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imaginedreamwrite · 2 hours ago
The Vow: Part 4
Hours turned to days, days turned to weeks. Four weeks had passed, come and went in a blink of an eye and in those four weeks, the house has been peacefully quiet.
For four weeks, Bucky had helped you move about, he cooked for you, he did all the cleaning and the laundry while you rest or stretched your legs by walking around the house on crutches.
He took care of the house and he took care of you. At the end of the four weeks, it was time to go back to town and get your cast looked at to see if you could get it removed. The trip to town would be a general checkup as well, to measure how you were doing and adjusting. The doctor would take a few questions and receive a few answers as to how you were making out with Bucky, and then the final point of the trip would be to set you up with a physical therapist.
Four weeks had passed, come and gone and you were none the wiser to the darkness lurking behind his blue eyes. You were none the wiser to the strings he had both pulled and played to get you to where you are now and he had intended on keeping it that way.
Your entire life had been wrapped up in the mystery of your disappearance, while Bucky had starkly cut contact with everyone at the Avengers Compound for the sole purpose of needing to heal from the aftermath of Steve giving up the shield and retiring and Bucky suffering another ‘mental attack’. No one was going to come looking for him, and Sam was far too busy being the new Captain America to worry about the ‘asshole hidden away in the mountains’.
It was your own private escape, and Bucky’s carefully crafted creation that gave him everything he was missing; a beautiful and devoted wife and mother to his future children.
He finally felt like he had gotten what he deserved, what was owed to him. After everything he had went through, after all the sacrifice and the torture, the mind controlling Hydra had cast upon him while hiding in SHIELD, Bucky finally had something for himself.
“Morning sweetheart,” Bucky greet you without having to look to see if you were behind him, he could hear the sound of your crutches as you moved and the clinking of your ring against the pole as you tried to adjust.
“You didn’t wake me?” You questioned, slowly yet surely coming to the very pen that Bucky was leaning against.
“I wanted you to sleep,” Bucky threw some food into the pen, stirring the goats from their lazy slumber, “you looked so peaceful.”
“In the four weeks since I’ve been home,” you winced when your ankle touched the ground, “I’ve never seen any of the animals you said we had.”
Bucky leaned into your side, wrapping his arm around your waist as he steadied you. His blue eyes studied your cast before his gaze fell to your eyes. “Are you okay? Is your ankle hurting?”
“It’s itchy.” You furrowed your brows and shivered lightly, speaking of the blue cast around your ankle with distaste and aggravation. “I can’t wait to get it off.”
Bucky’s attention fell below your eyes, his gaze raking down your body to your breasts that were hidden beneath one of his flannel jackets. Even with his jacket obscuring your breasts from his view, he knew that you wouldn’t have worn a bra beneath the layers. You had forgone the items while at home, as Bucky had told you that when it was just you and him, he wanted easy access to your breasts, pussy and ass as often as possible. You hadn’t argued, not after Bucky convinced you by eating you out on almost every flat surface possible.
“Baby,” Bucky’s voice deepened and his eyes flashed, “are you sure you should be out here?”
The topic of conversation was standard and innocent, but the look in his eyes and the desire to taste you on his tongue was making Bucky truly debate whether he wanted to reschedule all your appointments and just take you on every surface in the cabin.
However, if he hadn’t brought you to the doctor and got your cast off when it was supposed to be taken off, that would raise questions and concerns. None of which Bucky needed right now.
“I saw on the calendar that I have a follow up with the doctor,” you licked your bottom lip, hobbling toward the fence which kept the small goats inside their designated area, “that’s today?”
Bucky followed your gaze as it fell on the goats, the small coloured stubborn animals who will provide so much for you out here. The small animals that Bucky had sincerely felt pride in taking care of, and after this year, he’d planned on adding some cows in the back field should the situation allow.
“We’re almost entirely self sufficient out here.” He came to stand beside you, wrapping a possessive arm around your waist, “we wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else.”
“Goats,” you pondered the word as if it was entirely new to you, “I think…did I used to like goats?”
Bucky flexed his fingers on your waist, his possessive hold on you clearly making shivers rush up and down your spine as you pressed into him. Seeing you in his clothes, knowing that his cum dripped out of your pussy and down your thighs after he stained you with his semen, was addictive. Just seeing all the ways that he had marked you, and your skin, to solidify you as his, was addictive.
It was like a drug that he didn’t know he needed, and now it was like second air to him.
“You loved all kinds of animals.” Bucky removed his hand from your waist to check the time on his wrist. “Shit. We have to leave in the next 10 minutes if we want to make your appointment on time.”
Bucky had taken you by surprise again by lifting you in his arms to carry you into the cabin. He held you as if you weighed nothing, as if he could have balanced you in one arm and still lift another full sized man.
As Bucky crossed the threshold, he was careful enough not to jostle you in anyway. He moved from the front entrance to the wooden staircase that led to the upper floor, each step taken with grace that you could never have mustered on your own.
“I’ll help you get dressed.” Bucky set you down on the bed and depart your side for the his-and-hers walk in closets. He opened your closet and reach in without looking, grabbing a plain white shirt and a pair of sweats.
“Take off your clothes.” Bucky called to you from the closet, giving you the order while grabbing the last few items that you needed.
When he came around and saw that you hadn’t moved, he clicked his tongue against his teeth and crouched in front of you. He placed his hand on your knee and gripped your kneecap tightly before he jerked your legs open to his eyesight.
“You’ve been such a good girl lately, darling.” His hand slithered up your thigh, the heat from his palm burning through your pyjama pants to your flesh. “Don’t make daddy have to spank you.”
He knew he caught you off guard when you inhaled sharply and your eyes widened considerably. Your lips had part just enough for Bucky to see your tongue brushing against the back of your bottom teeth, bobbing up and down as you swallowed.
“D-daddy?” You stuttered.
“You have a daddy kink, baby.” He squeezed your leg, his blue eyes darkening as he glanced you up and down. “You’re my baby girl and you call me daddy in bed. Sometimes.” Bucky reached up his left hand and brushed your hair behind your ear, trailing his cool fingers down your jaw to your lips. He used his metal thumb to pull down on your bottom lip until the flesh of your lip touched the flesh between your lips and chin.
“Do I have to ask again?” His eyes flashed with the promise of punishment should you have denied him.
“No-“ you squeaked when his hand shot up your thigh and squeezed your flesh through your pyjama pants.
“Correctly, doll.” His voice vibrated and rumbled.
“No daddy,” You swallowed thickly again, “you don’t have to ask again.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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avenging-fandoms · 3 hours ago
make up/i missed you sex with cevansss😋
Tumblr media
“yn!” you heard chris yell and you looked up from your phone, shoving it in your pocket and running over to chris, jumping on him and hugging him tightly. “i’ve been waiting to hold you for 5 months, baby. oh my god i love you” he whispered and rubbed your back, whispering in your neck how much he missed you.
“i love you more, chris” you smile and kissed him slowly, chris setting you down and holding your face as he kissed you harder. "i really hope that your bags come fast, i really need you at home" you mumble against his mouth and he chuckles.
"trust me, baby, i'm dying to get you home faster" chris smiled and you kissed him again, holding his waist as you both headed over to baggage claim. you rubbed your fingers over his chest as you listened to him talk about filming quietly, just so he didn't leak anything out by accident.
chris's bags finally circled around and he grabbed them, and you kissed him before taking him to the car. you helped him put the suitcases in the trunk and you hopped in the driver seat, chris in the passenger seat.
"if i could fuck you in this car, right here right now, i so would" chris mumbled and you rev the engine, making chris laugh. he kissed you slowly before you drove off, eager to get home and pounce on your boyfriend.
you pulled into the driveway and chris grabs his back, and you run up the stairs. chris laughed to himself as he watched you go, kicking the door closed behind him.
chris met you upstairs, dropping his bags as he saw you laying on the bed in a new set of lingerie. “holy fuck, how i’ve missed you” chris fell on top of you and you giggle, whimpering in his mouth as his jean-covered boner pressed against your underwear. "i always thought about you touching yourself on facetime, or your lips around my cock.." chris breathed between kissed and you rolled him onto his back, pulling off his shirt and rocking your hips against his crotch.
"how bad do you need me, baby?" you smile and toy with his zipper, unbuttoning his jeans and stroking his cock outside of his underwear. chris whimpered softly and licked his lips, watching your hands. "every time i fucked myself, i just thought about you and your cock, just buried so deep in me" you smiled and kissed his chest, down to his stomach and licking the band of his underwear.
"put my cock in your mouth before i do it for you" chris demanded and you bit your lip, pulling down his jeans and underwear and sitting on his thighs.
chris's fingers took off your bra, toying with your nipples as you jerked his cock slowly. "fuck chris, you look like you want to cum right now" you smile and slither down in between his legs, arching your back as you wrapped your lips around his tips.
"i missed you and that mouth, baby" chris gripped your hair and you bobbed your head, twisting your hands around his thick cock. chris twitched and you lifted your head, sliding off your underwear and rubbing his cock against your pussy.
"fuck yes, chris, fuck me" he wrapped an arm around your waist and put you on the bed, hovering over you and spreading your legs, spitting on his fingers and pushing his two fingers into you. "fuck, chris, your mouth, please" chris chuckles and put your legs over his shoulders, fucking you with his tongue and moaning against you.
"i forgot how delicious you tasted, baby. i missed you so much" chris sat up and tapped his dick against your clit, and you whined. you grabbed his dick and guided him into you, the both of you gasping as he pushed himself into you.
you held his face and kissed him passionately as he thrusted into you, the both of you moaning into one another's mouths. "i've missed you so much, chris, i love you" you gasp and arch your back, chris kissing your neck and chest as his fingers rubbed your clit. your nails scratched down his skin, gripping his biceps with his fists next to your hips as your body bounced on the bed with every thrust.
chris rolled over and you placed your hands on his stomach, bouncing your hips on him and you smiled as you watched chris crumble. "baby i.." chris's thighs shook as he came into you and you tsk.
"i didn't get to finish, pretty boy" you mumble and bounce your hips again, chris's face tightening. you laid on your back again and held his hips, thrusting his hips fast into you.
"fuck.. shit.. holy.. shit" chris whispered and beads of sweat formed on his forehead as the overstimulation hit him. chris's fingers rubbed your clit and you trembled as you came, chris falling on top of you and you both panted. "we've never done that before"
"what? overstimming?" you breathe and he nods, looking at you. "i'm sorry, we don't have to do it again"
"no no.. it felt.. good" chris smiled and kissed your jaw, up to your mouth and kissing you softly. "can it be my turn to oversim you next? because i came really fast, and i'm so not done with you yet. it's been 5.. fucking.. months" he kissed down your chest and stomach, up again and kissing you slowly. "you know the rules, just let me know"
"yes sir" you whisper and he smiled, kissing you again before spreading your legs once more, and not even giving you a warning when he thrusts into you again.
it was a very long and sweaty, tiring night. but it was so worth it, you missed chris so much and that night and half of the morning definitely made up for it.
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vivid4am · 4 hours ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 1)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky meets his neighbor who keeps playing the same song on repeat. 
Takes place before TFATWS
Warnings: Cursing, suicidal ideation(?), hella Beatles references
A/N: This is my first fanfic in like a long time, so sorry if my writing skills are a little week.
Whoever Bucky’s neighbor was, he loathed them. 
Life really hasn’t been kind to him lately. After being under control by HYDRA for so many years, breaking out and finding his best friend only to be turned into dust and coming back five years later with his then best friend abandoning him to go back in time to be with the love of his life. Yeah, not a good hand was dealt to him. 
The only good thing was being pardoned by the United States government and not being sent to jail for the rest of his goddamn miserable life. 
So here he was, sitting on his living room floor, staring at his T.V. and listening to that godforsaken song his neighbor was playing on repeat. 
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da
Life goes on, bra
La-la, how the life goes on
It was taunting almost. After all the shit Bucky’s went through, he wished his life didn’t go on. Wished he could be like Steve, go back in time and find someone who he could live the rest of his life with. Wished that the United States government did lock him up. Wished that they executed him. 
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da
Life goes on, bra
La-la, how the life goes on
Maybe he can complain to Dr. Raynor about this tomorrow. Tell her that the song almost makes him feel murderous again. Maybe she’ll report him and they will finally lock him up. It’s what he deserves anyway, after all the heinous crimes he’s committed. Bucky laid his head back against the wall and sighed. He then stopped and listened.
Solace and silence. The song was finally over. A smile stretched across Bucky’s unshaven face and he choked out a laugh. It didn’t last long though.
That stupid bass line along with that stupid piano started to fill his ears again.
“Are you kidding me?” Bucky said to himself. He knocked on the wall, trying to grab his neighbor’s attention to stop playing that stupid fucking song. 
The song suddenly stopped and a voice came through the wall. 
“Sorry, didn’t realize you weren’t a Beatles fan.” The voice said. 
Bucky didn’t give himself time to think, he just spoke. “I have no fucking clue who they are.” He replied. 
Bucky didn’t get a response. Silence filled his Brooklyn apartment. Then came a knock on his door. Bucky scrunched his face up. Who the hell would come visit him at this time at night? Mr. Nakajima? He pulled the blankets off his legs and stood up, his dog tags hanging off his neck. He peeked through the peephole and saw a girl standing in the hall with a white t-shirt, Cookie Monster pajama pants and her arms crossed over her chest. He sighed and opened the door. 
“Can I-”
“How do you not know who the fucking Beatles are?”
“Excuse me?” Well, maybe it’s because I’m a hundred and some year old man and have never been aware of my surroundings in the 60s before.
“The Beatles! Y’know, John, Paul, George, and Ringo? Abbey Road? Hey Jude? Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club? Here Comes The Sun? The fucking Beatles?” 
Bucky was shocked to be frank. Why was this girl screaming at him about The Beatles? He knew he should’ve listened to what Steve put down in that journal, dammit. 
All he could do was shake his head. “Sorry, no.”
“What were you, born yesterday?” The attitude on this girl was thick. She intimidated him almost, staring into his stone cold blue eyes. 
“No.” Yes.
“Don’t tell me you listen to that shitty Soundcloud rapper bullshit either.” The girl mumbled, pushing her way into Bucky’s apartment. Buck couldn’t help but panic. What if she saw his arm? What would he say to her? Then again, he didn’t really owe her any answers, she was the one who just waltzed into his apartment. 
Luckily Bucky had a grey sweatshirt laying on his kitchen counter. He pulled it over his head and stuffed his hands into his pockets. The girl stopped in front of his living room. “Nice pad you got here.” She said, admiring his single cushioned arm chair, TV stand and makeshift floor bed. 
“Uh- new furniture coming in, my old stuff fell apart.” He lied, looking down feeling almost embarrassed. “Eh, it’s okay. You’re better than the last tenets that were here.” She said, searching around his apartment. 
“I’m sorry, but- what are you looking for? Matter of fact, why are you in here?” He asked, following her around. Hopefully she didn’t find his knife stash. He wasn’t supposed to have any weapons, but he needed something in case someone tried to break in. He still gets paranoid sometimes. 
“Looking for the source in your shitty taste in music.” The girl deadpanned. 
“I-uh, I don’t listen to music.” 
The girl skidded to a halt. She turned around, shock riddled on her face. “Really? I mean, with that haircut and dog tags, you strike me as a guy who listens to Led Zeppelin religiously.” She then put her hand up. “Don’t tell me you don’t know who Led Zeppelin are either.” 
Bucky grimaced at the girl and she sighed. 
“Tomorrow,” She started, “meet me next door at 8, I get off work at 7:30.” She said before walking towards the door. Bucky gave her a confused look. “For what?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. The girl gave him a cheeky smile. “So I can show you music.” She replied, opening the door.
“I’m Y/N, by the way.” She said before she shut the door. 
“Bucky.” He whispered, but she was already gone.
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purple-babygirl · 5 hours ago
daddy's best girl
Pairing: Daddy!Bucky Barnes x little!reader (ft. Uncle!Steve)
Word count: 1362
Summary: Uncle Steve just doesn't get how good Bucky's little is.
Warnings: smut, nfsw, ddlg dynamics, exhibitionism, voyeurism, orgasm control, multiple orgasms, mentions of edging and orgasm denial. 18+ content.
"Come'ere, doll. Daddy wants to play with you a little."
"Oh! Oh! Can we please build Lego houses for my dinos?" She jumped up and down, showing Bucky the tiny, rubber dinosaur in her hand.
"Aw, you're such a dumb lil baby." Bucky ruffled her hair, "you're not listening, doll. I said daddy wants to play. With you, daddy's toy."
He’s been edging her all morning, not letting her have one single orgasm for hours before he gave her a shower and dressed her nice, told her to behave because Uncle Steve was coming over and sat her down to play in her room.
"You like that, don't you? You like when daddy plays with your sensitive little body?” Bucky’s thumb traced her chin and jaw. “You like being daddy's toy?"
"Yes, daddy." She nodded innocently.
She did like it. She’d take anything if it meant she could feel daddy’s warm touch on her body.
"Come on then, let's show Uncle Steve how good you are for me, sweetling." Bucky took her hand in his and walked her outside to where Steve was sitting on their large couch. She gulped but obediently walked with him.
“You see, baby doll. I told Uncle Stevie here that you can cum for daddy whenever you’re told, but he doesn’t believe me.” Bucky sat down and pulled her on his lap facing Steve, “he doesn’t believe you’re a good girl.”
Bucky’s nose nuzzled behind her ear, placing soft kisses.
“It is true, Uncle Steve. I’m a good girl,” she timidly confirmed, closing her eyes and nodding.
Steve was still skeptical of the whole thing. He shook his head in disbelief when Bucky told him, saying that ‘there’s no such thing as cumming on command’. He validly argued that it takes women even more than men to orgasm and there was no way Bucky could make his girl do that in the matter of seconds as he claimed.
“Guess we’ll just have to show him, doll.” Bucky smirked.
“But daddy-”
“Be a good girl and get your head on my lap,” Bucky told her firmly.
She let her head be cradled on her daddy’s thighs as Uncle Steve helped her get out of her shorts and panties.
“Keep her legs open and watch.” Bucky instructed his best friend as his fingers found her clit.
She was quick to whine and mewl at the rough finger pads playing with her button, rubbing up and down, spreading her quick-to-form witness on it.
It was barely a minute of stimulation before Bucky’s voice was heard, "cum for daddy, baby doll. Let me see it gasp around nothing like a little fish's mouth. Let Stevie see." Bucky tapped her arm lightly and that was her cue to arch her back for him, "clench that pussy for me, sweetling."
Her legs trembled as she did exactly as she was told. Her long-awaited orgasm had her seeing stars as it brought the built-up pleasure of the whole day to a release.
"Just like that. Good girl. Such a perfect toy for me." Bucky smugly smiled, slowing his fingers on her clit as he leaned down to peck her forehead.
Steve’s lips parted as his blue eyes focused between her legs, watching how her pussy clenched and unclenched while her thighs quivered in his hands.
“What do you say, baby doll?”
“Th-thank you, daddy.” She breathed, her clit still pulsing under Bucky’s fingers.
"Good girl, give daddy one more, yeah? Make me proud in front of Uncle Steve, doll." He wasn’t really waiting for her nod but she gave it anyway, eager to obey, eager to hear his praise.
"How do I know she's not faking it to make you look good?" Steve cleared his throat, trying to ignore the boner forming in his pants at the sight of her juices trickling out of her pink hole.
"You have a point." Bucky shrugged with a smirk, "open your legs wide, baby doll."
She complied, spreading her thighs as far as they’d go and Steve helped her by hooking one of her legs over the back of the couch.
"Put two fingers inside of her but don’t move them," he told Steve and she gasped as the man immediately slipped his thick digits inside of her one after the other, deliciously stretching her tightness.
Bucky rolled her clit between his thumb and pointer once, twice and, "cum again for daddy, sweetling. Cum all over Uncle Stevie's fingers. Show him how good you are,” with a gentle tap to her shoulder and she was a goner.
Her velvety walls clamped down on Steve’s fingers, sucking them in more as she gasped and whined, unawarely grabbing Steve’s other hand in hers as her legs tensed.
“There we go. My well-behaved, perfect, little doll, no one’s as good as you, sweetling.” Bucky praised, wiping a couple of tears from under her closed eyes.
"Thank you, d-daddy."
“Holy shit- what just happened?!” Steve asked, feeling her walls slow their contracting around his fingers as her panting lessened.
“Told ya, man. She’s amazing.” Bucky chuckled at his friend’s bemusement before pressing kisses to her warm forehead and temple. He was so proud of his docile girl.
His lips trailed down to her cheek where he kept smooching until she let out a breathless giggle. “Always so good for me, aren’t ya, doll?”
“Yes, daddy.” She smiled, looking totally fucked out, body kind of drained from her the powerful climaxes she just experienced after a morning of orgasm denial.
“Think you can give me one last one, doll? Hmm? Just one.” Bucky murmured against her ear before softly kissing it, making her shiver when his fingers started drawing figure 8s on her sensitive nub.
“D-daddy.” She wasn’t sure she could take anymore, but it felt too good to try and stop Bucky from pushing her over the edge a third time.
“I wanna say when this time.” Steve was clearly enjoying this now, way past doubting Bucky’s words anymore.
Bucky raised his eyebrows with an amused smirk, “go ahead and try.”
Steve watched Bucky’s fingers play with her for another minute before he spoke, “cum now, little one.”
Steve’s voice was low and his eyes were focused on her channel, waiting for her to squeeze his fingers again but it never happened. Steve frowned, looking up to see Bucky with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face. She could only cum on command if it was Bucky's command.
She was struggling to follow Steve’s orders. Her body used to Bucky’s voice, touches, coaxing and shoulder taps. Or maybe it was that she was done for the day? Maybe she couldn’t give them more-
“C’mon, sweetling. I know you have another one for daddy in you.” Bucky’s voice drowned out her thoughts, bringing her focus back to his fingers and how they touched her. “Give it to me, baby doll.”
“Daddy,” she moaned, teary eyes looking up at him and her hold tightened on Steve’s hand again.
"Cum for me, doll. I got ya. Soak Stevie's fingers." Bucky tapped her shoulder and her body shuttered with another orgasm.
Her hole tightened around Steve, making him squeeze her smaller hand in encouragement as he saw and felt her fall apart again.
When her pussy stopped contracting and her body stopped trembling and slumped back against the couch, Steve slowly pulled his fingers out of her, hearing her hiss as they glided on her walls.
“You can have a taste. I don’t call her sweetling for nothing.” Bucky told him, watching Steve suck on his drenched fingers.
Bucky gathered his doll’s tired body on his lap and held her close to his chest, whispering sweet praise in her ear, hands rubbing up and down her back as he watched her eyes close. He put her in her bed and cleaned her up before dressing her and leaving her to get her well-deserved nap.
The look in Steve's eyes and the hard-on in his pants that Bucky were met with when he walked out told him this wouldn't be the last time he was going to show off in front of his best friend.
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marvelsmylife · 6 hours ago
I have a question
I’m almost done writing the first chapter of my Steve Rogers x reader, Marcus Moreno story but the chapter is somewhat long. Would you guys prefer I split it in half or would you like for it to be somewhat long? I feel like it’s a lot going on in the chapter and I feel like it might be all over the place. The good side if I split it you won’t have to wait long for part two. The down side is we won’t get to Marcus and the reader until the end of chapter two. Please let me know.
You can read the plot to the story here
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ilovefandoms102 · 6 hours ago
Going to Bed
Pairing: Nomad!Steve Rogers x Plus Size Reader
Summary: You head to bed with too many clothes on to Steve’s liking...
Note: All my ideas apparently come from TikTok now and this is so hot😍
Warnings🛑:smut(oral(female receiving, unprotected sex)) BE SAFE!!!!
Click here if you want added to my taglist!
Tumblr media
It had been a long day...
Being on the run takes a lot of energy, especially when we had to constantly stay moving. Luckily, you still had your husband Steve to keep you sane.
“Alright babe, I’m gonna head to bed.” I sighed, stretching as I yawned.
“Already?” Steve asked.
“Yeah I’m tired” I frowned, looking into his blue eyes.
Steve walked closer, eyeing me up and down. I couldn’t deny the slight ache between my legs when he did this, a shiver traveling up my spine.
“Ok, but...why are you wearing clothes?” Steve questioned, a sly smirk forming.
“What?” I asked, confused by his question.
“You’re going to bed right?” He asked again.
“Yeah?” I said, still not catching on.
“Right, so why are you wearing clothes?” He smiled, walking even closer.
I finally caught on to his act, playing into his game I bit down on my lip.
“Then what should I be wearing?” I questioned, looking up with the most innocent expression I could pull off.
Steve walked me back into the wall, leaning close enough so our lips brushed as he spoke.
“Nothing,” he whispered, my heart raced as his eyes flickered from mine to my lips, and mine did the same.
“But if I wear nothing, I get really cold...” I whispered back.
“That’s okay, I’ll give you my body heat.” Steve said as he closed the remaining millimeters separating us and kissed me.
I melted into him, feeling up his chest to his bearded cheeks. The calloused hands of the super soldier felt up the thin layer of the shirt I was wearing. He bunched up the fabric, using it to pull me even closer despite the nonexistent space between us.
We somehow made it to the bedroom, both of us crashing onto the bed. Not once was our kiss ever interupted, not even as we both scooted up to the top of the bed. His lips eventually moved to my cheek, down the side of my neck, leaving love bites on near other ones he had left the day before. 
I couldn’t help the whiny moan that left my lips, my fingers threading into his blonde hair. He smiled wickedly against my skin, his hands traveling further south where I was aching for him.
“No teasing baby, please.” I whined, lifting my hips so he could pull my pants along with my underwear off.
I took off my shirt as his head decended, my eyes hooded as he looked at me before laying a sweet kiss on the heated skin. His tongue touched where I was leaking, my mouth opening slightly but all that came out was my panting breath. His moan from my taste had me throwing my head back, my eyes closing as he started exploring every inch like he hadn’t a million times before.
My hand pulled at his hair, the vibration from his moans into me had me gasping for more air. I loved intimacy with Steve, he always made me feel so loved. I couldn’t imagine my time spent with anyone else.
“Fuck Stevie-‘m gonna cum,” I panted, my fingers digging furhter into his hair as his tongue moved faster.
I came with a shout of his name, my back arching as my legs closed around his head. Steve inserted his tongue, slurping up every drop of my cum. He sat up panting, his broad chest heaving as he stared down at my shaking body. 
Steve took his shirt off, standing up from the bed to take his pants and boxers off. Shivers ran down my spine at the sight of his dick, memories of all the ways this man had taken me whirling through my brain. He made his way back up to me, kissing his way up my body to my lips.
“Ok my love?” Steve asked, always checking in before moving on to anything else which made my heart warm at how sweet he was. He never wanted to push, and always made sure I was comfortable.
“Yes baby, I want you.” I whispered, pulling him down to kiss me.
He slowly inserted himself inside of me, both of us moaning into each other’s mouth as we fully connected. Steve slowly moved his hips, mine tilting up to meet his.
“Fuck I love you,” Steve moaned, his face going into my neck.
“I love you so so much Steve, fuck you make me feel so good.” I babbled, mewling as his thrusts became faster and faster.
By the time we were done, the sun was already rising...
@jeyramarie​ @themaddies-obx​ @dreamlandwishes​ @janeyboo​ @valeriafelix12 @xnisnisx @jjk-is-my-shit​ @moumouton4​ @jackierose902109​ @afraid-to-be​ @moonlacebeam​ @staygoldsquatchling02​ @mcubuckyandsteve @buckysbabydolldude​ @mylifeiscrazy0423​ @jeythesoldier @donothide @bibliophilewednesday​ @dpaccione @bxmaaa @iwik3it @stxvercgersslut @hehehehannahthings @maommaon @mrspeacem1nusone @mari05garcia @gutflorizt​ @kaitieskidmore1​ @dpaccione @mogaruke​ @music-anime-fan @jules-skye​ @amelia-song-pond​ @laylatai13 @leasly @panaitbeatrice @muchlove-babs @xoxonotme @sambuckystyles @justamarvelfan14 @princess76179 @fanficscuziranout @thefandomplace @gracielou0518 @nina1800 @coldlilheart @noneofmybusiness-cl @bolaurel @iranq @outerbongs @highoffcheyne-blog @teti-menchon0604 @moonlightbaby10 @prettylittlemoonlight @chaoticfiretaconerd @swethavigneswaran0
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sicariav · 7 hours ago
     [ The idea of TWS sitting in the next room sharpening his blades preparing to make someone disappear while this plays on an old gramophone in some other room has me shitting brix. ]
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hford0311 · 7 hours ago
Secret, Secrets
Rogers!Reader x Peter Parker
It started in the deep of the fighting between Tony Stark and your father. Something about that web-slinging teenage boy hooked onto you. You hadn't realized he went to your school until after the airport battle. The voice became easily recognizable and almost memorized. The library was where you fixated on knowing the boy. He was muttering to himself as he was trying to figure out his homework. You walked behind and whispered into his ear, "Hey, Underoos." You smirked and sat in the seat across from him. "Hey! How-" "Shh!" You giggled and held your finger up to your lips. "Don't want to give away our secrets, do we?" You smirked as he quickly shook his head.
"Y/n Rogers," you introduced yourself and stuck your hand out to him. "Peter...Parker," he shyly responded but didn't shake your hand. "Going to leave me hanging, Parker?" You questioned with a slight pout. "Y-you're kinda on the other side," Peter innocently responded. You rolled your eyes and put your hand on the table, "Trust me, my dad and Tony won't let this live out forever. I was basically raised with all of them surrounding me. I'm everyone's child at this point. My dad won't allow a broken family." You explained, "Plus, technically, no one has to know you shook my hand or even know me. I mean if anything, we do go to school together, and we didn't even know it until recently." Peter nodded along with your explanation. "Y-yeah, I-I guess that's true." You raised your hand up to him again. "Our little secret." You smiled brightly and felt his handshake yours. "Our secret," he agreed with a small smile.
The secret meetings grew from there. The pair of you avoided the topic of what Tony and Steve talked about. You focused on each other and schoolwork since each of you realized the classes you had that was the same but at different times. The pair of you just grew closer and closer and not just in a friendship type of way. After a few months of the secret meetings, soft and quick kisses were exchanged. Giggles were shared between the two of you whenever it would happen. Your secret grew by finding remote spots between classes to exchange romantic kisses and statements to one another with schedules.
"Oh, come on, Peter! Just one more," you whispered in the corner under the staircase. "Y/n, we need to get going," Peter would respond before you cut him off with another kiss. "Okay, now we can go," you whispered, and the pair of you walked in different directions to your classes.
After school, the pair of you met in the library for study sessions, at least that's what you two told your guardians. To be fair, there were times where Peter or yourself would help the other in subjects. Just sometimes, it was just the study of the anatomy of the human lips, particularly when they met another pair of lips while being pressed against the back wall of the library.
"Happy five months," you whispered between the kisses to Peter. "Happy five months," he repeated in the same soft tone. Your eyes stared into his brown ones. "I fucking love you, Peter Parker." You said with a hush and pressed your lips to his. His hands pressed up against your back and pulled away from you for a second, "I love you, Y/n Rogers." You beamed. It felt like nothing could stop the two of you.
At the instance of the Siberian Battle happened, everything crumbled around you. Your family was broken. You no longer had a home. You had to go into hiding with your dad. You couldn't even say goodbye to Peter. It all happened so fast. You had nothing. Your life was destroyed and tossed into the wind without any care-just to leave the country and have no one find you.
*Part Two Coming Soon*
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winter-soldier-101 · 8 hours ago
I would like to thank all the new people who have followed me thank you and I appreciate it. ❤️
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xxindiglow · 8 hours ago
Silly Little Games
Subby!Steve Rogers x Reader (gender neutral)
Word Count: 378
Warnings: Smut/18+, oral sex (male receiving) and use of restraints.
A/N: A single thought and a comment on discord produced this. I'm not even sorry this time, just whoreknee.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's so pretty there, restrained to a chair and squirming uncontrollably. He's huffing out quick and shallow breaths as a result of your unrelenting teasing for so long. You'd been edging him with your mouth for nearly an hour.
You peered up at him to make a show out of how his heavy cock made your lips stretch wide to make room for the size. He gazed down at you and groaned heavily. Fat tears glistening in his blue eyes and threatening to spill over. He closed them briefly and panted while he rolled his neck in a circle. He was trying hard to keep his promise of not cumming until you permitted him to.
He appeared frustrated and his whole body was tense. A thin sheen of sweat made his creased forehead and massive shoulders shine. Steve's thick veins were bulging from his arms and neck. He's pulling hard on his restraints and he's beginning to stutter during his moments of vocal pleading.
"Lose the tears, Stevie. I know you like when I take my time," you cooed at him from your kneeling position between his opened legs.
Upon hearing that, his whole body stilled. Steve straightened his spine and steadied his previously twitching feet flat on the floor. The switch in his demeanor was swift and nearly palpable. The quivering in his lower lip halted and a devious smile flashed across his face. His forehead smoothed and a bead of sweat rolled from his temple. Taken off guard for a moment, your mouth slackened and released his cock with a slick popping noise. The saliva on it streaked across your cheek as it twitched out of your face. Steve brought his face down closer to yours in a tauntingly slow motion.
"Sweetheart, I can do this all day," he whispered in a sure tone.
He chuckled and returned to his upright position in the chair. Steve craned his neck from left to right producing a series of loud cracking noises. Never taking his eyes off of yours he lifted his hips out of the chair, nudging his cock back toward your mouth and suggesting you finish your little game with him. A game that was now obvious to you that he'd actually been the one playing.
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*Sam and Bucky just chilling in Sam's room at the Avenger HQ*
Steve: *storming Sam's room* "So you and Bucky are having sex!"
Sam: *looks up from his book and to Bucky* "Are we? Buck, why didn't you say something, I would have put down my book."
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jiraiyadeus · 9 hours ago
Imagine Loki - Livro favorito
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A torre Stark estava borbulhando como sempre, com o sol da manhã iluminando tudo através das paredes de vidro.
Empolgada, mal conseguia conter o sorriso bobo enquanto apertava o botão no elevador. Apesar da caixa de metal ser espaçosa, estava cheia de agentes com suas papeladas falando em seus comunicadores.
Dei outra olhada na linda capa do meu livro antes de aperta-lo contra o peito novamente, em completa certeza de que chegaria são e salvo para apresentá-lo aos Vingadores.
Steve sempre perguntou sobre as histórias contemporâneas, sorri ao pensar como ficariam felizes que finalmente o terminei -de novo- e estaria disposta a emprestar meu pequeno tesouro quando as imensas portas do elevador se abriram.
Toda a torre era de tirar o fôlego, mas esse é meu lugar favorito. Sua tecnologia transbordava das mesas e telões exibindo os projetos mais fantásticos, com os membros mais importantes pelos corredores. Continuei minha jornada passando pelos projetos de novas armaduras e laboratórios com substâncias coloridas até a enorme sala de reunião dos Vingadores.
Dei mais uma olhadinha em meu peito antes de entrar em silêncio. Estavam todos sentados numa mesa oval prestando atenção em Tony que explicava algo importante, atrás estavam alguns gráficos e anotações.
— Precisamos acabar com essa organização. Isso vai terminar o mais rápido possível, não se desviem do plano e nos vemos em algumas semanas. -O vingador se afastou da mesa, exatamente como previsto a reunião terminaria agora. Me aproximei enquanto todos recolhiam seus pertences.
—Bom dia pessoal! Olha! Eu trouxe o livro que prometi! -ergui a capa para eles, mostrando meu livrinho favorito.
— S/n não é a hora certa, depois tudo bem? - Natasha murmurou, sem dar muita atenção. Observei Clint sair sem nem dizer nada.
— Mas... combinamos isso semanas atrás... -comentei baixinho, tentando disfarçar minha frustração.
— Podemos ver isso outra outra hora, S/n. As coisas ficaram urgentes. -Disse Steve, me dando uns tapinhas nas costas antes de ir. Mais da metade ja tinha ido embora, apressada.
— Até logo S/n. -Bruce acenou parecendo tão sem graça quanto eu, antes de encostar a porta por último.
Suspirei, admirando a cidade fervilhando de pessoas e carros. Eu não deveria me sentir tão chateada, eles estão cuidando das pessoas, tem coisas mais importantes que um livro estúpido. Continuo repetindo isso na minha cabeça numa tentativa de parecer menos triste.
— Ei S/n! -Tony voltou, esticando sua cabeça entre a brecha na porta. — Não se esqueça de vigiar o Loki.
— Claro, senhor Stark. -ele deu uma piscadinha e sumiu novamente. Olhando o sofisticado relógio ja estava até atrasada 2 minutos, então voltei ao grande elevador, apertando os botões do subsolo desta vez.
Diferente do penúltimo andar, o subsolo era mais simples, focado em enormes portas de aço com senhas elaboradas e cartões de acesso. O número de seguranças era dobrado, e o de armas também.
E lá estava o Deus da trapaça. Preso em sua enorme cela com vidros reforçados que seria do Hulk, primeiramente. Assim que as portas se abriram, o mais alto exibiu um familiar sorriso debochado.
— Olá, querida. Fiquei com saudades... -ele se aproximou.
— Não seja idiota Loki, eu estou aqui desde o início. Deixada de fora das missões porque preciso vigiar o Deus chifrudo! -Bufei, sentando na cadeira, pronta para mais um turno.
—Algum vingador precisava assumir a tarefa, não é mesmo? Tenho sorte que tenha sido você. -o moreno, diferente de mim, parecia com bom humor e notou rápido um objeto incomum acima da mesinha.
—Trouxe um presente para mim? -inclinando a cabeça para ler o título escrito na lombada  —Nunca ouvi falar desse.
— Não é presente nenhum! Mantenha-se bem longe do meu livro! -Loki me olhou surpreso.
— Se é tão importante oque esta fazendo aqui?
— Vou empresta-lo aos Vingadores.
— Mesmo assim, por que o trouxe aqui agora? -o Deus arqueou uma sobrancelha. Quase podia ver as engrenagens rodando em seu cérebro. Mas eu não podia dizer a ele sobre o mal entendido de meia hora atrás, muito menos da missão que me deixaria como única vingadora na Torre por alguns dias.
— Não importa. -murmurei, tampouco querendo tocar no assunto. Estava decidida a ignora-lo hoje.
— Se iria emprestar, deve ser bom. Qual a sinopse? - Quando não respondi, Loki deu umas batidinhas no vidro chamando atenção para o grande bico em seu rosto. Tão fofo, que levantei da cadeira e fui em sua direção.
Encostei parte da capa no vidro e ele se abaixou um pouco para ler a sinopse sozinho. Seus olhos verdes iam e voltavam acompanhando as linhas antes de se fixar nas meus.
— Parece uma história muito interessante. -sorriu de canto.
Afastei a capa do vidro e me virei de volta, escondendo o sorrisinho de ao menos uma pessoa ter reconhecido o potencial da minha história. Mas então me sentei séria na cadeira, passando as próximas horas decidida à ignora-lo.
Quando finalmente terminei meu turno, ja estava começando a anoitecer e entraram cinco guardas para cobrir meu lugar. Normalmente, o tempo passava entre minhas conversas com o Deus da mentira. Hoje, no silêncio, estava mais cansada e com dor de tantas horas na mesma posição como se o tempo tivesse passado mais devagar. E esse estresse não foi embora.
Com horas de filmes assistidos, refeições, exercícios, meditação e até uma corrida noturna, nada parecia me tirar uma sensação de inquietação e falta de sono, e foi as 3 horas da manhã que descobri oque tinha de errado: esqueci meu livro.
Precisava ir buscá-lo então troquei para um roupa decente e tirei o carro da garagem, dirigindo tranquilamente pelo trânsito vazio iluminado pelos postes e faróis, com alguns bares também abertos.
Apesar de durante a madrugada a Torre ser notavelmente calma, ela nunca foi totalmente vazia. Os corredores estavam mais livres, mas alguns agentes ainda trabalhavam em suas mesas até tarde, e os seguranças cumpriam seu dever. Sem disputa pelos elevadores, foi até mais rápido voltar a cela de Loki, onde havia o esquecido na mesa.
Quando as portas se abriram, Loki estava deitado na cela, sem dizer nada. Os seguranças se olhavam entre si de forma confusa.
— Esqueceu alguma coisa? -perguntou um.
— Eu... -a mesa estava vazia. Imediatamente me ocorreu que se soubessem de qualquer objeto pessoal aqui, estaria ferrada. Tony arrancaria minha pele.
— Vou fazer algumas horas extras. -contornei.
— Deveria ter avisado antes, é o protocolo. - Informou outro.
— Eu sei, mas não imaginei... qual é, vocês não querem uma folga? -Rapidamente os guardas acenaram em concordância e me entregaram o posto com facilidade apesar dos olhares desconfiados.
Assim que todos deixaram o corredor, e eu estava à sós com o Deus da trapaça, fechei a cara.
— Onde esta? -exclamei, apontando para mesa vazia.
— Onde esta oque? -perguntou ele, com a maior cara de pau. Me aproximei de sua jaula, batendo forte no vidro. Ja sentia o nervosismo subindo pelo meu sangue. Realmente quer
— A limpeza só vem amanhã e os guardas nem sabiam de nada, realmente quer jogar esse jogo? -Imediatamente sua ilusão deitado desapareceu e o verdadeiro Loki se mostrou de pé. Seus dedos apontaram para a mesa, e ao me virar, ali estava meu pequeno amontoado de páginas.
— Seu idiota -quase rosnei. Voltando para conferir, lá estava ele do jeito que deixei. Sem folhas amassadas, rasgos ou qualquer rasura.
— Se comprometeu em outro turno só por isso? Acho que consigo entender, é um dos melhores livros que ja li na vida. Me arrisco à dizer que é um dos melhores em Midgard.
Arregalo os olhos me virando na hora, um misto de surpresa, raiva e alegria passavam pela minha cabeça. Loki agora esta com as mãos para trás, divagando sua opinião tranquilamente.
— Oque? Você...?
— Sim. E é fantástico. O plot no final foi muito bem construído, não acha? -comentou. Por mais raiva que estivesse subindo ao meu sangue, não consegui conter o sorriso que estampou meu rosto. Mas então um pensamento pior ocorreu em minha mente.
— Como fez meu livro passar pela jaula?
— Vamos fazer um acordo, eu não revelo nenhum dos meus truques, e também não conto que você esqueceu qualquer coisa aqui dentro. -ele piscou seus olhos verdes para mim.
— Esta tudo bem, S/n -Loki continuou.- Agora que ja se comprometeu em ficar aqui, vamos conversar. Estava louco pela sua volta.
— Conversar sobre oque? - arqueei a sobrancelha. Uma espécie de sentimento reconfortante se instalava em mim.
— Você sabe sobre oque. -convidou, e não resisti em arrastar minha cadeira o mais perto possível de sua cela para me acomodar confortavelmente do outro lado do vidro.
Eu posso estar muito ferrada depois, mas agora uma noite com meus personagens favoritos em pauta e os olhos verdes de um certo deus pareciam bem seguros. Pelo menos, só por essa noite.
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toomanyrobins2 · 9 hours ago
a little birdie told me pt. 17
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N “Birdie” Parker left New York and her family three years ago in the middle of the night. Now, a call for help to her best friend brings her back into the fold of the Three Families and their “business.”
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Parker!Reader
Word count: 1.6k
Content warning: physical abuse, miscarriage, mentions of forced marriage, sex, mentions of alcohol abuse
Notes: I finished the banner for Peter's story "drunk on indigo skies"! Should I post it now?????????
series masterlist // next part
The following days were chaotic. Between waiting to see what HYDRA’s reaction was going to be to the death of one of its captains and worry for one of their own, everyone was on high alert. The morning sickness was hitting Y/N hard and she was spending the majority of her time beside the toilet. Pepper had convinced her to move back into the home with her and Tony temporarily in order to help care for Jaime. Thankfully, the men were almost always at the Ivory and they managed to avoid anyone else finding out about the pregnancy. Jaime was still as active as ever and now that the tooth had finally broken through, his mood had improved dramatically. He was trying to walk and Y/N was praying to every deity that existed that Steve wouldn’t miss it. The baby was confused about where his father was and was always babbling about Dada.
“Birdie! Get down here!” Y/N grumbled as made her way into the kitchen. Pepper smiled at her and handed her a cup of tea and plate with toast on it. “Eat,” she ordered.
“What’s the point? I’m going to throw it up in like fifteen minutes.”
Her mother simply laughed and pressed a kiss to her forehead, “Someone is extra grumpy today.”
Y/N took a sip and snarked under her breath, “You would be too if you were throwing up every hour.” She sat at the table where Jamie was already waiting with a tray full of bananas that he was squishing more than eating. She couldn’t help the smiles that crossed her face at how sweet the little boy was. Jamie grinned up at her and abandoned his masticated fruit to wiggle his fingers at Y/N, “Mama!”
She nearly dropped her plate to the floor, “What did you say?” Jamie just giggled and continued to babble away, Mama-mama-ma-mama! Y/N lifted him out of the high chair and started to kiss him all over as he giggled. Pepper walked in and found her daughter with tears on her cheeks, a smile on her face, and banana on her shirt and in her hair.
“What’s going on?”
Pepper's eyes widened comically and she laughed, “I’m assuming the tears are happy?” Y/N nodded her head, forgetting all about nausea and worry for a few minutes, and just appreciated the fact that she had Jamie and he was okay.
Tumblr media
Back at the hospital, Sam was on watch in Steve’s room. Marvin Gaye’s “Trouble Man” filled the space. The doctor had said the blond should wake soon and each person on watch waited impatiently. A couple hours into his shift, a small groan had Sam shooting up out of his seat. He quickly helped Steve down when he tried to sit up, “Don’t move. I’ll get someone to come in and remove the tube. They had to intubate you.” Sam went to press the call button but Steve grabbed his wrist and tried to signal. Finally, realization dawned on the dark-skinned man and he nodded his head, “Birdie and Jamie are fine. They’ve been staying with Pepper. I’ll give them a call as soon as you let the doctors do their job.”
The blond huffed in annoyance but conceded. The room quickly filled with others as they did cognitive tests on Steve and finally removed the intubation. Sam was off tp the side calling everyone top let them know that he was awake and doing well.
Ten minutes after Sam had ended the call, Bucky strolled into the room. “You’re in so much trouble, Punk.”
Steve’s voice was gravelly, “What do you mean?”
Before Bucky could answer another voice, a female voice, spoke harshly from the doorway, “So it’s true. You’re awake,” Steve and Bucky separated and he got his first look at Birdie. She stood in the doorway with Jamie on her hip. Making her way over to his bedside, she pushed a strand of his hair back before sitting on the side of the hospital bed, careful to avoid any wires or tubes. She put Jamie down so that he could talk to Steve. His son tried to climb on top of him like he usually did, but Y/N stopped him, “No, Bub, you can’t climb right now. You have to be gentle with daddy because he’s an idiot.” Steve winced at her toned and held out his hand to let Jamie grab and chew on his fingers.
“How long have I been out?”
“5 days,” Sam answered when Y/N didn’t speak.
Bucky smirked, “Who?”
Y/N was shaking in anger but tried to steady her hands. “Can you guys give us a minute?” Y/N grabbed Jamie and bent over so that he could leave a sloppy kiss on Steve’s cheek. She handed him off to Bucky, “I’ll be out in a few minutes and then we can go home.” While Y/N spoke to his brother, Steve got his first proper look at her since he had woken up. She was dressed in a pencil skirt and button-up. He scanned the room and saw her heels were kicked off by the bed.
The moment the men were out of the door, Y/N whirled on him, “How dare you.”
Steve barely had time to wrap his head around the whiplash and scoffed, “How dare I! How dare I? I get shot and you’re mad at me.”
“Yes, I’m mad! You got shot going after Brock! This was not your place to interfere.”
“My place? I think you’re forgetting who you’re talking to.”
“I don’t need reminding who you are, but clearly you need a quick refresher on who I am,” Y/N was pacing back and forth and she gesticulated wildly, “I am not just your fiancée and I have never needed or wanted a man to fight my battles for me. I have lost more in the 21 years I’ve been alive than most people do in a lifetime. Just because your dick has been inside me does not give you the right to pull shit like this!”
“So, what, you’re just going to pretend nothing happened, Birdie? I’m not okay with that!”
She shook her head and laughed in disbelief, “This may be a shock to your ego, but this isn’t about you! You don’t get to have a say in this!” Y/N took a deep breath and walked to the edge of the bed, gripping the baseboard. She spoke softly, “How I choose to deal with my trauma is my decision. You may not agree. Hell, you don’t even have to like it. However, it is not yours to use as a justification for murder.”
Steve pushed himself up so he was sitting up higher on the bed, “He deserved it. I protect what’s mine. You don’t seem to understand that I would die for you!
She finally stopped to look at him properly, her eyes blazing, “You don't seem to understand that I don’t want you to die for me! I want you to not be able to live without me. I want to be part of the reason you try to live the best life you can because I’m by your side every step of the way. I don’t want to walk alone. I want a partner who will walk beside me. I’m not disagreeing with you that Brock Rumlow was a piece of shit who didn’t deserve the breath in his lungs. But you had no right to make that choice. I am not yours and my problems are my own. This was so beyond selfish. You have a child! What was your plan if something had happened to you?”
“I didn’t die, though, and Jamie isn’t an orphan. I'm here and alive.”
Y/N through her hands in the air, “You are full of bullet holes, Steve!”
“Technically, yes. But, I am alive.” he held out his hand to her, “Birdie, you deserved closure.”
She squeezed his hand, “What I deserve…What I want…is someone who will give me every part of them. Get this through your thick skull, Rogers, I am your equal. I won’t go back to a time where I’m constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. You want me to be open with you, then I expect the same,” She rubbed her temples, “I deserve someone who takes me as I am and doesn’t want some version of me that doesn’t exist. Jamie deserves to have his father in his life and you go running off on missions like this without warning can’t happen. I understand that our world is dangerous, but we have to be on the same page. I need someone who will give me as much as I give them because once I’m in, it’s for all the marbles. I need a partnership, Steve. And if you can’t give me that, then we aren’t doing what I thought we were doing.”
He tried climbing out of the hospital bed, but Y/N stopped him, “I don’t need your answer this second. Really think about it, because if you claim a fresh start and then pull some shit like this again, I will shoot out both of your kneecaps. And you should know—you trained me—I don’t miss.
Y/N grabbed her jacket and slipped her heels back on. She went to leave, but turned around at the last minute and walked back to the hospital bed. She ran her hands through his hair and left a lingering kiss on his temple. She walked out to see a group of men sitting in the chairs, pretending that they hadn’t listened to the entire conversation in the hospital room. “Which one of you ladies is bringing me home?”
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maximoffs-girl · 10 hours ago
Hi! Can I get a ship for the MCU?:
Babette or Barb
Medium length red hair, hazel eyes, dark brows. I don't really look cutesy, but more adult if you know what I mean? I'm 5'10" and love wearing gold earrings and really posh looking things aha.
My preference is males.
She/her ❣️
I'm definitely outgoing and just not really shy about chatting to people. Confident in who I am, but not cocky or brash. I love to just do what's on my mind, and take life as it comes. I also don't usually curse or like NSFW things, just my preference hehe.
I love making music. I love playing and listening to everything, and exploring new instruments to play. I guess I just like to express myself creativily.
I can't decide a song, I am a musicologist student and to decide would be terrible. Buuuttt, I can't stop listening to "Love and Marriage" by Frank Sinatra for some reason haha!
27 dresses and Bride Wars, watched them both yesterday. They are the best.
I love any colour that's light and pastel, except for black lol. I do like rusty red though.
Definitely anteaters. They cute as heck.
Hmm superpowers... I like the idea of being an inventor or engineer like Stark, only with creating weapons that won't harm anyone. I especially like the idea of something to do with sound, like soundwave manipulation that can cause nausea or hallucinations?
Savory: Pasta Bake, Sweet: Red Velvet cake
Gotta be funny, and probably not be too old (sorry older MCU guys.). Someone who'll just be there to protect and laugh with me, who cares about family and friends. Maybe be accepting to other cultures too since I'm not American 🤩
Ohemgeee that was so long, I'm so sorry! Thank you for reading and for writing if you decide to make this into a ship! 💝😩💝😩
Hi honey! I ship you with...
Steve Rogers/Captain America
Tumblr media
You mentioned not liking older guys.... but let's hope this 100-something old super soldier can change your mind!
Steve is the most caring boyfriend ever
Always ready to help, would literally do anything for you
Where you are outgoing, he tends to be more shy and closed off
So you balance each other out pretty well
You're the life of the party and he stands at the sideline, watching you with an adoring smile and look in his eyes
Tony teases him for being "whipped for that girl"
Loves listening to you making music
He could listen to it all day long
Seeing you be so passionate about music warms his heart
Would definitely dance with you to Frank Sinatra
You're creative and Steve really appreciates that
He always listens to your ideas and helps you with them
Steve can bake really well, so you're always provided with some yummy baked goods
He's always got your back and would never let anything happen to you
He couldn't bear the thought of you getting hurt so he keeps you close to him at all times
Cap is very open and accepting towards other cultures
Is genuinely interested and asks you questions and reads about your culture
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yelenaromanoffbelova · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Marry Me
Yelena Belova x Reader
"Alright pizza for Capsicle ,Tin Man, Thunderbird, Chinese for Bird boy,Bewitched,Red and Lena and I are having Burger and chips." You looked around confused when no one came running in at the smell of food "Guys come on I got your favourites let's go before it gets cold." With no replies you called out to your girlfriend "Lena darling let's go dinner." You sigh walking out of the kitchen and into the meeting room completely oblivious to their somber expressions "I've called you guys twice come on." "My love come on dinner." You shouted out. You knew she was home the mission wasn't going to take long and with Natasha you knew the mission would be even shorter and that they would be here for dinner "Y/N" Tony looked at you "Where is Yelena they are usually home by now." "Y/N." Your head whipped around at Natasha voice and how quite it was "Tasha where's Lena?" Your eyebrows forward in confusion as a pit formed in your stomach dreading her answer "I uh Y/N I we lost all communications it we eh it was an ambush and there was nothing I could do I tried god Y/N I really tried but I couldn’t find her." You didn't reply to her just running to your guys shared room bursting through the door hoping to see her on the bed perfectly fine smiling tiredly at you, but she wasn't it was empty and so quite without her rock albums from the 80s playing quietly in the background. You felt a hand touch your back and that's all it took for you to drop to the floor sobbing "No I no I can't I Lena no please please I will do anything anything just oh please." Natasha just held you as you both cried in the doorway of yours and Yelena's bedroom "shhh it's ok Y/N."
      Weeks went by three weeks to be exact you barely left the room and only talked to Natasha as she told you what ever updated she or leads they could find. You lay across the bed as you let your mind wonder with a knock on your door bringing you out of your thoughts "what." "It's Steve can I come in." "Sure." This surprised him you hadn't given anyone but Natasha the time of day but you knew Steve you have known him for a long time, he was the one who introduced you to the Avengers and evidently introduced you to Yelena and well he understood not wanting to talk" I know you don't want to talk so can I just sit." "Yeah." They had all been trying to get you to talk but you didn't want to you only wanted to talk to her tell her how much you loved her and that was it any other words where a waste of air time. And so you both sat in silence for an hour before you broke "I miss her giddy laugh, her suit jackets, the little smirk she wears when she beats you or Natasha at training. I miss the way she strokes my hair,I miss the way her eyes light up when she gets an idea or how she holds my hand when she drives god I miss her Steve, can eh can you promise me you won't give up please you... you got to find her for me." Steve just looked at "yeah Y/N I promise we will find her ok." He left after that and you drifted off to sleep.
      Two weeks later Natasha came running into your room "Y/N we have a location get up." You had never sprung out of bed so fast before in your life "can I come with you." You weren't an Avenger so usually you didn't but the team knew that if they touched down to get Yelena and you weren't there she wouldn't be to happy no matter if they had just rescued we or not "yeah let's go." You ran to the Quinjet and sat beside Steve "thank you" Steve just looked at her "for what we haven't got her yet." "I know but you didn't give up you kept your promise so thank you." You anxiously shook your leg as the Quinjet landed hoping that this was it that you where getting her back.
       Yelena trudged up the road sore and covered in blood she was not dying in that hell hole she was going to be back to you she has you promised burgers and chips for dinner well that and she just wanted to hold you and cuddle you and tell you how much she loved her. She stopped suddenly at the sound of feet pounding the pavement coming towards her as relief, happiness and love washed over her.
     The jet had landed and you had spotter her before anyone else "Y/N what is it." You didn't give a response to Steve as you took off up the road. It was her you knew it was her god run faster Y/N that's all you think as you raced towards her seeing the relief in her eyes it was you, you where there to rescue her. You didn't stop as you ran straight into her not bothering to care about the blood on her clothes. With a grunt she caught you and wrapped her hands around you tightly scared to let you go burying her head into your hair "Marry me." You pulled back from her "what?" "Marry me Y/N." You just grabbed her and held her tighter trying not to hurt her. You pulled back as tears welled up in your eyes at the extent of her wounds "oh god Lena I'll marry you right here promise me you won't scare me like that again though please." Yelena just smiled tiredly at you nodding her head.
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