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deexchanel · 19 hours ago
When is my time?
Word Count:
Pairing: Steve Rogers x blackfem!daughter
Warning: sadness and fluffffff
Summary: Dee sees everyone on her Instagram timeline either graduating from high school, having a photoshoot for their birthday, or have amazing prom pictures. she's impatient.
A/N: I'm in my feelings on this one so I put Dee because most of it is happening in real life so 🥺.
My boyfriend name is tavion so i put him in here because why not 🤷🏾‍♀️
Tumblr media
"Don’t forget prom is May 28th, and your graduation date is June 2nd. Any questions?" Her counselor wrote something on her sticky note, talking to the class. Dee sigh sliding down in her seat, obviously not liking the information that was told to her. It was the last day of school for Seniors, and the counselor did an overview of the upcoming events.
It's only May 15th; why is each activity so far away. Dee pulled out her phone going to Instagram to do some pointless strolling. She regrets doing that, 5 minutes into her strolling. Every other post was someone's graduation, prom night outfits, or photoshoot for their 18th birthday.
Dee pulled at her natural hair, beginning to overthink. 'I wish it was me.' Her birthday was June 30th, so she had a long wait on everything she couldn't wait for. Dee will be 17, graduating high school, but there's nothing wrong with that. The dress Steve helped her pick out, she worried that it wouldn't compare to others.
All the overthinking makes her feel so stressed out. Dee exited out of the Instagram app, deleting it. Her father sent an iMessage.
popsicle- Donut what do you want for dinner?
-I'm probably not going to be hungry dad.
popsicle- are you okay? Do I need to come pick you up?
- I'm fine, happy can come pick me up still.
popsicle- ok
-my graduation is june 2nd.
Steve texted back, but she swiped out of it. "Dee, you can stop lying about the fact that Captain America is your dad." Mackenzie had been looking over her shoulder the whole time Dee was texting. Dee turned around with confusion on her face.
"Girl what the fuck is you talking about?"
"Addison claims to see you get picked up by him, but I don't believe it. You're black and he's white, so I don't even see how that works. You should definitely call him so everyone can see if it's true or not."
"Mackenzie chill, nobody said anything like that." Tavion specified speaking up for Dee. She didn't need it but she let him have his little hero moment. "I did so call him." Mady perked up trying to keep the lie going.
Dee is the adopted daughter of Steve Grant Rogers. He found her during the attack in new york in the back of a damaged car with no one around. She didn't cry when she saw him but reached out for him with a smile. Steve fell in love with her at that moment and he took her home. Now the two are inseparable.
Dee knew that Steve wasn't going to answer because it was training time, and his phone was silent. Dee sat her phone down, trying to keep her anger down at a mediocre level. "Neither one of you has talked to me all year and now all of sudden you want me to prove something to you. Get the fuck out of my face, disrespectfully."
That hushed the entire class up. Dee's leg shook out of anger; she was so ready to go home.
Since there isn't anything else for the seniors to do, the school let them out early. Tavion stopped Dee before they completely walked out of the school.
She turned around hastily. "What? I need to be outside so Happy can know where to pick me up from."
"You actually stay in the avenger's tower, wow."
"If you trying to get information out of me so you can tell Melanie, Madeline, Maya, or whatever the hell her name is. I suggest you walk away before I cuss you out."
Tavion shook his head." No, I came to see if you were okay. Are you okay? What she pulled was really lame and I didn't think was funny."
To admit that made her feel better a bit. She gave him a small smile "I'm fine Tavion. Thank you."
"That's good." He was mesmerized by her beautiful smile that he almost forgot the other reason that he stopped her, "Oh yeah, can I get your number? I want us to stay in contact with each other this summer." He scratched the back of his neck, holding out his phone. Her smile grew wider as she took it, putting her number in.
"That's a great idea."
Her phone buzzed indicating that Happy had texted her.
happy the happiest- I'm pulling up so be outside.
Dee put her phone in her back pocket, "My ride should be any minute so text me so I can have your number programmed." Their eye contact never broke.
"uh okay, I gotcha."
She kissed his cheek for good luck hoping he was the perfect one for her. Dee flushed at her bold movement as she walked out the school doors knowing that he was watching her walk away.
"Dee!" 'If one more person stops me.' She thought as she turned around to see who was calling her name. It was Josie, they were only friends by the association of cheerleading. Dee was just the manager so basically, all she did was make the snack bag, pass out water when needed, help make posters, and more.
"Hey Josie, whatever you have to say has to be quick. My ride is almost here."
"girl I want to show you all the things we got last night, the sweater is so cute." She pulled out her phone going to her photos, showing Dee a bag filled with senior apparel. "Ms. Boom even gave us a trophy with our names on it."
"Ms. Boom as in our cheer coach? She gave you guys this? What was last night?" Dee questioned zooming on the photo.
"Our senior night duh! the whole team was there and the seniors got their appreciation," Josie exclaimed, locking her phone.
Dee's feelings were hurt. She had been a manager since her freshman year, the one time she needs to get her recognition she's not even invited. "Nobody bothered to tell me. Josie, I thought you were my friend. Why you didn't make sure I was invited or make sure nobody forgot about me and my appreciation?"
"Dee you're just the manager, it's not that big of a deal." Josie shrugged her shoulders.
"I'm just the manager? Bitch I worked my ass off helping Ms.Boom, doing the things she was supposed to do so she wouldn't be overwhelmed." Dee clenched her fist because controlling her anger was the last thing on her mind. Out the corner of her eye, she saw Happy's vehicle. "You know what fuck you and the rest of that team."
She walked away from a shocked Josie going to her ride. "Dee are you okay? Happy asked once she got into the backseat. She didn't reply back using her hood to cover the tears that ran down her face.
Tony, Steve, and Bucky were in the kitchen fixing a snack after their training. Dee was so quiet they didn't know she was home until she rushed past the island. "Add some strawberries- Dee? Are you okay?" Bucky leaned over the counter just in time to see her reach her room.
She stopped in her tracks, sniffling a little. "I'm fine."
Bucky and Tony looked at each other. "You sure? I'm making smoothies. I can make your favorite if you want." Tony suggested speaking up so she can hear down the hall.
"I'm good."
Steve walked from behind the island, going down the hall where she was. "Donut, what's wrong?"
Dee looks at him with teary eyes."I said I was fine Steve! Can you please leave me alone?!" Steve was taken back from her sudden outburst. Dee has never called him by his first name. Now upset from her lashing out at him, Steve opened the door to her room.
"No, I'm not going to leave you alone. We're going to go in your room and you are going to talk about what's wrong!"
She glared at him while Steve pointed in the room. Dee walked into the room with him following. He closed the door for their privacy.
"I hate this, I hate all of it! Why is it like this?!"
"Like what Donut? What happened."
"Everyone is having their prom, graduation, and 18th birthday while nothing is happening for me. Why can't it be my turn huh? It feels like everyone is having their spotlight but me!! I don’t even feel like a senior dad! This should be the prime time of my life but it just feel as if I’m left out!”
“Donut you have to be patient, if i could change the dates for your activities I would but I can’t. Your graduation being in June mean all the spotlight will be on you Donut. You don’t have to worry about surrounding schools taking the limelight away. It’s going to be okay honey.”
“No it won’t dad. I don’t even know why I’m crying about this. Nobody cares dad, I know you don’t. I hate the fact I show my emotions every time an inconvenience happen.You know the cheerleaders had a senior night where they got showered in goodies and trophies.” Dee went from talking to him to talking to herself.
“I worked hard helping them with everything they needed help with because I’m the manager and I have a helping heart. They had a senior night where the seniors get recognition but since I’m the manager I didn’t get invited. My ‘friends’ didn’t step up and mention me or try to invite me. All that hard work for no appreciation. I was looked over because I’m not a cheerleader but I worked just as hard!” Dee pulled at her hair.
“Forgotten. Just like you say my mother probably forgot me dad , no she didn’t want me because I’m nothing.” She point at Steve’s chest. Dee gritted through her teeth.
“I. Am. Nothing.”
Steve pulled his daughter in a hug. She clutched his shirt, breaking down. “Donut, don’t ever say that. You’re my daughter so you are something. I care about every single thing you do Dee so don’t say that I don’t. I pay attention and to hell with them and that stupid team. You are so much more without them. When it’s your time, you’re going to shine like a diamond.” His heart broke as she cried in his chest. “Donut you’re going to make me cry.”
“Dad w-why am I not good enough?”
Steve pulled her from his chest so they can make eye contact. “You are good enough. Anyone in the world can see that. I’m so grateful to have you as my daughter. Stop stressing about this senior stuff Dee. You’ve got so much ahead of you, this should be the least of your worries. I love you so much.”
Dee gave her dad the biggest hug.” I love you more.”
“Dee Rogers.”
Dee walked across the stage with a smile, ready to get her diploma. Steve stood up with the biggest smile on his face. Him and the team were the loudest in the building as they cheered.
All eyes were on them while they stood outside. The students that didn’t believe Dee, definitely believed now. “Can you take our picture?” Tony held out his phone to a random lady. She was shocked to see who it was.
Steve, Thor, Tony, Natasha, Peter, Bruce, Clint, Bucky, Sam, Pepper, Wanda, Vision, Scott and Hope stood behind their graduate with large smiles while Dee held Morgan in the middle.
it all worked out in the end.
Nobody has to read this but I cried while writing. With the cheerleading and feeling left out while everyone has their graduation because mine so late.
I wish i had steve as my dad to make feel better about the whole situation.
But I don’t and i have to hold it all in.
I keep not wanting to stressing about it but in the end , I usually do. My senior year is shit.
Marvel is my escape place so used my skills, that’s how this came about.
I don’t care that it’s not edited , i just want someone to listen.
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deexchanel · a day ago
Such a tease
Word Count:
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!Reader
Warning: lil bit of fluff, Smut.
Summary: Y/N and Bucky always tease each other. One day at the tower by themselves, they find themselves not being able to keep their hands off each other.
A/N: It’s 3am and this idea came to mind.
Tumblr media
Y/N and Bucky were known to always flirt with each other. Everyday they’re making sexual jokes or just plain flirting. It was to the point where the team just ignored it. Today it was something different.
“Good morning beautiful.” Bucky greeted seeing Y/N walk in the kitchen. “Morning handsome, dream about me?” Y/N teased eating some bacon off his plate then went over to the island to make her own plate.
“Yup woke up with the best morning wood.” He winked eating more of his bacon. Y/N blushed glancing down at the plate she was preparing. 1 point for Bucky. When she was finished, Y/N back over to the seat beside him. In a petty manner, she dropped a napkin on his lap.
“Oops, my bad.” Y/N sat the plate down then grabbed his dick through his sweats as if she was grabbing the napkin. Y/N was stunned from how big he was, trying to hold her composure. Bucky smirked knowing exactly what she was thinking.
“Oh you didn’t think I was small did you?”
Lost for words, Y/N ate her breakfast. Another point for Bucky.
Y/N came up with the perfect idea to get Bucky back for those smart-ass comments. At the moment, the team was gone and it was only the two in the tower. Bucky sat on the couch watching tv while she was in her room.
Y/N came downstairs in y/f/c lace panties and a cropped tank top. “Whew! it’s warm in here.” She posed a fake groan, walking in front of Bucky with her back facing him. He instantly got on hard seeing her clothing.
“It uh is warm in here, let me go turn on the air conditioning....”
His eyes were fixated on her curves. “Oh no it’s fine Bucky, I know how to cool down.” Y/N pulled off her cropped tank top. Then she bends over, slowly pulling down her lace panties. Bucky shifted in his seat seeing her wetness drip down her inner thigh.
“Damn...” He pulled at his clothed crotch area. One point for Y/N. She gestured for him to follow her. “Come on Bucky.” Complying, the two of them were now in Y/N’s room.
Y/N laid on her back in the bed. With Bucky standing in between her widen legs she grabbed his right hand, guiding it down her chest. All the way to her to wet core. “You see how wet she is for you?”
“I see how wet she is for me.” Bucky moved his fingers in a circular motion, keeping a good tempo. Y/N arched her back a little bit at how good he was doing. “You like the way I play with your dripping core?”
Y/N whimpered, nodding her head. That wasn’t enough for Bucky. He stuck in two fingers, thrusting in and out while his metal thumb played with her clit. “You like when I finger fuck you? Huh?”
“Yes, daddy I do.” Y/N’s head tilts back in the cover. He went faster on thrusting and her legs began to shake. “I’m going to cum daddy,” Y/N eyes closed as her walls clenched around his fingers.
“Cum on daddy’s fingers babygirl.”
Bucky bit his lip watching his doll cum all over his fingers. He put his fingers in his mouth, licking up every drop of her honey. “My turn.” Y/N winked at him, getting up from the bed onto her knees. She pulled both his sweats and boxers down.
Bucky just let her work her magic. Y/N twirled her tongue around the crown of his dick. He shivered at the touch of her lips against his skin. “Shirt off.” She mumbled pulling at the end of Bucky’s shirt.
“Yes ma’am.” In one swift movement, his shirt was off. She kept her eyes on him while she took his dick into her mouth. The eye contact turned him on even more.
Bucky’s eyes rolled to the back of his head while she sucked every inch of his dick. He could hear the little gags she made when she deep throat him. He loved every second of it. Bucky grabbed a fist full of her hair, gripping it. “Babygirl you sucking... so good.. shit..”
Y/N licked on his balls a bit and his toes curled. Bucky felt like he was in heaven. “Y/N... I’m going to... cum.” His lips parted slightly, feeling deep throat his dick again.
“Coat my throat with your kid's daddy.” Y/N moaned loving to see her daddy enjoying the pleasure she gives him. Bucky gripped her hair tightly once again, nutting all in her mouth.
Y/N swallowed every drop. “Mhmm, I see you drink a lot of water.” Bucky picked her up from underneath her arms, placing on her stomach.
“Just for you doll, now get on all 4’s and arch your back.”
Y/N does as she told, loving the fact that Bucky was in control at times. He positioned himself, slowly sticking in. He fit in like a perfect puzzle piece. “babygirl you’re so wet.”
She gripped the covers letting out a moan. He picks up his speed. “Shit..” Bucky starts fucking her harder. Y/N moans were getting louder with every thrust. Bucky smacks her ass, leaving a big red handprint.
“You’re daddy’s little slut?”
Y/N’s pleasure overwhelmed her, not being able to speak back to him. Bucky gripped her hair, pulling her head up. He smacked Y/N’s ass again. “Huh? What was that? I can’t hear you doll.”
“I’m daddy’s little slut!” Y/N shout trying to place her hand back there to slow him down but it didn’t work. “Daddy I’m..about to...cum.” She pants knowing she couldn’t hold her release.
“Me too baby girl.” Bucky paced slowed down, getting sloppier. They both released at the same time. When he pulled out, Y/N turned around grabbing Bucky’s face pulling him into a blissful kiss.
“So what you saying is round 2?” Bucky question when they pulled apart. Y/N was too tired to laugh, he fucked her brains out.
“No Bucky, I’m tired.”
“I’m going to sleep Bucky.” Y/N yawned, reaching for a towel that was at the end of the bed. Bucky whined kissing on her face.
“Y/N I want to make you feel good.”
“I’m already going to feel good Bucky.”Y/N went into the bathroom so she can wet the towel. He cleaned himself up but didn’t put on clothes.
“How Y/N? I’m not inside you.”
Y/N slid on her bonnet, to lazy to put on clothes she got into bed putting the damp towel between her legs to help the swollen go down.
“With my eyes closed.”
She laid on her side, slowly her eyes closed. Bucky sigh getting in bed behind her, he pulled her close to his chest. “Sleep good doll.”
“Bucky tell your friend to calm down, I’m trying to sleep!”
Did I just finish this at 5 am in the morning, yes I did.
I couldn’t sleep without doing it😂 my bf is going to be so mad that I stayed up until 5 am but oh well.
Stay slutty my friendsss!
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deexchanel · 2 days ago
Therapist (Part 2)
Word Count:
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!Reader
Warning: Angst, Fluff.
Summary: 4 months after the mishap of S.H.I.E.L.D, Bucky and Y/N settled down in Bucharest. During the arrival of Luca, Bucky has to leave.
Beginning of Civil War. Infinity War doesn't happen but Bucky's does spend time in Wakanda!
Therapist part 1
A/N: I like the name Luca (Look- Ah), so that’s his name in here. If you don’t like it, then think of another name. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Y/N sat in front of the mirror that stood on the bed. Her 9 months stomach stretched in front of her. She did some touch-ups on her hair. More like it's wash day, and Y/N was detangling her hair. In the kitchen, Bucky did some cleaning up from dinner.
“Ah.” Y/N groaned, setting down the brush. It was a sharp contraction that she felt every five minutes. She didn’t tell Bucky because she knew that he would go in Daddy mode quick, but this time she had to tell him. The pain from the contractions was getting unbearable.
Bucky sat down the dish then went over to Y/N. “What’s wrong? Everything okay?” Her face revealed pain written across. Bucky rubbed her cheek with his thumb.
“Is he coming?”
Y/N nodded her head frantically, being in so much pain she could barely speak. “Shit! Let’s get you to the hospital.” Bucky helped Y/N to her feet, trying to contain his excitement. Water came down her leg, soaking the floor. Both Y/N and Bucky stared at each other with wide eyes.
“Doll deep breaths!” Bucky held on to her hand. It was time for Y/N to push, and she was on edge. She gripped his right hand tightly. Bucky winced in pain from such a deathly grip she has. “Doll, you have to not be so tense so this can be-”
Y/N gave him a death glare. “Bucky, if you don’t shut the fuck up!” Bucky rolled his eyes, not bothered, wiping her forehead with a damp towel. "I was just trying to help you." The doctor walked in, clapping her hands together with helping nurses following her.
“Y/N, it’s time to push!”
One hour later, Y/N was on her last push. "AHHHH OH MY FUCKING GOD MY VAGINA." Y/N screamed, squeezing his hand again. Bucky tried not to reveal his pain, but it wasn't working. "Y/N you're squeezing too hard!" She cut her eyes at him like she's been doing every time he spoke up. This time he glared back, obliviously tired of her shit.
Even through all her pain and anger, she was pleased that Bucky was there by her side the whole time. “It’s your last push, doll; you got this.” Y/N begins to doubt herself, scared of how she’s going to be a failure of a mother. “B-Bucky, I can’t!”
“Y/N, you have to! Doll, he’s almost here. You can't give up now!”
“I c-can’t! What if he’s mad at me for raising him by myself.” Y/N cried, letting her insecurities take over. “I might be a h-horrible mother to him. Bucky, I don’t want to let him down.” Her lips trembled in fear, looking at the winter soldier with glossy eyes.
Bucky placed his forehead against hers knowing it would calm her down. “You can, and you will push! The baby has the best mother, and he will adore the fact you are his mother. I'm going to be by your side through it all. Don’t worry about anything else; I’m here. You guys are now my main priority. So fucking push cause it's hot as hell, I'm looking at your vagina, and I see all your insides.” He rambled, very irritated and ready for the delivery to be over so he can see the baby.
That gave her the confidence she needed. Y/N screamed as she did the last big push. A couple of seconds later, the sound of her baby boy crying filled everyone’s ears. “You did it, doll.” Bucky kissed her lips. Y/N tears were now tears of joy.
“No, we did it.”
After doing all the measurements and things, Bucky held the newborn in his arms while Y/N tried to get some rest. She was lying on her side watching Bucky interact with their son. She grunts, sitting up in the bed. "Bucky, I have a question."
Bucky looked up from the newborn. "Yes, Y/N?"
"We've known each other for a couple of months. I don't want to be a burden or try to put something on you, especially if you don't want to do it. You can say no, I w-will be okay. Uh." Y/N picked at her fingers in nervousness. Bucky raised an eyebrow, trying to understand what she was saying.
"Y/N you're rambling, what is it? Just tell me, I won't have a negative reaction."
Y/N has the fear that rejection. She never grew out of it. "Bucky, do you want to put your name as his father on his birth certificate?"
Bucky face lit up like a Christmas tree."I would love to." Y/N's fear was replaced with delight. He looked down at the baby with the biggest smile on his face.
"Hear that little man? I'm your father now. I'm going to raise you the best way I can."
Y/N heart fluttered listening to him talk to their son. "His name is Luca. I fell in love with the name when I saw it in the baby name book." She explained softly with a fixed gaze at her boys. Bucky furrowed his brows in confusion.
"A baby name book? That's a real thing?"
Y/N giggled."Yes, Bucky it's a real thing." She pats the bed for him to get in beside her. Complying, Bucky slid into the bed wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "I love the name Luca. It fits him." Bucky assured while Luca's little tongue poked out a bit.
"Thank you for everything Bucky. I'd probably be in prison if you didn't pack my things."The couple laughed at her joke. Y/N lifted her head from his chest, her brown eyes met his blue ones."You make my life feel complete. I'm forever grateful for you." She closed the gap between them, placing a sweet kiss on his soft lips.
The alertness from the news broke them apart. It broadcasted an imposter Bucky walking away from an ambulance. Claiming that he caused the bombing in Vienna that killed a Wakanda king. Y/N stared at the tv screen in hatred. Who would do this to him? "Fuck! this isn't going to end well." Bucky mumbled running his hand through his long brown hair. "Doll, I have to leave."
Y/N looked at him with a creased brow, stunned." What? Why? Bucky they aren't going to find you." Y/N's mouth went dry, she couldn't believe he had to leave. "Someone will know that you were framed then it will be normal in a couple of days. Just don't leave p-please."
Bucky's head drops a bit knowing that he's letting Y/N down. It wasn't something that he could control, someone wants him out in the open. He needs to leave now to go somewhere before he's caught again. "Doll I'm sorry okay? I don't want to put you and Luca in danger of me being here. I want to stir them away from you guys and only focus on me." He lifted his head up so their eyes could meet.
"We will meet again doll." Bucky kissed Luca's forehead, placing him in her arms. Y/N was in denial, shaking her head as she hesitated at first to take Luca into her arms but she took him. She started chewing on her lower lip and her eyes welled up with tears.
"B-Bucky don't do this to me," She grit through her teeth. His heart broke as he placed a kiss on her lips. "I love you Y/N." With her eyes closed she held Luca close to her heart, feeling it tear in two. She heard the door closed and she shattered. "I love you too Bucky." Deep emotions stir with no other outlet but through Y/N long-lasting sobs.
--------------- 2 years later.
" Luca honey, what you're feeling like on dinner tonight?" Y/N asked the 2-year old that was in her arms. "Chickie nuggets." Luca beamed holding up his Captain America figurine. When he saw it in the store, he just had to get it. She had told him plenty of stories about Bucky and showed pictures as well. Y/N even told him Bucky's back story minus all the H.Y.D.R.A. stuff. When she told him that his father was best friends with Captain America. The figurine made Luca feel closer to Bucky even though he wasn't here.
"Chicken Nuggets it is, "Y/N mumbled placing him onto his feet since she had to carry some bags in. They now lived in Rome. she thought it was the best place to keep Luca safe. Plus she figured that Bucky would want her to live somewhere other than Bucharest. She hasn't had any contact with him since the day in the hospital. Y/N had gotten a job as a therapist again so that was helping to pay the bills and things. As of right now, she just came back from doing some errands.
Unlocking the door, Y/N let Luca run in first while she walked in behind him, trying to untie her hair tie. "Luca! Where's mommy bonnet?" He didn't reply which made her instantly stop what she was doing. "Luca!" Y/N walked into the living to see Steve, who held a finger to shh the toddler, and Bucky sitting on her couch with Luca standing in front of them.
Y/N lets out a yelp dropping the bags on the floor. She clutched her chest trying to regain her breathing. "You just can't do shit like that!"
"You, my lady are one hard person to find." Bucky gets up from the couch going over to Y/N. She looked at him not knowing what emotion to show," Good, I would love to keep it that way."
"Mommy it's Captain America and Daddy! He came back like you said!" Luca exclaimed proudly from Steve's lap. Y/N looks over Bucky's shoulder at her son." I see honey."
She then looked up at Bucky again. "Before I get my hopes up, are you here to stay? If not let me know now because I don't want Luca's feelings to be hurt-"
"I'm here to stay Y/N. I'm not going anywhere without you or Luca." Bucky reassured maintaining their eye contact so she can know he wasn't lying and relief flooded through Y/N veins as she jumped into his arms. Without hesitation, she placed her lips on his.
Luca covered his eyes with Steve's hand. "Yucky their kissing."
Steve closed his eyes as well going along with it. "I know right eww."
Should I write a part 3? Lmaooo I loved writing this but it took me all damn day to write.
tagsss because I know you guys would love to know when the second part dropped. I just picked and choose out of random.
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deexchanel · 3 days ago
Word Count:
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!Reader
Warning: Pregnancy, Fluff and Angst
Summary: Y/N is a well-known respected therapist in Washington D.C. H.Y.D.R.A threatened Y/N to give therapy to the Winter Soldier to know his strength and weakness. Or they would kill her and the baby.
During Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Post Captain America: Civil War.
A/N: I know a lot of people do not like reading about the OC being pregnant so if you do not like it, go read something else!
Tumblr media
‘Another day of not being killed,’ Y/N thought as her heels clicked against the sidewalk. It was around 6:20 when she went inside the Ideal Federal Savings Bank. It was where James was being held. Pierce told her to be there by 6:30 every day even though she doesn’t get off work until 5:30. Then she had to drive halfway then walked the rest.
Her feet would always ache by the time she was to give therapy to him. She rubbed her five-month belly as she went through the metal detector. This was Y/N’s 5th week working there, so she was accustomed to the procedures she had to endure. Y/N took a sip of the caramel frozen custard she had disguised in a black travel coffee cup.
Hey, it’s what the baby wants.
Before she could walk through the double doors, the scientist stopped her from going any further. “Miss Y/N, he isn’t stable!”
Ignoring his worried manner, Y/N waddled past him. Her fear went away when she saw that he was okay. James was sitting up in the chair with clenched fists. Pierce stood in front of him along with armed forces talking to a technician.
“Then wipe him and start over.”
“Wait,” Y/N speaking up grabbed everyone’s attention. “If I do therapy with him in this state of mind, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.” She fumbled with the coffee cup, nervous from the attention being on her.
A smile crept on Pierce’s face. “I like the way you think.” He pointed at one of the technicians. “When she’s finished, wipe him.”
Once therapy starts, the guards knew to step out. Y/N sat on the little chair in front of James. She gave him a smile, and he gave her a smile on back.
“Hi, James.”
“Y/N, I told you to call me Bucky many times.”
Y/N crossed her feet, sitting down her bag. She then pulled out a clipboard and pen, writing down today’s date. “I know Bucky I just like saying James. How has your day been?”
“The same as always.” Bucky admired how she gave her full attention to him. Y/N is only here to write down information about him, but she takes her time and shows him that she actually cares.
“Bucky, we have been doing this for 5 weeks now. You have to give me something else other than ‘the same as always’ okay?”
“Okay...” Bucky trailed off. He was nervous about complimenting her, thinking she would reject him, but he went for it anyway. “I like your hair Y/N; it really fits you.”
Y/N felt her face heat up from the sudden compliment. “Thank you, Bucky. I put extra leave-in conditioner on it this morning.” She gives him a very bright smile. He visibly looked happier talking about something other than H.Y.D.R.A, but she knew she had to ask him the questions anyway.
“Have you been fed today, Bucky?”
“No, not since 3 days ago.”
Out of instinct, Y/N rubs her belly. “I’m going to have to talk to Pierce about that. Until then, drink some of my frozen custard I have hidden.” She leans forward, passing him the travel coffee cup.
Bucky looks at her in worry. “What’s frozen custard?” He took the cup in hesitation. Y/N wrote down the fact that he didn’t eat today nor 3 days ago.
“I’ll explain another time, just drink up and get full because I filled up that entire cup. You’re going to love it. Let’s talk about today, shall we?”
Bucky shifted in his seat, taking here and there sips of the frozen custard. “Y/N, we always talk about me. I give you the same answer, today I fought and took down guys for H.Y.D.R.A’s dirty work. I really don’t want to talk about that.” His eyes held fear; talking about the one thing he’s forced to do really bothers him.
“C-Can we talk about you, Y/N?”
She was completely caught off guard by that. Y/N begins to play with her curls. “Oh uh o-okay. Yeah, we can talk about me. I never knew you were curious about me. Anything to make you feel comfortable. What is it you want to know?”
“How did you become my therapist?” Bucky noticed how her happy mood died down a bit.
“Well, uh, I came home to see my boyfriend being held at gunpoint. Pierce gave me an ultimatum on either I come to work for him, or he kills my boyfriend. Y/BF/N spoke out of turn, trying to defend me. Pierce k-killed him before I could even answer the choices.” Y/N eyes became teary. She picked at the hem of her shirt.
“So now I have to act as if I’m happy to my clients, but in reality I’m miserable. My child has to now grow up without his father. It’s going to be so hard. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have this profession.”
Bucky felt terrible for even bringing up the question. He’s never seen her cry before because she’s always happy when they talk. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I-I didn’t know it was like...”
Y/N cuts him off, placing a hand on his knee. “It’s fine. I’m going to be okay. I’ve been everyone’s listening ear. Sometimes I need someone to listen to me.”
“Y/N, can I ask you another question?”
“Yes, Bucky you may.”
“Are you having a boy or a girl? I’ve wanted to ask you that for the longest.”
Y/N lets out a giggle at his curiosity. He was like a little kid. “It’s a boy Bucky.”
“I’ve always wanted boys when I have a family. I have 4 sisters, and I tried to protect them the best way I could. That’s exactly why I want boys first so they can always protect their little sister.” Bucky smiled, thinking about how fantastic life would be if he wasn’t captured by H.Y.D.R.A. Y/N wanted to hug him so bad for finally opening up to her.
He actually gave her a genuine smile.
Y/N cleared her throat, knowing time is almost up. She didn’t dare writing down what they had just talked about. That was their own personal conversation. “Bucky, I have to ask you one last question before I go. I know Pierce is going to ask me about it, so therefore I need to ask you. What was your reason for lashing out today?”
Bucky finished up the last of the frozen custard. Thinking about it, his jaw clenched. He sat the cup near her bag. “ I overheard Pierce and Rumlow talk about how they were to get rid of you. As in how they were going to kill you.”
Y/N's heart begins to race as she protectively covers her stomach. Bucky noticed she was starting to hyperventilate. “Hey, hey doll, look at me.” He placed his hands on her cheeks, bringing her forehead to his.
Y/N brown eyes looked into his blue eyes. Calmness starts to take over; she felt protected. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you Y/N, okay?”
Y/N nodded, knowing that he was serious. “Okay. You promise?”
“I promise.”
“Alexander Pierce has been exposed for being over H.Y.D.R.A while being the head of S.H-“ Y/N turns off the television, heart beating out of her chest. She didn’t know this day was coming so soon. Y/N didn’t know where to go, who to call, or when to leave.
She needed to know that soon, or she was going to prison for working with H.Y.D.R.A. Government Officials weren’t going to believe her if she said Pierce gave her an ultimatum then killed her boyfriend. That’s why she needed to leave now. Y/N waddled to her room in a rush to see that her bags were packed.
Y/N slowly took steps back, covering her huge stomach. She was scared because she knew she wasn’t the only one in her condo. She stood in the door frame just as Bucky walked out of her bathroom with her last packed bag.
“Yes. Y/N, we need to leave now.”
“I have to g-grab..”
Bucky cut her off, holding the exact bag she was talking about. “ I have your leave-in conditioner, that thingy that you sleep in at night that protects your hair, curl creme, your brush, and more. I knew what to grab from the labels and what you told me from previous sessions when we talked about your hair. Let’s go.” Y/N didn’t reply as she put on the clothes he had laid out.
To herself, she was surprised but also happy that he remembered. It showed how closely he paid attention to Y/N.
Soon they were a train cart on the way to Bucharest. Y/N was asleep safely in Bucky’s arms. He kept his hand, protectively placed on her growing belly. He kissed her forehead, watching her sleep peacefully.
“I’m always going to protect the both of you.”
This randomly popped up in my head and wouldn’t go away until I wrote it, so I hoped you guys enjoyed it.
Therapist part 2
Stay slutty, my friendsss!
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deexchanel · 4 days ago
Word Count: 1865
Pairing: Steve Rogers x BlackFem!Reader. (anyone can be Y/N!)
Warning: Swearing, Angst, Mentions of a knife.
Summary: Y/N and Steve get into a big argument, she leaves for the night so they could have some space apart. When Y/N comes back, secrets are revealed.
Please read A/N to understand the one-shot!
A/N: I love writing these so enjoy!😂 . To understand something just for the sake of this one-shot. Lori is Empriss’s sister and Tony’s wife. Tony had previously cheated on Lori not too long ago. Plus BRUCE WOULD NEVER ACT LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFEEE!
Tumblr media
Y/N and Steve had gotten into a pretty big argument last night. So she went to stay with Lori at her brother's house. From previous events, Lori went to stay with her brother to get away from Tony so that's where Y/N went.
It felt that the time that they had a part since last night was good enough. Y/N walked back into the tower, ready to fix her relationship.
"Nattyyy, "Y/N said in a sing-song voice wrapping her arm around the Russian assassin. Natasha gave a small pulling the tablet to her chest.
"Hey uh Y/N."
"What was for breakfast? I didn't get a chance to eat before I left this morning. Have you seen Steve?"
Natasha cleared her throat, looking around nervously. "Uh, I haven't. I need to go help Tony with something, so I'll um see you later." With that, Nat gets on the elevator.
Y/N shrugged it off, going to find her best friends. She didn't even knock on Empriss door; she just walked in. Bucky was watching something on tv while Empriss sitting beside him on her laptop.
"Hiiii guysss." Y/N dragged out belly-flopping on Bucky. He grunts from being caught off guard. Empriss leaned over, giving her kisses all over the face.
"My pretty baby! Last night was so boring without you."
"Agreed. Y/N, get off of me! I can't breathe!" Bucky groaned, and Y/N crawled over him, laying on her side in the middle. He sat up in the bed with his back against the headboard. Y/N looked on Empriss laptop to see what she was doing.
"What happened last night?"
"They decided to get drunk, to get away from the problems they've been facing. Bucky and I smoked weed in my room cause I'm tired of drinking alcohol at the moment."
"Whatttt?? You got oldie over here to smoke weed?"
"What's that supposed mean? You say that like I'm not cool or something." Bucky gasp from behind Y/N. "I am fun. I put the F in fun!"
"Sure, babe, but I do give it to you, though, because you did get fucked up with us for my birthday," Empriss remembered raising an eyebrow. "Anywho, how was it at my brother's house?"
"Oh, Arthur is the funniest person ever. Me, him and Peter played C.O.D together. Lori and I did an exercise where we make a list to um." Y/N swallowed as the subject start to get touchy. "See if we really wanted them out of our lives for good. Basically, a pro's and con's list."
"Are you okay? really?" Bucky asked softly. Y/N took a deep breath, thinking about his question. The argument was about settling down. Steve doesn't want to settle down because he feels that once they do, a threat will come, and they would be right back at the avenger's tower for protection. He feels being separated, then the enemies would target her specifically to hurt him.
Y/N know that if it was a threat, then to check in with the Avengers. They would take it down together as a team. But at the end of the day, she and Steve could go back to their own home. Settle down with their own stuff. They don't necessarily have to have kids or get married. Just to have a place to call their own.
"I should be okay, Bucky."
"Good, just come talk to Empriss or me if you need anything."
"Yea girl, you know we can talk about anything!" Empriss smiled, ruffling Y/N's hair. "That's what I'm here for!"
"I know; I have a question." Y/N adjured, biting the inside of her lip. "Have either of you thought about settling down? Like having your own place, or am I rushing it with Steve."
Both Bucky and Empriss looked at each other with a raised eyebrow. "Well, I have, but it's not really one of the main things I'm thinking about." Bucky shrugged his shoulder, and Empriss agreed.
"Same, but you're not rushing it with Steve. Every relationship is different."
"Mr. Barnes, Ms.Harvey, Ms. Y/L/N, they are asking for you guys to come down. Ms. Maximoff made nachos and has a card game set up." F.R.I.D.A.Y spoke, scaring the shit out of them. The trio screamed, then turned into a laughing fit.
They walked downstairs to see Natasha, Clint, Tony, Bruce, Wanda, Vision, Thor, Sam, and Steve. The team was sitting around a table with the game cards against humanity in front of them.
"The party's here!!" Empriss yelled, sticking her tongue out. The team cheered in excitement. Natasha awkwardly got up from beside Steve, which raised Y/N's eyebrow, but she ignored it.
"Hey, babee!" Y/N smiled happily, kissing her boyfriend's cheek.
"Hey babe!" Steve replied placing a peck on her lips." I didn't know you were back. We can go talk if you want to."
"No, baby it's fine; let's enjoy now and worry about all of that later. I missed you."
"I missed you too so much. Come here." Steve said, pulling her into his lap. Y/N blushed, not being used to him being so bold. The game night started off fun initially, but soon it was like every chance the team got, they picked on Bruce. Except for Empriss cause she's not like that, but Y/N laughed at every joke Tony made.
Now they were playing; never have I ever half sober. "Never have I ever had drunk sex," Sam said, and everyone except Wanda, Vision, and Bruce put a finger down.
"Oop, virgin Bruce at it again." Clint laughed, making everyone laugh. Empriss rolled her eyes, drinking the rest of her champagne. "Alright, get off Bruce. It's annoying now."
"Nah, it's cool, Empriss. They keep getting on me but let's get on them." Bruce corrected, drinking the rest of his beer.
"Banner, chill, we're just joking around," Tony said, placing a hand on Bruce's shoulder, but he swipes it off.
"No! Let's get on the subject since it's been about me all night. Tony, tell Empriss how you told me that you weren't even drunk when you cheated on Lori. You actually liked it."
Empriss slowly gets up from the couch, tilting her head to the side," The fuck he just say, Stark?"
Bucky pulls her back onto his lap. Tony looked at Banner in betrayal like, " What the fuck ?"
"Oh, I'm not finished!" Bruce laughed, grabbing another beer opening it. "Vision since you want to laugh, tell Wanda how you can have children, but you told her you can't cause you didn't want none."
Wanda gasp turning to Vision, who looked anywhere but her. "W-What?"
"Bruce, cool it. Seriously." Clint remarked, knowing he's opening a can of worms, he can't close.
"I HATE YOU!" Wanda sobbed, getting up from the couch going to her room. Vision took a deep breath, following her.
"You didn't stop when I asked, so why should I stop." Bruce laughs dryly. "I should call Laura and tell her how you slept with the downstairs receptionist."
"You wouldn't." Clint fumed, balling his fist up. Bruce smirked.
"Try me."
"Bruce, stop it. It's not that serious to doing all of this. It was a damn game." Natasha dismissed, sitting her drink down. Sam nodded his head in agreement.
"Yeah man. This not cool."
Thor cleared his throat as the tension in the room was high. Bruce smirked, looking at the famous best friends," I don't know who to start with first. Bucky or Steve?"
Both Empriss and Y/N raised an eyebrow then turned to look at their men. "Leave me out of this shit." Bucky snarled, sitting up in his seat.
"Neither one of you can't sit there innocently." Bruce tilts his head to the side."Tell Empriss how you slept with Sharon not once, not twice but three times."
Empriss eyes widen in shock, turning around to look at her boyfriend. Bucky took a deep breath rubbing his mouth with his hand. His blue eyes looked everywhere but her eyes. Empriss laughed, getting up from his lap.
"Babe wait-" Bucky tries grabbing her waist, but she slaps him hard.
"Don't touch me!" Empriss snapped, walking away to her room. Bucky swiftly gets up, following her. Bruce had a smile on his face seeing everything destroyed.
"That's enough, Bruce! Stop this!" Steve shouted, but that didn't phase Bruce. He laughed, taking a sip of his beer.
"Oh, you're innocent! You're Captain America; you don't do nothing." Bruce laughed harder. "Tell Y/N how you fucked Natasha last night after our shindig."
Y/N closed her eyes, trying to calm down from the shit she just heard. Steve rubbed his hand over his face, stressed. Natasha bit her lip, looking at Y/N for a reaction.
Tears fell as her body trembled in anger. Y/N looked at Steve," Tell me he's lying."
Steve opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Y/N bit her lip nodding her head.
"Thanks for the answer." She got up from his lap. Steve grabbed her hand, but she snatched away.
"Don't fucking touch me!"
Y/N walked over to the kitchen. Everyone looked confused about what she was doing. She sobbed, pulling out a butcher knife from the drawer. She turned around, walking hastily over to Steve with the knife in hand. Everyone noticed the knife, causing a huge commotion.
"YOU CHEAT ME ON WITH HER?! I'LL KILL BOTH OF YOU!!" Y/N screamed, swinging the knife around, trying to get to the cheating ass whores. Both Natasha and Steve dodge the hits, but it didn't stop her.
"Y/N PUT THE KNIFE DOWN! I'M SORRY." Steve yelled.
Thor grabbed her waist, pulling her to his chest. "Y/N, drop the knife!"
"LET ME GO!" She sobbed, swinging the knife around. Sam, Tony, and Clint stood in front of her dodging the swings. 
"I GAVE YOU ALL OF ME, AND THIS HOW YOU REPAY ME?! YOU LUCKY I CAN'T GET MY HANDS ON YOU!" Y/N screamed, thrashing around in Thor’s arms. Her hair stuck to her face from the tears that rolled down her face.
"Y/N baby! Put the knife down! I'm sorry, okay?! I'm so sorry! It didn't mean anything. WE WERE DRUNK!" Steve yelled from behind Sam. He repeatedly ran his hand through his hair. Natasha couldn't even say anything; she hurt the person that meant the most to her.
Y/N stop thrashing around and drops the knife on the ground. Everyone was out of breath from all the dodging that was done. Steve walks over, trying to get to her but Sam shook his head placing a hand on his chest. Y/N turned around in Thor's arm breaking down.
Steve's eyes filled with tears seeing his best girl break down and cry over him. Everyone in the room took a moment of silence. Bruce smirked himself feeling accomplished. Thor picked her up bridal style while she continues to sob, taking her up to her room.
Steve turned around, punching a big hole in the wall. Seconds later, he broke down too. Tony pulled him in a well-needed hug, knowing exactly how he felt.
Ahh y/n crazy ass😂😂
Bruce petty asf though😂
I hope yall liked this one, like the bucky one! Last post for the night!
Stay slutty my friendsss
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deexchanel · 4 days ago
When he sees me
Word Count: 1400
Summary: Empriss prepares for her first date with Bucky.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!OC, Steve x Fem!OC
Warning: Fluff and singing!
A/N: (If you do not like singing in one-shots then read something else!) When I wrote this one-shot when I obsessed with the song . “When he sees me” from Waitress the musical.😆 so link to the song right here so you can listen to it while you read!
Tumblr media
Empriss sat in front of her vanity nervous while Hermione curls her hair. Bucky had Steve to help him ask her on a date. They had been liking each other for a while but never had the nerve to ask each until he did.
"Are you nervous bestie?" Emma asked while working her magic.
"I stick with real things, usually facts and figures. When information's in its place, I minimize the guessing game. Guess what?" Empriss sing basically rambling not wanting to admit she was.
"What? Empriss answer the question. It's a simple one!" Hermione stated grabbing another piece of hair to curl it.
"I don't like guessing game, or when I feel things before I know the feelings. How am I supposed to operate if I'm just tossed around by fate? Like on an unexpected date?" Empriss sing turning to look at Alexis. She rolled her eyes letting the last curl fall.
"Empriss you're overthinking. It's just Bucky, this maybe the chance for you to get to finally know each other!"
"With a stranger who might talk too fast. Or ask me questions about myself. Before I've decided that he can ask me questions about myself." Empriss cross her arms over her chest. She stood up going to her closet.
"He might sit too close or call the waiter by his first name or eat Oreos. But eat the cookie before the cream." Hermione mocked jokingly so Empriss could hear how crazy she sound.
But Empriss thought she was finally understanding what she was thinking about. "But what scares me the most. What scares me the most?"
"Is what if when he sees me, what if he doesn't like it? What if he runs the other way and I can't hide from it? What happens then?" Empriss sing holding up a dress. Hermione tilt her head examing it but she doesn't like it so she shake her head no.
Empriss throws it behind her grabbing a couple more to try on. She wanted to pick out the best dress for him. "If when he knows me, he's only disappointed? What if I give myself away, to only get it given back? I couldn't live with that."
"So, I'm just fine, inside my shell-shaped mind. This way I get the best view. So that when he sees me, I want him too." Empriss sing confidently picking up the perfect dress. She shakes it in excitement then walks over to the bed.
"Dawn, don't you think you're being a little, I mean maybe just a tad." Hermione trailed off not wanting to call her crazy. Hermione phone dinged signaling that Steve texted her. "Steve said they're back in the building! Put a little pep in your step bestie!"
"I'm not defensive! I'm simply being cautious, I can't risk reckless dating. Due to my miscalculating."Empriss sing sitting in front of the vanity again. "While a certain suitor stands in line I've seen in movie. Most made for television."
She used her talents to do the best makeup look. "You cannot be too careful, when it comes to sharing your life. I could end up a miserable wife."
Bucky held the red roses bouquet in his hands nervously. "What if she doesn't like me Steve? What if she doesn't like my arm or how I eat or something. What-"
Steve cuts him off, "It's going go good Buck. I know Empriss personally, she doesn't judge people."
"Okay Steve, I'm going to take your word on it. Is she beautiful?" Bucky wondered since he haven't seen what she looked like yet. Steve pat a hand on his shoulder smirking.
"Beautiful as ever."
"Emrpiss you're killing me. Bucky is the best person I've ever known. He's so cute and super sweet." Hermione assured sitting on top of the vanity. " What are you so scared about?"
"Sorry girl, but he could be criminal, some sort of psychopath. Who escaped from an institution,somewhere where they don't have girls." Empriss sing letting her imagination run wild. Hermione sigh taking the brush from her hand so she could do upwards strokes on her face.
"He could have masterminded some way to find me. He could be colorblind. How untrustworthy is that? He could be less than kind." Hermione sing mocking her again. She leaned back once she was finished with the makeup. "Empriss I got to admit it. Your nervousness making you sound crazy."
Empriss rolled her eyes continuing. "Or even worse he could be very nice, have lovely eyes and make me laugh, come out of hiding. What do I do with that?" She sing somberly fumbling with a makeup brush. Hermione lifted Empriss face so their eyes could meet.
"Empriss this is going to be the best date okay?" Be the confident best friend I know. This isn't going to be like what you had with little dick Tyler. Bucky's going to treat you so much better."
Empriss smiled and her eyes twinkled in excitement. She rushed to the bathroom with her dress in hand. Bucky and Steve arrived at the door. The winter soldier hand was held in front of the door so he could knock until he heard the girl's inside.
"Why aren't you knocking?" Steve asked confused and Bucky held a 'shh' then pointed at his ear then at the door. Both guys placed their ear again the door so they could hear better.
Empriss twirled around in her outfit happily, "Oh, god what if when he sees me I like him and he knows it? What if he opens up a door and I can't close it?" She grabbed Hermione’s hands they both giggled dancing around the room.
"What happens then? If when he holds me, my heart is set in motion I'm not prepared for that. I'm scared of breaking open." Empriss sing hitting a high note. "But still I can't help from hoping."
The music get softer and Emrpiss fall back on the bed, "To find someone to talk to,who likes the way I am. Someone who when he sees me....Wants to again."
Hermione clapped at the beautiful song that she sing, "You're voice is amazinggg!! They should be here any minute, ready to go?"
Empriss nodded her head, "That's you with the beautiful voice bestie. I'm ready!" She gets up from the bed grabbing odds and ins to take with her. Bucky was blown away by her amazing voice. He knocked on the door and in a matter of seconds Hermione opened the door.
"Hi Bucky! Hey baby!"
"Hey Hermione." Bucky smile. Steve leans down giving her a sweet kiss on the lips.
"Hey baby."
Empriss walked over standing beside Hermione. Bucky mouth was agape from her being totally different from what he thought of. "I'm um- uh-."
He stuttered over his words blushing and Steve helped him out like a good friend would. "This is Bucky, my best friend."
All Bucky could do was hold out her flowers towards her which she happily took. "My name is Empriss and Thank you Bucky! These are beautiful." She stands on her tippy toes placing a kiss on his cheek. "I prefer hibiscus flowers but roses are my second fave."
"I'm glad you like them." Bucky smiled looking her lovingly. Hermione took that as a sign that they needed to leave.
"Well me and Steve are going to have dinner with Tony and Lori. See y'all when y'all get back! Have fun!"
Everyone bid goodbyes and it was just Empriss and Bucky left. She was putting the flowers in some water.
"Where are we going for our date? I wanna know if I'm too dressed up."
"Oh we're going to a restaurant and if you didn't mind, afterwards I was going to take us go the beach."
"I love the beach. Let me grab a swimsuit and we can go." Empriss smiled which hooked Bucky on. He bit his lip fighting every temptation to kiss her.Unknowingly to him, she wanted to as well. You only live once so fuck it.
Empriss grabbed his shirt placing a passionate kiss on his lips. Bucky grabbed her waist pulling her closer to him. He deepen the kiss as his hands guides down to her ass, gripping it. The both pulled back with smiles on their face.
"I'm going to enjoy this date with you."
"Me too. I like it already."
Hermione is @kalopsia-flaneur 💞
I hope you guys enjoyed it.
I thought this was really cute and corny.
Stay slutty my friendsss 😉
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deexchanel · 5 days ago
Double Agent
Word Count: 2.K
Warning: Swearing, Angst
Pairing: Avengers x OC, Bucky x OC, Steve x OC, Thor x OC, Tony x OC.
Summary: The team goes out for a normal date night but someone had different plans. Empriss has her true identity revealed.
A/N: This is a sort of sad one. Empriss (Em-Priss), Aurelia (A- U- Rell- e- ah) , Lori and Alexis is characters I have made up myself.
Tumblr media
“This is my family! I can’t go through with this mission anymore, just kill me instead.” Empriss whispered harshly into the phone. She stood in the bathroom she shared with Bucky.
"YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT ME! I will go through this mission and kill them myself! I need their power!"
Empriss couldn't get a response out and the phone hung up. "H-Hello? Hello?" Panic set in, not knowing what else to do. Bucky knocked at the door.
"Empriss? Doll is everything okay?"
"E-Everything is fine!"
----------- First Person Point of View
"Bucky just hold on to the leash. You keep letting Subi pull on you!" I laughed placing my hand on top of his.
"I'm trying! I never had a dog before." Bucky laughed as our hands both held on the leash.
" I see!" I giggled and we continue to walk on the sidewalk. My phone ring in my pocket so I pulled it out. Tony's picture was showing on the screen.
"Can you guys come back please, Lori is freaking out cause her hair won't do right for tonight."
"Yea, we'll come back right now."
Tony hung up and Bucky looked at me concerned.
"Everything okay?"
"Yes, Lori need help with her hair that's all. You're walking Subi back so you can get use to it." I smiled and his concern washed away.
"Okay. Are you ready for tonight?" Bucky asked smiling at me. I stood on my tippy toes, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"I'm exciteddd!"
"You guys finished? Thor is hungry and won't stop complaining about it." Alexis whine poking her head in the room. I was sitting by Lori finishing my makeup. She was putting her lashes on while Aurelia was painting her nails. Natasha was flat ironing her hair.
"We're coming. Tell him to hold his horses." Aurelia scolded trying to stay focused on her nails. Tonight they were having just one normal night without anything interrupting. I pushed down my fear of something happening to the team since I didn't go through with the mission.
"Natasha you look amazing!" I exclaimed looking at her outfit. She gave me a twirl with a big smile.
"Thank you!"
"Oh yeah, Bruce is going to love that!" Lori winked at her. Natasha blushed, rolling her eyes.
"Don't you guys start! That was one time." Natasha said, making all of us laugh. She was talking about the time Lori took a picture of them sleeping in the same bed.
Five minutes later, we were walking into the living where everyone waited. The guys sat on the couch talking about god knows what. Wanda was in the kitchen drinking some water.
"We're readyyyy! Let's go!" I announced loudly as we girls walked into the room. Bucky looked up at me then his eyes traveled down my body. The guys cheer as we girls strike a pose.
"Finally, you guys took that long, just for y'all to look the damn same." Sam joked, taking a sip of his drink. Aurelia flips him off, laughing.
"Oh hush, Sam."
"Well, I made reservations for 7:30, which is..." Tony trailed off, looking at his watch. "Now."
"I'm grabbing my Hennessey!" Alexis interjected rushing to the refrigerator.
"Alexis, you're not getting drunk tonight!" Steve stated, following behind her. Wanda stood in front of Vision, fixing his tie.
"Vis, why you didn't let me do your tie?"
"Because you were busy getting dressed. I didn't want to bother you, Wanda."
"You look so handsome, babe." I complimented, sitting down beside Bucky. He pulled me into his lap.
"You look beautiful, doll. What flavor lip gloss that is?"
"Mango. I wanted to try something new other than strawberry-" I rambled but was cut off by Bucky placing his soft lips on mine. I smiled in the kiss, placing my hand in his long hair.
He pulled back smirking, "Hmm, that tasted good. I like mango way better than strawberry."
I was too star-struck to say anything. I bit my lip thinking about the things I would do to him. He winked at me, so I grabbed his shirt, pulling him into another kiss. His hands guided over to my ass, gripping it.
"If you guys are done sucking each other faces off. We're leaving now." Natasha told us, hitting the back of Bucky's head. We pulled apart, blushing madly.
Thor and Aurelia walked out of the bathroom, fixing themselves up. I raised an eyebrow pointing at them.
"Not the in the bathroom!"
"Not on the couch!" Aurelia mocked back, pointing at us. Bucky shook his head, laughing.
"We were making out."
"We were having a serious conversation," Thor said confidently, then realized how it didn't make sense. "In the bathroom?"
It turned into a laughing fit then we 4 walked out to the garage. Everyone was in a huge circle arguing.
"We should ride together!" Steve said.
"No, each couple should drive their own car," Bruce argued.
"That's too many cars. How about ladies ride in one car. Men in the other car. It saves space and time." Lori reasons, but Tony slumped his shoulders in a pout.
"I wanted to ride with you."
"Next time, babe." Lori assured, kissing his cheek. "We need to go because we're already late."
I placed a quick kiss on Bucky's lips, "See you when we get there." He places a kiss on my nose.
"Vice Versa."
I was irritated at this point because we were lost. They gave Tony the wrong address. At this point, we could order a pizza and have a movie night at the tower.
" Ugh, we should go ahead and order pizza. It's taking too long for us to even find the place." Lori complained from the driver seat. Aurelia sat in passenger, Wanda beside me, Alexis and Natasha on the back row.
"I literally thought of the same thing. I should call the guy and tell them." I suggested pulling out my phone.
" I could do for a meat lover's pizza." Aurelia agreed.
"I just want to eat in general." Wanda groaned.
"Can we cook tacos too?" I have a taste for some." Natasha said, making all of us hum in agreement.
"I'm calling Tony so we can turn around," I told them while clicking the phone icon. A big crash makes me look up from my phone. It was like everything was in slow motion.
-Third Person-
The SUV the guys rode in flips high in the sky. The truck lands on the ground, tumbling a couple of feet. Lori smashes on her breaks out of instinct. Aurelia lets out a blood-curdling scream seeing the entire crash.
It happened so fast for the girls as they watched with wide eyes. Empriss was the first one to open her door getting out. She kicks off her shoes quickly then ran over to the flipped truck.
"BUCKY?! BUCKY! TONY?! STEVE? SAM!? " She screamed, hoping someone responded. She hoped that this wasn't her boss's doing; deep down, she knew it was. Not too far behind her was Natasha.
"EMPRISS?!" She heard a hoarse voice call for her. Empriss pry the door open to the truck to see Bucky lying on the roof of the truck. His shoulder was bleeding, face-filled scratches, a huge gash on his forehead. Empriss touched his leg since it was closer.
"I'm here, baby!"
Alexis runs over to the passenger side to see Steve had kicked the dented door off the truck. He was on the ground holding his shoulder. Her eyes were filled with tears seeing that he was alive.
"Baby! T-Tell me what hurts!" Alexis stuttered as she hovers over him. A gash was on his cheek, dirt was all over his face, his lip was cut.
"My shoulder! Ah!" Steve cried out in pain. Alexis's eyes looked to see that his shoulder was badly dislocated. She smelled gas, and realization kicked in.
"Babe, I need to move you to the side!" Alexis cried, and Steve shook his head no. He knew it was going to hurt, trying to move. "I have to, or the truck is going to blow up with us beside it."
Steve's eyes had tears in them from the pain, which hurt Alexis more. She took off her sweater, balling one side up. Steve stared into her eyes, scared.
"Babe, bite this! I need to move you." Alexis said, placing the balled sweater part in his mouth. It wasn't no debate; she needed to do it. She placed a hand under his shoulder than one softly under his display shoulder. Alexis counts down from 3 mentally then proceeded to pull Steve away from the truck.
His muffled screams were heart-wrenching.
Aurelia kissed Thor's forehead as he lay on the ground. She tried to hold her composure seeing him in this hurt state, but it wasn't working. The truck was on top of his leg. His face was filled with scratches, and his lip was cut. She was on her knees, hovering over him.
"Thor, baby, I'm going to touch your leg so I can know if you can feel it, okay?" She cried, holding his hand to her chest. Thor closed his eyes in pain; his breathing quickens.
Aurelia kissed his hand before moving her hands to his hurt leg. She pressed it softly.
"Can you feel that?"
Aurelia pressed harder, and he screams in agony.
"Yes! Yes! I can feel that!"
"Thor, I have to lift this truck off your leg! You're going to have to move it. You ready?" Aurelia said and he nodded his head. She squat, placing her hand under the truck. Lifting the truck, Thor rolls over but cry out in pain from his leg.
Aurelia grabbed his hand, pulling his body away from the truck. Thank god for super strength.
Lori had found Tony's body away from the truck. He was unconscious from him flying out the windshield. She pulled his body into her lap, lamenting.
"Oh god, honey, wake up. Please! I need you."
Empriss had finally gotten Bucky's body out of the wreckage. She was on her knees, hovering over his body placing pressure on his wound. His eyes were opening and closing from the amount of blood he lost. Empriss gently hit his face to wake him up.
"Baby, keep your eyes open for me. Hey! I need you, so don't die on me." She whimpered as more tears falling down her face. She grabbed his metal hand, placing it against her face.
"Please, baby. I need you."
"BRUCE!" Natasha screamed, looking everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. Sam was sat against the bridge wall. She noticed him running over to help. Wanda ran over as well noticing him too.
"Sam are you okay?"
"Other than my back I'm fine Wanda."
"What happened in that truck Sam? Where is Bruce and Vision?" Natasha asked squatting in front of him.
"I don't know where they are. We were driving and talking about the fact that we couldn't find the place. Someone shot through the windshield which made Tony swerve. You know the rest of what happened. I just came back conscious," Sam explained wincing when he tried to move.
"I tried to call someone for help but there's no service. Nobody has their suits, armor, or any sort of communication with the other Avengers. This was a setup guy." Wanda said looking at the rest of the team.
"Weird thing is, we're the only one on this bridge." Natasha lowered her voice as if someone was listening. Numerous armored trucks drove on the bridge, on either side of it. Everyone looked around frantically in the bright lights.
"No!No!"Empriss gut feeling was right. Tears sprouted from her eyes as she placed her hand against Bucky's cheek. "This is all my fault.." She whispered to herself knowing she betrayed everyone's trust.
"Ah sorry, it took so long for us to come back. We had to catch Bruce and Vision here." Thaddeus Ross said standing in front of the lights of the vehicles. Both girls gasp to see their significant others in containment.
Bruce laid unconscious on his side. Vision had some kind of advanced spear lodged in his side. His body was misconfiguration. "Wanda!" He called out for his wife. Wanda's eyes turned red as her power flare.
"I wouldn't do that if I was you Wanda. Barnes and Banner would electrocute." Ross grin and the girls shared a look as Wanda's powers died down.
"What the hell do you want with us?" Lori sneered as she held on to Tony's body tightly. She wasn't going down without a fight.
"This was the easiest way to get my earth's mightiest heroes. The night they were going out with their lovers. No protection, no armor, no problem. That bullet lodged in Barnes's shoulder, neutralize everyone that was in the truck powers. So bye-bye powers. Empriss didn't go along with the order I gave her so I took things into my own hands." Ross retorted then snapped his fingers at his guards. "Get them! I need mind wiping started in the next hour."
One guard grabbed Lori from behind to pry her off of Tony. The other two grabbed his body, placing him in the back of a truck. Lori thrashed around sobbing in the man's arms.
The guard yanked Steve up with his dislocated arm. One yanks Alexis by the hair harshly so he couldn't help him. He cries out in pain.
They ignored her throwing him in the back of a truck. The guard wraps his arm around Aurelia's neck and the other two grabbed Thor by the arms dragging him so they could put him in a truck.
Aurelia hits the man's arm, not being able to breathe.
Empriss knew the guards were coming for Bucky. "Ms Empriss." One of them greeted her. She let the guards push her off. Bucky. They yanked him up by grabbing his shirt on the hurt shoulder. His eyes opened and he cries out in pain.
Empriss sobbed knowing she couldn't do anything, this was all her fault and she knew that. Wanda and Natasha stood in front of Sam protectively.
"You're not going to touch him. What do you mean Empriss didn't go through your plan? She doesn't work for you." Natasha seethes getting in defense mode.
"Crazy for you think that. Empriss has been a double agent this whole time. The one you love and trust the most works for me. Can you believe it? I can!" Ross lets out a hearty laugh. Each one of the women stared at Empriss in disbelief. She placed her hands over her face not wanting to face everyone.
"Empriss what the hell is he talking about?"Lori sniffed looking at her in a glare. "Tell us he is lying!"
Empriss cried harder giving everyone their answer.
Ross shook his head. "You know what. I'll let you keep him and weak Empriss. I don't need her anymore, I have my treasure. Shock 'em."
Two guards came from the side of Wanda and Natasha placing a disk on their necks. Unbeknownst to everyone, when the guards took away their men it was disks placed on them. All the women fell to the ground unconscious from the electrocution.
"You will not get away with this!" Sam yelled trying to get to his feet.
"Oh, I already have!" Ross laughed going back to his truck. Soon the bridge was cleared again. Too many thoughts ran through Sam's mind as he up from the ground in pain.
So much for a normal night.
wow uh this is a filler.
I kinda don't like it😂. If you guys like it, let me know in the comments!
Stay slutty my friends!
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When he tries
(part 2 to when he cheats)
Word Count:
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!Reader
Warning: Swearing, Allergic reaction, Angst, fluff.
Summary: little Melanie has a allergic reaction when she is at school. Instead of the teacher calling y/n, she calls bucky.
A/N: I wouldn’t have thought of this if @bx725 didn’t comment so thank youu 🥺 all the credit goes to you!
Tumblr media
Bucky sat at meeting table very stressed. Him, Steve and Tony were coming up with ideas on how to take down the next hydra base.
“So we can’t come in on the left?” Steve placed his hand on his chin. Bucky sigh leaning back in the chair. Tony removed his glasses from his face.
“That side is overcrowded with soldiers so no unless we send in hulk.”
Bucky’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He held a finger up, using his other hand to take his phone out. Seeing that it was his daughter’s school calling confused him. “Hello?”
“Is this Mr.Barnes?”
“Yes it’s me.”
“M-Mr. Barnes I need you to come to the emergency room. Melanie had an allergic reaction and it was b-bad.”
In a panic, Bucky gets up from the table, hanging up the phone and ignoring everyone. His mind wondered about his baby girl and prayed that she was okay. He drove over the speed limit, trying to reach her in time.
“Melanie Barnes? I’m her father!” Bucky frantically placed his hands on the receptionist desk.
“187, Down the hall on the left!”
Bucky ran past her, following the directions that were given. When he opened the door, his heart broke seeing his daughter state. Melanie's eyes were swollen with a red rash going up the side of her neck. Her teacher sat in the chair, trying to calm herself down.
“What happened?? How did this happen?” Bucky rubbed his baby hand as he stood beside the bed. He moved the hair from her forehead.
“I-It was snack time; I specifically put on her plate what you guys me to put. Melanie asked to go to the bathroom, so I let her. The student beside her switched her chocolate chip muffin to a banana one without me knowing. Mel ate it, not knowing, and 2 minutes later, her eyes were swollen shut.” The teacher tried to keep her composure. On the inside, she knew her job was good and gone.
Before Bucky could reply, his phone rang. Not taking his eyes off his sleeping daughter, he answered. “Hello?”
Steve replied in a heartbeat.“Buck, what happened?? Everything alright? You left in a panic.”
“I’m alright; Melanie is in the E.R. she had an allergic reaction.”
“I’m on the way. Have you called Y/N?”
“Shit! Let me call her right now.”
He hung up, not even waiting on a response. Bucky hit Y/N’s emergency contact.
“What do you want, Bucky?”
“It’s not like that right now. Y/N, you need to get to the emergency room. Melanie had a bad allergic reaction. I’m here now with her teacher.”
Y/N hung up, not wasting any time leaving work. Melanie's eyes opened, seeing her dad’s tall frame standing beside the bed. “D-daddy?”
Her little voice grabbed the Winter Solider’s attention. He leaned over the bed frame grabbing her hand. “Yes, princess, I’m here.”
Melanie's eyes filled with tears, her throat began to feel itchy. “Daddy, my face hurt, and throat is itchy.” Bucky's eyes wandered around, then caught a glimpse of the itching cream on the stand beside the bed.
“I know, honey, let me put some cream on it.” He grabbed the container, putting some cream on his fingers then smeared it on her irritated skin. Relief flood through Melanie as she didn’t have the urge to scratch her skin. Steve peeked his head in the door.
“Is she woke?”
“Yeah, man.”
“Uncle Steveeee!!” She beamed excitedly then let out a cough. Bucky rubbed her back for comfort. “Princess, don’t overwork yourself; we want you to feel better soon.”
Steve came into view holding a white teddy bear. “Daddy’s right; don’t overdo it.” He slid into bed right beside Melanie. She cuddled up to her uncle, and they engaged in a weird conversation.
Bucky took this time to stand out the door to collect his thoughts and physically calm down. It was also to wait on Y/N’s arrival. He could take a deep breath and accept that his daughter would be okay.
James watched his wife rush into the hospital with tears in her eyes. Even though they were separated, they still haven’t filed for a divorce. “Where is she?!”
“In the room Y/N with Steve and her teacher. She’s fine.” He tries to grab her hands, but she is snatched away. Bucky could see how stressed and tired she was from the bags under her eyes.
“Why didn’t you call me first??” Y/N hit his chest.
“W-Why you didn’t you call?”He took the hits from her.
“W-Why??” Bucky blocked the hits pulling Y/N into his chest. She cuddled her face into his chest, breaking down. Being away from each other was hard on both of them. Bucky kissed her forehead.
“Doll, I’m sorry I didn’t call as soon as I got the news. I rushed here to make sure our daughter is safe. I’m so sorry.”
“Bucky, I can’t do this without you. I’m so stressed; these 3 weeks without you have been hard.” Y/N sniffled, pulling back from his chest. She wipes her eyes, trying to control the tears. “I need help, and I need you, but you cheated on me. I think about it every night because you showed me that I wasn’t good enough. Why am I not enough? Is it my weight? The way I look? Do you not want Melanie??”
“Enough with the nonsense Y/N. There isn’t any excuse for why I cheated. I don’t want to come up with a bullshit ass excuse. I’m sorry that I cheated Y/N. I’ll do everything in my willpower to make it up to you. I know forgiving me will take time, and I don’t care how long it does. I will wait for you. You are perfect for me, the way you look, your hair, your body, your eyes. Everything is perfect for me. I want you and our daughter over anyone else. I love you Y/N; I’ll forever love you until my heart stops beating.” Bucky placed his forehead against hers. Y/N grabs his face, pulling him into a passionate kiss.
“I love you too, Bucky Barnes, but this will take time for me.”
“I will be here when you’re ready.”
Y/N gave him another peck on the lips then gave a small smile. “Let’s go check on our daughter.” Bucky gave her one more hug then let Y/N open the door.
I hope you guysss like thissss 😁😁😁
This is just a fanfic. We do not condone cheating in real life!!! Beat his ass if he does☝🏾
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deexchanel · 5 days ago
Guyssss go read thisss💕💕
Tumblr media
A Swarm of Butterflies
Part one
Part two
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader
Summary: Your first meeting with Steve Rogers elicits the fluttering of butterflies in your belly.
Authors Note: Hey y’all!! I’m new here on Tumblr and this is my first published fic. I plan to write for several different characters eventually!! So stick around and look out for your fav. This is the first part of a Steve Rogers series. I don’t know how many parts it will be just yet. It will be in chronological order from the first meeting forward. Please leave feedback in the comments!!! Message me requests and I’ll see what I can do. Happy reading friends!!
Tumblr media
Ever since you had moved into the city you had strolled through the park a few blocks from your apartment each morning. The park was rundown and over grown because people preferred the new park that was build ten miles north, but this park was your favorite place. You found solitude and peace walking the abandoned trails that were intricately wound though a beautiful garden full of blooming flowers. Honeysuckles climbed the trees and bees buzzed about collecting pollen for their honey. Halfway through the trail, surrounded by roses was an old wooden bench. You sat there each morning to watch the make it’s ascent into the sky. The park gave you an escape from the city. It was a hidden treasure. It gave you a break from the chaos of everyday life. A moment to breathe. A moment to reflect and recollect your thoughts. It was the most cherished moment of each day.
You walked the familiar pathway in silence taking in the greenery encasing the trail. When you began to approach the rose bushes that were bursting with bright hues of red and pink you knew that you were nearing the halfway point of the trail and the old, wooden bench you frequented each morning. Your favorite spot in the city. You rounded the corner with a smile and spotted the bench. It was usually vacant, but on this particular morning it was occupied. You stood back beyond the rose bushes and admired the man sitting on your bench for a moment.
He sat on the bench with his muscular arms stretched across the back of it. His golden hair glinted in the morning light. His jaw was beautifully sculpted and his cheeks tinted the lightest shade of pink. His long legs were crossed at the ankles, wrinkling the bottom of his worn jeans. His face was tilted up toward the sky as he admired the variety of pinks and oranges painted across the sky. A soft smile graced his lips. He looked so at peace. You almost turned and headed back down the path. You wanted to allow him this peaceful moment. Maybe he needed it. Maybe it had the same positive effect on him as it did for you, but you couldn’t fight the undeniable pull you felt toward this man. Your feet carried you closer. You took small, quiet steps and came to a stop a few feet away. You took a deep breath and cleared your throat to speak.
“Excuse me,” you spoke. Your voice was soft, almost a whisper.
He turned his head to face you. His bright blue eyes meeting yours for the first time. It stole your breath for a moment, and you tried to calm your racing heart. You had never seen such an angelic looking man.
“Do you mind if I sit here?” You asked, your voice sounding small in the open space. He offered a warm smile.
“Not at all.” He spoke, moving his arms to rest at his sides. He scooted over to make room for you.
You sat down on the opposite end of the bench and crossed your arms over your torso. You could feel his gaze lingering on your frame, but you kept your eyes on the sky. A few moments passed before you spoke again.
,“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” You asked, breaking the silence between you. He turned his gaze back to the masterpiece appearing in the sky before you.
“It is. Since I was a kid I’ve loved getting up early and watching the colors change.” He replied.
“I come here every morning and watch the sunrise. It’s my favorite part of the day. Normally I’m alone. This park has been abandoned for a decade.” You explained, clasping your hands in your lap.
He chuckled, the sound deep and melodious. “I know. I’m from here.” He replied turning his body to face you. “I’m Steve.” He introduced himself, extending his large hand between you.
You turned finally really taking in his face for the first time. You felt foolish for not realizing who he was sooner. Those baby blue eyes were plastered on posters all over the city of Brooklyn.The pounding in your chest intensified. You wound your hands together to try to mask their shaking.
“I’m Y/F/N Y/L/N” you blushed, placing your palm in his.
As soon as your hands touched goosebumps erupted all over your arms, and it felt as though electricity danced through your veins. His hand was warm and much larger than yours. It was calloused and rough from years of fighting. You looked up into his eyes and he shot you a wide smile. He was easily the most beautiful human being you’d ever seen.
“What a beautiful name.” He replied, your hand still encased in his. At his compliment a swarm of butterflies began to take flight in your belly. Their wings fluttering fiercely and causing the most delightful sense of nervousness to wash over you. You hadn’t felt a sensation such as this in years. Your cheeks heated at the thought and you lowered your gaze for a moment.
“Thank you.” You said with a smile, finally removing your hand from his. You turned back to the sunrise then and took a deep breath trying to calm the fluttering in your stomach. He too turned his gaze back to the sky.
You sat together in comfortable silence as the sun climbed completely over the horizon. Birds fluttered around, squirrels skipped through the trees, and far off in the distance you could hear the rush of cars on their morning commute. The entire world was coming to life, and all you could think about was the super shoulder five feet away. How comfortable you felt sitting there with him, a stranger. The way it had felt when his hand touched yours.
Once the colors had faded into a bright blue and the awe of the moment had dissipated Steve stood from his spot on the bench. Smoothing his hands over the front of his jeans. He walked a few steps closer and looked down at you, hands in his pockets.
“Well Y/F/N Y/L/N, it was nice watching the sunrise with you.” He smiled.
“It was nice watching with you Captain Rogers.” You replied, standing from your spot and walking over to one of the rose bushes. You ran your fingers over the delicate petals of a deep, pink rose.
He laughed, “Please call me Steve.” You crossed your arms over your chest and shot him a warm smile. “Alright, Steve.” You responded. His face lit up.
“I’ve got to head back to the compound, but I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner sometime?” He asked, his voice nervous. He reached a hand back behind his head to rub his neck.
You blushed, caught completely off guard. After this moment you never expected to see him again, and you most certainly weren’t expecting him to ask you to dinner. You looked down at your feet nervousness suddenly overtaking you. You were so tied up in your thoughts that you had forgotten to respond.
“Oh, god. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to over step. Forget I asked.” He rushed out, waving a hand in dismissal in front of him.
“No, no. You didn’t over step.” You shot your head up to look at him. Taking a few steps closer to the towering man. “I was just caught by surprise. I would love to go to dinner with you Steve.” You offered a soft smile.
The super soldier blushed and bowed his head with a smile on his face. He shuffled his feet a bit before looking up at you. “Great. How about you write your number down for me?” He asked, pulling a small leather notebook and pen from his pocket and handing the items to you.
You laughed and took the notebook, writing your name and number on a blank page. You handed them back to him with shaking hands. He reached out for the book and as his fingertips brushed against yours you felt the butterflies wings beating once again.
“I’ll call you, Y/N.” He smiled, tucking the notebook back into his pocket.
“Looking forward to it, Steve.” You smiled. He turned and began to walk the opposite direction. He looked over his shoulder one last time and raised his hand in a small wave.
You smiled and waved back. You stood frozen in your spot as you watched the man disappear around the corner. You really hoped he would call. You turned and continued down the path with a smile on your face and a swarm of butterflies dancing in your tummy. 
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Part 11
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Angst, and Fluff.
Summary: Euphoria hangs out with Chris and sees her ex-boyfriend.
A/N: Ahhhhhh enjoy!😁
Tumblr media
(What happens when you fuck with Sebastian's girlfriend 🤣^)
-1 week later-
"Euphoria, get up; we're going to be late!" Chris shouted, hitting me in the face with a pillow. Half asleep, I used my arm to block it.
"Late for what?-"He cut me off with another hit. "Chris, put the fucking pillow down!" I caught the pillow mid-strike. He stopped, dropping it on my chest.
"We have some last-minute shooting today. I came over to see if you wanted to ride even though you don't have to come in today."
I groaned trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes. I see that he was fully dressed with freshly groomed hair. "You woke me up just to say that? ugh! I'm coming hell." I rolled my eyes getting out of bed not caring about what I had on. Which were just some underwear and a tube top.
"We're stopping for hibachi too so do what you need with that information." I heard him say as I walked into my bathroom, grabbing my toothbrush and toothpaste so I could brush my teeth. "No, I want chick-fil-a Christopher."
"Well, we'll get both now hurry upp."
Feeling refreshed from the nap Chris woke up from, we did go to both food places. Chris and I walked onto the set looking like bad bitches.
In terms of, he had on an extra pair of my sunglasses. "Chris I watched that interview where you told the reporter your hamster name. I think Gemini Flanagan should be our name. You're Gemini and I'm Flanagan!" We both giggled kind of tipsy. Chris put his arm on his shoulder, laughing his ass off.
"Gemini F-Flanagan!!"
He could barely get his words out. I snickered at his goofy ass."Chris stop laughing damn, it's not even that funny." His laughing turns into wheezing making me laugh."Look Chris go into your trailer, I'm going back to the truck to grab my jacket so I'll be right back."He nodded still laughing going straight into his trailer. Guys, Chris is drunk as hell
I let out a little laugh shaking my head at him. As I was walking back from the truck, I heard someone call my name. "Euphoria!"
"Who the hell is calling my name?" I mumbled to myself peeking over my sunglasses. My blood ran cold when I saw who it was. It was my ex who technically isn't my ex because we didn't date but only talked to each other. Eric was head over heels for me but I wasn't for him. I didn't lead him on, I told him from the start that I didn't want a relationship.
He was manipulative, abusive with his words, attitude problem and when he was angry, he grabs my arm tightly. I moved away from him because I was tired of the toxicness. I acted like I didn't hear him and continued walking. "Bitch I know you hear me! You can't run from me."
That right there made me stop in my tracks. I turned around ready to give him a piece of my mind. "Bitch? You're the bitch Eric! Stop following me!"When he got closer to me, his tall frame stood over mine. Normally I'd be a sucker for that because it is Sebastian's tall frame. Now I'm terrified since it's Eric's tall frame.
"You belong to me! You're leaving with me right now!"
"Like hell I am Eric! Get out of here before I call the police. I've never had feelings for you! Stop. Stalking. Me." I grit through my teeth. In one swift movement, his hand wrapped around my neck. Eric was choking me.
I hit his arm trying to breathe but he wasn't budging. "We're leaving right now." He lets go but before I could gasp for air, he backhands me. My face fling to the side as I let out a yelp. Both my face and throat felt as if it was on fire. "Don't ever talk back to me! Do you understand?" He grabs a head full of my hair, gripping it.
My chin trembled as a couple of tears trickled down my cheek." Ah!" I reached for my hair but he gripped it tighter.
"I said do you understand??"
"I understand!" I cried out and he lets go of my hair. I was scared of him and I wanted to call Sebastian so bad but he wasn't mine anymore. "Let's go." Eric pointed to his truck. Before we could walk off, out walked Hemmy, Chris, and Sebastian from the building. My heart starts racing, Eric was going to hurt me more if I told them what happened.
"Euphoria what happened to you coming back?" Chris questioned when they close, obviously not tipsy anymore. "Who is this?" Hemmy asked menacingly, pointing at Eric. Sebastian stayed quiet looking back and forth between me and Eric.
"This is uh um.." I stuttered trying to think of an answer but Eric spoke up for me. "I'm Eric, her boyfriend." Sebastian clenched his jaw in anger then he looked at me trying to see if it was true. I have choked up my words, knowing it was a lose-lose situation.
"Well, I need to talk to Euphoria so excuse us."Sebastian sneered grabbing my waist so he can pull me away from the conversation. Eric began to say something but cowered down when Hemmy's tall frame stood in the way.
"I'm going to ask you this one time. Tell the truth Euphoria." Sebastian told me with anger written across his face. "Did he hit you?" I looked up at him beginning to cry giving the answer he needed. "Go get in the car!" He clenched his fist.
I've never seen him so angry like that, it scared me. I heard Eric speak up as I walked to Sebastian's truck."Where is she going? Why is she-" I quickly closed the door. I placed my head in my hands, not wanting to see what was going on outside. I could hear the muffled shouting coming from Hemmy, Chris, and Sebastian.
I hyperventilate knowing that I was the cause of all of this. "Hey, Hey, Hey Euphoria calm down. Breath, you're okay now." Tom reassured pulling me to his chest. I didn't even notice him getting in the truck. I just wanted all of this to be over with. I broke down in my best friend's arms, just wanting to shut the whole world out.
"It's so hot in here," I grumbled flipping the covers off of me, opening my eyes. There sat Sebastian at the edge of my bed. "Sebastian?" I sat up trying to see if it was really him. He turned around with no emotion on his face.
"Yes. You alright?"
"I'm fine, I just wasn't expecting you to be here." I picked at my nails not knowing what else to say. He took a deep breath before speaking up. "Euphoria did you know him? Did he come into the picture after you and I broke up?"
"No, He stalked me all the way to here. I used to talk to him when I stayed in Texas. He was so toxic and I didn't want to be around him so I left. Sebastian, I didn't do anything the whole time we weren't together. I wanted to prove to you that all I want is you."
"I beat his ass for placing a hand on you. Euphoria I wanted to kill him for even being near you."
I get out of the bed going over to stand in front of him. Us not being together was killing me. Fuck it. I ran a hand over my face"God Sebastian can you hold me?"
Seb gets up from the bed engulfing me in a well-needed hug. I inhaled his amazing scent, not wanting to let go. " I missed you so much. I was wrong about everything. You were right, I wasn't r-ready but now I am. I want to be the best girlfriend for you. I'm so sorry Sebastian." I cried with each word, I broke down more. He placed a finger under my chin, lifting my head so our eyes can meet.
"Doll, I forgive you. It's been hard not having you by my side. That made me realize that I can't live without you. Stop crying okay? I'm not going anywhere. I love you so much."
Relief flooded through my body. He used his thumb to wipe the tears from under my eyes. "I love you more." I sniffled then leaned forward closing the gap between us by placing my lips onto his.
I am completely in love with Sebastian Stan.
this is weird to me. I don't really know. it took me all day to write.
but tag: @majo240820 😁
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Part 10
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, sadness.
Summary: Euphoria realizes her mistake.
A/N: Should I write part 11? I wrote it!
Tumblr media
"Euphoria? Why are you crying? What's wrong?"
"Sebastian broke up with me!"
"What? What happened?"
"H-He said it was a mistake for us being together, I had embarrassed him and I was making it all about me." Euphoria sobbed into the phone. She was lying in the bed with a romance movie playing in the background. "Tom what did I do w-wrong?"
"Euphoria you're not telling me the whole story. I'll be there in about 5 minutes okay? Don't do anything until I get there."
"Okay, bestie." She wiped her tears but more fell. Euphoria grabbed another kit-kat bar opening it. Stuffing her mouth, she strolled through the pictures of her and Seb, debating if she wanted to delete it.
bestie: I haven't heard from you since earlier. everything okay?
phorialuv: no bestie, he broke up with me and left.
bestie: 🥺 you need me to come over?
phorialuv- you don't have too. tom's on the way. I've caused enough trouble. I'm sorry💔
bestie: you haven't caused any trouble. You're still my best friend. I come by tomorrow or you can come over after work. Me and Chris arguing it out rn.
phorialuv- i'm so sorry bestie.
Alexis didn't text back so Euphoria took it as she set her phone down. Tom peaked his head in her room. Him, Evans, Emma, and Alexis had a key to her house. "I brought taco bell and a friend."
"Who?" Euphoria questioned sitting up in the bed. Tom opened the door and Tessa excitedly ran into the room, onto the bed. That brightens Euphoria's moods a little bit. She hugged the pitbull, happy to see her.
"Tessa! Hi!"
Tom sat the food down taking off his shoes, getting in the bed. "So explain to me everything that happened."
2 hours later they were dressed in robes, face masks, eating taco bell, and watching legally blonde. Tessa even had her own plate of food and little robe.
"This is not to sound rude but I'm your best friend and I'm going to keep it real with you," Tom said.
Euphoria pauses the movie giving Tom her full attention."Okay, I'm all ears."
"Sebastian was right, Euphoria what you did was wrong."
"What? How was I-"
"Euphoria just listen, don't talk. Listen.  How would you feel if Sebastian went out to party only for you find out he let this girl grind on him while he was drunk."
"I would be pissed off."
"Okay, that's exactly how he feels, even though you didn't grind on Jason. It was the fact that you guys let him in your v.i.p section. When you go out and about, you shouldn't talk to no guy unless it's someone from the cast.  He not right for calling you out your name but he's right about everything else. " Tom said and she pouts holding out her arms. He pulled her into his chest, still talking.
"Next time you do something like that, think about how he would feel. Think about how you would feel if he did the same thing back. Bestie you have to think for the both of you, not just you. It's not all about you anymore, it's about both of you guys."
Euphoria finally accepted that she was wrong. She lost Sebastian from not thinking and that hurt her. She bit her lip to stop the tears but that didn't work. "God I'm so stupid!"
"No you're not Euphoria, you're just new to a relationship."
"What do I do now Tom? How do I make it up to him?"
"Give him time, when he calms down then you talk to him."
"Goodmorning Euphoria." Scarlett greeted grabbing her coffee. Euphoria gave a small smile waving.
"Hi, Scar. How's filming going?"
"Good. You alright?"
"I'm fine."
Scarlett rubbed Euphoria's shoulder in a comforting way. Today was try on costumes to see if they fitted or needed fixing so the whole cast was there. Sebastian walked into the break room, they both made eye contact. He shook his head leaving out the room not wanting to be in there when she was.
That broke Euphoria's heart completely. Crying, she walked out the other exit ignoring the calls for her. Evans noticed following after her while Anthony followed after Sebastian.
"Sebastian! What was that?" Anthony spoke finally catching up to the Romanian.
Sebastian took a deep breath trying to calm the anger down he had since yesterday. "That was me not wanting to be in the same room as her!"
"Why not man? Y'all are together."
"No Anthony we broke up yesterday since she thinks it's okay to be friendly with other guys like I don't exist!"
"Sebastian, you're going to have to explain the whole story, what happened?"
Seb proceeds to explain the whole story leaving Anthony bewildered. By now they were back into Mackie's trailer.
"So you're telling me that she thought it was okay for her to be friendly to other guys while you two were together? That's crazy."
"Yes, Anthony. I didn't mean to call her out of her name but she pissed me off. Euphoria means the world to me but that night obviously proves that me and my feelings mean nothing to her."
"Well, my brother you got two options, talk it out with her or continue to stay single until you find someone else."
"That's the thing, I don't no one else. I want her."
"Well, you talk to her when you're ready. Not when you're mad. I say give it a week Sebastian."
"Okay, one week is good enough. I'll talk to her then."
"What the hell Euphoria? You thought you were in the right?" Evans scoff in disbelief. They were in his trailer while she told the whole story. Euphoria squints her red eyes in a glare.
"At first I did. I've never been in a relationship before Chris!"
"Obviously. Seems like to me, I suggest to give him space."
"I miss him though."
"I know you do but to avoid further conflicts just give Sebastian space until he's ready to talk. That would be your sign that he has calm all the way down."
"Okay, so can I hang out with you until then? I'll be depressed if I'm by myself."
Chris gave a laugh then took a sip of his water,"Yes Euphoria we can hang out until then."
Euphoria laughed,"Yayyy! I have so much plan. Thank you, it means a lot of you hanging out with me."
"No problem! I literally have a set of keys to your apartment, duh I want to hang out with you."
They two laughed again and Euphoria starts to feel slightly better.
This is the last chapter for now🥺
Part 11
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deexchanel · 6 days ago
Part 9
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, a little bit of sexual actions.
Summary: Euphoria doesn’t think her actions have consequences.
A/N: I don’t know why this is in third person but enjoyyyyy! The lyrics in this is from Crybaby- Megantheestallion
Tumblr media
Euphoria rubbed her fingers through Sebastian's soft hair as he laid on her chest. It was around 10:30 a.m and he was still sleeping. Her phone buzzed taking the attention away from the tv.
bestie- My hair company is up and running! Wanna go out to celebrate?
phorialuv- yess! You know I'm always down to celebrate with my best friend. What time we leaving tonight?
bestie- 9:30
phorialuv- okay
"Babe?" Sebastian's hoarse voice spoke up kinda scaring her. "Who you texting?"
"I'm texting Alexis about tonight." Euphoria said then placed a kiss on his lips. "It's girl's night."
"Mhm girl's night. I guess you can go."
"You guess I can go? Baby who said you were able to tell me what I can and can't do?"
Sebastian sits up then hovers over her "I said it because I'm daddy." His face gets closer to hers as she felt his breath against her face. "I tell you what to do. You're mine."
Euphoria stare into his eyes then at his lips, she leans forward closing the gap between them. Her hands entangled into his hair, the kiss getting deeper.
Sebastian's phone rings but that didn't stop him. "Babe answer it, it might be important." Euphoria pulls back nodding her head towards his phone. He grabs her neck, kissing her again obviously ignoring the phone.
The ringing was ruining the mood. Euphoria pulls back again slightly annoyed, "Baby answer the phone please."
Sebastian rolled his eyes, "Fine." He presses the green button answering it. "What? Yeah. That's today?? Fuck I forgot about that. I'll be there in the next two hours." He hangs up running his hand through his hair.
Euphoria looks at him puzzled, "What is it, baby?"
Sebastian gets out of bed looking for things to pack, "Chris, Mackie, and I have a press conference today and tomorrow morning in New York. I forgot all about it."
Euphoria pouts, "I thought it was going to be our sort of lazy day. I wanted you to come with me to get my nails done"
Sebastian pecks her lips in a rush, "I'm sorry baby. I'll make it up to you tomorrow evening when I get back okay?"
She didn't want her boyfriend to leave at all but she knew it was a part of his job so Euphoria couldn't say anything. "Okay baby I love you."
"I love you too baby," Sebastian said fulfilling his urge to kiss her again. He then answered the first of many phone calls. She sighs falling back in the bed.
"It's lit up in here!" Alexis yelled over the music. The security guard was guiding them to their own section.
"Yesss! This is what I like to see!" Euphoria smiled at how live the party was. She flags the waiter down.
"Can we get a bottle of Hennessy and Siroc?" She yelled to the waiter who nods his head.
"Oh, you trying to get fucked up. We mixing clear and brown. I'm so glad I came out with you!" Alexis said moving with the beat.
"Yes bitch we celebrating you so why not get fucked up!"
"Bitch tryna brag about taking my man (huh?)
Ha, I needed me a nigga off my hands (hahahaha)
Uh-uh, don't fuck me like that, fuck me like this, yeah, ayy"
Alexis was right they did get fucked up. They let go of all the drama and worries, enjoying their night as best friends.
"DON'T FUCK ME LIKE THAT, FUCK ME LIKE THIS AYYYY! REPLAY THATT!" Alexis yells standing on the couch twerking. Euphoria could barely stand as she grabbed on the couch so she could bend over to twerk.
"Hey! I know youu!!!" Alexis pointed at this guy walking past the table. Euphoria stood up wobbling confused.
The guy stopped pointing at himself, "Me?"
Alexis jumped up and down, "Yea you're Jason Momoa. Sir, you are fine as fuckk!"
He laughed showing his pearly whites, "Thanks. You two are beautiful ladies."
"Come hang out with us for a minute. We don't bite!" Euphoria laughed gesturing him to come in their sections. He looked around then shrugged his shoulders.
"Fuck it!"
"Ugh!" Euphoria groaned holding her pounding head, waking up. Alexis's phone kept buzzing nonstop. She shook her arm.
"Alexis answer that damn phone!"
Alexis jumps awake eyes closed, she looked around as if she could see. "Hmm?"
She reached over grabbing the buzzing phone. Her opened showing the redness in them. She pressed the answer button.
Alexis winced pulling the phone back. Hemsworth was so loud, he wasn't even on speaker and Euphoria could hear him. Phoria gasp to herself realizing she had a boyfriend of her own to tend to.
"Where the hell is my fucking phone."
"Chris don't be doing all that yelling in my damn phone. What the hell you talking about?!" Alexis groaned swiping away on the phone. The swiping stopped and her eyes widen. "E come look at this."
Euphoria walked over to the side of the bed she was on. "What is it?" The shade room post showed them sitting in Jason Momoa's lap, drunk as hell. A video showed them dancing on top of the couch and he was hyping them up. It looked like he was hitting their asses but he wasn't.
"This is some deep shit!" Euphoria curses knowing the outcome with Sebastian was not going to be good. "I love you bestie. I need to get home."
"I love you too! Be safe!"
She kissed Alexis's cheek and was out the door in the next two minutes. Euphoria got into her apartment, setting down her things, and desperately try to find her charger.
"I need to find my damn charger, call Sebastian- AH! babe what are you doing here?? Shit I didn't mean it like that."
Sebastian sat there on the couch not taking his eyes off her. He took a deep trying not to lose his temper.
"Euphoria you have 5 seconds to explain before I go whoop his Samoan ass."
"I didn't even know we did that, I just remember us getting our drinks. We were fucked up babe."
"I don't care what you was Euphoria. No matter how drunk I am, there wouldn't be any damn news about me and another girl. Euphoria you are not single no more!"
"Don't you think I know that Sebastian? I was drunk, it's a little mishap, nothing happened."
"How do you know if you didn't kiss him, grind on him, or even fucked him; like you said, you were drunk!"
"You really think that fuckin low of me. I know my boundaries when it comes down to getting drunk! I'm not going to go home with some random dude!" She raised her voice getting angry. "Plus he's a good person, J wouldn't do that to me."
"Oh, you're on nickname bases with him?" Sebastian asked angrily in disbelief getting off the couch. "Fuck this, I'm out of here!"
"I just said J cause I didn't feel like saying his name." Phoria huff reaching for his hand. "Where the fuck you're going?!"
"I'm leaving! You really think this shit okay?! If you want to be a whore with other guys then obviously we can't be together." He snatches away giving her an angry glare. That right there pissed Euphoria all the way off.
"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK EUPHORIA. THAT DOESNT MAKE IT ANY DIFFERENCE. YOU'RE IN A RELATIONSHIP, HE'S SINGLE. YOU WERE ALL OVER HIM AS IF YOU THREE WERE OUT TOGETHER." Sebastian stood over her wanting the eye contact to be serious. He has never yelled at her so she knew this was serious.
Euphoria was taking deep breaths so she wouldn't knock his ass out.
"I embarrassed you?! like you didn't embarrass me in front of the whole cast after it was told that you were sleeping with another bitch while sleeping with me! now it's a problem that I go out and have fun with friends, drink or party!"
"This is about what you shouldn't do, not about what you can and can't do. Stop fucking making this about yourself Euphoria!!"
"Now I'm making this about myself? You know what stop being so damn uptight, obsessive, overprotective, and let me live. I didn't cheat on you, Sebastian! You should know damn well I'm in love with you that's why we're together."
Sebastian's anger replaced with an unfazed attitude," Maybe it was a mistake for us to be together. You're not ready to be a girlfriend. We're over." He gave her one last look before walking over to her door.
Broken-hearted Euphoria eyes filled with tears flipping him off,"Fuck you, Sebastian."
Sebastian flipped her off back, "Fuck you too Euphoria." He walked out the door, not looking back.
Wow uhh this a filler😬
@majo240820 I think you’re going to lovee thisss! But don’t forget to read the previous chapter.
Part 10
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deexchanel · 6 days ago
Part 8
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Fluff maybe?
Summary: Euphoria going to the movie premiere!
A/N: Ahhhhhh enjoy pleasee!😁
Tumblr media
"Oo Seb is not going to like this." Rdj stated once I got into the truck. "But it does look good."
"Thank youu Rdj but he should've asked me to be his girlfriend. He had all week to ask."I huff pulling up my dress a little bit. We wasn't far from the premiere so went over what he taught me.
"Okay go over it Euphoria."
"Smile and wave. Stick near you at all times but if I lose you try to find any cast members. If I can't be around them, stay by myself and be polite to anyone I talk to."
"Good job. Now it's show time!" Robert said kissing my head then opened the truck door. The crowd was going wild for him. He turned around holding his hand out for me to grab which I did. I step out and looked at the place in aw.
We stood in front of the paparazzi smiling,posing and waving. A bunch of questions were being asked but I couldn't really hear.
"Wowww! Euphoria you look good." Chris E. said coming from behind."Robert my man!"
"Thank you Chris."I smiled giving him a hug. They started to do a little interview together so I stood behind just keeping a smile on my face. Oop Sebastian have yet to see my outfit.
When they were done Rdj wraps my arm around my shoulder so we could walk in. "You okay?"
"I'm okay rdj but my feet starting to hurt."
We walked inside seeing my sexy ass boyfriend and Mackie. God he looked so good. Anthony tapped Sebastian shoulder, mouth agape. Seb turned around with one eyebrow raised until he saw me. He instantly went into protective mode.
I kissed RDJ cheek," I'll be over here with Seb. I'm going to find you when it's time."
"Okay. I'll be over there with Mark." RDJ nodded before walking off. Not even seconds later Sebastian walked up to me obviously pissed off.
"Euphoria what the hell do you have on?!"
"A dress Seb, what else? You like it?"
"No Euphoria I don't like it, what the hell?! It's too revealing. Now I'm going to have to kill every dude that looks at you."
I stood on my tippy toes licking his earlobe,"Let them look, I only belong to you." Sebastian closed his eyes clearing his throat.
"Good, you're sitting by me during the movie. I don't want hear the protest."
"Sebb what about RDJ??"I whined pointing my thumb in the direction RDJ went. Sebastian grabbed my waist.
"Doesn't it matter? You're with me. Let's go."
I rolled my eyes acting like I didn't like it but I really did. I pulled my phone out texting RDJ who I was sitting with.  Luckily paparazzi doesn't be inside the movie theater so it wouldn't be broadcasted that I sat with Sebastian instead of Robert.
Sebastian and I both walked out the shower, me grabbing towel for the both of us. He wanted me to stay at his apartment for the week since we always be at mine.
"I really enjoyed the movie. You were great with your six lines." I joked rubbing my face with facial care. Sebastian laughed mockingly while he dried off his chest.
"Ha-ha-ha. I got paid so it doesn't matter how many lines I had."
"Seriously, I have a question."
"What is it?"
I turned around looking at him. This question had been bothering me ever since we got back on good terms. Basically eating me alive. "Was the little girl Madison had, really your daughter?"
Sebastian stopped drying his back and wrapped the towel around his waist,"No, honestly I made sure I got a DNA test done. I wanted to be 100% sure."
As he talked he stared me directly in the eyes, that's how I knew he wasn't lying. I sigh leaning back on the countertop crossing my arms over my chest. "I'm trusting you are telling the truth Bash. I just don't want to be looking stupid again."
Sebastian walks up hovering over me," I promise I'm going to always tell the truth. I can't lose you again."
"I don't want to have a reason to leave at all Bash. I love you so much."
"I love you more babygirl." Sebastian said leaning in to kiss me. We kissed for a couple of minutes before he pulled apart. "I'm digging the nickname Bash."
"Good cause I like it alot."
15 minutes later we were both laying the couch. He was just in boxers and I was in his shirt. His dog Subi lay on my lap sleeping.
"Seb I want a dog." I poked my lip out. "Subi makes me want one."
"Why you don't ever call me baby or babe?" Sebastian blurted out pausing the video. "You always say Seb or Sebastian."
"Because you haven't asked me to be your girlfriend." I said not changing my mind. It's only right for us to be together for me to use pet names.
"Well Euphoria, will you be my girlfriend?" Sebastian finally asking me the million dollar question. He grabs my hand kissing it, “Please?"
"Yes baby I will be your girlfriend." I smiled then pull him into a kiss. I was so happy that he asked me to be his girlfriend.
"I like hearing you call me baby." Sebastian smiled once we pulled away from the kiss.
I was strolling on Instagram looking at all the crazy ass comments from his fans while we sat on the couch eating some wings and watching markipiler on YouTube.
"I don't know it's either out of you, evans or holland. Y'all have the most irritating fan base."
Sebastian turns toward me still eating on his wing, "Why you say that?"
"They keep dm'ing me saying I don't deserve you,you deserve better , or they rather you just be single. Like girl fuck you and the rest of you guys."
Sebastian laughed so hard he was turning red, "Babe you can't say that! They're just being supportive."
"Supportive my ass, they don't know the real you so how they know what's best for you? They going off little shit you tell about yourself in interviews." I said trying to be serious but Sebastian kept laughing.
"Finally someone said it. I love my fans but damn. You're right though." Seb agreed with me then took a sip of his drink.
"Sebbbbbb." I dragged out his name leaning on him. He wrapped his arm around me pulling me onto his chest.
"Can I get a dog?"
"Nooo now stop asking."
"Why I can't have one but you got one? It's unfair and I demand equal rights."
" I got Subi before we even met so I adjusted him with my busy life. Also he doesn't count, how are you going to take care of a dog?"
"Like any human person would babe! I want a pit!"
"A pit bull? I learn something new about you everyday baby. You sure don't want a yorkie or something?"
"Uh No. Them devil ass dogs, no sir."
Part 9
I’m telling you them yorkies are devils in disguise!😂😂
This chapter was short, hope you guys liked this!
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Part 7
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Smut.
Summary: The lovebirds making up🥰
A/N: Ahhhhhh enjoy!😁
Tumblr media
I jump into Sebastian's arms once my hotel room door was opened. He carried me while kissing on my neck and my hands were entangled in his hair. I moaned when I felt him put hickies on my neck.
"I've missed your touch." He groaned squeezing my ass. I licked his earlobe, hearing him trying to control his moans.
"I've missed everything on you." I replied seductively then start kissing his neck. He carried me the bed, laying me on my back. Oh nah baby we not doing missionary right now. I pushed him off, unbuckling his pants.
Pulling down both his pants and boxers, I stare in amazement. Y'all it's been two weeks too longgggg. I licked around the tip slowly being a tease. I stare him in the eyes as I deep throat him continuously. Sebastian's head fall back in pleasure so I quickens the pace making him almost cum.
He picks me up under the arms and lay me on the bed on my back. Sebastian unstrapped my bra quickly.
"I did not know you can do that."
"It's a lot of stuff you don't know about me baby." He said taking off my panties and sticks a finger in. My legs widen in pleasure. He looks me in the eyes spitting on my core and start licking. I moan loudly as I felt him stick two fingers in. He start spelling his name which made me go crazy.
"I'm going to cum."I moaned lightly gripping on his hair.
"No ma'am." He said getting up then grabbing my waist pulling me closer to him. Sebastian rubs my core with his dick before slowly thrusting in. When he pulled out, his dick was covered.
"fuck daddy." I moan softly against his ear as he hovered over me. His thrust quickens as Sebastian starts fucking me harder. He stood up straight again keeping his same pace. I placed my hand on his lower abdomen, pressing against it hoping he would slow the hell down.
"slow down daddy."
He smacks my hand away, Sebastian hovers back over me grabbing my chin pulling me towards him." shut the fuck up and take this dick." He begins to cover my chin in a couple of hickies.
He repeatedly hit my g-spot.His strokes began to get more sloppier from my wetness. Sebastian pulled out, rolling me over so I can be on all 4’s. When he put his dick back in, it went in with ease making us both moan. It felt like putting the right puzzle piece in place.
Sebastian pushed on my back so I could arch. Which I proudly, impressive. “You arched that back so good for daddy.” He groaned smacking my ass while thrusting in and out of me. Sebastian grabs my long hair, pulling it while still fucking me. “You love this dick?”
“I love this dick daddy.” I moaned, the hair pulling was a bonus. I felt myself start to release,"I'm about to cum daddy.I love you."
"I love you too babygirl. I'm cumming." Sebastian groaned releasing inside of me then he pulled out. I fall to the bed on my back while he stood in front. Both out of breath, we stared into each other’s eyes.
I sit back up and he leans down. We start kissing passionately, getting ready for round two.
It was 9:34 a.m. I woke up naked on top of Sebastian. He was caressing my ass softly letting me know he was awake as well.
"Good morning daddy." I whispered kissing his lips.
"Goodmorning babygirl." He whispered back. I cuddled back into his chest, trying to go back to sleep but it wasn't working. I sit on top of him and place my lips on his, kissing him.His hands grips my ass smacking it hard as fuck.
"Owwww babe that hurt!" I whine pulling away from the kiss.
"Sorry baby. I couldn't help myself." He smirked as his hands were still rubbing up and down my body. I lay back beside him softly drawing imaginary shapes on his chest.
"That tickles." He laughed swatting my hand away. "You want to come with me to the gym?"
"Yesss I do." I smiled then rolled on top of him so I could get dressed. He made this trip so much better.
I had left Sebastian in the room while I went to my photo shoot . Right now I was just sitting down waiting on the next change.
avengers: assemble bitch!
phoria: what is this?
hemmy: the groupchat we forgot to add you too.
liz:so who in here going to the premiere?
Evans: duhh we are required to go liz
liz: shit i forgot it's our movie
rdj: I said me like a dumbass
chadwick: ong
renner: slow asses
scarlett: soooo what you guys wearing?
mackie: a expensive ass suit. I overslept for breakfast, what they have?
Sebastian: if you would've woke yo ass up you would've known.
missnaja: yall doing to much texting. shh
Alexis: yea we tryna sleep.
renner: nope WAKEEE UPPPP
mackie: WAKE UPPP
Hemmy: Wakeee uppppppp
Chadwick: wakieeeee
tessa: chad don't make me hurt you.
mackie:oop not her putting you in check.
liz: ignore my question then.
phoria: well lizzie baby ima wear gold cause me and seb matching.
evans: ooppp
hemmy: damn Seb please start telling her shit.
mackie: you and seb can't go to the premier together because they said it wouldn't look good for the appearance. I tried to argue.
Sebastian: mackiee?! I was going to tell her when she got back. ugh.
phoria: bullshit.
scarlett: i tried to argue too but they said you wasn't a actor. sorry euphoria
alexis: so I can't go with Hemmy?
Tom: 😬, im so late to the convo
Evans: nothing new.
Hemmy: i don't know baby.
sebastian: babe answer the phone.
Tom: what happened?
liz:  I want to go shopping. Euphoria you want to come?
phoria : yes it'll make me feel better.
scarlett: can i come?
phoria: yes🥺
mackie: euphoria im sorry
sebastian: mackie hush next time.
rdj: I wasn't there so Euphoria you're my date. fuck what they have to say.
evans: boom problem sloved.
hemmy: ehh
euphoria: 🥰
"Don't get me wrong I love rdj so much but I wanted to go with Sebastian." I pout looking through the clothes rack. Right now we were in a random dress store looking for a dress.
"I understanddd. I wanted to go with Paul but they said I have to go by myself." Liz said holding a dress to her chest. "Sometimes I don't like Marvel."
"Do you think Colin would like this?" Scarlett asked holding up a dress. "Not that it matter or anything."
"Oh yea it matters, you really like him!" I gushed making her blush. My phone buzzed showing Sebastian contact pictures. "Hold on guys for a sec!"
"Thank god you finally want to answer the phone. I'm sorry about what happened in the groupchat. I was going to tell you sooner baby I was."
"It's fine Sebastian , this is your job. I was just the food girl. Maybe we can sit beside each other or something."
"You're are not the food girl, you're my girlfriend Euphoria."
"Um you haven't asked me properly."
"Does it matter?"
"dOeS iT mAtTeR? Sebastian I'm finna hang up."
"No don't hang up. Why do I have to ask when you know what we are??"
"Ughhh. I'm hanging up Sebastian. Figure it out."
"No Euphoria don't-"
I hung up rolling my eyes. Why do he think just because him calling me babe and his girlfriend automatically make us too. No he needs to ask me properly.
"I think he'll love that one Scarlett!!" I pointed at the one she was holding.
"Good! I got what I want let's goo!" Scarlett exclaimed pulling out her wallet so she could pay.
"Oo we should try some food we've never had before?" Liz said and I could hear her stomach growling making me laugh.
"Good Idea."
Part 8
Good chapter! I’m trying to get better on my smut so yeah.
@majo240820 tagging you so you can come directly to it☺️
I hope everyone enjoyed!
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Part 6
word count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: swearing, angst and sadness.
Summary: The aftermath between Sebastian and Euphoria.
A/N: Euphoria doesn't stay mad at him long, sorry😂
Tumblr media
So the trip got pushed back like 2 weeks because my modeling company offered to go for free if I did their lingerie shoot. You know I do not turn anything down for free.
Right now it's about 9:30 a.m. in the morning and I was strolling on instagram while Emma was sleep. It was like all of Sebastian messages were coming through at one time . I didn't block him, don't even ask why.
seb: euphoria i miss you.
seb: please text me back
seb: i miss you
seb: i'm sorry
seb: i wanna make this up to you
seb: i'm so sorry for everything babygirl
seb: 🥺
seb:babygirl please.
wifey: stop talking to me.
seb: i need you, dont turn me away.
seb: i miss you so much.
I lock my phone going into the bathroom to get ready. Today we're going to the beach until time for my shoot. This trip was really just for relaxing and to get our minds off everything.
"Can I come in?"Emma ask peeping in the door.
"Yeah let me move to the side!" I exclaimed continuing to do my makeup. She walks in and takes off her clothes getting in the shower. After finally getting dressed we were off to the beach.
seb: you looked so good in your picture.
seb: talk to me please.
seb: baby 🥺
seb: you mean the world to me.
I love the messages,the trying, the effort but it didn't matter when he had a girlfriend while sleeping with me. I sigh sitting my phone down trying not to cry. We had a big umbrella sitting over us so we weren't that hot.
" I just want to disappear." Emma whispered rubbing her face. My phone buzzed again but this time I just flipped it over.
"He thinks a sorry is going to solve it all. It's been two week since I've seen Chris. and he haven't once tried to come in contact with me in person. I'm just going to block his number."
"Do what your heart feels like baby. Do you still like him?"
"Euphoria I love him, but what they did to you. God knows what he's been hiding from me and I'm scared."
"Don't worry about me Emma, I'll get over it one day. You get your man back because I'm going to be okay regardless. I want you to be happy."
We literally stayed at the beach all day either laying in the sun talking about our men for closure or playing in the water. Now we were on the way to dinner but had to get redressed first.
"Just me and her." Emma said nicely to the hostess. I wanted to take pictures but I decided against it. The hostess led us to a table that faced the ocean.
"This is beautiful!" I gasp looking at the ocean. I really wished Sebastian was here with me. This would've a good trip for us.
"Euphoria I miss him so much." Emma puled quietly fumbling with her fingers, looking down. I could see tears forming in her eyes and a stray tear fell. I lean over wiping her tears giving her a kiss on the cheek.
"Aww Emma you're going to make me cry." I pout softly rubbing her face. Ugh I hate seeing her like this, it messes me up. Two people come sit down at our table in the middle of our moment.
"Excuse you? You already see this table is occupied." I spoke with attitude then I turn to see Alexis and Naja holding their drinks.
"Hi." Naja stated softly with a wave. She bit her lip before speaking up again "I've missed you guys so much."
"I know that we didn't have your back at first and we're sorry-" Alexis starts but Emma cuts her off really upset.
"You were supposed to have our back regardless. It's us over them!" Emma cried, she then start fanning her face. "I need to calm down, I don't want to mess up my make up."
"Emma I love Chris so much my heart swells everytime I'm with him. I'm genuinely sorry I chose him over you." Alexis said crying as well, grabbing Emma's hands. This was really emotional for all of us.
"I'm so sorry too. We've been there for each other since the beginning." Naja lamented wiping her tears but more kept falling. I couldn't be mad at them no longer. I've missed my girls.
"Okay, Okay I forgive you guys. Now group hug!" I laugh and we did a group hug over the table being careful to not spill our drinks.
"It's been a boring ass two weeks without you guys." Alexis said sipping on her margarita.
"It's just you guys?" Emma asked looking around for their men. " I thought at least Hemmy or Tom would be here."
"See about that.." Naja trailed off then pointed to a big table that had the cast there waving at us. I didn't even know if I wanted to be mad at them for crashing our trip. Safe to say I've missed them so much.
I gasp getting out the chair , basically running to them.
"You guys are so sneaky! How did you guys know I was here??" I asked everyone once I got closer to the table. I could see them but I didn't want to see Sebastian at all.
"Emma left her location on for Evans." RDJ said getting out of his chair hugging me. "We've missed you so much."
After hugging him, I went to Hemmy giving him a big hug as well,"Okay I might've missed you guys too."
I went around the table giving everyone a personal hug. I hesitated a little when I got to Tom. "Hi" I whispered. This was going to be a little hard for me because he was supposed to be my bestfriend til the end. Best friends do not keep secrets like that from one another.
"Hey." Tom said reflectively then getting out of his chair pulling me aside." I should've been the best friend you needed and I was wrong for keeping that from you. Can you forgive me?"
"Don't do that again okay? I really want to be able to trust you. I sort of forgive you and I can't be away from you no longer. Now give me a hug, I've missed you so muchh!" I beamed pulling him in a hug. He kissed my forehead holding me close. 
"I've missed you too bestie so much."
We get back to the group joining the conversation they had going. I saw Emma boo'd up with Evans which made me wonder if Sebastian was here. To answer my own damn question there he was outside by the ocean. I excused myself going outside as well.
"Listen.." He starts but I cut him off.
"See I can forgive everyone else because they were my friends. You were the person I was in love with but you still lied to me in my face having me embarrassed in front of everyone." I said raising my voice as a stray tear fell. Fuck my makeup, he gone understand my pain tonight.
"Euphoria let-"
"No Sebastian I don't want you to explain you did enough and my heart can't take it."
"I'm sorry-"
"Does it matter Sebastian?!"
"Damnit Euphoria let me fucking apologize or make it up you . At least let me talk because you're so fucking stubborn! I'M SORRY EUPHORIA . I'll yell it to the world if I have too. I am in love with you and I'm sorry that I did the most stupidest thing to you which was lie." Sebastian yelled grabbing my cheeks and you could see his muscles flex through his shirt. I bit my lip letting my thoughts get dirty. He didn't say nomore and pulled me into a passionate kiss.
"I love you Euphoria. It's you over any girl in the world."
"I love you too Sebastian. I'll forever choose you."
Part 7
Euphoria is dick whipped she couldn't stay mad at Sebastian for long😂. I like to get to the point in my story so sorryyy . if you don't like it thennn go read something else🤷🏾‍♀️
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Part 5
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing,fighting and angst.
Summary: It's going downnnnnnn!
A/N: I'm really bored so I'm posting all the chapters, why keep you guys waiting?😂
Tumblr media
"I'm not talking to you so stay out of this. All I want to do is talk to Sebastian and I'll leave!" Madison yelled pointing at Emma then Sebastian. Chris E. goes over by Emma to calm her down.
"Sebastian just talk to her man so we can finish game night." Anthony implied to his best friend, gesturing to the angry 'girlfriend'. Sebastian lets out a sigh sliding me off of him then stands up from the couch.
"What the hell is you doing here Madison? How did you even know I was here?"Sebastian censured standing a distance from in front of her. I sit back sipping on my champagne cause I know everything was finna be spilled.
"Because you've been ignoring me and I'm your girlfriend that take care of your 1 year old child. You can't just ignore me!" Madison raged walking up to him. If she say something about me or hit, I'm going to beat her ass. I looked Alexis who looked at me with the same expression.
"Um did she just say that?"
"Yup Euphoria she just said she his girlfriend."
"But I thought- Oh let me shut up."
"She's not my daughter and you know this. Now leave Madison!" Sebastian said raising his voice highly irritated pointing to the door. Damn he sound so fine when he yells at anybody but me. That's not the point.
"You're only denying her because of that black whore you had on your lap." Emma retorted doing a quick gesture at me. Everybody stood up on that sentence "Woah!Nope!"
"That's enough Madison! I'm not going to sit here and let you disrespect her!" Sebastian reprimanded then noticed that I stood up going over to where she was. He grabbed my waist, standing in front of me. "Babe go sit and calm down."
"No I want to hear what that thing said! What did you you say?" I asked to see if I heard mia, morgan , or whatever the fuck her name is, correctly. I swiftly took my earrings out. See I'm already pissed with Sebastian and she's adding icing to the cake.
"I called you a black whore. You monkey homewrecker!" Madison shouted from behind Sebastian's back, I was unphased by that.
"Did she just call her-Oh hell no!" Emma took her jacket off, preparing to throw hands. Chris stood in front of his girlfriend to calm her down. "No babe, you calm down!"
I bit my lip nodding so calmly not scared of her. I turned around grabbing the first champagne glass I see taking a sip then turned back around splashing it in her face.
I punch her square in the face, not even giving time her to hit me. I grabbed a fist full of her hair, yanking her down to the floor. I get on top taking out all my anger.
I don't remember what else happened or all the commotion that was around because I blacked out letting my anger get in control. I was pulled off her by Sebastian grabbing my waist which brought me back out of my anger state. Paul helped the bitch off the floor to her car.
I snatch away from Sebastian highly embarrassed and pissed off . Worse combination.
"Are you fucking for real right now?! You had a whole damn girlfriend and a fucking child?!" I yelled closing my fist, looking for a reaction from his face. I had to keep opening and closing my fist so I wouldn't punch him.
"Euphoria I'm sorry. I was going to tell you but it slipped my mind because I'm busy with you or my job." Sebastian said running his hands through his hair, very stressed. I took deep breaths trying to control my tears but it wasn't working.
"DON'T STAND HERE AND LIE TO MY FACE SEBASTIAN ." I was punching my fist into my other hand. "I trusted you Sebastian, I gave you everything of me and this how you do me?! l o fucking l." I let out a dry laugh, tears streaming down my face.
"Euphoria, let's go home and talk about it." Sebastian decided giving me a face of plead. I didn't know if I wanted to believe him. I couldn't, I just can't. "No Sebastian, we're done." I whispered harshly shaking my head. That crushed him but I didn't care, how do you think I feel?
It felt that it was another thing that need to be said.
"Who in here knew??" I asked aloud to everyone since they were so damn quiet. Literally all of my male friends eyes looked in another direction giving me my answer. That broke my heart that my own guy friends knew that I was a fucking whore and didn't bother to inform me.
"T-Tom? Chris? Hemmy ? you knew and didn't tell me?!" I cried looking at them. I could feel my heart being ripped out my chest. "I should've told you Euphoria, you deserved to know." Hemmy looked at me sadly trying to give me a hug but I simply just shook my head not wanting to be touched.
"Euphoria please forgive me. I'm sorry." Evans looked in defeat, Emma looks disappointed at him then comes over to me placing a comforting hand on my shoulder.
Tom rubbed his mouth not being able to give me a real answer. "Euphoria I-I'm so sorry-"
I could feel my lip began to tremble."Tom you're supposed to my friend. My best friend. Am I not- You know what it doesn't matter." I lamented grabbing my things off the couch.
"Euphoria l-listen-" Tom tries to explain but I shook my head not even listening. I picked up my phone and earrings. I've felt more betrayed in my life. Sebastian grab my waist but time I let him. I was going to miss his touch but I can't stay with him.
"Delete my number." I cried then pulled away from him. "Euphoria wait." I ignored him not wanting to be in his web of lies again. Emma grabbed her keys following me to the door.
"I've been sleeping with Sebastian even though we had that no sleeping with co-worker rule. But fuck that and fuck you guys who were supposed to be my friend." I sobbed flipping them off and completely walked out of the house. Not caring on what they had to say.
Emma was not to far behind me but Evans stops her by grabbing her waist.
"Baby where you're going? You're leaving? Why?"
"Not your baby but I'm leaving because you can keep a big secret like that. Who knows what secrets youre keeping from me." Emma said softly, I guess she wasn't in the mood to argue. He grabs her hand but she pulls away.
"Euphoria, Emma I'm sorry. I don't want to lose either of you." Evans stressed looking her in the eyes. Emma ignored him and I just stared at him blankly with tears still falling. She kissed his forehead, then came over to the car.
We both got in the car driving off not even looking back.
"I'm so sorry that happened to you bestie." Emma said softly after a couple minutes of silence. With those words, I completely broke down.
I was so hurt.
We were at the tattoo parlor just for the fun of it. Me and Emmachose each other tattoo. The one she chose was sooo pretty, I loved it. I chose her a shoulder tattoo. Just being here was so relaxing.
"Hey you're okay?" I asked turning my head to her. We were getting our tattoos done at the same since we were the only ones in here. Mind you, it's like 10 o'clock at night. I shut my phone off cause they were blowing me up.
"Yea I'm good. I should be asking you that ."
"I'm fine kinda, I'm just really hurt they did that to me.."
"Well we got each other so that's all that matter."
"I love you Emma."
"I love you too Euphoria."
"Let's go to Cancun?" I suggested looking some plane tickets. We were at Emma's apartment sitting on her bed just chilling, wasting time.
RDJ: Euphoria you see me texting you! I'm sorry.
I rolled my eyes, deleting the message. "Yeah I'm down." Emma said shrugging her shoulders, with her phone in the air. "Shit let's go this weekend! We aren't doing anything."
"Great minds think a like!"
ahhhh part 6 on the way nowww
Part 6
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Part 4
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!Reader
Summary: Euphoria finds out.
Warning: swearing and angst.
A/N: Sebastian is wronggg😂😂 pleaseeee enjoy. Naja is pronounced (Nah-juh) is Tom's girlfriend's , Emma is @kalopsia-flaneur 🥰 who is Chris Evans girlfriend. Alexis is Chris Hemsworth girlfriend.
Tumblr media
It's been two weeks since the whole accident at work. I've been seeing Sebastian way more. Literally every time we have some free time, it's some sexual actions going on.
Right now I was waiting on Sebastian to pick me up so we can go to mark's house. Shocking right? Ruffalo suggested us to go over there because normally we'll be at Chris E. or RDJ's house. My phone buzzed with a instagram notification.
maddysun: Hi!
maddysun: i have a good question.
euphorialuv: ??
maddysun: why are you sleeping with my boyfriend even though he has a whole child?
euphorialuv: excuse me who?
maddysun: don't play dumb. I went through Sebastian's phone.
Ugh! The one time I start to trust a dude he fucks it up. I really want to have fun tonight so Ima push it behind me and go have fun. Sebastian contact picture shows across my screen so I answer.
"I'm outside beautiful."
"Okay handsome here I come!"
Whatever happens tonight I'm going to try to not to get mad.
All couples were sitting around in the living room. We were playing a game of heads up. It was the funniest!
RDJ lift his head and the first word pops up: Wasp.
"It's red!" Hemmy yelled pointing at the phone.
" A bug!"Chadwick said sitting up in the seat.
"Hope from the movie I did." Paul said hoping he would catch on.
"Ant-man?" RDJ guessed seriously letting us know he didn't watch the movie.
"ANT-MAN?? I literally just said Hope. Downey did you even watch my second movie?!" Paul said clearly upset. We all were laughing at them.
"Um no tumbelina. I have better things to do." Robert sassed and the time ran out. He didn't even get one right.
"Who wants champagne?" Mark said holding up two bottles. A chorus of 'Yes!' went around the room.
"Get Tom a sippy cup!" Anthony laughed pointing at Tom with his cup in hand. Oh they not finna bully my bestie tonight.
"Please do! I can hear him getting cranky." Sebastian laughed but I hit his chest playfully since I was cuddled up to him. Anthony would have to catch these hands later.
"What y'all not going to is come for my boyfriend like that!" Naja pointed at the two actors then kisses Tom's cheeks."I got you baby!"
"See someone loves me. They are just some bullies." Tom flips off both Sebastian and Anthony. Chris and Emma were in their own conversation, kissing here in there.
"I love you Bestie don't do that!" I said in defense getting up from Seb's lap and dramatically land on top of Emma and Chris during their conversation.
"Sooo what's the conversation about guyss?"
"I'm going with Chris to see his brother tomorrow ms nosey." Emma sassed mushing my face. I turn to look Chris in his blue ass eyes.
"Yes it is very much true Euphoria now move. I don't wike it when you interuppt our conversation." Chris sounded like a little kid. I laughed then gently hit his face and Emma's before going back over to Sebastian.
"I'm going to get our champagne. Need anything else?" He questioned getting up from the couch. I shook my head no then leaned on a sleeping Alexis. I poked her face and she moved slightly. I kept doing it until she swatt my hand away.
"Euphoria leave her alone." Chadwick laughed seeing what I was doing. I flip him off squinting my eyes.
"Hush Boseman."
"Hemmy Euphoria won't leave me alone!" Alexis whined with her eyes still closed. Hemmy walks away from the conversation he was having with Pratt,Renner, Scar and Rudd. He sat beside Alexis who was now sitting up.
"Why are you bothering my girlfriend?"
"She was mine before you came along mister!"
"Sure whatever cause she loves me the most."
I gasp," Is that true Alexis??" Sebastian comes back with both of our champagne, placing them on the table then grabs me by my waist pulling me in his lap.
"Yes Euphoria. I'm sorryyy!" Alexis beckoned trying to pull my hand but I fake cry in Sebastian's chest.
"You hurt my girl feelings. We're not you guys friend anymore." Sebastian said going along with it, holding me. "I got your back beautiful."
"Thank you!" I pop back up happily as if nothing happened. I saw Scarlett and Jeremy sitting closely on the couch closely engaging in their own conversation. That made me remember what I had to ask Scarlett.
"Hey Scarlett I got to ask you something!"
"Yesss Euphoria ?"
"We should go get our nails done this week. You down?"
"Yess. I'll clear my schedule for you this week."
"You didn't ask me if I wanted to come!" Tessa whined crossing her arms over her chest.
"Yea!" The other girls agreed butting in the conversation.
"Well how about this, we make it into a girls day?" Scarlett suggested sipping on her champagne.
"Sounds great to me." Emma said agreeing. We talked amongst our significant others until there was a knock at the door.
"Um did we forget someone? Liz said she couldn't come." Mark asked looking at everyone for a answer.
"Might be one of Downey's one night stand." Anthony joked making us laugh. RDJ looked playfully offended.
"I am happily in a relationship."
"I'll get the door cause people acting like they can't get up." Jeremy said getting off the couch and going to the door. In walked a girl that looked so familiar. She was medium height with green eyes and brunette hair. I'm not a hater so to me she was really pretty.
"What the hell you doing here??" Robert seethed obviously knowing who she is. Why was he so upset about her being here? I need to ask him about that later.
"Robert I still know where everyone live. I'm here for Sebastian." She said back smartly placing her hands on her hip. That's when it clicked, she was the girl that texted me. Trying to compose my anger, I turn to the side to look at Sebastian who had a hand over his face. His 'girlfriend' stood on her tippy toes so she could talk to Seb.
"Sebastian don't ignore me."
"Madison you need to leave now." Chris E. demanded handling the situation by trying to lead her to the door. She snatch away from him which makes Emma stand up with the quickness.
"Don't snatch away from him, he didn't do anything to you!"
It's short but It's getting juicyyyyy!
I have nothing to do for the rest of the night so I'm posting all chapters!
Part 5
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deexchanel · 7 days ago
Part 3
Word count:
Warning: Mention of blood, angst and a bit of fluff
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!Reader
Summary: Euphoria doesn't feel good :(
A/N: I'm strugglinggggg I hope you guys like it.
Tumblr media
I woke up cuddled to Sebastian's bare chest. I tried to move but he held me closely. I placed my hand in his hair,"Handsome I have to go pee."
"Fine." He grumbled loosening his grip, still sleepy. "Only because I get to see your ass when you walk away."
I giggled then kissed his lips. It was still dark outside so I don't why I woke up at a random time. After I used the bathroom and what not. I came out to see him sitting up on his phone.
"What time is it?"I asked cuddling up to him again. His soft hand caressed my arm in relaxation. I loved feeling his short facial hair against my skin while he talked.
He didn't take his eyes off the screen "It's 2:43 a.m. I have to go by 4 doll, It's somethings I have to do." We wasn't official and I doubt we were going to be anytime so I looked everywhere but his phone.
I grimaced feeling a headache coming,"Oh uh okay," I didn't say anything about me starting to feel bad. He said he had things to do and I don't want to be in the way.
"I'm not leaving you princess, I just have some things to do." Sebastian stated running his hand down to my ass. We both were laying naked in the bed. I smiled grabbing his face so we can kissed. I felt him rub his finger against my pussy, I jumped from sudden pleasure.
I pulled back from the kiss shaking my head ,"Nope, you have to get up to do whatever you need to do." He bit at my lip, totally in the mood.
"I don't care about that anymore, I just want your lips against mine and I'm not talking about the ones on your face."
I smirked giving him another kiss. Before we could go any further, his manager called. Eventually he had to leave me which I definitely didn't want. I just so happen to check my email to see it was a ton of work I needed to do. Pushing that icky feeling aside, and got started.
We had to pick and choose which picture to advertise so that mean I stayed up until like 4 this morning. I made a sticky note to remind me to pay the guys back.
But today was the recording of fight in wakanda in infinity war. So I was working extra hard to get actors their drinks and food.  My feet were killing me too but I push through it.
rdj❤️- come to my trailer. I want panera bread today.
sis❤️- okay give me a sec im in mackie's trailer.
"Is that all Anthony?"  I asked writing down the last of his order. He was getting his falcon wings put on.
"That's all Euphoria." Anthony said then thought about it." Extra ketchup cause them fuckers forgot my shit the last time!"
"Extra Ketchup. Noted!" I said quietly making sure I wrote it down. " I'll be in the main building if you need me."
"You okay Euphoria? You look really tired." Anthony lilted looking at me concerning. I just wanted to sleep but I didn't want to tell him that. He was going to make sure I went to sleep, but I had numerous of things to get finished.
"I'm okay Anthony, I had a lot to do last night. I'll call you when your food is ready." I kissed his cheek and walk to the exit.
"Okay. I'm just checking on you. Call me if you need anything." I heard him say and I held the thumbs up leaving out the trailer. The sun was beaming hard against me as I walked to RDJ's trailer. I opened the door to his trailer but I couldn't see. I kept seeing black spots.
"There she is!! Euphoria what's wrong?" RDJ wondered once I step inside his trailer. I felt my heart pounding while my hands were shaking tremendously.
"I'm- I'm-" I stuttered trying to get my words out but I couldn't. I lost balance falling forward. I felt RDJ catch me before I hit the floor. He cuddled me up to his chest, fanning me.
"Either one of you, call holland, evans, stan, or somebody hell! I'll try to keep her eyes open." RDJ panicked to his hairstylist and makeup people. I tried to talk but he shushes me. I felt as if I had to cough so bad.
"You're okay! They're on the way."
I used the last little bit of my energy to push him away and I cough up the stuff that was in my throat. I see my hands were covered in blood. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I was out like a light.
My special effects people had just took my arm off so I'm chilling waiting on Euphoria to come to my trailer. Normally she'd be here by now asking for my order.
I liked Euphoria even more after our intercourse from this pass weekend. But I haven't broken up with Madison yet, I was torn between the two.
Madison- i miss you.
My trailer door swing open taking my attention away from my phone. Chris E. face was red as if he was panicking.
"Euphoria coughed up blood and passed out in RDJ's trailer. They're trying to wake her up now."
I didn't answer and quickly ran pass him rushing to RDJ's trailer. It was just Ruffalo standing in of RDJ who was holding Euphoria's limp body. I ran my fingers through my hair trying to figure out what to do.
"Robert did you call 9-1-1?" I questioned frantically, squatting down to gently touch her face. Her forehead held sweat and cheeks were so red.
"I did! They’re on the way!”Mark answered panicking as well, holding up the phone.
"Where is everyone?!" Chris asked angrily looking out the door. He came in with a cold water bottle placing it against her cheeks to try to help.
"I don't know Chris!! I gently hit her face, shook her body, everything and she won't wake up." RDJ said impatiently rocking her body. Tom comes rushing in the trailer seeing the scary sight.
"Oh god!"
Hemmy come from behind Tom holding his hair. "What the hell happened?!"
A beeping noise woke me up from my sleep. My stomach growled signaling that I was hungry. I turn to my left to see Sebastian sitting in a chair with his eyes closed. On my right was Tom on the pull out couch a sleep as well. My room was filled with hibiscus flowers, one huge teddy bear, and cards.
"Sebastian?" I called silently to not wake up Tom. They both look drained and stressed. He had his arms folded over his chest, slumped in the uncomfortable hospital chair.
"Seb." I called for again but he didn't move. He moved around trying to get comfortable in the chair then opened his blue eyes to see me staring back.
"Euphoria you scared me! Please don't do that nomore."Sebastian said getting out his chair and hugged me. He then placed a kiss on my forehead.
"What did I do?" I asked trying to remember but nothing was coming up. I then scoot over patting the bed so he could get in beside me. Tom is a heavy ass sleeper if he doesn't hear all this talking.
Sebastian gets into the bed pulling me closer to him," You passed out and coughed up blood in RDJ's trailer."
"Did the doctor come talk to you about me already?"
"Yea he said you had food poisoning and you not eating today made it worse."
"Oh yea I was so busy last night and this morning so I forgot."
"Euphoria you just can't forget. I need you to take care of yourself because I can't lose you. I need you." He placed his hand against my cheek, caressing it.
"I'm sorry Sebastian and I'll take care of myself because I need you too." I whispered then place my lips on his entangling my hands in his hair. We kissed for a minute then he pulled back looking me in the eyes.
"So who got me all the flowers?"I asked pointing at them.
"The cast did but I told them your favorite ones ." Sebastian smiled proudly. Aww he does remember little stuff about me.
part 1 part 2 part 4
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deexchanel · 7 days ago
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!Reader
Summary: Euphoria reaches out.
Warning: Smut, angst I think
A/N: ehh
Tumblr media
-4 days later-
I've been having so much fun working with them . It's always something new with them. I found a modeling job that would take me as a model but I had to take pictures before they could accept me.
The problem was I didn't have the equipment because of money problems. I did not want to ask my parents because I already owe them so much. So today I was quieter then usual.
"Hey beautiful." Seb said from behind me. Me and him have gotten closer these pass 3 days along with Tom Holland. I could feel that it was some sexual tension between me and Seb but I ignored it.
"Hi Seb." I said softly fumbling with my fingers. I gestured to the door." I have to go tell them food is ready."
"Wait a minute. Normally you say 'hey handsome' but today you didn't. What's wrong?" Seb asked standing in front of me so I couldn't walk out the door. He was much taller then me just like the others.
"Nothing Sebastian. I really need to go tell them the food is ready." I lie not wanting to tell him. I didn't want to seem like a charity case to them.
"Now you're using my actual name? Euphoria tell me what's wrong. Trust me please, I won't judge." Seb reassured grabbing my hands. I bit my lip thinking if I should tell him. a closed mouth doesn't get fed.
"I got a modeling job." Seb cuts me off.
"That's great Euphoria! What's wrong with that?"
"I need to send them pictures before they could fully accept me but I don't have none of the equipment. I can't ask my parents because I owe them too much, I didn't want to seem like a charity case to you guys. I'm so stressed because I don't have the money for it right now."I cried out placing my hands on my face and Seb pulls me into his arms. He kissed my forehead, rubbing my back.
"It's okay Euphoria, I'm here to help."
"Seb they're- What happened with Euphoria? Who ass I gotta beat." I heard Tom speak. He then call for everyone to come in the room."Guys come here!"
"Everything okay?"
"When is the food ready?"
"Where's Euphoria? She is so quiet today."
I pull back from Seb's chest to see Chris E, Hemmy, and Mackie.
Anthony noticed me in Sebastian arms and checked on me,"What's wrong Euphoria?"
"Nothing Anthony, I'm fine!" I lie again, cuddled up to Sebastian. I don't want to put my problems on someone else.
"You really think we're going to believe that Euphoria? Everyone in this room trust,love and would do anything for you." Chris said hitting my arm softly to get my attention. "Now trust us please."
"We're going to be there for you regardless of the situation." Hemmy reassured rubbing my back. Everyone agreed with him. I tried to speak but I broke down in Seb chest again.
"She got the modeling job but she doesn't have the equipment to get accepted. She's stressed." Sebastian explained to everyone. "I was going to take her to best buy after set was over today."
" Aww Euphoria, we're your family now. I don't mind helping you out! I have a hundred on me right now." Tom said going through his pocket for his wallet . "Anyone else?"
"Here ya go!"Chris E said happily pulling a hundred out.
"Yup Yup I do." Hemmy chimed in, opening his wallet. I pull back from Seb chest. I wasn't going to take their money. I'm not like that. I kept my hands closed, shaking my head. Tom knew me too well and he opens my hand placing the 100 in it.
"I'm not taking no for a answer."
They really cared about me, no one really have in the past. I fan my face to keep from crying more but it didn't help. I hug Sebastian chest as it felt like a safe place.
"T-Thank you. Really, it means so much."
"Awww group hug!" Chris E. beamed holding out his arms and everyone hugs me.
they mean so much to me.
I picked up a little bit around the house as I waited for Sebastian and the movers come with my stuff. He literally bought every piece of equipment I needed. Which was so sweet of him.
-2 hours later-
Every equipment was set up, ready to go. Since this weekend was going to be a break from set. I was going to put it to use.
Sebastian was laying on the couch swiping on his phone.
"Handsome do you want anything to eat or drink?" I asked grabbing a water bottle from on top of the refrigerator. I was struggling hard as fuck even though I'm 5'5.
"No I'm good." I heard him raise his voice from the couch."Need some help?" Sebastian questioned getting up from the couch. Obviously!! I wanted some water plus I had no clue of where my little step stool went.
"Yes Sebastian, you see my ass struggling." I said still reaching up. I heard him walk into the kitchen then I felt his friend against my butt. His breath hit my neck.
"Is that all beautiful?"His deep voice said from behind me. I turn around to look him in his blue eyes. I'm a woman that doesn't wait for nothing. I get what I want.
Fuck the water bottle. I grab Sebastian face pulling him into a kiss. He picks me up and my legs wrapping around his waist. Should I stop? Is it going to fast? I mean I am a virgin but I trust him.
He carried me all the way to the bedroom. Sebastian places me down on the bed attacking my neck with hickies. I lift his shirt off slowly guiding my hands down his abs. He takes off the oversized sweat shirt that I had on.
I unbuckle his pants pulling the boxers down too. I'm scared, he's so big!
I stand up so Sebastian could slide my panties down as well. His big hands smack against my ass, I jumped a bit. I slid my left hand down, stroking his dick while my right hand held his face. Sebastian trailed kisses down my neck, placing hickies there too. We continued kissing until I spoke up.
"Seb..I'm a virgin."
"Are sure you want too?"
"I mean are clothes are off Sebastian so of course I want too."
"No Euphoria do you really want to too?"
"I'm positive I want too."
"Do you trust me?"
"Yes Seb I trust you and I want too."
"Good because I'm the one for you."
He pick me up like I was a feather placing me on my back. Sebastian opened my legs kissing down them.
My breath hitches as I felt my core getting wet. He hovers over me giving hickies on the top of my breast. I felt him rub his dick on my core before slowly sticking in. I gasp gripping on his back, he stop looking at me worried.
"You want me to stop?"
"No daddy don't stop."
Sebastian eyes filled with lust when I moaned those words. I moaned out in pleasure, scratching his back with every thrusts. His thrusts began to quicken and my moans went to screams of pleasure. We stared into each other eyes, I was loving every second of this.
"fuck Euphoria you're so wet!"
I gripped around his dick and I could hear him moan. He wraps his hands around my neck fucking the shit out of me.
"oh daddy faster.”
"Okay baby girl." Sebastian groaned going full speed. I felt as if I had to cum and we both released together. His strokes got sloppier, pulling out seeing his dick was covered. After we straighten ourselves up we laid together naked.
"I'm sleepy Sebastian." I whined as my eyes felt heavy. He kisses my forehead holding me close.
"Go to sleep baby girl. I'll be here when you wake up."
ahhh good smut.
Part 1
Part 3
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Pretty girl (Sebastian Stan)
Word Count:
Warning: swearing. fluff and funny moments!
Summary: Euphoria is the worker that takes orders from the cast and goes to pick their food up. She finds friends along the way.
A/N: I don't know how to feel on this one so hopefully everyone likes it.
Tumblr media
I locked my phone sitting in the chair waiting on my order to be done. I applied to this job to help for modeling that I want to do. Basically all I do is get coffee, give water when needed, pick up their food orders and anything else needed. Basically like a nanny sort of.
The baristas had to get all her co-workers to bring all the donuts and coffee I ordered. I mean its a big cast. My backseat was filled with coffee, donuts, croissants, bagels and tea.
"Deep breaths." I said to myself when I got to the building. Some people walked out to my car grabbing the food. And in the next couple of seconds I was in the break room standing by the table preparing to call their names.
People start to pile in the room ready for their breakfast. I take a deep breath and picked the first coffee with the name on the side.
"Scarlett Johansson?"  A gorgeous woman walks up to me with a smile.
"So you're the new girl the russo hired? You're really gorgeous!"
"I literally just thought about that for you!!" I smiled being nice."I hope you enjoy your coffee!"
"Thank you!" She said walking to a table filled with people.
"Tom Hiddleston?"I questioned looking around for whoever this is. A tall man walked up with a smile.
"Me! Thank you!"
I melted at his british accident passing him the tea. god his voice is everything!
"You're welcome."
"Tom Holland?"
"That would be me. You're Euphoria right?" Tom took a sip of his tea. "Word around here is you're the new food person."
"You know my name? wow um yea, today's my first day!"I smiled.
"Yea know holding secrets is something I can't do. We were talking about you earlier." Tom said."Seb looked up your instagram."
What the hell!
"Damn I haven't even passed out everybody coffees and you guys already know who I am." I laughed.
He laugh as well," We can't let strangers in here. I'm just the only one that wasn't scared to talk to you, rest of them some pussies."
"Oh yea I can definitely hang with you!"
"Same. After our last session today, meet me at my trailer?"
"I will surely meet you there Mr.Holland." I laughed and he winked walking away.
"Robert Downey Jr?" I wondered. I don't know none of these actors, I'm just here to get paid. He walks up to me squinting his eyes.
"You called my name like you don't know me."
"Mr. Downey I don't really know none of you I just call the names thats on the side of the cup."
"Mr. Downey makes me sound old call me Robert. You're sassy, I like that. Spidey boy must've spilled the beans about us looking you up on instagram."
"In fact he did. You guys do not need to tell him anything that you wouldn't want the whole world to know."
"Yea we're trying. You better have gotten my coffee right!"
"Dark with one creamer and extra sugar. Please don't play with me Robert."
"Oh yea she got my coffee right. Get this sassy bitch a raise!" Robert yelled to everyone in the break room while he walked back to his table . My face turned red from laughing so hard.
"Sebastian Stan?" I questioned trying to think of who he was . Shit at this point I give up on trying to figure out who's who. A nice looking gentleman walked to the table taking the coffee from my hand. Don't get me wrong he is fineeeee!
"Euphoria right? You really don't know who we are?"
"No I don't Mr. Stan. I just need a job before I start my modeling career."
"Well you look like a model. You're very pretty. And please call me Sebastian or Seb."
"Sebastian are you trying to flirt with me right now?" I joked to see what he would say. His face turned red from nervousness.
"W-What? No! I just- I just thought you were pretty-" I cut him with laughing.
"It's fine Sebastian , I'm just playing."
"Oh that's cold. I'm gonna get you back for that one."
"Sure! I'm the prank queen so try it on someone else!"
"We'll see about that. Chris she think she's the prank queen!" He laughed pointing his thumb at me to a nice looking man who had a perfectly groomed beard.
"Oh you're in for a treat! I'm the best!" The bearded man came over to where we was. Damn I really need to remember names.
"Oh no sirrr! I can't be topped." I bragged brushing the imaginary dust off my shoulder.
"Sureee! I'm Chris Evans by the way." He said putting out his hand for me to shake." Anthony should be coming in any moment."
"Euphoria. Who's Anthony?" I questioned confused. "I'm sorry I don't know any of you guys names." 
"THE PARTY'S HERE WOOOO." A darkskin man in the break room. I'm guessing that's Anthony.
"What's up!" He dap up Evans and Stan not realizing I'm standing there.
"Hey my brother!" I said dapping him up. He went along with it not knowing who I am.
"What's up my sister! Who the hell you is though ?"
"Shit we both black . I thought we should stick together." I said." Hug me Brotha!"
Anthony, Chris, Stan and I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes. Anthony actually gave me a hug after our laughing fit.
"You cool people, I can definitely hang with you ms funny girl."
Soon I was done passing out food until lunch time. Most actors wasn't going to be here until lunch time.  I was walking behind Hemsworth to his dressing room as he told me his order.
"Make the lemonade a large and that will be all!"
"Okay Mr.Hemsworth anything else?" I asked continuing to write his order.
Chris stopped in tracks looking at me."Yes, what made you want to work for us even though you know none of us. And please call me Chris."
"I want to be a model Chris but I don't have enough to get started. I'm just going to be here until I get enough."
"That's good! Oh and get me some beef jerky too, I'll love you foreverrr." Chris said in a sing-song voice making me laugh. These are some funny ass people. We were walking pass some big boxes but I fell behind him because I was still writing.
"AHHH!" I scream dropping my stuff, jumping on the back of Chris's back. It's the fact that he caught me and didn't fall to the ground. I turn to see Chris E. holding his chest laughing hard as hell.
"Jesus fucking christ Chris! I'ma get yo ass back. Had me jumping on Hemmy back like that." I huff picking up the notepad and pen I dropped . Chris H. was laughing as well
"You thought jumping on my back was going to save you?"
"Oh shut up! I'm not friends with either of you Chris's. Big meanies." I said crossing my arms over my chest,walking off." Don't talk to me!" I yelled over my shoulder like a little kid.
"Euphoria wait!!" Chris E. said but I ignored him and kept walking. "Euphoria I'm sorry!!"
"You get her Chris?" Seb asked once the three of us came where everyone else was.Oh so his ass was in it too?
"Yea Seb I got her ass good." Chris exclaimed placing his hand on my shoulder but I pushed it off. "Euphoria I had to get you."
I rolled my eyes. "Oh so you were in on it? oh yea we not cool nomore. I'M NOT FRIENDS WITH CHRIS EVANS, HEMMY, OR SEBASTIAN STAN." I yelled playfully flipping them off. Both Chris's stood in front of me while Sebastian stood to my side.
"I've never heard nobody call me hemmy. Only you can come up with something like that."Hemmy said shaking his head." I feel special, I got a nickname."
"I want a nickname!" Sebastian whined like a child. "How he get one and I don't , I thought I was your favorite."
"Me too!" Chris said raising his hand. Me and Sebastian caught a glance at each other for a second. I looked away , a blush creeping on my face.
"I have to tell the two apart but I never said that Seb. Holland is actually my favorite." I sassed hoping the blush wasn't on my face, flipping my hair looking around for spidey. "He didn't laugh at me today."
"Awww Euphoria you're my favorite too." Holland came from nowhere hugging me from behind."See ? you boys have to be nice!"
"Oh thomas hush!"Seb said pulling me away from him into his chest. He had on a loose shirt and by accident I touched his stomach. His skin felt like heaven:"She's mine!"
Hemmy pulls me from Seb into his chest as well, with his thick accent." Um no she's mine!"
"No actually she's mine!" Chris said pulling me to his chest too. "I'm the best duh!"
"Guys I have go get you guys food. We'll settle this debate later!" I chuckled placing my head on Evans shoulder." Now give me a hug so I can go!"
They each me a hug but Sebastian hugs me longer. He smelled so good!
I went out to get the food and made sure I picked up Hemmy's jerky.
This a series sooo I really hope you like it!
Part 2
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