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#david tennant
davidtennantontwitter · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
#DavidTennant starring in #DoctorWho: Dalek Universe Volume One is now available
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itslittlealexhorne · 2 hours ago
non-britcom things i enjoy
i love,,, a lot of things. if you see anything you’re also a fan of, i’m always happy to discuss x
tv shows
the west wing
doctor who (10th mostly, but also 9th & 11th) --- also like anything david tennant is in,,, i adore that man
good omens
the beatles
one direction
louis tomlinson
harry styles
fall out boy --- also patrick stump’s solo work
panic! at the disco
twenty one pilots
taylor swift (folklore & 1989 rn, but i’m working on it lmao)
hamilton <3
dear evan hansen
be more chill
harry potter (jk rowling is gross, but these films are v nostalgic)
the great gatsby (p l e a s e this book is my favourite - it owns my life)
star wars
cornetto trilogy
the mcu (captain america is my fave - no tfatws/wandavision spoilers plz)
smosh & smosh games
the eboys (will, james, alex & george)
dan & phil
that one group of british youtuber friends that’s like: hazel hayes, dodie (again), sammy paul, jack (& dean), daniel j. layton
kurtis conner
drew gooden
danny gonzalez <3
tmg (cody & noel)
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Tumblr media
A - Oh, Crowley... Please...
C - Come on, what's the problem about it? No one will ever know.
A - I don't feel... I don't...
C - Oh, but you do, you know you want it.
A - Do not say that, you know nothing.
C - In fact, I do. More than you can imagine...
A - I beg of you, please don't do it...
C - It's nothing, it's going to be quick and painless. I promise.
A - Crowley...
C - Angel...
A - Alright, alright. Do it. Do it now!
*Crowley is holding the prophecies open and he folds one of the pages, because they don't dispose of a bookmarker in the moment.*
A - I will overlook this small sin just because we'll need that information soon and there's no other way to find it that easily. But don't you ever, ever do that to one of my books ever again, Crowley, or I swear I...
*But Crowley is already walking away with the book under his arm. Aziraphale has to run a little bit to catch up and there they go, looking for the Antichrist together, as they were meant to.*
Tumblr media
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This is my favorite GO sketch so far, enjoy :)
*C and A are strolling around, just careless and juvenile in a hot summer afternoon. C has his glasses on, as usual, and Aziraphale is finishing a strawberry ice-cream. *
C -... I'm just saying you could, if you wanted to.
A (licks his ice cream very discreetly) - Oh, I could not... Angels are not meant to be flirty, Crowley! That would be... Well...
C - A sin?
A - I would dare saying that it depends on the point of view, but that would be more like something you would say. (he giggles) I do not think we are meant to flirt around, that is what I mean.
*Crowley stops, turning to Aziraphale, provocatively. He puts his hands in his pockets, a daring position.*
C - I bet you can do it. Flirt with me.
A (outraged) - Excuse me?
C (gets closer, studying his face) - Do it. Entice me.
*Aziraphale is embarrassed, looking at his ice cream.*
A - OF COURSE I will not. That is preposterous! And here, in the middle of the street, that is...
C - Oh, so you need a more intimate place? Name it, where do you want to go? I'll take you there.
A (impatient) - How far do you have to go to make a point, Crowley?
C (grins) - You have no idea.
A (upset) - I do hope to keep it that way.
*Crowley slightly smiles, hands still in his pockets, getting even closer to Aziraphale.*
C (trying to sound innocent) - Just give it a try... If you do, I promise to take you to that restaurant you looooove (he sings the word), the one with the... The red velvet thing you like.
*Aziraphale winces, suddenly considering. That lasts a few seconds, and he's back to upset.*
A - You don't have to do anything in return. And besides, I will just prove that I am right, indeed. So it is not exactly a challenge.
*Crowley is exhultant. But he keeps his emotions to himself. To Azi, he just shrugs. *
C - Go ahead. (he lifts his chin, waiting for the blow).
*Aziraphale looks around - there's absolutely not one person in the street, strangely, though. He is still holding his ice cream, and he concentrates on it so he doesnt have to look at Crowley at this close range.*
A (licking his lips, focusing, searching for words) - There's something about this ice cream that reminds me of you, actually.
C (instigating) - Oh, really?
A (nods, still looking down) - It's what I like about strawberries, too. They are the exact amount of sweet and sour, which makes them even more scrumptious for me. (he raises his eyes to look into Crowley's shades) You are like a strawberry: sweet and sour in the perfect amount.
*Crowley hesitates for a split second. Azi can't see it, but Crowley's green eyes drop to his mouth and they notice they are still wet with cold ice cream. He feels the urge to... *
A (laughs, starting to stroll again) - See? Nothing special about that. I feel foolish, and I would appreciate that red velvet cake as a compensation for my trouble, thank you very much.
*Crowley takes a while to start to walk again, he's got mixed feelings. Whatever he expected, he didn't expect to feel that way. But he follows Aziraphale after a few seconds.*
C (keeping his hands even closer to himself) - You were right, angel, of course.
A (licking his ice cream a tad more intently) - About the flirting or about the ice cream metaphor? Oh, I'm sorry, see, that is the thing about temptation: you don't stop at the first one! (he giggles, amused) I'm sorry, my friend, it was inevitable, I know what you meant.
C (shaking his head) - Yes, about the flirting. I will compensate for your embarrassment. You deserve it after making such a fool of yourself on my account.
A (smiling) - Well, thank you.
*They keep walking, but Crowley is suddenly very aware of that ice-cream.*
Tumblr media
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I was just imagining a situation to make Azi uncomfortable, as always...
*Crowley's apartment. Crowley is standing in front of his wardrobe shirtless. He and Aziraphale have some important things to do in that day, and Crowley wants to look good. He's trying to figure out what he is going to wear. In front of him, a myriad of black pieces of clothing.*
*Knocks on the door. Aziraphale's voice sounds:*
A (through the door) - Are you decent?
C (frowns, still concentrated on the wardrobe) - Have I ever been decent?
A (voice) - I find you quite decent, don't you ever say that.
C (sighs) - Get in already, angel, we're between friends, aren't we? Have a sit.
*A sits on the edge of the bed, very straight, very formal, trying not to get too comfortable on Crowley's bed.*
*Crowley is too concentrated to notice anything, and he turns around to look at Aziraphale*
C - What do you think I should wear?
A - I am sure that whatever you wear will be appropriate, my dear. (He's distracted looking at anywhere but Crowley's way.)
C (mumbling) - Now that's helpful. (turns to the clothes again)
A - Excuse me, I did not catch that...
C - Never mind. I think I've got it, anyway. (he pulls a black Queen t-shirt out and then a black leather jacket, testing the combinations) I should definitely wear this one under this jacket... What do you think?
A (forcing himself to look at Crowley. He deeply swallows, his big eyes going over Crowley's exposed skin.) - I am so sorry, what was it?
C (exhales) - These ones (he shows them again), should I put them on?
A (mumbles) - Actually, you should take them off...
C (getting closer to A) - What?
A (shaking his head, distracted) - You would look quite nice with that shirt off... ON! ON... (Aziraphale corrects himself almost desperately, blushing)
*Crowley looks at him, suspicious. He looks down at himself and a little mischievous smile curves his lips up. He is pleased. He gets even closer to Azi, his stomach is almost touching the other man's arm*
C (teasing) - Maybe I will put them on, indeed. And you, angel (he emphasizes), could help me taking them off, since this jacket is too tight, I must say.
*Aziraphale is desperately looking down, embarrassed, but also pleased in a flirty way.*
A - You will have to, eventually. I would... Enjoy to assist you in such a... Demanding task.
*Crowley smiles, devilishly. *
C - Always too kind. I appreciate that (he goes to the big mirror on the wall, trying on the outfit).
*Aziraphale keeps looking down, but when Crowley is far enough, he peeks on him, just slightly, smiling just a little, like a child afraid of being caught doing something terribly good. *
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Whatever keeps you talking...
Bookshop. It's night. Crowley is laying on a divan next to the bookshelves, partially in the dark. Aziraphale is finishing a book over the couch across from him, a lamp is over the table. As Azi reads, Crowley watches him, attentiously. Aziraphale practically ignores him, eyes on the book.
C - Angel?
A (mumbling) - Uh?
C - What are you reading?
A (still reading) - Virgil. In fact, I am reading it for the thousandth time... (he looks up, but no at Crowley through his glasses, just wonders to himself) I can never seem to exhaust from the beauty of his poetry... (eyes back on the book, dreamy).
C (exhales) - Virgil... Huh. That traitor...
A - Excuse me, what was it?
C (shakes his hand over the head) - Never mind.
(he starts bouncing his feet over the divan, impatient)
- So, is it going to take any longer? I mean, since you've already read it...
A - I believe so, Crowley. It is a deep analysis of the content, my dear. I do need to go through with this. (he raises his head for a bit to look at Crowley this time) Why? You seem... Restless.
C - Oh, but I am. Bored, actually. (he sits up straight)
Tumblr media
A - (Azi shows the sweetest of smiles). Oh, but you don't have to. Look around you! You are surrounded by centuries of...
C - I don't want to be surrounded by centuries of mold and paper. (he lets his head drop, giving up)
A (back to reading, frowning, a little disconcerted) - I never feel lonely in this place... You should not either.
C (stands up, hesitant. Walks towards Aziraphale, trying to look innocent) - It's a waste... Since we're both here, and it's late at night on a Saturday. There has got to be something better to do than reading books, for fucks sake!
A - Mind your tongue.
C (getting closer) - Oh, excuse me, I forgot we were in your temple.
A (still sitting, turns to Crowley, taking his glasses off, a bit disturbed) - What is it you really want, Crowley?
C (stops next to his chair, grinning mischievously) - Your... Company.
*Azi's cheeks turn red and he hides his embarassment, poorly*
A - But I AM here, I thought you enjoyed spending time together.
C - We are not together. You are alone with your books. And since I am not needed here... (he turns around) I think I'll just go.
A (stands up, reaching out to touch Crowley's back gently) - Don't tell me you are jealous of my books, my dearest friend!
(Crowley turns around, an eyebrow raised, outraged.)
C - Jealous! I demand crumbs of your time and you assume I am jealous...
A - It is not an assumption, it is a fact.
C - I'm not... (raises his voices, realizes he is talking too loud and lowers his tone) I am not jealous of anything. You have been disrespectful, ignoring me as you... Read. Very unpolite for an angel.
(Aziraphale looks at Crowley in a condescending way, making him even more upset.)
A - You just had to say the words, Crowley. There is no need to attack me if you're hurt.
C (frowns harder) - Hurt?
A (calmly, smiling) - I am deeply sorry for ignoring your beloved presence. I do mind about you, I do want to spend time with you, pray you forgive me for my neglecting ways. (he is very close to Crowley now).
C - I don't feel neglected... I don't *feel* (disgusted) anything...
A - Then I'll go back to my poems.
C - No! (controls himself). No, please, just... Let's open a bottle of wine and drink together, shall we? We could... Light the fire, and discuss... Virgil. Maybe? (attempting).
(Aziraphale's eyes shine with the perspective. He nods his head.)
A - I would love that. In fact, there is a bottle of... (and he keeps talking, as he goes to the back of the store)
C (murmurs, triumphant) - Whatever keeps you talking, angel...
Tumblr media
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fuckyeahlegionm · 4 hours ago
Video from the Portland premiere of Bad Samaritan — with Robert Sheehan and Legion M’s own David Baxter!!  If you haven’t watched Bad Samaritan (which stars Sheehan and David Tennant) it’s a freaking awesome movie! Go. Watch. It. Now.... Yes... RIGHT NOW!
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rosetylerlesbian · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
My mom is thirsting for David Tennant on main in the mother/daughter group chat lmao
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mysharona1987 · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mood, TBH.
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I have a feeling that Campbell and Lucian would definitely laugh during s🥚s, having a grand old time exploring each other
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emys-123 · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
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tennantsabout · 12 hours ago
I still am a geek, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I see no shame in having an unhealthy obsession with something.
David Tennant
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alessiacielart · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Some legends tell that sun and moon are two star-crossed lovers who can only meet during the so-dreaded eclipses. But when one’s soul is weary and lonely, the moon can be a listening friend, although silent, a soothing view, a muse, a companion as flawed as we are.”🌕✨
It seems I totally forgot to post my illustrations for our beloved @adastracalendar (which you can still buy btw! You’ll find the link in Ad Astra’s bio). This one is a collab with the super talented @stormyphoenixx on AO3 🖤 she wrote such a romantic short story that deeply inspired me, I hope this piece has done justice in bringing her words to life 🌙
Of course, check out stormyphoenixx's lovely work! Here's the link to her story:
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fuckyeahgoodomens · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Now imagine that the Heaven/Hell office building has an inner social media network and Aziraphale has this reaction any time he sees #Crowley trending :D.
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tennantsabout · 13 hours ago
On The Late, Late Show with James Corden, David discusses the process of making Staged with his wife, Georgia, the pains of homeschooling, and he comes clean about his fake personal assistant, Melissa von Stressel.
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