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#chris evans x daughter!reader
mggsluvbug · a day ago
Bubblegum Lovers || C.E.
pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
warnings: none, just fluff!!
a/n: send requests pls! i have like nothing to write😩😩
summary: You love bubblegum and Chris loves you
Tumblr media
Y/N's addiction to bubblegum was known. Any kind of gum actually but usually bubblegum. Her best friend Chris knew about it too, so when she went through her first day with her new promotion at her job , they wanted to celebrate.
“Whew, look at you, being all big and powerful!" Chris said putting his hand on your shoulder playfully.
“Yeah, it's pretty cool," You say popping your bubble before you answered.
“So what are you gonna just buy even more gum now with all the extra cash?" Chris jokes.
“Aww, You know me so well," You say fake dying with your hand on your heart.
“You know I do so I got you something." Chris pulled out maybe 3 packets of gum each of his pockets.
“Oh my god, thank you, Chris!" You say thinking of all the pieces of gum you could chew in a month.
“That's not it," Chris whispers in your ear with his hand on the other side of the log you were sitting on.
Chris and you were weird. You guys weren’t dating but you’d both get upset if the other was to do something with someone else, but you weren’t 'talking' either. You’d flirt occasionally but nothing more. It's hard to know where you stood. I mean everyone knew you two were best friends, but you couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to be more with Chris.
Late night drive?" He asked still as close to you as before maybe even closer.
"Always." You say and kiss his cheek. The night came with some chilly weather usually so you always had a thing of sweatshirts in the trunk of chris’ car. You grabbed one and went to sit by Chris. The moon had fully gone down and the slow hum of music from the car’s radio was the only noise.
“Where are you taking me to?" You ask curiously.
“I'm kidnapping you and leaving you in the woods for animal food," Chris said speeding up the car laughing at the funny face you made.
“No, but really where I'm taking you is a surprise." You sat back and relaxed no matter where he was taking you, you would be with him and that'd be enough. The car started to slow signaling we were close to your destination.
“Here, put this on," Chris said throwing a black bandana at you.
“No way, yesterday you wiped your sweat off with this while fixing up a truck." You say with a disgusted look on your face.
“That same day you licked my face for a dare, just put it on"
You weren’t going to put it on.
...You put it on. Not because he told you to, but because you had a change of heart and you wanted to. The car started to slow more and you could hear Chris put the car in park.
"Okay, you can step out now."
“Step out? Uh uh not me pretty boy, I'm not gonna fall on my face."
“Y/N, I’m coming to help you, calm down.” Chris laughs.
"Oh, Okay" You felt Chris’ hand slip into yours and you keep your squeal to yourself while you let yourself be led by Chris who was ahead of you.
“Okay, take off the bandana" you take it off to reveal a fire with a log and roses everywhere, It looked so beautiful. you weren’t much of a crier but this could've gotten a couple out of you.
“Wow, Chris this is amazing." you gasp
“Y/n we've been best friends ever since you gave me a piece of bubblegum, but I've loved you ever since I offered you some. Don't freak out this isn't a proposal but this is me asking you if you'd be mine, be mine when I’m grumpy, be mine when you're grump, and even be mine when you're on your last piece of gum and give it to me just because I asked." He breathes out his eyes glowing with love.
“Yes! I'll be yours through all of that, but you gotta 'nother thing coming you think you're getting my last piece of gum." You laugh out engulfing him in a kiss that made you feel eternal.
“Thank you for offering me a piece of bubble gum," You whisper against his lips.
taglist: @stillmanicc @white-wolf1940
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multifandomwriter · a day ago
New Chapter
Many of you have been waiting for part three of my dadsbestfriend!Sebastian series!!
Guess what???
It’s coming out THIS SATURDAY!
This Saturday, June 26th, part three will come out at 10pm EST
Click here to read part one and part two
Let me know if you would like to be tagged in part three!!
I cannot wait to post this! I have been working on it for soooo long
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It Takes A Village Chapter 22
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x Teen-Mom!Daughter!Reader
Series MasterList
Series summary: You find out that you're pregnant. After being kicked out of your mom's house you go to live full time with your Dad who you only saw once every few months. Will he react badly to you being a mom at such a young age?
Chapter Summary: The twins first Christmas!
Series Warnings: swearing, fighting with a parent, teen pregnancy, speak of abortion.
Chapter Warnings: Teen mom? Idk
Tumblr media
Flynn wailed loudly you looked at him from your class and quickly went and picked him up. You went back to your seat and started calming him down while you did school. You looked back at Felix who was sleeping peacefully in their crib. You held a toy above Flynn keeping him entertained for the most part.
The door opened and your dad was standing there.
"Hey I'm going to the store, I'll bring Flynn and Felix so you can do class alone." He offered. You looked down at the giggling baby.
"Yes, please. Uh, their diaper bag is-" you looked around your room which is a wreck. "You left it on the table." He smiled before gently taking Flynn from you.
"Oh yeah. I'll clean my room after class." You decided. Chris smiled before he grabbed Felix from the crib.
"It's okay peanut." He smiled. "What time do you work today?"
"Like 5." You said.
"Okay, I'll leave you to class."
Chris carried Felix in his carrier while Flynn was in a chest wrap staring at anyone who passed by. Chris placed Felix's carrier in the cart, luckily Chris didn't need a lot. With Christmas being in a week Chris wanted to get you something from your boys.
"Okay, what should you guys get your mommy?" He said to the twins. Felix spits up in response while Flynn yawned. "Great ideas." He chuckled.
He ended up finding you "spa" supplies just stuff so you could relax then he headed him. He put the bags down in the kitchen since he did get stuff to make dinner but he put your gift in his room before going to return your babies to you.
"Pea-" he stopped seeing you passed out on your bed. He quickly left the room deciding he'll just play with his grandsons until he has to wake you for work.
Christmas eve was nice you and your dad stayed home and just hung out. The twins were in a milk coma by the time it was 9 so you had time to clean your room before watching a movie with your dad. But now it's Christmas morning. Which means you're at your grandparents
"This is for the twins." Chris smiled passing you a gift bag. You had the boys resting either side of you on their boppy's
"Ooh thank you!" You opened it. "You got them Captain America merch?" You laughed looking at the black onesie that says "I'm with you till the end of the line." There was also a matching one but it was light grey.
"Of course I did."
"They're so cute." You said. "Stella this one is for you from me and the boys." You handed her the present.
This was your first Christmas since you were 9 that you've spent with your dad and his side of the family. At first, it was a part of the co-parenting agreement your parents had, you'd go visit your dad during breaks from school, except thanksgiving. But it changed to just summer and spring break.
"Thank you!"
Soon presents were opened and you were playing with your cousins and sons. Your sons were having tummy time and you guys were just sitting with them while Miles showed you his new toy. It was truly the best Christmas you've had in a while.
"Okay give me my great-grandbabies" Lisa cooed reaching for your twins. You giggled helping you pick up your sons. "So precious."
"Merry Christmas boys."
Tumblr media
Taglist: @toastisgood @coldmuffinpartycloud @thevelvetseries @uniquebeautyqueen @kaitieskidmore1 @peggycarter-steverogers
Oh and these are the onesies:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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moonvis · 7 days ago
Bad days
Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x daughter! reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, mentions of the Avengers.
Summary: You are having a shitty day but your concerned family makes you feel better.
based on a request by maximeevansblog​
Warnings: some angst but then just fluff fluff fluff!!
Note: The fam live at the good ol' tower :)) Hope you like this!
Tumblr media
Being the adoptive daughter of two super soldiers has its perks. You get to live at The Avengers tower with your big family aka the worlds mightiest heroes. Your dads are the best, they adore you and you pretty much have them wrapped around your little finger. They're also very protective of you, which can be annoying at times, but you know they just care.
The only downside is the lack of talk about your feelings. You used to tell them how you felt and share your problems, but as you grew a little older you gradually stopped. If you really needed it, you would talk to Natasha about your period days and boy drama. Steve and Bucky never wanted to push you into telling them everything if you didn’t want to.
One day, you come home from school, unhappy, walking past Natasha who greeted you while you went straight to your bedroom. She raised an eyebrow, unsure if she should check up on you or leave you alone. Instead, she decided it was best your dads took this one.
"Hey, Steve!" Natasha greeted loudly as she entered the training room, where she had presumed he was. Steve was just finishing up his workout, drinking from his water bottle as the redhead came to stand in front of him, "Nat, what's up?"
Natasha was wearing a visible frown on her face, making Steve question her again before she even got the chance answer, "Everything okay?"
"You tell me. I just saw your daughter looking pretty frustrated. She ignored me in the hallway."
Steve's brows formed into a frown, and he quickly let go of his water bottle, "What? Where did she go?" He asked like the concerned mother-type he was.
Steve was already on his way out of the gym as Natasha informed him about your location, "Her bedroom, I think."
"Thanks Nat!"
Steve, on his way to your bedroom, met Bucky in the hallway, dragging the brunette along.
Once outside, they knocked on your door, but you didn’t answer. Bucky frowned and knocked again, "Doll, it's us. Can we come in?"
"Ms. Y/N has requested to not let anyone in. She wants to be left alone." Tony's Al spoke up.
You were laying on your bed, tears freely falling down your cheeks. Today had been awful. You got your period, which always made you emotional. Your math test went downhill. You dropped your food and drink in the cafeteria, making a mess. Then you rudely passed Natasha in the hallway, making you feel like a shitty human being.
You thought you were being dramatic, but that thought only angered you. You cursed at yourself, hating how your period days always messed with your head.
Steve and Bucky chose to give up on talking to you right now. If space were what you needed, they would give it to you.
Later that day, after collecting your thoughts, you wandered down to dinner. The other Avengers were gathering around the table, and you found your usual spot between your dads.
"Hey, sweetie, you feelin’ okay?" Steve asked you carefully once you sat down. You were grateful he kept it down, but annoyed he had to ask, so you gave him a quick response, "Yes."
Steve let out a quiet sigh and eyed Bucky. The brunette took the hit and leaned in a little closer, "You sure dollface?"
"I said yes. I'm fine. Focus on the dinner, not me." You answered again, immediately regretting how rude you probably sounded.
"Okay." Bucky muttered quietly, afraid to push it any longer. You let out a frustrated sigh before focusing on the dinner yourself.
It was cheeseburgers. You remembered it was Tony's turn to chose dinner, so of course it was burgers, his, and your favourite meal.
As the Avengers started eating their dinner, Tony tried communicating with you, "Hey, mini-solider, how'd you like the dinner?" He even winked at you, making you roll your eyes. The billionaire looked a little taken back and eyed Steve. Your blonde dad just shook his head.
You noticed every interaction, realising how rude you just were. Tony didn't deserve your eyeroll, your dads hadn't deserved your attitude when they just asked how you were doing. And Natasha hadn't deserved your cold shoulder when she only greeted you.
You stayed silent, looking down, feeling your eyes water. Fine, now you were dramatic again. You wanted to cry but refused to do so if front of the team. Your family you felt like hated you right now. You refused to eat your dinner as well, you didn't deserve your favourite meal. Not with your behaviour.
Unable to hold back a sniffle, your dads looked at you again. This time, Steve placed his hand on your shoulder, "Darling, what's wrong. Please, talk to us." You quickly looked up, angry he spoke so loudly. You didn't want any attention while feeling so emotional.
But when you looked up to scold at him, you noticed the concerned eyes plastered on you. Not only from Steve and Bucky, but from Tony, Natasha and the whole bunch. They worried, they cared. No one hated you, you quickly remembered that.
Unable to hold back any longer, the tears finally streamed down your face and you crashed into Steve's comforting embrace. You felt a metal hand rubbing your back, making you feel so much better.
After you had let it all out, you looked back up, eyes moving from Steve to Bucky and back, "Thank you. I'm sorry for being rude, I love you. I've just had a shitty day." You let out a last sniffle, turning back to Bucky who dried away your tears with his flesh hand. Your dads didn’t need details, they just needed to know you were okay. You crashed into Bucky’s embrace this this time, who rubbed your back gently, "It's okay dollface."
"We all have shitty days." You heard from a female voice, making you look up at Natasha, "We're just glad our smiling girl is back."
You chuckled, appreciating the smile she gave you, "Thanks Nat, and I'm sorry about ignoring you earlier. And Tony-" You turned to the man, who gave you a wink again, which you took with a smile this time, "Sorry for my eyeroll, of course I love the dinner!"
"That's what I like to hear!"
You laughed before turning to a happy looking Steve. Your smile always made your dads smile, "To forget about this day, what do you say we do somethin' fun tomorrow. You, me n' Buck."
You couldn't help the excitement showing on your face. You wanted cry to from the love they were showing you, happy tears this time, "Yeah!"
You kissed Steve's cheek, then Bucky's, thanking them. The other Avengers were pleased with the scene unfolding, continuing with their meal, while Tony suddenly felt extra generous, "You three do that. Do whatever. I'll pay."
To say you had your dads wrapped around your little finger was an understatement, cause honestly, you had the whole Avengers team wrapped around your arm.
The next day you woke with a smile from last night still plastered on your face. You dads did their usual workout and paperwork for the day early, so they could be finished when you woke up. You had slept in a little longer than usual, wanting to be well rested for the fun day ahead.
Once done preparing yourself, you met the two super soldiers in the common area. Bucky came forward and ruffled your hair a little, making you laugh and push his flesh hand away, “Hey, stop it.”
“Okay, dollface, what’s the plan for today?“ Bucky asked while Steve came to stand with the two of you, “Remember, you’re the boss today sweetie.”
“Nah, not the boss, I’ll be your Captain today dad.“ You pointed as Steve as you spoke, making him shake his head, “As you wish, Captain. Now, what’s the plan?“
“I was thinking we could go bowling and eat out later, but first I wanted to ask...“ You looked at both your dad’s innocently, “Could I get my hair and nails done? Please?“
“Of course. You’re the Captain.“ Bucky nodded. Steve did as well, with a smirk forming on his lips, “I mean, Tony’s paying anyways.”
You did a small fist bump with the air, before taking hold of Steve and Bucky’s hand, dragging them towards the elevator.
Once you arrived at the mall, you didn’t hesitate to head over to the hair salon first. And let’s just say you went all out with getting your dream hairstyle. Why not go for it when you don’t have to worry about the payment anyways?
When it came to your nails, you did something simple, an easy pedicure to be exact. Once done, you turned to your dads, with the same innocent expression as earlier, “I don’t wanna be the only one getting my nails done...”
Since Bucky couldn’t get both his done because of his metal hand, Steve ended up as the victim. You left the nail salon with a laugh, loving the sight of Captain America with long golden nails.  
“How am I supposed to go bowlin’ now? I’m going to ruin my nails!“ Steve played devastated.
You and Bucky laughed at the blonde, “Perks of having a metal arm!”  
Thank you for reading!!
Have you ever tried bowling with long nails?? They just break! I always forget to cut my nails beforehand...
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It Takes A Village: Chapter 21
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x Teen-Mom!Daughter!Reader
Series MasterList
Series summary: You find out that you're pregnant. After being kicked out of your mom's house you go to live full time with your Dad who you only saw once every few months. Will he react badly to you being a mom at such a young age?
Chapter Summary: It's been a month! And it's Thanksgiving!
Series Warnings: swearing, fighting with a parent, teen pregnancy, speak of abortion.
Chapter Warnings: Teen mom? Idk
Tumblr media
You were exhausted, it's November super close to Thanksgiving. The twins are a month old yesterday and your Thanksgiving break just started which helped a bit but you didn't have off work until Thanksgiving which is in two days luckily.
"Mommy's coming." You mumbled rolling out of bed with a yawn going to the crib. You picked Flynn up rocking him lightly before checking his diaper. "Okay I'm getting you." You quickly took him to his changing table and changed his diaper before checking on Felix who was luckily still asleep though not for long since he'll be hungry soon.
You carried Flynn with you to the kitchen and began to prepare his bottle. You chose to bottle feed them after getting advice from your doctor about it. Finally, you were able to get back in bed him resting on your chest as you fed him. He'd fall asleep after this and sleep until about 7 while he brother usually wakes up around 5.
Once Flynn was sleeping Felix was awake and wailing. You repeated your steps, minus change his diaper since he didn't need it then you went back to bed yourself.
Chris quietly went into your room when he heard Felix crying. He'd been awake because he went on a morning run and since he's up he decided to help you out a bit.
"Hey Chunko." Chris whispered lifting the baby. He quietly changed the baby's diaper then brought his with him out. He loved being a grandpa. Especially a grandpa to two at once. He hasn't really thought about what the boys will call him though, probably something simple like Grandpa or gramps. He has thought about just letting the boys pick what they'll call him and he's leaned more towards that. "Okay you sit right there while I make you a bottle." He sat the baby down in his bouncer.
The young baby stared at his grandfather before sneezing.
"Oh bless you." He cooed before quickly going to warm his bottle up. "And here you are your greatness." He laughed picking the baby up, feeding him. "Yeah you gotta get big and strong so you can play football."
He was proud to say that he got his grandson's patriots' onesies. Obviously, he had to make sure his grandbabies are fans of what in his opinion is the greatest football team.
"Yeah." He cooed. Soon Felix was fast asleep in the swing, dodger was laying right next to it. They had a cute bond. Dodger was very good with the babies luckily and loved them. Chris God Flynn when he woke up and repeated his actions. Chris rested on the couch while Flynn slept in his arms and he watched tv. He would look over at Felix every few minutes. You didn't wake up until ten, and you are thank full for your dad.
You smiled as you put the hat on Flynn. It was Thanksgiving morning, you and your dad were going to head to your grandparents' house but you were getting the babies ready first. It was around 7. It was a small tradition to always watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. You dressed the boys up in matching outfits except their hats were different. So they both were wearing a onesie that said
"Okay let's go." You put him in his carrier and then picked up Felix's as well and walked out to the living room where Chris was with Dodger getting him ready to bring with. "Hey dad keep an eye on them for a second I have to grab their diaper bag."
"Sure." He smiled clipping Dodger's leash on him. You hurried to your room grabbing your diaper bag and shoving two extra outfits in it and made your way back to your dad.
The drive was quick and you made it to your grandma's house. You walked in carrying their carriers while Chris had your bag and Dodger.
"Y/n! Can I hold one of them while we watch the parade?" Miles asked you smiling before looking down at your babies.
"And I want to hold the other one!" Stella said coming up next to her brother also looking at the twins.
"Maybe later I have to feed them first." You said setting the car seats down.
"Oh okay!"
"Can I help you feed them?" Ethan asked you smiling.
"Sure sit down let me warm their bottles up." You said as you picked up Felix and handed him to your cousin before you picked Flynn up. You then dug through the bag grabbing their bottles which were already made then heading to the kitchen. "Hi nana." You smiled.
"Hello sweetheart! And little man." She cooed at the baby before giving you a hug. "Where's his brother?"
"Ethan is holding him I just have to heat their bottles up." You explained.
"Ah go ahead."
Soon you and your cousins were sat on the couch watching the parade as you fed Flynn. This first month was anything but smooth sailing but spending time with your family assured you that all would end okay.
Tumblr media
A/n: first of all this is the outfit I was thinking: and then Flynn had a Grey hat while Felix had a Brown hat.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @toastisgood @coldmuffinpartycloud @thevelvetseries @uniquebeautyqueen @kaitieskidmore1 @peggycarter-steverogers @nekrasinclair
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multifandomwriter · 15 days ago
Hi are you continuing out of the blue series? I love it so much
No, I am not. The third part is the finale, but I’m glad you like it🥰
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It Takes A Village Chapter 20
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x pregnant!daughter!reader
Series MasterList
Series summary: You find out that you're pregnant. After being kicked out of your mom's house you go to live full time with your Dad who you only saw once every few months. Will he react badly to you being a mom at such a young age?
Chapter Summary: Your sons make their appearance a few weeks early.
Series Warnings: swearing, fighting with a parent, teen pregnancy, speak of abortion.
Chapter Warnings: Teen Pregnancy, Terrible writing of contractions, child birth (I don't actually write it but it's mentioned heavily) hospitals, fluff, probably missed some let me know, please!!!!
Tumblr media
You weren't very active on social media, you'd post a picture of your belly once in a while as it grew or a picture of Dodger sleeping on your belly but that wasn't often. You keep your comments off because of the hate you had been getting. You did turn them on if you posted something that wasn't to do with your pregnancy though. Like when you posted a selfie with your dad. Which again not often. Today though you decided to scroll through Instagram for a while then you decided to finish packing your hospital bag. Their car seats were sitting in your room by their crib, the bases that go in the car were installed and ready. You weren't due until November 5th, it is October 19th. So a few weeks.
"Hey bubba I'm gonna take Dodger to the dog park want to come?" Chris asked you peaking his head in your room.
"No, I'm gonna finish packing my hospital bag." You said as you carefully put a bag on your bed.
"Okay. Oh I meant to ask you, will you want me to stay at the hospital room with you?" Chris asked.
"Yes please."
"Okay I'll pack a good bag for myself after the dog park then." Chris chuckled. "What are you putting in yours? Want me to get some stuff while I'm out?"
"Well I asked Aunt carly and Nana for suggestions and I did some research on my own. And I don't think I'll need anything." You smiled.
"Okay bub call me if you need anything." He kissed the top of your head before leaving.
Once left alone you began packing, you the babies coming home outfits on the bottom followed by the clothes your wearing home, then put their baby blankets in.
You groaned again taking a deep breath. You dialed your dad's number again. He wasn't answering for some reason and you really needed him. You were almost positive you were going into labor.
"Come on pick up." You muttered. When he didn't pick up you went to plan B calling your grandma. She picked up after 3 rings. "Nana I think I'm going into labor and dad isn't answering."
"Okay sweetheart me and Papa are on our way." She told you. "Just breath, wait for us outside on the porch for me dear."
"Okay." You mumbled luckily you finished packing the go bag a few hours ago and it was sitting by the front door. You grabbed it and went outside. Resting in a lawn chair. About two minutes later your phone ringed and it was your dad.
"Bubba? Why did you call so many times are you okay?"
"Dad. I think I'm having the twins." You took a deep breath. "Nana and Papa are on their way."
"Oh shit. Okay I'm on my way. Dodger!! Here boy!" Your heard him shout but it was faint since he pulled the phone away from his ear. "Just breath if Nana and Papa get there before me I'll meet you guys at the hospital okay?"
"Yeah." You muttered. "It hurts so much daddy." You cried. He sighed deeply.
On his end he just got in the car Dodger was in the backseat. He couldn't bear hearing you in so much pain but he had to get home to help you.
"I know peanut but your going to be okay. I promise." He assured speaking softly.
"Goddammit!" You screeched. Though he didn't let you cuss just yet he decided to leave it be.
"Deep breaths bub I'm almost home."
"I see Nana and Papa's car. Uh when you drop Dodger off here get the car seats please." You hissed.
"Okay I'll be right behind you guys take a deep breath." He said.
"Right bye." You took a deep breath then hung up. Your grandparents rushed over, Lisa grabbed your bag while Robert helped you to the car.
That was probably longest car ride you've had. But you were sitting in the hospital bed, your grandpa sitting next to you while Lisa was in the hall telling your aunts and uncle that your having the babies.
"I'm here are you okay Bubba?" Chris asked walking in.
"Yeah the contractions calmed down." You mumbled tiredly.
"Well that's good bubba." He kissed your forehead.
"But they're not letting me eat." You pouted, he chuckled sitting down next to your bed.
"They're not gonna let you eat until after the babies are born."
"That's a stupid rule." You decided.
"Everyone knows. They'll come when the babies are born." Lisa said walking in. "So who are you gonna let stay with you during the delivery?"
"Dad. Only dad." You said. Your grandparents nodded.
You groaned again at the feeling of another contraction.
You've been at the hospital for 5 hours now. Your dad didn't leave your side for almost all of it. Your grandparents were still waiting with you though. It's 7 pm currently and you're deciding to just watch The middle since it was playing on freeform when you turned the tv on. Your dad made a plan to go get stuff for himself after the twins are born, so he can stay with you at the hospital. The nurse was in the room checking on you, she already gave you an epidural earlier and your doctor told you that you should be able to start pushing soon.
"Okay is momma ready?" The doctor, a friendly looking woman asked walking in.
"Okay can I ask for anyone who she doesn't want in the room to leave now?" She asked the three adults.
"You got this Love bug." Robert said kissing your forehead.
"I love you sweetheart. We'll be in the waiting room." Lisa hugged you before following your grandfather out of the room.
A hour later and finally you held your new born twins in your arms with a soft smile. Staring down at them with so much love. Chris was giving you a moment alone with your boys and he was getting you food and telling your grandparents that the boys were happy and healthy. Flynn was born first at 8:13 Pm, he weighs 6 pounds and 2 ounces. Felix was born second at 8:30, his weight is 6 pounds and 5 ounces. Both around the average weight for a newborn but a little small and so perfect. Both were healthy and came out screaming.
They were identical twins so they both had matching blonde fuzz on their heads that they inherited from their father.
"I'll do my best for you two." You said softly. "Yeah."
"Bubba I got you pizza from the cafeteria." Chris smiled walking in. "And Nana and Papa wanna know if they can come in?"
"Uh yeah." You nodded before carefully putting the twins in their bassinets. "Gimme the pizza."
"Of course. How are you doing?" He passed you the plate of pizza before looking down at his grandsons.
"I'm perfect." You smiled.
"That's good. So your cousins, aunts, and uncles are going to come tomorrow and Nana and Papa are going to stay with your when I go get my stuff and check on dodger." He explained the plan.
"Okay dad." You nodded.
Tumblr media
A/n: so I did describe the twins but it wasn't skin tone and obviously they aren't going to look exactly like you, you can pretend their hair is a different color if you'd like but yeah. And they're here!!! Someone suggested that the reader have a natural birth so I did do that but honestly I wasn't comfortable writing her having the babies. This isn't the last chapter there's still 12 more
Taglist: @toastisgood @coldmuffinpartycloud @thevelvetseries @uniquebeautyqueen @kaitieskidmore1 @peggycarter-steverogers
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rachaelswrites · 16 days ago
TikTok, Boys, and Milkshakes
Chapter One: Drive-Thru Flirt
Fast-food worker!Jaeden Martell x Actress!Evans!reader
Tumblr media
It had only been two days since you saw him but you just could not get him out of your head. The video on TikTok of you crushing on him went viral but most people thought you were just messing around about being in love. You weren’t a serious person so everyone thought it was just for laughs, but it wasn’t. You had truly fallen in love with this boy working at your favorite fast food place. 
You had been trying to figure out a way to go back without it being suspicious to your dad. You rarely ate out so going there two times in less than three days wouldn’t make sense. You really only went out to eat to celebrate something or if you or your dad were having a bad day and needed some cheering up. Maybe now you’d have to eat there more. 
This love wasn’t one sided though. Once Jaeden laid eyes on you, you never left his head. The way you smiled at him before you drove off, the way there was a slight blush on your face, and the way your hands just barely touched. He couldn’t get any of those feelings out of his mind. 
Of course he knew who you were and some of the stuff you were in. He followed you on social media but he wouldn’t call himself a stan, maybe a fan but not more than that. He watched your show on Disney and then the few movies you were in. His friends were bigger fans of yours which is the reason why he knows your work. 
Since that day though, all he’s wanted to do was see you again. He’d heard his co-workers talking about all the other times you and Chris have come in and eaten or gotten food to-go or in the drive-through. He was just hoping to be here at the same time you were. 
Another day passed and you couldn’t take it anymore. You had to go back and see if he was there again. You convinced your dad that since Dodger’s surgery went so well, the three of you should celebrate with food. He reluctantly agreed and you raced out to the car, ready to go. 
Chris followed you outside at his own pace but stopped when he got to the car, “Uh un,” he said, shaking his head, “I’m driving,” he opened the driver’s side door and gently pulled you out. 
You pouted and crossed your arms over your chest, “But I want to. And I need more videos for TikTok,” you explained. 
Chris rolled his eyes at your comment. While he was glad you had such a supportive fan base, he wasn’t a fan of how much you used social media but he was supportive nonetheless, “Just do it from the passenger seat Y/n.”
“It’s not as fun though,” you said back. 
Chris shook his head again and got in the driver’s seat, ignoring the puppy dog eyes you were using to try and win him over. You groaned when you realized you wouldn’t get your way but climbed into the other seat. 
Once you got to Teddie’s Place, you made sure the camera was pointed a little more towards the window, earning a side-eyed glance from your dad. Once you ordered, paid and pulled up to the third window, you braced yourself for two things to happen. Either he showed up or he didn’t. You were ready for either but you definitely preferred the first option. 
As the window opened, you smiled, seeing the familiar face, who smiled back at seeing you, “You’re back,” he said, his voice laced with surprise. 
“Yup!” you said, “This place is just the best,” you explained. 
“What makes it that way?” he asked, intrigued by your answer. 
“Well for starters,” you said, leaning on the center counsel and most definitely invading your dad’s personal space, “the customer service is immaculate,” you knew exactly what you were doing and so did he. And apparently Chris, who turned his head to you and shot you a knowing look. He knew you didn’t have a filter around him or people you knew but this was a total stranger to you. 
He chuckled and handed Chris the food, “You two have a nice day. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime.”
“I’m Y/n by the way,” you said. You unbuckled your seat belt and leaned across your dad’s lap so you could reach your hand out for Jaeden to shake. 
“I’m Jaeden,” he said, taking your hand in his.
“See you around then,” you got back in your own seat and buckled back up so Chris could drive home. 
“I can’t believe you fucking did that,” Chris mumbled under his breath. 
“What? Flirt with him or lean across you to do it?” you questioned. 
“Both,” he said as he looked at you, “You’ve never had a boyfriend but suddenly, you can just do that like a pro? Where’d you learn that from?”
“Love does crazy things to you,” you said, shrugging.
Luckily for Chris, you weren’t looking at him when you said that otherwise, you’d see his eyes go wide at what you said. Chris wasn’t expecting you to say that. He knew you were sixteen, almost seventeen and it was just a matter of time before you started dating and fell in love but he didn’t like the idea of it happening now. He thought he’d have more time but he saw the way you looked at Jaeden and he had to admit, you looked completely smitten with him and him you. He remembered looking at someone the way you two look at each other. It didn’t work out for Chris but maybe, just maybe, it’d work for the two of you. 
Later that night, you and your dad, along with Dodger, were sitting on the couch and watching TV. Chris was on his laptop finishing up some work and you were just scrolling through TikTok. You had posted the video of today’s interaction with Jaeden, along with the caption “Guys please help me find him! I need his Insta ASAP😫😫😫”
You scrolled through the comments, hoping someone had found him and lucky for you, someone had commented his handle.
Girlie I found your new beau! It’s @jaedenwesley on insta
You had never searched someone up on Instagram quicker. Turns out, he was already following you. You wondered if he was a fan but then you realized if he was, he probably would’ve said something like most people did, especially if Chris was around. Most people around here always stopped you two and talked to you about your work if they were fans. You scrolled through his profile a bit and it wasn't long before you got a notification. 
jaedenwesley wants to send you a message
You smiled as you clicked on the notification and read his message. 
Surprised it took you this long to find me
You already knew exactly what to say back
Just trying to keep you on your toes🤷‍♀️
You watched as the three dots appeared and butterflies started forming in your stomach as you waited for him to respond. 
This soon huh? Guess I’m in for a treat
I am pretty sweet aren’t I?
I’m sure you are. I haven’t really gotten the chance to get to know you
You knew what he was hinting at and you couldn’t suppress the giggle that came out of your mouth, making Chris look at you, but you were too busy typing on your phone to notice him staring at you.
Well maybe we should change that
We definitely should. I have the night shift this weekend. It’s never busy then so I’m sure I can make time for you😊
Sounds like a plan. See you then😁
You were so busy texting Jaeden you hadn’t realized your dad had gotten up from the couch and walked behind it, right behind you and was reading the texts over your shoulder without you noticing. 
“So you have a date this weekend?” he asked, putting his hands on your shoulders. 
You jumped at the sudden contact, “Jesus dad. Don’t give me a heart attack,” you placed your phone face down on the couch before titling your head back to look at your dad, “And don’t snoop on me.”
“It’s not snooping if it’s out in the open sweetheart,” he said, “But seriously, are you two going on a date or just hanging out?”
You shrugged, “I dunno. How can I tell?”
“You just know. You’ll get the vibes when you see him,” Chris said. 
What vibes are those?” you asked. 
“I can’t tell you. You’ll figure it out, peanut,” he said, squeezing your shoulder lightly. 
“That’s not helpful dad,” you said, a small pout forming on your face. 
Chris chuckled at you before kissing your forehead, “Trust me, it’ll be fine.”
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multifandomwriter · 21 days ago
Out of the Blue
Pairing: Chris Evans x daughter!Reader and Tom Holland x Reader
Summary: You have always had an amazing relationship with your dad. His job and fame have never dampened your relationship; however, his fame might help you meet someone special.
Chapter One - Celebration
Summary: For your eighteenth birthday, you expected your dad to go all out. You didn’t expect for that simple party to be the start of something new.
Chapter Two - Blossoming
Summary: Your first date with Tom helps both you and your dad realize how happy you really are, forcing your dad to put aside his protective nature.
Chapter Three - Cherished
Summary: After you catch a cold, caused by your date with Tom, your dad is skeptical of how trustworthy Tom really is. That is, until he sees him care for you.
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
Requests OPEN
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multifandomwriter · 21 days ago
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader, Chris Evans x daughter!Reader
Request: “hey! i loved celebration & blossoming :') if you wanted, since you ended blossoming with y/n getting sick, you could do a part 3 including chris getting frustrated with tom and tom taking care of her? have a lovely day!” - @sinisterspidey
Word Count: 1.1k
A/N: To celebrate Tom’s birthday, here is the final part of this series
Part 1 / Part 2
A few nights ago, you had gone on your first date with Tom, and you were on absolute cloud nine. Your dad had been a little stern with him about swimming at night, but everything else was going great. That was until you woke up with the sniffles and a sore throat.
You walked downstairs to have some breakfast and found your dad waiting for you in the kitchen. He had made pancakes for the both of you. “Hey, sweetheart. How’d you sleep?” He asked, pressing a kiss to your forehead as he handed you your plate.
“Pretty good” you croaked. Your voice was scratchy, and it immediately set off your dad’s parental alarm. “Are you feeling alright?” He asked, placing his hand on your forehead. You noticed his brows start to furrow.
“You’re burning up” he said, pulling his hand away. You sighed to yourself, preparing for the your dad’s overprotective side to burst out. Within minutes, he had you sitting on the couch with tissues and a cup of tea. “Dad, I promise I’m fine” you complained, as he continued to lay blankets on top of you.
He frowned at you, not believing your words for a second. “You have a fever, and you can’t stop sneezing. I bet that’s because Tom decided swimming at night was a good idea” he said, sneering as he said Tom’s name. Your dad’s overprotective nature was at its peak. You knew you were doomed now. It was going to be a day of your dad rushing around to help you with your every need.
“But Tom and I were going to go out today. We were going to go see a movie” you said, crossing your arms. Your dad shook his head and handed you the television remote. “This is his fault. Besides, you can watch any movie that you want from the couch. I’ll keep you company, pumpkin” he said, sitting down next to you. You pulled out your phone and texted Tom, telling him you couldn’t hang out. He apologized for the idea to go swimming and told you he hoped you felt better.
You settled into the couch and prepared for a day of watching movies with your dad. After you finished the first movie of the day, there was a knock at the door. Your dad rushed towards the door to see who it was. You glanced down the hallway and realized it was Tom at the door.
You saw a few grocery bags in his hands. Tom and your dad talked in hushed voices for a while. You couldn’t tell what they were saying, no matter how hard you tried to eavesdrop.
They both nodded and headed into the living room. “Hey, how are you?” Tom asked, sitting down next to you. You nodded and gave him a smile. “It’s just a little cold. It’s nothing really” you told him. He frowned apologetically.
“I’m sorry. The beach was my idea, and it got you sick. This is my fault. You’re not mad at me, right?” He apologized. You took his hand in yours.
“Depends. What’s in the bag?” You asked, smirking at him. You earned small laughs from both your dad and Tom. He went through the bag and showed you all the stuff he bought for you: soup, your favorite romcoms, and some tea bags.
You very quickly thanked him and took the gifts. You noticed the smile that appeared on your dad’s face. “I have to run to the grocery store. Tom, I’m leaving you in charge. She is not to move from this couch” your dad instructed.
You were shocked that he was even going to leave Tom alone with you after he got you sick. Tom nodded, while smiling over at you. Your dad gave you a hug before grabbing his keys and leaving.
“Can I give you a kiss?” Tom asked you, as soon as the front door closed.
You shook your head and pushed his chest away from you. You could see the confusion on his face, as he gave you a look that seemed to say “why not?”
“I’ll get you sick” you explained, even though you did really want to kiss him. “That’s a risk I’m willing to take” he said, before cupping your cheeks and leaning in to kiss you.
You smiled against the kiss and then pulled away. You leaned into his side as he started a movie. He kept his arm firmly wrapped around your shoulders. “I’m glad you’re here” you mumbled softly. He smiled down at you and kissed your cheek.
Once you got halfway through the movie, you felt hungry. You grabbed your soup out of the bag. “Let me put it in a bowl for you” he said, grabbing the container from you.
He headed towards the kitchen. He came back a few minutes later with a bowl of soup and a spoon. You tried to take it from him, but he didn’t let you.
He tsk’ed and pushed your hands away. You gave him a questioning look as he sat beside you. You finally understood as he began to feed you the soup. You giggled as he lightly blew on the soup.
“You are such a dork” you teased, while accepting the soup. He shushed you and continued to feed you the soup.
Later that day, your dad came back from grocery shopping and found you and Tom both asleep on the couch. He couldn’t help but smile to himself as he saw you both cuddled up against each other.
You heard the movement, and your eyes fluttered open. You saw your dad standing in the kitchen. You followed him after detangling yourself from Tom. “How are you feeling?” Your dad asked you, turning around.
You pulled him into a hug before answering his question. “I’m fine” you mumbled into his chest.
“Thank you for before. Thanks for being so cool with Tom” you said, looking up at him. He smiled and hugged you back. He nodded. “I just want what’s best for you. He really cares about you” your dad told you, honestly.
You felt a smile appear on your face. It meant a lot to you that your dad approved of Tom. “But you were so upset about me getting sick” you said, still slightly confused by his change in heart.
“I was until I saw how concerned he was for you. He cared about you the way I want you to be cared about. He cherishes you. Also, on our first date, your mother and I went swimming at night time. Except, I was the one who got sick, not your mom. I just want you to always be happy, and you’re happy with Tom. I’m not going to stand in the way of that” he told you, kissing your forehead.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-babe17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @k-k0129 @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @ashwarren32
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
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It Takes A Village Chapter 19
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x pregnant!daughter!reader
Series MasterList
Series summary: You find out that you're pregnant. After being kicked out of your mom's house you go to live full time with your Dad who you only saw once every few months. Will he react badly to you being a mom at such a young age?
Chapter Summary: Your dad helps you set up the babies' crib.
Series Warnings: swearing, fighting with a parent, teen pregnancy, speak of abortion.
Chapter Warnings: Teen Pregnancy
Tumblr media
You carefully sat down and looked at the pieces of the crib. You don't know why you told Chris you could put it together. You really couldn't. You grabbed the instructions reading them.
"Hey Bubba how's it going?"
"It's okay..." You looked up at him hesitantly.
"I'll help you." Chris said sitting down next to you.
"Fine." You mumbled shrugging.
"I know you want to do this mostly on your own but getting help is good. Especially since you want this done this week." Chris laughed.
"Yeah I know but normally I'd be able to put this together on my own. It's just because of this big belly." You crossed your arms.
"Yeah." He laughed leaning in to place a kiss on your forehead before helping you put the crib together.
Two hours, multiple songs, and one dance break later the crib was put together and the mattress was in. You were putting a little bit of a decorative with a small canopy that used to hang above your bed. Then you added other small things that eventually will find new a new home later since a baby crib has to be empty when a baby sleeps. Or two.
"It looks, great Sweetpea!" Chris smiled.
"Yeah thank you for your help Dad." You said resting a baby blanket on the edge of the crib.
"I'll always be here to help you bubba. You and the twins." He assured as you stepped back. "Can I feel the babies?"
"Yeah." He smiled resting his hands on your belly.
"They're very happy." He laughed feeling them kick.
"Yeah they've been active lately.."
"Why have you seen your friends since we got go hang out with them."
"Oh. Uh we lost contact it's fine though." You shrugged sitting on your bed.
"Oh sorry." He smiled you sitting next to you.
"It's okay." You said resting your hands on your belly.
"So your room is all set up for the babies and I'll help you baby proof the house on another day." Chris said wrapping an arm around your shoulder.
"Okay! Do you want to see which outfits I picked for their coming home outfits?" You asked smiling.
"Of course."
"Here I'll grab them." You went over to the shopping bags that were just waiting to be put away and pulled out two dinosaur onesies. "They're gonna look so cute in these!" You said smiling.
"That they will." Chris smiled. "I think I still have your coming home outfit somewhere in the attic."
"Oh I thought mom had that?"
"No I kept them." Chris said. "She couldn't take your baby clothes and blankets when you guys moved so I kept them." He explained.
"Oh cool." You sat the onesies back in the bag.
"Oh sweetheart you should pack a hospital bag soon just to be ready."
"What should be in it?" You asked him.
"Well the babies coming home outfits, and... Okay maybe you should ask aunt Carly or nana, or maybe find a YouTube video. I'm not sure what you'll need." He shrugged.
"Yeah... I wish I could ask mom about it." You sighed.
"Hey, bubba. No thinking like that. She doesn't deserve to be in your life or the boy's lives." Your dad said.
"I know but I always thought when I had a baby mom would be there giving me advice for this kinda thing and the baby's dad would want to be in their life."
"And now you just got your kickass dad. I think that's a good trade." Chris joked making you chuckled.
"Yes it is."
"Okay lets go get dinner and watch something."
Tumblr media
A/n: Not gonna say much but the next chapter is exciting! 😁 tho you probably guessed already.
Taglist: @toastisgood @coldmuffinpartycloud @thevelvetseries @uniquebeautyqueen @kaitieskidmore1 @peggycarter-steverogers
Oh and this is the coming home outfits and what I'm imagining their area in your room to look like but you can change it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Looking at baby clothes has given me baby fever...
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Something funny I realized about my series "it takes a village" is that whenever Chris starts dating someone he'll have be like "oh yeah I have a twin grandsons. Who live in my house with their mom." Like just imagine that 🤣 on like a 3rd date talking about family and he brings up the reader like "yeah I have fifteen year old daughter." Then having to be like "yeah she has twin sons so I'm a 40 year old grandpa." 🤣
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lqvenat · 28 days ago
good 4 you || s. rogers
pairing: steve rogers x daughter!reader
a/n: this is based on the song good 4 you by olivia rodrigo. set after the falcon and the winter solider. and english isn’t my first language so i’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes.
sour masterlist
Tumblr media
Maybe I'm too emotional
But your apathy's like a wound in salt
Maybe I'm too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all
when steve rogers went back in time to live a life with the love of his life, peggy carter. he didn’t just left his friends and co-workers behind, no, he left his daughter y/n rogers too.
as time went by everyone slowly got used to the super soldier not being there, but not y/n. she wasn‘t alone, she still had sam, bucky, peter and wanda but it was never the same.
she still couldn’t believe that her dad, the person who is supposed to love her endlessly and shouldn’t even consider leaving her, just left. and he didn’t only left her, he left bucky, someone who he gave up the avengers for, too.
if you asked y/n two years ago if she hated her dad she would’ve looked at you with wide eyes and immediately say no. now she isn’t so sure.
y/n always believed that hate is a strong word that she only felt for hydra, and sometimes even for peter because he always ate her donuts but that was it.
but now, she felt like she hated her dad for what he did. but no matter how hard she tried she really couldn’t hate him, and that was something she really hated.
Maybe I'm too emotional
Your apathy is like a wound in salt
Maybe I'm too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all
y/n was sitting on the couch next to peter right now. they didn’t speak, neither did they watch tv. they just sat there in silence.
after her dad had sex with her mom, he left. it was just supposed to be a one-night stand. he would’ve never expected for the woman to become pregnant with his child.
when y/n was 5 years old, her mother became sick, really sick. 6 months later, her mom died and her aunt took her in, until she had enough and told y/n that she was going to meet her dad.
and that’s how she met her father.
she never felt like she had a family apart from her dad, her aunt died when she was 7, until her dad allowed her to join the avengers. where she got trained by natasha romanoff.
for y/n natasha romanoff was the mother she never had and for natasha was y/n the daughter she never thought she could have.
after the civil war happened, where she met peter whom she became friends with quickly, her dad thought it was for the better if she stays with tony and pepper.
and then she had to go to space with tony, peter, a wizard named dr.strange and the guardians of the galaxy. then she got blipped along with peter, dr.strange, peter quill, drax and mantis.
5 years later she came back with the others and immediately had to fight against thanos’ army. she already reunited with her dad and tony and was now searching for nat.
she saw clint from afar and ran towards him while fighting these aliens. “clint!” she yelled once she got close enough. clint turned to her. “clint, where’s nat?” y/n asked him.
he didn’t answer, just looked at her tear-eyed. and in that moment, she felt like someone ripped her heart out of her chest and stomped on it. “no…” she whispered in disbelief and took a step back, tears filling her eyes.
and then tony did the snap. she wasn’t near him when it happened, and just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.
Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy
Not me, if you ever cared to ask
steve was supposed to bring back the infinity stones and then come back. and he did. but not in the way she expected him too.
on the bench in front of y/n, bucky, sam and bruce sat her father, but an older version of him. y/n knew that peggy carter was in the same place steve had to go but didn’t think any of it.
y/n felt tears welling up in her eyes. “did he-" she couldn’t end the sentence, she didn’t want to. she didn’t want for it to be true. bucky looked at her sadly. “yeah.”
she nodded and without speaking to her dad, even if this could be the last time they speak to each other, she went to cabin where pepper, morgan used to live
pepper was nice enough to let y/n, sam, steve and bucky live there. when she arrived at the cabin she saw peter sitting on the stairs. he stood up when he saw her.
he looked at his best friend who once looked so happy that it was hard to imagine her ever being sad, but all he saw were the tears in her eyes.
“my dad…he…” she trailed off not wanting to end the sentence once again and without another word peter pulled her into his arms and let her cry against his shoulder.
it’s now been one year since nat died, one year since tony died, once year since her dad choose a woman he kissed once over his own daughter.
Good for you, you're doin' great out there without me
Baby, like a damn sociopath
bucky and sam got a call from nick fury who told them to “get your asses here, right now!” considering fury didn’t call any of them for over a year, sam and bucky went to fury as fast as possible.
what they saw when they arrived nearly gave them a heart attack.
in front of them was standing, steve rogers. the young steve rogers. he smiled sheepishly at them.
“what-but…how- i mean- what the fuck?” bucky asked confused. sam looked at him. “yeah, what he said.”
“how the fuck are you here.” and then steve started explaining something about meeting and hank pym and time traveling.
to be honest sam and bucky didn’t understand any of it, they were to busy processing the fact that their best friend is back when he is supposed to be old.
after two hours fury left the room and steve turned to his best friends. “so… are you gonna bring me to daughter, or?” he asked.
sam and bucky looked at each other in disbelief. steve grinned at them. “just kidding it’s good to see you again, guys. sam, i heard you’re captain america now, i knew you’d make it.”
sam and bucky grinned. “so are you gonna take me to my daughter, or what?” their smile fell again.
“man, i don’t know how to tell you this but… i’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to see you.” sam cringed.
“what do you mean she doesn’t want to see me? she’s my daughter.” he asked. bucky looked at him angry. “yeah and you were supposed to be her father and where were you? not here.”
steve sighed and looked to ground. “i know but please, let me see her.” he pleaded.
sam and Bucky looked unsure at each other before they nodded.
I've lost my mind
I've spent the night cryin' on the floor in my bathroom
sam’s car stopped in front of the cabin, in wich y/n and peter were watching tv right now.
bucky nodded at his two friends. “okay you two wait here, i’ll go and get her.”
bucky walked in the cabin where he saw peter and y/n laying on the couch, they were watching brooklyn nine-nine.
“hey kiddos, i’m back!” he greeted them. the two teenagers mumbled a small “hello” towards him.
“hey, y/n, can you come outside? sam needs your help.” peter and y/n looked at him before the latter got up and walked outside.
peter looked at bucky who was watching y/n leave with worried eyes. “bucky, who is outside?” bucky looked at him worriedly.
“hey, sam! bucky said you need my-“ y/n’s breath got stuck in her throat at the sight of the person she wanted to forget.
her dad smiled at her. “hey kiddo!” he said and opened his arms so she could hug him.
her shocked expression turned into an angry one. “hey kiddo?! hey kiddo?! is that all you got to say?”
“y/n, kid, i’m so-“ she cut him off.
“sorry?! yeah me too. sorry for ever trusting you. why did you leave? and why didn’t you say anything? you’re my dad you’re not supposed to do that. i needed you.” she didn’t even realize that she was crying until a big tear rolled down her face.
“kid, you have to understand. i was in a bad place i just lost tony and nat-“ y/n looked at him in disbelief.
“i lost nat and tony too! i was gone for 5 years and then came back and they weren’t there anymore, for you it has been 5 years, for me it felt like 5 minutes. 5 minutes in wich i’ve lost my mother figure. and then the person who took care of me when you couldn’t! i needed you, you were supposed to be there for me and you left!” she yelled.
“i know,” he started crying too. “i know but I’m here now.”
y/n wiped the tears off of her face and looked at him angry. “i don’t need you anymore. i made it through the last year without you. so do me a favor and leave.”
and with that being said she walked back into the cabin.
Just over the fact that I really don't get it
But I guess good for you
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It Takes A Village Chapter 18
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x pregnant!daughter!reader
Series MasterList
Series summary: You find out that you're pregnant. After being kicked out of your mom's house you go to live full time with your Dad who you only saw once every few months. Will he react badly to you being a mom at such a young age?
Chapter Summary: You go out and get everything you'll need for the twins.
Series Warnings: swearing, fighting with a parent, teen pregnancy, speak of abortion.
Chapter Warnings: Teen Pregnancy
Tumblr media
You groaned rolling over onto your other side. It was around 4 am, you had only gotten an hour or two of sleep so far. You pulled one of your throw pillows that had found themselves on the floor and landed it down to rest your belly it before finally. You fell into a restful sleep.
Until 8 am when your dad came waltzing into your room with dodger, and pancakes. Dodger hopped onto the bed licking your face making you squirm and whine.
"Leemme alone." You sleepily muttered pushing his head away slightly.
"Okay bubba come here leave her alone." Chris sat the pancakes on your desk before pulling dodger off the bed. "Peanut! I made pancakes." He said softly.
"Go away." You sleepily glared at him. He smiled softly.
"Okay I guess I'll just have to eat them." He teased. You finally sat up a little.
"Not what I said! Give them!"
"Good morning bubba. Rough night?" Chris asked laughing at how you hair is going in different directions.
"Kinda give me the pancakes." You sat up more and made grabby hands. He chuckled passing the pancakes to you and sitting down.
"Here you go." He reached over to grabbed his plate that he brought. "So peanut after you eat get ready to go to the store! We have quite a few stops to go for the twins."
"These twins are killing me. It's so hard to sleep." You grumbled as you are your pancakes.
"Babies do that to you."
"What all do we need for them anyway?" You inquired.
"Well first I think we need to clear a corner of you room out for the cribs... So how about we move your bed from the wall. So that the cribs can be in between your bed and the wall?" He suggested.
"That'll work uh actually dad at the doctor said the babies could sleep in the same crib until they start rolling so I'm just going to get one for them until I have a bit more money," You agreed looking to the corner. "What else do they need?"
"That's works. You'll also a changing pad. We can get one to put on your dresser, they're gonna need clothes and diapers, you need to decide if your going to bottle feed or breastfeed. You also will need burp cloths, bibs, hats for them too it's getting cold, there's a lot."
"Can we wait till my next appointment to talk to the doctor about it?" You asked him.
"For what feeding?"
"Sure bubba. So let's just go over what you have right now, you have two newborn onesies, and two outfits for 6-9 months. And two stuffed animals." He listed off looking at the stuff that were sat on your dresser. "I think you should clear a few draws from your dresser out or at least make room in your closet."
"I know dad." You took a bit of you pancakes.
"So how much money do you have for the crib. I'll help you out as much as you need."
"I have a thousand dollars all together."
"Okay you should be able to find a good crib then."
"Dad... How am I going to do school while I have two newborns?" You asked looking down at your plate.
"Well you do online school so when your in class they can take naps or spend time with me," he suggested, "when you work, I can babysit, Ethan already told you he wants to babysit. I'm sure nana and Papa will also be willingly watch them."
"I guess so." You shrugged.
"When did the doctor say they were due again?"
"November 5th." You said resting your plate on you belly.
"What else do they need?" You asked Chris. He thought for a moment.
"Well we got everything, but diapers, burp cloths, bibs, and bottles so one more stop," Chris said as he finished putting the stuff in the car. "How money do you have left do you need help?"
"Dad... I should have enough. I hope I have enough." You sighed.
"Okay." He said helping you into the passenger seat then he put the cart away and got in the car. "But-"
"But I'll let you pay I end up not having enough. Obviously." You rolled your eyes rest your hands on your belly. "Dad did you ever wonder what I'd be like when mom was pregnant with me?"
"Of course I did! I imagine you to look just like me with bright blue eyes."
"Not what I look like dad. Like what my personality would be." You corrected.
"Oh well of course why are wondering what Flynn and Felix will be like?" He asked you keeping his eyes on the road.
"They'll be kind and sweet just like their momma." He assured.
You could only hope so.
Tumblr media
A/n: I might change the divider but I don't know.
Taglist: @toastisgood @coldmuffinpartycloud @thevelvetseries @uniquebeautyqueen @kaitieskidmore1 @peggycarter-steverogers
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rachaelswrites · a month ago
TikTok, Boys, and Milkshakes
Prologue: For the First Time
Fast-food worker!Jaeden Martell x Actress!Evans!reader
Tumblr media
With your phone set in your phone holder and a mission in sight, you pulled out of the driveway and hit play on your phone, “Welcome back to the driving adventure of Y/n Evans,” you said to the non-existent audience. On top of being Chris Evans’ daughter and an actor yourself, you also had a huge popularity on TikTok. You posted lots of behind the scenes on set, stuff about your daily life, but your most popular videos were your driving ones. It all started with your friend driving with you and recording you. Everyone got a kick out of how fun you were and everyone wanted more, so that’s what you gave them. 
“So right now I’m on my way to get me and dad some food,” you explained, “He’s a bit stressed out about Dodge’s upcoming surgery so I’m getting his favorite,” you said, “We haven’t eaten out in a while so hopefully this makes him feel better.”
You continued driving to the restaurant, talking about things you did over the last few days and other random things until you pulled into the drive through. 
“Hi welcome to Teddie’s Place. What can I get for you?” the worker asked. 
“Can I get one number three and one number seven please?” That was you and your dad's order. You got chicken nuggets while your dad went the more mature way with a cheeseburger. 
“Is that all?” he asked again. 
“Can I also get two milkshakes? One chocolate and one vanilla. That’s it,” you reached over the seat and grabbed your wallet, getting ready to pay at the next window. 
“Your total will be fourteen thirty-six,” the worker said. 
“Thanks,” you pulled forward to the window, “I wonder if he’ll be cute,” you said to your phone, referring to the worker who would be taking your payment. You only assumed it would be a boy since that's who took your order but at the first window, it was a girl, one you had seen there many times before. 
When she took your card and then handed it back, you thanked her and went up to the next window and waited for the window to slide open. 
Out of the corner of your eye, you could see someone approach the window and slide it open, handing you the bag of food, “It’ll be just a second for the shakes,” he said. 
“Okay thanks,” you said, taking the bag. Your eyes landed on the boy and you nearly dropped your food. You had never seen this worker before and you’ve been coming here with your dad since you were two. It was around when your dad was young and it was his favorite, now becoming yours. 
The boy smiled at you before closing the window to retrieve the other items from your order. You waited until he was out of eye shot before you whipped around to your camera, “Oh my god he was so fucking cute,” you said, a blush creeping onto your face, “It’s sad that you can’t see him because man oh man is he adorable,” you said again, the blush only growing on your face. 
You could feel the heat in your face grow as you turned back to the window just in time for him to hand you the drink carrier with the milkshakes. You reached out and grabbed it, not without your hand lightly brushing against his knuckles. You swore you saw a small smile creep across his face and his cheeks turn a pale shade of pink. 
“Have a good day,” he said to you. 
“You too,” you replied, setting the shakes down and giving him a smile. He closed the window and you pulled out and started back home. Once you were far enough away from the restaurant, you turned to the camera and squealed like a toddler, “Guys! I’m in love!”
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Okay let me know what you think about this idea I have for "It Takes A Village" when the reader has the babies should that be the last chapter or should there be twelve more and each Chapter will be about a different month in the babies lives up until a year old. So like the one of the chapters will talk about the babies learning how to crawl or eat solid food then the Twelfth chapter in this little idea with their first birthday and the last chapter? I can't decide if that would be too many chapters for the series though. Please lemme know what you think about this idea!!! 🙏🏻
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rachaelswrites · a month ago
TikTok, Boys, and Milkshakes
Tumblr media
Fast-food worker!Jaeden Martell x Actress!Evans!reader
Series Masterlist
Based on these posts here, here, here, and here (I know there’s a lot but I combined all these ideas and wanted to include them all)
A/N: I’m very excited for this series and this idea is just absolutely amazing! Also, this series takes place in Boston
Prologue: For the First Time
Chapter One: Drive-Thru Flirt
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Can you do dialogue prompt 7 with Sebastian x daughter!reader? Congrats on 300 btw☺️
Sugar High
Sebastian Stan X Daughter!Reader
Summary: While at a barbecue Chris was holding you eat a bit too much ice cream.
Reader's age: 14
Prompt: #7. "Calm down on the ice cream your gonna get a sugar high." "But it's so good!"
A/n: Thank you! Here it is! Find the 300 follower Prompt event Here
Tumblr media
Sebastian and you were at a barbecue that Chris Evans was holding. You were playing with Chris's niece and Nephews while the adults talked about adult stuff. You didn't care what they were talking about.
"Kids! Come eat!" Was hollered and the four of you came barreling to the table to eat.
"After we eat can we have ice cream?" Ethan, Chris' oldest nephew who was only a few years younger than you asked.
"Sure." Chris smiled.
Finally the ice cream was out. You and the other children had free rein to get as much as you wanted. Which wasn't the best idea of course but Chris wouldn't have to deal with you all since the barbecue was almost over anyway. You just finished your 2nd bowl of ice cream.
"Draga Calm down on the ice cream your gonna get a sugar high." Sebastian warned. You looked up at him as you dropped another scoop of ice cream in your bowl.
"But it's so good!" You whined.
"That's your last bowl." He told you before glaring at Chris for letting you have ice cream in the first place.
"But-" You stopped in your tracks when Sebastian sent you a look. "Please Tata." You gave him puppy dog eyes.
"Fine it was worth a shot." You rolled your eyes sitting back down to finish your ice cream.
"If she has a sugar high I'm never bringing her here again." Sebastian jokingly told Chris.
"Yeah sure." Chris laughed. It was going smoothly after that. Sebastian was deep in a conversation with Chris and Lisa that he didn't notice you go inside for more ice cream. You were caught by Scott who was already in the house.
"Didn't your dad say you couldn't have anymore?"
"Okay. So if I told your dad you won't care?"
"Nope!" You said putting the scoop of ice cream in your bowl.
"I know your dad said no more." Scott said watching as you began eating your ice cream.
"And? He'll never know." You shrugged. "Please don't tell him." He laughed.
"Fine. I won't tell him."
Sebastian did in fact find out though when he watched you and the other three kids chase Dodger in a circle.
"This is your fault." Carly said to her brother.
"They looked happy at least." Chris said in return.
"Y/n looks like she's about to puke. I don't think that's happy." Sebastian rolled his eyes as his friend.
"Okay so giving four kids almost unlimited ice cream was a bad idea but how else am I supposed to be their favorite uncle." Chris smirked.
"Dad. I don't feel good." You mumbled walking over to the three adults.
"Well no duh Draga you were running in a circle after 3 bowls of ice cream."
"Uh... Actually it was 4." You said nervously.
"Just sit down you'll start feeling better." Sebastian sighed..
"Sorry." You laughed.
So maybe your dad was right. Three bowls of ice cream was more than enough. But your never gonna tell him that.
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fangirlovestuff · a month ago
Daddy Daughter Day - Andy Barber x daughter!reader
Tumblr media
a/n - hey lovely people! this is a request from the lovely @maximeevansblog, thanks so much for requesting this and chatting with me:)) this is my first time writing a daughter!reader one, and i’d love it if you wanna tell me your thoughts. i hope you all enjoy<3
Summary: your father can see you’re upset and tired, and he knows just what you need - a nice day off.
Request:  The reader is the daughter of andy barber, she had a tough week, and when she comes back from school she has a fit and her dad asks what is your problem, and she tells him everything, and the following Day, they have a daddy- daugther Day.
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: none, i think? let me know if i missed something!!
"Hey sweetheart," your dad greeted you, "How was sch-"
Before Andy could finish his sentence, he was cut off by the sound of the door to your room slamming. He frowned, finishing up the salad he was cutting for dinner and went up to your room.
He gently knocked on the door. "You in there? What's up?"
"I don't wanna talk about it!" you yelled from inside, the door not doing much to muffle your angry voice.
"Can I come in?"
"Okay. Be down for dinner in five alright?"
"Whatever," you mumbled under your breath as you heard him walk away. "It's not like you left me much of a choice."
"What?" Andy raised his voice.
"I said," you yelled slowly, "I'll be down!"
A few minutes later, you were both sitting down at the dinner table, you shoveling your food down as fast as you could and Andy eating his in a less hurried manner, looking at you in between bites, a frown settling on his brows.
"Are you okay?" he asked softly.
"I'm fine," you snapped, rolling your eyes.
"Hey, watch your tone," he warned, "I was just asking a question."
"And I provided you with a satisfactory answer," you answered, matching your tone to his.
"C'mon, you've been giving me that attitude since you got home, drop it."
You scoffed, returning your eyes to your plate and moving the food around.
"Seriously, what's going on with you, huh? What's your problem?" he said sternly, making you roll your eyes at him once more. "Look at me when I'm speaking to you."
You glared up from your plate at him. "Oh. I'm sorry I'm not a good conversationalist, maybe it's because I failed math. Actually, maybe it's that my 'friends' went out without me." Your tone was rising with every word, the entire shitty week you've had resurfacing in your mind, "Or maybe it's my fucked up sleep schedule because I gotta get up early for class and stay up late studying. Who knows at this point?" your jaw clenched as you looked at your father, who didn’t say a word.
"I'm not that hungry anymore," you mumbled and averted your gaze, getting up and putting your plate in the sink before going back up to your room.
You could barely hold your tears until the door closed behind you. You plopped down on your bed, sobbing quietly.
Honestly, this wasn't really your dad's fault this was happening. You weren't really angry at him, but you were just so tired of trying so hard and failing so miserably.
When you heard the sound of footsteps nearing your door, you tried your best to dry the tears, but you were pretty sure your eyes were still red when your father knocked on the door softly before opening it slowly.
"Hey," he said softly.
"Hi," you whispered. He started walking over to you, and you didn't look up at him until you felt the bed dipping down when he sat next to you.
He reached out and rubbed your back soothingly, the gesture making you well up again, leaning against him and letting him envelop you in a warm hug as he continued rubbing circles on your back until you calmed down and stopped crying.
"I'm sorry," you said softly, detaching yourself from him, "I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight dad," you said as you got up.
He stood up as well, leaving you to sleep. As he walked downstairs, the picture of you, eyes red and puffy, was still fresh in his mind. And he couldn't have that.
Calling his secretary, she thankfully picked up.
"Hey, Sandy. Sorry about the hour, but something came up, and I need you to reschedule my meetings tomorrow. Everything's fine, but there are some family things I need the day off to take care of."
After he finished the call, Andy stayed down some more to finish up his work, especially since he wasn't planning to touch any of it tomorrow. It took him a while, and sometime in the middle he heard you yell down that you're going to sleep, yelling back a quick goodnight before immersing himself back in the files he was going over.
When he was finally done, he quietly made his way upstairs. As he was climbing up the stairs, he started hearing noises from your room. At first he thought you were on your phone and didn't actually go to sleep, and was half ready to reprimand you for it, but as he got closer he realized they were quiet whimpers. He opened the door to find you were indeed asleep.
"no, no," you mumbled as you tossed and turned in your bed.
"Hey," he whispered, nudging your shoulder gently, repeating the action a couple of times until you stirred awake.
Your voice was hoarse and scared, and Andy sat down on your bed and stroked your hair away from your eyes gently. "I'm here. bed dream?"
"Yeah," you shuddered. You were still clearly shaken up.
"Go back to sleep," he suggested, "and I'll be right here."
"Okay," you said, turning some more until you found a comfortable position. Andy stayed in your room until he heard your breathing evening out, telling him you were back to a peaceful slumber.
He planted a soft kiss on your forehead and turned off your alarm, making sure it won't wake you the next morning, before going to his room to get some sleep himself, although his sleep was light, waking up every couple of hours to listen for you if you needed him.
When you woke up the next morning, it wasn't from the sound of your alarm as usual, but naturally. You were happy for a few moments before looking at your alarm and realizing it's already 9 am, and you are mega late to school.
"Dad?" you yelled out, going downstairs in a frenzy.
"Good morning!" he replied cheerfully from the kitchen.
"Not a good morning, I'm late to school! Why didn’t you wake me up?" you demanded as you came into the kitchen.
"Because you, young lady, are not going to school today," he smiled, amused.
"I'm… not?" you stopped pacing around trying to get ready.
"No, you're not," he confirmed, "I let your teacher know you won't be coming in today."
"And why is that?"
"You're coming with me," he grinned, "we're going shopping."
"For what?" you asked, still not catching up, "there's nothing coming up."
"For you," he said patiently, "unless you don't want to. We're doing whatever you want to do today."
"Really?" you said, starting to get excited, "don't you have to go to work though?"
"Nope, took the day off," he explained, the smile not leaving his face.
"Awesome! I'll go get dressed!"
A little while later you were downstairs again, and you and Andy ate a quick breakfast before getting into the car.
The way there was filled with great music that filled the companionable silence between you and your dad as you made your way to a large shopping center at the edge of town.
"Okay, what do you want to do first?" he asked once you both got out of the car.
You ended up wandering around for a bit before finally telling him the truth. "Actually, I've been wanting to get my hair done… can I please?" you smiled sweetly, trying to get him to say yes. "You don't even have to wait for me! You can go do whatever and then come back!"
He considered it for a second before chuckling. "Alright, let's go get your hair done, but I'm staying with you the whole time. I don't know what crazy ideas you've got in that head of yours," he patted your head.
"Thank you! No crazy ideas, I promise!" you laughed. Taking his hand, you led him towards the hair salon you had your sights set on.
When you sat down at the hairdresser's chair, they pulled up another one for your dad, so he could sit down close by and you could look at each other through the mirror while the hairdresser works her magic.
You and your dad talked about nothing in particular, ranging from grocery shopping to school gossip.
"All done!" she announced with a smile, and you looked at yourself in the mirror.
"It looks great!" Andy grinned.
"I really like it, thank you so much!"
Once you were done paying and admiring the new look, you asked your dad if you could also get your nails done if you were already nearby a nail salon, and of course he agreed, and came to seat with you there too.
"I forgot how weird it feels when you get your nails done," you commented with a smile and moved your fingers around experimentally.
"Be careful," Andy said with a smile, "you don't wanna mess it up."
"I won't," you reassured him. "Also, I'm kinda hungry. Can we get something to eat? By the time it'll arrive my nails will be dry anyways."
You went and sat down at the food court, each deciding what you wanted to get and placing your orders before sitting down to wait for them.
"So," Andy started softly, "how's school going?"
You sighed and averted your eyes down to the table in front of you. You knew yesterday would come up at some point or another. "Well, you know I failed my math test. So, not great," your voice was quiet, almost too quiet for him to hear you above the chatter around you.
"Hey," he reached out to grab your shoulder, prompting you to look back at him, "It's okay. Everyone has bad days. And weeks," he smiled comfortingly, "we all make mistakes. We just gotta learn to get over them and learn from them. If you need help with anything, you know you can ask me, right? And we could get you a tutor if you want."
"Okay," you sent a small, grateful smile his way, "Thanks dad. I'll think about it."
"Great. I think I'll go check what's up with the food, I'm starving," he chuckled, before getting up and walking away towards the counter.
Yesterday it felt like your world was falling apart. But now, it really didn't seem that way anymore. You knew it was all going to be alright, especially if your dad had anything to say on the matter.
hope you liked it!! hopefully i can upload more frequently soon. in the meantime, stay hydrated<3
Taglist:  @horny-nd-bored​ @shannon124 @perfectlyharolds​ @wintersoldierslut​ @iceebabies​  @sleepingpapermouse @steverogerswasalwaysworthy @holtzkinnon @angelicl-y @stydia-4-ever @thatoneperson5000 @fangirlfree​ @kaitcordx25 @bequeening​ @steve-barry-damon-logan​ @itscrazycherryblossomcollection​ @hollandxmarvel​ @stargazingfangirl18 @readsreblogsfics @onetwo3000 @beritmetal @harrystylesholland @jazbot2000 @anobscurename @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @peggycarter-steverogers @evansphnx12 @starlightcrystalline @procrastinatingsapphictrash
Chris & co. taglist: @patzammit
if you wanna join / be removed from a taglist, comment/message me! much love <3
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marvelousbucky55 · a month ago
I have no idea what to write so give me some ideas!!
I’m up to write anything
People I wrote for the most
-Sebastian Stan
-Chris Evans
-Bucky Barnes
-Steve Rogers
Anyone really in the mcu cast/the characters
(Posted 5/17/21)
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