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wayward-blonde · 27 minutes ago
The Devil was Once an Angel
Title: The Devil was Once an Angel
Pairing: Dark!Steve x Reader
Warnings: This is dark. Smut. Vag. penetration. Oral. M receiving. Little anal play. Swearing. Rough sex. Angst. Mentions of blood play. Violence. Talk of previous murder
Summary: Part 3. Need to read Part 1 and Part 2.  Is the reader regretting her dark turn?
A/N: This took a completely unexpected turn. Not sure how I feel about it yet.
Just tagging a couple people. @the-iceni-bitch (I know you love this psycho shit 😘) @thatsthewrongwallcraig​ @labella420​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The high-pitch whistle sound reverberated in his ears before the impact - the vibranium shield slicing through the air, ricocheting off the concrete pillar in the empty parking garage before flying back into the waiting hands of its master.
Pierce turned around just in time to watch Steve catch the shield with his strong fingers, before tossing it over his shoulder, placing it across his back.
“That’s a helluva way to get someone’s attention, Captain.” Pierce spoke, his voice full of mirth as a smirk crossed his face, briefly, before disappearing into his wrinkles, eyes hard.
Steve didn’t move, stalk still like a stone-cold statue, his jaw strong, clicking in combativeness. “You summon me, like a goddamn whore?”
Pierce’s head cocked to the side, the smirk returning. “Isn’t that what you’ve been doing with that new toy that shares your bed?”
Steve was on him before he had time to blink, fingers wrapped around Pierce’s throat while the other held the shield to a pulsing artery - begging to be set free to spill over the white collar of his suit.
His eyes never blinked, emotion void across his face as Steve's eyes seared into his. “When you’re done playing house, I’m going to have to insist you come with me. You and your little - toy,” he emphasized the word with a smile, “have created quite the mess, Rogers.”
“I don’t answer to you,” Steve spoke, his eyes travelling lower to watch the pulse jump and bite against the shield.
“Oh, dear boy,” Pierce’s hand came up to the shield, slowly lowering it away from his body, “but you do. And we’ve never had any issues until you started taking up with that little neighbour of yours.”
“Leave her out of this,” Steve sneered.
“I wasn’t the one that brought her into it. That’s on you. And killing Hawthorne?” he tsked. “Big mistake. You owe big for that.”
Steve pulled away, turning his back as he started to walk away.
“Captain. You burnt down one of our warehouses along with all its contents when you started that fire to hide your girl's sins. We’re going to need a sign of good faith.”
Steve gripped his shield tighter, his walk strong as he stalked away, his voice low, but loud enough to be heard. “Don’t worry, Pierce. You’ll get what’s coming to you.”
You sat back against the leather chair, your notes on the meeting forgotten as your boss called your name, repeatedly. It took a few moments before you recognized the sound and looked up, eyes wide in confusion. “Sorry. What?”
Your boss’s eyes narrowed, “You okay, y/n?”
“Yeah. Yes.” You said, straightening up in your chair, pulling the notes from your lap. “Sorry. Long week.”
“Well, I know it’s a shock. Hawthorne certainly brought in a lot of business. His passing is,” the man shrugged, “unexpected. But we still have work to do.”
You nodded.
“Okay,” he grabbed his briefcase. “I have that deposition to get to. Let me know what you find.”
You nodded again, before standing and watching your boss leave you. Your eyes travelled down to the papers on his desk, bearing the Hawthorne name, and you sank back into the chair, your hands outstretched before you.
There was nothing there. You knew that. But the stains remained, just under the surface. The blood, thick and glossy against your skin. You had washed your hands, repeatedly, for hours after the incident. The more you scrubbed, the more it remained.
Your eyes closed, picturing the blood spilling from his throat while Steve has fucked you from behind. It had felt good. All of it. Taking control. Watching his life drain from his body, his skin growing pale as the blood left his body, flowing over your soft skin like warm, sticky, caramel; getting into every nook and cranny.
You had never felt what you had felt in that moment. Like a God, watching little mice running around, your boot hovering just above their madness. Steve had toppled over a gas can as he grabbed your hand, cleaning it with the man’s tossed clothes as he tugged you out of the building, the flames licking the very thighs his slick dripped from. 
It became something else then, as you watched the building engulf in flames. Your eyes unable to look anywhere else but the blistering flames before you. You felt Steve lick the shell of your ear, whispering words you couldn’t quite recall. 
A crowd began to gather as Steve tugged his baseball cap low, covering his eyes, blending in. You felt his arms wrap around your waist, holding you close. Your eyes turned up to look at him,  the flames dancing across his eyes - unwavering gaze at the destruction before him, expression emotionless.
You had gone home that night, numb, wrapping your coat tighter around your body, pleading for it to care for you. Comfort you. 
Your walk into your building was quiet as Steve took your hand, pulling you toward his door. You smiled sheepishly, gesturing to your door, exhaustion - regret? - promising a perfect sleep.
But that never came. Nothing perfect and little sleep. Steve refused to let you out of his sight that night. The sheer ecstasy at what you had both engaged him, excited him to no bounds. He had described - in great detail - how hard he had been in watching you kill. How he had never thought he would find the perfect partner. In the same moment he spoke of his darkest desires to fuck you as you both bathed in blood, he sank his cock deep inside you, praying to the Gods on how good you felt. His fingers bruised your thighs as he roughly pumped into you, his grunts pushing past your lips in a vulgar expression of his desire. 
Steve had fucked you every which way that night. Your mouth, tired and sore, held agape as he pumped into your tonsils, eyes sealed shut above you, pleasure washing over his body at your heat. You on top, riding him like a bucking bronco as his hips jutted up, pounding into you, ripping your first release of your body that night like a thief, snagging the jewels straight from your body before draping you in your very own pearl necklace.
On top, punishing your body with his thrusts as your legs rested on his shoulders, pushed against you as he nipped and bit at your breasts. On all fours, head pulled back while his mouth eagerly claimed you, a thumb pushing into your puckered back entrance, promises of ruining that soon as his cock pounded your pussy walls, stretching you open with each drive. And when he finally spilled inside you for the final time, so deep into your core that you felt every ribbon splash across your walls as you clenched around him, your own release coating his cock in your milk. A cry fell from his throat as he touched his lips to yours, an, I love you into your mouth, sealing it in with a kiss.
You had felt passion before. But nothing like this. This - this all consuming desire to burrow inside each other, pull him into your womb, letting him curl up inside you, never leaving. This was something more. Something dangerous. And even as your mind tried to come to terms with what you had done, the need for Steve to be inside you - never left. The throb you felt deep in your pants awakened an animal instinct inside you. Some murderous desire to let the world burn around you as he fucked you with every inch of his fat cock, screaming in agony and ecstasy - two star-crossed fucking lovers in the night, laying waste to the world around them.
You walked through your days like a shadow across the floor. There, but not really. A darkness encroaching upon the surface, pulling you down into the depths of darkness below your feet.
You dropped your bag on the table by the door, switching on your hallway light. You fell back into your door, grateful for the cryptic message you had received from Steve.
Avenger shit. Be back in a few days.
You craved normalcy. Heating up soup with grilled cheese for dinner. It would have been easy to blame Steve for your new-found homicidal tendencies. But that wasn’t quite right. You had started changing before knowing anything about him, other than the face he showed the public. Before you knew he claimed your body each night while you slept. Before you knew he was working with the bad guys.
Bad guys, like you.
You sighed, biting into your sandwich. 
You pulled a folder from your bag, setting it on the table before you, combing through all the faces that Hawthorne had assaulted, before slamming the file shut.
“Vag up, y/n” you spat harshly to yourself. “The man was an asshole and deserved it.”
“Did he, though?”
You jumped from your chair, the pages of the file scattering around your feet. The man took a step out from the darkness. You recognized him. You knew him. You shook your head, stammering, “I…”
He held his large hand up, demanding silence.
“I know what the two of you did. And I know it wasn’t all on you. We know of your history with…” he grinned, “the deceased. We also know, Steve is compromised.” The man pulled a seat from under your kitchen table, sitting down, casually, as if he had come for a biscuit and a cup of tea. His arm outstretched, beckoning you to sit across from him. You dropped onto the hard surface, tucking your hands in your lap, fidgeting at his strong stature.
“I’m here to ask you for help.” He leaned in, the light hitting him sharply, “we need to know how far he’s gone. And if we can get him back. Or, …” he trailed off, purposely allowing you to finish the sentence yourself.
“Or, kill him?”
Fury’s hands crossed over his lap. His face even, but soft - forlorn - just the same. “We need to know if Captain America is truly lost to us. Or if it’s something else.”
“Like a drug?”
“Like a drug.”
Your head fell, eyes falling heavy on the table before you. It wasn’t a drug. It wasn’t mind control. That you knew. 
But could you give Steve up? Was the world you had before so much better than what you had now?
The tingle that began in your fingertips was hot. Scorching. You watched it course through your veins, igniting a fire within you as it moved through your body. You weren’t trapped by your conscience. It was merely showing you your options. Simpering victim, plagued by some pathetic righteousness that did no one any good. Or freedom to live as you pleased. Steve didn’t give you this power; he merely made the introduction. And this world, with its - devil-may-care attitude - was a sin worth committing.
A smile crept across your face, the face of an angel caught in the devil’s web, pleading for forgiveness. “I’ll help you. Tell me what you need me to do.” You asked, sinking your fangs into the angel’s throat and shredding the last bit of your humanity along with it.
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amberderose · 2 hours ago
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
A/N - So every fucking month, I always watch Not Another Teen Movie to commemorate when I first watched at age 3. I absolutely loved Chris in that movie and that's how I got my crush on him, even though it sucks, sucks bad. Oh well. I just watched it again, at this point I have the shit memorized, and I thought why not make an EvansStan cliché fanfic. Also, for the sake of the plot, imagine Seb grew up in Boston alongside Chris. Have fun y'all, I know I did writing it!
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Explicit themes, Language, Sexual themes, masturbation, Sexual thoughts, Fingering, Oral sex (male and female receiving), Cockwarming, Palming, exhibitionism, voyeurism (sort of...), choking, breeding kink, Latina reader! 18+ ONLY, MINORS DNI ||
4.9k Words
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Y/N L/N, your name was known by every tabloid, every interviewer, every celebrity. Why? It was a stupid reason really, it was because you were the one and only wife of both Christopher Robert Evans and Sebastian Stan. Yes, both. You were married to both men, which apparently, people couldn't wrap their tiny minds around. Some people could be so closed minded. Most tabloids made your life hell, calling you various degrading names, adding in some racial slurs as well as you were Latina. Like blaming your ethnicity could help them compute the fact that you were married to two people.
You knew it was just because they were jealous. Jealous that you had not only one, but two of Hollywood's hottest hunks, arguably. So you tried to pay them no special attention, that is until one of the nicer interviewers, Oprah, called you on a one-to-one interview about your marriage and how you first got together with these handsome men. You graciously agreed, hoping that your story would shed some more light to your fans and would make some of the tabloids back off.
Your hair was done, your makeup was done and your hand rested on your baby bump. 6 months. You walked out, taking deep breaths as you did. You smiled at the text Chris and Seb sent you before you left the house for the interview.
So sorry we're working. We love you and the babies, hope you three stay safe and come back to us soon. Love all three of you ❤. XOXO. Oh, this is from both Chris and Seb by the way.
You were all smiles as you walked out to greet Oprah. She asked you how you were doing, about your baby as the world didn't know you were carrying twins. You told her that you were carrying two babies and she, of course, smothered you like a mother as she had often done throughout your acting career. Finally, time came to talk about your story. Her dark eyes peered into yours as she spoke, "Tell me about how you met Chris and Sebastian." You took a deep breath, it was as if you were taken back to 27 years ago. "Well," You started, "I suppose it began in highschool."
*Flashback Music*
You looked up at the big school, it seemed so opposing to everything you had seen in your small hometown. You were somewhat of a country girl until your father had to move here with you because of his business, they had transfered him to Boston. Your eyes squinted as you took in your surroundings. "Hey Seb!" A loud, boisterous voice broke you from your fascination. You looked infront of you to see a somewhat skinny boy, blonde hair, blue eyes. He was more lean then skinny, he looked like a surfer.
"Hey Dumbass. I thought you said Ma' could drive me too!" The blonde boy, he nodded slightly to someone behind you and you turned around to look at a dark-haired boy with piercing blue eyes. He was also lean, both him and the blonde were laid back and chill. Nothing like your tense state. You watched as the two hugged, slapping each other's back. "Man, it sucks that you went on summer vacation just a week before school started. Imagine all the fun we could've had." The brunette sighed. The blonde shrugged, "You know the Evans family had their reunion, I couldn't miss it."
"Whatever Chris, you were probably there so that you could meet some hot girl in New York. Find anyone?" Chris chuckled, shaking his head, "No, but I think city girls are boring. I want to try something different. Man, I want a country girl." Since those words had fallen out of Chris' perfect lips, you knew you were in trouble. You quickly turned around, and kept your gaze to the floor as you made your way to your first class, Biology. You got lost about 15 times before you finally rounded a corner and saw the room you were searching for.
Quietly, you slunk into the room, sitting down on one of the black benches furthest away from the teacher. No one had taken either of the two seats next to you thankfully. "Shit, we were almost late." You heard the blonde boys voice again and your eyes widened. Don't sit next to me, your mind chanted while your heart wanted something else. "Mind if we sit here?" The brunette asked. You cursed inside of your head while your heart pounded against your ribcage. "No, not at all." You replied in a meek voice.
The two boys slid in on either side of you, the blonde on your left and the brunette on your right. "I'm Chris and that's Sebastian." You smiled politely, "Pleasure to meet ya' fellas. I'm Y/N, although my friends call me Y/N/N." Chris grinned, "Alright then, Y/N/N. Hey, are you from the country side?" You gulped, you had hoped your accent wouldn't show through. You sighed shakily, "Uh yeah, I am." Chris and Seb both shared a look, which you didn't miss, "Alright then! You new?" Sebastain asked and you nodded. "Great, now we're your new friends." You were much to shy to argue and they did seem nice so you just gently smiled and nodded.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Since that day, you three were practically inseparable, which admittedly made school that much more fun and home life that much more interesting. The three of you were best friends, your small intimate group of three. It was quite odd to those outside of your group, they saw it as taboo for two men and a girl to be as close as you three were. Then again you couldn't exactly blame them...
You three had played truth or dare (strip edition) more times than you could count. The three of you sneaking out to the docks, each grabbing either a pack of beers or a bottle of something better and getting drunk off your ass. Then, having the ridiculous idea to play strip truth or dare, with one of you ending up completely naked, in all their glory for the other two to see. Luckily, all of you were too hammered to remember much and the next morning would bring about a pounding headache.
Other times, when your dad would go away to a business trip, sleepovers would be at your house. Often, you would feel comfortable enough to strip down to just your panties and climb into your bed, snuggled up with the two other boys, who were in just their boxers as well. You three would have meaningful talks, and by that you meant the boys had the "birds and bees" talk more times with you than your dad had. All your dad had said was, "Don't get pregnant, be safe, because I can barely pay for you, not about to pay for a baby as well."
But, it wasn't all sexual. Throughout the years, you saw Seb and Chris grow and they saw you. They saw you become more mature and vice versa. Each of you helped the other through their worst moments like heartbreaks or parent problems or, what you thought your problems to be, stupid issues. No matter what, even if you were a bitch during those days in the month or if you were sobbing your eyes out, those boys would be on either side or you in bed, comforting you until you felt better. Making you forget and laugh until your sides hurt.
Maybe that's why... you didn't know when it happened or how, all you knew was that you had fallen hopelessly in love with your best friends. That's right, not one but both of them and you knew how unfair and cruel that seemed. Even if you did end up dating one, the other one would be on your mind and that would no doubt cause a rift between all three of you. So you said nothing, kept your mouth shut, even though it was killing you from the inside.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
You found yourself, on the last day of summer before your senior year, a sweltering day where you could've been enjoying at the beach, at Chris' house. The place empty except for you, Seb and the blonde boy himself. Lisa and Robert had taken Scott, Shanna and Carly to the beach, where you would've preffered to have been, but nooooo. You had to stay here and help the boys work through their wardrobe crisis.
You pursed your lips, trying not to laugh as they both wiggled down shirts that were ridiculously small for them. You noticed the twinkle in Seb's eyes, the teasing in Chris' smile and your heart pounded. Your crush wasn't going away. It didn't help matters when the two lean and skinny boys you had always known started to work out and developed so many muscles that they looked like Greek Gods. Their faces had also matured, jawlines sharp, features sharp, faces simply beautiful.
You hadn't been excluded from the maturing of facial and body features. Your body was to die for, which both Chris and Seb had noticed right away. Your eyes were shinier, lashes more luminous. Your locks were vividly bouncy and sleek. Your lips... well both boys had imagine kissing those perfect lips. You were the perfect epitome of beauty and perfection, but you didn't notice, which only made you that more beautiful. You glanced up at the two boys, their shirts tight everywhere, the fabric screaming.
You let out a short laugh, the melodic sound seeming like music to the boys' ears. "You both look ridiculous. Like you borrowed my shirts." Chris grumbled as he tossed off the shirt, same with Seb. You let your eyes rake over their body, their hard abdominal muscles and lower to their Adonis belt. "Eyes up here Y/N/N." You grinned flirtatiously, nothing new there. You always flirted with them, which you knew they always took as a "joke".
"Can't exactly blame me, Evans." Chris chuckled as Seb walked over to you, his eyes dark as he leaned close to you. Your heart picked up its pace and you hoped that neither Seb nor Chris would notice. "Sweetheart, with you wearing that skimpy little bikini, you can't blame if we're looking either." You gulped and then snorted to relieve some of the tension as Seb backed away. "And what rack exactly are you staring at because I'm a door." "That's what you think." Chris spoke, his voice muffled by the hoodie he was unsuccessfully trying to pull on.
"Been looking there, Chris?" You teased. "Not just him." Seb teased back. You shook your head, laughing at your idiotic bestfriends. "Guys, seriously come on. Let's go to the mall, buy you both some new clothes." Chris and Seb sighed, after their many attempts at trying to fit into old clothes, they relented and gave in.
After a long and tedious trip to the mall and a relaxing night at the docks, it was time for your first day of senior year. You had recently gotten your license so you pulled up infront of Seb's house, where both boys agreed to meet you. You saw Sebastian and Chris standing on the edge of the front lawn, talking animatedly with one another. You honked your horn loudly, "Get in dumbasses." They both turned to look at you, a wide grin adorning each if their faces as they walked towards the car and got in.
"You two are looking mighty fine in the new clothes I bought you yesterday." "Which by the way we'll pay for." Sebastian mumbled. "Looking good yourself, Sweetheart. Going for the whole, "I'm a badass female and too good for all men" vibe, huh?" You shrugged, throwing Chris a wink through your back view mirror. You glanced down at your clothes, red, lace bralette with a black leather jacket and distressed, black mom jeans.
The ride there was mostly filled with Chris expressing his excitement on the new Captain America issue. Seb talking about trying out for a varsity sport. And the three of you teasing and flirting, as always. When you got to school, you parked your car and all of you walked inside together. It was as if the whole world had gone mute, everybody stood there, mouths agape as they stared at the three of you. You guessed puberty had hit all three of you the hardest this past summer.
The attention was uncanny, the silence deafening as you all walked past the multitude of students who stared at you three. You blushed and looked down at the floor as you walked. Finally reaching to class, you all had coordinated so you would get the same classes, you settled in. Not even 2 minutes since you had sat down, Bethany, a popular girl in your school, sashyed your way.
She leaned on Chris' desk, her breasts threatening to fall out of her tight shirt. "Hey Chris." Chris blinked as his mouth fell open slightly, much like the mouths of the other students in class as they looked towards the three of you. "Bethany, you never talked to me. Like ever." She blinked and then let out a much too fake laugh, swatting at Chris' arm. "Oh silly, I did too. Now listen, big party at my house Friday night. You and Sebastian are invited."
Chris glanced over at you, you gave him a tight lipped smile, he glanced back at Bethany. "Uh, Bethany... can I bring a friend?" The girls brows furrowed as she tossed her hair over her shoulder, no doubt wondering who Chris' "friend" was. "Ofcourse." She replied with a forced smile. Chris grinned, "Great, I'm bringing Y/N/N." The blonde girl pursed her lips as she looked over at you, her eyes cutting into yours. She did a once-over of you before smiling, although the smile seemed pure evil. "Ofcourse. I have something at the party I think you'll enjoy." You gave her a curt nod as she walked away, hips swaying.
You rolled your eyes, fake gagging, "We aren't really going to that party, are we?" Chris shrugged, "Senior year, Y/N/N, might as well make the best of it." You huffed and slunk into your seat.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Your head pounded, nose burning with the stench of sweat, cheap cologne and alcohol. Chris' hand was on the small of your back, Seb's arm over your shoulders. Your two dumbass best friends had taken one look at your dress and shook their heads. It took them much convincing that no idiot would dare fuck with you, because you would make sure to make them infertile before they could try anything. Still, the boys needed to be by your side the entire time. That is until they found themselves occupied...
Bethany ran over to you three, her smile wide. "You guys made it!" She glanced at you and she gasped, "Y/N, you're wearing a slutty dress. Perfect. My parents bedroom is reserved for you!" You rolled your eyes at her and then worriedly looked down at your outfit, "Wait, this dress is slutty?" "Nah, I just think you look fucking sexy wearing that." Your mouth dropped open as you glanced over at Seb, you playfully swatted his arm.
"Anyways. Chris you're with me, Seb I have a friend to introduce you to and Y/N, Brett's been waiting to meet you." Your eyes rounded, "Brett? Brett as in your older brother Brett? The one in his third year of University?" Bethany nodded, "That's him. I think you two will hit it off." You three made your way towards the group of popular kids by the couches. The insanely hot Brett, stood by the bookcase, away from the other sweaty bodies. Bethany grabbed your hand and dragged you to him, "Brett, this is the smart and gorgeous girl I was telling you about. I'll leave you two to it."
You glanced up at the blonde, his surfer blue eyes peering into yours. "My sister tells me you're a friend and you're smart. Those two things usually don't mingle." You chuckled, glancing over at the drunk group of cheerleaders, "Your sister never even talked to me until the first day of Senior year." Brett smiled at you, a handsome smile. "I like you." You smiled back, "Wow, you don't waste any time, do you?" Brett chuckled and shook his head.
Chris looked over at you laughing with that Brett man and his fists clenched. He glanced over at Seb who was flirting with a cheerleader, a brunette one. He had lost both the people he loved, and for what? A stupid party. He was jealous, he was mad and the buzz from the alcohol wasn't helping. So when Bethany came over to him, lips puckered, he jumped at the opportunity. He pulled her onto his lap and passionately kissed her. The two making out on the couch right there as she slowly grinded into him.
Seb's gaze wandered from the cheerleader, his charming smile replaced with a vivid frown as he saw your hand swat at Brett's, a wide smile on your face. He looked over at Chris who was on the couch making out with Bethany. Something inflamed in his veins and he didn't like it, the least bit, how it made him feel. His gaze lingered onto the cheerleader as she readjusted her bra, his eyes falling to her breasts. He smiled slightly at her, "Wanna make out?" She grinned back, "Yes, yes, yes." She threw her arms around Sebastian, pulling him in close as she attacked his mouth with hers.
You were having a great time with Brett, he was friendly. That's all you thought of him, a great friend. But you had started to miss Chris and Seb so you looked around, finding them both immersed in steamy make out sessions. Your jaw clenched. You had never before felt the ugly emotion you were feeling right now, but you were somewhat desperate to get rid of it, so you looked at Brett. You smiled flirtatiously at him as you pushed him into the wall and pressed your front into his, rolling your hips. You felt his mouth open wide and his head fall back as he moaned lowly.
Your hands wound their way to his locks as you tugged slightly, your eyes peering into his before you kissed him. You heart sank when your lips connected with his, it didn't feel right. You didn't get that electric tingle you always got when Chris or Seb would touch you or they would kiss your cheek. That warm feeling that lingered long after their touches, wasn't there when you touched Brett and that was all you needed to pull away from him. "I-I'm sorry." You stuttered as Brett stared at you with open eyes. "Did I do something wrong?" He asked and you shook your head, "No, believe me. It's not you, it's me." He furrowed his brows and was about to say something, but you didn't care.
Storming over to Chris, you pulled Bethany off of him, her surprised squeal hurting your ears. "Mine. He's mine." You growled to her. She and Chris both watched in utter confusion as you grabbed his hand and pulled him over to Seb, where you tapped the brunettes shoulder. She turned around and you slapped her across the cheek, "Next time, think about it before you steal my man." You grabbed Seb's hand in your spare one as you dragged both boys outside and to your car. "In." You ordered them and they obliged with surprise.
Once in the car, for a while the only sound that could be heard was the low hum of the engine before Chris spoke up, "So we're not going to talk about how you called both me and Seb your "man"." You sighed, pulling infront of your empty house as your father was gone for the weekend, you turned to look at them both at the back. "Yeah. I did. Either of you got a problem with that?" They glanced at each other then you then at each other, once again. "You want the both of us? At the same time?" "Did I fucking stutter?" They blinked and then Chris broke into a loud laugh, clutching his left pectoral as he did and trying to reach for Seb's.
"Yes! God yes. I would absolutely love to be with you both." You smiled at Chris and looked over nervously at Sebastian. "You in Seb?" He chuckled, "You're asking like you want me to join a gang. Do you two even know for how long I've been crushing on both of you?" You released a breath you hadn't realized you'd been holding in. Suddenly, you realized what this meant... you shyly looked towards your house, "My dad's away." You whispered.
Chris and Seb glanced at your shy gaze, "We don't have to do anything. We can just snuggle in bed." Sebastian whispered with a soft voice. You bit your lip, "I want you two... now."
Getting to your room, still clothed was by far the most difficult feat you three had accomplished. Once in the confinements of your bedroom, Chris handled you with gentleness yet a firmness that you hadn't seen yet. He gently pushed you back onto your bed as he leaned in, his breath tickling yours. This was it, the moment you had been waiting for... he kissed you. You gasped, the electric tingle you always felt was increased tenfold, your entire body feeling like sparks were going off in you.
You felt someone's mouth on your neck, suckling and kissing it. You knew it must've been Sebastian. Your dress' straps were pulled down, the dress slowly sliding down your body. You felt Chris and Seb's weight come off you as you glanced at them through heavy-lidded eyes due to the alcohol consumption and sheer lust. They both stripped off their shirts and pants and were about to climb onto you, but you wagged your finger. "Kiss each other." "What?" Chris asked. "Kiss. Each. Other." They skeptically glanced at one another.
They took timid steps to approach one another as their mouths wrestled with each other. Chris' hands traveled the bare expanse of Sebastian's body as his rested on Chris' wonderful booty, pulling him in closer. Both boys kissed passionately and you heard the wet sounds of their mouths. The low groans. You moaned softly as your hand dipped into your underwear. Your fingers collected your slick, as you teased yourself through your folds.
Your middle finger slowly dipped into your entrance as your palm pressed into your clit. You whimpered, staring at the heated show infront of you. Another moan, except louder fell from your parted lips, catching the attention of both boys. Chris smirked, "See that Seb? Been paying so much attention to each other, we forgot about our girl. You want us, Sweetheart?" You nodded desperately. "Ok." Sebastian spoke huskily.
They both stalked towards you, Chris settled himself by your legs as he pressed kisses to the waistband of your panties. Sebastian's hands fondled your breasts through the thin fabric of your lacy bra. "You know how crazy it drove us when you would wear just these? How many times I've imagined ripping this off your body?" Sebastain whispered lowly into your ear. You shivered as he kissed you and his hands wrapped around either sides of your bra before he ripped it in half. You gasped at the cold air hitting your now bare nipples.
Then you felt warmth envelope one hardened bud, you felt Sebastian's tongue glide against your nipple expertly and you threw your head back. Meanwhile Chris was still pressing kisses to yor clothed core. That is until he heard the sounds you made, after that he lost it as he ripped off your panties, much like Seb had done with your bra. His tongue delved into your folds, without warning. His tongue fumbled around for a bit before it found your clit and the response it elicited from you, he knew he had hit jackpot. He stayed focused in that area as his fingers slowly spread your juices onto them so that he could push them in, one-by-one.
Your hand flew to Chris' locks, tugging at them mercilessly. Your other one rested on Sebastian's crotch as you cupped him through his boxers. Both boys groaned and the vibrations only amplified the pleasure you felt. You gasped loudly, "D-d-do that again." You let out. They groaned again, your back arching off the bed. You were close, the coil in your belly about to burst free and then it did. Your chest heaved, eyes crazed as you rode out your high. Chris sucked up your juices. He pulled of his boxers as did Sebastian. Chris got a condom from his jeans pocket, ripping it open and rolling it onto his long and thick cock. Your mouth watered just staring at it. He crawled onto you and lined himself up with your entrance, his gaze penetrating your own. Seb smoothed back your hair, his own long and hard cock close to your mouth. "Ready to be filled up, Y/N/N." You gulped and nodded.
Chris pushed into your tight pussy, you were a human virgin, not a dildo virgin. So it didn't hurt that much, but you still felt yourself being stretched. You gasped and Chris stilled inside you, "You ok?" "Keep going." You whispered as you turned your head towards Seb, taking him in your mouth and hands. You could feel Chris sliding in and out slowly and after a while, the sting that was there turned into pleasure. You bucked your hips into his and he picked up his pace, his hands going to hold onto your headboard so he could find some more stability. That allowed him him go faster. You moaned and you heard Seb groan loudly.
"Whatever you're doing to her, Chris, keep doing it. Her mouth feels like heaven." His praise went straight to your tummy as you felt butterflies. "She tastes like heaven too, bud." Chris grunted out. God, all this praise and pleasure was making your head swim. "Seb, you think you can toy with her clit and nipples?" You heard the brunette snort, your eyes glanced up at his face as you saw him smirk at Chris. "My pleasure."
Sebastian's hands went to your intimate places. One resting on your breasts as he tweaked your nipple and the other fumbling to find your clit. "Uh, can't find it?" If it wasn't for the situation you were in, you would've laughed. "It's near where my dick is slamming into her." Now, you really did snort. Chris glanced over at you amusedly, "Do we make you laugh, Baby? Even in bed? Well that's not good." You pulled off Sebastian's cock with a pop, as he whined at the loss of your mouth.
You grinned, "But that's the best." You gestured at Chris' cock, buried balls-deep in you, "The kind of relationship where you can laugh even when your mans are fucking the shit out of you." Chris chuckled, his head dipping to the crook of your neck, where he pressed a kiss. You grabbed Seb's hand and guided it to your clit. His fingers found it as he rubbed loose circles. You moaned loudly and Seb grinned, "Woo! Back in business baby." You rolled your eyes and with your hand, guided his cock to your mouth again as you enveloped him. You hollowed out your cheeks, trying to take him as deep as you possible could, at this point your throat had relaxed, allowing you to deepthroat him.
The three of you kept going, your moans encompassing the entire room, the smell of sweat and sex lingering in the air until you felt that familiar tightening of your belly. You raised your hips to meet with Chris, eyes shut tight and face flushed as you came hard. Chris could feel you squeezing him and he couldn't hold back. After seeing the two of you cum, Seb couldn't very well be left off so he took matters into his own hands. Grabbing the back of your tired head, he face fucked you until you felt his warm seed spilling in you. You sighed in contentment.
Seb, being the least fucked out, it seemed, made his way to your washroom, getting a warm rag to clean off all of you. Then with Chris' body encircling yours on one side and Seb's on the other, you felt yourself drift to sleep. But not before muttering an "I love you." And hearing their muffled responses back.
Telling your dad was hard, he didn't understand at first, but he saw how happy his "princess" was and so he agreed to your relationship with both men. Chris' parents were a little more understanding and Seb's parents had to be convinced but they eventually came around as well. You three didn't care who said what about your relationship, as long as you all were together. And that's how all three of you ended up in acting school and eventually working together on the Marvel movies.
Although people made it hard for you three, you really loved the years that you spent with both Chris and Sebastian. They were some of the best years of your life and you wouldn't change it, no matter what.
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Once in a Lifetime
Summary: Meeting Chris at a premier for the first time.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
A/N: "Ajab si" song has been stuck in my head for a couple of days. I had to pen it down. But this drabble can be read independently, without any relation to the song. Also, I high-key think I'll be having the same reaction as Shahrukh in the movie Om Shanti Om if I ever meet Chris in real life. 🥺
Title: Once in a Lifetime
Tumblr media
Aayi aisi raat hai jo, Bohat khush-naseeb hai
This night is very lucky
As soon as you noticed the black limo coming to a halt at the other end of the red carpet, your heart started thumping in your chest. You adjusted the straps of your dress, holding the pen and poster of his recent movie character, amongst all the other fans lined up behind the barricade. The music was loud and the screams were deafening, yet your heartbeat echoed loud and clear in your ears. When he stepped out of the car, dressed in a form fitting suit, looking dapper with a huge smile on his face; you were certain you would faint.
Tumblr media
Chaahe jisse door se duniya, Vo mere kareeb hai
The one whom the whole world desires is close to me
"Chris!" The girls behind you called out, repeatedly screaming his name while shoving their bodies against you.
While they shouted his name, you had lost your voice completely, staring at his figure dumbfounded. The excitement of meeting him for the first time had turned into a full blown anxiety attack. Your hands had turned cold and you were pretty sure your legs were shaking.
"Hello guys." Chris had walked up the barricade, greeting everyone while pulling the cap off of his marker pen. He was a few paces away, answering questions by the fans along with signing anything that caught his attention.
As he came closer, enough for you to notice the freckles on his cheeks and the vein on the side of his neck, you were nearly in tears. If Chris looked handsome on screen, up close he looked surreal like he was one of God's best creations.
With trembling hands you had reached out to him with your poster, feeling the stinging tears welling up in your eyes.
Tumblr media
Kitna kuch kehna hai, Fir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kahi
I have so much to say and yet I have so many questions
"Hi, hi, hi" He greeted everybody as he signed along.
You took a deep breath to calm your nerves, smelling his distinct cologne as it overwhelmed your senses with it's spicy undertone. But your world near about exploded when he grabbed your poster and smiled at you.
Those mere seconds when he was signing his autograph, felt like a lifetime as time moved slowly for you. You noted how his hand glided along the paper and how he concentrated to put only so much pressure to write but not tear it. His fingers had clasped the other end of the poster, so delicately and yet so firm like holding a baby. The way his head titled to the side when he wrote had always looked adorable on tv; to be seeing it in person was like a dream come true.
"Thank you." You squeaked, unsure whether he even heard it.
"No, no. Thank you." He nodded, moving on to the next person and making his way down the aisle, clicking pictures along the way too. His simple acknowledgement had sent you sky-rocketing to the heavens; your life goal was now complete.
But your magical reality was ruined when you groaned as the girls behind you rushed to push forward. You felt the air leave your lungs as you were being crushed against the metal bars. You tried to maintain your stance but it was becoming increasingly difficult, leaving you gasping for air.
"Hey, hey!" Chris rushed back towards you, calling his men to help him.
Tumblr media
Sapnon mein jo roz kaha hai, wo phir se kahun Ya nahi
Should I voice what I’ve so often repeated in my dreams?
You were hyper aware of his face being mere inches away from yours. His hand rested on your back while his men kept the other fans behind and pulled you out to the side. Once in the open, you coughed, catching your breath while bending with your hands resting on your knees.
"You okay?"
Your head snapped up when you heard Chris's voice. He looked concerned, the crease between his brows deepening with each passing second. At the proximity of your bodies without the metal barricade separating you both, you could notice the glimmer of blue mixing with green in his eyes and the way he towered over you.
You were rendered speechless at the way your night had turned out to be. Every word, every syllable that you had ever learnt had completely vanished from your vocabulary. When you opened your mouth, nothing but air came out.
Chris chuckled before gently placing his hand on your arm. "I have to rush but they'll help you if you need anything, alright?" He smiled at you before sauntering towards the media personnel standing near the barricades.
When you could gather your wits, you couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. You felt your heart flutter, watching him in the distance as he animately spoke to the interviewer. In that same starstruck daze, you noticed your signed poster was missing, probably slipping put of your grasp when you were trying to save yourself from getting crushed.
One would think you would be upset about it, but you were anything but. With a faint tingle on your arm where he had touched you, you turned on your heels and made your way out of the venue with a memory that would be forever imprinted in your mind.
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buckyshbic · 3 hours ago
Not me thinking of writing my first one shot of softie Chris helping you when your car gets a flat near his house
Oh and it’s snowing for extra 🪄fun🪄
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the-iceni-bitch · 4 hours ago
If I were you I'd take pre (-caution)
Before I start to meet a fly girl, you know?
'Cause in some (portions)
You'll think she's the best thing in the world
Pairing: Ari Levinson x fem!reader
Words: ~4.7k
Summary: You pick up a beautiful stranger at a dive bar and give him a night to remember, but you’re a little too addictive for your own good.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (m and f receiving oral sex, unprotected vaginal sex (wrap it before you tap it), dirty talk, slight femdom vibes), bitchy behavior from our protagonist, alcohol consumption, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: My official entry for the absolutely amazing @afriendlyblackhottie​‘s 2k B-Day Brat and R&B challenge! I may have made the reader more of a bitch than a brat, but I feel like that’s pretty on brand for me tbh. Congrats boo!! You are fantastic and deserve everything! 
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!
Dividers by the wonderful @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
Ari growled under his breath when he walked into the bar Sam and Jake had dragged him to.
“Christ, look at this place.” He huffed, frowning at the grimy surroundings. “You beg me to come out with you idiots, then you bring me to the world’s biggest dive.”
“For fuck’s sake, that new job involve shoving a stick up your ass, Levinson?” Jake just shook his head at him and moved to the bar. “You fucking love dive bars. Besides, it’s ladies’ night.”
“Do ladies actually come to places like this?” Ari said, trying his best to avoid touching anything.
“Only the type that are willing to sleep with Jake.” Sam said with a wink, ordering three beers.
“Shut up Sammy.” Jake pouted, grabbing his beer and taking a gulp. “We’re not here to pick up girls anyways. We’re here to hang out with our buddy who’s been working too hard. Now, darts or pool?”
Tumblr media
You grinned at your friends when you stepped out of your Uber, adjusting your top and slamming the door behind you.
“Oh my god, fuck you, Y/N!” Shari sighed, rolling her eyes at you. “We said this was just a girl’s night out.”
“What? It’s just me.” You said innocently.
“Yeah, just you in fuck me heels and the jeans you said ‘almost got you pregnant on five separate occasions.’” Diana looked thoroughly unimpressed as she sized you up. “Are you wearing a push-up bra?”
“No.” You lied, pouting a little as you started to follow them into the bar. “Fuck me for wanting to look good, I guess.”
“Don’t try to pull that shit with us, honey.” Shari was giving you a suffering look as she went to hang up her coat. “There’s looking good, and there’s ‘bend me over the nearest surface and fuck me stupid’ you goddamn brat.”
“Wow, I look that good?” You teased, wiggling your hips a little as you moved towards the bar. “Fine, I won’t try to pick up any assholes tonight. Let’s do some shots.”
Tumblr media
“Jake?! Are you even paying attention? You just threw that thing into the wall.” Sam frowned, yanking the dart out of the wall.
“What?” Jake was not paying attention, hefting another dart absentmindedly before Ari snatched it out of his hand with a hiss. “Listen boys, I know we’re here for Ari, or whatever. But look what just walked in.”
Ari followed his line of sight and rolled his eyes when he saw your friends. 
“God, Jake, do not ruin another night out by thinking with your dick.” He groaned, taking another swig of beer. “They probably don’t want to deal with some asshole… hitting… shit.”
You had joined your friends with a tray full of tequila shots, beaming at them while you handed them out. He grunted when he watched you bend over to put the tray on the table, he’d never seen an ass like yours.
“Ari?” Sam gave an exasperated sigh as he watched the two of them stare at your group. “Not you too, c’mon man.”
“Ha, that’s my boy!” Jake cheered, clapping Ari on the back and moving to order more drinks.
Tumblr media
“Great.” Diana huffed, downing her second shot with a hiss and frowning at you. “Those three idiots have been staring at us nonstop since we got here. You couldn’t have toned down the slut factor for one night, Y/N?”
“Hey! I don’t hear you complaining about my sluttiness when I get us all free drinks, or into a club.” You tossed back another shot with an offended huff. “Or, when I got us all out of getting arrested at Lyndsie’s bachelorette party.”
“You were the reason we almost got arrested in the first place.” Shari scolded, smirking at you while she leaned on the table. “How many of those strippers did you proposition?”
“That wasn’t totally my fault, you know what tequila does to me!”
“Shit, I told you it was tequila!” Diana hissed at Shari, grabbing the shot from your hand and chugging it before you had a chance to react while Shari went to get you some water. “This is why we don’t let you order.”
“Oh my god, you guys are no fun!” You whined, taking the water from Shari with a pout. “Now where are these staring idiots?”
They groaned at you and each grabbed an arm, dragging you towards the pool tables while your eyes wandered over the bar. 
“No, Y/N, we’re playing pool.” Shari sighed at your hysterical giggle when you finally found the three men who were watching you. “Sweetie, you promised.”
“That was before I got a look at that thick god of a man.” You grabbed yourself the vodka tonic Diana had brought back from the bar as you eyed him. “He’s like a fucking Boston Jesus. I’m gonna climb him like a tree.”
Diana whacked you in the stomach with a pool cue when you started to walk towards him, grinning at your offended chirp.
“I get it honey.” She let out a deep sigh when she shit a look at the man you were trying to eye fuck. “I really, really get it. But it’s girls’ night. Now rack ‘em up.”
“Fine.” You grabbed the rack with a melodramatic pout. “But if he comes over here, I’m not responsible for my actions.”
Tumblr media
“C’mon Levinson, let’s go talk to them.” Jake was grinning at him like an idiot.
“No. Jake, I don’t want to be the asshole that hits on a group of women that are clearly not interested.” He grabbed his second beer and took a long drink.
“That’s fine.” Jake murmured with a shrug before standing up suddenly and jogging towards you three. “Because I’m ok being that asshole.”
“Fuck, get back here!” Ari hissed after him, Sam just shaking his head and downing the rest of his drink.
“Ladies!” Jake called, beaming at you three while he walked up to you.
“Not interested.” Diana shouted back, lining her shot up and sinking it. 
“Just wanted to see if you might like an even six for your pool game.” Damn, that was a smooth recovery. 
“Hell yes we do!” You answered before either of the other girls had a chance to chime in, ignoring their scowls and letting him wave his companions over. “My name is Y/N, by the way. And my two grumpy friends are Shari and Diana.”
“Very nice to meet you, Y/N.” Jake said, shaking your hand when you offered it. “I’m Jake, the angsty little fellow is Sam, and the big man is Ari.”
“Hi, I’m so sorry, we tried to stop him.” Ari said as he walked up to you, rubbing his hand over the back of his neck with nervous energy.
You honed in on him with a low hum, squeezing your thighs together as you felt a low throbbing in your core. He was even bigger up close; broad shoulders and thick thighs and an ass you could bounce a fucking quarter off with biceps you could just imagine wrapped around your throat while he fucked you over a bathroom counter.
You were gonna wreck this boy.
“So, Ari.” You purred, stepping towards him as Shari racked up the balls and rolled her eyes at you. “What’s your story?”
“Um, I own a hotel.” That look you were giving him was unnerving.
“Mm, that sounds like a lot of hard work.” You took a deep breath and squeezed your tits together a little when you crossed your arms, biting back a grin when he let out a soft groan and tried not to stare.
“Yeah, it’s long hours and shit.” He tried to slide past you so he could take his shot, but you didn’t move and he could’ve sworn you popped your ass out a bit to brush against his crotch.
“Oh, you poor baby.” You hummed, biting your lip while you watched him bend over the table. “Love the way you handle that big stick.”
He swore when he fumbled the shot, frowning at Jake when he caught the cue ball and gave him a shit eating grin. You winked at him as you moved to line up your own shot, taking your time when you leaned over in front of him.
“She’s going to eat you alive.” Sam scolded when Ari moved to take a desperate swig of beer.
“Yeah, are you excited?” Jake looked extremely pleased with how things were progressing, beaming between the two of them as they watched you move to the other side of the table to take another shot after you sank the first one. 
“I hope you’re proud of yourself, Y/N.” Diana just looked exhausted as she flicked her gaze between you and Ari. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man look so turned on and terrified at the same time.”
“That’s just the way I like ‘em.” You pouted when you missed your third shot, straightening up and moving out of the way so Jake could take his. “I’m gonna make that boy scream either way.”
“God, you’re so fucking aggressive.” Shari moved to grab more drinks for everyone.
“Yeah, and it fucking works.” You made some adjustments to your bra until your tits were almost spilling out of your shirt. “Finish the damn game, Di, I’ve got a beard to ride.”
Ari swallowed thickly when you prowled back towards him, gripping his cue tightly until he felt the wood groan under his fingers. He was pretty sure sex with you was going to lead to an injury, but holy shit was he ready for it. 
“Hey.” He rasped, running his tongue over his bottom lip when you stepped into him slowly. You were throwing him off his game, he usually had a lot more to say.
“Hey, how close is your place?” You were starting to feel lightheaded from how bad you needed it, and the musky scent of him was not helping.
“Five minutes by Uber.” He growled, purring when you shoved a hand in his back pocket to grab his phone.
“Order it.” You told him, slamming his phone into his chest and moving to grab your jacket. “See you bitches later.”
“You’re not invited to girls’ night anymore, you skank!” Shari called after you, laughing when you flipped her off. “I’m putting all the rest of our drinks on your card!”
You didn’t hear her, grinning wolfishly at Ari once the Uber pulled up and shoving him inside. It was taking all your self control to not start feeling him up right in the back of the car, but you were already blacklisted from Lyft for that type of thing and you were not going to start paying for cabs. So you settled for rubbing your hand over his thigh, which actually may have been a bad idea because it was not helping you calm down.
Ari was in the same boat, unsure of what exactly to do with his hands because he was sure as soon as he touched you he was going to start feeling you up. 
“Should we, maybe, learn more about each other?” He asked, desperate for something to distract him from the warmth radiating from you. “We don’t even know each other’s last names.”
“I mean, as long as you remember my first name, sweetie, I’m good.” You purred, batting your eyelashes and smirking at him. “Cos I’m gonna have you screaming it pretty soon.”
“Jesus Christ.” He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to recover from this, his voice cracking when nuzzled into his neck. “We’re here.”
He almost stumbled when he stepped out of the car, in a little too much of a rush to get to the front door. You were right behind him, taking your time to appreciate the view of his back muscles flexing when he dug through his pockets for his keys. 
It felt like it took forever for him to unlock the door, but then you were finally inside and he was turning to face you. The small sound of surprise he made when you pounced on him made you grin, yanking his face to yours as you steered him towards the couch. You shoved him onto it with a small huff, propping one foot on the arm of the sofa and starting to strip.
“Take those jeans off, gorgeous.” You ordered, pulling your shirt over your head before bending over to take off your heels. “Let’s see what you’re packing under there.”
“Shit, yes ma’am.” He muttered, reaching to undo his fly in a rush while he watched you peel yourself out of your jeans. 
“Well, fuck me.” You purred, crawling on top of him and ripping his shirt off before wrapping your hand around his cock. Or, trying to, he was fucking thick. “Jesus honey, I knew you were gonna be big but I think this thing might split me in half.”
“Fuck, Y/N.” He growled against your lips when you brushed them over his, whining softly when you sucked his bottom lip between your teeth. 
“Mmm, my name sounds so good coming out of your mouth.” You flicked your tongue against his and he groaned, letting you shove him back into the couch. “Now, c’mon, I wanna feel you shoot your cum down my throat.”
“Shit.” He leaned his head back against the arm of the couch and grunted when you started mouthing your way down his torso. “Where did you come from?”
“That seems unimportant right now.” You murmured, dragging your thumb through the precum collected at his slit before popping it in your mouth as you gazed at him through your lashes. “Ooh, you taste so fucking good, baby. I’m gonna suck this cock dry.”
“Fu… oh fuck.” His chest heaved with deep breaths when you pressed his cock against his abs dragged your tongue from his asshole to his swollen tip, making sure you’d tasted every inch of him before you pressed slow kisses to his sack and moved your fist over his length. “Goddamn, you’re amazing.”
“Yeah, I know.” You said around a smirk, giving him a brief second before you started massaging his balls with your tongue
Everything he had been about to say flew right out of his head, the only thing falling from his lips a series of wanton moans as you sucked his sack between your lips, tugging on it softly and humming before you released him with a pop. Your lips peppered soft kisses up his shaft until you reached his swollen head, and he groaned when you started flicking your tongue over his frenulum.
He let out a low curse when you finally took him in your mouth and started bobbing your head up and down his shaft. You were moving slowly, taking just an inch more of him each time until you felt his tip hit the back of your throat. The choked whine he let out when you relaxed and swallowed around him was pathetic, his hips trying to roll to meet your face until you splayed your hand over his abs to hold him still.
Your free hand moved to gently tug on his balls, your lips stretched painfully around his girth still able to quirk a little at the absolutely filthy noises he was making. He wrapped a hand in your hair, just to hold you as you slid him halfway out of your mouth before you were sloppily choking around him. 
Ari hissed when you started moving faster, drool leaking from your lips and soaking his thighs while you hummed around his cock. His hips were fighting against the hand you had placed to restrain him, bucking against you wildly until you had to bar your forearm across his pelvis to keep him still.
A feral growl ripped from his chest when you swallowed around him again, his grip on your hair turning painful when he lost control for just a second and shoved you down on his cock until tears were leaking down your cheeks. You nuzzled into the coarse hair at his base and breathed deep through your nose when he shot his load down your throat, swallowing everything he gave you with a deep moan.
He released your hair when he was finished, sagging back against the couch while you sat up over him with a satisfied sigh. His chest was flushed and heaving, his wet, softening cock laying heavy against his stomach as he tried to regulate his breath while he came down. 
“How you feeling there, sport?” Damn, he looked so fucking good like this. You loved wrecking men with your mouth, and this beast of a man was a special fucking treat.
“I’m gonna need a minute.” He huffed, running his hand over his face and taking a long look at you. You looked like fucking sin, your makeup smeared all over your face and tiny black lingerie. Goddamn dangerous is what you were. “Did I tell you how fucking amazing you are, yet?”
“You did, yeah.” You said, rolling your eyes a little and wiping the drool off your chin. “You need a drink, honey?”
“No.” He sighed, watching you stretch over him like a cat. “Feeling a little hungry though.”
“Yeah? Should we order something?” You started to stand up to grab your phone but yelped when he gripped your waist and pulled you back into his lap, sitting up suddenly and running his nose over your throat.
“That’s not what I’m talking about, sweetheart.” He purred, nipping at the spot your pulse was thudding under your skin while his arms wrapped around you to unclasp your bra. “All I can think about is how good you’re going to taste.”
“Really?” You laughed lightly when he moved his lips down to trace over the curve of your breasts. “Here you had me thinking you were a good boy.”
“I’m a very good boy.” He growled from in between your tits, the vibration going straight to your core. “And good boys reciprocate.”
You yelped happily when he dropped you on your back, running your fingers through his hair when he rose back up to steal your breath with a kiss before moving his lips down your torso at a languorous pace.  He made sure to take his time when he got to your tits, slowly pressing his lips and tongue over the soft slopes of your breasts until you were panting needily. Once he was satisfied he continued moving lower, tracing his mouth down your abdomen until he reached the edge of your panties.
He didn’t make any moves to remove them though, instead kissing over the curve of your mound slowly through the thin black lace until he could feel your arousal soaking the fabric. You whined when he tugged at the dampening lace with his teeth before his lips moved to mouth at your thighs, sucking soft bruises into your flesh while his beard scraped at your sensitive skin.
“God you smell good.” He growled, his teeth lightly brushing over your hip before he buried his face in the soaked fabric that covered your core and inhaled deeply. “Fuck, you’re like a damn drug.”
You chuckled darkly at that, running your fingers through his hair and tilting his head so you could gaze into his eyes when he ran his tongue in a heavy stripe over your clothed heat. Ari pressed his lips over your clit in a final gentle kiss before his hands moved to tug your panties down your legs.
“Shit, you need to quit teasing.” You scolded, tugging on his hair while he slowly moved his tongue over your bare cunt. “Ari, c’mon.”
“Sorry honey.” He cooed, brushing his nose over your clit and grinning when you tried to grind into his face. “I just want to take my time and enjoy eating this pretty pussy.”
His tongue moved over your entrance in a languid stripe, slowing down when he reached your clit and dragging against it at a torturous pace until you were whimpering. You moaned when he did it again and again, lapping up every drop of slick that was leaking from your throbbing hole until every inch of skin between your thighs was a glistening mess. He pointed the thick muscle and prodded it against your entrance gently before thrusting it into you, groaning when he felt you clench against his face.
“Oh my fucking god.” You mumbled, arching into him when he started fucking you with his tongue and curling it against your soft walls. “I gotta say, I was not expecting you to be so good at this, sweetheart.”
Ari gave a pleased grunt from between your legs, grinding his face into you while his tongue stroked at your warm flesh before removing it and wrapping his lips around your clit to suck softly. The fluttering whine you let out made him groan, the tip of his tongue massaging your tiny bundle of nerves while his mouth increased the suction until you were wriggling underneath him. It was only a matter of seconds before you were screaming, your back arching you off the couch while your release filled his mouth and soaked his beard.
“Jesus, that was fucking beautiful.” He purred, crawling up your body until he was stretched over you and could bury his face in your neck. “I could’ve spent all night down there gorgeous. Need to be inside you so bad.”
You snorted, letting him mouth gently at your neck and shoulders while his hardening length pressed against your stomach. He gave a pathetic huff when you shoved him off you so you could sit up, climbing into his lap and pressing your mouth to his to swallow his questions before he had a chance to ask them. Your taste was still lingering on his tongue as you stroked it with your own, smiling to yourself as he whined pathetically into your mouth.
“You really need it, sweetheart?” You teased, cupping his face in your hands and running your thumb over his bottom lip slowly.
“Yes.” He sighed, turning his head to press his lips to your palm as he gazed into your eyes with lust blown pupils.
“Then beg me.” You purred, licking a slow stripe over the jut of his cheekbone while his eyes rolled back in his head with a low moan.
“Oh, fuck, please.” He whined, hissing through his teeth when you dipped a hand between the two of you to wrap around his cock. “Please, shit, I need you.”
“Oh, I know sweetie.” You gave him a mock pout as you sank onto him, biting your lip while you fluttered and stretched around his girth. “God, this cock of yours is so damn thick, I don’t think I’m gonna last long.”
He just mumbled nonsense as you started to ride him, opening his mouth to you when you tugged on his chin so you could slide your thumb against his tongue. You rested your forehead against his and beamed at him, grinding your hips and clenching around him while he made soft and pathetic mewling noises around your thumb. Ari choked on a sob when you clenched around him, his hips bucking to meet yours desperately as you rode him.
“You keep making those noises and I’m gonna lose it, baby.” You murmured, sliding your thumb out of his mouth and dragging it over his cheek until there was a thin trail of saliva you could trace with your lips. “Does it feel so good, sweetheart? You like it when I ride you hard?”
“Fuckin’ love it.” He grunted, groaning when you brought your mouth back to his and tugged at his lips with your teeth.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and tangled your hands in his hair, shoving your tongue down his throat and rolling your body against his while the two of you neared your ends. His fingers were digging into your waist so hard you were sure you were going to have bruises tomorrow, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care while you were fucking him stupid.
He whimpered when you pulled your face away from his, chasing after your lips pitifully while you held his head still with your fingers digging into his scalp.
“You close, honey?” You asked, grinning when he nodded vigorously and his eyes rolled back in his head. “Good. I want you to come inside me and then fuck it into me nice and deep.”
“Jesus, you’re filthy.” He gasped, his hips moving wildly underneath you as he chased his release. “You sure?”
“Yeah, I’m on the pill.” You felt yourself starting to lose it and ground into him with a moan. “ And I wanna hear you say my name, Ari.”
He threw his head back and screamed it, his hips rising up off the sofa as he shot his load into you. You groaned as you followed him, fluttering wildly around his cock and yanking on his hair while he fucked the cream of your mixed releases back into you with vicious thrusts of his hips. The two of you sagged into the couch when you were finished, Ari tucking his face into your shoulder and pressing soft kisses over the curve of your neck.
“Where’s your bathroom, sweetheart?” You asked as you sat back on his lap before slowly rising to your feet.
“Just down the hall.” He pointed the way for you, watching you closely as you collected your clothes and moved towards the room he indicated. “You want a drink or anything?”
“No, my ride’s gonna be here in like, 5 minutes.” You called, stepping back into the hall fully dressed and pulling your jacket over your shoulders while you tucked your phone back into your pocket.
“Wait, your ride?” He grabbed his boxer briefs and pulled them on in a rush before moving to intercept you as you headed towards his front door. “You’re not staying?”
“Yeah, sleepovers aren’t really my thing, honey.” You were grinning as you dodged his attempt to wrap his arms around you.
“Well, can I at least get your number so we can do this again?” He was starting to feel a little desperate, but he really needed to keep seeing you.
“Dating is also not my thing, babe.” You gave an annoyed huff when you tried to move around him and he blocked you again. “Ari, don’t make this awkward.”
“Y/N, you can’t tell me you’re really ok with us not seeing each other any more after what we just did.” He barred his arm across the door to keep you from opening it and leaving. “I’ve never come that hard before in my life.”
“You’re welcome.” You said with an eye roll, tapping your foot impatiently when he refused to move out of your way. “Now you have a nice little story to tell your friends.”
“Don’t tell me that wasn’t as good for you, I felt you come.” He hated the panicky edge that was creeping into his voice. “I tasted you.”
“Sorry sweetie, it was pretty standard.” You were lying a little, but you needed to get the fuck out of there. “Ari, my ride is here, I need to go.”
He let you lift his arm out of the way with a defeated grunt, watching you in a shocked daze as you wrenched his door open and stepped out into the night. You slammed it behind you before he had a chance to beg you to stay, his voice catching in his throat with a pathetic whine.
Ari turned to lean against the door and sank to the floor with a heavy sigh, running his hands through his hair as he considered the fact that he was never going to see you again.
Tumblr media
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kissme-hs · 5 hours ago
Okay so the person who was my Chris/Steve is probably busy, can someone else be them?? 😭
I need me a Chris 🥺👉🏼👈🏼
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everydaymultifandom · 5 hours ago
Happy Mother’s Day 😍🥰🌺♥️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kissme-hs · 5 hours ago
falling asleep on chris’s shoulder during a movie night and he brings you up to bed
Tumblr media
Hi! Sorry I go MIA. It’s just during the weeks I get pretty busy with work and my life so it’s hard for me to time find and write. But hey, here is one super cute fluff! Hope ya like it! :))) feedback and re-blogs are always appreciated.
Pairings: Fem! Reader x Chris Evans
Warnings: none, just pure fluff
.❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。
Spring. The season of blooming flowers; and blooming love for you.
As you sat on the couch, cuddled up against the man for whom your heart was beating every passing second. Your head resting against his chest with his hand rubbing your back, your legs over his lap with a cozy blanket thrown over your bodies.
His lips coming to kiss the crown of your head ever then so, streching your own up in a faint smile as you breathed in his scent—the smell of being at home. He was your home after all.
“You know, one day when we get married, I’ll buy us a house like that” he said referring to the house in the movie that was playing on the screen.
‘When we get married’
“You wanna marry me?” You stare up at him with those eyes than made his heart flutter and give the feeling of falling in love, which he does over and over again. Every passing day, he falls in love with you a little more—a little more than yesterday—a little more than the last year—a little more than ever.
“Yes sweetheart. I even know how many kids I want, if you agree of course”
“How many?”
“Well two to begin with but we can always expand. A girl and a boy initially” he said casually, keeping his gaze on the t.v. or maybe to avoid your orbs that still stared at him, knowing if he looks at you–he won’t be able to control himself and might as well just make love to you right there and ask you to marry him.
“I love you Chris. So much, I hope we get married soon” you whispered genuinely before snuggling your face further in his chest letting your lips linger on his chest over his cotton t-shirt before closing your eyes—leaving Chris sitting with a jittery belly.
The thought of you walking down the aisle dressed in a white gown, exchanging your vows and him kissing you as his bride; later being the mother of his kids, was everything he ever wanted. Seeing you dressed like an angel, walking towards him whilst he waits at the end dressed in a tuxedo, hair slick back, his signature watch around his wrist anxiously waiting for his lover to approach him and let him make her his forever.
He was living for the day.
But his open eyed dreams were interrupted when he heard a soft snore. Tearing his gaze upon the television which was he watching absent minded anyways, he looks down upon you.
Lashes resting down on those puffed cheeks which were squished onto his navy blue tee, pouting those lips. And his heart swelled with the love that grew even more for his lover, as he pick you up before walking down into your bedroom and laying down on the soft bed.
“Please be in my life, forever.”He whispers before kissing your head and pulling the covers on you both. Letting his arms wrap around your body, holding you close. Never letting you go.
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americasass91 · 6 hours ago
Baby Fever
Tumblr media
Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is well! This little fic is for the amazingly talented @buckyownsmylife​ 2k/Birthday Challenge! Which the theme for it was breeding kink. Which how could I not participate in that? Breeding kink just happens to be one of the biggest kinks I have(and i don’t even want kids, go figure) So I looked through my Masterlist and realized I didn’t have a breeding kink fic with Steve. Well, I can’t say that anymore!
Thank you for hosting this challenge you lovely, beautiful human! And congrats on the 2k!! You deserve that and so much more! I hope everyone enjoys!
Rating: Explicit (duh, it’s a breeding kink fic)
Words: 2.8k
Warnings: breeding kink(again, duh), Professor!Steve(I feel like he’s a warning all by himself, language, age gap, unprotected sex(I mean, it’s kind of implied but I’ll put the warning anyway)
“How long do we have to stay at this thing?”
You help can’t but roll your eyes at your husband of 4 months. “I told you I’m not sure. It’s my niece’s 1st birthday party. You could’ve stayed home you know.”
Steve pulls up to your sister’s house and parks among the other vehicles in the front yard. “Yeah and give them even more reasons to hate me? No thanks.”
See, Steve wasn’t your family’s favorite person. It all has to do with the fact that he’s 10 years older than you and how you guys met, which was during your freshman year of college. You were the innocent student and he was your history professor.
The attraction was instant and very mutual between you two. But dating students at this particular university was frowned upon and Steve could have lost his job. So, you admired each other from afar….that is until the semester was over. You went to visit him in his office after your last class and he eagerly bent you over his desk and ruined you for any other future man you may have.
Well, that was 6 years ago now. Your family of course didn’t approve and thought he was just taking advantage of a young, naive student. Your mom was the first to come around when she noticed a change in your demeanor and how happy he made you. She talked some sense into your dad and he eventually backed off as well.  
It took until Steve put a ring on your finger for your sister to accept him. Although you know her and her friends still judged you two. You could tell by the looks you guys always got whenever around them. You learned to not let it bother you. Steve was amazing. He was attentive, caring, and he loved you with everything he had. The only flaw he had was that he didn’t want kids.
It almost made you consider not marrying him. You had always wanted kids. But, in the end you realized you wanted Steve for the rest of your life more than a baby. But he did adopt a kitten with you. So it’s a win, win.
He gets out of the car and grabs the gift out of the trunk. You had gotten her an outfit that says ‘My aunt is cooler than your aunt’ and various toys that she would enjoy. Plus, being the book editor you were, you couldn’t not get her a book. So, you got her the very first Harry Potter book. When Steve saw you wrapping it with a questioning look, you told him it was never too early to start a child’s transition into being a Potterhead.
You skipped excitedly next to Steve as you made your way to the front door. He couldn’t help but chuckle at your enthusiasm. “You excited or something, sweetheart?”
After ringing the doorbell, you turn towards him. “Of course I am! I love my little niece!”
Truth was, you knew you were never going to have a baby of your own. So you poured all of your love and joy for a baby into your niece.
You’re pulled from your thoughts when your brother-in-law, Matt, answers the door.
“Mr. and Mrs. Rogers! Glad you made it! Come on in!” He ushers you 2 inside, helping you both hang your coats up in the hall closet. He then points to the obvious gift table. “You can just set that down there, Steve. And if you’d like, me and a bunch of the other husbands are downstairs in the basement watching the game. You’re more than welcome to join us.”
Steve looks at you, silently asking for permission. You give him a quick pecking the lips. “Go have fun. Just make sure to come back up for food and presents.”
As Steve heads downstairs with Matt, you can’t help but take in all the decorations. Little Miss Lindsey just happens to currently be obsessed with The Little Mermaid. So of course the theme is under the sea. Your sister really went all out. Streamers, balloons, and even mermaid figurines were everywhere. There’s even mermaid confetti on the tables.
You head in search of your sister and the birthday girl, one of which you find in the kitchen. “Hey sis! Need any help?”
Your sister, Rachel, turns from the hot dog sauce she’s stirring on the stove and gives you a big hug. “Oh, thank god you’re here! Can you grab the vegetable tray and potato salad out of the fridge and put them on that table over there?”
“Sure! Where’s Linds?” You ask as you grab the requested items out of the fridge.
Your sister returns to the sauce on the stove. “She’s still napping. I should be getting her up soon. Where’s Steve? He stay home? I know this isn’t really his thing.”
You take the plastic wrap off the potato salad and sit it amongst the smorgasbord of other food on the table. “Of course he’s here. He’s down in the basement with the other men.”
You sister lets out a sigh. “Yeah, I told Matt they could only watch until everybody got here. Ah, shit. I think I hear Lindsey crying.”
“I’ll get her!” Quickly jumping at the chance to see her.
“You sure? That would be great! The outfit I want her to wear is on the changing table. And can you do her hair up in the bow, too?”
“You got it!” You make your way down the hall towards Lindsey’s room, her crying getting louder. You open the door and see her sitting up in her crib. Her crying quiets the moment she sees you. She gets a big ole smile on her face and reaches out for you. “Hi, sweet girl! How is the birthday girl today?” You pick her up and give her a big hug. “How about we get you changed into your party outfit?” She just coos back at you in response.
You push her outfit aside and lay her down on the changing table. Quickly realizing she’s wet, you give her a fresh diaper. She attempts to ‘help’ as you try to change her into her party outfit. Which after it’s on her, she looks like a little mermaid. You quickly brush her hair and pull as much of it as you can into a ponytail on the top of her head and add the matching bow. You stand back a little from her and clap your hands. “What a pretty girl! Are you ready to join your party?” You pick her up and turn around to head out of the room. You’re surprised to see your husband standing in the doorway.
“Hey, I thought you were watching the game?” He shrugs his shoulders and walks towards you two. “I missed you.” He tickles Lindsey’s side, causing her to giggle. “Happy Birthday, little one.” You can’t help but feel your heart warm. That always happens anytime your husband interacts with a baby.
“I was just helping Rachel out by getting her ready. She seemed a little frazzled in the kitchen.” You turn your attention back to Lindsey. “Come on, sweet girl. Let’s go join your mommy in the kitchen!”
The next hour goes by in a blur. You weren’t really paying attention to anyone else. All of yours on Lindsey. The only food she seemed to want was what was on your plate. You didn’t mind sharing. Then she got to ‘smash’ her cake. Which for Lindsey it meant taking delicate little bites from said cake, mostly of the icing. She did still manage to get it all down the front of her though. But that’s okay, Rachel of course had a back up outfit ready.
You had just polished off your hot dog when Rachel walked back into the room with a now clean Lindsey. Steve grabbed yours and his plates to go dispose of.
Rachel sat on the floor with Lindsey who immediately started crawling towards you. “I think you’re gonna have to join us, sis.”
You can tell it’s hurting Rachel’s feelings a little that Lindsey is so attached to you today. Nevertheless, you join them on the floor, placing Lindsey in your lap. “Ready to open presents, sweet girl?”
Rachel turns to Matt. “Honey, could you start handing out the presents please?”
He nods and goes to grab the first of many presents. He sits it down in front of Lindsey who immediately goes for the tissue paper. She doesn’t even seem to care about the present in the bag. You laugh and try to get her attention on the gift inside.
You look up and see everyone laughing at the birthday girl who only wants the tissue paper. You notice Steve towards the back of the crowd, only he’s not laughing. He’s giving you a look. You’ve seen that look before. It instantly sends a shiver down your spine and makes your panties wet. He wants you.
You try to give him a stern look. He shouldn’t be looking at you like that in the middle of your niece’s party. He puts his hands up in surrender.
After taking almost 2 hours to open the rest of the gifts, Lindsey was a sleepy girl. You were sitting on the couch with Lindsey cuddled up into your chest. You were gently rocking her back and forth. You look over at your sister who was cleaning up the mess from the presents.
“I can go put her down for a nap, Rach. I don’t mind.”
“Thanks, sis. You seem to be her favorite person today so she’d probably scream if I tried to do it. Matt! Could you get a bottle ready for Lindsey so my sister can put her down for her nap?”
A few minutes later he comes out with the bottle and hands it to you.
You stand up and look over at Steve. “I shouldn’t be too long. Did you want to head out of here after I put her down? I know you still have those papers to grade.”
He nods. “Yeah, if you don’t mind. Thanks, sweetheart.”
You squeeze his bicep as you pass by him. “Of course not. Like I said, this shouldn’t take too long.” You glance at Lindsey and notice she’s having trouble keeping her eyes open.
Just like you predicted, it only took Lindsey about 15 minutes to fall asleep. You take one last glance at her, your heart tugging a little, knowing you’ll never have one of your own.
You quietly close the door and don’t even take 2 steps before the door across the hall opens to reveal Steve. You look at him in confusion. “Babe? Why are you in the laundry room?”
He doesn’t respond. Instead, he grabs your arm and pulls you into the room with him. He makes sure to shut the door behind him.
“Steve, what are you doing? I thought we were leaving?”
He pushes you to the front of the washing machine and presses himself up against you, immediately making you feel how hard he is. “Need you, baby.” He reaches around and starts undoing your jeans.
You start pushing his hands away and try to turn around. His hold on your waist tightens, stopping you.
“Steve, we are not doing this here. You can wait until we get home.”
You are suddenly pushed until your front is resting on the top of the washing machine, Steve covering his body with yours. He lets out a low growl in your ear. “This” he presses his bulge more firmly against your ass “is your fault. So, you’re going to help me with it.”
You turn your head to the side as he pushes your jeans over the curve of your ass. “Me? What the fuck did I do? I haven’t even really talked to you today. Been with Lindsey all day.”
He fastens his pace in removing his own jeans, only lowering them enough to free his aching cock. He lands a smack to your panty covered ass. “Exactly. Made me so hard watching you with the baby. Made me think what it’d be like if we had one. What you’d look like swelled with my kid. Knew I had to have you.”
You managed to push him back far enough to stand up straight and turn around to face him. “Steve, I’m not going to let you fuck me in my sister’s laundry room.” He launches at you, trapping your body between his and the washing machine. “It’s cute that you think you’re in charge. Now, I’m going to fuck a baby into you. And I can either do that here or I’ll take you out in the living room where everyone is and bend you over there.”
Fuck. These panties are officially fucked. Still, you have questions. “I thought you didn’t want kids, Steve? Plus I’m on the pill.”
His face turns soft for a second. He cups your cheek in his left hand. “I didn’t think I did. But seeing you with her today? Now that’s all I want, all I can think about. You with our baby. You’d be the best mother. And you’ll just stop taking your pill. Starting today. We’ll keep trying until it takes. Is this something you’re even still wanting?”
You grab onto his wrist and push your cheek against his palm. “Of course it is.” You turn back around and bend over the washer. You lower your panties to your knees and shake your ass in his direction. “Well? What are you waiting for? Fuck a baby into me, Steve.”
He growls and closes the distance between you. He grabs the base of his cock and rubs the tip through your dripping folds. “Don’t have time to stretch you out first, sweetheart. And I’m really worked up, so this will probably be quick.”
You push back against him, eager to get him inside you already. “Don’t care. Just please, fuck me Professor Rogers.” You knew that’d get him.
“Fuck.” Is the only warning you get before he buries himself in you to the hilt. He just gets his hand over your mouth before your moan escapes your throat.
He only gives you a second to adjust to his size before he starts a bruising pace. After a few thrusts, he removes his hand from your mouth and smacks your ass. He feels you clench around him. “Yeah? You like when your professor fucks you?”
You quickly nod your head. “Yeah. You fuck me so good. Need your cum. Need you to fill me up.”
Steve quickens his pace even more if that’s possible. He moves his left hand off your hip and moves it around you to find your clit. He presses quick circles against it. “Need you to cum first, sweetheart. Need to feel you squeeze me.”
You start pushing back to meet his thrusts. You can feel the coil inside you ready to snap. You just need a little something more.
Steve leans over you and starts pressing kisses up your spine, his pace never faltering. Once he reaches your shoulder, he bites down lightly. He moves his mouth next to your ear. “Come on, sweetheart. Cum for your professor. Then I’ll fill you up nice and full, get you pregnant. Cum for me, Y/N.”
You press your face into the crook of your elbow to muffle your scream as you cum undone on his cock. Your orgasm triggers his. He cums with a quiet shout as he fills you full of his spend, some of it leaking out around him. He gives a few more shallow thrusts before stopping and catching his breath.
He rubs his hands up and down your back. “You okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?”
You turn your head so you can look at him. “Mmm, i’m great.” You can’t help but let out a little giggle, feeling drunk on sex.
Steve smiles down at you and moves his hand until it’s resting on your lower stomach. “I hope it worked.” He slowly pulls out and watches as his cum starts leaking out of your pussy. He quickly scoops it up and pushes it back inside, causing a whimper to escape your lips. “Sorry, sweetheart. Can’t let any of it go to waste.”
Once he’s sure he’s got it all, he quickly pulls your panties back into place. He stands you up and turns you around to press a sweet kiss to your lips. “I love you so much, thank you for being mine.”
You give him a big smile. “I love you, too. And thank you for picking me.” You bend down to pull up your jeans, Steve mirroring your actions. Once you’re both redressed, you wrap your arms around his neck and press a firm kiss to his lips.
“Now, let’s hurry up and get home. Want you to fill me up again.” You give him a wink and turn to head out the door. “You coming?”
He smirks as he starts following you out. “Oh, I will be.”
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kissme-hs · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gonna write a little today! Working on a request, send more if you desire 🥰
Also got vaccinated so yayy
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onesketchylady · 7 hours ago
Being Pregnant Sucks Part Three
My first attempt at writing of this kind. This is RPF if you don’t like it please don’t read. I am planning for this to be a part of a longer series. Warnings for the series are below. Warnings: Explicit Content 18+, Language, Dubious Morality, Love All Around
Y/N blinked awake tucked underneath a swath of blankets; she certainly wasn't in Seb's shiney new Range Rover anymore. The only question was how she successfully made it from the car into her own bed. The too nice asshole probably attempted to carry her and would be suffering days later from carrying the heavy load all the way into the house. She peeled back the covers peering at her own body curious to see if he had changed her out of her jeans into PJ pants. She suspected he might have due to the level of comfort she woke up in; however, her jeans were still plastered to her legs. Well score one for maternity jeans they were certainly more comfortable than her normal plastered on skinnys.
The clock on Y/N's nightstand finally kicked her ass into gear with the time it displayed. She had slept for hours, damn near a whole night in what should have been just an afternoon nap. Chris should even be home by now. Where was he and why wasn't he in bed beside her? and her car! Fuck, how was she supposed to get her car??
She threw herself out of bed fast enough to cause quite the head rush. There was no time to waste though; she was going to have to call Rhett to see if she could still get her car. God please tell me my dumbass didn't delete the number.
Y/N ran from her bedroom through the narrow hallway into her living room. All three of her favorite people were lounging around acting as if nothing was going on. All three of them had allowed her to oversleep. Chris didn't even wake her when he arrived home.
She started to tear up a bit at the thought of him coming home and not even bothering with a hello.
"Hi, baby." Chris stood up and wrapped his arms around Y/N. 
"Shit, honey, are you crying?" he was utterly alarmed and looked to Faith for help.
"Fuck, is she crying." Faith sunk back into the sofa trying to distance herself from her crying best friend.
"What do I do?" Chris let a squak of indignance as he released Y/N from his embrace. She just wiped at her eyes trying to rid herself of the stupid tears. 
"I don't know," Faith sprung up pacing alongside Chris, "She never cries. She doesn't have emotions." 
Y/N doesn't cry, but still couldn't figure out how to get the stupid tears to stop leaking out of her face.
"Would you two cut it out." Seb got up ushering Y/N towards the bathroom, "it's just pregnancy hormones."
He shut the door behind her and she let out a grateful breath as her head leaned back into the door.Y/N stood over the sink giving herself the cliche peptalk to get her shit together. It wasn't working like they showed in the movies. Fresh tears were still squeezing their way out of the sides of her eyes. She could still hear Seb's angry voice through the door.
"You know for the two that are supposed to be all one with their emotions and shit, you knew fuck all about how to handle that."
Y/N shook her head letting out a chuckle at him. It was true out of their bunch Chris and Faith were the ones that were always crying. They were much like her sister in that if they were a 4-7 on the happy-sad scale then they were in tears. His little speech managed to not only shut them up, but also distracted her enough to break out of the cycle. Y/N splashed some cool water on her face and made her way back to the group.
"We're sorry." Chris made grabby hands towards Y/N beckoning her back towards him.
"Ahh--" She slapped his hands away, "If you both were truly sorry you would have woken me so I could have gone to get my car.
"You," she pointed at Chris, "would have been cuddling me in the bed or at the very least woke me up when you got home."
"Bullshit." Faith called out.
"For fuck sake what?" Y/N turned to her.
"If anyone has a right to be mad here it's me. You have to stop pimping out my boyfriend to teenage girls."
"But he has such a pimpable face."
"No. You know that bugs me."
"Take it up with him then, cause its only going to keep happening if he keeps hugging me and shit."
"You hugged her," Faith snapped towards Sebastian with her hand on her hips. Even for such a tiny framed woman her energy managed to fill the whole room and it was not a happy one.
He let out a low groan from the couch, "that was supposed to stay between us, you two armed fucker." echoed you from earlier.
"He neglected to mention unwanted affection," Faith huffed as she plopped down next to Seb resting her head on his shoulder.
"I don't even get to hug her and we have been friends for years."
"I get to hug her all the time." Chris wrapped his arms around you slotting his front to your back resting his hands on your stomach. You weren't showing yet, but he was already obsessed with the idea.
"That's because we fuck." Y/N patted him on the leg.
"What on Earth does fucking have to do with hugs?"
"It's intimate." she replied, turning in his arms to face him.
"Ok, honey, you really lost me there yes its intimate, but you realize its healthy to show affection to others that you aren't fucking right? Hugs are perfectly normal."
"I know. It's weird okay it just feels too personal to do that with other people."
"For having a really normal, well adjusted childhood you have a pretty fucked up view of intimacy." Seb piped out earning him a wack across the chest from Faith.
"Yeah well not all of us are blessed with Daddy Issues to blame all our problems on."
"You wound me, Y/L/N." Seb smirks.
"Enough about my problems, I need food, scratch that the baby need food."
"I second this decree," Faith says springing up from the couch, "Pizza?"
"Yesss." Y/N follows her out the front door with the boys trailing behind. 
She locks the door behind them catching a glimpse of a blue car in her driveway from the porch.
"You picked up my car?" Y/N was feeling strangely emotional again seeing that her husband was thoughtful enough that he picked up her car even after a long flight.
"Yup, took him on the bike to go get it." Seb lightly shoulder checked her jogging down the stairs.
"You dick!" she ran down after him. "Also, you are going the wrong way we are headed this way."
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astro-ironman · 7 hours ago
⤳Brownie Kisses
word count; 1.1k
[a/n; seriously, i need to marry frank adler NOW, my soft baby
Tumblr media
you were new to the neighborhood, and everyone was extremely friendly.
especially the adlers’.
you couldn’t lie, frank was drop-dead gorgeous, and you didn’t mind a little eye-candy on the daily.
and you could tell you caught his eye, because he began parading shirtless, pretending to do garden work, or offering to wash your truck even if it was squeaky clean.
so a day like any other when he brought mary home from school, you grabbed your fresh-made tray of dessert and headed towards their house with a rapidly beating heart.
frank instantly noticed you walked towards the front door and made his way over, gladly letting you in, placing his palm on the small of the back and prayed he wasn’t over-stepping — he just wanted to let you know he was being welcoming.
“i wasn’t sure if mary liked brownies but I made her a few.” you shyly spoke as you handed him the tray, smiling when the blonde young girl ran into the kitchen and nearly fainted at the incredible smell beginning to distribute around the house.
“thank you, [y/n], you’re a doll.” he grinned as he took a bite from a chocolate square, he forcefully held back a moan at the taste, but you could tell your cooking had confidentely won him over.
“frank, just marry her already.” mary commented with a mouth full of gooey fudge brownie, causing the two of you to giggle, but he adored how your cheeks flushed brightly.
“how about we start with a date? tomorrow?” he suggested boldly and you bit your lip, drawing attention to your mouth as he flickered his deep blue eyes back to your [e/c] orbs.
[2 days later]
“what day is it?” mary chimed as she nonchalantly pranced into the kitchen, holding her cat, fred, in her arms.
“saturday, why?” frank grumbled as he sat at the table, placing his hands on his forehead as he attempted to calm his headache, due to last nights shots.
“huh, so you do know your calendar and you actually stood up [y/n] last night.” frank shot his head up, taking in mary’s sarcasm as he scrambled towards his room, slipping on a t-shirt and busted open the front door, dashing over to your house.
“[y/n]!” you just hopped into your car as your heart jumped at the sound of his voice, clutching at the steering wheel in anger but your facial expression showed the opposite.
“god, i’m so sorry, i got caught up last night.” he leaned on your door and you forced out a chuckle, twisting the key to get the ignition started.
“it’s okay, i’m sure you were extremely busy, it’s fine.” he jumped back as you reversed your truck, denying him a chance to give you a stupid explanation and left.
imagining scenarios where you told off frank rushed through your head, not allowing you to concentrate on work, you nibble on the pen and slid out your phone, taking in consideration the option where you’d give him a piece of your mind.
you weren’t a coward — you needed this to happen, face to face.
the passing hours felt like days, your feet tapped against the hard, cold floor as you attempted to finish the extra paper-work you had left unattended yesterday, all for him.
as soon as you were able to hand in your day’s work, you dashed for your truck, heading towards the dock.
it was a long drive, but you were swerving cars left in right, wishing you hadn’t flagged down an officer; and so lucky, you arrived to your destination.
“i waited two hours!” you slammed your truck, not even thinking twice as you left behind car keys and stormed into his workshop, causing him to turn and wipe his greasy hands on a rag.
“i ate alone! and when i decided i’d get drunk over your ass, i saw you at the bar, you’re a prick!” you yelled, reaching for an empty soda bottle he had lying around and threw it at him, missing by just an inch and you huffed, stomping away til he reached for your hand.
“[y/n], please-”
“i made you brownies, you dick! i never cook for anyone unless i actuallly like them.” you angry at yourself for the quiver in your tone, feeling the tears threatening to spill and he sighed, tossing the rag over his shoulder.
“i screwed up, i was planning to take a few shots of courage before our date and it got outta hand, you didn’t deserve it,” your teary eyes averted his own his til he placed his hand on the nape of your neck firmly for your attention.
“i’ll make it up to you, i swear.” he breathed out, you wanted nothing more than to press your lips onto his, letting him know he was forgiven and that you’d give him a thousand more chances.
but it wasn’t fair for you.
“how about we just... stay friends.” you bit your inner cheek as you saw the disheartened look on his face and the slump in his shoulders, he knew your choice was rightful, but it hadn’t hit him til you walked away.
every morning after that, he’d leave batches of brownies on your door step.
some would be crisp burnt, you were half-afraid getting stung at the scorching feeling.
other days, they’d be extremely raw, you were convinced you’d catch a case of salmonella just from smelling the chocolatey batter.
but one day, you noticed they were perfect, the sink-your-teeth, moan-at-the-taste, fall-in-love kind of brownie.
store-bought, you smirked to yourself.
you hadn’t noticed when frank sheepily walked towards you and once he cleared his throat, your head turned, frowing at him for interrupting your make-out session with the dessert.
“you cheated.. i know you didn’t make these.” you gave him a small grin, causing his cheeks to go red at the revelation; he shoved his hands in his pocket and looked down at you with apologetic eyes.
“i really am sorry, [y/n], you’ve been nothing but sweet to me and i ruined it,” he suspired, gulping hard as he began to admit his wrongs, your eyes never drifting from his blue ones, “what can i do to make it better?”
“well,” you finally spoke, tentatively interlocking his hand with yours, your soft fingers lingering to trace the roughness, sending shudders through-out his body but helping him remain quiet, calm.
“for starters, stop making brownies, just leave the dessert making to me,” he softly giggled at your teasing words, playfully nudging you with his worn-out jean covered knee, “i really like you, frank, don’t make me have a change of heart.”
your pout compelled him to lean forward, cautiously resting his pretty, pink lips against your own, his beard ticking you in a yet soothing way, you deepened the kiss by clutching his bicep with one hand and the other was placed on his abs, allowing you to trace and memorize every pattern.
“can’t wait to taste these brownie kisses every single day.”
[a/n; gonna begin to use my taglist for the next fic i post, if you’d like to be added, click here :)]
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multi-fandom-imagine · 8 hours ago
Second Sense: Sight || Ethan Winters ||
Eeyy more Ethan Winters love, and here I will be having a few skips in this one, from his and the readers wedding / honeymoon and to his and the readers child being born and through all the shit of Village.
But I am changing a lot of the village and of course Rosemary is going to be Ethan’s and the Readers child.
This one is also super long.
Implied smut, light gore, { Ethan gets his ass handed to him a lot }
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ethan squirmed in his suit, the man did his best not to feel so nervous but looking at himself in the mirror, well that was soon tossed out the window. 
“Stop moving so much Ethan.”
Glancing away from the mirror he dropped his shoulders turning his attention towards Mia, the woman was wearing a pastel blue dress. Her brunette hair in curls. “How can I...what if she say’s no..what if she-”
A loud slap rang out in the small room he was in though his hand immediately flew to his cheek. “What the hell was that for.”
“You need to stop over thinking things Ethan..this is your wedding. Y/n isn’t going to say no...besides I slapped you because you looked like you were about to pass out.” Smoothing out the dress she gave the man a smile fixing his tie. “But if it makes you feel better I’ll go check on her...”
“Thank you.”
Hearing the door closed Ethan turned back to the mirror nervously fixing his hair, Mia was right. He had nothing to worry about...he hoped.
Tumblr media
Fingers digging into the fabric of your wedding dressing you jumped hearing the knocking on the door. “It’s unlocked.”
Biting your lip you were expecting Chris though your eyes went wide wide spotting Mia.
“Is it wrong for me to feel so nervous?”
“Of course not Y/n.” Stepping closer Mia gave you a soft smile grasping your hands gently. “You look beautiful and you’re going to take Ethan’s breath away”Sighing the woman pulled you in for a hug careful not to ruin your dress. “Thank you Y/n...for making Ethan happy. and don’t worry...Ethan is just as nervous.”Stepping back she smiled turning to Chris as the man coughed into his hand.
“He’s ready....are you all set Y/n?”
Giving Chris a small nod you grasped his arm. Your nails digging into his arm and if it bothered him he did not show it.
Walking down the aisle you gave Ethan a smile, he looked handsome in his dark tuxedo, his blonde hair slicked back. A smile was on his face and you could tell he was nervous, it’s nice to know you weren’t alone in this and before you knew it the ceremony flew by, along with the dancing.
Ethan just knew you were beautiful, your dress spun around you as you danced, he knew he was the luckiest man alive with you know being his wife. Closing his eyes, the next thing he knew he was on his way towards his honeymoon.
Smiling you grasped his hand, you gave him a teasing smile as you tugged the man towards the hotel room.
“Someone’s eager.”
“Can’t I be excited to have sex with my husband.” You teased pulling out the key card.
Letting his arms wrap around your waist, you turned to face the man. “We have sex all the time.”
“Yes but this time we will be married.”You let your fingers weave through his, your finger running across the metal.
“That’s true, so I suppose we should ready that mistake.” Leaning in close, he pressed his lips against yours as his hand moved down to your hips.
Smiling against his lips, you managed to unlock the door as he lifted you up. Your legs wrapping around his hips, fingers weaving through his hair Ethan kicked the door shut as he carried you off to the bed. His eyes went wide for a moment as he turned his head to the door, your lips pressing against his cheek and neck. “Shit...the bags...We left them in the car.”
Grasping the mans chin you forced him to look at you. “Ethan...forget the bags for now and fuck me.”
“You don’t have to tell me twice.”
Hands moving under your shirt he let his hands message your breast as he pulled you in for another kiss as he struggled to take you clothes off. Hands messaging your breast, Ethan broke the kiss as he hovered over you. “You’re so beautiful.”
Smiling you wrapped your arms around his neck. “You’re not so bad yourself Mr.Winters.”
Chuckling, Ethan shook his head as he gave you another kiss. His free hand grasping your hip as he slowly pushed himself within you.
Tumblr media
“ more picture! Please!”
Laughing you placed your hand on your growing stomach, Ethan was waving a camera around. “Ethan! least let me sit down for them at least.”
Blinking for a moment the man rubbed the back of his neck. “Ahh s-sorry you’re just so beautiful and you’re pregnant..I just want to remember this.”
Sitting down in the rocking chair you let out a sigh closing your eyes for a moment. “It’s okay Ethan, it’s actually quite adorable.”
“Well I don’t know about that.” Scratching his cheek Ethan took one last picture of you then placed the camera down. Leaning in the man placed his hand on your stomach giving you a soft kiss.
“I can’t wait to meet you Rosemary.”
Feeling a small kick you let out a laugh running your fingers through Ethan’s hair as he rested his head on your belly.
“She can’t wait to meet you too Ethan.”
Tumblr media
Ethan couldn’t believe this was happening to him, again. When he told that you were missing he felt like his world was crashing down on him then his daughter had to get taken too. He couldn’t deal with this shit anymore, blinking his tears away the man cradled his injured hand to his chest.
If that journal he read was true then you where here, somewhere with Rose and he was going to get you both back.
“I’m going to find you y/ and Rose...I’m going to make those bastards pay for taking you both.”
Ethan didn’t know how long he was stuck here but he finally had his daughter in his arms. Holding his crying daughter to his chest the man did his best to push the pain he was feeling away. He didn’t know what that woman did but he couldn’t feel his legs.
“I’m so sorry Rose...I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a better life...I’m sorry.” 
That voice sounded familiar, it couldn’t have been? “Chris?” He could feel his vision start to blur. “Take Rose..please.”
The last thing Ethan saw before his vision turned black was Chris hovering over him.
Watching Ethan slump Chris swore under his breath, carefully taking the baby from the mans arms he called two men over. “We need to get him to the helicopter before this damn place explodes.”
Frowning he closed his eyes as he followed the men carrying the unconscious Ethan. He just prayed that they weren’t too late for him, he couldn’t imagine your reaction to seeing your husband dead.
“Let’s get the fuck out of here.”
Tumblr media
It was the rhythmic sound of the beeps that woke him up though he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw you, your body curled in one those chairs. Hand slowly raising the man was just happy to see you were alive, god he wanted to touch you but he didn’t want to wake you though his eyes went wide when it hit him.
Rose?...where was she..?
Eyes darting around the stark white room, Ethan could feel himself start to panic, sitting up. he frowned as his arms moved to his legs, why couldn’t he move.
“ need to calm yourself.”
Frowning he turned to see who was talking to him, that was Leon right? he’s met the man a few times. “You’re going to wake your wife.”
“What the hell is going on? why can’t I feel my legs...where is my daughter.”
“Your daughter is wife is with her...y/n wanted to stay with you and right now she just wanted Claire to look after her.” Sighing Leon slowly stepped forward giving you another look as you stirred, he could only imagine the hell you went through. “As for your legs...well I’m sorry to tell you this Ethan but you’re paralyzed....with the Molded know longer in your body it was unable to heal...look I’m sorry I’m the one to break this news but Chris didn’t think you’d want to see him....and Ethan..try not to hate the man too much.He just wanted to protect you three, hell you’d be dead if it worn’t for the man...I’ll go get your daughter.”
Blinking, Ethan watched as Leon left the room, he watched as you slowly awoke, watched as tears formed in your eyes as you slipped off the chair wrapping your arms around his neck. While he hated seeing your tears, he was just happy to see you again, happy to know that you and his daughter are safe.
Hearing the door open, he was move than happy to take his daughter in his arms, his finger sliding across her cheek as he turned his head to look up at you. “I’m so happy.”
Smiling through your tears you placed a kiss on Ethan’s head then let your daughter grasp your finger. “I am too Ethan.”
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sylvie-writes · 8 hours ago
So Confused
word count: 1433
pairing: dad!steve rogers x wife!reader x sarah rogers
summary: steve and sarah get you a gift yet your husband is a bit confused as to what it is.
a/n: this is a birthday gift to myself hehe. i meant to get this out earlier but life happened lol.
please excuse mistakes this was written on mobile. the writing is very straight forward because i am tireddd.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For days on end Steve had been on mission. Not one for the Avengers, but rather for personal reasons per se. He was on the hunt for the perfect birthday gift for you. In the past he had always had no trouble but that was during the honeymoon phase and felt it was about time to step up his game, ever since your daughter had been born, that is. This year he has absolutely no clue what to get, but luckily he could enlist the help of his mini me who had the perfect gift in mind.
The two of them had snuck out this morning while you were still sleeping. Unfortunately they had to wait until the day of your birthday to get your gift because in the past you’ve had a knack for unintentionally finding the hidden presents.
“Are you sure this is it, little doll?” Steve and Sarah were standing in the middle of the home appliance store looking thoroughly confused by a cardboard box. The man’s hands were on his hips while his daughter mimicked the action.
“I’m sure, Daddy!” Sarah went to go wrap her arms around the large box since it was at her level, but it was heavier than she had intended it to be and instead looked up to her dad for help. He easily scooped it up as if it were a piece of paper.
“Well, if you are sure this is it, what is it for?” In one hand Steve held the white and green cardboard box and rested it against his waist while the other hand held Sarah’s hand to keep her close. As they walked to the checkout line, Steve’s eyes scanned over the big bold letters on the box that read “Roomba.”
“Silly Daddy! It’s a rowbot vacooooom.” The smaller blonde giggled at her dad’s confused face and he moved his gaze to look down at her with a goofy smile.
“Next!” The cashier called them next in line and Sarah broke away from her dad to run up to the lady and greeted her while Steve followed suit.
Mumbling under his breath he picked up his pace, “Wow, times really are changing.”
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!” Two lovely voices awoke you and a little girl jumped on the bed to snuggle up as a larger man sat beside you on the edge.
You greeted them both in return with a kiss to their cheeks before Sarah was readily sitting criss cross in your lap. Her tiny hand gave you a white envelope that had been colored in almost every color crayon you can imagine. In the child’s best handwriting, written in squiggly letters was your name along with a disproportionate heart that made you giggle. It was the kind of artwork that a parent valued because it was their child’s and not since it looked like Davinci’s art, heavens knew it was anything but that.
Opening the card made your heart melt as you read the wording in the card, ones in Steve’s expert cursive but Sarah’s own words. Steve’s handwriting was so elegant and old fashioned. You loved when he wrote anything for you, whether that be a note telling the dishes were clean or a letter he sent when off for work.
A tiny tear pricked at the corner of your eye for Sarah’s letter was so sweet and endearing, especially for such a young girl. You couldn’t have gotten a better kid. With much love, you pulled her into your arms and pressed messy kisses that tossed up her hair and made her laugh.
Next, Steve crawled into the bed a bit more when you scooted over for him. He handed you his own card that was, in fact, a letter written on fancy cream stationery with gold foil. It accented the jet black ink of the pen and the smooth strokes that came from Steve’s penmanship.
In his letter were words of appreciation to you for being the loving woman, wife and mother you were. You could tell it was straight from his heart. Steve was always so genuine and you loved him ever so for that.
Not even a second after you put the letter down and pecked Steve’s lips was Sarah excitedly clapping her hands.
“Momma! We got you a present!”
You cocked your head like an intrigued puppy.
“Oh really? What did you get, baby?”
She shook her head, “That’s not how it works, silly goose! Daddy has to get the gift and then you can open it!” Her words didn’t hold any malice or demand, just lots of excitement for giving a gift, that she knew was perfect, to her mom.
Steve quickly got up and returned in no time to your bedroom and placed a huge box wrapped in unicorn paper (Sarah’s doing) in your lap as your daughter had moved to the side.
She watched with much interest as you opened the paper slowly and your jaw dropped when you saw the box. Sarah was relieved to see your reaction.
Inside your box, it was a robot vacuum, something you had been dying to get as there was just not enough time to clean the house by yourself. Even with Steve and Sarah’s help, it was a constant struggle and this little device would help quite a bit.
You let out an excited squeal yourself, something that Sarah often did, and you launched yourself at Steve who was now standing at the bedside.
“Oh Steve! Thank you! I love you so much, I will literally have your babies. You surely know a way into my heart.” A million kisses were placed on his lips and he shook his head before you continued to shower him in affection. Actually, Steve was struggling really hard to not laugh and get the words of truth out.
“It wasn’t all me, sweetheart. It was really your daughter!”
You turned to your daughter and goofily ran over to her with open arms. Scooping her up off the bed you sound around with her in your arms.
Setting down Sarah, you returned back to Steve.
“You must think I’m so crazy, getting excited over a vacuum. God, I’m getting so old.” You made a sound of disgust towards the end and Steve laughed.
“If anyone in this house is old, it’s me. (Y/n) I don’t even know what this thing really does.” Steve widened his eyes for extra effect and you were shocked that he didn’t know. After all, he worked with technology far more advanced than this yet a cell phone could stomp him. He was such an old man and you never stopped teasing him about it. You were relentless with your jokes but Steve enjoyed them nonetheless.
“Oh, well, it’s a vacuum that goes around the house on its own. Y’a know so we don’t have to spend an hour every day doing it ourselves.”
He opened his mouth in awe while you both watched Sarah unpack the box.
“Ma would love this. I remember how bad she wanted a vacuum, just a simple one cost more than our grocery spendings.”
You intently listened to Steve’s short story of how his father had saved up to get his mom a vacuum for her birthday and you smiled at the irony of the recollection. Here their son was, doing almost the same thing for his own wife.
“Times have changed so much, darling, and I’m so glad I have you here to help,” Steve unwrapped his arm from your waist and instead turned to place his hands on your face.
“You are always so patient with me, I just love you so much.” With that, your husband kissed you slowly and for what seemed like minutes. That was until Sarah started to noisily take the styrofoam from that box that you both pulled away and turned to her.
She was awfully excited over the vacuum herself and you found it hilarious. Sarah caught you both glancing at her and waved you over to help with the styrofoam that was crumbling and looking like snow on the bedspread. No one wants to do laundry, let alone on their birthday so you both rushed over to prevent the mess from growing.
After setting up the device, you taught Steve how to work the vacuum from his cell phone, Sarah scrambled through a list of names and you found loads of entertainment in both of them. They were quite the pair and you were so glad to have them in your life, especially on your birthday
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rodrikstark · 9 hours ago
is the one spot still available? if so, i would actually want to see what you’d do with ransom (if you write for him), can i request ransom and winter? i understand if you don’t write for him or someone already sent the last request!!! congratulations on 900 followers!!!
ransom drysdale x reader (fluff)
a/n: unofficially i've been doing all these requests w/o dialogue for a personal challenge but since this is my 1st time writing for ransom and he's such a ~Character~ i'm gonna include dialogue to ~feel him out~ yknow? thanks for the request!!! 😘💕💕
Tumblr media
“babe, are you fucking serious?”
you shove the snowball—big enough to come up to your knees—a few more yards, standing briefly to snap at your boyfriend. “go away.”
he scowls at you, in his stupid cute sweater, with his reddish, stupidly adorable face, his hands stuffed in his pockets as you both stand around in the front yard.
you turn your attention back to your task before you see his eyes roll into the back of his head. “let me build my snowman in peace.”
he enunciates very clearly: “why are you doing this?”
“it’s fun.”
ransom tsks as you use all your strength to push your ball the remaining few feet to your half-made sculpture. “that looks heavy, here—"
"no. you made fun of me, so you don’t get to help.”
you slap his outstretched glove away, causing the snow caked on your mittens to burst out in every direction, making both of you jump.
"don't—" blinking, he watches you bend deep at the knee, bracing yourself to pick up the snow.
before you can, he presses his hand into your shoulder until you fall flat onto your butt, the ground crunching beneath you. an appalled squeak escapes you, and you glare at him.
he's holding back a little smile. it's his twisted version of affection.
ransom kneels on the ground in front of you, ruining his fancy slacks.
“i’m sorry,” he mumbles remorsefully. “i was wrong to say this is..." he cringes. "literally the stupid thing i’ve ever heard.”
“you hurt my feelings.”
“i know.” he swallows. “i’m sorry.”
“you promised,” you huff, though your voice is small. “remember? you can be mean to everybody but me."
“i remember.” he brings you to your feet then brushes the snow off your back. “go... grab a carrot from inside or something.” he gently kicks the snowball. “i got this."
— — —
part of my 900 follower celebration :)
— — —
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funfickgirl22 · 10 hours ago
Don’t trust Elvis 4
Chris Evans x Reader
words : 479
previous chapter
Chris was extremely happy to be able to walk down the street with you, hand to hand. Showing the brand-new wedding bands to the photographers. Paparazzi, it was something you didn’t get used to, but it was your new life now. As a writer, you were never exposed to Hollywood life, not to that extent.  
Chris felt that you weren’t comfortable therefore he decided to hug you, give you comfort. It wasn’t acting, he was really concerned.  
‘’Do you want to come back home doll’’  
‘’Yes please.’’ You kissed his cheek. He was such a gentleman.  
On the drive back to your home you calm a little, and you asked Chris an important question.  
‘’So... we have wedding bands, our pictures will be up soon but where will we live?’’  
‘’We can live here or in my Boston home. Where would you prefer? ‘’  
“’ Boston sounds nice. Oh my God!’’ You jumped on the seat, realizing you missed the important bit.  
‘’Y/N! What is happening?’’  
‘’You need to meet my mom.’’  
‘’And...’’ Chris was confused.  
‘’She is lovely but specific at the same time...and she is here’’ You announced it to Chris once he parked the car in front of your building.  
‘’It’s not my first rodeo baby. I will be fine.’’ Chris laughed and kissed your forehead. He was surprised with himself that he was actually nervous.  
Your mother was a lady in her 60s, dressed like a Hippie. She was excited to meet her son-in-law. Everything was going smoothly, Chris has impressed her, ate everything that your mom has offered, looked at embarrassing photos of you as a baby. You told your mum you will be leaving soon as you need to pack your clothes and go to Boston. She insisted on showing Chris your childhood room, as she re-decorated recently. Chris and you admired the changes when your mother asked: ’’Chris, I wrote fan fiction about you recently, would you read it and tell me what you do you think.’’ Chris blushed, chuckled, and started to read her work. Now, he understood the term ‘’specific’’.  
The drive to Boston was long but without any problems. You have arrived before midnight. Chris insisted on carrying you over a threshold. You were both laughing at this whole fake marriage, agreeing that you both should advantage and enjoy these 3 months. You both agreed that it might be a fake marriage, but it felt so real, so right. Your husband placed you in his bedroom, looking around, suddenly feeling shy. He has never experienced this with any of his ex-girlfriends. Christopher was imagining you in his bed, many times. This time, he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable and decided to take things slow. ‘’Take rest, sweetheart, I will take the guest room.’’ Chris blushed and was ready to leave, but you grabbed his hand telling him ‘’Stay’’ 
Tumblr media
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cocogirl-06 · 10 hours ago
Two Different Worlds {2}
Tumblr media
Title: Two Different Worlds
Summary: When Chris was younger, a family of 6 move from Brooklynn New York, the young boy gets close with the oldest sister only for her to get ripped away from him. Many years later the two find each other again and tries to rekindle what they once had with many obstacles in the way.
Pairing: Chris Evans x OFC Neveaha Walker
Chapter Warning: Fluff
Previous Chapters {1}
As the sun creeps into the new shared bedroom of me and my younger sister, I open my eyes, shielding them from the sun, rolling over. It was so silent last night sleeping. I'm used to hearing talking, music, maybe a gunshot or two. But here… it was so silent, you could hear a pin drop.
I check across the room, to see an empty bed, made, and set up like the ones at the furnisher stores. I peel back the comforter, moving to the edge of the side I was on. I stretch my arms, yawning extremely loud. I get up, grabbing my night pants from the foot of my bed, pulling them on. After I make my bed, I open the curtains.
Right after I open, I see a familiar face smiling back at me, pulling his shirt over his head. I wave back, wide-eyed before he walks out of his room. For a 12/13-year-old, he has the body of a triangle, it was weird. I shake the thoughts about him out of my bedroom heading down for breakfast.
I follow the aroma to the kitchen when I hear arguing from my brothers. “ I want the big one, you can have that one!” They were always so loud. I walk past them, greeting the rest of the family with hugs. Sitting down, plating my food, thinking about what im going to do today, maybe, I could take a walk, or hangout in my room and just chill.
“ Remember kids, we’re going over to our new neiboors for dinner tonight, so make sure, to wear something nice. We don’t know these white people.” We laugh, as we continue eating.
After breakfast, I ran upstairs to get the first shower, because at our old house, I always got the cold shower. I strip and hop in taking my sweet little time.
Stepping out of the shower, I grab my towel and wrap it around my frame. I grasp my head wrap and do the same before stepping out the bathroom.
I make my way to my shared room, opening my door, I see my sister, Kenya, sitting on her bed, drawing. She looks up, giving me a death stair.
“ Oh my gosh, finally, you were in there for like an hour,” she says getting up. “ It was not that long, at least now you know how it feels to wait for a hot shower!”
She scoffed, and rushed to the bathroom before either Dani, or Shane got there first. I close the door, and unwrap the towel from my body and discard it to the side of my bed. I sit on my bed and begin moisturizing.
I pull my robe over my body, and move toward my dresser. At the corner of my eye, I see a figure moving it’s hands up and down. I turn and see the same boy from this morning naked with his mouth open.
I stop what I’m doing, shocked at what I’m seeing as he opens his eyes, and darts down to the floor, having an embarrassing expression on his face. I turn, grab my clothes and move from the window.
Tumblr media
Later that night, we were getting ready for dinner, I couldn’t stop thinking about today, and all the weird stuff that happened, I really hoped they weren’t the people we were seeing tonight.
After all of us were ready with decent clothes on, we made our way out the door, walking to the next house over. My mom rings the doorbell, and as soon as she takes her dinging from it, someone opens the door.
It was a white woman, who looked about in her mid thirties, with brunette hair, and a blue sun dress on. “ Cassandra, lovely to see you again, please come in, it’s chilly outside,” she says, making way for us to step inside.
“ Hi Lisa, it’s great to see you too, how is everything?” Me and my sister part from everyone else and look around the house. It was way different from ours but set up the same. Their living room was nice with a nice size TV and sofa.
Just then, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn and see a kid about Kenya’s age smiling and holding out his hand. “ Hi, I’m Scott, nice to meet you,” he said, shaking my hand. I smiled back and he moved on to greeting the others.
“Hey, I like your hair, did you do that yourself?” “ Yeah, and thanks,” I say, turning to a girl about one inch taller than me. “ I’m Carly, and this is Shanna,” “ I’m Neavah, hey,” I say, holding out my hand. “ Nice name, our other brother Chris is somewhere around here, he’s kind of weird.”
Just as she finished her sentence, heavy footsteps came paring down the stairs. “ Ah, Chris, finally. What took you so long?” “ I was changing,” he says, turning to me with his hand out, and a smirk on his face.
“ Hi, I’m Christopher, but you can call me Chris, or boyfriend,” “ Uh, imma call you Chris, and I’m Neveah.” I said, shaking his hand. After everyone is Acquainted, we all sit down and eat, I just so happen to sit next to “ Chris The Creep.”
After dinner, the kids and adults separated, me, Chris, Scott, and Kenya went upstairs to go play Mario kart, while Dani, Carly, Shanna, and Shane played Just Dance.
“Hey, Neaveh, can I talk to you for a sec?” “ Sure,” I said as me and Chris walked to the hallway. “ I just wanted to say, sorry for this morning, and the entire day” “ it’s all good dude, you good.” I said going back to the room, as Chris just looked at me shocked.
Tumblr media
After multiple rounds of Chris losing and me beating him at Mario Kart, I heard my mom call us to go home. The four of us rushed downstairs, giving hugs and making small talk.
“ So, can I see you tomorrow?” Chris gave me a high five and turned to me. “ Don’t get attached to Creep, we might be here for about 1 or 2 years, so don’t stress,” “ we shall see about that, but I’m sure you’re staying longer.”
As we walk back to the house, I can’t help but wonder how long we will stay this time. I walk up the stairs, and wonder some more before getting ready for bed.
~Tags 🏷 ~
@honeydulcewrites @royallyprincesslilly @avintagekiss24 @candy-and-writing @queenshikongo3 @blackgirlimaginesmarvel @hhoneygrll @xoxloavearse @oinchavengewho @yagirlbren @caps-boo-bear @milkathedudz @abschaffer2 @miyah-lynn121 @chaneajoyyy @omg-mymelaninisbeautiful @basicchelsea @richonne4life @mmersades @fallinforevans @lil-nasteppa @chris-butt @athickgirlsblog @syntheticavenger @allboutdatmarvel @titty-teetee @niffala @jaydeee86 @bakarilennox @blackhottie25 @mcudarklibrary @pringlepapi @beetles-and-rats @roger-that-cap @bokillylovesloki @laugingismyhobby12 @roguediorxoxo @frostingguru @kittehkwrites @sailorsyro @disaster-rose @haileeraffonelli @plantch1ld @ambthegamer @queenlovely
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theblueprintshawty · 10 hours ago
Five's a Crowd
Summary: (Requested by @maximeevansblog) The reader and Chris' 2 Year Aniversary is coming up, and both have suprises in store.
Pairing: Chris Evans x female!reader, (platonic) Scott Evans x female!reader
Warnings: Cursing I think thats it.
Word Count: 1147
A/N: This writing wasn't gender neutral, obviously, but I still hope you enjoyed it. Don't be afraid to request, my asks should be open and you can obviously be anonymous about it! You can also DM me request. Feel free to check out my other writings too! Hope you enjoy this. <3
Tumblr media
You clapped your hands startling Scott, some leftover flour flying into your face causing you to blow it out of your mouth. Scott shook his head going back to scrolling on Instagram but not before commenting.
"Idiot." this prompted you to chuck the spoon you have been previously using at his head. You untied the apron, that really didn't help, from around your waist and began cleaning up. Although, checking the time caused for you to halt all your actions and panic.
"Okay listen up Ass-Wipe..." Scott took a second to look up as if he didn't know you were talking to him but when he saw your glare he paid full attention.
"Since you apparently couldn't go anywhere today I need you to clean up, keep an eye on the cake and put the icing on it for me," Scott went to protest but you put up a finger shaking it.
"You've been distracting me all night and your brother is going to be home in about 20 minutes, and hell I need to get ready. So don't complain!" You began to leave the room going to get dressed.
You clapped your hands startling Scott, some leftover flour flying into your face causing you to blow it out of your face. Scott shook his head going back to scrolling on Instagram but not before commenting.
Tumblr media
The 20 minutes felt like 5 minutes as you heard Dodger running to the front door. Your breath hitched as you looked in the mirror at yourself. Flattening your dress and making sure there were no stray hairs you walked downstairs to where you had the table set up.
"Hey bud, where's mommy?" He asked this walking into the room that you stood in. His eyes scanned up your body to your face and he smiled at you in the set up scenery. You attempted at a slightly fancy dinner but gave up half-way because Scott had been bugging you all night. So in your shared dining room replacing where the chairs once were was a picnic blanket sat on the floor. There was an assortment of food but what caught Chris' eye the most was the menorah that rested in the middle.
"Why is there a menorah?"
"I wanted the closest thing to 'candlelit' without burning down the house, you get what you get and you don't get upset. Come sit with me my love," You flopped down on the blanket and Dodger ran to you first Chris chuckling and joined you next. You pet Dodger as he gave you kisses and you handed a plate to Chris. You held up your hand at him.
"Please refrain from dirtying the dishes I would like to spend my whole 2 year anniversary dinner with you," You joked as he rolled his eyes and smiled at you. In retaliation he went to the chicken parm first placing it on the plate and you glared grabbing your own plate. You both began to eat talking and reflecting on your previous years.
"Yeah and I thought you were gonna propose and I was scared only for how Dodger would react," You laughed from your place on the floor next to Chris. You both had finished most of the food just laying down and looking at the ceiling, granted you had a projector set up with fake stars displayed so you weren't just staring at emptiness. Chris laughed pulling you closer and you rested your head on his chest feeling his chest rise as he laughed.
"Each time I think he's trying to steal my girl," He glanced down at Dodger who rested near both of your feet sleeping. You chuckled reaching down a bit to pet the sleeping dog in question, giving a stern but joking look to Chris.
"You might be right. If you don't propose soon he might take the chance to," You laughed turning back to Dodger and Chris chuckled a bit just staring at you both now with a proud smile. You glanced at your phone though as it began to vibrate a string of texts from Scott saying the cake was ready. You grabbed your phone and turned to Chris with a smile. You started to get up and pecked his lips heading to the kitchen.
"I'll be back." You rushed into the kitchen running into Scott. When he laid his eyes on you he jumped up and down giddily handing the cake to you. You smiled a thanks adrenaline rushing through you as you opened the door backwards.
"I have a surprise! So, the cake might taste bad but it came from the heart so-" Your words stopped as quickly as they started as your eyes laid upon Chris on one knee. Mouth agape and almost dropping the cake you quickly placed it down gulping, knowing your answer even before he was about to speak.
"Y/n I've loved you since the day I met you and that was obvious with the way I failed to take my eyes off of you. These past two years have helped reinforce the idea that this was the perfect decision. I'm ready if you are to not only end something, but start something beautiful. So, Y/n Y/l/n, instead of being my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend...will you be my wonderful and beautiful wife?" You moved closer with each of his words and you stood above him frozen for a second.
"Just wonderful and beautiful?" You both laughed and you quickly nodded your head pulling him up and into a kiss letting him put the ring on your finger. You pulled away from the kiss and smiled chuckling.
"I don't mean to one-up your surprise but I also have something," You turned around with the cake in hand and put it on full display. He turned his head in confusion and furrowed brows.
"I'm Pregant?" You huffed and yelled out of frustration, "Damn you Scott!"
"I knew I should've googled it!" He yells mostly to himself from the kitchen. Chris just laughed at the both of you placing the cake down and peppering your face with kisses. He kneeled down, just like before, and kissed your belly. He looked up at you with the brightest smile on his face.
"I can't wait to start our family." Dodger was jumping up at you causing you to sit on the floor with Chris and him. You pulled both of them in a hug.
"You two are just the cutest, I can't wait to be in this family too," Scott said with a mouthful and tried to join the hug but you held up a hand still hugging your two boys.
"No, you ruined my cake...and five's a crowd asshole."
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stargazingfangirl18 · 10 hours ago
mmm, I can't stop thinking about frank. I mean, what a dilf, whatta rugged, boat repairing, beer drinking dilf. sighhhhh just imagine watching Mary for him when he gets a better paying job with longer hours and welcoming him home with a homemade meal and cold drink 🥺 treating him like the gem he is, rubbing the frown from his forehead, kissing the tip of his cock-
Tumblr media
Warning: Explicit sexual content & language. Oral sex (m receiving). 18+ only!
“That’s it, sweetheart,” Frank’s voice was a husky groan that had you pressing your thighs together as you hollowed your cheeks and sucked his cock.
When you swallowed him down to the back of your throat, until you were gagging and tears gathered at the corners of your eyes, he moaned long and loud.
“Fuck, you’re so good to me,” he grunted, rough hand sliding along your soft cheek. “Taking care of me after a long, hard day, isn’t that right, sweetheart?”
You moaned your affirmation around his length, bobbing your head as you felt him twitch against your tongue when you eased up for a breath.
“You gonna let me cum down that pretty throat?” Frank’s thumbs swiped the tears from your warm face as you greedily gasped in air.
“Yeah,” you breathed, eyes fluttering as you leaned into his touch.
“Go on, sweetheart,” Frank hummed, tapping your swollen bottom lip with the tip of his cock. “Swallow it all, until your belly’s all warm and full of me.”
Moaning, you took him back into your mouth—into your throat—eagerly, reveling in the way Frank’s composure slipped, little by little. Until he was relentlessly fucking your face and then moaning his release, his salty tang flooding your senses and burning your throat as you drank down his pleasure, every last drop.
“Fuck, that was so good,” Frank purred, sagging back into his seat at the kitchen table and watching with a soft, fuck drunk smile as you pulled off of his cock and gave the tip a kiss before tucking him away. “You’re so good to me, sweetheart. C’mere.”
He reached for you, gently urging you onto his lap sideways, his arm circling your back as he leaned in and caught your swollen lips in a slow, languid kiss.
“Love tasting myself on your tongue,” he murmured against your mouth once you parted. “Almost as much as I love the taste of that sweet honey between your legs.”
“Frank,” you gasped, muffling a giggle against his shoulder as you squirmed in his lap.
“Bet there’s plenty of it waiting for me,” he teased, nipping at your bottom lip once you were meeting his gaze again, forehead pressed to his. “I know how much you like sucking my cock.”
He grinned at the quiet, desperate whine that bubble up from your throat. “You gonna let me take you to bed, spread you open, and have my dessert?”
“Jesus, Frank. I’ll let you do whatever you want to me.”
His laugh was a quiet, gravelly rumble that had you shivering as he held you tight. “That’s why you’re my girl.”
Pecking your lips, he urged you to your feet, the front of his jeans already tenting again in anticipation as he rose behind you.
Big hands sliding to your hips, Frank guided you toward the bedroom, his lips warm against your ear as he murmured, “It’s gonna be a long night, sweetheart, because I’m not stopping till you’re crying for me, and then I’m gonna ruin you with my cock until you’re crying all over again.”
Whimpering, you couldn’t even string together a response as Frank urged you into the bedroom and toward the bed, pressing close to your back as he swung the door shut behind you both and dug into his dessert.
I meeeean. Have at me, cranky sir 🥴🥴🥴
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the-fallen-nightmare · 12 hours ago
Rule Break-Six
Tumblr media
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: very, very slow burn, swearing, angst, fluff, and maybe some smut down the road.
Words: 1278
Summary: Agent 16 or also known to her close family and friends, Y/N, has been one of SHEILD’s top and most trusted agent for the last 5 years. Her number one rule that she lived by since she started; don’t date your coworkers. When an alien species threatens New York, it’s up to Agent 16 and the rest of the Avengers to save the world. However, what she never expected to happen was her slowly breaking that rule with one of her own team mates; Captain America himself.
A/N: Crap, it took me awhile to post an update but finally, here it is! Tags are open for this series. 
Tumblr media
The dreary, dark ceiling stared back at me as I bore holes into it, my back laid straight against the mattress. My finger drummed against my stomach as I tried to keep my mind from replaying the dreaded memories of a few hours ago. 
Loki escaped. Thor and Banner were missing. Colson was dead. 
He was murdered by Loki and I made a vow that he would pay for that; Colson’s death would be avenged. 
Every pun intended. 
As of an hour ago, however, we had no update on Loki’s location. The ship was flying blind, still being damaged in the fight, but that didn’t stop Fury from trekking on ahead. None of us knew what our mission at this point in time was which is why I had opted to stay in my living quarter on the ship. 
Isolation was what I craved at the moment so I was grateful no one had bothered to follow me. 
The soft knocking on the other side of the door caused an annoyed groan to slip through my lips while I sat up in bed. 
“No one’s home,” I yelled at the persistent knocking. 
Steve’s concerning voice made my brow quirk and when I opened the door slightly, I leaned against the frame of the doorway. 
He nodded towards me. “Are you alright?” 
“Yep. Never better,” I lied. 
With a stern cross of arms over his chest, Steve sighed. “Can I come in?” 
Reluctantly, I opened the door farther and let him follow me inside. I sat on my previous spot while Steve leaned against the wall facing me, just a few inches away from my closed knees. We sat in silence for a few moments, neither of us knowing what to say.
“I don’t know how close you were to Coulson but I am sorry for your loss,” Steve finally spoke. 
He tried to be sincere but the words sounded forced, almost as if he was supposed to say it. 
“You should really work on your emotions, Rogers. Your words sound fake,” I scoffed. 
Steve sighed before running a hand over his face. “I’m trying to show you that I care a little bit. Why is it so hard for you to understand that?” 
“I would, if you sounded more sincere. You’re acting like Coulson was another man that died in the war. He wasn’t a soldier; he was family to a lot of us.” I snapped standing to my feet. 
Anger had been slowly pooling at the bottom of my gut, raising the second Steve stepped into my room and with his fake voice and care, it had exploded. 
“Why are you so hostile towards me? I haven’t done anything to you,” Steve’s tone matched my own. 
I scoffed once more while shaking my head. “The moment I met you, Rogers, you acted like I wasn’t good enough to even be in the same room as you; Captain America.” 
“S.H.I.E.L.D sent you over to babysit me once I woke up. I don’t need someone to watch over me,” He seethed. 
“And you think that I wanted to watch over you? I had way more important things to do then watch Captain America’s ass.” 
Suddenly realizing how the words fell from my lips, a flush crept to my cheeks and Steve noticed too, a smirk pulling at his lips. 
Our anger had been replaced with a flirtatious banter in the blink of an eye. Steve crossed his arms over his chest and nodded towards me. 
“If you wanted to watch my ass, all you had to do was ask, doll.” 
Biting my lip a tad, I held my composure, not letting him know that the nickname caused my stomach to flip. 
“Is there a reason why you’re here bothering me?” I questioned, changing the subject. 
Steve nodded with a soft sigh. “Tony and I were talking and we think we know where Loki is headed.” 
My attention was fully on him, not that it wasn’t before, but it was more on the words he spoke and not the way the lighting of the room had done nothing for the blueness of his eyes. 
Focus, Y/N. 
“Where's that?” 
“New York. We think he wants to use Stark Tower as the opening point of the portal. That’s where he’s going to let his army in,” Steve informed. 
I nodded, agreeing with his statement. 
“That makes sense. Have you told Fury?” I asked. 
Steve hesitated for a moment but I understood why he was hesitant to tell Fury anything. There was a lot that Fury had been hiding from all of us and we weren’t too sure if trusting him with this information would benefit or hurt us in the long run. 
“We need someone that can fly one of those jets,” Steve said. 
“I know someone.” 
Tumblr media
Sitting alone on the jet, I double checked the laces of my boots making sure that they were tied tightly and after making sure that my swords were seated next to me, I let out a sigh. 
Natasha was sitting in the co pilot seat while Clint drove the jet towards New York.  She vowed for Clint, saying that after a good knock to the head he was back; no longer mind controlled by Loki. 
Tony was taking his own way there, saying he would meet us just in time. Steve was sitting a few feet away from me, his gaze stuck on the hard floor of the jet. 
We realized that not only had Loki made this entire mission personal after killing Coulson, he wanted an audience for what he was about to do. Which is why Tony said that Loki was going to use Stark Tower to do that. 
There was still no word from Banner or Thor so we only hoped that they would figure out what we did and meet us there. 
“What’s on your mind?” 
Looking towards the left of my shoulder, I gave Steve a small smile. Ever since our somewhat big blow out, the awkwardness and uneasiness that I felt around him had disappeared. 
“You know, I’ve faced a lot of different things in my career but never once did I think I would face an alien species,” I joked hoping to lighten the mood. 
The air around all of us was thick, knowing that I wasn’t the only one questioning what was about to happen. 
“I, uh, read your file on the way here. You had to do some heavy stuff,” Steve mentioned. 
I nodded. “Some of it I’m not proud of but I had to do what I could to survive. Fury knows that when there’s some dirty work that has to be done, he can send me in to be the one to do it.” 
“Do you regret going behind his back?” 
“Not at all,” I said without missing a beat. 
No matter how much I had looked up to and respected him, after finding out that Fury had been keeping secrets from all of us, it was hard to trust him with anything anymore. 
“Guys, we're landing in two minutes. Get ready!” Natasha called from the front of the jet. 
Quickly standing to my feet, I placed the swords across my back and double checked my laces once more. It was something I had always done before a mission. I didn’t need to be tripping over myself. 
“You’re not going to order me to stay on the jet this time, are you?” I jeered towards Steve. 
He was standing next to me, placing his shield on his back. He shook his head with a quiet laugh. 
“Nope. There’s a reason why you’re on this team, now show me why.” 
“It would be my pleasure, Rogers.” I smirked.
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