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myavengersimagines · 17 hours ago
Chapter One: Snakes & Ladders
Tumblr media
Description: You're on holiday with your Mafia boyfriends Bucky and Steve, but the weather leads to you all having a miserable time. Bucky and Steve come up with a great idea to pass the time whilst they wait for the sun to come out.
Word Count: 3.2K
Warnings: Smut, Use of nicknames (Princess, Doll, Baby, Daddy, Good Girl, Sweetness), F/M/M, Mafia AU, Mob AU, cockwarming, BDSM elements, Dom Bucky, Dom Steve, minor mentions of violence, under 18s dni
Notes: Every decision made during this fanfiction is made using snakes and ladder board, random number generator and coin flipping generator. I wanted to try and make every option as random as possible to see where the story is going to lead to. I have already generated all the numbers for the entire snakes and ladders game, so now I'm just filling in the space around it.
Part Two >>
When both of your Mobster boyfriends offered to take you away on a stunning vacation to a secluded beach-side Villa on a remote Island, you hadn’t particularly imagined that it was going to raining for close to a week straight. Instead, you had imagined the feeling of the sun beating down on your skin whilst Bucky used his skilled hands to rub lotion into your skin, taking great care with every inch stay still; we don’t want your beautiful skin to burn and blister, doll he’d warn with so much tender longing in his voice. Then you’d be carried into the sea by Steve’s strong arms. He’d dunk you underwater, kissing you beneath the surface and make you completely forget about your need for oxygen.
Crack. The deafening sound of thunder came from the skies overhead following by the blinding lightning that always followed. You found yourself narrowed your eyes as you glared out the glass windows of the villa, watching as that tranquil sea that you desired was a deathly black colour crashing with a foamy substance against the shoreline, stretching far out and almost meshing into those dark rainclouds over the horizon.
There was almost this feeling of guilt that was brewing inside of you. Almost. At first, you had come to terms that everything that was happening was completely out of their control; however, it was easy for them to slip back into work mode. It felt as if there was nothing else that could be done, so Bucky and Steve had found themselves getting more and more invested in work back in Brooklyn, having these long phone calls ordering Natasha and Sam to take care of business whilst they were away. It was when Steve hadn’t joined you both for dinner one night whilst speaking to the Odinson’s that you felt this resentment growing; you were all supposed to be enjoying this vacation together without worrying back home.
It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you had maybe binge-watched almost everything on Netflix. Back home in Brooklyn, Steve and Bucky kept you busy with escorts to gala events, parties and meetings that you hadn’t had time to even glance at a TV, but it appeared that this vacation was the perfect time to catch up on all those shows that you friends had gushed to you about.
Every now and then, either Bucky or Steve would duck into the bedroom, check that you’re doing alright or if you needed anything, if you were lucky, they might even snuggle up beside you and start asking mundane questions about these shows Who is that? Why are they doing that? Who killed him? That’s not the best way to dispose of a body… Until finally, you ordered them to leave, and they did with a smirk and a playful smack on your rear.
It was difficult for both Bucky and Steve to see you this upset. This vacation was something that you had been looking forward to since they had given it to you as a gift for your birthday. It was a whole three weeks of their undivided attention, sunbathing and snorkelling, eating good food and just being together. If there had been any other problems, they would have been able to solve them with a snap of their fingers, but the weather was an unruly mistress – not dissimilar from their beautiful partner.
In all their wisdom, Bucky and Steve had even charted a private plane to take you off the Island to another sunnier destination. But, the airport soon put a hole in their plans as the weather conditions were too bad to fly anywhere. So Steve and Bucky took out their frustration on the poor pilot and had literally beat the messenger, leaving him a bloodied mess on his own private jet before leaving to ice their knuckles and try and decided what their next option could be.
An afternoon of mauling over ideas of how to turn this vacation around had led them to come to a brilliant solution. Bucky sauntered through the quiet Villa, hearing the sound of voices coming from the bedroom, leaning against the doorway and watching you curled up in the centre of the bed with your eyes fixed on the screen. “Doll…” His voice was gentle, but it caught your attention immediately. “We got a little surprise for ya~” Bucky stuck his tattooed hand out before him as an invitation. “Come with me.”
This invitation seemed to pull a hefty sigh from your lips as you remained unmoving on your bed. “Can I just watch the end of this episode first?” You gesture to the screen across the room. A sense of anger burned with Bucky’s chest as his dangerous blue orbs lingered on your lump in the centre of the bed. Ever since this vacation had turned sour, Bucky noticed a change in their usual good girl as you acted more defiant and abrasive than usual. It wasn’t a good look on you, and it wasn’t something that either he or Steve would allow for much longer.
Even though your eyes remained fixed on the screen, you could hear Bucky shuffling around the room behind you. “I’m sorry, Doll, but made that sound like a request?” He was standing beside the bed now, and you could feel your body locking up in fear of his wrath. You opened your mouth to argue before you saw that look on his face, and it made your blood run cold before you quickly snatched the remote and shut off the TV without a second thought. Then, with a clumsy clambering, you climbed from the bed and stood beside Bucky with a kind smile on his features, hoping to subside his anger. “Good girl~” His voice was a low grumble as he leaned down to peck your forehead in a tender way.
“Now, I understand why you’ve been so grumpy.” His voice was thick as he cupped both of your cheeks in his hands, causing you to have to look up into his loving blue eyes. “This wasn’t the vacation that any of us wanted. Doll, I wanted to watch you flaunt around in all those bikini’s that we brought, but the weather Gods had different ideas.” Bucky said with humour to his voice, and you took your opportunity to let out a soft giggle.
At that wonderful sound, Bucky couldn’t help but let out a dreamy hum and muttered in a soft voice. “There’s our pretty girl~” His voice cooed in an adoring way. “Stevie and I’ve been neglecting you, hmm?” Then, leaning down, Bucky’s soft lips brushed against your jawline, leading all the way up until your ear. “We got a surprise for you. I think you’re going to like it a whole lot.” Then nipping at your earlobe in a playful way that made you squeak before suddenly shrieking as Bucky lifted you with ease and threw you over his shoulder, and carrying you through the Villa.
The sounds of your displeasure to be carried sung throughout the entire building, and it only made Steve grin madly as he spotted Bucky rounding the corner with you thrown over his shoulder. “Did our girl show some resistance?” Steve rose from where he was sitting across the plush couch and drew his arms over his chest in an expecting kind of way. “Oh, no…” Bucky said before dropping you onto the couch opposite where Steve was standing and laughing as you bounced softly against the comfortable surface. “I just like carrying her wherever I go~”
A deep scoff came from Steve before he responded. “You’re gonna spoil her, Buck.” Then gazing down at you as you pulled yourself to an upright position and looked over at Steve. Just the look of you made him want to melt on the spot; it was only now that they had come to the decision that they had neglected you on this vacation. It didn’t matter if the weather wasn’t on their side. That certainly did mean they were allowed to leave you high and dry. “Did the punk tell you about our little game?” Steve rose his brows at you, and you felt your stomach clench in wonder and intrigue before shaking your head.
Then they both gestured down to the coffee table between the two couches, and a firm frown set on your lips as you saw the board game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ laid out on the table. “This a game for babies.” You muttered coldly before crossing your arms over your chest. You scornfully found yourself already hating their idea of theirs and found yourself wishing that they had just left you to your own devices and allowed you to continue binging Netflix.
“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong~” Steve chose to ignore your petulant tone with a big grin spreading across his cheeks. “This is a much more adult game of Snakes and Ladders, baby…” Then he reached down onto the table and picked up a stray piece of paper resting beside the board and held it out in your direction for you to accept. “You give that a read and then decided if you still want to throw a tantrum.” The writing was neat and legible, meaning that Steve had certainly written it, though some of the vernacular used was certainly that of Bucky’s. These rules were a joint effort.
Game Rules
- For the entirety of the game, Princess must remain seated on one of Daddy’s cocks.
- If a player lands anywhere on a ladder space, they will roll for a reward.
- If a player lands anywhere on a snake space, they will roll for a punishment
- There is NO cumming permitted during the game. If these rules are not met and a player orgasms, then they will roll for a punishment.
- Any gloating, teasing, tempting or brattiness will result in a punishment roll
Princess Rewards
1. Thrust(s) (roll for the number of thrusts, then roll for the intensity of the thrusts)
2. Hair pulling
3. Praise
4. 10-second touch (1-2 Daddy Stevie touch, 3-4 Daddy Buck touch, 5-6 Princess touch)
5. Dirty talk
6. Marking
Princess’ Punishment
1. Spank(s) (roll for the number, then roll for the intensity)
2. Humiliation (1-3 decided by Daddy Stevie and 4-6 decided by Daddy Buck)
3. No rewards for 2 turns
4. Teased
5. Vibe on clit for 30 seconds
6. Edge
As you came to the end of the rules, you found that your mouth had become increasingly dry whilst your bikini bottoms that you were wearing as panties were becoming more soaked by the second. For a moment, you wondered how they might have come up with this idea, but you remembered the type of minds you were dealing with. It took you a second to truly accept that this was all true, opting to re-read the rules a few times over before finally looking between both Bucky and Steve. “Does that sound more fun than just a stupid game of Snakes and Ladders, doll?” A tender nod came from you before Steve urged. “Use your words, baby.”
“Y-yes, sir.” Those were really the only words that you were able to form, and it made both of the men beam a smile at one another, truly enjoying this moment. It gave them this great sense of power and joy, knowing that they could short-circuit your brain in such a way with only a piece of paper and some dirty threats.
With a soft clearing of his throat, Steve responded. “I’m glad to hear that, sweetness~” His voice purred as he rounded the coffee table and pinched your chin softly between his thumb and forefinger. “Now, we are gonna need you to be a good girl and think of some rules for your Daddies too, hmm?” Steve hummed, and he leaned down at her lips, slipping the paper from her hands and turning it over to the blank side. “We’re gonna need 6 rewards and 6 punishments. It can be whatever that beautiful mind of you can dream up~” He urged, slipping a fancy looking pen into your fingers.
The two of them observed the way that your hands trembled as you began to jot down your rules. Bucky hummed as he watched your write in beautiful lettering. Whether it was messy or neat, it came from you, and that drove Bucky wild. He loved nothing more than receiving little love notes from you, finding them hidden around rooms with dirty little promises and secrets hidden between the pages.
It didn’t take long for you to begin to fill the page with all these ideas and promises of what you wanted both of these incredibly handsome men to do to you and wanted you wanted to do to them in returning finding yourself feeling this slight part of cynicism as the tables turned. Now it would be completely up to lady luck, for, however, would get rewarded or punished.
Daddy’s Rewards
1. 10 seconds of ball play
2. Make out with Princess
3. Thrusts (roll for the number of thrusts)
4. Begging from Princess
5. Edge Princess (roll for the number of times edged)
6. Expose boobs for the next 2 turns
Daddy’s Punishments
1. Edge
2. Princess has no punishments for 2 turns
3. Teased
4. No moaning for 3 turns (punishment roll for failing)
5. Princess gets to watch Daddy’s make out
6. Throat fuck other Daddy
It took you a couple moments, and you spent your time reading the words you had written over and over, wondering if they seemed fair compared to what Bucky and Steve were about to put you through. There was two of them you needed to try and turn the odds in your favour somehow. “I’m done~” You sung softly, looking across to the other couch where both Bucky and Steve were lounging now, holding out the paper for Bucky to snatch from your hands and begin reading it, trying to hide the smirk on his face.
They made soft humming noises, nodding their heads and looking at one another in small moments. It kept you completely on edge as you gulped softly and awaited your fate. “You like them?” You asked with a soft and vulnerable edge to your voice as you perched yourself up on the couch. “We love them, doll.” Bucky answered with certainty, “Now, what are you just sitting there for? Clothes off.” Again, you were reminded that Bucky didn’t request anything. No, instead, they were thick commands in your direction.
Without any hesitation, you clambered up from the couch. You began to tug at your clothes, throwing your sundress to the ground and pealing your bikini bottoms down your legs, watching as they fluttered the ground with a telling wet spot in the crouch. A tender blush pulled at your cheeks as your eyes fluttered up to Bucky and Steve, both undressed now along with you, their taut and primed bodies exposed to your greedy eyes, muscles wound tight and cocks’ firm and ready between their muscular legs.
“You are a sight to behold.” The warm voice of Steve seemed to drag you away from taking in every inch of their skin to memory and looking at him with a smile pressed to your lips. “Are you going to be a good girl and let us know who’s cock you want to warm first, baby?” He asked with genuine curiosity to his voice. It seemed like whenever you were forced to decide, you between our two men, that you became a bashful mess, and it appeared this time wasn’t going to be any different either.
There was this look of inner conflict that was pulling across your features, eyes darting from one member to the next and licking your lips all the while. Steve’s cock was long and hard, angry red tip that was practically dripping with pre-cum from how he had clearly worked himself up whilst creating their little game for you to play. On the other hand, Bucky was equally as hard but visibly thicker than Steve being just that shorter in length, soft pink tip that was glistening from his arousal. “Do you want us to flip a coin, beautiful?” Steve offered in a kind way to put you out of your misery.
“Yes, please.” Your voice was breathless in response, rubbing your thighs together softly as Steve reached onto the table and slipped the coin from the surface, flipping it into the air with ease and calling competitively. “Heads.” As it flipped once, twice and three times before landing on the rug beneath the coffee table with the outcome tails pointing upright. This filled Bucky with a great sense of accomplishment from doing almost nothing at all. Of course, it was 50/50 odds, but Bucky still felt as if he had won the jackpot.
The brunette held his hand out in front of him, and you stepped around the coffee table and took his hand. Bucky tugged you close in the next second and took hold of your waist, turning you around and slapping your ass, making you squeak aloud. “I hope that you’re ready for tonight, doll, ‘cause I’m not giving this damn game up until I win.” His voice was filled with venom as he tugged you down onto his lap.
The way that Bucky was able to manoeuvre and manhandle you to being in the exact position that he wanted you in always left you feeling more like an object than a person – not that you were complaining. You sat with your back, his taut chest, legs spread over his thighs, and cunt stretched deliciously over his cock, spreading your walls in a way that almost brought little crocodile tears to your eyes but instead made a mewl spring from deep in your throat.
“Does that feel good, sweetness?” The sound of Steve’s brought you back to reality for a moment. “Does it feel good having your little cunt spread wide of Buck’s big cock?” His eyes flickered down to the apex between your legs to see the way that Bucky’s cock was nestled deep inside of your cunt and humming as he licked his lips. “Jesus, if I weren’t so sure I’d get a good in that pussy later, then I’m sure it’d make me jealous,” Steve muttered, making Bucky smirk and pepper a few kisses against your shoulder lovingly. “Now, ‘cause you’ve been such a good girl whilst we’ve been on this vacation, we’re going to let you roll first.”
Reaching forward, Steve dragged back the coffee table so that it was closer to them all, within reach even with you perched on Bucky’s lap. He picked up the die in hand and placed them in your open palm. “What do you say?” He urged softly, and you squeaked. “Thank you, Daddy~” At the moment, it was difficult to focus on really anything other than the way that Bucky cock was spreading your walls in such a wonderful way. Still, you clutched the die in hand and allowed it to spring from your hand, tumbling a few times on the board before coming to a dead stop.
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sebastianstansqueen · 20 hours ago
The King And His Queen 11
A/N: I Know this part is a lot shorter then the others, feedback is always appreciated if you want to be Tagged, either send an ask or comment on this or click on Taglist open.
Wordcount: 654
Warnings: Fluff, bit of angst, Wanda being a little rude i think that's it let me know if its not
Masterlist //  Taglist open // Series Masterlist
Tags: @cherryblossomskye - @babylooneytoonz - @wonderlandfandomkingdom - @miraclesoflove - @amelia-song-pond - @lharrietg - @austynparksandpizza -
Tumblr media
The next day you were ready to go to Wanda’s dinner again for breakfast with Brooklyn again, not even thinking about the guy from yesterday, you walked down to the main floor after waking Brooklyn up and helping her get ready for the day. Bucky had been in the kitchen making breakfast, like normal. “Hey where are you two going?” He asked.
“Oh we were gonna go to Wandas for breakfast again.” You said.
Bucky frowned. “Sorry but I don’t want to take any risk with Brock.”
“It’s alright so what are you making?” You asked.
“Egg’s but since you both are awake now, I’ll make pancakes.” Bucky said as he started getting out stuff for pancakes, Brooklyn sat at the counter pouting. Bucky looked at the little girl. “What's wrong?”
“I wanted to see aunt Wanda and uncle Pet today.” She said with a grumpy face.
Bucky sighed thinking for a minute. “They can come over while I’m working today.” He told her.
The little girl perked up. “Yay!” You smiled at the young girl, minutes later both of you had plates with eggs and pancakes, your small family falling into small conversation. After breakfast you called Wanda, while you, Brooklyn, and Bucky watched one of Brooklyn cartoons.
“Hey.” Wanda answered, sounding cheary as usual.
You smiled. “Hi, um I and Brooklyn really wanna see you later or soon.”
“Um yeah you can come to the dinner any time you want you and Brooklyn are always welcome.” She answered.
You frowned, noticing Bucky look at you out of the corner of your eye, you pulled the phone away from your ear and mouth. “Don’t worry.” He nodded once, turning back towards the tv. “Um I’ll explain when you come over but I can’t go to the diner because of something.”
“So Barnes is doing this again.” She said irritated.
Your eyebrows furrowed. “What? No this has nothing to do with Bucky, well sort of kinda but it’s mainly to do because of his work.”
“I’ll see you later, Barnes better not be there when I come over.” She hung up.
You leaned your head against the back of the couch. “You alright?” Bucky asked.
“Wanda’s being kind of a bitch at the moment.” You sighed. Eventually, Bucky went to his office to do some work, soon after Wanda came into the living room with Pietro, You smiled. “Hey.”
“Hi.” They said at the same time.
Wanda turned toward you. “So why does Barnes not want you to come to the diner?” Wanda asked.
“Remember that guy I was talking to yesterday?” You asked.
“Yeah, what about him?” She asked.
“Well turners he’s not a great guy.” You told her.
Wanda rolled her eye’s. “The man you live with isn’t…” She cut herself off when the guard by the elevator door glared at her she gritted her jaw. “Perfect.”
You now rolled your eyes. “Wanda, Bucky’s not like that guy, the guy at the diner, was most likely spying on me or something.”
“Why?” She asked.
You turned to her.“Whoever gave me my amnesia is probably plotting to do something again.”
“Oh my god, I wasn’t even thinking about the possibility of Walker-” She was talking but spots started taking over your vision. “Oh, my god.” Wanda said with shock as you fell back onto the coach. “Peat stay here with Brook.” Wanda was taking the stairs two steps at a time getting to Bucky’s office, she burst through the door.
“Maximoff this better be good.” He said already annoyed with her presents.
She was breathing heavily. “Y-Y/n passed out on the couch lucky.”
Bucky’s eyes widened getting out of the leather chair and bolted out of the office, and down the steps to the living room just as he got to the couch your eyes were opened. “Y/n, are you okay?'' he asked.
“I remember everything.” You told him truthfully.
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angrythingstarlight · a day ago
How would Bucky be if he was controlling the reader’s vibe while they’re out in public? I’m wondering if he would try to make her cum as much as possible or if he would want to edge her. Also would he do it as a punishment or is it just something they wanted to try 🤔
Depends on which Bucky and he's soft!dark or not. Let's go with mafia Bucky.
Tumblr media
He would have you sit on his lap while he's in one of his meetings.
All eyes on him because no one wants to get caught looking at you.
You're wearing his favorite skirt with a garter around your thigh. Your legs draped over his thick muscular thighs.
Bucky leans back in his tall leather chair, pushing your head back on his chest.
On the table beside his gun and a few photos is a tiny remote.
He slides his hand down your thigh, plucking the band of the garter while he pretends to listen to one of his henchmen talk about an a problem with one his warehouse.
Your break, the one you begged him for, is almost over.
You watch with anticipation, your nails digging into the soft arms of his chair, as he reaches for the remote.
Bucky rubs his beard across your throat, you feel him smile when you shudder. He's already made you come three times, each time better than the last. Each time in a roomful of people who have to pretend that they don't hear your whimpers and moans.
Bucky places his hand on your belly, spreading your legs at the same time. Oh fuck, oh fuck, he's bracing you. Out of the corner of your eye, you see his lips turn up into a smug grin. His dark blue eyes glance at your face and he turns the dial. All the way up.
Vibrations ripple through your sensitive cunt, your entire body is on fire as sensations surge through you. Your head hits his shoulder and you keen. A throaty low wail that gets higher and higher as the toy stretches your walls, the soft tip sweeping over your clit over and over.
Bucky and his men talk around you while you fall apart. You try to close your legs but his powerful thighs keep them open. Bucky pins your hand to the chair when you reach for your pussy. "Please, please, fuck."
He slaps your cunt with his ringed hand. "Dont be rude, doll. I'm trying to have a meeting." His deep voice, taunting and cold.
Another sharp slap has you crying out, your eyes rolling back as you drown in the bliss crashing into you. "Forgive her." He states to the room. "She's usually a good girl."
You can't even feel embarrassed because you're so close, so fucking close.
Bucky lowers his lips to your ear. "I hope you enjoyed your break, its the last one you'll get all day."
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Can I enlist some help to help me find the writer to Notorious cause one day I was like reading or the next I couldn’t find it I really loved it. It went on hiatus for a bit but I still loved just rereading it and I can’t remember what the writer name was.
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angrythingstarlight · 3 days ago
Hello! I just read your story “Dressed all in white”, and I love it. I was wondering if you could make a part 2 to it. If you can that would be amazing. If so please and thank you.
That's one of my favorite one shots. If you have a specific request I could do a drabble but I have no plans for a part 2. Thank you for reading.
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fanficsonthebrain · 4 days ago
Mafia!Bucky x Reader Master List
all Mafia!Bucky fics I’ve reblogged and recommended!
Tumblr media
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If you could have two Bucky's from any of your fics fist fight each other, who would it be and who would win?
I would love to see HFY!Bucky and Black Serpent!Bucky fight. 😜
They both have gangs, but they're completely different.
HFY!Bucky comes from the military and is in a biker gang. And then BS!Bucky was just raised on the dark side of the streets.
If it was truly one on one, I think HFY!Bucky would win. 😬
But it would super fucking close.
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imaginedreamwrite · 5 days ago
Love Like Ours: Part 1
The arrival back at your dad’s place in Jersey was briefly swept under the rug due to the impending meeting between Jersey and New York, the panel that brought your father to an image of edginess and unease.
“Don’t worry about your father,” your stepmother tried to ease your frustration, “he’ll be done his meeting soon.”
The meeting, to have a discussion.
“I’m going to let him know I’m back,” you defy your stepmother, knowing that she won’t say anything to you, not when you had just gotten back from your trip.
“Y/N,” Pepper spoke in protest, but you were already gone.
You moved from the front foyer through a set of doors that led to the meeting rooms with specialized locks and glass that prevented stray bullets, if any were fired, from causing too much damage to the rest of the house.
You knew exactly where your dad was, which room in the ‘business wing’ he was in, as he’d spent many hours tucked in that room. He would be having his favourite scotch or gin on the rocks in his crystalline glass that was always rimmed with some unique salt added to the drink.
He would be leaning back in his leather office chair, either with his drink in his hand or his phone, or both.
But if he weren’t in his chair, he would be sitting on the leather lounger in front of his desk; one leg crossed over the other. He would be blasé about whatever was being spoken to him, looking disinterested but listening nonetheless. He would take in vast amounts of information while looking bored as if that was his specialty.
He was looking bored while listening to everything.
“Y/N-“ your father’s guard, one of his top-tier security guys, tried to stop you from entering the room, speaking about the meeting before the meeting.
As if you cared. As if you cared that they wanted to stop you.
“It’s fine.” You turned the handle and slipped inside, the click of the door as it shut behind you, raising eyebrows but not ceasing the meeting of the minds.
You wordlessly moved toward your dad, watching him sit on the lounger with his hand covering half his face, his eyes closed, and his favoured glass of gin in his hands. You approached him and sat on the left side of the lounger, one of his brown eyes peeking open to gaze at you. His lips twitched, possibly about to crack into a grin before he went back to being focused on what one of his cronies was saying.
You looked equally as bored, mindlessly gazing at the pictures on the wall and the deep rich mahogany bar that housed his favourite drinks, the smoking corner in the back of the room that was just a few poker tables that allowed for a series of bets to be placed after the talking was over.
“How long have you been stuck here?” You mumbled your question, earning a stare from your dad following the rolling of his eyes.
“Almost two hours,” he grumbled, and you snort, laughing under your breath. “Regret calling them here.”
“A meeting for a meeting?” You raised an eyebrow and crossed your arms over your chest. “Dad-“
“No,” he cut you off and cut you down, “you know how I feel about that-“
“I am an adult I should be able to-“
“We are not discussing this now.” He snapped, his brown eyes flashing in a warning.
You both raised your voices, ending the droning of his crony and bringing the meeting to an end. You stood with aggravation; your eyes narrowed into a particularly venomous glare. You didn’t understand why your father was still treating you like a child, despite him having an actual child, your stepsister, to take care of.
“We aren’t discussing this ever.” You crossed your arms over your chest, willing to act like a brat to get the mere chance to sit in. “You have this business, and you won’t let me sit in. “
“These men are dangerous, Y/N. And you are my daughter-“
“One of your daughters,” you snapped, “and you treat Morgan like more of an adult.”
“Morgan is a child. No one would touch a child.” Your dad countered, remaining seated, but his gaze was focused on you.
“Right, so the actual adult gets treated like an infant?” You rolled your eyes and started walking away from his men and the lounger he was still sitting on. You’d almost made it to the door when your father’s voice stopped you.
“Y/N,” he called, “you’re going to be nowhere near the meeting when they arrive. Do I make myself clear?”
You stood rigid, steadfast and not giving him a verbal answer, but instead choosing to walk out of the room with the door slamming behind you.
** **
James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes was not afraid of Anthony Edward Stark. The entire reason for this meeting was to make bonds, to join sides against the little fucker hiding behind an army of men in Philly, and to create a sense of people between the two families.
The meeting was arranged by Steve, who at times was much more sociable than Bucky was. The forum was intended to be held in New York at his estate, but after Stark refused and offered Jersey instead, Steve took the invitation.
He didn’t ask questions, he wanted to keep the peace, and for whatever reason Stark had for not leaving Jersey, Bucky knew it wasn’t a threat or an ambush.
“This place is nice,” Scott, one of Bucky’s crew, albeit high ranking, piped up when they stepped through the door of the estate and were welcomed into Stark’s home.
“He’s married,” Clint mumbled under his breath, taking note of the precise feminine touch that ripples throughout the room.
“Are you the best New York has to offer?” A voice crooned from the left, drawing Bucky’s attention to a young woman who appeared to be pulled from one of Raphael’s most intricate paintings of women, the craftsmanship speaking ethereal comparisons to the woman to his left.
“What’s with the attitude, sweetheart?” Bucky licked his bottom lip, his blue eyes studying you from head to toe.
He’d seen women naked who didn’t look half as sensual as you were, wearing a calf grazing skirt and a button-down blouse with a gold belt.
The look was simple, yet it was enough to steal his breath. Bucky was no stranger to women, but…there was just something about you.
“I’m not your sweetheart,” you moved from the left, your hands tucked behind your back, “I was just under the impression that you were some devil in human form.”
Bucky grinned and laughed. He tilted his head and looked you over again, admiring the build of your calves that only gave him a peek of skin yet sent a rush through him.
“Who are you?” He asked, shoving his left hand in his suit pocket while his right fingers fiddled with a cigarette.
“If you’re going to smoke, take it outside. Not everyone wants to die from secondhand smoke.” Your gaze narrowed in on the cigarette between his fingers.
“Sorry doll,” Bucky lifted the cigarette and placed it between his lips, “you’re pretty, but I don’t take orders from wide-eyed dames.”
You were unimpressed and unyielding. You crossed your arms over your chest, bringing attention to the wealthy protrudent swells of your breasts and the pursing of your lips, making the red lip stain seem even more attractive.
“If you do business as you flirt, Mr. Barnes,” you sneered, “then you must not have many prospects.”
Bucky chuckled, the cigarette between his lips bouncing. “How is it that you know me, but I don’t know you, gorgeous?”
You opened your mouth to speak, only to snap it shut immediately after.
“Y/N!” Your name was hissed. “Your father told you not to be anywhere near-“
“Killjoy.” You rolled your eyes and turned on your heel, walking away from Bucky without casting a single glance back at him.
“You’re Stark’s daughter,” Bucky called after you, putting the pieces together. “Where’s he been hiding you, sugar?”
You stopped and looked over your shoulder. It was your turn to look him up and down, starting from his crafted Italian boots and suit to the smirk on his face and his amused blue eyes.
“Away from dogs like you.” You turned away and brushed your hair off your shoulder. You placed your hand on the railing snd start up the stairs, Bucky’s attention solely on you. He watched you walk up the stairs slowly, teasing him even if you hadn’t meant to. He watched you until you got to the right side of the hallway, and then when you looked down at him with your left hand resting on the wooden rail, Bucky lowered his cigarette and sent a wink your way.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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navybrat817 · 5 days ago
I know you have a TON of fics you're working on (and we thank you for that!), but I hope you write more mafia Bucky and Steve in the near future. Seriously love your work! ❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi, lovely anon. I appreciate it! Have no fear. They are on my list. I have a third part to my Play universe in the works. And I may write a different Mafia AU based around these asks. ❤️
Thank you, love and happy reading! ❤️❤️❤️
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lokiscollar · 6 days ago
Taking care of mob!bucky when he’s sick. Making him stay in bed even though he says he’s fine and can go into work
Tumblr media
From the moment Bucky woke up, he felt absolutely horrible. You were already awake, sitting out on the balcony with a cup of coffee. It took Bucky a while to get out of bed, but he managed to walk outside and take a seat beside you, shivering.
“Buck? You don’t look so good,” you spoke, setting your coffee down.
“I don’t feel good but I have to go in today. I’ve got a meeting-“ Bucky started to say but you were already shaking your head.
“No. Nope. Not happening. C’mon,” you said, standing up and taking his hand to lead him back inside.
“Babydoll, I can’t stay home,” he whined, coughing into the crook of his arm.
“Yes you are. Get back in bed,” you pointed, closing the balcony door behind you.
Bucky grumbled as he did so, though you knew he secretly wanted to be babied. Every time he got sick, you were there to help him. Pulling the comforter over his body, you knew exactly what to do. The cough meant he needed Vicks. The shivers meant warmth. You left the bedroom and went downstairs to the kitchen, grabbing a couple bottles of water and some snacks. There was no way you were gonna leave him, even if you risked getting sick.
Walking back in, Bucky had the large television on, playing his favorite guilty pleasure. He loved the Godzilla movies, something no one else but you knew. It was actually one of the things the two of you bonded over. Setting the water on the nightstand, you kisses his forehead and went to the bathroom. In there, you grabbed the Vicks and some DayQuil before leaving.
“Shirt off, Buckaroo,” you smiled as you walked over to the bed. Taking a seat beside him, he sat up and pulled his tee off. Leaning against the headboard, you put some of the gel on your fingers and proceeded to rub it on his chest. He sighed softly, watching you.
“You know this isn’t necessary,” he said, making you narrow your eyes.
“Are you saying you want me to stop?” You asked, tilting your head and halting your hand.
“I didn’t say that,” he smiled.
After you were done, you climbed into bed and sat against the headboard. Bucky laid between your legs, his head resting back against your chest and your hands brushing through his hair while he watched the movie. Every once in a while you would hear his soft snores, making you smile.
You loved these soft moments, even if he wasn’t feeling good. And you knew he loved them too.
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buckysslutyfics · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Mob!Bucky x reader
Warnings: fluff
Summary: bucky just wants to go home and have his doll in his arms.
A/N: this is my first fic so please show some support. And please give feedback about anything I did wrong or need to improve please.❤
     James Buchanan Barnes, he was the most feared man in New York. But behind closed doors he was just a big softie. Only for his best girl he was anyway. Nobody gets to see that side of him except you. Of course he was rough with you on some occasion, like in bed, or when he lost his temper around you because he had a long day. But you would always find different ways to calm him and soothe his nerves. Like today.
      James had been on edge all day today because he found out some enemies stole some of his newest shipments of drugs and other supplies. He wasn't really mad about his stuff being taken, he was really just pissed he had to be ripped away from his free time with his best girl. He had been yelling at his men left to right just because he was in a bad mood.
     Now, finally he gets to go back to his lovely home after a long day and hold his doll in his arms. He had been waiting for this as soon as he left you earlier in the day. But now he is relieved that he gets to go home and rest with you by his side.
      As soon as he walked into his home, he ran straight up to your shared master bedroom. When he saw your small frame laid down on the massive bed his heart melted.
     You were sitting there reading your book when you heard him come through the door. When you saw him you got up from your current position on the bed and ran into his arms. 
 He had been gone all day so why not
  "Hi doll I missed you so much" he said into the crook of you neck "I kinda had a long day" He kissed your lips softly and put you down.
"Hi baby I missed you too" you said as you led him into the bathroom to shower away his long day.
    You both sat in a comfortable silence as you waited for the shower water to warm up. As soon as the water was warm enough you helped him undress as he did you and you both got in. Making sure to wash away all of his day and kissing all of his tense muscles in his body. 
    After you both got out he wrapped you in a fluffy towel and carried you back into the bedroom. After drying off he you down on the massive bed, lit some vanilla scented candles and massaged your entire body starting with your back side.
 "Mmm James this feels so good" you said. He hummed in satisfaction at the sounds of your moans as he massaged your shoulders. 
   This was his favorite part of his day coming home and being entirely at your mercy, he would lay the world at your feet if you asked him too. All because he loved you that much. 
        After he got finished with massaging the front of your body you were completely relaxed and tired. Bucky laid next to you and pulled you to lay on top of his chest. Both of your fully naked bodies are laid out relaxed and ready to go to bed.
 "I love you James more than you know," you said sleepily. "I love you too doll" he said smiling to himself.
      After coming home to you his whole world felt complete. He would have it any other way and neither would you. You are so foolishly in love with him it's so hard to stop. Every moment you spend with him there's a smile on your face, and you can't wipe it off.
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stevesbestgirl · 7 days ago
A Moment of Your Time - Part 19
Mob!Bucky x f!Reader (2337 words)
Warnings: reader drops an f-bomb, thats pretty much it
Series Masterlist - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 🔥 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 🔥
A/N: Happy mafia Monday everyone! This chapter isn’t super exciting, but it’s important for character development. Things will spice back up next part and we should be getting a peek at some dark!Bucky soon!
A few more days ticked by without incident. You knew you were distracting Bucky from his work, so you’d been working diligently on your orders to stay busy. When those ran out, you began working on your own designs, needlepoint, and reading every book you’d brought with you. It was a little tiring, but if you weren’t busy, you’d distract Bucky, who was all too eager to be distracted by you.
You weren’t sure if it was a soulmate thing or if it was because it had been so long since you’d been touched, but you felt pulled to Bucky like a magnet. You couldn’t seem to stop yourself. Bucky had missed the latest episode of “The Amazing Mr. Malone” because of you. Five minutes in and you’d been pressing kisses to his neck and fiddling with the buttons on his shirt.
Staying busy seemed to be working so far, but it was making you feel cooped up in the apartment, so you’d decided to take a walk each morning. This morning you had strolled around a couple of city blocks with Peter at your side. If you were being honest with yourself, you felt safer around Clint, but Peter’s easy chatter made him better company. And according to Bucky, there hadn’t been a peep from Rogers since the incident at his home, so you didn’t feel as nervous.
The walk had also served as a distraction, since the weekend had finally arrived and you were nervously anticipating card night. Wanda had come up to let you know that she was hosting the ladies and you’d spent most the morning fussing over which of the new dresses you were going to wear after a small batch of them had been finished the day before.
“Okay, last one,” you chirped, marching back into Bucky’s office. “Is this the best one or am I just desperate?” You blushed when you caught sight of an unfamiliar man in one of the chairs across from Bucky, “I’m sorry.”
“No need to apologize, doll,” Bucky chuckled. “This is Stephen Strange. It’s about time you two met anyway.”
You raised a hand in an embarrassed greeting, “Nice to finally meet you.”
“A pleasure,” he flashed you a brief smile before returning to his conversation with Bucky.
Bucky held up a hand, his gaze still on you, “Hang on.” He appraised the dress you were wearing, “You’re right, this is the best one.” He sent you a smile, “I’ll be out for lunch in a few minutes.” Your stomach danced at his eyes on you; you’d both been in good moods, but Bucky seemed particularly excited about card night.
You took that as your cue to give him a minute, so you left, busying yourself in the kitchen with lunch. When Bucky joined you fifteen minutes later, his good mood appeared to have disappeared, his expression looking sour just long enough for you to notice.
“What’s wrong?” Your fingertips brushed his arm as he leaned against the counter.
“Nothing, sweetheart.”
“Bucky,” you urged.
“Got bad news,” he grunted.
He heaved a sigh, “Rogers is moving people around in the field again. Nothing aggressive, but enough to keep an eye on.” He clenched and unclenched his fingers, popping his knuckles, “Got me worried he’ll try something again.”
You bit your lip, “Is now a bad time to tell you I wanted to go to the library today?”
“I’ll make time to take you, doll, don’t worry.” He said not to worry, but it was obvious he was stressed.
“I can wait, Buck. I know you wanted to finish work early for tonight.”
“No, no, you shouldn’t have to wait for me-”
“Or Peter can take me,” you suggested. “We were fine this morning.”
“That was before I knew Rogers was out and about,” he insisted.
“And we were still fine,” you said soothingly. “I trust Pete, he’s good at his job.”
He ran his hand up the back of his neck, “I don’t know, sweetheart.”
“We’ll been gone for two hours tops,” you promised. You rinsed your hands in the sink and dried them off before sliding them under his jacket, “You won’t even know I’m gone.”
He chuckled, the tension in his shoulders loosening a little as his hands trailed over the curve of your hips, “I wouldn’t go that far. I miss you when you’re in the next room.”
“Well, if I get some more books, I can curl up in your office with you and keep you company,” you teased.
He sighed, “Fine. But no more than two hours. I’ll come out looking for you myself.”
You smirked, “That a threat or a promise?”
He pulled your hips into his, his voice low, “You wanna find out?”
An hour later, you slid into the Roadmaster and Peter drove you to the library. Wandering the stacks, you plucked book after book from the stacks, the stack in Peter’s arms growing taller with each pass.
When you were satisfied with your choices, certain they would hold you over for a while, Peter toted them up to the counter for you. The clerk gave Peter a stern look over the stack, “Sir, we have a limit. You can’t borrow more than five books at a time.”
You started an apology, moving in to narrow down the pile, but Peter reached across, blocking your path. He’d pulled a card from his pocket, sliding it across the counter and speaking softly, “I can have Mr. Barnes check them out himself, if you prefer.”
Clearing his throat, he began stamping the books, “That won’t be necessary, my apologies.” He noted the library card you’d put on top of the stack and handed it back, “Enjoy.”
Once you were out of earshot, you laughed, “I’m gonna have to remember that trick.”
Peter grinned sheepishly, “I usually try to solve those problems without it, but the boss said we’re on a time crunch.”
You laughed, “Maybe a self-inflicted one. I told him we would be fine.”
He brandished the stack of books, “I’m putting these in the backseat, but I’ll bring them inside when we get there.”
You grinned guiltily; Bucky’s men were quickly catching on to your tendency to be stubbornly independent. “I can carry my books, Peter.”
“Maybe you can, but Mr. Barnes would kill me if I let you.”
Blowing out a sigh, you rolled your eyes, gaze falling on a small bakery a few shops down. You could pick up something to bring something to Wanda’s tonight.
“Peter, I’m just popping into this shop really quick!”
“Y/N, wait! Come to the car with me first!”
But you’d already opened the door, the little bell tinkling overhead. You felt guilty ignoring Peter, but you could see the car from here.
Leaning in to appraise the display, you breathed deeply. The smell of fresh bread and confectionary sugar was thick in the air. You dimly registered the bell as you gave your order to the girl behind the counter, who bustled into the back.
“Looking for something sweet, sugar?” You blood ran cold as a large hand settled on the glass next to you, blocking your path to the door. Your breath hitched and Rogers chuckled, “I know I was. But imagine my surprise when I see your sweet, little self walking in.”
You felt frozen to the spot. You wished nothing more than to go back in time and wait for Bucky to take you to the library instead. Remembering Peter outside made you breathe a little easier and as if on cue, the door tinkled again and you heard Peter barrel inside, “Step away from her, Rogers.”
“If she wants me to go, she can ask me herself.” You could hear the smirk in his voice as he challenged Peter to do something about it.
“Get away from me.”
“Oh, looks like my little kitten found her claws, huh? Strange, I seem to remember you promising to be good.”
“I’ll show you claws when I burn your fucking house down.” You stamped backwards, wishing you’d worn the heels Bucky had bought you.
Rogers cursed and the shop girl returned from the back, pastry box in hand. The girl froze and you stepped away from Rogers, closer to Peter, who had his hand on his hip.
“I-Is there a problem?” The girl was nearly trembling, her eyes locked on Rogers.
“No, no problem here,” you said firmly, handing over cash in exchange for the box. “Keep the change,” you added softly. The poor kid deserved it.
You were proud of how you’d handled yourself, chin tipped up as you wheeled around, but Rogers caught your arm, muttering low, “If Barnes thinks his little puppy dog can protect you, I’ve got some bad news for him, kitten.”
You hardened your gaze, “Peter isn’t the one you need to worry about. Bucky will tear you apart.”
He smirked, “I’d love to see him try.”
“Keep your hands on me another second and I promise you will.”
His grin widened, but he released your arm, slowly pulling his fingers from your skin. Peter ushered you out of the shop, but you kept your strides even and purposeful; you weren’t going to have Rogers thinking you were running away.But once the car had left the curb, you dropped your head into your shaking hands.
Peter seemed just as eager as you to get home, no doubt ready to give Bucky a full report. You tried to dismiss him after he dropped your books off, but he insisted on waiting to report to Bucky. You were at least talking to Bucky first; you weren’t going to have Peter getting in trouble because of you.
You pushed his office door open and he spoke without looking up, “Back in an hour-fifteen. Were you scared I was gonna come after you, doll?”
Chuckling weakly, you sat across from him, “Not exactly.”
His head rose, eyes searching your face, “What’s wrong?”
You fidgeted in your seat, “We ran into Rogers.”
His hand clenched into a fist, “I knew it was too risky to send you out without me.” He was out of his chair in a second, running his hands over your arms, “Did he touch you? What happened? And where’s Pete?”
“Peter insisted on waiting to talk to you, even after I tried to send him home. And I’m fine.” You knew it wasn’t exactly convincing when your hands were still trembling. He captured one of them and squeezed.
Taking the seat next to you, his gaze was soft, but his voice firm, “Walk me through what happened.”
“We left the library and I wanted to stop at this little bakery. Rogers came in behind me.”
“Wasn’t Pete keeping watch?”
“Peter was putting my books in the car for me.” He tensed and you added quickly, “He was just outside and I walked away from him. Not his fault.”
Bucky chewed the inside of his cheek, displeasure barely simmering below the surface, but he nodded at you to continue. You laid out the conversation, leaving out your threats- you were a little embarrassed by your words now.
He mulled it all over, finally nodding, “Alright. Send Pete in.”
“He’s not in trouble, is he?”
Bucky’s nostrils flared, “You don’t need to worry about it.”
“Bucky! It was my fault! And I’m sorry!”
“Believe me, we’re gonna talk about that. But it’s his job to protect you, even if you don’t make it easy for him.”
“You can’t-”
“I can.” His voice was hard, but under control. Not like when you’d argued before. “Doll, I’ve made a lot of adjustments for you. But I need you to let me run my business.”
That stung a little bit. Clenching a fist in your lap, you stood, “Fine.”
You expected him to call you back as you left, but he didn’t. When you glanced back, he was still standing where you’d left him, arms crossed and looking broody.
You sent Peter in and grabbed one of the new books, taking up residence on the sofa while you waited. You weren’t actually retaining any of the words; you were sulking and you knew it.
When Peter emerged a little while later, his face was impassive. If it had been anyone else, you would have said they were fine, but Peter was usually so expressive. A tendril of guilt snaked it way into your stomach and you mouthed an apology as Bucky’s steps followed him down the hall.
You buried your nose back in your book as Bucky saw Peter out and strode into the living room. He leaned against the arm of the couch silently until you finally broke and looked at him, surprised to see a slight smile on his face.
“You didn’t tell me everything, doll.” Your brow furrowed and he chuckled softly, “Did you really tell Rogers you were going to burn his house down?”
Instantly, your face felt hot, “Peter told you that?”
“And that you also said I’d tear him apart if he didn’t keep his hands off you.”
“Was I mistaken?”
He sat on the edge of the couch next to you, “Course not. But it’s still cute.” He laughed, “I can’t picture it, say it again for me.”
“It’s not funny! It’s because I’ve been spending so much time with you!”
He smiled, “It’s because you know I’ll protect you.” That much was true; you trusted Bucky to keep you safe. He sobered, “But I can’t do that if you don’t listen.”
“I said I was sorry.”
“I know you are, sweetheart. We’ll talk more about it later.”
“What did you do to Peter?”
“Pete is off guard duty until I feel he’s ready.”
“That’s it?”
“That’s it.”
You bit your lip, feeling a little guilty now, “Thanks.”
He smirked, “As much as I wanna take the credit, I didn’t do it for you, doll. If I can’t keep you reined in, I can’t expect Pete to, can I?”
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buckylove123 · 7 days ago
Her secret part 16
Mob!bucky x reader
TW- angst, PTSD, mentions of violence and sexual assault, swearing, bullying, alcohol abuse, anxiety, nightmares, mentions of child abuse (I think that’s everything!)
You’d been obsessing over what had happened between you and Bucky for the past few days, constantly replaying it in your head and doing everything in your power to avoid discussing it with him.
Tommy was at nursery, and you should have been doing some work. Instead you’d spent the morning staring at your phone, secretly hoping that Bucky would call you.
You finally gave in and began looking through the stack of paperwork that was currently spread across your table, when your phone began to ring.
“Hello.” You answered almost immediately.
“Hello, could I please speak with Ms. Y/L/N?” A voice sounded through the other end.
“That’s me.” You were secretly disappointed it wasn’t Bucky calling you, but did your best not to show the disappointment in your voice “how can I help?”
“It’s Mrs. Naylor here, I’m Tommy’s teacher at nursery.” She said politely.
“Is he okay? Did something happen?” You began to panic.
“He’s absolutely fine Ms. Y/L/N.” She reassured you “but I was wondering if you could come in so we could talk? There have been a few issues I’d like to discuss with you.”
“Oh...yes of course.” You began to run through possible scenarios in your mind, Tommy was always extremely well behaved so you found it hard to come to the conclusion he was in trouble. Maybe he was falling behind on his class work? But how much work could a 4 year old have?
“Perhaps you could come in for around 2pm?” The woman interrupted your train of thought.
“That’s fine.” You kept your voice calm “I’ll be there.”
“Great, I’ll see you then Ms. Y/L/N.” The woman said kindly before hanging up the phone.
You dialled Bucky’s number as soon as she’s hung up the phone.
“Hey Y/N.” He greeted as he answered “is everything okay?”
“I...I think so.” You said with a tone of uncertainty “are you free at 2pm?”
“I’m supposed to be dealing with a...situation.” Bucky said delicately “but I’m sure Steve can handle it if you need me.”
“Tommy’s teacher just called asking me to come in and speak to her, she didn’t say what it was about.” You said anxiously “I just thought you might want to come.”
“Of course I’ll be there.” Bucky said softly “I’ll pick you up around 1:30?”
“Thanks James.” You were relieved he would be with you, not wanting to deal with whatever it was alone.
You had 45 minutes before Bucky would be picking you up, so decided to attempt to make yourself presentable for the meeting with his teacher.
After a quick shower you blowdried your hair, before swiping on some mascara and dabbing on some concealer in an attempt to hide the bags under your eyes. You pulled on your favourite mid length sundress and slipped into some comfortable sandals before grabbing your purse and leaving the apartment to wait for Bucky to arrive.
Bucky was pulling up in his Range Rover as you stepped out of your building. Your heart skipped a beat when he got out of the car to walk around and hold your door open for you.
He looked good, like always. He wore a navy blue suit with a white button down, his designer sunglasses shading his eyes and his signature rings on his fingers. You tried not to stare, and instead thanked him for opening to door for you.
“You look beautiful today Y/N.” He said as he took his place in the drivers seat “just like you always do.”
“Thank you.” You couldn’t help the blush that crept it’s way onto your cheeks “I hope I haven’t taken you away from anything important at work?”
“Nothing will ever be as important to me as you and Tommy.” His voice was soft “you’re both my priority, work comes second.”
There was a time when work was all Bucky cared about, and you were lucky if you got to see him for more than an hour at a time. You could see that he was working on becoming a better person. You missed him, you missed being a family.
“James?” You spoke up once you were around half way there “I wanted to talk to you...about the other night.”
“Sure.” Bucky tried not to show how nervous he was “what is it?”
“I...well I wanted to thank you for being there for me and Tommy through everything.” You said softly.
“It’s my job sweetheart.” Bucky responded “you’re the most important people in my life.”
“I was thinking that maybe...maybe we could try again?” Your voice was quiet “If you still want to I mean.”
“Of course I want to darling!” A huge grin appeared on Bucky’s face “are you sure?”
“I’m sure.” You nodded “but I want us to take it slow, maybe go on some dates and figure things out from there.”
“Whatever you want angel.” Bucky reached over for your hand, planting a kiss to your knuckles “thank you for giving me another chance Y/N...I won’t let you down.”
When you arrived at Tommy’s nursery you began to feel anxious, worrying about what could have possibly been happening that would warrant a meeting with his teacher.
You fiddled nervously with your fingers, a nervous habit of yours. Bucky clearly noticed, taking your hands in his and rubbing soothing circles on your skin in an attempt to calm you.
“Ms Y/L/N?” A voice sounded from behind you.
You promptly turned around, met with the sight of Tommy’s teacher who had a polite smile on her least until she noticed Bucky.
“Oh...Mr.Barnes sir...” her voice was shaky “I wasn’t aware you’d be coming too.”
“He’s my son isn’t he?” Bucky snapped “why wouldn’t I be here?”
“Of course! I’m so sorry if I caused any offence.” The teacher stammered “please forgive me...would you both follow me this way?”
You followed her down the corridor and into a small conference room, your hand still planted firmly in Bucky’s.
“I wanted to talk to you about Tommy.” She said once you were all sat down.
“Is he okay?” You asked “is he in some kind of trouble?”
“There was an incident today with another child.” The woman spoke cautiously.
“What happened?” Bucky demanded.
“He pushed a boy called Gabriel over...after we’d spoken to both children it turned out that Gabriel had been making some...comments that Tommy found upsetting.” She explained.
“What kind of comments?” You asked.
She eyed Bucky nervously before clearing her throat and speaking.
“It was about the nature of Mr.Barnes’ work.” She finally said.
Bucky fist clenched under the table, something you immediately noticed.
“And what did this kid say exactly?” Bucky’s voice remained calm.
“I’d rather not go into details...” she said politely.
“I asked a fucking question.” Bucky spat.
“James!” You turned to him “don’t speak to her like that, she’s just doing her job!”
“What did he say?” Bucky demanded again, ignoring you completely.
“I...I don’t want any trouble.” The teacher had fear written across her face.
“There won’t be any trouble if you answer my fucking question.” Bucky’s jaw clenched, he was become more and more frustrated.
“Get out James!” You finally shouted “if you won’t have an adult conversation you can wait outside.”
“Of course Y/N.” Bucky turned his anger on you “treat me like a piece of fucking shit as usual.”
“I want you out of here whilst we have this conversation.” You said firmly “if you don’t leave I’ll call the police myself.”
“You’re fucking pathetic.” Bucky spat “I’ll just wait in the car then.”
You didn’t speak again until bucky had left the room.
“I apologise for his behaviour.” You addressed the teacher “it’s truly inexcusable, and I’ll be telling him that.”
“Please don’t apologise Ms. Y/L/N.” She looked much more at ease now bucky had left.
“I would like to know what Gabriel said to Tommy.” You spoke up again.
“Of course.” She nodded “it may be upsetting...and I would ask that you do your best to stay calm.”
“Of course.” You nodded.
“It would appear that Gabriel started by informing Tommy that his father is a murderer and criminal, as you can imagine Tommy found this incredibly upsetting...but he didn’t retaliate until....” She spoke slowly, as if she was waiting for something terrible to happen.
“Until what? Did he say anything else?” You asked.
“He also said...and please excuse me saying this...but he said that you were his fathers whore, and that he had lots of other women and children besides the two of you.” She took a deep breath after she’d finished speaking.
“I see.” You held back the tears threatening to form in your eyes “I’m assuming he didn’t come to these conclusions on his own.”
“His parents have been called in.” She said softly “apparently Gabriel was listening in on a conversation between his parents without their knowledge...I think it would be best if Mr. Barnes wasn’t aware of that part...I don’t want anything to happen to Gabriel’s parents.”
“It will stay between us.” You reassured her.
“Thank you.” She said kindly “the parents have been informed that we won’t tolerate that kind of behaviour, and they’ve assured me it won’t happen again. Gabriel has been suspended for 2 days, but we do also need to discipline Tommy for his actions.”
“I’ll speak to him this evening.” You said calmly “regardless of what the other child said he shouldn’t have been violent...he needs to know that.”
“Thank you for your support Ms. Y/L/N.” She smiled kindly at you “and please accept my apologies that this situation ever happened.”
“Children can be cruel.” You let out a sigh “what happened was out of your control, but thank you for your apology. Will Tommy also be suspended?”
“That would be the usual procedure.” She nodded “some of the staff are slightly concerned that we may face some retaliation from Mr. Barnes if Tommy were to be suspended.”
“You don’t have to worry about anything like that.” You quickly responded “If the other child has been punished it’s only right that Tommy should be too.”
“Thank you for your support.” She let out a breath of relief “Tommy will be suspended for the rest of the week, on his return we’ll organise a meeting with Gabriel so they both have the opportunity to apologise to eachother.”
“Would you mind if I go and have a word with his father before I come back in to collect Tommy?” You asked “It’s only fair he be aware of the situation.”
“Of course.” She agreed, rising to her feet and leading you out of the room.
“James!” You shouted as you approached the car “you’re an absolute fucking-“
The words died in your throat when you saw him sat in the car, his forehead resting on the steering wheel as tears streamed down his face.
“James?” Your voice was quieter now.
“I’m so fucking sorry Y/N.” He spoke through tears “this is all my sons getting a hard time at nursery because of both deserve deserve so much better.”
You didn’t know what to say, instead sitting beside him and taking his hand in yours.
“You were right.” He spoke up again “you were right to keep him away from me, I’ll end up ruining his whole fucking life because of this stupid job.”
“James you need to calm down.” You kept your voice soft, rubbing circles over the back of his hand.
“What if I end up like my dad Y/N?” His voice cracked as he finally looked you in the eye “I don’t want him to hate me.”
“You’re nothing like your father.” You reassured him “he was a terrible person, he hurt you. You’d never hurt us, we both know it.”
“I shouldn’t have shouted at his teacher like that.” Bucky spoke again “I was just so angry, I don’t want anyone to ever upset him like that.”
“I know you were angry, I was angry too.” You continued rubbing circles over the back of his hand “but what you did back there was completely unacceptable, she didn’t deserve that.”
“I know, I know that.” He nodded, wiping away his tears with his free hand “I’ll go in and apologise, I just need to sort myself out first.”
“Tommy’s been suspended.” You blurted out “for the rest of the week.”
“Okay.” Bucky nodded “we’ll have a proper chat with him tonight...we’ll talk about everything.”
You noticed immediately the way the teachers face fell when she saw you re-enter with Bucky by your side, who now had his sunglasses covering his eyes so nobody would know he’d been crying.
“Mrs. Naylor.” Bucky strode towards her.
“Y-yes sir?” She trembled “I’m sorry about the suspension...we...we don’t have to go ahead with it. I’m so sorry if you’re angry Mr. Barnes.”
“I wanted to apologise for my behaviour.” Bucky said sincerely “you were just doing your job and I made it a lot more difficult for you, I was in the wrong and I hope you can accept my apology.”
“Oh...of course.” She stammered out “it’s no problem at all.”
“I also want to reassure you that we’ll be speaking with Tommy and making sure he knows his behaviour was unacceptable, it won’t happen again.” Bucky spoke again.
“Thank you Mr. Barnes.” She composed herself enough to speak without stuttering as she ushered you both down the corridor towards your son.
Tommy remained silent for the duration of the journey back to your apartment, staring at his lap and ignoring the presence of his parents.
When you pulled up Bucky offered his hand to help Tommy out of the seat, but he refused and instead waited for you to walk around to assist him.
“We need to talk Tommy.” You said once the three of you were sat on the sofa in your living room.
“Okay.” Tommy’s voice was quiet.
“I understand that Gabriel said some really nasty things to you, and he was wrong for that.” You looked at your son as you spoke “but pushing him was wrong, regardless of what he did you should never do that.”
“If someone says something upsetting you need to get a teacher pal.” Bucky interjected “you can’t be hurting people, it’s not right.”
“Okay.” He said quietly, tears brimming in his eyes.
“Is there anything you want to talk to us about sweetheart?” You asked, immediately noticing your sons distress.
“What’s a whore?” He finally met your eye, a curious look on his face.
“A whore is...well it’s a not very nice word.” You said cautiously.
“It’s a word for a woman who has lots of boyfriends.” Bucky interjected “it’s a very nasty word that nobody should use.”
“Is mommy a whore?” He asked.
“No.” Bucky said firmly, anger rising within him at the mere thought of anyone using that word to describe you “she’s most definitely not.”
“Why did Gabriel say that she was one then?” Tommy looked confused.
“Sometimes people will say things about people that aren’t true to try and be hurtful darling.” You said softly “if anyone ever says anything that makes you angry or upset you need to tell me or daddy, and if you’re at nursery you need to tell your teacher.”
“Okay.” Tommy nodded
“Is there anything else you’d like to talk about darling?” You asked your son.
“Does daddy really hurt people?” Tommy’s voice wavered as he spoke, tears finally beginning to fall “does he do bad things?”
“Your daddy’s job is...complicated.” You said calmly as you took Tommy into your arms “you don’t need to worry about it right now.”
“Daddy?” Tommy looked up at his father, silently pleading him to tell the truth.
“I’ve...I’ve done some things which are bad Tommy.” Bucky said cautiously “but I’ve changed now, I’ve changed for you and mommy.”
“Okay.” Tommy nodded slowly.
“I love you both more than anything in the world sweetheart.” Bucky reached over to wrap his arms around the two of you “and I’m sorry that you had to hear your friend say those nasty things...that shouldn’t have happened.”
“I love you too daddy.” Tommy snuggled into your embrace.
“You okay?” Bucky asked when he returned from putting his son to bed, noticing you standing in the kitchen staring blankly at the bottle of wine on the side.
“Yeah...yeah I’m fine.” You forced a smile on your face “how are you?”
“Feeling guilty.” Bucky said honestly “I feel like I’ve fucked everything up between us.”
“You shouldn’t feel guilty James.” You said softly “it’s not your fault.”
“I just want him to be happy.” Bucky sighed “I hate the thought of him being bullied.”
“Things were bound to be complicated for him, especially because of what you do for a living.” You realised once you’d spoken that your words were harsh.
“I’m sorry.” Bucky whispered.
“I wish things were different.” You took a step closer, taking his hand in yours.
“Does this mean things are over between us?” Bucky sounded heartbroken.
“I...I don’t know.” You answered “I just want what’s best for Tommy, I just want him to be happy and safe.”
“And that can’t happen with me in your lives?” Bucky asked.
“I don’t know.” You repeated “I genuinely don’t know anymore.”
“I should go Y/N.” Bucky said softly “I’ll give you time to think...just know I’ll be waiting...I’ll always love you.”
“I’ll always love you too James.” You whispered.
“I can’t wait forever sweetheart.” Bucky said after a slight pause “I need to know where we stand, if there’s even a chance we’ll get back together.”
You didn’t respond, instead turning away to face the counter as Bucky took this as his cue to go home, he gathered his things and left; you were alone again.
You sat crossed legged on your kitchen floor, wine in your hand as you thought about your history with Bucky.
You thought about your first date, how he’d bought you flowers and told you that you looked beautiful. You thought about your relationship, the nights you’d spend dancing around in the kitchen and laughing together into the early hours of the morning.
Then you thought about finding him cheating on you. You thought about the fact he’d left and never tried to come back. You thought about how you’d cried as you stared at the positive pregnancy test hiding in your bag.
You thought about how you were raped by Jacob, and how you were beaten by Pierce. You thought about the sleepless nights and the flashbacks, the crippling anxiety and the constant feeling of hopelessness.
You thought about how these traumas wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t got back together with Bucky, you thought about the possibility of these things happening to your son. You had to protect your boy, he was your priority.
You silently cried to yourself as you decided that you’d have to give up the love of your life to keep yourself and your son safe, your heart broke as you drank until you passed out.
You knew Bucky would be devastated, your final thought before drifting into unconsciousness being that you would speak to him tomorrow, at least then he could move on and be happy.
A/N- I’m sorry, this is the worst thing I’ve ever written🤣 I did contemplate deleting this part and starting it again but it sets out some important parts for the next chapters. Sorry again if it’s a massive disappointment!
Tag- @missingartist96 @vicmc624 @nefri-black @wanniiieeee @firedancer016 @madddiiee26 @misschino @what-is-your-wish @intothesoul @coffeebooksandfandom @kyn-lyn-blog @5jacobm5 @supremacybucky @aquamariene-me @heavenhatesme @spookyparadisesheep @juliesland @goodcleanfunsis @oceaniamaddness @impala1967666 @cap-just-said-language @austynparksandpizza @ironmansuucks @sebastianstansqueen @pineprincess @flawra16 @ximaginx @broadwaybabe18
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angrythingstarlight · 9 days ago
Run All You Want
Summary: Bucky told you that you can’t escape him, but that doesn’t mean you wont try. Too bad for you Bucky enjoys a good chase. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Soft Dark mafia!Bucky x reader
Warnings: Slight dub con, allusions to forced marriage, smut, 18+, violence (not towards reader) mentions of death, edging, Buckys pain kink, power kink, breeding kink, reader kicking Steve's ass
A/N: For @syntheticavenger who wanted to know what happened to the reader from Can’t Run, Can’t Hide. Unbeta'd if you catch an error let me know! Do not copy, repost, rewrite or translate my work, even if you credit it, I do not give my permission for my works to be posted on any other site. 
Tumblr media
Bucky pauses, holding the glass to his mouth, the rich bourbon cresting over his lip as his piercing eyes follow your fleeing form on the security monitors.
You stumble across the expansive front yard, heading for the black iron wrought gates at the entrance of his estate. Taking a sip of the rich amber liquid, he swallows, a hint of a wry grin twisting across his face. He finishes his drink,, watching you run further and further from the mansion. 
Bucky places his glass on his desk and looks over at your trio of bodyguards. Any hints of amusement fading away, the sharp, knowing look in his eyes making the men cower, he gestures for them to explain why you’re currently halfway across the lawn.
Maximo clears his throat, stepping forward. “Sir if you would let us stop her before she-” He snaps his mouth shut when Becky quirks a brow. Lowering his voice, he pleads, “Sir, I’m just saying we could prevent her from-” 
“Get Steve.” Bucky sharply interrupts. 
Maximo’s breath hitches, he opens his mouth but his half-formed protest shrivels on his tongue as Bucky slowly cants his head to the side. He drops his eyes to the floor, mumbling. “Yes, Sir.” 
Bucky dismisses them with a flick of his hand, turning back to the monitors, tracking your every movement. Maximo storms into the hallway, your other two guards close behind. He hits the wall with the side of his fist, hissing under his breath. “I told her to wait. If she would listen to me for once. Damn it.” 
What good is a bodyguard if you won’t let him protect you?
Tumblr media
After the door swing shuts, Bucky loosens his tie and shrugs off his suit jacket. Settling in his leather chair, he watches you run past the hedges. He slowly unzips his pants as you scramble over a shrub, stopping when your gown catches on a branch. He takes his hardening cock out of his boxers while you rip the bottom of the expensive lace to set yourself free. 
You turn your head, freezing when you see Steve running after you. Bucky slowly pumps his cock as you break into a sprint, almost falling into one of the newly planted rosebushes lining the driveway, the daisies you ripped from the ground are still in the driveway by the gardener’s truck.
You turn to the gardener, shouting for him to help you. He averts his eyes, focusing on the last remaining hole in the ground, clutching the thorny bush to his chest as you run past him.
Bucky sucks his bottom lip into his mouth, his chest heaving as Steve grabs you by the waist, pulling you back, your legs kicking in the air. Bucky leans forward, palming his swollen, leaking head, smiling proudly as you elbow Steve in the stomach, he loosens his grip on your squirming frame with a grunt. You rear your head back, slamming it into his nose, you slip out his hold and bring your leg back.
The ironic thing about your fiery nature is that had you been the sweet, submissive waitress he assumed you were, he would have sent you on your way with a hefty check and N.D.A. agreement months ago. 
But this, the way you fight him at every turn, is intoxicating. He can’t get enough of you.  Bucky loves how fucking feisty you are, in fact you’ve only getting more aggressive and it turns him on.
Buck twists his hand around his aching cock, panting as you kick Steve between his leg. He falls to his knees with a pained groan just as Bucky grunts, his eyes focused on your face. “Good girl.”
He twists and strokes himself furiously, moaning when you land a wild punch on Steve’s jaw before scrambling for the gardener’s truck. “Fuck, kitten.”
Steve hobbles after you, picking you up by your waist, roaring for you to stop. He flings your flailing body over his shoulder. Bucky releases his cock, staving off his impeding orgasm, he’s addicted to your tight wet heat, only wanting to cum inside you now.
He rests his head back, catching his breath as he hears Steve stomping towards his office, the door slamming open, rattling a few framed pictures of you as it bounces off the wall. 
He rolls up his sleeves to his elbows, chuckling while Steve tosses you on the couch by the French doors.
“Anything else, boss?” He asks evenly, glaring down at you, his cracked, bloody lips turning up in a thinly veiled sneer. 
You return his look with a pleased smile, scrunching your nose at him, savoring the sight of his scratched and swollen face. You wiggle your fingers at him. 
“No, you can leave.” Bucky responds dismissively. “Finish cleaning up her mess.”
The door closes behind his disgruntled right-hand man. A heavy, thick silence filling the office as Bucky stares at you.  Kicking off your shoes, you snort when one knocks over one of his expensive status. Bucky narrows his eyes at the crack forming along the side of the imported vase. 
“Whoops.” You smirk, ignoring the glowering mafia boss. You’ve spent the better part of the year learning how to push his buttons. Its the small things that give you joy, you think dusting off your tailored made night gown.
The sunlight glints off your ring, drawing your attention to your hand. Twirling the diamond band around your finger, your eyes flit up, searching his face for the jagged scar above his right brow.
That was one of your finer moments. Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend, they also make a handy weapon. You did warn if he grabbed your ass one more time, you were going to punch him. Because of you, he had to greet the mayor with a bandage over his eye, your minor triumph immortalized in every professional photo from that night. It was worth the spanking and the week long edging.
You glance down at the band, tempted to throw it away. Again. But the last time you did, he forced you to sit in the frozen grass in nothing but your bra and panties as protection from the frigid winds. Bucky had stood over you, wrapping his cashmere scarf over his neck, declaring, “you can come inside when they find it.”
The staff had sifted through the snow for two hours before they found your ring.
Two hours.
You’re not certain if you’re even legally married considering you refused to speak at the church. He took you in the middle of the pastor’s office edging you over and over until you relented and signed your name on the wedding certificate. 
Not that it matters now. 
You sit up, swinging your legs over the edge of the couch, stretching your arms above your head. “I’m hungry.” You mutter aloud before standing up.
“Who’s fault is that you missed breakfast?” He questions pointedly.
You shrug a shoulder, letting your gown fall to your feet. “Decided to go for an early morning run,” you quip, bursting into giggles. 
Bucky’s eyes darken at your insolent tone.  Oh you love riling him up, especially now that he won’t let anything happen to you. He watches you curve your hand under the swell of your barely rounded belly.
You match his glowering stare with your amused one
After a few seconds, he picks up the phone, his stormy blue eyes boring into yours. He crooks one long ringed finger, beckoning you to him. You pad to him, swinging your leg over his thighs, looking down you wrap your fingers around the base of his cock and line him up with your cunt, wincing as he stretches you.
Refusing to give him the satisfaction of hearing your moans, you bite your lip, listening to him order the chef to prepare your favorite foods. Gripping his shoulders, you circle your hips, shaking your head when he asks if you want crepes. 
Bucky ends the call, his hands gripping your hips, slowing your movements to a languid pace. Determined to make you feel each inch of his thick cock moving deeper in your pussy until you can’t stop the needy sobs from escaping your parted lips. You hate when he fucks you like this 
Sweet and slow. 
It’s easier when he’s brutal and punishing, dragging your orgasms out of your body. You can handle that but this, making love to you, fuck you hate the way your body responds, your pussy clenching down around him, milking him until you can’t take anymore.
 This steady rhythm with his hands moving your body any way he wants is how he lets you know he’s in charge of you and your traitorous pussy.
“Why do you keep running?” He hums, snapping his hips up, his soft lips brushing over your shoulder. “You know I’m going to catch you.”
“Because I can’t stand you.” 
“For someone who claims to despise me, your pussy is always so wet for me.”
He’s right and you hate it.
You ignore him, focusing on the pleasure building and twisting in your belly, you reach under his shirt and rake your nails down his back. He laughs in your ear, feeling the pain ripple down his spine. “Fuck that feels good,” he groans. 
 Bucky nips at your skin, his hands digging into your waist, forcing you to meet his deep strokes.  “There’s no escaping me doll. Just give in and enjoy being with me as much as your pussy does.”
“I’ll figure something out.” you promise, hiding your face in the crook of his neck, pulling your lips into your mouth as you try to stay quiet, hating that he knows how to please you.
“Like getting Maximo and those idiots to help you.” He cruelly retorts. Your heart thuds in your chest at his words. Bucky yanks your head back, his fingers circling your clit, sensations surging through your body. “I know all about your cute little plans, doll.” Fuck. Your breath halts in your chest with a whimper, clawing at his hand, you try to twist off him but you only push him deeper inside of you,
“They’re lucky they didn’t touch you-.” He shifts his hips back and his next thrust hits that soft spot so good tears form in your widening eyes, “-and that’s the only reason they got a bullet in the head instead of me beating them to death.”
Oh fuck. 
“And I would have made you watch.” Bucky swallows your shocked gasp, his lips slotting over yours, his hot wet tongue pressing into your mouth. You grab his hair, trying to pull his face away, but all he does is fuck up into you harder and faster.
You try to hold on to your anger but then he tilts your hips over his, going so deep you can’t think, you can only feel him inside of you. A strangled sob builds in your chest, you’re getting so close, so close to the edge, the coil tightening with each sweep of his calloused thumb over your clit until your entire body tenses. Your cunt clamping down on his cock as he ruthlessly pistons in and out of your spasming walls.
“Feels like this pussy doesn’t want to let me go.” He taunts against your lips, grinding his hips into yours. You hate knowing he’s watching your face contort with pleasure as the coil unravels, but you can’t help it, not with such intense sensations wracking your helpless body until you break shattering as you come around his cock, crying out softly.
You refuse to say his name, no matter how many times he’s tried to make you. Unaware of how proud that makes him. He’s going to get you to scream his name some day, maybe when the hormones finally kick in and you’re desperate for him.
Bucky licks up your neck, feeling your hot walls flutter around him. “You and your tight cunt belong to me, don’t forget it kitten.” His firm reminder punctuated by another swift thrust.
“I’ll keep trying.” You warn even as you clench down again. 
“Try to run again as much as you want.” Bucky pushes your chin up with his finger. “Let’s see how fast you are with my baby on your hip and another in your belly. As soon as this one’s out, I’m putting another one in you.”  
A smile forming over his face as you process his words. He swore he was going to keep you nice and full. And he means it. You’re his and only his. 
“Now get off and put your hands on the desk. We have another hour before your breakfast is ready.”
You lean forward until your nose bumps into his. “Make. Me. Or fuck yourself. I don't care.” 
Tumblr media
"Damn, I love you." He traces his finger down your cheek, laughing when you slap his hand away. "And kitten-," Bucky smiles, grabbing your wrist, "-I think you love me too."
You'll burn this mansion to the ground before you'd ever admit that. Although seeing his smug grin makes you want to burn it down anyway.
Maybe after you eat. And you fuck him one more time. Just once more.
Let me know what you think! I appreciate every like, comment and reblog! Thank you for reading!
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lokiscollar · 9 days ago
Congrats on 800!(: what would mob!Bucky do if he found out his girl was hurt in some way?
Thank you!!
Tumblr media
The moment Bucky found out you had been hurt, you saw a flash of emotions run through his face. Angry, frustrated, scared, vengeful. Messing with the wife of the notorious mob boss was nothing to be taken lightly. When his men were ordered out so he could be alone with you, the first thing he did was scoop you up into his arms and held you against his chest. He wanted to kill everyone who ever dared to lay a hand on you, but he needed to make sure you were okay first.
“Tell me what you need,” he spoke, looking down as he wiped tears from your eyes.
“I just need you,” you whispered, leaning in and wrapping your arms around his neck. You had been scared shitless when you were attacked coming out of the store. It had been an amazing day before that, and now leaving your home seemed terrifying.
“Can you tell me who did it? Anything about them?” He asked, his hand rubbing your back.
“Black van, Russian accents. They tried to take me but I had that knife on me. The one you gave me. I got one in the side and managed to take off before they could do anything. My car got hit in the process but I made it out and back here,” you whispered against his skin.
“Don’t worry about your car, pretty babydoll. I’m glad you’re strong and thought quickly. You did what I taught you and I’m so, so proud,” he said as he walked over to his desk. Taking a seat on his large chair, you straddled his lap and kept your face hidden against him.
Leaning forward slightly, he kept one hand on your back while the other dialed up Steve.
“Boss,” Steve answered after the first ring.
“Russian accent, black van. See if the building had security cameras and get the footage,” Bucky said, earning an okay from Steve before hanging up.“Wanna stay here while I work?” He asked.
You nodded, shifting slightly to get comfortable. “Yes please,” you said softly. He kissed your shoulder and got to work on his computer with one hand, the other never leaving you.
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navybrat817 · 9 days ago
Please tell me you're writing those mafia fic ideas. Pretty please? 🥺
Tumblr media
Hi, lovely anon. It's possible. ❤️ The way I see it, Steve stealing the reader from his rival and Bucky using Cupid's Kiss on the reader exist in the same universe. It would be fun!
Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️
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gwenavibra · 9 days ago
Damn sociopath
Tumblr media
r. dark mob!bucky x dark!reader | w. 5k | cw. nsfw 18+, minors dni. cheating, mentions of torture, blood, murder, cursing, breeding kink if you squint, unprotected sex, blood kink, bucky is an idiot, dark!steve kinda, kinda ooc too. I say they're dark just to be safe, but all these idiots are kinda soft | note. honestly, the entire fic is just a big warning. proceed with caution, if you do not feel comfortable with dark topics, I suggest you don’t read this. also, some of it it’s like some telenovela shit, but bear with me. this is the darkest thing I’ve written so far and I’m very proud of my little baby. enjoy! and as always, be nice and tomen agüita 💋
this is part 2 of my Sour Series, find part 1 here.
summary. In all honesty, they definitely had it coming. Or, in which your husband decides that the best way to save your marriage is to fuck your therapist and rub it in your face. [this is loosely based on Olivia Rodrigo's good 4 u and deja vu]
Now this was a situation in which you weren’t exactly sure how to feel. For starters, there was nothing wrong with being tied up, but considering your lack of nudity and some type of vibrator edging you, this wasn’t exactly a fantasy you had in mind. Sighing, you let your eyes wonder to the ropes holding your hands in place. Your arms were starting to get tired, and you were honestly a little sick of this. You needed a shower, for God sakes. How long were they planning on keeping you here? So yeah, you did a stupid thing, but they do stupid shit everyday and no one bats an eye. Still, you weren’t worried. No one would touch you; he wouldn’t let them. No matter what you did or how mad he was at you, you knew there was no real threat. That’s why you were there, tied up in your room instead of the basement. He wanted to kill you for what you’d done, but he wouldn’t… he couldn’t… you were everything to him, even if you didn’t know it at the moment.
It all started about a month ago, you had been having trouble with your husband, every day was a different fight. He seemed mad at you, and you didn’t understand why. Nothing you ever did was good enough. It almost felt like he was testing you. After five years of marriage, you would expect things to change, maybe the love wasn’t there anymore, maybe he got tired of you, but the change had been so drastic, so sudden, that it made you wonder if there was something more behind it. That’s when you had the brilliant idea to bring him to therapy with you. It seemed like a good plan at the moment, you had been going to these sessions for a few weeks now and your therapist seemed professional and discreet enough, a quality very much appreciated in your line of work.
Everything should’ve been fine. That was until you found them fucking in her office one day. You should’ve killed them right then and there, but you didn’t and they needed to give you credit for that. You just left. He came home to find all his things out in the entrance and the guards avoiding his eyes. He was going to fight you, he really was. Hell, that was his house too…but he built it for you, if anyone should leave, he supposed it was him. Bucky hated himself, he felt disgusting and filthy and he wanted to crawl back to you and ask for forgiveness, but his pride didn’t let him. He could hear your voice inside the house, bossing the maids around, ordering them to get rid of everything he ever touched, as if that would make the pain go away. As if you could erase his presence from your heart in the process. Letting a long breath out, he turned around and left.
A week passed and then another one, you played a key role in the organization and everyone noticed your absence from the weekly meetings, but no one would dare ask. You kept tabs on Bucky and were aware of his every move. When you were together, that was a security measure, now it just served as a way for you to torture yourself noticing how the bastard reenacted your best moments with her. I guess the fucking therapist I got for you really helped, huh. This went on for weeks, until the big august event. It was a party you hosted every year, it served to connect with your partners and built new business relations. Showing everyone how powerful you were and why they should want to work with you. So, you did your part, you planned the party, made sure everything was in order and it was… just up to the moment he showed up with her in his arm.
– Did you see them? Oh my god, it’s so embarrassing. I would die if my husband did that.
– Well, it’s well deserved. They were always so high and mighty with their perfect relationship.
– You are just jealous.
– Jealous? C’mon. If anything, I’m happy to see the queen fall from her pedestal. She’s gone soft and I’m not surprised he couldn’t stand her anymore.
As you heard the whispered remarks made at your expense, you clenched your fist and took a few deep breaths before stepping out of the pillar that kept you out of sight. The moment the women saw you, you noticed the blood leaving their faces and you smiled at them, squinting your eyes just enough to let them know you did, in fact, just hear everything they were saying. Yeah, you’d gone soft, maybe it was time to start acting like yourself again.
– Honestly, [y/n], I’m so happy of how mature you’re being. I guess our sessions really taught you something, to properly act like a lady.
– Hmm… – You were forcing yourself to stay quiet, avoid a scene. This was a crucial night not only for Bucky and you, but for the entire business you built beside him. Then again, everyone thought you were getting soft, if you could just show them… No, behave. You could deal with this mess later –
– Let’s be honest, he needed something that you could never give him. He’s better off with me now. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding someone to replace him with.
– What do you mean? – Now that caught your attention; what exactly was she implying? –
– Well, I mean, from what I’ve heard, you’ve gotten pretty close and personal with most of the men at this party. It really surprises me, you never mentioned any of this in our sessions. I guess Bucky wasn’t the only one you were lying to.
You’d come to the bathroom to try and get some peace from all the gossiping, and she just had to follow you in there. This house had like 10 bathrooms; she really couldn’t go somewhere else? Also, you couldn’t believe what she was saying. So, she got to screw your husband, but apparently you were the slut? You don't know exactly what happened. One minute, you were staring at her while she fixed her makeup, the next thing you know, like a force took over you, you grabbed a fistful of her hair and smashed her face against the mirror. Everything just went blank for a minute; it was almost an out of body experience. God, you wanted her to suffer, to feel just an ounce of what her little stunt put you through. It was almost as watching yourself from outside of your body, you knew you were moving, but at the same time you felt... nothing.
Everything was silent. Her lips were moving, so she must have been screaming, but you couldn’t hear a sound. Screaming in pain, yes. Shut up, everyone will come. Not yet, I need a few more minutes. So, without letting go of her hair, you smashed her face against the counter... Again, and again, until there was no resistance on her part and you felt you could just let go. As the limp body of the woman who took everything from you slipped to the ground, you stared at your reflection in the now shattered mirror. For a few minutes, you just stood there, looking into your lifeless eyes. Everything felt so... empty. There was some sense of satisfaction, like a cold rush running through your veins. It made you feel alive, but it didn't quite fill the emptiness in your chest.
If you think about it, it wasn’t really your fault. You were perfectly fine just staying in your lane, flirting with some business men, making some deals, ignoring the hell out of your husband and his mistress, and finishing the night with a whole lotta tequila in your room and cuddles from your dogs. But no, she had to open her stupid mouth. You sighed as you became more aware of your surroundings; you waited a moment to see if you could hear someone coming. Guess no one heard her, good thing this bathroom is far enough from the ballroom, I could get her out of here without anyone seeing me. When you came to the conclusion that no one was probably coming for either of you, you decided to stop wasting time and getting to work. The perks of being the wife of a mob boss for over five years is that you pick up a thing or two, especially after your husband makes a frequent thing the whole “Bring your wife to work day”. Who would’ve thought it would backfired, huh, Buck? Everything you taught me; I’ll use to get rid of your whore. You went through her purse and pulled her phone out; lowering yourself, you reached for her hand and used her fingerprint to unlock it; it may come in handy later.
Grabbing the skirt of your dress, you tied it up as to be able to move freely, you took off your heels and hid them next to the phone in the back of the small closet. Dragging her would just make a mess all over the floor, and you didn’t exactly need to leave a trace. Internally thanking all the self defense and survival classes Bucky made you take along with the heavy weight training; you pull her body up the ground and carried it on your shoulders. It was definitely not easy, but she was fairly skinny and didn’t weight more than what you use to lift. Making sure once again the hallway was clear; you made your way as fast as you could to the gardens. In the run you almost tripped on your way down the stairs, it was so close, but thankfully you could pull yourself back up and made your way to the little wooden house behind the property.
They could smell you. They knew you were coming. Your babies, they were so good to you. You had raised them since they were little puppies and you adored them. You both did. Bucky was a sucker for them. They were almost as big as you and he treated them like they were little cubs. No one’s ever seen more spoiled dogs. And here you were, their mommy, bringing them a treat in this cold lonely night. Signaling them to sit still, you dump the body in front of them. Quickly took off her clothes and jewelry, leaving her as naked as the day she was born. By this point you were completely out of breath, your muscles were burning and you were doing your best to stay calm and not do something stupid; like getting caught before getting rid of the evidence. Looking around one more time, you were satisfied at the empty exterior, the distant sound of laughter and music coming from the house. Stepping away from your victim, you whistle to the dogs, signaling to start eating, and that they did.
You knew you had been missing for quite sometime by now, you weren’t exactly sure how long, but someone must have noticed it by now. So, you ran back to the house as fast as you could. On your way back, you made sure to stop by the incinerator Bucky had insisted on buying and you now thanked profusely. No one had come into the bathroom while you were away, so you cleaned everything the best you could. You couldn’t fix the mirror, but you could deal with that later, these people were so drunk they probably wouldn’t even notice. Fixing your hair and your makeup, everything was put exactly in place, flawless. Taking one deep breath, you made your way to the ballroom once away and quickly gulped down a glass of champagne. Before you could start to make your rounds, you felt him. So close to you, it made your heart ache and your lower abdomen throb. He lowered his head to the side of your neck and sniffed you, he always loved to do that, said your smell comforted him. Now, you were afraid of what he would smell on you. Bucky being Bucky, he noticed the stiffness of your body.
– Where were you, doll? Everyone’s been asking about you.
– Glad to see someone notices me, not that my husband will, he’s too busy playing with his new toy.
He laid one hand on your waist and squeeze hard enough so he could leave a mark, you almost moaned. It had been so long since he had touched you, you craved him. Hell, you couldn’t even avoid it, as hard as you tried. Your body was running full on adrenaline after your latest act and you desperately needed to drain it. But you wouldn’t say it, it would be a stupid thing to show such a big weakness in front of him. So, you placed your hand on top of his and sink your nails into his skin. He hissed, and it was so low, hadn’t he been so close to you, you would have never heard it. But it made you smile, and he noticed it, prompting a smile on his face. You always played this game, make the other tick, show his cracks, break. It’s fair to say that he was winning in that department.
– Dance with me, babydoll.
Before you could say anything, he’d already dragged you to the dance floor and made you spin, just like old times. Everyone was staring, leaving their shallow conversations a side to try and pry into the relationship of two of the most powerful people in the room. Pulling you close to him, he grabbed the outer side of your tight, that was showing through the opening of your dress, and lifted your leg up, almost wrapping it around him.
– Where is she, doll?
– Huh?
– C’mon, don’t play dumb with me. Tell me where she is and I promise you won’t be in trouble.
That made you snort, and you raised an eyebrow while looking at him mockingly.
– I’m sure I don’t know what you mean. But if I did, do you seriously think that pathetic little threat would scare me? I know you, Barnes. Go fuck off someone else.
You were about to pull away from him, but his grip just got tighter around you. He was starting to get upset, he knew you’d done something, you had been missing for almost an hour and when you came back there was something different about you. Something… dark. He knew you as one of the most intelligent women to ever step this earth, and even he would fear your wrath, but this… this was different and he needed to know what it was. It also didn’t seem like a coincidence that you weren’t the only one missing. Swaying you at a slower pace that was appropriate giving the song the band was playing, Bucky didn’t let you go. You were so close, you could feel his heartbeat, smell his scent, feel his hard muscles and the bulge between his legs pressed perfectly against you. If you raised your head a little, you could even kiss him. Unknowingly, you stared at his mouth for a second too long. Nothing too scandalous, but he noticed and, just to be a tease, he wet his lips with the tip of his tongue and gave you a smirk so arrogant it almost made you moan. He may try to fool you, but this was affecting him too and you could fee just how much by the way he was poking at your stomach.
– Now, now, stay still, princess. Wouldn’t wanna cause a scene in front of all these people, now, would you? – He reprimanded you, his voice sounded an octave lower and it made you shiver with anticipation. If he wanted any information, he would have to fuck it out of you. As a response you just stared into his eyes, drowning in them as he did the same in yours. God, you missed him. Hell, he loved you. You were both so caught in your little bubble, that when you heard the voice interrupting you, you both growled.
– Everyone’s staring at you, it looks like you’re about to jump at each other’s throats. – Steve whispered loud enough so only you could hear it. You frowned at his words, here you were, having a moment after a terribly eventful night and you were getting cockblocked by your husband’s right-hand man.
– Well, of course everyone’s staring, Stevie. – He hated that name and you made sure to use it every time he pissed you off – We’re the talk of the ton, haven’t you heard? My husband’s fucking our therapist and everyone wants to hear the story. Can’t blame them, really, it’s the most exciting thing that’s happened since I’ve met them. – Your voice reeked of bitterness, but your face was so welcoming and friendly, you could’ve fooled anyone.
By this point, Bucky had lowered your leg, but his grip around your waist was ironclad. You weren’t sure if he just enjoyed having you so close, or he was afraid you would run away. For your sake, you decided to stay with option number one and let yourself sink in his hold. The longer you were like this, the softer Bucky’s touches on you became, he was just enjoying how you melted against him. Almost out of instinct, he left a soft kiss on the top of your head and frowned at Steve. This wasn’t the first time you’ve acted like this at a party. Hell, once you almost destroyed his club just because he didn’t like the way some men were staring at your figure.
– I’m serious, [y/n]. This is a very important night; you both need to be in your best behavior. – And grabbing your arm, he tried to pull you away from Bucky – Why don’t you let me take over? You should go find your date, anyway.
As his eyes got darker, Bucky clenched his teeth.
– Punk, I love you. You’re family. But put your hands on my wife one more time and I’ll make sure you never use them.
– A little hypocrite there, huh, Bucky? You just paraded another woman like some new trophy, embarrassing your lady in the process, and now no one’s allowed to touch her?
Bucky was livid. The hold he had on you was borderline painful now, and you knew you had to get them out of there before they did something they would regret. Untangling yourself from both of their grasp, you took a step back and fixed your dress before addressing them.
– First off, I do not need a babysitter. I’m perfectly aware of what’s expected of me and I don’t need you to take over anything. Remember your place. – You hissed to Steve, as you raised your chin like a queen, without giving him so much as a second look. – And you, you’re an absolute idiot, who was no right to say who gets to touch me. You lost that right the minute you made me look like a fool in front of your whore. Now, I’ll go get a drink and mingle, I suggest you two do the same and don’t cause any more trouble.
As you turned you heel and made your way to the bar, a part of you was amazed at your actions. Not that it was the first time you would scold them, but after what happened today, shouldn’t you be freaking out? As you grabbed a new drink and made some small chat with some idiot’s brand-new wife, you saw out of the corner of your eye one of Bucky’s guards practically running to him. And you knew, this was it. Chugging down what was left of your drink, you braced yourself, and as the world went silent you saw across the room the exact moment he also knew. Your eyes locked and you could see something light deep in his eyes.
And now, here you were, waiting for your husband to show up when the door finally opens. Only it’s not who you’re expecting. Closing the door behind him, Steve steps in the room and sits next to you in bed, giving you a smile.
– You really fucked up this time, [y/n]. Bucky is not gonna let this go so easily. You know that, don’t you? – He looked so smug, you wanted to slap that satisfied grin off his face. You always knew he never liked you, to be honest, you always thought he just wanted Bucky all to himself. You talked to Bucky about it, when you were starting your relation, and he assured you there would never be any problem. Well, your husband was terribly wrong about many things, as it appears –.
– I don’t know what you’re talking about, and seriously, Bucky would kill you first before ever hurting me – That made his eyebrow twitched and you smiled innocently to piss him off even more –
– Are you sure about that after everything you’ve done?
– Whatever do you mean?
– Don’t be stupid, we found her remains. Nice work with the dogs, though, even I was impressed you actually pulled that off.
– If I had, in fact, done what you say I did, it wouldn’t be so different that the time Bucky set on fire an entire office just because a guy grabbed my ass. Besides, he can always get himself a new toy.
– See, that’s not the only issue. Yes, I’m sure he’s upset his latest pet is gone – You could notice the repulsion in his tone and it made you quirk an eyebrow – But after everything she showed him, it just proved what we all already knew. You’re just a slut.
– What are you even talking about?
– Bucky knows about your little adventures; he’s known for quite some time now. Why did you think he got so distant with you? He found out you’ve been fucking every man that so much as gives you the time of day. I’m sure that’s why he fucked that shrink in the first place, we both know how much our little man enjoys a good revenge.
You felt sick to your stomach. He was lying. You never did anything like that and Bucky knew that, he had to know. You were his, you always had been. As the excitement of the day started to take a toll on you, you felt dizzy and looked at him in disbelieve. He just looked at you and laughed, he started to play with the skirt of your dress and you tried to kick him away, but you seriously hope he wouldn’t try anything, the vulnerability of your position being too much.
– But that’s not true! None of it is, and you know it damn well! – You blurted out as you struggled with your restraints.
– Well, it doesn’t really matter what I know, does it? What matters is what Bucky thinks and he is sure you betrayed him. He even got rid of one of your lovers. In a matter almost as dramatic as you did. It almost makes it seem like you truly are made for each other. It’s truly a shame, I never knew Bucky could be so gullible. I mean, there isn’t one single piece of hard evidence and yet he had no trouble accepting you cheated on him. See, that’s the problem with your relationship, it blinds him. All he sees is you, and nothing could ever be at your level. Every decision he made, every business he would do, every fucking shirt he would buy, he would do it thinking about you. He didn’t even care what I had to say, forget my experience and the fact that I’ve known him his entire life, little miss princess always had the final word. Well, not anymore…
– You know, I’m certain I told you to stay away from my wife, and you know better than anyone how much I hate repeating myself.
You noticed how Steve’s face went as blank as a sheet of paper and you let yourself relax with a sigh. Bucky was here, finally. You trusted him. After everything that’s happened, there was no doubt in your heart you would be okay as long as he was by your side. As Steve slowly stood from the bed, he turned to see Bucky pointing a gun at his forehead. He knew he had to choose his next words carefully, Bucky had been a sniper back in the army and he never missed a shot, especially one so close.
– Now, tell me more about how gullible I am.
– Bucky, it’s really not what you think. I was just riling her up, wanted to see if she’d confess, you know? I didn’t mean anything. You know the truth, don’t you?
Bucky looked at him for a few seconds before turning his gaze at you; his eyes softened at the sight of you and you noticed how he quickly sweep your body for any injuries. Noticing his distraction, Steve tried to take the gun from Bucky and landed a punch to his jaw making him stumble a little. They started to struggle, and there was a moment you felt worried about Bucky. As the sounds of grunting and bones being broken got louder you felt more anxious. By this point you couldn’t really see what was happening, they had fallen onto the floor. Trying to lift yourself you saw Bucky on top of Steve, delivering punch after punch, you didn’t even know if the man was still alive, at some point he stopped struggling. There was a ringing in your ears and you couldn’t bring yourself to utter a single word. A part of you wanted Bucky to kill him, but it worried you how would he feel after. He was the only thing that mattered to you, and killing his best friend would be a terrible wound.
Your thoughts were interrupted when you saw Bucky slowly standing, he took a moment to look at the motionless body at his feet. He was all bruised and covered in so much blood you weren’t sure who it belonged to. But none of that mattered, not when he turned to look at you, and his eyes were feral and dark, like a lion hunting his prey. Slowly, as to not scare you, he approached you and untied your bindings. With the last of your strength, you slapped him across his face, and he let you, he knew he deserved it. You didn’t hear a crack, so you were pretty sure you didn’t break anything, but there was blood covering all his face and it just seemed to keep pouring. Something feral took over you as you grabbed his face and kissed him, the metal taste in your tongue as you brushed your tongue against his and pulled him close to you. Bucky growled in your mouth and lift you so you could wrap your legs around him; pulling you up he tore your dress apart and your undergarments, leaving you naked in front of him as he still remained fully clothed. Walking towards your private bathroom, he placed you on top of the counter as you helped him undress himself.
By this point, most of your body was covered in blood, everywhere he touched he left a trace of the new secret you both now shared. Once you were both fully naked, you took a moment to look at each other, you wanted to mark him, make sure there was no trace left of her. He caressed your cheek with his right hand and stuck his thumb in your mouth. As you suck you could see his eyes turning impossibly darker, no trace of the blue you loved so much. Without saying a word, he lifted your legs as you left his finger go with a pop and aligned himself to your center. At the first stroke you both moaned, a satisfaction that can only be described as being finally home. He didn’t wait much for you to accustom to his size, and the stinging pain mixed with the pleasure from his rapid thrust had you drooling.
No words were needed at this point, all the dirty talk could wait. Right now, all you both needed was to feel each other, as close as possible. The only noises anyone could hear were the moans and grunts coming out of you, along with your labored breathing and the skin slapping with each thrust. He knew he was close, but he wanted you to cum first so he lowered his hand and pinched your clit the way he knows makes your head spin around. Arching your back you screamed out his name, he grunted at the feel of your tight walls squeezing him and after a few sloppy thrust he was filling you with his cum.
As you fell against his chest, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to the tub, he sat there and scrub your body as the bath filled with water; washing away the events of the evening. It was almost a déjà vu; everything was back to normal; your man was taking care of you and you could finally relax in his arms. Maybe he’s insane, but you are too and there was no better pair of sociopaths than you two.
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The Avengers Fic Recs (Update 13/06)
Bucky Barnes
Looking For a Heartbeat by @justreadingfics Summary: You and Bucky used to be in a relationship. Feelings were hurt, you left. Now,  it’s been two years and you’re back. You both will handle the reunion well, won’t you?
Bad Match by @justreadingfics Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go well as expected.
Almost Had Me Believing It by @tuiccim Summary: An undercover operation playing Bucky Barnes' wife is a dream come true. Playing house in the suburbs while trying to take down a drug ring brings you and Bucky closer but a nosy neighbor causes trouble in paradise.
Just Friends by @writingcroissant Summary: A friends with benefits story - It started as an arrangement between you and Bucky - a wildly questionable arrangement between friends - and it resulted in a confrontation with someone from your thoroughly buried past and therefore a long overdue mission to kill.
Guiding Light by @wkemeup Summary: It was supposed to be a simple mission. Get the intel and go home. Until everything goes wrong and you’re taken captive by Hydra. While you struggle to stay alive and hold your sanity, Bucky begins to lose himself to a darkness and gives into the soldier because he doesn’t know how to breathe without you. Not until he brings you home. If he even can.
Build-A-Bear by @babyboybucky Summary: Growing up a Stark is a lot easier when no one knows you’re a Stark — except you and Tony Stark. You fought your way to the top of your field and earned your spot as a Weapons Enhancement Specialist with the Avengers. You sign the same NDA and employment clauses as everyone else, which also prohibits any inter-departmental relationships. Some people have managed to keep their secrets from their supervisors; unfortunately for you, your boss is your father. And your secret? Bucky Barnes.
After All by @simsadventures Summary: You are one of the scientists at Stark Industries. You help mainly Tony and Bruce develop new tech for the team. Bucky takes you under his wings and help you assimilate to life amongst superheroes. You think he is interested in you, but at one of Tony’s party, you hear something you shouldn’t have, and everything changes. And you’re not sure there’s any going back from there.
Next to Me by @sgtjbuccky [Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: After an attempt on you and your identical twin’s life, your father calls in the Avengers for protection. Bucky soon realizes your father’s goal is solely to keep you sister safe, and decides that the times of doing the bidding of others are long gone, and takes your protection into his own hands.
Adore You by @soap-bubble-nebula [Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: Tony Stark’s genius daughter’s life is in danger. She’s quiet and anxious around people she doesn’t know, and must be handled with care. In an effort to prove to Tony that he can trust Bucky, Steve prompts Bucky to take the job. Though Bucky hates it at first, his feelings begin to shift as he gets to know her.
Swallow by @all1e23 [Biker!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: Since he was fifteen years old, Bucky Barnes has only been sure of two things; the club should be the most essential thing in his life, and he’d burn it all down for you. You’re the only thing in this world that matters, and he’ll do whatever it takes to win you back, even if that means destroying everything he built. None of it mattered without you. Swallows choose a mate for life, and will only nest with that bird and no other; they travel long distances apart only to find their way to back to each other, again and again. Bucky knew the second he met you. You’re his other half; you’re his swallow.
The New Girl by @omnomsauruswrites [Biker!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: You are new in town with your new coffee shop and your neighbor isn’t really keen on new people.
Howlin' For You by @invisibleanonymousmonsters [Biker!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: When Y/N gets an unreal deal on her first home, she wonders why her neighbor scared away all the other buyers. Despite being cautious, she wonders why the town has given Bucky Barnes a bad name.
Family Matters by @world-of-aus [Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: You should have heeded your father’s warnings to stay away, now HIS demons have come to collect, and they come in the form of the Notorious mob boss James Buchanan Barnes, but is there more than meets the eye?
Only Mine by @simsadventures [Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: Bucky Barnes is probably the most influential person in the East of the country. He is a well-known mobster, and smart girls stay away from him. You get caught up with him for one night, but promise to yourself that it was the last time that you did something like that. Bucky, however, is obsessed to get to know you and make you his “girl of the week”. Or maybe something more?
Love, Honor, and Obey by @constantwriter85 [Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: Faced with blackmail and the loss of your beloved charity, you’re forced to marry the son of your mobster father’s friend, James Barnes, in order to keep the peace between the families. Little did you know, James had fallen in love with you at first sight. As he tries to woo his new wife, a new rival family comes into play, threatening all you’ve come to hold dear.
Petals & Bullets by @revengingbarnes [Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: For as long as Y/N can remember, she has been sold in the black market as a sex slave. This time, the purchase is intercepted by a group of men in black. Their leader, a man with a silver gleaming arm, is the boss of the most feared mafia in NYC. Sucked into the world of drugs, guns and money, Y/N finds out more about her past than she bargained for. As her past and her family’s mistakes catch up on her, she finds herself falling for the man next to her with piercing blue eyes and a taste for violence.
Kings by @kaunis-sielu [Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: After being suddenly thrust into the world of the Mob as a gift to the feared monster Mr. Barnes, you’re not sure what to expect. You certainly weren’t expecting this.
His Favourite Gal by @mycupoffanfiction [Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: The reader begins working as a waitress at Bucky Barnes’ favourite club in town. Little does she realise that working on mob territory owned by the infamous King of New York, Bucky Barnes, comes with it’s quirks as the reader is slowly pulled into the mobster life.
Caught In The Fire by @dreamwritesimagines [Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: In a city ruled by gangsters, nothing is ever simple.
One Shots
Insomnia by @soap-bubble-nebula Summary: Bucky takes care of insomniac reader
So This Is Love by @floatingpetals Summary: Based on So This Is Love from Cinderella
Your Age Is Showing by @floatingpetals Summary: Bucky thought he knew everything there was to know about the love of his life. Apparently, he wasn’t as observant as he thought he was.
Jealousy by @irndad Summary: Bucky is in love with the reader, and she’s mad. he’s not sure why, though, but she’s pretty green.
Freckles by @softlybarnes Summary: The Reader likes Bucky’s freckles a whole lot.
Day Off by @softlybarnes Summary: Bucky really wants to take a nap with the reader, but she just wants to read.
Sad by @softlybarnes Summary: The reader, who has struggled with depression all her life, slips back into that deep sadness. Bucky is worried and tries his best to help.
Gentle by @softlybarnes Summary: Bucky and the reader are sharing an intimate moment when he accidentally reveals something to her. Or, Bucky Barnes wants a normal life.
Nights To Forget by @writingcroissant Summary: Bucky has nightmares, that's far from being a secret, and even though everyone in the tower tells you to ignore it, to live with it, you can't bear the painful screams coming from his room at night without at least trying to help.
Fight Me by @writingcroissant Summary: Bucky and reader they get in a fight and one of them goes to sleep on sofa and bucky refuses/can't go to sleep on a fight terms
Temperature Control by @writingcroissant Summary: Bucky hogs the blanket.
Home, Sweet Home by @sweet-barnes [Biker!Bucky Barnes x Reader] Summary: After a long day out with the boys, all you need is your bed and cuddles.
Protective by @baroquebucky
Summary: Bucky is protective over his favorite girl
Eavesdrop by @bestofbucky Summary: Enemies to something
Left Behind by @soap-bubble-nebula Summary: The reader gets left behind on a mission and bucky has to go and save her
Breathe It In Deep by @floatingpetals Summary: The reader has an asthma attack
Take a Break by @navybrat817 Summary: Bucky notices you're not putting yourself first
Fault - 2 - 3 by @bxckyfxcknbxrnes Summary: Bucky had never been held responsible for what he’d done, but you, oh god, everything that had happened had been your fault, and Bucky knew it too.
Numb by @azurika-writes Summary: You had a crush on Bucky and was sure he had one on you too, until one day he arrives at the compound to introduce his new girlfriend.
Good Together by @irndad Summary: bucky and his girlfriend are in secret, and they think they are asbolutely perfect for eachother. literally everyone else in the compound thinks bucky and nat are made for eachother.
The Soldier by @softlybarnes Summary: The Winter Soldier finds the reader after a particularly grueling mission.
Fool For You by @moonstruckbucky Summary: You want Bucky, but Bucky wants somebody else.
Say Love by @moonstruckbucky Summary: You and Bucky are at a stand-still in your relationship, all because neither of you can say three little words.
Forgotten Threat & Easy Love by @writingcroissant Summary: Bucky doesn’t seem to recognise her. Summary: Bucky awakens and has to deal with what he did as the Winter Soldier.
Eclipse by @wkemeup Summary: When a mission leaves you empty and broken, Bucky is determined to heal the wounds that linger deeper than the cuts on the surface.
Graveyard by @wkemeup Summary: As the unofficial healer for the Avengers, you pride yourself on the ability to mend heroes with the touch of your hand. Only, your gift comes at a heavy price — one you keep secret from your friends —and when Bucky asks you to do the impossible, they’ll discover why your gift is called a sacrifice, too.
Unrequited - 2 by @mushyjellybeans Summary: You had a major crush on Bucky Barnes, his feelings were unreturned, you try to move on but he has other plans
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Peter Parker
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boxofbonesfic · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Title: Talking Bird (Chapter Seven)
Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Chapter 1
Summary: Sometimes when you stare into the dark, the darkness stares back in kind. You’ve been living in hell the past three years, so you’re familiar with the look of devils—so you think. They see darkness in you, and they’re determined to make you embrace it. As soon as your good-for-nothing husband is out of the way.
Pairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky
WARNINGS: DUBCON, Murder, violence, General criminal activity, Manipulation, Abuse (past abuse, but still), Abuse victim reader, breeding kink, forced impregnation
A/N : WHEW, I’m so sorry this installment took a little longer than normal to get out. We’re hitting the finish line now, just one or two more chapters left to go, and I couldn’t be happier to have shared this all with you. Please let me know what you think, and don’t hesitate to drop me an ask with any questions. ❤️ This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! MINORS, DNI! Enjoy 😘
Chapter Seven: You don’t realize…the windows were open the whole time…
The sound of knocking woke you, and for a moment, you groped for Glenn’s body in the bed before realizing with a start that it was a useless exercise. You didn’t need Glenn to go to the door in the middle of the night to settle whatever grievance he’d caused—and even if you did, he would never again be able to. You sat up blearily, clearing your raspy throat. 
“Come in?” You croaked, swallowing with a wince.
The door creaked open, and Steve stepped in. He looked tired, like he hadn’t slept at all, and when you glanced over at the window, light was only just beginning to appear over the horizon. He ran his hand through his hair and leaned against the doorframe, smiling wearily at you. 
“Sorry to wake you, doll. I couldn’t sleep. Can I…?” He motioned at your bed, and you nodded quickly. He slid in beside you, sighing at the coolness of the sheets. You tried to relax, but now that you’d woken, your mind swirled with questions and dark thoughts. You took a deep breath and tried to steady your nerves. 
“What…what happens now?” You asked quietly, your eyes searching for his face in the dark. “I know… I know it can’t stay like this forever.” It couldn’t. The detective had seen to that. You’d had no pretenses about these men, but the more time you spent with them, the less loud the alarm bells in your head seemed to ring. Even now, there was barely even the fear you knew you should feel alone with someone like Steve Rogers. 
“No,” He sighed, shifting to pull you against him. “It can’t.” He tugged you to his chest, stroking your hair. “Are you afraid of me, princess?”
“I know I should be.” You admitted. And you knew something else, too, something you couldn’t voice. You knew that he would never let you go. They’d given you the illusion of choice, but even if you’d said no, you knew you would have ended up here. You didn’t know why the lie had given you comfort before, nor why it no longer did. 
Steve’s hands crept up your sides, stroking you comfortingly. “The world is so ugly, sweetheart.” He said softly, his breath puffing against the back of your neck. “Cruel.” A soft kiss against your skin, followed by the trailing of his cool fingers up your bare thigh. “Look how it treated you, doll. And you were good.” You had never been one of those people, people who felt owed for your poor treatment.
Maybe you are, the dark thing whispered. It was louder now, though it’s voice was more soothing in your mind’s ear. Life takes and takes and takes until you’re a husk of yourself—
“So I should return the favor?” You asked, no judgement or malice in your tone. 
“You should accept the gift being given to you.”
His touch burned, ignited something in you. You shifted, trying to ease the ache he’d lit in your core. A gift or a curse? You wondered, knowing that regardless of which eye you looked at it with, you had to accept it all the same. You were reminded of Bucky’s words just a few days prior. 
We see potential in you.
Potential for what? 
Steve’s fingers deftly moved your panties to the side, finding you slick beneath them. He hmm’d in approval, nuzzling further into your hair affectionately. “A-and what’s the gift?” You asked, and he chuckled—perhaps at the fact that he hadn’t yet rendered you speechless. He grazed over your clit and you hissed, your hips pushing forward to meet his fingers. 
“Oh baby, Buck’s the one that’s good at lists.” He murmured. He sucked your earlobe into his mouth, worrying it with his teeth as he drew back and forth maddeningly slowly down the folds of your pussy. “We want to take care of you.” He slid a single finger into your tight cunt, and you clenched greedily around it. He let out an almost pained groan, dragging his teeth down the side of your neck as he thrust against you. “Shit, sweetheart, you’re so wet already.”
You gasped and moaned, a needy, hungry sound. “Know he couldn’t knock you up, right, sweetheart?” Your eyes shot open. How does he know that? He’d blamed you for not conceiving, though you would both later come to realize it was because he was sick. He never apologized. “We’ll give you babies, doll. As many as you want.” His words shouldn’t have made warmth spread through your belly, even as the panic alarm rings in your psyche. Have I taken my pill since I got here? You wonder fleetingly, but Steve doesn’t give you more time to ponder it. “What else do you want, sweet? Big house? Nicer car?”
What’s your price?
What was pathetic was that it wasn’t even as high as all that. You didn’t require their money, their gadgets, their connections. What you wanted was both far less and far more at the same time—“I just want someone to love me.” Your desire lived in a quiet, exhaled breath between the two of you. You wished you were a pettier person, that what you wanted could be measured in dollars—perhaps then you wouldn’t feel so fucking stupid. It was the truth of you, the raw, bruised core that you tried to hide.
Love was all you wanted. 
And no price was too high to pay for it. 
“Oh doll.” His mouth was searing hot and soft on the back of your throat, and his teeth rasped against your skin. “That’s all we want to do.” Steve curled his fingers inside you, and you groaned loudly. “Keep that up and you’ll have Bucky in here too.” He chuckled. Steve withdrew his fingers from you, the wet noise of your cunt sucking at them seeming to echo in the cool darkness. You whimpered, only for him to replace it with his cock. He pushed into you painfully slowly, leaving you panting with every added inch. 
“G-God,” You whined, pushing your hips back toward his. Steve held you still with little effort, spooning you gently while he filled you with slow, heavy thrusts. It was almost agonizing, and you writhed in his arms. 
“I know, doll. You feel so fucking good, just like I knew you were gonna.” He groaned, palming your breasts and twisting your nipples. “Fuck, gonna take such good care of you.” You were full of Steve in every sense—his cock, his voice, and you were drunk on his promises too. You believed them, wanted them to be true more than anything. He sank into you as more muttered praises and words of assurance fell against your heated skin. His cock dragging along your sensitive, swollen walls was making you see stars as you choked on your breath. 
“Steve, please, please…” You didn’t even recognize the needy whimpers escaping you—was that really you? A particularly hard thrust had him bottoming out inside you, the head of his cock planted firmly against your cervix. A gurgled moan left your lips as your head fell back against his shoulder. He continued rocking into you, each slow meeting of your hips sending tendrils of pleasure up your spine. It was both too much and still not enough, and you found yourself reaching back to run your hands over as much of him as you could reach, pleading as you sunk your nails into the flesh of his arm. 
“You want me to knock you up, sweetheart?” He growled into your throat as his pace increased, his hips snapping roughly against your own. You couldn’t think, the pleasure blanking every other thought from your brain. Your filter was gone too, every fleeting thought reaching your lips in that breathy whine. “
“Yes, Steve, fu-uck—” Tightness built in your belly, a sinfully pleasurable pressure that made itself known in the stars that burst behind your closed eyes. 
“I know, doll. You want me to fill that pretty pussy up with my cum till it’s leakin’ out, right?” It was less of a question and more of a statement of fact—he was going to do it whether you wanted him to or not, and luckily for you, you did. You wanted to feel the sweet ache of this later, feel the burning between your thighs and know he was the cause of it all. You nodded, unsure if you were imagining the hiccoughing, sobbing moans echoing loudly in the little bedroom.
You were drunk on him, spiraling higher and higher on the razor thin coil of pleasure that he wound tighter and tighter within you. Every breath you managed to draw in around your own blissful cries was immediately forced out of you again with the push of his cock against your cervix, rubbing against that part of you that made you see fucking supernovas.
 “Thas’ it doll,” Steve slurred, his words lost in breathy pants and the growls spilling across your skin. “Gonna soak my cock, yeah?” You could only mewl helplessly in response, there aren’t any words left on your tongue and in your brain that aren’t please and more and Ste-eve. “F-fuck, squeezin me so fuckin’ tight—” He let out a ragged groan as you did, your cunt sucking his cock into you and holding him there, the head of him pressed tightly against your cervix.
 His hips were pressing hard into your ass, less thrusting and more pushing, trying to shove himself  as deep inside of you as it’s possible to go—hell, maybe even deeper. He was the one to remind you snidely of your noise level, but he cums with a gutteral bellow that made your ears ring, and your cunt gush wetly around him as he held your hips still. You can feel him leaking out around the seal of his still throbbing cock, the combined slick of both of you staining your inner thighs. You’re not sure how long you laid there, gulping down eager breaths in the early morning darkness, but when your brain finally reboots itself, the first thing you hear is him. 
“Love you so much, gonna take such good care of you sweet girl—” over and over into your hair until you’re not sure if he’s still speaking, or if your mind is parroting the words back to you on an endless loop. Whether by stubbornness alone, or the bone deep exhaustion now settling over you, you forced your eyes shut and willed yourself to sleep as Steve’s fingers ran lovingly through your messy hair. 
And when you woke again, your bed was empty, the stickiness between your thighs the only indicator that he’d ever even been there. 
“Good morning, princess.” Bucky pulled you against his chest from behind, and your surprised squeal turns into a giggle as he tugged at the strings of your bikini bottoms with eager fingers. He ran his nose down the side of your throat, inhaling the scent of you like it’s the only thing that matters. You slapped his hands away before he could finish undoing them, and he made a show of holding the abused appendages to his chest, aghast. “You’re only getting away with that because I know you were a good girl for Stevie this morning,” His tone was warning, but there was a mirth in his eyes when he looked at you, and it made your stomach warm and your chest tight. 
You felt your face flush at his comment, and turn to peek at Steve through your hair. He winked at you, running his tongue over his lips hungrily. “A real good girl, Buck.” He cracked an egg into the frying pan in front of him. “So good I want to give her whatever she wants.” You don’t like spending their money, and it feels even less good to have them heaping it on you, but you already knew it was a useless exercise to argue. Bucky kissed your cheek, his hands massaging the flesh of your hips just above your cover-up.
At the reminder of this morning, you feel the comfortable warmth slip just a bit as you recall the fact that you haven’t taken a single birth control pill for going on three days now. It didn’t matter if you forgot with Glenn sometimes, he was impotent after all, and he fucked you with such irregularity that even missing a week probably wouldn’t have presented much of a problem. 
“I like the sound of that,” Bucky replied, his hands still warm on your hips. “You want to take a dip and then do a little shopping, princess?” He asked, grinning. “See if we can’t get some more pretty things for me n’ Stevie to tear off you.” Maybe it was your fidgeting that gave it away, or the hurried kiss you return to Bucky’s stubbled cheek, but he pulls away from you, frowning. “Something wrong, doll?” 
“No,” You said quickly—too quickly, because Steve peered up at you with the same curious, observant look as Bucky. “I just, I forgot something, um, in my room.” You know neither of them really buy the half-lie as it leaves your lips, but Steve returned to flipping his eggs, and Bucky watched you go with interested eyes. You pulled the door closed behind you, grabbing the sunglasses off of the dresser as a decoy. 
Your little, ratty duffel bag was still next to the bed, unzipped. You rifled through it until your hand closed around the pill bottle at the bottom. Heaving a sigh of relief, you peer at the orange plastic, squinting. Three—no, four—pills remain, rattling around inside. You perch the sunglasses on your head, before popping the cap off. I think I read somewhere you can take extra doses if you miss a few, right? Your phone was sitting on the counter right next to Bucky, so it’s not like you can check. 
Two days of missed birth control wasn’t enough to result in a pregnancy, right? You thought nervously, remembering just how thoroughly the two men in the kitchen have filled you at every opportunity, and suddenly you were frantically shaking a third pill out of the bottle. 
“Doll?” Oh no. You were almost afraid to look up, afraid to meet his gaze. You dragged your eyes reluctantly up Bucky’s form, your lip trembling as he leaned against the doorframe. “What is that?” 
“I, um… my birth control.” You murmur, clutching the pills tightly in your shaking hand. “I forgot when we got here, and I didn’t, I’m not trying to—” You know you’re terrible under pressure, and the weight of his eyes is too much for you as you struggle to explain yourself. Steve’s heated promises were as electrifying as they were scary; adding a baby to the mix wouldn’t have been wise from any standpoint. You tried to say as much, but the words were lost in the jumble, scrambling themselves in your mouth before they had the opportunity to leave your lips. 
“Come here.” Bucky’s voice was gentle, but firm. You took a tentative step, and he nodded. “Good girl.” He squatted in front of you, though with his massive height, he was only just below your eye level. He took your hand, and with soft strokes, coaxed your fingers open. “You don’t need these, sweetheart. Didn’t Stevie tell you we were gonna take care of you?” Your heart was hammering so fast in your chest you were sure he had to have heard it. You tried to close your fingers back around the slim, tan pills in your hand, but Bucky was faster, tipping your palm to the side so that they rolled right into his hand. 
“Let’s go throw these out.” He stood, looking down at them disdainfully. Wild panic erupted in your chest, and you tugged at his arm. Don’t you want kids? The dark thing hissed, and your steps faltered, just a little.
“Wait, Bucky—”
“Steve won’t be mad at you, baby, I promise.” He said, pulling easily from your grip. “I’m not mad either.” You didn’t know how to explain that it wasn’t their anger you feared, not this time. You could only watch helplessly, trailing behind him as he walked toward the bathroom and tipped them into the toilet. “Give me the bottle, princess.” He held his hand out behind him, and you dropped it into his palm, listening to the pill rattle as he shook it out into the toilet with it’s kin. He pulled you in for a kiss, and you didn’t resist, swallowing the protest that threatened to erupt out of you. 
“Let’s have breakfast, baby.” 
Give you everything you want, The dark thing reminded you, slithering through your psyche to settle heavily in your heart. Give you anything. Just be good. You hated the way you cowed, the way you nodded and pressed into Bucky’s hand as he stroked your cheek. You preened at his attention, even knowing he’d just hammered yet another bar securely into place in the gilded cage they were building for you. A baby makes it harder to leave. You knew that—you’d known it when Glenn had asked you too, just eight months into your union when things were already starting to sour. 
Do you want to leave? The dark thing caressed your face with smoky tendrils made of painful memories. They love you. The thought makes your chest ache with the impossibility of it all. You don’t know what good love looks like, not anymore, but perhaps this is the closest you’ll ever get. These men were willing to kill for you—had killed for you—who else could say the same? 
Steve was still in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on the breakfast you were still surprised he’d insisted on cooking, with the sheer amount of food stuffed into the refrigerator. “Everything okay?” He asked, though you knew it was geared towards Bucky, not you. 
“Oh yeah.” Bucky digs into his eggs. “Silly princess didn’t know she could throw out her birth control.” He said easily, his hand still rubbing circles into the small of your back. A wide grin broke across Steve’s face, and as he set your plate down in front of you, he grabbed your left hand, smoothing his fingers across your palm, skimming purposefully across the indents left in your skin by your old wedding bands. 
“Eat up, doll.” He lifted your hand to his lips, brushing them across your knuckles as he smiled achingly sweet at you. “Long day.” 
You’re sleepy and sluggish from the sun and the sea when Bucky and Steve finally loaded you into the red convertible, lowering the top as Steve drove along the coast toward town. You watched the water sparkle, reflecting the bright sunlight like precious jewels. 
“Where do you want to go first, sweetheart?” Steve asked, looking over at you in the passenger seat. “It’s all about you, today.” You know what this is, of course; an attempt to smooth over the roughness of the night before and to placate you for your sacrifice this morning. 
I wonder what the typical diamond size is for knocking up your pet. The thought shocked you, partly because of its accuracy, and partly because it was the kind of thing that dark, slinky thing living in your mind and in your heart would say, not you. You were a pet, though. A pretty, cute little doll for them to dress and fuck and show off. 
You hated that you didn’t mind it. 
“I don’t know.” You played with the buckle of your seatbelt. “Is there… a used bookstore or anything?” 
“Yeah, I think so. Near the seafood place.” Bucky piped up from the back seat. He leaned forward, ignoring Steve’s irritated scowl as he reached into the front to point. “If you take a left up here, it’ll be easier.” You can’t help but giggle just a little at the way Steve threatens to bite Bucky’s outstretched finger. Their cute bickering made it easier to forget the hardness in Bucky’s eyes as he’d waited for you to hand over your birth control pills, and the satisfied expression on Steve’s face when he found out you had. 
Bucky and Steve helped you out of the car when you arrived, a wholly unnecessary feat that simply allowed them to grope you discreetly as they appeared to help you smooth out the wrinkles in your flouncy sundress. Bucky’s hand skirted under the hem of your dress to cup your pussy as his eyes flashed. 
“Ready, doll?” 
Even their constant hunger for the wetness at the apex of your thighs couldn’t spoil this moment—it was strangely exciting to be the one deciding where you went and what you did. You nodded excitedly, glancing up at the three-story building in front of you. They sold old and new books, and there was a cafe at the bottom, where Steve suggested the three of you could grab lunch when you were done. A little bell rang over the door when you pushed it open, and an older man with a scruffy beard barely looked up to greet you. “Used stuff’s downstairs. Top floor’s kids.” He clarified when you asked what the sections were. 
Finally, you were in your element, surrounded by old books and manuscripts. You had precious few books at home—only your most treasured books remained at your parents house, as you’d learned the hard way that when he wasn’t trying to break you, Glenn was just as willing to break your things. You didn’t even pull any out at first, content to walk slowly down the aisles as you ran your fingertips across the spines. 
The first book you slid from the shelves was a ghost story, an old one. You flipped gingerly through the pages before handing it off to Bucky, who stood dutifully behind you. “What’s this one?” He asked, and you glanced over your shoulder.
 “Horror. I… like scary stories.” You admitted with a blush. Bucky looked surprised, turning it over in his hands. You watched him read the summary, before beginning to flip through it. 
“Didn’t peg you for that kind of girl,” He said with a chuckle. “Real life not scary enough for you?” 
“It’s too scary.” You agreed, smiling a little. “But these are just…stories. I can put them down.” It went on like that for the entire used book floor, Bucky chatting idly to you about each one you selected, asking you why. It was… nice. Almost like a date. His hand was warm around your waist as he attempted to balance all of your selections in one arm. Going anywhere that you wanted to had always ended up being a struggle with Glenn, a contest of wills to see who could outlast the other. Bucky seemed satisfied to stroke the soft skin between your shoulders with the pads of his fingers, making quiet conversation as you browsed. 
“Tell Banner I’ll be there.” Steve followed behind, talking quietly on his phone about things you couldn’t hear, and probably didn’t want to know about. Soon, however, he was laden with at least ten novels, a fact you only realized when one of your recent selections thudded to the floor behind you. 
“Tell you what, sweet. Why don’t we go buy these, and when you’re finished, you can meet us down in the cafe.” You knew it was his way of telling you he was hungry. You nodded quickly. 
“I mean, I don’t need all of—” You attempted to steal back a few books out of the stack and return them to the shelves, but he dodged your grabbing hands. 
“No. As many as you want.”
“I’ll never read them all,” You said, laughing a little. Bucky shrugged. 
Steve pulled away from his phone to grasp your chin in two fingers. “Whatever you want, doll, remember?” He said hotly, before dragging his mouth over your own. When the two of them finally left you, you were breathless, leaning on the bookshelf behind you for support. 
Whatever I want. 
That phrase was starting to become almost too common in their vocabulary. You wondered what, if anything they would refuse you. You didn’t have a laundry list of things you wanted on standby, and you’d never been one to ask for lavish gifts. Their offers of opulence and money were all well and good—you just hadn’t a single clue what to do with it. That, and other, darker thoughts occupied you as you tried to focus on browsing after bidding your—men? boyfriends?—goodbye, and promising to meet them in fifteen minutes. 
But every time you tried to select a new book, the thoughts would return. They made you flush your pills. Didn’t really give you a choice. They’re killers. But… they were also sweet and doting, and you’d never experienced kindness like you had at their hands, not even from your own parents. You held a book in your hand, your fingers running idly over the pages you weren’t really seeing. 
It was probably why it was so easy to sneak up on you. 
“Good book? Haven’t read it, myself.” The low voice made you turn quickly, your heart roaring in your ears. It was the detective from the night before, standing next to you in the narrow aisle. He wasn’t facing you, standing as though he himself were merely browsing. You got the feeling his comment was a formality, a greeting meant to alert you to his presence. 
“I-I don’t know.” You immediately knew that you shouldn’t talk to him. Bucky and Steve wouldn’t want you to—perhaps that was why he was there in the first place, to get you alone. “I-I-I s-should go.” You tried to put the book back, and fumbled it a few times before replacing it on the shelf. 
“No, wait, please.” He reached out a hand to stop you. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, really.” Fury smiled in a way you knew was meant to be comforting, but instead made you even more uncomfortable. 
“I don’t—”
“I just want to ask a few questions. Just about you, okay?” He held his hands up, a peace offering. “Not them. Just you.” 
“Just me.” You repeated, nodding. “Okay.” He exhaled a breath. 
“Okay.” He glanced around, checking for your protectors before proceeding. “What’s your name? Let’s start there.” Your eyes traveled the same paths his did before you answered. You hadn’t even heard your own name in so long—just doll, and princess. Baby. Sweetheart. He nodded. “Nice to meet you. I’m Nick.” His eyes stray to your bare left ring finger, and you know he sees the marks. “Married?” 
“Ye—No. Not anymore.” Everything about you was stiff, your face, your posture. You weren’t sure what to make of this, what to say, to do. This still felt like both a dream and a nightmare happening concurrently, and Nick’s sudden appearance was the pinprick that burst the bubble. 
“Are you here against your will?” He said quietly, and you swallowed thickly, recoiling backwards at his question. “Wait, wait, please, I can help you. I can get you out of here, into witness protection.” He fished around in his pocket, and produced a crumpled piece of paper, handing it to you. You unfolded it—a phone number. “That’s—”
“This conversation is finished, detective.” 
His hand was gentle but firm on your shoulder, and you melted into him, your heart finally slowing down. Steve’s here. You’re safe. 
Am I safe?
The tension was thick enough to be palpable in the air and you couldn’t stop looking back and forth between the two of them. “Are you okay, doll?” He asked without looking at you, his thumb smoothing over the skin of your shoulder. Suddenly you were more glad than ever that you were in the bookstore, and not in the club back home. If you were, you were certain Steve would be holding a gun right now. 
“I’m okay.” Steve looked down at you then, eyes narrowed, searching for something. “R-really.” You stuttered, your face heating as you looked away. He glared back up at Fury. 
“Don’t worry, sweetness. I’ll put in a call to his superiors.” Steve growled. “Make sure they know their officer’s here hassling women for no goddamn reason.”
“There a crime against shopping in bookstores now?” Fury shot back, a knowing smirk spreading across his face. “I’m asking you because I’m sure you’d know.” He looked at you again, nodding his head. “Ma’am.” 
“Don’t fucking speak to her!” Steve barked, and you jumped at the volume of his voice. 
 “No problem, Rogers, I was just leaving.” The detective turned and left, not looking back once as he exited. Steve turned you to face him cupping your face as he ran his fingers over your cheeks.
“What did he ask you, doll?” His eyes bored into yours. “What did he say to you?” His touch was soft, affectionate even, but his gaze was questioning. 
“I—he—he asked about me. Just me.” You said quickly. “He asked me my name. And… and if I was married. I think he saw my ring marks.” You held up your hand to show him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean—”
“You’re a good girl, doll. Aren’t you?” His grip tightened on you just a little, and you nodded hurriedly. 
“A loyal girl, right? To me, and to Buck.” His eyes were bright and cold then, and you were reminded of how he’d looked at Glenn. 
You swallowed thickly. “O-of course. I-I-I want to be with you.” You weren’t sure if you were saying it because he wanted to hear it, or because you really did. Maybe both were true at the same time, because the warm smile that broke out across his features made answering heat bloom in your chest. You liked when they were happy with you. You liked making them happy. Was that wrong? 
So what if it is? The dark thing’s touch lingered just underneath Steve’s, a phantom mimic trailing just behind him. Live. 
“I know sweet. I know you do. That’s why we picked you, knew you would be perfect and grateful.” He kissed you then, achingly sweet, his tongue moving gently against your lips until you parted for him easily. “So sweet,” he muttered against your lips. He gave your ass an appreciative squeeze before letting you go reluctantly. 
Live for yourself.
“Starting without me again?” Bucky groused from behind you, and you turned your head just in time for his mouth to come down hard on yours. He pressed against your back protectively, his tongue slipping between your lips to stroke your own. He pulled up to kiss your nose, before peering at Steve over your head. 
“He gone?” 
“Who fucking knows?” Steve replied exasperatedly. “He was meant to have left last night. Maybe he needs a clearer warning.” You could hear the threat in his voice, but Bucky shook his head. 
“I think we should go home.” He said, wrapping his arms around your shoulders as he rested his chin on your head. “I like this town, I don’t want to have a shootout here.” He quipped, and Steve was forced to laugh. He looked down at you. 
“Sorry to disappoint you, princess. Vacation’s cut short.” You were disappointed. You’d been having a good time, despite the confusing feelings warring with one another in your skull. How would this work back in the real world? 
“I, um, I understand.”
“Don’t pout, baby. You’re coming home with us.” You furrowed your brows in confusion. Of course you were going home with them—they’d driven you here. Seeing the confusion on your face made Steve’s charming smile even wider. “You’re moving in, doll.” 
This was good, wasn’t it? Proved that they wanted you beyond just this one time. So why did you feel like something had broken in you the moment he’d sad it? Something vital and precious. The shadow swept the broken shards from your consciousness, and it spoke with your mouth. 
“Thank you.” 
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