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#stucky x reader smut
agentofbarnes · 4 hours ago
First I just want to say your masterlist is the stuff of dreams 🥲 I want to live forever in each of your AUs. 🥰
Can I request a trinity au idea? Maybe one of the trio (reader?) is feeling a little left out and at like a gala or party someone is flirting with them and because they’ve been in weird headspace they entertain it a little and the other two are just like oh heck no this one is ours thank you and just picks them up and carries them out
left out — stucky
warnings || angst, flirting, sad!reader, fluff
Tumblr media
You didn’t often felt left out, but for some reason, Bucky and Steve seemed to be playing favorites with each other. It had started when you went on mission with Natasha. You had been gone for two weeks and the boys had seemed to get in this routine of just being them.
Maybe you were just being insecure, but when you found them cuddled up in Bucky’s small bed with no room for you, you felt sadness wash over you. You guys always slept in Steve’s room, his bed was the biggest and fit you all perfectly. Why had they fallen asleep without you?
What you didn’t know was that this was purely an accident. Steve had gone in to get Bucky and they had just fallen asleep talking about what they wanted to get you for the upcoming anniversary.
Then there was shower sex they had the next morning, or how they went shopping the next couple days without you. They went on a whole date without you and you were just...depressed at this point.
Steve had been the first to notice you had been distant. It was the night before the gala and you had slept in your own room in a mess of blankets. Not that Steve knew this since you had locked your door. Bucky had asked where you were when Steve had come to bed.
“Something’s wrong,”Steve said with a frown, eyebrows pressed together.”FRIDAY said she’s asleep, but her door is locked. Did..did something happen?”
“I dunno, she hasn’t been very talkative since she got back from the mission,”Bucky sighed, worry now racking through his body.”You think FRIDAY would let us in?”
“No, I already asked.”
Neither of them barely got any sleep, and where morning finally came, you stayed locked in your room with only Natasha helping you getting ready for the gala. They didn’t see you until that night.
Tumblr media
You dressed in a dark blue dress with red lipstick staining your lips, the smooth fabric curved over your assets perfectly. Bucky had caught sight of you by the bar with a faint smile on your lips.
His brows scrunched together, watching you carefully while you seemed to be nursing a fruit drink given to you by the PR agent for the Avengers. He was nice looking man and he was flirting with you.
“You are by far the prettiest of all the avengers, by far, you are my favorite,”The man, Josh, had gushed over you, hand stroking your arm gently.
Bucky nudged Steve with a clenched jaw, and when Steve laid his eyes on you, he thought he might see red. Out of the three of you, Steve was by far the most possessive of you. He puffed out his chest.
“Oh fuck no,”Steve grunted, shoving his drink into Natasha’s hands who had been talking to him. He started towards you with no hesitation, Bucky follow him to make sure he didn’t start too much trouble.
“Oh my god, you have no idea how much I needed that,”You smiled, a blush creeping on your face.”You aren’t too bad yourself, definitely my favorite PR agent..”
“Oh, now you’re just flattering me...”
You felt Steve’s chest against your back, hands gripping your hips harshly. He knew how much you liked it, but it was more to keep you close and have you in his arms. Your breath hitched, taking in the aroma of both your boys.
“What do you think you’re doing, bunny?”Steve asked, picking you up by your waist in a very possessive manner. Bucky stared down the man in front of you, striking fear in the innocent guy who just thought you were pretty. Josh had quickly scurried away when the super soldiers had crowded you, intimidated by their blunt strength and dominance.
“I dunno, he was just being nice,”You bowed your head in shame, frowning at yourself. You had liked the attention the boys had seemed to be depriving you of, or you had depriving yourself of.”What does it matter to you?”
“What’s goin’ on with you, peaches?”Bucky asked, his demeanor changing as soon as you were out of public eyes. He softened, more touchy as he tilted you chin up. Your back was pressed against Steve’s chest, his strong arm holding you close. It was the first time in a week that you had been so close to both of him.
You shrugged, tears welling up in your eyes. You didn’t know how to tell them about all the things you had been thinking. How you didn’t feel good enough or how they seemed so happy without you.”Just noticed how happy you guys are when I’m gone.”
Steve never spun you around so fast, his movements much faster than Bucky’s due the perfect serum. He had you caged under the wall , staring down at you with disbelief. Bucky wore the same expression. You felt overwhelmed by both of them being so close, craving the touch of your boys. You just wanted to be in their arms again.
“What would you make think that?”Bucky asked first, leaning against the wall next to where you were caged in. His hands coming to take one of yours.
“You guys have’s just be you two since I got back, you slept in Bucky’s room without me the other night, you went on a date!”
“You think we’re happy without you? That we don’t miss you every second you’re away, Buck barely sleeps without you. He doesn’t sleep until he knows your safe, he’s so exhausted when you get back, he practically passes out, it was accident,”Steve tried to explain, his strength getting the better of him as his hand accidentally sunk in the drywall behind you.
“It wasn’t a date, baby,”Bucky added, eyes soft on you. It made your heart break a little,”We were getting some stuff for our anniversary.”
“You were?”You asked, feeling embarrassed at how you had gotten in your head. You held onto Steve’s arm, making him easy his grip.
“I thought...I thought you were mad at us, you lock us out, bunny, you’ve been so distant, and I’ve missed you so much. I hate not having you around, you ease me, I’m my best when I have both of you,”Steve told you, hands coming to cup your face.”We love you, we can’t survive without you.”
His lips molded against yours perfectly, his sweet kiss making you forget every insecurity you ever felt. This was what you needed, reassurance that your boys loved you.
Bucky pulled Steve away from you, tugging at your waist so he could embrace you. After a moment, he leaned away and hooked his finger under your chin to look at him.”Next time you get in that pretty head of yours, you tell me, okay? All this could have been avoided if you had just communicated. We should have realized sooner, okay? We’re all fault here, but we’ve got you now.”
You nodded, smiling at him faintly before kissing his lips too. Bucky held you close, made you feel safe and loved. They were right, you should have gone to them. Maybe then you wouldn’t have spent this week so alone.
It didn’t matter now. You knew you would never be alone, not as long as you had your boys.
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sableseb · 16 hours ago
Hi I love your writing so much 🥺 Can I request a stucky x reader where no one knows the three of them are together and the boys tease her separately where they know the team will see so the team thinks she’s dating one of them but when they see her with the other they think she’s cheating until someone goes to confront her and maybe are being mean to her and she just kind of freezes because it’s supposed to be a secret so the boys have to come to her rescue
Thank you so much!😭❤️ Now, this oneshot could’ve either went the sfw route, or the nsfw route…I did nsfw. Cause, it’s sorta my thing. If you wanted fluff instead of smut, please shoot me a message and I’ll be more than happy to write another one involving playful teasing instead!💕 
word count: 2.5k
warnings: smut, fingering, exhibitionism, oral m receiving, nudes, marking/biting
tags: @meetmeatyourworst @stucky-my-ship @greeneyedblondie44 @harrysthiccthighss
a/n: @fuckandfluff went over this for me, always a special thanks to her.🥰 This is a a bit fast paced, just like my other requests. I swear I have original content coming out soon. Bear with me💀 These requests have just been toooo good to not dabble in. Ly all🥺
Tumblr media
It started a while ago, this thing between you and the two super soldiers. Steve and Bucky wanted you from the moment they laid their eyes on you, Stark’s newest recruit. They’d see you walking around the compound in shorts that barely covered your ass complimented by a shirt that was always a little too tight, outlining the swell of your breasts perfectly. 
Coming to agreements are sort of their thing. Ever since they learned to walk they’ve been able to work things out with one another, always coming to a compromise. So, when Bucky came to Steve gushing over you, he was a little heartbroken. He wanted you. But, his best friend seemed to want you just as much. 
After a long talk and setting rules and boundaries, they got the courage to ask you to be theirs. When the question left their lips at the same time, you were in shock. You always day dreamed about having one or the other between your legs, it didn’t matter which. But, the prospect of having both? You couldn’t have been more elated, more empowered, or more turned on. 
The rules they spoke of pertained more to them than you. They promised they wouldn’t get jealous, just as long as you kept both of them entertained an equal amount. And any time you were ready to take both of them at the same time, they would be more than willing to comply. 
You tried not to be conspicuous about your relationship with both men. Each of you prefers to keep it a secret, fearing what the other teammates would think. But, as time went on, they got bolder with what they said and did in front of you. 
You're in the kitchen as Clint and Natasha go over mission reports, fixing a little midnight snack. They don’t pay you much attention as you munch on your chips and sandwich. But, a mop of brown hair catches your attention. Bucky waltzes in with no shirt, sweatpants slung low on his narrow hips, accentuating his deep v. 
“Wonderin’ where you went off to. Bed got cold.”
He makes his way to stand behind you, hands reaching out to pull you against him. He’s always so warm, even the metal has a hint of heat emitting from it. You almost lose your wits, seemingly drawn to the man that’s behind you, trying his best to get you to rub against him just a little bit. 
“Buck,” you whisper, “stop. They’ll see us.”
Your eyes dart over to the two Avengers sitting on the couch across from the kitchen, papers strewn about the coffee table, occasionally holding heat in their conversation. They’re clearly stressed. Their profiles faced you, if they were to turn their heads, they’d easily see Bucky’s attempt to get his hand down your sleep shorts.
“Not if you’re quiet, doll.”
His vibranium arm glides up the apex of your thighs. You have to hold in your whimpers and try to keep your body in control as his fingers go under your shorts. He’s met with an already soaked cunt. Now it’s his turn to hold in his groans of approval.
He chuckles against your neck. “Didn’t you get your fill earlier tonight, baby?” 
Smug. That’s all he ever is. He’s a complete contrast to Steve. Bucky knows exactly what he does to you and he uses it against you every time his dick shifts. It’s embarrassing how easily he can make you fall apart. 
“You should be asking yourself that, Barnes.”
The vibranium rubs drawn out circles against your swollen bud. You wince against his hand, a bruise formed from the harsh suction of his mouth from your earlier activities. You try to move away, but you're met with a hard body and an even harder cock blocking your path. 
Bucky grinds his front into your ass, finding a snug place to relieve the ache that’s settled in his leaking member. Without much warning, he places two fingers inside your clenching channel. You jerk forward, the only thing holding you up is the counter digging into your hips. You raise your eyes toward the living room, Clint and Nat are still struggling with reports, seemingly oblivious to the activities taking place just a room away.
“We’re gonna have to speed this up a bit, doll.”
Bucky’s fingers jerk rapidly inside you, causing your chest to shake slightly from his force. Your control is starting to slip as he works you into a frenzy. The feel of his cool fingers hooking in your pussy just right brings a shake to your knees. His palm hits your abused clit with each pump of his wrist. 
There’s a slight squelching sound surrounding the kitchen that you pray they can’t hear. The heat forming between your legs is too much. Leaning against him, you come undone. You’re on your tiptoes as the pleasure wracks your body. Your mouth hangs open in a silent scream as you ride his fingers through your orgasm. 
Bucky removes his hand from your shorts and licks his fingers clean from the mess you made. Reaching past you, he takes your half eaten sandwich. Through a mouth full of turkey he says, “Hurry back to bed. You can return the favor.” 
And with that, he turns and makes his way through the corridor with your sandwich in if he didn’t just make you cum in less than a minute.
Your phone has been going off ever since you sat down in the leather office chair. It’s getting increasingly harder to listen to Bruce go over the layout of his latest on field creation with your curiosity peaking with each vibration. 
Slowly, you pull your phone out of your pocket, glancing down to see that Steve has been sending you message after message. “I need you.” “Don't you want to help me out?” “C’mon, answer sweetheart.” flash across the screen, along with a picture that makes you gasp and your cheeks redden, 
It’s his hand wrapped around the base of his dick, the tip glistens with wetness, the veins along his shaft protrude. All of a sudden you find yourself craving to be on your knees for him, wanting to take him down your throat until you couldn’t breathe. His lower stomach shines with sweat from the workout he must have just finished. He’s almost as insatiable as his partner in crime, especially when he exercises.
He’s convinced you. You slip away from the meeting to make your way to the gym. Passing through the double doors you search for him. He isn’t in the main room, so you assume he’s in the locker room.
Your assumption is correct as you feel a large hand wrap around your arm and jerk you into a corner. 
“There’s my pretty girl. Knew you couldn’t resist, honey.” Steve says as he plants kisses along your neck, grasping a hand full of hair and yanking your head back to gain better access. His constant bites cause you to let out a whimper, craving more from his mouth.
All of a sudden, he pulls away. He glances down towards the base of your neck and sees the deep purple spots left along your clavicle. With a smirk he says, “Buck really marked you up good...Let’s see if I can do better.”
From the moment you bedded each man, you could tell they have a competitive nature lurking under the cool, stoic expression they always have. They always try to see who can mark you up more, who can make you cum the most in one session, and who can get you to beg until you’re crying.
Without another moment, he’s back to biting the expanse of your skin, except it’s a lot harder. His teeth dig in, making you bite your lip to try and hold back the pained gasps. He licks over each bite before kissing them, sucking the skin to make sure his bruises have more of a harsher tone than Bucky’s.
You secretly love the way each one tries to hold more dominance over you than the other. It makes you feel wanted, makes you want to be used for their pleasure. They could be so sweet, so gentlemanly, but when lust lit up in their hearts and groins, chivalry went out the window. And that didn’t bother you one bit. Not when they left marks in remembrance of how they practically owned you. Each time they left their signature, your thighs clenched when you’d look at their creation. 
“On your knees, honey. Give your Captain what he wants.”
 You sink to the ground, never one to disobey your Captain’s orders, and pull his gym shorts down. He hisses above you as the cool air hits his sensitive erection. Grabbing him, you start to stroke. Feeling the velvety skin against your palm, you grip him tighter, bringing his weeping tip up to your mouth. You kiss and lick the slit, causing him to buck up, chasing the warmth of your mouth.
Irritation starts to grow in Steve. “Stop teasing and put that mouth to use.”
You sink all the way down on him, not wanting to upset him further. His tip hits the back of your throat causing you to let out small gags much to the super soldier’s pleasure. You repeat your actions, bobbing your head up and down, sucking on his crown each time you pull back. 
You look up at him with tears spilling down your cheeks from taking his size. He loves seeing you stuffed full of his cock. It could be your mouth, pussy, ass, it didn’t matter. Seeing you take all of him made something primal build up in him each time. 
Suddenly, you stop sucking. You clearly heard the door to the locker room open, men laughing about something in their conversation. Your eyes are wide as you try and scramble up to stand, but Steve doesn’t let you.
“Did I say you could stop? Keep going.”
Keeping an awareness of the men that could see you with Steve’s dick in your mouth at any moment, you go back to work. This time, using your hand to work his shaft while your lips focus on his swollen head. You’re twisting and pulling, trying to coax him to release himself in your mouth. 
“Open that pretty mouth. Gonna paint that tongue, baby.” he grunts out while holding your cheeks between his fingers.
You hold your mouth open, still keeping your hands pace. You can see he’s close by the way his thighs tense and cock jumps. A few more pumps and he’s a goner. Steve leans his head down, watching with half lidded eyes as his cum covers your tongue. It’s a sight that makes him hard all over again, how you’re on your knees, thighs rubbing together, glassy, doe eyes looking up at him with admiration. 
“Swallow every drop, baby...good girl.” he praises as you show him your empty mouth.
As soon as you get yourselves situated and looking somewhat presentable, Sam cuts around the corner, a quizzical look etched onto his face. Your heart drops, and suddenly, anger bubbles up in you. You wouldn’t be in compromising positions in public if the two men could keep it in their pants for more than a night. 
“Hey,” Sam starts, “what’re you doin’ in the men’s locker room, y/n?”
“Oh, Steve said he wasn’t feeling well after his workout. So, I dropped by to see if I could be of assistance.” you smile.
You hated yourself as soon as the words left your lips. Sam Wilson is one Avenger you never liked being dishonest to, even over the most mundane things. So, lying to him over something as big as having his best friend’s dick down your throat, made your gut clench and heart ache.
“Yeah,” Steve chimed in, “I’m feeling much better now. She works wonders you wouldn’t believe.” 
Stupid. That’s all Steve and Bucky are. It’s only a matter of time before you three fuck up and out your little triangle to the whole compound. 
“Oh, alright.” Sam says a little hesitantly. “I’m glad you’re feeling better, man.”
He pats Steve on the back as he heads to the showers. You both watch as he disappears down the hallway before turning back to face each other.
“We have got to stop having these little games in public.” you seethe, trying to make a point to Steve, who clearly finds all this quite amusing.
“It’s okay. Just calm down, will you? You know you love the thrill.”
He rubs your arms trying to get you to cool off. Now, you’re upset for a whole other reason. He’s right, you do love the thrill. It’s a whole different kind of rush, and you swear you climax harder when you have to be careful about it. Damn him and damn Bucky. They seem to always know what you need, even when you don’t.
You’re walking down the hall, ready to meet Bucky and Steve for lunch when suddenly you collide with a firm body. Looking up you see Sam’s dark eyes boring into yours. He looks like he’s not too happy over something. With a worried look, you say, “Hey, Sam. What’s wr-”
“You know exactly what’s wrong, y/n. You think you can double dip in the super soldiers around here and nobody would notice? Who’s back you going behind, huh? The golden boy’s or the machine’s?”
You flinch at his words, Sam has never talked to you like this. His harsh, condescending tone makes tears brim around your eyes. You were more sad about the fact he’s treating you in such a way than being questioned about your relationship.
“No. Sam, it’s not like that. We-”
“Oh, please. I’m not gonna let the new girl go behind my friend’s back. That’s not how things work around here.”
Before you can choke out the reason for being with both men, the two approach you from the hallway. They went searching for you when you didn’t show up on time, always being so punctual, they got worried.
Bucky takes immediate notice of your pained expression and Sam’s scowl. “Hey, Wilson. What’d you do to her?” He asks while taking a forceful step towards Sam. 
“She’s a cheater, that's what.” Sam tries to shove Bucky away, but he doesn’t budge.
Steve steps in before things get out of hand, knowing how the two fight over any slight discrepancy. “Buck, that’s enough. Listen, Sam. She’s not a cheater. We agreed to share her, okay?” he states bluntly, not really knowing how to sugar coat it.
Sam’s taken back. Not really processing what his friend just told him. They...share you? And you let them? For men from the 40s...they sure are into some very 21st century things. What’s even more shocking is that you choose to be with the bionic, staring machine. 
You can see the thoughts flying through Sam’s mind. “I know it’s a bit...different. But it works for us.” you explain to him.
Sam finally blinks at your words. He’s actually okay with this situation. As long as you guys are happy, so is he. Collecting his thoughts he tells you, “Yeah, no. That’s my bad. I’m sorry for being hostile. It’s just I didn’t wanna see one of them hurt, ya know?”
You smile at his words. That’s one reason you like Sam Wilson so much, he’s loyal through and through. He’s good to your boys. 
“I just worry about you with the cyborg here.” he gestures to Bucky, and if looks could kill, Sam would be six feet under right now. “You can never be too careful, he has a tendency to snap.”
Well...good to one of your boys that is.
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savemesomenachos · a day ago
Congrats on 200 followers!!!! 😊 Love your writing.
Can I request Stucky with Fluff #6 and Smut #3 please.
Thank you 😊
Thank you so much!!!!! And you definitely can. I hope you liked reading this as much as I liked writing it✨
You can find the link to my drabble list here
Drabble #3
Fluff🌸 6.A- “You flirt in the most awkward situations.” B- “You know you love it.”
Smut🥵 3. “Jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you.”
Alternate Universe
Parings: Stucky x Super Soldier! Reader
Warnings:, fluff, cursing, smut (Oral F receiving, handjob)
Word Count: 1065
Y/n’s POV:
“I’m kinda scared at the looks he’s giving me,” Sam whispers into my ear, his eyes still focused on Steve and Bucky’s glares.
“He’s a man-child. Ignore him,” I whisper back as I strap an extra knife to my thigh.
“We can hear you!” Bucky exclaims from across us while toying with his knife between his metal digits. The knife twirls dances across his finger with expert precision. His fingers suddenly stop and my gaze snaps to meet his smirk.
“You were supposed to,” I say. Bucky gasps while clutching a hand to his chest.
“Enough,” Steve’s commanding voice carries through the jet. “We have work to do. The sooner we do it, the sooner we can be back home. In bed.” He says that last sentence while looking right at me and I feel a blush rising to my cheeks.
“Approaching drop point in T-2,” Torres announces as we all rise and proceed toward the doors.
“We’re talking about this Sam thing when we get back,” Bucky whispers from next to me.
“We were partnered up for the mission, what should I have done exactly? Said no because my child of a boyfriend is jealous?” I hiss quietly in his ear, aware of Sam’s attention on this conversation.
“Later,” Steve whispers in our ears as he squeezes between us.
“T-3 2 1…”
We all leap into the air but except for Sam, we all land in a heap on the forest floor.
“Never doing that again,” I cough as Redwing leads the way to one of the last remaining Hydra bases.
“Sam, I need help,” I pant between laboured breaths.
“I’m still fighting them off. Hold on!” he screams into the comm.
“Fuck,” I whisper as my hand comes up to clutch the rapidly dizzying head
“Hey beautiful, I’ll be right there!” Steve says through the comms.
“You flirt in the most awkward situations,” I say as my vision starts to blur at the edges where I sit, leaned against a wall.
“You know you love it,” Bucky says as he round the corner and comes to kneel at my side.
“Hey,” He whispers as he helps me up with an arm around my waist.
“Hi,” I whisper weakly I wrap my own around his neck and quickly lean forward to kiss his cheek.
“Now who’s being flirty huh?” he asks with a laugh.
“Shut up. Oh, and as soon as get back, we’re having sex,” I say, nonchalant.
“Did you forget that the comms are still on? I don’t need to fucking hear whether the three of you are gonna fuck like rabbits or what!” Sam announces.
We laugh at his uncomfortableness and make our way to the jet.
“Jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you,” I pant between the kisses being showered on my skin and lips from both of them.
“Shut the fuck up,” Bucky hisses as he practically rips my tactical gear off while Steve strips himself, silently.
“Say you’re fucking sorry,” Bucky demands as he tugs on my hair harshly.
I hesitate for only a minute before Steve decides he’s hand enough of only watching. He curls his fingers in a come hither motion which I immediately respond in kind with. I slide to the edge of the bed so my legs dangle off the edge. Steve kneels between my legs while sliding his palms down my thighs and calves where he presses hard on the tense muscles. I moan at the relief his fingers provide and lean up to kiss Bucky.
‘It’s not her fault Buck. If anything, we should reward our girl,” he says with a smirk. Bucky huffs in response and tears off my bra in protest.
Steve’s mouth descends on my dripping pussy. His tongue starts to lap up the wetness gathered on my pussy lips and an involuntary moan escapes my lips. I feel Steve’s finger prod at my opening while his mouth ascends higher and sucks on my clit.
Bucky guides my hand to his hardening cock and I promptly spit in my hand before wrapping it around his length. My strokes match the pace of Steve’s fingers moving in and out of me.
“I think she’s close Buck,” Steve whispers against my clit and the vibrations from his mouth send a jolt through my core.
“Make her cum, Stevie,” he spits through clenched teeth as my hand around his cock tightens.
‘I’d love to,” Steve says before diving right in. The suction on my clit and the pace of his fingers is increased. A whine gets stuck in my throat as I thrash around on the bed. Steve throws his arm around my waist and effectively pins me to the bed as he continues to eat me out. My hand around Bucky fastens in hopes of bringing him to orgasm at the same time as me.
“Cum baby,” Bucky whispers in my ear as my back arches and stars explode in my eyes.
Sticky cum spurts from Bucky’s cock and onto my chest as we catch our breath. After one last lick on my overstimulated pussy, Steve leans forward to kiss me. The taste of me lingers on his tongue as it entwines with mine. I lean back and run a finger through Bucky’s cum on my chest and bring it to my lips before surging forward to kiss Steve again.
“That was fucking perfect,” Bucky whispers as he settles next to me on the bed and throws one arm over his eyes and wraps another around my shoulder. Steve smiles softly as he brings a damp cloth to wipe up both off. When the cloth comes in contact with my sore pussy, I whine.
“I know baby,” he coos, kissing the inside of my thigh.
“What about you?” I ask pointing at his noticeable boner.
“I’ll take care of it. You should get some sleep,” he says, standing to leave.
My hand wraps around his waist and pulls him to me. I caress his face lovingly while Bucky rests his head on my shoulder and gazes at Steve with hooded eyes.
“I think we should take care of our boy Buck,” I whisper in Steve’s ear and I feel a shiver racing down his spine.
“What do you say Stevie?” Bucky asks, running a hand down Steve’s chest.
“Who the fuck am I to say no!”
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sidepartskinnyjeans · a day ago
Girlfriend Boyfriend Girlfriend Boyfriend
Part 6 - At last
Genre: romance & smut. Seriously. NSFW
Summary: you're finally all together
Warnings: language, smut, oral (m & f), fingering, unprotected sex (please protect yourself folxs), vaginal penetration, anal, mention of sex toys, praise kink. Don't read this in public. I mean it. I'm talking to you @marvelswh0re
A/n: so this is loosely based on one of my fave little private time videos. If you're interested drop me a message and I'll tell you what it is. Seriously. Don't read this in the cafe. Seriously, last warning.
You both heard Steve's voice. Kid's feeling cocky then. But Natasha knows about Bucky too and she isn't going to let some HR slut get away with this.
"Cocky for a cheater" Natasha spits. The girl just raises her eyebrows.
"Cheater?" she whispers as if she's savouring it.
"Princess you here?" Steve shouts again. The girl doesn't answer. Instead she tips her chair until it's out of her cubicle and looks down the corridor of desks.
"Captain, I'm in here but I have a guest." And Steve's steps increase, he's with you in a flash, pulling the chair away and going straight for a defensive stance. If you're calling him Captain, and you're not in the bedroom, something has gone wrong.
"Tasha?" He balks, stance dropping in front of this friend. "What are you doing in here?"
Natasha wants to ask what he is doing here but then there's another voice.
"You guys okay? Sweetheart? Peach?"
"Sweetheart" Nataha teases, the girls eyes flick to Steve's. He goes red.
"Peach?!" Natasha is furious now. What is this game.
"Over here Baby!"
You got back to your house in record time meeting both men on the steps of your porch. In the late winter sun they were glowing, the blonde in Steve's hair a messy halo around his head, the gold flecks in Bucky's arm made patterns dance on the paintwork of the door. Mesmerised you could barely get the key in the lock as Steve ran his hands down your back.
Bucky took the key from your hand, opened the door and turned leading you and Steve in and up the stairs a mischeivious smile on his face.
As soon as you got into your bedroom you suddenly felt sick and shy, this had ended so badly last time the fear was rising inside of you.
"You okay, Princess?" Steve wrapped his arms around you "we don't have to do anything you don't want to"
"God, no I want you, want this. Just. Don't leave me. Please." You begged, looking up through your lashes and Steve wanted to drop everything to hunt down whoever put that sadness in your eyes. You were entranced, running your hands through his hair, blonde spikes sticking up through your fingers.
"Never baby, never." His lips were so soft but the pressure was determined and desperate, crowding you towards the bed.
Bucky caught you as you fell inching his nose behind your ear and dotting kisses along your hair line "we're not letting you go Babydoll". Steve kissed down your neck, tipping your chin up with his nose so Bucky could finally kiss you on the lips, tongue pushing, taking control until you were pinned to the bed by passion alone.
"You know he's been talking about you" Steve teased as he pulled your t-shirt from you jeans, rucking the hem up and kissing your stomach "you know why he calls you Peach, right?" One hand clinging to Steve's shoulder, the other grabbed Bucky's hair forcing his face closer.
"Because you taste like peaches, Doll" he breathed in your ear. You were going to cum and they hadn't even really touched you yet. Your face flushed.
Steve had managed to take off your jeans while you were distracted, your wet panties clinging to every outline of your folds.
"Fuck" he mouthed at you through the wet fabric.
"Language" Bucky chuckled into your neck, kissing across your collarbone as his hands unclasped your bra rolling a hard nipple gently between his fingers.
"Haven't you got something better to do than be a wise ass" Steve shoved Bucky's leg "can you shut him up or something Princess."
Your hand reached for Bucky's belt, undoing the buckle and starting on the buttons and zip. Bucky knelt up and pushed everything off, his cock springing back up and daubing his skin with precum
"Fuck" you muttered running your thumb over his head.
"The two of you and your mouths honestly I should " but he was cut off as you wrapped your lips around him and sucked hard.
"Fuck" he growled and grabbed a handful of hair.
You could barely think between the feel of Bucky heavy and salty on your tongue and Steve lapping and kissing you to distraction.
Bucky held your trembling leg, holding you open as Steve pushed you over the edge. You gasped around him and he pulled away panting.
"Not yet, I wanna." He held you close, face against your cheek "I've thought about coming inside you since the moment I saw you in that dress under the mistletoe."
"Yes, yes" you pant back, slack and sensitive as Steve crawled up your body.
"Hey, Buck that's not fair."
Bucky raised his eyebrows.
"I know about your little car adventures " he needled "I get to cum in her first." Steve slung an arm over your middle his finger absently running over the swell of your breasts.
"I am, you know, still here. " you huff and they both look up at you.
"Sorry Peach"
"Sorry Princess"
"What if..." you trailed off, nervous. "What if you both did?" You lean up and over Steve to your bedside draw
"Well we were both hoping to eventually its more about order..." Steve starts as you begin pulling things out of the draw and tossing them on the floor. Bucky looks over, a vibrator, floor, beads, floor, handcuffs, blind fold, floor.
"Shut. Up. Steve" he squeezes Steve's leg and rolls his eyes over to the pile on the floor.
You turn back, a bottle of lube in your hand and a rosy glow on the apples of your cheeks.
"What do you think?" You ask nervously.
It takes Bucky only half a second to understand what you're suggesting and after watching you pull all of those toys out of your innocent little bedside table he can barely contain himself. He growls low in his throat and rolls you onto your back, kissing you messily. Steve looks over the side and then groans.
"Jesus, baby yes" he moans into your neck. "You tell us where you want us"
"You gotta get naked first, need to know, you know, what I'm working with" you start pulling at the hems of their shirts until you're all naked, panting and flushed in the middle of the bed. Maybe you're having second thoughts now you're seeing both of them hard and wanting in front of you but you make your decision.
You turn to face Bucky, he's thicker but Steve's longer, surely it'll work better this way even if you are terrified.
Bucky cups your face gently and nods at Steve over your shoulder. Hands dance along your sides and move you towards the end of the bed. Steve steps off the bed and bends you forward over Bucky, who wraps you in his arms your legs either side of his hips.
Steve's firm hand runs down your back and cups one cheek, squeezing slightly.
"You tell us if you need us to stop, okay" and you nod. Forehead against Bucky just to ground yourself.
A slick finger circles the tight pucker of muscle before pushing past, thick and satisfying. You dip forwards and Bucky pets you gently, soft kisses and murmurs of encouragement falling from his lips as Steve prepares you.
"You're doing so well Peach, so good for us. Look at you. So perfect, who could eve let you go. Gonna keep you forever. That's it, you make all the noise you want babydoll"
Each moan seems to spur him on to praise you more.
"Yes Peach, let Steve look after you. Doing so good"
You feel a third, cold, metal finger enter you alongside Steve's warm index and middle finger. The stretch as you're opened and knowing both your soldiers are inside you at the same time is a thrill.
Then you're empty and instead you can feel Bucky slide into you, you cry out, biting his shoulder at the stretch. Already so full while Steve teases you with soft presses, the head of his cock barely inside of you. You push back, desperate for him and he bottoms out a guttural moan fills the room. You're not sure if it came from you or someone else but it's all you can hear.
"God fucking dammit Princess " Steve chokes out looking down at you and Bucky, where they disappear inside of you, the feel of Bucky inside of you but pressed against him.
They move in unison, so you're never empty, always full of them. One moment it's Bucky and you feel wet, sensitive, each press against you creating stars in your vision as he catches just the right spot. Then Steve, deliciously agonising, open and exposed, hollow and full at the same time. They pick up the pace and you bite down on Bucky's shoulder making him moan in turn.
Steve slows motioning to Bucky. In sync they lift you higher and stand so you're suspended between them, your legs draped over their linked arms. Bucky rest his chin on your shoulder and kisses Steve slowly.
If you felt weightless before it's nothing to the feeling of being lifted and held so effortlessly as each cock sinks deeper into you. Steve twitches inside of you and you squirm, close. Just the thought of what they're doing to you enough, let alone the sensation.
"That's it baby." Steve groans, fighting to hold you down as you try to move. Unsure whether you need to get away from the sensation or get more of it.
"Come for us doll" Bucky starts to rock you slowly, pushing and pulling you on and off them, your clit grinding against him. "Come on Peach, let go" And to your shame you do, he tells you to cum and you cum, the feeling releasing from deep inside of you making your toes curl and your nails dig into Bucky's back. You throw your head back against Steve's shoulder voiceless. You've never had an orgasm like it, gushing over them both.
You rest your forehead against Bucky's shoulder and close your eyes. Then they're moving again. This time filling you at the same time, hips stuttering and erratic. Steve kisses Bucky again, you can hear their moans as an echo far away but the way Steve mumbles "I missed you" is crystal clear.
They finish together and you let out a little cry as you feel them paint you inside. A mark of your new relationshio, warm and obscene. You love it.
They're gentle as they let you down, Steve cradles you and lays you on the bed before crawling up next to you and dropping an arm round you waist. Bucky takes your other side and presses a kiss into your shoulder.
"Who would ever, ever let you go" he breathes.
Steve sighs, taking in a lung full of air and raising an eyebrow "I think we need to explore a bit more though Princess"
You smile into his damp, sweat soaked skin. The smell of you all mingling on him.
When you wake up its early evening. Your room is tidy and a pair of pyjamas are laid out on your chair, definitely your smallest pyjama set though, cheeky boys. Your secret draw is full and closed again. Downstairs you can hear bickering and the television tuned into some sports channel you never watch, so you grab a quick shower and watch them from through the banister.
Steve and Bucky are watching TV and looking at their phones. Bucky's bare legs thrown over Steve's as he reclines back on the arm of the tiny sofa.
"She needs a bigger bed, I'll order the bed, you get some sheets"
"Why do I have to look at sheets?" Steve pouts
"Because you've spent more time in her house, you know what she likes"
"You'd have spent more time here of you stopped insulting all her stuff"
"Are you denying the bed is too small" Bucky starts, staring Steve down
"Then get looking at sheets!"
"Fine, but we need to sort out this TV next, I'm not watching baseball on this." he gestures to the little TV.
"Stark's spoiled you, you used to watch baseball through a metal fence and be grateful. Of all of us I didn't think you would be the brat" Bucky scoffs, they've clearly raided the fridge, beer bottles and snack packets on the coffee table. Steve tips his head back and finishes his beer.
"Who did you think would be the brat?" Steve pulls Bucky to sit on his lap, still scrolling on his phone. The intimacy makes your heart ache, you want to be cuddled too but watching them together makes you so happy.
"Me! Obviously!" He smiles and kisses Steve on the cheek, pressing his nose into Steve's cheekbone.
Steve scoffs a laugh. "True. After that let's get her a new car. A bigger car. I'm still jealous of you in that back seat and her tin can worries me"
Right that's your cue to go down, stop them getting out of hand, obviously, not encourage them. You skip down the stairs to two beaming faces.
Part 7
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Icy Winds - Part 4
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
A/N - Oh. Fucking. Boy. Here we go.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Language, Explicit themes, Sexual themes, Unprotected sex, Threesome (M x M x F), DubCon (perhaps), Oral (both M and F receiving), fingering, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, squirting, insane sensitivity, Professor Kink, Double penetration, Anal, Hair-pulling Kink, praise kink, sub and dom complex (reader switches often), spitting kink, choking kink, Rough sex, BDSM (very light), Somewhat angst (the beginning of a whole pile, sunshines), pet names, Age gap (reader in her early 20s, Steve and Bucky in their late 30s), mentions of violence (can't reveal too much bc of the story line and surprise at the end but tw)
|| PAIRINGS || Dark!Professor!Steve x Dark!Professor!Bucky x Dark!Student!Reader
2.4k Words
Main Masterlist
Stucky's Masterlist
Previous Part
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
It was quiet. Eerily so. Too quiet. Something was wrong. Steve slowly got up and out of his office chair, telling his men to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, while he, himself, sneaked towards yours, Bucky's and his shared bedroom.
He slowly opened the door, peeking his head in to see you still sleeping naked. Various scars and hickeys covered your body from last night. You were snuggled up against Bucky. Albeit, you were forced to, you couldn't lie that both their bodies next to yours still made you feel safe and secure, no matter how much you hated them. That was the thing about love, you fall into it easily and it's a nightmare to fall out of it. You couldn't stop loving them, but you could certainly put up one hell of a fight. Day after day.
You had put one up yesterday night as well.
"Don't be a brat." You crossed your arms over your chest as you sneered at Steve and Bucky both. "I'll be whatever the hell I want." Steve sighed, walking forwards to you and grabbing your upper arm harshly, causing you to cry out in pain. "Either you be a good girl or you be a dead girl." You snorted, "Clever and surreptitious." You remarked sarcastically. "How long it'd take you to come up with that one?"
Bucky chuckled under his breath as he walked over to the two of you and pried Steve's harsh grip from off of you. Lately, Bucky had been more sensitive, kind to what you had been going through and he knew he had to intervene now as well before either you or Steve got hurt. "Baby, please. We're still the same two men you fell in love with." You shook your head, "I thought you were. I'm not so sure anymore."
Bucky sighed, "Just. Give him what he wants and I'll take you out tomorrow." Steve's eye twitched, "Are you fucking kidding me? We can't take her out. What if she does something?" "I'll handle it." Bucky quipped back and you saw something in Bucky’s eyes. For a second, it was like he was the man you fell in love with. "Fine." Steve grumbled and then he broke into a smile, "But only if I get to come along as well."
You shrugged, "Not like I've got much choice, right?" Steve sighed loudly as he reached you, his arms rested lightly on your shoulder as his other hand tipped your chin up to look at him. "I know you still love us and we'll always love you. Don't make our insignificant mistakes get in the way of our true love." You took a deep breath, "They'll always haunt me."
Steve sighed and nodded, "Ok. Ok. We don't have to do anything tonight. Just go to bed." Even though these two men hurt you, the dejected looks on their faces was too much for you to handle. Was that crazy? They had turned your life upside down, fucking with your mind, but you still loved them with all your heart.
You rushed forwards and pressed your lips to Steve, trying to push the obnoxious thoughts of them to the back of your mind, where they wouldn't bother you. You wanted wanted cry and vomit all at the same time, but you just numbed your entire body. You nullified your brain. You were there, but not there, if that made any sense.
Steve was surprised at first, you could tell by the sudden cough. But then he found his rhythm with you, his hands resting on your waist as he pulled you in closer and grinded into your hips. You didn't moan. He knew something was wrong, but he was too caught up in the possibility that maybe he and Buck had made progress on you after all. Maybe they stood a chance to bring you into their lives permanently. It was a long shot, but your body was giving them hope.
Steve pushed you back until your back hit Bucky's chest. Bucky grinded into your ass and you let him. You let both of them do whatever they wanted to your body because you just weren't present in the moment anymore. You weren't in your body, it was like you were watching a completely different person do these things with both men.
Steve took off your shirt and kissed down your neck, to your breasts and further down. His lips and tongue left behind a hot trail of saliva on your skin, but you couldn't feel it. You couldn't feel anything. Bucky's hands found way to your chest where he kneaded your breasts in his hand, pushing your bra down and tweaking with your nipple. No pleasure. You didn't feel anything.
Steve reached your pants where he stripped them off alongside your panties. His tongue immediately delved into your folds where he licked at your opening, his nose nuzzling against your hair-covered mound. You pushed out a breath out of boredom, but Steve and Bucky both took it as a breathy moan. His tongue lapped at your core and even though you could feel the wetness, you couldn't fell much else.
Bucky licked his finger as he circled your puckered hole and then slowly slid his finger in. It hurt, but you didn't comment on it. You just let them do whatever they wanted to. Bucky paused his fingering of your asshole as he walked over to the bedside table and got hold of the lubricant. He stripped off and jerked his dick off a few times before he spread a generous amount of lube all over it.
Steve was too busy giving you Oral to care much. Bucky slipped into you from behind and you let his hold up your limp body as he fucked you roughly. Metal arm ended up wrapping around your throat, other hand going to spank your jiggling ass cheeks as he thorughly fucked you. His thrusts were hard and fast, his breathing turned erratic. You could tell he was close.
Steve frowned when you took longer to orgasm than usual. He got up, smiling. "Awe, you just needed my dick too. You want us to stuff you, don't ya?" You didn't respond, but that didn't deter Steve from stripping off completely. His abs glistened with sweat and he grabbed the ubricant bottle, applying a hefty amount on his palm before spreading it over his cock.
Steve walked forwards, his body morphing with yours as he pushed into your entrance. Your head fell onto his chest, but other than that, you felt... nothing. The two men fucked into you relentlessly until they both orgasmed, their cum seeping out of your holes, but you still hadn't cum, not even once.
The two, however, were too wrapped up in their victory of making progress with you to notice. They still cleaned you up with love afterwards, they still kissed all the bruises on your body. They still snuggled close to you, wrapping their arms around you so you felt secure. Problem was... you couldn't feel anything and that scared you more than the thought of still loving them did.
"Get up!" Steve hollered at the both of you as you whined slightly and pushed back into Bucky. His arm went to wrap around your waist and pull you in, instinctively. "Come on. I thought we were going out today!" That got your attention. You peeked an eye open, "you weren't lying last night?"
Steve sighed as he approached you on the bed. "I know we've lied to you before, but I promise I will never lie to you again. I love you with all my heart and I'll spend eternity proving it to you." You gnawed on your lip, you had to admit that that was pretty sweet, but you couldn't escape the fact that these two were killers. The people they murdered probably thought they were sweet as well, y'know, before they were murdered.
You sighed as you stretched in bed and slowly sat up, wincing at the pain underneath. "Are you okay? Were we too rough? Usually you tell us, but last night..." you nodded, "Yeah, no. I'm okay." You lied, straight through your teeth. Steve looked at you with such concern that you almost forgot you couldn't trust him. "Ok, well, go wash up." You nodded.
You got up and carried your feet towards the washroom. Locking the door behind you, you slid down to the floor and cried out until your eyes couldn't take any more. You tried to cover up your puffy and swollen eyes with makeup. Concealer, foundation and powder could do miracles. You walked out, smiling. The only way you could last long enough with these motherfuckers was to pretend, so that's exactly what you did.
"Just gotta wear something." You chirped and Steve looked over at Bucky raising a brow. "You think she's coming around?" Steve asked and Bucky shrugged, "I sure hope so."
The drive to the plaza was silent, dreadful almost. No one talked. Bucky popped his lips as he was bored and Steve hummed listlessly. You sighed as you stared out the window. "Are you going to give us a second chance?" Steve blurted out. You pursed your lips, "I feel you don't really deserve one." You answered truthfully.
"Then... what was last night about?" The hurt in Steve's voice was too much, you looked down at your hands entwined in your lap. "A mistake." You whispered, but the two men heard you clearly. "Right." Bucky spoke, grunting slightly. "I- I didn't mean to lead you on." "Ok." Steve spoke. You felt like you had dissapointed them and in a sick way, it felt bad. You felt bad.
"Guys, I'm sorry. It's just-" "We're killers?" Steve asked. You nodded, "You murdered people." "And did you even think to ask why we did?" You paused. "I... no. But that doesn't matter. You still killed people!" A voice in the back of your mind called you a hypocrite, but you tried to ignore that voice.
"The people you saw in our folder were the same people that killed our best friend. They killed Tony, who wasn't even involved in anything shitty, like us. He had a daughter and a wife and now he's gone." You stilled, "I-I'm so sorry." You didn't know what else to say. "Not just Tony, they killed your bestfriend's brother." Your eyes went wide, "Pietro?" Steve nodded.
"We never killed Wanda, the people left over from the gang that killed her brother and Tony killed Wanda. We simply got you out of there." Your mind raced at a million miles an hour. You shuffled forwards and slapped Steve's arm, "What the fuck? Why didn't you tell me?" Steve winced as Bucky chuckled at his expression. "We wanted to break it to you gently. Much better that you think of us as the bad guys rather than go through all this pain."
You scoffed, "I'm going through pain either way. You both are dumbasses." Bucky nodded, "That's been established." You sat back in your seat. Everything you believed for the past few weeks had finally been explained, and although they were still murderers, you couldn't blame them for what they did. Ofcourse you can't, because you did the same thing, didn't you? A voice whispered into your ear.
You whipped around to see no one. Great. Now you were losing your mind, going insane.
Maybe Steve and Bucky weren't so bad after all. Maybe things could work out between you two. Maybe you could finally escape from your past mistakes. Maybe you could look past theirs. But before you had time to talk to Steve and Bucky, you felt weightless as something hit you from the back. For a moment, you were floating and then you came crashing down. The car rolled over again and again until it came to a stop.
Your ears rang, your eyes were blurry, your head pounded, your vision swam and everything was upside down. "Buck." You cried as you tried to reach him. Shaking his shoulder, he didn't respond and you cried. "No, no." You moved over to Steve, trying to shake him awake. Both of them weren't responding and your heart pounded loudly into your ears, like a steady drum.
Before you could check for a pulse, you heard voices outside. "They're dead. Let's go." "Not without checking first." You grit your teeth together as you slowly laid down, placing your feet by the door. You heard the man's hand rest on the dented door and you kicked outwards with all your strength. The man went flying back along with the door. You tucked into your body and rolled out, standing up.
You were wobbly on your feet and you felt like you had just gotten back from the dead, but your flight or fight instincts were turned on and you were gonna fight. Like always. Your eyes scanned infront of you, a man stood cowering infront of you as he desperately tried to reload the bullets into the case.
You ran forwards and jumped up, kicking out at him. You heard a satisfying crack and the man fell to the floor, dead. Two others were in the truck behind you, except they were smarter. You hit the ground as gunfire went off. You breathed deeply through your nose and wiped the blood from your eyes. You had a nasty gash on your forehead and you couldn't see with all the blood rushing into your eyes.
So you did the only thing you could think of, to survive, to make sure Steve and Bucky survived. You grabbed the dead man's gun, refilling the load and clicking it into place as you unlocked the safety and shot a few rounds before taking the burning hot front of the gun and placing it on your wound. You screamed loudly as your skin hissed, but it had worked. You had burned the wound shut.
You were gritting your teeth so hard that your gums hurt, they were sore. You held up the gun and got up, taking aim and shooting both men straight in their chests. Breathing heavily, you fell to the floor. Your vision blackened around the edges as you lost all consciousness.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| Permanent Taglist || @bucksfucks @marvelfansworld @speechlessxx @ladydmalfoy @vicmc624 @wicked-mind
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Hey! Do you have a taglist for Love & Other Desires? If so, can you add me to it?
Yeah I do! You’ll be tagged in the next chapter🌸✨
The main Masterlist for this series is here.
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darlingsteve · 3 days ago
so for wednesday’s i’m thinking of either…
stucky wednesday’s (stucky x reader poly relationship. discussing their kinks, what their relationship would be like, and just any concepts😌)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
or professor au Wednesday’s? from professor!andy to professor!steve
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
or…we can do both and just switch it every wednesday? please let me know besties🥺💓
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savemesomenachos · 3 days ago
Congrats on 200!! Can I request smut 3 and angst 2 for Stucky??? I imagine it’d be tough working out dynamics for dating two super soldiers who’ve known each other for years and I feel like these prompts would really fit 🥺🙏
Thank you so much!!! I completely agree. They’ve know each other for so long and it would be hard to figure out the dynamics until they fuck the reader🤷🏽‍♀️
You can find the link to my drabble list here
Drabble #2
Smut🥵 3. “Jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you.”
Angst💔 2. “It’s my fault, I didn’t listen to everyone saying this would be a mistake!”
Pairing: Stucky x Reader
Warnings: angst, almost smut (MInors DNI), insecure! Reader
Word Count: 904
Y/n’s POV:
I freeze in my spot at the entrance of the bedroom where I hear moans pour out of the door.
“Fuck Steve…” I hear Bucky whine as I push the door open an inch.
“So fucking impatient huh?” Steve taunts as he shoves his hand through Bucky’s hair and tugs.
“I need you to touch me, please!” he whines once more while Steve only chuckles.
My fists clench as I force myself to turn and walk away as I realized I wasn’t invited to this particular rendezvous. I enter the living room with a scowl on my face and flop down on the couch, face down. Lately, I had started feeling left out with Steve and Bucky. I knew they were still getting used to the idea of a third in their relationship but it hurt. The way they’d gravitate toward each other and forget that I was there. I know it wasn’t intentional but it hurt nonetheless. Obviously, Captain America, a WWII trained soldier and the Winter Soldier, an assassin for over 70 fucking years were oblivious to the pain they caused.
“Why aren’t you with your boys?” Natasha asked as she sat on the back of my legs. “Thought they’d be all over you by now.”
“That makes two of us,” I mumble into the couch seat.
“Trouble in paradise?” she asks, twisting off the cap to her beer and throwing her legs up on Tony’s expensive centre piece.
“I think they just forget I exist sometimes. I know it’s not on purpose but…”
“It stings anyway?” she completes.
I shrug as much as I can in my position as Natasha sighs.
“You tried talking to them about this?” she asks, taking a long sip of the beer as the condensation from the bottle slides down to my leg.
“Not really,” I say. “But you know what,” I say, shoving Natasha off me, “I fucking will,” I decide.
“GET IT!” she screams after me and I only laugh in return.
When I get to the door this time I push it open this time and their gazes snap to me immediately.
“Y/n!” Bucky announces, surprised as he scrambles to cover himself.
“Hey, whatcha doin’ doll?” Steve asks, pulling the sheets across his lap.
“Why didn’t you come see me when you arrived?” I ask, ignoring his question completely. The confusion on his face only works to fuel my anger.
“I guess it slipped our minds,” Bucky says, sitting up straighter against the headboard.
“Did it also ‘slip your minds’,” I say as I air quote, “that you have a fucking girlfriend?”
“Woah doll, don’t you think it’s a little unfair?” Steve asks dragging my attention back to him.
“No I don’t think it is. We’ve barely talked in the past few weeks. You’ve barely kissed me or touched me or even looked in my fucking direction,” I say as their jaws drop at my angry tone.
“It’s my fault, I didn’t listen to everyone saying this would be a mistake,” I mumble under my breath but their super soldier hearing picks up on it anyway.
Bucky gasps in surprise while his eyes widen.
“Baby, you don’t mean that,” Steve pleads as he makes his way across the room to me.
“I don’t know anymore Stevie. Do you even love me? Or was this just some sex adventure for you both?” I ask shakily, tears escaping the corner of my eyes.
“Of course not. We’ve just been assholes. We were actually planning something for you and I guess we got carried away,” Bucky says as he comes to stand beside me and fiddles with the hem of my t-shirt with a blush on his cheeks.
“Planning something? Like what?” I ask, my hands raising to my face to wipe off my tears.
“We were gonna ask you to move in with us but Bucky was nervous,” Steve says, a smile making its way onto his face.
“You were too punk! Don’t try to blame this shit on me,” Bucky exclaims exaggeratedly.
“You want me to move in with you?” I ask, my eyes widening and tears threatening to escape again.
“Yeah,” Steve whispers, raising his hand to cup my cheek in his warm palm.
Bucky wraps his arms around my waist from behind me and rests his chin on the top of my head.
“So…” he asks. “Will you?” he whispers in my ear as his vibranium fingers make their way under my t-shirt and up my stomach.
My stomach clenches at the coldness of the metal and his insistent kisses on my neck don’t help either.
“Y’know, jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you,” Steve whispers in my ear before he kneels on the floor in front of me.
“Shut up Steve,” I pant between laboured breaths as Bucky cups my breast in his palm. His fingers tweak my hardened nipple and my back arches in desperation.
“Say you’ll move in with us doll,” Steve whispers against my thigh as he undoes the button on my pants and rolls them down my legs. His lips press against almost each inch of bare skin.
“Yes,” I moan as Bucky peels my top off and works on unhooking my bra.
“That’a girl,” he whispers against my ear as Steve lifts me by my waist and deposits me on the bed.
“Let’s show our girl how much we missed her huh?”
“Yeah, let’s.”
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All smut in bold
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Pet (blurbs open)
Wild Child (ongoing)
Chapter One
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Chapter Six
An Omegas Duty (ongoing)
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Threes a Crowd
Fucking Bucky Barnes
Now I have you
Boyfriend Bucky helping reader with WW2 stuff
Peter Parker
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Stucky finds out their girl is pregnant
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sugar, spice and everything nice
pairing: bucky barnes x reader; steve rogers x reader; stucky x reader
*written with a black!reader in mind* 
word count: 3.6k
warnings: smut, daddy kink, mean!bucky, mentions of blood, mentions of breakup with an insecure man, unprotected sex (no pull out), semi-public sex (please notify me of any warnings i overlooked)
a/n: my first stuckyish fic! i hope ya’ll enjoy, it’s dirty. i also dropped some songs at the end of the fic that i listen to while writing this if you want to be in the mood. if you are interested in more of my work, check out my masterlist or search ‘mjwriteshere’ here on tumblr. my inbox and asks are open for comments, requests and if you just want to talk. i reply to replies from my main which listed is on my masterlist. my taglist is open so reblog, reply or send an ask if you like to be added. you can be specific about what character or be added to a general taglist. thank you readings this chunky note and i’ll see you soon! -mj 
Tumblr media
Bucky and Steve sat across from me, trying to assess my headspace. I stared back at them with a glass of wine in my hand and a neutral look on my face. I was okay. I was really okay. If anything, the decision I made was something that I needed to do a long time ago. The men seated across from me should be rejoicing. They told me to do this exact thing months ago so I’m not sure why they’re so worried about me.
“Are you guys just going to sit there and stare at me the whole time?” I took a sip of my Moscato and rested against the couch. The two of them were on the other side of the coffee table in the two statement chairs I found from a lucky Goodwill find. They honestly looked way too big for the chairs and usually opted to sit on the couch but I think they really just wanted to see my face to try a gauge any feeling from me,” Jesus, I’m fine. Stop treating me like a newborn baby.”
“I know you’re tough, sweetheart but I think you should be feeling something?” Steve was the first one to speak up. Dawned in gray sweatpants and a navy hoodie (Yes, he looked ridiculously hot), he was perfectly dressed for the chill wine night occasion we happened upon.
“I felt. I dealt. I’m okay. Besides, it happened like two months ago…” I let my voice get smaller at the tail end of the statement.
“Two months?!” Bucky was stunned at my confession and proceeded to furrow his eyebrows at me,” Why didn’t tell us sooner?”
“Because I knew you would react like this! Or worse! Coddling me, being more overprotective and cautious than you usually are. Sorry, but I don’t need you two to hover over me on rotation. I’m a grown-ass woman who can deal with her feelings,” I stood up and heading into my kitchen to pour myself another glass of wine. The open floor plan allowed the two of them to see me as I filled my glass to the rim. There was no way I was going to drink all of this, but I needed to be a little dramatic,” Respect the boundaries I’m putting up.”
They both spoke in hushed whispers before Steve cleared his throat,” We know that. No one can take care of themselves like you do. But sometimes, you need to release that nonchalant, badass attitude and allow people to care for you.”
“I don’t need to do shit,” In a way they were right but I was not going to tell them that. It was hard some days to always be the strong one and be the one everyone dumps their problems on,” Stop telling me what I need to fucking do and just take what I told you and deal with it.”
“You know he didn’t fucking mean it like that. Calm down,” Bucky was much sterner with me than Steve. Both, confident and straightforward in all their talk, Bucky was usually the one who would bite back with me.
And, I really fucking liked it.
“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes. Still standing at the bar of my kitchen, I stretched out one of my ankles, keeping an eye on my toe ring,” I’m pretty much over this conversation.”
“Fuckin’ brat,” Bucky mumbled and stood up. I was used to that comment. But it still rushed heat into my abdomen. He went to stand by the large windows in my small apartment. New York City was all lit up and beautiful considering it was nearing 2 AM. I try to give my confession in our group chat, thinking they wouldn’t respond until the next day.
They both were up and rushed over to my apartment within minutes.
Steve took a deep breath, “Honey, you were with him for like 3 years- “
“So, stop fucking act like this breakup doesn’t affect you,” Bucky didn’t even turn his head when he said that. His eyes were still on the city.
“Do you want me to start fuckin crying? Yelling? Do you want me to be sad?” I was frustrated. I was really fucking angry, actually,” I know I was with him for 3 years! I was there the whole time, you asshole.” Tears collected up in my eyes,” I did the whole sad thing. I know a part of me will always love him but a bigger fuckin part of me knows I deserve someone better.” I threw the wine glass in the sink, letting the glass shattered and wine splash along with it, “I think you both should go. Fuck.” Somehow, someway my irrational action earned me a cut of the finger. It stung and started dribbling blood,” Fuck. Just leave.” I didn’t look particularly tough in a big shirt with Winnie the Pooh stitched on it and tears on my face.
“We’re sorry, honey. Let’s us help you,” Steve started to head towards me.
“Don’t apologize for me. She did that herself,” Bucky scoffed,” Steve, you want to help her, that’s fine. I’ll be going like she told us to. Respecting your boundaries, right?” Bucky pushed himself away from the window and headed for the front door. That made me start crying harder. 
What the fuck is wrong with me?
“Buck, I drove us here.”
“I’ll walk.”
“Fuck you, Bucky,” I said those three words with as much emotion I could muster. It was dead silent between the three of us for a few moments.
Bucky’s palm was on the doorknob before he slowly released it,” What did you just fucking say to me?” There was a laugh under that question; It was still a tad scary though. I wasn’t going to back down though.
“Fuck,” I pushed my hand away from Steve who had wrapped a paper towel around it,” You.” And with that, I turned around and headed for my bathroom,” Both of you, get the fuck out.” That was the last phrase I said before slamming the bathroom door behind me.
I worked on stopping the bleeding of my cut, wiping it down with an alcohol pad, and wrapping it up. It wasn’t a bad gash but one of those annoying ones at an awkward placement for a Band-Aid. I got it to work though. I heard my front door slam and I sighed in relief. There are aspects that I agree with coming from the two of them. I should express my feelings more and be more open in our friendship. I want to allow them in. But, they should respect if I don’t want to talk about my breakup with the guy I thought I was going to marry, I shouldn’t have to.
I ended it two months ago when I realized that Reg was never going to become serious about his life. He was too childish, too immature to be constantly belittling me and telling me what I was doing wrong. Reg was always on some new scheme or a new job, and could never see anything through because it was someone else’s fault. I can’t tell you how many jobs he has quit because he was working at entry-level thinking he should be treated as an executive. Reg didn’t think he had to work for anything. And while he quit one job, he would tell me how much of a pushover I was when I brought work home or how the work I put in wasn’t worth the money I was getting; It also boils down to the fact that Reg would always be insecure that I made more money than him. He’d make small jabs in public and private. Reg was terrible and I don’t know why I stayed around so long.
Bucky and Steve had told me multiple times to leave him.
But, I wanted to make that decision on my own.
I noticed a little blood on my shirt and slipped it off. I threw one of the silky robes on my door hook and freed myself from the confines of my bathroom. My living room was dimly from the light in my kitchen. I could see as clear as day that Bucky was standing in my kitchen, with a glass of water in his hand.
“I thought I told you to leave?” I headed towards him to get myself a glass of water. Filling the cup with ice first, I waited for Bucky to speak up. He was leaned over the sink with his face scrunched up in displeasure. Well, if he’s so unhappy, he should leave. I took a sip of water and leaned my body against my fridge,” Are you going to fucking say anything- “
“I’m getting real tired of you cursing at me all the time,” He cut me off. He turned to face me,” Fuck this, fuck that. Well, fucking stop all that.”
“Who the fuck do you think you are?” I curled up my lip and squinted my eyes at him. Bucky was mean with me sometimes but this is the first time I was actually taking it to heart.
“Hmm,” He drank some of his water. His body was relaxed against the countertop. There was slight confidence in his stance,” I don’t know, you tell me.” His eyes stayed connected to mine over the rim of his glass…
“What are you talking about?”
“4 years ago. Steve’s birthday party…” It was like he was speaking in code for a second before I started putting fuzzy memories together. I remember Peter taking his shirt off and attempting to breakdance… A group of us playing suck and blow… Eating the majority of Steve’s birthday cake… Bucky and I going out on the balcony for a breather… Us talking about our recent dates… Me telling him how a guy hadn’t made me cum in months… The skyline. My dress. Bucky’s fingers. Me calling him…
“Oh, my god, that was forever ago. And I was drinking,” I sat my glass down to pull my robe tighter,” And what the fuck does that have to do with anything?”
“Literally, everything. Besides, I remember you not even finishing a glass of anything,” Bucky laughed and sat down his glass as well to cross his arms across his chest,” What did I say about the F-bomb?”
“You’re not my-” I stopped myself short when I realized I just put myself in the exact position he wanted.
“Your what?” Bucky gave a wicked smile,” Go ahead, what were you going to say?”
“I’m not doing this.” I started for the living room. Bucky was right behind me. I sat down on my windowsill and stared out.
“Say it.” Bucky reached down and gripped my chin. He held our eye contact, a look of lust and anger was written all over his face,” Stop being a fuckin’ brat. And just say it.”
“Daddy,” I pushed his hand off of me,” The night of Steve’s birthday I called you Daddy, okay? I called you fuckin’ Daddy,” I felt the pressure in my lower stomach building a bit,” You happy? What does it matter? We both got into relationships and agreed to never speak about that night.” I crossed a leg over,” It doesn’t matter now.” After telling Bucky how long it had been since someone made me cum, he took it upon himself to finger me right on Steve’s balcony. Cold air, hot gasps, and only a blackout curtain separating us from the sight of the other party-goers, it was possibly to best orgasm I ever had.
“Stand up.”
“Shut up.”
“Get over yourself and stand up,” Bucky’s arms were still crossed. His voice was strong and dominant. I took a deep breath and raise up my frame. He grabbed the tie of my robe and slowly released it,” I think about you calling me that time to time. When you got with Reg, I got angry thinking about you calling him that. He is the last person who deserves that title.” His eyes stayed on my robe, tugging it in almost slow motion,” You remember Isabelle?” Of course, I did. His ex that hated me. She even told me so,” I called her your name when we were fucking one time. That’s when she started hating you because she still decided to stay with me. And when I asked her about how she felt about Daddy kink she said that I should go to you for it. Well...,” He chucked,” I always wanted to tell that fucker, Reg about how I buried my fingers so deep in your pussy you could probably still them years later. And you cried Daddy while you came.”
“Okay, you told me about using the F word…”
“Shut, the fuck up,” Bucky let the robe release. He pulled at it and allowed it to fall to the ground. My body was fully exposed to him as well as to anyone who decided to peek into my window right now. I let my bikini line grow out a little, only shaving it down a bit and putting off waxing. It peaked out a little from my thong. I could tell how much Bucky liked it; His eyes rested on the hair and a small smile graced his face,” He didn’t deserve all this. You know, that right?” I nodded. I was fully prepared to allow Bucky to fuck me right now. The hard feelings were still there, but I wanted nothing more than his hard cock right now. I saw it straining against the gray sweats he was wearing; He and Steve were most definitely matching,” I do.” He grabbed my breasts, one metal arm, and one flesh providing an interesting but hot sensation. He pulled me close and while squeezing one breast, he let his metal arm reach down and grab my ass.
I squeaked a little and pushed myself closer to him,” I don’t know. You’ve been pretty mean to me…” I teased him a little. That made Bucky grip my ass even harder and even delivered a slap to it.
“Daddy is just trying to teach you a lesson. Trying to get you to understand. I’m not apologizing for that.” I took one leg and wrapped it around his waist. Bucky ran the metal arm from my ass to my thigh, holding it there in small rubbing motions,” You’re so strong, so good all the time. I want you to know it’s okay to be coddled by the people you care about…” Bucky and I were talking with our faces so close together. My full lips were barely brushing his. A slight gruffness to his face because of a full beard hovered over my smooth one,” You understand that right? I care about you, so much. And I am sorry for being so mean about it, you fuckin brat.” We both laughed at that. I wrapped my arms around his neck and bought our lips together. Slipping a little tongue in there, I allowed Bucky to take the lead and our lips nibbled and sucked at each other.
“God, what are we doing?’ I pulled back a little and shook my head. We immediately jumped in this sexy embrace without thinking about the repercussions to our friendship. We crossed that line once and it was weird for a while before we both just had to get over it.
Bucky pushed my bottom half closer so that my pussy rubbed against his hard-on,” Well, I’m going to fuck you against this window. And then tomorrow we will do breakfast. And figure out all this shit later. I just need to know if you want my cock inside you right now?”
“Fuck, yes…” I brought our lips together and Bucky pulled at my braids, separating us.
“Sorry, no more F-Bomb…” I brought us back together. We kissed for a few moments, Bucky squeezing my ass and my tits here and there. I took a grip on his cock between us and whined,” Please, Daddy. I want to cum on your cock, so bad.” That’s all it took for Bucky to push me against one of the windows.
“Take off the panties.” He watched me bend over and run the thong slowly down my legs. He winded back his hand before landing a hard smack to my ass when he realized I was just teasing him. When I stood straight and threw my thong to the side, Bucky lifted one of my legs so my foot would rest on the thick windowsill. Using my hand as a way to anchor me, I turned to see Bucky pulling down his sweats and briefs just below his dick. He was impatient. His cock stood at full attention, leaking precum.
“I’m on birth control but there are some condoms in the bedroom,” I arched my back a little, smirking at him.
“I waited four years for this shit. I’m hitting it raw.” He spit in his hand and rubbed it up and down his dick before grabbing my hips and pushing his cock through my folds. I squealed. He was thick which made me stretch a little uncomfortably. I adjusted quickly and was welcome with a strong, building pressure, He was hitting the right angle, letting his hips meet mine. He took one hand and pushed my face against the glass window. With the side of my face smashed against the glass, I got a little saliva on it.
He slipped in and out of me easily but every thrust pushed me closer and closer to my release — my whining loud and high-pitch. Bucky seemed to be enjoying it as he took the hand that was on my hip and went to rub my clit,” Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.” I said on repeat with every thrust that Bucky gave me.
“That’s fuckin right,” Bucky responded in a raspy tone,” Your fuckin Daddy. Don’t you forget that.” His cock was giving me just the right sensation. With wet fingers on my clit, I was truly in a headspin,” This is Daddy’s fuckin pussy, right?”
“Uh-huh,” I could barely utter those words as I edged closer and close to a release. I clench down harder trying to stop it from coming but Bucky just felt too good,” Daddy… Bucky...My God.” The sound of my wetness sliding in and out of my tight little hole seemed to motivate Bucky to fuck me deeper. My eyes rolled back and my breaths were getting quicker.
“Steve, you gotta see this,” Bucky grunted. I was too deep in a euphoria that I almost didn’t catch Bucky say his best friend’s name. I watched my bedroom door open and in walks Steve, with his hand on his dick, rubbing it slowly,” She’s wrecked, you gotta see this.”
“I’m here,” Steve walked up to me and Bucky and observed Bucky’s cock burying itself inside of my pussy. I was stunned but not stunned enough to stop. If anything, I was more turned on than before,” Fuck, your pussy is so perfect, sweetheart. Buck, let me get in there.” Bucky pumped in me a few more times calling me a ‘good girl’ before releasing me completely. I moaned in frustration when the warmth of his cock left me. I turned my body around so that my ass was pressed against the windows.
“Steve, you’re going to fuck me too?” I lowered my hand to start rubbing my pussy in slow circles,” You want this pussy, too? I thought you left…” I went up to start playing with my nipples, keeping my eyes on both Steve and Bucky jacking themselves off. 
They were so hot it was unbelievable.
Steve grabbed my frame and lifted me up in his arms. He sat me down on his dick as he leaned us both against the windows. Steve’s dick was able to reach a little bit deeper than Bucky’s and I almost came at that new sensation,” I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” He sat between thrusts,” And baby, it’s Daddy to you.”
Bucky groaned at that and walked over to us,” Call him Daddy, honey.”
“Thank you, Daddy. I feel so good,” I pecked Steve’s lips and leaned over to lock in a deeper kiss with Bucky. Bucky still had his hand on his dick, pumping it fast. A mix of moans, groans, and wetness sounded out other than small praises from the both of them.
“Am I gonna make you cum, baby? Is Daddy gonna make you come right now?” Steve uttered deeply into my neck.
“Yes, yes... Hmmph,” I tried to get coherent sentences out while still kissing Bucky. I was so close to letting it all go. I reached down to help Bucky pump himself off,” Daddy, I’m gonna…” A rush of warm pleasure escaped my body before I could finish the sentence. It pushed out of me in waves, making me squirt all over Steve’s dick. He slid in and out a few times before cumming himself along with Bucky who shot ribbons of his orgasm in my hand. Steve gasped in my ear, telling me how perfect I was before slowly lowering me down. Still standing straight, Bucky ushered me over and directed me to lick the cum that was still on his dick. With a few swipes, I cleaned him up. We all gathered in an embrace where Steve and Bucky had a hand on each of my asscheeks, gripping them. I gave Steve a good kiss before doing the same with Bucky. We allowed a few minutes of this intimacy before pulling away.
I clenched my pussy, already wanting more,“ What the fuck are we going to do now?”
playlist:  fall for your type by jamie foxx ft drake faithful by meshel mdegeocello make it rain by ed sheeran we can make love by somo meet me in the middle by jessie ware suffer by charlie puth lovers and frirends by lil jon & the east side boys slow jamz by twista ft kanye west & jamie foxx miss independent by neyo 
general taglist: @royalhabibi
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Love & Other Desires - Chapter 9
Alternate Universe
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist
Pairing: Steve Rogers × Reader, (Future) Stucky × Reader
Warnings: Fluff, smut and angst are continuous themes in the whole series
For this chap: Some fluff, angst and H/N is hospital name.
Word Count: 2205
The main Masterlist for this series is here.
Previous // Next
Give Me Love
Y/n’s POV:
I limped down the stairs and into the kitchen where Steve made breakfast while Dom sat at the table and coloured.
“Mama!” he screamed when he saw me and ran toward me. He attached himself to my uninjured leg while my hand shot out to grab the wall for support.
“Dom, what did I tell you about running into mama?” Steve asked, worried as he rushed over to us and replaced the wall with himself for my support. I looked up at him with a smile but he refused to meet my eyes.
“It’s ok. He’s just excited to see mama and so am I. Come here you!” I said with a smile as I leaned down to give him a proper hug.
Dom laughed and hugged me right back. His tiny hands ran over my back soothingly and I could cry. It seemed like he was the only one who liked me right now.
“Mama, I’ll be late to school!” he said as he pulled away and rushed back to the table and sat down for breakfast which Steve immediately provided.
He came up to me again and wrapped his arm around my waist while helping me to the table.
“I’m fine Stevie. You don’t have to help me do everything,” I said as I poured myself a coffee and tried to catch his eyes.
“Yeah, I know,” he said as he avoided my gaze still.
I guess he was still pissed about the Bucky thing. Though I’m not exactly sure what.
“Come on dad, we’re gonna be late!” Dom whined as Steve started on the dishes.
“I can get those; he’ll be late to school,” I say as I plate my breakfast.
“You’re not supposed to be working,” he says as he dries his hands off anyway.
“It’s like 3 dishes Stevie. I’m not completely useless,” I say, annoyed at his protectiveness.
“Don’t do them. I’ll get the dishes when I come back,” he says, walking over to the front door with Dom in front of him.
I follow them silently but don’t reply. Dom’s hand wraps around my wrist and gently tugs me down to his face. He plants a quick kiss on my cheek with a soft ‘take care mama, bye!’ whispered in my ear. I smile at his ‘Steve qualities’ and ruffle his hair in thanks.
Steve smiles and ushers Dom forward with a gentle hand on his head.
“Hey,” I call out while Dom rushes forward to the car. Steve remains stiff with his hand on the door and his back facing me.
I limp forward some more and reach out to touch him while he turns to look at me at the exact time I decide to retract my hand. He looks at my hand questioningly and turns his gaze to mine. I bite my lip, at a loss for words.
“Can I kiss you?” I whisper as my eyes wander to the floor, nervous about his answer.
There’s absolute silence on his end. Just as I begin to apologize, his fingers slot themselves in my hair and tip my head up with his thumb hooked under my chin to look him in the eye as he steps into my space.
“Yes,” he whispers with a hint of relief in his tired eyes. I lean up to plant a quick kiss on his lips while he does not seem gratified in the least. He leans down once again to catch my lips in a heated kiss. Like he missed me. And I don’t blame him. I kiss back with equal fervour until Dom’s “dad, you can kiss mom later,” sounds in the background. We pull away with a blush on our cheeks and a laugh bubbling in our chests.
“Bye,” he whispers as he slips out the door and raced to the car. Once his car slips out of the view, I hobble to the sofa, needing a much-needed nap. Damn these pills for making me all sleepy.
As I lay down, I think of Bucky again. I couldn’t seem to stop. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t know who else to talk about it with. Steve bristled each time his name came up in conversation. My eyes started to droop with drowsiness as I let sleep take me away.
“You’re so fucking selfish, Bucky. What about Y/n and me, huh? You just gonna leave us behind?” Steve asks as he paces the length of our bedroom.
“And you asking me to do that is not selfish? This will be good for me. It’ll help my career a lot,” Bucky says, running his hand through his hair in frustration, a habit he picked up from Steve while throwing down the acceptance letter on the bed.
“Bullshit! You never wanted this job. You were fine with the intern job at H/N but now you’ve suddenly changed your mind?” Steve asks, his voice rising with every response Bucky gave.
“Enough!” I screamed. They stopped immediately and turned to look at me.
“Bucky, do you want this job?” I asked as my heart constricted in my chest painfully.
He hesitated and looked right into my eyes as if trying to convey a message. “Yes,” he finally said.
“Then we’ll support you,” I whispered. Steve started to protest. With a stern gaze from my end, he shut up.
Bucky crawled over to me on the bed while I tried to avoid his gaze and hide my unshed tears. His hand caressed my cheek and turned my head up to look at him. His eyes reflected my sadness and he surged forward to wrap me in a ferocious hug. I sat still as he sobbed uncontrollably on my shoulder.
Steve softened at the sight of us and sat down in front of me. I breathed deeply, unwilling to cry in front of Bucky. He needed us to be strong right now and that’s exactly what we would be. Steve and I seemed to agree on this because he nodded wordlessly. His hand hesitated before making contact with Bucky’s back.
“I’m so sorry,” Bucky wailed while my hands clenched into fists and my eyes stung with the need to cry.
My hands raised to his back where I pulled Steve’s along as well. We rubbed his back in comfort as Steve’s other hand to catch mine in silent comfort. I tried to smile while I’m sure I looked crazy.
Bucky pulled away from me but while still keeping a hand on my waist, his other arm wrapped around Steve’s neck, pulling him forward for a teary hug.
“I’m sorry you hate me, Stevie,” he cried as his fingers tangled in Steve’s hair.
“I don’t hate you, Buck,” he said as he pulled Bucky away to look him in the eye. “I’m just gonna miss you. I mean who's gonna bribe me into doing laundry or make breakfast or get up to all sorts of mischief that pisses Y/n off, huh?” he asks as he strokes Bucky’s cheek. Bucky replies with a watery laugh.
“We love you and we want what’s best for you. Even if that means you going away,” I say resting my head between Bucky’s shoulder blades.
“When you become a really rich and famous doctor, don’t forget us,” I whisper against his back while wrapping my hands around his waist.
“I could never baby. Especially you,” he says, resting his arms on top of mine.
“What the fuck does that mean?” Steve asks exasperated, pouting.
“Nothing Stevie, I’m gonna miss you too,” Bucky says, pulling Steve’s head to rest on his chest.
A while later, Bucky lays asleep between us while Steve and I stared at his sleeping form, memorising.
“We’ll be ok right?” I whisper shakily.
“It’ll be hard but you’ll have me, I promise,” he whispers with no hesitation. I smile at the comfort that I wouldn’t be alone.
We smile at each other and clasp hands across Bucky’s chest.
*End of Flashback*
I gasp as I sit up on the sofa. That dream was so goddamn vivid. These drugs are really fucking with my head. I rub the remnants of sleep out of my eyes and wince as my leg clashes against the coffee table. I rub my throbbing leg when the bell rings. I check the time on my watch. 11:00, huh. I didn’t know Steve was coming home this early. I stagger to the door, my leg still throbbing painfully.
I yank the door open with unnecessary force and am immediately met with Bucky’s nervous face.
“Hey!” he says excitedly. He winces almost instantly at my confusion.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come. I just wanted to give you this,” he says while pulling a bouquet of flowers from behind his back. He thrusts them in my hand and turns to leave.
“Lavenders?” I whisper as I clutch them to my chest and the sweet aroma from the flowers warps my senses.
He freezes and mumbles a quiet ‘yeah’ while his cheeks turn pink.
“You remembered?” I ask, my voice on the verge of breaking.
“’ Course I did!” he exclaims, offended that I could even ask such a thing while turning around to face me.
We stare at each other in contemplative silence before I gesture him inside with a free hand. He hesitates at the doorstep as I move to the kitchen to put the flowers in water.
“He’s not home,” I say and Bucky stiffens which makes me think I was right in thinking his hesitation came from Steve.
He immediately steps inside, closing the door behind him and slipping his jacket off.
“Coffee?” I ask, already pouring myself a cup.
“I can get it. You should rest that leg of yours,” he says, making his way into the kitchen, and snatching the pot out of my hands. When our fingers brush, my eyes slit to his but he pointedly looks away.
He pours himself some coffee and wraps his arm around my waist to help me to the sofa. He lowers me down before settling himself opposite me on an armchair.
“I don’t bite doc,” I say, trying to break the tension.
“Yeah right,” he mumbles into his cup which makes me choke. I cough at his snark and try to hide my smile and blush in my cup.
‘So, what brings you here?” I ask draping a blanket across my lap.
“I just wanted to check on you,” he says. “And give you the flowers.”
“You do that for all your patients?” I ask fiddling with the tassels on the end of the blanket that suddenly seemed quite interesting.
“You know I don’t,” he whispers.
My head whips up to meet his gaze and I see him melt a little. For a moment, I get lost in his eyes. Still that same shade of blue and still breathtakingly beautiful. Butterflies made their way into my chest while an odd sense of guilt swirled in my chest. I was with Steve now and this was wrong. I had to nip this in the bud.
“I’m serious Bucky. What are you doing here?”
“I already told you. I wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“You don’t need to do that anymore. I have a husband to do that.”
“I fucking know that!” he screams into the empty space while rising up from his chair. He stalks toward me menacingly while I gulp my fear. He leans so close to my face; I can feel his breath on my lips. The smell of coffee and mint and something uniquely Bucky lingers between us.
“It’s the only thing I’ve been thinking about since I saw the both of you,” he whispers. I shudder and chew on my lip nervously. I try to look away but his eyes make it really difficult.
His hand reaches out to touch my face but he retracts his hand, suddenly remembering where he is. He straightens while running a hand through his hair and practically sprints to the door while I try to follow on my bruised leg.
“Wait!” I shout, limping toward him as fast as I can. He stops but doesn’t turn around.
“Bucky, I’m sorr-”
I’m cut off by the sound of keys jingling in the lock. We back away from the door as it opens to reveal Steve and Dom.
“Babe, I bought-”
He freezes when he sees Bucky in the doorway, jacket in hand.
“Papa, it’s the doctor from the hospital!” Dom exclaims making his way to Bucky.
“Thank you for making my mom all better, doctor!” he says, peering up at Bucky through a blinding smile.
“Of course, buddy,” Bucky says, raising his hand for a fist bump. When Dom responds with one of his own, Steve snaps out of his shock.
“Dom, go to your room,” Steve says, calmly and Dom immediately shuffles upstairs throwing a wave at Bucky over his shoulder which Bucky reciprocates with a wide smile of his own. As soon as Dom disappears out of view, Steve’s low command shakes me to my core.
“We need to talk.”
Bucky moves to leave and Steve stops him with a strong on his arm.
“All of us.”
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Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep
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imaginedreamwrite · 4 days ago
Baby Girl: Part 12
“She would certainly be a fearsome thing to behold.” You were amazed, you were blown away by the simplicity of the tattoo, yet it was amazing. It was beautiful.
The quote was black and white and written in cursive on your left shoulder with three red petals and three blue on the other side, a nod to Steve and Bucky, who were your rocks, your strongest supporters, as well as your soulmates.
“I love it.” You beamed, a bright and excited smile on your face as you gazed at the tattoo before the artist put the covering on. “I already want another one.”
“Sweetie,” Natasha crooned with her arms crossed over her chest, “you should let the first one heal before you think about getting a second.”
You shrugged and kept your back turned so the artist could place the covering over, something that wouldn’t have to be taken off or changed until the tattoo was completely healed, which according to him, would be 2 to 3 weeks before it could come off.
“How much do I owe you?” You kept as still as possible, questioning your tattoo artist when he placed the final piece of tape over the edge of the covering.
“Your boyfriend paid for it,” he stepped away and moved to a plastic storage compartment near the stand holding all the different colours of ink.
“Boyfriend?” You glanced at Nat.
“Bucky. Wired the money over a couple of minutes ago.” Nat leaned against the wall of the tattoo parlour, only able to be with you when it was all done. “Though I’m guessing that you didn’t officially make your relationship a thing?”
You chewed the inside of your cheek as the coil in your stomach tightened. There was bursting warmth in your belly, the feeling of their phantom touches caressing your skin as if they were behind you whispering their sweet nothing promises into your ear.
You’d been intimate but not had sex with Steve. You’d cried on their shoulders multiple times but hadn’t labelled yourselves as being together. But you should.
“Have you said the three little words yet?” Natasha implored, raising one of her red eyebrows in curiosity.
“No,” you held the care sheet in your hands as the two of you left the shop, “but I do.”
“You love them?” Natasha didn’t sound surprised, but her statement ended in a question anyway.
“Of course. How couldn’t I love them? I’ve never met anyone who’s been so supportive and understanding.” You rubbed your hands against your jean shorts before you shoved them into your back pockets. “Steve and Bucky are my soulmates. It’s only natural that we’d fall into a relationship, but it doesn’t feel forced or like some twist of fate. It’s like being in love with Steve and Bucky is as easy and natural as breathing. It just inherently feels right.”
“No labels?” Natasha asked, opening the passenger’s side door of her car for you.
“We’re together. I guess their my boyfriends?” You pulled a face and shrugged. “I’m with them; they’re with me. Putting a label on it feels…wrong?”
“Or maybe you’re not used to being in a relationship that has a healthy balance and having a label on it feels too real?” Natasha suggested after starting the car and pulling away from the curb.
“My relationship with Peter wasn’t toxic.” You countered.
“It wasn’t healthy, honey.” Natasha stopped at a red light and looked your way, her green eyes sympathetic.
“Whether you want to admit it or not, you spent the better part of a year investing yourself into a relationship that ended the minute you caught sight of Steve and Bucky. Yet, you pushed. Peter wasn’t as invested in the relationship as you were, and he was ready to cut the cord. You held on. You pushed. You wanted it to work, and Peter was stringing you along. It might not be toxic, but it sure as hell wasn’t healthy.”
You supposed she was right. You assumed that your relationship with Peter was never ideal and was instead a coping mechanism for not being able to see colour or have your soulmates. Maybe it was nothing but a stand-in for something real. Perhaps you had dove too far into a relationship that was never worth saving, that would never pan out in the end.
“I love them, Natasha.” You were of clear mind, spirit and heart. You were speaking from a place of clarity that was deep and true. “If they asked the question-“
“The question,” Natasha preened with happiness for you and excitement, “that is THE question?”
“I would say yes. Immediately. I know we haven’t been dating long, but I have never felt secure and cared for. I’ve never been so sure of myself.”
“You’d say yes.”
“I would say yes even if I had nothing to offer.”
** **
Natasha walked off the elevator and down the few short steps to get to the centre of the ‘party room’ that the few avengers who weren’t on missions were hanging out in. As they sat on the circular couches, with drinks in their hands, Natasha plopped down on Bucky’s lap with her arm wrapped around his shoulders. As she sat, she looked over her left shoulder, casting her green-eyed gaze upon Steve, smirking pointedly at him.
“What, Nat?” Steve lifted his beer bottle to his lips and sipped on the barley ale in the dark glass, the foamy head of the beer hitting his lips first.
“Your girlfriend is a delight.” She cocked her head to the side. “She is a funny woman, full of humour and wit.”
“Yeah, and gorgeous.” Bucky agreed before he grabbed Natasha around the waist and moved her off his lap. “What’s the point?”
“The point,” Natasha readjusted her position before he reached forward and grabbed a shot with red coloured vodka inside the thick glass, “is that you should be thanking me.”
“For what?” Steve moved closer to Bucky, draping his arm across the back of the half-circular couch, his fingertips grazing Bucky’s right shoulder.
“For figuring out where your girlfriend wants to go for her birthday.” Natasha lift the shot to her parted lips and tipped her head back, swallowing the red-coloured vodka.
“I thought you were throwing your girlfriend a party, Cap?” Clint asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Tony offered to throw a party,” Bucky shift and pressed himself closer to Steve, his left shoulder pressed against his chest, “but Y/N doesn’t want a big party.”
“Gee,” Natasha spoke sarcastically, “I wonder why. Could it be because her ex-boyfriend is a little shit?”
“So what does the future Mrs. Barnes-Rogers wanna do for her birthday?” Clint asked, stretching out on the couch.
“After we got our tattoo, we went to this little place tucked into an alley near Times Square that has the best Italian food,” Natasha reached for another shot, “and little miss told me about this place in Finland. An ice hotel.”
“An ice hotel?” Steve’s blonde/brown eyes brows furrowed. “Really?”
“Don’t knock it, Rogers. If you saw pictures of the place, you’d be on the first plane out of here. It’s the kind of place that couples go to screw each other’s brains out in a romantic sense.” Natasha downed her second shot and placed the empty glass back on the coffee table. “The hotel is made of ice, or you can stay in glass igloos that have a nearly 365-degree view of the northern lights.”
“Y/N wants to go to an ice hotel?” Steve sounded incredulous.
“Y/N said she wanted to go to the hotel since she first saw pictures of it when she was 15.” Natasha crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head. “This place is romantic. I mean, they have private hot tubs, and fur blankets, secluded suites with private chefs.”
“Y/N is a young woman who is turning 21 and doesn’t want to go to Las Vegas but would rather spend her birthday trapped between two super soldiers in the cold, with nothing but their body heat to keep her warm.” Natasha licked her bottom lip, watching the revelation settle into the two men; the news that you wanted to give yourself to them under the northern lights was enough to make them book flights now.
“Unfortunately, the ice hotel doesn’t open until December 15th,” Nat informed the two, bouncing her leg up and down with her hands resting in her lap.
“Her birthday is the beginning of November.” Bucky bit his bottom lip.
“Take her there for Christmas,” Clint suggested, finishing his beer before reaching for another. “The kid has no family here. She doesn’t keep in contact with most of her extended family. Celebrate her birthday in November and take her to Finland for Christmas.”
“We could-“
“You should.” Natasha nods her head, green eyes studying the two soldiers. “It’s been a dream of hers to go. If you took her to this nice hotel for Christmas….”
“Nat, are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?”
She shrugged and remained silent with only a half-smirk as their answer.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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savemesomenachos · 4 days ago
Writing Update!!!
Since I’ll be doing the 200 followers drabble list for a short time (Undecided), I will be giving those drabbles priority. I have 2 pending fics in my ask box which I will complete at a later time but I have seen them. Thank you for all the love lovelies!!!🌸✨
You can find the link to my drabble list here
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist
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Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep
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savemesomenachos · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
*credits to gif owner*
So, I’ve hit 214 followers as of today and I’ve got so much love here😌 and so I’ve decided to have a prompt list to celebrate my 200+ followers!!!!!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 (limited time)
Tumblr media
AN: These will all be reader inserts!!! EVERYTHING IS 18+, minors DNI
Characters I will write for:
Bucky Barnes
Steve Rogers
You can choose 1 or 2 prompts from any 2 genres at a time only.
While sending your request, you can refer to the prompt with the name of the genre and the number. E.g., Fluff #1, Angst #5
Likes & Reblogs are not compulsory but would be thoroughly appreciated!🤌🏽💋
The same is with feedback. It’s one of the most important things to a writer coz it does help me write other stuff and improve.
Drabbles will be between 500-1000 words depending on my motivation🤷🏽‍♀️
It might take some time for me to reply but I will eventually!!!!
Anons are welcome to request stuff too!!!
If you want to be tagged in the Drabble or my permanent taglist, specify which taglist you want to be in and drop your username in the request.
There will be prompts for fluff, angst and smut down below.
Credits to @creativepromptsforwriting for all the lovelllyyyy promptssss!!!!
1.A-“Stop staring at me to distract me!”
B- “Oh, I’m not staring at you to distract you.”
2.A - “Why are you blinking like that with your eyes? Is everything ok?”
B- “That was supposed to be a wink!”
3.A- "Wow, I never thought you'd be stupid enough to try and do this.”
B- "Well, you're here with me, so that makes you stupid too.”
4.“You’re saying that you’re only attracted to someone’s brain, but I totally caught you checking out my butt.”
5.A- “You’re smarter than you look.” 
B- “Is that a compliment for my intelligence or an insult for my looks?”
6.A- “You flirt in the most awkward situations.” 
B- “You know you love it.”
7.A- “Are you trying to flirt with me?” 
B- “Yes. Is it working?”
1. “Is everything a joke to you?”
2. “It’s my fault, I didn’t listen to everyone saying this would be a mistake!”
3. “Why does everything have to be a struggle with you?”
4. “I can’t believe you sometimes!”
5. “Maybe you should just leave now.”
6. “Stop! Just stop it!”
7. “Maybe, this is it coz I can’t do this anymore!”
1. “Stop looking at me like that or my knees will not hold me any longer.”
2. “My tongue still remembers the way you taste.”
3. “Jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you.”
4. “Oh no, there is only one bed, what will we do now?”
5. “Later you will definitely need to tell me where you learned this.”
6. “I want to please you.”
7. “Your hand feels much better than my own.”
Tumblr media
*credits to the gif owner*
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Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep
The link to my main Masterlist is here.
If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here.
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zellington · 6 days ago
Can we just appreciate the authors @navybrat817 , @bucksfucks and @bunkerbucky please? They’re all the most talented incredible humans and I’m at the pub right now like 6 tequila shots and a few double vod crans down appreciating their mfing genius to my friends who are vanilla af and I just 🤷‍♀️
Just absolute love to these incredible human (possibly?) individuals, yea?
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starlight-rogers · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
As we all know, our Boston cream meatball is turning 40 in a few days (tomorrow for me bc I'm in Australia) so to celebrate I'm hosting my very first sleepover on this blog!
You can start sending in your requests now! I will be accepting requests up until 11PM AEST on June 13th. You can send in anything you like for Chris or his characters, any nasty asks you want written, fic ideas, drabbles, or just whatever filth enters your mind haha.
I'll also be releasing a new fic, titled 'Birthday Present' at 12PM AEST on June 13th, which is arguably one of the filthiest things I've written, so buckle up for that one.
Hope to see you all at the sleepover celebration!
Ps. Obvs this - like everything else on this blog - will be an 18+ sleepover. Minors can kindly fuck off, we don't want you here.
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savemesomenachos · 7 days ago
I'm not trying to be annoying or anythinh but the Stucky x Reader fic where they're sick is confusing to me since in canon the Super Soldier Serum makes them immune to ever single disease and virus in existence I'm pretty sure. Just letting you know in case you didn't or forgot to mention that its different from canon :/
Not annoying at all nonnie. I totally get what you’re saying but I think it’s really fun to imagine how they would be if they did get sick (which unfortunately, they can’t). I did forget to mention that its non-canon but now that you’ve bought this up, I will.
Sick! Stucky is def NON-CANON coz it’s impossible for them to get sick and it's just fun to imagine🤷🏽‍♀️🌸
You can find the link to that fic series here.
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here.
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Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep
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savemesomenachos · 8 days ago
Hey!!! So some college stuff came up and I’ve been busy with that for a while. My exams have officially been cancelled and I’m just waiting on the evaluation scheme. Until then I’m gonna be totally free.
I know I’ve been really slow at working through my requests but I’m trying my best. To those that did send me requests, I’ve seen them and I love them and I’ll be writing them in the coming weeks.
Thanks for all the love guys!! In the meantime, read my latest fic - Show Me How
@julyvegan @tenaciousperfectionunknown @mysweetlittledesire @bbl32 @noshame-bb @cece5 @white-wolf1940 @marvelfansworld @jassiejj2118 @sohosteve @sia2raw @honeymarvel @hart-failure @Clints-worldavengers
Stucky - @spookyparadisesheep
If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here
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imaginedreamwrite · 8 days ago
Baby Girl: Part 11
Bucky tried to keep himself as quiet as possible as he came through the front door of their suite, his bag trailing behind him. As he crossed the threshold, with the sun long since set, casting the city in darkness save for the glow of the city lights even on time square.
He was under the assumption that Steve was sleeping and that you would be tucked into his side, waiting for the day Bucky would return. He expected you to be in bed, to be in the presence of Steve, giving him a chance to clean himself up and finish up some last-minute paperwork before coming to bed.
However, when he flicked on the kitchen light and heard an audible gasp, Bucky’s attention immediately fell to you. His attention was immediately fixed to you and the heavy tears rolling down your cheeks.
“Honey,” he crooned and came to your site immediately, “what’s wrong, my girl?”
You pressed your lips tightly together and turned your head; your blurry vision and your trembling body that shook with each sad cry, was pathetic at best. That was how you felt, pathetic.
“I tried talking to Peter,” you wiped your nose on the sleeve of his sweater, of Bucky’s sweater, your snot clinging to the ribbed sleeve ending, “I tried telling him.”
“Oh sweetie,” Bucky wrapped his arms around your waist, “I thought Steve talked you out of it?”
You nodded your head and sniffle. “I couldn’t let it go. I couldn’t…I couldn’t let that happen to him.”
“So you’re sitting in the dark by yourself?” Bucky asked, pulling you further into his side.
You turned your head and cried into his shoulder, your hands gripping the front of his shirt. You were trying to do what was right. You were trying to keep Peter from having his life screwed by his soulmate, and yet you were the one, in the end, that was still crying.
“I tried….” You mumbled, hot tears dripping onto his shirt, “I tried to tell him, and he…fuck.”
Bucky kisses your temple tenderly. He let his lips linger against you, and then he brushed your hair behind your ear. He continued the trail down your jawbone and your neck until they came upon the neckline of his sweater. His eyes searched your face, unspoken words on the tip of his tongue.
“I found him in the training room, and I cornered him. It weighed on me, this tremendous guilt that was like a horse pill stuck in the back of my throat. He was talking about it, Bucky. He was talking about how excited he was to have this baby.”
Bucky kept you close; he kept you tucked against him. He gave you as much comfort as he could give you while trying to control the irritation he felt at the kid, at the baby-avenger who thought he could run around nothing off to anyone he saw without facing the consequences. Bucky knew that it was just a side effect of him being a kid, a cocky little kid, but a kid nonetheless.
Yet, the comparison between you and Peter was like night and day.
“He called me a liar. Right to my face.” You sniffled and wiped your tears. “She turned it all around. She made me out to be the villain, and when I tried to tell him what she told me, he called me a manipulator.”
Bucky listened to you talk about Peter. He kept you close to him, and he listened to your pour your heart out, talking your frustrations down. He listened to you and offered you comfort when you needed it. He kept you against him, his arm offering you warmth and comfort while you let loose your emotions.
“I tried Bucky,” you mumbled, “I tried my damndest.”
“I know, honey.” Bucky edged closer to you, “you did what you could.”
There was silence, brief and fleeting. Bucky knew you were listening to his heartbeat, just as he was listening to the sound of your breathing and occasional sniffling.
“He hates me. And he blames me. He thinks I’m the reason why his soulmate is acting erratically.”
“You’ll be okay,” Bucky mumbled into your hair. “But you can’t be around him anymore. You have to stay away from him.”
“I mean it, sweetheart. Stay away from Peter. It’ll only cause you more stress. Promise me.”
“I…fine. Yes,” you agreed, “I’ll stay away from him.”
** **
He came in with a few new agents for a training session with Steve and Bucky. He went into the room with a look in his eyes that told them everything they needed to know. Peter had been told about his soulmate and cheating; you tried to say to him because you felt like you owed him in some sense, and Peter called you a liar.
He called you a manipulator who was trying to break him and his soulmate apart. Peter already knew he must’ve, and now he was projecting his anger into you.
His soulmate and relationship weren’t what it should be; it wasn’t what they wanted it to be. Peter wasn’t as happy with his soulmate as he thought he should’ve been. And now he was focusing that anger, and that blame on the one person he thought was responsible.
He cast his blame on the one person who would allow themselves to feel that guilt. And he knew that.
Peter was still a kid, not yet an adult, and he had a lot of growing up to do. He had a lot yet to learn, and part of that was taking responsibility for his actions instead of blaming others.
“We’re sparring,” Steve cast his gaze upon Peter, “bring your all. Parker! You’re switching off with Elliot and working with Bucky and me today.”
Steve watched him swallow; he watched his eyes flash with fear. He knew what he did, and he knew that this would be some form of punishment.
Peter punished you in his way by calling you a manipulator and filling you with guilt. Peter punished you when he called you a liar when he spoke such hate against you.
It wasn’t fair to you; it wasn’t fair that you had been spoken against with such venom, and he got away with nothing. You had been barraged by his anger, by his relationship that seemed so healthy.
It was a flaunt to you to make you feel shitty.
That was the kind of selfishness that Peter chose to dabble in.
“Mr. Barnes-“ Peter was thrown off his feet, slammed to the ground.
“You’re a distracted kid,” Bucky commented after landing a blow to Peter, catching him off guard again.
“If this has anything to do with Y/N-“ Peter was caught off guard again. This time by Steve.
“This has nothing to do with Y/N,” Steve knew that was a lie, “this has to do with your last mission. You took blows that should’ve missed.”
“I didn’t-“ Peter dodged bucky’s vibranium fist, rolling to the side. He stood and kicked back, landing one against Steve, throwing him back against the far wall with building intensity and power.
“You need to be aware of your surroundings, kid,” Bucky faked his approach, catching Peter in his attempt to block his attack. He grabbed his shoulder and pinched, bringing him to his knees. He saw Peter’s wrist when he had tried to get Bucky off him, twisting it behind his back.
“If this is about Y/N-“ Peter tried again, and again, he was caught off guard and taken by surprise.
“This isn’t about her,” Steve claimed when Peter broke from Bucky’s embrace and threw him off. He hit him with a force that sent him flying as Steve had. He descended upon Steve, throwing punches with the same strength and desire to prove himself to the two soldiers.
“I don’t believe you!” Peter swung his foot, clipping Steve’s jaw. “You’re doing this because of her-!”
“She wasn’t lying to ya, kid.” Bucky ripped Peter away from Steve. “We saw the scans ourselves. We saw the footage through the security feed. She said it herself.” Steve tried to reason with him; he tried to get through to Peter.
“She wouldn’t have cheated on me. My soulmate-“
“You’re in denial.” Bucky landed a punch to his gut. “And you’re blaming Y/N for something she didn’t do.”
“I am not-”
“Y/N isn’t lying to you, kid. If you think she is-”
“That’s my kid.”
“Than we gave nothing else to say to you.” Steve stood and places his hands on his hips. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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agentofbarnes · 8 days ago
Im so in love with the stucky trio/ trinity au 🥺🥺🥺 The relationship development you’ve done is so sweet!! can I request a prompt for them specifically?? Maybe fluff #2 and sarcastic/fun #34ab?? 🤞🙏🙏
panties — stucky
summary | steve is a little shit, but you and bucky love him anyway.
warnings | poorly written smut, it’s rushed idk, cockwarming, mentions of oral, panty stealing, public sex, creampies, bruises (steve tends to be a little rough and leaves marks)
prompts :
2. “I love you. You enormously stubborn pain in the ass.”
34. A: “You’re an idiot.”
B: “But I’m your idiot.”
Tumblr media
“Steven Grant Rogers, give me back my panties right now,”You warned, voices echoing all the way from corridor to the kitchen where Bucky was sharing lunch with Sam and Joaquín. It had been Steve’s idea for Bucky to bond more with people who were important to the two of you. Joaquín Torres was your best friend, a man you had met working with Sam and Steve that the former had taken under his wing. The younger man had just moved into the facility, taking the room across from Sam’s and next to yours.
It was very important to you and Steve that Bucky got to know your friends, which is what he was doing when Steve seemingly stole your panties.
“Oh dear god,”Sam cursed, looking at Bucky pointedly.
“What’s happening?”Joaquín asked curiously, still very new to the whole situation of the poly relationship.
“My boyfriend and girlfriend are getting up to no good,”Bucky answered nonchalantly.”Can’t ever leave them alone, they tend to start trouble.”
“Now, that is something we can agree on,”Sam said, chuckling slightly,”Get used to it, Torres. They are insatiable and unashamed.”
“Should you go check on them?”The younger man asked, but Bucky shrugged.
“They’ll come to me, just watch.”
What happened was that Steve had come into your room, looking for some affection when you had slipped on the new dress that you got for Bucky and him to see. He couldn’t help but spread his hands over your ass and pulling the cute pastel panties from your legs. He had spread your thighs out, buried his face between your legs happily. He told you he was getting you ready for Buck because the second he saw that dress, he’d want his cock stretching your cunt until you were whining for more.
When Steve had pulled away from you, he didn’t get the panties back, stuffing them in his pocket with a teasing smirk.
That’s when you begged him to give you your panties back,”C’mon, Steve, give ‘em back.”
“Not gonna need when Bucky has you bent over the couch,”Steve teased, making you playfully hit his chest.
“Maybe he’ll bend you over the couch, huh? Why is always me gettin’ fucked?”
“Hey, I get fucked,”Steve told you,”Literally last night, remember?” Another smirk came on his lips, grabbing your waist and squeezing. You whined at the feeling, his hands massaging the sore bruises he had left the night before,”Or did you forget how you sat on my cock while Buck fucked, bunny? Surely your memory isn’t that bad.”
Yes, you did remember, vividly, actually. Bucky had been pressed against your back, rocking into Steve who was absolutely mess of pleasure with both of you stimulating him in all ways. Steve hadn’t been able to hold himself back, his hands tight around your hips to the point that his crushing grip had left slight hand prints on your skin.
Steve lifted your skirt, admiring the bruised skin that he knew you liked so much. Bucky always told him he needed to be more gentle, but you liked the pain.
“‘m sorry, are you really sore?”Steve asked, actual concern now in his voice when he realized how bad he had bruised you.
“I’m fine, don’t be ridiculous.”
“I’m not being—did I hurt you bad? Do I need to ease up?”
“No,”You told him,”I like how needy you get, how want me so bad that you can’t help but lose control. I like how it feels, and I love how it looks.”
“It does look so fucking hot,”Steve murmured, kissing your shoulder and tracing the bruises with a blush on his face.”I love marking you, letting everyone know who you belong to.”
“You’re an idiot.”
“But I’m your idiot.”
“Yeah, you are,”You murmured, kissing his lips gently before pulling out of his grip,”I miss my other idiot, let’s go find him.”
Steve intertwined your hands, pulling you along with him till you found Bucky in the kitchen.
“Jamie, we miss you,”You complained, a smirk displayed on your lips.”You take so long to eat.”
“Sorry, I like to take my time with things so sweet, peaches,”Bucky chuckled, making Sam roll his eyes and motioned for Torres to help him with the dishes.”You two causing trouble?”
“No...”Steve murmured, resulting in Bucky shaking his head.
“Yeah, because I think both of you were having a little too much fun without me,”He teased, looking between the two of you darkly. Bucky leaned forward, his fingers clutching the fabric of your dress. His hands danced up your hip to find Steve had no given you you ur panties back.”No panties?”
You shivered are his low whispered, shaking your head and looking at Steve.”He was too stubborn to give them back.”
Bucky smirked, licking his lips before pressing a kiss into his lips. Steve slipped the pastel panties from his pocket into Bucky’s hands teasingly, making his groan quietly and his cock twitch in his pants. He glared at Steve’s antics, glancing at the company in the room. Bucky breathed out,”I love you, you enormous pain in my ass, but you’re gonna regret getting me hard when you know I can’t fuck either of you right now.”
You giggled at that,”Oooh, somebody’s in trouble,”You teased Steve, but felt Bucky’s hand on your waist.
He pulled you against his body,”You aren’t any better, wearing this fucking dress...”
“You guys ready for the movie?”Sam interrupted, holding up the dvd for Harry Potter. Apparently, it was a must see for popular culture.
“Yeah, we are,”Bucky answered, taking the couch with with the two you. Except he pulled you on his lap, sharing a blanket with all three of you.
“What are you doing?”Steve asked very quietly as the movie began to plan and Bucky seemed to be moving your hips.
“This dress is driving me crazy,”Bucky admitted, his hard cock discretely trying to push his thick cock into your clenching cunt. Your hands balled up the fabric on Bucky’s shirt while the brunette slung his arm around Steve.
“Fuck,”You whispered, making Bucky squeeze your thigh to be quiet.
“You’re gonna sit still and watch this movie, okay?”Bucky rasped into your ear as you felt Steve leaned into both of your bodies, his hand resting on your thigh.
“Yes, sir,”You murmured, back pressed into Steve and Bucky as you tried to keep quiet with your cunt stretched by the length of his cock. Luckily, the room was dark and big. The two friends of yours were completely immersed and the surround sound worked in your advantage.
You had slowly moved your hips, not able to keep yourself from trying to fuck your self of his big cock. “Careful,”Bucky huffed into your neck,”Don’t wanna get caught, do you?”
You shook your head, holding back a gasp when you felt Steve’s touch teasing at you. You were soaking his cock, feeling so full and needy.
It had been an hour of you squeezing his cock and Steve slowly teasing at your clit before Bucky couldn’t take it anymore, spilling inside of you impulsively. He breathed out quietly, making Steve cover his own mouth to suppress a moan.
You thought it was over, the risk of being caught made your body feel tingly. But it seemed Bucky had other plans, his metal hand dipping into Steve’s trousers and pulling him out under the big blanket.
“Cuddle with Steve, peaches,”Bucky said,”’m too hot.”
You nodded, moving over to Steve’s thick thighs innocently. Your body quivered under his touch, feeling his thick member pressing inside your sensitive pussy. Steve nearly came just from how easy you seemed to sink down him with Bucky’s cum lubricating his cock.
His hands carefully grasp your hips, pulling you back into his chest while Bucky smirked.”That’s it, bunny,”Steve whispered into your ear.”Feels so good.”
“Quiet,”Bucky warned.
So, Steve shut up, slightly moving your hips against his cock until he painted your already dripping cunt with his cum. Your whole body vibrated with pleasure, small gasps falling from your lips which Bucky quickly swallowed by kissing you innocently.
It was only now that you were leaking with their mixed cum that Steve slipped your pretty panties over your thighs. You kissed both their cheeks, settling between them happily. They both wrapped arms around you, making you sigh out peacefully.
Yeah, Steve and Bucky tended be horny idiots when it came to you, but god, you loved them so much.
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