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limbo-limbo-limbo · 21 minutes ago
ᴵ ᴰᴼᴺ'ᵀ ᴹᴱᴬᴺ ᵀᴼ
⇒ 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫: 𝘾𝙝𝙧𝙞𝙨 𝙀𝙫𝙖𝙣𝙨 𝙭 𝙊𝘾
⇒ 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐: 𝐀𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
I see her everyday. We speak for a couple of minutes at the same diner and then I drop her off wherever she desires. I could say I was making progress, each time she told me a bit about herself. I found out she was born in the spring and wishes it would last longer, she’s from down south, and she likes the company of music rather than people. 
It became quite obvious to her the effect she had on me, from touching my hand to even beckoning a smile at me. She called it the “hope”. Was it so bad to hope? To be finally in her presence, speaking to her, discovering pieces of who she is. My brain told me indulging into this infatuation that I had for her would lead me down something I wouldn’t be able to survive, but all reason disappears when she smiles at me.
“Can I take you somewhere other than the diner?” 
“Why? I very much like the diner, it’s quiet and no one you know comes here.” 
“So you've been with people I know?” 
“Possibly men are always horny, but I think I have an idea of what kind of friends you hang out with.” 
“People you can gain something from.” Staring at me, I could see how her eyes had changed. Once glancing at me with a hint of platonic feeling, transpired into looking at me like I was one of her customers again. 
“E-Excuse me?” 
“What? You said you work in a very important industry, I can only imagine it to be high status to the point where no one is real, and everyone uses each other…” She began to play with the straw of her sprite, as she waited for me to comment that she was right. 
“Some people do that, but I don’t play that way.” 
“Mhm, I have to go to work in a couple hours, so you have 10 minutes right now.” She changed the subject, not wanting to press the matter anymore. I could see she wanted to know, I haven’t given her much about my personal life or what I do when I wasn’t around her.  She wanted me to tell her on my own. 
“You can do better…” 
“Chris don’t start that shit again.” Rolling her eyes at me, she lost my stare instead looking out the window, but annoyance was so present on her face.
“What? Me telling you the truth, you could do anything Ariana. Tell me what made you think you belonged on the street.” 
“No one wants to hire a black woman!” holding back her tears, she stared at me, anger and pain was written in her eyes. People around us started to stare, possibly wondering what the hell I said to her. Holding her stare, I guided my hand to touch hers, yet she retreated. I just wanted to comfort her.
“I went to the wealthiest part of town because my friend gave me a tip that new businesses were opening and they were desperate. So I went expecting to at least get a follow up interview...5 stores and none of them wanted me, told me I didn’t match their look or I didn’t qualify. I tried to find others, but men wanted something in return for the employment. So don’t tell me I can do better when I've seen better and tired...and it's cruel.” 
Grabbing her items aggressively, I knew she was trying to get away from me, every fiber of my body moved, protesting her not to leave, god why did I have to be such an idiot. She was building that wall again and I needed to stop her before there was no access anymore.
“Wait Ariana, please don’t leave, I’m sorry.” I said. Blocking the side of the booth where she sat.
“Get away from me, haven’t you had enough of my time, window shopper.” letting my hand dropped, her nickname cut. In these couple of weeks, she had finally dropped the name and was calling me Chris. My name. Yet hearing her say that nickname I knew I was losing her, losing the trust, going backwards into our relationship instead of hitting the finish line.
“D-Don’t do that Ariana, stop pushing me away. I apologize, I didn’t think.”
“Yeah you didn’t, and now I’m leaving...don’t come and see me. I want to be left alone for a while.” walking out of the diner, i followed her. She walked past my car, not even thinking about letting me give her ride. Grabbing her arm, I turned her around, wanting her, needing her to look at me.
“Omg! What do you want with me!”
“I want you to talk to me like a fucking adult, and not get into your emotions. I get it, I didn’t see it from your perspective, I just wanted to understand why you chose this lifestyle instead of something’re beautiful and the small amount of time I’ve spent with you I can see you’re just an abundance of dreams. I just want to know you.” Looking down at the ground, I could see how hard she was trying not to cry. Memories of being humiliated and thoughts about being just a cock-warmer was building inside of her. And I popped it being careless with my words. What pain you suffered through.
“Just let me be.” losing my grip on her arm, she stepped away from me, wiping her tears. She was hurting and I soon realized this wasn’t about me anymore. Those were her demons and they were haunting her viciously. 
“I can’t do that.” 
“Chris...Leave me alone okay? Thank you for the little therapy session, but my choices are something I can criticize without your help, I’ll call you when I want to talk again...right now I need time alone.” My mind screamed to follow her and make her understand, but my feet wouldn’t go. My eyes just watched as she disappeared praying that she’ll return. 
“Fuck!” Next time close your mouth. 
                            ┊  ┊  ┊   🍃     ┊  ┊  ┊
“You ran away from that damn man, what hell is wrong with you?” Sitting on the couch, Christina turned around from cooking to look at me, like I lost my mind. 
“Don’t give me that look. He made me feel like I should be ashamed to be a prostitute like I don’t already feel that way about myself and how society feels about me. He was supposed to be a friend, but he felt like a hypocritical customer that got his satisfaction and came to terms with his sin.” taking a sip of my water, I tried to cool myself down from getting heated about the whole situation again. I stayed up all night, replaying the moment, getting a headache just at the mere scene.
“You can’t fault him for wondering, he didn’t know how bad it was for you. Did he at least apologize for it.” 
“He did more than say sorry…” 
“So Why didn’t you talk to him like you are talking to me now...cause he struck a nerve? Look we all got shit we don’t want to talk about, God knows my lips are sealed on stuff I did, but I made peace with it. You thought if you didn’t speak on it anymore peace would be made, but it got you exploding on that fine ass white man who's paying for your ass and he's just talking to you.” 
“Girl he is not that handsome, he’s just an average man.” 
“Oh bitch now I know you trying to lie to yourself, that man is sex and wealth wrapped in one and he wants you. If he wasn’t so stuck on you, I’ll steal your damn customer, yes I would.” I couldn’t help but laugh, as Christina started boasting about his looks while she cooked her dinner.
“You can have him, He probably doesn't want to see me anymore anyway.  if I was him I wouldn’t go anywhere near me.”
“Did he outright say he didn’t want to see you again?” 
“No, He said he just wanted to know me.” Starring inside of the cup of water in my hands, my mind could remember the desperation in his voice as he said that, emotionally his eyes screamed to me, pleading to me. 
“Oh he’s gonna pop up again, ain’t it been 3 days now? It's Saturday now, he ain’t working and from what you told me he stays in your face especially on the weekends. Speak to him and tell him how you feel.”
“We’ll see, but I have to go to work.” 
“How do you like the curtain show?”
“It's nice for the moment, better than the sidewalk.” 
“I know it is. Now go before you are late.” Kissing Christina on the cheek, and her reluctantly pushing me away. I headed out the door. She was right about speaking to Chris, but he was pushing for something I can’t give him. 
                           ┊  ┊  ┊   🍃     ┊  ┊  ┊
She’s been declining all my calls, none of my texts. This separation was bugging me and I couldn’t do anything, but wait for her. My mind kept thinking what if she was in much agony I was. Did she need to resolve this as much as I craved to? 
Hearing my phone off, I grabbed it, answering it hoping she finally wanted to talk.
“Yo! Where have you been Chris? Me and Sebastian have been trying to get in contact with you for a couple days.” Shit. I completely stuffed the plans I made with them to the back of my mind. 
“Hey Anthony, yeah I’ve just been you know been dealing with something but I’m free today. Let me know when you want to hang out.” 
“I’ll send you the information, be there at eight.” Hanging the phone up, I knew I needed to get out and not think about her, when she was ready, she’ll realize she can’t stand the distance away from me. 
Arriving at the destination, I realized he wanted to meet at a bar. It was nice, with this big glass window, showcasing everyone inside. I spotted Sebastian sitting at a table with Anthony talking. 
Guiding myself to the table, smiles and greetings started as I became into their focus, embracing them, I could see they had already bought me my drink.
“Finally you came to hang out with your friends!” 
“Ha cute. I’ve been busy guys.” 
“Doing what? Your ass ain’t on no project. We are the ones working and still came and saw your ass.” 
“Anthony, leave him alone, knowing him he’s probably been stuck in the house waiting on a certain someone.” I felt myself grimace at the person he was mentioning.
“Oh yeah, he watches the door most likely.” 
“Can we change the subject?” seeing how I didn’t want to hear about that topic we began talking about anything that came to mind, it felt good to hang out with the guys, but everytime I would lose interest in the conversation and think back to Ariana. I kept thinking back to how her hazel eyes looked at me with such pain and anger. All I could think was how I could ease away the pain for her. 
I was light as I continued drinking, I think I was on my 4th drink and I most definitely was feeling some type of effect going on with me. Bidding the guys a goodbye, I walked out the bar and headed to my place. I never really been too much on this side of town, usually coming over here to see her and market shopping. I was lost and I didn't mind it. 
It was getting pretty dark and I knew I had to get home before the nightlife started to arrive, turning the corner, I was blinded by lights of the store that flashed Girls with triple x’s, looking in this just screamed sex shop. I didn’t want to go in but I needed to ask for directions. 
“Um excuse can you tell me how to get to…” 
“Oh Hello want a private show with one of our girls, we got a variety of women you can see. We just picked up this new girl and she’s becoming everyone’s favorite.” Before I could object, the owner shoved the catalog of women he probably had and the last one showed her. Ariana was dressed in this provocative lingerie heightening how seductive and alluring she was. 
“How much so I can see her.” 
“It's coin based, give me five dollars so I can give you enough for 10 minutes with her.” hastily giving him the five, he gave me a basket of coins. And told me to wait since she was occupied with someone already. 
As I waited my mind was consumed with so many thoughts, I was beginning to have a headache thinking about everything. What the hell was she doing working here? Was she not working at the place where I first laid eyes on her? Why hasn’t she contacted me? Did she miss me?
Soon this bad built guy in a suit, came out red in the face. Most likely from jacking off. To her. 
“She's all ready for you, she's in the door that’s right in the middle.” Thanking the man, I started up the stairs, walking mighty fast, needing to see her. I know I should respect her wishes, but this was becoming unbearable and childish. 
Putting the coin in the slot, the blinds slid up, revealing her. God she looked ethereal, It feels like she doesn’t even know how much power she has surrounding her, she could tell me to do anything in this moment and I would happily be in her graces.
“Hi.” with the look of shock on her face, she tried to get back into this persona she puts on when she does business. 
“Well if it isn’t my little window shopper, thought I told you to stay away.” dancing seductively, I felt my mouth going dry, my eyes wouldn’t look away, completely entranced with the sight in front of me.
“I was lost and your boss wouldn’t stop till I tried this out, then he showed me a picture of you.” 
“So what you thought you could talk to me here?” the blind went down, hiding her from me. Putting another coin in, I waited for it to come back up. 
“Yes. You’ve been avoiding me long enough. Talk to me.” 
“Why window shopper? I’m not mad at you anymore, I just didn’t need anyone to judge me for my actions, I’ve beat myself over enough to last a lifetime…” 
“I would never judge you, if I didn’t accept what you did for a living, I wouldn’t try to get so close to you.” 
“Once you know my truth, this little fantasy you got will crumble and I don’t like putting my time in something that will eventually hurt my feelings.” 
“Hurt your feelings? You don’t even take into consideration my feelings, I didn’t mean to open up fresh wounds, but you walked away from me that day and didn’t communicate with me at all, all this time spent and still so cold?” Putting two coins, I watched her as she stopped dancing to the music, finally wanting to be serious.
“I didn’t mean to lead you astray like that, I assumed you wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore, our time together is nice, it feels good to have a friend, but I know you, Chris. I see it so clear in your eyes, you want us to be something more and I can’t give you that.” 
                              ┊  ┊  ┊   🍃     ┊  ┊  ┊
He was a good man, but he didn’t deserve to be with someone not on his level. I wasn’t head over heels in love with him like I knew he was with me. I don’t know what image in his mind he has about me, but I wasn’t the dream girl he desired. 
“Is there someone else, is that why?” 
“No there is no one else, you literally take up my whole schedule to the point I can’t be with anyone else, it's like you want me all to yourself, I’m realistic about this thing between us and I can see us hurting each other.” 
“You’re just making excuses now, you’re scared that you feel something for me. Fear it's understandable, but don't let it stop you from being happy. I want you like bad, you’re so beautiful and getting to finally know you and not like a fucking creep, I found out what a amazing woman you are. If you don’t want me just say that, I’ll be your friend and I won’t push it any further. But if you want to try this out do it, and if we fucking hurt each other by the end of least I got to experience a tragic love in my life.”
Before I could respond, the blind went down, and I knew he didn’t have any more coins with him, touching the glass, I had no words as to what I wanted to say, but something screamed to come out. Fuck why did he have to do this to me? 
Dashing out the room, I grabbed my coat in a rush, I needed to say my peace because if I never spoke it now I wouldn’t say at all. Running past my boss, ignoring his protest to come back inside. I ran out the door searching for Chris.
“Christopher!” He stopped turning around to stare at me with those pretty eyes I always tell him about. Jumping into his arms, I could feel myself let out a cry holding tight, his arms wrapped me up to the point where there was no space to break away and I didn’t want to either. 
“I want to give you a chance Chris, but I’m a sex worker and you’re a high class white man I don’t fit anywhere on your level. You might think that it doesn’t matter what I am and we both know that’s a lie, so we should stay friends.” Looking away from my eyes, disappointment appeared on his face as I took away that slew of hope from him. I knew what I was giving up being in a relationship with a man that truly wanted to do right by me, yet I didn’t need a lover, I needed a friend right now. 
“Hey don’t put your head down! Just because I said I wanted you as a friend doesn’t mean you can stop trying window shopper, keep fighting for my love if you want it so bad and you might get what you wish for.” Kissing him on the cheek, I laughed at how red he got.
“You’re something else Ariana.” 
“And you know it, now I got to get back to work, I will call you later.” 
“You sure, cause you said that last time and didn’t call.” He said. Giving me a boyish smile.
“I will call you, I promise. I never break a promise sugar. Bye Chris.” 
“Bye Beautiful.” 
                              ┊  ┊  ┊   🍃     ┊  ┊  ┊
Finally arriving into my house, I laid on the couch finally getting a moment to process everything that happened. I honestly didn’t know how to feel about the whole thing, my mind completely shouted with questions about this whole friend's situation to still flirt with her. She wanted me to fight for her and I wasn’t going to let her slip away.
Hearing a knock at my door, I groaned wondering who the hell wanted to see me this late into the fucking night. Opening the door, I could only stare in shock at the person at the door.
“Can we talk?” Fuck this week.
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dominick1996 · 24 minutes ago
Any recommendations on which Chris Evans blogs I should follow?
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fictitiousfoodie · 59 minutes ago
A Few Weeks Pt6
Hello All!!!! I am so sorry for the long wait on this part. Thank you for the support and kind words! I look forward to getting some more parts out to y’all soon! As always request and tags are open. 
Summary: You are suck in a house with Hiddleston, Stan and Evans and Stan decides he wants a sweet treat. 
It is a shorter part but I feel the story coming back and will have parts up very soon!!
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Tumblr media
Y/N was in a god-awful mood. She was bored and frustrated. Messing around with the men was fun and had its perks, but you could only organism so many times in a day. She opened and closed the fridge, pantry, and cabinets for the fifth time today, hoping something would change or magically appear. She noticed the whipped cream and strawberries and knew there were baking ingredients in the pantry. It had been years since she had baked anything. She cooked all the time, but baking took time, and it was time she usually didn't have. But she had the time now, so might as well. She wanted to make a strawberry shortcake. It was perfect for summer. She started pulling out ingredients and looked up a recipe on her phone. It was very apparent she was rusty at the skill by the time she got the shortcake in the oven. The kitchen counter floor and herself were covered in flour and other ingredients. Y/N got the kitchen cleaned and started cutting up the strawberries when she felt a hand at her back and a kiss on her cheek.
"What are you up to, ms betty crocker?" Sebastian quipped with a smirk on his face. "I am baking, if you must know." "Baby, you know that the flour is supposed to go in the recipe, not on you, right?" Sebastian teased. "YES! I am a little rusty at it, okay." Y/N fired back, half playing around, half a little frustrated at making the mess she did. "Aww, turn towards me, let me see you." Y/N turned towards him and saw the smile grow wider on his face. She launched into defending herself. "Stop, don't laugh. I turned the mixer up to high at first, and flour exploded well, everywhere." Embarrassment turning to pride, she followed, "Can you bake at all? No, I didn't think so!"
"Come here, darling, let's clean you up a little," he said while pulling her toward to sink and grabbing the roll of paper towels along the way. Sebastian wetted and then rung out a paper towel and started wiping off the flour on her cheeks and neck. The timer for the shortcake went off, and she rushed to grab the oven mitts and pull them out. It was steaming and just barely golden brown, absolutely perfect. She just hoped it tasted as good as it looked.
Sebastian finally asked, " Those look amazing. Can we dig in?" Y/N quickly shouted, "No. First, they have to cool; then, I need to assemble them. Plus, I have to finish cutting the strawberries." "Fine, I will wait then since it appears I have no other options." He resigned, kissing her on the cheek and walking off.
Forty-five minutes later, she had all the berries cut and the cakes out of the pans and ready to assemble. She was thoroughly enjoying herself at this point. The hard stuff was done. She just had to put cream and strawberries on them, and she would be done. She took her time enjoying the process of making everything look nice. Sebastian popped his head in through one of the openings and smiled at the delicious treat in front of him. The woman he had indeed come to admire and care for was standing in front of him with the most blissful smile entirely in her world, enjoying the task before her. He couldn't help himself. He walked over and wrapped his arms around her, giving her a little squeeze and kiss on the neck. Goosebumps broke out over Y/N skin, and she smiled, saying, "Nice try, it still isn't ready. I need to put it in the fridge and let it chill." "excuse me then he stated mockingly, opening his arms and allowing her to walk over to the fridge and place it inside. When she felt like it was safely on the shelf, she turned around to find Sebastian's finger extended towards her with a dollop of whipped cream on end and a dangerous smile on his lips. Y/N knew what he had in mind and felt her clit throb at the idea of it. 
She sauntered over to him. When she was close enough, she slowly leaned forward and took his whole finger in her mouth, keeping her eyes on him the whole time. Sebastian's cock immediately throbbed at the look of her mouth wrapped so tightly around his finger. He couldn't keep himself from letting out a growl as he watched the sultry scene in front of him unfold. He pulled his finger from her mouth with and pop. Y/N scooped another dollop of whip cream, but instead of keeping it on her finger, she smeared it on her neck right below her ear.  Y/N rolled her head to the side, allowing him more access to the sensitive spot. He placed soft kisses around the cream at first, taking her breathing to become sporadic, then he took just the very tip of his tongue and licked a thin stripe of the whipped cream. Y/N felt the wetness between her legs growing. Sebastian moved his hand to cup her jaw. He was kissing and licking up all of the sweetness from her neck. He started to bite and move from her neck to her jaw, then finally to her lips. He kissed her long and deep, his hand going into her hair. Her hands grabbing his shirt to keep herself upright. Sebastian grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head, and put a long line of the cream drown her chest right between each breast. He immediately dove in, licking and sucking the cream off. He then worked his way to each nipple, nipping, tugging, and massaging. Y/N moaned and let her head fall back. 
Sebastian continued his assault, letting his fingers work at pulling off her shorts and panties. He slid a finger into her and felt how wet she was. He spread her legs with his knee, gave her another long kiss, then whispered, "Jump." She didn't hesitate and hopped up on the counter. "Good girl," he praised, watching her lean backward. The cool countertop made her hiss when her warm skin met it. Sebastian didn't waste another second. He fused his mouth to her center, licking and slurping up her juices. Y/N was arching off the countertop, digging her hands into his hair, trying to get him closer, and wanting to cum hard. He continued working at her clit, and Y/N could feel the knot in her stomach start to tighten. Sebastian finally slid a finger in her making sure she was ready, then slid in another. Y/N was a moaning mess on the counter, desperately trying to get Sebastian to go deeper. Finally finding her voice, she begged, "Please ... need you... in me." Sebastian was more than happy to oblige, stripping out of his jeans and crawling over her on the counter. He slowly pushed into her, making both of them moan at the pleasurable sensation. He started thrusting and could tell she was very close, but today he wanted to cum with her simultaneously. He saw the bowl of cream and dipped his finger in again, thrusting into Y/N hard and fast. He could feel her tightening around him, squeezing every inch. Y/N was sure there would be marks from her nails in Sebastian's shoulder with how hard she was holding on to him. Sebastian whispered in her ear, " Open, darling," and she did. She started sucking off his finger as he pumped in and out of her. The sight of her sucking his finger with her tight lips and his cock being squeezed pushed him over the edge. They both came at the same time, creating a unison of moans and cries. Sebastian slowly pumped once more than looked down at the beautiful woman below him. She had the slightest signs of perspiration starting on her hairline and had a blush on her cheeks. He leaned down and placed a sweet kiss on her forehead, whispering, "Come on, darling, let get you all cleaned up."
"I think I will take over that task for you," Chris said, leaning against the wall with the strain of his cock pressing against his shorts. "What do you say, princess? Up for another round because you right now are the sexiest thing I have ever seen."
Y/n was embarrassed at first, but upon hearing him and seeing how turned on he was, she giggled and nodded.
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jennygirl2014 · an hour ago
Listen, I have a kink. I mean, I prolly have many but, when I say I got a kink...
Tumblr media
When I say this shit gets me, like...
Tumblr media
Like I know I can preach it but if you don't feel it...
Tumblr media
I can't help myself...
Tumblr media
Gimme that dirty nerdy D all day daddy...
Tumblr media
Don't @ me about my kink. I will never feel guilty about my kink. Let the river of my panties floweth, idc. I am a nasty girl for nerdy guys. Don't you dare even judge me cuz I'll go even further... I got zero shame.
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leoday · an hour ago
hi yes chris anon again, oh my goodness him as old steve? Still. Would. On another note, did you see that photo of his bruising on ig?? Apparently it's from the gray man, which both scares me but also excites me bc i can't wait for the movie. Just hope he's being careful, that pic was painful to look at 😩😩
old steve is one seksi mf. 11/10 would. i mean the guy is old but he still got the superserum running thru his veins so that’s gotta mean something
yeah i did see them. kinda got freaked out by seeing people thirst over those bruises tho. i’m........ excited for TGM up until i remember it’s directed by the r*ssos. i’m still hoping it’ll be good and will provide a lot of content worth giffing. i’m especially looking forward to seeing his wardrobe for TGM. they said he’s gonna wear some crazy stuff so. 
btw have you seen chris’ pics from the set? his haircut is a+++ expect a lot posts about lloyd’s hair once TGM drops
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wintersoilder · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm in tears because this is so freaking cute!!
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labella420 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’m proud to say I FINALLY finished my submission for @stargazingfangirl18 5k writing challenge! Siri! Congratulations on your milestone, you deserve it all! So, this is my first time writing Mob AU, so please be kind! I must have started, stopped, and started over again at least 100 times, or so it feels. Thanks to Siri herself for giving me encouragement when I was stuck, and also my bestie boo @wayward-blonde for really helping me out when my writers block demons were coming out to play, and for all of the encouragement to keep going and finish this! I hope you all enjoy it!
The prompts I used:
You catch the eye of someone dangerous
“Look at you, stretched out and trembling”
Starring: Mob Boss!Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Summary: You are Steve’s, and it would be in your best interest to remember that.
Warnings: This fic is for 18+ ONLY, just like my blog! SMUT! NSFW! Dub-Con. Unprotected sex. Vaginal Sex. Vaginal fingering. Oral sex (female receiving). Overstimulation. Female ejaculation. Creampie. Mentions of violence. Actual violence (a little). Mentions of blood. Read at your own risk!
Word Count: 4421 (my longest fic so far!)
Dividers by the amazing @firefly-graphics!!
Tumblr media
It’s been two months.
Two months since you came to live with Steve. “Well, let’s be honest,” you thought to yourself as you quietly snuck down the long hallway. You didn’t really have a choice.
Two months since you stopped by your parents house and found them in the middle of a shakedown. Steve and his men were ransacking the entire house looking for money that your father swore wasn’t there. “I just need more time Mr. Rogers, you’ll get your money.” He begged, falling to his knees.
The tone shifted when the mafia boss locked eyes with you. You could have sworn you saw his hard persona soften, which is when a new proposal came to light. Agree to be with Steve, and your father’s debt would disappear. The alternative… was too terrifying to think about.
What were you supposed to do? Your family meant the world to you. If anything happened to them you would be devastated. Your father may have had his gambling demons, but he always made sure that you and your mother were taken care of.
So there, standing in the living room of the house you grew up in, despite protests from your father, you shook hands with Steve Rogers. Immediately you were whisked away, led to one of Steve’s sleek black SUV’s flanked by two of his men while he followed closely behind. Sliding into the leather seat next to you, he takes notice of your body language. Arms crossed in front of you, eyes staring intently out the window focusing on nothing but everything at once that wasn’t Steve. You flinch as he gently places a hand on your knee.
“I promise to take care of you,” his voice is stern but soft. “We’re going to be a family now.”
Huffing out a laugh you reach out quickly, pushing Steve’s hand off your knee. “We will never be anything but this arrangement.” You spit in his direction, narrowing your eyes as he chuckles while stroking his beard slowly.
“I like your fire.” He smirks, leaning into you. “It’s going to be fun taming your brat.”
Tumblr media
You’d be lying to yourself if you said that part of you didn’t enjoy the lifestyle that was thrust upon you by being with Steve. You still remember the awe you felt the first night in his penthouse. Opening the drapes in an expansive bedroom, you were treated to a breathtaking view of New York City. You felt his presence behind you, and you look over your shoulder at him.
“If you need anything from me, my bedroom is right across the hall. Feel free to look around. This is your home now.”
Facing him you raise your brows in question. “Your room? I thought…” your words stop short as Steve raises his hand to silence you.
“I’m a tough man sweetheart, but I’m not a monster. I’m not going to force myself on you. I’m a pretty patient man. I can wait.”
You scoff, turning back to the twinkling lights of New York. “Then be prepared to be waiting for a long time.”
“Whatever you say sweetheart.” Steve turns to leave you alone with your thoughts. “Goodnight.”
True to his word, Steve made sure that you were taken care of. He made sure all of the items you wanted to keep were cleaned out of your apartment and brought to the penthouse. He bought you a whole new wardrobe that he had a personal shopper help you pick out. There were dinners at the finest restaurants. Shows on Broadway. He even took you on a helicopter tour so you could see New York from the sky. Steve pulled out all of the stops for you. “His girl.” As his team would call you. 
The more time that you and Steve spent together, the more you got to see the man behind the persona. You may have let your eyes linger a bit too long on the handsome features of his face, or tried to hide your eyes from his beautiful physique when you passed each other in the hall when he was still shirtless coming from the gym. There may have been a few times where you thought he was going to kiss you goodnight. The both of you stared at each other as he leaned in close to you, only to whisper “goodnight,” in your ear as he reached behind you to open the door to your room. In any normal circumstance you may have let this man run away with your heart. But you kept reminding yourself that this was an arrangement. No matter how well Steve treated you, you would always just be a form of payment in place of the cash your father failed to pay back.
There was nothing that Steve wouldn’t or couldn’t do for you. He kept his promises. Your father’s debt was never spoken about again. You still slept in the bedroom across from him, and he never pushed for more. However, you still felt trapped. Even though you had everything that your heart desired, you missed your independent life. You couldn’t just pick up and go anywhere when you pleased. You always had to ask Steve. Even if you were allowed to go, you always had to take one or two of Steve’s men with you. “It’s for your protection sweetheart,” Steve would tell you as he brushed strands of hair away from your face. “You’re my girl, and there are plenty of people out there that would do something to you in order to get to me.”
Which is how you found yourself sneaking down the dark hallway of the penthouse. You had asked Steve earlier if you could meet your best friend for drinks. It had been such a long time since you had seen her, and all you wanted was one night of semi normalcy.
“ No sweetheart,” Steve had told you when you knocked on his bedroom door as he was getting ready for a business dinner. “ I have an important meeting tonight, and I need all hands on deck, and a few to stay home and watch the apartment. I have no one to watch you.”
“Steve, I don’t need to be watched. I’m an adult.” You sit on the edge of his bed as he slips on his suit jacket. Adjusting his tie in the mirror, he finds your pleading eyes in the reflection.
“The answer is no sweetheart,” he says, meeting you in the middle of his bedroom as you pop up scowling at him. “I have no one to make sure you’re safe tonight.”
“I’m not a prisoner Steve!” You shout, placing your hands on his chest and pushing him away from you when he tries to envelop you in a hug. “You can’t just keep me here!”
“I’m not keeping you prisoner here sweetheart, you know that you can go anywhere you want, but only with protection.” Running his hands through his hair, he extends his hand to you. “You can come with me tonight sweetheart. You can have a few drinks tonight at the bar while I conduct business, then I can take you to dinner.”
Rolling your eyes, you practically stomp to his bedroom door. “ I don’t want to go to dinner with you Steve, I want to see my friend.”
“NO.” Steve’s response was more of a command this time. “Don’t make me repeat myself again.”
“I fucking hate you!” You scream back at him slamming the door behind you. Kicking the door to your bedroom shut, you flop yourself on your bed, the loud grumble muffled as you bury your face into a pillow. Sitting up you grab your phone off your nightstand, scrolling through your contacts until you find your best friend Jennifer’s number. Pressing the message icon next to her name, you only pause momentarily before quickly typing out your message.
“Meet me around the corner of my building in an hour. Fuck it, we’re going out!”
Tumblr media
The liquor burns your throat as you and Jennifer throw back your second round of shots. You both plunk down your empty shot glasses at the same time, laughing as you do so.
“I can’t believe you had to sneak out!” Jennifer exclaims over the music of the bar, reaching out to squeeze your arm. “Who does he think he is, your dad?”
You sigh, shrugging your shoulders. “I don’t know Jennifer. Our relationship is… complicated.” You giggle to yourself. Complicated was an understatement.
“I didn’t even know that you were dating anyone, let alone Steve Rogers! And now you’re living with him!” Jennifer slaps her hand against the bar. “Another round please!” She squeals. “We’re celebrating!”
Jennifer’s enthusiasm is contagious, and you can’t help but become wrapped up in her energy. “What exactly are we celebrating?”
“You landing yourself a hot piece of ass!” Jennifer’s voice comes to a crescendo as two fresh shots are presented to you. “And for the first girls night in a while!” She holds out her shot glass so you two can clink. “Cheers!”
Your body is buzzing, the third shot going straight to your head. Grabbing Jennifer’s hands in yours you pull her off her bar stool and guide her to the dance floor. You quickly find the beat swaying your hips back and forth in time to the music. You needed tonight, one night of freedom that you had been craving since you moved in with Steve.
“If he could see me now,” you thought to yourself as you twirled Jennifer around. He didn’t even know you were gone. You pretended to be asleep, hearing him check on you before he left the house. Waiting about fifteen minutes before popping out of bed and getting dressed, throwing on one of your black mini dresses, and fixing your hair and makeup. Grabbing a pair of matching black heels, you snuck out of your room, closing the door quietly.
Shoes in hand, you tiptoed down the dark hallway staying in the shadows. Knowing the routine of Steve’s security, you know that you only had a few minutes while they did a sweep of the penthouse. Nixing the front door entirely, you hurry to the service entrance that Steve had put in during a remodel, built so it was easier for staff to come and go during catered parties. You push the door open slowly, your heart pounding in your ears. You slip through the door in a space barely big enough for your body, and guide the door back into the lock until you hear the mechanism click into place.
Scurrying to the elevator, you can taste freedom as you hit the elevator button. Doing a little “hurry up” dance, the doors barely open and you jump inside, pressing the button for the lobby floor. Once you hit the ground floor, you make a sharp right opting not to use the lobby’s revolving door but slipping out the side door. Waiting for you was Jennifer, and you balance with her help to slip your heels on. “Let’s go!” You laugh, as you make your way down the street to the subway.
Back at the penthouse, Steve’s head of security Bucky sighs as he pulls out his phone. Dialing Steve’s number, it only takes half a ring before the mafioso picks up. “Sorry to disturb you boss, but we got a problem.”
Tumblr media
You’re feeling good, lost in the music when you feel a pair of strong hands grab your hips. They sway with you, and a masculine body presses up against you keeping with your tempo.
“Well aren’t you a pretty little thing.” A low voice resounds in your ear. “I’m glad I decided to come out tonight.”
Spinning, you’re met with a pair of blue eyes, and a confident smirk. He’s tall, and not unattractive, but there is something about him that just doesn’t sit right with you.
“I’m John, John Walker.” He leans in so you can hear him. “I saw you out here on the dance floor, and you looked like you were having such a great time I just had to join in the fun.”
You back up putting space between you and John. “Well thanks for joining us, but this is a special girls night out.” You motion to Jennifer beside you. “No boys allowed.”
“I didn’t catch your name,” John takes a step forward, invading your space again.
“That’s because I didn’t give it to you!” You shout over the music. “Have a good night!” You turn to head back to the bar when John grabs your wrist pulling you back into his chest.
“Well at least finish dancing with me,” he says roughly. Quickly his hands find your ass and he squeezes, grinding his pelvis into you.
“Don’t’ Touch me!” You push back against his chest, your free hand coming up to slap John across his face. “I said No, let me GO!”
The next few seconds pass in a blur. You remember Jennifer pulling you back as John lunges forward before two men in black suits block him from view. The men grab either arm as a third man steps in between you and punches John in the face. You’ll never forget the sickening crack of his nose breaking, nor the blood that poured from him like a fountain.
The man who inflicted the pain whipped around to face you. You gasp as recognition settles over you.
“Steve I..”
“Not another word Y/N.” The look in Steve’s eyes was one you had never seen directed at you before, and uneasiness settles into the pit of your stomach.
“Get him to my car, I’ll meet you there.” Steve barks at the two men holding up John. Looking past you, Steve then directs his best friend. “Bucky, make sure Y/N’s friend gets home, and then make sure that you put Y/N in her room and lock the door. I’ll deal with her later.”
“Sure boss,” Bucky grabs you and Jennifer each by the arm and steers you through the crowd and out of the bar. Stepping into the waiting car by the curb, you sit in silence as the three of you settle in for the ride.
“How did you know where we were?” Jennifer finally breaks the tension lingering in the air.
“Well for one,” Bucky starts, nodding in your direction. “Next time she wants to be sneaky she should remember that we have cameras throughout the house. She’s good, but not that good. And two, next time she should pick a bar that Steve doesn’t own.”
Tumblr media
You sat on your windowsill, watching the remaining cars drive down the city streets. You had been home for awhile, showered and changed into a tank top and shorts, waiting for whatever wrath Steve was going to bring upon you. At first you were worried, you don’t think you had ever seen Steve that upset with you. The longer you sat there waiting for him, the more angry you became. “Who does he think he is?” You said aloud to no one. “ Whatever he has to say, I’m going to say what I have too to”
It wasn’t much longer until you heard commotion coming down the hallway. Steve’s voice reverberated gruffly in the hall, dismissing whoever was stationed at your bedroom door. You stood as you heard the door unlock, before Steve came through slamming it shut behind him.
He wouldn’t look at you for a moment, pacing across the room, gathering his thoughts. He looked disheveled, not his normal put together self. His jacket was torn, His perfectly coiffed hair now falling into his face. His crisp white shirt was untucked, and was stained with red. Was that blood?
The silence was excruciating. So you decided to say something.
“You should have just let me go, I know how to handle myself.”
Steve’s head whipped in your direction so fast you’re surprised he didn’t give himself whiplash. Crossing the distance of the room in two strides he was upon you.
“If you just listened to me, none of this would have happened.”
“Nothing happened Steve, just some jerk at a club. They’re everywhere.”
“This is different. You’re MINE now.” Steve grits through his teeth. “Do you know how it felt watching another man touch what belongs to me?”
“Steve, I’m not yours,” you sigh, looking up into his eyes. “This is an arrangement…”
Your words are swallowed as Steve smashes his lips to yours, the fingers of his right hand gripping the sides of your chin preventing you from getting away. His tongue pries your lips apart, exploring the inside of your mouth. He pulls back breathless, while you stand before him, wide eyed and in shock.
“I know that I’ve told you I’m a patient man, but my patience has run out.” Steve nudges you backward, the backs of your knees hitting the edge of your bed. “I’ve seen the way you look at me. I don’t know why you continue to deny yourself.”
You move away from Steve, scrambling back across the mattress banging your back against the headboard. Steve follows you, his knees dipping into the mattress as he crawls to you, like a predator cornering their prey. Your last ditch effort was to kick your legs and roll off the bed. Maybe you could get to your feet quick enough, but it was all for naught.
Steve’s large hand wraps around your ankle and slides you down the bed to him. Hovering above you, he lightly strokes his fingers down your cheek, a sharp contrast from the dark look he has behind his eyes.
“I plan on ruining you tonight.” Steve’s tone is dark, but tainted with lust. “ Make it so you only want me, only crave me.”
“Steve please, I can’t.” You whisper, breathing in sharply as you feel his fingertips graze over your skin, marking a trail down your neck to the top of your breasts.
“Can’t or won’t?” Steve’s lips find your neck, following the same path as his fingers. He pulls at the scoop of your tank top, your breasts spilling over. His hands immediately gravitate to your mounds, kneading them in each hand before his head dips and he takes one of your nipples into his mouth. Sucking on the stiff bud, he clamps down with his teeth, nibbling and pulling on the hardened peak.
“Steve!” Your cry pierces the air as your back arches off the bed. Your eyes flutter shut as unexpected pleasure courses through you.
“I’ve given you everything,” Steve backs off of you, his hands seeking out the waistband of your shorts. With one fast pull your shorts and panties are yanked off of your body. “You know I would do anything for you.” He pauses, grabbing portions of your tank top in each hand ripping the flimsy material in half. Touching his nose to yours he draws in a deep breath before he speaks. “I’d even kill for you.”
Your eyes snap open and you search his expression, scared of the answer you might receive from your next question. You remember the stains dotting Steve’s shirt. “Steve, is that what you did? Did you kill him?”
“Enough shop talk sweetheart,” Steve licks his lips, looking as though he wants to devour you. “Let me take care of you.”
Steve shrugs off his coat, tossing it to the floor behind him. Your eyes are glued to him as he peels off his shirt and tie, adding to the discarded clothing piled on the floor.
Steve grasps both of your wrists in one hand, placing them on the mattress above your head. “Don’t move your hands from this position, do you understand?” You whimper as you nod your head, a wayward tear falling from the corner of your eye. Running his hands along your thighs, he pushes your legs wide apart. He wastes no time, running his fingers up and down your slit. The direct touch to your core sends a shudder throughout your body.
“Look at you, stretched out and trembling,” Steve hums as he smooths his hands over your inner thighs. “I can’t wait to have you begging for me to let you come all over my cock.”
Steve repositions himself, slating his face above your pulsing cunt. His large palms holding your legs open. You hear him take a deep breath, relishing in your scent. “You smell amazing sweetheart, and I bet you taste just as good.”
With that, Steve lowers his face to your pussy, licking stripes from your hole up to your clit. Steve hums as he takes your clit into his mouth, the vibrations sending your body into overdrive. You feel your slick seep from your folds, soaking Steve’s beard.
“Mmmm sweetheart, I love how you’re making a mess of my face.” Steve says before diving back into your cunt like a man starved. The sound of the wetness of his tongue mixing with your arousal was too much. Soft moans pass from your lips and you start to buck your hips, grinding your pussy into Steve’s mouth.
“That’s it sweetheart, fuck my face, take what you need.” Steve’s hands move from your thighs to your hips, hanging on as you chase your release.
“Fuck…” you huff as the fire builds from deep within you. It’s been a long time since someone else besides your own hand has made you feel this way. “Steve… Steve.. I’m going to…” stars flash behind your eyes as you feel Steve suck your clit harshly. You careen over the edge, tumbling into wave after wave of pleasure.
Just as you’re coming down from your high, Steve pushes two of his thick fingers into your tight channel. Immediately his fingers seek out your sweet spot, curling against the soft spongy area.
“I want another one.” Steve commands before taking his free hand and holding your pussy lips open exposing your clit. He flicks his tongue quickly over your hardened nub, his fingers pumping furiously in and out of your dripping center.
“Oh God!” You writhe under Steve’s hand completely coming apart. Sweat glistens off your body, and you lift your head, watching Steve as your chest rises and falls, your lungs begging for you to catch your breath. His fingers were still buried in your pussy. He had no intention of stopping.
“Another.” He growls, moving his fingers from side to side against your g spot.
The sensations were too much, your cunt sensitive from the two orgasms that Steve had pulled from you. There was no way you could come again. “Steve stop, I can’t.” You cry, wriggling, trying in vain to pull yourself from his grasp.
Pressing his palm into your lower abdomen, Steve holds you in place, the pace of his fingers unrelenting. “You can, and you will.” He pushes a little more on your belly, feeling his fingers that are buried deep inside of you. “Come right now.”
And you do. Your face contorting into a silent “O.” Steve pulls his fingers from you, spanking your overworked cunt. To your complete surprise you squirt, drenching his beard and the sheets below you. Steve sucks up your wetness from your folds, swallowing it down. “What a good girl.”
He stands then, removing his pants and boxers. His cock stands at attention proudly, and he gives himself a few pumps for good measure. Leaning over you, he bends and once again captures your lips with his, your tongues dueling with each other, your tasting the remnants of your essence in his mouth.
“On your knees sweetheart, present yourself to me.” You slowly comply, turning over onto your stomach. Raising yourself onto your knees, Steve pushes his leg between your legs spreading them open farther. Wrapping his body over yours, he wraps his strong arm around your neck, tilting your head up so he can whisper in the shell of your ear.
“I’m going to fuck you now.”
You feel your cunt clench, and your heart is pounding out of your chest. You wanted him to fuck you badly, but your couldn’t deny the twinge of fear that you felt. You feel Steve behind you, the head of his cock sliding between your folds, getting slick with your juices. Before you can even prepare, Steve rams himself fully into you, and you arch your back in surprise. You struggle a bit in his grasp, but he is simply too strong.
You are his, and he will do what he pleases to you.
Steve’s pace is backbreaking, and your body bounces roughly with each thrust. Trapped against his torso and his arm you have nowhere to go, the only thing you can do is surrender. Surrender to the pleasure that is once again building slowly from deep within your cunt.
“Say it.” Steve grunts against your ear. “Say you’re mine.” His free hand moves around your body, seeking out your clit. “Say it,” he commands once again as he shifts his hips, his cock sliding against all of the right spots within your walls.
“I- I’m yours Steve.” You stammer breathlessly, your body molding into his as he continues to control your body. “Please.. please…”
“Please what sweetheart? Tell me.”
“Please make me come.”
“As you wish,” Steve huffs. Unwrapping his arm from around your neck, he pressed his hand against the side of your head, guiding you to place it against the bed. Lifting one leg to the bed to give himself leverage, His strokes deepen, and you can feel the head of his cock grazing your cervix.
“I’m close, sweetheart. I want you to come with me, wanna feel you milk my cock.” Steve’s rhythm starts to sputter, before one final deep intrusion Steve fills your cunt with a deep grunt. This triggers your own final release, and your walls spasm around his girth, welcoming his seed deep within your womb. Your body gives out then, and you collapse to the bed bringing Steve with you. Both of you laying in silence, the only sound heard was ragged breathing.
Steve wraps his arms around you, bringing you to his chest. “I told you you’re mine sweetheart. I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on you. I’ll always take care of you.”
Exhaustion is beginning to take hold, that is until you hear the last of Steve’s words before he drifts off to sleep.
“But I can’t promise that I’ll be as understanding if you disobey me again.”
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cevansfic-recs · 2 hours ago
Okay but what about a threesome with Chris and Anthony. The way their energies bounce off of each other I know they could go forever. But so like it starts off slow. Chris has you on the bed on your back his fingers deep in your pussy. Anthony whispering in your ear “you like his fingers baby? I bet they feel so good huh..” chris looks up with a smirk. You’re head is buried in Anthonys thigh and he’s playing with your hair. You’re moaning and whimpering endlessly. Chris mumbles “pretty baby can’t even speak she feels so good..” Anthony telling you “such a good girl, gonna make you feel so good.” You try to take anthony in your mouth and he stops you. “Not yet baby, have to make you cum first” and this is when you realize that you’re so in for it. Chris leans down and starts leaving teasing licks on your clit. Soft movements and light suckles. Anthony starts pinching your nipples. Soft at first and harder as you adjust. It’s a fine line between pleasure and pain and these men know how to walk it. Your hips are thrusting against Chris’ tongue and he starts making more calculated moves. His fingers massaging your g-spot and his tongue spelling out his and Anthony’s name on your clit. Anthony has you suck on his fingers. He knows Chris will have you screaming and a tinge of jealousy fills him. It’s only him and Chris that get to know how good your feeling. Chris can feel you clenching on his fingers and he knows you’re close. He looks up and Anthony and winks. Anthony knows that wink. It’s the one that got you all in this situation to begin with. He leans down to your ear and whispers “I know you wanna be a good girl for him baby, cum on his fingers. Show him how good he’s doing.” It’s a burning flashing climbing feeling. Higher and higher as time goes on. It won’t be long now. “C’mon pretty girl, let go we wanna see you cum. I bet Chris wants a taste too. Be good for him. Cum pretty baby, cum.” It’s the combination of Chris mouth and fingers and Anthony’s words that send you over. The warmth from your head to your toes and the all encompassing pleasure that fills every nerve in your body. Muscles shaking, panting breaths. A white noise in your ears and the feel of soft hands caressing you’re body. It’s slowly coming back now. Soft kisses on your thighs mixed with pricks of Chris beard as he kisses up your body. Anthony rubbing your back, chest, sides. Telling you how good you are. Chris whispering “Did such a good job pretty girl, taste so good” it sends shock waves through you. Anthony leaving kisses on your neck mumbling about how he can’t wait to have a taste. Heat surrounding you as you’re stuck between these two. Your breathing has returned to normal and your heart has slowed. Anthony slowly runs his hands down your body wanting to feel the mess you made. Chris smirking as you groan from being sensitive. “Baby, Chris had his turn it’s only fair that I get one” your eyes shoot open as Chris laughs. “Pretty baby you thought we were done with you? How cute.”
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lovemesomerafael · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Adventures of Captain and Mr. America
Part 14
(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9) (Part 10) (Part 11) (Part 12) (Part 13)
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tony-the-mage · 3 hours ago
With all this stuff about Anthony Mackie today, and all the people bringing up how Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, etc have all made shitty decisions… I better not see y’all stanning Scarlett Johansson in a month. Sure, I like the character of Black Widow, or Winter Soldier, or Falcon. But remember that she’s bad too.
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bucksfucks · 3 hours ago
trying to decipher what chris’ tattoos are like
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Chris Evans
A little too late
The last straw
Walking out
Pre-baby nerves
A little angry
I've always loved you
Too many beers
Damiano David
You in my arms
Lost and found
Fell from heaven
Cancelled for u
Drunk in love
Bunny onesie
The moment I saw you
Sappy and wasted
Through the rain
Henry Cavill
A little cut
Working from home
Late night
The view from the couch
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