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#chris evans x original female character
girl-of-many-fandoms · 16 hours ago
Forbidden 5
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader
Summary: You're Tony's sister and you just so happen to be very attracted to the one man that gets on your brother's nerves, Steve Rogers. Unknowingly to you, the older man also has his eyes on you despite your circumstances
Warnings: none
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
The man whom you shared your DNA with plopped down in the seat next to you at the kitchen island. The past couple days you’ve been keeping to yourself now more than ever and Tony was determined to find out what’s wrong with you
“You’ve been MIA for a while now, what’s going on?”
Liar, you knew exactly why you haven’t been your usually sarcastic, annoying self and it all had to do with what almost happened with Steve. You couldn’t tell your brother that the man he has a love/hate relationship with is the reason that you haven’t been yourself lately
“Good morning”
Speak of the devil and he shall appear
Steve strode into the kitchen looking handsome as ever with Sam and Bucky following closely behind, he quickly glanced at you both as he maneuvered his way around the kitchen making his breakfast. Bucky patted you on the back, pulling out the chair on the other side of you
“I should get going, Thor’s waiting for me in the gym” sliding out of your seat you took your phone and water bottle up off the counter quickly removing yourself from the crowded room
Why are you like this Y/N?
You can’t keep avoiding him all the days of your life
Groaning you leaned against the wall of the elevator as you recalled the memories from that night. The way that his scent evaded your senses, the feeling of your smaller hands in his larger ones, the feeling of his stubble brushing against your fingertips, the way his hot breath fanned against your lips as you both leaned into each other’s touch
Closing your eyes, you envisioned being back in that same position with Steve
The doors slid open and you stepped into the hallway that led to the gym. Thor’s grunts could be heard as well as the punches he’s dishing out on the punching bag. Pushing the door open you were pleasantly surprised to see Thor’s sweaty, shirtless torso. His back was positioned to you so every flex of his back muscle was visible to you and it was indeed a magnificent sight to witness
“Thor it’s way too early for you to be looking this good”
Upon hearing your voice Thor paused his workout to smile over at you, his chest rising and falling as he regained his breath
“I could say the same about you”
Placing your things down on the nearest bench you made your way over to the treadmill to start your warm up. He resumed abusing the poor punching bag as you picked up the pace a bit. Steve hadn’t only benched you from going out on missions but he also banned you from over exerting yourself when it came to training. Usually, you would be sparring with Nat or doing hand to hand combat with Bucky or Steve but seeing as you were recovering you were now stuck with the treadmill
Increasing the speed, you began jogging. The AC/DC blasting through the gym speakers gave you the push you needed to change your pace. You despised cardio with a passion, one time you chose to go running with Steve, Sam and Bucky, that was the stupidest decision you have ever made in your entire life as you gave up after hitting mile two. Bucky slowed his pace so that you could keep up, at one point he slung you over his shoulder as he caught up to the others, in times like that, being manhandled by a super soldier isn’t as bad as it sounds
Sweat coated every inch of your body as you pushed yourself, droplets landed on the machine every stride you took. You weren’t keeping track of how long you’d been on the treadmill but you knew that it had to be a good while because Thor now stood in front of you with an annoyed look on his face
“I’m bored, let’s get to the fun stuff”
Thor reached over and hit the off button and you quickly came to a stop, confused you tilted your head to the side waiting for him to elaborate more on ‘the fun stuff’. His bright smile only made you more skeptical as you worked on regulating your breathing
“Let’s do some sparring” helping you off the machine he led you over to the mat where you all used for combat training
“Thor I can’t remember?” bending down you reached for one of the clean towels on the rack when suddenly you were flipped onto your back, Thor stood over you with a shit eating grin on his face
“You can’t or won’t?” he knew that you hated when he taunted you especially when it came to training, you knew what he was trying to do and you knew that you were not about to back down from a challenge
“Game on then”
Smirking you hooked you kneed him in the back of his thighs and quickly swiped his feet from under him. You both began throwing punches at one another, you knew that he was mainly doing this for your benefit because he knew just how much you missed the action. Thor got a hold of your hand and pinned you down on the mat beneath him, his long blonde hair fell from the pony he had it in, framing his face
“Yield you puny human”
“Not today” hooking your leg around his waist you used your strength to flip you both over so now you were the one on top. Rolling his eyes, he couldn’t help but smile up at you proud to see that you’re still capable of holding your own
Still straddling Thor’s abdomen, you both caught up on a few things that’s happened. He told you about his nonexistent relationship with Jane and you told him about the almost kiss you had with Steve. You both had been so caught up in the middle of your conversation you both hadn’t noticed Steve’s presence
His heart dropped seeing the position that you and Thor were in, he hadn’t bothered to work out anymore instead he turned on his heels and headed up to his room
Guys should I do a Steve POV next chapter? Let me know!
Tag list:
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pizza-portal · 2 days ago
Pairing: Chris Evans x OC!Lana
Summary: Lana thinks Chris is cheating and avoids him.
Warnings: angst, sad, lack of eating, fluff
Tumblr media
If Lana knew one thing, it was to not listen to the tabloids. They were just rumors. Sometimes they were lies. 90% of the time, they were untrue.
But, she sat in her couch staring at the article. ‘Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen: The Perfect Match’. The lights were dim and it was too late at night. She just couldn’t stop staring at the screen. She didn’t want to be insecure, but Elizabeth was prettier and talented. All Lana did was sit there and look pretty. She knew Chris would never cheat on her, but deep down, what if he liked Elizabeth more than her?
As if on cue, the article disappeared and Chris’s contact name popped up. She cursed under her breath, deciding whether or not to answer his call. She pressed the answer button putting the phone to her ear. “Hello?”
“Hey baby,” he spoke smoothly. Yet, all Lana’s mind could think about was him and Elizabeth.
“Uh, hi,” she answered. She tried to sound normal, but her voice was strained and shaky.
“I didn’t wake you up, did I?” He asked.
“No, I was uh, doing some work,” she responded. Her fingers played with the hem of her shirt.
“Oh okay,” he said. “I’m thinking tomorrow we can workout and breakfast at my place?” The two tried to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. They had only been dating for four months and they didn’t want too much publicity too early.
“Um,” Lana had to think of an excuse quick. “I can’t.” She mumbled.
“Everything okay?” He asked her through the phone.
“Yeah, no, I’m fine. I actually need to go. I’ll talk to you soon, babe,” she rushed.
“Yeah, okay. Love you-” Lana ended the call before anything else. She mumbled a few curse words before getting up.
Three days. Lana had been avoiding Chris for three days. It was hard to say the least. She was constantly stressed with work and tried not talking to him as much. She hadn’t eaten much, but still forced herself to workout. She didn’t know why she was pushing away so hard. She felt bad because Chris didn’t even know, but she couldn’t help it.
She sighed deeply, sitting on the white backdrop in a bikini. The stylists were touching up her makeup and hair. The photographers started snapping photos of her. There were three fans blowing onto her, causing her black hair to blow back beautifully. She stayed focused on her work.
Well, that was until her assistant started pointing at her phone that was ringing off the hook. She looked at the photographer, seeing if she could go. “I got all I need. Thank you, Lana. It was nice working with you,” he smiled kindly. Lana immediately walked to her phone, seeing that it was Chris. She answered it, putting it up to her ear.
“Hello?” She answered, beginning her walk to the dressing room to get changed.
“Hey, can I pick you up for lunch?” Chris sounded eager and excited. She could already feel her heart quicken, turning into the room.
“Uh, I was planning on skipping. I have work to get done-”
“And you had work to get done yesterday and the day before,” he cut her off. She could tell he was frustrated and confused.
“I am so hungry. Yes, let’s meet for lunch,” The moment the words came out of her mouth, she regretted it. The last thing she wanted to do was see him, but she didn’t want to make him upset. Lana was just overall confused.
“Great. Just, uh, meet me at my place. Okay?” He wanted to make sure she would come.
“Yeah,” she spoke quietly before hanging up. She’s set her phone down, looking at herself in the mirror. “Shit.” She started getting changed out of the swimsuit and into some leggings and a sweater.
The car ride to Chris’ house seemed to short. She wish she had driven slower or taken a longer way by the time she pulled into his drive way. She let herself out of the car before slowly walking up to his door. She took a deep breath, trying to control her racing mind and racing heart. She knocked on the door. Her body shook out of both fear and hunger. Every terrible image popped into her head. What if Elizabeth opened the door? What if all the articles were true? Maybe he was just playing her.
Chris opened the door, smiling at his girlfriend. “Hi,” she spoke quietly. He embraced her, feeling happy to finally hold her again.
Lana tried to make her actions as normal as possible, but she felt off. Everything felt off. “Come on. I made your favorite,” Lana walked inside. She had been in his home plenty of times, even before they were dating. She had always felt so comfortable there. There were two plates with chicken salads set on the dining table.
The two sat down. Chris happily ate his food while Lana picked at her food, moving it around as if it were something she hated. “What have you been doing?” Chris asked her. He took a mental note of her lack of eating.
“Just work,” she mumbled. “I had a swimsuit shoot with Calvin Klein so.” She kept her eyes down, away from his. “What about you?”
“Work,” he responded. “Elizabeth and I had a bunch of interviews together and stuff.” It was at that moment that Lana made eye contact with him. All she could think about were the stupid articles. She lost any sort of appetite that was left and she felt so weak, both emotionally and physically. She cleared her throat, finally looking away.
“Cool,” her voice cracked. She didn’t want to cry, especially not in front of him.
“Is everything okay?” Chris finally asked.
“I think I should go,” she whispered. A single year slid down her cheek. She got up quickly, trying to let herself out.
“Lana, hey!” Chris followed immediately. When Lana was right in front of the door, she couldn’t find herself to leave. Was she over reacting? Maybe the trauma of James is just clouding her mind more than they should. She felt the tears involuntarily stream down her face. She collapsed her cheeks into her hands, holding back a sob. “Lana, come here.” Chris wrapped an arm around her shoulder, making her face him. He hugged her, letting her cry all the tears she needed. He didn’t know what was wrong or what he did, but he knew that he wanted to fix it.
Lana felt so weak and annoyed with herself that she didn’t just talk about it with him. She felt so dumb. “What’s wrong?” Chris whispered soothingly. Lana pulled back, wiping her tears.
“I feel so dumb for crying about this and listening to the stupid articles,” she felt more tears stream down her cheeks. Just the thought of the tabloids made her feel overwhelmed.
“What?” She could tell Chris was more than confused.
“All of the fucking headlines and tabloids say is how everyone thinks you and Elizabeth are dating and how great of a couple you guys would be-”
“Okay, okay,” he whispered, trying to sooth her. His fingertips grazed her arms, sending goosebumps across them. Lana stared down at her shoes, sniffling here and there. “Look at me.” His hand lifted her chin, forcing her ready eyes to stare into his. “You are all I want and all I ever will want. You mean the absolute world to me and if I were to fuck that up, I would never forgive myself. Elizabeth is just a close friend and if you want me to stop talking to her as much or if you want to meet her, I will make that happen, okay? I want you to feel confidant and trust me.”
“I’m sorry,” Lana whispered.
“Don’t be sorry,” he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I just wish you told me before.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Now come on, I wanna get some food in you and watch disney movies.” Lana giggled, following him to the kitchen.
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bluemusickid · 4 days ago
A Love So True: Part 2
Pairing: Chris Evans x Fem! Reader
Warnings: none so far, angst, fluff, eventual smut, 18+, MINORS DNI
A/N: This took a bit of time, but I hope it lives up to your expectations! I'm a hoe for good angst, and this was just an outlet ig. Many people have said that it reminds them of the movie The Vow, with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. While I have seen that movie, this one will be slightly different. The main inspiration behind ALST is this story, of a woman named Laura Hart Faganello.
Minors DNI, you are responsible for your own media consumption. Not beta'ed, any mistakes, grammatical or otherwise are all mine. I post my stuff only on Tumblr and AO3, nowhere else. I do not give anyone permission to reproduce, copy or translate my work. Dividers by the wonderful @firefly-in-darkness @firefly-graphics 💓
Join my taglist and check out my masterlist for more!!
Gif credits: @a7estrellas 💓
Tumblr media
Part 1
Chris caressed your photo, lovingly, his fingers trailing over your face. Every moment without you was killing him. Looking into your eyes, he didn't see the love that he craved. He saw attraction, intrigue even, but not the love he knew and craved. It was polite countenance.
He couldn't bear that. He would rather your ire, than your unfamiliarity.
He shook himself, placing the photo back hastily. He had his family by his side: Carly, Scott, Shanna and his mom. And Dodger, of course. But most importantly, he had his love for you, which would bring you back.
He was sure of it.
He saw you walking into the park, in an outfit he'd always loved on you. You walked to him, a warm smile adorning your lips. He loved that about you, your smile. It made him feel like the world was brighter by 200%.
You took a seat next to him, taking in his outfit. He was really good looking. But not in an arrogant way. In the way where he would turn heads with his charisma and charm, and confidence. You took a seat next to him, handing him a cup of coffee.
"What's this?"
"I stopped on the way at Starbucks and thought I'd get something for you. I hope you like it. If not, feel free to chuck it in the trash."
He smiled. Taking the cup from your hand, he took a sip of the drink, the bitter taste of coffee with hints of arabica overwhelming his senses. He loved it. It was his favourite coffee, and she picked it out. Briefly, his heart fluttered at the thought that maybe, somewhere, she remembered him. It made him feel better about this whole arrangement.
You watched him take small sips of his coffee, mesmerised at the sight of him really enjoying it. You didn't know why, but it felt really good that he liked it. You didn't know how, or why, but while ordering at the shop, the order just rolled off your tongue, like it was a habit, or muscle memory of sorts. You'd shrugged it off then, thinking it was probably your gut instinct telling you so. Or perhaps you'd been soulmates and partners in a former life. The thought made you chuckle.
Chris looked at you, bemused. "What?"
"Uh, nothing. I was just thinking about how you seem familiar to me and I just...thought that we might've known each other in a past life or something. Sounds weird and lame, I know."
He smiled shyly, looking at the ground. "Do you believe in past lives and soulmates?" He asked, his eyes searching yours. If it were someone else, you would've been creeped out and uncomfortable with the question and the eye contact. But not with Chris. He was different. Why? You didn't know.
"I..sort of do, I guess. Like, not in the way most people do, like kindred spirits and unbreakable bonds and all that. But I do think that if two souls are meant to be together, they will find a way, no matter what the hindrances or obstacles."
His heart swelled. Your candid confession gave him the hope he thought was gone forever. Maybe you did remember him, past life or not.
"We might've been together in a past life, which only proves one point."
"Which is?" You asked, dryly.
"It means that since we were probably together in a previous life, we should definitely give this...courtship a try in this life. Who knows, it might be better than the last life." He said with a wink, a grin adorning his lips.
You smiled. Time spent with Chris would certainly not be boring.
Tumblr media
The days went by steadily, and so grew your relationship with Chris. He took you on many dates, to the most charming places ever; museums, parks, skating rinks. Time seemed to stand still when you were with him; which was an antithesis because two months seemed to just whizz by! You'd even been to dinner with his mom, who seemed like a wonderful lady. She, too, seemed familiar, but you didn't stress about it. It was probably your brain acting up, replacing people and memories.
You went to therapy more regularly now, Chris being a regularly occuring topic. He truly was the perfect man; caring, loving and perceptive to all your needs. There were one or two times where you thought that he would kiss you, hold you, but he maintained a distance, giving you time. At most, he would give you a warm hug, or a small peck on your forehead, but that was it. It was almost too perfect, you felt. You'd told your parents about him, but the reaction you'd gotten was lukewarm, and you didn't know why. It had bothered you, because it wasn't like them to not be happy for you.
Work was going well, too. You'd gotten a few interviews, and Chris helped you prep for that as well. You sat with him, laughing at his inane impressions of people and workplaces till the wee hours of the morning. The interview went well, and you'd started off your job on a good note, which you partly thought was because of his help in prepping.
You started inviting him for dinner more often, the house feeling more and more like a home. Living away from your parents was tough, but you felt like you needed your own space, especially now more than ever. Even if you didn't regain your old memories, it was important to you to make new ones. Although there wasn't a name you'd given to this courtship, it felt right. It felt like you were meant to be together.
It was a normal Friday evening, you'd called him over for dinner, which was animated, as always. He was telling you about his work, and how fulfilling it was everytime one of his clients walked away, happy with his work. You listened on, enthralled and enchanted, truly in awe of this man. He was getting ready to leave after dinner, but you felt a pang in your heart. The feeling of being incomplete was growing with each second. Calling out his name, you grabbed his arm, slowly pulling him into your house as he looked on in bewilderment. Rising up on your tiptoes, you gazed into his eyes as you held his face, slowly touching your lips to his. He stood there, shell-shocked, as if in a dream, making no attempts to touch you. He seemed to break out of his reverie soon, though, his hands encircling your waist and gently pulling you to him, holding you closer. He deepened the kiss, as if beseeching you, asking you for something. It felt like he was pouring everything he had into the kiss, holding your face, his thumb grazing your jaw ever so slightly. Breaking apart, he touched his forehead to yours, not ready to let go of you.
"That was..." he breathed, speech evading him.
"I know." You replied, looking into his eyes. They had darkened, his pupils wide and his mouth slightly slack. You wanted more, you needed to feel him, to hold him. You needed him in every possible way; not lust-fuelled, but something more powerful. It seemed crazy but you felt like he was the one for you.
Much to your dismay, he pulled away, whispering, "would you like to have dinner with me this Friday? At my house, as my...girlfriend?"
Your head shot up at that, bemusement evident on your face. "Are you serious?!"
"About which part, the house or the girlfriend?"
You slapped him playfully, "the girlfriend part, you dummy! Took you long enough!"
He laughed as he pulled you closer, his heartbeat steady against your ear. Your heart fluttered at the thought of being at his house. He'd never talked about his family a lot before, so going to his house would be like getting a peek into his life. Placing a peck on his lips, you agreed, embracing him with all that you had. You couldn't believe how much he'd meant to you in such a short time.
You kissed him again, softly, wanting nothing more than to pull him inside and take him to bed. Alas, he pulled away soon, much to your disappointment, leaving with a small peck to your forehead.
"See you this Friday, sweetheart."
Tumblr media
You woke up on Friday morning, your heart lurching as you thought about meeting Chris. It had been a busy few days, so you hadn't been able to meet him, only texting and calling. He'd been busy at work as well, so it had been the longest you'd gone without talking, making you realise how much you'd missed him. Was that normal in a relationship? You'd never had a relationship last for more than a year, and even then you never felt like you did with Chris. It was weird. And exciting. And a little scary. You woke up, a skip in your step as you began to get ready for work.
It had been an exceptionally good day. The meetings went well, your manager was pleased with your work and your coworkers were slowly becoming very good friends.
Evening came, and brought with it pre-date jitters. Sure, you'd been on many dates with him till now, but you felt this to be different. It was kind of a big step, and you didn't want to mess it up by scaring him or freaking him out. Taking deep breaths, you calmed down and started getting ready, picking out a red dress and your Louboutins. You looked taller with them and let's face it, it really showed your ass off. Not that that mattered, you thought to yourself. Or did it? Was it finally time to take the next step? Because even God knew you were ready for it. And longing for it.
The bell rang and with it, so did your heart flutter. You were gonna take a cab but Chris insisted on driving you, stubborn man that he was.
You opened the door, completely floored at what you saw. Chris looked different. He Not that he wasn't hot before, but now he looked really hot, like GQ Men's Issue Cover Hot. He was wearing deep blue jeans with a black dress shirt, his black jacket sitting snugly across his broad shoulders. Honestly, he was sex on legs; quite a departure from his chocolate boy look. There was no doubt about it, you were gonna jump him later on.
"Cat got your tongue, sweetheart?" He teased, raising his eyebrow.
"You look amazing. This is..a pleasant surprise, for sure." You hoped your gawking was taken as a compliment, your cheeks heating.
"Thanks. So do you sweetheart, you look breathtaking." He remarked, placing a gentle kiss on your lips.
"Shall we?"
Tumblr media
You were short of words. His house was truly breathtaking. The drive itself was pretty short, about 15 minutes or so. But standing inside the huge place, it was surreal. That instant jolt of deja vu hit you again, but you chose to ignore it. This was your time with Chris, and you didn't want to ruin it by overthinking.
There was a warm feel to the house. It was very him; welcoming, beckoning you to stay. The walls were adorned with pictures of his family, his sisters, his nephews and nieces. It was so adorable. You heard a small bark at the distance, and turning around you saw a tan and white dog run upto you, its tail wagging to the nines. He jumped on you, whining in happiness and excitement. You giggled, petting him and stroking him with matched excitement. He was adorable and lovable, just like his owner.
"And who is this handsome young man?"
"This is Dodger, my boy. Though he seems to have forgotten his manners!" The latter remark was meant for Dodger, who was still whining and pacing around the room, unable to contain his joy.
"Whoa! Anyone would think he's seeing me after a long time; the way he's whining! What a good boy!"
You didn't notice Chris' smile falter a bit, oblivious about the words that were spoken. He felt a pang of hurt but was happy, at the same time. It was bittersweet; a reunion of sorts, but one of you didn't know the other. He watched as you sat down to give Dodger belly pats and rubs, kissing him softly on his snout. Dodger whimpered, licking every inch of your face and hands.
"Dodge, c'mon buddy, behave. Go get your toy, fetch!"
You giggled, sputtering after the intense love attack. Chris laughed, snapping a few pics for good measure.
"Why don't you get cleaned up, there's a bathroom right down the hall, in my room. I'll get dinner ready till you do."
You walked down the hallway, taking in the various showpieces and ornaments adorning the walls. You really loved the feel of this house. It was like you'd been here all your life.
Walking into the bathroom, you washed your hands but noticed a lack of a drying towel. Typical man, you thought dryly.
"Chris? Is there a drying towel or something here?"
"Uhhhh yeah, just try the drawer by the fireplace." He shouted, distracted.
Sifting through the different chests of drawers, you hunted for a towel, trying not to see his stuff. You were sure he'd not mention it, but there were some boundaries you had to maintain, no matter how open he was. Or seemed to be.
After rifling through his drawer for a minute, you finally found a napkin, albeit your hands were already dry. Oh well, you thought, better late than never.
Shaking your head, you went to close the drawer, but it wouldn't budge. Trying again, you shoved harder, eager to get back to the dinner. Frustrated, you dug through the drawer to find the source of obstruction, your hands feeling a wooden frame. You pulled it out, curiosity getting the better of you. You wished you hadn't, though. Because what you saw shook you to your very core. You felt like you would collapse to the floor.
"Heyyy, dinner's almost ready, I've put in an extra loaf of garlic bread in case I eat too much.." Chris trailed off, astonished by your tense stance and lack of words.
"Sweetheart...? Is everything..ok?"
You couldn't bring yourself to answer him. You didn't know if you should be scared, or hurt, or angry. All you knew is that you wanted to be away from him. Your legs moved as if detached from your mind, each step taking you further away from him. You could faintly hear his voice calling out to you, but you didn't stop. You didn't stop walking till you reached his door, opening it, letting the bitterly cold breeze attack you; mirroring the numbness you felt inside. There was only one thing playing in your mind over and over again, in a loop.
The photo of you and Chris, kissing passionately on a beach.
He knew who you were. He'd known all along.
Tumblr media
AAAGH SORRY DON'T KILL ME PLS BUT YOU KNOW I HAD TO DO IT🥺💓😭 hope y'all like it, my pre-publishing jitters are setting in and I'm not sure if people will like it or not😔🥺💓
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wanderinglunarnights · 7 days ago
Stolen what’s mine, 4
Characters: Ransom Drysdale x OFC Charlotte Callahan
Summary: Charlotte and Ransom are up for the same promotion at the publishing house. She hates his handsome ass, especially when he steals the job as editor in chief out from under her nose.
Warnings: 18+! Swearing, sexual language, bickering, insults, TENSION, misogyny, dry humping, fingering. Not proof read. (POV switches)
Important: I do not own the character Ransom Drysdale, pics found on Pinterest. @nix-akimbo edited the lovely pic of Ransom with glasses! 🤓
Part one, part two, part three (MULTI-CHAPTER FIC)
Tumblr media
“Cocky bastard.” I mumbled as I walked up the stairs to my apartment.
Drysdale had a way of getting under my skin and I couldn’t help but feel that this evening something had shifted. I certainly didn’t like the way my entire body lights up when he touches me. Or how his blue eyes seem to see right through my sassiness.
Turning my key I sighed. I needed to stay away from him.
I just opened the door before Grace was on me, a glass of wine in her hand.
“And? How was the date?”
I plopped down on the couch and grumbled. “It wasn’t a date.”
Grace sat down beside me, annoyingly pressed close to me. She snorted. “Babe, you’re wearing your ‘Fuck me’ dress. It was a date.”
I glared at her. “It wasn’t for him.”
“Mhm, keep telling that to yourself.”
“Gracie, don’t get any ideas,” I plucked her glass out of her hand and took a large gulp. “He stole my promotion and he’s an asshole.”
“That may be, but he’s rich and he’s sex on legs. So just have some fun!” Her chipper mood just soured mine further.
I got up and kicked off my stiletto’s. “Good night, Grace.”
I was at the office fucking early because I couldn’t sleep anymore. Besides I still had a lot to review with all the Christmas party planning added to the mix.
Christ. How did I get here?
I rubbed my chin when Davenport walked in.
“Ah, Drysdale. Just the man I need to see.”
I faked a smile. “Talk to me, John.”
The slick bastard strolled over to my desk, leaning his hands on it to tower over me. I just about had it with all the ridiculous power plays he felt he needed to do. Whatever. My dick’s definitely bigger than yours, pal.
“Did you set up a venue yet with Charlotte?”
I hated the way he said her name. It was too intimate and it sounded off coming from him.
“I think we’ve decided on one, yeah. We’ll lock it down soon after we get the details right.”
“Great.” He paused for a second and then sat down in the chair opposite of me.
“She’s a beauty, isn’t she?”
I frowned, already not liking where this was going. “She is.”
“I just wanted to talk to you, man to man. It seemed like I interrupted something between you two the other day and I just wanted to check that you know better than to go there.”
I balled my fists underneath my desk. “What are you talking about?”
“Come on, Drysdale. I’ve got my eye on her. Her father and I have an understanding.”
“What kind of understanding?” I tried not to grit my teeth so hard, but failed. Davenport gave me a curious look but continued.
“Charlotte and her dad are estranged but he’s a business friend of mine and he wants what’s best for his daughters. He’d like to see her married to someone of standing and who’s well off.” He chuckled. “Me.”
“That’s why she could never get a promotion, it would be an HR nightmare for me and we both know this is a man’s job. Besides, she’ll be too busy with kids and stuff to work anyway.”
“What?” The word came out menacing and low. I can’t fucking believe this asshole.
Davenport’s easy slimy grin dropped then. “Don’t be obtuse, Drysdale. It’s the way of things.” He stood up and leaned over me again. His obnoxious cologne pricked my nostrils. “If you want to keep your position I suggest you shut up and stay the hell away from her. Got it?”
I didn’t respond but he took it as acquiescence anyway.
As soon as he was out the door I smacked it closed with a brutal crack. The hinges of the door almost broke off the wall.
I knew this would crush her if I told her. Hell, she might even accuse me of making that shit up.
I paced my office. I couldn’t fucking believe he didn’t give her the promotion because he wants to fucking marry her and breed her like some damn mare. Fuck!
How the hell was I going to fix this? One thing was clear, I wouldn’t be working here for long anymore anyway.
The party was a great success. Strange how Drysdale and I were able to pull this off between all the insults and glares.
My traitorous eyes found him nursing his third Scotch of the evening. Oh god, why did I even notice how much he’s been drinking?  
My gaze raked over his strong thighs covered in blue dress pants then higher to his delectable ass all the way to his strong back and shoulders. And finally, when I reached his pretty face his ocean eyes found mine.
I expected a smirk or a glare, but what I got was...nothing. The blankness behind his eyes made the hair at the back of my neck stand up. He turned then and chucked his whisky in one swallow.
My feet were carrying me in his direction when Davenport halted me in my tracks.
“Mr Davenport.” I smiled politely.
“Charlotte, please, it’s John.”
If I didn’t know any better I’d say he looked a bit irritated. “John. How are you liking the party?”
His smile returned in full. “It’s wonderful, Charlotte. I see you planning many parties and get-togethers in the future.”
The comment rubbed me the wrong way but I kept my smile where it was. “I’m glad you find it to your liking, John.”
Suddenly his eyes dipped to my cleavage and then when he caressed my elbow I flinched, but he didn’t notice.
“I do find it very satisfactory, Charlotte.”
I all but gagged but quickly corrected my expression as I carefully stepped out of his hold.
“Great!” My voice was way too high, but I needed to change this situation asap. “I think it’s about time for the speeches, don’t you?”
Davenport licked his lips. “Of course. I’ll start, you go round everyone up.”
I nodded and immediately stepped away from him. Good thing John liked hearing himself talk, a great way of getting rid of him.
As he started his speech I glanced over to the bar but Drysdale wasn’t there anymore. When John mentioned us both to thank us for the party I smiled and waved. Also carefully signalling I couldn’t find Drysdale.
John winked and went on speaking, not minding one bit his Editor in Chief wasn’t around to steal his spotlight.
My red heels were pinching my toes but I went into the hall looking for him. I tried not to think about how Drysdale had pushed me against this wall and how his touch ignited something inside me no one else ever has. Nope. Not thinking about that.
I checked the men’s room, but he wasn’t there. “Sorry, guys.” I apologized and quickly closed the door. Then I was going to check the ladies’ but what if he was fucking one of our colleagues in a stall? I didn’t want to see that.
Gritting my teeth I went inside but again, he wasn’t there. Did he just ditch our party?
I walked further down the hall when suddenly an opening door almost smacked me in the face.
Drysdale walked out and his eyebrows rose as he noticed me.
“Drysdale? Where the fuck have you been? The spee-”
My words were abruptly cut off as he opened another door and yanked me inside.
The space was dark and small and something poked me in the ass. “Drysdale, what the fuck!”
His hand was on my mouth instantly. “Just shut up for five seconds, Callahan.” he whisper-shouted at me.
Through a small crack at the side of the door a bit of light shone through and I could see we were in a closet. It was tiny and Drysdale was so close to me, I could feel his body heat. Though he was warm, my nipples still hardened by his proximity.
Then I heard Davenport on the other side of the door. “Has anyone seen Charlotte?”
I held my breath, but apart from some murmurs the hall next to us quickly died out. Drysdale slowly removed his hand from my mouth and he looked at the red lipstick print on the palm of his hand.
Then his gaze took in my fiery red lips, matching with my dress. His eyes raked over my body in a lewd manner and I couldn’t help but breathe heavier. As if it was too hot, too constricting, too close.
Drysdale noticed my chest was heaving and when his eyes found mine again in the dim light a shiver went through me.
“Why did you pull me in here?”
“Why did come looking for me?”
I frowned. “Stop with the answering a question with a question, you ass. You missed your speech.”
“I don’t give a fuck about that speech.” He growled.
I threw my hands up. “I don’t fucking believe you. You’re the Editor in Chief, freaking act like it.”
He snorted. “Looks like the boss and his little editor pet were doing just fine without me, Callahan.”
Maybe it was the way he said it or the way you remembered Davenport’s unwelcome touch, but your hand quickly smacked the side of Drysdale’s face. The sound was shrill inside the small closet.
You could feel the anger coming off him in waves but he didn’t touch you.
“One more strike…” his voice was low and clipped. “And I can’t be held responsible for what I do next.”
It was as if your body had a mind of its own and you raised your hand to hit him again, but he quickly intercepted it, taking both your wrists in his hand and holding them above your head.
The movement made your tits press together and you could feel him watching every part of you clad in the skintight red fabric.
“This dress is fucking sinful.”
I rolled my eyes though he didn’t see. “Just kiss me, you idiot.”
Drysdale pressed his body closer to mine, his chest pressing against my aching tits as he slotted his thigh between my legs. I gasped at the friction and just when he released my hands he kissed me. It was a hard kiss. It didn’t start out gentle. No, it was brutal and punishing and oh so hot.
The heat of his soft lips on mine forced open my mouth and we quickly tangled our tongues in a battle of wills.
Neither of us wanted to give in. We both wanted to take and take...and take.
I moaned into his mouth as he pushed his strong thigh higher, the friction softly rubbing my clit.
“That’s it. Keep making those pretty noises for me.”
Before I could retort he took my lips again and I scrambled to take off his suit jacket. The top buttons of his shirt were already undone but I wanted it off him. I wanted to feel his warm skin below my fingertips.
When the pesky little things didn't give and I didn’t want to stop kissing him, I just yanked his shirt open. The buttons scattered onto the floor, but Drysdale groaned and grabbed my ass in both his palms.
He kneaded the flesh and simultaneously rubbed my aching cunt over his thigh by guiding my hips back and forth.
I could feel my panties flooding with want for him. I should feel ashamed for how quickly this asshole made me lose my mind, but I couldn’t care less at this moment.
My fingers explored his powerful pecs when we continued to make out like teenagers.  I scraped my red nails over his nipples and he growled in my mouth, nipping my bottom lip.
“Fuck, you taste good.” He kissed my cheek and then moved back a bit. I whined pathetically when he removed his thigh, ignoring his knowing smirk. “Let’s see if you taste good here too.”
He roughly pulled my drenched panties aside and pushed two fingers inside me. A sigh escaped me as he filled me up with his thick digits, curling them wantonly. I grasped his shoulders as my head fell back.
Then when he pulled his fingers away my eyes snapped back to his, just when he was licking his fingers clean. It was obscene and erotic but it made my core clench around nothing nonetheless.
“Perfect.” He whispered and then kissed me again.
My hands dove into his soft locks, pulling him closer still. Drysdale then pushed his thigh back between my legs and I moaned again when he flexed it underneath me.
With one hand on my ass, the other trailed to my breasts. He pinched a nipple through the fabric, now more than obvious I wasn’t wearing a bra. “Jesus, you fucking kill me, Callahan.”
“Shut up and make me come, Drysdale.”
He chuckled but attacked my mouth again. My lips felt swollen and rough, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
While palming my tits and pinching my ass, he guided me against him. I could feel his huge cock straining in his pants and god, I wanted him inside me.
I fumbled with his belt but he pried my hands away. “No.”
The little word was clipped but commanding and damn if that didn’t make him hotter still. I sighed in his kisses when he moved my hips quicker, rubbing my cunt over his thigh in quick motions.
“Ohh, fuck. Drysdale.”
He suddenly stopped and I growled. I was getting close, damn it.
He grabbed my chin in one hand, his touch rough and unhinged. “Say my name when you come for me, Charlotte.”
I gasped as he spoke my name for the first time. The low rumble sounded like an aphrodisiac barreling through me. I nodded and he continued his sensual assault.
My head fell back in pleasure and he kissed my neck, sucking my pulse point until I was a gasping, moaning mess.
By now he was grinding against me, his rigid dick bumping my clit with each stroke.
“F-fuck, please.”
Another stroke, another zing.
“Just say it, Charlotte.” He murmured against my neck.
Another push and pull. Another rub.
“Ohh, fuck.” My eyes rolled back and I shuddered deeply. “Ransom!”
I could feel his eyes on me, taking in the most intimate of expressions.
“Beautiful.” He muttered against my skin.
As my muscles went rigid with the unseen and unfelt pleasure barreling through me, he kept grinding our bodies together, making sure I gave every ounce of desire I had to give.
As I slowly came down from my high, panting heavily, I glanced up at him. His normally perfect hair was standing up on all ends, his shirt hung open around his glorious chest, nail marks everywhere, his lips were pink and swollen and finally his aching erection was tenting his pants.
He looked ravished and I could only imagine the state I was in. God, I wanted to drop down on my knees and suck off that thick cock until he was moaning my name.
Jesus. I shook my head, panic finally seeping its way through the cracks of the lust.
The noises from the hall came through and my eyes widened. What if our colleagues heard us? What if Davenport knew what was going on?
My breath sped up again as my mind whirled with the consequences.
Ransom saw my obvious turmoil and he took my head between his big hands. “Hey. Hey. Snap out of it. You’re ok.”
I shook him off. “Of course I am.” I pulled my dress back on right when he was trying to close his shirt the best he could. “Don’t you dare breathe a word of this to anyone, Drysdale. I still hate you, y’know.”
His smirk was both annoying and hot. “You don’t hate me, Callahan. Not with the way you cream your panties for me.”
“Ugh. I’m regretting this already.”
I went to open the door of the closet, listening if anyone was passing.
“Callahan.” I turned back to him. He looked like he was thinking about saying something but then seemingly changed his mind. “Go clean yourself up, you look like a hooker doing the walk of shame on a Saturday morning.”
My hand itched to slap his pretty face again, but look where that got me the first time.
“Fuck you, Drysdale. Have fun jerking off tonight.”
His answering chuckle echoed after me.
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Tumblr media
What do you think Ransom was doing when he disappeared during the speeches? 🧐
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Happy birthday to my love!
Chris Evans x Reader
words : 454
Author notes: Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to Chris!
Your birthday is this week. You were lucky to share the birthday week with your beloved boyfriend Chris.  Usually, you were celebrating together, but this year is different. Chris is turning 40 years this year, and you are close to 30. You told him that this year he deserves to have his party. He wasn’t happy with your idea, but after a while, he agreed. As long as you are going to be there for him, he is happy.  Chris had tried to ask you a few times, on different occasions, what would you like to get for your birthday. Each time you told him, that you have everything so the kiss and a cuddle would be enough. This is something that he can give you.  
On the day of your birthday, you were working. You needed a distraction and Chris also mention he has some meetings to attend. The truth was, that your boyfriend was planning a romantic dinner for you two. Also, he decided he will try to cook it. He texted and called his mother multiple times, asking for advice. He didn’t want to buy a cake or order take-away. It wasn’t an ordinary day. It was a day when the love of his life and his lifesaver came to this world, and it needed to be celebrated properly.  
A few hours later, your boss let you go home early. You stopped to buy some groceries, the wine for this evening.  You opened the door and smell something burning. You quickly run to the kitchen, finding Chris looking around in a panic, scratching his head. The flower and random ingredients were all over the place. Even on his face. You turned off the cooker, trying not to laugh. Chris noticed your facial expression, and he was upset with himself.  You step closer, took his handsome face in your palms, and kissed him. Chris wrapped his arms around you and kiss you even deeper. He stopped the kiss and hugged you again.  
“I am sorry, honey. It should be a surprise...”  
“Have you done it all for me?  
“Well, I tried. “Chris lowered his head and kissed your neck a few times.  
“You were doing very well, Chris; I really appreciate it. This is the best birthday present ever.’’  
Chris straightened his back, and looked at you with a mischievous look.  
“O sweetheart, that's not the only thing I prepared for you today. Why don’t you get changed, I will clean this up and join you?’’  
You nodded and were on your way upstairs when Chris shouted: ‘’ Y/N wait for me there, naked!’’  
You blushed and started to get ready for your man. This is going to be the best birthday ever! 
Tumblr media
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Riding On
Tumblr media
CH28- Hens, Stags and Cubs Part 3- Cubs
Summary: On the final weekend before their wedding, Frank spends some time with his son as Mary and Fliss depart on a special Mother-Daughter Hen-Do of their own.
Warnings: Bad language, some racey themes discussed.
Pairing: Frank Adler x OFC Fliss Gallagher
Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. I do not own any characters in this series bar Fliss Gallagher and the other OCs. By reading beyond this point you understand and accept the terms of this disclaimer.
Word Count- 4 k ish
Riding On Masterlist // Main Masterlist
Ch28 Part 2- Stags
If we lay a strong enough foundation, we’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you. And you’ll blow us all away.
Tumblr media
“Yeah?” Fliss paused outside Mary’s room, popping her head in through the door.
“Do I need anything other than this for the Spa tomorrow?”
Fliss scanned the items on Mary’s bed. A bathing suit, towel, hairbrush, spare hair tie, flip-flops and her book.
“Erm, no, I think you’re good.” Fliss smiled. “You reading Black Beauty again?”
“Yup, it’s my favourite.”
Fliss grinned, “One of mine too. Much better than those deep and meaningful books your dad reads. I can’t understand half of the words he quotes out of them.”
“He only does that to make himself look clever.” Mary scoffed. “Doesn’t work.”
The pair of them cracked up laughing and Mary moved round to give Fliss a hug. “I’m so excited!”
“Me too, sweetheart. It’s gonna be so much fun. And to get the weekend started, we rented Mulan and there’s popcorn in the microwave.”
“Yesss!” Mary hugged her tightly again as Fliss dropped a kiss to the top of her head. She helped Mary pack her things into the little sunshine yellow overnight bag that Roberta had bought her for her birthday, and together they made their way downstairs into the family room.
Alex was already in bed leaving just the three of them and they settled down, Mary in her favourite place in between Frank and Fliss. Frank instructed the Alexa to dim the lights before he fired up the movie and they spent the next few hours engrossed in the live action remake, Frank’s arm stretched over the back of the sofa, gently tickling the nape of Fliss’ neck every so often. It never ceased to amaze Fliss how he constantly liked to touch her, something that had grown even more obvious ever since she’d had Alex.
Not that she was going to complain about it, ever.
They took a reasonably early night, as Fliss and Mary had to be at the Marriott in Tampa by nine-thirty. They ate a quick breakfast together, before Mary headed off to check her back for the hundredth time. When quizzed about what he had planned, Frank jokingly told Fliss that he intended on sitting Alex in front of a recording of an old Red Sox game from the nineties to ‘further his education’.
“Indoctrination, more like!” Fliss snorted. “Baby, he’s one.”
“He’s far too young to sit still through an entire baseball game. You’re setting yourself up to fail.” “Yeah, you’re probably right.” Frank signed, dramatically. “I mean let’s face it, all he’s gonna wanna do is eat, piss off Fred and Thor, crap and nap.” “Same shit you do on a daily basis.” Fliss grinned and Frank snorted. “I don’t nap.” “Liar.” “Not every day!”
At just after half past-eight, Frank and Alex waved Mary and Fliss off, the tot chattering out “bye bye,” before Frank carried him over to the truck, whistling for Thor to follow.
“Boys trip buddy, before the sun gets too hot. You game?”
Alex grinned. “No!”
“Yeah, you’re saying no, but we know you mean yes. Can you say yes? Say yes for Daddy.”
Frank scoffed. “Whatever.”
The drive down to St Pete’s was less than fifteen minutes thanks to the light traffic with it being relatively early on a Saturday morning. Frank parked his truck up at the Public Access car park and, after removing his own shoes and Alex’s sandals, he carried him down onto the beach. It was already starting to warm, but was still reasonably cool and not that busy, perfect time to be out and about.
Frank watched as Thor went racing off into the sea, Alex pointing after him and shouting ineligible words at the dog who barked, jumping in and out of the spray.
“This is where I'm gonna marry your momma, Bud.” Frank looked around the place where in a week’s time they would say ‘I-Do’ and smiled “What do you think?”
“Mama!” Alex grinned
“Yup, Mama.” Frank smiled, dropping a kiss to his head as they walked towards the sea. “Soon to be Mrs Adler.”
They made their way slowly to the ocean, and once there, Frank stood on the damp sand at the water's edge where it lapped at the shore. Thor ran past them, barking some more and Alex wriggled in his dad’s arms, eager to be set down. Frank placed him on the floor and helped him stand up in the waves, moving forward a little as Alex took a few confident steps supported by Frank’s hands.
“You’re getting a dab hand at that, Bean.” Frank smiled, as he stooped over, helping him walk. The boy hadn’t yet taken a step unaided but both he and Fliss knew it wouldn’t be long.
As a wave came towards them, Alex let out a loud coo of excitement and squealed as the cold water ran over his chubby little feet. The squeal became a giggle, which became full on laughter and Frank chuckled along as the little boy stamped his legs, splashing in the spray.
Alex’s joy was infectious, so full of happiness at something so simple and pure. It made Frank’s heart swell that big he thought it might burst from his chest. He once more cast his eyes over his shoulder to the very spot where their friends and family would all gather in seven days and he smiled, his eyes brimming suddenly with content tears.
Simply put, it was the most complete he could remember feeling. Ever.
Upon arrival at the spa, Fliss and Mary were welcomed by the desk staff who directed them through to the changing rooms.
“The lockers are free,” the immaculately turned out brunette smiled at them, “once you’re changed, if you head through the door at the back of the room, Ellis and Marina will be there to meet you and will discuss with you what you want.”
“What we want?” Mary’s eyes grew wide and Fliss chuckled, her hand dropping to the back of her head. “We get to choose?”
“Absolutely, Miss.” The lady smiled and Mary grinned.
“That’s so cool.” It took Fliss a while to calm Mary down enough to get her to change into her bathing suit but she finally succeeded and couldn’t help the smile on her face as Mary wrapped herself in the little, personalised robe which had her name on the front and “Chief Bridesmaid” on the back. It had cost a small fortune, and with the rate Mary was growing probably wouldn’t see the year out, but Fliss didn’t give a shit. It was worth it to see her daughter’s face as she noticed the words in the mirror, her mouth falling open.
“Chief Bridesmaid? I thought that was Bonnie?”
“No, Bonnie is my maid of honour.” Fliss corrected. “You’re my best girl, therefore that role goes solely to you.” Mary smiled, a bit tearfully so, "thank you, Mom."
Fliss never got tired of hearing it. She was still Lissy by account many times, much more than Frank was ‘Frank’ (which seemed now to be reserved for when he was being an idiot or pissing Mary off), but when the sweet sound of 'Mom' would pass over Mary's lips it always warmed her heart. She didn't care if she were Fliss, Mom, or whatever half insult Mary would toss in during a fit, it wasn't important to her. She knew Mary loved her and she too loved and adored the little girl that truly moulded her new world. Fliss slipped into her own robe, this one just a standard one provided by the hotel and together they made their way through to the treatment rooms where they were greeted by two other petite women who instantly began to fuss over Mary. “So you’re both in for the full works.” The smaller of the women, Ellis smiled. “So we’re gonna start with your facials, which will take about an hour, then your massages which will take roughly forty minutes or so. Then after that we send you off to relax for an hour and a half by the outside pool where your lunch will be served. Once that’s done, you’ll be taken into the Mud Room for your body mud treatments and then you can shower, change and come back in for your manicures and pedicures.” As the woman reeled of their treatments, Fliss cast her eyes at Mary whose face just lit up in awe as she nodded, gleefully.  Over the next hour, Fliss enjoyed a clay mask aimed at targeting her complexion, followed by a gentle scrub before being finished with a serum made of blue spirulina and aloe vera. It left her face feeling absolutely amazing. That aside, what had made her smile the most was Mary’s reaction to the avocado and pomegranate seed mask she had chosen. She’d squealed when it had been applied, declaring that it felt ‘cold and slimy’, giggling away as the ladies explained that only the ‘young clients’ got the specially made to order fruit masks. Next they enjoyed their massages. Fliss had opted for a full sports therapy one on her back and shoulders which were feeling a little tight. Mary was given a hot stone one, which she giggled at once more as the heated pebbles were placed up and along her spine. Ellis shot Fliss a wink as she gently moved the stones around over Mary’s back and Fliss smiled before she settled down for her own, which was a hell of a lot less relaxing but left her at the end feeling a whole lot better, especially in her bad shoulder which had been clicking a lot recently. They then made their way outside and Mary asked Fliss if they could have a dip in the pool. So they did, before they ordered their lunch and sat on a lounger under a parasol. Fliss was served a glass of champagne and Mary given fizzy apple juice also in a flute, another thing that made her practically squeal with delight as she pointed out they had the same glasses. As Mary tucked into her burger and fries, Fliss eagerly ate her Chicken and Prawn Caesar salad and took a moment once more to watch the young girl as she chatted away. It amazed Fliss to think how much she’d gained, really, from the moment Frank and Mary had walked onto her yard little over three years ago. She had never in a million years dreamed she would be here, happy and content, with two beautiful children and a man who loved her the way Frank did. Right from the off she had known what she had with Frank was something special. Simply put, he was her person. The part of her that she hadn’t even realised was missing, and Mary herself had been part of that missing piece too. Fliss had loved her instantly, that sweet little girl that so many had written off as troubled, without giving her gorgeous personality a chance to flourish. Despite her intelligence, Mary was still an innocent child and Fliss adored the bones of her, without even having to try. Fliss felt her eyes beginning to well up as she took a bite of her food. Simply put, all the agony and horror and pain she had experienced in what she referred to as her previous life, she’d go through a thousand times over if it led her to Frank. She’d never tell him that out loud though, as her Sailor was probably more upset in away about her abusive past than she was now. He’d told her many a time that it broke his heart to think anyone could be so callous and cruel to her. No, she’d keep that thought to herself. And be happy and safe in the knowledge that she’d never go through anything like that again. “You okay, Mom?” Mary asked and Fliss nodded, reaching for her drink to allow her time to compose herself.
“Yeah! I’m just having an awesome time. Hey,” she leaned forward a little, “what colour are you gonna have on your nails?”
“Erm, I don’t know.” Mary grinned. “I thought yellow, because that’s my favourite. Maybe with some sparkle, if they have it. Will that go with my dress?”
“Babes, your dress is cream. So anything goes. But besides,” Fliss shrugged, “who cares anyway? You’re you, Mary. Own it. And don’t let anyone ever tell you that you need to be anything else.”
“You sound like Roberta.” Mary grinned and Fliss laughed.
“Well then, she’s a wise woman.”
“I know I’m different to most other kids my age,” Mary spoke again after a moment, “but like Dad says, if we were all the same, the world would be a boring place.”
“He’s not wrong, sweetheart.” Fliss reached over the table and cupped Mary’s face with her hand. “He’s not wrong.” ******
Frank and Alex arrived back home just before twelve, having detoured on the way back to the park for a little play, departing before it got too hot for them all. Frank made them both lunch and then attempted to set Alex down for a nap, but he simply wasn’t cooperating. Instead, he persistently hoisted himself up using the bars of the side of the crib, and after half an hour of listening to him on the baby monitor shouting every word he knew, Frank gave in and went up to get him.
“You’re a pain in my ass, you know that?”
“You are.” Frank assured his son as he set him down on the play-mat in the family room.
Frank paused, “That’s a new one.” He looked at Alex, his brow arched as the tot grinned.
“No, I’m Daddy.”
“Daddy.” Frank pointed to himself.
“Yeah, that’s right, pal.”
After flicking through Disney + for something suitable, Frank eventually settled on Oliver And Company. Mary had liked it when she was a baby and Frank still found it hilarious. That said, Alex wasn’t really watching. Occasionally, he would look up at the TV from his vantage point on the rug and grin as he shouted “doggy” whenever he saw Dodger. Their real life dog and cat were, thankfully, left to snooze in their preferred spot curled up together in the patch of sunlight that came through the patio doors. Alex’s attention was mostly taken by his rock and stack. Each time he slotted one of the brightly coloured plastic hoops over the post, he let out a loud shriek before clapping. Once it was full, he began swatting at the base to make it sway before he looked at Frank. Frank grinned and tipped it upside down to more laughter and then the process started again. Well, that was until Alex became fascinated by the littlest ring which had a shiny, reflective surface with colourful, swirling beads inside that made, what he clearly thought, was a fun, rattle sound when he shook it.
                        At just before two, Frank spotted Alex’s eyes growing heavy and picked him up, handing him his pacifier. Alex curled up against his dad’s chest, his little hands tangling in his t-shirt, head resting against his shoulder as he yawned. Sixty seconds later he was asleep, and Frank knew he should really set him in his crib…
“Fuck it,” he mumbled, and with as gentle a movement as he could so as not to disturb his sleeping baby, he lay himself flat on the sofa and flicked the TV over to the news channel.
Five minutes into the report he’d been watching on the run up to the election, Frank’s own eyes closed and he too fell asleep, his son clutched to him, rising and falling with the gently rhythm of his chest.
 “Thought you didn’t nap?”
Frank jerked awake to see Fliss stood over him, a smile on her face, phone held in her hand, clearly having just snapped a shot of the pair of them.
“I never said that, I just said not every day.” Frank shot back, his voice croaky with sleep. “What time is it?”
“Little after four.”
“Shit.” He grumbled, looking down as he felt Alex stir against his chest. “We’ve been out for two hours. His sleep patterns gonna be all over the place tonight.”
“Don’t worry about it.” Fliss shrugged as she picked Alex up, the baby giving a yawn before he grumbled a little, and pressed his faced into her neck. “Not like we have to be anywhere tomorrow.”
“Where’s Mary?”
“Shot off to see Monty,” Fliss chuckled.
Frank snorted as he sat up. “Should have known the pony would take priority over me.”
“I wouldn’t worry about it. She won’t be long, she’ll want to show you the matching polish on her fingers and toes.”
“Did you have a nice time?”
“Yeah, it was fantastic.” Fliss beamed as she settled besides him on the couch. “I had a great massage, a facial, the works, but the best bit was seeing Mary’s reaction to it all. It was so innocent, just, oh Frank, I can’t explain.”
“I get it.” Frank smiled, remembering the same feeling he’d had with Alex that morning.
“So what did you get up to?”
 “I took him and Thor to the beach before, showed him where we’re gonna get married. I think he approved. We played in the waves a bit, went to the play-park. Then we came home, played a little and then fell asleep.”
 “Sounds like you had fun, too.”
“Yeah, we did.” Frank smiled as he leaned over to give Fliss a soft kiss. With a grumble, Alex pressed his hand against his beard and pushed him away.
Frank playfully narrowed his eyes and Alex shook his head. “No, Frwank.”
Fliss blinked, before she let out a loud laugh. “Oh my God.”
“Yeah, we had that debate before too when he wouldn’t go down for his nap.” Frank rolled his eyes. “Little shit.”
“Stop calling him that!” Fliss scolded him and Frank laughed, giving her another kiss.
“Oh, yes!” She beamed. “There’s a couple of bottles of Sancerre in the fridge a client got me week. We can crack one open and sit outside if you like?”
Frank did like. So he poured them both a large glass and carried them outside, Fliss setting Alex down on the grass with a few toys and they both perched on the lawn together watching him.
They’d just finished their first glass when Mary came home, declaring she was starving as it had been absolutely ages since she’d had lunch, so Frank rang for a couple of pizzas. As the four of them sat in the garden, eating their dinner, Frank dropped his arm round Fliss shoulder and pressed a kiss to her temple as Mary handed Alex a piece of pineapple off her slice for him to try.
“Is there anything he won’t eat?” Frank asked as Alex made an appreciative noise and held his hand out for more.
“Not found anything yet.” Fliss mused. “Mind you, rather that than him be a fuss-pot.”
“True.” Frank nodded to her glass.
They sat still for a while, until they’d finished eating and Fliss made to collect the boxes up, but Frank stopped her.
“I’ll get it. You want a top up whilst I’m inside?”
“Sure, thanks.”
He stood up, grabbed the boxes and their glasses and headed to the kitchen. He tossed the boxes onto the side, ready to be dealt with later, and pulled another bottle of chilled white from the fridge. He poured them both another large glass before he walked back to the open doors and simply paused as he took in the sight before him. His kids sat on the grass, Alex’s hand curled round Mary’s as he examined the bright yellow varnish on her nails. Besides them, his very soon-to-be wife was sat, legs stretched out, her auburn hair glinting in the setting sun.
All in the home they’d made for themselves.
It was so simple, so domestic, and something a few years back Frank would never in a million years have dreamed he’d have.
He made his way back outside, passing Fliss her glass as he sat down, his hand dropping to her leg, curling over her thigh.
“Love you.” He whispered into her ear and she turned to him, her large brown eyes shining with happiness.
“Love you too.” She beamed, before a loud laugh distracted them. The looked up to see Mary was now stood up blowing bubbles from a small pot, Alex reaching up to grab them, laughing as Thor jumped into the air, his jaws clicking around nothing as he tried to catch them in his mouth.
Fliss leaned up and kissed Frank’s cheek. “I can’t think of a better way to spend my last Saturday as a Gallagher.”
Frank smiled, and pressed a soft kiss to her lips, before he slid his nose gently against hers. “I can’t think of a better way to spend any of my Saturdays, Honey.”
Fliss beamed at him, and then shifted so she was sat in between his legs as they extended either side of hers. She leaned back into him, a contented sigh leaving her mouth.
“Seven days.” She muttered. “I’ll be Mrs Adler by this time in seven days.”
The arm that wasn’t holding his glass gently crossed over her chest, holding her close as Frank smiled, kissing her head. “Damned straight, Cowgirl. I can’t wait.”
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Riding On
Tumblr media
CH28- Hens, Stags and Cubs Part 2- Stags
Summary: It’s the boys turn as Frank, his soon-to-be Brother and Father in law, and the rest of the Circle Of Truth head out for a night on the town.
Warnings: Bad language, some racey themes discussed, but no actual smut, but just in case- NSFW, 18+
Pairing: Frank Adler x OFC Fliss Gallagher
Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. I do not own any characters in this series bar Fliss Gallagher and the other OCs. By reading beyond this point you understand and accept the terms of this disclaimer.
Word Count- 4 k ish
Riding On Masterlist // Main Masterlist
Ch28 Part 1- Hens
Houston do you hear me? Ground control can you feel me? Need permission to land.
Tumblr media
 Frank slipped his arms through his blue suit jacket adjusting his shirt and belt once through. The Circle said dress smartly and despite his earlier squabbles with himself over not wanting to really put forth any effort into his stag, he was now looking forward to a few drinks at Ferg’s before hitting up a few of the nicer bars around town that required less tacky tropical attire.
He stepped back, and gave himself the once over in the mirror. He straightened the collar of his white dress shirt, leaving the top two buttons open as he was foregoing a tie- that was a step too far. His hair and beard were both longer having allowed them both to grow out, and he had to admit that he did kinda like it.
It wasn’t the first time he’d allowed it to grow out a little, but had shaved it again when Alex was younger thanks to the fact he liked to fist his hands in it. And damned it, it hurt. However, when they’d been looking through their phones a couple of months or so back for some photos to use for a board at the wedding,  Fliss had made an off the cuff comment about how she had loved what she dibbed his ‘Professor’ look.
So he’d let it grow, and Fliss was very appreciative. An appreciation she made perfectly clear every time she’d shudder and purr with delight when it brushed the inside of her thigh as he ate her out, or rubbed on her neck and jawline as he thrust into her.
Nope, Frank couldn’t deny, it had its perks. One, strangely, being that it made him look older. It was an image that seemed to suggest he had all his shit together, a proper, mature father and soon-to-be respectable, married man.
Frank snorted, who the fuck are you kidding, Adler?
Picking a piece of fluff off his suit slacks, he turned and made his way out of the bedroom, cursing angrily as he nearly tripped over Fred who was sprawled at the top of the stairs. “Find somewhere else to lay, you furry orange bastard.” He glared at the cat who merely eyed him shrewdly. He headed down the stairs and then into the family room at the back of the house. Fliss glanced up from where she was sat giving Alex his night bottle and she smiled as he crossed towards the sofa. “Hello, Sailor.” She grinned and Frank chuckled as he gave her a kiss. “You look great.” Frank quirked an eyebrow, “you sound surprised.” “Not at all.” She shook her head. “I just don’t see you in a suit that often. I like it.” “Don’t get used to it.” He deadpanned and she laughed as he stood back up straight. “My cab is about 3 minutes out so...” “Dada!” Alex interrupted, babbling his latest word as he moved his bottle away from his mouth. He made grabby hands towards Frank and Fliss quickly took the opportunity whilst the tot was distracted and wiped his mouth. Alex pushed the cloth away with a loud protest and, smiling, Frank picked him up and pressed a kiss to his head. “Where’s Mary?” “In her den.” Fliss gestured with her head. “She was watching a film.” Frank headed over and opened the door. Mary was sat on a bean-bag, a bag of chips by her side on the floor along with a can of soda. She turned to look at him.
“How many times have you seen this?” Frank nodded towards the TV were Will Smith was currently chasing down an alien through New York.
Mary shrugged, “it’s my favourite.”
“Yeah, it’s your Mom’s too.” Frank chuckled. “Anyway, I’m off now, Stack. Be good.” He instructed and she rolled her eyes.
“You don’t have to warn me every time you go out.” “I know, but I like to.” He replied simply. “I’ll see you in the morning. Love you.” “You too.” She replied, turning back to the film. Frank rolled his eyes, he supposed he should be grateful she’d actually acknowledged him. He made his way back towards Fliss, adjusting Alex in his arms who was now rubbing at his eyes, a sure sign he was starting to get tired. “Come here, baby.” Fliss smiled as Alex yawned and Frank passed him over, before he felt his phone go off in his pocket.
“Cab’s here.” He said, shoving it back in his pocket. With a final check to make sure he had his wallet and keys he leaned over again to give her another kiss. “See you later, love you.” “Love you too, have a good night.” She beamed. Frank smiled as he headed out of the room, casting a final glance over his shoulder, before he made his way to the waiting car. **** Frank took the steps up to the entrance two at a time and pulled open the door. Immediately, a loud cheer hit his ears and he looked over to see the Circle of Truth boys, along with Bill, Steve, his old boss Alan, and a few of the other guys from work all stood by the bar. That in itself wasn’t a surprise. What was, however, was their attire. They all wore identical, bright yellow Hawaiian print shirts and cowboy hats.
Not a suit in sight. He’d been well and truly had.
With a groan, Frank shook his head as he approached, an annoyed and frustrated laugh bursting from his mouth, “fucking fuck you all.”
He greeted them all with various insults, handshakes and it was then that he spotted Steve who had his phone raised, pointing it at him.
“Are you filming me?” Frank demanded.
Steve grinned. “Yeah, Fliss wanted to see your reaction.”
“She knew about this?” Frank asked, although as he said it he realised that of course she would
Steve nodded. “It was her idea.”
That didn’t surprise Frank either. “Son of a…”
“Don’t you be calling my wife now.” Bill thrust a beer into his hand, causing the men to laugh even more.
“I hate each and every single one of you.” Frank shook his head, before he took a drag of his beer and then sighed as a cowboy hat was dropped on his head.
“Looking good, Frank!” Mike Ferguson, the owner, grinned as he dropped a bottle of tequila onto the bar along with a heap of shot glasses. “On the house, congratulations buddy.”
“Cheers.” Frank grinned before he looked round at Greg and nodded to the bottle. “Well, as best man I think the job of pouring falls to you.”
Greg smirked and slapped Frank on the back between his shoulder blades. “Don’t worry Frankie boy, I got you covered.”
“Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about.” Frank muttered and Greg laughed, before he reached for the bottle.
Four large beers and several shots later, Frank had completely forgotten the fact he was stood in his favourite dive bar, dressed like a banker and sticking out like a sore thumb. They’d originally planned to hit a few more bars, but as the odd free round of drinks kept getting slipped their way by order of Mike, who himself had abandoned his post behind the bar and was stood with them instead, they’d decided to stay put. Which suited Frank just fine.
“You should come to the wedding.” Frank looked at Mike. “I mean not the beach bit as that’s limited numbers but the party after, you’re more than welcome.”
“Shouldn’t you check with the missus first?” Mike asked and Frank shook his head.
“Nah, she’s cool. Besides, we’ve kinda lost track of how many are turning up. It’s turned into a free-for-all. No stuffy sit down dinner, just food trucks and drinks,” he waved his hand, grinning. “And music. Good music. I can’t wait to see her face when the entertainment turns up.”
“You mean she doesn’t know?”
“Nope.” Frank’s grin grew even larger. “That’s the one bit of the day she trusted me to organise. And it’s gonna blow her socks off. Not that she’ll have socks on…well,” he took a sip of his beer, “she might if she’s wearing her cowboy boots like she keeps saying she is.”
“She’s wearing her boots?” Bill snorted from Frank’s left.
Frank shrugged. “I don’t give a shit; she can wear what she wants. As long as I get that ring on her finger, doesn’t bother me.”
Mike chuckled before he excused himself, having been called away by a member of staff and Frank sighed, turning to Bill.
“Feels like I’ve been waiting for this forever.”
“What, your stag do?”
“No, marrying Fliss!” Frank shook his head as Bill snorted, the pair of them turning to watch the pool tournament that they’d both been spectacularly knocked out of in the early rounds as it was reaching a conclusion. Simon was facing off against Steve, and as ever, Fliss’ older brother was in a fiercely, competitive mood.
“Well,” Bill took a sip of his drink, “you’ve both been through a hell of lot when you think about it. You’ve been together, what…”
“Coming up three years.” Frank answered. “Engaged for almost two.”
“Had a baby…”
“Yeah.” A soft smile spread across Frank’s face. “God, he’s fucking awesome, Bill.”
“Adopted Mary.”
“She’s awesome too.”
“Repaired your relationship with your mother, you’ve built yourself a home, twice if you count the first apartment we did up and you moved into. You’ve helped Fliss expand the yard, you’ve changed jobs and built a career, and yes, I know that’s still a little bit of a niggle at the moment but,” Bill shrugged, “it’s a hell of a lot to cram into three years. And that’s without mentioning the shit that dead cunt tried to pull, or the trouble you had with Pud’s waste of a space sperm donor. And we won’t mention that because this…” Bill’s elbow slipped a little as he rest it on the bar, waving his hand around, “because this is a happy night.”
Frank nodded, clinking his glass against his soon-to-be father-in-law’s. “Amen.”
The two men took a sip of their drink and Frank looked across the bar before he suddenly had the urge to bare his soul to the man stood beside him, but not before he ordered them both another pint. Once the cool beers were slid over the bar he turned to Bill.
“Can I tell you something, Billy?” Frank asked, and without waiting for an answer, he continued. “I really don’t know how, I mean I can’t even remember my life before her. You know? Like, I was an asshole and a different girl every weekend but when I met her it just changed. And I didn’t even look back.”
“Frankie, my boy…” Bill smiled and clapped him on the shoulder. “That’s love for you, son. You’re the second chance she deserved the first time and it warms my old heart to see her so happy.”
“Yeah, but I don’t just love her…like, I really love her.” Frank continued. “You know, she loves Mary and never hesitated. Right from the off. And then we had Alex and…she's an amazing mother.”
“That’s Lissy for you. Heart and soul into everything.” Bill smiled and Frank dropped his eyes to his pint momentarily, before he looked up.
“And thank you, too. You and V both, but you…well, you stepped in as someone I've come to respect and admire in my life, someone I love as a father. I appreciate you, Bill.”
Bill took a deep breath and beamed, his eyes watering from emotion, or alcohol, Frank wasn’t sure. But then when Bill spoke he knew his words were from the heart.
“Frank, when you join the Gallaghers, you’re in for life.” He smiled. “Yeah, I’ll admit, I was worried at first, we all were, after everything she went through but, well, we knew a few weeks in that you were in it for keeps.” He smiled, holding his glass up. “And here we are. Two weeks off your wedding date.”
“Yeah…” Frank grinned, clinking his glass against Bill’s. “Fourteen days, I’m counting them all.”
Shortly after, Frank felt the pressure in his bladder and excused himself to take a piss. After he’d finished in the bathroom he then, for some reason, ended up on the decking outside. He stood by the edge, leaning on the wooden railings as the various people behind him continued their chatter and drinking.
The temperature had dropped a little, and Frank took a deep breath, the cool night ocean breeze sobering him up a second and, as he watched the reflection of the moon and the lights of the bar bouncing off the surface of the waves, his mind moved to what was to come.
He was marrying the love of his life. The mother of his son, the woman who’d become a mother as he’d become a father to his niece. The person who’d seen him at, quite possibly, the lowest part of his life and loved him without a second’s hesitation.
And God, did he love her with the same ardour. As he thought about how he’d left her before, on the couch with their one year old son, he found his mind straying to his own father. He wished his dad could have met Fliss. They’d have gotten on like a house on fire. Hell, Diane would have maybe opened up to her eventually too, but then again, if Diane, and his Dad come to think of it, were here, he'd most likely never have felt the need to escape his mother the way he did. He’d still be teaching in Boston.
And he wouldn't have met Fliss in the first place.
Damned, that was a mad, sad twist of fate. As much as he wished his family was still all around, and had never been torn apart, it physically hurt his heart to think of his life before Fliss…was that fucked up? To be almost grateful life had worked out the way it had?
He jumped a little as a hand slapped him on the shoulder, bringing him out of his thoughts. He turned to see Greg stood by his side.
“Wondered where you’d got to. The killer tournament’s finished so Simon’s lining up another. You in?”
Frank smiled. “Yeah, sure.”
“You okay?”
“Yeah, was just thinking about stuff.”
“Not second thoughts, I hope?”
“Fuck no!” Frank scoffed, “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.”
“Good to know, because if you were about to back out, well, her dad and brother are huge, get what I’m saying?”
The two men laughed and headed back into the bar, Frank greeted by more cheers as he made his way back over, another shot of tequila being thrust into his hands.
The tournament struck up, and Frank found himself recalling his first date with Fliss, explaining how she’d hustled him big time and he realised there and then he’d found his match. Somehow the conversation then steered to the rest of the men talking about how they met their respective partners. Bill eagerly told the tale about how he’d met Verity, and how shockingly like Fliss she had been at that age, when Simon stood up straight, chalking the end of his cue.
“Well, you know that they say,” He grinned. “if you wanna know what your girl will look like in her older years check her mom out.”
“Well, Verity is a stunning woman.” Frank shrugged.
“Yeah, she is,” Bill paused, “and she has great tits."
The entire group let out a laugh as Frank choked on his beer, Steve’s groan audible over the noise. “Seriously, Dad?”
“What?” Bill looked at his son. “You think that because I’m almost seventy we don’t do it anymore?”
“Fucking hell.” Frank shook his head
“I need shots...” Steve turned to the bar. “Lots of shots.”
**** Fliss was in the family room when Thor sat bolt upright from where he’d been sprawled beside her on the sofa, his head cocking to one side. Then, she heard the gravel of the drive crunching, accompanied by the opening and shutting of car doors, and hushed voices. A glance at the clock told her it was one in the morning. Whilst she hadn’t been intending on staying up on purpose for Frank to get home, she’d gotten engrossed in a film and had taken the opportunity to crack open a bottle of wine and relax whilst both kids were in bed, and she had the house to herself.
She then heard her brother’s laugh and there was some noise at the front door, Frank’s voice ringing out along with the sounds of a key being scraped along the lock. She waited, as the voices grew louder before she stood up and made her way into the hall. She opened the door to see Frank in between her brother and dad, a glazed, drunk expression on his face as he was paused, hand outstretched, key where the lock should have been.
“Heyyyy, baby!” He beamed. “Look,” he turned to Bill, “there she is, my Lissy.”
“Here I am.” Fliss chuckled, “someone had a good night.”
“We need a new lock.” Frank looked at Fliss. “The key doesn’t fit this one.”
“No, you just couldn’t find the hole…”
“You’ve never had any complaints before.” Frank quipped back, and at that Steve sniggered. Bill, however frowned.
“No, that’s…don’t…”
“Dad, they’ve had a kid.” Steve shook his head. “And after what you said in the bar, you’ve no room to talk.”
Bill hiccupped a little, as Frank stepped into the hallway. “Speaking of which, we should go, your mum might be-“
“Okay, stop, right there.” Fliss groaned. “That’s gross. So…yeah, just don’t.”
With a grin Bill swayed on the spot at little as Frank dropped a huge, sloppy kiss to Fliss’ cheek. “Trick to a successful marriage, my girl. Keep the passion alive.”
“Oh Jesus.” Fliss groaned as Steve and Frank laughed. “Shut up, you’ll wake the kids!”
Frank slapped a hand over his mouth as Steve saluted her. “Yes Ma’am.”
It took Fliss another two minutes or so, but eventually she had finally managed to get rid of her dad and brother off the step and into the cab. She shut the door behind them and then walked into the family room to see Frank, leaning unsteadily against the kitchen counter.
“Flissy, you gonna marry me?” He grinned.
“Yes, Baby, I am. You know this.”
“No, but, Friss, can we jus... jus... hang on.” He paused, holding up his finger, clearly having to think about what he was trying to say, “Lissy, I jus wanna get married now, fuck all the rest.”
“Fuck the rest of what, Sailor?” Fliss watched him, trying her best not to laugh.
“Well I wanna fuck you.” He grinned and at that she snorted.
“What else is new?" “But look, ser... sersly, fuck everything and let's just go in the morning.” Frank slurred as he gestured with his hand. “Mary can be the business... No, witness.” “Okay. Whatever you say baby. We’ll just cancel the beach and the tent and all the food and go tomorrow morning.” Fliss agreed.
Frank nodded, and then grinned.
“Can I bend you over this counter?” He pat the surface as he wiggled his brows.
“Maybe tomorrow.” Fliss nodded. “Now, I think we should go to bed.” Frank smirked and she rolled her eyes. “Come on.”
With a monumental effort, she managed to turn off the lights and TV and got Frank to the stairs. He’d made it up them all more or less before he tripped and then lay down, his head resting on the carpeted floor of the landing.
“Hmmm, maybe I’ll rest here.”
“Frank, you can’t sleep here.” Fliss sighed.
“But it's so.... soft.”
“The beds even softer, sweetheart. Come on,  I’ll let you rest your head on my chest and I’ll stroke your hair.” Fliss coaxed, but nothing. His eyes were closed and he simply smiled, rubbing his face against the carpet.
Fliss looked at him, before she rolled her eyes and stepped over him, deciding to leave him where he was. She couldn’t pick him up, and she couldn’t make him move if he didn’t want to. He would come to no harm, might even end up with Fred as a pillow.
She walked towards their room, when with a total delayed response, to her offer, Frank’s head shot up and he looked up at her.
“Wait, I’m coming.”
He stumbled to his feet, banging into the wall a little, and Fliss was just about to tell him to keep the noise down when the door to Mary’s room flew open.
“You woke me up.” Mary glared at him, her arms folded.
“So?” Frank shrugged. “It’s Stackersday, Sat…I mean Satursday, Stack…”
“Technically now it’s Sunday.” She replied. “As it’s like half past one in the-“
“Shhhh.” Frank cut her off, holding his finger out to cover her lips. “No one cares.”
Mary looked at Fliss who merely shrugged, biting her lip as she tried not to laugh at the indignant look their daughter sported. With a final groan, and a shot at him being a pain in the ass, Mary rolled her eyes and turned back, shutting the door behind her.
“Did she just call me a pain in the ass?” Frank wobbled over to Fliss who nodded.
“She’s not wrong.” Fliss mused and Frank narrowed his eyes.
“You’re the pain in a ass.”
“I know you made them all wear those shirts and hats.” He hiccupped as he followed her into their bedroom. "You...yous sneak... brat" "Words, Sailor. Complete sentences." Fliss helped him out of his jacket and Frank shook his head.
“Mmmm nope."
Eventually, Fliss managed to get him out of his suit, ignoring his various quips about her getting him naked and once he was down to his boxers she ushered him into the adjoined bathroom. After he’d taken a pee, Fliss heard him stumbling about as he flushed and washed, before he staggered back into the main room. He landed with a loud huff on the bed, before he rolled onto his back and managed to wrestle under the covers.
Fliss settled besides him and he shifted onto his side, reaching out to give her a soft kiss. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” She smiled back.
“No, but I really love you.” Frank urged. “So much, I can’t…”
“Frankie, I know. I get it.” She whispered, kissing him again. “Now come on, do you need some water before you got to sleep?”
“Nope.” He shook his head as he propped himself up a little, slipping before he steadied himself on his elbow. He glanced at her in the soft light of the lamp and grinned. “Your boobs really are great Liss.”
“Thanks.” She arched her brow.
“Like, I just...” he moved his left hand and gave one a squeeze. “They’re so pert…and round. And they fed Alex…”
Fliss snorted as she turned and flicked off the lamp before she settled down, her hand guiding his head onto her chest.
“Like pillows…marshmallows.” Frank’s voice was muffled as she snuggled into her chest.
Less than two minutes later, he was out for the count.
With a soft smile, Fliss kissed his head. Despite him being a pain in the ass, she kinda liked it when he came home drunk. He turned into such a huge, soft meatball and she adored it.
“You’re going to be such a hungover Cranky Frankie tomorrow, Handsome,” she whispered as he slept, his soft snores filling the room, “and I don’t fancy being in your shoes when Mary gets her own back on you for waking her up.”
**** Ch 28 Part 3
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Riding On
Tumblr media
CH28- Hens, Stags and Cubs Part 1- Hens
Summary: As Fliss and Frank’s wedding draws closer, it’s time for the Hen and Stag Parties. First, we take a trip to Miami with the girls…
Warnings: Bad language, some racey themes discussed, but no actual smut in this part, but just in case- NSFW, 18+
Pairing: Frank Adler x OFC Fliss Gallagher
Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. I do not own any characters in this series bar Fliss Gallagher and the other OCs. By reading beyond this point you understand and accept the terms of this disclaimer.
Word Count- 5.5k ish
A/N: So this Chapter is a LONG one, so I’ve split it into three parts. All posting now, but you can divide and read as and when you like. Hope you all enjoy...after this it’s the BIG day! EEEEK
Riding On Masterlist // Main Masterlist
Chapter 27
Who runs the world? Girls.
Tumblr media
“So, explain that again to me,” Steve leaned back in the chair and Fliss rolled her eyes across the table at her brother as he raised a brow, “what’s the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?”
“One plans, the other coordinates.” Fliss deadpanned and dodged the bread roll that Steve threw at her face. It landed on the lawn and Thor shot after it, his tail wagging as he snatched it in his mouth and trotted off. “Dick.”
“It's the same thing!” Steve protested and Frank gestured with his hand.
“See, I told you.”
“Shut up.” Fliss looked at him and he laughed. 
“You two are like a pair of school kids when you get going,” Sian sat by Steve, her hand rubbing her now rather large baby bump, “actually, no scrap that, kids are better behaved.”
“I just got confused.” Steve shrugged. “You said you weren’t using a planner.”
“Oh for the love of- we’re not!” Fliss groaned, “we’re using a coordinator.”
Frank’s sharp eyes caught sight of Fliss’ slightly affronted expression and he dropped his arm over her shoulder. “Come on, we’re only teasing.” He spoke gently, kissing her temple.
She gave him a small smile and Frank gave her a wink before he reached for his beer. “It was actually my idea, the coordinator.” He shrugged, taking a pull. “We just wanted someone there on the day to make sure everything arrives and gets set out correctly, so neither of us are worrying about where the food trucks are parked, or if the benches are set out right in the tent. Just easier.”
“What did you do about the wait-on staff?” Sian looked at Fliss. “Did you decide to go for any or…”
“Yeah.” Fliss nodded. “The guys bringing the bar suggested an agency they often partner with. We discussed it and decided that the food trucks would be swamped if everyone simply queued so we’re gonna have guys walking around to take orders. Plus they can help clear tables and make sure all the trash gets collected throughout the night.”
“Sounds like you got it all under control.” Steve smiled and Fliss looked at him.
“Why do you sound surprised? I run a fucking business.”
“Woah, Titch!” Steve looked at her, his eyebrow flicking upwards. “Don’t be so narky.”
“I’m not being narky.”
“You’re being a pain in the ass.” Sian shot Steve a look and he rolled his eyes, shaking his head.
Thankfully, at that point, the twins and Mary burst out of the doors onto the patio dressed in their bathing suits and didn’t even look at the adults as they hurtled straight for the pool, leaping right in. Alex, who was sat in his chair by the table, let out a loud yell of Mary’s name as she shot passed before he turned to Fliss, his head cocking to one side.
She smiled and smoothed back his hair before she handed him another piece of cheese from the plate on the table, which he jammed happily into his mouth. She studied her son for a moment, still utterly dumbfounded at how much like Frank he managed to look even at the young age he was. He had the same nose, same eyes, same cheekbones, a normally placid demeanour. In fact, the only thing he appeared to have inherited from Fliss was the slight reddish tint to his hair, which hadn’t gone quite as auburn as hers, but it certainly now bore a distinct copper sheen.  
“Do you want me to get him ready for bed?” Frank asked and Fliss wrinkled her nose.
“I’ll do it in a while, he’s okay for now.”
Frank dropped another kiss to her temple, fully understanding that her insistence doing it was down to the fact she’d be away on her hen-do tomorrow for the weekend. He knew she had mixed feelings about it, she was excited but also a little wary about what to expect. It was for that reason, he’d pulled Bonnie to one side a few weeks back and told her exactly how Fliss was feeling. Bonnie had assured Frank she knew and for that reason there were no wild plans, just a nice weekend planned in the villa. 
As the evening drew in, Steve gave the twins about thirty separate five minute warnings, actually following through at about nine pm when he had to practically drag them out of the pool. There were moans and groans, Charlie and Joel both trying everything they could to get out of going, but it wasn’t working. As Steve bundled the two grumbling ten-year-olds into the back of his Audi, Sian hung back a little and turned to Fliss.
“I’m so sorry I won’t be there this weekend.”
“Hey, don’t.” Fliss shook her head. “Sian, I get it, trust me I do. Hell, you can’t fly and I do not expect you, at eight months pregnant, to spend four hours in a car to end up in a villa full of drunk people whilst having to stay sober.”
Sian smiled as Fliss gave her a hug, before she then turned to her brother.
“Enjoy it.” Steve wrapped her in his huge arms, kissing the top of her head. “Lord knows, you deserve it.”
Fliss smiled at him and then stepped back to where Frank stood with Mary, the three of them waving away the car.
“Shower and bed.” Frank instructed Mary and she rolled her eyes. “School tomorrow Stack, come on, it’s late.”
“Okay, okay.” She shrugged as they all made their way back inside. As Mary headed upstairs, Frank and Fliss cleared the outside table down before Frank flicked off the outside lights and locked the doors.
“Honey, are you sure you’re okay?” He asked as he headed upstairs.  Fliss was stood, simply looking out of their bedroom window over the garden and she turned to look at him.
“Yeah, I…maybe, I don’t know.”
“Is this about your hen-do?”
“Sorta, I…why haven’t you organised a big stag?”
Frank frowned. “Because I don’t want a big stag party.”
“So it’s not down to what happened when you went on Jake’s, you know, the-“
“No.” Frank cut her off, shaking her head. “Truth is, I simply couldn’t be bothered. Look, I’m almost forty. We got two kids, a home to run. I literally couldn’t give a shit if I didn’t have one at all.” He stepped forwards and took her hands in his. “I’m so over it all now. I just wanna get you down the aisle.”
“Nice to see you care.” Fliss rolled her eyes. 
“Don’t be a dick, you know full well what I mean.” Frank tugged on her hands and pulled her towards him, his arms dropping to her hips.  “All I care about is marrying you, and us both having the day we want, and you having the day you deserve.”
“We deserve…”
“Whatever, the point is I just wanna make you my wife. The rest of it, yeah, it’s great, and it’s gonna be an awesome day, and everything is gonna be exactly how we want it to be, but what matters to me is you becoming Mrs. Adler. Nothing else.”
Fliss studied Frank’s face for a moment before she smiled and shook her head. “You big softy.”
“Well…” he pulled her closer, “I’m hard where it counts.”
At that Fliss chuckled as she wrapped her arms round his neck and he kissed her, before his hands slid down to the back of her thighs. In an easy movement, he lifted her up, her legs wrapping around his waist as he turned and walked them to their bed.
**** Fliss was happy to report that her worries and trepidation were completely unfounded. At ten the next morning her mom, Roberta and Bonnie arrived, and the four of them enjoyed a late breakfast of pastries and champagne before Bill came back, ready to take them to the airport. Then, at midday Frank arrived home to wave them all off, something she hadn’t been expecting but made her smile even wider. 
"You look beautiful, Cowgirl," Frank smiled softly as he admired his soon to be wife. He looked at the way she had her hair down and straight, her big framed sunglasses sat atop her head, the wide scooped neck of the white tee ruched at the bust in a downward drape whilst it was tucked into a hi-low deep and dark teal coloured chiffon type fabric skirt. Her waist was trimmed with a chocolate coloured leather belt, a favorite one of hers with a bronze buckle, her pretty feet covered by matching chocolate coloured heeled sandals. 
Tumblr media
"Thank you, Sailor," Fliss smirked with a kiss to his lips. "Feels good to get a little fancy."
"You wanna get a little fancy right now? Got two minutes?" Frank half-joked with her knowing she hadn't really a minute to spare but was really enjoying the way she looked. 
Fliss in reply laughed and shook her head, her hand gently on Frank's forearm. "Nope, not a second extra. But maybe when I get back..."
"It's a date," Frank winked. He loaded their cases into the back of Bill’s Range Rover, kissed her good bye and told her to enjoy herself.
Whilst they could have driven, they’d taken the decision to fly so they could all have a few drinks and enjoy the trip, something Fliss was even more approving of when they were shown into the lounge which Bonnie had booked them into and enjoying even more free champagne and food. It also meant they were the first to arrive at the villa, which was situated right in the heart of Miami Beach, a short Uber to the hotel they’d be heading to the next day for their spa treatments. It was a gorgeous, open plan property with a pool, hot-tub, large outside space for them to enjoy and the fridge had been stocked with more than enough alcohol. The four women wasted no time in cracking into it, and were well into the third bottle of fizz when Evelyn arrived, having flown in from Boston. A few hours after that, much to Fliss’ delight, her cousins Eva, Jennifer and Amber showed up, and then she shrieked an hour later or so when Babs turned up in her usual dramatic way. Fliss hadn’t been sure the woman would make it, but there she was. By seven in the evening, the final guests Jake and Greg’s wives- Lisa and Zara had arrived having driven up with Joanne, which completed their party.
The Friday night was spent eating Tapas and drinking, and then Saturday they indulged in a full half-day spa treatment, before a cocktail masterclass in the Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery. By the time they headed back to the villa on the Saturday night for their grill which was being catered, they were all in extremely good spirits.
The food was exceptional, Fliss making a note to tease Frank about his BBQ skills being way surpassed, and once the leftovers had been plated and left in the kitchen, the caterers packed up and left. More champagne was opened as the sun set, leaving them to enjoy the patio and neatly manicured garden as it lit up with various lights, all set into the sandstone walls which ran around the back of the property. It was a warm evening, and after an hour or so of them merely lounging around enjoying the lazy atmosphere, dipping in and out of the pool and hot tub as they pleased, Bonnie winked at Joanne, before she stood up.
“So, Fliss, I know you said you wanted no fuss and no strippers, or basically any type of hen-do bullshit in any way, shape or form…but…”
“Please tell me there’s a Stripper coming in a sailor's uniform!” Roberta shot from where she was sprawled on one of the sun-loungers with a large rum and coke in her hands.
“No, sorry Roberta.” Bonnie shook her head and Roberta groaned.
“Fliss gets enough of seeing a naked sailor with Frank.” Babs grinned and the women erupted into laughter as Fliss rolled her eyes.
“Can I point out his mother is here?” She waved to Evelyn who merely raised a brow, sipping from her glass.
“Well, no, there’s no strippers but we are gonna play a game.” Bonnie grinned as Joanne, who Fliss hadn’t noticed leave, returned with a sheet of paper in one hand, a bottle of tequila and two shot glasses.
“No.” Fliss shook her head as the women cheered. “Bonnie, tequila? Seriously?”
“Oh yes.” Bonnie nodded seriously, placing it down on the outside table. “I have a list here of twenty questions about Frank, all of which he’s answered himself. For every question you get wrong, you neck a shot. For every one you get right, you get to nominate someone else to do one.”
“I hate you.” Fliss deadpanned as she sat up, cracking her neck slightly before she grinned. “I know Frank inside out so fine, bring it.”
“And for that you can do a shot to start off, cocky bitch!” Bonnie cracked open the bottle to a loud cheer, filling the glass as she pushed it over to Fliss. Fliss glared at her maid of honour before she shrugged, took the shot and downed it in one.
“Okay, ready? Question one. When Frank was a kid, what did he want to be when he grew up?” “A baseball player.” Fliss answered back, without hesitation. ”Specifically captain for the Red Sox.”
“That is correct.” Bonnie grinned. “So who-“
“Actually, that’s not the first thing he ever said.” Evelyn spoke and everyone turned to face her. “He clearly doesn’t remember, but when he was four he came home from pre-school and told me and his father he wanted to be Santa Clause so he could make sure the horrible kids in his class, specifically a boy named Howard Daniels, got no presents.”
There was a pause before laughter erupted around the outside space and Fliss snorted. 
“He was a cranky little shit even back then.” Evelyn mused as Bonnie slid a shot over to Fliss.
“No way, I got it right!” She objected.
“Evelyn says otherwise…”
“I said the answer on the paper!”
“Fine, okay, you can take one and then nominate.”
“I nominate you, you bitch.” Fliss shot back to more laughter and Bonnie shrugged.
After both women had done their penalty shots, Fliss grimacing as she set the empty glass down, Bonnie cleared her throat.
“Question two. Who would Frank rather be stuck in an elevator with? Donald Trump or Kanye West?”
Fliss pondered for a moment. “To be honest, he’d probably end up knocking either one of them out, he hates them both.” She chewed her lip. “No, it’s gotta be Cheeto Face, I’m going Trump.”
“Well, his exact answer was, and I quote ‘are you fucking shitting me? What kind of nightmare scenario is this?’ but you’re absolutely right, he chose The Don.”
Fliss grinned as various cat-calls rang out round the pool and Bonnie filled the shot glass. Fliss took it from her and with a wicked grin, handed it to her mum.
“Oh, Lissy!” Verity groaned as she sighed. Pinching her nose, she shot the alcohol back, pulling a face. “God, that’s disgusting.”
The questions continued, Fliss correctly stating Frank’s shoe size, favourite colour, favourite beer, his favourite meal, nominating different people in turn. When Bonnie asked the ninth question- what was Frank’s favourite date night to take Fliss on, Fliss correctly answered it would be a simple sail on the boat with beers followed by food from their favourite Mexican truck, Fliss nominated her cousin Eva to take the shot. Eva glared at her, as she took the glass off Fliss.
“Fucking fuck you.” She muttered, tipping it to her lips and wincing.
“Now, Fliss, halfway there. Question ten.”  Bonnie grinned, as Fliss rolled her eyes. “What is Frank’s favourite song?”
“Oh that’s easy.” Fliss shook her head. “AC/DC- You Shook Me All Night Long.”
“And did he?” Jenn quipped as the women all descended into fits of giggles. Fliss merely grinned and smirked.
“I got no complaints what-so-ever in that department, trust me.”
More laughter erupted around the garden before she realised what she’d said and she clamped her hand over her mouth and turned to see her mother simply face-palming, and Evelyn chewing the inside of her cheek.
“Shit, Evelyn, I’m so sorry!” She chuckled and Evelyn took a deep breath, reaching for her wine.
“Huh, I guess he’s even more like his father than I thought.”
Fliss blinked, as there was a pause, before huge bellows of laughter rang out and Evelyn winked at Fliss.
“For that, you can do the shot!” Fliss eventually recovered, wiping her eyes as she slid the once more filled glass over to Evelyn.
“Okay, so these next ones should be a little trickier.” Bonnie grinned. “So, I asked Frank who’s the messy one in your relationship.”
“Him.” Fliss shook her head. 
“Nope, he said it was you.” Bonnie grinned.
“What?” Fliss shot back, “that is such a fucking lie…”
“Well, according to him he falls over your riding boots every damned night, you dump your wet towels on the floor in the bathroom, and Thor shits in the back garden which is your responsibility, therefore your mess by extension.”
“Asshole.” Fliss grumbled as she necked her shot.
“What, in Frank’s opinion, is the most romantic thing he’s ever done for you?”
Fliss hesitated. “I don’t…that’s a tricky one. He’s actually quite romantic in general…erm, okay, I’m gonna say the time he booked an overnight stay in Tampa when we’d been shopping. That was nice, and a lovely surprise.”
“Nope, Frank says it was the time he railed you at Jake and Lisa’s wedding in the bathroom.”
Fliss groaned, and hid her face in her hands, wishing the ground would swallow her whole as she heard a weary sigh from her mum. “That’s…what…why would he say that?”
“He didn’t, I made it up.” Bonnie shrugged, “He actually said what you said, but I think you need to take a shot for being a dirt-bag.”
“I agree.” Roberta nodded. “I mean, seriously? Who does that?”
“I have.” Amber mused, taking a sip of her drink. 
“Yeah, you doing something is not a means by which we should measure if it’s right or not.” Verity shot her niece a teasing look and she grinned back.
By now, Fliss was starting to feel very light headed and she leaned back in her chair, groaning. “Seriously, how many more to go.”
“Eight.” Bonnie grinned.
To her relief, Fliss got the next six, correct which contained the fact that Frank took three attempts to pass his driving test, a trick question in that he took his tea in no way as he hated it, and that if he could be stranded with one thing on a desert island (bar her or the kids) it would be his boat so he could get off.
“I gotta say, Fliss,” Zara grinned, “I’m impressed. I’m not sure I’d have gotten all these right had they been about Greg.”
“Feel free to take over.” Fliss shot back and the woman laughed, shaking her head.
“Penultimate question.” Bonnie grinned. “After how many dates did you have sex?”
“Oh Jesus.” Fliss groaned. “Erm…there was the boat, then we went bowling, and then there was a night on the beach…so…three?”
“Oooh, Frank said two.”
“No, it was three.”
“Well he said two, your first date, and then the next one was eating Mexican?”
“He’s forgotten the bowling.” Fliss shook his head. “All three of us; me, him and Mary went. We kicked his ass.” “That doesn’t count as a date!” Roberta shook her head. “Not when you had Little Miss Sassy-Pants tagging along!”
“Course it was.” Fliss shrugged. “They came as a package.”
“Ohhh, I don’t know if I can make you do a shot after that, that’s so sweet!” Bonnie sighed before she shook her head.” Yeah, here, drink.”
“But he’s wrong!”
“That’s not the game!” Joanne snorted. “Seriously, this is like the nineteenth question, how can you not have figured it out yet?”
“Piss off.”
“Okay, last one…” Bonnie smirked. “What did Frank say was his favourite thing about you.”
“Knowing him, my boobs.” Fliss grumbled and Bonnie laughed.
“Seriously?” Fliss scoffed as everyone laughed and Bonnie nodded.
“But, he then went on and said, joking aside, whilst he does indeed love your boobs,” Bonnie looked at Fliss. “Because, they are very nice breasts, I’m sure we can all appreciate, he said the best thing about you is your heart, how you can love so easily, how you do things for everyone else before yourself without question, and how you make him smile every single morning when he wakes up next to you and realises he gets to call you his for the rest of his life.”
A chorus of awwwws rang around the group as Fliss felt a soft smile creep across her face, before Babs made a gagging noise from the corner.
“Yeah, as disgustingly cute as it is, you got it wrong so…” Bonnie shrugged, topping up the glass once more and Fliss hung her head. She tossed it back, thanking every damned god she could think of that it was going to be the final measure before she leaned back in her chair and groaned.
“If I don’t puke by the end of the night, it’ll be a miracle.”
Bonnie winked at her, before she clapped her hands together. “Okay, that’s the end of the cheesy, planned activities…let’s crank up the music and hit the hot tub!”
**** Ch 28 Part 2
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ungodly hour ➝ part three
Chris Evans x Reader OFC! ( Zariyah Hawthorne )
Summary: in which Chris and Zariyah have to work alongside each other despite being exes.
Warning: Slight Fluff, Jealousy, Angst and Cursing
Word Count: 1.6K
Note: my english and spelling is trash. i’m sorry lol but like, comment and reblog! 💙
WATTPAD LINK click here
Tumblr media
January 6th, 2017 ➝ Dallas, Texas
It's been a few weeks since my encounter with Chris and his new girlfriend. 
I was depressed about the whole situation at first but by the time, the weeks went by.
I was feeling alot better, thanks to Zachary. I've been spending most of my time with him in Dallas, Texas.
He's been such a gentleman and a great friend. I decided to not go the fwb route with him. 
Though he definitely knew how to put it down in the bed. Staying in Dallas with him has been really fun but it was my last day. 
Filming was starting early tomorrow in Atlanta, Georgia.
I was so excited to get back to work but also scared because I’ll be seeing Chris on set everyday and I don’t want to show any emotions.
Zachary looked at me with a sweet smile and pulled me in a tight hug. I pulled away and looked down.
"I'm gonna miss you, darling," Zachary says, caressing my cheek. I look up at his beautiful green eyes with a smile.
"I'm gonna miss you too, Zach. You've been such a great friend and I really appreciate you" I said.
He makes a face when I say the word friend before nodding. There was a honk outside, and that was my cue to leave.
"Well, that's my ride. I'll see ya later, cowboy" I said with a giggle, giving him another hug before grabbing my bags and walking out the door.
My body was filled with so much excitement and energy, I couldn't believe that I was here on set.
I was walking around when I saw Lily talking to one of the producers. I rolled my eyes, feeling like this day had just been ruined. 
"She's a total bitch." I was startled by a voice. I glanced over and it was Tessa Thompson, one of my close friends.
"Oh my god, Tessa you scared the shit out of me. How are you" I said, hugging her. 
She laughs and hugs me back.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you and I'm good, how about you?" Tessa asks.
"That's good to hear and I'm doing better!" I answered genuinely with a smile. 
Tessa was about to say something but someone cut her off.
"Well, well look who it is," Lily says with a chuckle. I rolled my eyes, looked over at Lily.
"Listen up, Zariyah just knows this is only business and nothing more. Nothing will happen between you and Chris. He's mine,"
"Girl, bye. I don't want Chris, okay. So please take your insecure ass somewhere" I said, waving her away.
"HE'S MY MINE NOW, SO BETTER WATCH THE FUCK OUT!" She growls, getting into my face. 
I looked at her like she was crazy, then I remembered this was a place of work and I had to be professional.
"What the hell is going on here?' Chris asks, pushing between the both of us.
"Chris, you better check your girl before she has some teeth missing," I said, walking away from them with Tessa.
"Damn, Zari. I swear I thought you were about to kick her ass" Tessa says. 
"No, not onset but if we were in streets hell yeah"
Tessa laughs. "Zariyah, I miss you"
"I miss you too, girl," I said with a giggle. 
It's been months into this, it's hella hectic. A lot back and forth to various locations, filming random scenes that didn't go together.
It will probably make a lot more sense when the movie is done but It was alot. I've been trying my best to get through this but it's really hard.
Chris and his girlfriend were everywhere, being all lovey-dovey and doing whatever the hell they want on set, it was making me sick to the stomach.
I was chatting with some of my costars in the food tent when Chris and his girlfriend came in and greeted everyone but me.
I tried to keep my cool but Chris kept looked at me while he and Lily were being affectionate in front of everyone
Like he was trying to make me jealous. GAME ON, motherfucker.
I got up and went to get myself something to drink. I was about to take a sip of my bottle of water. 
But I jumped when someone covered my eyes with their hands. "Guess who?" A rugged, deep voice spoke. 
I knew that voice, I removed the person's hands from my eyes and turned around.
I squealed with excitement, not believing who it was. 
I jumped into his arms, making him laugh and he twirling me around in a circle happily.
Everyone was watching including Chris. "Oh my god, what are you doing?"
"I wanted to surprise you."
"Really?" I asked. “Yeah, I miss you.” He says with a charming smile 
I grinned, pulled him into another hug. "I miss you too, I'm so happy you're here”
the petty games began.
"Me too, darling!" He says, pulling away and looking at me with those green eyes. 
Someone cleared their throat and we both turned our heads to them.
It was Anthony. 
"So Zari, who's the fellas?" He asks, looking him up and down suspiciously before looking back at me.
I was about to say something but he spoke for himself. 
"I'm Zachary Colton" He says, holding his hand out. 
Anthony smiles and shakes his head. “Cool, Cool and how do you know our Zariyah?”
“Uh we’re..” I cut him off.
"Dating, we're dating. He's my boyfriend," I said, wrapping my arms around his waist and laying my head on his chest.
Zach looked down at me surprised. "Just go with it" I mumbled with a smile.
"Uh yeah. She's my girlfriend" He says with a chuckle, kissing me on the top of my head. 
"That's amazing, well, let's get to know you-" I cut Anthony off.
"Oh no, I don't need y'all interrogating my boyfriend. Plus, I want to show my baby around" I said, removing my head from his chest and taking hold of his hand.
Chris was sending dangerous looks at Zach, I could see the look of his jealousy from a mile away. My plan worked.
A few minutes later. 
"Babe, I'll be right back. I'm gonna go to the bathroom" Lily says, kissing my cheek and I nodded, looking down at the food on my plate.
"Are you really gonna let that dude take your girl?" Mackie asks, coming over to sit next to me, I clenched my jaw.
"She's not my girl, Mackie. Plus, she broke up with me and I've moved on. I'm happy with Lily" I said, trying to make myself believe that.
When it wasn't true, dating Lily has been hell. She was the worst person I have ever met, she was such a bratty, mean person.
"Are you really? Cause the way I see it, you're not over Zariyah and you're just using Lily as a rebound" He says.
"First, I am not using Lily. Second, I’m done with Zariyah and she’s obviously done with me as well. As you saw she's moved on"
"Do you really think she's moved on?" Scarlett asks, coming into the conversation.
"I mean, yeah. Did you not see the guy?" I asked with a frown.
"She was obviously improvising, Chris. Zachary is her friend, she went on a blind date with him but that was it" Scarlett spilling the beans.
"Wait, that was the guy from Donatello," I asked, pointing to the direction they left.
I knew that douchebag looked familiar.
"Yeah and I heard you crashed the date," She says, giving me a knowing look.
I shook my head.
"No I didn't, did Zariyah tell you that..." I asked.
She raised her eyebrows at me "Okay, I kind of..that doesn't matter," I said, changing the subject.
"Do you still love her?" Scarlett asks.
"Yes!" I mumbled softly. It was hard to admit but it was true.
"Okay then so stop being so stubborn, and go talk to her about your feelings.”
"I agree with Scarjo, man. Everyone makes mistakes and they learn from them. Give her another chance before it's late" Mackie says, hitting my arm.
"Did you just say I was your boyfriend just to make your ex jealous?" Zachary asks as we walk into my trailer and sit on my couch.
"Yeah, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," I said, shaking my hand and looking at him nervously.
"It’s okay...Zariyah...I have to tell you something?" He says, taking hold of my hand. 
“What is it?” It took him a minute before blurting it out fast. 
“I think I’m in love with you, and I want to be more than your friend. I just need to know if you feel the same way too”
I opened my mouth to say something but there was a knock at the door. I look at Zachary for a second before getting up, and going to open the door. 
I opened the door, and was surprised to see Chris standing there. "Chris?" 
"Zariyah, I’m still in love with you" He blurts out sweetly. Boy, I was in some serious shit.
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PROLOGUE: Banishment
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 a short summary of how Selene's life went downhill because let's be real:the avengers are cool but nothing's ever easy
𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑'𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄 y'all I don't like the first few chapters, I'm not really happy with them but it'll get better, I promise.. It's just a bit tricky to introduce yall to the concept of magic and witches yk? (but I was basically inspired by the vampire diaries/the originals) Anyway enjoy the prologue✌🏼
Tumblr media
May 16th, 1992: Annapolis, Maryland
For centuries, supernatural creatures lived among us, though most people only knew them as myths. Simple bedtime stories for their children to scare them away from the things that wait in the darkness.
They have many names. History books call them heretics or mediums, others even go so far to call them occultists and Satan's breed.
Once treated as a threat, they're now more than welcome in the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division also known as a special security agency that deals with those kinds of things.
No, >welcome< is such a strong word. It's just set up. Empty Promises were made about saving their kind from the racial hate the normal people would feel towards them. After all, for thousands of years humans hunted their ancestors down and burned them alive to get rid of the unholy monsters.
Therefore most of those special creatures kept to themselves, didn't even think of risking their existence for an ally who's weaker than themselves.
But some witches craved for something bigger. More power, enough to surpass anything that might threaten their own kind and to overthrow the oppression. And they will reach out for it, whatever it takes.
The full moon stands at its highest point, lighting up the free place in the woods. Selene Crescent takes in the bright light. She can easily feel the power that it radiates.
"Mom, what's going on?"
Her mother stands right in front of her. She seems bored, nonchalant even. If she didn't know better, the anger her mom felt a few seconds ago seemed to have disappeared. To be fair, who wouldn't be mad after finding out that the power you've waited for fifteen years long is simply denied.
Keeping the act up, Christine sighs sadly. "I am devastated to announce your banishment, Selene Delaney Crescent", the woman now officially explains her plan, "You violated our rules and put our existence at risk."
Shocked beyond belief, Selene's hazel eyes widen. Banishment? At this point the girl doesn't know if she should cry or laugh. She should've known better. All those years of obsessive behavior, Selene should've seen it coming but her mother, as wicked as she was, was five steps ahead of her daughter.
"You want to ban me? For what?! Stopping your evil plans?"
Instead of answering, Christine just continues the ritual. Wisps of greasy hair follow her head movements like black snakes as she shakes her hair and Selene is pretty sure to see the hint of the devil in those poison green eyes.
"I took you in as my own, raised you as my own and loved you as my own", the coven leader starts with step two of the banishment of a witch: the unnecessary emotional speech, "Yet you betrayed your own kind. After everything we gave you."
"This is ridiculous!", Selene screams furiously at her. She turns to the other witches of her coven who are surrounding the pair holding the torches to light up the night.
"Christine made a deal with these human agents! She promised them our help and guidance with a felon!"
But the words stay unheard. They all just stand there and watch the injustice take place. Selene could tell the amount of burning anger inside of their veins is higher than it should be. The whole coven is blinded by it, only having the concept of revenge in mind. Looking back at her mother, the said woman sneers before going back to her sad act.
"We will not listen to any more lies and excuses."
As if the surrounding members have waited for this cue, they start to chant words in a foreign language. Unfortunately for Selene not only the mix of Latin and French is familiar to her but also the combination of words that form the spell.
"Sanguinem filio, sanguinem effurgarex perpetuum."
She knows that's not a banning spell. Before she can take in what actually happens, her mother pulls something out of her pocket. The familiarity hits Selene in the face as she sees a little constellation of several gear wheels. It was the ascendant, the exact same mystical relic she was asked to build for the homeland security agency. But instead of using it for the felon like Christine promised, the coven uses the spell Selene created against her. A spell that was originally designed for a perfect punishment for dangerous individuals.
"Wait! I didn't finish the spell! You can't use it yet!"
But her family ignores her pleading and casts the spell while her mother directs the magic relic towards Selene. Blood is dripping down from the metal signalising Selene that she activated the key.
"Sanguinem filio, sanguinem effurgarex perpetuum", they continue the chanting.
Suddenly Selene feels a burning pain inside her body. As if a greater power tries to rip it apart starting with her limbs. A piercing scream escapes her lips as she cries out in pain, loud and ear-splitting. She tries to hold on to something but falls to her knees, wincing and hugging her aching body. Soon Selene lies on the ground. Over and over again she begs for them to stop, cries, clenches her teeth and fists in hopes the pressure would free her from the unbearable pain.
"Phasmatos filio, phasmatos effurgarex perpetuum."
And as the last words are said, a bright light arises, intense enough to blend everyone nearby only to die down a few seconds later to reveal an empty spot where Selene used to lay.
She's gone.
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Hey, I really love your work ❤️ by any chance, would you be publishing the last part of Stolen What's Mine anytime soon? I just cannot wait 🥺
Hi, Anon! I’m having a lot going on lately so that’s why Stolen what’s mine and Fiery Friends are on hold for a bit. 😬 But the next part won’t be the last. I’m trying to build the tension between them to make it sizzling hot. 😄 I can’t put a date on it, but there’s still more to come! I’m sorry for the wait! Also, thank you so much for the compliment! 💕
Tumblr media
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ungodly hour ➝ part two
Chris Evans x Reader OFC! ( Zariyah Hawthorne )
Summary: in which Chris and Zariyah have to work alongside each other despite being exes.
Warning: More Angst & Cursing
Word Count: 1.5K
Note: Sorry for the wait, we’ll be back on track. 💗
like, comment and reblog! 😁
WATTPAD LINK click here
Tumblr media
December 15th, 2016 ➝ Los Angeles, California
I should’ve given Chris the benefit of the doubt, but everything happened so fast, that it was hard to comprehend.
I needed answers, I needed them now and somehow I got them. I sat here for a moment, not believing what I was staring at.
It was all a lie and I believed it, I fucking believe it. My publicist found out that someone was paid to send me a fake cheating picture of Chris.
I sat my phone down for a second and covered my face with my hands. Tears began to come down my face.
Chris was telling the truth and I didn’t believe him. In a matter of seconds regret, sadness and heartache filled my whole body.
I needed to talk to him, I had to talk to him. I sniffed and wiped my tears, decided to text him until my eyes caught something.
I scrolled and stopped at the E! News article headline. I gasped not even .
Are Chris Evans and Lily Grace Dating?
December 15th, 2016
Is there something romantic going on between Chris Evans and Lily Grace? Actor, Chris Evans (37) and Model, Lily Grace (29) were spotted having dinner together at a restaurant in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday. They were also spotted at Disney world a few days ago by fans.
An eyewitness told E! News that "They were flirting, laughing, and looked to be having a great time" The pair had first sparked romance rumors two months ago, neither star had confirmed the nature of their relationship.
Is #Evansthorne really over? Has Chris really moved on? Are Chris and Lily really dating? Leave comments below on what you think!
My heart broke into a million pieces, it was over. I let him go and now he’s happy with someone else.
I broke down into tears, angry at myself, angry at the fact I let someone lie and manipulation destroy our amazing relationship.
I cried and cried until I couldn’t anymore and fell asleep. I jumped awake, wondering where the hell I was.
I realized that I was at home and had fallen asleep. I glanced over my shoulder to look at the clock and it was only five in the morning.
I felt so numb that it was hard setting up in bed. I leaned my back against the pillows and stared at the ceiling for about three hours.
It's been a few days since I found out the truth, and It’s been really hard, especially with fans tagging me in Chris’s instagram post.
It was true, he had moved on to someone else and I couldn’t be mad or jealous about it.
I haven’t been able to leave my bedroom, all I’ve been doing is sleeping, eating and crying. 
Whenever I woke up too early I would toss and turn until I was a lot more comfortable and fall asleep again.
The bright light coming from the crack blinds threatened my eyelids to open but I kept them closed, wanting to keep sleeping.
I was about to go back to sleep when my phone made a noise. I put it up and saw that I had a text from my sister, Zoey. 
All of my family and friends have been texting and calling me, they must have heard of the news and wanted to check on me. 
I of course lied and said I was okay. I slid to unlock my phone and looked at the text.
zoey 👻 “Are you okay, Zari?”
what I really wanted to say { no, I'm not. I'm heartbroken and I made a huge mistake. }
zari ✨Yeah, I'm great. why wouldn't I be?
zoey 👻 Are you sure because sometimes you pretend to be okay when you're really not.
zoey 👻 i'm here for you, Zari. You can tell me anything?
what I really wanted to say { I made a huge mistake, I found out Chris wasn't really cheating. The picture I saw was fake. I feel so stupid for not believing him and now he's moved on. my heart is breaking }
zari ✨ I'm 100% okay! I'm happy for chris and plus, I've moved on and seeing someone 😏💗
zoey 👻 Oh okay, zari! I love you and if you ever feel you need to talk. Call me! 💓
zari ✨I love you too, Zoey and thanks, really appreciate it.
zoey 👻 You're welcome. oh hey, do you wanna go to the bar tomorrow?
what I really wanted to say { no, I can't too damn depressed }
zari ✨sure, I love it!
"Are you sure, you're ok Zari?" Zoey asked for the one billionth time, and I gave her the same answer every time.
Even though I was lying, I had to fake it until I'd make it, and eventually, I'll get over it. It was late at night, the bar was crowded, loud, and surely smelled like alcohol.
Zoey and I found a table and ordered some drinks. My eyes began to wander around the bar as she rambled on about her new man.
My heart stopped when I saw him with her. I looked away quickly trying to calm my nerves but nothing worked.
Zoey caught my eyes and realized who I was seeing. "Are you ok?" She asked, placing her hand on my shoulder.
I nodded. "Yeah, um I'm gonna go talk to him."
"Are you sure?" She asked. I nodded, walking over to him and when he saw my face, his eyes went blank to amused, which was weird.
"Hey, Zariyah" Chris greeted me with a fake smile. I nodded at him and looked at the girl. She was pretty, alright.
"Oh, I'm being so rude. Zariyah this is Lily, my new girlfriend, and Lily this is Zariyah, my ex-girlfriend" Chris says coldly.
My heart broke when he said ex. His new girlfriend didn't even care, she looked me up and down, shrugged, and went back to sipping her wine.
"Um...Chris, can I talk to you for a minute please?!" I asked, already feeling an annoying vibe from his new girlfriend.
"Whatever you have to say to him, you can say it in front of me" Lily spoke up, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.
Bitch who are you?
"You heard my lady." He says, with a smirk, taking a sip of his beer. "Are you serious?" I asked and he nodded.
If he wants to be like them, so be it, two can play that game.
"Okay, well I don't know how to say this but I'm pregnant with your child Chris" He almost spit his drink out while looking at me.
I rolled my eyes and walked away, Zoey knew that was our cue to leave the bar.
"ZARIYAH!" Chris called out my name as we were almost to the car. I told Zoey to go ahead and that I'll be there in a second.
"What the hell was that, you're not pregnant." He says with anger in his tone.
"I know I'm not, I just wanted to talk to you alone" I answered with my hands on my hips. Chris stared at me intensely.
"What do you want, Zariyah?" Chris asked, putting his hands in pockets. I took a deep breath as I began to speak.
"I-uh-um I want to talk to you about us-" He cut me off.
"US? There is no us, Zariyah. You made that clear when you broke up with me, so what is the real problem?" He asked.
"Fine, who is that bitch? Like for real, Chris" I burst out. Chris shook his head, chuckling at me, turning to leave.
"Chris, please wait!" He stopped and turned back towards me. "Why should I, Zariyah?"
"Because I'm sorry and I love you. I made a huge mistake by breaking up with you. I should've believed-" He cut me off again.
"Believed me when I told you I wasn't cheating. Yeah, you're right!" He was getting aggravated, moving closer to me.
"I cried every fucking night for you, do you know that? I spent every single day wondering why you didn't believe or trust me. I loved you with my fucking heart, and I've been loyal since the day we started dating. I would die before I do anything in my bones to hurt you"
I didn't say anything because I knew what he was saying was true.
"But now that I'm with another woman, that made you realize your mistake and that this whole thing was a big misunderstanding. You have no right to be jealous or hurt when you're the one who left me." Chris says.
"God, I wish I never met you," He says. I nodded as the tears came down my face. His face softened when he saw me crying, he really hated when I cried.
"Zariyah I-" He started but I cut him off.
"No, no I deserve that and I'm sorry for hurting you, I really am. I believed everything and everyone but you. I'm so sorry I hurt you, Chris and I'll do anything to get another chance" I whispered.
Chris and I stood there, just staring at each other in silence, he was about to say something but he was cut off.
"Chris, are you ok?" Lily called out, he turned to look at her for a second before turning back to me.
"I think it's best if we both move on!" He says, not giving me a chance to reply. He walks back inside the bar with his girlfriend.
It begins to rain and I could feel more tears come down my face as my heart bleeds out. I couldn't be mad at anything or anybody but myself.
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What The Stark Spangled F**k?
Tumblr media
A Stark Spangled Forever One Shot: Biker Princess
Summary- It’s Rori’s birthday. There’s really not much else to it!
Warnings- None really…other than a bit of “language”!
W/C- 1.3k
Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. I do not own any characters in this series bar Katie Stark and the other OCs. By reading beyond this point you understand and accept the terms of this disclaimer.
A/N- The second of two special one shots. This one, in honour of the Star Spangled Diva on her birthday.
Stark Spangled Forever Masterlist // Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
 “Shut up, Jamie!” The loud yell came from the landing and Steve groaned.
Not again.
“You look stupid!” Jamie laughed back.
“Your face is stupid!”
“Okay, that’s enough!” Steve hopped up the stairs two at a time. As he approached the top, his eyes scanned the scene in front of him. Jamie was leaning on the doorway to his room, arms folded, blue eyes fixed on his sister as Stark sat by his feet. Rori was stood in the middle of the landing, her precious cat held in her arms. She was dressed in her dress up Snow White princess dress, her new bright yellow converse sneakers, and for some reason, her swimming goggles. Harry was sat in his room watching the drama from his bed, a grin on his face.
“Daddy, Jamie is making fun of me. On my BIRTHDAY!” Rori turned to him and Jamie groaned.
“No I’m not, I just told her she looked stupid.”
“James!” Steve warned sharply and Jamie chuckled before he held his hands up in a movement that made Steve arch his brow. Jesus, Katie was right, his son was turning into him.
“Okay, okay, Rori I’m sorry.”
“You will be.” She glowered.
“Stop it.” Steve looked at her before he shook his head. “Why are you wearing your swimming goggles?”
“Coz biker chicks wear goggles. Uncle Bucky told me.”
“You’re a biker chick?” Steve arched a brow and she grinned.
“A biker princess.” She corrected him.
Steve blinked. He knew better than to argue with her, Aurora Sarah Natasha Rogers marched to the beat of her own drum, absolutely no fucks given. “And anyway, Uncle Bucky told me to tell you that you can’t shout at me as it’s my birthday.” “Okay, One I don’t care what Uncle Bucky said, he’s not your dad.” Steve folded his arms and stared down at his little Diva who narrowed her eyes back at him. “Two, I’m very aware it’s your birthday, Princess, in fact everyone is aware, on account you’ve been reminding us for the last thirteen days,” he took a breath and then dropped his voice slightly, “and three, let’s remember that today would have been Uncle Nee’s birthday too and you know your momma misses him so...” Steve sighed, “I dunno can you both try not to want to kill each other, for five seconds and let’s have a nice day, huh?”
“Five seconds isn’t very long?” Harry chipped in and Steve looked at him, rolling his eyes.
“I would say five hours but even I don’t believe in miracles.” ***** Thankfully the rest of Rori’s birthday passed with no incident. Having had her party the week before, the day was spent with a trip to Coney Island at her request. Katie, thankfully, managed to convince Rori to change before they went by telling her she wouldn’t be able to go on any rides in the big, tulle skirt she had on.
The family spent the warm, late morning and early afternoon eating hot dogs, riding the various rides, then headed down the boardwalk to play on the beach for a little while. Then, Rori insisted Steve showed them the spot he’d asked Katie to marry him at for probably the one-hundredth time, before they headed home.
Bucky and Sam showed up a little later on, armed with presents covered in sparkly wrapping paper which deposited glitter all over the living room carpet, much to Bucky and Rori’s glee. She unwrapped her gifts from her uncles but it was a huge box of Barbie-slash-Unicorn-slash-all things glitter and pink themed bricks that made her squeal.
“Is that the right one?” Bucky asked and she nodded and threw herself at him.
“Thank you!”
“You’re welcome, sweetheart.”
She then turned to Sam to thank him before she flopped back down next to Steve who was looking at the box.
“This looks pretty cool, Rori.”
“Yeah, but you can’t play with it.” She shook her head.
“Why?” Steve frowned, about to give her a warning about sharing but she jabbed the box with her finger.
“It says here for ages 7-99.” Her finger tapped the numbers in the corner. “You’re too old.”
There was a pause in the room before Steve groaned and Katie, Bucky, Sam and Jamie all burst out laughing. Harry merely blinked, either not understanding or not caring. Steve never could tell with the tot.
“Thanks, Princess”
“But we could always email them, ask them to change the age limit.” She looked at him.
“I’m not sure that’s gonna work.” He rubbed at his temple, looking at Rori.
“I dunno.” Bucky mused and Steve looked up at his friend who was busy helping Aurora look through a picture book. “I’m sure if we explained Steve Rogers, former captain America found their user guidance ageist they might do something about it.”
“Shut up, Bucky.”
“You shut up.”
“Kick his ass, Dad.” Jamie grinned
“Like to see him try.” Bucky smirked.
“Really?” Steve snorted.
“You’ve never beaten me yet!” Bucky laughed.
“Only because we never had a fair fight!”
“Okay, stop!” Katie shook her head. “You two are worse than Jamie and Rori!”
Steve glowered at Bucky who leaned back in his chair, an annoying smirk on his face as he continued to give Flossie his attention.
He glanced at Katie who gave him a wink before she stood up. “Okay, enough arguments. Who wants another piece of birthday cake?”
Everyone in the room nodded and Katie stood up.
“Am I too old for cake, too?” Steve asked, sarcastically. Katie rolled her eyes and was about to reply but Harry beat her to it.
“You’re never too old for cake, Spangles.”
The line was like a gut punch to both his parents, having heard it on the last July Fourth they had had before reversing the snap- Tony had said it loudly as he’d presented Steve with a cake that was a full sized replica of his shield.
Now, they simply stared at their son, Katie’s mouth hanging open.
“Where...” she swallowed, “Harry, where did you hear that baby?”
“He said it in my dream.” He shrugged and Steve felt a chill run up and down his spine. Not an unpleasant chill, but a chill non the less.
“Uncle Nee.” Harry shrugged looking at them both like he was stupid.
Katie looked at Steve her brows raised before she shrugged. She herself had seen her brother her very vividly in a dream some six months after Flossie was born and had been convinced it was more than a simple trick of her mind.
Steve had also had an encounter as such, where the same night that Katie had her dream, he was seen who he thought was Tony and Nat at the end of their drive watching the house. But he has convinced himself that emotions were running high and it was a trick of the light.
There was probably a rational explanation for this too.
“Well...” Sam cleared his throat. “Whoever it was is right. You can’t get too old for cake.”
Steve shot Sam a thankful glance and his eyes turned back to Katie who was already leaving the room. She headed towards the kitchen, a soft smile on her face. The thought of her brother, be it in dreams or otherwise, still talking to her kids made her feel warm in side.
He had only ever met Emmy and Jamie, something Katie hated to think about. She had three other gorgeous kids, one so ridiculously like Tony, and it hurt her heart to think he would never know them.
But, maybe he did. In some way.
She took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen, pausing as she looked out over the garden, a little smile on her face as the branches of the large oak tree waved gently.
“Happy birthday, Tone.” She whispered. “Miss you.”
With a final look outside, she wiped her eyes and grabbed Rori’s huge rainbow coloured unicorn cake and began to cut everyone a slice.
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Stark Spangled Banner
Tumblr media
One Shot: Ask Questions, Throw Shield Later.
Intro: Steve and Katie have an unwelcome late night visitor…
Warnings: “Language!” Smut (NSFW, 18+)
Pairing:  Steve Rogers x OFC Katie Stark
W/C: 1.9k
Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. I do not own any characters in this series bar Katie Stark and the other OCs. By reading beyond this point you understand and accept the terms of this disclaimer.
A/N: The first of two (yes, two) special 29th May Birthday One shots. Happy Birthday Tony! Man, I missed writing for these guys in this timeline! This fits into SSB within “I Told You I Said Yes”.
Stark Spangled Banner Masterlist // Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Fuck, Steve...” Katie groaned, her head tilting backwards as Steve gave another deep thrust upwards, “right there... Jesus.”
“Good?” Steve panted as his hands grabbed her waist, finger tips digging into the flesh that covered her hipbones.
She nodded, grinding on him faster, his hands pulling her down making sure he hit as deep as he could.
Their soft, intimate sounds filled the room and, wanting to be as close to her as he could get, Steve sat up drawing a gasp from Katie as he did so. His hands moved to her back. One splayed half way up her spine, the other cupped the back of her head. His fingers tangled in her long, silky hair as he pulled her face to his. He kissed her, hard, his tongue dominating hers as he swallowed her moan, one that rumbled in her throat as if it came from the depths of her belly.
They’d already danced this tango once already that night. After a few beers with the team in anticipation of Tony’s birthday (minus Natasha as she was still on something Fury was running), they’d retired and gotten a little frisky some two hours prior. But then Steve had woken, his super sharp hearing alerting himself to some form of ransom noise deep in the floors below them and, well, he couldn’t get back to sleep. So he’d hugged Katie close.
Too close.
As ever he was unable to control his reactions to his girl and had ended up with a boner. Meaning she’d woken with him basically rutting up against her back, feigning innocence when she’d given him a grumble at the fact he’d dragged her from her slumber.
She hadn’t been grumbling for long.
“Stevie... I’m gonna...” Katie’s forehead pressed into his, her mouth open as her lips hovered over his, and he thrust upwards again, his nose brushing hers softly, like the touch of a butterfly.
“Let go. Doll,” he panted, actively fighting his own high, “cum for me.”
Her chest heaved, pert nipples brushing his bare skin and her movements stuttered. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, which cracked into a half grunt, half moan as she felt herself go, her body positively floating from her high.
By the time she came round, Steve had also finished, his broad shoulders rising and falling as he gathered his breath. Katie collapsed forward with a soft chuckle, her forehead pressing into his collar bone as he fell backwards, taking her with him.
They lay still for a moment, the only sounds being their heavy breathing and the soft rustle of sheets as Steve pulled the bedding up around them. The smooth cotton brushing over her sensitive skin made Katie shudder a little. Steve smiled and pressed a kiss to her temple, his large hands running up and down her spine.
“Am I forgiven for waking you up?” He asked and she shrugged, not even bothering to try and find the strength to sit up. “It’s three AM. I’ll think about it.”
Steve chuckled and she sat up slightly, leaning down to give him a slow kiss.
“Love you.” she pulled back a little, her eyes shining in the dim light, and Steve smiled.
“Love you too.”
Fifteen minutes later they were both settled down and on the verge of sleep once more when a loud crashing in the apartment made them both sit bolt upright.
“What the...” Steve was out of bed in a flash, wrenching the door to their room open.
Katie was seconds behind him, stopping only to grab Steve’s shirt from the chair at the vanity. As she shrugged it on, she ran into the hallway and heard a familiar metallic whoosh. There was the squealing of metal on metal and Katie flicked on the light just in time to see a flash of blue, red and white as Steve’s shield flew back to his hand. He looked over to Katie as she stepped towards him, her mouth falling.
“Is that...” she glanced down at what looked like a version of one of Tony’s suits. It lay motionless on the floor in two pieces, Steve’s shield having severed it at the waist. The failing electrics sparked as the various boards and cogs died, before it fell silent.
Steve nudged it with his foot. It didn’t move. He turned to Katie, a frown on his handsome face.
“Did he tell you he was making them autonomous?”
“That’s nothing new, JARVIS has always been able to control them remotely.” Katie shook her head as she crouched down, her hand gently touching the helmet. She tried to move the face plate but it didn’t open. Rapping her knuckles on the skull, she was met with a solid sound, not the usual hollow echo.  “JARVIS?”
There was no reply.
“Why isn’t he answering?” Steve looked at her.
“Tony might have him down.” Katie answered. “He runs the updates at night some times. I do know one thing though.”
“What?” Steve asked as she stood up.
“That couldn’t have gotten in here without Tony letting it in one way or another.” She glanced at Steve, her pretty face full of annoyance. “Imma kill him, fucking idiot.”
She turned to leave and Steve gently caught her arm. “Honey...”
“Seriously? You want me to let this go?”
“Hell, no.” He shook his head, “I want you to wait for me to put some clothes on.”  
Despite herself, Katie grinned as her eyes scanned Steve’s naked body, his shield still on his arm. He rolled his eyes and nodded to the suit on the floor, “I’m going to give him his property back, along with a piece of my mind.” **** Tony spun round, his brow arching as Steve and Katie walked into the lab. But whatever smart quip he had been about to come out with died as he spotted what was slung over the super soldier’s broad shoulders. With a loud slam, Steve threw the two parts of the robot down on the desk.
“What did you do to it?” Tony moaned.
“Threw my shield at it.” Steve folded his arms over his chest, the sleeves of the white ribbed Tee he had shrugged on straining over his thick biceps.
Tony was that distracted by his destroyed robot that he failed to notice Katie stomping towards him. She drew her right fist back and punched him hard on the shoulder.
“Ow, Kiddo!”
“You dick!” She yelled. “What the hell were you doing sending that into our apartment?”
“Wanted to test your reaction to it.” Tony shrugged. “See how it came across.”
“How it ca- Tony, it’s half past 3 in the morning!” She shrieked.
“Exactly.” Tony scratched his beard. “Total element of surprise. I thought you guys would give me a base of how people would react to them. Can’t have been that well if Spangles felt the need to cut it in half with his frisbee.”
“We had no idea what or who it was.” Steve felt his anger beginning to rise, “what was I supposed to do?”
“I’ve told you before, big guy. Ask questions, throw shield later.” Tony shrugged, “I can’t believe you killed Iron Kid.”
“Iron Kid?” Katie blinked.
“Yeah, the name’s a working progress.”
“Tony, what is it?” Steve pressed.
“It’s a prototype.” Tony informed them. “I had the idea last week. The Avengers exploded after New York. You should see the piles of fan mail that the guys downstairs sort each day.”
“Less bragging, more explaining.” Katie narrowed her eyes.
“The point is, we attract attention. So I had a thought about something that could help keep the public at bay,” Tony gestured to the pile of metal, “we can use them to issue instructions, help aid the emergency services. Keep civilians out of the way.”
Katie and Steve looked at one another, and Steve hated to admit it but the idea made sense.
“Clearly I need to rethink a little.” Tony mused. “I mean if they freaked you out then...” “It freaked us out because it was in. our. apartment!” Katie groaned. “In the middle of the night.”
“That’s the point, it was supposed to have the element of surprise, wake you up.”
“Well there’s your first fuck up!” She hissed. “We were already awake-“
“Why?” Tony frowned
“Because we just finished a great, sweaty sex session.” She shot back and Steve groaned, feeling the heat in his neck as he looked down, his bare toes flexing against the cool floor of the lab. “And you wanna be grateful we had finished because if we hadn’t I’d be really, really mad. You get me?”
“That’s.. disgusting.” Tony wrinkled his nose.
“And you’re an asshole.” Katie shot back.
With a shudder, Tony moved and picked up a screwdriver. He turned the helmet up aside down and opened a small hatch at the back. Stooping slightly, he prodded and poked at something inside.
“Huh, least the main board wasn’t damaged.” He straightened up and turned to face them both. “So, other than scaring the shit out of you what was it like? Voice interface okay? Too much me or not enough me or-“
“There was no voice interface.” Steve replied.
“What?” Tony frowned, “JARVIS was supposed to be controlling it. It should have told you why it was there and-“
“Well he didn’t.” Steve rolled his eyes, his already stretched patience wearing dangerously thin.
“He didn’t...huh?” Tony frowned and Katie moved past him to a computer.
“Oh for the... he’s on mute you dumbass!” She tapped a few buttons and JARVIS’ voice rang out.
“Thank you Miss Stark.”
“Shit.” Tony gave a sheepish grin. “Sorry, buddy. Forgot I turned you off.”
“Mr Stark, may I suggest you call it a night, Sir? It is rather late and you’ve been awake for almost twenty-one hours. Miss Potts instructed me to ensure you-“ “And that is precisely why I did.” Tony rolled his eyes and Katie let out a growl of annoyance
“I’m done. Come on, Steve.”
She stalked towards the door and Tony looked up. “You not gonna wish me happy birthday?”
In response she raised the middle fingers on both her hands, flipping him off over her shoulders as she stomped out of the door.
Steve watched her go before she turned to Tony. “You know, I think you’re onto something. Keeping civilians away would make things a lot easier.”
“Wouldn’t it?” Tony nodded, eagerly. “We’d need a fleet of them, an Iron Fleet, no that’s... like i said, the names a work in progress.”
“We can discuss this tomorrow. Give it some proper though.” Steve took a deep breath. “Just don’t send any more into the apartment, please?”
Tony saluted him and Steve rolled his eyes. He turned to go before he stopped, and looked back at his friend.
“Happy birthday, pal.”
Tony snorted. “Cheers, Spangles.”
Tony watched Steve walk out of the lab, before he glanced back at the destroyed robot.
“Mr Stark... Miss Potts is awake...”
“Ahh shit.” Tony groaned. “How much trouble am I in?”
“I don’t think a Roman Legion would protect you.” JARVIS replied and Tony stilled, a huge grin spreading across his face.
“Iron Legion.” He tossed the screwdriver up in the air and caught it, chuckling. “JARVIS, you are a genius.”
“Why thank you, sir. And now I really must insist you go to bed.”
“Yeah, okay, I’m going. Lock everything down will you? Oh, and order us all breakfast from the diner on the corner of fifth.”
“Of course. The usual?”
“Yeah. Have it delivered about 10:30. Should be enough to calm Kiddo down.”
“Very wise Sir. I’ll ensure there’s extra bacon, just in case.”
“Yeah, who doesn’t love extra bacon?”
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funfickgirl22 · 17 days ago
Don’t trust Elvis 5
Chris Evans x Reader
previous chapter
Chris blushed and was ready to leave, but you grabbed his hand telling him ‘’Stay’’  
Christopher felt a warmth in his chest, seeing you, asking him to stay. He was dreaming about this, since the moment he saw you for the first time. The lust and the pleasure took over his body. He made a step and kissed you slowly at first, slighting his tongue to your mouth. He is an amazing kisser. He took his time with you. You were impatient therefore you decided to take him to the bed. He is on top of you. You spend hours like that, naked bodies tangled, until the early hours of the next day.  
You wake up first hearing thunder. You moved closely to sleeping Christopher as you were afraid of this sound. Chris was half awake and was happy to welcome you in his arms. You still slept for a few hours to wake up to the kisses on your neck.  
After breakfast, Chris took you for a walk to show you the neighbourhood. After that, you had the first meal with his family. Your mother-in-law wasn’t happy that her son hides the fact he got married but after few days she saw that you love him. Yes, you came to this realization after your first event together.  
It was one of the rainy days, and you were waiting with your husband to attend your book premier in the local bookshop. You were wearing long wine dress in a sleeve. Chris was dressed up smart too, wearing a brown suit. He looked like a snack.  
The event went well so far. The book store owner officially welcomed you, you have signed many copies of your book and took a picture of some of your fans. Many people wanted to have a picture with Chris too however, he politely declined, explaining that is your event and you as the author should get all the attention. As a proud happy husband, he had never left your side. The photographers and journalists were very happy too, it meant that the plan works. 
After an hour someone asked you to read a chapter of your book at the mini stage. You were proud of your work and very confident, therefore reading out loud want difficult. After the first page, you looked at the crowd and noticed your old neighbour. He had feelings for you, but you weren’t interested. You remember like it was yesterday when he laughed at your first stories. That bad memory caused a long pause. You quickly came back to the reading, pretending that nothing has happened. After a round of applause, you thank everyone and left the stage. Chris noticed that something is wrong and followed you. You found a room and took a deep breath as the tears were gathering in your eyes. Chris has entered the room and took you hugged you tightly.  
‘’What is going on in the pretty head of yours? You were amazing, I am so proud of you.’’  
‘’Do you really mean it? You asked him.  
‘’ Of course, I mean it. Hey, what is going on?’’  
‘’I saw my old neighbour. I didn’t know he is in Boston now. He used to laugh at me for being a shitty writer and I guess I started to believe it again. ‘’  
Your husband took your hand and started to kiss each knuckle.  
“You are an amazing (kiss) talented (kiss) storyteller (kiss) and I am so proud (kiss) to be your husband (kiss) Don’t ever doubt that.’’  
His confession melts you. You thanked him by kissing his plump lips. It was that time. It was that time you knew you love him.
Tumblr media
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girl-of-many-fandoms · 20 days ago
Forbidden 3
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: You’re Tony’s sister and you just so happen to be very attracted to the one man that gets on your brother’s nerves, Steve Rogers. Unknowingly to you, the older man also has his eyes on you despite your circumstances.
Warnings: Gun violence, mentions of blood
REPOST because Tumblr has been acting up!!!
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
"Guys Y/N's still here" rolling your eyes you took a swig of your beer as the team grumbled
"Great another week of you being bitchy, just what we needed" Tony chucked a peanut in your direction and you couldn't help but laugh at their behaviour
"Oh come on, I told y'all that I didn't need to have sex, I was just having a bad day" unbuckling the straps of your nude heels you kicked them off, stretching your legs out on Thor's lap
"More like a bad week if you ask me" Steve piped up eyes flicking down to Thor's lap ever so often
"You're one to talk old man"
"Yeah Steve when was the last time you got any? My body still hurts from training a couple days ago, you didn't hold back man" Sam plopped down on the sofa next to the blonde man who downed the remaining of his drink
"You guys back off alright, I'm pretty sure Capsicle here has had his fair share of romance"
"Tony I don't think a kiss from 1945 is considered a fair share of romance" the group bursted out laughing at the man's depressing love life
"You guys are ruthless" giggling you crossed your legs and Thor placed his hand on your knee as if this was a common thing between you two
Thor started telling stories about life on Asgard and how many times Loki had tried to kill him. During this particular story you felt a heated gaze focused on you from across the room. Looking up you and Steve locked eyes, you noticed the fire hidden behind his eyes as the God of Thunder continued to rub his hand on your legs
Is he jealous? He can't be right?
There is no way that Steve could have the same feelings towards you
"Y/N why don't you be the one to show Rogers a good time?" Clint joked and Tony smaked him upside the head
"I would rather gouge my eyes out before I ever let that happen"
"Why though, I mean look at him" you don't know if it was the alcohol talking but you sure as hell couldn't back out of the conversation now as the room fell silent, all eyes on you and Tony
"Y/N the man is ancient"
"Your point?" flabbergasted Tony stared at you, completely lost for words while Steve held his hand over his lips to disguise his smile
Natasha smirked at you, ready to say something when gunshots rang out, glass shattering around you from the stray bullets. Thor immediately shifted you both off the couch and onto the floor, shielding your body with his as your attackers continued to fire their weapons
Reaching below the coffee table you grabbed the loaded gun that you always kept there in case something like this were to ever happen. The bullets stopped as heavily armed men invaded the room through the broken windows
Thor summoned his hammer as you and Natasha started firing at the men. Steve engaged in hand to hand combat, easily disarming his target before knocking them out. In the corner of your eyes you briefly noticed the familiar metal frisbee a few feet away from you
"Cover me!"
You moved as fast as you could towards the corridor, trying your best to stay low. You grabbed onto the cold metal and called out to Steve as you lauched the shield in his direction, he ducked as it knocked out the man
More gunshots rang out, this time they came from behind you, you quickly dived behind the bar taking cover. The gun cocked and you took the chance and popped up, firing your weapon. He fell to the ground as another shot went off, hitting you in your side
Groaning you stood your ground and shot him point blank before sliding down to the floor, pressing firmly onto your wound. Every fibre of your being burned from the excrusiating pain
Bruce came to your aid, trying his best not to turn into Hulk. He replaced your hands with his as he applied firm pressure to stop you from bleeding out on the floor
The fighting came to an end as Steve knocked the last guy unconcious
"Guys Y/N's been hit"
"I'm fine" brushed Bruce's hand away, hauling yourself up to your feet, you barely made two steps when your legs gave out beneath you, Steve catching you before you could hit the deck
He gently picked you up in his arms as Banner rushed you to the infirmary to get the bullet out and patch you up
Not even five minutes later you were laying on the bed while Banner started locating the bullet that's still inside of you, the rest of the team sat around in the room still trying to wrap their heads around what took place
Steve stood next to you the entire time, his hand brushing against yours debating if he should hold onto yours while Bruce was stitching you up. You subtly slipped your hands into his and he half heartedly smiled down at you
"Okay, you'll survive just try not to pop any stiches during the next three weeks and you'll be alright" Bruce finished applying the patch over your stitches and you moved to sit up but Steve shot you a stern look, silently telling you to not do that
"What the hell was that?" Natasha asked, picking fragments of glass from the soles of her feet. Your brother furrowed his brows, the wheels in his brain working over time, reaching into his pocket he pulled out his phone
"You guys aren't going to believe this"
Tony flipped his phone showing us the video message he received from the douchebag you guys had captured on your last mission
"My friends, I hope you all hadn't thought that you all had seen the last of me. My apologise for the mess, I had to make sure you all were going to give me your undivided attention"
Going against Steve's demands you sat up as the video played out
"You all took something that belongs to me and I want it back or else the Avengers would be a thing of the past" the video ended and we all shared the same look of confusion
“What the hell is he talking about?” Rhodey broke the deafening silence, Steve crossed his arms over his chest, deep in thought
Kage was known for selling high teach weapons on the black market off the coast of Africa. He had been on our radar since we were on the hunt for Ulysses Klaue when Ultron was a threat. The first time we crossed paths with him he managed to escape while we were being mind controlled by Wanda and since the we hadn't seen him until he finally slipped up a few weeks ago
"I remember going through his case files, nothing stood out from what we already knew"
"We missed something" groaning you swung your legs over the edge of the bed ready to get to work despite being slightly buzzed from all the alcohol
"We've got our work cut out for us, I suggest we start digging. Romanoff, Barton, go over the interview from his arrest see if he gave any clues. Stark and Banner, start looking at satillites, cameras anything that we could use to track his movements. The rest of us would be going over the files that we have on Kage" Steve assigned us our tasks and everyone dispersed leaving you and Steve behind
"Let’s get to work” standing up you were about to walk to the door when he held onto your wrist
“Not you” spinng around you collided into his firm chest and he steadied you, breath fanning against your face with each breath he took
"Cap I'm fine" looking up at him you shot him a small smile, placing your hand on his forearm giving it a reassuring squeeze, enjoying having Steve so close to you
You're eyes flickered between his eyes and lips, mind flooding with thoughts of kissing him. Steve did the same feeling himself start to lean in but he caught himself in time. Clearing his throat, he backed up putting distance between you both, snapping out of his trance
"Okay…but you should change into something more comfortable" your heart dropped as he straightened up, you tried not to show your disappointment as you headed out the door with him trailing behind
A smile played on your lips as you replayed that moment
Steve does have feelings for you
Tag list:
@madisondelstan @thenumber1simp @mac99martin @n3ssm0nique @sltwins @artisancowbells
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wiypt-writes · 20 days ago
Too Loose And You’ll Lose It
Tumblr media
Ch9: Lebanon, Lebagone  
Co-written with @icanfeelastormbrewing​
Summary:  A few months post their reconciliation, Jake and Stella run a mission with the rest of the team…
 Pairing: Jake Jensen x OFC Stella Stevenson
Warnings: Bad language, Smut (NSFW, 18+)
Word Count: 8k ish.
Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. We do not own any characters in this series bar Stella Stevenson and the other OCs. By reading beyond this point you understand and accept the terms of this disclaimer.
A/N: So the mission detailed here was highly inspired by the second book in the Grey Man series. Locations and a few major details are changed, and the names are completely made up.  The Terrorist/Political party- The Lebanese Freedom Party, does not to our knowledge actually exist.
Too Loose And You’ll Lose It Masterlist // Main Masterlist
Chapter 8 
Tumblr media
 “Alright, let’s get in position before daylight hits.” Clay looked around as they walked down the narrow alleyway.
“Roger that.” Stella nodded as Cougar replied with a tip of his hat to show he had heard, Pooch also inclining his head.
The four of them stopped by a door to their right, Stella pulling the tool from her utility belt which was fastened around the waistband of her camo pants. She picked the lock in under thirty seconds, a simple job that required a little bit of jiggling, twisting and a good jerk with the torque wrench Cougar was holding to defeat.
“Not particularly high security considering this was a bank.” She mumbled as behind her Cougar chuckled.
Inside it was pitch black, dust rose in clouds, shimmering in the moonlight, which was streaking through the dirty arched windows. Both of them flipped out their flashlights, quickly scanning the room for any sign that someone had been here recently, but there was none. 
They crossed quietly and quickly through the main atrium of the old building, taking care to keep to the shadows. The old bank was completely deserted bar a few desks and old telephones which sported thick layers of dust as they moved through, heading for the spiral staircase at the far side.
“We’re clear.” Pooch said as he looked up to the top of the staircase. “This place hasn’t been accessed for years.”
“Lima Six, anything to report?” Clay spoke into his radio and a moment later Jensen replied.
“Nothing on the comms, they’re talking about moving Kilo One out at the time we suspected but it could be a rouse to make sure…but Lima Two knows the code-word should they decide to go early.”
“Okay, as soon as you get movement let me know.”
“Ten-four, One.”
“Okay, let’s get set up.” Clay instructed and the team nodded in agreement as they all set about, placing various pieces of equipment around the place exactly where it needed to be for when their target and his security detail, in which Roque had embedded himself undercover, came storming into the pre-designated building, seeking refuge from an attack outside.
It took them roughly an hour to set up completely, things having to be precisely as Pooch directed. Eventually, when he was happy, they climbed the staircase at the back of the room. Four sets of eyes swept the square below. It was deserted, as was to be expected at such an early hour in the morning.
Stella scanned the buildings, nevertheless, her eyes sharp, looking for any sign of movement around the whitewashed and pebble-dashed sandstone that they had grown accustomed to seeing over the last three weeks or so they’d been in Nabatieh, Lebanon.
“So Khalil should be coming from there.” Pooch raised his arm and pointed to a small road to the right. “The plan is we lay down some fire by his bodyguards as he approaches the podium, and force them to take shelter in the bank, as led nicely by Roque.”
“Why do we want this guy alive so badly, anyway?” Stella mumbled to herself. “If he’s such a bastard, why don’t we just kill him? He’s a terrorist leader.”
“The Lebanese Freedom Party ain’t deemed terrorists all over the world.” Pooch grinned and Stella snorted. “Russia views them as a legitimate socio-political force.”
“Russia basically executes people for being gay” She scoffed. “Forgive me for not taking their viewpoint here as the one to set my moral compass against.” She sighed. “Cougs could take one shot, straight in the head. Boom. Job done.”
Cougar chuckled as he unloaded his rifle and stand, looking up at Clay. “She’s not wrong, Boss.”
“Whilst wiping that particular shit stain off the face of the earth might be appealing, they ain’t our orders. We apprehend alive.” Clay spoke, matter of factly and Stella rolled her eyes.
“Whatever helps us sleep at night, huh?”
Stella had to hand it to their Intel department. The start of the hit went like clockwork. At bang on the designated time, Jensen radioed in to say that they were moving out and sure enough, twenty minutes or so later he accounted the SUVs and jeeps had left the compound. He joined the rest of the team little over half an hour later, leaving the dirty van he had been driving hidden down a dark alleyway at the back of the bank, behind the one the rest of the team had arrived in and headed into the dank building, wrinkling his nose at the musty air as he walked in. 
“Hey.” He greeted Stella, his hand falling to her shoulder as she sat in the back, her attention focussed through the window, a pair of binoculars raised to her eyes.
“Hey.” She whispered back, her gaze flicking to him quickly, flashing him a smile as she turned back to her spotting.
“So I picked up on their coms that they think Khalil’s personal security have done a sweep of the area.” Jensen looked at them. “Roques done his job nicely. They should be entering the square from the South West corner.”
 “ETA?” Clay turned to him.
“Less than five minutes.”
“Excellent.” Clay nodded. “So far so good.”
The next five minutes or so passed in silence, all five of the Officers in the room observing the roads leading to the square just in case. Even though their intel was solid, it was drilled into them that they should never rely on it completely.
“Boss,” Cougar spoke suddenly, his shoulders squaring back, “target approaching. Roughly two miles out.”
“Fuck, I got something coming too from the North East.” Pooch groaned.
“What?” Clay demanded.
“I dunno but it looks suspiciously like an ARV.”
“An ARV?” Clay frowned.
“Yup. They’ve stopped. Six hundred yards out.”
“What do you mean they’ve stopped?” Jensen demanded, snatching the binoculars off him.
“What the fuck do you think I mean?” Pooch replied. “They’re not moving.”
“What the fuck is going on?” Stella growled and Clay took the binoculars off Jensen. She watched as Clay took a look before he sighed heavily and dropped his head.
“It’s the Lebanese Special Service. I recognise one of them from a mission a while back.”
“What the hell are they doing here?”
 “I should have seen this coming.” Clay bit his lip. “They’re going to hit him at the rally. The false trail we leaked to them means they think we’re moving on him as he makes his way out of town and up to Beirut. They’re going to get in first.”
“It’s a double cross.” Stella looked at Jake and Pooch as she spoke, the pair of them exchanging a look before all eyes bar Cougar’s, which remained firmly fixed on his target, turned to Clay. “Why?”
“Death to the West and all that.” Clay sniffed. “They’re gonna take him out and try and use USA involvement as cover.”
“Don’t they realise that won’t work?” Stella shook her head. “We’re Black Ops, the thick fuckers. As soon as there’s so much of a sniff that shit is going west, the CIA will leave us high and dry, denying they had anything to do with it.”
“So what’s Plan B?” Pooch turned to look Clay. “I’m hoping you got a Plan B, because Plan A is going to shit.”
“Kilo one still approaching.” Cougar stated.
“You got anything special in your arsenal?” Clay turned to Pooch. “As in blow up an ARV special?”
Pooch blinked. “Yeah, the RPG but…”
“Go get it.” Clay instructed.
Pooch didn’t hesitate, he shot off down the stairs and Stella watched him go before she turned her attention back to the large square, which was roughly the size of two football pitches, busy with people bustling about their everyday business.
“If we get this wrong, the whole square is gonna be caught up in a fucking gun fight,” Stella spoke, her eyes falling on a group of kids in the middle.
There was a pause before Clay spoke again. “Khalil is our main objective; we just need to keep collateral to a minimum.”
Collateral. Stella hated that fucking word. She swallowed and looked at Jensen who gave her a small smile, which she returned before she glanced back at the square.
“One mile out.” Cougar informed.
“Okay,” Clay spoke, clapping his hands together. “Pooch, as soon as the LSS move, you shoot that RPG straight at the fuckers.”
“Gladly.” He nodded, “But, chances are if they’ve got an ARV out there then they’ll already have agents on the ground.”
“It doesn’t matter, all we gotta do is get a shot off first.  Once that initial gun crack is heard, Khalil’s security outfit are gonna herd him in here anyway. And hopefully, when the LSS get note their vehicle has gone bang it’ll draw them into blowing cover somehow.” Clay nodded. “At least then we’ll be able to spot where they are.” He took a deep breath. “Cougar, keep watch on Khalil. As soon as you get a viable opportunity to lay down the fire, take it.”
Cougs, who hadn’t taken his eye away from the target sight of his gun simply tipped the brim of his hat again with his finger to show he had understood and Clay turned to the other three of them as they waited instructions.
 “What about Roque?” Stella asked. “He doesn’t know about the LSS.”
“He’ll roll with the punches.” Clay rubbed his hand over his chin. “Everyone clear?”
“Clear as, boss, it’s a shoot-out.” Jensen snorted, nodding his head as he gave a chuckle. “Good times.”
“If this is your idea of a good time then I’d hate to see a bad one.” Pooch grumbled and Stella gave a chuckle.
“Hey, Poochy, I just like to see the positive in all aspects of life.” Jensen grinned, holding his hands out to the side, palms up. “You’re just grumpy because Jolene’s finally managed to…ouch!” Jensen gave a yelp as Stella punched him hard on the arm. “What was that for, babe?”
Stella shot him a look which instantly shut him up. Pooch had confided in her, Cougar and Jensen no less than two days ago that Jolene was four months pregnant, but he didn’t want to tell Clay or Roque for reasons that he was keeping to himself, as per his prerogative, she supposed. It had made her and Jensen snort a little, as when Aubrey had found out she was pregnant roughly five months or so ago, the entire world had known pretty much before the pee was dry on the test stick. Jensen’s eyes widened as he realised exactly what he’d been about to say and he grimaced, before turning to Pooch, giving him an apologetic look.
“Kilo One is approaching the square.” Cougar spoke, and they all turned their attention to him, stepping forward to the window, Clay observing their surroundings with the binoculars. 
“Okay, focus up Losers.” Clay hushed them all, gesturing to Pooch. “Get ready with that RPG”
Pooch shot Jensen one final filthy glare before he stepped forward, resting the grenade launcher on his shoulder.
“Arty, Jensen, in position.” Clay instructed. “Coms on, code names only.”
They both nodded, Stel picking up a device that had been in Pooch’s big bag of tricks, and made their way back to the spiral staircase.
And then, it all happened at once. Clay gave the order to fire and both Pooch and Cougar took their shots at the same time. The popping of guns, sounds of screaming and yelling and a rather large explosion followed by Pooch’s loud chuckles of glee hit their ears and Jensen looked at Stella as they waited at the top of the stairs.
“I really shouldn’t enjoy this as much as I should.” He grinned, and Stella snorted as suddenly the room below them was full of voices, once of which the recognised instantly as Roque. From their extensive planning, Sella knew that they would likely hustle into the room in a tight cordon, with Khalil in the middle and head to the most secure part of the building, the vault. They had no idea how many of the guard had made it into the building with Khalid, but essentially it didn’t matter. The Losers were one step ahead.
As soon as the group made their way towards the main part of the atrium, through the open double doors which led through the cashier area, Jensen grinned at Stella.
“Hit it, babe!” 
Stella smirked as she pushed the button on the device she held in her hand. The large electromagnets that had been placed on the locks snapped into place, firing the four inch thick steel bolts into their slots, securing them tightly, ensuring no one could get out, and no one else could get in. Yells of warnings rang out about the place as the guards instantly wheeled round, their guns raised and Roque’s eyes flickered upwards to where they were hidden on the veranda above. Jensen raised his right hand, his index and middle finger extended and he waved them across his face, indicating that their next move was about to go down. Roque made no sign he’d seen them, bar a quick double-blink.
“I’m sorry, pal.” Jensen grimaced a little as he ducked down and lifted a heavy square box off the floor, flipping the plastic cover up, jamming his thumb onto the red button. “Lima Two is about to deploy, please return to your seats and cover your ears.” He spoke into his coms, giving the rest of the team a warning. As soon as the device beeped to say it was charged, Jensen launched it over the side of the railing where it fell onto the floor below. As soon as it left his hands, he and Stella ducked down, their fingers jammed in their ears, eyes scrunched shut as the device activated.
Referred to merely by Pooch as the S-Fud- ‘Sensory Fuck-Up Device’, the item had been developed by the boffins in the CIA lab to create complete optical and aural disorientation by using ultra violet and bright white lights and a loud, high pitched sound and sonic wave. Even with his eyes screwed shut, the flash of light still bounced off all the surfaces surrounding Jensen, and the hands which were clamped over his ears might have dimmed the majority of the loud wailing siren, which lasted no more than two seconds, but the combination was still enough to leave him feeling slightly woozy as he stood to his feet, blinking furiously, his eyes feeling like he’d stared straight at the sun, his eardrums ringing as if he’d spent hours in a nightclub with music thumping in his ears. Besides him, Stella staggered to her feet and shook her head, pressing the heel of her palm to the space between her eyes. But they had no time to waste. Jake gently shook her shoulder and she nodded to show him she was okay. Together they made their way down the stairs as quickly as they could. 
The S-Fud had done its job, all the men were incapacitated to some extent. As Stella’s eyes glanced around she quickly counted six men in total. Three, one of whom was Khalil, were completely unconscious, face down on the floor. Two more, including Roque, were writhing in pain, hand clutched over their ears, and one was attempting to stagger to his feet. In a flash, Stella had nailed him with a kick to the face, and he fell backwards with a thud, his nose shattering as her heel smashed straight into the bridge.
“Did you see that?” Jensen turned to the other three men who had joined them, all looking around the room. “My girl, she’s a bad ass chick.”
“Can you concentrate on the mission in hand for once and not your dick?” Pooch shook his head as Cougar hit the moving guard with the butt of his rifle, knocking him out.
“Your momma concentrated on my dick last night.” Jensen shot back and Pooch groaned.
“Seriously? Momma jokes, now?”
“Shut up.” Stella nudged Jake harshly with her elbow as she walked past, following Clay as they stepped over the unconscious guards, heading towards Roque as he groaned and lay curled up in the foetal position. Clay knelt down and reached out, loosening his tie and the top button of his dress shirt before patting him on the shoulder, as Stella did the same to their target.
“Okay, lets move.” Clay looked up. “Jensen, Pooch, you take Roque. I’ll get Khalil. Cougs, Arty, give us cover to the vehicle.”
The team all nodded, Jensen and Pooch stepping forward, each seizing Roque under his arms. They managed to get him to his feet, each supporting him, their arms round his back as his arms slumped over their shoulders. His feet staggered on the floor as he made an attempt to talk.
“We got you, buddy.” Jensen said softly. “You’ll be alright, just feel like you’ve got one hell of a hangover for a few hours.”
Meanwhile Clay had managed to hoist Khalil to his feet with Cougar’s help, the man a complete dead weight, which he allowed to slump against his right shoulder. With an almighty heave he ducked and then stood, using his legs to rise up fully, Khalil slung over him in a fireman’s lift, his arms dangling freely down Clay’s back.
Without another word, the team moved as quickly as they could to the dead-bolted doors where Stella reached into her pocket with one hand, whipping her pistol out with the other. She clicked the device, which unlocked the glass doors and they made their way across the atrium, the chaotic noises from outside growing louder as they approached the back door to the bank they’d used to enter. Stella flattened herself against one side of the wall to the right of the door as Cougar took aim with his rifle. He looked at her and nodded, and in a flash she reached out and yanked it open, Cougar darting through, rifle held in front of him. 
“Clear.” He spoke and Stella moved to allow the rest of the team to step out into the alleyway, taking up the rear. 
She spotted the man hiding in a doorway two down before Cougs even had chance to shout a warning. In a flash she fired pistol twice. The first shot hit the guy in the arm, causing him to drop his gun, the second in the knee and he fell to the floor, screaming in agony. Then came another, and another. As Stella and Cougar continued, Jensen, Pooch and Clay heaved their charges to the side of the van, ducking as shots rained down on them. Pooch wrenched open the door, and Jensen hopped into the back, hoisting Roque in as gently as he could, a sharp contrast to the way Clay simply slung Khalil unceremoniously into the back. As Pooch ran to the front and hopped into the driver side, Stella and Cougar both sprinted towards the van, flinging themselves in as the engine started. With a sharp tug, Clay pulled he door shut as Pooch started the engine. 
Seconds later, the van roared back off up the alley, the crackle of gunfire from the square growing quieter and quieter as they put more distance between them and the danger.  Pooch drove them out onto the main road, towards the point, some six miles or so away, where they would ditch the van and hop into two separate SUVs and make their way to the agreed Ex-fil point at Saida Port roughly a half an hour or so drive away.
Stella closed her eyes, resting her head against the cool metal of the van, watching as Pooch and Jensen  hoisted Khalil into a sitting position, securing his wrists with flexi-restraints behind his back. Cougar was busy offering Roque some water, Stella pleased to see their teammate was finally starting to come round. She smiled as Jensen flopped down next to her, his arm looping round her shoulders as he pulled her to him for a soft kiss.
“I love working with you,” he grinned and she snorted, shaking her head as she chuckled.
“Yeah, we’re a regular nine-to-five couple, aint we?”
“Stel?” Jake called through the door of the bathroom of their temporary lodgings before he opened it and to be greeted by Stella led back in the bath, eyes closed. She turned her head to look at him. “I was gonna ask if you wanted head out with the guys for a beer and food but you look pretty comfortable.”
She pulled a face. “I’m feeling anti-social.” Jake laughed at her frank answer and smiled as she gave a small shrug. “Sorry, not sorry, but we spent four weeks in a hell hole motel and I’m extremely grateful Clay’s managed to get us holed up in a nice place and not the Officers’ Quarters on base so I intend to make the most of it.”
“Babes, we were both in the army.” He snorted. “Rocks for pillows and all that.”
“Yeah, well it’s been a while since I did that. What can I say? I’ve grown used to the finer things again.”
“Fair enough, I’ll let Clay know you hate them all and don’t want to socialise.” He teased.
“Jakey, we’re gonna be here for by my guess a week at least, plenty of time to go out sampling the finest bars the UK has to offer.” She shrugged, not bothered in the slightest by his teasing. “If you wanna go meet them, feel free. I’ll grab a take out. There were some leaflets pinned to the board in the kitchen.”
“Or…” Jake smirked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, “I stay here, because frankly, that bed looks really comfy and I kinda wanna test it. See how grossed out we can make Pooch.”
“Jerk.” Stella snorted.
“Well, he’s done nothing but complain since we got here about how he has to share this house with us and can’t go in with the others, so I wanna give him something to really complain about.”
“You’re such a little shit.” She laughed and Jake groaned. 
“Don’t do that.”
“Do what? Laugh?”
“Yeah, it’s making your boobs wobble under the water, and that’s making me horny.”
“You’re always horny.”
“Hornier than usual.”
“Well, I can solve that problem.” She grinned and Jake smirked.
“Yeah, turn around and shut the door on your way out.”
“Ouch, Stells.” Jake slapped his hand over his heart. “That’s cold.”
“Hmmm,” She muttered, laying her head back and closing her eyes again. “If you’re getting in here you better hurry, or the water will be cold too.”
Jake grinned and in a flash, reached back to grab a fist full of his t-shirt behind the collar and pulled it over his head. As his hands flew to the button on his jeans Stella nodded to the door.
“You better lock that, I know you said you wanted to gross Pooch out but if he walks in on us he’ll be scared for life.”
Stella merely arched her brow, “No locky, no fucky.”
With that Jake spun on his heel and flicked the lock, before he turned round and shoved his pants and boxers down in one full swoop and swung his leg over the side of the tub. Stella moved forward so he could settle behind her, his legs laying either side of hers. It was a tight squeeze, the tub in the two bedroomed terraced house wasn’t built to accommodate two but neither paid it any mind. 
Stella took a deep breath, closed her eyes and leaned back, her head laying against Jake’s chest as his hands softly rubbed up and down her forearms, his lips pressing a kiss to her shoulder. 
They were silent for a while, the pair of them simply contented to stay there for a moment, relishing the peace after a long and tedious mission and the chance to relax for an evening before the debriefs and analysis started the next day in the War Rooms of the RAF Base in Suffolk, England. Often, the aftermath of a mission was more hard-going than the action itself. They’d hash over the events, listen to the CIA operative justify some of the more morally ambiguous decisions made, no doubt the ramifications and political fall-outs, be informed about how the CIA were going to play it and then they’d have to submit written reports, which would be Classified at the highest levels and stored in the top secret vaults in Virginia. 
It was part and parcel of being in a black-ops team. They knew the script, having read and played it many a times before. But it was draining and exhausting, one of the many reasons Stella was glad that the actual missions they ran, whilst they could last months at a time, were on the large few and far between.
“You okay?” Jake broke the silence and pressed his lips once more to the back of her shoulder and Stella nodded, tilting her head round so she could look at him.
“I spoke to Rey before.”
“Yeah, how is she?”
“She said she felt the baby move for the first time.” Stella beamed.
“Oh, that’s awesome.” Jake grinned back, “are they gonna find out what they’re having?”
Stella snorted, “dur. You know what she’s like. She’ll want to decorate and buy it blue or pink clothes, plus if it’s a boy she’s got time to mentally prepare seeing as all she wants is a little girl to treat like a doll.”
Jake laughed. “Is it wrong I kinda hope it is a boy?”
Stella grinned. “Nope, I was thinking the same. She’s asked me to be with her when it’s born.”
“I’m not surprised.” Jake wrinkled his nose. “Dick’s gonna be about as much use as a knife in a gun fight.”
“Knives can be very useful in a gun fight, if you know how to use them.”
“Oooh I love it when you talk dirty, babe.” Jensen smirked and dropped his head to kiss her softly. His right hand moved from its spot on her arm to stroking her hip, tracing a path down the outside of her thigh. His fingers softly traced shapes on her warm, wet skin just to the side of her knee before he moved his touch up her leg again then across to her abdomen. Stella sighed against his mouth, as her head lolled to the right. Jensen’s mouth moved, trailing a line down her neck, nipping at the hinge of her jaw. 
He was growing hard against her, Stella could feel it, and the way his fingers were ghosting over her made her skin tingle and her body shiver. "Jake," she whimpered. "Yeah, baby?" His fingers found the tuft of curls and then her nub. "You gonna sing for me, Stells?" He encircled her clit with his fingertip and drew back up. "Let me play that pussy?" “Fuck...” she groaned, leaning further back into him, her body sagging into his. She loved his dirty talk, being so in control for most of the time, she enjoyed letting herself go when it came to this. “Feels good, Jakey.” "Yeah? You like it when I touch you, feel my fingers inside? Stretching you for my dick?" He dipped two fingers inside, his thumb able to press into her sensitive clit. "Jesus, fuck," Stella gasped as he moved into her. The thickness of his fingers felt like she was on fire and had her silently begging his foreplay wasn't long. "So fucking wet already, babe." Jake was enjoying the feel of her on his fingers. It'd been a long while since he'd felt all of her and he hid his desperation well behind dirty words and filthy ministrations. His mouth moved down her neck, teeth gently nipping at her skin as he went, lips curling into a smirk as he listened to her softly groaning. Her hips moving in time with his hand as his fingers curled inside her.  Water began to just teeter over the tubs edge but neither paid any mind. Stella's breathy pants bounced off of Jake's cheek as he watched himself finger fuck her. "I love it when you fuck my fingers, baby." "Oh God," Stella squeaked, for she was going to hit that edge and fall right over. The time between, the angst of their mission and Jake's mouth were nearing too much. "Jakey, please," she moaned. "Cum on my fingers, Stells, then I'm gonna fuck you, really...really... good." With each 'really' Jake barely rutted against Stella, just enough to tease her at what he wanted to do to her. He wanted to slide in, slow and deep, her body seated on top his, while he feasted on her nipples and neck. He wanted to be buried into her to the hilt and paint her walls with his seed. Stella came undone as her body quaked against his chest. With a breathy squeak she went rigid and her hand flew from the side of the tub, wrapping around is wrist as she came, her walls clamping around his fingers "Fuck, Stella, turn around baby, sit on my lap." She was as languid as the water around them, her body drowning in ecstasy as Jake helped her turn in the small space. His fully erect and throbbing cock stood at attention, his head just above the water’s surface. He guided Stella just where he wanted her and slowly dipped inside her still trembling walls. The sensation was more than Stella had bargained for and she moaned out loudly as she sank into him. "That's it baby, let them hear you" Jake bucked a bit into her, closing the gap that Stella was slowly shortening, his cock fully inside her and he moaned himself. She felt so good, so tight. Like there was no one else made for him but her. The thought gave him a flutter deep in his belly. She was his, and would be forever, if she'd have him. Stella rolled her hips against his, grinding down the pressure on her sensitive clit while Jake's lips moved over her skin, nearing her pert nipples. His hands wove around her back, fingers pressing into her spine as he bobbed his hips up and down to meet with her rolls. It was a dirty grind, water sloshing out of the tub like waves licking the shore. When Jake found a nipple and rolled it between his lips, his tongue tasting her flesh and his teeth nipping at it, Stella tugged at the little bits of longer hair atop Jake's head as she squeaked out a pleasurable sound. One of Jake's large hands palmed down her back and over the curve of her ass, squeezing her cheek as she rocked all whilst he played with her breasts. The same hand soon found its way between their bodies and pressed hard into her clit before smoothing upward over her tummy and grasping her left breast, kneading it gently. The more he gave, the more she took and before long she was grinding down against him, her breathing ragged as he thrust up, hard, his hands dropping to her hips.  “Come on baby,” he groaned as her head fell back, his lips nipping against her collar bone, “fuck, I love you.” “Love you.” She groaned as he thrust up, her hands curling over his shoulders, nails biting his skin. “Shit, Jakey, I’m gonna...” “Cum baby, come on.” His jaw clenched as her body trembled and her eyes fluttered closed, as she let out a broken, whispered groan. As she clenched around him, Jake gave a soft growl of his own, his hips moving slightly faster as he rutted up, pulling her down onto him. The coil in his abdomen that had been tightening and tightening snapped and his entire body surrendered, a surge of warmth spreading from his belly outwards and he stilled, his cock twitching as he came. A few sloppy thrusts later and he stilled with a satisfied him, his hands moving to smooth Stella’s damp hair back off her face as hers cupped his cheeks. She simply looked at him for a moment and he gave her a grin causing her to chuckle as she pressed a soft kiss to his mouth.  “Jesus Christ, that was amazing.” Jensen mumbled and Stella grinned, her lips meeting his once more. They stayed still for a moment, soft kisses being shared until Stella shivered a little and Jake helped her move off him so he could get out of the tub and leave her to finish off. He grabbed a towel and his glasses from the basin unit before he dried off, gathered his discarded clothes and headed onto the small landing of the accommodation. Pooch, who was just emerging from the other bedroom shot him a look. “You better clean that damned bathroom before I use it.” He arched his eyebrow and Jensen grinned. “You’re like the best disgusting person I know.” Pooch continued with a snort before he nodded his head to the stairs. “Take it you’re two ain’t coming?” “Already came, Poochy.” Jensen grinned as he walked to their bedroom, laughing as the sounds of Pooch’s groans of disgust hit his ears.
Stella woke the next morning to a burning deep in her core and Jake’s face between her legs. Her orgasm roused her much better than any alarm or cup of coffee ever could and as Jake stuffed himself insider her, his mouth nipping softly at her neck, she smiled softly to herself as she realised he’d done this very thing the first morning they’d moved up to college together.
After pulling on her Army Uniform cargo pants, Stella tucked her khaki green tee into the waist and adjusted the belt before she sat down and laced up her heavy boots as Jake fiddled with the collar of his, complaining that it felt tight. When Stella pointed out he was slightly more built than he had been last time he wore it a good few months ago, he grinned and flexed his arms to give her the ‘gun show’ making her snort and shake her head.
They headed out of the house and walked the half a mile to the main gate of the base, flashing their ID and making their way to the Mess for breakfast where they met with the rest of the team, Pooch giving them another filthy look as their antics had continued beyond the bathroom and much later into the night. Once they’d finished eating, they each grabbed a coffee to go and headed down to the War Rooms - a network of conference rooms and IT facilities nestled in a bunker along the runway of the RAF Base - and settled down in the leather seats around the large, polished mahogany table ready for whoever it was from the CIA that would be arriving to give the debrief.
They’d been there for roughly half an hour or so and Jensen was already bored. He was messing around, twirling his pen in-between his fingers, the other tapping against the disposable coffee cup. After a pause, he took his pen and began to draw a face on the white plastic lid.
“What are you doing?” Stella looked at him, having caught his fiddling in the corner of her eye.
“I’m bored, Stelly,” his voice was a childish whine, “where is this guy anyway? We’ve been waiting here for like thirty minutes!”
“Just take the fucking pen off him, Arty.” Roque groaned. Stella reached over for it and snatched it away”
“Hey, that’s mine!”
“Jensen, shut up!” Roque shot back and Jensen turned to him.
“Why? It’s not like anyone is talking anyway.”
“You, you’re talking. As usual. Put a sock in it.” Roque turned to Stell as Clay stood up and walked to the door to see if anyone was coming. “How the fuck do you put up with this?”
“He has his mouth busy most of the time.” Stella quipped as she leaned back in the chair and Jensen gave her a dopey grin.
Both Roque and Pooch let out noises of disgust, Cougar’s chuckle just audible from the other side of the table where he lounged with his feet on the table and his hat pulled down over his eyes.
“Yeah, laugh all you want but next time it’s you sharing the digs with them.” Pooch looked at him. “I’m done.”
“Chill out.” Cougar replied and Pooch blinked.
“Did you just tell me to chill?”
Cougar smirked in response, tipping his hat up slightly to flash Pooch a wink.
“The Pooch is perfectly chilled.”
“The Pooch refers to himself in the third person,” Jensen shook his head, “that’s so not chill.”
“Oh…this just got even better.” Clay’s remark had them all turning towards him, the teasing banter dying off as Roque sat up.
Clay simply walked into the room, rolling his eyes. Less than five seconds later, in walked a very familiar face.
“Oh great.” Jake mumbled as Stella blinked, coming face to face with her ex for the first time since he’d stormed out of her apartment all those months ago.
“Good Morning.” Evan greeted them all before he nodded to Stella, a little awkwardly. “Hey.”
“Evan, hi... what are you... what are you doing here?” She asked and Evan took a deep breath.
“It was my intel you guys were running down so I’m here for debrief.”
“That was your intel?” Pooch spoke and Evan nodded.
“Yeah, we’ve been tracking Khalil for a while and reached out to him a while ago to offer him a deal. He declined so we needed to bring him in.” Evan nodded. “His activities were giving us cause for concern, not to mention with the Russians behind him. We needed to make the grab before he got even more power behind his cause.”
Jake sensed Stella tensing slightly besides him and slid his hand over her thigh. Her fingers gently locked over his as she kept her gaze on Evan, who had spotted the subtle movement of Jake’s hand. He didn’t say anything, instead the man’s eyes flicked to Jake’s who simply stared back before Roque chipped in.
“So, we got the guy. Did he give you what you needed?”
“I can’t tell you that.” Evan replied, apologetically. “It’s classified, need to know basis.”
“In that case I don’t wanna know.” Pooch mumbled.
Stella’s mind was whirling. Truth be told, she’d started to think about exactly why they’d been dispatched to capture this particular guy alive, when his type were ten-a-penny all over the place. There was a lot more to it than the fact this guy’s ideologies didn’t fit with those of the Western World.  And then, the final little piece dropped into place in her analytical brain and she turned her head to see Clay watching her.
“Did you know?” She asked.
Clay shook his head. “Suspected but…”
“Suspected what?” Jensen looked at Clay then Stella. “Babe?”
She took a deep breath. “There’s a reason why we were on a capture not kill mission. At first I assumed it was to do with not making him a martyr but then throwing him in prison would cause just as much unrest. But that unrest will die down when he’s released in a few months in exchange for his cooperation for details on his Russian backers and arms suppliers.”
The rest of the team looked at her, then to Evan who blinked, his face remaining stoic as Stella shook her head and continued.
“He then lets his supporters know that he and his friends in Russia had a disagreement and he was traded away. He retires to some island somewhere, under the careful watch of the UN and fades away into non-existence.”
There was silence and Evan took a deep breath, “it’s not quite as simple as that, Stel…Stevenson, but yeah, that’s pretty much the basics.”
“God, this is so fucking bent.” Stella shook her head. “It’s no wonder the entire world hates us.”
“You know, considering you technically work for the CIA and the Armed Forces, you kinda signed up for this.” Clay raised his eyebrow as Stella rolled her eyes.
“We tried to negotiate terms with him. He turned them down.” Evan replied, matter-of-factly. “So we sent you in to enforce them. The rest, as I stated a minute or so ago, you really don’t need to know.”
“Yeah, classified, we heard.” Clay replied, leaning back in his chair.
“Did you suspect the Lebanese Special Service would try a double cross?” Roque looked at Evan and the man shot him an apologetic look.
“It was always possible, yeah. But you know how it goes…”
Roque scoffed and Cougar shifted in his seat, Evan’s eyes flicking to him before he took a deep breath and shrugged.
“If it helps, think of the bigger picture. We remove their leader, cut off the Russian support, and suddenly the LFP is nothing more than an overhyped street gang...”
“Yeah, that doesn’t really help.” Jensen wrinkled his nose and Evan shrugged, not quite meeting his eyes.
“Well, that’s your opinion. Not ours.” He cleared his throat, “anyway, it’s done. The mission is over. For now, you guys need to lay low. We’ve cleared it with the RAF for you to stay in the area for a while until all the fuss about Khalil going missing has died down. We’ll be monitoring all the usual lines and channels of communication, making sure no one has your descriptions and doing what we can to keep your faces out of the public eye.” Evan paused. “But, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you what happens if we can’t.”
At that The Losers simply looked at one another. Evan was right, they didn’t need reminding. That was the whole point of the CIA running the number of Black-Ops teams it did. It gave them a way to do the slightly grey area dirty jobs and remain at arm’s length, denying all responsibility if required.
“Any idea on how long that’s gonna be?” Pooch asked. 
“Probably be a week, maybe two. But once we’re confident we’re clear, we’ll send word and get you back to the US.” Evan replied.
“So what you’re saying is we got two weeks off?” Cougar spoke and Evan looked at him, giving a shrug.
Pooch grinned and fist bumped Cougar.
“Are you staying here too?” Jensen looked at Evan and he shook his head.
“Don’t worry, I’m flying back to Virginia tonight”
“I’m not really worried…” Jake shrugged. There was a moment where both men simply stared at each other until Clay coughed.
“Right, is there anything else?”
“Mission reports due as usual, next forty eight hours.” Evan turned his head away from Jensen and looked around the team. “I’ve arranged access into the Red Network from the hub on the base. Your liaison officer, Wing Commander Levinson, says he can set you guys up with time on the range or the phys- ops courses too, have you join their drills if you want. Might be an idea to keep yourselves sharp.”
Cougar, Pooch and Jake all groaned at the suggestion of the physical training whilst Roque and Stella looked at one another, nodding.
“Yeah, I can go for that.” Roque agreed.
“And that’s it, other than on behalf of the CIA I wanted to thank you, it was a slick operation. We’re really pleased with how this one turned out.”
The team exchanged looks and soft smiles, before Clay stood up.
“Okay, Losers. Let’s grab some more coffee and then we can regroup. Figure out what we do for the next two weeks.
Movement filled the room as they all stood to leave, and just as Stella had picked up her empty coffee cup, Evan cleared his throat.
“Stella, can I have a word?”
She hesitated and Jake turned to look at her. He opened his mouth to protest but she cut him off. “Jakey, it’s fine. Go, I’ll catch you up.”
He blinked, before he turned to Evan, the glare he gave him positively filthy before he turned and left the room. Evan and Stella stood still watching him go, before Stella turned to Evan, the man giving her a soft smile.
“You look well. Being happy suits you.” His tone carried no anger, and Stella found herself returning his smile before she sighed and shook her head.
“Listen Evan, I...”
“It’s okay Stella,” he spoke, holding his hand up, “I won’t keep you long. I just wanted to apologize. I was an asshole when you broke up with me.” Stella took a deep breath as he continued. “The way I acted and the things I said were horrible. My mother would be ashamed and I just ...” he shrugged. “I wanted to let you know I was sorry, that’s all.”
Slightly surprised at his outwardly contrite tone, Stella simply shook her head. “It’s okay. You were hurt. I hurt you.”
“Yeah you did but that doesn’t excuse the way I reacted. So, like I said, I’m sorry.” He smiled, gesturing with his hand to the door. “And I’m glad that you and Jake are, you know, making it work.”
As he spoke the final like, that tell-tale nerve in his jaw twitched a little and Stella knew that he wasn’t happy, at all. But, given that the rest of his apology had been genuine, she accepted the gesture for what it was.
“Thank you.” She gave a soft smile. “And for what it’s worth, I’m sorry too. I did like you Ev, it just…”
“It wasn’t meant to be.” He shrugged. “Yeah, I get that now. And hey, no hard feelings. If we hadn’t broken up I’d never have met Talia so…”
“Oh, you’re seeing someone?”
“Yeah.” Evan nodded. “It’s early days, we’ve had a few dates and been away for a weekend. She’s nice, I like her.”
“Good, well I hope it works out.” Stella smiled. There was a pause before she took a breath. “I better…” she jerked her hand towards the door and Evan nodded.
“Of course…”
“I’ll, erm, see you around, yeah?”
“Yeah, take care, Stella.”
“You too, Evan.”
With a final smile at one another, Stella left the room and headed back up the corridor. Jake was waiting outside for her, leaning against the wall of the building.
“All okay?” He asked and she nodded.
“What did he want?”
“To apologise for the way he acted when we broke up.” Stella shrugged. “That was it, oh, and he’s seeing someone else. Which is nice. I hope it works for him. He’s a good guy.”
Jensen made a non-committal noise in his throat and Stella looked at him. “Don’t start.”
“I didn’t say anything.”
“You don’t need to.” Stella rolled her eyes. “Stop.”
“Okay, okay, sorry. I just, well, I don’t know what it is but I still don’t trust him, never have. He’s shady.”
“He’s an intel officer for the CIA.” Stella scoffed, taking Jake’s hand. “We’re a Black-Ops team. Far more shady than he is.”
“Suppose.” Jensen sniffed, as the two of them walked down the side of the building. As they went, Jensen suddenly had a sense of unease. Almost as if they were being watched. He turned his head to glance over his shoulder, but found no one. Taking a deep breath, he shook his head, telling himself he was being ridiculous. They were on a secure Military Base, probably the safest place they could be given the circumstances.
“You okay?” Stella asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” he assured her, “so, the rest of The Losers are in the coffee shop. Pooch is already on his phone checking out local bars, fancy hitting a few tonight?”
“Why not?” Stell grinned up at him, leaning up to place a soft kiss to the underside of his jaw. Jake smiled, and pulled her closer as they headed off to join up with the rest of the team, casting a final glance over his shoulder, once more seeing nothing out of the ordinary.
**** Chapter 10
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uprootbasic · 21 days ago
Hii can you write like a Chris Evans x reader like the reader and chris are dating for a year and their family and friends only knew that their dating so their dating secretly and that means chris have to have a fake gf and at first the reader is okay with it but every time chris go home having to smell like the girl’s perfume and chris having a lipstick on his cheeks the reader is kinda hurt abt it and when she saw all the paparazzi pictures of chris and the girl she wish that chris and her can do that too but their secretly dating so she cant do much abt it and chris and the reader had a fight bc the reader decided to talk to chris abt it but chris is in a bad mood so now the reader opens up to chris that she wishes that she and chris can do all of that too and she’s tired of seeing chris with a lipstick on his face and smelling like the girl’s perfume and you can do whatever you want at the end but its happy ending. Thank you! <33
fake girlfriend
pairing: Chris Evans x DC!Actress!Reader
warnings: angst, fluff
a/n: hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
at first you were fine with the whole "Chris having a fake girlfriend" thing, and so was he. his exact words to you were "if Sebastian can do it, than so can I." that sentence made you burst into laughter.
you weren't laughing so much anymore. it was honestly exhausting mentally, to have Chris come home after an event smelling like another girls perfume, but you knew that this had to happen. according to Marvel, because you were a DC actor, you and Chris had two options.
1) break up, or
2) hide the relationship, and Chris will be provided with a fake girlfriend.
it was a no brainer for Chris. he took the fake girlfriend, and told you that it would only last until the premiere of Endgame, when you would walk the red carpet with him.
but of course, Marvel told him no, and you weren't even allowed to go to the premiere by yourself to support him, which was the end of the line with your frustration about this whole thing.
you were curled up on the couch, Dodgers warm body covering your feet, a warm blanket cocooning around you. you were watching friends on the tv, trying to keep your tears of frustration and disappointment at bay. you wouldn't have been as angry if Marvel had decided this before the premiere day, but finding out you wouldn't be able to go to an event with your boyfriend after you'd booked your hair and nail appointment and picked out a dress, just hours before the premiere, was a whole other level.
you went to the hair and nail appointment, and it soothed you a little, but that was only until you remembered why you booked them in the first place, then you were sad again.
you were so engrossed in Ross and Rachel fighting about whether or not they were on a break, that you didn't hear Chris walking through the door.
he called your name, but you didn't hear, too focused on the show playing. you only noticed him when he crouched down in front of you, and gave you a loving smile. you could smell the faint scent of flowery perfume floating from his clothes, and you couldn't stop the tears any more.
as the tears rolled down your cheeks like a river flowing to the lake or ocean, Chris sighed in sadness.
"I hate this," he said. he placed his hands underneath your armpits and lifted you off the couch and into his lap. your legs curled underneath you, and your hands fisted in his shirt, you cried out all the sorrow and disappointment you were feeling as he held you close.
he always allowed you to express your feelings before he attempted to fix anything. sometimes that was holding you while you cried your little heart out and holding back his own tears at your pain, other times it was enduring your yelling and screaming until you couldn't breathe, at which point the crying would begin, and you'd collapse into a healing, both mental and physical, nap.
those naps were the time for Chris to sit and watch you sleep. he'd cry out his own tears, so you wouldn't have to see them. he was never mad at you for yelling. he never thought you were toxic. you were just expressing your feelings, and yeah, sometimes Chris can be a complete and utter dick to you without even meaning to, and it was only fair that you let him know.
eventually your cries faded into whimpers that melted into sniffles that tugged on Chris's heart strings, and made him want children with you just so he could hear those cute sniffles all the time. not that he'd deliberately make his children cry, but if they were anything like him, he'd hear them daily.
he ran his hands through your freshly styled hair and admired the work you had gotten done. "I love what you've done with your hair." he commented, feeling the strand between his fingers.
his hands trailed down to yours, and picked one of them up, inspecting the manicure. his finger brushed over the paint and the jewels on the acrylic that sat atop your nail. "these look amazing. gorgeous, just like you. I'm glad you still got to pamper yourself despite everything that happened." you hummed in response, snuggling closer to his chest.
"did it make you feel any better?"
you shrugged. "a little." Chris nodded, and tilted your head up.
"I know this was hard for you. I know how much you wanted to be there for me tonight, and it sucks that you weren't. but, its over now." he whispered into your hair. he picked up a gift bag that you hadn't seen before and placed it in your lap. "Marley and I are insanely grateful that this is over too, and she got you a gift to say thank you."
you adjusted yourself so your back was pressed to his chest, and opened the bag. you saw a small box, with two envelopes on top, one was quite thick and had Chris's messy scrawl on it, the other with the more feminine handwriting that you knew belonged to Marley, Chris's fake girlfriend.
when you first met Marley, you were a little scared. she was insanely beautiful, and you were scared that Chris was going to fall for her and leave you, but those thoughts quickly dissipated when she invited you and Chris out on a double date with her and her wife Alexa.
you placed Chris's envelope aside in favour of Marleys. you opened it and pulled out a letter.
thank you for allowing me to be Chris's fake girlfriend. I know it wasn't easy for any of us, but it was especially hard on you, but I wanted to thank you for not hating my guts like I was expecting you to.
I hope that by our contract ending we can be friends, more so than we were before.
I hope you like this thank you gift. Alexa had to help me because im terrible at picking gifts.
- Marley <3'
you smiled at the letter, and placed it aside before picking up the box. it was a white pandora box, and inside was a silver necklace with a pendant of your favourite flower.
"it's beautiful," you whispered, your finger dragging over the dips and ridges in the pendant. Chris pushed some hair away from your face and kissed your temple.
"just like you." he whispered before placing the box aside and handing you his envelope. you looked at him quizzically, but he smirked, so you opened it.
your mouth dropped open as you pulled out a wad of cash attached to a piece of paper. "w-what?" you stuttered. Chris chuckled.
"when Marley and I's contract began, I put away a little bit of money a month. sometimes it was as much as a hundred, other times it was 10 or 15 depending on the monthly expenses, especially those months that I was travelling between New York and LA when you were filming Justice League. I wanted something to give to you to make up for putting you through this, even though neither of us wanted this. Marley was getting paid, and you deserved to as well. I don't know exactly how much is in that little bundle, but its yours. you can do what ever you want with it." he said, his thumb running over the back of yours that was holding the wad of money.
you grabbed the piece of paper and opened it.
'my y/n,
my angel, my love. I'm so proud to call you mine.
no matter what this world throws at you, you always persevere. you're strong in situations that would cause me to crumble, your strength is like none i've ever witnessed.
you make me so proud with each passing day. despite hating out current predicament, you've never once complained. never once been outwardly and vocally disappointed when you're faced with a wall you can't break down, and that, my love, amazes me.
you amaze me to no end, and I plan on showing you just how much you amaze me for the rest of my days.'
you dropped the paper and money on the ground in favour of hugging your boyfriend. "I love you so much!" you exclaimed, and Chris squeezed you back. "I love you too."
Tumblr media
later that night, as you laid in Chris's arms sleeping, Chris admired your nails once more. an idea popped into his head, and he leaned over to his bedside table drawer. he fished out a pair of socks and pulled out the box from inside.
he pulled the small object out of the box, and picked up your left hand.
he was right. your nails did look more exquisite with an engagement ring.
Tumblr media
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