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#chris hemsworth smut drabble
darklydeliciousdesires · 32 minutes ago
Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Twenty Four.
Tumblr media
Word count - 2,798
Warnings - Graphic violence
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @longlostinanotherworld @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan @dumb-ass-writer​ (Tag list is open! Please DM to be added!)
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“Wake up, you pig bitch. Wake up properly, that’s it. I want you to be fully aware of everything I’m going to do to you. Who’s in charge now, huh, white devil?”
Thrashing wildly, she just about managed to land a foot in Uzoma’s crotch, trying to spit out the cloth that was stuffing her mouth, screaming through the muffle, panic flooding her when she realised her wrists were cuffed.
Her wrists were cuffed.  
She was on a bed.  
No. Not again.
“I will enjoy every last second of this.” Punching her hard in the eye, his hands then grasped around her throat, one slipping to open her shorts. “Maybe I choke you too, huh? Slap you awake again when you pass out, like this.” Hitting her hard across the face, the sting smacked her cheek. “But first, I take the part of you I will ruin before I slit your throat.”  
Panic, rage and horror flooded her wildly as she thrashed against him, his hand intruding into her shorts, trying to tug them down and defend himself from her kicks at the same time, Ayo standing in the corner, looking like he was enjoying every moment of it, but at the same time, his face was passive, like he’d seen it a million times before. It was his eyes that glittered with interest.
No. She couldn’t let this happen to her twice.  
It wouldn’t either, for it took just two moments between her brain paralysing her legs in fear and the door flying open for Tyler to appear, Oba behind him. Ayo made a run towards him, gun primed, but he wasn’t quick enough. He also didn’t bank on the stone-cold effectiveness of a man whose beloved had been taken from him, Tyler shooting him straight between the eyes without a flicker of hesitation. No one harmed his Lil.  
Turning his attention towards Uzoma, Liliya had never witnessed rage like it, azure blue eyes locked upon him, venom pulsing, Tyler eyeing him with all the danger and power of a lion about to strike a helpless gazelle. “You’re in trouble now.”  
Those words, delivered in little more than a quiet rumble, were the precursor to Uzoma being clutched around his neck and literally thrown against the wall, Tyler advancing on him to repeatedly administer his boot into his stomach, ribs and face. “I’d threaten you here, tell you that if you harm a hair on her head again, all this and more would befall you, but I won’t. You touched her once, that’s all it took. Now you’ll die for it.”
While Tyler continued to kick the life out of him, Oba assisted Liliya, pulling the scarf from her mouth, watching her point at Ayo’s body. “Cuff keys. In his front pocket.”  
Scattering back, he turned his former boss’s cadaver over, fishing in the swathes of denim until his fingers met the cold metal, taking them out and rushing to unlock the cuffs. “Are you alright, can I do anything?” He was surprised when the first thing she did was put her arms around him, hugging him tightly.  
“You saved me, you didn’t have to go and fetch Tyler, but you did. Go and pack your things, quickly. We’re taking you with us.” He smiled and nodded, racing from the room, Liliya swinging her feet down and taking a few deep breaths before she stood up, Tyler still kicking a by now very bloody and battered Uzoma.  
Seeing her stand out of the corner of his eye, he ceased, moving to her in an instant. “Do you want to do it, or shall I?” Even so fuelled by blind rage, he hadn’t wanted to stop until he’d literally kicked the life from the man who’d attempted to rape the love of his life, he knew Liliya was the kind of woman who might want the chance to do so herself.  
Wordlessly, she pulled his knife from the carry case on his belt, flicking it open before walking to Uzoma. She grabbed his wrist and dragged him onto his back, straddling him to crouch just above his chest.  
“I will show you no fear,” he gasped, face mangled, blood pouring from his mouth.
“I don’t care what you will or won’t show me. The only thing I am interested in is watching the light fade from your eyes. I am only regretful that I couldn’t make you suffer longer.” Pressing the knife down over his heart, she forced it through his chest, Uzoma grunting his last breaths ragged and laboured as Liliya watched, face completely devoid of emotion, waiting for his eyes to fix in the glaze of death.  
“You had it coming.” Spitting in his face, she then stood up, wiping the knife on his shirt before returning it to Tyler, letting out a long sigh as he put his arms around her.  
“Are you alright?” He knew the tremors he felt wracking her back had nothing to do with alcohol withdrawal. As soon as he’d focused upon her after killing Ayo, he’d seen the terror in her eyes.  
“I am at the moment. Adrenaline helps, but I doubt I will be when it hits me properly,” she told him, kissing the centre of his chest.  
“I’ll be right there when it does. Come on, brave girl. We need to move. Love you,” he spoke, kissing her head. He knew it would have brought back a world of trauma for her, being cuffed to a bed, Uzoma’s intent just as barbaric as what had happened to her just over four and a half years ago. All he could do was be her rock when it did hit her fully.  
“I love you too. You’re right, let’s get the fuck out of here. Don’t worry, I’m okay.” They made a start to leave the room, Liliya suddenly pausing, taking her phone from her back pocket and snapping a picture of Ayo’s corpse. “We will have his entire crew after us once they find the bodies. We may need leverage along the way and there is one person who will likely give us that, should we need assistance.”
“Snake Head?”
“Precisely. Although I hope we don’t need to.” It went very much without saying that their trust was at zero in capacity at that moment, running from the scene and collecting their belongings before wading through the water, Oba appearing with a sack slung over his back, ammo around his body and an AK-47 over his shoulder.  
“Grenade?” Liliya asked, suddenly heaving.  
“I’ll go. You get your throwing up in before we have to move quickly.”  
“Causing a distraction?” Oba asked, Liliya nodding before turning to vomit. She retched a couple more times, managing another deposit before catching her breath, Tyler running from the bathroom just before an almighty boom sounded, the grenade blowing through the water to the side of the compound.  
Looking around the wall, Oba made a motion with his hand that the way was clear, watching the gate guards run off. “Go, now. Open the gate, I’ll bring the pickup around. I swiped Ayo’s keys.”  
They carefully moved out from the cover of the building, Tyler providing the armed cover while Liliya waded over to the gate, pulling the sliding bar across to facilitate the huge structure to part, opening inwards and offering the perfect cover for them to hide behind, Oba driving the Mitsubishi around.  
Throwing their bags in the back, Tyler sat up front while Lilya took the rear of the double seated cab, “Luckily this one has a full tank. He doesn’t use it much, even less now.” Oba snorted, laughing softly and looking relieved. He was free, at last. Sadly, he and his new friends were not clear, though.  
Liliya saw them first, opening her window and taking aim, peppering the oncoming men who ran after them from the compound with bullets, ducking when one appeared over the perimeter wall, tattooing the side of the pickup with a hail of machine gun fire. Oba jammed the gears into third, making the engine work hard to get through the water, the huge wheels sliding as the churned-up mud beneath the water offered little in the way of traction.
“Come on, do not get stuck now!” He hissed, his heart leaping against his ribcage. “Liliya, if you feel sick, I have packed refuse bags for you to use. Easier than a bucket when we are on the move.” She hadn’t even thought of that. Oba was, as ever, hugely resourceful. She felt more compelled to bring the fire fight in that moment, the remaining men running back, likely to retrieve a vehicle in order to give chase.  
“I propose we avoid the main drag, lose them in the side roads. It will mean we have to go slower because the drainage is always poorer, but we will hopefully remain out of sight from any of Ayo’s crew out and about. Those vehicles you are looking for are the white and green pickup trucks. They’ll be together too, easier to spot,” he told Tyler, swinging left down a small street that was utterly flooded out.  
“Where are we headed?”  
“The border. If we can cross into Benin tonight, it would be better than remaining within Nigeria. Either way, my former crew will likely not give up without a fight as soon as they realise Ayo is dead. He always told them to watch out for me leaving, I know that he did, hence the guards now giving chase without knowing of what we did. My life truly was not my own there. Thanks to you two, it now is.” He smiled, reaching to grip Tyler’s shoulder before turning again, the truck splashing through the labyrinth of side roads. “This way, we get to higher ground also. The main streets are all low lying.”  
“How you doing back there, baby?”
“Okay for now.” She spoke much too soon, not having time to retrieve a bag from Oba’s sack and instead, opting to hang out of the window to vomit instead. “Alright, that has to be my stomach empty now. If I can just dry heave for a while, I will take that.” Reaching over the seat, he pressed his hand to thigh, Liliya stroking his forearm as he smiled at her.  
“Imagine the stories we’ll have to tell the kid one day, huh?”  
“We will have to censor about seventy percent!” Those words made him laugh softly, agreeing that was the truth. He was glad to see her smiling, even amidst the perilous situation they were a part of, after what had almost happened to her as well. She was fighting to hold herself together and once she came down, it’d likely hit her hard. He’d be there to help her landing be as soft as possible, though.  
“Oba, they just turned around the last bend they took. The guy who guards the gates is hanging out of the window, people must be telling him which way we went,” she spoke after checking behind the truck, seeing the front of a white one coming into view, the unmistakable smiley face t shirt she’d noticed the gate guard wearing earlier catching her eye.
“We need to lose this vehicle, but fuck, it is perfect to get through this flooding. I am in a quagmire, friends. Do we proceed, or go on foot?” he asked, turning again and hitting a patch well drained, flooring it and speeding down the streets, women shouting at him as he splashed them.  
“Keep the truck, you’re right it is perfect. Lil and I can shoot at them as soon as they gain any real ground upon us.” Oba nodded, turning again. They hit a lucky break with another relatively clear street, but of course, this meant their tail would too, the white pickup gaining on them.  
Tyler readied himself, loading a new clip into the AK he held, rolling down the window. “You take the right, I’ll go left.” Liliya nodded, moving back to behind Oba, pulling herself out of the window and taking aim. While Tyler attempted to take out the driver, Liliya had another target in mind, firing directly at the engine without pause. If the radiator blew, they had no transport.  
“Keep straight, Oba.” He called back into the vehicle, firing continuously until finally, his effort paid off. The driver succumbing to the hail of bullets, ploughed off the road into a building, the car totalled.  
“You are a mean shot as ever, big man,” Liliya praised him leaning over the seat and kissing him, Oba offering a fist bump.  
For that moment, they were unpursued, free to put as much distance as they could between themselves and Lagos. Once out of the main drag of the downtown area, they stopped to stock up on provisions, hitting the road once more.  
While they travelled, Liliya made good use of the bags, wondering if once she’d gotten to a week, her sickness might calm down more. Six days in and it was reducing, but still, she suffered. She’d read that it could be up to two weeks, but that some people began to find their stomachs settle after the first seven days of dying out. As she threw up again in the refuse bag, she prayed it would be the latter.
“You’re shaky,” she observed later as they drove through the evening, Oba taking a nap in the back, the sun a giant, red ball upon the horizon. It was truly beautiful.
“I haven’t had a drink today. As soon as I can, I’m stopping the pills too. It isn’t fair that you go through all of this and I remain as someone with dependency issues. It’s time I pulled my head out of my arse.” He looked across at her fleetingly, noting the expression of worry on her face.
“Are you sure that now is the right time? From the booze alone, we’re talking a period of up to two weeks for the nausea to stop. Mix that with opioid withdrawal and honestly, you’re going to be putting yourself through hell,” she reminded him, Tyler squeezing her hand where it rested on his forearm.  
“I’ve been cutting my dosages down, so I think I should be able to hack it. I’ve looked into it and I’m looking at a week of suffering, so if we can hole up in a hotel somewhere so I can dry out, then I should be okay to continue travelling only suffering the less hellish side effects of withdrawal.”  
As she topped up her fluids, glugging back one of the many bottles of water they’d stopped to purchase, she remained unconvinced. It must have showed, too. “You know, I thought I could at least count on you, my girlfriend of all people, to support my decision.” He muttered dryly.
“I do support you,” she began.
“Yeah? Tell your face that.”
“Tyler, I’m just not sure you’ve thought this through, how sick you’re going to be. What if we have to move on while you’re halfway through withdrawal? Can you even do it without medical assistance?” She asked, wanting to be rational in the face of what she considered to be a very gung-ho attitude.  
“At the dose I’m on now, it’s doable.” Was he kidding himself, she wondered? Perhaps in denial over it so he could forge ahead and tackle ceasing the habit head on? It made her feel a little guilty too, knowing it was her he was doing it for. Her and the baby. He’d surprisingly been okay on a lower dose so far, but stopping entirely would be a completely different matter.  
“I just...” She paused, thinking carefully. “I have faith in you, I’m here for you, but I don’t want you to rush yourself through a process that might not be definable by a definite time period, when truly, time is what we might not have. Maybe it might be better to wean yourself, make it more gradual, so you don’t crash headlong into the ravages of withdrawal.”
He tilted his head slightly and shrugged, a tactic Liliya recognised he resorted to when he knew he was wrong, but wasn’t ready to admit to it. She left it, taking advantage of a moment of not feeling like death warmed up as she continued to sip her water, looking out over the horizon.  
He was being cavalier because of what she knew he feared most; being an addict still when the baby was born. Tyler was utterly hellbent on being a better father this time around, so much so that listening to reason wasn’t on his wavelength. By the time he did begin the process though, he’d soon wish that it had of been.
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Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Twenty Three.
Big thanks to all of you who are still reading and supporting this story. It’s been such a joy to write and I’m glad it is being enjoyed so much. I certainly love the enthusiasm you all show for Tyler and Liliya together. I think they make a good pair, too ;) 
Tumblr media
Word count - 2,635
Warnings - Details of alcohol withdrawal
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @longlostinanotherworld @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan @dumb-ass-writer​ (Tag list is open! Please DM to be added!)
Previous chapters - One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten  Eleven  Twelve  Thirteen  Fourteen  Fifteen  Sixteen  Seventeen  Eighteen  Nineteen  Twenty  Twenty One  Twenty Two
“Stop slamming the fucking door!”  
“Turn off the light!”
“Stop touching me!”
“I don’t want to talk, just leave me the fuck alone!”  
“I’m not fucking hungry! Stop forcing me to eat!”
“Why are you taking more Oxy? That’s two more than usual!”  
“I’m taking more because, as you probably haven’t realised, I’m not drinking either, so attempting to offset the same symptoms you’re going through right now in myself by keeping dosed up.”
“Why would you even do that?”
“Because I’m trying to look after you, Lil. I thought it’d be supportive of you as well.”  
It took him every last ounce of patience not to snap back at her. He knew it wasn’t her fault, why she was so irritable, the withdrawal heading into its third day. According to what he’d read online, she’d be this sick for a while and, worryingly to him, ideally should have been doing her drying out under medical supervision.  
In the end, he became so concerned that harm may befall her, he spoke to Oba about trying to seek out medical assistance.  
“I did wonder, but I did not want to be rude and ask if it was a drinking problem also. I saw how much she drank when she first arrived, of course. She has done the right thing for the sake of the baby, though. As for getting her to a doctor, or a doctor here, I would not think possible. It has begun to get so treacherous out there that Ayo has paused all our comings and goings until the rain stops and the drains have chance to filter away the flood water again.”  
Those were words he was not too fond of hearing. Especially since her nightmares had begun to haunt her again and as such, she was too afraid to fall asleep. In short, she was an utter wreck and most of the time, he couldn’t even comfort her. She was snappy, surly, argumentative or just plain shut off from him. It made life very difficult.
It also filled him with his own dread about weaning himself off pills and booze. Telling Liliya that he’d stopped drinking in order to look after her, as well as a little gesture of solidarity, hadn’t been strictly true. At least four times a day, she drove him to sink a few shots of whatever alcohol he could lay his hands upon, usually rum, which Ayo had in good supply.
He’d always clean his teeth after though, so Liliya wouldn’t smell alcohol on his breath. He imagined that such would be nothing short of torture when all she craved at that point was the sweet kiss of numbness offered by booze. Sometimes, though, she’d be lulled by it, beaten down and upset, wanting nothing but him to hold her.
“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry I’m being such a bitch to you. It just feels so fucking awful,” she apologised, curling up next to him, her head in his lap. “I realise how horrid I must be to deal with. Just know that I appreciate you more than anything, taking such good care of me.”
“I know, it’s alright. I get it, you can’t help it. Do you feel any better at all today?” Stroking her hair, he watched as she wrapped her arms around his thigh, shuddering so hard, she vibrated the entire bed before moving quickly to throw up into the bucket. That part had been getting worse, the sickness.  
“No. I feel like utter shit. Whether we keep this baby or not, though, I think this is my wakeup call. I cannot go back to drinking now, after going through this even if we decide not to become parents. I suppose we’d better talk more about that soon, hadn’t we?” Sitting up again, she pushed the bucket away, turning to take the bottle of Lucozade passed to her, another purchase from Oba after he’d gone out prior to the roads becoming impassable.
“Yeah, we should. I don’t know what the hell else we can add to what we’ve already discussed, though,” he sighed, Liliya sipping her drink carefully. Lucozade and ginger biscuits. They were her sole diet, both of which she couldn’t keep down for very long, but they helped her feel a little less sickly and weak for a short time, at least.
“How about honesty? Honestly, do you want to become a father again, regardless of the fact our relationship is so brand new. Present circumstances aside, also,” she put to him.
“Yes, I do. I’m fucking terrified I’ll fuck it all up again, though.”
“Maybe this baby is your reason not to, now that you know how it felt to fail a child, how it haunts you. I’m not saying we should proceed for that sole reason alone, but perhaps, like me, they are your chance to clean up as well. Your reason to be better,” she spoke softly, taking a deep breath as she held a hand to her chest, praying to her stomach to stop lurching. “My reason to be better, too. We’re not bad people, we just have slight skewed moral compasses, being mercenaries. Hell, my pay out from the stone is enough money for us both to start afresh. Maybe we quit this life for our child?”
“What if we break up?”
“Then we share custody of the child and continue living better lives, just separate from one another.”
“Where will we live?”
“To be decided, I think. Let's see if we can get out of Africa alive first.”
“And you’d really be okay with being shackled to a fuck up like me for the rest of your life, whether we’re together or not? The kid will be our link there, of course.” Shaking her head, she moved to sit astride him, hugging him tight.  
“You are not a fuck up. You are a wonderful man who I love with my whole heart. This is why, no matter how soon, or how dangerous, the thought of aborting our baby makes me feel tremendously sad. He or she might not have been created from love, but that is what they will be born into. Who knows either? People who have been together for years and years and then have children break up all the time. Who’s to say we will just because we have only been with each other for a short time?”  
“You really want to keep it, don’t you?” She nodded, Tyler stroking her neck with his fingertips, leaning in close to kiss her forehead.  
“Then that’s what we’ll do. We’ll figure it all out. That’s what we’ve done so far. Now, for this fucking rain to stop so I can get you both out of here.” He stroked her tiny swollen bump, smiling up at her, Liliya covering his hand with hers and kissing him again. “I love you, Lil.”
“I love you too, big man.” She paused from kissing him, yawning, then granting him her lips.  
“Come on, curl up with me and try and get some sleep. If you have bad dreams, I’ll be right here, holding you tight.” He might have thought of himself as a fuck up, but in that moment Liliya counted her lucky stars for having a man as loving and patient with her as Tyler was while she went through such horrible withdrawal.  
She slept for two hours, Tyler dozing too as he listened to the sound of the rain pattering into the two feet of water already outside, hoping it would begin slowing at some point. He’d planned to head out in the dead of night on foot, return back up to the more populated part of Lagos which they’d passed on their way down, steal a suitable car for driving through flood water in and hit the road. Sadly, it was easier said than done.  
“What are you watching, baby?” Liliya asked, fanning herself with an old magazine she’d found while over in the communal area, finally at day five feeling like the sickness was beginning to subside a little. She’s read it could take up to two weeks for the severity to curtail, though.  
“How many men he has walking around up there. They weren’t here back when we arrived, but he’s paranoid now. They’re there for us, to keep us here, regardless of what he claims about his personal security. He anticipates that we’ll leave under the cover of darkness. There are two of them who take it in turns to walk around the upstairs balcony. They don’t see me, but I see them.” Looking through the crack in the top of the door, he watched them, never leaving their vantage point directly overlooking the room he and Liliya were in.  
“What do you propose?” With only one way out of the windowless room, it would make it difficult to escape undeterred. “Actually, I think I have an idea. Ayo knows I am ill, Oba telling him that brilliant lie that I have flu, so they are used to seeing me or you heading up and down the stairs at all hours to empty my sick bucket. One of us throws a grenade from the bathroom window to create a diversion and we sneak out that way.”
“We’d need to watch out for the guys who patrol the perimeter as well, but in theory, it’d work as long as it was flung far enough away from the compound.” Coming back over to her, he reached to stroke her face, glad to see a touch of colour had returned.  
He’d got her through the most immediately dangerous point of withdrawal, and while it wasn’t over yet, he hoped she’d seen the worst. However, as he sat down, she dived off the bed and expelled the contents of her stomach into the bucket.  He worried what it could be doing for the baby, not receiving much of a share of any food she ate since it came back up too quickly. If Liliya was beginning to look a little thin, then surely the foetus must be suffering too.  
“At least I have stopped shaking, but the sickness, oh god, it’s ridiculous. Two fucking weeks of this to endure, minimum? Then everything else that will continue to linger?” she then realised how monumentally selfish she was being at complaining. “It is worth it though, for you, little one.” She stroked her stomach lovingly, lying back down again after swilling her mouth with a sip of cola, Tyler bending to kiss the tiny swell of her belly.  
“I can’t wait until we can find somewhere for you to get checked properly, make sure everything is okay. When and where that’ll be, I have no fucking idea, though. Bearing that in mind, when do you think you’ll be up to travelling? I’m anxious to move as soon as possible, because it’s only a matter of time before Ayo finds out who we’re running from.  
“We’d be gunned down before we could even attempt to leave this room, he’d show no loyalty to Goran if he can profit from our deaths. Fuck knows how much we have on our heads now, a massive figure though, in all likeliness,” he shared, Liliya nodding.  
“When I have the vomiting under control a little. I still feel so damn weak and feeble at the moment. I cannot sum up any energy. I know I need to pull myself together, though. Shall we plan for two evening’s from now?” Looking at her, he knew that really, she needed about another week of rest, but it just wasn’t possible. “No, I can read the look on your face. We’ll go tomorrow. I’ll just have to get over it.”
“No, that’s not what I was thinking, Lil,” he began, taking her hand. “You need at least another week to be back on your feet properly, is what I thought, but we just can’t do it. That doesn’t mean we can’t wait an extra day, though.”
“I would rather move sooner. Being here is like living in a minefield. We’re waiting for it, the inevitable time we’ll be blown to pieces.” Even though weak, suffering and not at her best, she was still harder than iron. For that, he was immensely proud of her.  
They had all their items packed away by the following afternoon, ready to leave as soon as the sun began to set. Luckily, the rain had stopped, but still there was plenty of flood water under foot, meaning their escape would be marred by trying to run through it. Stealth would be impossible, but they couldn’t just wait it out.  
Although she still felt awful, every fibre of her body still in all out protest at being forced to function without alcohol, Liliya looked forward to moving on from there. Climbing the stairs to go and empty her bucket, she thought on a plethora of ways to attempt to return to the UK faster, wracking her brains as she poured away vomit, sighing at the length of the journey they had before them as she exited the bathroom.  
The pain that suddenly hit her in the back was staggering, her hand gripping the bucket before she let go, her body convulsing, muscles stiffening, a hand clasping over her mouth. She hadn’t been hit by a stun gun in a long time, but recognised it instantly as she flopped back against her assailant, Uzoma punching her in the head before dragging her along with him as she lost consciousness from the blow of his fist.  
“Watch the door. She pays for what she did to me. Let Ayo in shortly, he wants to watch before we shoot her and then take out her boyfriend. We have a very nice payment coming to us from the massive fuel company who want them both dead.”  
Watching Uzoma drag Liliya’s lifeless body inside, handcuffing her to the bed and stuffing her mouth with a scarf, Oba nodded obediently, waiting for his boss to join them. “If you see Tyler, you shoot him. We get this done quietly and split the cash three ways. This is why I waited until everyone else was gone, then us three profit more. Also, you can pay me my debt and then all is clear with us.” Ayo handed over a gun fitted with a silencer, patting his shoulder before he entered the room.
All he had to do to find freedom was stand there and wait. He knew exactly what Uzoma was going to do to her as well, he’d shame her, rape her and beat her before putting a bullet in her head, making her last moments on earth as miserable as he could in punishment for Liliya embarrassing him by beating him down so efficiently.  
Wait, and he was free. Wait and he could start his life again. All he had to do was wait.  
Hearing her come around within the room he guarded, Liliya screaming through her gag, he felt his heart wrench. They had been nice to him, they were going to be a family, they didn’t deserve to die in the dirt out in Lagos, where no one would recover their bodies and no one, other than those who were chasing them, would ever know how they had vanished off the face of the earth. No, they were his friends, no matter how new.  
Oba knew as his feet took him away from the door and propelled him down the stairs at a run towards where Tyler was, he was better than that. He could take his freedom right now and leave with them. His morality was perhaps the only thing Ayo was about to find out that his money could not buy.  
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Mouths, Utterly Incredible.
Thor oral drabble is here! I hope you guys like it, my broken down, over-stressed brain cannot judge whether it is even remotely arousing or not xD 
Tumblr media
Tagging the Real Housewives of Asgard xD 
Eating pussy, cunnilingus, going down, tonguing, whatever you want to call it, your boyfriend? He loves it. And yes, Thor is an absolute champion at indulging you with his mouth.  
He literally cannot get enough of you, the feel of your womanhood against his tongue, your scent, your taste, the way he loves to knead your boobs or squeeze your thighs within his big hands while his tongue licks the most divine warmth through you. He craves it all.  
He also loves to surprise you by burying his mouth between your legs whenever he can, too, often without it being a precursor to anything else. He’ll come along, crouch at your feet, remove your undies and feast. Once done, he’ll smile and let you continue with your day. It’s almost as if he doesn’t even do it for you any longer, but for him, how much he loves it. You? You’re his candy, you suppose. Not that you mind one bit.  
A perfect instance of this is when he finds you relaxing on the cushioned comfort of your window seat, curled up reading a book as the sun streams through the window, the scent from the many flowers you planted out in the garden filtering in through the open window, the fragrant blooms adding to the relaxed atmosphere.  
“Can I help you?” Raising an eyebrow at him over the pages of your book, you succeed in making Thor smile as he grabs your sweats, pulling them, your underwear and socks off, kneeling before you, taking in the beauty of your sex.  
“Yes, my love. You can lie back and enjoy yourself.” Of course, you know that this is exactly what will happen, Thor nearing his face to you, kissing your navel, his mouth descending slowly, the heat of his lips pressing lower, and lower, until...
“Ahh!” You gasp, the tip of his tongue teasing your slit, a tentative lick that makes you tingle instantly, his big hands pushing your thighs further apart, opening you up more to his adoring gaze as well as the ministrations of what can always be constituted as an eager tongue. Eagerness is not yet within the realms of his repertoire, though, still gently exploring you with the softest of touches, your slit bathed with warm delicacy.
You shift a little beneath him, vying for more purchase, Thor chuckling. “Patience.” You’re not sure how you’re meant to have any of that at all, knowing how proficient he is with his mouth. He knows exactly what he’s doing, escalating you in this way, your soft skin skimmed with fluttery licks until you begin to feel yourself clenching and growing wet with want, your tight little hole becoming dewy.  
“Ahh, there it is.” Flattening his tongue against your opening, he greedily tastes what he’s worked to evoke, like a bear dipping his mouth to a sweet honey pot. He drags it through your folds, tasting you keenly as you buck a little against his mouth, gasping at the sudden contact. That firm lick has you glimmering already, the warm flush of pleasure creeping through you, like vines growing and curling around your insides, flowers starting to bloom.
Your hands fist in his hair as he begins circling your clit, swirling licks making you pant, your tiny bundle swelling, his hot breaths adding to the stimulation as watches you writhe for him, sucking on you, his hands gripping your thighs. He’s more than the god of thunder to you. He’s also the god of ruining you with his mouth. 
He loves watching you lose control because of him, like right now as pleasure glimmers through you, hot circles being administered with relentless gusto, your pussy becoming tight and wet as he drives the need from you strongly.
He works your little bud back and forth with focused, unrelenting licks, his fingers pulling you open like a flower to make it stand out more, circling around and around as your legs quiver so much, it’s as if you have a chill. Whatever ice you feel, though, it’s chased by the pure fire his mouth conjures within.  
His beard adds delicious friction and contrast to the wet heat of his tongue dragging through your slick, sucking, kissing, licking, absolutely devouring your pussy, your hips rising as you undulate against each lick.  
The vacuum of his lips around your clit sends little shocks shooting up your spine as you pant and mewl, his fingertips leaving crescents upon your hips as he holds you steady, groaning gutturally around the mouthful of your cunt he sucks upon with ardent urgency.  
“Oh, Thor!” Your voice breaks as he goes back to flicking licks over your clit, increasing the pressure, panting against your soaking folds as your slick coats his hungry tongue.  
“Come on, my beauty. Cum for me.” Sparks skitter through you as each lick transports you further to your bliss, Thor eating you to your ruin with every ravenous stroke, groaning around you, sucking, flicking, moaning as he feels you further dampen his mouth. “Yes, that’s it. Come on.” He further encourages as you begin to cry out, yanking his hair and writhing, your body a mess as you shake, rushing towards it, almost...
There it is, the release that has you flying through a sky exploding with constellations, somewhere up in the deepest of space just like where your lover came from, your entire body glowing with the thrum of exquisiteness. You’re breathless and light headed, Thor tucking you back into your clothes, grinning and kissing your forehead before leaving you in peace.
“Enjoy your book.”
Enjoy your book? After that, you’re not sure if you even remember how to read!  
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Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Twenty Two.
Tumblr media
Word count - 2,073
Warnings - None
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @longlostinanotherworld @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan @dumb-ass-writer​ (Tag list is open! Please DM to be added!)
Previous chapters - One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten  Eleven  Twelve  Thirteen  Fourteen  Fifteen  Sixteen  Seventeen  Eighteen  Nineteen  Twenty  Twenty One
The sudden coolness offered by a large covering of cloud moving in front of the sun, coupled with a gentle breeze fluttering through the stifling heat made Tyler feel a little less hot and tightly would in that moment, taking a deep breath he slowly released from his nose, still watching the buffalo.  
While sitting there, he was aware of a couple of pickups entering the compound behind him, the only thing that stirred the peaceful silence around him until a few minutes later, someone’s footfalls approaching from behind.  
“You look like a man with the weight of the world upon his shoulders,” Oba commented, hoisting himself to sit next to him, pulling his cigarettes out and offering him one. “I’ve never seen you smoke, but I guess maybe you might need one.” He guessed correctly.  
“Something like that, mate.”  
“We are men both chased by demons rather than driven by them.” Oba’s words were always quite profound, he’d noticed.  
“What demons chase you, then?” He asked, curious.  
“How long do you have to hear me speak of them?”  
“Sounds ominous,” he snorted, laughing a little as he lit his cigarette, handing the lighter back to Oba. The sudden rush of nicotine delivered felt good, he felt himself calming down.  
How things were different from the last time he’d smoked, lying on the floor of an abandoned apartment, half dressed, in a haze from the kind of orgasm that had knocked him sideways. The one that had a fifty percent chance of being the moment his baby was conceived. His life, it was crazy.  
“I have as long as you need.” Although he sensed Oba to be different to the men he associated himself with, Tyler was still acting cautiously, with a guard up, everything he said calculated. He didn’t trust that perhaps Oba wasn’t attempting to feed information back to his boss. What he was about to learn would turn that notion on its head, though.  
“Today would have been my wife’s twenty-seventh birthday, had she lived past twenty-three,” he began, drawing hard on his cigarette, following Tyler’s line of vision out to the buffalo as he held the smoke deep in his lungs. “Her name was Zauna, which is darkly ironic since the meaning of her name is to be alive, and now she is gone. She died while giving birth to our first son, who also did not survive.”  
“Fuck, mate. That’s... fucking hell. I’m sorry, man.” Reaching out, he squeezed his shoulder, Oba nodding and patting his arm, his eyes a little glassy.  
“I appreciate that, Tyler. I did everything I could, even paid for private doctors to try and keep my son alive, but he followed his mother two weeks later. He was just too small to survive. No wife, no son and more debt than I knew how to get myself out of.” He sighed, rubbing his brow, amazed he’d revealed so much to the man he barely knew. He sensed it in him, though, that he was different. He wasn’t stone cold, the white man with the piercing eyes that reflected the kind of ghosts he knew his own held.  
At hearing his story, Tyler suddenly felt very inferior to Oba, a man who had done everything for his child when comparatively, he’d done little. Of course, he’d been there to hold his hand through Rowan’s first treatments, when the doctors still held hope they’d cure his lymphoma, but as soon as he’d been diagnosed as terminal, he’d ran.  
“I’ve heard all about Nigerian debt collectors. Those are the fellas I’ve seen around with hyenas on chains, aren’t they?” Tyler commented, Oba nodding.
“And Ayo. He has no hyenas though, just enough weight to crush those who owe him.” It took him a brief moment to realise it, that Oba was one who owed him. “I have been here for four years, since my beloved died, working off a debt I doubt will ever be paid. I know you do not trust him, my friend. You are right not to. He is not what he seems.”  
Although his senses told him to trust the man sat beside him, he still couldn’t discount that it might be a ruse in order to gain his trust. He’d need concrete evidence of Oba’s words prior to fully trusting him. “I want to get going soon. Honestly, do you think he’ll make it hard?” He asked, Oba nodding.
“He’ll try and keep you here, he’s keeping a close eye on you while he tries to gather information on you and Liliya. He doesn’t believe you are here because of being wanted by a cartel. Personally, it doesn’t matter to me either way, but if I were you, I’d leave sooner rather than later. Don’t leave on foot in the night, though. There are lions out there in the less built-up areas once you leave Lagos,” he warned, Tyler nodding.  
There it was. If Oba truly had any loyalty to his boss, he wouldn’t have confided that Ayo was digging deeper into them at present.  
“Why don’t you flee, get away from him, find a life that he doesn’t own?” He asked, taking a final drag on his cigarette before dropping it to the floor, grinding it out beneath his boot.  
“He’d find me and bring me back. Notice too, the way he is always around me. I never leave the compound without him.” Just then, as if to enforce his statement...
“Oba! I need you,” Ayo called from a distance, beckoning him back from where he’d come.  
“Heed my warning, Tyler.” Getting down, he went back to his boss, or rather his captor, Tyler shaking his head, feeling awful for Oba. It then hit him in waves, with his mind no longer distracted by the story of another, why he’d come out there in the first place.  
“Fuck.” Getting down from his perch, he walked back inside, finding Liliya still asleep. To occupy is mind, he stripped his t shirt off, beginning to do press ups and sit ups until his chest heaved and his skin glistened with sweat,  
“Now if that isn’t an absolutely glorious sight to wake up to, I don’t know what is,” she told him, turning onto her front, stretching and yawning. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, ish,” he admitted.
“I am ish too, so we match.” Moving to the end of the bed, she puckered her lips at him, Tyler moving over to grant the kisses she sought.  
“I found out something, though,” he revealed, before quietly whispering what Oba had told him, about Ayo looking into them. He didn’t trust that the walls might’ve had ears.  
“We should leave soon, I feel. You were right. We need to get out of here.” As they found, also as Oba had warned, it was easier said than done. However, it had nothing to do with Ayo and everything to do with the weather.
“Here, for the eventual flooding. It won’t stop now, not for a few days. The roads are already beginning to back up,” Oba told them the next evening, laying sandbags outside their room door, Tyler helping him arrange them properly to prevent the ingress of water. “One thing that is good which always comes with the storms, since we are a little more out in the open here, the lightning is incredible. You can see it bounce off the ground.”  
“Is it drivable, say in a 4x4?” he asked, having no idea how bad the flooding got out there.
“I should think so, but you won’t survive stealing from Ayo, unless you leave in the dead of the night and then, it’s dangerous, driving through flooded roads in heavy rain. I will help you all I can, though. As much as I am able. Is she okay?”
Looking over Tyler’s shoulder with concern, he saw Liliya, bundled in a blanket shaking like a leaf. Not drinking for over twenty-four hours was now starting to have the inevitable ugly effect; alcohol withdrawal.  
“She’s just a bit sick right now. She’ll be fine.” He assured him, just as she shouted ‘move!’ hurtling off the bed, heaving. Flying up the stairs, she ran for the bathroom, just about managing to skid to a halt and vomit into the toilet. The sickness had started about an hour ago, the hot and cold sweats and tremoring since that morning.  
She hadn’t been without even at least a small amount of alcohol in her system for a long time, and her body was letting its displeasure known at being forced to function without it. Sitting back on the floor, catching her breath, she felt thankful that at least her morning sickness period had cleared up. She had a feeling she’d be seeing the inside of a toilet bowl enough as she dried out.  
“Liliya, here. Save you having to run up here. Let me help you,” came the kindly voice of Oba from the door she hadn’t had time to shut, holding a large bucket as he approached and held out his hands. She took them, Oba hauling her up, placing a hand on her arm. “How far along are you? My late wife, she used to get the sickness too, at all times of the day when she was pregnant. She used to say it was mourning sickness, as in her body mourning her ability to keep food down.”  
“Late wife?” she asked, suddenly holding up her hand and then turning to the toilet again, bringing up more, Oba crouching to hold her hair back. “Thank you for being kind, too. Tyler is right, you’re not like them.”
He smiled, glad that these new people whom he found himself taking a genuine like to believed he was sincere. “You are welcome. And yes, late wife. She passed away in childbirth four years ago. I’m surprised you don’t know; I spoke of it to Tyler yesterday morning.”
“He is not a parrot, he doesn’t repeat everything he hears,” she gasped, retching again. “I’m sorry, too. That you lost her.”
“Thank you.” Once she felt like she wasn’t about to vomit again, she sat up, looking to the doorway and smiling to see Tyler there, unscrewing a cap from a bottle of water and handing it to her.  
“Thanks, Oba,” he extended with a nod.  
“I was just telling her that I recognise this from Zauna. I see now why you are extra eager to move, get away from here, if there is a child on the way. This is no place for you.” He nodded in reply, not wanting to disrespect Liliya’s privacy by revealing that the sickness was because she was beginning to withdraw from booze.
Neither of them revealed that the child he referred to might not be on the way either, that they were still deciding the fate of the very unexpected pregnancy. He left them to it, heading out on business with Ayo, the heavy rain not stopping the need to go out and collect protection money from local businesses.  
“Why would he turn on his boss, Oba?” she asked, taking off her vest top and shorts, suddenly feeling much too hot once they were back in their room.  
“Because he owes him a debt he doubts will ever be paid. I heard him tell you that he’d lost his wife, well, his son died too, but before that Oba borrowed money from Ayo for his care. As soon as the rain has stopped, we’re gone. Where to, I don’t know. I suppose we’ll know that when we decide whether we’re going to be parents or not.”
Being rained in had one advantage, it seemed. Plenty of time to do nothing but try and somehow decide the fate of what was currently growing within Liliya’s womb as she suffered from ceasing her drinking. As Tyler would discover, it wouldn’t be easy. She would be an utter nightmare to cope with, but at least he’d have a little help.  
“Here, a box of electrolyte powder for dehydration. Mix the sachets in water. I bought ginger biscuits too, because they help with the nausea.” Oba handed over the carrier bag after returning from his debt collecting endeavours, Tyler thanking him. At least one thing was certain. The burly man who had revealed himself to be an ally within the shark pool they currently resided truly was just that.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Equals you like...
Tumblr media
Y’all ready? @longlostinanotherworld​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @miss-smutty​ @skyfullofsong123​ @swaggysposts​ @a-little-counter-esperanto​ @lancsnerd​ @newlibrary​ @princessphilly​ @innerpaperexpertcloud​ @winchwm​
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miss-smutty · 6 days ago
Alternate Reality
A/N- it's here! Finally 🥵 that Thor and Chris Hemsworth Man-Sandwich I was telling you about, inspired by @mostly-marvel-musings Threesome Fic ⬅️⬅️
Summary- You don't care how or why it's happened but all of your dreams are about to come true when your boyfriend and his alternate universe clone are in the same room together.
Word count- 3,112k
Pairing- Chris Hemsworth X You X Thor
Warnings- Swearing, smut, smut and more smut
18+ only!
Posted: 14th June 2021
Taglist:- @innerpaperexpertcloud @pandaxnienke @chickensarentcheap @longlostinanotherworld @mostly-marvel-musings @darklydeliciousdesires
@swaggysposts @skyfullofsong123
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"What the actual…" Your trial of thought disappears as you watch the huge ring of light appear in the middle of your living room. Chris wraps his arms around you instinctively, as you both stare dumbfounded. The place on the other side of the ring looks different, where ever it was it definitely wasn't here. The funny thing is, you knew what these rings were and who was in control of them but how could that be? They're fictional characters from a movie your boyfriend starred in.
You're proved wrong, when the God of Thunder himself steps through the ring and into your dimension. The very same God of Thunder that Chris stars as, surely this is a dream conjured up by your sick imagination. The tall, broad God looks exactly the same as Chris with the exact same characteristics he portrayed in the movie. You pinch yourself just to check you weren't dreaming, screwing your eyes shut and opening them again a couple of times while Chris stares, completely lost for words.
"Is there something in your eyes?" Thor asks in the exact same voice you were expecting to hear, a look of amusement in his eyes at your reaction.
"Wait, what the fuck? You're real?" You ask.
"I am from an alternative Universe to yours, I have been sent here to gather information from you." Thor says nonchalantly, pulling his eyes away from you and looking to Chris.
"From me? But I'm just an actor, I don't even understand how this is real." Chris says, his eyes blown wide with shock.
"We want to know how the infinity war happened here so we can plan our moves and ultimately win."
"We, who's we?" 
"I have been sent by the Wizard, err I mean Doctor Strange."
"Of course you have, of course you're all real." Chris takes a minute to compose himself, running his hand through his hair and sighing heavily. "Fuck mate, you don't want to know how it worked out in the end." Chris paces the room, trying to make sense of everything that's happening.
"Yes we do, any information we can acquire may be able to help us defeat Thanos." 
"How do you know that it will play out the same way as it did in the movies?" Chris enquires, stopping on the spot to look at Thor.
"We don't but we are willing to try anything." You can see a note of anguish on Thor's face, knowing how the movie pans out you can take a guess at what he's thinking about.
"Y/N why are you so quiet?" Chris turns away from Thor, looking over at you sitting on the bed with your legs crossed.
"Just trying to focus my attention else where and not on the fact there's two of you stood right in front of me." 
"There's not two of us, this guys some sort of clone." 
"I believe I am a lot older than you, therefore you are the clone." Thor corrects Chris, looking rather happy with himself.
"Yeah you look it mate. You've got a lot more wrinkles around your eyes." You focus on the childish behaviour, hoping it would stop the images of the two of them running around your mind, naked. That maybe just maybe it would put you off slightly but who are you kidding? There's two of him, here in front of you and one of them is a literal god. You remember all the fantasies you had while Chris was filming Thor, begging him to bring his costume home so he could fuck you as Thor. Now the actual Thor is here as well as Chris, it couldn't get any better.
"Why don't you just slap your dicks out and measure them while you're at it." You slap your hand over your mouth, surprised that you'd actually spoken out loud. Both of them turning to look at you equally surprised.
"What?" You question innocently. "You can't tell me you're not at least a little bit curious to know if your cocks are the same size? I know I am." 
"I'd be more than happy to show you, my sweet." Thor mutters under his breath folding his arms across his chest and leaning against the door frame. His statement not quite going unnoticed by Chris when he glares at him before shooting daggers back at you.
"Are you enjoying this?" Chris asks, his voice oozing possessiveness.
"Oh, more than you'll ever know." You smile smugly. "You don't know how long I've had this actual fantasy, only it's not quite going how I planned." 
"You've fantasised about fucking other men?" 
"No not over men, just you… Times two." You shrug your shoulders.
"And how exactly does this fantasy play out in your mind?" They both look curious, forgetting about their arguments for a minute, Thor standing straight waiting intently.
"Do you really have to ask?" You say slyly feeling super confident and ready to make your move. I mean it's not everyday your going to be faced with this situation, you need to make the most of it. "Why don't I show you?" 
"I am not opposed to this." Thor perks up eagerly, puffing out his broad chest.
"You don't get a say." That death-glare aimed at Thor again "and I'm not quite sure how I feel about this." 
"Relax baby, it's not like big man over here is here to stay. It's a one time deal. Besides if you fulfil my fantasies I'll be more than happy to fulfil yours." Chris thinks about it for a second while you run your hands over his thick shoulders, loosening him up. You pull his face down to reach yours, open mouthed kisses taking away any thoughts he had.
You open one eye, spying Thor in your peripheral checking out your curves with a sly, lustful look in his eye. You catch his hand in yours pulling him behind you where he wastes no time wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you into him and planting wet kisses down the side of your neck. A tiny moan muttered into Chris' mouth makes his eyes flutter open. Anger flaring in his eyes at the sight of Thor's hands all over you.
"Listen, if we're doing this. I'm in charge. You got it, space punk?" Chris reaches over you to poke his finger in to Thor's chest.
"I think the lady should be in charge, not you nor I and she does not seem to be protesting against this." Thor turns you around to face him, one hand guiding your face to his open, eager lips.
"No, her lips are mine." Chris pulls you back from Thor, your lips still pursed needily.
"For fuck sake Chris, I am not an object. Listen, Chris I love you. Let's just play nice ok?" You grab their hands, pulling them both in front of you. The sight of them together makes you unwillingly gasp, your pussy clenching.
"Exactly." Thor smiles smugly.
"And Thor, stop winding him up. Let me take the lead." You reach up to kiss Chris first, making sure to satiate his jealousy while he wraps his arm around your lower back protectively. "Love you." You remind him before pulling away and moving to Thor.
Standing in front of the God of Thunder you search his face, trying to find any subtle differences. Apart from a couple of scars on Thor's face, they were identical. A slow smirk spreads across his face as he watches you, his hands twitching by his side, desperate to get a hold of you.
You move closer to him. Exploring his face with your hands before taking his bottom lip in your teeth, the seductive smile that appears makes your nervousness ebb away. Lust taking over as you kiss him deeply, finding that difference you were looking for. The kiss, not better and not worse just different. And the taste, he doesn't taste like Chris, he has an otherworldly taste you have never experienced before. It tastes like sin, like you're cheating and your stomach flips at the thought.
"Do you like what you see?" Thor asks after you pull away, not wanting to linger on the kiss for too long with Chris watching.
"Of course, you're beautiful." He smiles back at you, a twinkle in his eyes. There's an immediate connection with the two of you, an enigmatic connection that you're not willing to dive further into right now.
"Hey." Chris pouts, the intimacy between you and Thor making him feel pushed out.
"Babe, you're identical." You roll your eyes. "He's you, you're him." You point between the two of them. The puppy dog look in Chris's eyes completely contradicts the growing erection in his shorts.
"Yeah but…" Chris tries to protest before you cut him off, not giving him chance to ruin this for you.
"Just shush and take off your shorts." That stops him in his tracks, his eyes growing wide, a moment of lust flashing before them.
"What are you laughing at? You too." You say to Thor.
"Wait a minute, why are we stripping and you're still completely dressed?" Thor asks, while hastily unbuttoning his trousers.
"Now that is something we agree on, come here."
Your two favourite men, the best looking men in at least two dimensions, work in tandem to remove your clothes. The touch of Thor's fingertips to the nape of your neck sends shivers down your spine, an electrical current running through your veins. Your heart beating impossibly fast as you finally get your own way.
Chris kneeling on one knee to slowly pull down your shorts and panties. His thumb hooked in either side as he takes his time revealing your pussy, the pussy that is usually all his. Now he's come to terms with your desires and he's ready to take it in turns blowing your mind. On cue, Thor's hands move lower down your back, his fingers trailing a path down your spine and leaving goosebumps in their wake.
Lifting your top over your head, Thor's hands fall back to your breasts. His arms wrapped around your shoulders as he takes your nipples between his fingers. Your mouth left agape as you feel the warmth of his breath against your neck, at the same time as Chris's fingers spread on your stomach, clutching as his thumb presses against your clit making you moan deeply.
You almost lose control, your legs going weak as you hear Thor groan at the sound of your pleasure, quiet enough for only the two of you to hear. Your body on fire already with the feel of two pairs of hands tweaking your senses into overload. Your body jerking with every oversensitive touch.
Thor moves your hair to the side, biting gently on your neck as Chris' tongue takes over his thumb. The tip circling slowly over your bundle of nerves making your legs buckle completely, falling back into Thor, his body holding up your weight as he moves backwards towards the bed and sits down on the end of it. Chris moving with you, still on his knees at the foot of the bed. The feel of Thor's huge cock pressing against your bare ass is too much and you need to feel it, you need it inside of you.
No longer bickering they finally fall into a rhythm, content on accomplishing the same goal. Giving you as much pleasure as possible and it's driving you wild.
Thor holds your legs open, giving Chris better access to your dripping folds. Your head resting against Thor's shoulders as Chris' fingers curl up inside of you, when you moan it drives them both frantic with lust. The same desires and turn on's as well as the same looks. An unspoken bond between you all.
Thor's uneven breath on your neck, his beating heart against your shoulder blade and Chris' unrelenting fingers stroking against your spot - push you over the edge. As you cry out, arching against Thor's swollen cock, his thumb reaches down to your bundle of nerves - the pressure unbearable - working as a team to pull another orgasm from you. The sound of them both groaning as their fingers drive you into another realm of pleasure, grinding against Thor as your moans become feral. Your arousal dripping around Chris' fingers, his eyes pooled with need.
Thor stops to pull down his pants, lifting you up and onto his cock. The angle making you groan like a dying animal as he stretches your walls deliciously. Your face screwed into a ugly expression as you watch Chris stand, freeing his cock from his own pants and guiding it to your mouth.
Your mouth eagerly open, waiting for it to be filled with your loves huge, smooth cock, dripping with that sweet precum. Hardly noticing the ache in your thighs as you bounce yourself on Thor's cock while he rests back on to his hands watching your ass jiggle with every movement.
The sight of Chris watching you get fucked pulls you over once more, the look of lust in his eyes as you savagely take his cock in your mouth as Thor ruins your pussy. The fact Thor looks just like him is like watching himself fuck you, like some fucked up porn but he loves it. He loves it way more than he thought he would, grunting with every jerk of your hand and twist of your mouth. Your tongue swirling around his tip as he twitches inside of your mouth.
"Spit on it." Thor says his voice so deep and laced with need as he eases out of you, lifting you effortlessly into the air while he lays back down on the bed.
"Spit on my cock." You do as your told without delay. Drenching him in even more lubrication.
Chris waits anxiously, handling his own dick with gritted teeth as he watches Thor positioning himself at your tight hole. Squeezing himself between your cheeks slowly, waiting patiently for you to become accustomed to the size of his cock. You suck in air between your teeth, your body defying you as it tries to push his cock back out but you want it, you want it so fucking bad.
You take his cock, you take it so well and he gives you more, he gives you it all until he's balls deep in your ass. You spread your legs open wide, an invitation for Chris to join in the fun and he doesn't hesitate. Holding onto your knees while he pushes himself into your pussy. You feel so full, your eyes hooded with arousal, the feel of two cocks inside of you at the same time from the men you desire most. 
Chris unable to hold back any longer, thrusts into you, pushing you back into Thor, his hands holding you by the waist as he begins bucking you up slowly. The pleasure is indescribable, unlike anything you have ever experienced before. You're pretty sure this is what heaven feels like, a whirlwind of pure bliss as your holes are filled so tightly. 
Chris' fingers gripping into your knees as Thor's fingers grasp your waist, they fall into the perfect rythym which isn't suprising. Their cocks entering and retreating all at the same time until the pressure builds immediately, your body jerking with powerful gusto, your legs shaking uncontrollably. You scream and I mean scream as your body comes undone, gripping around their cocks as you cum, a gutteral moan leaving your lips afterwards.
Thor pushes you forward as he chases his own release, the tight grip around his cock making it inevitable. The same time Chris pounds into your pussy, your body leaking juices consistently. Knocking your languid body backwards and forwards which each incredulous thrust from the two sex gods.
Your mind blank, your eyes blurred with the hedonistic pleasure coursing through you. You don't ever want it to end, you want to stay lost in this state of arousal forever but at the same time your body can not take it anymore, the whole thing has been like one neverending orgasm.
You've lost count of the amount of times you've cum, one after the other until your no longer sure of your name or even where you are. Your mind consumed with pure satisfaction. 
They're both grunting in synchronisation as they finally release at the same time, pushing into you with one last powerful thrust making you spiral out of control. The feel of their mighty load shooting inside of your holes makes you scream again, your cum spilling out and dripping down, pooling beneath you.
Your mind is still consumed, no coherent words can be spoken when you fall backwards on to Thor, rolling to the side of him and pulling Chris down with you. You all lay panting on the bed, smiles plastered on all of your faces. Smiles you're pretty sure aren't going to leave you for a very long time. That is until the ring appears back in your bedroom and reality sets in.
You can't stay in the state of satisfaction for any longer and you're likely never to feel this amount of pleasure ever again. Thor has to leave and it makes you emotional, you'd built a connection with him in such a short space of time and you weren't ready to let go yet.
"Don't go, please." You manage to string together the words as you pull on his arm.
"I'm sorry, I have to." Thor says, you can hear the sadness in his voice. Chris doesn't speak, he lets you have your moment. Reaching up to kiss his lips fevently, his hands tangling into your hair as he returns the kiss just as deeply. Dreading having to pull away from him and watch him leave but he does. He pulls away, your fingertips losing grip as he looks back over his shoulder before stepping into the ring. Gone forever.
"What did you find out?" Strange asks Thor immediately upon his return.
"What do you mean, oh?" 
"I erm… Didn't get any information." His mind is consumed with you, his mission has failed but he doesn't care.
"You will have to go back." Doctor strange declares, anger and frustration laced in his voice.
"I will go back as many times as you wish." He smiles triumphantly, maybe he will have to keep thinking of reasons to be sent back to you.
"What exactly did you do while you were gone?" Strange asks. Thor doesn't answer, instead his thoughts drift away, the memories replaying in his mind like a movie. 
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Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Twenty One.
So guys, here’s the chapter I know a few of you are excited to read! Enjoy :) 
Tumblr media
Word count - 2,530
Warnings - None
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @longlostinanotherworld @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan @dumb-ass-writer​ (Tag list is open! Please DM to be added!)
Previous chapters - One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten  Eleven  Twelve  Thirteen  Fourteen  Fifteen  Sixteen  Seventeen  Eighteen  Nineteen  Twenty
Looking at the screen, there it was, her baby. Hers and Tyler’s baby, likely conceived on the floor of the ghetto in Colombia or in the train carriage that had taken them to Venezuela, if she’d done her working out correctly. “Are you okay?”  
“Yes, I... this is very unexpected!” she replied, the doctor pulling her from her trance like state of shock. “Is it okay? Is it healthy?”  
“The heartbeat is good, nice and strong, and the foetus appears to be of good size. I would have to take some blood tests to know more, though. I would advise we do this today as well as removing your IUD too.”  
The IUD removal she agreed on, but since she had no idea how long she would be staying in Nigeria, politely refused the tests on account of the fact she might not still be around by the time they came back.  
She thanked him and left, reassuring a waiting Orisa that all was fine and she was just suffering some bloat. Of course, there was only one person she needed to reveal her news to, yet she had no idea how on earth to tell her boyfriend of three months that she was carrying his child.
They had fallen head over heels in love with one another, that much was true, but still, it was such a new relationship. Bringing a baby into it would be tough, especially given their current circumstances. Being on the run and pregnant? She couldn’t think of anything worse.  
As soon as they got back, she looked at her phone and saw that the strict laws in Nigeria meant that she couldn’t even get a termination, not unless her own life was in danger. Shaking herself, she then realised that she shouldn’t be looking into anything more until she’d spoken to Tyler. The thought alone made her feel sick.  
“I guess that was why I was so seasick. I was baby sick, too.” She muttered, dragging her feet back to their room, swallowing hard. It was just the worst thing to happen, the worst possible timing, although deep down, something within her sparkled. She had never loved anyone like she had Tyler and no matter how soon it had occurred, carrying his child made her feel the tiniest little bloom of happiness, beneath all the worry.  
So that she wasn’t completely lying, she’d stopped at a market stall with Orisa on the way back, picking up some plain t shirts and a few new pairs of simple, black cotton undies, putting them down in her bag once she’d entered the room, Tyler not there. He must’ve been in the bathroom above, which was no problem. She could do with more time.  
Pacing the room, she cracked her knuckles, taking deep breaths and fanning her face. It was only 9am and already, the heat was ascending to stifling proportions. “How on earth do I do this? How the hell do I tell him?”  
“Tell me what?” At that moment, she nearly threw up. Turning to face him, she continued her knuckle clicking, Tyler approaching her, frowning a little. “Did you find something out about Ayo, while you were out with his wife?”  
“No. I found something out about me. Sit down. Fuck.” Moving to the bed, she sat next to him, covering her face with her hands, emerging to see him looking on at her with concern. “Tyler I... fuck! I can’t even get the fucking words out!”
“Take your time,” he reassured her, resting a hand to her knee, feeling a little panicked inside at what she was about to tell him.
“Five years ago, I started having abdominal pain and swelling, which was diagnosed as ovarian cysts that I had to have surgically removed. The doctor told me they could come back and if they did, he couldn’t rule out malignancy. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that I’ve started having the same symptoms again, so this morning, I went to see a doctor when Orisa went for her check-up.”  
Taking a deep breath, she continued, revealing the most important part. “He gave me a scan, which luckily revealed my ovaries are fine. However, he did find something else. My IUD failed and because of that, I’m pregnant.”  
He blinked heavily, the shock of her words smacking him square in the chest. Pregnant? He knew he should say something, that he had to say something, but the words just wouldn’t come for that moment. “Yes, your face right now. That is how I felt. Dumbfounded.”
“I know I have to say something, I do, but fuck, I don’t have the words. I don’t, I’m just... fuck.” Turning to her side, she held his arm, kissing his shoulder while her fingers gently squeezed his massive bicep, resting her forehead against his neck.  
“What do we do, Tyler?”  
“I don’t know. I’m sorry, I need a minute.” Pulling away from her, he exited the room, needing the open air, feeling light headed. He leaned forward, resting his hands above his knees, his head spinning, feeling like he was about to throw up. 
She was pregnant.
Straightening up again, he willed himself to go back to their room, but it was as if his feet were cemented to the ground, holding him fast. Right there, he chastised himself to hell for being so reckless as to have sex with her without protection in the first place.  
Of course, back then he was decidedly less caring about his own welfare, unprotected sex with a stranger was perhaps one of the lesser dicey pursuits he’d gotten himself into. Still, it was biting him in the ass, fathering a child he didn’t even know if he wanted or not. He tried to move again, legs feeling like heavy jelly, sighing and rubbing his face with a groan.
“Stop running away from your problems, fucking coward.” He muttered to himself, feeling his heart beating like a jackhammer. Still, he couldn’t move. Leaning back against the wall, he willed himself to get a handle on his reaction, pushing up to standing straight and running upstairs firstly to splash his face with water, heading back down then to Liliya.  
“Sorry, I...”
“Panicked. I expected you to, really. What I told you is pretty panic inducing.” Sighing, she ran a hand through her hair, smiling thinly at him. “I’m sorry.”
“Shut up, it isn’t your fault. You thought you were covered, but apparently your IUD had other ideas. How far along are you?” he asked, reaching for her hand.  
“Fourteen weeks.”
“So, it happened right at the start, then. Fuck. You couldn’t make that up, you really couldn’t. Fucking typical of my life, for something this insane to happen. I get sent to kill someone, end up fucking her, got her pregnant on either the first or second time. Jesus Christ.” He laughed softly through his nose, more of an entertained exhale than anything. He didn’t even know why; it was far from humorous. “Sorry, I need to add fell madly in fucking love with her in there as well.”  
“This part I know already.” Leaning over, she kissed his cheek, stroking his beard with her thumbs. “What do we do?”  
“I don’t know. I really don’t. In theory, having a kid with you is fantastic, but that theory is when we’ve been together a little longer and we’re not on the run, drinking too much – and for me not on Oxy either – you know, everything that we have standing against this being anything resembling a good idea. Except, it’s too late, isn’t it? Fourteen weeks, it’s too late. Or is it?”  
His words gave voice to everything up in her head, all her worries and wonderings, everything that, as he had stated, stood against them.  
“I don’t even think I could, get a termination. It’s not allowed in Nigeria by law unless the pregnancy meant my life was in danger. I can likely wager most surrounding African countries are the same also. Unless we flew somewhere, but then we’d be able to be tracked and we have to stay under the radar.” Resting her head in her hands, she folded, feeling so daunted that much to her own shock, she began to cry. Teary reactions and Liliya did not go hand in hand.  
“Come here, come on.” Lifting her onto his lap, he wrapped her in a hug as she cried against his neck.  
“Stupid fucking hormones!”  
“Well, this explains why you’ve been a little more difficult than usual, starting stupid arguments with me like you were doing when we were crossing over here, and having the sex drive of an eighteen-year-old bloke, too,” he pointed out, laughing a little.
“It’s not funny, do not laugh! Also, I always have the sex drive of an eighteen-year-old boy.”  
“If I don’t, I’ll be fuckin’ crying too, baby. Shit. We’re stuck.” He lay back, taking her with him, both of them having no idea how to move forward. They truly were stuck. Taking out her phone, she did a little research, seeing that fourteen weeks was still within the parameters for abortion, although it would be considered late from her sixteenth week.  
“Our best bet would be to travel to South Africa, since it’s legal there. Few countries here do the procedure legally, I think Mozambique would be our next other nearest. Both are far, though.” Placing her phone down, she curled into him, his hand stroking her lower back soothing when inside, she felt tumultuous.  
“If we weren’t on the run, say by some miracle we were already in London, ozenium delivered to Dr Cazares, Global no longer actively pursuing us, would you feel differently?” It was a very valid question.  
“I think I would. I’d still be daunted by it, purely because we’ve only been together for three months. It’s so soon to bring a child into the picture. I cannot deny, though. Deep down, under everything within me that has been thrown into blind panic at this news, there’s a little part of me that’s so happy.”
“Me, too,” he shared, stroking her hair and kissing her head. “Not that me and fatherhood particularly go hand in hand. I was lousy at it last time round, ultimately.”  
“Everyone deserves a second chance. Am I really mother material? I think I’m the furthest thing from it,” she snorted.  
“We’ve got a lot to think about, don’t we? As for whether you’re mother material, the way you were with Ayo’s kids the first night we arrived shows that you are. You were great with them. Everything else you learn as you go along.”
“How do we still continue to work?”
“Take it in turns. One heads off back to this life, the other stays home with the baby.”
“Where would home be?”
“Pass. That’s a question for later.”
“I need a drink.”
“Me, too.”
“I can’t have one, though. You know, with the issue of what’s causing me to swell.”
“I thought you were just getting a bit chunky, you know. Also, yes you can. One small drink on top of what you put away isn’t really going to matter now, is it? Did the doctor say it was okay, by the way, in regards to that?”
“I didn’t tell him that I’m an alcoholic, but even still, he couldn’t tell much without a blood test. It’s a good size and the heartbeat is strong, apparently. That’s why I can’t have a drink, either. I heard the heartbeat. I can’t do it, no matter that we aren’t decided. It isn’t right. I feel so guilty, making the poor little thing swim in booze soup.”
Reaching under her chin, he lifted her head, kissing the tip of her nose. “You ask whether you’re mother material. The fact you care enough not to drink when we don’t even know what we’re doing yet proves that you are.”
“It’ll be a miracle if it’s totally healthy.” He couldn’t really refute that, although he remained silent. She didn’t need to hear him confirm that she was likely right. They both lay there silently, stroking one another, with separate maelstroms rolling through their minds over the fact that they, two people so broken down by life, had created a brand new one.  
“What do you mean, you thought I was getting chunky?”  
“I might have known I wouldn’t get away with that. You never let anything slide,” he commented, laughing a little. Eventually, she did too, both of them realising they had to, save the situation completely overwhelming you. “I like it anyway, your little belly. There’s a part of me that likes it even more, knowing my baby is in there.”
Reaching between them, he rested a hand to her little swelling, sighing and kissing her forehead. “Are we crazy if we keep it? I mean, I know there’s a certain amount of sanity we both lack as it is, but you know what I mean.”  
“Yes, I do. Also, yes, we would be. The thought of getting rid of it, although it seems the most logical, that seems crazy as well. Fuck, I don’t know what to do.” She succumbed to further tears at that point, Tyler holding her tightly as he soothed her, glad to realise after about twenty minutes, she’d fallen asleep.  
Leaving her to it, he got up and went to walk the perimeter of Ayo’s home, heading near to where the gates were, touring the fence line while looking out over the arid landscape, dust dulling his boots. He paused by a pile of large sandstone blocks from an abandoned building project, sitting down atop them while his eyes narrowed, watching a herd of buffalo run along in the distance.  
He felt envious of them, even though their lives had the ever-present threat of lions looming, it seemed preferable to what he was facing at that moment. Maybe it was their freedom he envied, how they’d instinctively move onto pastures greener when needed, their migrating habits dictating they left behind all which no longer served them.  
He knew it was the flight instinct within him tugging, gnawing away at him to flee, but he was resolute. He’d never abandon someone who needed him again. He would not leave Liliya alone with this weight around her neck. That man had died when she’d made him face up to his past and begin to heal from it.  
If they did decide to go ahead with the pregnancy, he knew that healing had to be kicked into the kind of gear which meant he’d no longer be able to depend on alcohol and Oxycontin in order to function, to subdue his PTSD and sleep at night without being haunted by his dreams. He had no choice; another child meant he had to screw his head on right.  
There’d be no margin for error. He wouldn’t be an addict and a father.  
Would he actually be a father again, though? Was the time right? It would take much more of that very thing, time, for them to reach a decision. Unluckily, it was the one thing they truly didn’t have much of either.  
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Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123​  
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He’s iron hard within your molten core, piledriving your slick with lethal intent, ferociously aroused. Your skin smacks together, his grunts peppering the air, drowning out the soft little cries you emit in response to this, a full-on attack to your insides.  
He told you this was what he intended, to give you a fucking worthy of rearranging your guts as soon as he awoke, nudging your back with the enormous erection now pleasuring you with rapid strokes.
Pleasure skitters through you, sparkling your veins as he continues to thrust wildly, one hand clutching your waist, the other fisted in your hair, pulling your head back, a clear display of dominance. You’re saturated around him, so wet he can barely keep inside you, your cunt so aqueous, you’ve dripped onto the bed beneath.  
“Oh god, Chris! Fuck, you’re going to go through me!” you cry, your man still moving like a jackhammer within you, his deep, rumbling laugh filling the room.
“Was that a complaint?”
“Of course not!”
He grins, amused as his hand comes down to spank you. “I didn’t think so.”
Each speedily delivered thrust has you sparking, your walls clenching around the thick heat driving into you rapaciously, his cock pumping your release into you strongly, the waves beautiful as you shatter for him, hands gripping the bedclothes beneath. He lets you cool down, slowing within you, enjoying the way your slick muscles feel as they flutter around him.
Once you’ve caught your breath, he’s all barbarous frenzy once again, invading your squelching heat with ruinous intent. Sweat mists your both, gilded by the morning sun filling your bedroom, you getting the most delicious view of that when he withdraws to throw you onto your back, grabbing your legs at the ankles and holding them high and wide before plunging back into your syrupy centre.
“You’re so fucking pretty.” He compliments you, leaning down to kiss your plump lips before sitting back on his heels once again, driving himself into you wildly, watching his slick cock enter and retreat from you intently.  
You provide even more of a visual show for him by reaching down to begin rubbing your hardened clit, biting your lower lip and moaning, his hips rutting against you fiercely as he groans so deeply, it sounds like thunder. 
He then slows suddenly, dragging his cock languidly, making you glimmer, leaning down to kiss you once again as he takes the weight onto his elbows, everything slow, deep and hard.  
“You are so damn amazing. How can... ahh! One man be so fucking... oh fuck, right there... be so good at sex?” You stammer, a slight rotation of his hips making his cock hit spots you never knew existed.  
“Lots of practice.” You can certainly bet that’s true, with a man as good looking at him, he’s bound to have a wealth of satisfied woman behind him. You’re the only one he wants now though, his gorgeous little honey who he’s always at his happiest when he’s inside of, hearing your soft moans, the way your petal soft flesh feels against him, the scent of your hair, the taste of your cunt, you drive him utterly wild with desire.  
Wild is how the pace picks back up again, Chris flattening you to the bed and driving into you like a piston, pinning your arms above your head as he fucks your release into you, hot and consuming, the bliss throbbing through your aching loins, spilling himself into you deeply.  
You lie still in the aftermath, his cock twitching within your spasming walls, stroking one another idly as you share soft kisses. If there’s anything waking up at 6am for, it’s most definitely that.  
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Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Twenty.
Tumblr media
Word count - 2,797
Warnings - 18+, smut! 
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @longlostinanotherworld @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan @dumb-ass-writer​ (Tag list is open! Please DM to be added!)
Previous chapters - One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten  Eleven  Twelve  Thirteen  Fourteen  Fifteen  Sixteen  Seventeen  Eighteen  Nineteen
“How many is that now?”
“Four. You fucking dirty girl.”  
“Yes, I am, big man. But just for you.”
With her feet resting on his shoulders, his tongue gliding over her hardened clit and four fingers working in and out of her ass, Liliya was the very picture of a contented woman. She’d never truly been interested in ass play before meeting Tyler, her one previous boyfriend who had been willing going in there with far too much gusto to begin with and hurting her enough for it not to ever be offered again. This boyfriend, though? He was masterful.  
“You ready for my cock yet?” he asked, Liliya nodding rapidly. Keeping her feet up on his shoulders as he emerged from the summit of her thighs, he pushed into her drenched cunt first, lubricating himself well enough before yanking her up onto his thighs and slowly feeding his cock into her tight passage.  
Goosebumps shot up all over her, her nails clawing the sheet, eyes fluttering shut as her mouth dropped open. “Deeper, please.”
“You sure?”
“Yes!” He continued to glide in slowly, chuckling deeply at her reaction when he was virtually all the way in, grabbing a pillow to cover her face and growl with pleasure. People were passing by the door all the time and while she didn’t really care if they heard the occasional moan, if they’d heard the un-muffled noise she’d just emitted, they’d have likely thought an entirely different scenario was playing out between the four walls.
Little shocks of pleasure fired through her, his thumb rubbing at her clit adding to it, having her so assiduously aroused that after a few pants, through gritted teeth, growling again, she came. “You ruin me!”
“Fuck, that was quick! And yeah, you love it when I do, though.” Leaning forward, he kissed her, whispering words of love, sinking into her a little deeper, Liliya trembling wildly beneath him as he moved steadily, thumb circling at her clit once more.  
His cock continued to drag sparks through her, her sweaty, tattooed flesh still quivering, one hand reaching to pinch her nipples and then clasp her throat, trails of sweat trickling down his chest. He gritted curses, tingling with pleasure as he pushed against the tightest constriction he’d ever felt, turning his head to kiss and lay bites at her ankle.  
It didn’t take much longer for him to burn with ultimate climactic pleasure, coming deep within her, resting for only a few moments, cleaning himself with an alcohol wipe for hygiene purposes, since he intended to continue, wanting to give her pussy some attention. He began that attentiveness with his mouth, pulling her astride his head, relishing in having her sitting on his face.  
“I swear, you are too good. Fuck!” she panted, Tyler sucking on her clit, his hands gripping her backside, one moving at a distance to come back against it in a hard slap, the sound echoing off the walls. Suck, suck, slap, on he repeated this, making her pant hard, one hand pushing against the wall behind the bed for support while the other fisted his hair.  
Pleasure skittered through her as his tongue ran through her folds, dipping her entrance, his breaths blasting heat against her pink, her thighs trembling. Not that she’d really stopped shaking since her last orgasm. Sweat trickled down her spine, tickling, adding to the sensations, her entire body lit up with arousal.  
“As much as I love riding your face, I have something else I need to get on,” she purred, moving down, sinking onto his erection with a gratified mewl.  
“I’ll let you, for now.”
“Oh, just for now?”
“Yeah, until you have to do as you’re told.” She liked the sound of that, but still, couldn’t help herself but compete for further control.  
She bounced on him wildly, slowing, rotating her hips in a figure of eight while leaning forward, running her tongue up his chest and biting his nipples in turn before once again, grinding down on him with vigour.  
“You’re not gonna make me cum, Lil,” he advised, raising an eyebrow at her. “I took three Oxy an hour ago.” That meant his nerve endings would be dulled for at least another hour. Maybe longer.  
“Who says this is my aim?”
“Me. He who knows your fuck game well by now.”  
“Then maybe I’ll just ride you until I cum again.”
“Like you’d do anything but.” She grinned, leaning down and kissing him deeply, his fingers running through her hair, hands gliding down her back, reaching her ass and beginning to spank her again. After nearly four weeks of half dressed, quiet, barely-able-to-move sex on creaky, uncomfortable fold out beds, this was amazing, being able to enjoy each other exactly how they wanted.  
Sitting up beneath her, he wrapped his arms around her tightly, their bodies sliding together in an erotic display, sweat pouring, panting hard as they kissed fervently, absolutely on fire for one another. Such a position offered the perfect stimulation for her clit against his lower abs, Liliya grinding herself on him fervidly, elating waves beginning to pulse softly.  
Each keen undulation had her growing closer and closer to her release, his mouth at her neck, leaving pink teeth marks at the side of her black feather tattoo, hand still spanking her by now very, very red behind, each cheek branded with angry handprints.  
Her cries became more desperate, no longer caring to even attempt keeping quiet, leaning back and grinding her hips into him hard as her undoing began to escalate, building quickly and washing over her entirely. She screamed shrilly when it reached its peak, digging her nails into his back and tearing down.
“Fuck...I...,” she panted, stroking his beard with her nails and kissing him, fluttering around his cock, still like velvet encased steel inside her. They both began to laugh then when from outside, they heard a cheer and a few whistles, Ayo’s voice shouting that if they broke the bed, they paid for it before continuing to laugh.  
“I think I might have to silence you; you’re being entirely too noisy.” Liliya relished in the prospect, thinking at first, he’d likely fuck her with one of his big hands clasped across her mouth, or his fingers stuffed within it. He had a much more creative idea, though, as it transpired.
Taking her bra, the type without underwire, he rolled it around on itself and reached forward offering it to her mouth. “Open.” She did as she was told, her gag placed in and tied at the back of her head, Tyler next taking her arms and binding them behind her back with her thong. He couldn’t wait until he could tie her properly with rope, his preferred method of restraint. He’d never cuff her, though. For obvious reasons.  
Sinking into her molten wetness from behind, he began slowly, enjoying the feel of hot velvet gripping him, quickening rapidly, pounding into her with the kind of force that had her groaning helplessly as she bit down on her gag. “Quiet.” His simple command was coupled with a yank of her gag, making her nipples harden in an instant.
His voice, that deep, gravelly rasp always arrowed right to her cunt, but when it was deepened even further from raging lust, it made her flood around him, Tyler watching as she creamed his cock, spanking her again while with his other hand, he continued to pull at her gag until she was arched as much as her hand bindings would allow.  
With nothing to support her as he held her up, her abs juddered under the strain, Liliya thinking to herself that it definitely made up for a lack of being able to hit the gym, the pain of her gag rubbing at the corners of her mouth as she bit harder, wiggling back against him as he pounded her with ferocity. “Down.” Another command delivered balefully, his hand pushing her head until she was bent double, using his knee to widen her legs and thus push her lower, sinking down into her.  
Driving his entire weight into her through each rut of his hips had her screaming around her gag. “I said be quiet.” Moving his hand, he clutched at her throat, squeezing expertly, just enough for his fingertips to apply pressure to her larynx and cease the noises, all bar a few muffled squeaks. He spanked her with his free hand, slowing the pace within her only to speed up again, alternating until she began fluttering.  
“Total silence, don’t you dare make even one sound, or I’ll stop.” His thrusts became uncontained as he chased her to her release, Liliya absolutely silent save the hard pants through her nose as she shattered completely, feeling light headed. “Good girl. Now you get rewarded, and believe me, I want to hear you screaming this time.”  
He undid her gag, leaving her wrists bound before flipping her onto her back and burying his mouth between her legs, sucking a further two releases from her before railing her into the bed until his shot through him like lightning surging up his spine.  
Eventually they emerged from their room, showering and changing again before walking around the compound to where they could hear noise, Ayo and his guys cooking a hog and a goat on spits over two pits. Women flittered around, offering smiles, seeming a little nervous of them.  
They had every right to be, really, since their husband’s sole circles consisted of very dangerous people. However, they were put at ease when the two new people smiled and nodded friendlily at them. Even more so when after their children approached, they saw the natural ease they took to them with.  
“Up,” a small girl wearing a gigantic t shirt and sandals that looked a size too big requested of Tyler, who smiled and crouched to lift her into his arms. “My name is Ema. What’s yours?”
“And you are?”
“I like your drawings. Is this a bird feather? It's pretty.” Her little fingers reached out to touch her tattoo, Liliya confirming it was, before turning back then to Tyler to grab one of the leather strung necklaces he wore. “Where are you from? I like your eyes and your beard. My daddy can’t grow a beard.”  
He was charmed by her sweet curiosity, her wide-eyed innocence. “Thank you, and I’m from Australia.”
“Is that far from here?”
“About fourteen thousand kilometres that way,” he replied, pointing over his shoulder.
“So, you didn’t drive here, then?” Her question had them in fits of laughter, her giggles making them both melt.  
“She’s so bloody cute,” he told Liliya quietly, who agreed, suddenly finding her hand pulled.  
“Hello! Can I come up too?” A little boy, probably only three requested, holding Liliya’s hands and climbing up her legs without even waiting for an answer.  
“Yes, little man. What is your name?”
“Ayo, after my dad.” Pointing over to Ayo, he waved, his father waving back at him. “If they get too much, just shoo them away. They don’t see white people often, they’re all riddled with curiosity.”  
“They’re fine.” Tyler assured him, continuing to be questioned to death by the small child in his arms. It was nice, to meet someone whom he didn’t have to second guess, Ema having absolutely no agenda other than wanting to talk to the two people who were new arrivals at her home and who looked so different to everyone else.  
They both ran off to play eventually, coming back when the food was ready, everyone sitting down at a large table. It was a completely different vibe, with families present, Ayo’s wife and children as well as the families of two of his other men who lived close by.  
While Tyler found himself in conversation with Oba for most of the night, Liliya gravitated towards the women, enjoying their company greatly since she so seldom ever indulged in such. Being what she was, it was predominantly a man’s world, as was the army before that. She missed female contact.  
They all spoke of their lives, Liliya of course not in too much detail, but enough to share in order to feel like she gave something back to the conversation, the women all marvelling at how different her life had been from theirs, culturally speaking.  
Orisa, Ayo’s wife, seemed to lead the questions, staying with Liliya and discussing life long after she’d settled her children to bed and the others had gone home. She’d never met anyone from Russia before, finding her to be a fascinating woman.
“How long do you have left now?” Liliya asked, reaching to place a hand on her swollen stomach.
“Four weeks, and let me tell you, it cannot come quickly enough!” Orisa had reached the stage of feeling much too uncomfortable in her pregnancy, wanting her third child to be in her arms now rather than her womb. “Do you and your husband have any children?”  
“Oh, Tyler is not my husband. Our relationship is very new, so no,” she confirmed, Orisa nodding as she stroked her bump.
“Would you like to one day?” There it was, the question that had seemed all the more pertinent ever since she’d realised that her ovarian cysts becoming an issue might mean she’d struggle to become pregnant.
“If I can. I am not so sure. I have trouble, trouble which I think is flaring up again. He doesn’t know, so please keep this between us as I don’t want him to worry,” she confided, Orisa smiling and reaching for her hand, Liliya going on to share about her concern regarding the possible reappearance of her ovarian cysts.  
“In two days from now, I am going to the local clinic to see my doctor. There is a gynaecologist there. He is first come, first served, so if we leave early enough, you shall get in and out quickly to see him. Tell your man I’m taking you to buy new clothes, if you want it to still be a secret. I shall not say anything contrary to it. It would put your mind at rest, at least.”  
She thanked her, and in two days got up and dressed early, leaving Tyler in bed, not liking lying to him, or that he accepted it entirely.  
“Be careful. I love you.” She returned the sentiment kissing him goodbye before leaving. Since Orisa couldn’t drive, she navigated while Liliya drove the nicer of Ayo’s pickup trucks, the clinic over on the other side of Lagos.  
Throughout the quiet drive, the city still waking up, casting the buildings in a beautiful orange hue, she felt her heart going ten to the dozen with nerves, scared over what the doctor may tell her once she’d arrived. ‘Please, just be a problem with my IUD or something. Not anything serious.’ She thought to herself over and over throughout the drive, Orisa kindly offering words of reassurance.
She checked in under a false name (just in case) and sat down, luckily only the fourth person there to see him, Orisa going for her appointment and then coming back to wait with her.
“Galina Turgenev?” A voice called, signalling her wait over. She’d used her mother’s name, partly because if there was one person she wished for in that moment, it was her. Galina was such a stabilising presence, plus the fact that Liliya missed her terribly.  
Entering the room, she felt nauseous with nerves, sitting down and explaining her worries to the doctor, who listened and asked a few questions in return, also instructing her to get up on the bed so he could examine her abdomen.
“Okay, so you have suffered ovarian cysts before, but otherwise you are in good health?” She confirmed so, lifting her t shirt so he could examine her, gently pressing a hand to her swollen abdomen. “It is only a small swelling, hmmmm. Okay, I will scan you as this will give a better picture, of course.”
Wheeling over the machine while she undid her shorts and tucked in a piece of paper towel he handed her to save her clothes, he took a tube of jelly and applied it to her abdomen, pressing the doppler down and looking at the screen. Liliya waited with her heart in her mouth, ready for the confirmation her cysts had returned.  
“Both ovaries are nice and clear. What we have here is a clear failure of your IUD.” Pointing to the screen, he showed her a small, dark smudge, reaching then to turn another dial, a rapid heartbeat becoming audible through the speaker. “I estimate you are around fourteen weeks pregnant.”  
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Sweet Finish.
That Hemsy drabble I mentioned? Here, have it early! 
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123​ @clarinette07​ @lilacmeadows​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @skyfullofsong123​ @captain-asguard​ @malloryknoxx​ @longlostinanotherworld​ @xxonoiroxx​ @youclickedthislink​ @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan​ @dumb-ass-writer​ @brandleb​ (To be added, please feel free to message)
One word, delivered firmly by the object of your desire after he’s followed you along the narrow hallway leading to the bar’s restrooms. One word is all it takes to turn your insides to wildfire.  
“What do you mean, no?”
“I mean no, you don’t get to give me the kind of looks you’ve been giving me all evening and then walk away in here without me.”
“Whether I want you or not, it would seem,” you can’t help but tease, watching him as he raises his eyebrows, approaching you slowly, leaning in close to your ear.  
“We both know you want me.”  
The energy between you crackles, the spark ignited as you stare at once another intensely for all of two seconds, your mouths meeting in a hungry clash. It might not be the most ideal of places, Chris taking your hands and breaking your kiss for long enough to drag you backwards, checking the way is clear before pulling you into the restrooms, corralling you into the free stall.  
“I might know you want me, but fuck, baby, you have no idea how much I want you,” he pants, tongue swirling with yours.
“I think I might have some inclining.” He croaks out a husky laugh as your hand presses to his erection. “Is this for me, hmm?”
“Oh yeah. Every last inch.”
Your kisses are consuming, urgent, borne of the fire stirred within as you grapple with his belt, his short beard scratching at your lips, his teeth crushing against your tongue as you free his cock, squeezing it as he lifts you.  
Yanking your undies aside, with a simple drop, he impales you on that hot, thick hardness, filling you deeply, his hands clasping your thighs as he holds you, spread wide, hips driving against you like a piston from the get go.  
He’s uncontained within you, his cock arrowing into you so deeply you can’t help wail, his mouth silencing you with another molten kiss, your breaths ragged as your chests heave in exertion. 
Your hips roll deliciously against each of his upward thrusts, ensnaring his slippery length, reaching up to the stall he fucks you against and clinging onto the partition, your legs tightening around his waist. Oh, what this man ignites within you. Your connection burns brighter than anything you’ve ever known
The pleasure begins to wind tightly in your core, coiling as you clench around him, his cock driving into you harder to overcome that slick grip around his length, mouth at your neck as he pants raggedly, those moans...deep, barbarous, all alpha. Just like him.
It’s uncontained, feral passion, his huge, hard body shunting against yours deliciously, his very size so overpowering, mouth returning to yours in a kiss that is all unbridled want. He feels impossibly heavy within, your dewy little hole stretched to capacity around the furiously delivered intrusion of girthy heat.
The way he looks at you too, while voraciously ploughing into you, you could drown in that look, the intensity unmatched, the way his eyes look inky blue, darkened with all the lust you’ve stirred with him, his heart hammering against your breast as his teeth nip at your jaw, neck, and clavicles, arousal fogging his mind as your body is battered against the partition.  
The frenzy takes over, both of you now uncaring about being heard, groaning loudly as your bodies flush with fever, coiling tighter, glowing brighter, his hips driving against you like a machine as the pleasure snaps and he loses himself to your fluttering warmth, soaking wet sparks dragging from you as he releases his load, gripped by the jaws of nirvana.  
As far as date night’s go, being fucked in the restroom after teasing him with sensual glances for the last two hours, is a pretty good way to round it off.  
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Us Against the World - Chapter Eighteen.
Well, here are are, people. The end of the story. What was originally only going to be a short series of about eight parts grew a little more than I intended, but I enjoyed writing it and can only hope you all enjoyed reading just as much :) 
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @longlostinanotherworld​ @brandleb​ (To be added, please feel free to message)
Previous chapters - Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five  Chapter Six  Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine  Chapter Ten  Chapter Eleven  Chapter Twelve  Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen  Chapter Fifteen  Chapter Sixteen Chapter Seventeen
Walking around her new studio, the smell of fresh, white paint still lingering slightly, Mia smiled to herself as she oversaw the bringing in of furnishings for the space she’d rented. It was perfect, not far from the beach over in Santa Monica, so a reasonable drive of just under an hour to commute to each day.  
It had taken some serious TLC, hiring a decorator to come in and paint and then a cleaner to help her with the floors, after she’d hired a sander to strip back the floors and then re-sealed them herself with wax and a layer of matte varnish.  
Well, herself wasn’t quite right. A certain large Australian had lent his assistance when home for a few days. The same large Australian who put a cup of takeout coffee in front of her face and kissed her cheek after sneaking up on her.  
“It looks great, babe. I’m so proud of you. I get to actually be here for the grand opening too, instead of off filming. I can’t wait,” he told her, looking around, taking it all in.
“That’s if anyone actually shows up.” She sighed and shook her head, turning to smile, attempting to be positive. It was tough, though. Although she’d finally found the confidence to start up on her own and live her life on her terms away from the adult entertainment industry, she was still the victim of a lot of negativities written about her.  
She’d had hate pages set up about her, the lesser supportive of Chris’s fans running wild with gossip (all of which untrue) about her, their personal life, her motives for being with him, her former career, everything. Her entire life was a carcass primed for picking by the vultures who swirled around her online, it seemed.  
It had gotten so bad that Chris had even stepped in to defend her, posting a video to his Instagram where he’d explained that in the simplest terms, anyone behaving rottenly to the woman he was in love with couldn’t have been much of a true fan of his, asking them to cease their harassment of her when she’d done nothing to deserve it.
He’d also found himself asked more about her in interviews, questions which he happily answered where he usually wouldn’t, wanting to keep his private life as private as he could, all in an effort to boost her, to show people he was utterly crazy about her and no amoiunt of online bile would change that.  
Still, it pissed him off that he still received a slew of negativity regarding his relationship with her, people commenting on pictures of him and her together, reposting them with her cut out entirely from photos and videos, prompting him to once retaliate by posting a video to his stories of him repeatedly kissing her cheek while saying ‘Look! You can’t crop her out!’ over and over as she’d giggled.  
He wouldn’t usually be bothered, but he saw the toll it took on Mia and hated it, how people wished for her to simply not exist in his life, how their green-eyed jealousy dictated they make as many people as possible believe her to be unsuitable for him and a bad person, all because she used to have sex for a living. Fan girls, he realised, could be the utter worst, and the most outspoken.
For the most part, though, both attempted to do the adult thing and ignore it. ‘It’s us against the world, monkey’ Chris used to often remind her, Mia thanking her stars she’d met someone so supportive of her.  
“Erm, what are you doing?” she asked, her overly amorous boyfriend trying to slip his hand into her workout leggings.  
“What do you think?”
“I think you're trying to have your way with me when we’re not exactly in the most private of locations for that to happen!” Attempting to wriggle away, she failed, his hand delving further down. “Chris! There’s people right behind us still bringing stuff in!”
“You have a staff room with a lockable door, though.” True, she did.  
“I can’t just vanish with you; it’ll look too obvious!”
“I’m not planning on being long.” With the knowledge of exactly what he could do to her in ten minutes, Mia suddenly grinned and had a change of heart, whispering to him to follow her into the staff room in five minutes.  
She left him there burning on the promise, heading into the almost empty staff room, seating herself on the solitary table over in the far corner. He didn’t quite leave it five minutes, entering the room and gesturing down to where his cock tented his sweats as he came in, locking the door behind him.
“Yeah, it would have been longer, but you got him all excited.” He told her, advancing on her hungrily, kissing the life out of her as his hands ripped down her top, grasping her amazing boobs as his tongue plunged into her mouth. She was always knocked sideways by the force of his passion for her at times, thrumming with erotic energy as her body woke up to his touch, her nails sliding over his beard and down his neck.
He yanked at her leggings, Mia kicking off her flip flops to assist with their removal before focusing on the hardness pointing right at her through his black sweats. Or at least, she tried to, Chris ducking down and yanking her to the edge of the table, his mouth connecting with her pussy in a strong suck. He groaned around his mouthful of her, her taste as deliciously delectable as ever, her soft, quiet little moans causing his cock to stiffen further.  
They had no time for anything but fast paced pleasure, save the guys bringing in the furniture and equipment waiting around for a signature from either of the two absconded people, Mia clutching his head as he ate her rapaciously, feeling her beginning to dampen his tongue.  
She felt her slick muscles widening in anticipation of receiving his thick hardness, that girthy cock sliding into her after he’d stood and pulled down his sweats, her legs winding around his waist as he gripped her thighs, utterly railing her against the table, both panting through their noses as their mouths locked together in heated, consuming kisses.  
He filled and emptied her at a frenzied pace, mouth moving to her neck, groaning deeply as he covered her flesh in open mouthed kisses. Each hard thrust delivered a burst of ebullient pleasure, her g spot twitching, her nails raking across the back of his neck, Chris picking her up and pressing her against the wall instead when the table began to clatter furiously.  
Every inch of him dragged pleasure against her walls, heat skittering up her spine as she wailed, his mouth covering hers to silence her, his fingernails leaving pink crescents in her ass from the force he gripped her with, driving himself into her ferociously.  
Their bodies moved together in furious culmination, both coming quietly with a series of stifled groans, glistening and panting in the aftermath as they quickly pulled themselves back into their clothes, Chris giving her a few heated kisses before they left the room, arriving back out to two waiting delivery men who, from the looks on their faces, definitely worked out the cause of their absence.  
The next time they were in that space together, it was in the company of all the people who Mia didn’t think would turn up, her grand opening party an absolute success. Chris was glad, as he stood back and watched her mingle, signing people up for classes. 
He was so proud of her, watching her natural gregariousness take over, her nerves dissipating when she saw that yes, people truly did want to know who Mia Smith was, what she was all about. ‘RIP, Mia Massacre’ he thought, just as a hand touched his shoulder.  
“Gwen, hey!” Welcoming his girlfriend’s mother with a hug, he waved to Phil over her shoulder who was in conversation with Amber, the one person from Mia’s past he was glad had turned up to lend her support. She was a true friend to his girl.  
“Hi, handsome. Look at this turnout! I’m so pleased. The day we were both waiting for came a lot sooner than I think either of us anticipated, didn’t it?” she replied, sipping her drink.  
“I know, I’m so stoked for her. All she needed was to have a little bit of faith in herself.” Looking over to where she’d just handed out some goodie bags to people who had signed up for a full membership, he caught her eye, winking with a smile.  
Looking at both her mom and her love smiling so proudly at her, it made Mia feel enormously lit up inside. She felt like she’d arrived. Of course, she’d been proud of her career before, but she knew she had to make the leap, to be happy, to live life on her terms, to know that the people who loved her the most weren’t scared to death for her because she was making all the wrong decisions purely out of fear.  
“Nope, definitely not so scary,” she whispered to herself, taking a cocktail from the tray of one of the wait staff she’d hired to carry around healthy snacks and low-calorie drinks, sipping it as she looked around at all the people there present. All there because of her.  
“You did it, muffin,” Cedric spoke at her shoulder, making her jump. She leaned back into his embrace, turning to kiss his cheek as she wound her arm around his shoulders.  
“I did, didn’t I?”  
“And you have him, too. Absolutely, categorically unfair,” he added with mock drama, nodding in Chris’s direction. “I can’t think of a single person more deserving either. Love you, babe.”  
She gave a small speech in thanks for everyone who had turned up, crediting the group of young girls who were also in attendance whom she’d met down at the beach for giving her the push to do it, the kids having no idea and looking utterly thrilled to be mentioned, even more so when Chris made his way over to give each of them a hug and pose for pictures.  
They were the last two to leave, locking up the studio and heading back home just as the sun was beginning to set. Once home, she changed into her comfortable clothes, a cropped top along with her pyjama bottoms, grabbing a beer from the fridge and going to stand out on the terrace, watching the ocean.  
“Oh god!” she squeaked after jumping in surprise, the presence of a cold beer bottle being held to her back alerting her to Chris’s arrival.
“Nah, just me.” Turning her head, she rolled her eyes, kissing the side of his neck. “How’d you feel, monkey?”
“Accomplished. I just have to hope that all those people who signed up actually stick to it. I have a long road ahead, in making it a successful business, but I’m ready. I made a success of myself in porn, I can do the same in yoga. No bad dragon toys needed either,” She laughed, leaning back in his embrace.
“Maybe don’t get rid of them, though. I can think of a few uses for ‘em,” he commented, sipping his wine nonchalantly, winking when she raised her eyebrows at him.
“Dirty bastard.”
“Hey, you chose me.” She laughed hard at that, kissing his cheek. She certainly did, and she’d choose him all over again if she had to. Through being with Chris, her life looked completely different to how it had just twelve months ago, but she wouldn’t change it for the world. The only thing she did change was her name, to Hemsworth, when they married six months later.
The End.  
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Tumblr media
✨You guys!!!!! ✨
It is still so weird to me that so many of you have followed my freaky blog. I cannot believe that 3000 of you are into the nasty shit I churn out!
To celebrate, I’ve decided to do a little drabble request extravaganza.
Here’s some rules for those of you who want to play:
First spin the kink wheel! You can pick up to two kinks per request
Then spin the character wheel! If your kinks lend themselves to more than one character you can obvs pick more than one 😉
Last, the prompt wheel! There’s a butt load so you can pick three dialogue prompts per request!
Once you’ve got your results, send me an ask (anon or not) and I’ll churn out a drabble with them! (Or as close to a drabble as my no chill ass can do) and if you want me to write for one of my established couples just let me know 😉
I’m not gonna give a definitive timetable for how fast I’ll churn these out, but I promise I’ll get to all of them as fast as I can! I will also post when I’m closing the requests.
Love and appreciate all of you babes!!! 💖💖💖
Tagging some lovelies who may be interested:
@starlightcrystalline @stargazingfangirl18 @msmarvelwrites @sweeterthanthis @afriendlyblackhottie @gotnofucks @wayward-blonde @cockslut-padalecki @chrissquares @drabblewithfrannybarnes @donutloverxo @ghotifishreads @ozarkthedog @labella420 @babyboibucky @babiiface95 @chubbybuckydumpling @slothspaghettiwrites @jack-skellingtons-stuff @anthonyjanthony666 @captain-asguard @angrythingstarlight @navybrat817 @diaryofabeautyfiend @kristopbishta @hevans-angel @bonkywobble @a-little-counter-esperanto @angrybirdcr @sweater-daddiesdumbdork @thedarkplume @saint-bvcky @addikted-2-dopamine @januarystears @foxgloveprincess
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Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Eighteen.
Just to say again, it’s a double update, so if you haven’t noticed chapter seventeen has been posted too tonight, you’ll need to go back and read that first! 
Tumblr media
Word count - 3,115
Warnings - 18+, smut! 
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @longlostinanotherworld @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan @dumb-ass-writer​ (Tag list is open! Please DM to be added!)
Previous chapters - One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten  Eleven  Twelve  Thirteen  Fourteen  Fifteen  Sixteen  Seventeen
The chatter of the crew filtered over the bricks of cannabis, a mere fifteen feet away from where Liliya lay, kissing her lover madly, his fingers teasing her through her underwear.  
It was cramped and awkward, but they’d managed for the last three and a half weeks to have sex upon a camp bed, but that was when the other five people aboard the boat were sleeping. Now it would be extra challenging, not to make a sound themselves while also negotiating a creaky bed.  
Pushing him off her, she shifted to remove her clothing from the waist down, pulling him back between her legs to share more feverish kisses, his hand moving to stroke her newly exposed sex. She exhaled a shuddered breath, his mouth swallowing back the tiny moan she emitted. “Shhhh.” He whispered, his middle digit sweeping between her folds, stroking from her entrance to her clit.  
A solitary, gruff whisper left his mouth as they kissed hungrily, feeling how wet she began to become, his cock hard against his pants, straining for release. Her hands moved to assist with that, freeing him into her waiting hand, squeezing his shaft, her thumb stroking the head, spreading seeping pre cum around.  
His hips tremored, his fingers dipping inside her, her mouth at his neck as they tried to control their breathing, the fact they had to be silent absolutely crippling. It did make the moment exponentially more intimate, though, torridness held fast, kissing as they panted softly, Tyler nipping the column of her throat as he pushed another finger inside her.
The drag of his fingertips against her walls jolted her, his cock keen against her hand, seeping onto her hip as she pulled at his shaft deftly. Lowering his head, he gently bit at the stiffened peaks of her nipples, rising through her t shirt, tongue swiping a line up her chest, over her neck and into her mouth again.  
He kissed her slow and dirty, a brief rumbled moan vibrating through his throat, his cock twitching in her grasp. Pulling his fingers from her, she fluttered around the emptiness, guiding him to her entrance, her mouth falling agape when he pushed to fill her.  
Biting his lip, she tried not to vocalise, unable to prevent a tiny exclamation leaving her mouth, only loud enough for him to hear. It made his insides throb, such a helpless little gasp, his lips crushing against hers, tongues swirling, her arms clasping around him tightly.
He moved with caution so the flimsy bed beneath them didn’t squeak, managing a steady pace without making much noise. He moved within her skilfully, making pleasure streak up her spine, her legs bracketing his waist, squeezing hard.  
With his cock dragging sparks through her walls, his breathing heavy against her neck, her nails trawling red marks down his back to join the others she often inflicted upon him, their bodies rocked together sublimely, grinding heated union, all in complete silence.  
They yearned for unbridled and unfettered, but the quietness, the only noise their quiet panting through their noses as they kissed one another heatedly, their bodies clasped so closely together, made for intimacy unmatched.  
The true test, they realised would be remaining silent throughout their ascent and eventual undoing, both chasing their release as fervidly as they dared, Tyler staring down at her, a hand bracketing against her cheek, thumb stroking her lip before kissing her softly, his forehead resting to hers.  
“I love you, Lil.” Nuzzling her nose, his whispered words just made everything all the more passionately romantic, Liliya mouthing the same sentiment back to him, stroking his face, lost in his beautiful eyes, his pupils wide and inky.  
He whispered a string of curses as he felt her spasm around him, their mouths locking together as her walls massaged his climax from him, a hot wave that rolled through him and into her, glimmering, swirling, gentle in its crest yet completely overpowering.  
“Next time we can be loud, you’ll be screaming,” he assured her with a wink, stroking her neck and kissing her, cock still twitching inside her as the pleasure ebbed away slowly.  
“I don’t doubt it at all, big man.”
The remaining three days of their journey passed by with more of Liliya cursing her non-existent sea legs, silent sex and bad food, before finally, the boat reached the shores of Lagos.  
Naturally, the vessel wouldn’t be docking in the main harbour, for obvious reasons, but along a desolate, skeleton coastline, littered with abandoned ghost ships run aground, everywhere quiet except for a small speed boat, making its way over to where the vessel dropped anchor.  
“Ayo.” The captain spoke, gesturing to where it approached. Three men sat aboard, one driving, one armed with a large, automatic rifle and the third standing tall and proud, shirtless but a long, black denim waistcoat that reached his knees, red jeans and a gold chain as thick as the kind someone would secure a rambunctious bullmastiff with. Ayo, one would presume. The way he carried himself screamed gangster.  
“Two scary lookin’, tattooed white people. Goran’s descriptions never fail to disappoint. I am Ayo, my friends. Welcome to Lagos,” he announced with great flair as they climbed down the rope ladder to the boat, Ayo assisting them board. “You are a big guy, eh? Hey, Uzoma. Look at this guy. He’s almost at tall as me. But wider! Tell me, white man. How much you press for a chest as wide as a bison?” Slapping Tyler in the chest, he laughed loudly, offering his hand to shake.
“It is all in good fun, my friend,” he then confirmed when Tyler didn’t immediately react. Of course, he was sizing him up, as he always did, eventually offering his hand so Ayo wasn’t left hanging. “And you, you are Liliya. Goran calls you a force to be reckoned with. I have a feeling that soon, you will likely show me why.”  
“That all depends on the situation and where such is warranted, Ayo,” she replied as the boat turned, heading back through the clear, blue sea back to shore.  
“With me, it is usually warranted on a regular basis. When you own Lagos, you have many an underling vying for your seat. I am a man in a great position of power and with such power comes many attempts to attain such. It is not an easy life I lead, but I do so always with a smile upon my face. Heavy might be the head that wears the crown, but I have a good time while I do it!”  
He was a hard character to call immediate judgement on, his pantomime either genuine and borne of the obvious arrogance and hugely inflated ego so obviously deep rooted within him, or he used this caricature to throw people off from who he was beneath as a diversion tactic. Either way, Tyler didn’t trust him as far as he could have thrown him from the get go.  
“There are my two best, by the way, Oba and Uzoma.” Ayo waved a hand to the guys aboard the boat, Uzoma at the helm and Oba sitting opposite them, his eyes locked on Tyler, both of them sussing each other out. Tyler stared back, unblinking, Oba’s head twitching from side to side as he studied him. He was short, but wide, the man who took him in so thoroughly, like a rhino, his dark skin shining with a slight sheen of sweat.
“You are like the lion, white man,” he began, rumbling voice slow, each word delivered carefully. “You gauge the situation, stay low and quiet, but I can guess that when you pounce, little is left of your target. We are not your gazelles, friend; we are the lions too. Relax, all is well, all is well,” he assured him, patting his forearm. “Well, it is while we are here. As Ayo said, we attract heat, especially when the entire crew rolls out. We have men back at the shore, waiting to take you to the compound. Our journey there is likely to be...interesting.”  
There was something about Oba that Tyler instantly liked more than Ayo. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he seemed more earnest, or maybe, it was because he was quiet, just like him. He didn’t need to conduct himself brashly like his boss.  
Also, he got the distinct impression that the burly man was nowhere near as much of a lion as he masqueraded to be. There was something there that shone through, that gave Tyler reason to suspect bullshit when he smelled it. It lurked in his eyes, a goodness there that few lawless men possessed.  
Reaching the shore, there were three pickup trucks waiting, full of armed men carrying AK-47 assault rifles. “Here, from Russia with love.” Ayo announced after they’d come ashore, passing both of them a weapon a piece.  
“Hello, pretty lady.” Liliya purred, kissing the rifle before jumping into the middle pickup at Oba’s instruction, Ayo laughing.  
“Safe to say your woman is a little crazy, friend?”  
“No,” Tyler began, climbing onto the pickup with her. “She’s a lot crazy.” Ayo laughed heartily, climbing aboard too, shouting they were ready to move at the men in the cab, the three pickups heading off, theirs remaining in the middle.  
The men present all kept the lookout at the convoy headed through the quieter streets, fish markets selling their catches, the smell potent as they sped along the bumpy roads before turning, heading up to the main routes. The city bloomed into view, street traders shouting their wares, area boys patrolling, cars and bikes speeding along.  
The energy was as vibrant as the people, low lying buildings and pylons coming into view, white painted walls flanking each of the ramshackle properties with their boarded windows. A few blocks passed before much larger dwellings came into view, people hanging from balconies, pointing down at them, all shouting one name. Ayo.  
“You are a popular face, I see,” Liliya commented, Ayo grinning.
“About as beloved as I am reviled!” he laughed, seeming to relish in his status. Whether he happened to be being viewed with positivity or negativity didn’t seem to be either here nor there to him. Loud music blasted from the stereo of a group of area boys who caught up with the convoy once they hit traffic, one approaching Ayo, who held out his hand and received a gargantuan handful of bills.  
“Good work. Here, for your time.” The teenager, no older than sixteen or seventeen, looked content with the amount Ayo peeled from the wedge, passing it back into his hand and shaking it. “They run what Goran grows, as well as a whole lot more.”
“Ayo, six ahead,” Oba then stated, standing and making himself suddenly look twice as wide. He was diminutive, a few inches shorter than Liliya’s 5ft 9 height, stocky and thick. Ayo stood at around 6ft 6, a towering, lean man who took to his feet, scoping out the situation ahead. “I might have known. Snake Head.”  
When Liliya and Tyler made inquiring faces, Oba sat to explain. “Snake Head is another local area face, constantly causing issues for our organisation and attempting to unseat Ayo. They call him snake head because he has the tattoos...” Motioning to his face, he ran his fingers up and over his head. “...he is trouble, but nothing we cannot handle. This is why we run in great numbers when Ayo is with us.”  
Neither particularly relished in having to involve themselves in someone else’s fight, especially not a turf war between rival Nigerian gangs, for that matter. As guests of Ayo, though, they had little option. A few of the men disembarked the back of the pickups, leaving Ayo to wait it out for that moment as he stood and observed Oba and a few others approach the commotion.  
While they waited, Liliya became aware of Uzoma eyeballing her from across the truck, reaching out to tap Tyler’s knee in order to gain his attention.  
“Your woman. She’ll cope okay if it comes to a fight, eh?” The snap of anger in her eyes at not being addressed directly as she eyeballed him back with incredulity was felt strongly by some of the other guys present, all looking between her and the man who had revealed himself as a strong proponent of misogyny.  
Immediately, Tyler began to grin. “It’s how they’ll cope with her that’s more pertinent. She can also answer her own questions, mate.”  
“He doesn’t speak for me, but in this instance, he is correct.” Ayo watched the exchange intently, Liliya staring at him so unflinchingly, Uzoma began to feel uncomfortable, as well he should. Waiting, she paused until she stared him down, unblinking and unflinching, the man muttering and laughing under his breath, while Liliya instead turned her focus onto her surroundings.  
A few men ran to the side of the pickup, Ayo leaning down to hear what they had to say before peeling off a few notes. “Sometimes, it pays to pacify the underlings.” Still, everyone remained on their guard, the men running off back to the front before suddenly, the truck began to move forward.  
They moved through the street, Liliya turning just in time to see a man, dressed in half done up dungarees, his white boxers on show, Timberland boots and two patterns of snakeskin tattooed along his face counting his cash, grinning a gold toothed grin as Ayo passed. Snake Head backed down or a price, it seemed.  
“So, everyone can be bought to avoid trouble, huh?” she inquired, Ayo leaning in close.
“He knew he was outnumbered, but still, he would have tried to flex at me, bring a challenge had I not bribed him to go away quietly. It isn’t always like that, but there’s only so much open firing I can pay the police to turn a blind eye to upon the streets of Lagos. I could have shot a few of his crew today to send a message, but messages do not necessarily always need to come with blood.”  
He was smart, she saw, in the fact that just because he could have fought against Snake Head, it didn’t mean that he would. By paying his adversary to back down as well, he had flexed enough of his own authority, namely that everyone, including those jostling for superiority within the criminal underworld, had their price.  
It took them just over half an hour to reach the compound Ayo resided in, a big, white painted building set out alone from the rest of a fairly ramshackle looking street. It was right out on the fringes of Lagos, where built up area met wild, buffalo grazing at the slim pickings in the middle distance, small, grey monkeys scavenging for whatever they could find at the roadside.
Entering the compound, Tyler’s eyes were everywhere, assessing the building, exits and presence of armed guards. Two had swung open the large, razor wire line gates, a couple walking around by the perimeter and one standing beneath an arch were the U shape building connected. There was an upper and lower level, a balcony bordering the upper, ominous bullet holes tattooing the brickwork, the white paint shattered away.
“Down that side, past all the archway is out of bounds. That is where my family reside. This end of the house, though, this is where the fun happens and where you shall stay. It used to be a farm a long time ago, so I converted most of the outbuildings so my guys could crash here in between going to and from their own homes. There is your room, the bathroom is almost right above you on the first floor, we have a common room just down there, come meet us in there in a little while.”  
Ayo turned and left them to it after pointing the way to their room, the door thin but at least lockable from the inside. It was very basic, a tiled floor, simple bed, chair in the corner and a potted plant in the other, but it was one thing they were both glad of. It was cool. Nigeria was nothing if not stiflingly arid.  
“There’s something about that guy, I dunno, I sense something is off,” Tyler confided quietly, Liliya frowning a little.
“Goran wouldn’t trust him like he does if he was iffy,” she reasoned, stroking his forearms.  
“No disrespect to Goran, but he trusts him to sell massive quantities of cannabis to. Nothing else. Believe me, no matter how much your friend has faith in him, we shouldn’t be ingenuous.” He had no intention of ruffling her feathers, but sadly, that was exactly what happened.
“You think Goran is ingenuous?”
“No, Lil. I’m just saying we shouldn’t be.”
“You doubt a man who is like a father to me?”
“I really don’t want to argue about this. I’m tired, I’m coming down off my last Oxy dose, I do not need you throwing a fucking fit at me over something that was just an observation, not a character assassination of your friend.”
“You don’t like him.”
“Goran? No, I do. He doesn't like me though, because he thinks you can do better for yourself than a prescription meds junkie. This really isn’t anything to do with whether I like him or not though, it’s to do with Ayo.” He hissed in urgent whisper, jerking his head back in the direction of the door.  
“Just be on your goddamned guard. I’m saying this because I fucking love you and I want us to get out of here safely, alright?” She had the sense to swallow down her need to argue, something Tyler was glad of as he knew how difficult she could be when disagreed with.  
She was far too comfortable to go head-to-head with someone in order to demand her own way, or self-righteously and indignantly argue that the other was wrong, not her. He’d encountered that quite a few times by that point, them getting into stupid arguments, spurred by simple disagreements in conversation because Liliya had a penchant to be sanctimonious. She seemed to be getting worse of late, too, definitely a little more emotionally tempestuous.  
He defused her ticking temper with kisses, wrapping her in his embrace, their argument quelled sufficiently before anything else could have been said, or possibly overheard. A concealed Uzoma had heard everything he needed to though, after hanging around in the room next door, listening intently to anything interesting the newcomers might have had to say.  
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Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Seventeen.
Oh, oh... is it double update Saturday? I do believe it IS! I haven’t done one of these on this story yet, so yes, do enjoy two for the price of one tonight, because your gal here loves you all and wants to reward you for your continued support of her little series! 
Tumblr media
Word count - 2,153
Warnings - None, just these two getting so adorably closer! 
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @longlostinanotherworld @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan @dumb-ass-writer​ (Tag list is open! Please DM to be added!)
Previous chapters - One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten  Eleven  Twelve  Thirteen  Fourteen  Fifteen  Sixteen
“I cannot wait to get off this boat. Jesus fucking Christ, I cannot even keep the anti-nausea pills down!” Liliya exclaimed, taking the bottle of water Tyler handed her with thanks after she’d finished vomiting over the side into the ocean. She’d been expecting it as a sufferer of sea sickness, but it was grating on her last nerve at that point.  
“Only three more days now before we’re there, darlin’.” Pulling her into a hug, he stroked her back soothingly, Liliya groaning a little with how churned up she felt in her tummy. She was absolutely starving, but couldn’t keep anything in for long, although she did seem to feel a little more settled at night and her sleepiness meant she could focus on that, rather than nausea.  
“I miss Brazil.” So did he. He missed waking up in a sun filled bedroom with his love, comfortable, or as much as he would ever be, but at least having a comfortable bed, access to a shower and food and for those seven weeks, not having to look over his shoulder.  
It was time to kiss comfortable goodbye, though, going back to living the lives of mercenaries on the run, fleeing from one dangerous continent to another. The only reassurance they had was the fact that for all Global knew, they were still on the run somewhere in South America. However, it didn’t mean they wouldn’t exercise caution.  
“Feeling better?”  
“Yes, it always helps when you do this.” To assist with the motion sickness, Tyler would hug her as tightly as possible, his weight and bulk giving the illusion of stillness that went a little way to counteract the queasiness. Once she felt confident in her stomach’s ability to not lurch again, they returned below deck, lying on the fold out beds they’d pushed together, their bodies grumbling in protest.  
“I definitely got too used to sleeping in a comfortable bed,” he grimaced, rotating his shoulder until it cracked. It had done that since he’d had it operated on a year back, the surgery to remove a bullet from his scapula. It was why he had lingering tension, because of the damage caused to the connective tissues not just when the bullet had hit the bone, but from its path through the muscle, plus what the surgeon had been faced with, getting it out.  
In turn, Liliya was bothered by her leg, the tissues where she’d taken a bullet not long after reacquainting with Tyler in Venezuela causing her issues. It felt tight, like shin splints but worse. They helped each other, though, just like in that moment, Tyler unbuttoning his shirt and enjoying her hands knead his shoulder as he sat between her legs, reaching to rub her afflicted leg.
“Which one was your worst?”  
“You know the big, white scar about halfway down my back to the left, just above my snake tattoo? That one. Bastard got my lung, I thought I was going to die. That was Mexico, three years ago.” Her fingers continued to work, the tension crackling under them, Tyler snorting a little.
“You don’t have the best of luck in South America, do you?” He had a fair point, but she still slapped his chest playfully for it.  
“How about you? I bet I can guess, actually.”
Sipping from the bottle of tequila they were sharing, he was curious to know whether her guess would be correct. “This, here. From Dhaka, when you saved the boy, Ovi.” Her fingers rubbed against the raised scar at the side of his throat, the reminder of what truly had almost been a fatal bullet he’d taken the previous year.  
“Correct. I didn’t think I’d make it out of that river alive. Thank fuck for Hare Krishna’s.” It had been those very people who had witnessed his descent to the water below from the riverbank, two of them swimming out to lend assistance, bringing him to shore and getting him to a hospital, where by some absolute miracle, considering his wounds, he had survived. “What were the circumstances surrounding your near death in Mexico?”
“I stole a valuable piece of art from a cartel boss. It didn’t belong to him, but the private collector had attempting the proper channels in trying to recover it to no avail, so he called me. Being a retrieval specialist, I am an excellent thief, of course. I could steal the Pope’s hat from him and he wouldn’t fucking notice until I was an hour away, wearing said hat.” He laughed quietly at that, the visual of Liliya in the pontiff’s headgear.
“That time, though, I was not so lucky against one of his cronies. He was somebody who could move through the shadows even quieter than I, but that isn’t how he got me. He stabbed me in the middle of a crowd I’d vanished into after dropping the painting back with its rightful owner. Cartels are all about the payback, as I’m sure you’re aware.  
“I was saved by a group of high school students, believe it or not. They knew what to do, opening an airway in my neck when my lung filled with blood. A thirteen-year-old boy saved my life. His name was Rio. He came to see me in the hospital, too. I gave him a hundred dollars. I wish it would have been more, but that was all I had,” she explained, Tyler listening, his shoulder feeling looser for her efforts.  
Rubbing her leg a little more firmly, he stopped for a few moments, pondering upon a question. “Do you think we’ll ever be capable of being anything else?”
“Would you want to be?” She did her own pondering then, wondering what a life without abject danger might look like. Liliya was so steeped in professional bloodshed, she couldn’t even picture it. “I don’t even know what else I could be. Do you?”
“I think so, eventually. As for what else I could be, I haven’t given it much thought. The only thing I was hoping for was dead, up until this crazy Russian girl crossed my path, then she kinda changed my perspective.”
She shook her head, laughing softly from her nose. “What is she like, this crazy Russian girl?”  
“Fucking amazing. She’s gorgeous, too. Great tits, big, round arse that looks incredible when you smack it, and she puts up with my shitshow of an existence, too. I’m a damn lucky fella.”
“Your existence is not a shitshow, my darling. Just a work in progress.” Putting the bottle down, he turned, wrapping his arms around her waist.
“And she says things like that a lot, too, because somehow, she has unwavering faith in me.” Leaning close, he nuzzled her cheek, kissing her thereafter.  
“She does.” Sitting back, he pulled her on top of him, holding her against his chest as he lay back in their little private space between many hundreds of bricks of cannabis, concealed from where the rest of the crew slept.  
“I’m not sure I deserve her, though.” Looking up from where she’s tucked her head under his chin, she reached to stroke his neck, a soft frown denting her head.
“Why would you say such a thing?”  
“Despite slowly beginning to deal with my past, something within me still doesn’t think I deserve a future. Moreover, not a happy one, as I sense I’ll have with you,” he sighed, stroking her side.  
“Who knows if we’ll even have one at all?” She laughed a little darkly, at the simple truth of her statement. “If we do get out of this alive, though, then I’ll show you you’re deserving of happiness. You have to stop punishing yourself at some point, Tyler.  
“You have to stop thinking of life so black and white, defined purely on what you deserve in accordance to an action that, while it wasn’t right, was made under great duress. If we did that, with the trail of dead we both have behind us, then we’d surely be condemning ourselves to a living hell.”  
Again, her words penetrated his head deeper than anything he could have reasoned with himself, should he have been inclined to. “We will never be angels. But we are capable of being good people, despite the damage of our actions, collateral or otherwise. For that, we are deserving of happiness. The fact you doubt it shows you still have a conscience, which confirms that you’re better than you consider yourself to be.”  
He drank in her words further, marvelling at her wisdom. She truly was his tonic, calming his fears, making him see things from a different perspective. However, she was far from perfect. He’d almost forgotten, in the peaceful time since they’d seen any combat, exactly how deadly, how trigger happy and how, if he was honest, unhinged she was capable of being. If he was true to himself, he’d forgotten just how much he found all of it alluring, too.
Did he still feel that way, though, now he’d seen the soft side of Liliya, witnessed that she was much like him, just a person doing a difficult and at times, morally challenging job, someone who still had a strong sense of morality beneath it all and wasn’t just a ruthless killing machine? The danger he found in and around her had been very much appealing when he was chasing a nihilistic existence, but now, things were different.  
After all, they no longer fucked one another holding a loaded gun to their heads, the thrill of one another now seemingly enough without their sex bordering on mortal peril.  
“You look thoughtful,” she stated.  
“Nothing important.” He didn’t need to reveal every single last thought in his head to her, so instead just held her, hand slipping beneath her tight, dark green t shirt to stroke her back. “Are you alright? You’re wincing again. You’ve been doing that a lot for the last week.” His observation was correct, but she had hoped he wouldn’t notice.  
“It’s fine, I think it’s just the nausea giving me a sore stomach.” It was a lie, but he bought it. The truth was, Liliya had been quietly worrying about her health for the last two weeks, sea sickness aside. Her lower abdomen was swollen and tender, the symptoms she recognised from when, five years previously, she’d been diagnosed with benign ovarian cysts.  
A simple procedure had removed them, luckily without damaging the affected right ovary, but her surgeon had said at the time that he couldn’t guarantee that they’d never return, or that if they did, that they wouldn’t be malignant.  
Since she was still such a young woman, he hadn’t wanted to remove her ovary and thus drastically decrease her fertility when he equally couldn’t say for definite whether they would return or not, so since then she had hung in limbo, wondering if and when they would return. Now, it seemed, was their time to make themselves known.
It was the worst possible timing. It was why she hadn’t told Tyler, because she knew he didn’t need his already delicate mental balance added to, on a reduced dose on Oxy, trying very, very hard not to drink so much as well, although they’d both slipped a little there. No, while he was trying to work through enough of his own problems, he didn’t need to be burdened with worrying about her too.  
She’d find a doctor somewhere along their journey, just to see how developed they were and how long she could possibly wait before surgical intervention had to take place. It panicked her, knowing her health was now questionable, at a time where she couldn’t just return home, have the procedure and convalesce back at her flat. She could only do that once she’d delivered the ozenium into the safe hands of Dr Cazares and was certain that there was no longer a mark upon her head.
She was glad to be docking soon, so she’d have something else to think about other than what was likely growing on her ovary. In that moment, though, lying safe and comfortable in the arms of her love, she happily snoozed with him into the afternoon, only woken by the feeling of being gently turned, also the crew chattering to themselves down there below deck.  
The folding bed squeaked beneath them, Tyler moving to lie on top of her, kissing her neck until she awoke properly. It was his hand sliding into her shorts that had the desired effect.  
“Tyler, the crew are just over there.” Her whispered statement was met by a shrug, his hand continuing its descent into her underwear.  
“We’ll have to be quiet, then.”
Well, if there ever was a challenge. Having silent sex with a man so proficient at it? Liliya wasn’t sure such could be done, but she was willing to give it a shot.
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darklydeliciousdesires · 17 days ago
Jealous Thor?
He sees you talking to another man. He gets jealous. Anger follows, as does some angry, “you’re mine and no one else’s, do you hear me?” brand of sex. 
Tumblr media
Who’s in? I likely won’t write it quite as quickly as this morning’s Chris offering, but it shall happen! Looking in the direction of my usual thirsty Thor gals!
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Spark - A Chris Hemsworth/Reader One Shot Story.
Just a quick bit of overdue Chris smut for you all, my darlings! Enjoy :) 
Tumblr media
Word count - 1,257
Warnings - 18+ for zee smut!
Taglist - 
(To be added, please feel free to message. Also, if you receive this tag, please let me know! I want to see if laying them out differently works for people being alerted!)
You need to be naked and waiting for me when I get home. 9pm. All I want to do is lick every last inch of your body, then fuck you until you’re sore.
The above was the text that ignited the spark, that means at 9pm sharp, you’re ying naked in wait for your man, staring at the bedroom door while the anticipation of his arrival practically eats you alive. It wont be the only thing to that night either.  
Your heartbeat quickens when you hear him enter the house, greeting his faithful canine companion at the door, your dog sounding to be full of his usual excitable, waggy tailed energy.  
“So, what got you so fired up that you demanded me wait like this for you?” You ask after he arrives in the bedroom, closing the door softly and beginning to undress.  
“Do I need a reason? Look at you, there’s my reason.” He always makes you feel so confident about your body, how he praises you, reacts to your nakedness and lavishes you with such fond attention, before it all usually gives way to something borne of animalistic lust. This man, he truly burns for you.  
Revealing his body, that hard, broad chest, you crave him atop you like an addict wishes for the illicit drug of their choice. Once naked, you get exactly what you’ve thirsted for, him crawling up the bed, his nakedness blanketing yours. Then just as he promised, beginning at your delicate throat, his tongue starts to travel, accompanied by the bass rumble of a very deep, aroused groan. The grit of it arrows right to your insides, a throb of anticipation making your cunt clench.  
He tastes your skin with keen exploration, his tongue gliding over your breasts, your stomach, arms, back, bum, legs and even down to your toes, sexual energy coursing through you, the thrum heady, no more so than when finally, his mouth meets with the most erogenous area of your body, his tongue taking a long, slow swipe at your slit.  
You whimper softly, Chris parting your legs a little wider, his fingers stroking your folds before he uses his thumb to pull your clit hood back, exposing your tiny little potent bundle, bathing it in slow, firm, wet licks. Your nails graze his arms, your hips already beginning to slowly undulate against his mouth, each keen lick delivered with the kind of precision that stirs you strongly, glimmers skittering through your belly, like a whirlpool beginning to circle deep in your groin.  
He draws dirty curses from your sweet lips with each keen lap of his tongue, his beard prickling at your soft flesh, his cheeks hollowing as he begins to suck at you, your slick swallowed greedily by your lover as he devours the mouthful of your womanhood he has encased in his mouth, localising the next suck by covering your bud with his lips, sucking until it swells, your hips jolting at the soft flicks of the tip of his tongue administered thereafter.  
It’s too much, but equally nowhere near enough, his fingers pushing into you, clever and precise as he seeks out exactly where within the wet plush of your pussy you want to feel him press, smiling against you when you cry out.  
“Right there?”
“Oh fuck, yes! Don’t you dare move them!” He laughs, his voice deepened even more than usual by lust, hooking his fingers over and beginning to rake them against you, pressing hard, looking up at you over the rise of your curves and watching as you lose control for him.  
“Fuck, you’re getting so wet.” He groans, his fingers sodden with your dew, tongue furiously beating over your swollen clit in time with his fingers, two becoming three, opening you up with his exploration, circling them around and around, the tips still pressing against the spot that has you crying out.  
A final few licks and circles does it, has you coming apart messily against him, a flush decorating your chest as you cum hard for him. The taste of yourself on his mouth is sinfully erotic when he emerges, kissing you while pressing the tip of his hardness against your entrance, slowly spreading you around him as he fills you, your mouth falling open in exclamation of how good he feels.  
He’s thick and hot inside you, dragging your walls, making you feel sparks, your insides lighting up against the friction of his cock. Your body arches, like a bridge over a river, Chris setting his teeth against your breasts, nipping and sucking at your nipples as his cock glides into you seamlessly, his hands smoothing down the elegant curve of your back.  
He pants against you, predatory hunger unleashed, claiming your mouth again with hungry kisses, his fingers gripping at your waist as he rolls his hips firmly into you, driving his cock against your very depths, forcing little cries of elation from your throat.  
“God, you’re so fucking big,” you breathe, reaching between you to feel him stretching you, spearing your slick, so ruinously wet for him.  
“And you always take me so well.” He grunts, sucking the wet fingers you offer to his mouth with a groan, pupils blown with heated lust as he stares down at you. Hooking your fingers around his jaw, you pull him back down, kissing him wantonly, swallowing his guttural groans and flinching a little when he bites your lower lip, letting it slide out from between his teeth slowly before your tongues entwine once more.  
Sitting back on his heels, he lifts you with him, arranging you so you’re kneeling either side of his colossal body, your mouth at his throat as he clasps you to him, driving yourself down onto his cock with greed, your pelvis all rotating gusto, wanting to feel him hitting you at every angle, every depth.  
“Fuck, fuck.” He breathes, closing his eyes tightly as you fuck him with unbridled determination, Chris moving beneath you with purposeful power, kissing you again madly, one of his hands moving to spank your bum as you bounce on his mighty cock.
He has you so sinfully wet, your pussy drips onto his balls, little pearls of arousal decorating them as his thick hardness drives into you, leaving you tender, but oh so tingly, your groin burning, the heat of his manhood making the wildfire spread through you. 
He growls at your neck, teeth nipping sharply, his hips beginning to snap up against you strongly as his hands run up your back and grip your shoulders, forcing you down onto the power of him, how he moves, body surging against yours.  
You cry out, nails tearing down his shoulders, any reserve completely broken, like a wild colt snapping his lasso and galloping to freedom, you both charge to your release, cresting, shattering against one another, that sublime warmth radiating through your body as he fills you with cum, your inner walls milking his cock thirstily.  
You’re both clammy and breathless, Chris the first to recover as he holds you against him, panting in your ear as he strokes your hair, nuzzling your neck. He lies you back, still inside you, arms tightening around you as you share kisses, keeping his wet cock warm as he enjoys the little pulses of your walls around him, kissing you tenderly.  
“Sated now?” You question, laughing softly when he shakes his head.
“Not nearly enough yet. I never am with you, though.”  
True. With you, he always wants more.  
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Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Sixteen.
Full disclosure, I needed a cold shower after writing this! :D Thanks to everyone as always for their continued interest. I’m so happy you all love these two just as much as I do. 
Tumblr media
Word count - 1,893
Warnings - 18+, absolute filth! Sub/dom, anal, all the good stuff :D
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @longlostinanotherworld @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan @dumb-ass-writer​ (Tag list is open! Please DM to be added!)
Previous chapters - One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten  Eleven  Twelve  Thirteen  Fourteen  Fifteen
Roll, flicker, circle, zig zag, blow, suck, repeat. Those were the actions Tyler used upon Liliya, lavishing her clit with the kind of attention that had her out of her mind with pleasure. What the man didn’t know about going down on a woman was not worth knowing at all.
Her nails grazed over his freshly shorn hair (she’d tidied up his back and sides with a pair of horse clippers, although he’d needed talking into it, she’d done a good job) as he continued to utterly ruin her with his mouth, little whispers in her native tongue leaving her lips as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of the early afternoon sun streaming in through the window and warming her flesh.  
“Something about me being incredible?”  
“Correct, because you are. You’re learning very quickly.”
“What? How you like me to lick your pussy, or understanding Russian?”
“The Russian. You seem to have a very natural aptitude for the former.”
“I suppose I do.” Flattening his tongue against her, he gave her a few long, firm licks, pushing two fingers into her gaping heat, curling them against her, stroking her g spot with the kind of precision that had her absolutely reeling.  
“Right where your fingers are now, big man. That is exactly where I need to feel you inside me. Mmmm, please fuck me,” she purred at him, Tyler opening his eyes to look up at her, shaking his head.  
“You can wait.”  
“I cannot. Please, baby. Please split my wet little cunt around your thick, hot cock. I fucking need you so badly.” She was his ruin, but he’d resist her. Or so he thought. “Come on, Tyler. Your sexy little Russian honey wants to be held down by her big, beast of a man and fucked until she cannot walk any longer. I want you to screw me hard, bite my nipples, choke me, spank me, cum all over me.”  
She knew exactly what she was doing in her descriptions, knowing his imagination would do the rest. Transferring his wet fingers to her mouth, he let her suck them while clenching his hand around her jaw, holding her there, Liliya already with her legs held wide, knees at her shoulders as he aligned himself with her slick entrance and slid in effortlessly.  
Biting the fingers in her mouth, he pushed them deeper until she gagged a little, looking down at her balefully, but yet with the most adoration she’d ever seen in a man. There was no build up, there on the bed, with her face held fast, still fucking on his fingers, she was fucked frenziedly, his hips pounding against her as she wailed helplessly.  
“You’re so fucking beautiful.” Those words made her heart somersault, coupled with the way he looked at her. It was so intense.
In turn, the way she looked up at him made his insides burn, big, blue eyes focusing in on his, closing for a second, his free hand slapping the side of her face just hard enough to sting, but without being too barbaric. “Eyes open, look at me. Good girl.” How she loved the dominance, being completely under his control. He mastered it entirely.  
On he continued, plunging into her heat with fervent vigour, before suddenly, he ground to a halt. “How annoyed would you be, if I just stayed right here, completely still?” he inquired, arching an eyebrow at her, removing the fingers from her mouth.
“I would make you move again, by doing this.” Squeezing her muscles around him, she massaged his length with her inner walls, each contraction making him throb. “You like that, huh, big man?”  
“I do, I’m gonna bite these pretty little feet while you squeeze on me, too.” Taking her right foot, he sucked her toes, biting them hard and making her squeak. There wasn’t a single part of her that hadn’t been licked by him at that point. “That’s enough, now,” he told her after a few moments, Liliya defying him by continuing. “Enough. Behave.” He reprimanded her, clutching her jaw and withdrawing from her heat, watching her pout, her hand travelling between her legs to rub at her clit.
“Hands. Now.”  
“Do as your told, brat.”
“No.” She was feisty that afternoon, giggling as his face darkened, moaning softly while continuing to masturbate in front of him, making him burn.  
Clutching her face harder, he leaned right down, nose touching hers. “I said now.” That menacing whisper let her know he wasn’t playing around. It advised he should quit her petulance, Liliya obediently placing her hands up by the white iron of the bedframe, Tyler pulling one of her cotton, skull print scarves from its place around the bedpost, using it to bind her to it with a series of unescapable knots. “Now you’ll do as you’re told.”
“Yes, big man. I’ll be a good girl.”  
“Not that good, you won’t.” His hand slid to her neck, cock slowly beginning to move within her once more, her legs trapped beneath her arms, held wide apart for him and giving the most amazing view of his hardness disappearing into her heat, again and again.  
He drove his weight down into her, Liliya’s eyes fluttering as they rolled back, the softest of wails leaving her mouth at the incredible sensations he drilled into her, his hardness hitting her so deeply and so thoroughly, she felt like she might pass out from pleasure.  
She squirmed against him, her body fluid, malleable to him entirely, his thrusts unfettered, moving within her like a jackhammer, coaxing louder cries from her throat, constricting his grip as he slowed, sped up, then slowed once more. He then withdrew completely, moving back down to latch his mouth around her clit, sucking gently as he slid two fingers inside her, wetting them thoroughly before pushing them into her ass.  
A trail of saliva from his tongue running down to meet them further lubricated them, moving in and out, scissoring, opening her up. A third slid in, Liliya gasping, her soft cries thereafter making his cock twitch aggressively. “I’m gonna stretch this pretty little hole, get you ready for my cock. I still can’t believe I haven’t fucked you up the arse yet.”
“Well, nobody else has either.” The way he stopped dead and raised an eyebrow at her evoked giggles, giggles which only grew when she saw the size of the grin that spread across his face.  
“So, I get to take your anal cherry, is what you’re telling me?” He looked way too excited by the prospect; dom and sub roles dropped entirely for that moment because of her revelation.
“Yes, my love. But it’s a little scary, because you’re such a big man. Be gentle with me,” she confessed, Tyler moving back up from between her legs to kiss her.  
“Of course, baby.” He whispered, kissing her again, nuzzling her nose with his, making her heart soar. He was the absolute perfect balance of loving boyfriend and baleful dom. She’d never met anyone like him before in her life.  
Moving back between her legs, he continued lapping hungrily at her clit, fingers working in and out of her tight hole until it began to relax, her moans of pleasure making his insides burn.  
Sitting back up on his heels, he pushed his cock back into the soaking wet confides of her snug cunt, getting himself completely slick before withdrawing and slowly, little by little, inching himself into her ass. She grimaced slightly, his thumb stroking tight circles at her clit making her relax more around the pain. It felt strange to her, such a different sensation of lit up nerve endings seldom ignited before, still hurting a little.
He was so staggeringly gentle with her, though, firstly only entering a few inches before pulling back, then an inch more, then halfway in. He left it there for depth, knowing she would make her wishes clear before long if she wanted more, sliding against her tight hole with ease, the friction making his heartbeat soar.  
It was a fight to hold himself back from plunging into her fully, arousal misting his senses like a fog, trying to focus on anything else he could other than how good she felt, her beautiful her moans sounded, knowing he could topple in a mere few thrusts, he was so assiduously aroused.  
As for Liliya, she couldn’t have been more turned on in that moment, until he pushed his fingers back into her slick cunt, her walls hugging them as he began to fuck her hard, lightning bouncing through her as she watched him, his body quivering as his chest rose and fell rapidly. She knew he was fighting it hard, the urge not to cum.  
“How’s that feel?” He laughed deeply when all she could do in reply was moan incoherently, driving his fingers into her faster but keeping his cock slow, her entire body thrumming, prickled by goose pimples, her nipples peaked so stiffly, he couldn’t resist sucking them in turn. “My dirty girl likes it, doesn’t she?”
“She does, but she’s also absolutely fucking dying for you to take your big dick out and cum all over her.” She knew it was killing him, holding back, so gave him the mercy of knowing he wouldn’t physically be able to after hearing those words, delivered by the velvety accent that always drove him out of his mind.  
The control in him snapped like a band after being tensed for too long, driving into her at the same depth, but quickening exponentially, groaning wildly as he felt it surge within, withdrawing and as she requested, covering her with every hot pulse of cum he expelled from his throbbing cock, decorating her stomach, chest, and even managing to aim the last spurt onto her outstretched tongue.
He knew he’d reached his peak before her, so got her there fast, fingers driving into her so hard, his knuckles punched against her, leaving her shaking and panting as the pleasure snapped through her, illuminating her spine. She felt warm and drowsy in the aftermath, Tyler untying her bindings before turning onto his back, catching his breath as she curled up against him, kissing his neck.  
“What is it about a tattooed neck? So sexy,” she murmured, tickling his with her fingertips, tracing the black spearheads with her tongue.
“Agreed.” Tracing the black feather tattoo at the side of her throat, he leaned to kiss it before getting up, locating his painkillers and going into the bathroom to fetch a glass of water. When he opened the bottle, he counted out his usual amount, then put two back. Turning to Liliya, he saw her smile at him proudly, noticing his restraint in not swallowing back his usual dose. “I have to start at some point.”  
“I love you,” she whispered, moving to sit behind him, stroking his arms and kissing his shoulder.
“I know, that’s why I’m doing it.” He knew having someone there to love and support him wouldn’t be enough on its own, but it was the start he’d needed for years. By the time they left for Africa, he was adjusted to the slightly lowered dose. He’d need to be, too, for everything that would unfold as soon as they eventually reached Lagos.  
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Bourne of Bullets and Bloodshed...
I am absolutely thrilled by how many of you seem to be enjoying this story, let me begin by stating that and thanking you all for your feedback!
I’ve already shared with you my visual inspiration for Liliya, but I was wondering, would anyone be interested in me doing a cast of characters post to see how I vaguely imagine (some might be described slightly differently to their pictured person) them to look? If it’s something anyone would be interested in, I’d certainly create such to go along with the story! Tagging my regular readers below - 
And for those wondering what this story is all about, come check it out! It has a loyal following of wonderful, dedicated readers, but there is certainly room for a few more people to enter the world of Tyler and Liliya! Lots of action, lots of smut and eventually, some damn fluffy fluff too!
Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed Masterlist
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Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Fifteen.
Tumblr media
Word count - 2,126
Warnings - Mentions of drug addiction, briefest hint of smut. 
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @longlostinanotherworld @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan @dumb-ass-writer​ (Tag list is open! Please DM to be added!)
Previous chapters - One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten  Eleven  Twelve  Thirteen  Fourteen
“Tyler, come and sit now. You’ve been here with me since 6am, it’s hot and between you and I, I’d like to cajole you into taking your shirt off.”  
“Since you won’t take nearly enough money from Liliya and I for our food – and Lil eats enough to sustain a small pony too – I feel I have to help,” he replied, obliging her second request and pulling off his sweat soaked t shirt. “How’s that?”
“You make an old woman very contented with such a sight,” she chuckled as he sat down, taking the bottle of water she handed him with thanks.  
“Fifty-eight ain’t old. You don’t even look anything close to that. Goran married a stunning woman,” he complimented her, Maria waving her hand dismissively.  
“You flatter me.” It was an ego boost, to be told how attractive she was by a man over twenty years her junior, especially one who looked as criminally handsome as Liliya’s boyfriend did.  
In the three weeks they’d been there, Maria had become a lot less concerned over her friend’s relationship with the man who now sat at the small, white, wrought iron table with her in the shade, their work in bundling huge quantities of cannabis paused for that moment. Still, she did have her concerns, namely with his pill popping.  
It frightened her, watching what he was doing to himself, swallowing sometimes as many as five or six Oxycontin tablets at one time. It was a hell of a tolerance. For anyone else, such a dose would have likely put them in hospital. Taking more than eighty milligrams in a single dose could cause respiratory depression in a person unused to it. Tyler swallowed back the equivalent of double that per dose.
To his credit, she had noticed him leaving a longer time between doses, though. Of course, she wasn’t around him all day, every day, but when she saw him of an evening when they all met to eat together, she could usually gauge pretty well how doped up he was.  
Right then, she could see the dose he’d taken that morning upon waking was beginning to wane, his chiselled back shuddering as he stretched, his shoulder making a sickening cracking noise, wincing and grumbling before standing, pressing his hands into his lower back and extracting a series of cracks from his spine.
It was things like that, or watching him occasionally limping through a shot left knee, an old wound he’d mentioned when taking a bullet to the hip, or watching Liliya diligently trying to help him by massaging his tension gnarled shoulders that alerted Maria to the fact that his reasons for using were not limited to whatever it was that haunted him emotionally.  
His pain was very much physical as well, but whatever it was that left him looking lost at times, when she’d catch him off in his own world, she wagered that pain hurt him much more severely. One of those instances happened after he’d been sat for a few moments, Maria lighting a joint and taking a few puffs. Goran didn’t touch it, but she liked to sample her crops.
“Hmm? Oh, thank you.” It had taken her three attempts to alert him, he was so far away. Taking the joint, he took a long drag on it, holding the smoke deep in his lungs before slowly exhaling, long, dark blonde lashes shuttering the cerulean blue irises within as his eyes closed and he enjoyed the buzz.  
“You were somewhere else again, huh? Off in another life?” She’d wanted to broach it with him since he arrived, his using and what drove it, offer him advice from one addict to another. Although Maria hadn’t touched heroin in twenty-six years, she still considered herself an addict, just a recovering one. It still took work, even that far into recovery.
Perhaps now presented a perfect chance to do that, now she knew him a little better and in turn, saw he’d become less cagey and more comfortable around her. Goran, not so much, but her husband was a very acquired taste, this she knew, but Tyler was relaxed in her company.
“Yeah, something like that.” He wasn’t that relaxed that she knew she wouldn’t have a fight on her hands, though, pulling it out of him. Liliya had commented over how quiet he was, reassuring Maria that it wasn’t rudeness, he just wasn’t hugely forthcoming.  
“I find myself in much the same place at times. I’ve been where you are, a long time ago,” she commented, earning a slightly sharp sideways glance from him.  
“With the greatest respect, Maria, you have no idea where I am.” How wrong he was.
“And with exactly the same extended back to you, yes I fucking do. I see you, because I see myself when I was at the height of my addiction too. I see the weight you carry.” He didn’t look impressed by her words, but the band aid had been well and truly torn off now, so to speak. She couldn’t re-adhere it.  
“I doubt it was quite as heavy as mine. What was your addiction, anyway?” he scoffed, sounding disbelieving that she could have even the faintest clue what he went through.
“Black tar heroin.” Oh. She did have a clue. A very big one, in fact. “Yes, checkmate, motherfucker.” He smiled, laughing softly through his nose, taking another drag on the joint before handing it back. Yes, she had every right to hand his ass to him there.  
“I apologise. You very much have a clue, it would seem.”
“Yes, which is why I’m in the perfect position to tell you that this road on which you’re travelling, it shan’t lead to anywhere good. I overdosed four times before I finally got my head around that,” she revealed, Tyler’s eyes widening a touch.  
“Four? Fucking hell, that’s...” he trailed off.
“A sizeable habit? Oh yes. What I used to smoke or shoot in a day would have finished you off, my friend. I weighed eighty pounds at my very tiniest, lived in a squat in the middle of Rocinha with five other addicts and was generally completely content to wash my life down the toilet.” Compared to him, Maria had existed right on the very brink, the uttermost precipice between life and death.  
“What made you stop?” he questioned.  
“I remember seeing this woman on the street, while I was begging for money. She was so glamorous, so beautiful. I remember thinking that I couldn’t have been the furthest thing from her in that moment, poor, addicted, dirty and rail thin. I realised as I watched her, getting into her nice car and driving away, that it was what I wanted too, to drive away from the shit hole that was Rocinha and into a proper life.  
“So, I packed up my meagre possessions that afternoon and went home to my parents, who helped get me into a drug rehabilitation program through their local hospital in Tijuca. It was tough, even with methadone, but I did it. A year later and I began a career as a model that spanned twenty years.  
“I didn’t have huge success, I wasn’t mainstream. I had nice tits so Playboy Brazil used to like putting me on their covers. I had a fair amount of success within South America, but not too much globally. That was fine for me, though. Just so long as I wasn’t dying in a slum in Rocinha any longer.  
“I see you are different to me in so much that you can actually function through your addiction, you are fit, capable and strong, physically speaking, you have to be in your line of work, but you need to apply the following. You can function for now. You are capable and strong for now. Later? I am not so sure.  
“Your tolerance will keep upping, as will your pill popping. I hate to think what you’re already taking is doing to you on the inside. It can leave you with long term damage to your brain, heart and kidneys. Hell, Tyler, we both know that a rushed dose in desperation for solace or cease of pain, either mental or physical, could leave you dead.”
“Why did you begin using in the first place?” She thought he’d likely ask.
“Because I was an idiot. I had nothing emotional the likes of which I know you carry. I did it because it was cheap and fun, plus all of my friends were doing it, too. But then I did have pain to numb eventually, the pain of me being the one to wake up after nodding out for the night, awaking to see my best friend dead beside me. Analucia was eighteen. I have never felt so guilty. I shot her up and she died, so her death is my fault, her overdosing.  
“It still follows me, still hangs around like a ghost. Her ghost, I should say. I carry it with me, there is nothing else I can do. When you realise you cannot block all that has traumatised you, you learn to deal with it. Dealing with it is the only way you survive it, because you cannot put it down, it isn’t a parcel that is too heavy to carry any longer. You have to go on, carrying it. If you’re lucky, and I was, you find a way for it not to be heavy. If you’re not, the weight will drive you into your grave.”
He pondered all he’d been told, her story resonating with him, the guilt she felt at inadvertently causing Analucia’s premature demise. Guilt was of course one of the driving forces behind his own addiction, trying to block out the fact that he’d failed his son.  
He had to find a way to carry it, what she said was so true. Her words truly impacted him, yet still, he knew he wasn’t going to stop using just yet. When the heat was off him, when he could settle for a few months and get his head straight, he’d do it then.
“Thanks, Maria. You’ve given me much to consider.” He smiled, taking the joint back from her and taking a few puffs before handing it back, picking up his t shirt and kissing her cheek on his way past in thanks. He really was appreciative to her for taking the time to share all of that with him.  
As for Maria, she sat and grinned, thinking to herself how lucky Liliya was to have a man who not only looked that good, but smelled so delicious, even when he was a sweaty mess. Quelling her attraction for the very desirable Australian, she sat and finished her joint, honestly hoping he’d heeded her words.  
He was a nice guy, he and Liliya looked happy together, too. She hoped that whatever it was that drove them both down a path less healthy and more laden with self-destruction, they could eventually learn to carry it with them without needing to be dulled to it.  
As he walked back onto the main estate where the house was located, Tyler met an oncoming Liliya, aboard Alma, the larger of Goran and Maria’s horses.  
“Are you all done for the day, or are you exercising Cora too?” He asked, referencing the smaller of the mares.  
“I rode Cora earlier, so I’m all done now. I just have to go cool her off.” This news pleased him greatly.
“Good, because I want a beer and also, I want to go down on you. Not necessarily in that order.” He winked, continuing up to the house, ensuring Liliya got the horse she was aboard untacked, sponged down and fed hay at breakneck speed before returning to their room, stripping off her sweaty clothes and walking through to the bathroom to find him in the shower.  
He was a glorious sight, all lightly tanned muscles, covered in foam, giving her a smouldering look from behind the glass. “Get that sexy arse in here.”
“You do not need to ask me twice, big man.” She was embraced immediately as soon as she entered, his mouth descending hers and kissing her so forcefully, it knocked the breath from her.  
Soapy hands washed her down while attentive kisses were scattered across her chest, neither bothering with drying off beyond rubbing their hair with towels, Tyler grasping her waist and throwing her over his shoulder, launching her from the ensuite doorway to the bed, making her scream with laughter.  
Climbing on with her, he parted her thighs, kissing her from her navel downwards, until he reached his intended destination. “Yeah, I definitely think I’ll have that beer later.”  
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Borne of Bullets and Bloodshed - Chapter Fourteen.
Tumblr media
(Banner created by @mostly-marvel-musings​)
Word count - 2,237
Warnings - None
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @longlostinanotherworld @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan @dumb-ass-writer​ (Tag list is open! Please DM to be added!)
Previous chapters - One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten  Eleven  Twelve  Thirteen
“Okay, so getting you out of South America. I have a way.”  
Liliya had been waiting for Goran to finish seeing to the horses after her monumental sex fest that morning, sitting in the kitchen with Tyler and Maria when he came in, taking a plate of scrambled eggs from his wife with a kiss. “I have a boat heading from Salvador to Lagos that I can get you both on. I’m afraid from there, you’re on your own over how you then negotiate the journey from Nigeria to London.
“My contact, a man by the name of Ayo Adewale, who imports great quantities of my cannabis, I will have him look after you while you prepare how to move through Africa. I have dealt with him for many years, but all the same, I will tell him you’re escaping cartel heat after the execution of a high-ranking member and omit the ozenium part of the tale.”
“Goran, that’s fantastic. When do we leave?” Finally, Liliya could put some serious distance between herself and those who chased her. For now. She knew as soon as she arrived in the United Kingdom, the target upon her would be huge. It was her country of residence, after all. They knew it would only be a matter of time before she’d return.  
She’d also be very surprised if they didn’t know by that point it was where Dr Cazares had fled to, the scientist in deep hiding. It didn’t take much to deduce he would have found one of the best mercenaries from wherever he was in the world, though. She was just glad that no one seemingly knew she had a link to Goran, or where he was.  
“This is where we run into an issue, though. It won’t leave for seven weeks. You need to call your scientist and inform him of the delay.” While he hadn’t put a time limit on her job, she knew he wouldn’t exactly be thrilled at having an extended period to wait for the item which his investors were paying out a great deal to procure and thusly fund the research of, but it was what it was. It wasn’t like she and Tyler could just jump on a plane. They’d be taken out on sight if they ventured anywhere near an airport.  
The tail in the UK she’d likely pick up would be a lot more clandestine, this she knew from occasionally crossing paths with other mercenaries and private security firms, but this did not mean she’d be any safer upon arrival. Neither of them would be.  
She was just relieved that Global hadn’t decided to involve the police, being that she knew too much. She could easily barter for her freedom by providing evidence and a witness to what was a huge ecological disaster, the fire that now ran rampant through one of their Colombian mines. They stood to lose a lot if that information ever saw the light of day.
She’d call the doctor later that day, working out that with the time difference that he’d be sleeping. With Tyler heading back to the guest room to go and lie in the bath and soak his many aches (with a likely top up of pills too, she wagered) it left her, Maria and Goran to catch up.  
Once talk of her other jobs prior to her currently extremely dangerous mission had been discussed, she was then met with the both of them looking as if they had something to broach with her, but weren’t exactly sure how they should. She’d read the situation entirely correctly, as both Goran and Maria had huge reservations about her being involved with a man so obviously bent out of shape, a fellow mercenary whom was sent to kill her just shy of a month ago, after all.  
“So, my darling, this man you bring with you,” Maria broached, reaching for her hands. “I know you are a grown woman, capable of making your own decisions, but... I do not know how to put this without it sounding as if I do not emphatically know this.”
She took a few moments of pause, hoping perhaps her husband might interject. When Goran remained silent, she continued. “I see quite clearly you are smitten with this man, but I worry that is so soon after you met him, in a situation so dangerous, with all of his obvious baggage as well. I know he is an addict, Liliya. An addict sent to kill you and now, suddenly, he ignores all cash, the bounty upon your head?”  
“Because he loves me, Maria. We love each other. I hear your concerns, I do, but he poses no threat to me. He has had ample chances now to steal the ozenium from me and leave me mortally wounded, or just do as his job dictated and kill me. He hasn’t, because of those four days we spent together hiding out, we connected with one another in a way neither of us has with a single other person for years.  
“As for his issues with addiction, I know it won’t make life with him easy, exactly the same as his likely will not be with my own alcohol dependency, but we at least want to attempt to make our way through it, though. At some point.” Maria wasn’t convinced, but she nodded, patting Liliya’s hand. Goran, however, was as brusque as usual.  
“And why is it, that you drink so much? Four years and you have changed so drastically, left your career where you were flourishing. I still don’t understand why, you tell me nothing and then you come here with this man, even more troubled than you. Is he a good man? I don’t know! Is your judgement impaired? I don’t know! Do you even know?”
It was the fatherly explosion she’d expected. He worried, he always had. “Goran, my friend. Trust me. You taught me better than to be a fool, drunk or sober, or not get the measure of people quickly, drunk or sober.” She then thought back to the night that’d started all of her trauma. She hadn’t gotten the measure of Alexei, or the rest. Was he right?  
No. That wasn’t Tyler. She knew beneath the layers of trauma that he was fundamentally good.  
“You still do not answer my questions as to why you are now like this. You’re an alcoholic, Liliya.” He was right, she was.  
“I am, yes. As for why, it is not something I am ready to share with you. One day I might be.” She knew it would devastate him, not just because of what had happened to her, but who by as well, the young men he had trained and watched grow, those whom he had tremendous pride in. Just like he did her. “Trust me, yes?”
Taking his face in her hands, she pulled him down to her level, kissing his bald head and then letting him hug her. “I want you to prove me wrong, because right now, I do not trust that this Tyler Rake character isn’t bad news.”  
With their words in her head, she returned to her room, stopping en route and having a few mouthfuls of tequila to quell her shakes before wanting nothing more than to go and enjoy the dual warmth of both Tyler and the water that surrounded him.
“I wondered when I’d be gaining a bath buddy,” he commented, Liliya stripping off and motioning for him to move forward in the large tub, climbing in behind him and pulling him back against her. “Shouldn’t this be the other way around?”
“Since when do you ever question being between my legs?”  
“Fair point.” Taking her hand, he held it tightly, kissing her knuckles and resting his head against her chest, feeling floaty and sedated. His pills had just kicked in and he was in a happy place. Having her there wrapped around him was a welcome bonus to that.  
“In Goran’s line of work, does he know of anyone I can get my pill supply topped up by?” he asked her suddenly. He’d been feeling nervous since hearing he’d be stuck out there in the middle of nowhere for almost two months when he knew he had enough to last him another four weeks maximum, even if he cut down.
“Probably. I thought you wanted to see if you could cut down though?”  
“I do. With alcohol, not with Oxy. I can’t yet, Lil. I’m not ready. Too much is still way too dependent on it for my basic functioning without being in pain. I’m not on about just mental stuff either, my body is wrecked. I’d need something else to replace them and I don’t know what that’d be. I’d have to talk to a doctor. No, I can’t. I’d need things for the psychological stuff too. No, I can’t just stop, I...”  
The way he began to babble, coupled with the that panic rose in his voice made a lump form in her throat, Liliya tightening her arms around him in an instant. “Shhhh, it’s okay. I’ll ask Goran, you won’t have to go without. Calm down.” She kissed the side of his head, his heartbeat going a mile a minute against her forearm, both of his hands gripping hers tightly.  
Just the thought of going off Oxy had him genuinely terrified. As she held him, she began to wonder to herself whether she’d be enough to get him off it and see him through to sobriety. Suddenly, she wasn’t quite sure if she would. Would he need rehab? In all likeliness, yes, she’d have thought.
“I will, one day. Once I can get home, see my doctor, get the proper replacements I know I should be on instead and deal with it more than I’ve started to, or have so far. I promise I will, baby. Sorry I freaked out.” She nodded against him, turning her head to kiss his cheek. When addicts made promises, they rarely kept them, this much she knew from her basic understanding, but she hoped he would all the same.  
“Okay. You didn’t freak out that much either. Even when you have cause for alarm, you’re still so quiet.” She wondered whether the same quiet stillness would still exist within him when he stopped using, lying back and becoming thoughtful, glad he was pacified once more as he snoozed in her arms. Liliya was not so relaxed though, unfortunately.
What if everything about him that she’d fallen in love with was a result of his addiction? What if the person she loved ceased to be when he got clean? No, it wasn’t like that. Apart from a little sullen, shaky and quieter than usual, he was exactly the same person in the moments when he was stone cold sober. She knew that, they’d barely spent a moment alone in the last three weeks, so she’d seen him in all states.  
Still, though, he might become different. What they had could be subject to change once the chemical dependence issue was out of the equation. What if he realised he didn’t love her like he thought he had? Suddenly, it was her turn to feel scared, except with Tyler zonked out against her chest, she had little comfort. All she had were Goran’s words revolving around in her head.  
What if Tyler was bad news?  
So many what ifs tumbled through her mind, like a never-ending maelstrom. This is why she drank, because when she didn’t, the anxiety started eating away at her. ‘You have to calm down, you have to. You have to be the strong one, Liliya, for him too.’ Shouldering strength was something she was used to, whether it was being one of the strongest in her unit to carrying the burden of her rape with her, alone, for four years, she knew how to bear a burden. This was a lot, though, she knew that. What if she was asking too much of herself?
Screaming internally when once again, her mind posed yet another what if scenario, she pushed him gently, rousing him into wakefulness, getting out of the tub and retrieving her bottle of tequila. She sank the equivalent of about ten shots, heading back to the bathroom and climbing in.  
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Turning to face her, a frown line of concern knitted his brow, stroking her cheek with one of his big, rough hands.  
“It’s nothing, just some residual memories from that dream I had. It happens.” She felt awful for lying to him, but she couldn’t burden him by saying it was him and them that she was beginning to panic about.  
“Come on, climb over. Switch places.” Carefully, she stood and stepped around him, Tyler shifting back in the water and wrapping her in his arms once she’d gotten comfortable. “Better?”
“Yes, much. I love you,” she murmured, turning her head to kiss his huge bicep.  
“Love you too.” Lying there against him, she waited until the alcohol began to take hold, buzzing through her system with its warm properties, numbing her, leaving her relaxed in the wake of the anxiety which had rendered her so shaky and uncertain.
The what ifs stopped and all she was left with was what she had sought in the first place. The hot water and Tyler.  
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