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lovesgonnabe · 2 hours ago
Love Is Worth It Episode V - We Got The Pandemic Blues Under a New York City Skyline
Tumblr media
Characters: Chris Evans x Maya Alonso-Evans (Black OFC)
Warnings: straight fluff, cursing, implied smut.
Word Count: 3485
Summary: What happens in NYC stays in NYC!
AN: The NYC Skyline prompt is by @iguessweallcrazyithinktho thank you so much for letting me use your theme I hope I did it justice. If you haven't read any of her stuff what are you doing get on it!
Disclaimer: There’s only slight edits so there may be errors. Also if you haven’t noticed this series will have many time jumps and things referenced here may make more sense later on in the series when new episodes come out so please bear with me.
Taglist: @thesecretlifeofdaydreamss, @canadian-girl87, @i-just-like-fanfics, @omg-mymelaninisbeautiful​ if you would like to join the taglist message me.
Please leave a note and tell me what you think!
Tumblr media
June 13th, 2020
Being with Chris had its many perks but not working was definitely one Maya never wanted to take advantage of.
When Chris first brought it up when they got engaged she looked at him like he had two heads and said “I worked to hard put myself through school to get these expensive ass letters behind my name to just stay my ass at home” and that was the last time they had that conversation.
But fast forward to 2020 If you told Maya that she would have to close both of her dermatology offices in the middle of award season a few months ago she would have laughed at you.
She just couldn’t see herself not working because she loved what she does, but with both New York and Boston putting in place stay at home orders there’s nothing she could do.
It didn't help that it was only Maya in Boston dealing with work and all that entails, Delilah's up in the air school situation, and a whole hoax of things while Chris was in L A being as supportive of a husband and father as he could be on the other side of the country.
At least Dodger was being pretty normal.
Thanks to Chris's family for being so helpful where they could because for a minute Maya felt like she was beginning to drown.
This saga starts with the beginning of the pandemic.
January was chill there were whispers that there was a deadly pandemic on the horizon but no one took it seriously.
February Chris had left at the beginning of the month to LA to promote his new show Defending Jacob and it wasn't like anything out of the ordinary the couple worked, and called each other daily.
Chris told her he'd have to be there through March but would be home in time for Maya's birthday in April.
Her lawsuit against Boston PD was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount that was donated to charity and trust me that lawsuit cost them a pretty penny because Chris was threatening to go to the press and Boston PD did not need anymore negative press.
After finding out that the older officer already had many reports against him for abuse of power he was "let go" by Boston PD and the other officer was demoted to desk duty and sent Maya an apology letter for his actions
She thinks he only did it because her husband is Chris Evans but she tries not to be a cynic.
In mid March with her offices were forced to close and the lives of her twenty employees were in her hands, but sin there was no money coming in she had to regrettably furlough all of them until she could open back up.
This news could come at a worse time because Lilah's school was trying to transition them to online learning for the rest of the year.
So Maya now had to also be her home school teacher for the last 2 months before summer vacation .
Maya does feel blessed because she was still able to teach some derm online classes through NYU, and her family was healthy but Chris still wasn't home.
Because of travel restrictions in LA on April 1st Maya found out that the earliest Chris could be home was in possibly July or Mid June if they are lucky because he need to start filming for Grey Man that was set in Boston.
Then rumors started to swirl that Chris could be cheating on Maya but
She doesn't play that and isn't a dummy
Chris isn't stupid and
He's been in their home in LA quarenting with his brother Scott the whole time so if some foul shit did happen she would be the first one to know and on the first jet smoking to beat some ass.
But hey when it rains it pours.
In interviews Chris would say he was "quartining with his family at home in Boston."
They would try to make the spaces look just like Chris and Maya's homebase in Boston even going as far as strategically moving photos of them in the background to make it look like his office at home.
And it actually work most people thought Chris was in Boston anyways and it was all gossip the others thought he went back home to clean up this mess.
But nope Chris was not in Boston he was 2,764 miles away and this time it all just felt different and he hated not being able to be there with them during this crazy uncertain time and Maya just needed a vacation.
In April Maya and Delilah just had dinner at the house for her birthday they facetimed Chris and once Liliah had gone to bed Chris and Maya had sexytime over the phone.
The rest of the month Maya just went with the flow and did the same through June.
Now we are all caught up and in the present day.
It's Chris's 39th birthday but he was still in LA.
Maya stayed up to call him at midnight in LA because that was their tradition but now it was about 12pm and Chris has not picked up any of her phone calls Maya was annoyed.
Maya and Delilah sat in the Den as Maya was detangling Delilah's freshly washed hair getting ready to put her curly hair into braids as Mulan played on the tv in front of them.
"Mommy can I call dad it's his birthday and I haven't got to talk to him today. Lilah says playing with Maya's phone.
"Go ahead sweetheart maybe you'll have better luck them me." said Maya as she sectioned Lilah's hair.
As the facetime ringtone went Dodger who was laying in his dog bed next to Lilah began to bark and then he ran for the front door Maya looked that way but didn't see anything since the alarm didn't go off either which she found strange.
She shrugged it off only for a second until she heard a bag hit the ground as she quickly stood up the only thought in her head was to protect Delilah helping her to hide under the couch.
As the person entered their den Dodger continued to bark and she grabbed a pair hair scissors about to attack the intruder until she saw his face and exhaled the breath she didn't even know she was holding.
"CHRIS you scared the shit out of me" she said before he could say anything.
He laughed "Baby I didn't mean to scare you" Chris said
Lilah screamed and crawled from under the couch.
"daddy, daddy, daddy I missed you and Happy Birthday." Lilah said running into Chris's arm.
"I missed you to babycakes you been taking care of mommy for me" Chris said holding Lilah and walking towards a still shocked Maya.
He kissed Maya's forehead trying to pull her into a hug but she rolled her eyes and pushed his hand away.
"Chris i thought you weren't coming home till July" Maya asked
Chris shrugged "plans change now are you gonna come and give daddy a kiss you what"
He said flopping on the couch with Lilah on his lap.
Mays sucked her teeth peeked his lips and told Lilah to come so she could finish her hair.
Her saltiness cause Chris to laugh as Lilah moved over to her mom.
They were sitting on the same couch so Chris bent over and began to whisper in her ear. "Stop acting like that baby I wanted to surprise you"
Maya gave minimal response and Chris didn't like that so then he brought heat.
When he walked Maya had on a beige short set the top was fairly tin and the shorts barely covered her ass, he could see her nipples stand at attention on her delicious breast when walked.
It's been 3 months since he's had sex with his wife and boy can he feel it. He gave her tigh a firm squeeze now pecking her spot behind her ear forcing Maya to stop mid greasing Lilah's scalp to take a deep breath.
"if you stop acting up tonight I'll do that thing with my tongue that you like if not daddy won't be letting you cum at all tonight.
Chris said moving his body back to his original position smirking at his shooken up wife whose attitude did a 180 quick, fast and in a hurry.
Chris was no home and with his girls and he couldn’t be any happier.
After braiding Delilah's hair Maya went and they dropped her off at Chris’s moms which was a fight in itself because she wanted to stay with her daddy but Maya had other plans.
The original plan was to take Chris out of the country for his birthday but plans change.
Before Chris showed up today Maya had nothing planned for Chris's birthday because he was not suppose to be home they were just going to the same thing they did for her birthday.
On there way back home my had an idea with there hands intertwined Maya began to speak.
“So birthday boy what do you want to do for your birthday” Maya asked
“You know I don’t care as long as I’m with you my love” Chris said kissing her hand.
Maya giggled “Well we’ve dropped Dede at your moms and Scott said he could take Dodger”
She states looking at the puppy through the rear view mirror as Chris began to rub is thumb over her knuckles.
“It seems you already have a plan for us babe” he smirks
“I know you are just getting home but how about we drop Dodger off and I was thinking maybe drive to New York, I need to get out of Boston and have a bit of a staycation”. She said.
Chris chuckled and looked at Maya as the stopped at the red light.
“Wherever you lead I’ll follow. He said
“You are so corny old man” Maya laughed as she leaned over and peek his sweet lips.
They continued their drive to Scotts and talked enjoying eachothers company for the first time in a while, they were so wrapped up in each other that Dodger had to bark to remind Chris he was about to pass Scoots house .
Maya laughed at the puppy then pet him telling him how good of a dog he is.
“Alright birthday boy Scott has Dodger now let's switch its my turn to drive you around” She said.
They headed home to pick up a few things and then The Evans were off and headed for there trip.
After the 3 and 1/2 hour drive they got to New York and the barren streets shocked them.
They are staying in there penthouse apartment on the upper east side that over looks Central Park and New York's famous skyline.
Before settling in Maya decided to get groceries once she got back Jazz played softly in her ears as the punchy aroma of the candle Slow Burn hit her nose.
“Hey Chris I'm back” she called out to him.
She was met without a response just the smooth stylings of Frank Sinatra.
Maya put the groceries in the kitchen and headed to their master bedroom.
Kicking her shoes off and following the rose petals into the bathroom that revealed Chris who sat in all his glory in the pink tinted bathtub.
Apparently he did not hear her as his eyes stayed closed and his arms outstretched.
And all Maya could do was admire the greek god that was her husband.
His long wingspan encompassed the entire back of the tub as his strong biceps would flex ever deep breath he took. And don't to get Maya started on those baby blues which were one of the only things Lilah did not get from Chris. Those same blue eyes were now looking straight at her.
“I was hoping you’d be back soon” he said
Raising his head to look at his goddess of a wife smirking at him.
“So I’m guessing you would like me to join you?” She asked
Maya teased him as she began to slowly remove her clothes.
“Hey aren’t I the birthday boy that shouldn’t even be a question Maya so you better bring your sexy ass in here” Chris said to her as his arms still laid on the back of the tub looking like a king”
Maya stepped in with Chris’s help the warm water encapsulating her body as she sinks down.
She sighs in satisfaction when her body is finally completely in the water as she lays into Chris’s embrace.
They just sit there and enjoy each other company, washing the dirt off of each other from the day, and stealing kisses from one another.
Maya and Chris were that couple you loved to hate they didn’t show off their love that much with Chris’s anxiety and Maya’s destain for public scrutiny because she’s black woman with a man of Chris stature, PDA was mostly off the table. However behind closed doors they are the cutest most intimate couple you’d ever meet.
Once she was clean from her road dirt Maya left the water first placing a kiss on Chris’s lips as she headed to start dinner and Chris laid back and continued to relax.
Once Chris finally got out the bath he found Maya in the kitchen halfway finished with dinner.
“Jesus babe it smells fantastic in here and I see you changed the music” Chris said
He was now fully dressed in a blue t-shit in matching joggers, his hair damp from the bath as Lauryn Hill's rendition of Can't Take My Eyes off of You played in the background.
She chuckled “only the best for you my king”
"Mhm I like the sound of that" He said as he went in the fridge and grabbed a bottle of white wine and poured them both a glass.
She was at the counter cutting up veggies.
“Ok so how long do I have wait before I can devour all this?” he asked placing the glass in front of Maya.
They took their first cheers of the night tapping the glasses together.
Maya took a sip and moan at the taste of the wine.
“Soon Chris don’t stress it babe you will be fed very soon” she said.
Her hips began to sway to the music as she hummed along.
At long last, love has arrived, and I thank God I'm alive
Chris walked up behind her wrapping her arms around waist swaying with her body and catching the rhythm.
You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off you
Moving her hair to her left shoulder Chris begins to kiss her neck.
"Remember when we first bought this place." Chris asked
"Yes you didn't want to you said my place in Brooklyn was enough for us" Maya said putting the knife down and melted into Chris's strong arms.
"Mmm but you did an excellent job at convincing me why we need this place, 3 bedrooms right in the Heart of the city just for times likes these when want to get away." Chris said with his arms still wrapped around her.
She laughed "I thought it was because you fucked me against the balcony on our terrace is why you said yes"
He smirked at the memory "well that to"
Chris sucked on her neck and moved his down her satin dress but the timer on the pot decided to be a cock block and go off before he could make a move.
He groaned and Maya laughed directed him to get ready to eat.
Just as the food was finishing up Chris set the dining table for two, taking the rest of the flowers from his bath laying them out between the kitchen and there Terrence where they were having dinner overlooking the city.
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful night. There was a soft breeze and the city was a glow quieter that usual but still a sight to behold.
Maya brought out the food as Chris poured them another glass, they both sat prayed then rose their glasses to cheers again.
During dinner Chris made some corny jokes that always seemed to put Maya in a better mood as Maya would slyly rub her foot up Chris’s pant leg.
Next came dessert still out on the terrace they shared a slice of cake (more like Maya fed Chris cake) which is how she ended up in his lap enjoying the very expensive yet immaculate view they had from their home.
He rubbed her thigh as he kisses her shoulder just thinking of the fastest way to get Maya out of her dress.
"god you are beautiful" Chris said
His hand now playing with the trim of her panties under her strappy white satin dress.
"Oh no birthday boy you not fucking me out here tonight you gotta come inside for your last present" Maya said.
Chris groaned Maya got up seductively waking back inside her curves just begging him to follow her
“This woman Is going to be the death of me” Chris thought as he came back inside and closed the door that lead to the terrace.
Maya handed Chris his third and final glass of wine of the night.
He raised an eyebrow "Are you trying to get me drunk Mrs. Evans so you can have your way with me?" he asked.
Taking a sip from his glass he smacked Maya the ass and watched it move as she walked towards their living room.
She laughed "I wouldn't have to get you drunk to have my way with you Mr. Evans"
Their living room had floor to ceiling windows that overlook Chris's second favorite city, and that's where Maya stood wine glass in hand looking all the people that looked like ants. But all Chris could think about was how this woman fell for him.
She watched the scenery and he watched her but when that signature trumpet blew he remembered that the music was still playing and so did she.
Maya turned around to see Chris was watching her one hand in his pocket and the other still holding his wine, she made a face at him.
"What are you looking at me like that Chris, you ok?” she asked hand on her hip taking another drink from her glass.
The moon shined off her skin like she was in the sun, her white dress reminding him of their wedding day the way it hugged her figure.
Still speechless Chris walked up to her placing both of their glasses on the coffee table, he brushed her hair behind her ear and she moans nuzzling her head in his touch.
"Baby I am absolutely perfect because I am here with you" he says.
Chris softly pulls her by the waist bringing her flush against her body as raspy voice of Louis Armstrong in Le Vie En Rose brought butterfly’s to Maya’s stomach because this was their song.
His hands lay softly on her waist as her arms lay around his shoulder as they dancer slowly around there living room.
Hold me close and hold me fast, The magic spell you cast, this is la vie en rose.
His cologne sent waves of pleasure and warmth through her body, when Maya laid her head on his chest not wanting to let him go. As their heartbeat became in sync the moonlight casted their sillones on the ground.
They were two lovers who were lost in eachother hoping to never get out and wanting to hide from the world it felt new but familiar.
Once the song ended Chris kissed her so deep and and passionately Maya thought she was gonna cum then and there.
Chris's hands moved from their previously respectable position making circle on her hips to the bottom of her ass telling Maya to jump causing Maya wrap her chocolate legs around his waist.
As Chris walked he kept repeating how much he missed Maya so much while he was in LA.
They couldn’t even make it back to their bedroom for their first round of many.
And Maya was a goner as Chris made love to her all night in every corner of their apartment as the city watched as the couple were engulfed with each other.
But there was a little voice in the back of Maya's head "Well damn how are we going to top 40 next year" it asked.
The preoccupied side of her brain shooed hat thought away so she could just enjoy being with her man at this moment.
Thanking god there was no more space between them like the miles before.
Tumblr media
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bluemusickid · 3 hours ago
Are You Mine?
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Fem! Reader
Warnings: 18+, smut, mentions of cheating (it's Ransom, come on) pretty/very dark (atleast by my standards lol), angst, orgasm denial, slight degradation kink, bondage, Dom/sub dynamics, slight dubcon, mentions of blood, knives, dark!Reader, DEAD DOVE. DO NOT EAT. MINORS DNI.
A/N: I am SUPER late on this. Like really, really late. But there were simply no ideas, WHOOPS. Anyways, I wrote this for @cockslut-padalecki 's challenge and omg it was a whirlwind of emotions! Congratulations, sweetie, you deserve each and every single one of your followers!! I hope this is a good read, I was not so sure of it, tbvh. It took 10 drafts to get it to this point. Whew. Hopefully it has paid off, and hopefully it follows the prompt. 😅
Check out my masterlist for more stories and drabbles and such! I am slowly phasing out taglists, if you wish to read my latest work, you can follow my other blog @lexiscyberlibrary ! Make sure to keep the notifications on! Thank you!!
18+ blog, Minors not welcome, you are responsible for your own media consumption. Not beta'ed, any mistakes, grammatical or otherwise are all mine. I post my stuff only on Tumblr and AO3, nowhere else. I do not give anyone permission to reproduce, copy or translate my work. Dividers by the wonderful @whimsicalrogers 💓 Likes are welcome, reblogs are much appreciated!
Prompt: “I'm not gonna hear your reasons and ‘please-just-take-me-backs.’ We never were right. Don't waste your breath” - How You Love Me Now: Hey Monday
Tumblr media
You couldn't believe how naïve you were sometimes. Years of meditation, self control, mind healing classes, all gone to shit. What was this terrible coping mechanism?
You saw Ransom that night. You saw him with a girl. It shouldn't matter to you and yet, it did. It made your heart hurt.
You remembered all the good times you had with him. He was like a beacon of light in your life, making you come alive. But you were insecure, and you knew it. He was always with you, and yet, some part of you always felt that he wasn't. Like he was holding himself back, not divulging his truth. You gave him the benefit of the doubt many times. Home late three days in a row? C'mon, babe, you know it was an hectic and nerve racking time at Blood Like Wine, what with the deal with Netflix coming through. He said this with a flourish, kissing you with ardent passion. You believed him, your senses in a disarray as he worked your body into exhaustion with his ardent and zealous loving; if it could be equated with the feeling.
The next time, his shirt collar was stained with lipstick. You questioned him, yet again, with the answer being prompt. "Babe, you left that mark, remember? On our trip to Concord?" Not giving you time to think, he'd bent you over the table promptly, pulling up your skirt to leave a smack on your plump bottom, fingers ghosting over your clothed pussy.
"You're always so hungry for my cock, kitten. How can you forget all the marks you leave on me, as I fuck this pretty pussy? Looks like i'm gonna have to refresh your memory." He rasped, tearing your panties down and plunging into you, the feel of him being buried to the hilt wiping all your previous thoughts clean. There was no way he'd cheat on you. He loved you too much, you thought, feeling his fingers tighten around your neck as he neared his end.
How naïve of you. How very naïve.
Tumblr media
You worst fears came true, the blood in your veins turning to ice. You couldn't believe your eyes as you took in the scene that unfolded in front of your eyes.
It was honestly so cliché, the whole in flagrante delicto thing. But what more could you expect from him? And it was your fault, honestly. You should've trusted your gut instinct, the deeper parts of your brain screaming at you to keep a check on this two-faced monster you called a boyfriend.
You walked out of the house as silently as you could, tears running down your face. You almost felt sorry for the girl he was fucking, whispering sweet nothings into her ear as he took her from behind. Jesus. She'd be a bigger fool if she actually believed his lies.
You sat in car and drove, drove, drove, to god knows where. You stopped at a little nook, switched off your phone and cried. Cried for a few minutes, hours, honestly, who knew? Time evaded you as you sat there, numb. You remembered all the good times, all the vacations and trips, all the memories. All tainted simply because he couldn't get his dick wet enough. You scoffed. You were a bigger fool than that broad. Atleast she was in it only for the sex. You, you were in deeper. You were in it for love, for marriage, for a future with Ransom. It hurt because after so long, his words actually meant something to you. He was the ideal man for you. Yes, he had his vices, but who didn't? You had promised yourself that you could change him, heal him from his past traumas. You would make him better and spend a lifetime together. But now, he'd gone and blown the whole goddamn boat.
You wiped your eyes, taking deep, cleansing breaths, like your therapist had taught you. You knew what you had to do. You just didn't know if you were strong enough to do it.
Tumblr media
Ransom walked into your house, ready to fuck you into the mattress. He'd come to enjoy his routine a lot. Spend the day at work, meet a few girls and fuck their brains out and come home to you. Poor, unsuspecting you, who was too stupid for her own good. He felt pity for the naïve, little girl that you were, cleaning after him and always making sure that he'd always had a hot meal to eat. He'd been bored at first, trying to woo you, the prick tease that you were. But those doe-eyes of yours, which looked at him like he was the best thing in this world? Fuck, he'd be lying if he said those didn't get him hard.
He walked in, half expecting you to be cooking dinner, ever the 1950s dame. But what he saw stopped him in his tracks, because what he saw wasn't a cute little mousy creature. It was the subject of his wet dreams. You were in the slinkiest red teddy, with thigh highs, and Louboutins which accentuated the curve of your ass really well. Ransom could already feel himself getting hard, at the mere thought of throwing you to the ground at that instant and fucking you into oblivion.
"You're home early." You said, the sultry undertone to your voice a surprise.
"...Yes. I..I thought I would surprise you but I guess.. I'm the one who's ended up being surprised." He murmured, his voice breaking as he adjusted himself. You saw the movement and smirked, proud of yourself. He wanted you.
"I thought you might like it. I bought as a gift for you. You've been working so hard at the office, and I thought you deserve a lil' reward for all the work that you've been doing."
And so you let the little satin robe slip off your shoulders, watching his eyes darken as the garment floated to the ground.
Time to crank it up a notch.
Tumblr media
You half-gasped, half moaned as he deepened the kiss, his tongue ever so slightly touching yours. Pulling free, you let your tongue caress his lips, the soft, pillowy feel driving you nuts. Running it over his lower lip, you sucked on it, slowly allowing your teeth to clamp down. The skin broke and a drop of blood adorned his lip; your tongue darting out and relishing the metallic tang of the liquid. He growled, partly out of pain, but mostly out of arousal. This was a completely different side to his otherwise meek kitten. Was it even her, or a cleverly programmed sex-clone?
He didn't have time to dwell on his questions as you moved your lips, leaving featherlight kisses on his neck. You skimmed your lacy core over the tent formed over his crotch, earning a groan from him; your lips reattaching to his yet again. But this kiss wasn't gentle. The basis of this kiss was pure, unadulterated lust for each other. It was messy, but you didn't pull free, attacking his lips with a ferocity which could only be described as raw animalistic need. Tongues meshed, teeth clashed, you hadn't an inch of space between the two of you and yet it felt like you were miles apart. He grasped your ass tightly, pulling you against him, grinding on his hard-on with all your might. You could feel him hurtling towards completion as his hands gripped your head tightly, his lips becoming even more insistent.
No. This was not how it was meant to go. You pulled away from his lips, standing up suddenly and made your way to the kitchen, rather unsteadily, hearing the faint voice of his, cussing out loudly.
Tumblr media
"What the fuck was that, kitten? Why'd you leave me hanging like that?"
"Oh, babe. I put in all this effort for you and you're not even gonna get to taste it? Tsk tsk. Not fair." Moving around, acting like you were prepping for dinner, you continued, "You can do whatever you like to me after we've had this delicious dinner that i've been slaving away on for hours."
"Please, kitten." He gasped, his voice hoarse with arousal.
You jumped slightly as you felt him grip your hips, grinding his unclothed erection on your satin-clad behind. Smirking to yourself, you jut your ass out a little, reveling in the power you held over him at the moment. You'd never seen this side of him before. Of course, it was partly owing to your timid demeanour and partly due to him calling the shots.
He ground into you, gaining speed, his grunts become louder and louder. "Fuck, you have the best ass, kitten. I'm gonna fuck it so hard one day. But today, I'm gonna fuck you till you can't walk, 'til you're begging me for mercy. Will you let me, kitten? Will you let me inside? Will you let me fill you with my cum?" He whispered in your ear, his fingers toying with your clit.
Pushing away his wandering hands, you turned around and faced him, seemingly displeased. He barely masked his annoyance, caging you between him and the counter. You caught his gaze, folding your arms in defiance.
"Show me how much you want me, Hugh."
He stared at you for a long time, trying to decipher your words. You knew how much he hated you calling him by his first name and yet, you did it. To push his buttons, of course. His façade started cracking, bit by bit as moments passed; not a word said between the two of you.
Pressing himself against you, he whispered, "please, baby. I need you." His lips ghosted over your neck, as he undulated, the feel of him rocking against your stomach going straight to your core. He whimpered, afraid of the way he was feeling and behaving. It was truly unheard of for him to beg; and yet, he did. For you. "Please, kitten. Please let me fuck you." He murmured, hissing as you ran a fingernail along the thick vein of his shaft.
Grasping his hand in yours, you pulled him to your room, glancing back to look at him. He followed you, as if in a daze, his eyes wide and pupils wide, in lust.
This was it. This was the moment you were waiting for.
Tumblr media
You surveyed your creation. There he was, completely at your mercy. You don't know what exactly was turning you on more, him on the bed tied up like that, or the power that you wielded over him. It was truly heady, and you were ready for what would unfold next.
Climbing over him, you kissed him soundly, your tongue melding with his, moaning as you felt him shift underneath you. He was hot and heavy against your ass, his hips moving against you fervently, hoping for some sort of relief.
Moving down, you trailed your tongue down his torso, stopping only to lave his nipples, his groan travelling straight to your core. You took his shaft in your mouth, determined to make him cum in your mouth. Bobbing your head, you left no stone unturned, your tongue moving along his entire length, as you took him in inch by inch, relishing the feel of it's weight. You gave it your all, taking a page out of the book of that bitch he was with. Whoever said you learn a lot from a cheating partner was right. Ransom was completely lost, fervently tugging against the restraints, resigned to his fate. His hips moved of their own volition as he thrust inside your mouth, groaning at the sight of your face; mascara running down your cheeks, spit and precum on your chin. You decided to show him who's in charge, swallowing him whole and staying there, trying not to gag. With a shout, he thrust upwards, his hot cum flooding your mouth. You gratefully pulled back, taking a deep breath and after a beat, opening your mouth to show him the result of yoir actions, swallowing his seed. Both breathing heavily, you enjoyed his darkening gaze; the fact that he was devouring you with his eyes. He panted, his mouth slack, eyes hungry.
"Kitten, that was...amazing. I've never felt anything this intense. Untie me now, please. I need to fuck you. Need to feel your sweet pussy clenching around me as I fuck you to heaven and back. C'mon, honey."
Your breath quickened, his words volatile to your already aroused self. Giving him a small smile, you reached over to the drawer, pulling out a ball gag. Holding it up, you saw him eye it warily, his arms trying to pull on his restraints.
"What's..that, babe? I..I don't think-"
"Ransom, do you trust me?" You asked softly, your fingers softly tracing his lips. He visibly gulped, squirming a bit, unsure of where the conversation was headed.
"O..of course, kitten. You should know that by now." He murmured, his voice laced with uncertainty.
"Good. Because I want you to know that I trust you wholeheartedly, with every pore of my being. I trust you with my love, my life, my soul. I know that you would never do anything to hurt me, and that you would always keep my best interests at heart. And I wished for it to be this way forever, till death do us part."
The words tumbled out of your mouth, as the images of him and girl flashed in front of your eyes, in a loop. You could see him get uncomfortable; a guilty look masking the lust from earlier. Fitting the ball gag in his mouth, you slid down till you reached his crotch, ignoring his soft, muffled protests. Grinding against him till you felt him get hard again, you rubbed him against your wet pussy, juices intermingling and creating a mess.
With a single move, you lowered yourself onto him, burying him inside you, the raw fullness threatening to engulf your senses. His muffled groan turned you on like nothing else as you sped up your actions, losing yourself to the rhythm; till you felt yourself reach your crescendo, and with it bringing him to a finish, as he painted your walls with his spend.
Tumblr media
Nighttime soothed you. It calmed you down. There was nothing like a long drive in the dark, with only the streetlights keeping you company as the wind blew against your face.
The events of the night kept playing in your head. You hated how it all ended. You'd actually fallen deeply in love with Ransom. But he never would've learnt, would he? No, he would go back to his philandering ways again. Plunging that knife deep into his heart as he was coming down from his high, from his throes of passion; it broke you. His screams still echoed in your ear, haunting and chilling as they were. The sight of blood oozing out of him, akin to a river, and with it, his life, was a troubling scene; the sound of him choking, weeping and begging you for mercy being the final nail to the coffin. But it had to be done. Repentance, penitence, was a necessity. In a way, you'd liberated him of all his sins and evils. Atleast him and the bitch would be together now.
The radio crooned in the background, the punk rock song playing, a true irony to your predicament.
I'm not gonna hear
Your reasons and "Please, just take me backs"
We never were right
Don't waste your breath
You smiled bitterly, realising how the future had changed in an instant. How he had changed it in an instant. You wished he hadn't cheated. You wished he hadn't been an asshole. Most of all, you wished that your final memories of him wouldn't be the sight of his beautiful blue eyes, filled with fear and unshed tears. But that was his fault. All of it.
Softly caressing your belly, you silently made a vow; to raise your son to be a better man than his late father ever was, or even would be. If only he were a better man, he would've been there to witness his child grow up.
Oh well. Third time would be a charm. Hopefully.
Tumblr media
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limbo-limbo-limbo · 2 days ago
ᴵ ᴰᴼᴺ'ᵀ ᴹᴱᴬᴺ ᵀᴼ
⇒ 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫: 𝘾𝙝𝙧𝙞𝙨 𝙀𝙫𝙖𝙣𝙨 𝙭 𝙊𝘾
⇒ 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐: 𝐀𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
I see her everyday. We speak for a couple of minutes at the same diner and then I drop her off wherever she desires. I could say I was making progress, each time she told me a bit about herself. I found out she was born in the spring and wishes it would last longer, she’s from down south, and she likes the company of music rather than people. 
It became quite obvious to her the effect she had on me, from touching my hand to even beckoning a smile at me. She called it the “hope”. Was it so bad to hope? To be finally in her presence, speaking to her, discovering pieces of who she is. My brain told me indulging into this infatuation that I had for her would lead me down something I wouldn’t be able to survive, but all reason disappears when she smiles at me.
“Can I take you somewhere other than the diner?” 
“Why? I very much like the diner, it’s quiet and no one you know comes here.” 
“So you've been with people I know?” 
“Possibly men are always horny, but I think I have an idea of what kind of friends you hang out with.” 
“People you can gain something from.” Staring at me, I could see how her eyes had changed. Once glancing at me with a hint of platonic feeling, transpired into looking at me like I was one of her customers again. 
“E-Excuse me?” 
“What? You said you work in a very important industry, I can only imagine it to be high status to the point where no one is real, and everyone uses each other…” She began to play with the straw of her sprite, as she waited for me to comment that she was right. 
“Some people do that, but I don’t play that way.” 
“Mhm, I have to go to work in a couple hours, so you have 10 minutes right now.” She changed the subject, not wanting to press the matter anymore. I could see she wanted to know, I haven’t given her much about my personal life or what I do when I wasn’t around her.  She wanted me to tell her on my own. 
“You can do better…” 
“Chris don’t start that shit again.” Rolling her eyes at me, she lost my stare instead looking out the window, but annoyance was so present on her face.
“What? Me telling you the truth, you could do anything Ariana. Tell me what made you think you belonged on the street.” 
“No one wants to hire a black woman!” holding back her tears, she stared at me, anger and pain was written in her eyes. People around us started to stare, possibly wondering what the hell I said to her. Holding her stare, I guided my hand to touch hers, yet she retreated. I just wanted to comfort her.
“I went to the wealthiest part of town because my friend gave me a tip that new businesses were opening and they were desperate. So I went expecting to at least get a follow up interview...5 stores and none of them wanted me, told me I didn’t match their look or I didn’t qualify. I tried to find others, but men wanted something in return for the employment. So don’t tell me I can do better when I've seen better and tired...and it's cruel.” 
Grabbing her items aggressively, I knew she was trying to get away from me, every fiber of my body moved, protesting her not to leave, god why did I have to be such an idiot. She was building that wall again and I needed to stop her before there was no access anymore.
“Wait Ariana, please don’t leave, I’m sorry.” I said. Blocking the side of the booth where she sat.
“Get away from me, haven’t you had enough of my time, window shopper.” letting my hand dropped, her nickname cut. In these couple of weeks, she had finally dropped the name and was calling me Chris. My name. Yet hearing her say that nickname I knew I was losing her, losing the trust, going backwards into our relationship instead of hitting the finish line.
“D-Don’t do that Ariana, stop pushing me away. I apologize, I didn’t think.”
“Yeah you didn’t, and now I’m leaving...don’t come and see me. I want to be left alone for a while.” walking out of the diner, i followed her. She walked past my car, not even thinking about letting me give her ride. Grabbing her arm, I turned her around, wanting her, needing her to look at me.
“Omg! What do you want with me!”
“I want you to talk to me like a fucking adult, and not get into your emotions. I get it, I didn’t see it from your perspective, I just wanted to understand why you chose this lifestyle instead of something’re beautiful and the small amount of time I’ve spent with you I can see you’re just an abundance of dreams. I just want to know you.” Looking down at the ground, I could see how hard she was trying not to cry. Memories of being humiliated and thoughts about being just a cock-warmer was building inside of her. And I popped it being careless with my words. What pain you suffered through.
“Just let me be.” losing my grip on her arm, she stepped away from me, wiping her tears. She was hurting and I soon realized this wasn’t about me anymore. Those were her demons and they were haunting her viciously. 
“I can’t do that.” 
“Chris...Leave me alone okay? Thank you for the little therapy session, but my choices are something I can criticize without your help, I’ll call you when I want to talk again...right now I need time alone.” My mind screamed to follow her and make her understand, but my feet wouldn’t go. My eyes just watched as she disappeared praying that she’ll return. 
“Fuck!” Next time close your mouth. 
                            ┊  ┊  ┊   🍃     ┊  ┊  ┊
“You ran away from that damn man, what hell is wrong with you?” Sitting on the couch, Christina turned around from cooking to look at me, like I lost my mind. 
“Don’t give me that look. He made me feel like I should be ashamed to be a prostitute like I don’t already feel that way about myself and how society feels about me. He was supposed to be a friend, but he felt like a hypocritical customer that got his satisfaction and came to terms with his sin.” taking a sip of my water, I tried to cool myself down from getting heated about the whole situation again. I stayed up all night, replaying the moment, getting a headache just at the mere scene.
“You can’t fault him for wondering, he didn’t know how bad it was for you. Did he at least apologize for it.” 
“He did more than say sorry…” 
“So Why didn’t you talk to him like you are talking to me now...cause he struck a nerve? Look we all got shit we don’t want to talk about, God knows my lips are sealed on stuff I did, but I made peace with it. You thought if you didn’t speak on it anymore peace would be made, but it got you exploding on that fine ass white man who's paying for your ass and he's just talking to you.” 
“Girl he is not that handsome, he’s just an average man.” 
“Oh bitch now I know you trying to lie to yourself, that man is sex and wealth wrapped in one and he wants you. If he wasn’t so stuck on you, I’ll steal your damn customer, yes I would.” I couldn’t help but laugh, as Christina started boasting about his looks while she cooked her dinner.
“You can have him, He probably doesn't want to see me anymore anyway.  if I was him I wouldn’t go anywhere near me.”
“Did he outright say he didn’t want to see you again?” 
“No, He said he just wanted to know me.” Starring inside of the cup of water in my hands, my mind could remember the desperation in his voice as he said that, emotionally his eyes screamed to me, pleading to me. 
“Oh he’s gonna pop up again, ain’t it been 3 days now? It's Saturday now, he ain’t working and from what you told me he stays in your face especially on the weekends. Speak to him and tell him how you feel.”
“We’ll see, but I have to go to work.” 
“How do you like the curtain show?”
“It's nice for the moment, better than the sidewalk.” 
“I know it is. Now go before you are late.” Kissing Christina on the cheek, and her reluctantly pushing me away. I headed out the door. She was right about speaking to Chris, but he was pushing for something I can’t give him. 
                           ┊  ┊  ┊   🍃     ┊  ┊  ┊
She’s been declining all my calls, none of my texts. This separation was bugging me and I couldn’t do anything, but wait for her. My mind kept thinking what if she was in much agony I was. Did she need to resolve this as much as I craved to? 
Hearing my phone off, I grabbed it, answering it hoping she finally wanted to talk.
“Yo! Where have you been Chris? Me and Sebastian have been trying to get in contact with you for a couple days.” Shit. I completely stuffed the plans I made with them to the back of my mind. 
“Hey Anthony, yeah I’ve just been you know been dealing with something but I’m free today. Let me know when you want to hang out.” 
“I’ll send you the information, be there at eight.” Hanging the phone up, I knew I needed to get out and not think about her, when she was ready, she’ll realize she can’t stand the distance away from me. 
Arriving at the destination, I realized he wanted to meet at a bar. It was nice, with this big glass window, showcasing everyone inside. I spotted Sebastian sitting at a table with Anthony talking. 
Guiding myself to the table, smiles and greetings started as I became into their focus, embracing them, I could see they had already bought me my drink.
“Finally you came to hang out with your friends!” 
“Ha cute. I’ve been busy guys.” 
“Doing what? Your ass ain’t on no project. We are the ones working and still came and saw your ass.” 
“Anthony, leave him alone, knowing him he’s probably been stuck in the house waiting on a certain someone.” I felt myself grimace at the person he was mentioning.
“Oh yeah, he watches the door most likely.” 
“Can we change the subject?” seeing how I didn’t want to hear about that topic we began talking about anything that came to mind, it felt good to hang out with the guys, but everytime I would lose interest in the conversation and think back to Ariana. I kept thinking back to how her hazel eyes looked at me with such pain and anger. All I could think was how I could ease away the pain for her. 
I was light as I continued drinking, I think I was on my 4th drink and I most definitely was feeling some type of effect going on with me. Bidding the guys a goodbye, I walked out the bar and headed to my place. I never really been too much on this side of town, usually coming over here to see her and market shopping. I was lost and I didn't mind it. 
It was getting pretty dark and I knew I had to get home before the nightlife started to arrive, turning the corner, I was blinded by lights of the store that flashed Girls with triple x’s, looking in this just screamed sex shop. I didn’t want to go in but I needed to ask for directions. 
“Um excuse can you tell me how to get to…” 
“Oh Hello want a private show with one of our girls, we got a variety of women you can see. We just picked up this new girl and she’s becoming everyone’s favorite.” Before I could object, the owner shoved the catalog of women he probably had and the last one showed her. Ariana was dressed in this provocative lingerie heightening how seductive and alluring she was. 
“How much so I can see her.” 
“It's coin based, give me five dollars so I can give you enough for 10 minutes with her.” hastily giving him the five, he gave me a basket of coins. And told me to wait since she was occupied with someone already. 
As I waited my mind was consumed with so many thoughts, I was beginning to have a headache thinking about everything. What the hell was she doing working here? Was she not working at the place where I first laid eyes on her? Why hasn’t she contacted me? Did she miss me?
Soon this bad built guy in a suit, came out red in the face. Most likely from jacking off. To her. 
“She's all ready for you, she's in the door that’s right in the middle.” Thanking the man, I started up the stairs, walking mighty fast, needing to see her. I know I should respect her wishes, but this was becoming unbearable and childish. 
Putting the coin in the slot, the blinds slid up, revealing her. God she looked ethereal, It feels like she doesn’t even know how much power she has surrounding her, she could tell me to do anything in this moment and I would happily be in her graces.
“Hi.” with the look of shock on her face, she tried to get back into this persona she puts on when she does business. 
“Well if it isn’t my little window shopper, thought I told you to stay away.” dancing seductively, I felt my mouth going dry, my eyes wouldn’t look away, completely entranced with the sight in front of me.
“I was lost and your boss wouldn’t stop till I tried this out, then he showed me a picture of you.” 
“So what you thought you could talk to me here?” the blind went down, hiding her from me. Putting another coin in, I waited for it to come back up. 
“Yes. You’ve been avoiding me long enough. Talk to me.” 
“Why window shopper? I’m not mad at you anymore, I just didn’t need anyone to judge me for my actions, I’ve beat myself over enough to last a lifetime…” 
“I would never judge you, if I didn’t accept what you did for a living, I wouldn’t try to get so close to you.” 
“Once you know my truth, this little fantasy you got will crumble and I don’t like putting my time in something that will eventually hurt my feelings.” 
“Hurt your feelings? You don’t even take into consideration my feelings, I didn’t mean to open up fresh wounds, but you walked away from me that day and didn’t communicate with me at all, all this time spent and still so cold?” Putting two coins, I watched her as she stopped dancing to the music, finally wanting to be serious.
“I didn’t mean to lead you astray like that, I assumed you wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore, our time together is nice, it feels good to have a friend, but I know you, Chris. I see it so clear in your eyes, you want us to be something more and I can’t give you that.” 
                              ┊  ┊  ┊   🍃     ┊  ┊  ┊
He was a good man, but he didn’t deserve to be with someone not on his level. I wasn’t head over heels in love with him like I knew he was with me. I don’t know what image in his mind he has about me, but I wasn’t the dream girl he desired. 
“Is there someone else, is that why?” 
“No there is no one else, you literally take up my whole schedule to the point I can’t be with anyone else, it's like you want me all to yourself, I’m realistic about this thing between us and I can see us hurting each other.” 
“You’re just making excuses now, you’re scared that you feel something for me. Fear it's understandable, but don't let it stop you from being happy. I want you like bad, you’re so beautiful and getting to finally know you and not like a fucking creep, I found out what a amazing woman you are. If you don’t want me just say that, I’ll be your friend and I won’t push it any further. But if you want to try this out do it, and if we fucking hurt each other by the end of least I got to experience a tragic love in my life.”
Before I could respond, the blind went down, and I knew he didn’t have any more coins with him, touching the glass, I had no words as to what I wanted to say, but something screamed to come out. Fuck why did he have to do this to me? 
Dashing out the room, I grabbed my coat in a rush, I needed to say my peace because if I never spoke it now I wouldn’t say at all. Running past my boss, ignoring his protest to come back inside. I ran out the door searching for Chris.
“Christopher!” He stopped turning around to stare at me with those pretty eyes I always tell him about. Jumping into his arms, I could feel myself let out a cry holding tight, his arms wrapped me up to the point where there was no space to break away and I didn’t want to either. 
“I want to give you a chance Chris, but I’m a sex worker and you’re a high class white man I don’t fit anywhere on your level. You might think that it doesn’t matter what I am and we both know that’s a lie, so we should stay friends.” Looking away from my eyes, disappointment appeared on his face as I took away that slew of hope from him. I knew what I was giving up being in a relationship with a man that truly wanted to do right by me, yet I didn’t need a lover, I needed a friend right now. 
“Hey don’t put your head down! Just because I said I wanted you as a friend doesn’t mean you can stop trying window shopper, keep fighting for my love if you want it so bad and you might get what you wish for.” Kissing him on the cheek, I laughed at how red he got.
“You’re something else Ariana.” 
“And you know it, now I got to get back to work, I will call you later.” 
“You sure, cause you said that last time and didn’t call.” He said. Giving me a boyish smile.
“I will call you, I promise. I never break a promise sugar. Bye Chris.” 
“Bye Beautiful.” 
                              ┊  ┊  ┊   🍃     ┊  ┊  ┊
Finally arriving into my house, I laid on the couch finally getting a moment to process everything that happened. I honestly didn’t know how to feel about the whole thing, my mind completely shouted with questions about this whole friend's situation to still flirt with her. She wanted me to fight for her and I wasn’t going to let her slip away.
Hearing a knock at my door, I groaned wondering who the hell wanted to see me this late into the fucking night. Opening the door, I could only stare in shock at the person at the door.
“Can we talk?” Fuck this week.
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chrisgirl4 · 3 days ago
Fanfiction ideas
Okay here are my ideas for Chris and OFC character btw her name is Emily Brooks. I have a lot of ideas by the way and I love the way I came up with theses because I love to be creative!!
- Emily and Chris goes on vacation without the kids and have a little weekend to themselves. 
- Emily breaks her leg and has to be in the hospital and Chris is caring and stuff.
- While, Chris and Emily are shopping they bump into Emily’s ex and things soon start to heat up.
- Chris and Emily tell their two childen Leo and Amanda of how they first met and what their wedding was like.
So far I think theses ideas are really good and if you are going to hate you can hop off my tumblr or if not  I report you and block you for hating on my writing anyways thanks for stopping by my page and reading this I really hope you guys will read my writing in the future and please don not judge my page or anything I am still new to al of this!!
PS- If you want to be in my taglist in the future please let me know in my inbox!! Thank you!!
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bellaireland1981 · 3 days ago
New Beginnings: A Christmas at Disney
Tumblr media
Summary:  Follow up to New Beginnings series- Andy and Briella head to Disney World with Jacob, Ava and Bri’s parents for Christmas. A little bit of Christmas magic mixed with a little bit of Disney magic and you never know what will happen! 
Characters: Andy Barber x Briella James (named reader), Ava James, Jacob Barber, and Briella’s parents. 
Warnings:  None- FLUFF and lots of sweetness 
Word count: 5k (it got away from me!)
**Read the series starting with Ch 1 HERE
A/N: I do not give permission to copy or post my work on any other website or platform. Reblogs are always welcome. Andy Barber and Jacob Barber are characters that do not belong to me. All other characters in this story are my own. Thank you @denisemarieangelina​ for reading and being my sounding board for all things Disney! 
“Slow down, Princess” Andy laughed as Ava all but dragged him towards the entrance to Magic Kingdom. “It’s not going anywhere.”
“Someone sure is excited to get to Disney!” Your mom laughed, walking behind with you, Jacob and your dad.
She wasn’t wrong. Ava had been a ball of excitement since you’d gotten on the plane to fly to Orlando. You were staying on property at the Contemporary Resort, so the Disney magic had started at the airport when you’d boarded the Disney bus to head to the hotel. Once you’d arrived, she’d discovered several gifts on her bed of the hotel, including a breakfast reservation with all of the princesses.
“I can’t be late to meet the princesses! Hurry!” She begged.
“We have plenty of time, Monkey” You assured her, “We have early entry to the park, and breakfast isn’t for another hour.”
That seemed to satisfy her some, as she slowed down at least. You all made your way into the park and started out on Main Street, looking in some of the shops. Soon, it was time to make your way over to breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle. Ava was beyond excited at this point. Jacob walked ahead with her, holding her hand so she didn’t get too far ahead of everyone.
“She’s in heaven.” Andy said, smiling at Ava as she interacted with all of the princesses. “I love seeing her so happy.”
“She’ll be on cloud nine for the rest of the day, and probably the trip.” You agreed.
“This just might be the highlight of her entire year.” Your dad laughed.
After breakfast, you moved through more of the park until lunch time. By then Ava was starting to get tired, so you and Andy took her back to the hotel to rest for a bit. Your parents stayed at the park with Jacob, continuing to explore the park.
Ava was already asleep when you got to the hotel. Andy carried her to the room and gently laid her on the bed.
“We’ll let her recharge her batteries and then we can head back for some more.” You said, “I know she won’t want to miss the parade or the fireworks later.”
While Ava slept, you and Andy ate a light lunch on the balcony of the room and enjoyed some quiet time together. Once Ava woke up, you got her some lunch and the three of you headed back into the park to meet up with Jacob and your parents.
You spend the afternoon going through the park,meeting all the characters, and riding as many rides as possible. By the time the parade begins, you’re convinced Ava and Jacob are both riding a permanent sugar high. You’ve never laughed so much as you did watching the two of them go through Disney together.
You snap lots of pictures of the various floats and characters as they go by. Being Christmastime, all of the floats and characters were decked out in holiday decorations. It made an already magical place, extra special.
“I love that Jake is having just as much fun as Ava, even though he’s a teenager.” Andy said, wrapping arms around you and resting his chin on your head. “I always wanted to bring him, but Laurie never seemed interested.”
“Well, we can make up for lost time now.” You promised, “We can make it our mission to visit during all of the holidays at least once. Or at least visit once in every season.”
“We may need to look at an annual pass,” Andy laughed, “But I’m sure Ava and Jacob would both like that plan.”
“I think you’re right.” You agreed, “They’ve both caught the Disney Magic, and I don’t think there’s a cure.”
“Mommy, when do the fireworks start?” Ava asked, turning to look at you from her perch on a nearby bench. Jacob was standing next to her, ensuring she didn’t fall.
“Soon, Monkey” You replied, “It’s after the light parade and when it gets just a little bit darker.”
“You’re going to love this Ava!” Jacob said, “I watched a YouTube video of it and I bet it’s even better in person!”
Jacob wasn’t wrong, the fireworks show was breathtaking. They were both mesmerized the entire show. You and Andy kept stealing glances at one another from over the tops of the kids’ heads. Once the show was over you started the trek back to the monorail to head back to the hotel. Jacob gave Ava a piggy back ride, as she was beyond exhausted while you and Andy walked behind them, and your parents walked in front of them.
Once back at the hotel, your parents went to their suite next to yours and the four of you headed into your suite. Ava was half asleep on Jacob’s back. Andy carefully lifted her off and carried her to one of the bedrooms.
“Do we need to wake her up to use the bathroom or change?” Andy asked you, gently laying her down on the bed and carefully pulling her shoes off.
“She should be ok as she is.” You replied, smiling at how loving and gentle he was with her.
“I’m going to crash too.” Jacob said, coming in and flopping down onto the other bed. “Thank you for bringing us. Today was a lot of fun.”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Andy smiled at Jacob, “Sorry it took so long to get you here, Pal.”
“It’s better this way.” He replied, “It’ll only be good memories. Not tainted.”
“We love you, Jacob” You said gently, “There’s a lot more happy memories to be made, get some sleep sweetheart.”
You and Andy made your way out of their room, into the sitting area of the suite. He grabbed your hand and gently pulled you to the sofa, sitting down and pulling you into his lap.
“The past 3 months have been so amazing, I keep forgetting he’s still healing and coming to terms with everything that happened.” Andy sighed, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head against yours. You wound your arms around him, your fingers gently threading in this hair.
“I have no doubt that there’s still a long road to recovery for him, but I can assure you, he’s come so far the last few months.” You reassure him. “He’s resilient, strong, and has a huge heart. He also has an amazing dad in his corner. And now he has Ava and me who will always be there for him, and pseudo grandparents.”
“I love you, Sweetheart.” Andy said, his lips finding your own.
“I love you too, Andy.” You replied between kisses. You both stayed on the couch for a while, enjoying the stillness of the night and being in each other’s arms. Eventually you made your way to the second bedroom in the suite and fell into an exhausted sleep curled into each other.
The next morning was Christmas Eve. You’d all decided to order room service for breakfast before heading to Animal Kingdom for the day.
While waiting on breakfast to get delivered to the room, you and Ava go into the bathroom where you braid her hair for her in an Elsa style braid per her request. Once finished, she goes out to join Jacob to plan out what they want to see that day. You quickly finish getting ready and then join everyone in the common area of the suite.
After the food arrives, you help Andy get it all set up on the table for everyone. While setting the table you and Andy overhear Ava asking Jacob about Santa.
“Jakey,” Ava asked softly, “Will Santa be able to find me here at the hotel? And how will he get in? There’s no fireplace here… and we don’t have stockings or a tree!”
“He knows where we’re at, Kiddo.” He reassured her, “And he’s got magic, remember? He doesn’t need a fireplace to get in.”
“But what about the stockings and the tree?” She asked, not convinced, “Those are still at home.”
“We’re at Disney” He replied, “Between Disney magic and Santa’s magic, I think it’ll be covered.”
“Promise?” She asked, holding out her pinky to Jacob.
“Promise.” he said, linking his pinky with hers.
You looked at Andy, worried. You hadn’t thought about this aspect of being away for Christmas. Of course Ava would be worried about Santa not coming and being upset about not having the tree and stockings up.
“I’ll take care of it.” Andy whispered, reassuring you. He pulled you close and leaned in to kiss your forehead. “Trust me.”
“Always” You replied, smiling.
“Who’s ready for more Disney today?” Your dad said coming in through the suite door. “I hear Animal Kingdom is on tap for the day!”
“ME!” Ava said, jumping up and running over to hug him. “I can’t wait to see the animals and go on the safari! Jacob showed me a video!”
“I’ll bet it’s going to be another fun-filled day!” Your mom said. “And I heard one of the hotel workers say they’re preparing a giant batch of cookies for a certain someone who’ll be stopping by with presents tonight!”
“Really?” Ava asked, “Mommy! We need some of those cookies!”
“I’ll look into it Monkey.” You promised. “Let’s eat so we can get over to Animal Kingdom.”
Once everyone had finished eating you all headed down to the front of the hotel to catch the shuttle bus to Animal Kingdom.
Jacob and Ava wanted to do the safari first when you arrived so you headed over there.
“It’s kinda like when we first met at the zoo.” Jacob said, smiling at Ava. “Not a train, but still cool.”
“That was the best day EVER!” Ava exclaimed, “Mommy and I got  you and Andy that day!”
“You sure did, Princess.” Andy said, smiling lovingly at her. “You and your Mommy captured our hearts that day for sure.”
“Definitely the best day.” You said, wiping a stray tear from your eyes, smiling.
The safari was incredible. It was fun watching Jacob and Ava point out the animals and bonding over animals again.
“Those two have such an amazing bond.” Your mom said once you’d finished the safari. “They remind me of you and your brother when you were little.”
“They really do.” You agreed, “It makes my heart melt watching them together.”
“They’ve definitely already adopted one another.” Andy added. “I love getting to see Jake in a protective big brother role.”
“He’s got the role down pat for sure.” Your dad winked at Andy.
You headed to Pandora the world of Avatar next and spent a few hours there, before grabbing lunch and continuing on to the rest of the park.
You decided to head back to the hotel before dinner time, opting to eat at the hotel rather than Animal Kingdom.
While you headed to the pick up area to catch the bus, Andy nodded at Jacob who smiled and walked ahead with Ava a little bit in order to talk to her.
“It’s time, Kiddo.” He whispered, “Remember what dad wants you to say?”
“Yes!” She whispered back, excitedly. “I need to go to Cinderella’s wishing well and make a wish!”
“Good job.” He smiled at her, “Make sure to really sell it!”
They stopped at the bus pick up and waited for everyone to catch up. The trip back to the hotel didn’t take too long. When they arrived back and got off the bus, Andy winked at Ava over your shoulder.
“MOMMY!” Ava exclaimed, “We have to go back to the Magic Kingdom! I have to go to Cinderella’s wishing well!”
“Ok, Monkey” You said, amused, “We can go back tomorrow.”
“NO!” She insisted, “I have to go TONIGHT! It’s Christmas EVE and Jacob said that Disney magic AND Santa magic are EXTRA special. So I HAVE to make the wish tonight. Pleeeeeaaasssseee?”
“How about we take the monorail and go to the wishing well then just get dinner at the Magic Kingdom tonight?” Andy suggested, “It’s still early enough.”
“We can see if there is availability to eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table.” Your mom suggested, “I know our little Princess would love that.”
“Sounds like fun to me!” Jacob said, “We can see the fireworks show again!”
“Ok then,” You laughed, “I guess we’re not done with Disney today just yet.”
“YAY!” Ava yelled, happily. “Let’s go! Let’s go!” She tugged Jacob’s hand and started moving to the monorail.
“You know we can’t always give in though, right?” You asked Andy, laughing, “We’re creating a monster here.”
“I know, but it’s Christmas.” Andy shrugged, smiling, “And it’s Disney.”
“Wrapped around her little finger.” you laughed
“Possibly.” He agreed. “Come on, let’s go experience some more magic.”
You rode the monorail into the Magic Kingdom and immediately headed towards Cinderella’s wishing well for Ava.
“While we’re here did you want to go on any of the rides again or see anything else?” You asked the kids.
“Nope! Just the wishing well!” Ava said, “And what Nana said for dinner. I like that!”
“I’m good.” Jacob agreed, “We’re doing Epcot tomorrow for Christmas around the world”?
“Yup!” You confirmed, “We’ll do breakfast and presents in the morning and then head to Epcot later.”
“Cool.” he smiled. “There was a shop I kinda wanted to go back to on Main Street if that’s ok on our way out?”
“Of course!” You said, “We can stop after dinner. I may pick up some treats from the candy shop too.”
“Now who has whom wrapped around their finger?” Andy teased you, mimicking your earlier words.
“Hush” You laughed, “Not the same thing.”
“Uh huh.” He nodded, smirking.  “Your argument is weak, my love.”
Once you arrived at the wishing well your mom and dad walked up with Ava and Jacob giving them each coins to toss into the well.
“Andy and Bri, you make wishes too.” Your mom said smiling, her hand holding out two more coins. You and Andy reached over and took the coins.
“You have to hold the coin in your hand really tight” Ava told Jacob, “Squeeze your eyes close and think REALLY hard about what you want to wish for. If you think about it and wish hard enough, it’ll come true!”
Jacob followed her instructions and made his wish, tossing the coin into the well. Ava made her wish next, tossing her coin into the well.
“Your turn Mommy!” Ava said, “Make a wish! Close your eyes REALLY REALLY tight and wish SUPER hard!”
Andy smiled at her, winking. You laughed, then closed your eyes tightly and made a show about really thinking about your wish, wanting to make Ava happy. In reality, you already had everything you could wish for. You finally tossed your coin into the well, opening your eyes.
“Ok, Andy…” You said, turning around to face him, your words getting stuck when you saw him.
While you were making your wish, Andy pulled the ring he’d been holding onto out of his pocket and had dropped down to one knee.
“Everything I could possibly wish for is already right here with me, Bri.” He said, his voice full of emotion. “I never really believed in second chances or in happily ever after until I was lucky enough to meet you and Ava. I was determined to be the best dad I could to Jacob and make our own happiness. We moved here for a fresh start, and I was given that and so much more. You embraced Jacob and he immediately started healing, and finding himself again. I was probably already half in love with you when we met for that reason alone. I fell completely in love with you the day in the zoo. Watching you with Ava and Jacob, I knew that’s what a mother’s love was supposed to look like. My heart was also captured by a little Princess that day. Bri, I love you completely with everything that I am. I love Ava as if she were my own. I love our little family that we’ve created. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of our lives together, raising these two crazy kids, and any more that may come along.”
You wiped at the tears now steadily streaming down your face at his words. Your heart bursting with love for him.
“Briella James, will you marry me?” Andy asked, smiling up at you, his eyes brimming with love for you.
“YES!” You exclaimed happily through your tears. Andy slipped the ring on your finger and then stood up, pulling you to him and kissing you.
You could hear loud applause all around from your parents, Jacob and Ava, but also from many strangers who had witnessed the proposal.
“I love you too, Andy.” You said when you could regained your composure. “More than I can possibly put into words.”
“Congratulations you two!” Your mom and dad said, coming over to hug you. Ava bounded over and threw herself into Andy’s arms hugging him tightly.
“I’m really glad you said yes.” Jacob said hugging you, “I mean I figured you would, but I’m still really glad. I love you Bri.”
“I love you too, Jacob.” You replied, a fresh wave of tears springing to your eyes.
“My wish came true!” Ave laughed happily, “Jacob was right! Disney magic and Christmas magic together makes the wish more powerful!”
“We have reservations at Cinderella’s Royal Table in 20 minutes.” Your dad said, winking at you. “Let’s get some pictures and then we can head over.”
Your parents snapped pictures of you and Andy and then of you both with the kids before a very helpful cast member came over and offered to take a picture of everyone together. One you were done with pictures, you made your way to dinner.
Like the princess breakfast, Ava was enamored by everything at dinner. It was fun to see her so excited. You kept sneaking peeks at your left hand, smiling whenever you saw your ring. Andy saw you looking and smiled widely.
After dinner, you all went to the shops on Main Street for some last minute shopping. Once you were all done you decided to skip the fireworks show again and head back to the hotel. Ava was anxious to pick up cookies and place them out for Santa and it had been a very eventful day.
The trip back was quick as most people were staying until the park closed. When you entered the hotel you took Ava to go get some cookies while everyone else headed up to the rooms. You knew Andy had something planned for her, but he hadn’t let you in on exactly what the surprise was.
Once Ava picked out the perfect cookies for Santa you headed up to the suite. When you walked in you both let out surprised gasps. While you’d been gone today, your suite had been turned into a Christmas wonderland. It could almost rival the North Pole. In one corner of the common space, a large tree had been set up and decorated. Garland was strung around the suite, what looked like mistletoe was hung by the balcony doors and on one wall, stockings were hung. The stockings were all Disney themed and had everyone’s names embroidered on them.
“MOMMY!” Ava exclaimed, “It’s BEAUTIFUL!”
“It really is, Monkey.” You agreed, “It’s perfect.” You looked over at Andy, smiling. You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around him, pulling him down so you could kiss him.  “Thank you.” You whispered.
“Of course,” he replied, kissing you back. “Anything to put a smile on our Princess’ face.”
Jacob helped Ava get the cookies on a plate and placed a small carton of Milk next to it with a note. Ava had written the note to Santa earlier in the day and sealed it in a hotel envelope so we couldn’t see it. She insisted it was for Santa only.
“Alright, Princess,” Andy said, “Time to get ready for bed and head off to dreamland so Santa can come.”
“Ok!” She said, hopping up and heading into the bathroom to brush her teeth and change.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen her that willing to go to bed before.” You laughed.
Your parents said goodnight and headed to their room, and Jacob went and got ready for bed after Ava was finished.
When both kids were ready for bed you went in to tuck Ava into bed.
“Mommy, can Jacob read me a bedtime story first?” Ava asked.
“That’s up to him, Monkey.” You said, “But off to sleep you go after one story.”
“I’ll read to you, Kiddo.” Jacob agreed. “Goodnight Bri.”
“Goodnight Jacob,” You smiled, “You’re already such an amazing big brother.”
“She makes it easy.” He shrugged, smiling bashfully.
“Good night Mommy!” Ava said, “I love you!”
“Goodnight, Monkey.” You replied, “I love you too. And I love you, Jacob.”
“Love you too.” He said smiling and grabbing a book to read to Ava.
You backed out of their room, quietly closing the door, and headed to your room to change and help Andy get everything set up for Ava for morning from Santa.
“Just when I think I can’t possibly love you any more than I already do, you go and prove me wrong.” You said wrapping your arms around Andy’s waist from behind and dropping a kiss on his shoulder blade. He turned in your arms and cupped your face gently in his hands, leaning down to kiss you softly.
“I love you too, Sweetheart.” He replied, leaning in to capture your lips again.
“How did I get so lucky that I get forever with you, my incredible fiance?” You asked.
“The luck is all mine, my beautiful future wife.” He replied.
Smiling, you both set to work filling stockings and getting all the gifts and Santa gifts under the tree. When you were about done, you noticed Andy pulling a small box out of a Disney bag that you didn’t remember picking up.
“I wanted to ask you something.” Andy said, looking almost as nervous as when he proposed.
“I already said, ‘Yes’.” You teased him.
“And I’m really glad you did, or this would be super awkward” He laughed, letting out a breath he’d been holding and sitting down on the bed. “I saw this necklace the day that I found your ring, and immediately knew I was going to get it for Ava. I know that by getting married, we are both gaining another child. I love Ava as if she were already mine, and I wanted to ask you, before asking her, if once we’re married, if I could legally adopt her? I want her to officially be my daughter.”
“Andy, of course you can!” You said, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him. “I love that you love her and want to adopt her. And I know she’ll be ecstatic when you ask her. She already looks at you like her dad.”
“Think she’ll like the necklace?” He asked, opening the box to show you. Inside the box was a delicate silver chain with a locket and tiara charm. You carefully opened the locket and inside there was a tiny picture of the two of them that’d been taken at her birthday party on one side and on the other side it said ‘Daddy’s Princess’.
“She will love it.” You confirmed, “Almost as much as she already loves you.” You put the necklace back into the box and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down to kiss him. “You’re perfect, my love.”
“Far from perfect, but given a lifetime with you, I may get closer to it.” He replied.
The next morning you were woken up to Ava bounding into your room and jumping onto the bed.
“We’re awake, Princess.” Andy laughed, grabbing her and pulling her down between the two of you, tickling her. “Give us a minute and we’ll be right out to see what Santa left for you.”
“HURRY!” She ordered, laughing and running off into the common area.
“Guess that’s our wake up call.” You laughed, looking at the clock next to the bed. “At least she waited until 6:30. Last year she had me up at 5.”
“I have a feeling Jacob may have been keeping her contained for a bit.” Andy guessed.
“That would make more sense.” You agreed, “Let’s go before she comes back in.”
The two of you made your way out the other room. You stopped quickly to start coffee on your way.
“Ok, dig into the stockings” You said, “Everything else waits until Nana and Papa are over here.”
You all looked through your stockings, loving the variety of treats, and small gifts that filled each one. While you were all engaged in stockings your parents came over and joined you all.
“YAY!” Ava said happily, running over to hug her grandparents. “Nana and Papa are here so we can open ALL the presents!”
“To be young and have that much energy again.” Your dad laughed.
“You’re not wrong.” Andy agreed, “If we could bottle an ounce of her energy we could make millions.”
“I don’t know if I could even handle THAT much energy.” Your mom replied.
“Alright Monkey, we’ll do presents and then breakfast” You said.
Lots of paper and ribbons later, you were down to the last couple of gifts. Jacob handed you a package at the same time that Andy handed Ava the small box.
“This is for you Princess.” Andy said. He sat down next to hear while she tore the wrapping off and opened the box.
“It’s BEAUTIFUL!” She exclaimed, beaming at Andy. “Thank you so much!”
“Open it, Monkey.” You encouraged her, tears already filling your eyes. Knowing something big was about to happen, your mom had her cell phone out recording the moment.
Ava carefully opened up the locket and saw the picture of her and Andy from her party. She was still new with reading but was good at sounding things out, and could recognize words she was more familiar with, so you weren’t surprised when she was able to read the inside of the locket.
“Daddy’s Little Princess.” She read aloud, slowly and quietly. She paused for a moment, then looked up at Andy, then to you. You nodded to her encouragingly. “You… want to be my... Daddy?”
“I very much want to be your Daddy, Princess.” Andy said, his voice thick with  emotion, “If that’s OK with you?”
“YES!” She exclaimed, launching herself into his arms, her own winding around his neck tightly. “I love you, Daddy!”
“I love you too, Princess.” He replied, tears slipping down his cheeks. Your own were wet with tears, as well. Your heart was bursting with happiness. “Your mommy and I talked and she said that I could adopt you. That means officially you’ll be my daughter too, and as soon as Mommy and I are married, we can change both hers and your last name to Barber.”
“And Jacob will be my brother for REAL?” She asked happily.
“I’m already your brother for real Kiddo.” Jacob said coming over to hug her.
“Yes he is.” Andy confirmed.
“Bri, open yours next.” Jacob said.
You smiled, picking up the package again and carefully unwrapping it. You opened the box and moved the tissue paper aside. Nestled in the paper was a bracelet with several charms on it. You looked at the charms closely, tears once more springing to your eyes.  In the middle was a charm that said ‘Mom’, with the O being minnie mouse. On each side of that charm were birthstone charms. One for Ava and one for Jacob.
“Jacob…” you said, your voice horse from emotion, “this is so beautiful. Thank You!” You reach over and pull him into a hug.
“There’s more” he whispered as he hugged you back. He pulled away and you looked back down into the box. Tucked in with the bracelet was a folded up piece of paper. You took it out, carefully unfolding it. After the first few lines you read you realized what you were reading. Your head shot up and you caught Andy’s eye over Jacob’s head. He had tears still gathered in his eyes and he nodded slightly, letting you know he knew about the paper. You assumed Andy had been responsible for having the paper formally drafted, but it was a petition of adoption.
“Jacob…” You said, “If you’re sure this is what you want, I would be honored to adopt you and be your mom. I love you, Sweetheart.”
“I’m sure.” He said firmly, “I love you too. You’ve been more of a mom to me in the last 5 months than my biological mother was in 14 years. I know what a mom is supposed to be since I met you.”
You hugged him tightly, as though you could put all his pieces back together again in that one hug. You knew it would take time, but you swore you’d help to undo the damage that Laurie had done to him.
“I think this has been the best Christmas in a long time.” Your dad said, voice breaking with emotion.
“There’s only the best yet to come.” Andy said, sitting next to you and Jacob with Ava on his lap.
“Papa is right!” Ava declared, “I wished on my birthday candles that we’d be a real family, and then I asked Santa this year to make Andy my Daddy and Jacob my big brother!”
“It looks like the birthday Fairy and Santa delivered then huh, Monkey?” You said, beaming at your daughter.
“Yup!” She agreed. “I think next, I’ll wish for a baby brother or sister!” Everyone burst out laughing. You and Andy looked at each other over her head, you’re sure your eyes were as big as saucers. He just winked and smiled.
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celestiawrites · 4 days ago
Don't Stand So Close to Me // Chris Evans
Summary: Dear Diary, this is a reminder not to sleep with your professor. No matter how hot he is, DON'T do it.
Pairing: Professor!Chris x OFC
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 1
Warnings: Language, authority figure
Dear Diary,
I found myself in a strange predicament today. Somehow, some way, I rolled out of Professor Hunt's bed this morning. I truly don't remember how I ended up in his home in the first place, but I'm almost 90% sure he was a good lay. I'll retrace the steps of how I found myself in my former professor's bed another time. Right now, I have to get to class. Hunt is leaving and passing his course to a newer professor. I'm not one to be a kiss ass or even a teacher's pet, but I'd at least like to make a decent first impression on this new teacher of mine. I hate Hunt's course, so maybe getting this new professor in my corner will be good for me.
With love,
"You slept with Hunt?"
"Just tell the whole damn campus at this point, Phil."
Phylis Adler cannot hold water. Why Xiomara confided her deepest secrets in her, she still wasn't quite sure. She was a pretty good safe when Xiomara needed her to be, but her inability to quiet down was what always shared news to those who weren't meant to hear it.
"I'm sorry! I'm just...shocked. Out of every professor you have, I wasn't exactly expecting you to shoot for the middle-aged divorcée with two kids that's about to move across the country," Phil said truthfully.
The pair walked across the campus in the mid-autumn weather. It was fairly cold outside and the walk from their parking lot to their class hall was a stretch. Both were there thirty minutes before class time in order to meet their new teacher.
"I already told you I don't even remember going for him. I don't know how I got there, I just know I woke up this morning staring at the picture of him and his children sitting on his bedside table," Xiomara defended in a hushed voice. Unlike her friend, she was aware of the basics of secret keeping. For example, speaking lowly when speaking of said secret. Phil let out a girlish giggle and covered her mouth with her arm as Xiomara glared at her with a mix of frustration and annoyance. Attempting to cover up her amusement, Phil took two deep breaths in before finding her composure.
"It's not funny," she tried, struggling to keep the smile off of her face. She was sporting a mixture of pure amazement and disbelief at the situation her best friend found herself in. "It's just that even though you're the absolute last person I'd expect this to happen to, this could only happen to you. You know that, right?"
"I don't know, Phil it seems pretty likely it could happen to you. I'm not the only one that makes horrible decisions they can hardly remember,"
The two walked the remainder of the way to their classroom and still made it early. Fortunately, neither of them would be late for class. Unfortunately, about every other student in the class had the same idea, and the crowd around this mysterious new teacher was massive. Students surrounded him as if he were a god.
"Who is this man? Jesus?" Phil griped sarcastically.
Xiomara shook her head and let out a breath in disbelief. On a normal day, half of the class would fail to show up to a lecture. Now, she was sure that the entire room would be filled.
As the two pushed their way through the wall of people, Xiomara locked eyes with Hunt. She gave an awkward smile, which he returned with a curt nod before clearing his throat.
"Uh, Dr. these are two more of my students. Ms. Adler," Professor Hunt began announcing their presence. Phil smiled politely and held her hand out to shake the new man's hand.
"Very nice to meet you," he greeted her with a warming smile.
"And, this is Ms. Harris," Professor Hunt introduced slowly. He lowered his head and held his arm out to signal for her to come toward. Xiomara took one step in front of her and held her hand out.
Due to her trying to shove down the awkwardness of being in the same room as her booty call and former professor, she failed to take note of the man in front of her. She examined his bright eyes and brown hair. He looked kind enough. He seemed far too young to have a title like "Dr.", but she thought it inappropriate to inquire on her first time meeting him. Overall, he was nice to look at, but not her type.
"Nice to meet you, Dr. Um, sorry I didn't catch your last name?"
"Oh, uh, Evans. Dr. Evans," he responded enthusiastically, shaking her hand tightly and offering a greeting smile.
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Cara Mara's Masterlist:
Heart of Glass (COMING THIS SUMMER!!)
Tumblr media
💛💛💛artwork by yours truly💛💛💛
~Chris Evans x ofc Devyn Thorne multi-chapter series~
Series Warnings: plot, slow burn, angst, fluff, eventual smut, sexual tension, mature content (18+ ONLY!!), time jumps (takes place between 2010, 2013-2020)
Devyn Thorne Face Claim x All About Devyn | Corrie Thorne Face Claim x All About Corrie | Jude Thorne Face Claim x All About Jude | The Besties Face Claim x All About The Besties | Devyn Thorne Biography  | The Daigneault-Wright-Thorne Family Tree | Meet the Team |
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reckless: Seth Rollins One-Shot
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twoghostsfromeden · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
snippet of my new chris evans fic (Witness Protection) premiering June 20th!
Jennifer sighs, turning back to Valentina. “I see that black eye. I was young and in love once, too. I’ve seen hostages come through these doors, but I’ve also seen victims of domestic violence. Your rope burns and your feet tell me that you’ve been held hostage, but that black eye tells me that you’re in love with a dangerous man, Mariana [Valentina],” Jennifer explains, her expression soft and sad.
Valentina drops her head to her lap, a tear falling down her cheeks. She didn’t think it would be this hard to talk about, to admit that she let a man lay hands on her. She’s a strong woman, she never thought she’d be a victim of domestic abuse.
“Why did he hit you, sweetie? You can tell me, I’m not going to judge,”
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mellowpoetryblizzard · 5 days ago
Summer Love - Part 3
Title: Summer Love Summary: Julie moved to Boston to take a new job in the agency world, with a few ghosts from her past lingering behind.  Reuniting with an old college friend, a chance meeting at a BBQ turns her world upside down.  Will she be able to break down her walls enough to allow potential love in? Pairing: Chris Evans x Julie (OFC) Warnings: 18+ - it’s gonna get smutty down the line.
Author’s Note:  Now that I’m out of Intimacy Coordinator mode, let’s get more into Julie’s new adventure with Chris!  Not sure how long this one will go yet, but I’m just gonna write and see where this lands.
Tumblr media
A few weeks had passed since the holiday weekend.  Julie once again found herself buried.  So far, she hadn’t reached out for help, and unintentionally fell out of touch with Chris.  Becca was on a family vacation in Europe.  She was back on her couch at her condo alone with her thoughts.  Opening the fridge after her workout, she cracked open the last water bottle in her fridge, and sat on her patio.  As she took in the sunset, her phone buzzed with an alert.
Chris: just reaching out to say hey. you alive?
Julie picked up the phone to see the familiar name - her mouth formed a half smile as she recalled the BBQ, and breakfast they shared the next morning.  She tapped a response. *send*
Julie: Yes - very much still alive.  You?
Chris: just got word that i’m heading to france in september - 2 weeks of gray man reshoots
Julie:  That should be fun, right?
Chris: yeah - actually looking forward to seeing this group again
Julie: Well good - something to get excited about.
Chris: yeah.  anyway, real reason i reached out, i’m going to be in the city this friday.  whatcha up to?
Julie: A few meetings... IDK why people schedule things on Fridays.
Chris: make sure you’re free by 7:30
Julie: So specific.  Any particular reason why?
Chris: you and i have a seafood appointment at the harbor
Julie: Well then.  If you can drag me out of my office, you’re on.
Chris: challenge accepted - see you then
The clock ticked slower than normal as the minutes seemed to inch by.  Julie’s fingers tapped away at her keyboard, hoping some kind of effort to dive into her work would make the day fly faster, but her mind was stuck in slow motion.  11:30 AM, a knock came to her office door.  Her assistant, a young upstart named Chelsea, carried a large vase of flowers.
“Hi Julie, delivery for you.” Chelsea presented the arrangement to her.
“Thanks Chelsea.”  You look slightly puzzled as you weren’t expecting any delivery.  “Courrier say who it was from?”
“No, just a card.” Chelsea pointed to the small envelope protruding from the opening.
“Got it - thank you.  Mind closing the door for me?”  The door closed behind Chelsea.  She retrieved the envelope and, sliding a finger through the seal, popped it open.  A handwritten note from the sender read
A little reprieve from the chaos. - CE
Julie sat back in stunned silence.  She had never been treated this well by anyone before.  He sent her flowers.  A simple gesture but it had already said volumes about his character.  “So he’s a little cocky... and a gentleman.”
**7:15 PM**
Julie finally closed the laptop on her desk for the night.  She had 15 minutes before Chris was arriving to pull herself together.  She released her hair, cascading down in perfect brown waves and proceeded to touch up her makeup.  Complimenting her Friday casual, she kept things classy, not overdone.  A little smoke to her eye, a little color to her lip - enough to bump things up.
Alone in her office, she wrapped her fingers under her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, opting for a sleeker top that accentuated her curves in all the right places.  Nothing too revealing, nothing too simple.  Slipping out of her jeans, she pulled on a dressier fitted pant to match.  This was the first time that Julie had made a conscious effort in her appearance in a while.  With Chris, and his status, she was acutely aware of any public expectation of him and who he keeps for company and kept that in mind.  Taking a moment to admire herself in the mirror, she stood in front of the mirror on her door, stunned.  She hadn’t seen herself in this light in a long time.  Julie stepped back and turned, looking over her shoulder to see herself from the back “Fuck” her tone surprised, but gaining confidence “I look hot.”
Retrieving her shoes, she glanced at the clock on her desk *7:28 PM* “Shit” and Julie scrambled to put on a pair of strappy wedges as her phone began to buzz with a text alert.
Chris: i’m downstairs - should i come up? do i need to drag you kicking and screaming from your desk?
Julie: No LOL. Be down in a sec.
Chris: got it *thumbs up*
Julie dropped her phone into her purse, along with her wallet, keys, and some extra gloss and headed downstairs.
Emerging from the building, Chris took a moment to observe how effortless she looked before calling over to her.  Julie moved with grace and confidence each step she took.  For a moment, his mind wandered back to the thoughts he had when she had stayed over after the BBQ - what she would feel like in his arms, the taste of her lips, what she would look like underneath him, glazed over in ecstasy.  Realizing where his mind had drifted to, Chris snapped back into attention, taking a second to adjust his collar as she approached him.
“Wow.” He breathed as he attempted to hide the last of his thoughts.  “Good to see you.” he greeted her, pulling her in for a hug.  Julie was acutely aware of the attention he was giving her as she returned his greeting.
“Good to see you too.  So... what’s this about seafood and the harbor?”
“Oh, you’re in for a treat.”  Chris grinned before turning to open the car door for her and helped her in, an 80’s playlist softly came from the speakers as they drove off to dinner.
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Forbidden 5
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader
Summary: You're Tony's sister and you just so happen to be very attracted to the one man that gets on your brother's nerves, Steve Rogers. Unknowingly to you, the older man also has his eyes on you despite your circumstances
Warnings: none
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
The man whom you shared your DNA with plopped down in the seat next to you at the kitchen island. The past couple days you’ve been keeping to yourself now more than ever and Tony was determined to find out what’s wrong with you
“You’ve been MIA for a while now, what’s going on?”
Liar, you knew exactly why you haven’t been your usually sarcastic, annoying self and it all had to do with what almost happened with Steve. You couldn’t tell your brother that the man he has a love/hate relationship with is the reason that you haven’t been yourself lately
“Good morning”
Speak of the devil and he shall appear
Steve strode into the kitchen looking handsome as ever with Sam and Bucky following closely behind, he quickly glanced at you both as he maneuvered his way around the kitchen making his breakfast. Bucky patted you on the back, pulling out the chair on the other side of you
“I should get going, Thor’s waiting for me in the gym” sliding out of your seat you took your phone and water bottle up off the counter quickly removing yourself from the crowded room
Why are you like this Y/N?
You can’t keep avoiding him all the days of your life
Groaning you leaned against the wall of the elevator as you recalled the memories from that night. The way that his scent evaded your senses, the feeling of your smaller hands in his larger ones, the feeling of his stubble brushing against your fingertips, the way his hot breath fanned against your lips as you both leaned into each other’s touch
Closing your eyes, you envisioned being back in that same position with Steve
The doors slid open and you stepped into the hallway that led to the gym. Thor’s grunts could be heard as well as the punches he’s dishing out on the punching bag. Pushing the door open you were pleasantly surprised to see Thor’s sweaty, shirtless torso. His back was positioned to you so every flex of his back muscle was visible to you and it was indeed a magnificent sight to witness
“Thor it’s way too early for you to be looking this good”
Upon hearing your voice Thor paused his workout to smile over at you, his chest rising and falling as he regained his breath
“I could say the same about you”
Placing your things down on the nearest bench you made your way over to the treadmill to start your warm up. He resumed abusing the poor punching bag as you picked up the pace a bit. Steve hadn’t only benched you from going out on missions but he also banned you from over exerting yourself when it came to training. Usually, you would be sparring with Nat or doing hand to hand combat with Bucky or Steve but seeing as you were recovering you were now stuck with the treadmill
Increasing the speed, you began jogging. The AC/DC blasting through the gym speakers gave you the push you needed to change your pace. You despised cardio with a passion, one time you chose to go running with Steve, Sam and Bucky, that was the stupidest decision you have ever made in your entire life as you gave up after hitting mile two. Bucky slowed his pace so that you could keep up, at one point he slung you over his shoulder as he caught up to the others, in times like that, being manhandled by a super soldier isn’t as bad as it sounds
Sweat coated every inch of your body as you pushed yourself, droplets landed on the machine every stride you took. You weren’t keeping track of how long you’d been on the treadmill but you knew that it had to be a good while because Thor now stood in front of you with an annoyed look on his face
“I’m bored, let’s get to the fun stuff”
Thor reached over and hit the off button and you quickly came to a stop, confused you tilted your head to the side waiting for him to elaborate more on ‘the fun stuff’. His bright smile only made you more skeptical as you worked on regulating your breathing
“Let’s do some sparring” helping you off the machine he led you over to the mat where you all used for combat training
“Thor I can’t remember?” bending down you reached for one of the clean towels on the rack when suddenly you were flipped onto your back, Thor stood over you with a shit eating grin on his face
“You can’t or won’t?” he knew that you hated when he taunted you especially when it came to training, you knew what he was trying to do and you knew that you were not about to back down from a challenge
“Game on then”
Smirking you hooked you kneed him in the back of his thighs and quickly swiped his feet from under him. You both began throwing punches at one another, you knew that he was mainly doing this for your benefit because he knew just how much you missed the action. Thor got a hold of your hand and pinned you down on the mat beneath him, his long blonde hair fell from the pony he had it in, framing his face
“Yield you puny human”
“Not today” hooking your leg around his waist you used your strength to flip you both over so now you were the one on top. Rolling his eyes, he couldn’t help but smile up at you proud to see that you’re still capable of holding your own
Still straddling Thor’s abdomen, you both caught up on a few things that’s happened. He told you about his nonexistent relationship with Jane and you told him about the almost kiss you had with Steve. You both had been so caught up in the middle of your conversation you both hadn’t noticed Steve’s presence
His heart dropped seeing the position that you and Thor were in, he hadn’t bothered to work out anymore instead he turned on his heels and headed up to his room
Guys should I do a Steve POV next chapter? Let me know!
Tag list:
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scandinavianfairytale · 6 days ago
Blurred lines - Who's observing whom?
Synopsis: Steve Rogers receives an assignment to infiltrate the Rumlow family and get them off the streets. Lines between professional and personal life get blurred when he meets the mysterious wife of the infamous Brock Rumlow.
Pairings: Steve Rogers x OFC (Holly Rumlow), Brock Rumlow x OFC (Alexandria Thompson-Rumlow) & eventual Steve Rogers x OFC (Alexandria Thompson-Rumlow)
Warnings: Excessive alcohol consumption & that’s it 😊
Read Part 1 here 👈😊​
Tumblr media
Part 2: Who's observing whom?
The waiter arrived shortly with a tray of drinks. He quickly scurried away as soon as Holly waved him away. The group toasted to a night out and downed the flaming shots.
"To us, getting to know each other better." Holly held Steve's hand, stopping him before he could down the shot and clincked her glass with his, winking before finally downing the shot.
The drinks didn't stop coming and the group didn't stop drinking. Steve lost the feeling of time above all else, his world spun lightly and the bass seemed to vibrate in his chest cavity. Holly grabbed his hand and pulled him down the stairs to the dancefloor.
It was much easier to move with Holly and with so much alcohol in his system. He was surprised she was able to hold down all the drinks. They were joined by Janis and Tracy, leaving Duke and Alex on the gallery.
She watched the group dance, her eyes zeroing on Holly's newest pick. Sometimes she wondered if Holly was keeping an eye on her or the other way around.
"So, any thoughts on the latest episode of Holly's boy toys?" Duke asked as he joined her on the railing, his eyes focused on the dancing foursome.
"I'm not sure." Alex replied.
"You know Brock wants this one to stick around. He's done entertaining the one's that run after it gets tough."
"Yes, Duke. I'm very well aware as to what my husband wants." She said bitterly.
"I just wanted to insinuate that maybe you should take him home and not Holly." Duke put his hands up in defense.
"I know."
She looked at the gallery, briefly checking if Alex was still there. She knew Duke was with her, but Holly needed to keep an eye out for her. It broke her heart, having to constantly watch her ex-best friend...her cousin was not a trusting man.
Holly quickly focused back on the man in front of her and stepped closer to him, encircling her arms around his neck, pressing her body onto his. The two other women quickly disappeared.
Steve put his hands on her hips and together they swayed to the rhythm. The light buzz in his head and the heat spreading through his body made him forgo his inhibitions and he leaned down, capturing her lips in a kiss.
Holly welcomed the distraction from her thoughts. Her mouth opened and she sneaked her tongue in his, tasting the sweet flavour of the peach vodka.
"Will you take me home?" she asked as they separated.
"I think that's your cue to intervene." Duke pointed to the couple making out on the dancefloor.
Alex disliked keeping tabs on Holly. But she was Brock's favourite cousin and he...they wanted her taken care of, be in a stable relationship. Like her and Brock used to be. Like he still believes they are.
Alex made her way to the dancefloor, following the couple that was on their way to the coat room. When Holly turned to the bathroom Alex grabbed Steve's arm and dragged him out. Duke was designated to tell Holly what happened and deal with the tantrum that is sure to follow.
"I'm sorry for dragging you out. I don't think you should go home with Holly. She had too much to drink and she wouldn't be making sound choices." Alex explained as they stood enveloped in the crisp early morning air.
"I wasn't going to use her, if that's what you're implying." Steve replied, feeling uncomfortable.
"I don't know you enough to imply anything. I'm just stating what I know about Holly." she fixed her hair, feeling awkward having such a conversation.
"I just wanted to make sure she got home safe."
"You can call her tomorrow. Here's her number." Alex gave him a small piece of paper with a number written on it.
"How am I sure that that's her real number?" He asked.
"You're just going to have to trust me."
He smirked at her response.
"If I do trust you, then I guess I can say, see you soon." he winked and walked away.
Tumblr media
Tagging: @schlean​ (I hope that’s still okay, let me know if you want to be removed 😊)
P.S: Thank you for reading! 🙏💙
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pizza-portal · 7 days ago
Pairing: Chris Evans x OC!Lana
Summary: Lana thinks Chris is cheating and avoids him.
Warnings: angst, sad, lack of eating, fluff
Tumblr media
If Lana knew one thing, it was to not listen to the tabloids. They were just rumors. Sometimes they were lies. 90% of the time, they were untrue.
But, she sat in her couch staring at the article. ‘Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen: The Perfect Match’. The lights were dim and it was too late at night. She just couldn’t stop staring at the screen. She didn’t want to be insecure, but Elizabeth was prettier and talented. All Lana did was sit there and look pretty. She knew Chris would never cheat on her, but deep down, what if he liked Elizabeth more than her?
As if on cue, the article disappeared and Chris’s contact name popped up. She cursed under her breath, deciding whether or not to answer his call. She pressed the answer button putting the phone to her ear. “Hello?”
“Hey baby,” he spoke smoothly. Yet, all Lana’s mind could think about was him and Elizabeth.
“Uh, hi,” she answered. She tried to sound normal, but her voice was strained and shaky.
“I didn’t wake you up, did I?” He asked.
“No, I was uh, doing some work,” she responded. Her fingers played with the hem of her shirt.
“Oh okay,” he said. “I’m thinking tomorrow we can workout and breakfast at my place?” The two tried to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. They had only been dating for four months and they didn’t want too much publicity too early.
“Um,” Lana had to think of an excuse quick. “I can’t.” She mumbled.
“Everything okay?” He asked her through the phone.
“Yeah, no, I’m fine. I actually need to go. I’ll talk to you soon, babe,” she rushed.
“Yeah, okay. Love you-” Lana ended the call before anything else. She mumbled a few curse words before getting up.
Three days. Lana had been avoiding Chris for three days. It was hard to say the least. She was constantly stressed with work and tried not talking to him as much. She hadn’t eaten much, but still forced herself to workout. She didn’t know why she was pushing away so hard. She felt bad because Chris didn’t even know, but she couldn’t help it.
She sighed deeply, sitting on the white backdrop in a bikini. The stylists were touching up her makeup and hair. The photographers started snapping photos of her. There were three fans blowing onto her, causing her black hair to blow back beautifully. She stayed focused on her work.
Well, that was until her assistant started pointing at her phone that was ringing off the hook. She looked at the photographer, seeing if she could go. “I got all I need. Thank you, Lana. It was nice working with you,” he smiled kindly. Lana immediately walked to her phone, seeing that it was Chris. She answered it, putting it up to her ear.
“Hello?” She answered, beginning her walk to the dressing room to get changed.
“Hey, can I pick you up for lunch?” Chris sounded eager and excited. She could already feel her heart quicken, turning into the room.
“Uh, I was planning on skipping. I have work to get done-”
“And you had work to get done yesterday and the day before,” he cut her off. She could tell he was frustrated and confused.
“I am so hungry. Yes, let’s meet for lunch,” The moment the words came out of her mouth, she regretted it. The last thing she wanted to do was see him, but she didn’t want to make him upset. Lana was just overall confused.
“Great. Just, uh, meet me at my place. Okay?” He wanted to make sure she would come.
“Yeah,” she spoke quietly before hanging up. She’s set her phone down, looking at herself in the mirror. “Shit.” She started getting changed out of the swimsuit and into some leggings and a sweater.
The car ride to Chris’ house seemed to short. She wish she had driven slower or taken a longer way by the time she pulled into his drive way. She let herself out of the car before slowly walking up to his door. She took a deep breath, trying to control her racing mind and racing heart. She knocked on the door. Her body shook out of both fear and hunger. Every terrible image popped into her head. What if Elizabeth opened the door? What if all the articles were true? Maybe he was just playing her.
Chris opened the door, smiling at his girlfriend. “Hi,” she spoke quietly. He embraced her, feeling happy to finally hold her again.
Lana tried to make her actions as normal as possible, but she felt off. Everything felt off. “Come on. I made your favorite,” Lana walked inside. She had been in his home plenty of times, even before they were dating. She had always felt so comfortable there. There were two plates with chicken salads set on the dining table.
The two sat down. Chris happily ate his food while Lana picked at her food, moving it around as if it were something she hated. “What have you been doing?” Chris asked her. He took a mental note of her lack of eating.
“Just work,” she mumbled. “I had a swimsuit shoot with Calvin Klein so.” She kept her eyes down, away from his. “What about you?”
“Work,” he responded. “Elizabeth and I had a bunch of interviews together and stuff.” It was at that moment that Lana made eye contact with him. All she could think about were the stupid articles. She lost any sort of appetite that was left and she felt so weak, both emotionally and physically. She cleared her throat, finally looking away.
“Cool,” her voice cracked. She didn’t want to cry, especially not in front of him.
“Is everything okay?” Chris finally asked.
“I think I should go,” she whispered. A single year slid down her cheek. She got up quickly, trying to let herself out.
“Lana, hey!” Chris followed immediately. When Lana was right in front of the door, she couldn’t find herself to leave. Was she over reacting? Maybe the trauma of James is just clouding her mind more than they should. She felt the tears involuntarily stream down her face. She collapsed her cheeks into her hands, holding back a sob. “Lana, come here.” Chris wrapped an arm around her shoulder, making her face him. He hugged her, letting her cry all the tears she needed. He didn’t know what was wrong or what he did, but he knew that he wanted to fix it.
Lana felt so weak and annoyed with herself that she didn’t just talk about it with him. She felt so dumb. “What’s wrong?” Chris whispered soothingly. Lana pulled back, wiping her tears.
“I feel so dumb for crying about this and listening to the stupid articles,” she felt more tears stream down her cheeks. Just the thought of the tabloids made her feel overwhelmed.
“What?” She could tell Chris was more than confused.
“All of the fucking headlines and tabloids say is how everyone thinks you and Elizabeth are dating and how great of a couple you guys would be-”
“Okay, okay,” he whispered, trying to sooth her. His fingertips grazed her arms, sending goosebumps across them. Lana stared down at her shoes, sniffling here and there. “Look at me.” His hand lifted her chin, forcing her ready eyes to stare into his. “You are all I want and all I ever will want. You mean the absolute world to me and if I were to fuck that up, I would never forgive myself. Elizabeth is just a close friend and if you want me to stop talking to her as much or if you want to meet her, I will make that happen, okay? I want you to feel confidant and trust me.”
“I’m sorry,” Lana whispered.
“Don’t be sorry,” he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I just wish you told me before.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Now come on, I wanna get some food in you and watch disney movies.” Lana giggled, following him to the kitchen.
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reformedmeanestgirl · 10 days ago
Hi everyone!
I debated whether or not to make an introduction post or just to fill send and post my first fic, but here we are! My name is Jo, I live on the East Coast, I’m 21, I have an amazing, bratty cat named Dove and I’m a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Writing in my free time has always been something I try to do, and lately (well, over the last few years) I’ve been doctoring up a good amount of smutty work based on our lovely Chris Evans and his characters. Additionally, being a female, I do only write from a female’s perspective, since it’s what I’m comfortable and familiar with.
I have a few things lined up that I’m soooo excited to share with you guys. Here’s what the laundry list looks like so far.
Family Values: Ransom Drysdale x (adopted) Cousin!Reader
You and Me, Kid: Steve Rogers x Reader
‘Tis The Damn Season: High School Sweethearts!Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Take It On the Run: Ari Levinson x Reader
I’m still learning the ins and outs of Tumblr writing, so a lot of things are foreign to me, but I promise I’ll do my best!
Thank y’all for reading and starting this journey with me! I’m excited for what’s to come xx
— Jo 🪐
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bluemusickid · 10 days ago
A Love So True: Part 2
Pairing: Chris Evans x Fem! Reader
Warnings: none so far, angst, fluff, eventual smut, 18+, MINORS DNI
A/N: This took a bit of time, but I hope it lives up to your expectations! I'm a hoe for good angst, and this was just an outlet ig. Many people have said that it reminds them of the movie The Vow, with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. While I have seen that movie, this one will be slightly different. The main inspiration behind ALST is this story, of a woman named Laura Hart Faganello.
Minors DNI, you are responsible for your own media consumption. Not beta'ed, any mistakes, grammatical or otherwise are all mine. I post my stuff only on Tumblr and AO3, nowhere else. I do not give anyone permission to reproduce, copy or translate my work. Dividers by the wonderful @firefly-in-darkness @firefly-graphics 💓
Join my taglist and check out my masterlist for more!!
Gif credits: @a7estrellas 💓
Tumblr media
Part 1
Chris caressed your photo, lovingly, his fingers trailing over your face. Every moment without you was killing him. Looking into your eyes, he didn't see the love that he craved. He saw attraction, intrigue even, but not the love he knew and craved. It was polite countenance.
He couldn't bear that. He would rather your ire, than your unfamiliarity.
He shook himself, placing the photo back hastily. He had his family by his side: Carly, Scott, Shanna and his mom. And Dodger, of course. But most importantly, he had his love for you, which would bring you back.
He was sure of it.
He saw you walking into the park, in an outfit he'd always loved on you. You walked to him, a warm smile adorning your lips. He loved that about you, your smile. It made him feel like the world was brighter by 200%.
You took a seat next to him, taking in his outfit. He was really good looking. But not in an arrogant way. In the way where he would turn heads with his charisma and charm, and confidence. You took a seat next to him, handing him a cup of coffee.
"What's this?"
"I stopped on the way at Starbucks and thought I'd get something for you. I hope you like it. If not, feel free to chuck it in the trash."
He smiled. Taking the cup from your hand, he took a sip of the drink, the bitter taste of coffee with hints of arabica overwhelming his senses. He loved it. It was his favourite coffee, and she picked it out. Briefly, his heart fluttered at the thought that maybe, somewhere, she remembered him. It made him feel better about this whole arrangement.
You watched him take small sips of his coffee, mesmerised at the sight of him really enjoying it. You didn't know why, but it felt really good that he liked it. You didn't know how, or why, but while ordering at the shop, the order just rolled off your tongue, like it was a habit, or muscle memory of sorts. You'd shrugged it off then, thinking it was probably your gut instinct telling you so. Or perhaps you'd been soulmates and partners in a former life. The thought made you chuckle.
Chris looked at you, bemused. "What?"
"Uh, nothing. I was just thinking about how you seem familiar to me and I just...thought that we might've known each other in a past life or something. Sounds weird and lame, I know."
He smiled shyly, looking at the ground. "Do you believe in past lives and soulmates?" He asked, his eyes searching yours. If it were someone else, you would've been creeped out and uncomfortable with the question and the eye contact. But not with Chris. He was different. Why? You didn't know.
"I..sort of do, I guess. Like, not in the way most people do, like kindred spirits and unbreakable bonds and all that. But I do think that if two souls are meant to be together, they will find a way, no matter what the hindrances or obstacles."
His heart swelled. Your candid confession gave him the hope he thought was gone forever. Maybe you did remember him, past life or not.
"We might've been together in a past life, which only proves one point."
"Which is?" You asked, dryly.
"It means that since we were probably together in a previous life, we should definitely give this...courtship a try in this life. Who knows, it might be better than the last life." He said with a wink, a grin adorning his lips.
You smiled. Time spent with Chris would certainly not be boring.
Tumblr media
The days went by steadily, and so grew your relationship with Chris. He took you on many dates, to the most charming places ever; museums, parks, skating rinks. Time seemed to stand still when you were with him; which was an antithesis because two months seemed to just whizz by! You'd even been to dinner with his mom, who seemed like a wonderful lady. She, too, seemed familiar, but you didn't stress about it. It was probably your brain acting up, replacing people and memories.
You went to therapy more regularly now, Chris being a regularly occuring topic. He truly was the perfect man; caring, loving and perceptive to all your needs. There were one or two times where you thought that he would kiss you, hold you, but he maintained a distance, giving you time. At most, he would give you a warm hug, or a small peck on your forehead, but that was it. It was almost too perfect, you felt. You'd told your parents about him, but the reaction you'd gotten was lukewarm, and you didn't know why. It had bothered you, because it wasn't like them to not be happy for you.
Work was going well, too. You'd gotten a few interviews, and Chris helped you prep for that as well. You sat with him, laughing at his inane impressions of people and workplaces till the wee hours of the morning. The interview went well, and you'd started off your job on a good note, which you partly thought was because of his help in prepping.
You started inviting him for dinner more often, the house feeling more and more like a home. Living away from your parents was tough, but you felt like you needed your own space, especially now more than ever. Even if you didn't regain your old memories, it was important to you to make new ones. Although there wasn't a name you'd given to this courtship, it felt right. It felt like you were meant to be together.
It was a normal Friday evening, you'd called him over for dinner, which was animated, as always. He was telling you about his work, and how fulfilling it was everytime one of his clients walked away, happy with his work. You listened on, enthralled and enchanted, truly in awe of this man. He was getting ready to leave after dinner, but you felt a pang in your heart. The feeling of being incomplete was growing with each second. Calling out his name, you grabbed his arm, slowly pulling him into your house as he looked on in bewilderment. Rising up on your tiptoes, you gazed into his eyes as you held his face, slowly touching your lips to his. He stood there, shell-shocked, as if in a dream, making no attempts to touch you. He seemed to break out of his reverie soon, though, his hands encircling your waist and gently pulling you to him, holding you closer. He deepened the kiss, as if beseeching you, asking you for something. It felt like he was pouring everything he had into the kiss, holding your face, his thumb grazing your jaw ever so slightly. Breaking apart, he touched his forehead to yours, not ready to let go of you.
"That was..." he breathed, speech evading him.
"I know." You replied, looking into his eyes. They had darkened, his pupils wide and his mouth slightly slack. You wanted more, you needed to feel him, to hold him. You needed him in every possible way; not lust-fuelled, but something more powerful. It seemed crazy but you felt like he was the one for you.
Much to your dismay, he pulled away, whispering, "would you like to have dinner with me this Friday? At my house, as my...girlfriend?"
Your head shot up at that, bemusement evident on your face. "Are you serious?!"
"About which part, the house or the girlfriend?"
You slapped him playfully, "the girlfriend part, you dummy! Took you long enough!"
He laughed as he pulled you closer, his heartbeat steady against your ear. Your heart fluttered at the thought of being at his house. He'd never talked about his family a lot before, so going to his house would be like getting a peek into his life. Placing a peck on his lips, you agreed, embracing him with all that you had. You couldn't believe how much he'd meant to you in such a short time.
You kissed him again, softly, wanting nothing more than to pull him inside and take him to bed. Alas, he pulled away soon, much to your disappointment, leaving with a small peck to your forehead.
"See you this Friday, sweetheart."
Tumblr media
You woke up on Friday morning, your heart lurching as you thought about meeting Chris. It had been a busy few days, so you hadn't been able to meet him, only texting and calling. He'd been busy at work as well, so it had been the longest you'd gone without talking, making you realise how much you'd missed him. Was that normal in a relationship? You'd never had a relationship last for more than a year, and even then you never felt like you did with Chris. It was weird. And exciting. And a little scary. You woke up, a skip in your step as you began to get ready for work.
It had been an exceptionally good day. The meetings went well, your manager was pleased with your work and your coworkers were slowly becoming very good friends.
Evening came, and brought with it pre-date jitters. Sure, you'd been on many dates with him till now, but you felt this to be different. It was kind of a big step, and you didn't want to mess it up by scaring him or freaking him out. Taking deep breaths, you calmed down and started getting ready, picking out a red dress and your Louboutins. You looked taller with them and let's face it, it really showed your ass off. Not that that mattered, you thought to yourself. Or did it? Was it finally time to take the next step? Because even God knew you were ready for it. And longing for it.
The bell rang and with it, so did your heart flutter. You were gonna take a cab but Chris insisted on driving you, stubborn man that he was.
You opened the door, completely floored at what you saw. Chris looked different. He Not that he wasn't hot before, but now he looked really hot, like GQ Men's Issue Cover Hot. He was wearing deep blue jeans with a black dress shirt, his black jacket sitting snugly across his broad shoulders. Honestly, he was sex on legs; quite a departure from his chocolate boy look. There was no doubt about it, you were gonna jump him later on.
"Cat got your tongue, sweetheart?" He teased, raising his eyebrow.
"You look amazing. This is..a pleasant surprise, for sure." You hoped your gawking was taken as a compliment, your cheeks heating.
"Thanks. So do you sweetheart, you look breathtaking." He remarked, placing a gentle kiss on your lips.
"Shall we?"
Tumblr media
You were short of words. His house was truly breathtaking. The drive itself was pretty short, about 15 minutes or so. But standing inside the huge place, it was surreal. That instant jolt of deja vu hit you again, but you chose to ignore it. This was your time with Chris, and you didn't want to ruin it by overthinking.
There was a warm feel to the house. It was very him; welcoming, beckoning you to stay. The walls were adorned with pictures of his family, his sisters, his nephews and nieces. It was so adorable. You heard a small bark at the distance, and turning around you saw a tan and white dog run upto you, its tail wagging to the nines. He jumped on you, whining in happiness and excitement. You giggled, petting him and stroking him with matched excitement. He was adorable and lovable, just like his owner.
"And who is this handsome young man?"
"This is Dodger, my boy. Though he seems to have forgotten his manners!" The latter remark was meant for Dodger, who was still whining and pacing around the room, unable to contain his joy.
"Whoa! Anyone would think he's seeing me after a long time; the way he's whining! What a good boy!"
You didn't notice Chris' smile falter a bit, oblivious about the words that were spoken. He felt a pang of hurt but was happy, at the same time. It was bittersweet; a reunion of sorts, but one of you didn't know the other. He watched as you sat down to give Dodger belly pats and rubs, kissing him softly on his snout. Dodger whimpered, licking every inch of your face and hands.
"Dodge, c'mon buddy, behave. Go get your toy, fetch!"
You giggled, sputtering after the intense love attack. Chris laughed, snapping a few pics for good measure.
"Why don't you get cleaned up, there's a bathroom right down the hall, in my room. I'll get dinner ready till you do."
You walked down the hallway, taking in the various showpieces and ornaments adorning the walls. You really loved the feel of this house. It was like you'd been here all your life.
Walking into the bathroom, you washed your hands but noticed a lack of a drying towel. Typical man, you thought dryly.
"Chris? Is there a drying towel or something here?"
"Uhhhh yeah, just try the drawer by the fireplace." He shouted, distracted.
Sifting through the different chests of drawers, you hunted for a towel, trying not to see his stuff. You were sure he'd not mention it, but there were some boundaries you had to maintain, no matter how open he was. Or seemed to be.
After rifling through his drawer for a minute, you finally found a napkin, albeit your hands were already dry. Oh well, you thought, better late than never.
Shaking your head, you went to close the drawer, but it wouldn't budge. Trying again, you shoved harder, eager to get back to the dinner. Frustrated, you dug through the drawer to find the source of obstruction, your hands feeling a wooden frame. You pulled it out, curiosity getting the better of you. You wished you hadn't, though. Because what you saw shook you to your very core. You felt like you would collapse to the floor.
"Heyyy, dinner's almost ready, I've put in an extra loaf of garlic bread in case I eat too much.." Chris trailed off, astonished by your tense stance and lack of words.
"Sweetheart...? Is everything..ok?"
You couldn't bring yourself to answer him. You didn't know if you should be scared, or hurt, or angry. All you knew is that you wanted to be away from him. Your legs moved as if detached from your mind, each step taking you further away from him. You could faintly hear his voice calling out to you, but you didn't stop. You didn't stop walking till you reached his door, opening it, letting the bitterly cold breeze attack you; mirroring the numbness you felt inside. There was only one thing playing in your mind over and over again, in a loop.
The photo of you and Chris, kissing passionately on a beach.
He knew who you were. He'd known all along.
Tumblr media
AAAGH SORRY DON'T KILL ME PLS BUT YOU KNOW I HAD TO DO IT🥺💓😭 hope y'all like it, my pre-publishing jitters are setting in and I'm not sure if people will like it or not😔🥺💓
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Summer Love - Part 2
Title: Summer Love Summary: Julie moved to Boston to take a new job in the agency world, with a few ghosts from her past lingering behind.  Reuniting with an old college friend, a chance meeting at a BBQ turns her world upside down.  Will she be able to break down her walls enough to allow potential love in? Pairing: Chris Evans x Julie (OFC) Warnings: 18+ - it’s gonna get smutty down the line, there’s a couple hints at sex in this, but beyond that, this chapter’s pretty tame and fluffy.
Author’s Note:  What’s your fave breakfast?
Tumblr media
CHAPTER 2 - Sweet Dreams
Dodger happily appeared at the door while Chris disabled his home alarm system entering the house.  Noticing Julie, the new person, he approached her wagging his tail and she crouched down to greet the pup.
“Who’s this?” Dodger sniffed her hand, familiarizing himself with her before he let her begin letting her pet and scratch his head, ears, and back.
“That’s Dodger - he’s a big goof.  Dodge, come on bubbs” Chris kept the door open, anticipating his 4-legged companion’s need to pee.  Dodger backed away from Julie and sprinted to the front lawn.  Julie kept her distance at the door, observing the doting dog dad in his element.  Through the conversation they had at the BBQ, it was apparent that he was really fond of the simple things.  The Hollywood life that he had obligation to wasn’t his world in terms of mindset and he never wanted to get lost in the superficial.  It was apparent that he craved a more domestic lifestyle, hence why he brought himself back home to Sudbury.
As Chris turned back toward his front door, Dodger raced ahead past Julie, and he noticed her watching, clearly deep in a train of thought.  She didn’t realize he had picked up on her stares until he came into the light from the flood lamp near his door.  Quickly dropping her gaze, she repositioned herself into an upright position in the door and a yawn escaped.
“Right - here, let me show you around.”  Chris escorted her into his home for a light tour and showed her to a guest room.  A clean, but well decorated bachelor pad, the space was a designer’s dream with plenty of room for a future family.  Cracking open a door, he flicked on a light, revealing a pristine guest room with a queen size bed and en suite bathroom.  “All yours for the night.  I’m just down the hall and turning on the security system.  Do you need anything?”
“No, I think I’m OK.  Thanks for this.  I really appreciate it.” Julie relaxed at the site of the inviting bed in front of her.
“Night Julie” Chris retreated with Dodger to his room, giving her space for the night.  As he shut the door, he slumped down onto the chair that sat in the corner.  Quietly, he thought aloud.  “You fuckin meatball.  You’ve got a smart, sexy woman in your home and you don’t make a move?  Idiot.”  Chris stripped down to his underwear, flicked the lights off, thoughts of Julie racing through his head.  His memory fresh with her standing in the doorway with Dodger triggered yet another yearning for the domestic.  A wife, a bustling household with kids.  That thought didn’t last too long though as he trailed to darker thoughts - kissing her, touching her, dreaming up what it would be like to see her in a variety of scenarios, from the innocent, to the sexual.  Chris continued to toss as his brain simply wouldn’t let him settle down to sleep.
**Down the Hall**
Slipping out of her swimwear in the bathroom and hanging the pieces to fully dry, Julie realized she had no change of clothes.  Hanging her sundress on the door hook, she gathered her hair into a quick braid and slipped into the linen sheets.  The soft fabric enveloped her naked body as she seemingly melted into the mattress.  ‘Chris wasn’t kidding… this IS cozy’ she thought to herself.  Turning off the nightstand light, she laid back, replaying the days events in her head.  ‘Oh and yes, I do fuck.’ for some reason replayed in her head.  No one had ever been that forward with her before.  Julie had always been the one to take control and couldn’t wrap her head around why someone like him was able to get in her head so quickly.  She lay puzzled in the darkness, before sleep eventually crept in.
**The Next Morning**
Chris slowly began to stir as Dodger nudged his hand with his nose.  Acknowledging the cold, wet sensation on his hand, he turned and sleepily began to scratch his head to say ‘good morning’.  Dodger was unusually energetic this morning, racing back and forth between the bed and looking inquisitively at the bedroom door.  Chris, slowly coming back to life from his slumber, took notice, and that’s when a familiar scent hit his nose. ‘Is that bacon?’ Chris pondered as he took in a deep breath through his nose, hoping the scent would become stronger.  “Who is making bacon?”  Looking over at Dodger who was intently by the door, Chris quickly re-connected the dots, remembering Julie had stayed over.  “Ah…”  Climbing out of his bed, he stepped into a pair of athletic shorts, not even bothering with a shirt, and made his way toward the kitchen.
He disarmed the house and drudged into the kitchen, taking notice of Julie, back in her sundress from the day before, over the stove focused on the breakfast she was preparing.  A bowl of batter indicated pancakes, and another bowl of fresh fruit had already been rinsed and cut.  She had found his electric flat top, bacon was sizzling on its surface, the coffee machine already brewing a fresh pot.  Two plates and forks waited on the island near the sink.  The microwave buzzed - he watched as Julie opened the door, removing a small pyrex of syrup that she had warmed up.  There was no music playing, but Chris watched attentively in silence as she swayed her hips in rhythm to whatever tune she must have been singing in her head.
“Morning” his rough morning voice startling Julie, causing her to yelp and jump.
“SHIT!  You can’t do that to me!” Julie turned startled and laughed off her vulnerable state.  Chris chuckled at the response and walked into the kitchen, closing in on the spread she was working on.  “I hope you don’t mind - I was going to run to the store and grab bagels, and then remembered the security system - so that plan was out the window.  It’s the least I can do for letting me crash here last night.”
Chris was taken aback by her thoughtfulness, “Not at all.”  He paused between sentences.  “No, this is great.  Thank you.”  He picked up one of the coffee cups waiting by the coffee pot that had finally finished brewing and poured himself a cup.  Chris sipped on the hot liquid as his energy picked up and he became more himself.  “Sleep OK?”  He moved over to the sliding door, opening it to let Dodger out to go potty and run for a bit in the yard.
“Yeah.  You weren’t kidding - that bed is comfortable.” Intentionally omitting the part where she tossed and turned thinking about him.  Julie poured the last of the batter into a pan, rinsed the bowl she had used before placing it in the dishwasher.  “Also, threw the sheets in the wash, figured you’d want them clean for the next occupant.”
“There have been all out wars between friends and family to have that room when they visit.  I’m considering changing out the rest of the mattresses in the house to be the same one… wait, you washed the sheets?”  Chris was shocked.  She literally had thought of everything.  As Julie focused on what he was saying, Chris noticed the pancake batter on in the pan start to bubble, ready to flip.  He grabbed the spatula off the counter and reached around her, flipping the partially cooked pancake in one move.
“Smooth.”  Julie complimented the maneuver and handed a plate over to Chris.  The two stacked pancakes, fruit, and bacon and he led her over to the couch.
“Wow” Chris swallowed a forkful.  He lifted the plate to inspect the meal in front of him closely, looking for some unknown secret he was trying to locate in the fluffy cakes.  “These are amazing.”  He paused and looked over at Julie suspiciously.  “What did you do to them?”
“Oh, well, that’s the cyanide - it should kick in momentarily” joking back off his look.  They both laugh.  “Nah, nothing fancy - a little extra egg whites.”
“That’s it?” his expression changes, realizing that his discovery would be nothing more than a little more protein.
“That’s it.” Julie confirms.  She takes a sip of her coffee as the two fall back into a state of silence.  The meal continued.
“When do you have to head back to Boston?” Chris almost sounded sad at the thought of Julie heading back to the city.
“Probably after this.  Becca’s a little hungover and knows I’m still in the area - I probably shouldn’t keep her from her place for much longer.” Julie responded, starting to pick up on the subtle hints he can’t help but throw her way.
“Got it.  Any idea when you might be back in the area?”
“Not sure yet.  It’s her family out here, mine are scattered what feels like everywhere else.  My work schedule is slammed right now.  It would take an act of God to clear my work load as of late.  To be honest though, this was a really great change of pace.  I forgot how much I enjoyed just stopping to take in life.”
“What stopped you?”  Chris grew more attentive, hanging onto every word.
“Pressure.  I don’t know if it was pressure I put on myself, pressure from family, but it was so deeply instilled in me that I couldn’t give myself any permission to settle.”
“It can get sticky to navigate.” A lightbulb went off in Chris’ head.  “How about this” he picked up her unlocked phone and started entering something into the device.  His phone beeped with a text alert shortly after, confirming that their numbers had been successfully exchanged.  “Let’s stay in touch, and if you ever need an escape from the crazy, give me a call.”
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Messy Kids
Tumblr media
Chris was in him and Emily bedroom trying to read his book in peace and then he heard Leo and Amanda argue.
- Hey babe calm down. How abt you lay down for a bit and I will go handle the kids.
- Okay fine but I love you.
- Me too baby.
Then, Chris pecks her lips and then goes to the living room where the kids are aruging.
- Hey Leo and Amanda what are you guys aruging about.
Then, they both look at their dad and goes up to hug him and they both shove each other
- No thats my daddy
Then, they go back and forth back until....
-Listen i love you both but this has to stop now say sorry and hug it out.
- Im sorry Leo.
- More more i love you
- Me too
Then they kiss each other on the cheek and hugs each other and then Emily walks in.
Then they all hug 
A/N: haha i love this !!  and hope you guys like it too
Taglist: @justamarvelfan14 @denisemarieangelina @is-season-bored-yet
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Summer Love - A Chris Evans Series (Part 1)
Title: Summer Love Summary: Julie moved to Boston to take a new job in the agency world, with a few ghosts from her past lingering behind.  Reuniting with an old college friend, a chance meeting at a BBQ turns her world upside down.  Will she be able to break down her walls enough to allow potential love in? Pairing: Chris Evans x Julie (OFC) Word Count:  Seriously, do you guys give a shit about this? Warnings: 18+ - it’s gonna get smutty down the line.
Author’s Note:  All characters are a work of fiction, drawing some inspiration from some IRL friends.  I wanted to take some time to dive into some straight up fiction, experimenting with my style a bit to see where this lands.  Summer Love doesn’t have a clear path, though I have a couple of chapters already written.  Let’s see what happens!
Tumblr media
CHAPTER 1 - Memorial Day Weekend
“Girl - you need to get out of your house.  This is exhausting.  You’re 33, still single, and haven’t batted an eye at a single man since you moved here.  Are you fucking anyone?  Clearly not a guy… a girl?!  Julie, please tell me you’re gay because these Boston clubs will change your life!”  Becca’s tirade of questions on her college roommate finally simmered as she collapsed onto her friend’s couch in a fit of laughter.  Her undertone expressed a hint of worry that her friend hadn’t totally acclimated to the city and was letting life just pass her by.  Picking up her beer, she lifted the glass bottle to her lips and took a sip.  “But seriously, you good?”
“Becca…” Julie shook her head in playful annoyance.  “First of all, no.  You’ve been my roommate in college so you should easily recall that I enjoy dick way too much.”  The girls burst into laughter at Julie’s frankness.  “Also, work has been crazy.  I really haven’t had a chance to just slow down to explore and date.  It sounds kind of frustrating, but my priorities are elsewhere right now.”
“OK - I get it.  But you need to get out of your place.  Hear me out… come with me to this Memorial Day BBQ tomorrow at my cousin Austin’s place.  Eat, drink, soak in the pool, get some sun, treat it as a reset.  You’ll feel better.”
Julie sighed before taking another swig of her beer.  Becca was right.  She had been absolutely slammed with projects lately at her new agency, that she had been neglecting her own world, her own needs.  She glanced around her condo, in need of a clean up; the remains of last night’s dishes still in her sink, a few articles of clothing strewn about the living room, and a week’s worth of unopened mail began collecting dust on the breakfast bar.
Julie had zoned out for a little when Becca’s voice finally snapped her back to Earth “Yo.  Julie.”  Knowing then she caught her friend’s attention.  “Last slice - you want it?” Pointing to the open pizza box on the coffee table.
“Go for it.”  “Score!” and Becca scooped up the final slice with a celebratory giggle.  “So - BBQ, Austin’s place.  Tomorrow.  You in?”
“Y’know…” Julie paused to consider before landing on a decision.  “You’re right.  Fuck it.  I’m in.”
“There’s the old Jules.” Becca smiled, finally seeing hints of her old vibrant college friend start to come back to life.  “Trust me, you’re gonna have a great time.”
*Sunday - BBQ Day*
An unanticipated heat wave crept through the Boston area - as if it were August.  The girls cruised down the highway on their way to Austin’s - a little town called Sudbury.  Austin’s 4 bedroom home sprawled across a little over an acre and a half of land - his legal work in Boston had accommodated for the lifestyle.  The backyard was spacious with a pool and grand patio, fire pit, plenty of room to grill, and play virtually any game you could imagine on the lawn.  Heading down a bit further toward the edge of the property, a drop off met a small stream that flowed behind the neighborhood.  A gazebo indicated a beautiful spot to sit and take in the peaceful scenery.
Everyone had gathered in the backyard, in and out of the house with various food, drink, and conversation as the BBQ progressed into the day.  Not too far from the patio, a group of guys were playing a variety of lawn games like bean bag toss, some women laid in the sun and conversed or in the pergola, sipping cocktails while another group hit a volleyball around in the water.
Julie spotted an empty lawn chair poolside and dropped a towel on the spot.  Slipping off her sundress, a brilliant blue bikini showed off her trim, toned figure.  Folding the dress, she tucked it into her bag and took a seat.  Her Solo cup was already sweating as she sipped on an icy vodka tonic.  She made small talk with Becca’s cousins sitting near her, while Becca was catching up with some other family members.  Julie had recognized a few people that she had met during her college days and made a point to catch up with them as well.  A few faces were unfamiliar, some friends of Austin’s, among a few others.
“Incoming!”  A male voice yelled - looking up, Julie was face to face with a volleyball speeding right toward her from the pool.  With a split moment to think, she dropped her cup and raised her hands to catch the flying object.  As she secured the ball in her hands, the same voice piped up with a hint of awe “Shit.  Nice catch.”
Julie looked toward the water past her feet and saw the man behind the voice come up to the ledge.  His sunglasses and backwards baseball cap masked part of his face - he flashed a playful bearded smile at her as he politely motioned for her to throw the ball back.  She tossed the volleyball back, “Need another player?”
“Sure - you any good?  Wait, what am I saying, I just watched your cat-like reflexes in action.” He chuckled at his own musings.  Julie let out a small laugh in response to his goofiness.  Pulling her long waves into an easy ponytail, she headed over to the pool and sat on the ledge.
“I’m Chris” the man was no longer a goofy bearded stranger.
“Julie” she responded, slipping into the cool water.  “Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you as well.  Ready?”  Not wasting a moment, he kicked off the wall to his position back by the net.  She followed to the opposite team that was down by a number and claimed an open space in their watery court.
The game raged on for a while.  What Julie had failed to mention was that she had played volleyball for years and was quite good - nothing got past her as she guarded and became the team MVP at the net.  Finally landing face to face with Chris in the middle of the court, for the first time, she was able to get a good study on his build.  From the pool, she had taken notice of his broad shoulders, but each time he jumped in an attempt to block a ball, his chiseled, tattooed torso emerged from the water, at one point, almost distracting her.  Chris acutely began to take notice of the curious eyes studying him as he would occasionally steal glances over at her, reciprocating the attention.  She attempted to shake off her admiration of his sculpted body, and tried refocusing on the game.
“Let’s see what you’ve got, Jules” He teased through the net.  The ball was back in play and soared over the net, both teams establishing a heated volley.  Anticipating a set, Julie sprang from the water preparing to spike the ball, but Chris was nowhere to be found attempting to block her.  Suddenly, she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her legs and jerk her body down, and she was back in the water, completely missing her opportunity to secure the win.  Coming up for air, she realized that Chris was the culprit as he also emerged, laughing.
“You fuck!” Julie splashed him through laughter.
“No, no, no, I believe the correct term is saboteur.  Oh and yes, I do fuck.” Chris’ tone lowered as the final part of the sentence left his mouth, a brazen attempt to throw her off.  Julie’s eyes widened with his words - she had put her sunglasses down, and had nothing to hide behind.  Her face, already a little rosy from the sun became flush.  “Need a drink?”
“Uh… sure.” She haphazardly responded, realizing that Chris had just read her subconscious like a book.  Her strong, independent front was starting to show the first cracks only to him - she just didn’t realize it yet.
**That Night**
The two talked into the evening while the party carried on around them.  They covered everything from her agency work, to his acting career, not even phased by his celebrity status.  She was also in the industry as well, but they had never crossed paths.  Becca eventually found her friend and joined the duo.
“Jules, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.  Where the hell did you go?”  Becca was a little tipsy, and Austin joined them at the patio table they had congregated at.  Realizing who Julie was sitting with, she perked up “Oh shit, you’re Chris Evans.  Austin mentioned you were coming today.”
“You know that troublemaker?”
“My pain in the ass cousin?  Yes.” Becca chuckled.  Austin rejoined the group with fresh beers, and the quartet continued to talk late into the night.  The drinks (and conversation) flowed almost too easily.
Becca had passed out in Austin’s guest room with his promise that he’d return her to the city the next day, and Chris was saying goodnight to his friend.
“Not looking forward to this drive back to Boston.” Julie thumbed through her phone, pondering a hotel for the night.
“I’m a 5 minute drive from here, guest room’s yours if you want it.” Chris overheard her small, but realistic complaint.
“I couldn’t - appreciate the offer but I don’t want to impose.” Julie calmly protested.  Chris approached her and without looking away, swiped her phone from her hands.  Only refocusing his attention to put his address into her navigation, he handed the device back to her with a grin.
“Nope, it’s decided.  It’s cozy and I’ll be on my best behavior.  Promise.”  His boyish charm continued to break her down little by little.
“Ugh… ok.  Am I following you then?” Julie opened her car door and climbed in the driver’s seat.
“Yep - the SUV” Chris acknowledged his car so she could follow him.  “See you there.”
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wanderinglunarnights · 12 days ago
Stolen what’s mine, 4
Characters: Ransom Drysdale x OFC Charlotte Callahan
Summary: Charlotte and Ransom are up for the same promotion at the publishing house. She hates his handsome ass, especially when he steals the job as editor in chief out from under her nose.
Warnings: 18+! Swearing, sexual language, bickering, insults, TENSION, misogyny, dry humping, fingering. Not proof read. (POV switches)
Important: I do not own the character Ransom Drysdale, pics found on Pinterest. @nix-akimbo edited the lovely pic of Ransom with glasses! 🤓
Part one, part two, part three (MULTI-CHAPTER FIC)
Tumblr media
“Cocky bastard.” I mumbled as I walked up the stairs to my apartment.
Drysdale had a way of getting under my skin and I couldn’t help but feel that this evening something had shifted. I certainly didn’t like the way my entire body lights up when he touches me. Or how his blue eyes seem to see right through my sassiness.
Turning my key I sighed. I needed to stay away from him.
I just opened the door before Grace was on me, a glass of wine in her hand.
“And? How was the date?”
I plopped down on the couch and grumbled. “It wasn’t a date.”
Grace sat down beside me, annoyingly pressed close to me. She snorted. “Babe, you’re wearing your ‘Fuck me’ dress. It was a date.”
I glared at her. “It wasn’t for him.”
“Mhm, keep telling that to yourself.”
“Gracie, don’t get any ideas,” I plucked her glass out of her hand and took a large gulp. “He stole my promotion and he’s an asshole.”
“That may be, but he’s rich and he’s sex on legs. So just have some fun!” Her chipper mood just soured mine further.
I got up and kicked off my stiletto’s. “Good night, Grace.”
I was at the office fucking early because I couldn’t sleep anymore. Besides I still had a lot to review with all the Christmas party planning added to the mix.
Christ. How did I get here?
I rubbed my chin when Davenport walked in.
“Ah, Drysdale. Just the man I need to see.”
I faked a smile. “Talk to me, John.”
The slick bastard strolled over to my desk, leaning his hands on it to tower over me. I just about had it with all the ridiculous power plays he felt he needed to do. Whatever. My dick’s definitely bigger than yours, pal.
“Did you set up a venue yet with Charlotte?”
I hated the way he said her name. It was too intimate and it sounded off coming from him.
“I think we’ve decided on one, yeah. We’ll lock it down soon after we get the details right.”
“Great.” He paused for a second and then sat down in the chair opposite of me.
“She’s a beauty, isn’t she?”
I frowned, already not liking where this was going. “She is.”
“I just wanted to talk to you, man to man. It seemed like I interrupted something between you two the other day and I just wanted to check that you know better than to go there.”
I balled my fists underneath my desk. “What are you talking about?”
“Come on, Drysdale. I’ve got my eye on her. Her father and I have an understanding.”
“What kind of understanding?” I tried not to grit my teeth so hard, but failed. Davenport gave me a curious look but continued.
“Charlotte and her dad are estranged but he’s a business friend of mine and he wants what’s best for his daughters. He’d like to see her married to someone of standing and who’s well off.” He chuckled. “Me.”
“That’s why she could never get a promotion, it would be an HR nightmare for me and we both know this is a man’s job. Besides, she’ll be too busy with kids and stuff to work anyway.”
“What?” The word came out menacing and low. I can’t fucking believe this asshole.
Davenport’s easy slimy grin dropped then. “Don’t be obtuse, Drysdale. It’s the way of things.” He stood up and leaned over me again. His obnoxious cologne pricked my nostrils. “If you want to keep your position I suggest you shut up and stay the hell away from her. Got it?”
I didn’t respond but he took it as acquiescence anyway.
As soon as he was out the door I smacked it closed with a brutal crack. The hinges of the door almost broke off the wall.
I knew this would crush her if I told her. Hell, she might even accuse me of making that shit up.
I paced my office. I couldn’t fucking believe he didn’t give her the promotion because he wants to fucking marry her and breed her like some damn mare. Fuck!
How the hell was I going to fix this? One thing was clear, I wouldn’t be working here for long anymore anyway.
The party was a great success. Strange how Drysdale and I were able to pull this off between all the insults and glares.
My traitorous eyes found him nursing his third Scotch of the evening. Oh god, why did I even notice how much he’s been drinking?  
My gaze raked over his strong thighs covered in blue dress pants then higher to his delectable ass all the way to his strong back and shoulders. And finally, when I reached his pretty face his ocean eyes found mine.
I expected a smirk or a glare, but what I got was...nothing. The blankness behind his eyes made the hair at the back of my neck stand up. He turned then and chucked his whisky in one swallow.
My feet were carrying me in his direction when Davenport halted me in my tracks.
“Mr Davenport.” I smiled politely.
“Charlotte, please, it’s John.”
If I didn’t know any better I’d say he looked a bit irritated. “John. How are you liking the party?”
His smile returned in full. “It’s wonderful, Charlotte. I see you planning many parties and get-togethers in the future.”
The comment rubbed me the wrong way but I kept my smile where it was. “I’m glad you find it to your liking, John.”
Suddenly his eyes dipped to my cleavage and then when he caressed my elbow I flinched, but he didn’t notice.
“I do find it very satisfactory, Charlotte.”
I all but gagged but quickly corrected my expression as I carefully stepped out of his hold.
“Great!” My voice was way too high, but I needed to change this situation asap. “I think it’s about time for the speeches, don’t you?”
Davenport licked his lips. “Of course. I’ll start, you go round everyone up.”
I nodded and immediately stepped away from him. Good thing John liked hearing himself talk, a great way of getting rid of him.
As he started his speech I glanced over to the bar but Drysdale wasn’t there anymore. When John mentioned us both to thank us for the party I smiled and waved. Also carefully signalling I couldn’t find Drysdale.
John winked and went on speaking, not minding one bit his Editor in Chief wasn’t around to steal his spotlight.
My red heels were pinching my toes but I went into the hall looking for him. I tried not to think about how Drysdale had pushed me against this wall and how his touch ignited something inside me no one else ever has. Nope. Not thinking about that.
I checked the men’s room, but he wasn’t there. “Sorry, guys.” I apologized and quickly closed the door. Then I was going to check the ladies’ but what if he was fucking one of our colleagues in a stall? I didn’t want to see that.
Gritting my teeth I went inside but again, he wasn’t there. Did he just ditch our party?
I walked further down the hall when suddenly an opening door almost smacked me in the face.
Drysdale walked out and his eyebrows rose as he noticed me.
“Drysdale? Where the fuck have you been? The spee-”
My words were abruptly cut off as he opened another door and yanked me inside.
The space was dark and small and something poked me in the ass. “Drysdale, what the fuck!”
His hand was on my mouth instantly. “Just shut up for five seconds, Callahan.” he whisper-shouted at me.
Through a small crack at the side of the door a bit of light shone through and I could see we were in a closet. It was tiny and Drysdale was so close to me, I could feel his body heat. Though he was warm, my nipples still hardened by his proximity.
Then I heard Davenport on the other side of the door. “Has anyone seen Charlotte?”
I held my breath, but apart from some murmurs the hall next to us quickly died out. Drysdale slowly removed his hand from my mouth and he looked at the red lipstick print on the palm of his hand.
Then his gaze took in my fiery red lips, matching with my dress. His eyes raked over my body in a lewd manner and I couldn’t help but breathe heavier. As if it was too hot, too constricting, too close.
Drysdale noticed my chest was heaving and when his eyes found mine again in the dim light a shiver went through me.
“Why did you pull me in here?”
“Why did come looking for me?”
I frowned. “Stop with the answering a question with a question, you ass. You missed your speech.”
“I don’t give a fuck about that speech.” He growled.
I threw my hands up. “I don’t fucking believe you. You’re the Editor in Chief, freaking act like it.”
He snorted. “Looks like the boss and his little editor pet were doing just fine without me, Callahan.”
Maybe it was the way he said it or the way you remembered Davenport’s unwelcome touch, but your hand quickly smacked the side of Drysdale’s face. The sound was shrill inside the small closet.
You could feel the anger coming off him in waves but he didn’t touch you.
“One more strike…” his voice was low and clipped. “And I can’t be held responsible for what I do next.”
It was as if your body had a mind of its own and you raised your hand to hit him again, but he quickly intercepted it, taking both your wrists in his hand and holding them above your head.
The movement made your tits press together and you could feel him watching every part of you clad in the skintight red fabric.
“This dress is fucking sinful.”
I rolled my eyes though he didn’t see. “Just kiss me, you idiot.”
Drysdale pressed his body closer to mine, his chest pressing against my aching tits as he slotted his thigh between my legs. I gasped at the friction and just when he released my hands he kissed me. It was a hard kiss. It didn’t start out gentle. No, it was brutal and punishing and oh so hot.
The heat of his soft lips on mine forced open my mouth and we quickly tangled our tongues in a battle of wills.
Neither of us wanted to give in. We both wanted to take and take...and take.
I moaned into his mouth as he pushed his strong thigh higher, the friction softly rubbing my clit.
“That’s it. Keep making those pretty noises for me.”
Before I could retort he took my lips again and I scrambled to take off his suit jacket. The top buttons of his shirt were already undone but I wanted it off him. I wanted to feel his warm skin below my fingertips.
When the pesky little things didn't give and I didn’t want to stop kissing him, I just yanked his shirt open. The buttons scattered onto the floor, but Drysdale groaned and grabbed my ass in both his palms.
He kneaded the flesh and simultaneously rubbed my aching cunt over his thigh by guiding my hips back and forth.
I could feel my panties flooding with want for him. I should feel ashamed for how quickly this asshole made me lose my mind, but I couldn’t care less at this moment.
My fingers explored his powerful pecs when we continued to make out like teenagers.  I scraped my red nails over his nipples and he growled in my mouth, nipping my bottom lip.
“Fuck, you taste good.” He kissed my cheek and then moved back a bit. I whined pathetically when he removed his thigh, ignoring his knowing smirk. “Let’s see if you taste good here too.”
He roughly pulled my drenched panties aside and pushed two fingers inside me. A sigh escaped me as he filled me up with his thick digits, curling them wantonly. I grasped his shoulders as my head fell back.
Then when he pulled his fingers away my eyes snapped back to his, just when he was licking his fingers clean. It was obscene and erotic but it made my core clench around nothing nonetheless.
“Perfect.” He whispered and then kissed me again.
My hands dove into his soft locks, pulling him closer still. Drysdale then pushed his thigh back between my legs and I moaned again when he flexed it underneath me.
With one hand on my ass, the other trailed to my breasts. He pinched a nipple through the fabric, now more than obvious I wasn’t wearing a bra. “Jesus, you fucking kill me, Callahan.”
“Shut up and make me come, Drysdale.”
He chuckled but attacked my mouth again. My lips felt swollen and rough, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
While palming my tits and pinching my ass, he guided me against him. I could feel his huge cock straining in his pants and god, I wanted him inside me.
I fumbled with his belt but he pried my hands away. “No.”
The little word was clipped but commanding and damn if that didn’t make him hotter still. I sighed in his kisses when he moved my hips quicker, rubbing my cunt over his thigh in quick motions.
“Ohh, fuck. Drysdale.”
He suddenly stopped and I growled. I was getting close, damn it.
He grabbed my chin in one hand, his touch rough and unhinged. “Say my name when you come for me, Charlotte.”
I gasped as he spoke my name for the first time. The low rumble sounded like an aphrodisiac barreling through me. I nodded and he continued his sensual assault.
My head fell back in pleasure and he kissed my neck, sucking my pulse point until I was a gasping, moaning mess.
By now he was grinding against me, his rigid dick bumping my clit with each stroke.
“F-fuck, please.”
Another stroke, another zing.
“Just say it, Charlotte.” He murmured against my neck.
Another push and pull. Another rub.
“Ohh, fuck.” My eyes rolled back and I shuddered deeply. “Ransom!”
I could feel his eyes on me, taking in the most intimate of expressions.
“Beautiful.” He muttered against my skin.
As my muscles went rigid with the unseen and unfelt pleasure barreling through me, he kept grinding our bodies together, making sure I gave every ounce of desire I had to give.
As I slowly came down from my high, panting heavily, I glanced up at him. His normally perfect hair was standing up on all ends, his shirt hung open around his glorious chest, nail marks everywhere, his lips were pink and swollen and finally his aching erection was tenting his pants.
He looked ravished and I could only imagine the state I was in. God, I wanted to drop down on my knees and suck off that thick cock until he was moaning my name.
Jesus. I shook my head, panic finally seeping its way through the cracks of the lust.
The noises from the hall came through and my eyes widened. What if our colleagues heard us? What if Davenport knew what was going on?
My breath sped up again as my mind whirled with the consequences.
Ransom saw my obvious turmoil and he took my head between his big hands. “Hey. Hey. Snap out of it. You’re ok.”
I shook him off. “Of course I am.” I pulled my dress back on right when he was trying to close his shirt the best he could. “Don’t you dare breathe a word of this to anyone, Drysdale. I still hate you, y’know.”
His smirk was both annoying and hot. “You don’t hate me, Callahan. Not with the way you cream your panties for me.”
“Ugh. I’m regretting this already.”
I went to open the door of the closet, listening if anyone was passing.
“Callahan.” I turned back to him. He looked like he was thinking about saying something but then seemingly changed his mind. “Go clean yourself up, you look like a hooker doing the walk of shame on a Saturday morning.”
My hand itched to slap his pretty face again, but look where that got me the first time.
“Fuck you, Drysdale. Have fun jerking off tonight.”
His answering chuckle echoed after me.
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