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singlesoulgetslost · 6 minutes ago
I never thought I'd be so hyped about the love story between a candelabra and a feather duster but hey turns out you never know
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bitchymilkshakesstuff · 6 minutes ago
Suddenly this t-shirt has a bigger meaning!
Tumblr media
It's really amazing that celebrities that are part of the LGBTQ community are strong enough nowadays to support and chose love over everything else.
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dayladrawsstuff · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Hey disney. Got any news on TC yet? 🙃
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minyboy · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
They call him Tech. Yeah, he can fill your head with useless info for hours.
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starsfic · 15 minutes ago
101 Dalmatians – Christmas had passed, nearing New Year’s Day. People all over London had been in and out, trying to get a look at the house full of Dalmatian puppies. Many of them settled in easily while others had difficulty. One of the puppies made their way over to where Perdita laid with some of the others. “So, are you and Mister Pongo our parents now? Do I call you Mother and Father?” They asked timidly, unsure if they were overstepping proper boundaries.
A bunch of the other pups looked up at their question, turning curious eyes to Perdita. The female dog chuckled, sounding unsure herself.
“Well, I suppose it depends. Do you want to call me Mother? I understand if you don’t but...” 
The pup considered this before nodding. “I do.”
Perdita smiled gently, nuzzling her new child. “Then I am.”
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bassistreggie · 16 minutes ago
I’m so proud of joshua bassett. It takes strength to come out, especially when you’re a young disney star. I’m so excited for him to be happy and free and himself
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thorneduprose · 18 minutes ago
Bruh is there still Disney/DreamWorks crossovers going on? I miss Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. Fuck cringe culture. It was fun. If there's anything similar, hit me up.
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bigredraphsimp · 19 minutes ago
What type of person they are at Disney!
(A/N)- So this is in a no covid timeline(I wish) sorry in advance for any spelling errors!! Love you guys💕💞
Two words- Fanny. Pack. You know he is getting a Disney themed fanny pack!! Stuffing it full of napkins, sunscreen, money, pens, autograph books, a whole ass water bottle, hair ties(for you if you have hair lol), wet wipes, germ x, and anything else he can impossibly squeeze in.
Matching shirts bb! Ya know those cute couple shirts, yeah he orders custom made ones online that only rip a little bit over his spikes. Mickey and Minnie. Daisy and Donald. Ellie and Carl. Launchpad and Darkwing. All Disney couples you two can think of, he has.
He wants to meet the characters. For freaking sure. He is the type to really interact with the characters too. He gets so into it, the line backs up because he is having so much fun snapping pics and riffing. And he’s big and unique so you know for sure the characters are gonna have fun with him too.
While I see him having fun on roller coasters, I can really see him adoring the slower rides. Disney does a great job on all the little details they cram into rides and he loves to take his time and see them all.
King of finding places to rest and the best snacks. Feet hurt after walking through Animal Kingdom? He had a shady spot and a cup of ice water(free at any quick service). Need a breather after a particularly tipsy ride, he has got spot right next to the passing parade and a sprite to settle your stomach.
I can see him being affectionate at a normal time, but the magic of Disney gets him all worked up and emotional. His brothers are 90 times more susceptible to brotherly love. And you, well you are gonna get wooed. The new Little Mermaid has the Kiss the Girl scene (my favorite part of the movie) and I can totally see him getting sappy.
Hand holding, kisses, gifts, cheesy compliments. You names it and he does it. On rides that take pics, I can see him pulling you against him to smile or for a kiss just as the flash goes off. He cherishes the photos. He even brought the Polaroid camera you bought him for his birthday and runs out of film on the first day. You brought extra don’t worry!
He will carry you, you know he will. You don’t even have to utter a complaint, he just knows when your shoes starts to blister and up you go onto his shoulders, you can see the whole park from there.
Favorite park would be classic Magic Kingdom.
I want to kiss him so bad🥺💕
You want to go? To a theme park? With him? Yes yes yes yes yes yes absolutely yes!!! Just the two of you together in a park as a real couple??? He is excited beyond belief.
Wait his family is coming?? Seriously?
Well he is still excited.
Hollywood Studios all the way baby!
Donnie is obviously a huge nerd, but I can see Leo being obsessed with Star Wars so of course he wants to hit up Galaxy’s Edge.
Despite the rules saying only little kids can dress up, just try and stop him from dressing like Han Solo. You buy him one of those 200$ realistic light sabers.
Merch king!! He knows the location of all the shops and what they sell. He knows what items can easily be found online and what are uniq and rare to the parks. He somehow manages to carry bag after bag after bag of things he buys. Seriously he loads up.
You wanna rose Rockin’ Roller Coaster !?!?!??? Who cares that you have 14 times, Leo is a charmer and he gets the ride operator to let y’all stay on a few more times.
I can see him becoming besties with whoever is in like with you guys during the longer a waits. “Hey (Y/N)! Sam and Jon from Wisconsin are here for their 12th wedding anniversary! How cool is that”!
Hats tees freaking live him. He just drops charisma.
He definitely plans his outfits to match each park on each day of the trip.
Very spontaneous!!! He literally doesn’t plan his days but things always end up working o it great for y’all.
He likes to mess wi to you normally and I can see him being overly teasing and funny where groups of people can see.
Flirts with every princess. But don’t get jealous! “You are always gonna be the fairest of them all (Y/N)💕💕”.
Hell yeah!!!
He is pumped, like his brothers but very very quickly it becomes clear that he and his family want different things. He goes through Hollywood, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom as a family.
But EPCOT is y’all’s day! He is there for the science and machines. A behind the scenes look at the magic of it all? Yes pls!
Like Raph, he is wicked prepared, although he refused to wear a fanny pack, even though you think it would be adorable on him.
After y’all tear through the science in the front of EPCOT. The countries of the world awaits you.
Donnie does a full 180. He was excited to be with you but laser focuses on the machinery used to run such a large area full of so many people. I mean seriously, “(Y/N) I must find out how that rat controls all these people at once”!!
But once he’s had his scientific fill. Get ready.
Each country you visit is a trip and a half.
He is spouting facts about each place. Getting you present from each country. Greeting you in the native tongue of each country. He is for sure gonna be the guy who gets the walk through the countries map that gives you a sticker at each place you go.
He turns the charm up to 300! You are whisked away on a romantic journey through France, beautiful scenery of Canada(the flowers are amazing), and the flavor of Morocco. You guys are loading up on imported goods like nobody’s business.
He is more of a scenery kinda person. He likes to explore the many stores and restaurants that’s are offered. Don’t get me wrong, he loves rides, but he isn’t the type that has to be on a ride at all times.
Donnie hates waiting in long lines. Hell do it but he will complain, especially about the rude couple n front of you who keeps walking you guys with their oversized backpacks. Man he hates them.
Characters aren’t really his thing, unless he had a crush on them when he was younger *cough* Atomic Lass *cough*
You have to watch him though. There are a lot of behind the scenes doors that led to employees only areas and I can totally se him trying his very hardest to casually slip inside to get a closer look. You don’t want to get banned so you better stop him.
You know those workers who walk around the park with hundreds of balloons. Yeah that’s Mikey.
“You can’t take them on the rides Mikey”! “I’ll tie them up outside, I am not leaving my babies behind”!
He is gonna ride every ride in every park. Every. Single. Ride.
He likes them all. Seriously there isn’t a ride he doesn’t enjoy. Catch him singing along to It’s A Small World and driving his brothers insane. Isn’t too interested in the stores unless something catches his eye.
Every ride y’all go on, he had to sit with you. No matter what he wants you by his side during this experience.
He is an explorer and wants to see everything Disney World has to offer. So expect llooooonnnnggg days with aching feet. He can’t help but being impatient to see it all.
Don’t worry, he’ll give you plenty of live and attention back at the hotel. If he’s not already passed out the second he steps into the room that is.
Like Raph, he is telling so many freaking photos, he wants to see it all and have documentation.
As an avid cartoon fan, he is so excited to see his favorite movies put in motion in rides. Literally won’t shut up about art styles and animation and music. It’s great!!
You surprised him and took him during the Festival of the Arts at EPCOT and this boi is s h a k i n g.
Y’all have such a cute wholesome time, you can’t🥺🥺
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gdhsounds · 25 minutes ago
This edition of Plus the Mouse does get a bit sweary as we review the sixth episode of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers...
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the-sabalda-region · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Such an adorable Pokémon. I love him so much
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gayterumi · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
help its been days and all i can think abt is this fucking closed disneyland attraction abt a scary animatronic alien
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masenkamasenka · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Walt Disney World / Florida
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