how much of this iciness of his was just an act and how much of it was sincere. He lacerated her with his words at any chance, but he had also come to her room and fallen asleep beside her only a few nights ago. She wasn't going to allow him to have it both ways—she was determined to figure out where his heart lay. She copied his pose from earlier, on her hands and knees, arching her back slightly and not so necessarily in order to reach a place Levi hadn't. She rocked forward and backward in time with each swipe of the cloth, and didn't pause when she heard his footsteps return.
"Not bad, but your desk is a mess," he said.
"If you don't like my choice of flowers, I'm ignoring that."
"Your shitty attempts at décor aside, the desk isn't good enough."
There was a long pause where Himmel continued her ministrations and Levi said nothing behind her. She could feel his gaze burning into her.
"So," she said slowly, "do you want me to take care of that? Or keep doing this?"
She heard him take a step toward her and excitement buzzed through her. Maybe she had been right to think that there was something in those letters, in the way he had played with her hair and pulled her close a couple nights ago. Still, she dared not turn around. She wanted to wait and see what he would do to her.
"Levi-heichou! I've finished. Could you please check my quarters?"
Himmel cursed Eren and his timing.
"Ah. I'll check. Mel, get your desk sorted by the time I get back."
Himmel stood up and just caught the two of them walking down the stairs to Eren's quarters in the cellar. She put the rag on the bedframe and then returned to her room, where there was an all-too-familiar folded square of papers and a pen.
She rushed over and unfolded it so quickly she almost ripped it in her haste. 
Tumblr media
(Letter Text: You were keeping these in your pocket? How sentimental.)
Himmel was penning her reply when a spring gale swept the door shut behind her. But then she heard footsteps, soft yet purposeful, and she was pressed against the desk by hard muscle as hands slinked down her arms to lace over her fingers and keep her still.
"I told you before," Levi whispered, breath tickling the shelf of her ear. "I know I can make you submit to me." He thrust his hips further against her rear, and she could feel a growing insistence there that made her gasp. "In Every. Single. Way. We're going to be here for a while and by the time we leave, I intend to know everything there is to know about you, Mel."
She laughed softly and leaned back into him, daring him to do more to her. "You already know more about me than anyone else."
"That's right. And yet I have so many questions."
"Don't tell me this is how Captain Levi treats all of his men."
He nipped her earlobe and drew it into his warm mouth for a brief moment, causing Himmel to gasp as he ignited a blaze in her. She could hear the amusement in his low voice when he said, "Only the ones that write me letters."
At the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs he pulled away from her, fingers drifting off her hands, to her hips, and very lightly over her derriere. Himmel spun around, thankful that the bandana that hid her smile also hid her flushed cheeks.
Levi was back to his usual brusque self. "Use that chest as a doorstop. I won't have that racket next door to me."
He opened her door and then went back to his room, and a few moments later Eren was back, asking Levi to check again.
"I'll never get my room done with all of you calling me every five minutes. Mel, go check Eren's room."
"Sure," she said, and grabbed the letter on her desk. She went to fold it up and put it in her breast pocket, but saw that there was a new line. He must have written it when he had temporarily rendered her dumb with that earlobe thing.
Tumblr media
Letter Text:
Himmel: I put them in my breast pocket because I figured it was the closest you'd ever come to touching my tits.
Levi: Sounds like you've issued me a challenge.
Blush renewed, Himmel folded the letter up and shoved it into her pocket before meeting Eren and heading down to his chambers.
"So, Levi-heichou and you go back a long ways," Eren said, sounding somewhat mystified.
"Yep, thick as thieves."
"You guys were actual thieves, weren't you? Petra-san said that he used to be like a gang member or something in the Undercity."
"Yeah, that was the joke, Eren."
"Oh." He laughed embarrassedly. "So you guys were actually in a gang?"
"I object to it being called a 'gang.' Sounds like all we did was commit crimes or something, when really we were just looking out for ourselves and others as best we could."
Eren's "room" was a corner of the cellar that had been turned into a makeshift holding cell at some point, by the looks of it. Red bricks that didn't match the stone of the castle walls or flagstones made one wall, and the front wall was nothing but steel bars and a metal door. Inside was enough room for a cot and a chest that held his ODM gear.
"Oh, Eren..." Himmel said.
"They've just got to make sure they can contain me, in case I accidentally lose control or something," Eren said, sounding much more at peace with the situation than he probably was.
"Yeah, but do you think you're gonna lose control?"
"I mean, I don't feel like I'm gonna blow my top or anything, but... I just don't know. I don't know anything about this or how it really works."
Himmel sighed and the two of them entered his cell. She set to work lifting the mattress to clean the bedframe and had him tackle the grout with a bucket of soapy water and a brush.
"I get the whole 'better safe than sorry' mentality," she admitted. "And you may have the ability to turn into a Titan, but you're still human. I don't think it's right to lock you up just because there are things we don't understand yet."
Eren frowned as he cleaned. "If I'm really honest, I don't care if they put me in this cell at night. Because I'm in the Survey Corps, and even if it's not in the way I had envisioned, I'm certain that I can make a difference."
Himmel reached down and ruffled his hair. He objected like any man would, but she just laughed. "I'm glad Levi hauled me here with you."
"Oh yeah. What was that he was saying when we were riding here? Are you in trouble or something? And did you really kill seventy Titans by yourself?"
"Well, when the bell rang for all soldiers to gather, I ignored it and went to the hole in the wall when I saw the vanguard had been wiped out and Titans were flooding in. I thought, the more I keep from getting into the city, the more civilians can evacuate, and the less casualties we'll have. I thought maybe they'd send backup eventually, but the next thing I knew you had covered the hole with that boulder and Levi saved my ass."
"That was so reckless of you! You could have died!"
Himmel shrugged. "I've just always performed better when I could work alone."
"But you were such a good leader. Every time I was sent on one of your missions with you, I was always in awe of how well you directed us. How you never lost your cool."
"When I'm around others, all I'm thinking of is how I can protect them. But in emergencies like Trost... I just need to be able to act without thinking. Levi gets it cuz he saw how I work a long, long time ago. But it's not conducive to the military. I don't think I'll ever be a good soldier. Just a good weapon."
"Y'know, that might be nice. I wouldn't be the only human weapon, and Levi-heichou could keep his 'Humanity's Strongest Soldier' title."
They both laughed a little and went back to cleaning, bantering back and forth until they made enough progress that Himmel decided it would pass Levi's check. "He can see in the dark, y'know," she confided in Eren. "You upsiders are shit at seeing fine details in dim places like this, but we can see everything like it's daylight."
"Are you serious? That sounds like some sort of freak superpower or something."
Levi came down the stairs, frowning. "Oi, you two. Are you shooting the shit or getting shit done?"
Eren snapped to attention and Himmel just laughed. "I was telling Eren how you and I can see in the dark."
"We can't," he dismissed, but pored over the dim room anyways. "You've finally got it up to standard. Remember this and keep it this way or you'll regret it."
"Yes, sir!"
"Mel, outside. It's time." Levi had removed his bandanas and withdrew a pair of clippers from a small pail.
"You can fuck right off with those," she said. "We're not having matching haircuts."
Eren, torn between still being shocked at the rudeness she showed Levi and probably the image of her with Levi's hair, made a choking sound and began coughing.
Himmel patted him on the back. "He'll catch his death down here in the dungeons, honestly."
"Eren, now that you know what I expect, work on the dining area."
"Y-yes, Captain."
"And as for you," Levi said, turning on Himmel, "I brought scissors too."
"Your jokes are awful," she said, and she and Eren followed him upstairs.
She and Levi went outside and sat down under the shade of a large oak not far from the castle. All the others were inside cleaning still by the looks of things. Levi sat behind her, and Himmel untied the bandana that had kept it all safe from the dust as they cleaned.
"Levi, all of our petty bullshit aside, I really, truly don't want you to do this," she said.
He was running his hands through her curls, smoothing them so they all fell in one curtain down her back. “What's the real reason you don't want me to cut your hair?"
"There are a lot of reasons. But you know how everyone used to call me 'Sunshine' because of it. It made people happy to see."
"Those people aren't here, and we have plenty of actual sunshine now."
Himmel sighed, growing frustrated. "I'm also just a woman who likes her hair, okay?"
"That's a terrible reason and you know it."
Himmel tore at the grass in irritation. He was utterly committed to using this as his method of making her submit to him and his will as captain of their team. She couldn't win this fight against him.
She took a deep breath and pushed it out in a long sigh. "Fine. But, since this was one of my three conditions and you know how much this means to me...I want you to promise me one thing."
"It's going to sound so dumb," she laughed, "but...if at some point, it just magically goes back to its old length, you can't ask me any questions about it. Deal?"
She could feel Levi pause behind her. "Did I send you Rapunzel by accident one time?"
Himmel laughed again. "I know it's stupid. It would never happen. But just make me the promise anyways. Humor me."
Levi was quiet for a spell, and then he said, "Fine. Now take off that mask."
Relieved beyond measure, Himmel did as ordered and untied the knot at the back of her head. The warmth of the sunlight hit her smile and her first impulse was to hold the bandana up against her mouth.
He was running his fingers through her hair some more, stretching them out to a uniform length and watching them spring back up. "You don't have to hide your smile, you know. I hand picked this team. You think I'd pick someone stupid enough to judge by appearances alone?"
"Force of habit, I guess," she mumbled. "How short are you going to cut it?"
"If you stretch out a curl, it has to reach your knees."
"Floor, actually," she corrected.
"Do you have any idea what a hazard this is? Not to mention what it could do to shower drains."
"Levi. How short are you going to cut it?"
"And the weight. God knows you're already top heavy enough with those ridiculous tits of yours, but this has got to be at least two kilos of hair, dry."
Unable to take it anymore, she jerked her head back, aiming to give him a reverse headbutt, but he easily fended her off by tilting his chin up and leaning back so that they fell together with her head on his chest.
"I have scissors, you fucking idiot."
Himmel sighed and sat back up. Levi gave his own aggravated sigh and set about smoothing all the curls once more.
"I'm going to cut it to here," he said, dragging his fingertips along the bottom of her shoulder blades. "But if I don't like it, I might cut it shorter."
She wanted to lash out at him, but she knew it would be pointless. She just clutched her bandana to her face and said, "Get going, then."
Levi continued running his fingers through her hair, from the roots to the tips, and she wondered just how essential it was to the haircut. Then she heard the telltale snip of scissors.
"Your hair has been this same length for as long as I've known you," he said. "Since we were seven, you've had curls all the way to your ass."
"And you've always had the bottom half of your head sheared for some reason. What's your point?"
"It's half as much hair to sweep up," he explained.
Himmel laughed in disbelief. "You are the biggest clean freak I can possibly imagine."
"My haircut is practical," he said, "and yours has never been. It must have been hell trying to keep it clean in the Undercity."
"It pretty much takes care of itself, actually. Obviously blood or mud or something needs to be washed out, but I don't have an oily scalp and lice hate curly hair, so that was a plus."
The scissors continued to snip, and she knew that he was collecting each curl and putting them into the pail he'd brought. Even outside, he didn't want to make a mess.
"So, tonight at dinner I was planning on introducing myself," she said presently. When he didn't reply, she added, "I was wondering how much to tell them about us."
"What does that mean?"
"How far back we go. What you and I used to do."
"I'll talk about that."
"Are you ashamed of what we did?"
Levi was quiet for a long spell. "If we hadn't have done what we did, neither of us would be here today. So no. But we were ruthless. Sometimes I thought you made Kenny look merciful."
"I was working through some things back then, I think."
"I never understood why you always stab them in the heart."
Now it was Himmel's turn to be silent for a while. "Have you ever heard of a human who could survive a wound to the heart?"
"If the nape is the only sure way to kill a Titan, the heart is the only sure way to kill a human."
"But would it have been so bad to let some get lucky and live?"
"Gotta admit, I didn't expect a lecture on morality from you."
He gave a "tch" and continued cutting. "On three of your supply run missions, one casualty had signs of a chest wound on their uniform, but no actual wound."
Forgetting all about the haircut, Himmel spun around to stare at him in shock. "Sadies asked me about it back when I turned in the reports. Levi, you don't think I killed my own men, do you?"
He grabbed her by the top of her head and spun her back around, then smoothed her curls once more. "No, I know you'd never harm one of your own. But it's not the first time I've seen such a phenomenon, and it only happens around you."
Himmel thought over their situation, the precariousness of it, and then said carefully, "The secrets I keep, I keep not because they're bad things, but because I know they can't be understood. Because I can't understand them. Just...remember that if you find something out about me, okay?"
"You ever thought that if you tell people, you might find someone who does understand?"
"Yes, but I'm too scared."
Levi made a soft sound of incredulity. "I've never known you to be scared."
"I don't get scared of humans or Titans, but I get scared of plenty of other things."
"Maybe that's where you and I are alike. Back's finished. Turn around."
Himmel shifted so she was facing him and saw the pail overflowing with curls. It hurt her heart to see, so she looked straight at Levi instead, who was just as serious and unreadable as ever.
"Do you want a fringe?" he asked.
Like Levi had said, she had had the same haircut for so very long that the notion of different styles had never entered her head. She had seen many girls with cute bangs and had always been rather jealous, though.
"You can do that?"
"There's no one in all of humanity that cuts better than I do," he said, glaring at her.
She laughed behind the bandana. "How could I forget? Go ahead, then. And this definitely isn't shoulder-blade length. It's shoulder!"
Levi batted her hand away. She had been clutching a curl that bounced a couple millimeters above her shoulder. "I cut it to the shoulder blade, but the reduced weight made the curls tighter."
She matched his glower. "You better not fuck up my fringe."
He ran a hand through her curls, gently creating a part down the center. Then he set about cutting each individual curl, creating layers and giving her mane a rounded effect. Himmel watched him work, his ever-serious gaze intent on the task at hand, and she found it endearing. Here was Humanity's Strongest Soldier, snipping her hair one curl at a time and carefully depositing it into a pail beside them. He could have been Humanity's Most Sullen Barber.
"Close your eyes."
She did as asked, and she felt him use his fingers again to bring a curtain of curls down her face. He studied them for a few moments, moved a few curls back to the part, and then began cutting. It tickled as the shorter locks bounced up to rest just above her eyebrows.
"Maybe this wasn't a good idea," he said.
"What?" Had he screwed something up?
"You... Here, look in the mirror."
Himmel opened her eyes, but instead of Levi, she saw a reflection of herself as he held up a small mirror. Green eyes wide in shock, she reached up and touched her hair in disbelief. He had managed to carve and curate her curls into the most beautiful shape she could imagine. Her curls were layered so that they formed a perfect rounded bob, and it and the bangs framed her bright green eyes spectacularly.
He put the mirror aside with his other tools and began cleaning up, picking up stray hairs he had missed and putting them in the pail.
"Why don't you think it was a good idea?" Himmel asked. "I love it."
"You have hair all over your uniform now."
Himmel looked down at her chest to see golden ringlets. She picked them off and put them in the pail while saying lowly, "This was a prime opportunity."
"You're a fucking idiot." He stood up with the pail in one hand and his tools in the other. "Don't come back inside until every last strand is gone."
She sighed and continued plucking hair off her clothes.
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ruetaro · 15 hours ago
note: hi im irresponsible and don’t work on my fics consistently. here’s another sneak peek of that levi fic so that i feel compelled to actually work on it soon
“Oi, brat. Are you listening to me? I asked what’s wrong with you.”
You snapped awake and refocused your half-lidded gaze onto him. “I... I just feel like shit,” you admitted.
“You look like shit.”
“Gee, thanks. I modeled my dark circles after yours.” You may have been dead on your feet, but you’d be damned if you passed up the opportunity to rag on him.
Levi huffed through his nose. “Wow. A+ delivery. I almost laughed.”
You rolled your eyes, and began scrounging through the freezer for microwaveable meals, eventually settling on a box of frozen mini pancakes. Five minutes of heating all that up and you would be good to start studying again.
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leashaoki · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Playing With Fire
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Themes: 18+, Smut, Angst, Little Bit Of Fluff At The End, Masturbation, Mentions of Pregnancy, Established Relationship
Word Count: 2.9k
Warnings: nsfw, Breeding Kink, Masturbation, Unprotected Sex, Dirty Talk
Original Request
Prompt List ~ Masterlist
Tumblr media
Levi stalked the halls, dark and empty as he curses the ever growing stack of paperwork in his hands. It was late, too late, and Levi resented every night he spent away from you. He’d been too busy to even retire to your shared chambers in the evenings recently, spending the long, dark nights strategising with Erwin and signing papers.
The separation from you had taken it’s toll; Levi had been worked up for days, snapping at just about anyone for doing just about anything. He ignored it, though, reminding himself that it would pass, and the quicker he got his work done, the sooner that would be.
Still, as he storms towards his office to pick up some extra papers; he can’t help the constant agitation and rage that flows through him, gods, how he needed you.
He notices that the door to his office is slightly ajar and the flickering orange hue from a candle cascades bright shadows on the walls outside. Levi imagines it must be you, for no one else would have the bravery or stupidity to enter the Captain’s quarters without permission.
As he nears the room, he picks up his pace; the tension in his chest dispersing at the thought of seeing you again. He wondered whether you’d be mad with him, on account of his neglect for you recently. Levi’s hand touched the door as he approached it, about to push it open slowly when your quiet, breathless voice cracks through the silence.
He freezes, chest tightening and breath stopping, feeling an unforgiving rage consume his being before his brain even registers what’s happening. Your ragged breaths seem to heighten and quicken behind the door, yet more sultry whispers of Levi’s name emitting out to his ears.
Slowly and reluctantly, he peaks through the gap and is met with the image he dreaded. He couldn’t quite explain it, but the thought of anyone but himself being the cause of your pleasure aggravated him massively, emphasising his territorial nature. Levi had told you this, warned you that you was never to touch yourself; yet here you were, and here he was, hard.
His eyes scorched into your unknowing body, fingers stroking up and down your wetness as your head was thrown off the couch. You’re dressed in nothing but his shirt and a pair of panties. Clenching his fists by his side, he continues to watch as you bring yourself closer and closer to your peak, frozen in a odd mix of utter fury and arousal. He hated you right now, hated you for making him feel like this; he hated you because he didn’t really hate you at all, despite you failing to abide by his one rule.
Every second he watched, the flame inside him grew, merging to an uncontrollable blazing fire within his chest. Insatiable, gripping the uneven crevices of the wall beside him as his hands began to shake.
You’d pulled your lower lip between your teeth, arching your back off of the couch as your brows knitted together in the centre. It smelt like him, the shirt around you, the throw beneath you, and it had every inch of your body on fire. Your fantasies swirling around your mind, intoxicating your thoughts and somewhat easing the way you had missed Levi recently.
“Please, Levi.” You mutter, completely unaware of him watching you like a hawk from the gap in the door, palming himself through his now tented trousers. If only you knew how tempting you were with those words falling from your lips; it has Levi opening the door and pacing towards you slowly.
Your eyes are closed, too immersed in chasing your climax to notice him staring daggers into you. He’s right in front of you now, feeling the burning rage worsen when that you’re covered in a light layer of sweat, glistening under the candle light. Levi wonders whether you feel better now, alone, than you do when he’s touching you; the possessive monster inside of him wanting to punish you for disobeying him like this.
After a few moments he clears his throat and your eyes snap open, worryingly close to your orgasm as you sit up quickly, pulling the throw around you as your cheeks burn. The look in his eyes has the arousal within you dying fast, shit, he was mad.
You struggled to speak, stuttering as your bottom lip began to tremble under his intense gaze and looking away. “L-Levi, I’m-“
“Were you just, touching yourself Y/N?” He interrupts you quickly, tone low and dark while his voice is clear of emotion as he steps over you. Levi is fully aware of course, how could he not be, but he wants to hear you say it, admit to what you’ve been doing. With your mouth dry and heart hammering so loud you’re such he can hear, you struggle to answer, barely being able to part your lips. Your cheeks burned more and more as the moments passed; your eyes locked on the ground below you.
“Look at me, right fucking now.”
Your breath hitches in your throat and much to your dismay the heat between your legs is growing again. Slowly, you look up at the Captain, eyes fixed on his when he brings a hand down to stroke your cheek tenderly. It juxtaposes the mans attitude from the last few moments and you raise a brow lightly, wary of his sudden change of manner as you nuzzle your face into his palm.
As if like a switch, his face contorts cruelly as he holds your jaw between his fingers, grasping harshly. He furrows his eyebrows in mock sympathy when you gasp a little at contact before speaking slowly.
“Were you touching yourself, Y/N?” He repeats again, his voice is dangerous, a dagger wrapped in silk. It almost sounds condescending, both a tease and a warning at the same time. You had hardly seen him these past couple of weeks and the pure hunger in his eyes was evident, but so was the anger.
“Yes, sir.” You reply coyly and his jaw tenses at the title, ravaging you with his stare as the fingers clasped around your chin only grow tighter with the tension. It takes everything in Levi’s being to not take you right there, tilting his head with a fake sympathetic pout before speaking.
“I forbade it, did I not?” He drawled the words, low and almost displeased, “You know how much I hate it when you don’t listen to me, Y/N.” Levi brought a hand up to his cravat and took it off slowly; long, thin fingers moving in tantalising motions. You licked at your dry lips, both scared and turned on under his gaze.
“I’m sorry, I missed you.”
His eyes seem to dark even more, disposing of his cravat on the desk before he pulls the blanket from your form. The flame within Levi roars on, your half naked body gasoline to his fire. He clicks his tongue and shakes his head, “I’ve little patience for excuses, brat. Are you trying to make me mad?” Another swift movement and his face is an inch from yours, strong arms holding his weight on the arm of the sofa as his dark hair falls into his face, shading his intense features. “It’s working.”
“No sir.” It’s weak and quiet, and Levi chuckles at the affect he has on you. He’s loving every second, having missed and craved you each and every moment like yourself. Having you so willing, submissive beneath him, even despite the fury that still fuels him on, begins to pull at his resolve.
“Bed. Now.” He breathes, coming out as a hiss and looking towards the door connecting to his room. Levi follows slowly behind you, leaving you feeling exposed before him.
Watching you closely, he closes the door behind him once you’re sat on the bed, turning to lean against the wall.
It’s a strict command, his tone similar to that of when he’s around everyone but you. He was usually so soft, so sweet, but you’d broken his only rule, and he wasn’t going to let you forget it.
Taking your time, you unbutton his shirt and reveal your bare skin, feeling the heaviness of his gaze on you. Levi’s a patient man, but there’s only so much he can take, suppressing a growl when he rubs his bulge through his trousers and you’re still lingering on the fourth button.
Best not to play with fire, you think to yourself and dispose of your clothes quickly, throwing them to the floor and sitting bare in front of him.
Levi is silent for a few moments and you notice the rage still prevalent in his stare. But he’s no longer angry at you, he’s angry at him, for how easily you’ve broke him, how he’s finding himself more and more immersed in the thought of your fingers in contact with what’s his.
“Touch yourself.”
Your eyes widen for a moment, almost scoffing in disbelief at his command. This whole situation had come about from that very thing, and now he wanted to watch you again. A heat rushes between your legs at the thought, biting your lip a little as cross your thighs.
“If it feels so fucking good, do it.” There’s venom in his voice, sharp and spiteful. He begins unbuttoning his trousers, never averting his eyes from your naked, helpless form sat on the edge of his bed.
“It feels better when you do it, please.” It was true, the only reason you had needed to resort to this was because it had been so long since he had touched you. Your hunger could only be suppressed with him, which was evident in the way your entire body had been yearning for his touch since the moment he had interrupted you.
“I won’t repeat myself again.”
Taking a deep breath, you lie back and are surprised when Levi grunts, shaking his head, “Sit up, I want to look at you.”
Feeling heat rush to your cheeks, you sit up quickly, spreading your legs ever so slightly and shaking your hand between your legs. Your embarrassment quickly fades as you begin to work on your core, watching as Levi pulls himself from his trousers and starts jerking his hard length.
Levi starts by eyeing the way your fingers drag along your wetness, teasing and tracing circles on your clit. But once he sees the way your eyes cross a little and flutter, your mouth forming the sweetest little ‘o’ shape, he’s hooked.
When his name slips your lips he can’t help but groan, fisting himself as his brows furrow inwardly, “Shit, you really do fucking love it.” You moan in response, spreading your legs a little wider and slipping a finger inside. “Does it feel better than me? Hm? Better than when I fuck you?”
“N-No.” His filthy taunts have you climbing quickly to your climax, moving faster and and whimpering lewdly, “Feels better when you do it.”
“Too bad.” He teases, a lilt of a chuckle to his voice as he stops jerking his cock. “Look at you, so. fucking. desperate. Who knew little Y/N could be such a slut?”
His words send you tumbling into the pre orgasm haze and it’s then that you hear his voice again, void of all taunt, tease and mocking nature.
Your eyes snap open and he’s stood above you, boring down into your lust filled orbs with his own, mirroring your very neediness for him. “You really thought I’d let you come?” Despite the manner of his question his tone is sincere, genuine in his surprise that you believed you could just get away with what you had done. “You’re even more stupid than I thought.”
“I’m going to fuck you.” Levi states a little matter of factly, something he had a tendency of doing often, even in the bedroom. His hand comes to push at your shoulder, leaving you lay on your back as he climbed over you, “But I don’t think you deserve it.”
“I’m sorry. Please, I won’t do it again”
Levi frowns, too aware of the fact that he definitely wants to see you do this again. But he lets that slide, for his pride mostly.
“Please, who?”
“Please, Sir.”
Levi pushes into you, hardly giving you time to become accustomed to his length as you both moan out in unison. Levi’s is hoarse, breathless in nature, almost surprised in the utmost pleasure that consumed him. Yours is more of a whimper, shocked at the roughness of his thirst as it brushes against your sweet spot, already so close to your climax due to your past endeavours.
It takes a moment for Levi to find his rhythm but once he does he’s rutting into you fast. His hands on either side of your face, Levi’s hips hit yours repeatedly and emit a moan from both of you each time.
Levi has never been one to indulge in his dark fantasies, all too aware of how easily it to succumb to them and scare even himself. But now, after seeing you like that tonight, Levi found himself lost to the thoughts, riding the high as filthy words fell from his lips without his knowing. He wanted to own you, instil his territory and possessiveness over what is his.
“Want me to put a baby in you, hm?”
He feels you clench around him and grins cruelly at the thought of you enjoying this. It felt awfully taboo for the two of you, so much so that it had you nodding and whining wantonly.
“I need to hear you say it, Y/N.” He pauses his thrusts and there’s softness behind his lust, worried to push you too far and noting the seriousness of the situation. Levi was happy to face the consequences of his desire, but he wasn’t going to force you to too.
Grinding your hips into his stilled form, you nod again, doe eyed below him as you tug at the hair below his undercut. “Please, Levi. Want you to fill me up.”
His resolve breaks, snapping into a million pieces as he begins fucking into you, hard. His mind is clouded with animalistic thoughts, utter ownership and possession, the next stage of your relationship. Levi found his climax nearing faster than usual, fuelled by finding you so indecently and now by the thought of you taking his seed. “Close baby, so fucking close.”
Your fingers scratch at his toned back and brush over the muscles. Levi pushes his lips to yours, kissing you for the first time in weeks and throwing every ounce of passion he’d felt over the time into it. It’s slow, loving and desperate; his thrusts slowing also as he mutters against your lips, “You ready?”
Feeling your own orgasm nearing fast, you nod and Levi notices the way you contract around him, angling his hips upwards. “Come with me, shit-“
It hits him, fast and hard, hot and cold, sharp and blunt. He’s never felt anything like it, spilling into your warmth had the man seeing blinding whites and golds. Levi could sense you reaching your high beneath him, completely unaware to where he ends and you begin.
If anyone was around they would definitely hear, the two of you were practically crying out for each other, grasping to one another in the dead of night. Levi couldn’t care less, too immersed in the waves of pleasure flowing from your form to his.
It takes a few minutes but you both come around, staring at each other a little blankly, both speechless. Neither of you regret it, but the reality is seeping in, this is real.
“Did I take it too far?” Levi asks, concern evident in his voice as he brings a hand to stroke your hair.
“No,” You whisper, leaning up to kiss his soft, wet mouth, “Not one bit.” His gaze softens, a soft smile tainting his lips as he kisses you back.
“I’m glad,” He begins, musing on what might happen, what could happen; and strangely he feels no fear. His high dying down hadn’t affected the way he was feeling, Levi wanted this, and he wasn’t going to deny himself of you or his happiness any longer. “Thank you.”
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leashaoki · 15 hours ago
MA’AM…….. SIR… . BESTIE.,,, . I COME TO YOU WITH A LEVI PROMPT. SO: established relationship; levi’s been XTRA busy for a while and you guys dont get much alone time (he doesn’t even come to bed at night). one night, he comes into his office (pissed) with a shit ton of paperwork only to find you sprawled on a couch, moaning. our sweet y/n doesn’t even realize he’s there at first. here’s the cute lil twist: he’s established a rule where your only pleasure comes from him and you’ve followed it up until now. anEways: 41 INTO 4 INTO 39 INTO 6 INTO 2 AND FOR THE GRAND FINALE, 21. PLS LORDT. 😖🤚🏼
ive had a try, i hope you like it <3
link here
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