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#steve x bucky
allthatmarvel · 27 minutes ago
A/N: Wow. Wow. Wow! I can’t believe all the support came rushing out for this story. I cannot thank you enough, especially when my heart is constricted by it. Thank you to those who liked the story, commented, reblogged, and even followed. Thank you! Also, as a reminder, this story wouldn’t be here if the amazing people (who I will retag because they always need more recognition in this life, epically with their talented skills in writing and having a big heart in welcoming me or just being amazing. So go see them, follow, and love their stories, as much as I do. 
[ @imaginedreamwrite @writemarvelousthings @heavenhatesme @syntheticavenger @roger-that-cap​ @harryspet​ @jurassicbarnes​ & many mores that I will soon tag in... cause like I said, they deserve all the recognition]
 Thank You
Chapter 2 
Your eyes speaks of love - Dhiman
Tumblr media
Even after three years, the bond between the three grew as if the way they grew throughout their times in age. And when the years grew, tension also grew around the world. Words spread that a war was on the brink of exploding into another world war.
And that was when Steve and Bucky began to talk: joining the war if the United States would ever get involved. Well, it was mostly Bucky tried to reason with Steve that if the worst case scenario came, Steve should stay with Y/N as he would defend his country. Whenever they weren’t with Y/N--which was rare--they’d argue behind closed doors, countless time until nothing was resolved but with heated glares and heavy breathing. In the end, Bucky knew Steve was stubborn beyond hell, so he couldn’t ask his friend of it no more. But they did agree that they didn’t know how to tell Y/N of their future plan, but they needed...wanted too. So that idea always gnawed at the back of their head,
Joining the war.
But when it got too much for them to bare, they decided to tell her. They took her to one of the local diner in Brooklyn -- a place where Bucky and Steve always met, and now it was with her.
Y/N knew something was up, because in her heart, she could feel the trouble coursing through her boys vein. So when they got their food, Y/N picked at it as she just watched Steve and Bucky also picked at their food. None of them had the appetite to eat.
“What’s going on?” she finally asked. None of the two boys dared to answer her. Fear clawed at Y/N mind, the biggest fear--a fear that came out when she washed away her days in the shower and or when she laid wide awake until the sun peaked out. “Are you regretting seeing colors... are you regretting seeing colors with me?” 
The both boys quickly looked up with wide eyes. The fries in Bucky’s hand slipped out of his grasp and onto the floor. He quickly slide out of the outer booth and slide into her side. He wrapped an arm around her as he used his other fingers to slowly tip back her head. “Why would you ever think that, Doll?” he then asked her, quietly.
“I don’t know,” she mumbled as she tried to look away from his pierced blue eyes. Eyes that warmed her heart and soul... her eyes to see, everyday.
 “Does this look like me” -- he turned to gaze at Steve, who sat quietly and watched the two-- “and Steve don’t love you?” He leaned down and captured her lips into his. It was a rough kiss but it held all the passion she needed to softly moan. A kiss that captivated her soul to catch flames, a kiss where it felt as if everything around her blurred away and all she knew was Bucky and Steve. Just them and her. 
Hey eyes wandered over to Steve as Bucky still had her lips in his. He held a small smile on his face, happy to see that what he was feeling was captured between the two physical contact. She then reached out her free hand over the table, and Steve gladly took it as he held it in his. It was just warmth and comfort. Love. 
When Bucky fell away from the kiss, he leaned over to push her hair to the other side and whispered into her ears. “I don’t want to ever hear that doubt out of your mouth again, Doll. Never doubt that Steve and I regret seeing colors, especially with you. Because we would trade our lives to see them only with you.”  Y/N pushed her face into Bucky’s shoulder, hiding away the blush in her cheeks. “Beside, that is not the reason why we are quiet cowards.”
He gazed at Steve, silently agreeing it was time to tell their girl what was on their mind. 
When Y/N got situated back again, still her hand never left Steve. It was then time for the truth to come out. 
“If and when the U.S is involved with the war, Bucky and I are thinking of joining the army.” Steve told her. 
Y/N’s heart sunk and the feeling of what once had happen minutes ago, washed away into the black abyss of anger... denial... fear. “What?” she croaked out. “NO. NO. NO.” She placed her hand over her mouth to contain her wanting to scream at the two of them.
“Its an if,” Bucky jumped in to help his best friend out. “It’s an if.”
“I don’t care,” she rushed out her words. “Don’t do it. I need you here with me, I can’t lose you two.”
She couldn’t hear no more, and so she squeezed past Bucky and ran out of the diner. Rain cascaded throughout the sky. Her hair clung to her as she was poured down with rain and the salt of her tears. She knew that Bucky and Steve were to follow her, so she just ran, she ran as long as she could until fire was in her legs. She stopped at a store by the glass window display, where it played the news. News of what was going on in other countries... war. 
“Y/N!” She heard her name being called out, and she knew who voice it belong to. So she didn’t turn around; she just stared at the TV. A jacket was laid around her shoulders and an arm wrapped around her. “Don’t run, please,” Bucky begged.
She then heard another round of running steps and a breath that couldn’t contain itself. Steve. “Seriously,” Steve wheezed out as he stood on the other side of his girl, “I have asthma, couldn’t you just speed walk and not run for your dear life?” He kissed her left cheek. 
“Sorry,” she sighed as she too kissed him on the cheek. 
“Doll, please listen to me. I know this is hurting you, and its hurting us too. Believe us, we wouldn’t want it that way for our future, but deep in our hearts, we must serve our country, protect our country, one that you are in.” 
“In a way, we are protecting you,” Steve added in.
She didn’t say anything for a long time. Still, she looked on at the news report. Steve mindlessly watched, but Bucky just watched the two. He reached over and tapped Steve on the shoulder to grab his attention. And when Steve looked at his friend, he knew what he was asking of him. A plead. A plead from their past arguments. 
And for the first time in that argument, Steve agreed. “Beside... I might not be able to join due to my health.” Y/N looked at him and slowly nodded, her heart wasn’t that tight anymore. “Well, I will try, but I doubt they’ll let me in.” Steve gave a glare to Bucky now. 
“Okay,” Y/N resided. 
Before anyone could embrace each other, the TV broadcast flipped to breaking news. In the news, reports of an attack on US soil, in Hawaii - Pearl Harbor, and then to the president message of going to war.
And in that split moment, Y/N’s heart didn’t just drop but shattered away. She knew her boys were going to go into war. 
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not-withoutyou · 36 minutes ago
Another argument? Please???? If not then 'loud so everyone can hear'
“You know what? You’re a jerk.” Bucky was a whirlwind the moment he stepped through the door to Steve’s Ma’s apartment. Clearly he’d heard the gossip from other kids about what Steve had gotten himself into after school.
Weary, Steve looked up from the kitchen sink, where he had been pitifully dabbing at his bruised face with a cloth. “I told you I could handle it.” Even as he said it, Steve knew he looked worse for wear. His lip was split, his shirt was bloodstained. It hurt to breathe— undeniable reminders of the deep bruising on his torso from a hard-soled shoe. Kicked while he was down. And now Bucky was angry with him.
Crossing the small room in only a few paces, Bucky grabbed his chin, firmly but not harshly, to inspect the cut on his eyebrow. “You were supposed to wait for me.” They were so close, and Steve had to look up at him. (Further now, after Bucky’s growth spurt in the previous months.) He’d gotten into a litany of other fights; Bucky had never behaved quite like this before, trusting that he could take care of himself.
“You don’t know Ben like I know him, Steve. You could have fucking died.” Bucky’s voice was low and smoky and dangerous as he snatched his hand back. A muscle jumped in his jaw.
And there was a flicker of a moment, right before Ben backed off, that Steve thought the same thing—wondered if he wouldn’t live to see 17. It was fine now, though. It was fine. He was standing on his own two feet. It wasn’t as bad as it looked, but he knew better than to think that sentiment would soothe Bucky any.
Dark and clouded over, Bucky pointed the kitchen chair. “Sit your bony ass down.” Pulling his own chair close enough to comfortably dab at the cut above Steve’s eyebrow, he rolled up his sleeves as not to get blood on his shirt.
“Didn’t want you to watch me get knocked into the middle of next Tuesday,” Steve said, hissing as the cloth came in contact with a particularly painful spot. (But he didn’t flinch away from Bucky’s touch.) “Don’t want ya thinkin’ I’m weak.”
The words were heavy on his tongue— and he would rather see anger in Bucky’s expression than pity. He saw neither of those things. (Oh. Oh. That flash in Bucky’s eyes—that was fear. Raw and razor-edged.)
“You know I don’t think that,” Bucky snapped. Scooting closer, knee bumping his knee, Bucky huffed a sigh and shook his head. More carefully, Bucky wiped the dried blood from the tender skin under his eye.
Steve smirked, dissolving some of the tension. “Don’t yell at me. I’m bleedin’.”
“I’ll stop when I’m not so fuckin’ pissed at ya,” Bucky muttered, but his voice was a lot softer.
(And he knew that Bucky’s ire would relent. Cool-headed where Steve had a shorter fuse, Bucky didn’t get angry a lot. He was falling snow and patience. None of their stupid disagreements ever lasted more than a few hours. It felt wrong when they argued, like the world was off-balance.)
They were quiet for a few restless minutes while Bucky cleaned the dirt off his face. He didn’t meet Bucky’s eyes, staring instead at a crack in the kitchen floor. No sound but the steady drip of water from a leaky faucet until Bucky took his jaw again between his thumb and forefinger. (Gentler this time, to coax his eyes up.) “Wanted to be there in case you needed me,” Bucky said, quietly. “Remember? Your fights are my fights, too.”
Steve nodded, nagging want in the back of his head to reach up and smooth the furrow out of Bucky’s brow. (He kept his hands to himself.) “You still mad at me?”
Bucky swallowed, clenching his teeth. “No. Not at you.”
(The next day at school, Ben had a broken nose that Steve was fairly certain wasn’t his doing.)
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acacia-digi · an hour ago
CROSSFIRE - b. barnes/winter soldier
Pairing: ws!Bucky Barnes x OC, Bucky Barnes x OC (reader) 
Warnings: dark themes, abuse, SA, language, PTSD, trauma, anxiety
Summary: She was born a prisoner, born a puppet, who never saw a daylight or outside of the Hydra facility. In this hopeless place, she found the one person who was willing to do anything to make her fly. 
A/N: My first story I'm writing on Tumblr. Let me know what you think and if you want me to continue. 
Tumblr media
She watched the guy like a hawk. She was ready for the moment he will strike. It always happened. However, he just stared back at her. And his eyes were full of something she rarely saw in her life. Sympathy? Kindness? His blue eyes were expressive, and if she focused more, she would find more. But her attention shifted when he straightened himself and put his elbows on the desk between them.
“I need to know everything if you want my help.”
Scoffing, she slowly shook her head. “You are mistaken if you think they ever told me anything important. I was nothing. I wasn’t even considered a human being.”
“How did you escape? After all these years?” the man’s kind eyes held curiosity.
“He helped me,” her voice was just a whisper, but the thumping of her hurting heart was loud inside her head. Too loud.
“Who is he?”
“The asset,” she said almost in a question and looked up at the man, seeing he was confused. “They called him the asset. Or the Winter soldier,” she said his name like a prayer. And she might as well be praying for his safety if she even knew what it means. Nobody ever taught her that.
She was sure the man repeated the assets given name and furrowed his eyebrows. In confusion? In fear? Worry, perhaps. She couldn’t say, never was very good at reading people.
“Does he…does he have a metal arm?”
“Yes,” she nodded, and the man was almost sure there was a gentle smile forming on her pretty face. “Yes,” she repeated and looked as if she was not present, sitting behind a table with him but somewhere far away.
“Alright,” the man said and nodded. His voice was quiet, almost as if he was talking to himself and not the young woman across from him. “You are safe here,” this made her look at him with doubt. “My name is Steve Rogers, or people call me Captain America, and I will do what I can to help you. But I will need your help too.”
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imaginedreamwrite · 5 hours ago
Baby Girl: Part 3
It was nearly another month before you saw or interacted with Steve or Bucky. You’d spent the last few weeks getting into a routine on the medical floor and taking all the knowledge and training you’d picked up on in school and translating that into the hands-on work in Stark Tower.
Since the revelation that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were your soulmates, you had done everything you could to avoid talking about the subject and the two conspirators that caused you to see colour in the first place.
Of course, trying to avoid Steve and Bucky was easy enough when they were busy on missions or training the recruits, and if they weren’t doing either then they were running simulations.
The only probable way for you to run into them and not have a steady hand on the chances was either a run-in by the elevator or seeing them as patients in the medical wing.
While you were avoiding Steve and Bucky, you had spent a great deal of time with Peter. You’d tried to avoid causing any wider rift between you since the beginning of it was already damaging and acidic enough. You loved Peter, you wanted to be with Peter however it seemed as if you had already lost him.
Everything you did at this point felt like putting a bandaid on a cracked foundation.
Including dinner dates like the one, you were supposed to be going on after your shift.
“Y/N, ” the charge nurse stopped you just 15 minutes before you were supposed to clock out, “can you please assist one last patient before you leave? We just had an entire group of recruits come in for burns and deep abrasions and another patient is waiting with the minor abrasive wound.”
You glanced toward the clock, knowing full well that a simple abrasion could lead to more problems. You knew full well that one simple cut could be something more complicated and take longer than 15 minutes, but you couldn’t turn her down.
“Of course, ” you reached for the chart, “who is it?”
The charge nurse already looked exasperated but when you took the tablet from her, there was momentary relief that flashed on her face. That small task was enough to remove some weight from her shoulders, and given the number of recruits that were about to come to the floor, this was the least that you could do.
“Bed 5,” she called over her shoulder, “thank you so much!”
You waved your hand and tucked the tablet under your arm as you moved toward a white metal supply cart. You reached for a pair of blue medical gloves and pulled them on your hands, adjusting the fit on your fingers before you continued on your path toward the 5th bed bay on the left side with the tablet back in your hands.
You pulled back the curtain and stepped inside, your attention on the chart displayed on the tablet. You read the reason for being there, the word ‘abrasion’ and ‘bleeding at sight of injury’ twice over. You knew you would need antiseptic and bandages as well as liquid stitches depending on the injury, which was all in the supply cart at each bed.
“Hi, I'm Y/N I’ll be your nurse today.” You raised your hand and almost dropped the tablet, the portable chart nearly slipping from your grasp at the sight of who was in your care. “What happened to you?”
Steve was the patient, with a strip of cloth pressed tightly against the cut in his forehead, the drying blood staining the cloth used in an attempt to stop the bleeding. When he shifted on the bed, you could see small drops of blood on his shoes that had long since dried as well as some blood staining the SHIELD symbol on his black compression shirt.
“Steve’s a cut on his head,” Bucky spoke from the only other chair in the small bay, one leg crossed over the other and his metal hand resting on top of his knee.
Like Steve, he was wearing a black compression shirt with the same symbol on the left above his pectoral. Now that you could see colours, you were slowly differentiating between the vast shades of one colour that brought such beauty to the works. Bucky’s eyes were blue, but they were light blue and crystalline, they reminded you of the pristine river and lake waters from the mountains. They were so clean and clear, so pristine.
Steve’s eyes were blue, like Bucky’s, however, Steve’s eyes had flecks of green in them. His blue-green eyes were as captivating as Bucky’s, just in a different way.
“Yeah, I gathered.” You quipped, moving away from the bed toward the supply cart. “How did it happen?”
You reached for one of the drawer handles and pulled, small antiseptic packages sitting inside. You grabbed two as well as a small roll of bandages and medical tape, and when you had all your supplies, you closed the drawer again.
“We were training the recruits, ” Steve pulled the cloth away from his cut and placed it beside him on the bed.
“And I’m guessing it didn’t go well?” you grabbed the single wrapped antiseptic wipe and shook it a few times out of habit before you ripped the top off and pulled the wipe out of the package. You unfolded the antiseptic wipe and stepped closer to the bed and closer to Steve.
“It may sting.” You gave him a warning before you reached out and started wiping the antiseptic wipe against his cut, trying your damnedest not to laugh when he hissed under his breath and winced.
“Who knew the great Captain America could be brought down by a disinfecting wipe?” you joked, discarding the wipe in the garbage before you waved your hand in front of the cut to dry it.
“He’s also afraid of needles.” Bucky piped up from his chair in the corner, joining in on the teasing.
“Needles?” you grinned. “Steve Rogers is afraid of needles?”
He had gripped the edge of the bed with both hands, his blue-green eyes were studying you while you prepared the liquid stitches. His attention on you was making your hands shake ever so slightly, given how much time and effort you had tried to put into avoiding the pair of them.
It just felt…natural. It felt instinctual to be near them and that was a direct conflict with what you were trying to save, with Peter.
“Don’t tell anyone,” Steve watched you carefully as you produced a small brush coated with the liquid stitch. “I have a reputation to uphold.”
“Of course, ” you nod your head and smirked, “it would damaging for the world to know that Captain America’s fear is sterilized medical-grade needles.”
“Little bit.” His added comment pulled a laugh from you, something small and quiet but lighthearted nonetheless.
“I’m done adding the liquid stitches.” You stepped back to the bedside rolling tray and grabbed a packaged sterilized bandage. “You need to keep this on for about a day and then it can be removed.”
When you stepped back to him, you had the bandage in one hand and the crumpled package in the other. You threw the package toward the garbage and then you pressed the bandage against his wound, reaching into your left scrub pocket to grab the medical tape.
“I have to ask,” you ripped a piece of medical tape off and placed it on the left side of the bandage to hold it in place, before securing the other side, “how did the great captain America injure himself?”
You pressed the tape into his forehead as gently as possible, smoothing it down and using that as an excuse to hear the story.
“Couple of new recruits thought it’d be funny to steal one of Stark’s new inventions and bring it to the session.” Steve shift on the bed, brushing his hand against your elbow as he moved. “Caused an explosion and some of the shrapnel got me in the head.”
“They essentially stole a grenade and set it off as a joke?” you shift your weight from foot to foot. “Real intelligent agents you have.”
You rolled your eyes and started the process of putting away the equipment you’d used. As you closed the third drawer and moved back to grab the tablet to complete the chart, your attention was drawn to the bed where Steve had now stood from.
“Am I going to live?”
“You’ll survive relatively unscathed. Although I think I’d keep my distance from arrogant recruits with grenades, ” you smiled again, “as a rule of thumb.”
“You’ll live to see another fight, ” Bucky clapped Steve on the shoulder, “how many different nurses have patched you up in the day?”
“None this pretty, ” Steve shot a look your way, which had given you pause as you were finishing up his chart.
“I have to agree, pal.”
“Y/N, ” the charge nurse popped her head into the room, “Peter’s waiting for you. Want me to finish the chart?”
The announcement that Peter was here and waiting for you, had introduced an air of uncomfortable awkwardness that made you want to tuck tail and run. The announcement that your boyfriend who was not your soulmate was here to take you to dinner, while your two soulmates were in front of you, had you very conflicted. You were conflicted between the ease of flirtations that seemed so natural with Steve and Bucky, and the year you’d spent loving Peter Parker.
“It’s okay,” Steve spoke the answer to the question you didn’t want to ask, “you don’t want to keep him waiting.”
“You should go,” Bucky spoke after, reassuring you, “we’ll catch up later.”
“Y/N?” she called, “do you want me to finish the chart?”
You swallowed and dove further inside yourself for a brief moment. You set the tablet back on the table and stepped away, still half in a daze.
“Yeah,” you finally mumble, “yeah I’m almost done. I’ll go… I’ll go end my shift.”
You turned on your heel and moved from the bed bay, stealing a glance back at the two super soldiers before you ultimately left the area.
And went to find Peter.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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outofplaceoutinspace · 5 hours ago
Their pet name/s for you - gentlemen
18+ Reader = gender-neutral reader (>18 for spidey)
Pairing (couple): character x reader (choose your favourite/s)
Warnings: None.
A/N: This is what I imagine they would call their partner. The Gifs are to make the post a bit more lively and pleasant to look at, they don't necessarily fit the situations. If a pet name does not classify as gender-neutral, please let me know.
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Love or Babe
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Hun/Honey or Sweetie
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
Babe or Sugar
Tumblr media
Darling or My Love
Tumblr media
My Love
Tumblr media
Sweetheart or Darling
Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
Bub/Bubs or Babe
Peter Quill
Tumblr media
Babe or Hun
Peter Parker (teenage!reader)
Tumblr media
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ivybucky · 6 hours ago
missing you - b.b. x gn!reader
Request by @friendlyneighborhood-fangirl : Could you do a fix where the reader and Bucky are just friends but Bucky is non-stop talking about you to Sam and Steve and one day Steve gets fed up with it and forces him to ask the reader out?
a/n: very cute and simple fluff drabble! I had to write this quick because I'm waiting to go into a Excited to be doing a more structured schedule. Friday's fic will be a cute Steve request! Inbox is open for requests, please send them in, I'll get to them eventually.
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Tumblr media
author: abby<3
words: 656
cw: yelling, shouting, idiot boys
Tumblr media
“Hey Buck, how was the zoo?” Sam gave a pointed stare towards Steve, a bet had been made.
“Great!” he said cheerfully, settling down at the table where his friends had been talking. “We went to every exhibit. It’s really gotten big.” He sipped on the water bottle he had brought with him. “Oh, and you guys should have seen Y/N with the elephants, did you guys know they did a paper on their behaviorism in college? They’re so smart and well-read, ya know. The elephants seemed to take a liking to them too. They kept sticking their trunks up at them, the whole thing was adorable.”
“That’s nice, Buck,” Steve sighed, reading over this paper in front of him. “Did you guys get to the penguin-”
“Oh, and the zookeeper gave us some free vip passes so we got to hold one of the penguins! You should have seen Y/N holding that bird like a baby-”
“Oh my god, shut up!” Steve groaned, pulling a surprised look from Bucky and Sam. Sam, however, was all the more knowing.
“What’d you say, punk?”
“You’re in love with them!” he yelled, exasperated. “You can say ‘we’re just friends’ all you want but it doesn’t hide the fact that you’re in love with them and too much a wuss to do anything about it.”
“No, I’m tired, Buck. I never thought I’d be the one telling you this, but man up and ask them out.”
Bucky tried looking to Sam for help but it was pointless. Sam only raised his hands in mock surrender. “Don’t look at me, I just do what he does.”
“Steve, I don’t-” Steve narrowed his eyes at his childhood best friend. “What if they doesn’t feel the same?”
There was no point in denying it anymore. If Steve had figured it out then he was being too obvious. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that Y/N was the most important person to him right now. And while Steve would always be his best friend, Y/N held much more room in Bucky’s heart.
“Pal,” Steve leaned forward, resting his arm on the table. “They talk about you the same way you talk about them. You don’t have much to worry about.”
Bucky tried to hide the growing smirk on his face. “They do?”
“Yes! Now please go do something about it.”
Sam tried to contain his chuckle as he watched the former assassin take off in a jog towards Y/N’s room. He shook his head, pulling up a feed of the hallway by their door. “I wanna watch him flounder.”
“Sam-” Steve tried to admonish, but was shushed almost instantly.
Y/N smiled sweetly at Bucky, even after spending the day with him at the zoo. “Hiya, Buck! Miss me already?”
They paused, smile faltering just a little bit. “Really?”
“Y/N/N, I-” he ran his metal fingers through his short locks. “I miss you every moment we’re not together.”
“And I know I could totally be screwing things up here and if it’s going to make things weird between us then we can just pretend it didn’t happen and go back to how things were-”
Y/N leaped forward and wrapped their arms around his neck, his breath leaving his lungs in shocked relief. His own arms wrapped around their body, squeezing them tightly to his chest. His heart racing against his ribs, he could almost feel it through their form.
They pulled back reluctantly, smiling impossibly wide. “I thought I was being painfully obvious how much I’m into you, Buck.”
“Yeah well,” he released a hand off their waist to scratch the back of his neck. “Steve and Sam figured it out before I did.
“Hell yeah we did.” “Sam! No!”
“Fucking spies,” Y/N chuckled, taking Bucky’s hand and bringing him into their room. “Come on, I was missing you too.”
Tumblr media
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mariecoded · 6 hours ago
Angel (S.R.)
Summary: "I'd never had anyone that saw me for me. Not until I met Steve and now, now he's gone."
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Fem!Reader, Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes (Minor), Peter Parker/MJ (Minor)
It's late, really late, when Tony gets back home, but I don't really care. I never ask where he's been or what he's done because I don't care. I haven't cared for a long time. Tony does whatever he wants whenever he wants to. It's infuriating.
Everyone knows his name and what he does. Even before he was Iron Man, back when he was Tony Stark, billionaire, playboy, and a technical genius. Now everyone knows him as Iron Man, the hero that saves lives.
I've always known him as Tony, my big brother. The irritating, get under your skin, type of person. Or maybe that just him being my brother. We aren't related, not technically, but he's the only family I have now.
No one even gives me a second look and yeah, it's nice some times, but most of the time it's painful. Most people only want to talk to me to learn more about Tony, more about the Avengers.
The worst part is people expect me to be like my parents, like my brother. They want me to build, create, be a hero. But I'm not a hero, not even close. Sure, I do what I can to help people, but most days I can't stand to be around anyone.
Today was no different. The moment I see Tony, I get up and return to my room. Today, like usual, I can't stand to be around him.
Mostly because all he talks about is the Avengers or  whatever new thing he's working on. Yeah, I'm happy for him, and I'm proud of what he's accomplished, but I don't want to hear about it. I never really have.
I flip on the lights in my room and look around. When I'd first moved in, it was everything I wanted. Now, it's lost its shimmer.
I was a whole different person back then.
Despite living in the Avengers Tower, I hadn't properly met most of them. I know their names, sure, but I don't actually know them. The only people I'd met were Peter and Natasha.
I close the door behind me and flop down on the bed. Someone is watching a movie on the other side of the wall.
I grab my laptop and message Casey to see if he's up. A few minutes later, a FaceTime request pops up on my screen.
I accept it and his face pops up on screen. He's grinning.
I'd met him at summer camp when we were sixteen. He'd accidentally dumped that night's dinner, some sort of camp stew, on my shirt. He had been mortified, but I brushed it off. I'd never liked that shirt anyway.
"Hey." I grin at him.
"Hey," He's walking around his kitchen, "Shouldn't you be asleep? It's really late there isn't it?"
"Eh, I'm fine. Don't need much sleep anyway."
"Mmmhhmm." He gives me a disapproving look, "You're not a teenager anymore, you need sleep."
I groan, "Dude, I am well aware of my age, you don't have to remind me. Besides, I slept more as a teenager than I do now."
"Yeah yeah," Casey shakes his head.
“Besides, I can just sleep tomorrow.” I shrug, “I usually sleep during the day anyway.”
There’s a loud ding and Casey disappears for a moment. He returns with toast and butter, “Aight then. Anything much going on there?”
“Not that I’m aware of.” I pause for a minute, “Oh, never mind. Tony’s throwing another party tomorrow, but really is that a new thing?”
Casey snorts, “He isn’t even there for half of them.”
A grin spreads across my face, “Yeah. I’m actually considering leaving my room for this one. If only to get some food.”
Casey nods, “I have heard that there’s always good food and drinks at his parties.”
I grimace, “He always gets the best for his guests.”
A loud crash pulls Casey's attention from me, “Jonathan leave that alone.” He yells over his shoulder. Jonathan is his ten year old son. I hadn’t had the chance to meet him in person yet.
Jonathan had been in foster care for a few years when he’d come into Casey’s custody. The moment Casey had seen him he known he’d wanted Jonathan to be part of his family.
My family.
“Hey, I gotta go.” Casey snaps me from my thoughts, “I have to take Jonathan to camp, we can talk later though.”
“All right, you go on. Tell Jonathan I said to have fun and to stay out of trouble.” I grin.
“Will do, but I can’t promise he’ll stay out of trouble.” Casey grins, “Bye.”
“Bye.” I end the call.
Tony’s party. I had completely forgotten about that until a few minutes ago. I’d promised myself that I’d go this time. I was not looking forward to it.
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ragingemini · 6 hours ago
Shuri waking Bucky up from Cyro
Bucky: Am I healed yet?
Shuri: No, not yet.
Bucky: Shuri, this is the 23rd time. Is it Steve again?
Tumblr media
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anarcoqueer1994 · 6 hours ago
I Need You Close
Bucky has been crashing with Steve since he came back from the blip. Steve apparently bought this small, beautiful country house on a couple acres with a barn, a few hours from the city in upstate New York. He invited Bucky to stay with him for "as long as he needs," even if that was forever. Truth be told, Steve kind of hoped it would be forever wanting Bucky to stay close to him. He could put aside how in love he was with the other man, as long as he was at least there. Not having his friend for five years after just getting him back, he refused to lose him again. This included him trying to secretly entice Bucky not to return to Wakanda. Sure Steve visited him often during his time there years ago, but he was so far away. But he knew Bucky had enjoyed his time there. Steve used to love to hear Bucky gush over his goats.  It was absolutely adorable, not that he would ever tell the  other man.
After Bucky disappeared, he never gave up hope that he would find a way to bring him back. He believed in this so much that he had actually bought this house shortly after he was gone, deciding that if he ever got Bucky back, he would give him the life he deserved, some peace. Again, not something he would ever admit to Bucky. It was, in fact, a little weird to buy your best friend a beautiful home in hopes he would live with you. But he did make sure as soon Bucky agreed to stay there, that he got some goats. He had loved seeing the brunette's face light up at the site of them when he first got there. Steve again played it off like he had goats all along, and didn't specifically but them for his friend.
Steve was around the house most days, having retired as Captain America, passing the shield onto Sam Wilson. He would sit on their big front porch and draw whatever caught his eye. Most of the time, the thing that caught his eye would be Bucky, doing various things around the property. It always seems like Bucky is continuously so restless, always trying to busy himself. Steve didn't mind, gave him something to draw.
Bucky was way more likely to leave the house. Sometimes he would go on missions with Sam, being away for a few days at time. Steve knew the man could hold his own obviously, but Sam still sent him secret texts every time, letting him know Bucky was okay.
Also, as part of the conditions of Bucky's pardon, he must drive in the city once a week to meet with his court appointed therapist. Steve thinks it's ridiculous that he even has conditions to his pardon considering that Bucky was a literal prisoner of war and was tortured and brainwashed for years. He let the government know exactly how he felt about it, but it didn't make a difference. So as it stands, once a week, Bucky has to drive two hours into the city to deal with it, even if it wasn't helping him, really.
Today was one of those days. Bucky had left early in the morning before Steve even woke up, probably trying to beat the city traffic. His appointment is 9am so Steve wasn't expecting him home until close to 1pm. Steve was using this opportunity to plan a surprise for his friend. Bucky had been sleeping on the floor in the living room. Steve had told him that the couch was a pull-out sofa bed, but Bucky still didn't use it. Steve assumed that it must not have been a comfortable mattress if the floor was more comfortable. Sometimes in the middle of the night while Steve was fast asleep, Bucky would sneak into his room and lay on the floor. Steve would find him there in the morning. Bucky had told him that the soft rug in Steve's room was more comfortable than the hardwood of the living room. He obviously didn't mind Bucky being in his room, he just didn't like that he was sleeping on the floor.
Steve had felt absolutely terrible that his friend was sleeping like this, knowing Bucky was having nightmares, even though he never talked about them. The floor couldn't be helping his sleep, so he was having a brand-new queen-size bed delivered and set up in the empty guest room. He had planned to make this Bucky's room all along, he just hadn't wanted to seem pushy when the man first showed up. But it's been three months at this point, so he pulled the trigger. The bed was so comfortable, and Steve had picked out beautiful bedding that was soft and luxurious. He knew he may have gone overboard but he hoped Bucky wouldn't point that out.
Steve was just finishing setting up the bed and making it all nice and fancy when he heard Bucky's car pull up the long dirt driveway. When Bucky enters the house, he calls out "Stevie, I'm home! I grabbed some food from the diner up the street for lunch. "
Steve smiles to himself as he listens to the man using the familiar nickname towards him. If anyone else called him that, he would hate it, making him feel little again. But with Bucky it always just made him feel warm. He made his way to where Bucky was at, standing in the kitchen.
“Hey bud,” Steve smiled as he steps towards the other man, holding out a bag a food at him. “Thanks.” He says as he takes it.
“No problem, I was starving so I figured I’d grab you something too.” Bucky smiles back, heading to the kitchen table, Steve following close behind.
“How much was my lunch? I’ll grab my wallet after we eat.” He says as he sits next to Bucky, maybe it was weird that they always sat next to each other and not across from one another, but its what they always did. Neither man would ever admit that it was because they wanted to be as close as possible to the other, both too oblivious that the other man wanted the same thing.
“What are you talking about? Its on me.” Bucky laughs “You have let me stay at your house for months and have refused to take any money for it, I think I can afford lunch."
He would never consider taking money from Bucky. For years when they lived together as young adults, Bucky had supported him when he was too sick to work. “It’s the least I can do.” Steve says, shrugging his shoulders and then changing the subject before the other man had a chance to argue. “So how was your appointment, Buck?”
“Uh, fine.” He says dismissively. Steve expected this. Bucky never goes into detail about these sessions. Steve wants to respect his friend’s privacy, doesn’t want to force him to talk about the nightmares and whatever else he may be discussing in the privacy of his therapist office. But that doesn’t mean that Steve doesn’t want to help. Not wanting to push though, Steve just nods in response.
They finish eating, talking about little day to day things, just enjoying each other’s company. After lunch, Bucky stands up and starts heading back out the door.
“Where are you heading?” Steve asks instinctively, before reminding himself that it was none of his business.
 “I’m going to go check on the goats.” He beams at Steve.  They only have four but Steve loves how much Bucky seems to love them.  But he really wants to show him his surprise before he goes outside.
“Hold up a second, okay? I have something I want to show you first.” Steve asks.
“Okay?” Bucky gives a questioning glance as the blonde stands up and starts towards the hallway, signaling for him to follow.
They get to the guest/Bucky’s new bedroom. Steve opens the door, Bucky following behind. Bucky’s eyes went wide at the sight of the bed, It looked warm and inviting, but not something Bucky wanted to sleep on. He says “What’s this?”
"Surprise, you like it?" Steve smiles at him. “I figured it's not fair you sleep on the floor, so I got you this."
Bucky looks dumbfounded. He doesn't want to appear ungrateful, especially with Steve smiling so sweetly at him, so he says "Uh thanks, Steve.." But inside he was fighting with himself. On one hand yeah he went to sleep on something soft and comfortable like this bed, but on the other hand, this room was too far away from where he wanted to be. He liked the living room because Steve's room is right off it and he liked being close to Steve. Steve was his safe space, his anchor to reality. That's why on particularly bad nights, he would end up on Steve's floor. Obviously, he’d never tell Steve the truth about why he was in there, always lying the next morning. This new bedroom though is all the way down the hallway. 
He also liked sleeping on the floor, as he connected to a time in his he and Steve were happy and he was not always plagued with nightmares, when they would pull out pillows and blankets, laying on the floor, having sleepovers way too late into their teen years, before moving in together after Sarah died. That was the last time he slept in a bed, too. When they were too poor to afford two, but Steve always insisted that they share because he didn’t think it was fair that he got the bed and Bucky got nothing. Bucky would tell himself that the reason he always ended up pulling Steve too close was to stay warm, but he knew he was lying to himself. Anyways, since then he only wanted to sleep in a bed if Steve was in their too.
Steve noticed the trepidation in his voice. He says "What is it, Buck? Is it the bedding? I knew it was too much, I'm sorry."
Bucky shakes his head. "No Stevie, it's perfect." He flashes a beautiful smile. Steve had gone out of his way to get him this, and he did not want the blonde man to think he didn't like it, even if the thought of sleeping in here tonight alone terrified him.
Steve tentatively nods his head, knowing that the other man isn't telling him something but doesn't want to push. But he wasn't imagining it, something seemed off about Bucky’s reaction.
The rest of the day was fine, neither man thinking much about the bed. But now it was 2am and Bucky found himself shooting up from a nightmare. He couldn't fall asleep on the bed; he just could not get comfortable. But he didn't want to let Steve know that, after all it was a wonderful gift. So, he falls asleep on his own bedroom floor.
But that sleep had been interrupted by another nightmare. This time it wasn't a victim of the Winter Soldier. It was a nightmare of the torture at the hands of Hydra. He had woken up sweaty and his heart was pounding out of his chest. Tears stained his cheeks; he must have been crying in his sleep.  It felt too real, and he found himself shaking.
Usually he would look over at Steve's bedroom door, using his serum enhanced hearing to listen in on the steady breaths indicating that Steve was sleeping. But more importantly, seeing it as a way to ground himself back into reality. He never talks about his nightmares with Steve. He doesn't want to add more weight onto the other man's shoulders. Steve has been looking out for him ever since he found out he was the Winter Soldier, literally almost getting himself killed and breaking up The Avengers over Bucky. It felt so weird because back when they were younger, it was Bucky who used to look out for Steve. So, he was fine to handle his nightmares on his own if he could silently assure himself that at least Steve was near and real.
But he couldn't do that this time, this room is so separated from Steve. He knows Steve meant well when getting this room ready for him. But Bucky hated being so far away. It's not like its Steve's fault though. How could he know that the only reason Bucky is still holding on, trying to make it through each day was because of him. The truth is Bucky is so in love with Steve and Steve is the only person in the world that makes him feel safe.
Against his better judgment, Bucky picks up his pillow and quietly leaves his bedroom. He pads softly down the hallway, trying his best to remain silent. He plans on quietly slipping into Steve's room and sleeping on the floor. The nightmare had really messed him up, and he couldn't shake the fears he felt reliving his torture through his dream. He needed Steve's presence, the little noises he makes as he sleeps, the smell that filled his bedroom that was so quintessentially him. He would have to make up some excuse in the morning about why he was on the floor given that he has his own bed now, but at this moment he really needed this.
He cracks Steve's door open slowly, trying to mitigate the amount of noise he was making. Steve appears asleep as he looks in, so he slowly enters the room, closing the door behind him. He makes his way to a spot on the floor at the end of Steve's bed. Before he could lay down though, he heard a sleepy voice say "Bucky?"
He freezes in his tracks, looking like a deer in the headlights at the now sitting up man staring at him from his bed, flipping on the side table light.  He doesn’t know what to do or say as Steve stares at him, confused on why he was there. He could only hear his heart pounding in his ears, the deafening silence around him making it feel like his world was crashing in around him.
It’s Steve who breaks through that silence though, noticing in the light Bucky’s tear stained face.  He whispers in a soft voice as he tries to put his friend at ease. “What is it, Buck?” Steve’s own features painted over in worry.
Bucky feels even worse now. He had thought Steve was asleep, and now because of his carelessness, Steve was now worried about him. He tries to speak as calmly as possible, but the adrenaline and fear that was still pumping through him from his dream, made it hard to control his voice. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be in here.” His voice cracks like he was holding back a sob, as he turns on his heels to leave, hoping that Steve will never bring this up again.
As he reaches the door though, he feels a hand on his shoulder, stilling him in his spot. He forgot how fast Steve could be. Steve had put something together when he saw Bucky’s face and reaction. He feels so dumb for not putting it together sooner when he first caught Bucky on his floor months ago. Steve doesn’t say anything, just steps between the other man and the door, throwing his arms around him, and pulling him into a hug. 
For Bucky’s part, he wants to resist, pull away, never talk about this again. He wants Steve to not worry about him. But he is not strong enough. As soon he feels Steve’s arms around him, he can’t help but lean into. He buries his head into the crook of Steve’s neck, letting his arms wrap around Steve’s waist.  That’s when Steve feels silent tears against his skin as Bucky starts to cry despite his attempts to hold back the tears. But now that the dam is open he can't stop.
Steve moves a hand to the back of Bucky’s head, stroking his hair softly, whispering “It’s alright, Buck…it’s alright…I’m here.” He hopes he is saying the right thing. Apparently, he is, as he feels the other man grip him tighter. All Steve wants to do is make all his friend’s pain go away. Bucky is the best person he has ever known, and it’s not fair that he must bear all this trauma, these nightmares, more pain than anyone person should ever have to endure.
Bucky starts to tremble in Steve's arms, pretty sure that if it weren't for Steve holding him up, his knees would give out right now. He whimpers "I'm sorry...I'm sorry…." Suddenly, Bucky's body goes stiff with fear in Steve's arms and then it's like he was not there anymore. 
He isn't in Steve's arms, he is in a cold metal room deep in Hydra's base.Accept it wasn't him, it was the asset, the Winter Soldier, the thing that was not him but always intrinsically tied to him. He shared it's memories, it's pain. He, the asset, just got back from a mission and something went wrong, a couple of their guys get killed. It hadn't been his, its, fault but it was there favorite thing to punish, to take out their anger at when a mission went wrong, because the asset couldn't fight, it and Bucky sharing a headspace, having to just take it. Those who abused the asset only had to leave it in good enough shape for the technicians to still clean up, wipe, and start over for the next time he was thawed.
The Winter Soldier was strapped to a chair, where he was given orders not to fight back. The men surrounding had berated him, and assaulted him wooden rods and electric shocks that left him smelling of burnt hair. It hurt like hell, the men going far enough where he would have been dead had he not been a super soldier. Times like this Bucky's voice would push through to the top of his, letting out little sobs and screams, the torture too much him. Tears broke free, and no matter how hard the asset fought, he could not stop them. The asset passes out. He passes out. 
Suddenly he shoots up, and looks around the room frantically, confusion covering his face when he sees Steve sitting on the edge of the bed holding a glass of water. Bucky's face was still tear stained. He is in the middle of the bed...Steve's the other man watches him, his face looking scared and anxious.  Bucky thinks Steve is too gorgeous for his face to be distorted by all those bad emotions. Bucky vaguely remembers being in Steve's arms a few moments ago...and then he was not. He rubs his face, Steve staring carefully at him, like if he stares too hard he might break his friend into two, he is keeping his distance, not wanting to touch Bucky in fear of spooking the other man.
Finally Steve whispers "Are you alright?" While reaching his hand out to Bucky so he may grab the water glass from his hand. Bucky instinctively takes it, taking a large sip. Steve was so sweet to him, even having something as simple as water ready for him. Bucky blushes at the thought before returning to the issues at hand.
"Yea, Stevie...I'm fine...what happened?" He looks at Steve, disoriented and confused trying to piece together what happened, why he was in Steve's bed.
Steve scoots closer on the bed, so he could reach Bucky's out stretched legs, tentatively placing a comforting hand on Bucky's knee, waiting to see the other man's reaction. Bucky lets it rest there, actually he felt safer this way. 
Steve replies to his question softly, trying to hide how scared he was when he replies. "I was holding...hugging you and suddenly you started apologizing before falling into a trance. It was like you were awake but not with me. You started to thrash in my arms, so I helped you to the ground, not wanting you to feel trapped by me but also not wanting you to fall to the ground. You kept screaming out in pain, asking them to stop… no begging them."' Bucky watches as Steve closed his eyes like he was remembering something particularly painful, before looking at him again. "And then you passed out, and I was so worried, so I moved you here and waited. You have been out for almost half an hour now.  And Buck...I'm so sorry."
Suddenly the memory plays in Bucky's head, the torture and pain, not so much reliving it like a few minutes ago but just remembering it. He must have had a flashback brought on by PTSD. He doesn't have these often, only when the nightmares get the worst. He looks into Steve's bright blue eyes focused on him, wondering why he was apologizing now.  "Why are you apologizing?" His voice quiet, embarrassment starting to take over knowing that Steve saw him so vulnerable, so weak again, another thing for Steve to deal with.
"Buck…" Steve's voice was unsteady. "I'm sorry that you had to go through years of torture, I'm so sorry I didn't save you that day on the train. I let you get captured because I was too dumb to realize you could be a live."
Bucky shakes his head in disbelief. Of course his friend would blame himself. He lets out a little huff before responding, his eyes seeing into Steve's.  "Steven Grant Rogers, I hate to break it to you, but that is the stupidest thing you have ever said."
Steve goes to open his mouth in reply before Bucky cuts him off. "I don't want to hear it. What Hydra did was Hydra's fault. They are the ones that hurt me, not you. No, you are the one who tried to single handedly take down Hydra to avenge me. You were the one who almost let me kill him to get me back. You are the one who broke up the Avengers, and went on the run for me. And…" Bucky pauses, thinking over his next words carefully. "That's the reason I do not want you to have to deal with my nightmares and flashbacks. You have done too much for me already….My mess is too much." His voice gets shaky, guilt pushing through to the surface.
Steve smiles sadly at his friend. "I guess we are both saying dumb things tonight. Cuz here's the thing, pal. You are never too much for me. I'm here to help you through anything, even if it is just a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to, someone to hug you. It's what we do. We are Bucky and Steve, always there for each other no matter how messy. It's been like this since you kicked Ricky Smith in the balls on my 4th birthday for pushing me into the mud and trying to blow out my candles. Til the end of the line, 'member?" Steve flashes that beautiful smile, sending sparkles to his eyes, the thing that has never changed regardless of his size. The first thing Bucky ever noticed about Steve.
Bucky swallows hard, taking in the weight of what Steve just said. He looks down at the strong hand on his knee, and without processing what he was doing, moves his hand down so it rests gently on top of the other hand, slotting his fingers in between Steve's. He doesn't know why he did it and when he finally realizes what he did, he turns bright red, rushing to pull back. 
Before his can get far though, he feels Steve's hand leave his knee so it could reach up and gently grab the wrist of the fleeting hand. Bucky is sure Steve must be able to hear his heart pounding against his rib cage.
The blonde haired man says "You... didn't need to move your hand, I, um don't mind it." Bucky's eyes must be playing tricks on him, because he swore he saw Steve blush.
Bucky stares at him, letting his wrist stay in the other man's hand. His mouth feels dry all of a sudden as he tries to swallow up the lump in his throat. He takes a shaky breath, hoping Steve will say something because he can't, not until he knows for sure he is reading this situation right.
He watched Steve carefully drop his hand back into his lap, trying not to show the rush of disappointment that was flooding him as he dropped his eyes to his now vacant hand. But that disappointment was quickly cut off, as he felt the mattress shift, Steve was moving closer, pushing up the bed until he was right next to Bucky. His shoulder against the other man's now. So close that Bucky could smell the soap clean skin of Steve. He could just breathe him in. They sat close to each other for a while, Bucky staring straight forward, trying not to look at the man next to him, in fear give his face would give away everything he was feeling. How he wanted Steve to love him... be in love with him, how he wanted to just lay on his chest and let Steve shield him from all the bad dreams, like he wanted to just let Steve take care of him. And he would do all that for Steve. He could be his protector, lover, biggest supporter.
He practically jumps out of his skin when Steve breaks the silence, still staring ahead, like he was equally afraid to let Bucky see his face. He whispers "Do you want to maybe sleep in here, with me? Would that be alright?" His cheeks are glowing bright red."
Without thinking about it, Bucky quietly answers "Yes…I'd like that." His words are shaky as he turns towards the other man. He is nervous….but also hopeful. The most hope he has felt in a long time. He has hope that Steve may want what he wants.
Steve finally turns his head, blue eyes gazing into the equally blue eyes staring back. A smile spreads across his face, his fingers moving to push a few loose strands of Bucky's long hair out of his face, his fingers lingering against Bucky's skin for a little too long.
Bucky feels his breath hitch as he stares at Steve, feeling the warmth of Steve's hand rest on his cheek. He moves his hand over Steve's again, this time leaving it there, as he closes his eyes and tilts his head into the sensation. He hasn't felt this safe, this grounded since they were kids in Brooklyn, inseparable.
When he finally opens his eyes again, letting his own hand fall back down, while Steve leaves his, Steve is smiling like some love struck puppy. Bucky finds it endearing. He can't believe that look is for him...or maybe he could if he thought about it, because this isn't the first time Steve has looked at him like this. 
This was the same look Steve gave him when he kicked that kid who hurt him and tried to ruin his birthday.
The look he would give him when Bucky would push him on the swing even though the other boys made fun of them. 
The look he gave Bucky when Bucky refused to go on a date with a girl because he couldn't bring Steve around because the girl's friend wasn't interested.
The look Steve would give him when he would sneak into his bedroom at night through the window when Sarah was asleep, just to hold him when he was sick.
The look he gave Bucky when he had finally gotten him back by his side in the war after saving him.
The same look Steve gave him when Bucky finally remembered him years later.
It was the same look when he found out that Wakanda had helped him get full control of his mind back.
And it was the look Steve would give him as he would sit on the porch watching Bucky work in the yard, trying to hide what he was drawing but now Bucky knew better, suspected what he was probably drawing.
Steve had loved him for as long as he has loved Steve, and he couldn't believe neither of them had said anything before, both too scared. Bucky whispers " you, Stevie…" 
Steve starts to practically beam at Bucky. "Really?"
Bucky laughs at Steve's very Steve-like response. "Yea really, you punk."
"Good…I was worried I was misunderstanding this situation. I love you too, so, so much. You mean the world to me, my favorite person. And…." Steve's other hand makes it to the other side of Bucky's face. "And I would really like to kiss you...if that's okay?"
Bucky smiles again, Steve, always the gentleman, making sure to ask before just doing it. Bucky bites his lip before nodding, too afraid to speak again, worried this is just a dream And he was about to wake up.
But then Steve is leaning in, Bucky closes his eyes, and feels soft lips press against his. The kiss is chaste and sweet, and when Steve pulls away, he stays close, resting his forehead against Bucky's. He whispers "I've wanted to do that for so long, Buck…"
"Me too…" Bucky whispers back.
They stay like that for a while, just locked in their own world, before Steve pulls away, letting out a yawn. Bucky just registering that it is close to 4am now, his own eyelids now feeling heavy. He decides to be bold this time, making the first move. He pulls the blanket up that they had been sitting on. He crawls underneath, flipping it up to signal for Steve to join him. Steve smiles sleepily and happily obliges. 
Steve lays down, lifting his arm on Bucky's side  so that Bucky could come closer, laying his head on Steve's broad chest, with only a thin layer of cloth from his under shirt he was wearing to sleep in, separating him from skin. When Bucky is settled, arm draped over his abdomen, Steve wraps his arm around Bucky, running his fingers up and down the other's back lazily for a while.
Steve's fingers stop and Bucky realizes that the other man has fallen asleep, steady breaths coming from him. Bucky smiles, able to go to sleep himself now. He may not be ready to talk about his nightmares with Steve, or anyone, but this was a step, and Steve would be here next time he had one, because Steve will always be there.
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💀Boxofbones Masterlist💀
Welcome to the boneyard! 
Following is a list of all of my work so far, which is also available on my A03! 
All my fics
Brooklyn Girls (Dark A/B/O Reader x Steve and Reader x Bucky oneshots)
Cocoa (Dark Alpha!Steve x Reader) Complete
Tight Spaces (Dark Alpha!Bucky x Reader) Complete
Feel the Burn (Dark-ish Alpha!Steve x Reader) Complete
Songbird Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 (Dark Alpha!Bucky x Reader) Complete
Four Horsemen
Mud (Devil Biker!Steve x Reader) Complete
Streets (Dark Mob!AU)
Talking Bird (Dark Mafia!AU Steve x Reader x Bucky—ongoing) Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5
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Pattycakes (Thor x Black OFC — ongoing) Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7
Fic Requests
“You shouldn’t have spoken to him at all.” Dark!Thor x Reader
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mrs-moonchild · 8 hours ago
Long ago (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
A/n: I had so much fun to write this <3 I would love to make a second part, so please let me know if you wanna see one.
Warnings: none I think, but if you find something let me know 
Word count: 1600+
Two pairs of eyes were staring at you, they watched every single move you made. Analysing every action, trying to figure out, what you would do next.
"Would you guys stop it?", you asked annoyed and turned around to face the two men, that were sitting in the back of the car.
One guy, you believe Sam was his name, shurged while crossing his arms before his chest. "I don't know... If you would tell me who you are, trusting you would be a lot easier."
A sigh escaped your lips. "I don't own you or anyone a explaination.", was all you said before you turned back to watch Steve talking to some Shield agent.
"And yet you are here to help.", you rolled your eyes. "I am here because Steve needs my help, all of you idiots do."
Suddenly Sam went quiet, saying nothing anymore. "What? Did you get shy or something?" - "You are the one Steve talked about.", he then said.
Your blood froze in your veins. Did Steve tell him about it? Did he tell him what happend?
"What are you even talking about?", you pretend, that you didn't know what he was talking about. Maybe it would work.
Sam looked at you through the rear-view mirror. "The person he saved in the Hydra Base. The agent." - "You don't know anything about me, so you better shut up before I make you shut up."
You didn't like it when people tried to find out stuff from your past. Whoever tried would break their neck.
It were true, when you were working on the Winter Soldier case, Hydra had captured you and tried to find out stuff about Nick Fury.
Steve found you, nearly dead in an old Hydra Base. He rescued you. Saved your dear life.
So of course when he asked you for a favor, you agreed. You owned him big time and maybe you could get equal for helping now.
Ironically you were helping the Winter Soldier. James Buchanan Barnes. You didn't find much about the Winter Soldier back then, but at some point you could put a few pieces together.
Unfortunately you also had to the feeling, that you need to help Bucky as well. So in short, you were just trying to pay your debt.
Your gaze fell back on Steve, who was now kissing that Agent. You made a grimace, that was nothing you really wanted to see. You were not really into all this relationship stuff.
Since Sam stayed quiet, it looked like your words were working and he was avoiding a conflict.
Curiously your eyes flew to the other man. Bucky or how you used to call him, a pain in your freaking ass. He gave you many sleepless nights and now he was just sitting in the car, looking quite peacefully.
You shook your head as you notice Steve coming back to the car. He sat down in the driver seat and gave you a reassuring smile.
He was thankful for your support, that you had agreed to help him.
"Everything okay?", he asked with a worried look on his face. You nodded. "Of course, just trying not to fight against the bird guy.", you said, already prepared to hear Sam complain, but nothing happened.
Steve sighed while you shruged and looked outside the window. "You got yourself a girlfriend? Or was that just a goodbye kiss in case you die?", he blushed slightly, ignoring your questions.
"Hey, don't act like I am not here Rodgers, that hurt my feelings.", dramaticly you placed a hand in your chest, right were your heart was.
"Wait you have feelings?", Sam asked, which really made you even more annoyed. "Probably more than you will ever have."
You could hear Steve sigh. "Can you guys stop it please? We need to work together in this." - "Steve I won't ignore the fact, that you are the only reason I am here. If I got a problem with the bird guy, it won't affect this.", you said annoyed.
Apparently Steve liked to forget, that you were a professional and feelings didn't affect your work anymore.
They did long ago but you made sure that would stop before something bad happened. It was easier in the end of the day, the guilt was the only thing, that would never leave you.
"Remind me to never agree to something like that again.", you mumbeled, unfornately loud enough for Sam to hear. "You can go if you don't wanna be here."
Sam earned a warning look from Steve. "What? I don't trust her." Now it was enough. That guy were really getting on your nevers. "You don't trust me because I don't go and tell you every single detail about me? Because I don't wanna talk about the worst time in my life? Then fine, I can live with that."
It was quiet now, everyone in their thoughts, not wanting to make the mood any worse.
Your thoughts kept wandering to a certain person in the car. You had fight against him, he was the one who helped Hydra to catch you, but he was also the reason they didn't kill you that day.
First you were fighting against another Hydra Agent, they were ready to shoot at you but a mental arm came out of nowhere and pushed you to the ground.
"They need her alive."
Those were exactly the last words you heard before some strong arms picked you up and bought you to the Hydra Base.
You had heard his screams, those screams which made you cry out for help. Not help for you but for him.
He never knew who you were or how you wanted everything to end for him.
Then after all your researching, all your struggels to find out who he was and how he was the perfect killer, after all that you knew he was a broken soul. Just like you.
"Y/n?", Steve voice made you come back to reality and you looked at him questioning. "What?" - "We are there."
You nodded and got out of the car just like the others did.
A man was walking towards Steve while a woman was climbing out a Van. "Cap", the guy said, and if you were right, that man must he Clint Barton.
You let them their privacy and stayed back at the car, watching them though. Bucky stood next to you.
"You haven't changed since then.", he whispered, which caused you to look at him. "I can see you did."
His blue eyes narrowed you, trying to figure out whether you were still mad at him or if you had forgive him.
You turned back to the others as a man was climbing out of the back of the Van. He seemed really excited to be here, unless like you.
"Thanks... " - "You saved my ass and I save yours.", you said giving him a serious look. Even though you wished it was diffrent, Bucky had saved your life back then.
"We should get movin' ", Bucky now said loud enough for everyone to hear. Then a few seconds later, an annoucement in german was made.
That made clear that you were running out of time, so either this would be a day to kick asses or to get the ass kicked.
"Suit up.", you heard Steve say before he walked towards you. "Y/n, can I have a second?"
You looked at him suspiciously. "What is it Cap?" - "I need you to stay with Sam and Bucky when we fight.", you gave him a are-you-fucking-serious look.
"Why? I thought I would walk with you to help you fight Stark.", you said now annoyed at the sudden change of the plan. "That's the point, Natascha and Stark shouldn't know you are here."
Confused at his words, you frowend before you nodded. "Fine, whatever ya want cap." It wouldn't help to agrue with Steve, he wouldn't change his mind anyways.
After you had put on your suits, you were in a building with Bucky and Sam. Not really wanting to be there, but not really having a choice made it all suck even more.
But who were you to complain, you brought yourself into this mess. You knew what would happen when you agreed to help Steve.
You watched Cap walk out, meeting Tony and his friend? No clue who that guy was. More and more people came to join them. "Wow... Just like a big family reunion.", you mumbeled.
It was Sam, who shoot you an annoyed look before going back to his birdy stuff. Honestly you didn't think too much of his super-high-tech-whatever wings.
Bucky also looked at you, but not in an annoyed way, you couldn't quite identify what it was.
As fast as you could you looked away hoping to fight someone soon. Spending time with people wasn't really your thing. Not wanting to wait any longer, you looked back at Sam.
"Can you maybe hurry?", you asked before going back to observing the group of people outside. "Can you maybe be patient?"
You rolled your eyes. "I am never gonna work with you again Wilson.",you said and didn't expect his reaction. He smiled at you as he went to look at his screen. "Finally we agree on something."
He wasn't wrong, but you decided to ignore his comment. Instead you got out your knieves and carefully put them onto your belt.
"Knieves?", you could hear Buckys voice ask, which caused you to look up. "I learnt a few things about them while fighting the Winter Soldier.", a smirked appeared on your lips as you said those words.
He nodded, probably remembering all the times you two fought. You were the only person, that didn't made him regret who he was.
The only person the Winter Soldier had ever saved.
"Okay lovebirds, I found it.", Sam interpruted you, barely hiding his annoyance. "Well we should let Steve know. Tell him, I am gonna check the doors and make sure everything is clear.", you said, giving Bucky a small smile before walking away.
This sure would be a lot of fun.
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chloecatina421 · 8 hours ago
Now Taking One Shot Prompt Requests!
Currently writing for:
Chris Evans
Chris Pine
Sebastian Stan
Henry Cavill
Tom Holland
Tom Hiddleston
Bucky Barnes
Steve Rogers
Pete Davidson
Timothee Chalamet
Karl Urban
Leonardo Dicaprio
Daniel Sharman
Bradley James
Harry Holland
Evan Peters
Send me who you would like and a brief description of what you would like. My anons are on.
If there is anyone who is not on this list you would like to request, that is 100% ok too! I just listed some of my favorites.
Also, you don't have to follow me but if you did, that would be much appreciated and I will follow you back!
Tumblr media
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wintersoldier1989 · 8 hours ago
100% I have romantic thoughts about Steve being there when bucky wakes up from his cryo freeze in wakanda and kissing him sleeping beauty style
Steve Rogers and Prince Charming have more than handsome good looks in common. Steve is a romantic at heart and would spend all of his free time in Wakanda by Bucky’s side. Poor Shuri would have to put up with incessant questions. Every beep and light on the cryofreeze chamber would sent Steve into a panic.
When it’s finally time to wake Bucky, Steve would be hovering right there. Just waiting to make sure everything’s okay, ants in his pants to get his hands on Bucky. Shuri finally gives him the go ahead and he just freezes, caught breathless from how beautiful Bucky looks while he sleeps. Steve approaches slow and careful, he thoughtfully brushes and strand of loose hair off of Bucky’s face. Bucky’s eyes are still closed while the freezing wears off and Steve’s growing more and more restless, anxious for Bucky to wake up. He presses a soft, sweet and hopeful kiss to Bucky’s perfect pink lips. And when his own eyes drift back open, he’s rewarded with the familiar glimmer of his favourite baby blues.
Here’s a great piece of fan art of Bucky in the style of Snow White.
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anagentinwriting · 9 hours ago
Lifeline - Part 16
Summary: (First Responders!AU) Moving to Los Angeles and living with your brother, Thor, was never part of your plan nor was being a 9-1-1 dispatcher, but plans change when you are faced with your own emergencies. In your case, it was leaving behind a relationship that wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. Will this be the fresh start you were hoping for or will your past find a way to catch up with you?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Odinson!Sister Reader
Word Count: 3600+
Warnings: Blood, angst, kidnapping, hospitals
Lifeline Masterlist / Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Thor whistled, clutching onto your Tupperware as he punched in the gate code to your condo, hearing a dog barking in the distance. “Dogs, such noisy creatures. This is why Darryl and I agreed to no dogs, but I will admit they can be adorable at times,” he mumbled to himself, pausing on the last digit, noticing the gate partially opened. “Huh? That can’t be right.” 
He pushed open the gate and stepped in, turning to close it until he heard it lock in place. He reassured himself with a nod and continued up the path to your house, hearing the barking get louder. Thor rubbed his lips together as his eyes traveled to the small porch, spotting a dark figure lying on the ground.
“What in the name is…” Thor's eyes widened, getting closer and recognizing the figure to be Steve. Thor dropped your Tupperware to the ground, sprinting to him, and kneeled down next to him. “STEVE, STEVE. HEY, HEY, WAKE UP?” 
The motion sensor lights flickered on, and Thor’s mouth dropped open, taking in Steve’s appearance. Steve was lying on his side in a small pool of blood. A gash on the side of his head glistened in the light with blood coating one side of his neck. Thor gulped, zipping off his sweatshirt, and pulling his phone from his pants pocket, dialing 911. 
“STEVE, STEVE...YOU THERE BUDDY? STAY WITH ME…” Thor shouted, placing his phone on speaker and setting it on the ground. He rotated Steve onto his back, placing two fingers on his neck to check for a pulse while applying slight pressure to his head wound using his sweatshirt.  
“911, what’s your emergency?” A male voice asked on the other side of the line.
“I need medical and police response to 761 High Ridge Drive Unit 1. We have an unconscious adult male suffering from some sort of head trauma.” Thor’s eyes traveled down Steve’s form, seeing a knife sticking out of his torso. “Scratch that, a head trauma and a stab wound to his torso.”
“May I ask who I am speaking with?”
“Thor Odinson. I’m a firefighter with the 107.”
“Wait, Thor…this is Bruce; is everything alright?”
“The victim is Steve Rogers. He is bleeding from both his head and his abdomen.”
“Units are on their way. Do you know what happened or how long he has been down?”
“I don’t know. I just came to drop my sister’s Tupperware off, and from the amount of blood, I would assume it hasn’t been long.”
“How’s his pulse?”
“It’s weak, and his breathing is shallow. Come on, Steve, wake up. Help is on the way.” Thor tapped him on the cheek, hearing a small groan leave his lips. “There you are. Good, good.” Thor let out a sharp, relieved breath, taking in his surroundings. His mouth went dry as he glanced over his shoulder at your front door, hearing a dog whining inside. “Steve, Steve, Where is YN? Is she still here?”
“YN,” he wheezed with his eyes closed. “Jig.”
Thor narrowed his eyes at him, not understanding what he was saying. “Jig? Steve, what are you saying? STEVE.” Thor tapped in on the cheek again but got nothing in response. He sighed, rechecking his pulse and nodding to himself when it was still there. “Hang on, Steve.”
“Responders are nearby,” Bruce stated through the phone. “Keep doing what you’re doing, Thor.”
Thor’s head snapped to the street upon hearing sirens, and the gate clicked open, having given Bruce the code earlier. Paramedics came rushing in, taking over his current position and examining him even farther. Thor stood off to the side, hearing nothing, but the sound of his own breathing, watching the medics work quickly. His mind was in a haze, and before he returned to his senses, Steve was on the stretcher going down the walkway. One of the paramedics was standing in front of him, staring at him with wide eyes. Her mouth was moving, but he couldn’t hear what she was saying.
“Are you going to be okay?” She asked again, placing her hand on his shoulder.
“Ahhh...yeah,” he nodded at her question. “Of course.”
“The police will be here shortly.” The paramedic patted him on the shoulder, handing him his phone before following her team.
“You still there, Thor?” Bruce asked as Thor watched the flashing lights disappear in the distance. 
“Yeahhhh,” he dragged out, bringing the phone to his ear. “YN.” 
He opened the door to your condo, and his stomach dropped at the carnage before him. The pillows and blankets that laid on the couch were scattered all around the living room. The small glass entry table Nat gave you was shattered to pieces along with what looked like a broken wine bottle. Photos hanging on the walls were no longer straight, and a few laid broken on the floor. 
He gulped, staring at what stood before him. “No, no, no,” he chanted to himself, racing up the stairs. “YN, YN, where are you?” He shouted, looking around your room and bathroom upstairs. He ran back down the stairs, stopping at the bottom. “YN,” he bleated, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“Thor, did you find anything?” Bruce questioned from the phone in Thor’s hand.
“She’s uh….she’s not here. She’s gone,” he sniffled, squeezing his eyes shut. “All her stuff is here, but she’s gone.”
“All units responding to 761 High Ridge Drive, please be advised we also have a critical missing adult female: YN Odinson Russo.”
“He found her.” Thor’s voice dropped, making his body tensed up. Every nerve in his body felt like it was on fire, causing the hair on his arm to stand up straight. He let out a deep calming breath, but it did nothing to calm him down. 
“Hey, man. We’ll find her.”
“Bye, Bruce,” Thor grunted, hanging up the phone. He let out a frustrated sigh, running his hand through his hair. This wasn’t supposed to happen. How did he let this happen? He was supposed to protect you, but he failed you again. He promised you, and now, he broke that promise. He gave you to Billy without even giving you a chance, and Steve almost died in the process.
A noise behind him made his body jerk around in one swift motion with his hands raised, ready to throw a punch but dropped them once he heard it coming from the closet. He took a cautious step towards it and pulled it open, jumping back with his fists raised. He dropped them, seeing Cosmo whining and staring up at him. “What happened here boy?” 
Cosmo stepped out of the closet, and that’s when Thor’s eye caught the red marks around his mouth. “Did you bite him?” Cosmo whined, forcing a slight smile to Thor’s lips. “Did I call your kind noisy earlier; well, I meant amazing.” Thor leaned down, scratching him on the head, staring at the stained fur around his mouth. Thor’s mouth spread into a closed-mouth smile with a single tear escaping down his cheek. 
Thor watched the crime scene unit take pictures, seeing the flashes repeat themselves over and over again. He bit his lip, picturing Steve lying motionless on the ground as he tried to imagine a better outcome for you. Were you okay? Were you hurt? 
“Hey, big guy. How are you holding up?” Nat asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. He shrugged in response, not breaking eye contact with the front door. “Do you know what happened?”
He shook his head, catching her eye. “He did it, Nat. I know it was him; It was Billy.”
“Hey, we can’t assume it's him. For all, we know he is still in New York. We will figure this out as long as you let us do our jobs.”
“Are you kidding me?” He stood up straighter, pushing Nat’s hand away from him. “My sister, one of your best friends, goes missing, and you think some random asshole off the street came in, hit Steve over the head, and stabbed him, and then, what...for shits and giggles was like BLEUGH, let’s kidnap her. I mean, come on, who else would want to hurt her, Nat? Who?”
“You don’t think I know that. You don’t think I know what that asshole put her through. You don’t think I suspected it was him when the call came through because I did...and if you think you’re the only one hurting right now, you’re wrong,” She countered, poking him on the chest. Thor clenched his jaw, staring down at her to see tears threatening to fall in her eyes. “You need to trust us and let us do our job. The same way people put their trust in you to save their lives.” She pursed her lips, stepping away from him to go inside to look at the crime scene.”
“She’s right, man,” Clint added, standing off to the side. “Let us do our thing, and we’ll catch him.”
Thor looked down at his watch, still standing in the same spot on the grass. He was supposed to be getting questioned but like everything else. They were taking their sweet time when they should be focusing on finding you.
“Hi, I’m Detective Nick Fury, and from what I understand, you're YN’s brother.” Thor tilted his head, sizing up the man with an eye patch, noticing Nat and Clint behind him. 
“Yes, how can I help?”
“From what my associates have filled me in on, they say you believe it was her ex-husband--” he flipped through his note pad “--Billy Russo. Yet, he lives some 3,000 miles away in New York City, so at this point, he isn’t guilty of anything.” He arched an eyebrow at Thor. “Did he know she was here?”
“Well… no, I don’t think so…but he did tell her if she ever left him, he would kill her.”
“Did YN tell you this?”
“Did Russo threaten and/or hurt YN before this?”
“She did file for divorce a day or so ago. It could have put her back on his radar.” Nat spoke up from behind him, and Fury nodded his head, writing a few notes in his notepad.
“We will look into him. Now, you mentioned to dispatch that before Rogers passed out, he mentioned someone by the name of Jig. Does that name sound familiar to you or you two behind me?” Nat and Clint both arched a bow, looking at each other, and mumbled no. 
“No, I don’t know him,” Thor answered, furrowing his brows together before his eyes shot open wide. “WAIT, Fury. I remember Steve mentioning this new friend he was playing pool with; I never met him, but now, I know why because it was Billy. He got close to Steve so he could get close to YN.” Fury stared at him, trying to wrap his head around it. “What, you don’t believe me? I mean...look at Steve’s phone. It’s right by the door; check for yourself.”
Fury sighed, looking at him. “It’s a good theory, but unfortunately, the phone is locked. We can’t open it without the victim's consent.”
“He’s in the hospital right now after almost dying. I think that gives you consent to look at any of his things as long as it pertains to finding my sister,” Thor shouted, standing up taller and pointing at the front door. 
“They will subpoena his phone records, but it’ll take time,” Nat added, crossing her arms. Thor shot her a hard glare, shaking his head with a vengeful smile.
“This is ridiculous. What if YN doesn’t have time? For all, we know she could be dead already because all of you are wasting time here instead of going out and looking for her. Come on, Billy did this.” Thor said, slapping his hand into his palm.  “It’s like every crime documentary I've watched; it’s always the husband, boyfriend, lover, or ex...” Thor rolled his eyes and started pacing back and forth. “He almost killed Steve, and he could--he could kill her next.” His voice drifted off, rubbing his forehead.
“But he didn’t…” Clint stated, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Maybe you’re right; Billy did this. He found out where she was and hurt Steve, but YN’s not here...and if all he wanted to do was kill her…”
“...then I would have found her, too,” he sniffled, clenching and unclenching his jaw. 
“And you didn’t.” Clint squeezed his shoulder. “She was alive when he took her, and we have to hold onto that right now.” Thor gulped, staring blankly at the front porch. 
“You’re right,” he breathed, staring down at Clint, nodding to Fury and Nat. “I should let you work. I’m gonna head to the hospital to see Steve...that is if we are done here?”
“We’re done for now,” Fury nodded, watching Thor go to his truck.
“You don’t think you’re gonna find her alive, do you?” Nat asked Fury, crossing her arms across her chest.
“In these situations, the most dangerous time for a woman is when she leaves her abuser. YN knew this, that’s why she was hiding, but if it is him…well, these scenarios usually don’t come with a happy ending.”
“Do we have any witnesses?” 
“None.” He shook his head. “At this time, we are still trying to access her security footage, but we did manage to get access to a street camera across the street. The image is a little grainy, but it did catch what looked to be a man forcing her into his car. All we got is a dark-colored sedan, which doesn’t exactly narrow down our search.”
“Nope, it just sounds like a bad guy's car,” Clint added, nodding his head. 
Thor sat on one of the uncomfortable waiting room chairs, leaning his head against the wall. Steve was still in surgery, and by the looks of it, no one found you yet. Bucky and Val showed up a little while ago and were both in the corner talking with Carol, who got there first. Thor sat there quietly, staring at nothing with his blood ragging and fighting the urge to punch something. He leaned forward, hunching himself over rubbing his face with his hands. He sighed, removing his hands, spotting a pair of workbooks in front of him. His eyes traveled up to see Val standing in front of him. 
“Mind if I sit?” Thor pointed to the spot next to him and nodded with pursed lips. “I drew the short straw,” Val confessed, forcing him to scoff. “How are you doing?”
“I’m good, great even. The rage, vengeance, and anger coursing through my veins is nothing compared to what Billy is going to be feeling when I find that bastard.” He forced a smile, letting out a soft determined chuckle. Val placed a hand around his wrist, and he stared at her hand, feeling his invisible vail start to slip from his face. 
“Everyone is feeling that way right now, but how are you really?” 
He cleared his throat, glancing between Val and the floor, letting out a shaky breath. “I uh...I told YN that she didn’t need to keep running, that she should stay here and start over where she would be safe. I would keep her safe,” he sniffled, rubbing at his nose. “She had this dramatic plan all laid out, I was only her first stop, but then I convinced her to stay.  I promised her I would protect her and keep her out of harm's way.” He stared off into the distance. “But, he still found her, and I broke our promise. If she left like she planned to and she kept running, he never would’ve found her.”
Val sighed beside him, squeezing his wrist before letting go. “It’s not your fault. Yeah, sure, you might have promised her things, but I know YN wouldn’t want you blaming yourself. Hell, she would smack you upside the head if she knew what you were thinking.” She knocked her shoulder with his, and he smirked, nodding his head. “There is no telling what would've happened if she kept running. He might have caught up with her, he might not have, but if he did, she would’ve been alone and scared.”
“She’s alone with him…now” 
“But, I don’t think she is as scared as she would’ve been if it wasn’t for you being there and helping her through this.” Thor caught her eye as a stray tear fell down his cheek, but he quickly wiped it away, hoping it would go unnoticed.. “Dude, she was happy here, and I bet it was the happiest she's been in a long time.”
Thor was about to say something when his phone started ringing. He pulled it from his pocket, seeing Loki's name flashing on the screen. “It’s my brother; I better take this.” Thor stood up, answering it while he walked to a quiet hallway.
“What happened, brother?”
“Why would you assume something happened? I could’ve just called to see how you’ve been or asked about the movie you’re working on.”
“It’s a theatre production, not a film, but seriously brother, what’s the problem?” 
Thor walked back and forth in the hallway, not knowing what to say or how to say it. He breathed into the phone, leaning against the wall, staring up at the ceiling. He pinched the bridge of his nose, squeezing his eyes shut. 
 “Say something?”
“What do you want me to say? That I messed up again. And our little sister is yet again in danger because of me. Or how one of my good friends is in the hospital, fighting for his life.”
“What? She’s gone? How did this happen?” Loki shouted into the phone, forcing Thor to remove it from his ear. “Thor. You had one job, just the one; keep our little sister safe. And you couldn’t even do it,” he snapped with an exasperated tone. 
“I did keep her safe. Sorry, I wasn’t coddling her like you did in New York. I, at least let her have a life, make friends, and have fun without me being…”
“I beg your pardon, we had fun here, and she has tons of friends here,” Loki interrupted.
“Well, at least I encouraged her to stay and start over instead of galavanting around like a chicken.”
“Why a chicken?”
“It’s a saying, I don’t remember the other half of it, but it’s not important. YN managed to find a new life, and she’s happy here.”
“I never said she wasn’t happy, and she wasn’t unhappy in New York either. It all comes back to the sleazebag she married.” 
“We finally agree on something,” Thor added with a knowing smile. “If only sister could see us now?”
"She isn’t to know about this.”
“She wouldn’t believe us anyway.”
“You have a point there.” Thor could picture Loki’s wicked smirk on his face. 
“When can you get here?”
“I’m leaving for the airport now. I’ll see you soon, brother.” Loki hung up, and Thor closed his eyes, letting out a deep breath.
Thor came back to the waiting room to find Nat and Clint there with their notepads out, probably asking them questions about Steve. He returned to the chair he was sitting in before, hunching himself over and twirling his phone around in his hand with his leg bouncing. He caught Nat’s eye, and he shot her a hard glare, shaking his head. She didn’t even care that one of her best friends was abducted; instead, she was more worried about her job and following orders; when did she decide to finally become a rule follower. Thor heard footsteps approach him, and he looked beside him to see Sam. 
“Hey man, I heard what happened. Sorry, I’m so late. I took an extra shift. Everything alright? Do you need anything?” Sam asked, taking the seat next to him.
“No news and I’m doing fine,” Thor gulped, leaning back and resting his hands together on his stomach.
“Any news on Steve?” Thor shook his head, staring straight ahead. “Do the police have any leads on YN?”
“None. As far as I am aware.” He shrugged, pointing to Nat and Clint. “They haven’t told me anything yet.”
Sam nodded, glancing between Thor and Nat, sensing something happened earlier. “How were Steve’s injuries? Was he still conscious?
“They seemed severe, but we’ve both seen worse. He had a gash on the side of his head, a knife sticking out of his torso. There was quite a bit of blood. He was unconscious, but he did manage to say YN and Jig before he passed out again. Never met him, so I don’t know if he has something to do with this. I have my theories, but the police aren’t looking into it. I told them to check his phone to see if Jig’s number matches her ex-husbands and that maybe he was lying about his name, but it’s breaking the chain of custody or some nonsense.” Thor crossed his arms, shaking his head.
“Wait, Steve said Jig,” Sam questioned, and Thor nodded, having explained this multiple times so far.  “You know I suspected him to be a little off when I met him at Happy’s. He seemed a little too full of himself with his hair gelled back, and his... “ 
“You’ve met him,” Thor asked, sitting up straight with wide eyes. “If I bring up a picture of him. Do you think you could recognize him?” Sam nodded, and Thor scrolled through his phone until he found a picture of you and Billy. “Is this him?”
“Yeah, that’s the guy. How did…” Sam’s eyes grew wide. “Oh, shit.”
“I knew it.” Thor shot out of his chair heading straight for Nat. 
AN: Thanks for reading Part 16. Oh snap! How did this happen? Things were going so well, her and Steve were going to go on a date, but now she got kidnapped, Steve is in the hospital, and Cosmo got shoved into a closet. And just when Thor was starting to forgive himself for past events, this shit happens! And what is going on with Nat being a rule follower all the sudden? Interesting...And now, Loki is on his way to LA. (I never wrote him before, so I hope I did him justice!!) And for those of you that are 9-1-1 fans, it is similar to the kidnapping episode, you know the one. I like how they concocted it, so I worked off of that, but I did tweak it to my liking. As many suspected, Jig turned out to be Billy. It's a good thing Sam met him that night otherwise who knows how long it would've taken for them to realize. Also, I am curious if any of you Googled the name Jig with Marvel because I did, and he popped right up! Haha! Or did my subtle hints help you figure it out? Anyways, any theories as to what's to come? Will Thor ever be able to forgive himself? Is Steve gonna pull through? Are they going to find her in time? So many questions...I hope you all enjoyed Thor's POV in this part, I thought it would be a good change of pace. Anywho, my ramble is done, comments always welcome! Thanks again for reading! 
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loveforpreserumsteve · 14 hours ago
Those Who Fall: "APTF" Story (Modern Domestic Stucky AU)
"Are you sure that she didn't just run away?"
Steve had wanted to hit Brock a lot of times in his life. But he was positive that this one out ranked all the other times. Having to cross his arms and tightly hold onto himself to keep himself from pummeling the asshole straight into the ground.
After all, the last thing that Steve needed was to be arrested for assaulting an officer.
"Why would she do all of this if she was going to run away?" Bucky asked, sounding just as angry and annoyed as Steve felt.
Shrugging, Brock offered, "Kids do strange things when they think they might get in trouble."
Shaking his head, Bucky turned to walk away. All the while muttering to himself, "I swear to fucking god, there's no hope for him."
"Aw, c'mon, Buck. We're trying to figure out what happened here," Brock taunted.
Steve narrowed his eyes and reminded himself, your kids need you. You can't get arrested tonight. No matter how much Brock desperately needed to have the shit kicked out of him.
"You really think that a pregnant teen would do this because she thought she'd get in trouble for running away?" Steve asked, evaluating the arrogant brunet the way he did when he assumed his kids were lying.
"Well, you, yourself, said that she was a runner and that this was a last resort after finding her on the street." With a smug smirk still on his face, Brock crossed his arms and added, "And considering the baby daddy is Jarvis "Vision" Edwards, aka the little brother to one of the most violent gang leaders at the moment, Silvan "Ultron" Edwards."
Gritting his teeth, all Steve could do was watch as Brock shrugged and clarified, "I gotta go with my gut."
"If we're going with our gut feelings…" Steve trailed off, mocking Brock's shrug with one of his own. Narrowing his eyes again when Brock grinned, Steve said, "With your particular skill set of finding someone who doesn't want to be found, I assumed that you'd be better at this than just going off a ridiculous hunch."
At that, Brock glared at Steve and said, "Listen here and listen good, I'm doing all I can. We all are. But when a kid who's almost eighteen and is prone to running away comes up missing, it's usually because they ran away. I'm doing my job. I can't help it if it's not the way you want it to be done."
"I'm not asking for you to make an exception," Steve argued. Exhausted and anxious as he continued, "But god damn it, Brock, something isn't right here! Wanda and Vis wouldn't have staged this! They're good kids!"
"They're connected to a gang," Brock's brows furrowed, "How good can they be?"
Steve's expression twisting into one of disgust, he shook his head and sneered, "Classist pig."
Turning, Steve crossed the living room and headed for the dining room where the kids were talking to Officer Walker and Officer Hoskins. Fuming as he thought about how Brock was, not only ignoring everything that his kids had been saying all night, but ignoring the evidence that corroborated their story. Not to mention how his patience was running thin when all he wanted was head to the hospital where Sarah was being monitored.
Pausing in the entryway to the dining room, Steve watched as Sophia and Ethan colored pictures. Beside Ethan, Officer Hoskins confirmed while also signing, "That's very scary. And you saw them?"
Steve was touched by the simple gesture. Knowing that it wasn't every day that they came across someone who knew American Sign Language. So, it was nice that despite Ethan now wearing his hearing aids, he was allowed to sign and be understood when he was already uncomfortable. After all, he had been through a lot and any little comfort was appreciated.
"I'm not classist."
Looking beside him where Brock had joined him, Steve rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything. He was ready to leave. He was ready to get away from Brock.
"I'm not," Brock continued. "But I've seen a lot of shit. Especially from this particular gang. So, excuse me for not having much --"
"Empathy," Steve supplied with a quirked brow.
Brock narrowed his eyes, "Patience. Excuse me for not having much patience when it comes to certain groups."
Shaking his head, Steve redirected his attention to the table where Bucky sat with Sophia on his lap. The brunet combing through her silky black hair in hopes of soothing the eight year old. Meeting Steve's gaze, Bucky puckered his lips, miming blowing him a kiss.
"So," Brock started. Steve kept his gaze forward and Brock asked, "How long have you been Mr. Barnes?"
"Five years," Steve answered just as he would to anyone else.
"Well, shit," Brock scoffed, "I thought you would've gotten married right after graduation."
Steve shrugged, "We had other things to worry about back then."
"Oh," Brock nodded, "Right."
And while Steve hadn't meant it as a slight, Brock took it that way. At the time, Bucky had been worrying about grad school and paying bills. They wanted to be more financially stable before they got married. Especially with the type of wedding they had both wanted. The last thing either of them thought about was Brock.
"Ya know, I'm sorry," Brock apologized, "For how I acted back then. I, uh… yeah, I just wanted to say, 'sorry.'"
Glancing over at the brunet, Steve studied him for a moment. When he didn't see any deceit or malice, Steve decided, "Thank you."
"So, uh," Brock cleared his throat and gestured behind himself, "I'm gonna check if you guys can leave. You know, so you can check on your mom and the kids can get some sleep."
Steve nodded, "Okay."
And wasn't that just the fucking weirdest thing to happen that night. To be neutral with the man who used to stalk him. Neutral with the man who had terrified Steve and haunted him for so long even as they resided in different states across the country. And though Steve was never going to be more than neutral with Brock, hearing the apology was surprisingly nice.
Now if Brock could only pull his head out of his ass long enough to save Wanda before something really bad happened to her…
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deexchanel · 16 hours ago
Part 11
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Angst and Fluff.
Summary: Hanging out with Chris, Seeing her ex boyfriend.
A/N: Ahhhhhh enjoy!😁
Tumblr media
(What happens when you fuck with Sebastian's girlfriend 🤣^)
-1 week later-
"Euphoria get up, we're going to be late!" Chris shouted hitting me in the face with a pillow. Half sleep, I used my arm to block it.
"Late for what?-"He cut me off with another hit. "Chris put the fucking pillow down!" I catched the pillow mid strike. He stopped, dropping it on my chest.
"We have some last minute shooting today. I came over to see if you wanted to ride even though you don't have to come in today."
I groaned trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes. I see that he was fully dressed with freshly groomed hair. "You woke me up just to say that? ugh! I'm coming hell." I rolled my eyes getting out of bed not caring about what I had on. Which was just some underwear and a tube top.
"We're stopping for hibachi too so do what you need with that information." I heard him say as I walked into my bathroom, grabbing my toothbrush and toothpaste so I could brush my teeth. "No I want chick-fil-a christopher."
"Well we'll get both now hurry upp."
Feeling refreshed from the nap chris woke up from, we did go to both food places. Chris and I walked onto set looking like bad bitches.
In terms of, he had on a extra pair of my sunglasses. "Chris I watched that interview where you told the reporter your hamster name. I think Gemini Flanagan should be our names. You're Gemini and I'm Flanagan!" We both giggled kind of tipsy. Chris put his arm on shoulder, laughing his ass off.
"Gemini F-Flanagan!!"
He could barely get his words out. I snickered at his goofy ass."Chris stop laughing damn, it's not even that funny." His laughing turn into wheezing making me laugh."Look Chris go into your trailer, I'm going back to the truck to grab my jacket so I'll be right back."He nodded still laughing going straight into his trailer. Guys, chris is drunk as hell
I let out a little laugh shaking my head at him. As I was walking back from the truck, I heard someone call my name. "Euphoria!"
"Who the hell is calling my name?" I mumbled to myself peaking over my sunglasses. My blood ran cold when I saw who it was. It was my ex who technically isn't my ex because we didn't date but only talked to each other. Eric was head over heels for me but I wasn't for him. I didn't lead him on, I told him from the start that I didn't want a relationship.
He was manipulative, abusive with his words, attitude problem and when he was angry, he grabs my arm tightly. I moved away from him because I was tired of the toxicness. I acted like I didn't hear him and continued walking. "Bitch I know you hear me! You can't run from me."
That right there made me stop in my tracks. I turned around ready to give him a piece of my mind. "Bitch? You're the bitch Eric! Stop following me!"When he got closer to me, his tall frame stood over mine. Normally I'd be a sucker for that because it be Sebastian's tall frame. Now I'm terrified since it's Eric's tall frame.
"You belong to me! You're leaving with me right now!"
"Like hell I am Eric! Get out of here before I call the police. I've never had feelings for you! Stop. Stalking. Me." I grit through my teeth. In one swift movement, his hand wrapped around my neck. Eric was choking me.
I hit his arm trying to breath but he wasn't budging. "We're leaving right now." He lets go but before I could gasp for air, he back hands me. My face fling to the side as I let out a yelp. Both my face and throat felt as if it was on fire. "Don't ever talk back to me! Do you understand?" He grabs a head full of my hair, gripping it.
My chin trembled as a couple of tears trickled down my cheek." Ah!" I reached for my hair but he gripped it tighter.
"I said do you understand??"
"I understand!" I cried out and he lets go of my hair. I was scared of him and I wanted to call Sebastian so bad but he wasn't mine anymore. "Let's go." Eric pointed to his truck. Before we could walk off, out walked Hemmy, Chris, and Sebastian from the building. My heart starts racing, Eric was going to hurt me more if I told them what happened.
"Euphoria what happened to you coming back?" Chris questioned when they closer, obviously not tipsy anymore. "Who is this?" Hemmy asked menacingly, pointing at Eric. Sebastian stayed quiet looking back and forth between me and Eric.
"This is uh um.." I stuttered trying to think of an answer but Eric spoke up for me. "I'm Eric, her boyfriend." Sebastian clenched his jaw in anger then he looked at me trying to see if it was true. I was choked up my words, knowing it was a lose lose situation.
"Well I need to talk to Euphoria so excuse us."Sebastian sneered grabbing my waist so he can pull me away from the conversation.Eric began to say something but coward down when Hemmy tall frame stood in the way.
"I'm going to ask you this one time. Tell the truth Euphoria." Sebastian told me with anger written across his face. "Did he hit you?" I looked up him beginning to sob giving the answer he needed. "Go get in the car!" He clenched his fist.
I've never seen him so angry like that, it scared me. I heard Eric speak up as I walked to Sebastian's truck."Where is she going? Why is she-" I quickly closed the door. I placed my head in my hands, not wanting to see what was going on outside. I could hear the muffled shouting coming from Hemmy, Chris and Sebastian.
I hyperventilate knowing that I was the cause of all of this. "Hey, Hey, Hey Euphoria calm down. Breath, you're okay now." Tom reassured pulling me to his chest. I didn't even notice him getting in the truck. I just wanted all of this to be over with. I broke down in my best friend arms, just wanting to shut the whole world out.
"It's so hot in here." I grumbled flipping the covers off of me, opening my eyes. There sat Sebastian at the edge of my bed. "Sebastian?" I sat up trying to see if it was really him. He turned around with no emotion on his face.
"Yes. You alright?"
"I'm fine, I just wasn't expecting you to be here." I picked at my nails not knowing what else to say. He took a deep breath before speaking up. "Euphoria did you know him? Did he come into the picture after me and you break up?"
"No, He stalked me all the way to here. I used to talk to him when I stayed in Texas. He was so toxic and I didn't want to be around him so I left. Sebastian I didn't do anything the whole time we weren't together. I wanted to prove you that all I want is you."
"I beat his ass for placing a hand on you. Euphoria I wanted to kill him for even being near you."
I get out the bed going over to stand in front of him. Us not being together was killing me. Fuck it. I ran a hand over my face"God Sebastian can you hold me?"
Seb gets up from the bed engulfing me into a well needed hug. I inhaled his amazing scent, not wanting to let go. " I missed you so much. I was wrong about everything. You were right, I wasn't r-ready but now I am. I want to be the best girlfriend for you. I'm so sorry Sebastian." I cried with each word, I broke down more. He placed a finger under my chin, lifting my head so our eyes can meet.
"Doll, I forgive you. It's been hard not having you by my side. That made me realize that I can't live without you. Stop crying okay? I'm not going anywhere. I love you so much."
Relief flooded through my body. He used his thumb to wipe the tears from under my eyes. "I love you more." I sniffled then leaned forward closing the gap between us by placing my lips onto his.
I am in completely in love with Sebastian Stan.
this is weird to me . I don't really know. it took me all day to write.
but tag: @majo240820 😁
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