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#stucky x reader
allthatmarvel · an hour ago
A/N: Wow. Wow. Wow! I can’t believe all the support came rushing out for this story. I cannot thank you enough, especially when my heart is constricted by it. Thank you to those who liked the story, commented, reblogged, and even followed. Thank you! Also, as a reminder, this story wouldn’t be here if the amazing people (who I will retag because they always need more recognition in this life, epically with their talented skills in writing and having a big heart in welcoming me or just being amazing. So go see them, follow, and love their stories, as much as I do. 
[ @imaginedreamwrite @writemarvelousthings @heavenhatesme @syntheticavenger @roger-that-cap​ @harryspet​ @jurassicbarnes​ & many mores that I will soon tag in... cause like I said, they deserve all the recognition]
 Thank You
Chapter 2 
Your eyes speaks of love - Dhiman
Tumblr media
Even after three years, the bond between the three grew as if the way they grew throughout their times in age. And when the years grew, tension also grew around the world. Words spread that a war was on the brink of exploding into another world war.
And that was when Steve and Bucky began to talk: joining the war if the United States would ever get involved. Well, it was mostly Bucky tried to reason with Steve that if the worst case scenario came, Steve should stay with Y/N as he would defend his country. Whenever they weren’t with Y/N--which was rare--they’d argue behind closed doors, countless time until nothing was resolved but with heated glares and heavy breathing. In the end, Bucky knew Steve was stubborn beyond hell, so he couldn’t ask his friend of it no more. But they did agree that they didn’t know how to tell Y/N of their future plan, but they needed...wanted too. So that idea always gnawed at the back of their head,
Joining the war.
But when it got too much for them to bare, they decided to tell her. They took her to one of the local diner in Brooklyn -- a place where Bucky and Steve always met, and now it was with her.
Y/N knew something was up, because in her heart, she could feel the trouble coursing through her boys vein. So when they got their food, Y/N picked at it as she just watched Steve and Bucky also picked at their food. None of them had the appetite to eat.
“What’s going on?” she finally asked. None of the two boys dared to answer her. Fear clawed at Y/N mind, the biggest fear--a fear that came out when she washed away her days in the shower and or when she laid wide awake until the sun peaked out. “Are you regretting seeing colors... are you regretting seeing colors with me?” 
The both boys quickly looked up with wide eyes. The fries in Bucky’s hand slipped out of his grasp and onto the floor. He quickly slide out of the outer booth and slide into her side. He wrapped an arm around her as he used his other fingers to slowly tip back her head. “Why would you ever think that, Doll?” he then asked her, quietly.
“I don’t know,” she mumbled as she tried to look away from his pierced blue eyes. Eyes that warmed her heart and soul... her eyes to see, everyday.
 “Does this look like me” -- he turned to gaze at Steve, who sat quietly and watched the two-- “and Steve don’t love you?” He leaned down and captured her lips into his. It was a rough kiss but it held all the passion she needed to softly moan. A kiss that captivated her soul to catch flames, a kiss where it felt as if everything around her blurred away and all she knew was Bucky and Steve. Just them and her. 
Hey eyes wandered over to Steve as Bucky still had her lips in his. He held a small smile on his face, happy to see that what he was feeling was captured between the two physical contact. She then reached out her free hand over the table, and Steve gladly took it as he held it in his. It was just warmth and comfort. Love. 
When Bucky fell away from the kiss, he leaned over to push her hair to the other side and whispered into her ears. “I don’t want to ever hear that doubt out of your mouth again, Doll. Never doubt that Steve and I regret seeing colors, especially with you. Because we would trade our lives to see them only with you.”  Y/N pushed her face into Bucky’s shoulder, hiding away the blush in her cheeks. “Beside, that is not the reason why we are quiet cowards.”
He gazed at Steve, silently agreeing it was time to tell their girl what was on their mind. 
When Y/N got situated back again, still her hand never left Steve. It was then time for the truth to come out. 
“If and when the U.S is involved with the war, Bucky and I are thinking of joining the army.” Steve told her. 
Y/N’s heart sunk and the feeling of what once had happen minutes ago, washed away into the black abyss of anger... denial... fear. “What?” she croaked out. “NO. NO. NO.” She placed her hand over her mouth to contain her wanting to scream at the two of them.
“Its an if,” Bucky jumped in to help his best friend out. “It’s an if.”
“I don’t care,” she rushed out her words. “Don’t do it. I need you here with me, I can’t lose you two.”
She couldn’t hear no more, and so she squeezed past Bucky and ran out of the diner. Rain cascaded throughout the sky. Her hair clung to her as she was poured down with rain and the salt of her tears. She knew that Bucky and Steve were to follow her, so she just ran, she ran as long as she could until fire was in her legs. She stopped at a store by the glass window display, where it played the news. News of what was going on in other countries... war. 
“Y/N!” She heard her name being called out, and she knew who voice it belong to. So she didn’t turn around; she just stared at the TV. A jacket was laid around her shoulders and an arm wrapped around her. “Don’t run, please,” Bucky begged.
She then heard another round of running steps and a breath that couldn’t contain itself. Steve. “Seriously,” Steve wheezed out as he stood on the other side of his girl, “I have asthma, couldn’t you just speed walk and not run for your dear life?” He kissed her left cheek. 
“Sorry,” she sighed as she too kissed him on the cheek. 
“Doll, please listen to me. I know this is hurting you, and its hurting us too. Believe us, we wouldn’t want it that way for our future, but deep in our hearts, we must serve our country, protect our country, one that you are in.” 
“In a way, we are protecting you,” Steve added in.
She didn’t say anything for a long time. Still, she looked on at the news report. Steve mindlessly watched, but Bucky just watched the two. He reached over and tapped Steve on the shoulder to grab his attention. And when Steve looked at his friend, he knew what he was asking of him. A plead. A plead from their past arguments. 
And for the first time in that argument, Steve agreed. “Beside... I might not be able to join due to my health.” Y/N looked at him and slowly nodded, her heart wasn’t that tight anymore. “Well, I will try, but I doubt they’ll let me in.” Steve gave a glare to Bucky now. 
“Okay,” Y/N resided. 
Before anyone could embrace each other, the TV broadcast flipped to breaking news. In the news, reports of an attack on US soil, in Hawaii - Pearl Harbor, and then to the president message of going to war.
And in that split moment, Y/N’s heart didn’t just drop but shattered away. She knew her boys were going to go into war. 
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imaginedreamwrite · 6 hours ago
Baby Girl: Part 3
It was nearly another month before you saw or interacted with Steve or Bucky. You’d spent the last few weeks getting into a routine on the medical floor and taking all the knowledge and training you’d picked up on in school and translating that into the hands-on work in Stark Tower.
Since the revelation that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were your soulmates, you had done everything you could to avoid talking about the subject and the two conspirators that caused you to see colour in the first place.
Of course, trying to avoid Steve and Bucky was easy enough when they were busy on missions or training the recruits, and if they weren’t doing either then they were running simulations.
The only probable way for you to run into them and not have a steady hand on the chances was either a run-in by the elevator or seeing them as patients in the medical wing.
While you were avoiding Steve and Bucky, you had spent a great deal of time with Peter. You’d tried to avoid causing any wider rift between you since the beginning of it was already damaging and acidic enough. You loved Peter, you wanted to be with Peter however it seemed as if you had already lost him.
Everything you did at this point felt like putting a bandaid on a cracked foundation.
Including dinner dates like the one, you were supposed to be going on after your shift.
“Y/N, ” the charge nurse stopped you just 15 minutes before you were supposed to clock out, “can you please assist one last patient before you leave? We just had an entire group of recruits come in for burns and deep abrasions and another patient is waiting with the minor abrasive wound.”
You glanced toward the clock, knowing full well that a simple abrasion could lead to more problems. You knew full well that one simple cut could be something more complicated and take longer than 15 minutes, but you couldn’t turn her down.
“Of course, ” you reached for the chart, “who is it?”
The charge nurse already looked exasperated but when you took the tablet from her, there was momentary relief that flashed on her face. That small task was enough to remove some weight from her shoulders, and given the number of recruits that were about to come to the floor, this was the least that you could do.
“Bed 5,” she called over her shoulder, “thank you so much!”
You waved your hand and tucked the tablet under your arm as you moved toward a white metal supply cart. You reached for a pair of blue medical gloves and pulled them on your hands, adjusting the fit on your fingers before you continued on your path toward the 5th bed bay on the left side with the tablet back in your hands.
You pulled back the curtain and stepped inside, your attention on the chart displayed on the tablet. You read the reason for being there, the word ‘abrasion’ and ‘bleeding at sight of injury’ twice over. You knew you would need antiseptic and bandages as well as liquid stitches depending on the injury, which was all in the supply cart at each bed.
“Hi, I'm Y/N I’ll be your nurse today.” You raised your hand and almost dropped the tablet, the portable chart nearly slipping from your grasp at the sight of who was in your care. “What happened to you?”
Steve was the patient, with a strip of cloth pressed tightly against the cut in his forehead, the drying blood staining the cloth used in an attempt to stop the bleeding. When he shifted on the bed, you could see small drops of blood on his shoes that had long since dried as well as some blood staining the SHIELD symbol on his black compression shirt.
“Steve’s a cut on his head,” Bucky spoke from the only other chair in the small bay, one leg crossed over the other and his metal hand resting on top of his knee.
Like Steve, he was wearing a black compression shirt with the same symbol on the left above his pectoral. Now that you could see colours, you were slowly differentiating between the vast shades of one colour that brought such beauty to the works. Bucky’s eyes were blue, but they were light blue and crystalline, they reminded you of the pristine river and lake waters from the mountains. They were so clean and clear, so pristine.
Steve’s eyes were blue, like Bucky’s, however, Steve’s eyes had flecks of green in them. His blue-green eyes were as captivating as Bucky’s, just in a different way.
“Yeah, I gathered.” You quipped, moving away from the bed toward the supply cart. “How did it happen?”
You reached for one of the drawer handles and pulled, small antiseptic packages sitting inside. You grabbed two as well as a small roll of bandages and medical tape, and when you had all your supplies, you closed the drawer again.
“We were training the recruits, ” Steve pulled the cloth away from his cut and placed it beside him on the bed.
“And I’m guessing it didn’t go well?” you grabbed the single wrapped antiseptic wipe and shook it a few times out of habit before you ripped the top off and pulled the wipe out of the package. You unfolded the antiseptic wipe and stepped closer to the bed and closer to Steve.
“It may sting.” You gave him a warning before you reached out and started wiping the antiseptic wipe against his cut, trying your damnedest not to laugh when he hissed under his breath and winced.
“Who knew the great Captain America could be brought down by a disinfecting wipe?” you joked, discarding the wipe in the garbage before you waved your hand in front of the cut to dry it.
“He’s also afraid of needles.” Bucky piped up from his chair in the corner, joining in on the teasing.
“Needles?” you grinned. “Steve Rogers is afraid of needles?”
He had gripped the edge of the bed with both hands, his blue-green eyes were studying you while you prepared the liquid stitches. His attention on you was making your hands shake ever so slightly, given how much time and effort you had tried to put into avoiding the pair of them.
It just felt…natural. It felt instinctual to be near them and that was a direct conflict with what you were trying to save, with Peter.
“Don’t tell anyone,” Steve watched you carefully as you produced a small brush coated with the liquid stitch. “I have a reputation to uphold.”
“Of course, ” you nod your head and smirked, “it would damaging for the world to know that Captain America’s fear is sterilized medical-grade needles.”
“Little bit.” His added comment pulled a laugh from you, something small and quiet but lighthearted nonetheless.
“I’m done adding the liquid stitches.” You stepped back to the bedside rolling tray and grabbed a packaged sterilized bandage. “You need to keep this on for about a day and then it can be removed.”
When you stepped back to him, you had the bandage in one hand and the crumpled package in the other. You threw the package toward the garbage and then you pressed the bandage against his wound, reaching into your left scrub pocket to grab the medical tape.
“I have to ask,” you ripped a piece of medical tape off and placed it on the left side of the bandage to hold it in place, before securing the other side, “how did the great captain America injure himself?”
You pressed the tape into his forehead as gently as possible, smoothing it down and using that as an excuse to hear the story.
“Couple of new recruits thought it’d be funny to steal one of Stark’s new inventions and bring it to the session.” Steve shift on the bed, brushing his hand against your elbow as he moved. “Caused an explosion and some of the shrapnel got me in the head.”
“They essentially stole a grenade and set it off as a joke?” you shift your weight from foot to foot. “Real intelligent agents you have.”
You rolled your eyes and started the process of putting away the equipment you’d used. As you closed the third drawer and moved back to grab the tablet to complete the chart, your attention was drawn to the bed where Steve had now stood from.
“Am I going to live?”
“You’ll survive relatively unscathed. Although I think I’d keep my distance from arrogant recruits with grenades, ” you smiled again, “as a rule of thumb.”
“You’ll live to see another fight, ” Bucky clapped Steve on the shoulder, “how many different nurses have patched you up in the day?”
“None this pretty, ” Steve shot a look your way, which had given you pause as you were finishing up his chart.
“I have to agree, pal.”
“Y/N, ” the charge nurse popped her head into the room, “Peter’s waiting for you. Want me to finish the chart?”
The announcement that Peter was here and waiting for you, had introduced an air of uncomfortable awkwardness that made you want to tuck tail and run. The announcement that your boyfriend who was not your soulmate was here to take you to dinner, while your two soulmates were in front of you, had you very conflicted. You were conflicted between the ease of flirtations that seemed so natural with Steve and Bucky, and the year you’d spent loving Peter Parker.
“It’s okay,” Steve spoke the answer to the question you didn’t want to ask, “you don’t want to keep him waiting.”
“You should go,” Bucky spoke after, reassuring you, “we’ll catch up later.”
“Y/N?” she called, “do you want me to finish the chart?”
You swallowed and dove further inside yourself for a brief moment. You set the tablet back on the table and stepped away, still half in a daze.
“Yeah,” you finally mumble, “yeah I’m almost done. I’ll go… I’ll go end my shift.”
You turned on your heel and moved from the bed bay, stealing a glance back at the two super soldiers before you ultimately left the area.
And went to find Peter.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thefanbasewhore · 21 hours ago
Summary || Mob leaders Steve and Bucky are closer then what people think and they don't like when people stare at their girl, especially a meeting in their own home.
Warning/content || Bucky and Steve, poly relationship, fluff, implied smut, mob au, mafia au
Paring || Bucky x reader x Steve
Tumblr media
It's always assumed to be rumors.
That Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, the men who own the most notorious and gruesome mafia are in fact more then just business partners. Just the thought alone of two powerful, equally dangerous men, would never work. Too strong willed and determined, one always wanting more power, asserting dominance but that wasn't the case.
Steve and Bucky had loved each other since they were kids - best friends since birth, Steve's father took care of the business, pretty much owned the whole state of New York City and even currently after his death, Steve has managed to keep it that way. And just like his father, a Barnes being his right hand man, but it was much more then that.
Then they met you, a sweet girl, filled with laugher and happiness, something they have been desperately been needing in their life. Where they work too long, you're there to remind them they're human, to eat, to sleep. When they're enraged, about to act of feelings, you're there to remind them it's only temporary, it will pass.
Business is good as ever but now instead of the drug trade, stealing and laundrying, they have decided to start a business - the goal to be one hundred percent legitimate by two years but of course some things always get in the way.
Like the fact no one can seem to do their job and their employees always seem to have sticky fingers. A huge financial loss, one that can set their planalmost a whole year behind.
Bucky sits up straight, shoulder to shoulder with Steve as he flips the data sheet over with equally displeased scowls. Bucky's the first one to look up, steel blue eyes darkening as long table of men nearly shake. "How did this happen? When we hired all fifteen of you, it was to make sure we don't loose any fucking money."
"Sorry sir, we just assumed -."
"Shut up." Steve huffs as he brings his hand up to rub his beard, leaning into the table with an elbow. "You're going to get that money back or else, I'm not paying with you fucking idiots no more. It's my money, you lost it, you go find it."
A calloused but soft hand reaches into Steve's light hair, he lets out an a hum of acknowledgment and leans into Bucky's touch. The men around them freeze but they don't seem to care; agreeing to not hide it anymore.
Bucky's concerned eyes leave the sight of his boyfriend but narrows at the wide eyed men. "Is there a problem?"
"N-No, not at all sir."
"Good." Steve claps his hands, "Tell us exactly what happened last night, not one detail left out."
Meanwhile the sun shins brightly through the slits of white curtains, adorming and glistening from the lotion on your skin. The white searing light makes you wince, claiming it's too bright, unknown that no one is listening.
"Steve, stop opening the curtains, close them!" He's always the first one up, opens all the curtains in hopes that you and Bucky will take up; you never do. There's no answer, squeezing your eyes in annoyance as you reach over to tap Bucky, he'd close them even though he wasn't much of a morning person like yourself.
"Buck -." But no one is there, the bed incredibly cold, depsite the size of the bed, it feels so small without them.
You hiss at the contact between the cold, morning floor and your feet through the bedroom and into the hall, where you found yourself jumping from area to area rug in the ridiculously long hall way.
Decending the stairs and heading right towards the direction of their home office, it had to be something work related to pull your boys away, if they left they would have woken you up to tell you.
The moment you open the large, double doors you're greeted with seventeen pairs of eyes, two pairs being got of your boyfriend's. Clearly displeased with the intrusion.
To start, they try to keep you away from the business as much a possible, sparing any details and keeping it short. You're aware of who b they are, what they do but they're trying to change.
You're completely oblivious to the fact that you stand just and only a thin white shirt, no doubt Bucky's from the night before and a very small pair of cheeky black underwear, which showed through the translucent white.
“Pretty girl, go back up stairs ya?” Steve bites his inner cheek. The crowd does a double take, eyes widening as they realize his words - were you his too?
"We'll be up in twenty minutes, keep the bed warm. Put some pants on." Bucky's words confirm it - you're both of theirs.
In an instant your cheeks are on fire, flushing at the realization you're pretty much naked. Frozen in embarrassment.
Bucky and Steve's eyes along the crowd of men, daring any of them too look again but no one has a death wish today.
“I was hungry, I’m sorry I didn’t know you had a meeting, was wondering where you went." Bucky reaches over, pressing his lips into your hand, mumbling against it. "Wait it the kitchen for us - won't be long and put some freaking pants on."
The moment you leave, Steve clears his throat. "Get me my money back, I don't care what you have to do. And bring that jerk-off to me, teach him something about stealing money."
"Are we understood?" Bucky adds. "Now go, we have other business to attend to."
You don't miss the way the men tip their hats to you, respectfully and not for too long as the exit the house. A gentle hand cups your hip, chest pressing against your back to sandwich you between them and the counter top. Steve's lips find your cheek, trail to your ear. "Hi honey."
Cheeks blazing hot as Bucky's gaze catches your attention, a sly smirk that makes you pout. "You know, next time a warning or a note would be nice."
"Was," Steve's lips press against your temple, "No," now to your hair, "Time."
"Okay sweetheart," Buck huffs, "Quit hogging her up, cmere, give me my morning kiss doll."
A smile curls at the ends of your lips, legs still naked despite his warnings but trail over to kiss him. With one small kiss his other hand reaches out for his other lover, "Steve - sweetheart, come here. Wanna kiss babe."
Bucky pulls you into lap with a lady grin, hands falling to cup your rear. "Next time, put some pants on."
"I dunno, maybe." You tease him, sticking your tongue out only for him to tap his finger against it.
"Mmm, never have to wear pants around me." Steve comments finally joining the two of you with a teasing smirk. "Like ever, ever again."
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skyeisawizard · a day ago
Bucky Barnes
Hi everyone! First of all, I would like to say a big thank you for 600 followers! I’ve only had this blog for just over a months so that is insane! If anybody has any idea of how we could celebrate please let me know.
Second of all, if Bucky was to have his arms covered in tattoos, what does everybody think he would have? (You’ll see why I’m asking this soon ;) )
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just-iimagine · a day ago
Stucky x reader
Word count: 1k
Note: I swear to god, tiktok is the place for ideas 😂 if anyone has any ideas or requests, please send them in!!
Tumblr media
The night after the boys came back from a mission was the best. While they did their best to message or call throughout the mission, it wasn't the same as actually being with them. So as soon as they walk through the door to your shared floor in the building, no matter how sweaty, dirty or tired they were.
They were greeted by you with a crushing hug each and a heated kiss. The promises of their favourite dinner being made so that they could shower, clean up and relax. They'd fill you in on all you missed and you would do that same. Playing footsie under the table want them, wanting them as close as possible.
After dinner came the sex. Lots and lots of sex, multiple positions, multiple orgasms until you were all spent. Exhausted as you all lay on the bed, legs and arms entangled as they cuddled you between them.
"I missed you both" you whispered, squeezing one of their hands each. Closing your eyes as they each kissed your head. "No more missions for a while, doll" Bucky promised softly. "You're stuck with us for at least two weeks, sweetheart" Steve chuckled. The pair quickly joining in, in sleep. Wanting nothing more than at least 12 hours of sleep.
Before sleeping, no one opened a window. Leading to the bedroom getting stuffy and hot as the night went on. Especially with the super soldiers in the bed with you, radiating heat off them.
It became too much for Steve around 3 am. Waking up, he sat up slightly with a tickle in his throat. He rubbed his chest lightly as he observed both his sleeping lovers. He had obviously been big spooning you, as you faced Bucky in your sleep. Head tucked nicely under his own as he held you.
Two sleeping angels as Steve felt the tickle in his throat get a bit worse. A cough leaving his mouth. First a small one, but soon the coughs got bad enough that he swung his legs out of bed. Resting his feet on the ground as he coughed, hoping he wouldn't wake you both.
But of course, Bucky's trained ears heard Steve. He always heard when one of you were in trouble. Causing him to wake, blinking a bit before he moved quickly out of the bed and around to Steve. Once in front of Steve, he began whispering that it would be ok to him. Panic in his voice.
The sudden loss of warmth caused you to wake too. Rolling over to see Bucky on his knees in front of Steve. Steve coughing which was obviously causing Bucky to worry. Clearly written on Bucky's face. Bucky was still telling Steve to breathe, that it would be ok but something was clearly caught up in Steve's throat.
And it wasn't the time to make a joke about it being Bucky's cock.
Sitting beside Steve, you rubbed his lower back to help him cough and clear his airways. "Bucky" you called, watching his eyes shift to you from Steve. "Go get Stevie a glass of water," you tell him. Bucky shook his head slightly. Not wanting to leave Steve. "It will help. I promise" you urged him. "I'm fine" Steve managed to choke out between coughs. Trying to calm Bucky as he left for the water.
You left Steve briefly too, opening a window in the bedroom to let in some of the cool night air. Returning to Steve as his cough began to disappear. The water aiding him as Bucky handed it to him. Standing there then, looking down on his boyfriend with fear in his eyes. As if Steve was dying. "Bucky" you whispered, standing to comfort him. "Calm down, Steve is ok" you took his face in your hands, thumbs rubbing over his cheeks slightly.
"I'm ok, Buck," Steve said, voice returning to normal now as he stood too. You stepped out of the way ever so slightly, allowing Steve to pull his boyfriend into a bone-crushing hug. You rubbed Bucky's back as he let out a few shaky breaths. "Come on, let's go back to bed" you whispered to them both. Pulling their arms ever so slightly.
This time you took Bucky's spot, letting Bucky lie in between his two lovers. Leaning into Steve's chest as you hugged him from behind. Kissing his shoulder softly as your eyes met Steve's. It was scary to see Bucky like this. So shaken. Sometimes he was like this after a nightmare or a rough mission. But Steve was coughing? So why did he panic so much?
"When I had asthma, back before the war" Steve began to explain quietly. Sensing your confusion as he watched you in the darkened room. "I used to get coughing fits, one time. Just before the war, I nearly died. From the asthma attack. From coughing again and again. Bucky was there and it freaked him out" he sighed and kissed Bucky's head.
"That's an understatement" Bucky muttered. Finally calming down, his heart rate returning to normal as he listened to Steve's. The reassurance there that his boyfriend was ok, safe and sound in bed with him and with you. "He doesn't have asthma anymore" you pointed out to Bucky. Hating that it was so obvious.
"Still doesn't stop the memories. Seeing him turn blue. Nearly dying. Back then, hospitals weren't as advanced. Asthma was so scary. People died regularly because of it" Bucky explained. Gripping Steve a little tighter.
It was a funny thought in an ironic way, a trained assassin worrying over Captain America having a coughing fit. But it wasn't funny at the same time. His worry was real and genuine and therefore he needed you both. Kissing his neck you held him a bit tighter. Resting against him, squeezing him with Steve.
Both of you waited for him to fall asleep before even considering sleeping yourselves. Sharing a look with Steve, a reassuring one with a nod as you both settled into sleep. Snuggling into Bucky as you did.
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evanslove3000 · a day ago
Love is in the air
Meeting Manchurian candidate
Tumblr media
Bucky's pov
Me, steve and sam were going to see Tony stark for help.
"You know Howard stark right"steve asked.what kind question is that ,he was the one who promise us a flying car and the man i kiled .
"Yeah" "Tony had a daughter, she was an agent of shield and an avenger , you met her she was with us on that time . " why are we meeting her." she can help us ." "what about her father ""she usualy dosent hear what her father says".sam says
y/n's pov
"Agent y/n , didnt know you were going to be in today , and by the looks of it ,you probably didnt know either "the captain says ."well, its not the highlight of my day but tony is paying for my wifi,so .
"hey buttercup , do you need cofee "a familisar face is coming .
" birdman , i miss you too"
steve gives you the file while looking at you . "hey whatabout the restaurants downtown at 7" "great idea " . someone clears their throat .
James Buchanan Ba
" barnes , i know . ex -hydra assassin , he is a ghost story , i know steve ."
''just take me to him''
in the room
''Mr Barnes ''
my name is bucky
hi , bucky i am y/n .
yeah unfortunately .
"dont come closer . i am your enemy . i should be restrainted and in cyro ."
if you are an enemy you would have attacked me right this second so that means you remember me. you are no longer the winter soldier , everyone is going to help you . me , steve , sam , nat and the avengers .dont be panic . i have no grudge against you .you dont have any choice . its alright .
''you are different "
love started to bloom
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buckys-bug · a day ago
𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐠𝐮𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬 || 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐦𝐞
bucky barnes
Tumblr media
it’s so wrong (but it feels so right) | summary: you know it’s wrong, but it feels so right. and so you stop fighting him.
the winter soldier
Tumblr media
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steve rogers
Tumblr media
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ransom drysdale
Tumblr media
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andy barber
Tumblr media
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lee bodecker
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charles blackwood
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mickey henry
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ari levinson
Tumblr media
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Alpha Bucky! X Alpha Pregnant Reader
WARNING: Mentions of sex, suicide, some sensitive topics like self harm, and just some fluff and sweetness.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I swear that almost every imagine i make, i think of a way to make it a series. But for this imagine, I am going to make it come true! Yes, this one will be the imagine and the other- i don't know when i'm posting it -will be a series that talks about Bucky and the reader being alphas and mates. I don't know if i ever found this imagine before written by someone else, but i haven't and i desperately need one.
SUMMARY: Weird enough as it is, you were pregnant with an alpha's baby while being an alpha yourself and that baby is one strong alpha baby that loves to give you pain. Thankfully, you have your alpha mate beside you to soothe you in many ways.
Tumblr media
"Darling?" You stepped into the living room as Bucky turned around and smiled at you. "Do i look fat?" Your lips wobbled in sadness, threatening to cry at any second.
Bucky opened his mouth but closed it again when he remembered the last time he responded with a, "Of course you don't! You look beautiful today," Let's just say it somehow ended badly to leave you crying all night long. That's why whenever this question comes up, Bucky has to be very creative with his responses to not anger or annoy the wolf inside his mate, neither trigger her hormones and make her cry.
"Why would you ever think of that, doll? I doubt anyone can ever call you fat after seeing how beautiful and strong you are for carrying my little pups," With that, Bucky knelt down to your swollen belly and caressed it gently in hopes to soothe his mate.
You let out a satisfied hum and rubbed your belly with a smile, but your smile fell off your face and winced when you felt strong kicks coming from the pups. Bucky immediately noticed this and tries to calm them by rubbing your belly and drawing small circles on top of it. As soon as you stopped feeling kicks, you let out a relieved sigh. Bucky stood up back to his normal height and wore a concerned look on his face, noticing the dark eye bags under your eyes.
"Had the pups bothered you during your sleep again?" He questioned, eyes full of concern.
You could only nodded in response, eyes drooping tiredly.
The first time your pups started kicking, you and Bucky were full of happiness and joy, and both of you couldn't get your hands off your swollen belly. But the night after, the pups became restless and couldn't stop kicking the entire night, which prevented you from getting a good night sleep. And it kept happening at night for a week after that, and two weeks after that.
While you mostly get a good shut eye from the naps you take in the afternoon, sometimes you barely have time for it since you have to meet up with a few important clients of yours for your job and not to note that the pups wouldn't start kicking during your naps, especially when Bucky wasn't around. At the current moment, you were lucky enough to have five to six hours of sleep without disturbance.
"I'm sorry, darling for not spending enough time with you and the babies," he frowned. "I promise that i'll accompany you as much as i can from here on out."
You hummed, before nodding in approval. "Fine, but I'll accept your apology and promise as long as you bake me a cheesecake with pickles on top."
"But you hate cheese and you're not allowed to eat pickles-"
"I want my cheesecake and pickles," you scowled and narrowed your eyes at him.
Bucky raised his hands in surrender, before pulling you into a hug and kiss your cheek. "Alright, i'll bake you a cheesecake, but you're not allowed to eat pickles, you're allergic to those remember?"
"I still want my pickles,"
"Bucky," you warned him with a glare.
"And that, children, is the story of how you should not end up being an alpha carrying alpha babies and having an alpha as your mate, especially if that alpha is as stubborn as you are,"
"I swear Sam if you are trying to play with my temper again, i will smack and kick your ass out of my house again," you scowled at Sam who was innocently leaning against the wall and pretending like he didn't eavesdrop on them for the hundredth time.
"It's not my fault Bucky couldn't control his little friend around you and keep his horny thoughts and little friend to himself," Sam turned to Bucky, "especially during the important conference room at SHIELD and you just had to do it in Fury's office, didn't you? Which also led to alpha babies, and that's why i always say 'Wrap it, before you tap it' or my mom did."
"I blame Bucky for that too," you made a noise of agreement. "And for your information, during that day, Bucky was in his rut and i'm just too horny for my good, and Fury's office was the closest room near us. And since Fury doesn't have a sex life- and if he does, i doubt it would be in his office -so, there'e no way we could find a condom in the office and we still did it with that knowledge anyways because we are too horny."
"I have a hard time believing that you two actually tried to find it with all what's going on at that moment," he remarked with a knowing look while you rolled your eyes at him and grabbed Bucky's metal arm. "Can you bake the cheesecake now?" You asked with puppy dog eyes, which he couldn't resist.
The super soldier nodded, but said, "But I'm still not going to give you any pickles,"
"Oh fuck you,"
As Bucky cracked a few eggs open and let it fall onto the metal bowl, he began to wonder about how you two had met, along with the pups.
Bucky and you had met when you two were assigned on a mission by Fury. You two weren't alone together because the mission consisted of eight alphas and one omega. Bucky was suspicious of the ranks of the team, but shrug it off and thought that Fury assigned Steve to the mission mainly because he's- well, Captain America. So, he was fine with it.
Of course, Steve's mate, Tony was not okay with it and completely freaked out about it, lecturing Fury and volunteering to come since his mate was the only omega in the team. However, Fury declined his 'offer', which forced Tony to let Bucky watch over Steve. They weren't exactly on great terms, but he knew that Bucky had a past longer than he did with Steve, so he decided to accept defeat with the battle.
But of course, Tony had secretly placed cameras in their suits, so that he would be able to see hoe the mission is going, along with his mate's ass.
During the mission, you got injured and Bucky was the one to carry you to the clinic at SHIELD. That was when he finally got a good whiff of your scent and found out that you were his true mate. He was estatic and happy to have found you, but it hit him again that you were in the clinic and you were INJURED! It terrified him to no end that his mate might die, but the doctors reassured him that she wouldn't and told him that she was a fighter.
Although reassured with their words, he was disturbed that the doctors seemed to be familiar with you as if you had come to the clinic often. So, he might've asked Tony for some help with this situation and found out that you had tried to take your life a few times before, but survived and ended up in SHIELD's clinic, which made him go crazy.
After you were discharged from the clinic, you got to know each other better and Bucky would always try to sneak a glance at your wrists to find anything unusual there. And when you began to live with him, he made sure to hide every knife, rope, gun and anything what he considered dangerous and harmful to you. He even wanted to take your blanket away! Let's just say it didn't happen because you love your blanket too much.
Eventually, you found out that he knew the truth and you confronted him one night about it. Both of you spilled all of your feelings about everything as an unseperatable bond began to intertwine between you two and you both promise to always try to survive and be there for the other.
Every time Bucky thinks about the promise, he always smile, even with the feeling of doubt inside his stomach, he knew that he could trust his little darling. After all, she was carrying his babies inside of her, she wouldn't be thinking of harming herself again.... right?
....I don't know what to say about this. But meh, i guess it's a little fine. Very short and need much more details, but a little fine.
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here, stevie (part 2)
part 1 | part 2
pairings: bucky barnes x reader(established), steve rogers x bucky barnes, steve rogers x reader, stucky x reader (dom!bucky, sub!reader, sub!steve)
synopsis: it’s the morning after bucky invited steve to join the two of you in a spicy encounter. you want more before you even wake up.
warnings: 18+ only! smut, dom/sub dynamics, dom bucky, sub steve and reader, mild somnophilia, threesome, M/M SEXUAL INTERACTIONS, anal sex (m receiving), oral sex (m and f receiving) unprotected penetrative sex, double penetration, degradation, rough sex, ass smacking, daddy kink, thigh riding, pet names, kissing, spitting, cursing.
word count: 3.4k
a/n: bucky calls steve “puppy” bc he’s his pet <3 goals, honestly. this is even filthier than part one, whoops. This took so long to write lol. hope you guys enjoy!
With Bucky and Steve on either side of you, you were deep asleep. Drifting off sandwiched between them last night, you were having the best sleep you have had in years. Bucky is laying right next to you on his side, his face just a few inches from yours. His metal arm is draped over your waist, securing you and making you feel safe, even in your sleep. Steve is to your back, holding you tight, his face buried in your neck and his arm right next to Bucky’s on your body. With the three of you sound asleep, the only sound in the room was your collective soft breaths. That was until Bucky’s thigh found its way between your legs.
Bucky scooted closer to you in his slumber, extending his arm out further to barely graze Steve’s hip behind you. His knee slowly came between your legs, separating them, and his thigh found its way up until it was against your panties. Even in your sleep, you recognized exactly what was rubbing against you. Your body decided it couldn’t wait to wake you, and your hips started slowly grinding against Bucky’s bare thigh. Quiet moans left your mouth as your panties started to become wet, unbeknownst to you.
As you moved against Bucky’s leg, your ass was pushing back into Steve, whose cock was becoming hard at the sensation. Unlike you, Steve started to wake slowly from the pleasure. His eyes were still closed as he wrapped his arm around your waist tightly, pulling you closer to him. His hips gently pushing against your ass, moving with your motions. Groans began to spill from his mouth as he started to grind against you harder.
The movements and sounds began to wake Bucky, who immediately noticed what you were doing. He was about to scold you until he realized you were still asleep, a smirk creeping across his face as he saw how desperate you were for him before you were even awake. He sat up slightly and noticed Steve grinding against you. Bucky’s metal hand grabbed Steve’s wrist, causing him to sit up a bit and look over you to see Bucky glaring at him.
“Trying to get off from my girl before I’m even awake, punk?” Bucky whispered to him. Steve’s eyes widened, fully awake now. “She started it”, he replied quietly, earning a harsh squeeze to his wrist. Bucky looked down at you, your breaths becoming heavy as you continued to move against his thigh, your mouth still spilling small whimpers and moans into the quiet room. “Maybe so, but she can’t help it. Such a horny little thing for me”, he looked back at Steve who groaned quietly, his hips stilling. “What’dya say we have some fun with her, she how much she can take before she wakes up?” Bucky asks, his pupils blown and his cock rock hard against your stomach. Steve nods eagerly, squeezing your waist tighter. “That’s what I thought. Can’t get enough of her, can you? Hm. I think I’ll be the only one having fun with her at first”. Bucky’s looking Steve in the eyes, his dominance already putting Steve into a submissive state.
Steve’s breath hitches, his cock twitching in his boxers. Bucky pulls Steve towards him by his wrist, their faces hovering over your sleeping body to meet in a kiss. Bucky’s tongue easily dominates Steve’s, his metal hand coming to the back of his head to pull him even closer into him, their lips smashed together in bliss. Steve’s hips begin to move again, his clothed cock grinding against your ass desperately. Bucky’s hand suddenly grips Steve’s hair, pulling him away from his mouth and looking him in the eyes. “Did I say you could hump on my girl, Steve?” Steve’s face almost forms into a pout as he replies. “Please.. please touch me.. need it so bad, sir”.
Bucky’s eyes widen at Steve’s name for him, his hand coming to Steve’s face to find his jaw, squeezing it harshly. “You don’t get to get yourself off, pet”. Steve moaned at Bucky’s words. God, he loved when he put him in his place. “Nobody is cumming before my girl does. Understand?” Steve nodded as best he could with Bucky’s grip on his jaw. “Good boy. Now make yourself useful and do as I say”. Bucky let go of Steve’s jaw, turning to you, seeing you were still trying to chase your release on his thigh under the blankets. “God, she’s so desperate. I can feel how soaked she is through her panties”. Bucky gives you a soft kiss on your parted lips before gently removing the blankets from you and slowly moving you on your back, careful not to wake you yet. He slides your panties down your legs and off your feet, spreading your legs just enough to get a glimpse of your soaked sex.
Steve licks his lips, his eyes glued to your glistening mound. Bucky notices, letting out a dark chuckle. “Don’t think you’re getting a taste of her before I do”. Steve whines as he watches Bucky get on his stomach in front of you, gently kissing your thighs. You moan softly and spread your legs apart for him, as if you know exactly what’s happening. Bucky speaks to Steve, his breath hitting your wet lips. “You can touch yourself as you watch me eat her. But you don’t cum. Understand?” Steve nods enthusiastically. “Yes, sir, thank you”.
Steve takes his shirt and boxers off, letting his throbbing cock free. He positions himself, sitting on his knees beside Bucky, getting a perfect view of what’s about to happen. Steve spits in his hand and grips his cock right as Bucky’s mouth finally latches to your core, pulling moans from both of you. Bucky’s lapping your pussy with his tongue, not bothering to start off slowly. He brings two cold fingers to your dripping core right as he begins to suck on your clit, the pleasure causing you to finally begin to wake you up. “Mmh.. Bucky…” You begin moaning his name in your hazy state, not yet fully awake yet. This only eggs Bucky on, pumping his fingers in and out of you to hit your sweet spot, his tongue moving quickly against your clit. Steve’s cock is oozing precum on the bedsheets from watching you wake up this way.
The sounds of your whimpers are filling the room, along with the squelching of Steve’s hand on his cock and Bucky’s tongue on you. Bucky can feel you squeezing his fingers, making him groan. He removes his lips from you momentarily to speak to you. “Fuck baby, you with me? Gonna cum for me, sweetheart?” Your eyes are still shut but you’re almost completely awake now, gripping Bucky’s hair as your orgasm approaches quickly. “Mmnnm Bucky, fuck, yes…” Your mouth falls open as Bucky thrusts his fingers into you even faster now. “That’s it baby, cum for daddy”. He latches his mouth back onto your clit, sending you over the edge, a wave of pure bliss washing over you. “Oh my god, daddy, yes!” Your back arches, hands pulling Bucky’s hair tightly as he uses his flesh arm to push your body back flat on the bed, demanding you take everything he gives you. Steve is in awe at the sight of you coming on his friend’s fingers. “Holy fuck”, he pants out, his hand moving quickly against himself. Bucky finally removes his mouth from you, wiping his mouth and turning to Steve to tell him “hands by your side”, before moving up to your lips to kiss you.
“Good morning, babydoll”. You smile against his lips, sighing and returning the greeting, still shaking lightly from your orgasm. “You woke us up this morning, you know that baby?”. You shake your head no, slight confusion in your eyes. Bucky chuckles, “You were humping my leg like a little bitch in heat. Rubbing your ass back against Stevie, too”. You look past Bucky to see Steve looking at you, his hard cock against his stomach with his hands by his side, his face red in embarrassment. Your eyes widen as you look back at Bucky, starting to apologize. “I’m sorry, daddy-“ He cuts you off with a kiss, shushing you.
“It’s okay, sweetness. You didn’t know what you were doing, did you? Just a horny little slut for your daddy, hm?” You shake your head yes pathetically as your cheeks start to heat up. “I know it, baby. You’re not in trouble. But you’re gonna finish what you started. Sound fair, baby?” “Yes, daddy”. Bucky smiles and kisses you before replying, “Good girl. Didn’t wanna have to do things the hard way”. He smirks at you, pulling you down the mattress a bit, giving Steve room to sit in front of you.
Bucky turns to Steve then, ordering him. “Get in front of her”. Steve obliges quickly, sitting at the top of the mattress, his red cock in front of your face now. Bucky’s hands find your hips to flip you over and pull your body upon its knees, You start to get up on your hands, but Bucky pushes you back down. “Dumb baby. You can’t suck Stevie’s cock from up there, can you?” You look to Steve, both of you blushing in the presence of each other in this way. This was only the second time this had happened, and the two of you were still shy around each other. You find the courage to look him in the eyes, slowly bringing your hand around his thick member, causing him to suck in harshly. “Hi, Stevie”, you say quietly, grinning softly. Steve brings his hand up to cup your cheek, his thumb swiping across your lips. “Hi, y/n”.
Bucky has removed his clothes now, chuckling darkly as he lines himself up with your hole. “You two are too cute. Just a couple of subby babies, huh?” He grabs your hips tightly then, pushing into you with no warning, your own cum acting as lube. You ground out in surprise, your hand slightly squeezing Steve’s cock, causing him to groan. Bucky stills in you after he bottoms out, leaning forward against your back. “Look at me”. You turn your head, your eyes meeting his as he grabs your cheeks with his flesh hand. He kisses your squished lips quickly before pulling back. “Open”. You stick your tongue out for him, and he spits in your mouth. “Good girl. Now suck his cock while I fuck you”.
You bring your spit-covered tongue to Steve’s cock, licking from bottom to top once before wrapping your lips around the head, his salty taste now coating your mouth as you suck and tease his tip. Steve throws his head back in pleasure as Bucky sits up again and starts to pick up his pace, pounding into you, causing you to moan around Steve. The small vibrations cause him to groan, enticing you to take his whole length in your mouth, his head touching the back of your throat. Bucky groans behind you. “Fuck, doll, never gonna get used to this pussy. Always suckin’ me in so tight, baby”.
Bucky is pounding into you mercilessly, bringing his metal hand to your back to keep you down on Steve’s cock, causing you to choke on his length. Spit is dribbling down your chin, your gags and noises only egging the two men on. Bucky takes his hand off your back and uses both hands to grab your hips, giving you the chance to come up for air. You take Steve’s length in your hand to stroke while you catch your breath, which is hard to do with the way Bucky is fucking you, hitting your spot just right, causing moans to spill from your lips. Steve’s eyes are filled with lust as he watches you get fucked in front of him, his cock twitching in your hand. You look into Steve’s eyes and bite your lip, bringing your mouth back down onto him. You can hear Bucky groaning around you, his hands squeezing you so tight it hurts, but that only turns you on more.
“Such a little whore for your daddy, aren’t you? Choking on Steve’s cock while I’m fucking your little hole. Say it. Say you’re a little whore for me”. Bucky grabs your hair, pulling from Steve’s length to bring you up to his chest, only slowing down his thrusts enough to be able to coax to words from your lips, biting your neck as you speak for him. “I’m- I’m a little whore for you, daddy. I love your cock so much”. You can hardly get your words out between your moaning and your sore throat. “I know it baby. N’you love when we play with Stevie, don’t you? Such a good little pet, isn’t he? I know you do. Go on, tell Stevie you love his cock”. Bucky uses the hand that still has a grip on your hair to turn your head to face Steve.
You look at Steve, his eyes meeting yours, his mouth hung open. His cheeks a shade of pink, his chest rising and falling almost too fast. Bucky smirks darkly at him as you moan out for him, “I-I love your cock, Stevie”. Steve can’t suppress his moan at your words, his hips bucking up slightly, silently begging to be touched again. Bucky chuckles and places a tender kiss on your cheek, talking softly into your ear. “Such an obedient little thing, such a good girl.” “Thank you, daddy”. You turn your head to kiss Bucky’s lips, his tongue slipping into your mouth quickly. You start to push yourself back into him, desperate to be fucked senseless. He grabs your hips, stilling them, and biting your neck. “Patience, little one”.
Suddenly he’s pushing you on your hands again, slipping out of you and giving your ass a harsh smack. He speaks to you simply, “Straddle him”. You quickly oblige, getting on top of Steve, his cock on his stomach, buried underneath your wet mound. He groans out and bucks his hips, pulling a moan from you as his head rubs against your clit. You hear a smack as Steve whimpers, and you realize Bucky has just smacked his thigh. “Don’t be so greedy, pet. You’ll get your pleasure when I say so. Be still”. Steve’s hands are still on your waist as you both sit patiently, waiting for Bucky to give you permission to do anything else.
Bucky reaches into the bedside table drawer, pulling out a bottle of lube. He then leans down to Steve, kissing him deeply, bringing his flesh hand to his throat, squeezing lightly. Steve lets out a soft moan at the feeling. Bucky pulls back from the kiss, looking him in the eyes. “You want my cock, puppy? Want me to fuck you while you’re buried in my girl’s pussy?” The sound that escaped Steve’s throat was unlike anything you’ve ever heard; it was like it was the sound of pure desperation. “God, please, yes, I’ll be so good for you, please”. Bucky chuckles and kisses Steve again, smiling softly. “You’ve been a good boy, Stevie. Don’t worry, you’ll get your treat”. Bucky’s hand comes to cup Steve’s face as he asks, “What’s your safeword?”. Steve answers softly, “Brooklyn”. “Good boy. Knees up, legs spread”.
Bucky sits back up and gets between Steve’s spread legs, your back to Bucky’s front. Bucky gives you a kiss on your shoulder before speaking softly to you. “Sit on his cock”. Before you can respond he’s pushing you down on Steve’s chest. Your face is inches from Steve’s now, his hands finding your ass and squeezing harshly before he’s lining himself up with your tight hole. You can feel his head teasing your entrance, making you whimper, “Please, Stevie, need you so bad”. He brings a hand to the back of your head, pushing your lips into his as he finally pushes himself into you. You moan into each other’s mouths, tongues and lips joining and separating quickly. Steve moans your name quietly, squeezing your ass with the hand that’s still on it.
Bucky coats a single flesh finger along with his throbbing cock with lube, bringing the digit to Steve’s puckered hole to coat. He slowly starts rubbing circles on it, pushing a little in the center, until it’s slipping in easily. Steve moans out, both of his hands on your hips now, letting you ride him ever so slowly as Bucky plays with his hole, squeezing your hips so tight you’re sure it’ll leave bruises. Bucky brings himself closer to Steve, the tip of his cock now brushing against where he needs it most. Bucky looks at Steve over your shoulder, his face already morphed in pleasure. “Ready, pup?”. Steve nods his head eagerly. “Yes, please.. need your cock”.
Bucky smirks as he replies, “Horny baby”. He slowly starts to push the tip in as you continue to move slowly on Steve’s length. Bucky lets out a groan, cursing to himself, as Steve’s hole swallows and squeezes him. He bottoms out and looks to Steve again, seeing his eyes closed in pleasure as his lips are on yours. Bucky slowly starts to move, taking it slow to let Steve get adjusted, but Steve can’t wait. A moan falls into your mouth from Steve, and suddenly his hips are moving, taking turns pushing into your pussy and onto Bucky’s cock. Bucky groans out, his hands going to the back of Steve’s thighs. “Eager little thing. Can’t wait for me to fuck you can you? Horny little puppy desperate for my cock. Now you’re gonna get it”.
Bucky pushes into Steve faster and harder, and you begin to move on his length quicker. Sounds of moans and grunts are filling the room, the air now thick and hot, a thin coat of sweat over the three of you. You’re all moving with each other, the perfect synchronization of you and Bucky fucking him. Steve’s mouth is hung open, the pleasure surging through him is unlike anything he’s ever felt before. Your walls squeezing his cock as his best friend fills up his ass is sending waves of ecstasy through him, and he knows his orgasm is near.
Your clit is rubbing against Steve as you ride him, sending you towards your orgasm quickly. Steve’s lips are on yours still, moans spilling into each other’s mouths. Bucky’s flesh hand suddenly comes down on your ass quickly as his pace increases, fucking Steve faster, his orgasm now near. You moan out loudly as he smacks your ass, the sting only making getting you closer to your release. “Daddy please, again, I’m so close, wanna cum so bad daddy, please!” Bucky chuckles at your desperation as he brings his hand down you again, taking turns on both sides, which are now red. “Yeah, baby, like when daddy smacks your ass huh? Gonna cum all over Stevie’s cock? Go ahead, wanna hear you scream for us. Cum, now”.
Bucky lands a few more blows to your cheeks as your walls squeeze Steve's cock tightly, your orgasm washing over you intensely as you cry out both their names, your body shaking and collapsing onto Steve’s chest as you come down. “Fuck, y/n, oh my god”. Steve moans at the wetness dripping down his cock, his hips now bucking as his cock slides in and out of you, desperately chasing his own release now. Bucky is fucking him with the same agenda, knowing he’s close. “Cum for me puppy, gonna fill this ass up”. Steve whimpers, “C-can’t come in y/n”. Bucky chuckles darkly, looking at him. “Fill her up”.
Bucky’s command pushes Steve over the edge, his hands on your hips keeping you planted on his cock as he shoots his seed into you. “Ahhh, fuck!”. His groans send Bucky right after, his thick ropes of cum filling Steve’s hole. The two of them take a second to catch their breath before Bucky pulls out of Steve and leans down to kiss the both of you. Bucky lifts you from Steve, laying you the mattress next to Steve as he goes to get warm rags for the two of you. “Daddy..”, you call out for him groggily, your post-orgasm haze strongly evident. “I’m right here, princess”. Bucky wipes you off, then moves to Steve to do the same. He lays down next to you, Steve on your other side, pulling thin sheets over the three of you as you all cuddle together. “I love you both”, Bucky whispers, Steve smiling at him and reaching over your body to squeeze his hand. “We love you too”.
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Anyone know what happened to @jamesbuchananxsteviegrant 😭
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tuiccim · a day ago
Terrigenisis (Part 18)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stucky x Inhuman!Reader
Word Count: 1350
Summary: After undergoing terrigenisis unwillingly your life is turned upside down when you are deemed too dangerous to return to life as a civilian. You are put with the Avengers team to train and rebuild. As you hone your powers and skills, you must also decide if you can find home and love again. Or is your curse to be a lonely wanderer forever?
Warnings: Fluff, Smut (NSFW 18+)
Dividers by @fireflygraphics
Terrigenisis Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
A successful mission complete, Steve, Bucky, and Sam are heading home. Steve stands at the back of the quinjet staring out of a window without really seeing anything. 
“I can see the wheels turning.” Bucky quips as he comes to stand beside him. “Mission or something else?”
“Peggy,” Steve says quietly. 
Bucky lowers his head, unsure how to feel when he brings her up. 
“She wasn’t my first love, Bucky. I know that’s what you think,” Steve says. 
“I don’t remember there being anyone before her. Who was it?” Bucky grins. 
“You.” Steve smiles into Bucky’s eyes. 
“Steve, you don’t have to say that.” 
“It’s the truth, Buck. I was always in love with you. I need you to know that. Always.” 
“I was, too.” Bucky smiles as he leans to kiss him. 
Steve returns the kiss and then gazes through the window again, “I loved Peggy. I did.”
“I know you did, Steve. She loved you, too.” Bucky reassures him. 
“She was brave and smart. Moral, beautiful, fearless. I would have married her, had kids, had a life with her and I would have been happy if I hadn’t gone in the ice.”
“Okay?” Bucky furrows his brow.
“But I think I went into the ice for a reason… I realized that while I loved Peggy, we weren’t meant to end up together. I’m not comparing them. They’re both their own person.”
“You mean Peggy and Y/N,” Bucky clarifies.
“I loved Peggy. I still love her. She was an incredible person. But I was wrong about her.” Steve looks at Bucky.
“She wasn’t my first love like you thought or the love of my life like I thought. You were my first love and I realize now that you and Y/N are the loves of my life. I almost ruined everything. I’m so sorry. But I know, I know now. I want this forever. Us, The three of us. If you’ll both still have me.”
Bucky looks into Steve’s eyes tenderly. His hand comes up to caress Steve’s face, “I’m with you til the end of the line. Always and forever.” 
“Now I just hope she will.” Steve sighs. 
“Only one way to know for sure.” Bucky says. 
“I want to get married. To you. To both of you. Marry me?” Steve holds his breath. 
Bucky grins widely, “Yes. And yes let’s ask her.” 
A few hours later, you’re surprised when Steve walks into your bedroom. 
“Hey Love. What are you doing back? Where’s Buck-,” your words are cut of as Steve advances on you, lifts you against the wall, and kisses you fiercely. When he lets up enough to let you breathe, you stare at him. 
“Sorry. Mission went faster than expected. Bucky and Sam are handling the hand off. I needed to see you.”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too, Stevie.” You say, feeling confused. 
“No, I mean, what I’m trying to say… You’re the love of my life. You and Bucky. I realized something. Why I was so angry with you before. It was fear and anger with myself and denial. I love you and I’m so sorry,” Steve presses his forehead to yours, “I want… I need you to know that. I need you to understand that you and Bucky are everything to me. I love you. I think you’re the reason Bucky and I survived. We were meant to find you. I love you so much. I’ll do anything to make up for-”
“Steve!” you cut off his torrent of words, “I love you, too. I feel the same for you and Bucky. I’m home when I’m with you. I forgive you. I’m with you until the end of the line. You’re my home. You and Bucky,” you kiss Steve with the same desperation he had kissed you with. A need for you to cement your words into understanding. When you pull away, you smile with tears on your face, “Stevie?”
“Yeah, doll?”
“Make love to me.” 
“You’re… you’re sure?” Steve looks at you wide-eyed. 
“Please, Stevie, I need you,” you whisper. 
Clothes are discarded as Steve backs you to the bed. Your lips barely part as you caress each others’ bodies, stoking the fire that burns inside for each other. When your legs with the edge of the bed, you sit down and scoot back. Steve follows you down and seals your mouth with his. You moan into the intense kiss as his cock nudges at you. 
“Doll?” Steve asks. 
You answer immediately understanding the statement and question laced in the endearment, “Yes. Need you.”
Steve presses in and your body gives in to him willingly. His thick length spears you open and you throw back your head as the sensation overwhelms you. When he’s fully seated inside you, he presses his forehead to yours, “Fuck. Could come right now, sweetheart. Missed feeling you around me. Missed you.”
“I missed you, too, Stevie. I love you,” you moan. 
Steve starts with slow strokes and with each one he moans, “Love you.” until the words become an incoherent chant as he speeds up. His hips grinding against you with each thrust. It isn’t long until the coil n you tightens and you know Steve is close after his penance of non-touch. 
“Steve, oh God, I’m coming.” The spasms overpower you as Steve works you through your orgasm, feeling every clench until he finally allows his own orgasm to overtake him. He thrusts languidly into you as he works through the aftershocks. 
“I love you so much.” He whispers again.
“I love you, too.” You gasp as his hips continue to thrust. He still feels incredibly hard inside of you. 
Steve surprises you when he pulls out, slips you onto your stomach and enters you again from behind. He stretched over you and holds your hands in his over your head. He rolls his hips slowly bringing himself in and out of you at a new angle that hits against your g spot perfectly. The slow pace is good at first but you find yourself wanting more. 
“Yeah, baby? You okay?” Steve whispers  in your ear.
“I need you. More,” you whimper. 
“What do you need?”
“Fuck me, baby. Hard. I need to feel it.” 
“Fuck, doll. You always know how to drive me crazy,” Steve pulls out and slams back into you. His strength and pace push you into the mattress with each stroke. His hips slapping against your ass obscenely as he does. 
“Fuck! Yes! Give me all of it, baby,” you cry. 
Steve fucks you like a piston. You know you’ll be a bit sore later but for now the sensations he is evoking are overpowering every sense. The pleasure building borders on pain from his near brutal thrusts. Filthy words fall from his mouth as he praises you. Your body tightens and you’re practically drooling feeling his cock hitting you so deep. You begin to tremble and with a long moan you come all over Steve’s cock for a second time. Steve lets out a hoarse cry as he reaches his end.  
He rolls you both to your sides still inside of you. Once your breathing slows, Steve hugs you tightly against him and asks, “Can we stay like this for a little while? I just want to be close to you right now.”
“As long as you like, baby.”
“Now we just need Bucky to get back.” 
“How long will it take for the hand off?” you ask.
“Not long. They’ll be back tonight.”
“Mmm, good. Tony’s party is tomorrow night. I’m glad you’ll both be here for it. Sam’s supposed to bring his girlfriend. I haven’t met her yet.”
“Neither have I,” Steve says sleepily. After a few minutes, you thought he had drifted off to sleep when you feel a kiss pressed to your shoulder and softly spoken words in you ear, “I love you.” 
You grin, “I love you. Always.” 
Steve’s breathing evens out after a few minutes and, following his lead, you drift off to sleep, too. Safe at home. 
Tumblr media
Tuiccim’s Masterlist 
Updates and taglist: Due to the unreliable nature of tags, I no longer keep a taglist. Updates for series will be made on Thursdays and Sundays Central Time Zone. Please follow my sideblog @tuiccimfanfiction​ and turn on notifications for updates. All series and new stories will be reblogged to it. You will only receive notifications when a new part or story is out! Nothing else will be blogged to the page. I can’t thank you enough for your support! 
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A/N: My very first fanfic, wow! Just needed the time to write because I need an outlet to just have fun and write whatever. This fanfic is inspired the amazing @imaginedreamwrite @writemarvelousthings @heavenhatesme @syntheticavenger  @roger-that-cap​ @harryspet​ @jurassicbarnes​ (& many mores that inspired me & will add soon, cause they need recognition) but atm... here it is
Who’s writing inspired me to write and be brave enough to post it here, so visit their tumblr, follow, and enjoy their work. 
Summary: [Stucky x Reader] 3rd person  
In a world filled with finding soulmates by not seeing colors then to colors, it was all perfect for the trio of Steve, Bucky, and Y/N. That is until they lost each other through the wars, each one on a different path, leading to not seeing anymore. But now, its 2016, the Civil War had resolved peacefully and had led Bucky and Steve to wonder if they’ll ever see colors again. That is until a certain girl, Y/N, is found encased in ice and soon colors began to fill each of their vision. (Series)
Type: ✔ (everything)
Chapter 1 
Soulmates aren’t just lovers - unknown 
Tumblr media
Many never understood colors, because they never saw colors. A few in the world saw the brightness and sadness in colors, but it was only for one reason: they had found their soulmate. It was already rare and hard to find a soulmate that was imprinted to their heart and fate, but it was almost impossible for someone to not only find one but two. 
It had been said that when the Big Bang Theory created the universe, it created a time of soulmates, and in that speck of time, came a loophole. Where it been said that there would be one to seek her heart to not only to another but to two, and the three would be blinded and shed by the colors.
Y/N was born to a mother who had not seen a day of colors. She was born based on her mother’s desires and despair of not finding her soulmate or the thought she was one to be soulmate-less. So many years ago, Y/N’s mother met up with one who also couldn’t see colors. They drank their sorrow away and soon things led up to the creation of Y/N.
When Y/N was born and grew into a young child, she had always dreamed of colors. Colors that made the world a less boring place in her eyes. With not many friends--but friends who parents saw colors--she always asked what it was like. Her friends’ parent would smile and tell her that she might understand it one day. 
But would she... could she? Would she know what colors are? 
And soon, when years turned her into her teens, she was brought-up upon the idea that love was something so cherish-able yet the difficulty finding so, was zero to none. Those were the words spoken from her Mom. 
But to her surprise, everything changed...
It was the Summer of 1937 when she was riding her bike along the greys. Her mind was filled with countless daydreams of finding and enduring love. Always, love.
Not paying attention, she had missed a group of boys—older than her, but one was shorter than the other. One was running freely while the other tried to catch his breath. You watched them and wondered, due to their banters, were they blinded by colors or just friends?
Not paying attention, she had hit a bump in the road, lost control and was biking her ways to those two boys. Each of them all fell in a heaps of painful groans.
Brushing off the sediments of dirt on her skirt, she was about to tell those two boys off -- more like blame them than take the fault, even if it was truly her fault. 
She was about to until one of the boys’ eyes -- the taller one-- looked at her, and soon she was blinded by a glow of lights around her. The greys dissolved into colors. She looked at him for a long time, until she turned her attention to his friend who gasped.
Oh, my God.
It was all colors. The short one held a mess of blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pale, sweaty, and thin frame. While the other one was seemed more athletic with muscles, brown hairs, and blue eyes as well. 
All three of them stared at each other. Eyes barely looked away.
“I’m Y/N” she slowly said.
The taller one was the one to snap out of his gaze and introduced him and his friend. “I’m Bucky, and this” --he points to the blonde-- “that’s Steve.” 
Steve then whispered, “I can see.”
Her heart skipped a beat as she tried to understand his words. That’s when Bucky spoke up too, agreeing that he could finally see also.
Sky was painted light blue and filled with puffs of white. The beauty of grass ran around them as did other people. People who didn’t care about the staring trio. Her bike was grey and the wheels were turnt weirdly from the crash. But none of that matter cause she could finally see. She could finally see...
“I can see, too.” she choked out.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Summary: 1940'S Bucky Barnes x Reader/ Present Bucky Barnes x Reader.
Warnings: angst, fluff, swearing, some smut at some point.
Summary: Before the war, Bucky and Reader had the picture perfect life together. When she lost him, she thought that she would never find that kind of love again. However, someone from a different time returns to give her that love once more. Will she follow them through the unknown or come to terms that her once in a lifetime love is truly gone?
A/N: I hope everyone is liking it so far!
TAGS: @overthinkinggotmedrinking @igothroughphasesalot @veralyonn @shannonleanna182 @white-wolf-buckaroo @whatawildone @jessyballet @sebby-staan @multiyfandomgirl40 @andeys-obsessions @spid3rgwen @slut-for-buck @spideyyypeter @voguekristen @justmeandmyfuckeduplife @kenziekugler22 @hoodedbirdie​​
Tumblr media
December 25, 1941
Snow fell around the two of us, bringing a smile to my face, and I linked fingers with Bucky as we continued our walk towards his house. 
“Are you sure this is a good idea?” I questioned. 
Bucky grazed a kiss over my knuckles. “My ma is going to love you, doll. You have nothing to worry about.” 
His words did nothing to ease the dreaded fear of meeting his mom and sister. Bucky thought it would be a great idea to invite me over for Christmas and for his family to finally meet me. I, however, couldn’t shake the feeling that this was a bad idea. 
We had been dating exclusively the last couple of months, seeing each other almost every other day. After Bucky talked to his mom about me countless times, she wanted to meet me. From what I heard, she is the biggest sweetheart and would do anything for her kids, but that still did nothing to stop my hammering heart. 
A sudden cold breeze blew past us causing Bucky to pull me closer to his warm chest, his typical scent weighing heavily on his suit. 
“Are you going to tell me what my present is?” I asked, looking up to Bucky. 
He shook his head. “Not yet. 
I gave him my best pouty lip which did nothing to phase him. He merely gripped onto my shoulder and turned our bodies down a corner, a lone house coming into view. It wasn’t one of the bigger ones I’ve seen but it also wasn’t small by any means. 
“I don’t know, Bucky,” I said coming to a stop. 
“Doll,” Bucky started. 
“What if she finds something she doesn’t like about me? What if she thinks I’m not good enough for you?” 
Words kept rambling from my mouth so Bucky pressed his lips to mine, hushing my doubts immediately. 
“She is going to love you, Y/N. Please stop worrying about nothing.” 
His blue eyes pleaded for me to trust his words so with a soft sigh, I nodded and allowed him to link our fingers together, leading me inside. The house was filled with loud voices, laughing and yelling, and my nerves relaxed only briefly. 
“Ma? Rebecca?” 
Bucky walked with me into the kitchen where two women were standing in front of the stove, working hard on dinner. Hearing Bucky's voice, their actions halted and once they saw me holding onto his arm, they broke out in huge smiles. 
His sister, Rebecca, darted around the counter and over towards me, pulling me away from Bucky and into her arms, a bone crushing hug followed. 
“Oh, hi,” I giggled, my own arms wrapping around her. 
“You are way too beautiful to be with my brother,” Rebecca joked with a smirk towards her brother. 
I raised my brow to him. “Hear that, Buck?” 
“Alright, that’s enough,” Bucky gently pulled me away from his sister and led me towards his mom. “Ma, this is Y/N. Doll, this is my mom Winnifred.” 
“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Barnes,” I extended my hand towards her. 
She eyed it with an unreadable expression and the nerves wrecked my body once more the longer I stood in front of her, with my hand extended. 
A smile broke out on her tired face before pushing my hand away and pulling me into yet another bone crushing hug. 
“It’s so nice to finally meet you, sweetheart. James has talked about you so much, I was starting to think he was making you up.” 
“I can assure you, Mrs. Barnes I’m real,” I laughed. 
She waved me off. “Please call me Winnie.” 
I handed my jacket and purse to Bucky before nodding towards the multiple pots and pans that cluttered around the kitchen. 
“Would you like any help?” 
Winnie nodded with a smile. “That would be lovely dear, thank you.” 
For the next while, I helped Winnie and Rebecca prepare Christmas dinner while Bucky sat at the table in the middle of the kitchen, a warm smile spread wide across his face. I would catch his eye every so often and felt the butterflies spring to life when I noticed how lovingly he was watching me. 
The table was filled with a large spread of food and as I was about to mention how much food there was, a knock sounded at the front door. Bucky excused himself for a moment before returning to the kitchen, Steve following in toe. 
“Merry Christmas, Stevie,” I smiled while giving him a hug. 
“Merry Christmas, Y/N. I hope you guys don’t mind me crashing,” Steve said. 
Winnie shook her head. “You know you’re always welcome here, Steve.” 
Dinner was an absolute dream, all of us talking and joking about God knows what. It had been so long since I sat down in a family dinner and I hadn’t realized how bad I had missed it. My parents died right after I turned eighteen so I had been on my own the last handful of years. That’s what made Steve and I so close and Bucky could also relate, losing his father at a young age. 
Bucky’s hand gently rested on my thigh under the table and with the warmth that spread from the tip of my toes to the cheeks of my face, I tried to remain calm as the thought of the present I was giving him tonight came to mind. 
Tumblr media
“Oh goodness, who let me wear heels and walk two blocks home?” I groaned as I stepped through the threshold of my apartment. 
Bucky chuckled before picking me up bridal style and carrying me into my room. He gently laid me on my bed and slowly worked at taking off my shoes. 
“Thank you, Bucky.” 
“Anything for you, doll.” 
With a quick toss of my shoes into my closet, Bucky sat on the bed next to me and traced shapes on my exposed thigh. 
After dinner, we walked Steve home and it took a little convincing of my lips on his to convince Bucky to spend the night. 
“Oh, before I forget,” Bucky leaned his body over mine as he reached for something in his jacket pocket that laid in a mess on the floor. “Merry Christmas, Y/N.” 
With a giddy smile, I propped myself up on my knees and slowly unwrapped the small present. The velvet of the black box tickled my fingers and I took off the tip, a gasp falling from my lips. 
“Bucky,” I breathed. “This is-.” 
Inside the box was a gorgeous gold necklace with a shiny black pendant in the middle. It was a large oval shape and when I flipped it over, the inscription on the back brought tears to my eyes. 
All the time in the world isn’t enough with you, doll. I love you. J.B.B.
I had to read the words a few more times for the words to really sink into my brain. 
I love you. 
My eyes snapped from the necklace to Bucky, who was watching me with an intense gaze.
“You love me?” The words came out quiet 
He nodded. “I knew the moment you spilled my coffee on me that I was in love with you.” 
Cupping his cheek with one hand and the other clutching tightly to the necklace, I gave Bucky a quick but firm kiss. 
“I love you too,” I mumbled against them. 
His eyes shone with the love he had just professed while he moved a strand of hair out of my face. 
“With this war going on, I don’t know what the future holds so I didn’t want another day to go by without telling you how I feel,” Bucky professed while helping me put on the necklace. 
The war overseas had been a looming fear in the back of our minds, wondering how it would affect our relationship. Men were either enlisting or getting drafted. The last thing on Bucky’s mind was enlisting, not wanting to leave me behind alone. 
I shook the thoughts of war out of my mind, not wanting to ruin the rest of Christmas with those sad thoughts. Straddling Bucky’s hips, I ran my hands through his hair causing his eyes to flutter shut. 
“Ready for your present now?” I questioned, leaving small love marks over his neck. 
Bucky’s hands gripped my hips tightly as he let out a low hiss. Our hips started to slowly move in sync, grinding over the fabric of our clothes. His hands moved from my hips to my thighs, slowly lifting the bottom of my dress up over my ass. 
“Are you sure about this, doll?” Bucky asked after pulling away from a heated kiss we shared. “I don’t want to pressure you into anything.” 
I lifted his chin with my finger. “I’ve thought about nothing but this for awhile now. I want you, Bucky.” 
With my final words, Bucky turned me onto my back causing a playful giggle to fall from my lips. We spent that night together connected more than ever before and we ignored the worries of the world past the walls of my bedroom; even if it would finally catch up to us.
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Rules: Please. Please. Please. This will be an 18+ blog filled with all type of stuff in stories. SO NO MINORS! 
There will also be some trigger warning and can be dark, but I will warn ahead with this: ⚠ [TW] for each stories; if needed. 
I mainly do all things Marvel related especially with Steve & Bucky. But maybe... later in the future, I’ll venture out. 
Started: 9, May 2021
Symbols for reads: 
💕 Fluff  II  ** Angst II  S SMUT II  ✔ EVERYTHING 18+
mini-series [3-5 parts]
Series [tbd]
The Color of Forever (Stucky x Reader) ✔
Summary: In a world filled with finding soulmate by not seeing colors then to colors, it was all perfect for the trio of Steve, Bucky, and Y/N. That is until they lost each other through the war, each one on a different path, leading to not seeing anymore. But now, its 2016, the Civil War had resolved peacefully and had led Bucky and Steve to wonder if they’ll ever see colors again. That is until a certain girl is found encased in ice and soon colors began to fill each of their vision.
Parts: one, two
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marvelmusing · 2 days ago
Cover Stars and Stripes
A Stucky x Fem!Reader Series
Part 4
Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4
Tumblr media
The next morning you wake to the sun peeking through your curtains, the morning light streaking across your ceiling. You smile to yourself, remembering last night.
After an embarrassing beginning of the day, you’d managed to smoothen things out with Steve and Bucky. This led you to spending most of the evening helping them finish their work, after which they dropped you off back home.
You check the time. It’s much earlier than when you usually get up on a morning, but Darcy and Jimmy asked for you to join them for breakfast at Pietro’s new cafe. Wanda was so excited when she first told you about the cafe. You get dressed and head out to meet up with Darcy and Jimmy. It doesn’t take you long to walk to the cafe, Jimmy’s stood outside waiting for you.
“Hi.” You call out to him. He looks up from his phone.
“Where’s Darcy?”
“She had to drop something off at Jane’s place. Says she’s about five minutes away. Do you want to head in?” You nod in agreement, and you both enter the cafe. Despite how early it is, there’s already a few tables occupied. The cafe is bright and cosy, Wanda told you she helped her brother pick out the colours and the furniture, they did a good job of it. You and Jimmy sit down at a table by the window. It isn’t long before Darcy joins you. You place your orders and after a short wait Pietro brings you your food and drinks. You chat with Pietro for a while, complimenting the cafe and asking after Wanda. He leaves you to enjoy your food, which you tuck into. It tastes really good. You smile as you eat, the good mood from last night helping you through the morning. Darcy soon picks up on your smile,
“You look like a morning person. What happened?”
“The sun’s shining, I’ve got some good food, what more do I need?”
“Hm, I don’t buy it, what happened?” You sigh,
“Okay, so I stayed at work late last night-“
“Yeah, I know. You emailed me at like nearly midnight.” Darcy complains.
“So you did read my email?”
“No, I ignored your email.”
“So you stayed late?” Jimmy asks, trying to reign in the conversation.
“Yeah, then James texts me.”
“James Barnes?”
“Yeah. He asked if I could get him and Steve a coffee.”
“Did you tell him you’re not a coffee girl?” Darcy comments.
“No, I got them coffee and muffins.”
“Because I’m a nice person?!”
“Because she’s in love with them.” Jimmy corrects. You sigh,
“And then I helped them with some of their work and when we finished that they gave me a lift home.” Darcy and Jimmy exchange looks. “But they were just being nice. It means nothing.” You remind them, though you’re mostly reminding yourself.
“I don’t know [Y/N].” Jimmy argues. “I don’t want to get your hopes up. But honestly? They both seem pretty interested in you.” Darcy nods,
“Barnes looked pretty smitten when he came to your office the other day.” You sigh,
“I don’t want to get my hopes up either. I just… They’re both so nice to me.”
“I think it’s best to just wait and see. They’ll either just carry on being nice, because that’s just how they are with people. Or, they’ll give you a sign that they’re interested in dating.” Jimmy reasons. You nod. He’s right. You just need to wait this out.
“That’s what I’ll do then. Thanks guys.” They acknowledge your thanks, before Darcy changes the subject, telling you about Jane’s new boyfriend. You hang around in the cafe for a little longer, until you’re insisting that you need to get to work. The three of you buy some sandwiches for your lunch, and with a wave to Pietro you’re on your way to work.
When the elevator stops at your floor, Jimmy heads off to the printer, and Darcy goes to chase up on the writers. You make your way to your office. You can hear their bickering long before you reach your office.
“Thanks for the coffee? Is that the best you’ve got Stevie?”
“I’m thinking, okay? What do you want me to say?” You lean on your doorframe, looking in at them both as they huddle around your desk.
“What’s all this?” You ask with a smirk. They both whip their heads around, guilty expressions adorning each of their faces. James grins sheepishly,
“Special delivery for [Y/N]?” You frown playfully,
“Funny, I don’t remember ordering anything.” Steve clears his throat,
“Well, we just wanted to thank you for helping us out last night and just for being a genuine sweetheart.”
“We thought you’d already be here and we’d just give them to you. But then you weren’t so we planned on leaving a note.” James adds, moving away from your desk, revealing a large bouquet of flowers. Your mouth opens slightly in surprise. The colours are beautiful; blush pinks, soft creams, and beautiful blues which remind you of their eyes. There’s a mixture of roses, peonies, daisies, and others you don’t recognise. When you look back at them both your smile is bright, but you insist,
“You didn’t need to.”
“And you didn’t need to reply to my SOS message last night.” James replies, smiling back at you.
“And you certainly didn’t need to stay late with us.” Steve adds.
“Well I had fun.” You say quietly.
“See? I told you she’s as bad as you with work!” James tells Steve, shoving his shoulder playfully. You watch the two of them with a small smile on your face, enjoying this little moment with them both. Then you hear Jimmy calling your name,
“Hey [Y/N], those photos came out really weird... Oh sorry!” He looks at the three of you in your office, and grins at you. “Am I interrupting something?”
“No,” you answer hurriedly. James laughs quietly at you. Steve turns to face you,
“I guess we’ll let you get on with your day then.” You nod,
“Thank you both, for the flowers.”
“You’re welcome, sweetheart.”
“See you ‘round, doll.”
“Bye.” You watch as they both head down the corridor, before turning to Jimmy whose face is shining in excitement. You sigh and head to Darcy’s desk, her expression mirrors Jimmy’s. As the elevator doors close behind them, Darcy calls out,
“Come again soon.” You attempt to hit her with the bundle of paper.
“I will fire both of you,” you hiss at your two giggling co-workers.
“I don’t think you can actually do that,” Jimmy argues.
“She could ask her boyfriends to?” Darcy offers. You’re too busy threatening them both to notice the two men in the elevator exchanging smirks.
You spend the rest of the day making sure the pages are perfect before you send them off to Steve and James for review.
The next morning, you give the pages to their assistant but they must have heard you talking to her because Steve is calling out your name as you make your way to the elevator. You turn back to face him, confused. James is trailing behind him. Steve stops in front of you and asks,
“Are you free tonight?” You stand still, looking at them both. What?
“I, um, yeah I am. Why?”
“We’ve got a reservation at Shield tonight, Sam was supposed to be going with us but he’s had to go visit his sister.” You nod, not quite getting what he’s saying. James decides to elaborate,
“Would you like to have dinner with us, doll?” Your mouth opens in surprise, but you close it quickly, frowning a little.
“You two? Want to have dinner with me?”
“That’s what we’re asking.” He smirks a little. Dinner with them both. In theory that sounds like a perfect evening. But it’s also an evening of you watching the two of them be a perfect couple while you’re just there.
“Are you sure?” You ask.
“Hundred percent, sweetheart.” Steve tells you. You let out a breath,
“Okay. Yes, I’d like to have dinner with you both.” At least if it’s terrible you might get over your crush on them both. They both smile, their excitement is infectious and you quickly smile back.
“Would you like us to pick you up tonight?” Steve asks you. You shake your head.
“Shield isn’t too far from my apartment, I think I’ll be fine thanks.”
“Okay, the reservation’s at seven, we’ll meet you outside?”
“Yeah, that’s good with me. I’ll see you then?” You step into the elevator, looking back at them both.
“Looking forward to it, sweetheart.” The elevator doors close and you’re taken down back to your floor. With shaky hands, you unlock your phone and dial Darcy’s number,
“Darcy, are you at work yet?”
“No, only crazy people come in at this time of the morning.”
“Come quick, we have an emergency.”
“What’s happened? Did the photos come out weird again?”
“This isn’t about work. Barnes and Rogers just asked me out for dinner.”
“Holy- I’m on my way.”
Tags list: @fckdeusername @vivalakatee @lharrietg @spookyparadisesheep @aikeia @mysweetlittledesire @aanngie @fanofalltheficsx @becks-things (I think that’s everyone x)
If you’d like to be tagged just ask!!
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A Bad Day
Pairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky (Stucky x Reader)
Summary: It seems like everything is going wrong today for Y/N and Steve and Bucky just want to make it all better
Warnings: Maybe a bit depressive, because it was such a bad day
Words: 1,439
A/N: This was requested by an anon! Hope this was okay :)
Masterlist Permanent Tag List
Tumblr media
It was just one of those day, one where it seemed like everything was going wrong and it would never be right again.
You had woken in a cold and empty bed, left to greet the morning alone. Normally you awoke with at least one of your partners besides you, but this morning was different. When you had pulled yourself from the bed and went to the kitchen, you realised you were home alone. You were used to being alone in the house when your partners were on missions, but you knew both of them were ‘off duty’ for the next two weeks.
You loved waking up next to your loves, using one of their chests as a pillow while the other one partially covered your back, like a human blanket. You loved lying with your eyes closed, listen as they spoke in low tones, or while they exchanged kisses above your head with warm affirmations of love.
The kitchen led to further disappointment than just being absent of your boyfriends. There was no bread left for toast, the milk had gone bad, and you were out of your favourite coffee. How could that be? How could all three things, basic things for you breakfast, have gone wrong?
There was nothing to have for breakfast, and you weren’t a fan of Bucky and Steve’s coffee. You had huffed, leaving the kitchen in a grump and heading to get dressed for work.
As you were pulling you trousers on, you stepped onto the leg, throwing yourself off balance. You squealed, landing roughly on your bottom and giving yourself a fright. After taking a moment to calm yourself from the small shock, you got back to your feet.
When you reached down to pull your trousers up, you saw the rip. You groaned, your head rolling back and your eyes closing. For God’s sake, could this morning get any worse?!
It could.
At work, your computer froze and then shut down in the middle of an important assignment. It struggled to turn on again, shutting down during the reboot sequence twice. There was no way to recover the file, a half-day’s work down the drain… and your boss was sure to berate you for it.
Then, on your way home, a man bumped into you because he wasn’t looking where he was going, too focused on his phone. Dark coffee spilt down the front of your shirt, the hot liquid making you shriek as the shirt sticks to your chest.
“Ugh, watch where you’re going!” the man snapped, glaring at you. “I think you owe me a new coffee.”
“What?” you asked, shaking your head in disbelief. Surely you heard him wrong.
“You owe me another coffee” he repeated, shaking his now empty cup at you.
“You walked into me; you were looking at your phone” you argued.
“Don’t try getting clever with me, kid” he poked at your chest, making you lean back slightly. “You owe my five dollars.”
“No,” you shook your head with a scoff.
“Excuse me?” his head tilted to the side, eyebrows raising in disbelief of you standing against him.
“I said no. Next time, look where you’re going” you tell him.
By the time you had gotten home, it had begun to lightly rain. You shook of the droplets, hurrying into lift and pushing the button for your floor. You just wanted to get home and have a nice plate of paprika chicken and rice, while curling up with your boys and watching trashy TV.
You dropped your keys in the small dish besides the door, hanging your coat up. You head fell back on your shoulders, the tense muscles of your back heaving a sigh of relief from the day being over.
“Sweetheart?” a voice rang throughout the apartment.
“Yeah, Stevie, it’s me” you called back, moving down the hall and towards the kitchen.
As you through the hall, you tripped. You don’t know how it happened, there was nothing in your way or anything, it was like you tripped over air. You managed to hold your hands out to prevent smacking your face, but your knees hit the ground hard, and you tilted to your side, settling on your hip.
You didn’t bother to stand up, instead just letting yourself fall to lay on your side. You curled yourself into a ball, your eyes squeezing shut as you try to withhold the tears. The tears fell anyway. Why was everything going wrong? One or two things, okay, but so many things going wrong? It was like the universe was out to get you.
You were tired of it, tired of the whole damn day.
A pair of hands grasped your arms, pulling you up and leaning you against a solid chest. You cuddled into the chest, your nose rubbing into their shirt as they hugged you closer. A third hand rested on your thigh, rubbing smoothing patterns onto your leg while the fourth hand stroked your hair.
“Oh, doll,” Bucky murmured, his lips pressed to your hairline.
“Everything’s going wrong, Bucky” you cried into his chest. “Neither of you were home this morning, there was nothing for breakfast and the milk was nasty, my coffee was finished. Then my computer deleted all my work, and my boss was so horrible. And then some guy spilt coffee on me and now I’ve fallen over.”
“I’m sorry, sweetheart” Steve leaned forward to kiss your cheek. “Sometimes things don’t go right, we have to have these bad days because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t recognise the goods days. However, you’re home now and with us. Your day may have been bad, but we can make your evening better. We can get some dinner, watch a movie, take a bath… cuddle….”
You gave a sniffle before turning your head so you could see Steve. He gave you a comforting smile, his eyes flickering to Bucky before resting on you again. You nodded, giving him a small, watery smile.
“Now, what do you want for dinner?” Steve asked.
“Paprika chicken with rice” you tell him, your eyes pleading.
“Okay, doll, why don’t we move some blanket to the couch and get a movie ready while Stevie cooks dinner?” Bucky suggests, pulling you to stand up.
“No,” your nose wrinkled, shaking your head. “Steve’s a terrible cook.”
Bucky burst into laughter, squeezing you tightly to his chest as he looked at Steve, “She’s got you there, honey.”
“And here I am, trying to be nice” Steve shook his head with a small smile. He reached for you, pulling you into his arms as Bucky started to make his way towards the kitchen. “I offer to make you dinner and what do you do? You turn your nose up.” “But babe,” you chuckled as Steve picked you up, carrying you towards the front room. “You know your cooking skills only work for roast dinners. We still love you though.”
“Speak for yourself, doll, I want my man to cook me a killer breakfast every once in a while” Bucky joked, his head around the kitchen door frame.
The rest of the evening is spent exactly how Steve suggested.
While Bucky cooked dinner, you and Steve collected blankets from your bed and from the hallway closet. Steve pushed the two couches together and you set the blankets down. You arranged the pillows so you could all lean back on them, facing the TV.
Curled up between your boyfriends, you ate your dinner while watching your favourite movie. When you had eaten all of the food, you leaned back against Steve while Bucky cuddled into your chest, Steve’s arms wrapping around both of you.
After your film had finished, the three of you shared a bath. You moaned in pleasure when Bucky washed your hair, rubbing your scalp just how you liked it. You relaxed in the water afterwards, watching the boy’s wash each other’s hairs, and have a small water fight.
You went to sleep that night cuddled between your boyfriends, both of them pressing kisses to any piece of skin they could reach. Soft whispers were spoken and as you listened to their soothing voices, talking about everything and nothing, you fell asleep with a smile on your face.
Warmth and comfort coursed through you and the stress of the day eased away. This is what you needed to turn your day around. As long as you had Steve and Bucky, your day would end on a good note, they would make sure of it. You loved them for many reasons, and this was just one of them.
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You: Steve... why is your back all scratched up?
Steve: *flashbacks to him and Bucky trying to catch a squirrel after you told them to leave it alone*
Steve: uh... I'm having an affair.
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Green Finch and Linnet Bird | Chapter Three
SFW dark!alpha!stucky x omega!reader
Are you discussing or fussing Or simply dreaming? Are you crowing? Are you screaming? - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Tumblr media
Chapter Three Warnings: Nudity, suicide mention, age regression, alcohol mention, alcoholism mention, death mention. @ me, send an ask, or dm me if there's anything I need to add.
"I'll be your good girl."
With those five words, for better or for worse, your fate was sealed.
Steve hummed happily and pressed a kiss into the top of your head. "Don't you worry, sweet pea," he cooed. "Your daddies are going to take great care of you."
The three of you sat there in silence for a moment, then Bucky spoke. "How 'bout you make dinner tonight, Steve? This little one needs a bath, and she'd probably love your famous mac and cheese afterwards."
"Sounds like a plan, Buck. I'll get right on it." Steve pressed another kiss into your hair, then climbed out of the bed with a yawn. You whined at the loss of contact and snuggled deeper into Bucky, making him laugh.
"All right, sweetheart. I've got you." Bucky kissed your forehead, then turned his attention back to Steve. "And call Tony while you're at it. Tell him you're gonna need at least a few days off work to get this one adjusted. And a couple of his best lawyers to get that bitch for giving this one suppressants for six years."
You didn't understand the last part of what Bucky said. It sounded like he was speaking another language, but not one you'd heard before. Steve seemed to understand it, though.
"Will do, Sarge." He gave Bucky the same cheeky salute and lopsided grin he had given you earlier, then ambled out of the room.
"All right," Bucky groaned, pushing himself into a sitting position. "Time to get up, doll." You grumbled something unintelligible and clutched at his shirt, making him laugh again. He pulled away from you and got out of the bed. You whined again, curling in on yourself.
"All right, all right, I hear ya," Bucky grumbled playfully. "Come here." You let out a surprised squeak when he scooped you off the bed and into his arms. "Let's go, kiddo."
Bucky carried you out of the bedroom and through the apartment. You heard Steve's voice coming from another room, probably on that call Bucky had asked him to make. You caught a snatch of his conversation as you passed.
"We've definitely got enough to press charges, maybe even sue- Yeah, 12 years old, it's insane. 18 now, just barely. I know. We're gonna get her checked out tomorrow..."
The sound faded as Bucky carried you into the bathroom and eased the door shut behind you. "Here we are, doll."
You looked around the room and gasped.
Steve and Bucky's bathroom was huge and sparkling-white. The far wall featured a long mirror above a beautiful double vanity with a marble counter. To your right, there was a hot tub sized bathtub and a huge double shower enclosed by glass on all sides. Bucky sat you on the counter, then went over to the ridiculously large tub and started running a bath. You watched him fiddle with the water temperature, then add a sweet-smelling liquid that immediately started filling the tub with blush-pink bubbles. Satisfied with the bath, he left the tub to fill and came back over to you, standing between your knees. He brushed your hips lightly with his fingertips, searching for the hem of your shirt.
"Arms up, doll." Obediently, you raised your arms above your head. Having succeeded in locating the hem of your shirt, Bucky grabbed it and smoothly pulled your shirt up and off, over your head and up your arms, gathering the fabric as he went. He methodically folded the shirt and set it on the counter beside you, then unhooked your bra with skilled fingers and slid it off with equal care. "Put your hands on my shoulders, baby." You did as he said and felt his large hands, one flesh and one metal, come to rest solidly on your waist. "I'm going to lift you down now. Are you ready?" You nodded. "All right, then. Here we go."
He lifted you the way every little girl dreams of being held by a man, the way a strong and handsome dancer playing a prince lifts the fragile, dainty ballerina that plays his princess. You were only in his hands for a brief moment before your toes hit the cold stone tile, but it was a moment that left you breathless.
You didn't take your eyes off of Bucky's face as he continued to undress you. His brows furrowed slightly in concentration as he unbuttoned your jeans and undid the zipper, then slid them over your hips and down your legs. You kept your hands braced on his shoulders as you stepped out of the pants. He folded them and added them to the neat pile of clothing accumulating on the counter, then removed your underwear in the same careful way. Though you stood bare before him, an untouched omega in front of a hungry alpha, his eyes went no lower than your shoulders.
"All right. Bath time, princess." Bucky picked you up like you weighed no more than a toddler. You clung to him like a koala as he carried you to the nearly-full bath, even as he lowered you gently into the water.
The water was pleasantly warm, almost hot but not quite. You closed your eyes, took a deep breath, and finally let go of Bucky to relax into the bubbles, filling your lungs with the sweet scent of roses.
You heard the sound of rustling fabric, then the sound of rippling water, and opened your eyes to see Bucky stepping into the bath. He slid into the water beside you, then settled his arms around your waist, pulling you onto his lap. You nestled into him happily, and he settled his chin in the crook of your neck, breathing deeply. A pleased hum vibrate through his chest. His breath tickled the vulnerable skin above your jugular, instantly making you tense.
A low laugh rumbled through his chest. "Don't worry, omega," he purred. "I'm not going to mark you. Yet."
Bucky's reassurance did little to help you relax. Every muscle in your body was still coiled taut, ready to spring. He chuckled softly. "Oh, sweet thing. You know Steve and I are gonna have to get you off those suppressants before we do anything. We wouldn't want to hurt you, now would we?"
You whimpered. "No, I- I- I don't wanna-"
Bucky shushed you softly. "I know, doll. Everything's real scary right now, but don't you worry your pretty little head. Steve and I are gonna take great care of you." He stroked your hair, gently forcing your head to his bare chest. "I know you have a lot of feelings going on, but right now you need to be a good girl and let daddy give you a bath, okay?"
You whimpered again and tried to pull away from him, despite your hindbrain being thoroughly intoxicated by the Alpha's presence.
"Sweetheart." Bucky's tone was low and dangerous. You squirmed uncomfortably, trying to get away from him as much as your hindbrain would allow. To your dismay and your hindbrain's delight, Bucky's grip on you was hard as iron, leaving you with nowhere to go. "Are you going to be a good little girl for Daddy?" he demanded. "Or am I going to have to make you?"
At the thinly veiled threat in Bucky's words, your hindbrain took over. You froze, trembling, and he hummed his approval. "That's right," he crooned. "That's my good little girl. Sit up a little for me, pumpkin."
You did as he said, still mentally paralyzed by complete and total fear. Bucky grabbed a silver pitcher from the side of the tub and dipped it into the water, then poured it over your hair. The warm water running through your hair and down your back sent pleasant tingles down your spine, making you shiver. Bucky repeated this twice more, making sure your hair was fully saturated, then set the pitcher down and selected a shampoo from the array of products on the edge of the tub. He squeezed a small amount into his hand, then began to work it through your hair with skilled, gentle fingers. The shampoo smelled sweet, like marshmallows, strawberries and springtime.
The combination of the warm water, the lush smells surrounding you, and the firm but tender rhythm of Bucky's fingers massaging your scalp overwhelmed your senses, your pleased hindbrain making you hum with pleasure in spite of the fear running through your rational mind.
The situation was so perfect, just like when you were a child and your mother would sing to you as she washed your hair and gently scrubbed your back. The happy memories of your childhood sang to you with a siren's call, calling you, begging you to come drown in them. You sank gladly into their welcoming embrace, remembering the soft comfort of your mother's touch, her voice. You let the memories of your childhood wash over you like the warm water washed over your skin, forgetting that it was Bucky and not your mother who was rinsing the shampoo out of your hair and replacing it with conditioner, then rinsing that out and gently directing you to adjust your position so that he could run a washcloth over every inch of your skin to wash away the pain of the grueling day you'd had. You went back to that familiar little bathroom in that familiar little house in your hometown, leaving Steve and Bucky's apartment far behind you.
You knew every inch, every texture, every smell of that little house, the way it echoed with your mother's singing as pots and pans bubbled on the stove, the way your father's footsteps made the stairs creak and groan as he walked up to see you in your bedroom, the way the place seemed so hauntingly empty after he died. You remembered how your mother was never the same, how she carried mark after mark from boyfriend after boyfriend but never took the suppressants she gave you so religiously, despite drunkenly preaching the evils of alphas after every miserable breakup. You remembered how she'd cried a few months ago, apologizing over and over again for missing all those concerts and games and awards ceremonies and opening nights. She offered you a gift, a week in New York City, a way to start repaying all the emotional debt she owed you. She had hoped that this week in New York would be a fresh start, a way for both of you to relearn how to be mother and daughter. This trip was a peace offering, and you'd accepted it gladly.
It'd been so long since you heard your mother sing.
Maybe this trip would help her learn how again.
And then you'd gone to Central Park on your first day in town and you'd run into these two and-
You sat up with a gasp, making water slosh over the edge of the tub in your haste.
Bucky sat up as well, putting a hand on your shoulder. "You're all right, sweetheart." Though Bucky tried to reassure you, you could hear the worry in his words. "You're safe, okay? You're right here with me. You're safe. There's nothing to worry about"
"Bucky, you don't- She's alone. She's alone, in her hotel room, and she doesn't know where I am, and the whiskey- There's so much whiskey, Bucky..."
Bucky let out a sigh and shook his head in relief. "You're mother's gonna be just fine, doll. We sent her the claim notice. She knows what happened to you. You don't have to worry about that. Steve and I took care of it while you were sleeping."
You turned to face Bucky, eyes sparkling with tears. "You don't understand, Bucky," you whispered. "She stopped taking her meds and- and she's on the 20th floor and-"
Bucky's eyes widened as you choked back a sob. He cursed under his breath and climbed out of the bath, grabbing a towel and rapidly beginning to dry himself off. "I need her full legal name, the hotel, and her room number," he ordered curtly. You told him, voice shaking.
He finished drying himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist as he walked out of the room, turning in the doorway to give you a look as hard as iron. "Stay. Here." You nodded, trying quell the rising panic in your chest, and watched him walk out, practically slamming the door shut behind him.
You retreated into the far corner of the tub and curled into a ball, resting your chin on your knees as you began to cry.
I'm sorry, Mom. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't die.
Please, God, don't let her die.
Slowly, you began to rock, back and forth, back and forth, the water sloshing and rippling in time with your movements. The scent of strawberries and roses seemed heavier now, thick and cloying instead of softly sweet, threatening to choke you with every breath you took. The water hadn't lost all of its heat yet, and yet goosebumps were already starting to cover your skin. You shivered. When did this bathroom get so cold?
You curled in tighter on yourself, trying to stay warm, losing yourself to the thoughts that rushed through your mind in time with your rocking and the splashing of the water on the side of the tub.
Back and forth.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't do it.
Please, God.
Don't let her die.
You sat there, curled up, alone, rocking for an eternity and then some, back and forth and please and sorry and back and God and forth and please and back and mom and forth and mom back MOM forth MOM splash MOM waves MOM, over and over again until water crashed over the side of the tub and your mind was screaming, crying, scream-thinking MOM MOM PLEASE MOM DON'T MOM PLEASE SORRY LIVE PLEASE MOM DON'T PLEASE I'M SORRY, the words thudding against the inside of your skull again and again and again, rocking forward-back forward-back forward-back faster faster faster faster until you heard the bathroom door banging open and jolted back into reality, the sound throwing you back into your body with so much force it left you gasping for air.
"Shit!" Bucky slammed the door shut and rushed over to you, reaching into the tub. You scrambled away from him, but he was only opening the drain so that the water could start draining. His taut expression softened when he saw how scared you were, the tear tracks on your face, how you flinched every time he moved.
"It's all right, princess." He lowered his voice to that deep, soothing tone unique to alphas, the one your hindbrain was programmed to respond to, the one that made your heart flutter despite your terror. "I'm here now. Your mom is gonna be just fine, sweetheart. It's gonna be okay. I'm here now, I've got you. You're all right, baby. Come here." Though you felt drawn to him as if by a magnet, you made no move to go to him. You simply looked at him fearfully, breaking his heart with those wide, tear-filled eyes.
"Oh, sugar..." he murmured, stepping into the ankle-deep water. He walked toward you with all the slowness and deliberateness needed to approach a frightened animal, one hand held out in front of him, palm facing you. Though you were trembling and wide-eyed, you made no move to escape as he drew near. At long last, he was close enough to touch you. "Come on, sweetheart," he said softly. "Let me take care of you."
He reached down and grasped you under the arms, meeting no resistance from you as he picked you up and drew you to his chest. His touch drew a fresh wave of sadness from the depths of your soul, and you wrapped your arms around his neck as it washed over you, clinging to him like he was life itself. You let out a hiccuping sob and buried your face in his shoulder, taking in his scent with deep, shuddering breaths. You needed him. You craved him.
You were numb and compliant as he silently dried you, rubbed lotion over your skin, and dressed you in soft, baby-blue pajamas that somehow fit you perfectly. The shirt was emblazoned with a large image of the star-and-circle insignia that graced the front of Steve's shield; the pants were polka-dotted with the same iconic symbol. The pajamas gave you the surprisingly pleasant feeling of being a little kid again, like you were a child proudly bearing the symbol of their favorite larger-than-life superhero.
Your thumb traced a circle around one of the shields that dotted your legs, outlining the image that symbolized freedom, justice, and bravery to every kid in America. The mark of the man that had kidnapped you. Legally kidnapped you, albeit, but kidnapped you nonetheless.
But was that really so bad?
"I know, sweetheart."
You glanced up, startled out of your reverie by Bucky's soft words. His eyes met yours with a gaze that was tender and sincere.
"You'll get used to it." He reached up and brushed a stray hair out of your face, tucking it behind your ear, then cupped your face in his hand, softly tracing your cheekbone with his thumb. "I know it's hard right now. But it'll get easier with time." He gave you a long, searching look, eyes roving over every inch of your face. "You've been so alone for so long," he murmured. "But you're not alone anymore, sweetheart. Steve and I are with you now. Everything's gonna be all right." He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to him, pressing his lips to your forehead as you melted into his embrace.
He simply held you, stroking your back, letting you simply be with him the way you so desperately needed to. Your hindbrain crowed in triumph.
Eventually, your breathing calmed. Your heart rate slowed. You truly relaxed for the first time since he had left you to deal with your mother.
Bucky made a pleased sound into your hair, then moved his mouth close to your ear, breath ghosting over your skin.
"It's gonna be alright, little girl," he whispered softly. "You're finally home."
Tumblr media
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