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#stucky x reader imagine
savemesomenachos · 6 hours ago
Writing Update!!!
Since I’ll be doing the 200 followers drabble list for a short time (Undecided), I will be giving those drabbles priority. I have 2 pending fics in my ask box which I will complete at a later time but I have seen them. Thank you for all the love lovelies!!!🌸✨
You can find the link to my drabble list here
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist
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Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep
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gwenavibra · 10 hours ago
So, I'm watching In the heights yes again and I'm still with my Stucky high, and I can't stop thinking about dancing with my boys. Like, yes, they danced in the 40s, and Bucky was a pretty good dancer, but I wanna go full latina on them and I wonder how they would react like 👀 would they like it 👀 idk
should I write something like that? idk
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myavengersimagines · 11 hours ago
I felt like there was some detail missing for the first Snakes and Ladders chapter, so I've had a small re-write to add some more details and give it some length.
I hope that you guys enjoy <3
Chapter One
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thefanbasewhore · 12 hours ago
Hey I recently stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed your bucky and Stucky work! Could I request one where reader fakes a betrayal/ or breaks up with Bucky And Steve for a HYDRA infiltration mission because the boys are being targeted. The mission goes successfully with reader being hurt but not too much but the boys are still heartbroken but stunned by her loyalty. Eventually everything does work out thou?
Angsty with fluffy end?
Hi my love!!! I hope you enjoy this, I really liked this idea so it took me quite a while!! Hope this is angsty enough!! I know you said fluffy end but I'm going to write a fic based on this ❤️❤️❤️
Summary | Bucky and Steve are left heart broken after you leave but after finding out you left to save them, Steve can't seem to forgive you.
Content | angst, fluff
Paring | Bucky Barnes x female reader x Steve rogers (Stucky x reader)
Side note | I KNOW A CLIFFHANGER but good news I decided to write a full fics of this!!! I will actually go into detail and etc. So if you would like to be tagged comment on this post :)
Tumblr media
Bucky pulled Steve closer with a sniffle, the clicks of metal plates are the only other sound in the room as they scratch into the blondes scalp, applying just enough pressure that Steve's eyes flutter shut.
"Sweetheart..." Steve mutters against the shell of his ear despite already knowing the answer, "Are you doing okay? You haven't left the bed all day."
"I don't want to talk about it anymore." Bucky's bottom lip quivers, as tears fill those baby blues. Steve nods lips finding his cheek to press a meaningful but sad kiss. "It hurts to much."
Steve hums in agreement, curling closer into his boyfriend's heat as his heart clenches inside his chest. It's still fresh, both heart broken with the news of the mission report. "I'm here baby, we'll get through this."
It was supposed to be a simple in and out. Collect the information and leave. Bucky and Steve wanted to go but after all, this would be her first solo mission and after hours and hours of begging they agreed to that only Clint would be acconpying you.
Imagine their surprise that only Clint came back reporting that you had in fact been playing them the whole time. It was a set up, that you had for a fact joined HYDRA with little regards of your two boyfriend's at home.
"That's why I had you come with me and break the super soldier's hearts, I will take away everything they love, they will be mine." The grip on your throat thightens as you gasp for air, clawing at the hands as they lift you highrter into the air.
It all pasts with a blur, one second your vision is blurrying as you stumble to the ground. It's instinctual, the way your hand reaches up to sooth the burn on your throat. It burns, coughing for air as your lungs are on fire deep in your chest.
Once your eyes meet his, suddenly it's hard to breath again.
The way Steve stares is heart breaking, seafoam blue eyes widening as the look of betrayal tugs his lips into a frown. His chest is heaving, no doubt from taking the man who's hands were wrapped around her neck down as he doesn't move from his position only feet away from you, on his knees. He had to hear everything, the way his eyes water with tears say it all.
"He was the reason?" Steve's palms his beard as angry eyes darken in the light, "Why didn't you tell us? It didn't need to be like this!"
"He was going to hurt you and Bucky, I couldn't let that happen, Steve." While your chest tightens with emotion, the tone stays unapologetic as you struggle to stand.
Bucky enters the room, bloody and bruised as lines of confusion wrinkles his forehead. Eyes bounce from Steve to you and then back.
Steve ignores it, lips forming a snarl has heavy breaths choke on his throat. "We thought -, you don't get to make that decision on your own! That's not fair to us, it's been weeks - we cry ourselves to sleep every night!"
"Steve.." Bucky whispers, reaching over to grasp his shoulders and bring him to his feet, "Hey - hey, what's going on? Why are you crying?"
"She -." He chokes, can't even get out the words as Bucky coos softly, pulling him into his chest.
"Buck." You call softly. While Steve has always been stubborn and proud, Bucky is understanding and soft. No matter what you did wrong, he would always take your side. "They said they would hurt both of you, I had to."
Bucky's eyes never leave your own, swirling with mixed emotions as Steve tugs his hand, "She could have told us."
"She was scared, sweetheart." Bucky argues, kissing Steve's lips softly, "It wasn't right. She should have handled it differently but I can't lie and say I wouldn't do the same for you two."
The ride back to the house was quiet, Bucky and Steve sat up front, not a word muttered. Bucky gripped the steering wheel white knuckled while Steve aimlessly stares out the window. Every once in a while you would catch either of their eyes, almost as if they were making sure that you were in fact still there.
Bucky had hugged you, it's been weeks since you felt warmth like that. It brought actual tears to your eyes, relief that he still loves you despite what you have done but Steve could barely look at you.
"Steve.." The call of his name makes him tense and sit taller in the passenger seat. The treeline beginning to form and resemble home and it makes your heart pound. The home you have built with them, to be in your bed again, wrapped around your super soldiers is all you have wished for. "I'm sorry, at least look at me."
"No." The word makes your stomach tie in knots and a ball of emotion form at the back of your throat. "I can't."
Bucky sighs, using his elbow to nudge his side. "Steve, stop. We will talk about this later."
"Why do I have to stop? I've held you for every night since she left and you take her side?" The words are hissed through clenched teeth, alabaster skin flushing in annoyance. Words filling you with guilt, mouth snapping shut instantly.
"I am not taking anyone's side, pal." Bucky sighs, "We all need to calm down before we have this conversation, that is all."
"Stop the car." Steve growls, hand pressing against the handle as Bucky shakes his head.
"Steve -." He tries to argue but Steve daring eyes test him like he wouldn't jump out of the moving car.
"Stop the car." Steve demands, "I want to walk to rest of the way back."
"He hates me, Buck." Bucky holds you close, curling against his chest as tears soak through the material of his t-shirt. "I'm sorry bucks, I know I hurt you and Steve and now he hates me. I just wanted you two to be safe."
A hiccup interupts, "He wanted the winter soldier back and after everything you've been through, all of the healing and therapy I couldn't let him do that. And Steve, he was going to do the same things to Steve. "
"It's okay, sweetheart. I forgive you, Steve will come around. You did what you thought was right, and I trust you."
"But it cost me everything." But you don't miss his last three words, teary eyes meeting his, "You still trust me?"
"I trust you, honey." The way his eyes fill with tears makes your heart break, his large hand cupping your cheek as he angles your face to meet his own. His bottom lip quivers, the tough begging to crumble as he pulls you into his chest, "I thought I lost you forever. My heart was so broken, I missed you."
A kiss presses to the top of your hair as a soft hand rubs the small of your back. Fat tears wetting your hair as he pulls back, "You stay here. I'm going to find Steve, he's hurting."
Days pass, Steve refuses to even look at you let alone be in the same room which left Bucky is a tough situation, picking between lovers but then again he didn't have to. Steve made that decision himself, deciding to not come home until later hours at night and crashing in the guest bedroom.
You tried and tried every day. Apologizing with gifts, words and even letters but he would just walk pasts as if you didn't exist.
Bucky would end up just rubbing your back and pressing a kiss to your temple, "Giving him time."
Bucky and Steve would leave for a few hours and talk, Steve had not only been distant with you but also his other lover. Bucky couldn't help but notice the drifting away and tried with all his heart to fix it which seemed to work, judging by the soft moans and thumping of the headboard against the wall which only broke your heart more.
You should be in there, sandwiched between them like the missing puzzle piece but only now did you realize how big of a hole you had left in their hearts, especially the way Steve's words shakily whisper from behind the door. "It hurts to see her, she broke my heart but is all I can think about.".
Level headed Bucky is always there, sweet and calming as he replies, "She is trying. Whether you want to admit it or not, she did what she thought was best, sweetheart. The way you would protect her with your life is the same thing but she actually did it."
Without a word you leave, tears blurring your vision as a sharp pain crumbles your heart inside your chest.
They would be so much happier without you, that's what you have to tell yourself as you shove clothes into the suitcase. Through the tears and pain in your chest, it was best for them. Steve wanted you gone, never to speak to you again and after everything they have been through, you would not be the person who separates Bucky and Steve.
The car is only feet away, key clenched in your hand. Was this really the right thing to do? Leave them again without a word?
Bucky would be heart broken but Steve could care less but for his happiness you would do anything, including give up everything you've ever loved. Throwing the suitcase into the back of the car with one last huff, you turn too quickly stumbling into a broad chest, large arms crossing against the swells of his chest.
The dark, brunette beard catches you off guard. It's the first time in weeks you've been this close to him. The scent of wintergreen and dewy grass makes your head dizzy, you can't look away from those vibrant eyes.
Steve's eyes twitch in confusion, hard lines forming against his forehead. "You were going to leave again, just like that?"
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myavengersimagines · 18 hours ago
Chapter One: Snakes & Ladders
Tumblr media
Description: You're on holiday with your Mafia boyfriends Bucky and Steve, but the weather leads to you all having a miserable time. Bucky and Steve come up with a great idea to pass the time whilst they wait for the sun to come out.
Word Count: 3.2K
Warnings: Smut, Use of nicknames (Princess, Doll, Baby, Daddy, Good Girl, Sweetness), F/M/M, Mafia AU, Mob AU, cockwarming, BDSM elements, Dom Bucky, Dom Steve, minor mentions of violence, under 18s dni
Notes: Every decision made during this fanfiction is made using snakes and ladder board, random number generator and coin flipping generator. I wanted to try and make every option as random as possible to see where the story is going to lead to. I have already generated all the numbers for the entire snakes and ladders game, so now I'm just filling in the space around it.
Part Two >>
When both of your Mobster boyfriends offered to take you away on a stunning vacation to a secluded beach-side Villa on a remote Island, you hadn’t particularly imagined that it was going to raining for close to a week straight. Instead, you had imagined the feeling of the sun beating down on your skin whilst Bucky used his skilled hands to rub lotion into your skin, taking great care with every inch stay still; we don’t want your beautiful skin to burn and blister, doll he’d warn with so much tender longing in his voice. Then you’d be carried into the sea by Steve’s strong arms. He’d dunk you underwater, kissing you beneath the surface and make you completely forget about your need for oxygen.
Crack. The deafening sound of thunder came from the skies overhead following by the blinding lightning that always followed. You found yourself narrowed your eyes as you glared out the glass windows of the villa, watching as that tranquil sea that you desired was a deathly black colour crashing with a foamy substance against the shoreline, stretching far out and almost meshing into those dark rainclouds over the horizon.
There was almost this feeling of guilt that was brewing inside of you. Almost. At first, you had come to terms that everything that was happening was completely out of their control; however, it was easy for them to slip back into work mode. It felt as if there was nothing else that could be done, so Bucky and Steve had found themselves getting more and more invested in work back in Brooklyn, having these long phone calls ordering Natasha and Sam to take care of business whilst they were away. It was when Steve hadn’t joined you both for dinner one night whilst speaking to the Odinson’s that you felt this resentment growing; you were all supposed to be enjoying this vacation together without worrying back home.
It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you had maybe binge-watched almost everything on Netflix. Back home in Brooklyn, Steve and Bucky kept you busy with escorts to gala events, parties and meetings that you hadn’t had time to even glance at a TV, but it appeared that this vacation was the perfect time to catch up on all those shows that you friends had gushed to you about.
Every now and then, either Bucky or Steve would duck into the bedroom, check that you’re doing alright or if you needed anything, if you were lucky, they might even snuggle up beside you and start asking mundane questions about these shows Who is that? Why are they doing that? Who killed him? That’s not the best way to dispose of a body… Until finally, you ordered them to leave, and they did with a smirk and a playful smack on your rear.
It was difficult for both Bucky and Steve to see you this upset. This vacation was something that you had been looking forward to since they had given it to you as a gift for your birthday. It was a whole three weeks of their undivided attention, sunbathing and snorkelling, eating good food and just being together. If there had been any other problems, they would have been able to solve them with a snap of their fingers, but the weather was an unruly mistress – not dissimilar from their beautiful partner.
In all their wisdom, Bucky and Steve had even charted a private plane to take you off the Island to another sunnier destination. But, the airport soon put a hole in their plans as the weather conditions were too bad to fly anywhere. So Steve and Bucky took out their frustration on the poor pilot and had literally beat the messenger, leaving him a bloodied mess on his own private jet before leaving to ice their knuckles and try and decided what their next option could be.
An afternoon of mauling over ideas of how to turn this vacation around had led them to come to a brilliant solution. Bucky sauntered through the quiet Villa, hearing the sound of voices coming from the bedroom, leaning against the doorway and watching you curled up in the centre of the bed with your eyes fixed on the screen. “Doll…” His voice was gentle, but it caught your attention immediately. “We got a little surprise for ya~” Bucky stuck his tattooed hand out before him as an invitation. “Come with me.”
This invitation seemed to pull a hefty sigh from your lips as you remained unmoving on your bed. “Can I just watch the end of this episode first?” You gesture to the screen across the room. A sense of anger burned with Bucky’s chest as his dangerous blue orbs lingered on your lump in the centre of the bed. Ever since this vacation had turned sour, Bucky noticed a change in their usual good girl as you acted more defiant and abrasive than usual. It wasn’t a good look on you, and it wasn’t something that either he or Steve would allow for much longer.
Even though your eyes remained fixed on the screen, you could hear Bucky shuffling around the room behind you. “I’m sorry, Doll, but made that sound like a request?” He was standing beside the bed now, and you could feel your body locking up in fear of his wrath. You opened your mouth to argue before you saw that look on his face, and it made your blood run cold before you quickly snatched the remote and shut off the TV without a second thought. Then, with a clumsy clambering, you climbed from the bed and stood beside Bucky with a kind smile on his features, hoping to subside his anger. “Good girl~” His voice was a low grumble as he leaned down to peck your forehead in a tender way.
“Now, I understand why you’ve been so grumpy.” His voice was thick as he cupped both of your cheeks in his hands, causing you to have to look up into his loving blue eyes. “This wasn’t the vacation that any of us wanted. Doll, I wanted to watch you flaunt around in all those bikini’s that we brought, but the weather Gods had different ideas.” Bucky said with humour to his voice, and you took your opportunity to let out a soft giggle.
At that wonderful sound, Bucky couldn’t help but let out a dreamy hum and muttered in a soft voice. “There’s our pretty girl~” His voice cooed in an adoring way. “Stevie and I’ve been neglecting you, hmm?” Then, leaning down, Bucky’s soft lips brushed against your jawline, leading all the way up until your ear. “We got a surprise for you. I think you’re going to like it a whole lot.” Then nipping at your earlobe in a playful way that made you squeak before suddenly shrieking as Bucky lifted you with ease and threw you over his shoulder, and carrying you through the Villa.
The sounds of your displeasure to be carried sung throughout the entire building, and it only made Steve grin madly as he spotted Bucky rounding the corner with you thrown over his shoulder. “Did our girl show some resistance?” Steve rose from where he was sitting across the plush couch and drew his arms over his chest in an expecting kind of way. “Oh, no…” Bucky said before dropping you onto the couch opposite where Steve was standing and laughing as you bounced softly against the comfortable surface. “I just like carrying her wherever I go~”
A deep scoff came from Steve before he responded. “You’re gonna spoil her, Buck.” Then gazing down at you as you pulled yourself to an upright position and looked over at Steve. Just the look of you made him want to melt on the spot; it was only now that they had come to the decision that they had neglected you on this vacation. It didn’t matter if the weather wasn’t on their side. That certainly did mean they were allowed to leave you high and dry. “Did the punk tell you about our little game?” Steve rose his brows at you, and you felt your stomach clench in wonder and intrigue before shaking your head.
Then they both gestured down to the coffee table between the two couches, and a firm frown set on your lips as you saw the board game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ laid out on the table. “This a game for babies.” You muttered coldly before crossing your arms over your chest. You scornfully found yourself already hating their idea of theirs and found yourself wishing that they had just left you to your own devices and allowed you to continue binging Netflix.
“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong~” Steve chose to ignore your petulant tone with a big grin spreading across his cheeks. “This is a much more adult game of Snakes and Ladders, baby…” Then he reached down onto the table and picked up a stray piece of paper resting beside the board and held it out in your direction for you to accept. “You give that a read and then decided if you still want to throw a tantrum.” The writing was neat and legible, meaning that Steve had certainly written it, though some of the vernacular used was certainly that of Bucky’s. These rules were a joint effort.
Game Rules
- For the entirety of the game, Princess must remain seated on one of Daddy’s cocks.
- If a player lands anywhere on a ladder space, they will roll for a reward.
- If a player lands anywhere on a snake space, they will roll for a punishment
- There is NO cumming permitted during the game. If these rules are not met and a player orgasms, then they will roll for a punishment.
- Any gloating, teasing, tempting or brattiness will result in a punishment roll
Princess Rewards
1. Thrust(s) (roll for the number of thrusts, then roll for the intensity of the thrusts)
2. Hair pulling
3. Praise
4. 10-second touch (1-2 Daddy Stevie touch, 3-4 Daddy Buck touch, 5-6 Princess touch)
5. Dirty talk
6. Marking
Princess’ Punishment
1. Spank(s) (roll for the number, then roll for the intensity)
2. Humiliation (1-3 decided by Daddy Stevie and 4-6 decided by Daddy Buck)
3. No rewards for 2 turns
4. Teased
5. Vibe on clit for 30 seconds
6. Edge
As you came to the end of the rules, you found that your mouth had become increasingly dry whilst your bikini bottoms that you were wearing as panties were becoming more soaked by the second. For a moment, you wondered how they might have come up with this idea, but you remembered the type of minds you were dealing with. It took you a second to truly accept that this was all true, opting to re-read the rules a few times over before finally looking between both Bucky and Steve. “Does that sound more fun than just a stupid game of Snakes and Ladders, doll?” A tender nod came from you before Steve urged. “Use your words, baby.”
“Y-yes, sir.” Those were really the only words that you were able to form, and it made both of the men beam a smile at one another, truly enjoying this moment. It gave them this great sense of power and joy, knowing that they could short-circuit your brain in such a way with only a piece of paper and some dirty threats.
With a soft clearing of his throat, Steve responded. “I’m glad to hear that, sweetness~” His voice purred as he rounded the coffee table and pinched your chin softly between his thumb and forefinger. “Now, we are gonna need you to be a good girl and think of some rules for your Daddies too, hmm?” Steve hummed, and he leaned down at her lips, slipping the paper from her hands and turning it over to the blank side. “We’re gonna need 6 rewards and 6 punishments. It can be whatever that beautiful mind of you can dream up~” He urged, slipping a fancy looking pen into your fingers.
The two of them observed the way that your hands trembled as you began to jot down your rules. Bucky hummed as he watched your write in beautiful lettering. Whether it was messy or neat, it came from you, and that drove Bucky wild. He loved nothing more than receiving little love notes from you, finding them hidden around rooms with dirty little promises and secrets hidden between the pages.
It didn’t take long for you to begin to fill the page with all these ideas and promises of what you wanted both of these incredibly handsome men to do to you and wanted you wanted to do to them in returning finding yourself feeling this slight part of cynicism as the tables turned. Now it would be completely up to lady luck, for, however, would get rewarded or punished.
Daddy’s Rewards
1. 10 seconds of ball play
2. Make out with Princess
3. Thrusts (roll for the number of thrusts)
4. Begging from Princess
5. Edge Princess (roll for the number of times edged)
6. Expose boobs for the next 2 turns
Daddy’s Punishments
1. Edge
2. Princess has no punishments for 2 turns
3. Teased
4. No moaning for 3 turns (punishment roll for failing)
5. Princess gets to watch Daddy’s make out
6. Throat fuck other Daddy
It took you a couple moments, and you spent your time reading the words you had written over and over, wondering if they seemed fair compared to what Bucky and Steve were about to put you through. There was two of them you needed to try and turn the odds in your favour somehow. “I’m done~” You sung softly, looking across to the other couch where both Bucky and Steve were lounging now, holding out the paper for Bucky to snatch from your hands and begin reading it, trying to hide the smirk on his face.
They made soft humming noises, nodding their heads and looking at one another in small moments. It kept you completely on edge as you gulped softly and awaited your fate. “You like them?” You asked with a soft and vulnerable edge to your voice as you perched yourself up on the couch. “We love them, doll.” Bucky answered with certainty, “Now, what are you just sitting there for? Clothes off.” Again, you were reminded that Bucky didn’t request anything. No, instead, they were thick commands in your direction.
Without any hesitation, you clambered up from the couch. You began to tug at your clothes, throwing your sundress to the ground and pealing your bikini bottoms down your legs, watching as they fluttered the ground with a telling wet spot in the crouch. A tender blush pulled at your cheeks as your eyes fluttered up to Bucky and Steve, both undressed now along with you, their taut and primed bodies exposed to your greedy eyes, muscles wound tight and cocks’ firm and ready between their muscular legs.
“You are a sight to behold.” The warm voice of Steve seemed to drag you away from taking in every inch of their skin to memory and looking at him with a smile pressed to your lips. “Are you going to be a good girl and let us know who’s cock you want to warm first, baby?” He asked with genuine curiosity to his voice. It seemed like whenever you were forced to decide, you between our two men, that you became a bashful mess, and it appeared this time wasn’t going to be any different either.
There was this look of inner conflict that was pulling across your features, eyes darting from one member to the next and licking your lips all the while. Steve’s cock was long and hard, angry red tip that was practically dripping with pre-cum from how he had clearly worked himself up whilst creating their little game for you to play. On the other hand, Bucky was equally as hard but visibly thicker than Steve being just that shorter in length, soft pink tip that was glistening from his arousal. “Do you want us to flip a coin, beautiful?” Steve offered in a kind way to put you out of your misery.
“Yes, please.” Your voice was breathless in response, rubbing your thighs together softly as Steve reached onto the table and slipped the coin from the surface, flipping it into the air with ease and calling competitively. “Heads.” As it flipped once, twice and three times before landing on the rug beneath the coffee table with the outcome tails pointing upright. This filled Bucky with a great sense of accomplishment from doing almost nothing at all. Of course, it was 50/50 odds, but Bucky still felt as if he had won the jackpot.
The brunette held his hand out in front of him, and you stepped around the coffee table and took his hand. Bucky tugged you close in the next second and took hold of your waist, turning you around and slapping your ass, making you squeak aloud. “I hope that you’re ready for tonight, doll, ‘cause I’m not giving this damn game up until I win.” His voice was filled with venom as he tugged you down onto his lap.
The way that Bucky was able to manoeuvre and manhandle you to being in the exact position that he wanted you in always left you feeling more like an object than a person – not that you were complaining. You sat with your back, his taut chest, legs spread over his thighs, and cunt stretched deliciously over his cock, spreading your walls in a way that almost brought little crocodile tears to your eyes but instead made a mewl spring from deep in your throat.
“Does that feel good, sweetness?” The sound of Steve’s brought you back to reality for a moment. “Does it feel good having your little cunt spread wide of Buck’s big cock?” His eyes flickered down to the apex between your legs to see the way that Bucky’s cock was nestled deep inside of your cunt and humming as he licked his lips. “Jesus, if I weren’t so sure I’d get a good in that pussy later, then I’m sure it’d make me jealous,” Steve muttered, making Bucky smirk and pepper a few kisses against your shoulder lovingly. “Now, ‘cause you’ve been such a good girl whilst we’ve been on this vacation, we’re going to let you roll first.”
Reaching forward, Steve dragged back the coffee table so that it was closer to them all, within reach even with you perched on Bucky’s lap. He picked up the die in hand and placed them in your open palm. “What do you say?” He urged softly, and you squeaked. “Thank you, Daddy~” At the moment, it was difficult to focus on really anything other than the way that Bucky cock was spreading your walls in such a wonderful way. Still, you clutched the die in hand and allowed it to spring from your hand, tumbling a few times on the board before coming to a dead stop.
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savemesomenachos · a day ago
Tumblr media
*credits to gif owner*
So, I’ve hit 214 followers as of today and I’ve got so much love here😌 and so I’ve decided to have a prompt list to celebrate my 200+ followers!!!!!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 (limited time)
Tumblr media
AN: These will all be reader inserts!!! EVERYTHING IS 18+, minors DNI
Characters I will write for:
Bucky Barnes
Steve Rogers
You can choose 1 or 2 prompts from any 2 genres at a time only.
While sending your request, you can refer to the prompt with the name of the genre and the number. E.g., Fluff #1, Angst #5
Likes & Reblogs are not compulsory but would be thoroughly appreciated!🤌🏽💋
The same is with feedback. It’s one of the most important things to a writer coz it does help me write other stuff and improve.
Drabbles will be between 500-1000 words depending on my motivation🤷🏽‍♀️
It might take some time for me to reply but I will eventually!!!!
Anons are welcome to request stuff too!!!
If you want to be tagged in the Drabble or my permanent taglist, specify which taglist you want to be in and drop your username in the request.
There will be prompts for fluff, angst and smut down below.
Credits to @creativepromptsforwriting for all the lovelllyyyy promptssss!!!!
1.A-“Stop staring at me to distract me!”
B- “Oh, I’m not staring at you to distract you.”
2.A - “Why are you blinking like that with your eyes? Is everything ok?”
B- “That was supposed to be a wink!”
3.A- "Wow, I never thought you'd be stupid enough to try and do this.”
B- "Well, you're here with me, so that makes you stupid too.”
4.“You’re saying that you’re only attracted to someone’s brain, but I totally caught you checking out my butt.”
5.A- “You’re smarter than you look.” 
B- “Is that a compliment for my intelligence or an insult for my looks?”
6.A- “You flirt in the most awkward situations.” 
B- “You know you love it.”
7.A- “Are you trying to flirt with me?” 
B- “Yes. Is it working?”
1. “Is everything a joke to you?”
2. “It’s my fault, I didn’t listen to everyone saying this would be a mistake!”
3. “Why does everything have to be a struggle with you?”
4. “I can’t believe you sometimes!”
5. “Maybe you should just leave now.”
6. “Stop! Just stop it!”
7. “Maybe, this is it coz I can’t do this anymore!”
1. “Stop looking at me like that or my knees will not hold me any longer.”
2. “My tongue still remembers the way you taste.”
3. “Jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you.”
4. “Oh no, there is only one bed, what will we do now?”
5. “Later you will definitely need to tell me where you learned this.”
6. “I want to please you.”
7. “Your hand feels much better than my own.”
Tumblr media
*credits to the gif owner*
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Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep
The link to my main Masterlist is here.
If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here.
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savemesomenachos · 3 days ago
I'm not trying to be annoying or anythinh but the Stucky x Reader fic where they're sick is confusing to me since in canon the Super Soldier Serum makes them immune to ever single disease and virus in existence I'm pretty sure. Just letting you know in case you didn't or forgot to mention that its different from canon :/
Not annoying at all nonnie. I totally get what you’re saying but I think it’s really fun to imagine how they would be if they did get sick (which unfortunately, they can’t). I did forget to mention that its non-canon but now that you’ve bought this up, I will.
Sick! Stucky is def NON-CANON coz it’s impossible for them to get sick and it's just fun to imagine🤷🏽‍♀️🌸
You can find the link to that fic series here.
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here.
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Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
Heyy I recently stumbled upon the Trinity AU and I'm hooked. If you're still doing these requests, if you could do fluffy prompts 24,30 and 38 that would be so great!!
Thanks a bunch 💕💕
sad days — stucky
24. “Laughing suits you.”
30. A: “I’m such a mess.”
B: “I love it when you’re a mess!”
38. “Can I hug you? Just for a second.”
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes had the tendency to forget dates. He was never good at it even when his memory was pristine. It just slipped from his mind, the dates unimportant to him for so long.
He didn’t know how hard this day was for you. What the day meant or why you seemed to be stuck in bed.
Steve was in a mood too. He hadn’t left the gym since the morning, falling into old habits before Bucky had come back to them.
“Have you guys seen Y/N?”Bucky asked Sam when he crossed into the kitchen, looking for his girlfriend after he had located Steve.
“She’s in her room,”Sam said obviously.
“Still? That’s not like her,”Bucky frowned, concern flooding through him. Why were both of you acting so weird? When he had found Steve, he was too in the zone to even notice him.
“She always does this, every year, thought you knew that,”Sam replied, sipping on his coffee with a shrug of his shoulders.
“You don’t know?”Sam asked, sighing out deeply,”They both get like this, you need to talk to Steve, man, this is above my pay grade.”
Bucky rolled his eyes, worry seeping through him when he realized how out of touch he was with both of you today. He grabbed a granola bar, quickly munching it down before going to investigate.
He found Steve punching his four bag, sending it across the room. Bucky caught it with his hands, throwing it to the ground.
“What’s going on with you and Y/N?” Bucky asked, stepping in front of Steve with a pointed look.”Why are you overworking yourself? Why is she wallowing in bed?”
“It’s a ritual, because of what today was, you know?”Steve replied.
“What was today?”
Realization appeared on his golden features, his eyes wide as he realized Bucky didn’t remember.”You died.”
The revelation hits him like a train, no pun intended. It was the anniversary of his death, the first one he spent around them.
“Oh,”Bucky’s air was stolen from his lungs, pulling Steve into his arms to hold him. The taller man relaxed against him, hugging him tightly and blinking away the emotion in his eyes.”Why didn’t you say anything?”
“I didn’t want to trigger you, and Y/N never talks about it,”He told him, burying his face in his shoulder. Bucky nodded, kissing the side over his face before gently caressed his face. He pressed a feather-light kiss against his lips, slowly taking in the softness of his mouth. He kissed away all the pain that he could.
“Let’s go find our girl,”Bucky whispered casing his lips,”Think it might be best if we’re all together.”
“She takes it the worst,”Steve admitted,”Sends her down a dark road and she never lets me help, she thinks about both of us dying and she shuts down.”
“I’ll take care of it, c’mon,”Bucky wrapped an arm around him, walking with Steve to your room. The door was shut, something that wasn’t usual. You kept it open, and you never stayed in there anymore. You liked to be in Steve’s big bed instead so you could cuddle with the boys.
Bucky peeked in your door, finding the lights all off and you curled up in his bed.”Peaches?”
“Jamie?”Your voice was soft and emotional.
“Can we come in?”
“No, I’m such a mess.”
“I love when you’re a mess,”He replied sweetly, stepping forward with Steve behind him.”You should have come to me. You don’t need to mourn for me, I’m right here.”
You let out a soft breath, tears welling up in your eyes at his words of comfort. Bucky was here, he was alive and breathing. He was here.
“Can I hug you?”You asked weakly, making Bucky smile softly.
“You never have to ask, peaches,” Bucky told you, climbing into the bed and surrounding you in him. His arms tight wove around your body, pressing light kisses all over your face.
Steve sank into the bed beside you, watching how Bucky’s kisses seemed to lift your mood. He smiled at the sight and joined in the love fest.
With both your boyfriend peppering your face with kisses, you can’t help but giggle. It’s music to their ears.
“Ah, there she is,”Steve teased, lips pressed against the side of your face while Bucky kissed at your nose and forehead.
“Laughing suits you, peaches,”Bucky murmured, kissing your lips gently and melting into the kiss. You can’t help the little tears that came leaked from your eyes. You were just happy to have him back in your eyes.
“Oh, bunny,”Steve cooed, wrapping an arm around you while Bucky stayed hovering over you. You felt so happy to have your boys back with you. That dark part of your life was over.
“We’re right here, peaches,”Bucky assured you sweetly,taking your hand to put over his heart beat.”I’m alive, I’m safe and home. I got you, I’ve got both of you.”
It was the first time that day didn’t even with you and Steve alone in your sadness, but instead, in the arms of the one you thought you’d lost.
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savemesomenachos · 3 days ago
Hey!!! So some college stuff came up and I’ve been busy with that for a while. My exams have officially been cancelled and I’m just waiting on the evaluation scheme. Until then I’m gonna be totally free.
I know I’ve been really slow at working through my requests but I’m trying my best. To those that did send me requests, I’ve seen them and I love them and I’ll be writing them in the coming weeks.
Thanks for all the love guys!! In the meantime, read my latest fic - Show Me How
@julyvegan @tenaciousperfectionunknown @mysweetlittledesire @bbl32 @noshame-bb @cece5 @white-wolf1940 @marvelfansworld @jassiejj2118 @sohosteve @sia2raw @honeymarvel @hart-failure @Clints-worldavengers
Stucky - @spookyparadisesheep
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imaginedreamwrite · 3 days ago
Baby Girl: Part 11
Bucky tried to keep himself as quiet as possible as he came through the front door of their suite, his bag trailing behind him. As he crossed the threshold, with the sun long since set, casting the city in darkness save for the glow of the city lights even on time square.
He was under the assumption that Steve was sleeping and that you would be tucked into his side, waiting for the day Bucky would return. He expected you to be in bed, to be in the presence of Steve, giving him a chance to clean himself up and finish up some last-minute paperwork before coming to bed.
However, when he flicked on the kitchen light and heard an audible gasp, Bucky’s attention immediately fell to you. His attention was immediately fixed to you and the heavy tears rolling down your cheeks.
“Honey,” he crooned and came to your site immediately, “what’s wrong, my girl?”
You pressed your lips tightly together and turned your head; your blurry vision and your trembling body that shook with each sad cry, was pathetic at best. That was how you felt, pathetic.
“I tried talking to Peter,” you wiped your nose on the sleeve of his sweater, of Bucky’s sweater, your snot clinging to the ribbed sleeve ending, “I tried telling him.”
“Oh sweetie,” Bucky wrapped his arms around your waist, “I thought Steve talked you out of it?”
You nodded your head and sniffle. “I couldn’t let it go. I couldn’t…I couldn’t let that happen to him.”
“So you’re sitting in the dark by yourself?” Bucky asked, pulling you further into his side.
You turned your head and cried into his shoulder, your hands gripping the front of his shirt. You were trying to do what was right. You were trying to keep Peter from having his life screwed by his soulmate, and yet you were the one, in the end, that was still crying.
“I tried….” You mumbled, hot tears dripping onto his shirt, “I tried to tell him, and he…fuck.”
Bucky kisses your temple tenderly. He let his lips linger against you, and then he brushed your hair behind your ear. He continued the trail down your jawbone and your neck until they came upon the neckline of his sweater. His eyes searched your face, unspoken words on the tip of his tongue.
“I found him in the training room, and I cornered him. It weighed on me, this tremendous guilt that was like a horse pill stuck in the back of my throat. He was talking about it, Bucky. He was talking about how excited he was to have this baby.”
Bucky kept you close; he kept you tucked against him. He gave you as much comfort as he could give you while trying to control the irritation he felt at the kid, at the baby-avenger who thought he could run around nothing off to anyone he saw without facing the consequences. Bucky knew that it was just a side effect of him being a kid, a cocky little kid, but a kid nonetheless.
Yet, the comparison between you and Peter was like night and day.
“He called me a liar. Right to my face.” You sniffled and wiped your tears. “She turned it all around. She made me out to be the villain, and when I tried to tell him what she told me, he called me a manipulator.”
Bucky listened to you talk about Peter. He kept you close to him, and he listened to your pour your heart out, talking your frustrations down. He listened to you and offered you comfort when you needed it. He kept you against him, his arm offering you warmth and comfort while you let loose your emotions.
“I tried Bucky,” you mumbled, “I tried my damndest.”
“I know, honey.” Bucky edged closer to you, “you did what you could.”
There was silence, brief and fleeting. Bucky knew you were listening to his heartbeat, just as he was listening to the sound of your breathing and occasional sniffling.
“He hates me. And he blames me. He thinks I’m the reason why his soulmate is acting erratically.”
“You’ll be okay,” Bucky mumbled into your hair. “But you can’t be around him anymore. You have to stay away from him.”
“I mean it, sweetheart. Stay away from Peter. It’ll only cause you more stress. Promise me.”
“I…fine. Yes,” you agreed, “I’ll stay away from him.”
** **
He came in with a few new agents for a training session with Steve and Bucky. He went into the room with a look in his eyes that told them everything they needed to know. Peter had been told about his soulmate and cheating; you tried to say to him because you felt like you owed him in some sense, and Peter called you a liar.
He called you a manipulator who was trying to break him and his soulmate apart. Peter already knew he must’ve, and now he was projecting his anger into you.
His soulmate and relationship weren’t what it should be; it wasn’t what they wanted it to be. Peter wasn’t as happy with his soulmate as he thought he should’ve been. And now he was focusing that anger, and that blame on the one person he thought was responsible.
He cast his blame on the one person who would allow themselves to feel that guilt. And he knew that.
Peter was still a kid, not yet an adult, and he had a lot of growing up to do. He had a lot yet to learn, and part of that was taking responsibility for his actions instead of blaming others.
“We’re sparring,” Steve cast his gaze upon Peter, “bring your all. Parker! You’re switching off with Elliot and working with Bucky and me today.”
Steve watched him swallow; he watched his eyes flash with fear. He knew what he did, and he knew that this would be some form of punishment.
Peter punished you in his way by calling you a manipulator and filling you with guilt. Peter punished you when he called you a liar when he spoke such hate against you.
It wasn’t fair to you; it wasn’t fair that you had been spoken against with such venom, and he got away with nothing. You had been barraged by his anger, by his relationship that seemed so healthy.
It was a flaunt to you to make you feel shitty.
That was the kind of selfishness that Peter chose to dabble in.
“Mr. Barnes-“ Peter was thrown off his feet, slammed to the ground.
“You’re a distracted kid,” Bucky commented after landing a blow to Peter, catching him off guard again.
“If this has anything to do with Y/N-“ Peter was caught off guard again. This time by Steve.
“This has nothing to do with Y/N,” Steve knew that was a lie, “this has to do with your last mission. You took blows that should’ve missed.”
“I didn’t-“ Peter dodged bucky’s vibranium fist, rolling to the side. He stood and kicked back, landing one against Steve, throwing him back against the far wall with building intensity and power.
“You need to be aware of your surroundings, kid,” Bucky faked his approach, catching Peter in his attempt to block his attack. He grabbed his shoulder and pinched, bringing him to his knees. He saw Peter’s wrist when he had tried to get Bucky off him, twisting it behind his back.
“If this is about Y/N-“ Peter tried again, and again, he was caught off guard and taken by surprise.
“This isn’t about her,” Steve claimed when Peter broke from Bucky’s embrace and threw him off. He hit him with a force that sent him flying as Steve had. He descended upon Steve, throwing punches with the same strength and desire to prove himself to the two soldiers.
“I don’t believe you!” Peter swung his foot, clipping Steve’s jaw. “You’re doing this because of her-!”
“She wasn’t lying to ya, kid.” Bucky ripped Peter away from Steve. “We saw the scans ourselves. We saw the footage through the security feed. She said it herself.” Steve tried to reason with him; he tried to get through to Peter.
“She wouldn’t have cheated on me. My soulmate-“
“You’re in denial.” Bucky landed a punch to his gut. “And you’re blaming Y/N for something she didn’t do.”
“I am not-”
“Y/N isn’t lying to you, kid. If you think she is-”
“That’s my kid.”
“Than we gave nothing else to say to you.” Steve stood and places his hands on his hips. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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agentofbarnes · 4 days ago
Im so in love with the stucky trio/ trinity au 🥺🥺🥺 The relationship development you’ve done is so sweet!! can I request a prompt for them specifically?? Maybe fluff #2 and sarcastic/fun #34ab?? 🤞🙏🙏
panties — stucky
summary | steve is a little shit, but you and bucky love him anyway.
warnings | poorly written smut, it’s rushed idk, cockwarming, mentions of oral, panty stealing, public sex, creampies, bruises (steve tends to be a little rough and leaves marks)
prompts :
2. “I love you. You enormously stubborn pain in the ass.”
34. A: “You’re an idiot.”
B: “But I’m your idiot.”
Tumblr media
“Steven Grant Rogers, give me back my panties right now,”You warned, voices echoing all the way from corridor to the kitchen where Bucky was sharing lunch with Sam and Joaquín. It had been Steve’s idea for Bucky to bond more with people who were important to the two of you. Joaquín Torres was your best friend, a man you had met working with Sam and Steve that the former had taken under his wing. The younger man had just moved into the facility, taking the room across from Sam’s and next to yours.
It was very important to you and Steve that Bucky got to know your friends, which is what he was doing when Steve seemingly stole your panties.
“Oh dear god,”Sam cursed, looking at Bucky pointedly.
“What’s happening?”Joaquín asked curiously, still very new to the whole situation of the poly relationship.
“My boyfriend and girlfriend are getting up to no good,”Bucky answered nonchalantly.”Can’t ever leave them alone, they tend to start trouble.”
“Now, that is something we can agree on,”Sam said, chuckling slightly,”Get used to it, Torres. They are insatiable and unashamed.”
“Should you go check on them?”The younger man asked, but Bucky shrugged.
“They’ll come to me, just watch.”
What happened was that Steve had come into your room, looking for some affection when you had slipped on the new dress that you got for Bucky and him to see. He couldn’t help but spread his hands over your ass and pulling the cute pastel panties from your legs. He had spread your thighs out, buried his face between your legs happily. He told you he was getting you ready for Buck because the second he saw that dress, he’d want his cock stretching your cunt until you were whining for more.
When Steve had pulled away from you, he didn’t get the panties back, stuffing them in his pocket with a teasing smirk.
That’s when you begged him to give you your panties back,”C’mon, Steve, give ‘em back.”
“Not gonna need when Bucky has you bent over the couch,”Steve teased, making you playfully hit his chest.
“Maybe he’ll bend you over the couch, huh? Why is always me gettin’ fucked?”
“Hey, I get fucked,”Steve told you,”Literally last night, remember?” Another smirk came on his lips, grabbing your waist and squeezing. You whined at the feeling, his hands massaging the sore bruises he had left the night before,”Or did you forget how you sat on my cock while Buck fucked, bunny? Surely your memory isn’t that bad.”
Yes, you did remember, vividly, actually. Bucky had been pressed against your back, rocking into Steve who was absolutely mess of pleasure with both of you stimulating him in all ways. Steve hadn’t been able to hold himself back, his hands tight around your hips to the point that his crushing grip had left slight hand prints on your skin.
Steve lifted your skirt, admiring the bruised skin that he knew you liked so much. Bucky always told him he needed to be more gentle, but you liked the pain.
“‘m sorry, are you really sore?”Steve asked, actual concern now in his voice when he realized how bad he had bruised you.
“I’m fine, don’t be ridiculous.”
“I’m not being—did I hurt you bad? Do I need to ease up?”
“No,”You told him,”I like how needy you get, how want me so bad that you can’t help but lose control. I like how it feels, and I love how it looks.”
“It does look so fucking hot,”Steve murmured, kissing your shoulder and tracing the bruises with a blush on his face.”I love marking you, letting everyone know who you belong to.”
“You’re an idiot.”
“But I’m your idiot.”
“Yeah, you are,”You murmured, kissing his lips gently before pulling out of his grip,”I miss my other idiot, let’s go find him.”
Steve intertwined your hands, pulling you along with him till you found Bucky in the kitchen.
“Jamie, we miss you,”You complained, a smirk displayed on your lips.”You take so long to eat.”
“Sorry, I like to take my time with things so sweet, peaches,”Bucky chuckled, making Sam roll his eyes and motioned for Torres to help him with the dishes.”You two causing trouble?”
“No...”Steve murmured, resulting in Bucky shaking his head.
“Yeah, because I think both of you were having a little too much fun without me,”He teased, looking between the two of you darkly. Bucky leaned forward, his fingers clutching the fabric of your dress. His hands danced up your hip to find Steve had no given you you ur panties back.”No panties?”
You shivered are his low whispered, shaking your head and looking at Steve.”He was too stubborn to give them back.”
Bucky smirked, licking his lips before pressing a kiss into his lips. Steve slipped the pastel panties from his pocket into Bucky’s hands teasingly, making his groan quietly and his cock twitch in his pants. He glared at Steve’s antics, glancing at the company in the room. Bucky breathed out,”I love you, you enormous pain in my ass, but you’re gonna regret getting me hard when you know I can’t fuck either of you right now.”
You giggled at that,”Oooh, somebody’s in trouble,”You teased Steve, but felt Bucky’s hand on your waist.
He pulled you against his body,”You aren’t any better, wearing this fucking dress...”
“You guys ready for the movie?”Sam interrupted, holding up the dvd for Harry Potter. Apparently, it was a must see for popular culture.
“Yeah, we are,”Bucky answered, taking the couch with with the two you. Except he pulled you on his lap, sharing a blanket with all three of you.
“What are you doing?”Steve asked very quietly as the movie began to plan and Bucky seemed to be moving your hips.
“This dress is driving me crazy,”Bucky admitted, his hard cock discretely trying to push his thick cock into your clenching cunt. Your hands balled up the fabric on Bucky’s shirt while the brunette slung his arm around Steve.
“Fuck,”You whispered, making Bucky squeeze your thigh to be quiet.
“You’re gonna sit still and watch this movie, okay?”Bucky rasped into your ear as you felt Steve leaned into both of your bodies, his hand resting on your thigh.
“Yes, sir,”You murmured, back pressed into Steve and Bucky as you tried to keep quiet with your cunt stretched by the length of his cock. Luckily, the room was dark and big. The two friends of yours were completely immersed and the surround sound worked in your advantage.
You had slowly moved your hips, not able to keep yourself from trying to fuck your self of his big cock. “Careful,”Bucky huffed into your neck,”Don’t wanna get caught, do you?”
You shook your head, holding back a gasp when you felt Steve’s touch teasing at you. You were soaking his cock, feeling so full and needy.
It had been an hour of you squeezing his cock and Steve slowly teasing at your clit before Bucky couldn’t take it anymore, spilling inside of you impulsively. He breathed out quietly, making Steve cover his own mouth to suppress a moan.
You thought it was over, the risk of being caught made your body feel tingly. But it seemed Bucky had other plans, his metal hand dipping into Steve’s trousers and pulling him out under the big blanket.
“Cuddle with Steve, peaches,”Bucky said,”’m too hot.”
You nodded, moving over to Steve’s thick thighs innocently. Your body quivered under his touch, feeling his thick member pressing inside your sensitive pussy. Steve nearly came just from how easy you seemed to sink down him with Bucky’s cum lubricating his cock.
His hands carefully grasp your hips, pulling you back into his chest while Bucky smirked.”That’s it, bunny,”Steve whispered into your ear.”Feels so good.”
“Quiet,”Bucky warned.
So, Steve shut up, slightly moving your hips against his cock until he painted your already dripping cunt with his cum. Your whole body vibrated with pleasure, small gasps falling from your lips which Bucky quickly swallowed by kissing you innocently.
It was only now that you were leaking with their mixed cum that Steve slipped your pretty panties over your thighs. You kissed both their cheeks, settling between them happily. They both wrapped arms around you, making you sigh out peacefully.
Yeah, Steve and Bucky tended be horny idiots when it came to you, but god, you loved them so much.
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agentofbarnes · 4 days ago
an ask for you 1/2: 29 & 30- stucky x reader where bucky gets hurt on a mission with reader and she has to support him and carry him back to the quinjet and during the recovery process hes just clumsy and tired and a tad messed up from the meds Banner has him on so steve and reader take care of the poor baby
take care — stucky
little summary | bucky’s all drugged up and feeling clingy for you and steve
prompts :
29. “You’re not hurting me, you’re not heavy. I’ve got you, love.”
30. A: “I’m such a mess.”
B: “I love it when you’re a mess!”
notes | this is a part of my trinity au
Tumblr media
The mission had gone quite terribly. Bucky had taken a massive hit for you, covering your body with his when the facility you had been taking down self-destructed. He had thrown himself over you, protecting you from the blast because he knew it would kill you.
But he’s a lot stronger and durable than you. That didn’t mean he didn’t take a hell of hit. Steve had gone crazy when you stepped off the quinjet with Bucky barely conscious, hanging off you.
That was three days ago and Bucky was finally out of the medbay, but man, he was drugged. Bruce had to prescribe him a much larger does that normal with his super strength and all. He was loopy, but most of all, he wanted his boyfriend and girlfriend.
“Stevie,”Bucky whined, stumbling slightly when he came into the bedroom,”Where’s peaches—oh there you are.”
You hadn’t expected him to be awake from his nap yet, but you smiled up at him when you saw him. You and Steve were sitting in the former’s bed, going over plans for Bucky’s birthday coming up. You quickly put your notepad away, slipping it into the drawer so Bucky wouldn’t see.
“What do you need, baby?”You asked, watching the brunette carefully as he stepped towards the bed and held out his arms for you.”What’s wrong?”
“Had a nightmare,”He admitted with a sad look in his eyes, glancing over you to make sure you were okay.”About the explosion, I didn’t get there in time—“
“Hey, you did, okay?”Steve quickly eased him while you went to hug him gently.”She’s perfectly fine, but you need to rest, you gotta sleep, Buck.”
“You don’t give me orders,”He teased with a loopy grin, allowing you to pull him into the bed so he could lay between you and Steve. Bucky nearly tripped into the bed, his big limbs not caught up to his foggy brain.
Steve chuckled, shaking his head.”I do give you orders, when we work, you listen to me. And when I take care of you, you need to listen to me too.”
“‘m the one who takes care of you.”
“Yeah, you are, but let us to care you for a change.”
You tried to urge Bucky to lay on your chest, knowing he’d find comfort in being pressed against and knowing you were safe. He fought against you, though.
“Peaches, you gotta..can’t lay on your I’ll crush you,”Bucky was so sure of this, pulling at your waist to have you lay on him.
“Buck, she doesn’t want to lay on you because you’re bruised, she just wants to hold you.”
“But I’m too heavy. ‘m gonna hurt her.”
“You’re not hurting me, you’re not heavy. I’ve got you, love, just relax, okay?” You told him, pulling the beefy soldier into your arms for him to lay his head on your chest. His weight was heavy, but in a comforting way that made you feel warm. Steve moved to be ok your other side so he could see Bucky’s face and talk to him.
“I love you,”Bucky whispered, sighing out deeply and nuzzling his face into your chest.
“We love you too,”Steve replied immediately, hand coming to caress his face gently.
“Sorry, I’m such a mess,”He whispered almost as if he were ashamed that he needed to be taken care of. You could understand why he would feel that way when he was usually the one doing the caring.
“I love it when you’re a mess,”Steve told him, leaning forward to press a kiss against his lips. Bucky leaned into it, pushing closer to Steve by squeezing you between them.
“You do?”
“Yeah, think it’s cute,”Steve told him,”Don’t you agree?”
“I always think he’s cute,”You admitted, snuggling in between them happily.”But maybe he’s a little cuter when he’s clingy.”
“You just like that he’s all up on you,”Steve teased, making Bucky chuckle against your skin.
“She does like it, craves it really, my precious girl,”He slurred from the meds.
“Our girl.”
“Duh,”Bucky breathed,”You’re both mine.”
You smiled sheepishly at that, glancing at Steve who just rolled his eyes.”I like being yours, both of yours.”
“And you’re so good for us, you know that?” Bucky whispered, feeling drunk over the pain killers.”The best girl two guys could ask for, just wish we could have showed you that earlier...imagine going dancin’, peaches, in that pretty dress of yours, the one you wore to the expo, fuck, you looked so good, you both did, wanted to take you home and never leave.”
“You often think about me in my dresses?”You poked at him, making Steve smirk because he knew he personally thought about you a lot.
“Oh, remember that pretty sundress she wore to my nineteenth birthday? The red and blue one?”Steve remembered, and Bucky nodded in response.
“Fuck, her legs looked so good in that one, and you looked so handsome that day, you had Y/N do your hair and I managed to get hold of that bootlegged moonshine?”Bucked smiled, and you knew he liked talking about the old days. It helped his memory.
Steve laughed at the old memory,”Yeah, we had to take care of you that night too. You got so buzzed, you ended in the sick as a dog.”
You giggled at the thought of that night,”Why did you get so drunk anyway? Just for fun?”
Bucky went silent for a minute,”You,”He murmured,”That prick from down the street, he asked you out, you remember?”
The rest of the memory had come flooding back.”Oh, yeah. I remember. He wanted to take me out, but I stood him up. I went to Coney Island with you guys instead.”
“Yeah, but you had said yes and I thought I was going to die from anger and heartbreak,”He admitted,”And Steve was too caught up listening to him talk about his stupid job in—ugh, whatever it was, it was cool. And I just kept drinking.”
Bucky closed his eyes, feeling two pair of lips on his face and that managed to make him smile.
“Remember Coney Island?”You whispered,”You both won me different stuffed animals, a lion and a bunny, we spent all our money on it, we didn’t know we were gonna get home.”
Bucky chuckled,”Oh my god, you slept with those stuffed animals all the time.”
“Yeah, because they smelled like you guys, you had them until we got back and they ended smelling like both of you,”You confessed.
“What was it that Stevie said to when he gave you that bunny?”Bucky asked,”It was something that drove me crazy, I had to calm myself down.”
“He said he picked the bunny because—“
“You’re our little bunny.”
“Yeah, fuck, that was so hot,”Bucky grinned,”He was so right, you are our little bunny.”
“Shut up,”You rolled your eyes,”Sleep, Bucky, I know you want to. We’ll be here when you wake up.”
“Promise,”You and Steve both vowed, holding him close so that he could finally rest easy. Soon enough, the pain meds took over and he finally passed out.
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agentofbarnes · 5 days ago
summary | you spend your first night with your boys
pairing | steve rogers x reader x bucky barnes
warnings | polyamory, reader x steve smut (in the past), bucky wants all the info, mentions of masturbastion, teasing, oral (m receiving), gay relationships, steve and reader get bucky off, reader sucks a lot of dick, fingering (by both boys)
notes | so still not their first time, i really wanna build their relationship which I think it’s important that they talk about the past but also like this is filth about fooling around and getting used to things. part of my Stucky au
Tumblr media
Steve and Bucky had a hard time keeping their hands off of you and each other after that day you confessed your feelings. You felt like when you were back in your wing of the compound, you were sitting in someone’s lap. It had been two months since that day and you were keeping things quiet for now. The team came with a lot of pressure and while you figured things out, you wanted it to be just you guys, and Sam, who had walked in. But you knew he’d never say anything.
It had been weeks and you were having a hard time being away from them, especially since you spent so much apart in the past. The night were the worst. You wanted your boys and neither had made a move to stay with you so you had decided to take things into your own hands
The nights are what changed the most. It had started with you texting the little group chat you had created with your boys, tilting it ‘the trinity’. You hated sleeping in your bed knowing your boys were down the hall, so you texted them.
❤︎peaches❤︎ : i’m cold....
✩captain✩ : do you need me to get some more blankets from the closet? or i can bring you some of mine
✪︎︎sarge✪︎︎ : wow you are dense, stevie, she doesn’t want blankets
❤︎peaches❤︎ : be nice, buck...but he’s right, cap. i think i need more than blankets
✪︎︎sarge✪︎︎ : i think we could figure something out
✩captain✩ : oh
✩captain✩ : ohhh, why don’t you come to my room? it’s a lot warmer in here, especially if we’re all cuddled up.
✪︎︎sarge✪︎︎ : that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it, peaches?
You giggled, rolling your eyes at Steve’s naive mind and Bucky’s flirty nature. You crawled out of your own bed in just a pair of tiny shorts and a tank top that left little to the imagination. As you opened the door to Steve’s room, you caught found Bucky had gotten there first. Both of the boys were immersed in each other, lips molding together as Bucky hovered over the blond.
“Hey!”You whined, pouting at your boyfriends. You didn’t actually care, but you loved to get them a hard time.
Bucky pulled away from Steve, the blond breathless from his touch.”You can’t be jealous when you’ve been having your little secret moment with us for years.”
You rolled your eyes, crawling up in the behind and sliding between them when they made room for you.”You guys continue, if you want..”
“Oh yeah? Do you give your permission, peaches?” Bucky teased, pinching your side and making you lean into Steve’s chest.
“I do, yeah, plus, I think it’s hot,”You admitted, rubbing your hand over Steve’s chest gently with an idea popping into your head. You clutched your hands at the bottom of his shirt with a faint smile.”Can I wear this?”
Steve looked taken back by your words, looking down at your hands as Bucky pressed against your back.”You want my shirt?”
“I think it would look good on her, don’t you think?”Bucky commented, hand coming under the small tank top that was clad against your body.
“It’ll be a lot warmer than this old thing,”You said, pulling at your tank top.
Steve nodded slowly, leaning up to pull the tight shirt from his body. Both you and Bucky’s breath hitched at the sight of Steve without his shirt. It hadn’t been the first time either of you had seen. He often worked out with his shirt, leaving you and Bucky drooling from a distance.
Bucky couldn’t help the way his hand came to up to run over his toned abs. Steve blushed a slight pink before giving your his shirt. You sat up for moment, pulling your own shirt off.
Both boys groaned before they both were on you like hungry animals. You knew what you were doing, and the sight of your bare breasts made them wild. Both of lips were on your shoulders, pressing loving kisses to you skin.
“Boys,”You whined, Bucky’s hands coming up your stomach slowly until his flesh hand came to massage your tits. Steve’s hand was quickly following, his large palm spreading over your chest. The heat in your cheeks was burning, sighing out blissfully when your boys felt you up.
“C’mon, I know this is what you wanted, kitten, always tease me like this when you want attention like this,”Steve rasped into your neck, making Bucky more than curious.
“Is that right?”Bucky grunted, just letting his hands memorize your body,”Is that how you ended up in Steve’s bed more than once?”He whispered, leaning over you to slot his lips against Steve.”You guys haven’t told me about either those nights.l
Steve leaned back, handing you his shirt so you could cover up. None of them were quite ready for the next step, as much as they wished they were. You slipped it on but the boys’ hands still ended up under the shirt that swallowed you.
“We didn’t think you’d want to know,”Steve told him, adjusting their position so he was his side with his hand resting on your tummy. Bucky’s fitted between the spaces of Steve’s fingers, resting against your skin.
“It’s all I can think about,”Bucky admitted honestly,”Every time I get off, I think about you two.”
Both you and Steve blushed in response,”Which time do you wanna know about?”You asked.
“Both, but start with the first time.”
You remember the night well, despite the buzzing feeling of wine in your viens. Steve looked so tiny, his white button up loose. The buttons had popped open when he got hot, so you could see his bony frame.
Steve had cried, leaning against the headboard after you had wiped the tears from his cheek. Your hands grasped his face gently,”I know how you feel, Stevie...I want it to be just us three too.”
“Not like I do.”
“I want you and Bucky to stay with me, I don’t want either of you with anyone else,”You whispered aloud for the first time. Steve looked at you in shock, a gasp escaped his small mouth.”But he doesn’t want that.”
“We have each other, though,”He whispered with hiccup, which made your heart beat faster. He was so pretty, so small yet so strong in will. He had leaned into you, pressing his forehead against yours in an intimate manner.
“You always have me,”You uttered back, the buzz persuading you to close the gap between your lips. Steve whined into your mouth and you were sure that if you could have both, you could at least bask in the comfort of your best friend.
“Are you sure?” Steve whispered anxiously.
“Yes, just need to forget that...we can be good without him, can’t we?” There was a way of silence before you continued forward. If Bucky had wanted you or Steve, he would be here, but it was nearing one am and you both knew he wasn’t coming home.
Steve and you pressed into each other, lips moving effortlessly as you explored each other. His dainty hand found the hem of you dress shyly. He pulled away gently, nudging his nose against yours before you nodded. You stood up for a moment, pulling the dress over your body and revealing yourself to the man. You laid back down on the bed whine Steve had gotten up to retrieve something from the other room. He came back with a condom, which you knew he had stolen from Bucky.
Once back, he rid himself of his own clothes until you were both bare for each other to see. You were wet, slick at the anticipation of finally being with one of your loves.
Steve was oddly calm, which you hadn’t expected. He kissed over your lips, pushing himself inside the tight heat of yours. He moaned into your shoulder, his body slotted between your legs. Neither of you knew what you were doing, just trying to figure it out as you went.
Steve hadn’t lasted very long, his cock twitching from the tightness of your pussy. He had thrusted into you gently, over and over until he spilled inside the condom. You clenched around him, your own hands working over your body to make you feel good. You came with your fingers rubbing over that sensitive spot that you like to rub against your pillows with when you couldn’t get the thought of Bucky and Steve out of your head.
You kissed Steve feverishly, staying close for the night before talking in the early morning about how they should forget this ever happened. Steve had pressed once last kiss to your lips before you left his room for good. It was just before Bucky had returned with his neck covered in hickies. Your heart filled jealously and regret, but that just how things were supposed to be.
“You stole my condoms?”Bucky asked, thumb rubbing over the back of Steve’s hand.
“That’s what you’re worried about?”You asked incredulously.
“I’m choosing to focus on that to get over my jealously of you have sex with Steve before he..well, because Captain Rogers,”Bucky admitted, looking at Steve,”You know, with you the way I had always dreamed about, but that you being bigger now doesn’t do it for me, but you’ll always be that tiny kid from Brooklyn that I gotta take care of.”
“That’s so sweet,”You whispered as they shared a kiss,”And he is bigger, by every means.”
Steve pinched your side, pulling away from Bucky to look at you pointedly.”Really?”
“What? You are, I mean, as the only person to have sex with before and after—“
“And ever,”Steve added.
“—I can honestly say that you are bigger, I mean, by quite a bit, I mean you were average before but oh my god, I thought you were gonna spilt me in half and I’ve got two of you to worry about.”
“Can we please not talk about my dick growing?”
“But you have such a pretty cock,”You told him with a teasing smile, making his roll his eyes.
“That’s so not fair,”Bucky groaned into your neck.
“You wanted to know!”Steve said with a laugh.
“So, the second time, when was that exactly?”
“Chicago,”Steve answered Bucky,”And you hadn’t been writing as much, I think it was before you were captured, but you had been distance and we both had been feeling it, so when Peaches here showed up at my door with dress buttoned way down, I knew she wanted something.”
Steve had opened his hotel door to find you standing in a low cut dress and a sad look on your face. You had been searching for comfort and you knew exactly how to get it. Steve was eager, but in a different way this time. Ever since the serum, he felt like he was in over drive and he could smell the arousal on you.
“You haven’t heard from him either?” You and asked, holding Steve’s hand in yours as you sat on edge of his bed.
He had shaken his head,”Last I heard, he had just gotten back from a mission, said he was gonna rest for a few days before heading back out. It was two weeks ago. He’s fine, I’m sure of it.”Steve had hoped, though the same anxieties were brewing in his chest.
“Can...Can I stay with you tonight?” You asked quietly, hand coming to touch his arms gently. He watched you carefully,”I don’t wanna be alone.”
“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”
“I need you, Steve, but I can go if that makes you uncomfortable, I just thought we both feel the same, at least I still do,”You admitted. It had been the only time you had even gotten close to mentioning that night.
“I do,”He whispered honestly,”It feels wrong, to want...”
“I know, but remember our promise?”
“We got each other,”He repeated the vow.”You have me, sugar, if that’s what you want.”
There was still something missed as Steve’s lips collided against yours. You wished for Bucky to be okay, sharing in the pain you both felt as Steve unzipped your dress and threw it the floor.
He had picked you up, tossed you on the bed with his new found strength. You could see the confidence blooming in him when he unbuckled his pants. His cock came free and you’re jaw dropped. He was thicker, and at least a few inches bigger than before. You didn’t know how you would take him, but you wanted to try.
“I wanna try something, okay?”Steve asked, kissing up your thighs and tearing the panties from your body. You squeezed your thighs around him for some relief,”But you’ll have to tell me what you like, okay? I wanna make you feel good, darling. Can you do that for me?”
“Yes, Steve, please,” You gasped out as he wrapped his arms around you thighs before diving his tongue over the sensitive bud. He sucked and licked at your folds eagerly while you told him what to do. Your hands clutched his golden hair, body convulsing with Steve’s fingers thrusting into your heat. He knew you needed to be stretched now with his length as big as it was. He curled his long fingers inside you, smirking when your back arched off the bed.
“So pretty like this, almost forgotten how beautiful you sound when you moan,”Steve admitted, surging up to connect your lips against his before his lips were trailing down the side of your neck until lips were on your breasts. It was here there he decided to leave a mark, some sort of claim on your body to make him feel better that at least you were his for the night. If he couldn’t have you all the time or Bucky ever, he would at least leave an impression on you.
His fingers are relentless, moving against the velvety walls and pulling you apart until he could slip a third finger in. It was a tight fit, but if you wanted him to fit, it was necessary you be ready. It got easier with the slicker you got. You bucked your hips up into his fingers as his lips surrounded your nipple, sucking and nipping obsessively.
Pleasure rippled through your body the second Steve rubbed his thick fingers over the sweet spot deep inside you, making you blink back stars and moan his name so loud that he’s sure everyone in the nearby rooms had heard. He secretly hoped they did.
You were quick to lean forward, pawing off Steve’s shirt and tossing it across the room
“Let me make you feel good, Stevie,”You whispered breathlessly, rolling the both of your over so you were straddling him. His thick and heavy cock smacked against his abs, your glistening cunt hovering over the long hard member.”Just lay back, wanna see you.”
Your hands looked tiny compared this leaking cock and he throbbed under your gently touch as you lifted you hips above him. You guided the bulbous red, angry head into your folds. The tight walls of your cunt hugged his cock, desperate to be stretch. You slowly descended down his cock, the pain mixing with pleasure while Steve’s hands grasped your hips tightly. You knew his grip would bring bruises the next morning. He didn’t know his own strength yet, but you didn’t care.
“‘s so big,”You whined once you sank down on his cock, hands falling to his chest to brace yourself. You stilled your hips, just adjusting to his size and thickness. Your cunt squeezed around him tightly, making his heave his chest to try not to cum right away, not like last time. He wanted to make you feel good, he wanted you sore and aching with him. Steve knew that this was likely his one night with you, that you’d both be filled with regret like before. The shame of what you truly wanted was too much and being with each other served as a constant reminder that something was missing.
Not tonight. He was gonna give you the world tonight. “Feels so good, doll, can feel every part of you this way. ‘m so deep, baby, can you feel all the way right here, can’t you?” His large palm pressed against your stomach, tilting his hips just slightly. The walls of your pussy clenched around him, slick soaking his cock with every passing second. You whimpered quietly, using your hands against his chest to push yourself up.
The intake of breath filled Steve’s ears when you lifted yourself all the way up before nearly slamming back down in one swift motion. You moaned out loudly, eyes fluttering shut and head falling back. His eyes gaze up at you, a thin sheen of sweat glistened your body already and he knew you were working hard to accommodate him.
“Oh, fuck,”Steve hissed out, fingers digging into you harshly. You whimpered in pain, hands going to his wrists.
“Easy, baby, ‘m not some big super soldier, you could break me,”You whispered and Steve loosened his grip. He didn’t know why you saying he could break you made him throb inside you, but it did.
“Bet you like that, the idea that I could bend you anyway I want, huh? I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me, like you wanna Juno my bones,”Steve let his hand roam your your body, feeling guilty at the sight of the reddish bruise that seemed to etch across your skin. He knew by tomorrow you’d be sore.
“Oh!” You choked out, his cock hitting deep against that sweet spot when you rocked your hips a certain way. You collapsed onto his chest, hips lifting up and down while you fucked yourself on his large cock. You had never felt so good in your life. Nails dragged across his chest, leaving red marks down his chest. It made him groan.
“Feels good, doesn’t it? God, you’re such a good girl, sugar, so good for me,”Steve rasped, his arms wrapping around you. He leaned up and flipped you over, his hands coming over your thighs and pressing your legs further apart as he drove forward viciously. He liked having the power over you, his strength to manhandle you and how you let him made his cock twitch inside you. “As much as I love seeing you take my cock like you own it, I’ve been dying to fuck you hard, been dreaming about seeing you squirm under me.”
He left out the other part of his fantasy. In his dreams, it wasn’t just him that you were squirming under. He had desired for both of you, hearing both your moans fill his ears, but that wasn’t possible. This was the next best thing.
Steve fucked into you relentlessly, the snapping of his hips leaving bruises against your ass. It made you whine and mewl under him, his arms clutched the sheets while he towered over you. Your hands went to grip his flexed biceps, the muscle hard under your touch. His muscles bulged while he was consumed with his need to make you cum. He could feel the walls of your cunt squeezing him,”That’s it, cum for me, let me take away the pain, sugar.”
“Steve!” You whimpered out, your legs trembling around him. Orgasmic relief spread over you, the entirety of your sweat, sore body quivering under him.
The blind quickly pulled out, stoking his slick cock quickly until he came all over your tummy. He painted you with white stripes, and he didn’t realize how much the serum has impacted him sexually intimate he saw how covered you were in him.
“Stay the night,”Steve uttered emotionally when he fell in the bed beside you, using his dirty shirt to clean you off.”Just the night and then we can...go back to normal, just don’t leave me.”
“I’ll never leave you.”
Bucky sat there for a moment in silence, trying not let the two of you know how hard he was at the thought of you fucking.
“You really left a bunch of bruises on her, huh, punk?”Bucky teased slightly.
“He didn’t know his own strength, but yes, he did, could move without feeling an ache for like two weeks,”You admitted, making Steve look away with a flustered look at how eager he had been.”It’s okay, I liked it.”
Bucky groaned at that, his hand coming to press his palm against his dick. Steve and you both shared a knowing look.”A little worked up there, Buck?”
“Shut up, Steve,”Bucky grumbled, giving him a warning glance.
“No need to be so grumpy, James, we just wanna help,”You bit down on your bottom lip while Steve ran his hand over Bucky’s bare chest until his fingers caught on the band of his sleep pants. The blond nudged you to move to Bucky’s other side, moving in sync with each other.
“Can we make you feel good?”You whispered in his ear, lips trailing over his jaw while Steve kissed down his chest.”Let’s us show you how much we wished you were there...”
“Fuck, yes, please,”He hissed when he felt Steve take out his cock. You licked your lips, the memory of the last time you had his cock on your tongue came flooding back. His cock had sprung to life, painfully hard with Steve’s hand stroking him. He collected his salvia and slicked up his cock before leaning down to lick at the head.
You smirked,”Let me show you,”You whispered, knowing Steve had never done anything like this. You crawled down to him.
Slowly, you took Bucky’s cock into your hand, pumping him a couple times before licking up the underside. You smirked when you heard Steve whine at the sight, and Bucky’s hands tangled into your hair. You suckled on the tip, expertly tracing your tongue over the head to show off to Steve. You pulled off, urging Steve to try again.
“Like this?”Steve asked, licking his hot tongue under the underside before taking his cock into his mouth.
”Guard your teeth, suck him like a lollipop, yeah, like that.”
Steve listened, his mouth swallowing Bucky’s cock obscenely while you kissed at his thighs. You couldn’t help the wetness that pooled in your panties at Steve so eager to learn from you.
Bucky threw his head back, the image of Steve’s mouth sheathing his cock against his hot tongue. You moaned at the sight, licking your lips when Steve pulled off and grabbed you by the hair. His clashed against yours, tasting Bucky’s pre-cum of his tongue.
“‘s your turn, kitten,”Steve murmured, guiding you down to Bucky’s cock. He held your head as you bobbed your head up and down on his cock expertly. Steve smirked you at Bucky, making you take as much of the brunette’s cock as you could.
“Look at that, Buck, she’s so eager to please, isn’t she? She loves taking a big cock down her throat, likes her little pussy to be stretched too, and fuck, she takes it so well,”Steve groaned, his cock straining in his sweats.
The head of Bucky’s cock hit the back of your throat and Steve kept you there. Drool dripped from the seams of your mouth. The blond raised your head up and you gasped for air, slobber all over your chin.
“‘Atta girl, peaches,”Bucky grunted, eyes following Steve going down on his now. You crawled up Bucky’s body, kissing up his chest and licking at his abs. You explored his body, coming back down to leave kitten licks at the base of his cock, Steve’s spit dripping down his thick cock. You both licked the sides of his cock until you reached the bulbous head. You connected your lips over his cock, and Bucky ended painting both of your lips in white with a loud guttural moan.
You licked the cum from Steve’s lips before the blond’s tongue was in your mouth and pulling against him. You whimpered into him, drunk on how good you felt. You squeezed your thighs together when Bucky finally spoke up.
“You gonna make Steve feel good, baby?”Bucky grunted,”Bet he’s dying to get those pretty lips around his cock, aren’t you, babe?”
Steve closed his eyes when Bucky pushed him back on the bed, his flesh hand going to gently grasp his cock and pull him out of his sweats. Bucky realized you were right, he was big. Not much bigger than Bucky, but just an inch or so, but his girth was unmatched. He thought he might get hard at just the thought of you riding Steve’s cock.
Bucky kissed Steve gently, swallowing his whines when your lips slotted against the side of his cock. You dragged your tongue up, tracing the vein and the ridges of his thick cock. Your lips stretched around the head as you moved your thighs to straddle on of his legs, aching for some sort of relief.
His cock stretched your jaw, making the muscle sore but it never stopped you. Bucky glanced down at you, his breath hitching at the sight of you rubbing your clothed pussy against the muscle of Steve’s leg.
“Look at her, Steve, she’s fucking hump your legs, she just can’t help it, think I should do something about it?”Bucky asked, his lips sucking bruises into the blond’s neck. Steve was flustered beyond belief, nodding at Bucky’s words.
“Fingers, give your fingers, bet she’ll go crazy with your metal hand,”Steve huffed out, whining as you choked on his cock. The squelching sound of your contracting around him. You pulled off, taking a breath before going back down.
Vibrations made him throb under your tongue when Bucky had pulled your shorts aside and delved two cold fingers into your wet pussy. You were absolutely soak to the point that your pretty panties were long ruined. Steve watched you sink your pretty little mouth done on him, his hands coming to pull at your hair while Bucky focused in on you.
“Fuck, you’re so tight , baby, and so fucking wet, this all for us?”Bucky smirked, pulling his two fingers out and bringing them up to Steve’s lips so he could taste you. “She taste as sweet as she looks?”
“Oh, fuck, you wouldn’t believe.”
“If I get my taste, I won’t be able to stop, we’ll get to that, peaches, but something tells me you want to cum now?” Bucky teased before shoving his fingers back into her cunt, making her moan loudly around Steve’s cock. Bucky took the chance to add a third finger, making her tremble. His fingers grazed over the sweet spot.
Tears prickled her eyes when the blond thrusted up into his mouth, just as pulled off to breathe, Steve spilled his seed all over her face. Strips of cum glazed over her lashes, his pretty red lips, and hot face.
Bucky moved immediately, pulling you up to the bed so you could be situated between him and Steve once again. Your thighs were spread out, making you sit on your knees.
“Think you can take a fourth?”Bucky asked, glancing at Steve with a smirk. He pulled his fingers out, licking up the slick before inserting two fingers again.
“Yes, yes, yes, please, just don’t stop,”You gasped, hands going to their shoulders to hold yourself up. You could barely do it with your shaking legs, especially not when Steve added two fingers into your wet heat. The stretch was bearable, having both the boys fingering you until you’re on the brink for them.
“Cum for us, c’mon, been dying to see you cum, bet you make the prettiest sounds, peaches,”Bucky urged, feeling how your pussy squeezed their fingers tightly. You leaked slick, body quivering violently to the point Steve had to catch you from falling forward.
“J-James, Steeve!” You cried out in complete ecstasy, slumping against Bucky’s shoulder while Steve kissed your neck gently.
“Good girl,”Bucky praised, making you lean up so that he could get a wash cloth. He came back to bed to you tucking against Steve,”Gotta clean you up, baby, you’re a mess.”
“Not my mess,”You hummed, turning so Steve could spoon you while you cuddled against Bucky’s chest after he washed your face.
“Why haven’t we been doing this all along again?” Bucky chuckled when you laid against his chest with Steve’s arm draped around both of you.
“Because we’re idiots, remember?”Steve chuckled, kissing the back of your shoulders.
Bucky smiled, watching you tiredly fall asleep. He turned his head toward Steve, shared a sweet kiss,”Think she’s warm now?l
“She’s gonna get very hot in the middle of the night,”Steve commented, knowing the body heat they’d create would be more than enough warmth for her.
“‘s what the metal arm’s for,”Bucky joked, eyes feeling heavy.”If I have a nightmare, you’ll get her away from me, okay?”
Steve sighed softly, nodding at him,”We can help, you know?”
“I don’t want to risk it,”He admitted,”You can take me like that, but she can’t, I don’t want to risk hurting her, or you, but—“
“You can’t hurt me as bad as you could her.”
“Get some rest, Buck, nothing can hurt you here,”Steve promised,”We’ve got you, you’ll always have us.”
Bucky smiled at that, finally being lulled to sleep. It was the first night he didn’t wake up with a night terror, a strange feeling of safety in the arms of the two loves of his life.
Yeah, they’d always have each other. All three of them, together, always and forever.
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skyeisawizard · 5 days ago
Bodyguard Stucky finally get a taste of what they’ve been craving.
Smut! Stalking (from minor OC)
Tumblr media
“Dad, I swear I don’t need people watching over me. All it was was some guy with stalking tendencies and a good camera,” Y/N whined as she followed her father to his study. He was a businessman, a rich one at that. As he climbed the social ladder his daughter became something of a scandal. Every tabloid wanted a picture of her, every porn sight wanted to sell her intimate parts. She wanted to be left alone to be an ordinary young adult.
A week ago she had been caught with the son of a major investor in her dads company. The investors son was balls deep inside of her when this creep decided to snap a few pictures. Nobody had any idea how he slipped past security, nobody even knew he was there.
Instead of offering the pictures to the press, he’d sent them to Y/N’s father, asked for a hefty sum of money or he’d release the pictures. Immediately the police were called and he was arrested.
By the looks of things this guy had been following Y/N around for years. Some of the pictures dated back to when she was just eighteen, when they were living back in their old house. Y/N’s father immediately looked into bettering their security.
It took a week before he found the best bodyguards money could by. James Barnes and Steve Rogers. These men were huge, towers, large frames dominating anybody unfortunate enough to walk by. Paired with their suits and the two sets of guns they each carried, Y/N wasn’t sure how she was supposed to refrain from swooning. These men were beautiful, God’s among mortals.
And, while having the ultimate eye-candy as bodyguards seemed like a good idea at the time, it really wasn’t. The problem was they intimidated other men. If she was dancing with a man at a club and they so much as looked in her direction, the man would immediately back off.
In other words, they were making it impossible to get laid. And Y/N somewhat hated them for it.
Revenge, if you could even call it that, was simple, easy. All it took were her fingers. On nights her dad was still in meetings and she was home on her own, Y/N would leave her bedroom door open. While she was unchanging, dressing for bed, touching herself. She made sure Bucky and Steve saw, heard everything.
And that they did.
They couldn’t stop Y/N from being the object of their affection. On days she was on, it was tight dresses and towering heels. On days she was off it was a form fitting tank top and no bra.
Steve couldn’t count how many days he’d caught Bucky eyeing her chest. Caught himself staring, wanting, desperate. She was the worst kind of tease: one they were forbidden from having.
That didn’t stop them from wanting her, from taking cold showers after every shift. One of these days they were going to snap, Steve just knew it.
On the day the boys snapped, Y/N was doing something relatively tame. The cute underwear she’d just ordered in the mail had finally come and she wanted nothing more than to try it on. Leaving her door open had become habit at this point. She thought nothing of it as she threw her shirt away and unclipped her bra.
Unknown to her, Steve and Bucky were waiting outside of her room. Steve was about to knock, about to walk right in and check on her when he peered around the door.
There she was, in a pair of old short shorts and a bright red lacy bra that hid nothing. He could still see her nipple, see the way it strained against the material, hardened. It was almost too much.
“Damn it,” the blonde muttered, running his fingers through his hair. He thought with her bratty attitude he’d be immune to her charm but that just wasn’t the case. Especially not when she was sitting there, cheeks pink, pulling up a blanket to cover her chest. “Don’t think Bucky and I have been clueless this whole time. We know exactly what you’re up to,” he growled, pupils blown wide.
That was when Bucky chose to enter the room. He had all the intention of pulling Steve back, until he laid eyes on Y/N. “Holy shit, Doll,” he mumbled, the blanket not quite covering everything. “Did you dress up for us?”
“For you?” Her expression quickly changed to a smirk. “What if I did, Barnes? What would do you about it?” She bit her lip, everything about her drawing him closer.
Like a sailor to a sirens call, Bucky moved forward until he was kneeling on the floor, his hand on her thigh. “I’d fuck you so hard your bed broke, doll,” he said, no hint of shame to his words.
“I’d like that,” she threaded her fingers through his hair. “And you, Rogers? What would you like to do to me?”
Steve pulled the collar of his shirt away from his neck but didn’t answer. He wasn’t as caught in her web as Bucky. She pouted but turned her attention back to his friend. “Why don’t you get these shorts of me and show Stevie just how fun we can be.” He swallowed at the nickname, pants becoming tighter.
Bucky wasted no time in ripping off her clothes. At her request he was careful with the bra and attached his lips to her nipple as soon as he could. Tipping her head back, Y/N beckoned Steve forward with her fingers. “Ah, Stevie, oh my!” She cried, desperate for him to react. “Oh, you make me feel so good, please.” Like Bucky could feel her plan he kept going, fingers tweaking at her other nipple.
“You want me to make you feel good, brat?” Steve spat out the last word. He threw off his tie and looked over her. His hair was a mess, like he’d stood there running his hands through it over and over again. “I’ll make you see stars.
He started by rubbing his fingers through her folds, gathering up her wetness before pushing in his first finger. She moaned, cried out and pitched her body forward to get a better look at him. Steve pushed her down and added a second finger.
Y/N fisted her fingers through Bucky’s hair as Steve pumped his fingers again and again. Her body moved with him, in the same rhythm, bouncing against him. She cried out, gasped, moaned, tears falling down her face until she heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper.
Instantly, she sat up. Her pussy felt empty and she didn’t like that one bit. But there Steve was again, pushing her back onto the mattress. “Would you like Bucky to fuck you, brat?” He asked, words sweeter. She nodded and he leaned down to kiss her lips. “Use your words. Ask him to fuck you, brat.”
“Bucky, please fuck me,” she whispered, holding onto Steve’s jacket. “Please fill me up.”
Like Steve before him, Bucky rubber his tip through her folded before slowly easing in, inch by inch. His formidable size left no pain in its wake, only slight discomfort. Y/N had to wait for a minute before nodding her head.
Bucky started fast. He started like he was punishing her, like he wanted to bring her to the edge and then some. The way Steve was kissing her, sucking purple marks into her skin didn’t help either. She gasped and shook as Bucky lifted her legs, only increasing the pleasure.
She came over the edge once, but Bucky kept going. He kept going until she had cum again. He kept going until his thrusts became sloppy. He kept going until he was spilling his seed inside of her and then didn’t stop.
It was only a minute later, when Steve pulled him off, did Bucky stop. “Look at her,” he said, gesturing down to her body. She had slumped against the bed, breathing erratic, legs still shaking. Her eyes were blown wide and she reached for Steve. “What is it, brat?” He asked in a kind voice.
“Your brat,” she repsonded.
Steve smirked and unzipped his trousers. “You will be soon.”
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imaginedreamwrite · 5 days ago
The Auction: Part 11
The event was being held outdoors, and despite your initial protests, you let Tony take the reins of the party planning, with the clear message to keep the event in a style that Steve and Bucky and yourself would like. With the promise that the theme wouldn’t be outrageous or an eyesore, or something that would even be jabbing toward Steve or Bucky, the event was planned under strict promises.
When you arrived at the estate Tony had rented out for the night, the first sight that caught your eye was the row of Edison string lights that were hung from the gate separating the entrance to the estate grounds, from the large wooden doors that granted access to the inside of the home. The light emits a soft glow that encapsulated the fairytale aesthetic of the building; the faded grey stone exterior had almost looked like a castle in New York.
“Wow,” you gazed wide-eyed at the mansion and the light and pastel-coloured roses that spun around the stone support pillars on the front steps and the red carpet that rolled down the broad steps into the building beneath the closed front doors, “this is beautiful.”
The car that picked you up and drove you from the city to the rented mansion had stopped just short of the staircase. As the car came to a stop, the driver got out of the car and walked around to your side. He opened the door and held his hand out for you to take, which you did, and when you stepped out onto the red carpet-covered stone, your attention was drawn toward the two wooden doors that had now since opened, and the two men standing in the threshold.
You lift your head and made eye contact with them both, Steve on the left dressed in a dark blue suit that matched his eyes, and Bucky dressed in a black suit that made his entire figure seem more imposing.
“You look good.” You stood on the landing, speaking to both of them. “You look outstanding.”
“So do you,” Bucky came to your side and wrapped his left around your waist, tucking himself against you.
“You think so?” You tilt your head and turned in his embrace, chest to chest. You leaned in and kissed him softly, your hands running up and down the lapels of his suit. “We could leave.”
“We could,” Steve spoke from behind you, “but do you want to hear Tony whine about it for the next month?”
You turned from Bucky and cast an appreciative gaze upon Steve. His suit not only brought out the colour of his eyes, but it also made his eyes look brighter and more captivating than they already did. His suit, like Bucky’s, made him appear larger and more foreboding, which in turn made you feel comfortable between them. They made you feel normal, despite being a plus-size woman, and that was only a part of what drew you to them.
“I’d rather not,” you laughed under your breath.
“I hope you’re ready to dance, dame.” Bucky slid his arm back around your waist.
“Don’t think you can steal her all night, punk.” Steve followed behind you, his eyes burning holes into your back and lower, as he checked you out shamelessly.
“You gonna make me share, Stevie?” Bucky flashed him a grin.
“Damn right I am.” Steve stopped you two before entering the garden before other people would consume the whole night. He closed the distance and placed his hand against your cheeks before he dipped his head and brushed his lips against your own.
Your hands grabbed onto his suit and pulled him closer, trapped willingly between Steve and Bucky. While you were delightfully pressed against Steve, with your back to Bucky, you felt his hands slipping around the front of your waist and back to your hips.
“Come on, love birds!” Nat broke the moment; she interrupted the kiss and the small touches with a smirk on her face and a look in her eyes that spoke to her pride.
“We could slip out the back,” you mumbled into Steve’s shoulder when you rest your forehead against him, “Tony be damned.”
“Come on, doll,” Bucky whispered into your ear, “anyone who looks as good as you needs to show themselves off.”
You laughed and shook your head. You all indulged Tony because he wouldn’t let it go. You all just went along with it because that was how Tony showed his love for his friends, but when it came to the actual engagement party, it would be much smaller. This was more of a PR stunt, a public celebration.
“Fine,” you pulled away from Steve and sighed, “but you two owe me.”
You cracked a half-grin, walking behind Steve and in front of Bucky as the three of you finally made it to the garden.
The flashing that immediately followed the three of you stepping out was blinding. The ear-splitting chaotic mess of people trying to speak over one another was irritating, it was grating, and you fought against your instinct to turn around and go back inside.
“You’re okay,” Steve mumbled into your hair, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and shielding you with his large frame as he helped you down the stairs and away from the shuttering cameras.
“That was too much.” You frowned, feeling like you’d just had your privacy invaded, despite being in a public space. “Tony owes us all.”
“Damn right he does.” The statement was unanimous. It was felt by all three of you who had indulged Tony because he would either whine about it most condescendingly or because he was a friend and he was only trying to help.
“We can still have fun, sweetheart.” Bucky wove his fingers in with yours. “We can spend all night on the dance floor.”
“I’m a terrible dancer.” You countered.
“Bucky’s a great dancer. Just let him lead.” Steve kissed you silently and quickly, pulling back as Bucky swept you away. “I’m coming to steal her soon, Buck!”
He didn’t stop until you both were on the dance floor. As the band started a tune known to Bucky, but not yourself, his arm moved higher up your waist while his hand held yours firmly yet not painfully.
“Eyes on me, gorgeous.” He grinned. “Don’t look away and let me lead.”
“Bucky-“ you squealed when he started moving to the beat, moving to the tune. He was flawless; he carried himself with ease unknown.
“You’re doing great!” He complimented you and then threw you into a dip before he pulled you back up, your laughter the only incident that caused you to slip up, though Bucky was quick to recover.
“How did you learn to dance so well?” You giggled, leaning flush against him.
“I was a lady’s man, honey.” He stole a kiss in the middle of the dance, completely ignorant, you both were, to the other bodies on the dance floor.
“Should I be jealous, Mr. Barnes?” The beat changed, the song changed to something slow and sensual, which was meant to be loving and tender.
“Any of the dames I ran with are either dead or old,” Bucky moved his hand again, his palm resting against the small of your back, heat penetrating and radiating from his hand through your dress, “you have nothing to be envious of, Mrs. Barnes.”
You rest your head against the crook of his neck, your eyes fluttering closed. You hummed to the tune that you didn’t quite know and let yourself be embraced by the scent of his cologne and his warmth, by the strength in his arms and shoulders.
“Mrs. Barnes,” you beamed, “that sounds amazing.
“Or Mrs. Barnes-Rogers.” Bucky’s rumbled against your ear, the vibration bringing you a sense of peace.
“Bucky…” you pulled away and looked up at him, your eyes searching his. You opened your mouth to speak again, to say something to him, only to shut it again when his PA called his name.
“Mr. Barnes,” Courtney came through the crowd with two champagne glasses in her hands, one for you and one for him, “Mr. Rogers wanted me to let you know that Mr. Stark said you’d make a speech. The three of you.”
You sighed and hung your head back against his shoulder. You didn’t want to make a speech; you didn’t want to get up in front of all these people and say something. That wasn’t your job as a PA, and you didn’t want to do it now.
“It won’t be that bad, sweetheart.” Bucky kissed the top of your head and grabbed the drinks from Courtney, nudging one of them against your arm. “One speech, and then we can spend the rest of the time dancing.”
You pulled away and sighed. You took the drink from Bucky and lift it to your lips, downing the alcohol inside in one swallow. When it was emptied, you rolled your shoulders back and cracked your neck.
“Feel better, Y/N?” Courtney asked, taking the glass from you once more. “Feel a little more relaxed?”
“Enough to make a speech,” as the champagne settled in your stomach, Bucky reached for your waist again. He pulled you into his side and kissed into your hair, leaving behind his PA, who only let her guard down when your backs were turned, and you were out of earshot.
“Won’t be long, bitch.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Love & Other Desires - Chapter 8
Alternate Universe
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist
AN: T’was supposed to be a soft day but of course it becomes angsty🤷🏽‍♀️
Pairing: Steve Rogers × Reader, (Future) Stucky × Reader
Warnings: Fluff, smut and angst are continuous themes in the whole series
For this chap: Fluff, angst
Word Count: 1403
The main Masterlist for this series is here.
Previous // Next
Next to Me
Y/n’s POV:
“Are you sure I can’t get you anything?” Steve asks for the umptieth time today.
“Bub, I’m fine. Just come lay down with me,” I say making grabby hands in the air.
“But what if I hurt you?” he asks, cautiously climbing into bed with me.
I grab his arm and yank him to my chest. “You fucking won’t. Now I just wanna lay with my husband. Is that too much to ask?”
He shakes his head ‘no’ and lays his head on my chest with his arm thrown around my waist. I raise my hand to run it through his silky locks and he immediately melts with a shaky sigh. Occasionally, I twist a lock of hair around my finger while his fingers draw circles on my waist under my t-shirt. A shiver runs down my spine at the contact and Steve notices. He always does.
“Are you cold?” he asks raising his head to look at me. There’s an uncharacteristic softness in his eyes which renders me speechless. I realise I haven’t said anything for a while and he’s looking at me weird.
“No, I’m fine.” I say burying my face in his hair to hide my blush. He didn’t fail to make me nervous even after all these years of being married.
We lay still for a while. The sound of our breathing the only noise in the otherwise quiet room. I could feel his heartbeat reverberate through my chest. I start to feel his body quiver with a sob in my arms. His arms tighten around my waist and my chest t-shirt with his tears.
“Hey,” I say, grasping his hair in my fist and trying to pull him away. “Baby, what’s wrong?”
His sobs only intensify at my question and his arms slip higher underneath my t-shirt and push my back further into his chest.
“Honey, tell me what’s wrong?” I ask as I manage to manoeuvre his face up to mine.
His cheeks were stained with tear tracks and his nose had visibly reddened. And in his eyes, for the first time in years, I saw fear.
“I was so scared something had happened when I got the call on the phone. They wouldn’t even tell me what was wrong,” he says, my t-shirt now bunched in his fists.
“I know honey. It’s ok. I’m here and I’m ok,” I coo with one of my hand stroking his back and the other running through his hair.
I clutch him tightly to my chest as his sobs subside and turn into the random sniffle. Suddenly, his lips, wet with tears press against mine. His tongue snakes into my mouth and kisses the roof of my mouth making me moan into his lips. My hands slid down his back but as I start to lift his shirt, he grasps my wrists in his hands and pulls away to look into my eyes
“You’re not cleared for sex yet baby,” he says through a watery smile.
I laugh at his blunt rejection and lean up on my elbows to kiss his cheek. I wince at the movement and Steve instantly shifts into mama bear.
“You’re not supposed to move Y/n and it’s time to change those bandages,” he says as he gets out of bed and makes his grabs the dressing. “Wait right here, I’m gonna get some lunch for us too.”
“Where exactly do you think I’m gonna go?” I ask sarcastically. My head flops back into my pillow as I wait for his return. My hand goes to my bandages and runs over the expert work there and I’m instantly reminded of my last day at the hospital and the last day we saw him.
“I’ll change your bandages and then you can leave,” Bucky says as he walks into the room with fresh bandages in his hand.
When he sees Steve, his hands stiffen around the kit but he remains otherwise unbothered. Cautiously, he makes his way to my bedside and turns to look at Steve for non-verbal permission to touch me.
“I would trust no one else Buck,” I say dragging his attention to me. His eyes widen at the use of his nickname and I backtrack immediately.
“I meant doc,” I try to cover up with a blush. “S’ok doll,” he says as he settles himself way too close to me for being just my doctor.
Steve’s hand instinctively goes to his jaw and scratches at the stubble there. I’ve realised that it’s one of his nervous ticks.
“Is this ok?” Bucky asks as he fingers the hem of my gown. I nod with a smile and he slowly lifts the gown to reveal my leg. Gashes and cuts litter the whole of my thigh and down to my calf.
“Are you feeling better?” he asks as he starts to unwrap the old bandages.
“Better. Just sore,” I say as I wince at all the scars littering my leg.
I hear Steve scoff and we both turn to look at him. When he notices our stare, he clears his throat and goes back to sulking. I roll my eyes at his behaviour and turn to look at Bucky who had a look of amusement and a smile on his lips. Like he was used to this.
Our eyes meet and his smile falters. Awkwardly, we avert our gaze to look at anything but each other. His fingers make quick but nimble work of wrapping the new bandages.
“I’m done,” he says as he finishes off with a small knot of the bandage.
As he rises up to leave, Steve’s hand wraps around his wrist. Bucky freezes in his tracks and I watch with bated breath. Slowly, Bucky turns around to look at where their hands touch. Steve realises he’s still holding his hand and pulls away like he’s been burned.
“I-uh, I just wanted to say th-thanks,” he stutters, a blush making its way on his cheeks.
Bucky still stares at his hand and Steve immediately straightens.
“Hey,” he starts. “Are you ok?” Steve moves close with his hand poised to touch Bucky’s shoulder.
Bucky takes a big step away from him and gulps. “Yeah, it’s n-no problem really. It’s my job so…”
An uncomfortable silence takes over the room and the tension so thick, I choke. Steve’s eyes cloud in disappointment as his shoulders hunch. I stare at Bucky’s face trying to memorise the details because I knew this would be the last time in a long time.
“Thanks-” I begin but Bucky’s already out the door.
I gape in shock while Steve walks over to my side. His hand reaches out to squeeze my shoulder in silent support and I can only offer him a tight smile in return.
*End of Flashback*
“You ok? You spaced out for a bit,” Steve’s voice snaps me out of my reverie.
I raise my head to look at Steve sitting on the bed with a tray of food in his hands and a medical kit next to me.
“Yeah, fine. Just hungry,” I respond unconvincingly.
“Good thing I brought food then,” he replies with a goofy smile.
“Yep. Real good,” I say as I shift up onto my elbows and shift back to sit against the headboard.
“Is this about Bucky?” he asks through clenched teeth.
“What? No,” I announce firmly with a scowl and mild surprise that he even brought it up.
“Of course, it is. You’ve been weird since that day he left in the middle of your thanks. And it’s always about fucking Bucky,” he says running a hand through his hair in frustration as he gets up to pace the length of the room.
“What the fuck does that mean Steve?” I ask, all the pent-up anger threatening to burst out of my chest.
“Nothing. It doesn’t mean anything,” he says, walking out the door and without another word.
I stare at the empty doorway and feel my chest constrict so hard; I gasp. My eyes moisten with tears but I furiously rub them away. I want to talk about everything but not if it’s only going to make things between us worse. I grab a pillow from my side and scream into it as the tears flow. This is all because of fucking Peggy. Once I’m out of this goddamn bed, I’m going to fucking kill her.
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agentofbarnes · 6 days ago
worth the wait
summary | you held the hearts of two super soldiers, but the story of your love is a long one and it wasn’t always so happy.
pairing | bucky barnes x reader x steve rogers
warnings | mentions of sex, not actual smut tho (that will be the next part), getting together fic, best friends to lovers, pining, lots of shame, angst, happy ending
note | bc one super soldier just isn’t enough, here’s to my poly!stucky lovers! this is an au! feel free to request!
Tumblr media
Steven Rogers and Bucky Barnes were two men that always held your heart in their palms. Ever since you had known them from ten young age of eight, you had loved them.
As you grew into an independent young woman, this never changed. It caused a lot of shame in you. How could you be so greedy to want both of them to yourself.
It wasn’t just you, and you knew this. Steve had been on the same page, having admitted to his feelings once to you when drunk after Bucky had gone a date. You were both quite tipsy, and Steve had confessed how he wished things could just be the three of you.
You had agreed with him, sipping on the wine Bucky had gifted you for last birthday. Steve had one glass and it was practically truth serum. He was skinny and his immune system wasn’t made to keep up with alcohol. To be fair, you were a lightweight too.
You sat on Steve’s bed in the cheap apartment the three of you shared, hoping that Bucky would come home soon. He never did. The later it got, the closer the two of you got.
Steve had been vulnerable, laid it all out on the table for you. He loved you, but he also loved Bucky. He had been ashamed of his desire, but you had leaned in to kiss him to erase his insecurities. It was the first kiss you both had ever experienced. When you told him you felt the same, you both basked in each other’s shared pain.
You remembered the way he had whined into you mouth, how he had gently slotted between your thighs and lost yourselves into each other pleasure. Between kisses and gasps, you both drunkenly tried to forget that this felt wrong without the missing piece of your heart.
You never talked about that night again, not until way into the future.
What you hadn’t known was that Bucky had returned those feelings all those years ago. He felt his own shame and guilt for wanting to keep both of you to himself. You both were his. He took care of you and Steve. He liked being the person you both sought out, but it was wrong. It was unheard of.
So, he tried to forget too. Bucky went on plenty of dates, stayed at a pretty dame’s apartment and snuck out in the morning. He always felt so guilty, like he was cheating on his loves.
None of you ever spoke about it. Not even when you end up on the couch cuddled against each other as Bucky reads his favorite books to you.
You thought about telling Bucky when he was drafted, thought about begging him to stay with both of you and just run away from his responsibilities. You chickened out of that too.
Steve had been more understanding when he had finally gotten enlisted. He insisted you come with him when they recruited him for the serum.
You had trained to be a nurse, inspired by Steve’s illnesses to help people. Mostly, you had done it for him. You wanted to be able to take care of him, especially with Bucky leaving the country to face the impending war.
When Steve had become the symbol freedom, you had been at his side. You had stuck with him the entire way, and he never let you forget about it.
The second time you kissed him was after you hadn’t heard from Bucky in weeks. It had been in Chicago on his tour to get people to support the war. The government had put you in a fancy hotel and you had found your way to his room to share your pain.
It was unhealthy to find comfort in the sheets with Steve when they missed Bucky. It never erased the pain and you both always feel ashamed of yourselves.
You felt worse the second time, and you both promised each other it wouldn’t happen again.
When Steve went after the rest of 107th regiment and disappeared in action, you felt everything in you break. Both of your boys were likely dead, leaving you with nothing but a life of what if’s.
Peggy Carter had been your life saver in those days. She had comforted you, told you about her own boyfriend at war and how she had faith in him to always come home. She told you how she believed Steve would come back for you, and you didn’t have the heart to tell her that he wasn’t your boyfriend.
When they both came back, battered and bloody, you had embraced them both tightly. You kissed both their cheeks and made them promise to never scare you like that.
That night Bucky had come by your tent, sneaking in to tell you how much he missed you . He told you about how the only thing keeping him alive was that he knew what he had waiting at home. He didn’t say it, but you knew, or hoped, he meant you and Steve. That was night you had kissed Bucky for the first time.
He had crawled into your uncomfortable bed, kissed you like you were his air and you felt guilty that Steve was only a few tents away. It didn’t stop you from taking what you wanted, no, you needed Bucky to know how happy you were to have him back. You had laid him back, kissed down his entire bruised body and wrapped your lips around him like no woman ever had.
It was a night you would both remember, but it was short lived. He had tucked himself back into his uniform, kissed you for the last time and neither of you got the chance to talk about what it meant. Not with the war raging on.
You had promised yourself that when the war ended, you would tell him what you truly wanted, but right now, you just wanted your boys to survive.
But you should have known you never get what you wanted.
It wasn’t long after that when you felt your heart was torn to pieces, losing Bucky had been devastating and you thought you might die. If it weren’t for Steve, you might have.
When Steve gave his life, you were sure it was the end of the world. Peggy had to drag you out of the darkness, taking you under her wing as she worked for the SSR while trying to clear Howard Stark’s name.
You don’t remember exactly what had happened the night everything changed. Peggy had gotten in a lot of trouble and the men after her had taken you as their advantage.
As they tortured you, something obscured happened. It was as if something unlocked as you laid bloody in a abandoned warehouse. They had left you for dead and while you were sure Peggy would find you, you feared she’d be too late.
All you wanted was to be with your boys.
A glowing blue consumed your body, healing you of your wounds when a flash transported into a dark room in the midst of New York City in 2012.
You had gotten your wish. Steve had been uncovered in the twenty-first century and brought back from his icy prison.
It wasn’t two years later when you found out your missing piece had also survived. It was a whole other year before you got to have him back in your life.
It took a stint in Wakanda to get the training Hydra forced in his head out, but he had finally come home.
The Avengers Compound was huge, and you all lived in the same hall. Tony figured you all wanted to be close. He had no idea how much that was true.
“What are you thinking about?”Bucky asked curiously, mindlessly running his flesh hand through his new short hair. He was feeling more and more like himself with each passing day.
“Uh, just the old days,”You answered, crossing your legs over his lap as you both rested on the couch in the lounge room in your hall. It was your living room with the boys, and Sam, who also lived in this wing of the building. You were both waiting for Steve get out of a meeting with the Avengers PR agent . It was movie night where you would all try to catch up on popular culture.
“What about the old days?” He tilted his head, hands rubbing your legs absentmindedly.
“Just how things used to be, you know, before the serum, how cute and tiny Steve was,”You chuckled quietly,”How drunk he used to get after a glass of wine, and how you always got so upset when we had too much.”
“You both used to leave such a mess, and you always left me out, Steve only got drunk with you,”He pointed out,”Except that one time I had to drag both your asses home. It’s always wine, can’t even drink a whiskey or something stronger.”
“Hey! I love wine, wine is how I lost my virginity,”You joked, pushing his legs with your foot.
“Really?”He asked with a chuckle, biting down on his bottom lip. Bucky pushed down the wave of jealously felt flood through him.”Was that before or know, time traveling?”
“Before,”You said quietly, wishing you hadn’t even joked about it now. You could see the sour look on his face.
“You never told me,”Bucky said, looking at you almost sadly. You had told him everything, why leave this out?”Was it after you kissed me? Is that why?”
You were shocked at the mention of this kiss you guys had shared when he had been saved by Steve. You never got the chance to talk to him about that, and you didn’t even know he remembered.
“It was before that, before you got enlisted,”You told him, shrugging gently.
“Why didn’t you tell me then?”
“It’s not something women really broadcasted back then,” You explained.
“Who was it? I had to know him.”
“Know who?”Steve asked, walking into the room with a tired smile before getting you to move so he could sit on the other side of you. You sat with your back against his chest while tried to get caught up in the conversation.
“The guy she lost her virginity to, she won’t tell me,”Bucky told him easily. There were no boundaries when it came to the three of you.
Steve shared a glance with you, and you blushed with shame. You hadn’t ever talked about that first night, never, not until now.
“Why does it matter, Buck?”Steve defended, trying to brush the subject off.
“Oh my god, you know,”Bucky looked offended,”You told him, when did you tell him?”
You didn’t want to lie to him, but you didn’t know how’d he react,”The night it happened?”
“Seriously?”He asked with a hurt voice, glancing between both of you. He hated feeling left out.”Why won’t you tell me?”
Steve looked at you, and you have him a little nod before he sighed,”It’s complicated. We— It was me, Buck.”
Shock washed over his face, he had definitely not expected that. He furrowed his brow, and he was trying to rake his brain for reasons he hadn’t heard about this for seventy years.
“You What? You both never told me, why?”
You cleared your throat,”Because we were sad and drunk, and it felt wrong without—“
Steve gripped your waist to signal you to stop talking. There was still a lot of shame in your feelings, both of you felt it.
“Without what?”
“It doesn’t matter, it happened twice, that’s all.”
“Twice? If it felt wrong, why did it happen twice?”
“Because of you,” Steve admitted, tired of Bucky’s pestering.
“What you’d you mean?”
“We...we both wanted you,”You said quietly, fully prepared for him to leave you both high and dry.”We wanted to be together and we got drunk because you didn’t come home, and I tried to tell you, I did, before you left for the war, but— I was afraid you never come back, and Steve felt, well...liking a girl and a guy was looked down on, people died for just liking a man, but both, and we didn’t know what you—“
Bucky had surged forward, pressing his lips against yours in a eager kiss. Steve widened his eyes, air caught in his lungs when Bucky pulled away to share another kiss, but this time it was the blond’s lips he had captured.
“You’re both idiots, you know that?”
You and Steve looked at each other with surprise before beaming at him, you leaned up to mold your lips over Steve’s while Bucky grinned.
“You—“Steve went to say.
“You think you were the only ones trying to forget,”Bucky shook his head,”I used to dream about you both, when I was under, not one of you, both of you. The only reason I went out with all those women was because I wanted something that I knew was wrong.”
“Do you still think it’s wrong?”You asked quietly, your body less tense when Steve pressed kiss to your jaw. Bucky had scooted closer, pressed against Steve’s side and his arm wrapped around you.
“No,”He admitted,”I’ve done a lot things that were wrong, this isn’t one of them. I don’t want to hold back anymore. You’re both mine, you got it?”
Steve pulled him back his shirt, bringing him in for another kiss. You giggled, squished between the two super soldiers as they shared a moment of fever. You pressed a kiss to Bucky’s jaw, hand coming up to caress Steve’s perfect jaw.
“You’re ours too,”Steve grunted before they both looked at you pointedly.
“What?”You smiled,”You both know I’m yours.”
“You know she kissed me the night you rescued me, right?”Bucky smirked, sharing a glance with Steve.”Did you tell him that, peaches?”
“No...”Your face grew hot under their gazes as they both had seemed to figure out you had been slowly getting affection from both of them.
“She even used that pretty little mouth, what did you say you wanted to do?”
“Show you how happy I was to have you back,”You admitted, the blush creeping over your entire body just as Steve gripped your hips to change her position. You now straddled one of Steve’s thighs and one of Bucky’s as they sat close together to look at you.
Steve shook his head,”You little minx,”He grinned, running his hand over your sides while Bucky smirked.
You just rolled your eyes,” So what? I’ve always wanted both of you, I couldn’t have you together, so I got what I could, I’ve never been with anyone else.”
“You haven’t?”Steve asked curiously, as if he was shocked by this fact. How could you ever be will anyone else than your two soulmates?
“Felt like it would be cheating.”
“It’s exactly how it feels,”Bucky admitted,”Felt dirty coming home to you guys after...why couldn’t we have just be honest with each other?”
“Think about what people would have done, Buck,”You told him,”It was a different time.”
“And what do you think they’ll do now?”Bucky asked you both honestly.
“I don’t know,”Steve admitted with a shrug,”I don’t care, we’ll figure it out.”
You smiled at your boys,”I’m so lucky to have you both, ‘m sorry it took so long.”
“Oh, hush, peaches,”Bucky whispered, pulling you down back the nape of your neck to slot his lips over yours.
His lips were soft and perfect, his tongue licking into your mouth. Bucky’s kisses were long, achingly sensual as if he was trying to make up for lost time.You felt another pair of wet lips on your neck, making you entangle your fingers into Steve’s blond hair. Bucky pulled you away, seemingly handing you off to mold your lips into Steve’s.
Steve’s kisses were different, eager to please and full of emotion. He wanted everything from you and you wanted to give it to him. His tongue explored you like you had never been touched, even though he had been the first one to ruin you.
You pulled away, both of the men’s lips finding your neck just as the door to the living room opened.
“Oh, you gotta fucking kidding me, what the fuck,” Sam cursed loudly, sighing out in defeat.”I knew you all were...into each other, and I’m happy for you, but get a fucking room.”
All three of you laughed, a wave of relief filling you as you realized maybe what you wanted was so wrong after all. Maybe it was just the timing, and you were wasting anymore time on anxiety. Not after you waited so long.
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agentofbarnes · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
things in the twenty-first century were different than the era you had grown up in. people had powers. women could wear short skirts and pants without getting dirty looks. oh, and you could have two boyfriends.
steven rogers and james barnes had always been the loves of your life, but the timing had been wrong until now. fate had brought you back together and you weren’t wasting anymore time.
{ steve rogers x reader x bucky barnes }
requests are open for this au!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bucky feels clingy on pain meds
bucky comforts you and steve on one of the worst days
steve being a little shit and you being a tease
series of one shots
the beginning of something beautiful
the first night
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becca-e-barnes · 6 days ago
My Cue To Leave
HOLY SHIT, I hit 500 followers on Monday morning!! 🎉🥳 I actually can’t believe it, I’m so so grateful to every single one of you!! I’m high key emotional about it, you have no idea! 😭 This idea has been plaguing me so I figured I’d write it for my 500 celebration fic!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers
Word Count: 6.6k
Summary: Steve is going through a dry spell and he has a huge crush on you that he can’t shake. You’re Bucky’s girlfriend and although Bucky is aware of Steve’s crush on you, he doesn’t help matters by sharing details of your sex life, tormenting poor Steve even further. Bucky suggests you help Steve out as a couple. (No real Stucky moments though - maybe in Part 2?)
Warnings: Alcohol mention, smut, threesome, fingering, oral (m receiving), vibrator mention, cursing, blasphemy, deep throating, face fucking, overstimulation, forced orgasm, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, pet names, little bit of degradation, praise kink, size kink, unprotected sex (pls wrap it), edging, orgasm denial, cockwarming, implied voyeurism? Kinda pleasure Dom Bucky? Absolute filth I’m so sorry, I got so carried away, Bucky is a HOE for his girl in a sundress
Likes, reblogs and comments are so appreciated! If I’ve missed any warnings, let me know and I can update them!
Minors, do not interact
“Holy shit Buck, that girl of yours looks good.” Steve’s voice was quiet enough that no one else would be able to hear him but Bucky, his confidence boosted slightly by the few beers the pair had shared together.
“You don’t needa tell me Steve, she knows exactly what she’s doin’, wearin’ that little sundress. Just asking to be railed later.” Bucky replied, pressing the cool rim of the bottle to his lips, his eyes not leaving your bare legs. Steve could only huff out a little laugh in response, his eyes trained on you too. You were blissfully unaware of your boyfriend and his best friend staring at you, chatting instead to your next door neighbours over the fence that separated your gardens.
“You’re a lucky man, wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off my girl if she walked ‘round lookin’ that good all the time.” Steve agreed, taking in how the cute little dress accentuated your curves. Of course, Steve was single these days, his last breakup hit him harder than he would ever care to admit, even to Bucky, so he was choosing to stay single for a while.
“Sounds like you’re ready to get back out there, man.” Bucky chuckled at Steve’s enthusiasm.
“Nah, don’t think I want anything serious yet.” Steve replied, still not really feeling like talking about why things went so badly last time around. “Gotta admit, miss the sex though.” He took another sip from the bottle in his hand, lips pressed tightly together as he swallowed.
“Shit, you haven’t got laid since things ended? That’s one hell of a dry spell, Stevie.” Your boyfriend mused, mirroring the blond’s actions and sipping from his own bottle.
“Yeah, hate the thought of hook-ups, you know? But don’t want anything serious either. So I’m just kinda stuck.” Steve explained quietly, knowing that there was no real way around his problem that didn’t involve compromising on one of those issues.
“Think you’ll just have to bite the bullet and go for it, no point spending the rest of your life celibate.” Bucky did have some sound reasoning.
“Easy for you to say, your girl looks like that. Would be impossible for you to stay celibate.” Steve laughed, rolling his eyes at his friend’s advice. Sure, it was easy for Bucky to give advice, he wasn’t the one in Steve’s shoes, seeing his best friend with a perfect life.
“She’s a real dream Stevie, you’ve no idea. I swear to God, don’t tell her I told you but she does this one thing with her mouth sometimes and holy shit, I can’t even describe it, it literally makes my knees weak.” Bucky couldn’t help how his dick twitched just thinking about it. Apparently Bucky had absolutely no boundaries when it came to sharing details of your sex life with Steve. Not that you would’ve cared anyway, you were so close with Steve and he was practically always over at your house for dinner.
“You tryin’ to torture me?” Steve laughed, trying not to think about what you could possibly do with your tongue that could make his super soldier, ladies man, best friend crumble. Besides, he shouldn’t think about you like that at all. It was wrong, you weren’t his, you were his best friend’s girl for God’s sake. Sure there were those nights that thoughts of you filled his head, thoughts that had his hand wrapped tightly around his aching cock, fucking his own fist to his filthy thoughts of you, moans spilling from his wet, parted lips. It was so wrong and almost immediately after he spilled over his own chest, he was filled with such deep shame, pushing all thoughts of you away until the next time he found himself hard and needy.
He couldn’t let himself think about how he always came harder when he thought of you, imagining your tiny hands caressing him and how pretty your little whines must sound right before you cum. No, thoughts of you were strictly for when his head was clouded with lust.
“Jus’ sayin’… Thought you’d wanna know at least one of us is getting some these days.” Bucky smiled smugly.
“Often?” Steve quizzed, not even sure that he really wanted to know the answer to that question.
“Ooooh yeah.” Bucky nodded, not sparing any more details than that. Steve’s lips, were pursed together tightly, a little pang of jealousy blooming in his chest. “Sometimes I think she’s the one with the super soldier stamina.” Bucky laughed, noticing the steely look on his best friend’s face.
“You got a good one alright,” Steve shook his head, half attempting to shake all his thoughts straight out of it.
“I sure did Stevie, I sure did.” Bucky laughed fondly, watching you with a little smile.
The rest of your evening went as it usually did, you made dinner and the boys did all the clearing up, washing the dishes and putting them away, compliments about how good the food was were flowing from both of them. After dinner you all headed to the living room as usual to spend a few hours flicking through Netflix or scrolling on your phones before Steve would call it a night and head home. You and Bucky spooned together on the huge couch in front of the TV, with Steve sitting off to the side in one of the armchairs. Everything went as expected until Steve hauled his huge frame out of the armchair to go to the loo. The second Steve left, Bucky’s lips were all over you, latching onto your neck, his metal hand trailing up the inside of your bare thigh making you shiver. Clearly he hadn’t been too focused on the shitty comedy you had all pretended to watch, getting himself a little too worked up.
“What’s all this about?” You laughed, a little confused as to where all his excitement had come from.
“Jus’ fuckin’ need you. Now.” Bucky groaned, his voice gravelly and low against your neck, grinding his half hard cock against your ass. He’d been thinking about you all evening, dying for a chance to get you as riled up as he was.
“Bucky, Steve is still here.” Your laughter quickly turned into a needy moan at the feeling of your boyfriend’s teeth sinking into your neck, metal fingers stalling against you. He had expected to reach the apex of your thighs and find a pair of pretty lace panties but when his fingers came in contact with bare skin instead, his lips pulled into a smile against your sensitive neck.
“No panties baby? Fuck, pretty sundress and nothing on underneath? It’s like you were plannin’ a fun evening.” Bucky teased, index finger dragging heavily over your exposed sex, spreading the wetness that had already begun to gather.
“Buck, Steve will be back any minute.” You squirmed, loving the feeling of his cock hardening against you, knowing it will be torture to have to go back to innocently spooning with his huge cock throbbing against you.
“Let him fuckin’ watch baby, I don’t care.” Bucky taunted, flesh hand coming up to wrap around your neck. A little groan escaped your lips at his words, making him raise an eyebrow. “Oh wait baby, you don’t like that, do you? You want Stevie to watch us?” Your eyes rolled back in your head as Bucky teased your clit with one finger, your head held back by his hand on your throat. “Answer me toots, you want Steve to watch us?”
You could only nod slowly, unsure if your answer would make Bucky upset but the little grind of his hips against your ass made you relax, knowing he was clearly enjoying it too.
“Naughty little bitch. You know, I don’t think Steve would handle just watching. Think he’s got a bit of a crush on you, toots. Was telling him earlier ‘bout that thing you do with your mouth, thought he was gonna beg me to let him feel it too.” His finger on your clit pressed a little more insistently, wetness beginning to cover your thighs. Sex with Bucky was always amazing but this was something else. “You wanna fuck Steve baby? Think he needs it bad. I won’t be upset if you do angel, I’ll be right there with you.” Bucky’s voice was a little softer and more sincere, his hand shifting from your neck to cup your breasts through your dress.
Everything was both too much and not enough all at once. The filthy grind of Bucky’s cock, the genuine offer of being shared between Bucky and Steve, the featherlight touches to your clit, all promising the best night of your life but not giving you enough to make it feel real yet. Your senses were completely overwhelmed with Bucky, his cologne and touches driving you wild, his filthy voice in your ear making you tremble against his barely moving fingers, still teasing your pussy.
“Need you to use your words baby doll, you wanna fuck Stevie, just this once?” Bucky asked quietly, resting his flesh fingers on your chin and pulling your head up so you were looking up at him. You could see how blown out his pupils were, how genuinely excited he was to share his best girl with his best friend for the night.
“You want this too, right?” You questioned softly, needing the confirmation before you could go any further.
“I do toots, don’t see why we can’t all have a little fun. God knows Steve needs it too.” Bucky chuckled lovingly at your concern, pulling you into a gentle kiss. The kiss was such a contrast from the filthy thoughts running through your head, making you clench your thighs together around his unrelenting metal prosthetic.
“Okay, if Steve is in, I’m in.” You breathed against Bucky’s lips, tearing a tiny moan from his throat.
“I love you, so much you know that?” Bucky all but groaned against your lips, pouring all his need into a kiss that had your head swimming.
“I love you too baby.” You whispered back, finding yourself rutting against his metal fingers that he had stopped moving, desperately needing his touch.
“God, so needy, aren’t you?” Bucky laughed quietly, spreading your legs a little wider so he could dip a finger into your slick hole. You let out a high pitched whine, trying to press yourself down harder to take more of him.
“Holy shit guys! Oh my god, I guess this is my cue to leave!” Steve gasped from the doorway once he realised what he had walked in on. He turned around, practically running for his coat, mumbling something about how you should have told him he’d overstayed his welcome, almost half way out the door before you and Bucky were able to catch up to him.
“Dude, sorry, we didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable!” Bucky apologised frantically, chasing after his best friend.
“No really, it’s okay, I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow, yeah?” Steve asked, reaching for the door handle, not able to hide the blush that spread across his cheeks.
“Stevie, stay. Please?” You asked softly, pressing your hand to the door over his shoulder so he wouldn’t be able to open it. You hadn’t given much thought to the practicality of this idea up until now, feeling absolutely tiny with Steve in front of you and Bucky behind you.
“It’s okay honestly, you guys have a fun night.” Steve laughed as lightheartedly as possible, trying his best to ignore the lump in his throat. Surely you weren’t suggesting what he thought you were suggesting? No, that could only be wishful thinking.
“We’ve talked about it Steve. If you wanna end your dry spell, we’re happy to help.” Bucky added, feeling like he needed to be absolutely clear about your intentions. You could see Steve’s Adam’s apple bob in his throat, cogs in his brain whirring a million miles an hour.
“You’re sure?” He asked after a second, looking mostly at you. After all, he’d seen all of Bucky before, it wouldn’t be a big deal seeing it again but it was different with you.
“Yeah Steve, whatever you’re comfortable with.” You nodded, offering a little half smile, calming his nerves more than you could ever know.
“Well… Yeah I guess that sounds…” He began, not really knowing how best to finish that sentence. You chuckled a little, reaching behind you to give Bucky’s flesh hand a quick squeeze before letting go and stepping forward, pressing your lips gently to Steve’s.
Kissing him was so different to kissing Bucky. Steve’s lips were fuller and softer, much more tentative than your boyfriend’s. Steve’s hands moved to cup your face, deepening the kiss after the initial shock wore off, tongue darting out experimentally against yours. His fingers shifted to your hair and you could sense how hungry he had become, need taking over as he pulled you flush against him, making you feel even smaller than before if that was possible. Before you knew it, his tongue was rolling against yours, fingers tangled in your hair like he just couldn’t get enough.
Eventually you pulled back, eyes fluttering open and connecting with Steve’s, his pupils blown so wide.
“You two have fun?” Bucky asked softly, taking a step closer to you, connecting his lips with the skin where your shoulder met your neck. You could feel how he was still completely hard from earlier, your little show with Steve probably didn’t help either.
“Loads of fun baby.” You half moaned as Bucky’s lips formed a seal, sucking a dark hickey into your skin. Steve looked wrecked already, reaching down to attach his lips to the exact same spot on the other side of your neck. Having both their mouths on you at once was absolutely incredible, two sets of teeth worrying your skin, two tongues flicking against the dark bruises they created.
“Don’t be scared to mark her Stevie, gotta make sure she remembers this.” Bucky hummed, barely taking the time to pull his lips from you. You let out a little moan, thighs clenching together to try to relieve the growing ache until Steve reached a hand between your knees.
“Keep ‘em separated honey.” He whispered, making you almost whimper at the use of such a sweet pet name falling from his mouth after it had made you feel so sinful.
“Bet she’s soaked by now, wanna check for me Stevie?” Bucky purred, watching Steve’s face excitedly.
“That okay honey, mind if I check for Bucky?” Steve quizzed and you nodded, your eyes fluttering shut as his hand trailed higher. “God, you’ve covered your thighs babydoll, makin’ such a mess for us.” He hadn’t even reached where you needed him most yet and he could already feel how wet you were. After what felt like a lifetime, he ran a finger slowly against you, starting at your clit and finishing at your practically dripping hole, teasing lightly around your entrance. The hallway was painfully quiet except for the wet sounds your slick made against Steve’s finger and the breathy sighs Bucky’s lips were pulling from you. “Jesus Buck, she’s soakin’ and we’ve hardly even touched her.” Came Steve’s appreciative hum as he began to dip his finger into you, just up to the first knuckle.
“Ah, more Stevie please.” Your little plea had his cock twitching in his pants, painfully aware that this was already so much better than he could ever have imagined.
“Since you asked so nicely honey.” Steve smiled, pushing gently until your body accepted all of his finger, absolutely obsessed with how easily he was able to glide into you.
“That feel better, hm? Like feeling full of Steve’s finger?” Bucky quizzed, gripping your breasts through your dress, thumbs running over your nipples.
“Need another Steve, gimme two.” You whined, rocking against a single finger just wasn’t enough.
“Don’t be greedy toots, we have plenty of time, don’t we Steve?” Bucky smirked, knowing it would be absolute torture for you to get a little taste of pleasure and then have it ripped away.
“Bucky’s right, we’ve got all night and right now, I’m just dying to feel that thing Bucky says you do with your mouth.” Steve hummed, pulling his finger out of you and sucking it into his mouth.
“Living room toots, go make Stevie comfortable, yeah?” Bucky smiled quietly in your ear before he headed off in the direction of your bedroom. You were practically dizzy with want, distraught that you weren’t going to be touched for who knows how long but truth be told, you were dying to see what Steve was packing. Your mind had wandered there more times than you would care to admit over the years you had been friends so you couldn’t help but feel excited about getting to find out if your suspicions about his size were correct.
You took Steve by the hand, leading him to the living room and pushing him back down into the armchair, settling at his feet on your knees.
“You look so pretty like this honey, on your knees in that cute little dress. Know how worked up you are. Promise I’ll take care of you soon yeah? Buck and I will look after you.” Steve’s voice was almost a whisper as your hands moved to undo his belt and pull his pants and underwear off. His cock was absolutely perfect, almost as perfect as Bucky’s. They were pretty much the same size but you guessed Steve was probably a little longer and Bucky a little thicker. His tip was slick with precum already, shaft slightly curved, veins standing proud against his skin. You mouth watered imaging how he must taste, your tongue darting out along your bottom lip while you stroked him leisurely with one hand, watching his eyes squeeze shut and a needy moan fall from his mouth.
After teasing him a little, you leaned over, taking his tip in your mouth, tongue flicking to gather the bead of precum, earning you another little sigh from Steve. You couldn’t help how eager you were, sinking down lower to take more of him in your mouth, bobbing your head, making Steve grip the arms of the chair.
“Little slut couldn’t even wait for me? You want Steve’s dick that bad toots?” Bucky chastised, absolutely loving the sight of you sucking his best friend off.
“She’s bein’ such a good girl Buck, takes it so well.” Steve choked out, feeling your hand wrap around the base of his throbbing cock to stroke what you hadn’t taken in your mouth yet.
“Wanna test how good she really is? Have an idea.” Bucky smiled, raising an eyebrow at Steve. Steve’s face dropped when he glanced over and saw the hitatchi wand in his best friend’s hand.
“Fuck yes, like the sound of this already.” He breathed, pulling your hair out of the way so he could look down at you while you worked your mouth against him. The way you looked up at him with his cock still in your mouth could’ve made him cum then and there if he wasn’t careful.
“Okay toots, here’s how this is gonna go. You’re gonna keep playing with Steve. I’m gonna turn this on and use it on you. When you get close, you’re gonna tell me.” Bucky knelt down on his knees beside you, making sure you were looking at him while he gave his instructions. He wasn’t quite sure if you nodded or if you were simply bobbing your head for Steve’s pleasure but either way, he knew you had heard him, pressing the ‘on’ button on the wand before running it up your thigh and under your dress, making sure it was pressed against your clit. The vibrations were good but not enough, making you press yourself down harder on the cool tip of the wand.
“Ah ah ah, no, focus on Steve, this isn’t about you.” Bucky chastised. Steve had been watching you intently since he first heard the gentle hum of the toy starting up, knowing your face would be an absolute picture. You took one look up at Steve, doing your best to ignore the throbbing between your legs and took as much of him in your mouth as you could, feeling him hit the back of your throat. Steve’s groan echoed through the room, hips bucking against your mouth.
“Such a good girl. So proud of you.” Bucky cooed, stroking the back of your head, pushing you down just a little harder before pressing the button on the wand that turned it up a speed. The moan that was ripped from your throat made Steve almost tremble, the vibrations travelling up his cock deliciously. The toy moved through your slick folds, making your legs shake before Bucky returned it to its spot over your clit, rubbing it gently from side to side. Your orgasm built quickly and you reached out to Bucky, gripping his thigh to warn him you were close.
“Good girl.” He purred in your ear, pulling the toy away right before you were able to fall over the edge into blinding pleasure. You whimpered a little but started to fuck Steve with your mouth as quickly as you could, hoping it would either provide a distraction or please Bucky enough to make him return the toy and let you cum.
“Shit honey, wet little mouth feels amazing.” Steve all but cried, hips bucking off the chair to meet your mouth. Satisfied that your orgasm had been torn away from you, Bucky returned the toy between your legs, rubbing it in a circular motion this time. The change in sensation on your already sensitive bud was almost too much. Your pussy clenched around nothing, wetness almost certainly dripping from your core onto the carpet beneath you at this point but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care.
“Do that thing baby c’mon, know Stevie will love it.” Bucky beamed, excited to see Steve’s reaction. Eager to please both men, you pushed Steve down almost to the base of his cock before you gagged around him, Steve hissing at the sudden tightness of your throat constricting around him.
“Bucky, I can’t.” You whined, pulling off Steve, a string of saliva connecting the tip of Steve’s cock to your lips. Bucky gripped your face with his metal hand, his flesh one pressing the wand even harder against you.
“You can and you will. Come on toots, you can do it.” He soothed, guiding your head back down over his friend’s cock. As you sucked on him, getting ready for a second attempt, you felt your orgasm build again. You almost thought about not telling Bucky but you behaved, giving him enough warning to pull the wand away in time.
“So pretty like this, look so pretty for me. Feels fuckin’ incredible. Your mouth was made for this honey.” Steve praised, stroking your hollowed out cheek with his thumb, giving you the confidence to try again. You took him slower this time, the ache between your legs not fuelling you just as much given that the vibrator had been taken away. You managed to force your head down to his base, your nose nestled in his neatly trimmed hair, sucking in deep breaths through your nose. Once you were confident you weren’t going to set off your gag reflex, you flattened your tongue out as much as possible, the tip lapping gently at the super soldier’s balls, his whole cock buried down your throat.
“Oh Jesus, fuck.” Steve grunted, dying to fuck your mouth but holding back for your sake.
“Good girl, such a good girl, I knew you’d be able to do it. So cute with your mouth stuffed full of cock. Look at the mess you’ve made of Stevie, huh? Pretty mouth making him crumble. Can’t blame him, feels fuckin’ amazing when you do that. You gonna keep going? Pretty sure he’s close doll, swallow everything he gives you now won’t you?” Bucky’s words were absolutely filthy before he placed the wand back between your drenched folds once more. Your tongue flicked against Steve’s balls and Bucky turned the wand up a speed. You almost came then and there, overwhelmed by the fact you had missed out on two orgasms already, deciding greedily you weren’t going to warn Bucky about this one. Your hips stuttered against the toy, ready to just take the pleasure and fall over the edge before Bucky pulled it away from you at the very last second.
“Stupid slut, you were about to cum weren’t you? You weren’t gonna tell me.” Bucky hissed, eyes dark and angry. You pulled off Steve, shaking your head vigorously, eyes teary and body trembling from so many spoiled peaks.
“Oh honey, you’ve been naughty. Come here, gotta be punished.” Steve was still the softer of the two, making you worry a little that it was him that had come up with a punishment, rather than Bucky. “Warm my cock for me. If the little slut wants to cum Bucky, what do you say we teach her that you need to be careful what you wish for.” Steve gripped your face in one of his huge hands. “How many speeds are on that thing?”
“Seven.” Bucky answered, eyes glowing with excitement, knowing exactly where this was heading.
“We’ve never made it past four. Oh god, I can’t handle the seventh.” You almost cried, tears threatening to spill over your waterline.
“Sure you can, you wanted to cum remember? Now you’re gonna have to.” Steve’s voice was eerily sweet and gentle, making it even worse.
“Traffic light system toots, gimme a colour.” Bucky whispered softly before letting you go any further.
“Green.” You nodded after a little consideration before moving to hover over Steve as he requested. His legs were spread wide as he positioned you exactly how he wanted you, your back pressed to his chest, your legs draped over the top of his so he could hold them apart.
“Gonna warm my cock for me honey? Gotta feel how your pussy clenches and drips when you cum. Bet it’s fuckin’ amazing.” His face was pressed to your neck, hands roaming your clothed body, making you feel so small against his huge frame. He reached between your thighs, gripping his aching cock to position it at your entrance, helping you slide down onto him. “Such a tight fuckin’ squeeze honey, oh god.” Steve was practically a mumbling mess, sloppy kisses pressed to your neck as he filled you up, eyes squeezed shut, every inch of him seated inside you. You could only whimper, knowing your loving boyfriend was watching, dying to be touched but enjoying the sight in front of him too much to really care. You squirmed against Steve, his huge arms holding you in place.
“Such a good girl takin’ all of Stevie like that, aren’t you toots?” Bucky teased, switching the wand on and upping it to the second setting, trailing the tip up the inside of your right thigh, giving a quick swipe over your clit then down your left thigh, leaving a trail of slick in its wake. The contact with your clit had you mewling, shifting your hips only to be reminded of how full you were. Your walls fluttered around Steve, making him groan sinfully, his short fingernails digging into your hips to resist the urge to pound into you and never stop.
“Look at you both, so fuckin’ needy. Don’t even know who’s enjoyin’ it more.” Bucky’s eyes were wild with excitement, running the wand back up the same path it had just taken, flicking it up a setting when it reached your sensitive nub. He didn’t hold it there for long, just enough to make you cry out, head falling back, exposing your throat to Steve.
“Ready for some real fun?” Bucky asked and Steve nodded in response, eyelids heavy, imagining what Bucky could possibly be about to do and the response your body could have. Bucky flicked the speed up two more settings and you whined before the cool silicone could even touch your skin. The vibrations were so intense as he circled around your needy pussy, rubbing everything but your clit. Before touching your clit, Bucky flicked it up once more, a single eyebrow raised at how powerful the sixth setting felt before pressing it directly to your clit.
“Oh- oh my god, no Bucky please, can’t take it.” You whimpered, eyes brimming with tears once more at the overwhelming sensations shooting through your entire body. You could feel your walls spasming against Steve, your thighs trying to close of their own accord but Steve’s huge hands on your knees kept them spread.
“You wanted this, remember? Thought you could cum without permission? Now I’m gonna make you, and Steve’s gonna get to feel how tight your pretty cunt can get.” Bucky’s words made you weaker, if that was even possible. You unwillingly started to rut against the firm head of the toy pressed relentlessly to your abused pussy, your body eager for release but your head telling you it was too much. Steve’s groans couldn’t be ignored either, every little shift of your hips or squeeze of your pussy drawing another deep rumble from his throat. You were so so close, held on edge only by the fear of how intense your orgasm would be when you finally surrendered to it. You could feel how wet you were, your pussy leaking, dripping your sweet nectar down over Steve’s balls.
“C’mon angel, give in.” Steve encouraged, grinding his hips against you, not that it was even possible to get his cock any deeper inside you than it already was, nudging against that sweet spot inside you perfectly.
“Can’t Steve, I can’t.” You sobbed, tears spilling down your cheeks.
“Fuckin’ make her Buck.” Steve grunted his voice losing its softness, clearly tortured by how badly he needed to feel you.
“Oh, gladly.” Bucky whispered with a fire burning in his eyes, upping the wand to the highest setting, rolling it against your swollen bud. That was all it took to send you head first into the most intense orgasm of your life, screaming your way through your release. Your head flew back, hips grinding mercilessly as you rode out your never ending high.
“Oh fuck yes, that’s it honey, squeezin’ me so fuckin’ tight, holy fuck this pussy is gonna be the death of me. Feels so fuckin’ good, better than I ever coulda’ dreamed.” Steve coached you through your high, Bucky groaning obscenely at the sight of his best girl soaking his best friend, evidence of your orgasm gushing from your pussy.
“That’s it toots, don’t stop now, ride it out for me, such a good girl.” Bucky whispered, rolling the head of the toy against you when he thought your orgasm was beginning to die down. You yelped from the oversensitivity, body almost completely limp and trembling in Steve’s strong embrace. After a few more seconds Bucky pulled the toy away, turning it off and discarding it on the carpet to give you a deep, needy kiss. It was all tongue and teeth, your pussy still clenching violently through the aftershocks around Steve’s cock.
“Did so fuckin’ well for us baby, thank you.” He whispered sincerely, ignoring Steve for a minute to take care of you. You could only nod weakly, that fucked out look in your eye driving him wild.
“Want you and Steve to finish.” You whispered, Bucky glancing over your shoulder at Steve.
“No honey don’t worry about us, you’ve been amazing already.” Steve smiled softly, kissing your shoulders gently.
“Please? Wanna make you both cum too.” You pleaded, drawing Bucky’s attention back to you.
“You sure toots?” Your boyfriend asked and you nodded. He gave you the most loving kiss, making sure you knew just how much he truly appreciated you in that moment.
“You’re nothing short of perfect, you know that?” Steve chuckled, lips connecting once more with the delicate skin behind your ear. You couldn’t help but smile, sucking in deep breaths to steady yourself, letting both huge men absolutely dote on you.
“Bedroom, baby?” Bucky asked quietly after a few minutes of them both indulging you in seemingly endless affection. You nodded happily, easing yourself up and off Steve’s rock hard member, legs stiff from being held open for so long, excited to get to lie down for a while. Your legs were wobbly, Bucky’s strong hands reaching forward to grab you, scared they would give out from under you.
“Hey, it’s okay, I got you.” He mumbled, scooping you up, heart melting at how you buried your head against his chest, craving his familiar touch. “Think Stevie is gonna have to go first honey, don’t think he can last much longer.” Bucky whispered quietly as you made your way to the bedroom, laying you gently on the bed. You pulled your dress up over your head, leaving you completely naked, earning a gasp from Steve.
“God, you’re just perfect.” He hummed, pulling his shirt off while Bucky undressed himself, leaving all of you completely naked. Steve took his time, slotting himself between your thighs, pressing you into the mattress with his fervent kisses, lips latching onto any exposed skin he could access. You could tell how badly he needed this after being tortured earlier, being nestled inside you but not able to fuck you how he wanted to. His eyes were almost glassy as his lips connected with yours, cock hard and rubbing deliciously along your soaked slit.
“You need it Stevie?” You whispered softly, feeling the bed dip as Bucky joined you, cock fisted tightly in his flesh hand. Steve could only groan in response, rutting against your soaked lips but not allowing himself to push inside just yet. “Then take it.” Your voice was barely audible over Steve’s needy gasp, your hand wrapping around him and guiding him to line up with your entrance. His hips moved entirely of their own accord, his huge cock stretching you out once more. He was filling you so full you were sure you could feel him in your tummy.
“So fuckin’ incredible.” He gasped, pulling out before thrusting back in, drawing wet noises from your pussy and breathy moans from all three of you. “Shit, honey, gonna fill you up.” His cock nudged beautifully against that sweet spot inside of you, making you arch your back against his body, loving the rhythm he was setting.
“How long have you wanted this Stevie, huh? How long have you thought about fuckin’ my girl?” Bucky looked stunning, leaning back on his metal arm, flesh one tugging his painfully hard, leaking cock. His abs rippled with each tight stroke, not yet chasing his high but certainly encouraging it.
“Too fuckin’ long Buck, shit, she’s better than I could’ve dreamed. So fuckin’ tight. Won’t be able to look at you in a pretty sundress again without thinkin’ bout you drippin’ down your thighs for me, Princess.” Steve was absolutely losing himself in his pleasure, grunts slipping freely from his lips when your walls fluttered around him.
“Fuck Steve I’m so close.” You managed to whine, fingers slipping between your bodies to rub your clit in harsh circles.
“Gonna make my girl cum Stevie? You’ll get to feel her milking your cock, God it’s amazing.” Bucky’s little taunts were enough to send you over the edge, keening against Steve as your orgasm took over. The hand that wasn’t working your clit gripped at Steve’s ass, pushing him as deep inside you as possible. Almost as soon as your high took over, Steve’s hips began to stutter, cum pumping into your tightening body. Steve practically roared as he came, pressing into that sweet spot inside you, making you see stars.
“So good honey, so fuckin’ good. Holy shit, little pussy is so greedy isn’t it? Wants as much cum as I can give you.” Steve groaned, rutting out the last of his high against you before pulling out, his seed dripping out of you. Bucky almost lost all coherent thought at the sight of Steve’s spend dripping from your body.
“Got one more in you toots?” He asked quietly, lining up at your entrance, swapping places with Steve. “Oh fuck, think it actually feels even better fuckin’ you after Steve, you’re still fuckin’ clenchin’ baby. You’re just eager for more cum, is that it?” You could only whimper at his words, pressing your hips up to try to push him inside you. He chuckled lowly, gripping his cock, pressing to your cum- covered hole and sliding in effortlessly. He could only bite his lip, trying not to cry out at how good it felt to fuck you with your hole already full of Steve’s cum.
“Feel so good Buck, god I love your cock.” You whined, keen to help him establish a good rhythm.
“Know you do babydoll, you take it so well. This pussy is a dream you know that? Think ‘bout nothin’ else. And now you’ve got Stevie hooked too.” The wet sounds coming from where your bodies joined were nothing short of obscene, his strokes were so long, pulling almost entirely out of you before slamming back in. Steve watched excitedly, getting to just experience what went on behind closed doors in your house. Your chemistry was so evident, your bodies knowing exactly how to please the other. Your eyes were squeezed shut, focusing on containing your third orgasm until Bucky was ready. You could tell from his groans that he wasn’t far away, the extra slick added by Steve’s load dragging him closer to his own peak every with every thrust.
“Bucky, can’t hold it. Needa cum.” You gasped, he had been nailing your sweet spot with every single thrust, your pussy fluttering around him, ready to milk every last drop of cum from him. Bucky reached up, taking your face in one of his hands, making you open your eyes.
“Cum for me toots but don’t look away. Wanna see those pretty eyes.” He cooed, speeding his thrusts just a little to that pace he knew had you crumbling every time. Your fingers clawed at his back, your lips screwed up into a perfect ‘o’ shape, curses and whimpers of Bucky’s name flowing from you before he stilled, shooting another load inside you.
“Fuck, that’s it, milk my cock toots, such a good girl, love you so much.” He whispered, the look of complete pleasure on your face only fuelling him to cum harder. By the time Bucky had pulled out, you had already began to laugh quietly to yourself.
“What’s so funny?” Steve quizzed, Bucky flopped back on the bed looking spent, chest glittering with a thin sheen of sweat, metal hand running through his hair.
“That was good.” You chuckled, drawing a little smile from Bucky and Steve.
“Yeah it was, wasn’t it.” Bucky sounded so relaxed, still half coming down from his mind blowing high.
“Absolutely no complaints here.” Steve agreed, just glad that things weren’t awkward now that the lust had worn off.
“Same time next week?” Bucky suggested. You and Steve both glanced over at each other before simultaneously lifting pillows, whacking the squealing super soldier.
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