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#original content
lesbians-all-the-way-down · 16 minutes ago
Original lil one-shot. Afterlife fic. Sorrel & Ivy meet Remus & Rainey (Mostly rambling)
I couldn't explain what I felt, looking at the two women.
They were familiar, my heart felt too full looking at both of them, there together.
One with golden hair that fell down her back, and glasses slipping down her nose as she tilted her head downwards- the other woman whispering something in her ear.
She looked almost identical to how Carlisle would have, if she didn't pierce her face, and dye her hair. All of their facial features were the same.
The other woman's hair was blue, but her face was soft, slightly rounded, but not to the point it was a circle.
She looked like Rue, but with piercings and tattoos. And that meant she looked like me.
They smiled as they interacted, and I smiled as I watched them. Almost reaching for Ivy, who I knew was beside me, but I couldn't see, when I was too busy staring.
"Ives- do they- do you recognize them?"
"I do. They look like Grandma Remus. And Rainey. Do you think-"
"The afterlife's huge- how did- I didn't think we'd see them. Do you- do you think they can see us?"
The thought, the possiblity, had been in the back of my head our entire journey.
I hadn't stopped thinking that maybe after I'd get to see the people that made me, and loved me, for the short time we had together.
That I'd get to meet them in a way I'd remember.
"I think they're distracted, but if they weren't, yes. I think the could see us. Everyone else could."
I nodded, still looking only at them. Not at Ivy.
I started moving, "Go home, Ivy. I'll follow you. But I need to meet them first."
"No. Sorrel. What if you don't make it back?"
"No one will miss me. I don't have parents, but I could. Jamie will be broken if she loses you. And Harper too. I will follow you, I promise. But that's my mom. And mama."
"And they're my grandparents."
"Someone needs to get back home, to explain in case something happens."
"I'm not leaving you. Now let's go."
I only saw her then because she stood in front of me, going up to the two women. And not going home like I expected.
She walked to them, her back straight- almost to the point of making her seem taller, and I heard her talk.
"Remus?" The golden haired one looked up, away from where her wife was murmuring in her ear. "Rainey?"
"Ivy?" It was the golden haired one. It was Remus, clearly, when not only did she look like her, but she knew who she was so quickly.
"yeah how- how did you know?"
"You look exactly like James. But shorter, somehow." She laughed, and the sound felt like coming home to a place that had been destroyed- you felt all the love you once had. The warmth it once provided you with. But it was mixed with a crushing grief. Everything you'd lost staring you in the face. And reminding you.
When her laughter subsided she touched Ivy's chin, her touch clearly gentle. "What happened?"
"Nothing- or not- not nothing. We're alive-"
"we're?" It was Rainey, who looked past her, and get bright purple eyes landed on me.
I nodded from where I was watching. But I didn't approach.
She did, though. And so did Remus. Ivy with them.
"You're so big. You're all grown up. You must be in college." Rainey was cooing over me, and it was clear Remus was feeling the same way. For both me, and Ivy.
"how did you know I wasn't Rue? Everyone always confuses us." I wanted to say something else. To tell them about me. To just hold them. To tell them I loved them.
But I didn't. I couldn't. It was like I was starstruck.
"Rue has my eyes. She always has. But yours are blue. And not- not like Will's. Like your mom's. I don't- I don't know how. But you've always had hers."
That was true. Almost all of us were blue eyed children. Almost all of us with the same identical shade too. It was just the three who's eyes weren't blue at all that didn't. And Will, who's eyes were several shades darker.
I miss you, I wanted to say.
"I go to a school for the Arts. I- I dance. Ballet. I- I think they're disappointed in you." I told her.
I heard the most about my mama from James, and all my other siblings.
But I also heard about her from the teachers at the school- some had danced with her. It was always an example of what not to do, though.
She was at the top, young and promising, and then she just left.
'don't do that' 'we lost a good dancer.' they liked to mention she was accepted into the school with a full scholarship, before she declined and left dance all together.
I was surprised I got In at all, when they had seemed to have such a grudge against my name.
"I didn't know I made such an impact in the dance world that they'd talk about me, still. And they wouldn't want me, if they knew what I looked like."
"What do you mean? You look like you." It felt weird as I said it- how was I to say what she looked like? She was new to me. It was like telling a stranger they looked as they always did.
"I used to be pretty, like you, until I ruined it.
"You are so beautiful, Sorrel, you grew up to be an amazing woman."
She stopped looking at me, and looked at Ivy, "And you grew up to be fantastic. Remus is right, you look exactly like your mother."
Ivy nodded. Taking the compliments from people she desperately wished to know.
"You don't know me," I said, instead of taking my mother's nice words to heart. "You don't know what I've grown up to be, you weren't there."
"And we're sorry about that, Sor." I wanted to flinch away from Remus, and from the nickname no one used for me, but I'd been told my mom had. Something special- and now that she was dead, sacred.
"We wanted to see you grow up. I wish I could've been there for Carlisle, when Jace was sick. I was supposed to babysit you, Ivy, the week I was hospitalized.
"And Sorrel, Mon Amour, I wanted nothing more than to take care of you. You're my baby. You always have been. When I was sick I spent all the time I could with you, so that I would know the exact shade of your eyes even with my eyes closed.
"No one wanted to leave you. Not me, and not your mama.” 
“There wasn’t a choice in it, we didn’t walk out, we-”
 “Died. I know.” I cut Rainey off, from where she was adding to her wife’s statement.
Looking at them felt like someone was taking a knife and cutting through my chest, with faces I recognized but only from photos, And voices I’d imagined telling me stories since Jamie explained that she wasn’t my mother. 
But is that what they were? I was finally with them, I could finally hear those voices- Remus calling me Sor like everyone said she did. They weren’t ‘mom’ and ‘mama’ in my head. 
“I’m sorry. I-”  
“It’s okay, we get it. You feel abandoned.” Ivy was being awfully quiet- was she not the one that approached? That had refused to leave without seeing them too? I looked back at her, instead of having to look at Remus- who’s eyes now looked at me sadly, but really were mine, and Ivy’s too. 
If they were so quick to hold me as and love me as their daughter why couldn’t I love them as my moms?
“Is Jace here?” So many words from my mouth, just deflecting. No, ‘I love you’s or ‘I miss you’s. But everything and anything else. “Do you get to see both your granddaughters?” 
“Yeah, she’s at home, with everyone else. She looks like her mom, like Ivy does.” Remus paused for a second- I would’ve assumed it was the end of her sentence, but her mouth was left slightly open, and her eyes widened as she looked to Ivy. “You- you should meet Ivy, She’s with Alice, but she would want to meet you. I told her about you when I first saw her, she asked about your mom immediately. I think she’d love to see you.” 
Ivy’s short bob fell like curtains in front of her face as she nodded. “I would love to meet her too. Someone who had meant so much to my mom.” 
“She did,” I watched Remus put her hand on her cheek, watching the tanned hand, her long slim fingers just a couple shades darker than Ivy’s pale, pale skin- she hadn’t touched me, yet. Neither had Rainey. “They were inseparable. Like it looks like you two are.” 
She reached for Rainey’s hand, gently pulling the other from her granddaughters face. “We can lead you to her.” 
Ivy nodded enthusiasm in every muscle, with a growing smile on her face. 
“Fantastic,” Remus’s voice was soft, as she turned, and starting walking away, her wife directly beside her and granddaughter just behind. 
I was farther behind. Was I included in this offer? Had they decided that I was a waste of a daughter, and Ivy would be a perfect replacement? 
I followed, but hesitantly. Until Rainey half turned around, and smiled. “You coming, Sorrel?” 
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ohsotwistedwords · 27 minutes ago
The Maple Tree
By Snapdragon
            The maple tree in my backyard is twisted, and mostly stripped of its bark from a lightning strike. The lightning strike peeled it in a storm, and the wind blew it into my window. It was a particularly bad storm. My chamomile tea is still warm as I take a sip of it. It’s slightly sweet from the added honey, and the flavor reminds me of flowers in early spring. More specifically, it reminds me of the daffodils that sprout around the old twisted tree to tell me that spring is here. Abandoning my tea, I stand and stretch. The path to the door is familiar, and the air from outside is crisp and fresh. The birds sing; a welcome sound compared to the quiet of winter.
            The grass is patched yellow, still not fully recovered from the heavy snows that covered it in the throes of winter. When I reach the tree, the smooth wood underneath my hand feels as alien as it is beautiful. The roughness of the bark was enjoyable and familiar, but the bare wood is a welcome change. The bark will not return in time, too much of it was taken off for that, but there’s still some on the lower left branches.
            Thin green leaves are sprouting where the daffodils will grow. I lower myself to sit next to them, and enjoy the birdsong. The odd, square concrete slab the length of my feet is as mysterious as ever. I’ve my own theories on what it may be, from a pet’s grave to a discarded part from the house’s construction, but there isn’t a clear answer. The square is rough and cold, and feels a little dusty. It doesn’t belong here, among the flowers and under the tree. Yet, it has been here for many years. It was here when this house belonged to my parents, and probably when my grandparents lived here.
            After a moment of pause, I lift the square up. It doesn’t go straight up, but back with a squeak as if on hinges. Inside, there are neatly folded pieces of paper, all of which are yellow with age as far as I can see. The paper feels like the pages of an old book, but upon opening them I see the first is a letter to my mother. The name signed at the bottom is undoubtedly my father’s. After hours of shifting through letters, the oldest letters seem to be love letters from my grandparents, during a war. But that’s impossible. There hasn’t been a war for hundreds of years. I put the letters back in the box as they were and close the lid.
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tildeathdo-i-write · an hour ago
One Shot #19 - Slow Dancing
Warnings: swearing (f word)
This is unedited
@phoenix-carstairs I know I sent this to you at 2am but it's dedicated to you
I closed my eyes. I could hear the party raging on, music blasting furiously, dimming with every step away from it. From him. Who am I kidding, Nate is everything I want. He's perfect— reads to me at night when I can't sleep, takes care of me when I'm sick, and he's just so... real. He's real and honest and he's perfect. What am I doing?
I was running away from Nathan, that's what. Nathan who held me when I cried and made me pasta because I was craving it. Now I'm... running. Again. I'm always running. Like a fucking coward, I couldn't face my feelings for him. I told him it's not real, that this is a sham we put on for our parents but we both know it's not true. We both know I a lying liar who lies because because don't want to risk getting hurt.
I just want him. I want him and nothing else. I don't want to be a pawn in my mother's political campaign or in his father's. I want reality with him, a lifetime of reality to make memories and let him read poetry to me until I fall asleep. I want— what did did want?
The thought stopped me. I wanted a life, freedom. I wanted to live as myself. What was I thinking. I would never be able to get away from my mom.
I reached the lit up gazebo at the back of the garden. I wasn't wasn't aware we decorated this place, fairylights had been woven around the geometric walls. It was magical.
"Dance with me."
I started, hadn't even heard him come up to me. "Nate."
"Spence," he smiled, offering his hand. "Come on."
"There's no music," I said. Coward, a voice hissed. I took his hand anyway, brushing blond strands away from his face when I stepped closer.
Nate wrapped his arms around my waist. This wasn't the waltz I learned but it was so much better. He smelled like the outdoors, as if he'd just taken a hike across a mountain. Know g him, he would do that and come out looking perfect.
"Can you hear it?" He whispered. His lips grazed my ear. "The stars are our band, the wind is our music."
Oh god. "You're a silvertongued devil," I said just as softly. "But you're my silvertongued devil."
"Yes I am." His face dipped, nose pressing against the column of my throat. I could feel his heart beating against my chest, in sync with mine.
"Spencer." He pulled me closer. We swayed to the musical wind in the trees, the singing stars. This. I wanted this with him. My hands slid up his back, one came to rest on his shoulder and the other on the back of his neck. "Nathan. I want a forever with you."
"Forever wouldn't be enough."
Wrote this at 2am to appease my best friends romantic side. I posted it from my phone for the formatting will be a little... off. Enjoy.
- Ash
@phoenix-carstairs @reyna-herondale @the-child-of-darkness @niagotthomastair-inthesanctuary @writing-is-a-martial-art
If you want to be on my one shots taglist, please let me know
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adventuresofalgy · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Algy flew up, up into the bright blue sky, and away across a vast expanse of ocean. At first the position of the sun suggested that he was heading south-east, but after a while he completely lost his sense of direction, for the sun had been engulfed by a rapidly enlarging mass of menacing clouds.
As Algy could see no sign of land, he had little choice but to keep on flying as far as he could, but he found it increasingly difficult when the wind whipped itself up into a frenzy and swirled all around him, and the sky turned darker and darker until it was almost black.
He struggled on, for there was nothing else he could do: there was no island left behind him to return to, and he hadn’t the slightest idea where he was, or in which direction some other island or land might lie. And before long he found that he was in the middle of an alarming electrical storm. It flashed and crackled and banged all around him, tossing him about all over the sky and electrifying his feathers, until he was sure that he would be cast down into the briny deep at any moment. But in a particularly bright and terrifying flash, when Algy was on the point of commending his soul to the supreme custodian of fluffy birds’ souls, he finally caught a glimpse of some rocky landscape below, illuminated for a moment by the lightning, and he plunged down towards it as fast as he could.
Algy was flying rapidly along above the ground, looking for a suitable place to land, when suddenly his flight was arrested by the biggest and brightest flash of all...
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greerymae · an hour ago
people pain person personification personified
excerpt from a poem i’m writing about allowing yourself to grieve the childhood that you weren’t able to have
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dyrkwyst · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day Dreaming Wanderer
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mr-and-mrs-gluskin · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Why is Eddie so hard to draw ;-; I guess this could be promotional fanfic art? Idk and I'm currently experiencing writer's block 😖 Sorry about that.
Btw, "most" of What Could've Been will take place 20 years before Mount Massive Asylum (2013) which means it'll be 1993 and Eddie's gonna be 26 in there (he's canonically 46 in-game). I have so many ideas for the fanfic 😳
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reasonandempathy · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Capitalism is the best breeder of innovation.
Regulations are pointless.  Without them we would’ve had a single-file death-tube years ago.
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deanwasalwaysbi · 4 hours ago
The really did erase every single other romantic pairing from the finale to draw attention to the fact that Cas was missing.  Adam and Michael are the same actor, the writers went out of their way to add a line and have Michael inform the audience that Adam, his partner of 1200 years, was gone, that even he was alone. 
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residentevil-4 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
emo romance
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residentevil-4 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
(deranged) im looking
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evonture · 6 hours ago
Poking Through
Tumblr media
Poking Through
By me, Digital, 2021.
Twitter: (@evonture) Discord: Site: Games: Patreon: PayPal:
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