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#deuce spade
twstwonderlandstuff · 2 hours ago
Keepsakes (First Years and Reader)
Relationship: Platonic
Characters featured: GN! Reader, Grim, Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Jack Howl, Epel Felmier, and Sebek Zigvolt.
Warning(s): Reader is good at making jewelery.
"Sup dudes." You call casually to the first years, who were hanging out on the track field, talking. "Got something for ya."
"Ooh, perfect~ I know you love us, but you don't have to go so far- nah, I'm just kidding, you definitely do." Ace teases, throwing an arm over your shoulder. "Whatcha got?"
"Well, it's not gonna be fun if you just see it, you know. Close your eyes?" You ask them. Sebek and Epel give you a reluctant stare. "It's not a prank... I'm not Ace, you know."
"What's that supposed to mean?" You tousle the redhead's hair, shrugging.
"I don't know... maybe it's because of the pranks you pull of to Riddle? And how he constantly needs consolation from Trey?" You question, frowning like your serious.
"Or it's us getting our heads offed all the time..." Deuce continues, a silly smirk on his face.
"We're getting distracted," Jack mentions, eyes already closed. "Come on."
"Fggna, I bet ya got me the BEST present ever~" Grim cooed, pressing its paws against its face- that's adorable.
"Alright fine, whatever." Ace grouses, shutting his eyes. "There, I'm doing it."
The other 3 soon follow, Sebek still staring at you as he closes them shut.
Tumblr media
Smiling, you approach the half-fae first. In your hand is a collection of hand-made jewelry you painstakingly created for your friends, each tailored to their specific characteristics. Since Sebek works out and trains often, you opt for a simple black choker with a crocodile token in the middle that won't irritate his skin or his workouts.
Slowly, so as not to disturb him, you lace the choker around his neck and clip it silently on the back. You can feel him freeze up when the cool metal of the crocodile touches his skin. "Human, what did you put on me?" He hisses, quickly opening his eyes, but you press your hand against his eyes, preventing him from seeing it.
"The surprise. Can't open 'em up yet, Sebek. Trust me a bit, 'kay?" You mutter back, and once the half-fae agrees, you let go of your hand, relieved that his eyes are already shut.
Tumblr media
Now to the wolf. It's a good thing you're not giving him something high up, or you'd ruin the surprise! Similar to Sebek's reasoning, you got him a simple metal ring that's sure to fit snugly on his finger. Its color is gray, looking pretty dainty against his sturdy nature. No, you didn't measure his fingers, and is almost caught by Vil, of course not.
You take the wolf's calloused hands and as expected, slip the ring easily over his middle finger, where it fits snugly at its base. Perfect.
"...It's a ring?"
"Shhh!" You grumble, lightly swatting the wolf.
Tumblr media
Next is Epel. Now, you know he isn't exactly fond of dainty things like this, so you opt for some cool rapper-esc chains- it's a good thing Crewel taught you how to make metal and shape them, or it'll be far too difficult for you to make this.
It dangles right to his chest as you place it over his head, adjusting it a little. Epel's hands quickly delve onto the piece, running over the jewelry.
"What kind of necklace is this?"
"You'll see." You reply, humming.
Tumblr media
Next is Deuce, who is closing his eyes so hard that you see wrinkles. "You can relax, Deuce. Don't hurt your eyes." You smile, shaking your head. When the 6 of you study, you can't help but notice how his hair always gets in the way. There's no way for you to get him a haircut in secret, so you do the next best thing: A hairpin! It looks similar to a bobby pin, but it has a spade on its end.
Gently, you rake his hair and insert the clip, feeling the boy freeze under you. Before he can comment, you place your other hand on his lips, telling him to keep quiet.
Tumblr media
After that is his rival, Ace. The cheeky boy oh so loves bracelets, as he'd often show them to you and go to Jamil to ask for one (the senior is then found normally annoyed by his antics- sometimes, you pity Jamil for what he has to deal with). So, to grant him that wish, you made him a chunky bracelet out of beads and plastic, dyed in red.
You quickly slip it past the boy's wrist, glad that it isn't stuck on his hand; that would be a disaster.
"Oh, perfect... I think I know what it is!"
"You'll find out for sure in a bit, Ace." You chuckle, kneeling down to your partner.
Tumblr media
It already wears some sort of jewelry, the magic stone that dangles around its neck. While you can't replace the magical stone, you can certainly replace the ribbon.
You gift it a diagonal-striped black and white version of its normal ribbon, just to change things up a bit. You quickly take the ribbon off its neck, Grim complaining as you do. "Oi, whatcha doin' with my ribbon?! Give it back!"
"I am, I am." You reply smoothly, fastening the gem in the middle of your new ribbon and tying it back onto the cat. "See, there."
Finally, all the gifts are given out. With a smile, you tell them to open their eyes. You hope they like it as much as you do while creating the pieces.
Surprised awws and gasps come from your group, and you couldn't be more relieved. They like it, thank goodness!
"It's uh..." You cough, hating the words that are about to tumble out of your mouth. "It keepsakes. Uh, if I do go back to my own world, maybe it'll make it easier for you guys to remember me. I don't know, uh-" Hesitance begins to creep onto you. "If you don't like it then it's okay you don't have to use it-"
They quickly reassure you that they like your gift, and your smile in relief once more.
"Perfect, where's your keepsake?" Epel asks you worriedly. "You'd want to remember us too, right?"
You nod and proudly lift up your arm. "Of course." On it is a rope charm bracelet, symbolizing each of them. A heart for Ace, a spade for Deuce, a cactus for Jack, an apple for Epel, a lightning bolt for Sebek, and a can of tuna for Grim. You're quite proud of it, the dents that you created on those tiny pieces of metal. Quite the challenge, honestly.
"All of you! Get to work!" You hear Vargas shout, ruining the moment between you all. With a collective sigh, you begin walking to the teacher, not very eager to hear what he has to say.
= Many, many months later =
You gaze at the charm bracelet you made months ago, staring at the charms. How have they been doing? Is school difficult? Have they grown? What do they look like now?
Sighing, you let a tear slip. You miss them, you truly do. They were a unique group of friends that's rare to come by, a combination of young men who gathered and created a friendship with each other and you were with them. Through the highs and lows of the first year, you got each other's back, and they got yours.
You breathe out another sigh, shaking your head. What a silly thought. It won't come true, would it-
It couldn't be.
5, no, 6 figures stand in the distant horizon, silhouettes too familiar to brush off as coincidence.
"Aren't 'ya gonna say hi?"
"It's been a while, you know."
"We aren't waiting around forever."
"Come on, perfect. Greet us!"
"Human, come!"
"Fggna, henchman hasn't forgotten about us, right~?!"
They encompass our desires, our hopes, our dreams. Some are silly, some are not. Some come true, some don't. And in your case...
It's a dream come true.
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canon-twst-quotes · 3 hours ago
ace: what if the 'g' in 'gif' is silent?
deuce: go the fuck to sleep
ace: what gif i don't want to?
deuce: fuck you
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hi ms raven! since requests are opened may i request headcanons for floyd, jade, ace and deuce's reaction to their gn!s/o wearing another guys jacket? thank you!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Ace is nosy--once he takes notice of your jacket, he’ll pester you about it. He doesn’t recall you having anything like that in your wardrobe, so is it new or something? Where’d you get it? Maybe you can have matching ones, that’d be pretty cute!
Upon learning that it’s someone else’s article of clothing, Ace’s pep diminishes, and he takes on a more grumpy tone. He’ll cross his arms and pout a bit, maybe even do a dumb little impression of the jacket’s owner. (“Oooh, look at me, I’m such a good person, giving my clothes to the needy!”)
He won’t outright insult the jacket, but he’ll make some dismissive comments about it. (“Geez, I don’t get what’s so great about it”, “It looks kinda too bright”, etc.) It’s all in an effort to get you to discard the jacket in favor of something else—maybe his?
Ace eventually gets fed up with seeing it on you. With nimble fingers, he slides your jacket off and replaces it with his own. He claims the one you had on for himself, sticking his tongue out at you as he throws it on. “You look better in my stuff anyway,” he says cheekily, “so if you’re gonna steal clothes, just steal mine, okay?”
Tumblr media
Deuce is frustrated--not at the person that lent you their jacket, but at himself for not having come up with that idea! How could he let someone else beat him to the punch? As your boyfriend, he should’ve been the one to notice you were feeling cold and offer you his jacket first!
He keeps stealing glances at you throughout the day, unsure of whether now would be too late to offer his jacket, since you’ve already got one. When you stare back at him, a blush creeps onto Deuce’s face and he glances away, pretending as though he hadn’t just been looking.
Towards the end of the day, Deuce gives up on mulling things over and decides to just... act! He tears off his own jacket and tosses it over your shoulders, declaring that you can count on him if you ever need anything... clothing or otherwise!!
He shivers as he finishes his sentence, as he’s now without a layer. Deuce flushes, asking if it’s okay to huddle under his jacket with you—and when you agree, you can feel every bit of heat radiating from his beet red face.
Tumblr media
Ever the gentleman, Jade keeps any unsavory thoughts he may have to himself. He wears his usual polite smile, even as his nose is greeted with the stench of another person on you—his self control is absolutely astonishing. (Make no mistake, Jade’s seething inside—he just won’t let it show.)
The first chance he gets, he’s going to suggest removing the jacket or offer his own instead, implying that his is better in some way. “Oh my, you’re shivering from the cold, my dear. I do not believe that jacket is servings its purpose. Here, take mine in its place—it is quite long, so it is sure to cover most of your poor, delicate frame.”
He’ll help you remove your jacket, but as soon as Jade has it in his hands, he “accidentally” drops it on the ground and stomps steps on it. “Oya, oya... Silly me. The jacket had been sullied due to my own clumsiness. I do hope the owner will find it in their heart to forgive me.” (... Is it just you, or did he just grind his heel into the jacket just now?!)
Jade takes the dirtied jacket home with him and cleans it, then neatly folds it up and brings it with him to class the next day. He drops the jacket off to its owner himself, but not without a firm squeeze on their shoulder and a quiet, but menacing, reminder for them to watch themselves and to stay in their own lane.
Tumblr media
Floyd tails you around for a little while, and waits for when you’re relaxing and have your guard down. All of a sudden, he pops up--like a shark rising from the sea--and yanks the jacket off of you!
Unfortunately, Floyd can smell the other person on you, and he doesn’t like it--not one bit. He clings onto you and starts furiously cuddling you (like, rubbing his face against yours), all in an effort to make sure he imparts himself onto you, and snuff out the other scent.
Floyd’s assault leaves you very dazed and confused—but Floyd easily laughs it off. “Mmm? What’s with the look? Are you surprised? Don’t be! I make a waaay better jacket for you, see?” To prove his point, he’ll drape himself over you, arms hanging off your shoulders and torso pressing against your back.)
He committs the scent of the jacket owner to memory. If Floyd ever sees them getting near you again (or, Great Seven forbid, he smells them on you again), someone’s going to be sleeping with the fish tonight.
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meiusoo-twistedtwst · 17 hours ago
[Twisted Wonderland Theory] Locations, Boundaries, And Water Sources At NRC's Main Dorms
Tumblr media
(Image form the Twisted Wonderland Wiki fandom)
During the Fairy Gala event, I noticed something kind of odd. So, the extremely hot Scarabia suddenly snowed (cold), the would be freezing cold Octavinelle was hot, and the would be cool Ignihyde was also hot. Although not all of the temperatures were described for all seven dorms, I can infer that all the cold dorms (Octavinelle, Ignihyde, and Diasomnia?) turned hot, and all the hot/warm dorms (Scarabia, Savanaclaw, Heartslabyul?, and Pomefiore?) turned cold.
Since the dorms aren't on the map of NRC's campus, I'm guessing the dorms are located on two isolated islands. Let's start with the cold dorms first:
Locations and Boundaries:
Octavinelle-Underwater in a tropical ocean
Ignihyde- Underground, maybe near or located exactly at an abandoned mine?
Diasomnia-On a mountain/cliff on the warm island
I think there's a magical bubble that marks the end barrier of each dorm. Inside that bubble, with the rainbow gem, the temperature changes to a temperature that's suitable for the dorm. During Fairy Gala, Azul described the temperature at his dorm as a summer heat wave, and tropical climates would be dry/hot or wet/moist. From the Mostro Lounge, you can see jellyfish, which can be found in all types of water climates too. Idia described Ignihyde's temperature like a sauna and mines are apparently often very warm and need elaborate cooling systems. Since there's skeletons right outside Ignihyde, I'm guessing the dorm is located underground in a mine and to keep the electronics working, they must have a magical cooling system along with the bubble. Malleus never described the temperature at Diasomnia during the event, but judging from what Diasomnia usually looks, it should be pretty chilly there. I think Diasomnia is located at the wet/moist area of the possible tropical island since there's fog surrounding the dorm.
Water Sources (with purification system):
Octavinelle-The entire ocean, maybe some magical pipes
Ignihyde- Maybe magical pipes that take water from the surface underground for them to drink?
Diasomnia- Advection fog is usually created when warm tropical air meets cooler ocean water, so I'm guessing Diasomnia has pipes connected to a well and that well is connected to the ocean, probably the same ocean Octavinelle is located at?
Hot and warm dorms now:
Locations and Boundaries:
Scarabia (hot)-Desert
Savanaclaw (hot/warm)- On a cliff in a Savanna
Heartslabyul (warm)-A large field
Pomefiore (warm/cool)- On a flattened mountain in the forest and near an ocean
Same magical bubble idea/concept/theory. I say that beyond and near the edge of the bubble, these dorms are actually located on a cold island, since when Overblot Jamil kicked the group all the way to the edge of Scarabia, it was freezing cold there. Forests can also be hot during summer and cold during winter. Pomefiore is located on top of a mountain, but down below, the forest provides shade. For the roses at Heartslabyul to bloom, they need bees to pollinate them. At colder temperatures, bees stop flying and go to their hive to stay warm. Plus, plants need sunlight to perform photosynthesis. Flamingoes also like warm and cold temperatures, but often prefer warm temperatures. Savanaclaw is pretty self explanatory.
Water sources (with purification system):
Scarabia- There's a fountain at the dorm, so the water at the fountain may come from the river at the edge of Scarabia.
Savanaclaw-Down below the cliff where the dorm is located at, there's a river, there's probably magical pipes that take water from the river to the actual dorm.
Heartslabyul-The lake where the flamingoes are most likely kept at, since flamingoes stay near lakes. On the dorm's map, you can see there's a lake with a bridge, there must be magical pipes that take water from that lake to the dorm.
Pomefiore- There's a river that looks like it connects to an entire ocean. Magical pipes probably take that water to the dorm.
Okay, so I infer that all the cold dorms are located on a tropical island while the hot/warm dorms are located on a cold island. Why couldn't the cold dorms be on the cold island and the hot/warm dorms be on the tropical island? Because it's the world of Twisted Wonderland. They must have switched/twisted the dorms locations and used the possible bubble to put a barrier/border and change the temperatures at the dorms. NRC is weird after all.
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magebirdi · 19 hours ago
i don't think i'll ever be able to get over how deuce has nothing for his personality section on the twst wiki
this is what ace's looks like:
Tumblr media
a nice, two paragraph long section that makes sense, seeing that he's a supporting character in the main cast and has been since the prologue.
meanwhile, deuce's is just this:
Tumblr media
and you could say that's just because the wiki hasn't been fleshed out that much, but even neige longer section and he doesn't even go to their school.
Tumblr media
it's a good thing twst isn't an otome game and deuce + ace aren't romantic rivals. because if they were, i'm pretty sure deuce would be losing by a lot.
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animealways · 20 hours ago
Obey me x twisted wonderland
Today 1 of my friends threw a shoe then hit a open water bottle and got half of the poeple at the table at school wet.
Ace would definitely do this and deuce would get the most wet.
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cerisenes · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Collaboration art for Twisted Wonderland fanzine in twitter (please check this out in: &  We currently announcing the contributors! Art by: &
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anekogia · 22 hours ago
Aftermath of last part of Chapter 5
MC/Yuu: *Punishing Grim for eating those darn rocks and almost killing them*
Grim: Wait, I'm sorry. Don't do it. I'm your nicest friend.
MC/Yuu: That's Deuce.
Grim: I'm your cutest friend.
MC/Yuu: That's Epel.
Grim: I'm your funniest friend.
MC/Yuu: That's Ace.
Grim: I'm your richest friend.
MC/Yuu: That's Kalim.
Grim: I'm your most trustworthy friend.
MC/Yuu: That's Jack.
Grim: I'm your responsible friend.
MC/Yuu: That's also Jack.
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theofficialantitherapist · 23 hours ago
Twisted Wonderland zombie apocalypse headcanons-First year edition-
Feel free to request more scenarios! (its free)
Sebek Zigvolt ⚡️ 🐎
60% chance of survival.
No offense but shut up.
His “quiet voice” just summons zombies.
He makes up for it (kinda) in strength.
Will abandon anyone but y/n If Malleus is anywhere near zombies.
“Sebek, Istg. If you don’t quiet down I’m throwing you out of the dorm to the zombies.” “THIS IS MY QUIET VOICE Y/N”
..... he wasn’t throw out don’t worry. But, he did have to eat lilia’s leftover homemade lasagna.
Epel Felmier ☠️ 🍎
Ooooh boy.
70% of survival, but can change to 20% real quick.
Has secretly been preparing for this his whole life.
The moment zombie apocalypse is official, all hell breaks lose. Welcome full time brash country boy.
10/10 will attempt to start a fist fight with a zombie at least once.
Will lose, please stop him.
“Y/N! I can take em! Lemme at em!!” “Epel! For the last time! Punching a zombie does nothing! I’m getting Vil.” “Wait Y/N no!”
Deuce Spade ♠️ 👮🏻
90% chance of survival
This number is solely due to his delinquent days.
He tries. He really does.
The moment a zombie goes anywhere near y/n, he drops whatever he was doing to come save them. WHATEVER he was doing.
Great seven forbid a zombie steps on an egg.
Actually a really good fighter.
“Y/N!!! I’m coming!!” “Deuce! Get back to guarding the entrance! The zombie is on the other side of the fence!”
.... Enter Ace screaming because Deuce left his post. (No Ace’s were harmed in the making of this head canon.)
Ace Trappola ♥️
20% chance of survival. At most.
I mean, he’s a brat even in the zombie apocalypse.
10/10 will hide right behind someone while denying it.
His wind magic is kind of helpful...? But one time he accidently sent a zombie flying over the fence.
“Don’t worry Deuce! I got this one!” “ Wait Ace no- he’s on the other side-” “AAAAAAH ACEEEE!!! YOU LIL SHIT!” whoops.
Jack Howl 🐺
100% chance of survival.
Most likely to win a fight.
One time he beat a group of zombies in a fist fight.
Never leaves anyone behind.(Only reason Ace is still alive)
He’s the scavenger of the group. 
His wolf senses basically make him Over Powered in this place.
Has literally threw y/n over his shoulder and ran away from a horde of zombies.
“Jack put me down! I can run on my own!” “No chance. I’m not losing you.” */////*
Grim 🔥 🦝
Trash Panda’s fire is helpful.
Aside from that one time he accidently lit the camp on fire.
Like Ace, will hide behind y/n while pretending not to be scared.
“Grim. Get off my back.” “I’m just protecting you from behind, y/n!” “....Grim... why do i smell burning?” “Uh oh.”
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pineapple-coco · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Twisted wonderland x Alchemist Mc
Mc is from the same world of Fullmetal Alcemist: Brotherhood and fought during the promise day. Mc has saw truth by trying to bring their older brother back from the dead, he studied alchemy and ended up killing himself after finding out the truth about the philosopher stone. Mc can use sapphire fire alchemy (their brothers work) and lost their right arm.
Mc cleaned ramshackle in a day, with just clapping their hands and doing some alchemy.
Crowley: Yuu... is this the same dorm I gave to you!?!
Mc: Yeah, I just used some alchemy to fix it up and all.
Crowley: I could use this to make the whole school shine better then RSA!
Mc: Not a chance am I doing that for you.
Crowley: I will not not give you any extra cash.
Mc: This is abuse of power.
Alchemy class is confusing for them as all they do is potions and understand the laws of it. Mc just sleeps through the whole class as they already know everything about it.
Crewel: Ok so dose anyone know the laws of equivalent exchange.
Mc: Mankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return.
Crewel: Good puppy! See maybe I should make everyone stay for extra lessons as it seems to be working.
Mc: Nah it didn’t work at all, in my world I am an alchemist so I already know the rules.
People finding out about Mc having automail and having them freak out.
Mc: It’s so hot in this gash darn room! *takes off sweater and gloves to be in a tank top*
Deuce: Y-Yuu! What happened to your arm?!
Mc: Oh... I committed a taboo among alchemy.
Ace: So committing this taboo gives you a cool metal arm?
Vil: No you potatoes! Yuu tried human transmutation and saw truth!
Mc: As punishment of doing it I lost my arm... to make it worst I was just 10 years old when I did it knowing it was wrong.
Rook: You must have tried to bring someone you love very much back to life.
Mc: Some other alchemist who committed the taboo found out it really wasn’t the person they were trying to bring back... mine was the same.
Kalim: That must feel bad suffering for someone else you didn’t want to bring back.
Mc: No I am happy as I didn’t make my brother die twice and the pain I went through is what I needed to move on from his death.
Vil: Strong words for a potato, now everyone back to work!
Mc having interesting conversation with diasomnia.
Sebek: Human! We will be needing your help.
Mc: What do you need my help with homunculus?
Sebek: I am not a homunculus!
Mc: Yeah I don’t think anyone beside a homunculus would look down upon humans!
*Tea with Diasomnia*
Lilia: Mc why do you hate being called human when that what you are?
Mc: Oh you see in my home country the king was a homunculus that was just going to use the whole kingdom as a giant sacrifice for a philosopher stone!
Malleus: So you were stuck knowing what was going to happen.
Mc: Only some of us knew but we did what we could and took them all down including the master mind of who they called father.
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rrasado · a day ago
Hello! Its me hearts-chan! Hope your having a wonderful day rras ❤❤
May i request a headcannon for the first years with an mc who is pretty much a grim reaper (like ones in black butler if you have watched it) and make it platonic 😊
Again have a great day! 💘💝💖💗💓💞💕❣❤🧡💛💚💙💜💟
Met at Scythe point
I’ve only ever watched book of circus from Black butler so I’m gonna rely on my research for the accuracy of these headcanons kddkn. BE PREPARED-
When you’re a reaper
Tumblr media
The guy was probably on another routine for the sake of the rules of the queen of hearts. The gardens of Heartslabyul needed tending to and it just so happened he saw the tool he needed- well goddamit it ace you should know by now that there is more to what meets the eye-
Suffice it to say, the way you just seemingly come out of nowhere to snatch back your precious weapon made him realize a lot of things on the spot. One of them being how you’ve always been faster than most.
Whether you tell him yourself or not, Ace is gonna figure out on his own how you’re not...purely human. But hey- If you do tell him yourself- he’s gonna ask you one thing and one thing in particular-
“Oi...who’s gonna die soon-“
and then you hit him. It’s not like you’re actually there specifically for someone heck you just winded up here after a mistake in the dispatching process. But overall ace would go from care free to careful.
He’ll try to goof around less and use that energy to just- observe you as much as he can, because admit it or not yknow he himself has more than meets the eye. Friend or foe which one are you to eachother I wonder...
Tumblr media
Deuce well...oddly enough he’s already noticed something from you from the start.
Call it solidarity or whatever- but he’s sensed that air of subdued superiority on you since day one, that’s coming from someone who’s surrounded himself with a diverse bunch of people in his ruffian days.
But he never dared question your hyphened abilities, maybe you were just like him or the others who are born athletic? No there’s really something irking him whenever you if defying gravity itself.
“Trey senpai said there was a mower in need of fixing...ah-“
...wrong mower deuce- no even better the way you just swung the mower out of his reach over your head like it’s nothing is just- please explain before the bb gets even more confused about the laws of life, he doesn't trust himself about anything anymore after the egg incident- broke him. No but on a serious note- he’s gonna have a hard time wrapping his head around the concept of...his friend being a supervisor of death. But hey, you’re both learning in the process right? He’ll try too maintain the prior dynamic you already had but...god remind him to be cautious around gardening tools-
Tumblr media
It was fine he was fine we were all fine- great seven did you just leap off the school building- wait you’re fine? You were just reviewing something? WHAT IN GREAT SEVEN’S NAME DO YOU NEED TO REVIEW ON THE CASTLE SPIRAL-
Jack takes it the hardest in terms of accepting it. By that I meant- you...keep tabs on the cycle of life and death... he does not hear he does not hear-
The first year savanaclaw student takes a good few days to process the news. In that duration he wonders whether his view on who is good and who is bad kinda...topples. But when he talks to you again and continues your already established friendship, he’ll learn that one’s character doesn’t always align with what they do.
“ you enjoy your duty.?”
It was an innocent question one he meant well in, he just wanted to confirm many things but the way you became reluctant just...told him that it’s not a good conversation topic in broad daylight.
Overall, he’s gonna put his faith in you as he continues to stay by your side, you are after all still his friend...despite being probably able to surmise the lives of those near their end but- that's Not something he should be worrying right now.
Tumblr media
Epel...took it the wrong way- No dear, as much as it seems cool it’s not...all power and glory.
The initial admiration quickly turns into abstract fear when it finally sinks into him how you’re not...a glorified guide to the afterlife with a cool oversized blade. The stories painted your kind wrong in this world huh?
In short- be prepared for having to catch him before he stumbles to the ground- fully denying his terror when you ask him if he’s alright while shaking a bit in your arms. You’ll have to explain it very slowly and lightly to him how no you’re also not the type of reaper that forcefully reaps out souls from bodies in a spur of crimson
“’re still our friend right?”
Assurance is key with him, so treat him slowly but surely whilst not hiding every single fact from him. It’s a fickle balance but it’s definitely something that’ll pay off once he comes into terms with the fact.
And when he can bet he’ll use your status as a cool threat to others. Not everybody has a Grim Reaper as a buddy right? Take that you cunts-
Tumblr media
I pray for this boy’s soul, literally- the moment you accidentally reveal your true status he just- instantly feels the need to channel all his faith into his one and only waka sama.
Like Epel, sebek would take it the wrong way...thinking of your revelation as a pathetic attempt at a prank, he's seen how most students at school do such childish ministrations. How would you be any different?
By all means you are on every level different, the diasominan resident's denial diminishes when he slowly recounts every instance with you. You weren't his everyday ruffian were you...there's certainty in every action you execute, and when you act on your goals your drive is unstoppable.
The way he attempts to keep up his boisterous personality with you is both amusing and pitiful. Honestly...his perception of those with power and those beneath become blurry. Heck he wonders where you truly stand compared to the young master.
You're gonna have to assure him that despite your inhumane nature you aren't some omnipotent being like he thinks... Omnipotence born from tragedy is not a blessing of authority, at least.. that's what you thinks anyways.
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starryrock · a day ago
Okay Y’know what. I’ve mixed up Twisted Wonderland and Genshin Impact pins one too many times on Pinterest so now that’s gonna be the next thing I talk about.
I don’t know about everyone but Ace would have an Anemo Vision because all the way back in the beginning of the Prologue, he said he was great at using wind magic.
Deuce gets a Geo Vision since Geo allogenes tend to create a lot of structures out of thin air and Deuce is adept at using summoning magic.
Grim would just be an elemental Pyro monster who can naturally use it without a Vision.
But the one person I’m struggling with is Azul because would he get Hydro Vision because he’s a mermaid, or a Geo Vision because he uses contracts?
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leviskokoro · a day ago
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Guess who learned how to 3d model~! Yes I made a meme with it too
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canon-twst-quotes · a day ago
riddle: would you stab your best friend in the leg for 10 million gold?
deuce: you stab me, and then when my leg gets better, we buy a big-ass house
ace: you can stab me too, then we'll have 20 million
deuce: good thinking
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lanshappycorner · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Adeuce idol au
Pt 1 Pt 2
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ashengro-tto · a day ago
Songs That Remind Me of TWST Characters (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Yeah...I’m doing another one. If you missed the first post, it’s this one. Anyway, hope you like these! I don’t have the most solid grasp on all the characters so if you disagree with the songs I picked, tell me which songs you feel would fit them better because I need music recommendations. Or just leave recommendations for fun! Please.
Tumblr media
Riddle Roseheart
Top of My School - Katherine Lynn-Rose
Ace Trappola
Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol, Generation X
Deuce Spade
You're My Best Friend - Queen
Trey Clover
Leave The Door Open - Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic
Cater Diamond
Bubble Pop Electric - Gwen Stefani, Johnny Vulture
Leona Kingscholar
Ruggie Bucchi
Hayloft - Mother Mother
Jack Howl
The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
Azul Ashengrotto
Love Like You - Rebecca Sugar
Jade Leech
Ghost Town - The Specials
Floyd Leech
Lipstick Vogue - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Kalim Al-Asim
Emerald Eyes - The Orion Experience
Jamil Viper
Snakeskin - Rina Sawayama
Vil Schönheit
XS - Rina Sawayama
Rook Hunt
Voulez-Vous - ABBA
Epel Felmier
Honeypie - JAWNY
Idia Shroud
Far Too Young to Die - Panic! At The Disco
Ortho Shroud
The Princess and the Clock - Kero Kero Bonito
Malleus Draconia
Lady Grinning Soul - David Bowie
Lilia Vanrouge
No Vampires Remain in Romania (Dracula Spectacular) - King Luan
Do You Know What I'm Seeing? - Panic! At The Disco
Sebek Zigvolt
Epitaph - King Crimson
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canon-twst-quotes · a day ago
yuu: hewwo
ace: hihiiiiii!
sebek: Greetings, Humans
jack: three kinds of people
deuce: i want pudding
yuu: four kinds of people
jack: five kinds of people
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pomefiwhore · a day ago
Twisted Wonderland & Danganronpa: Talents headcanons
as danganronpa freak I couldn't stop myself from some sort of crossover, this is my idea of the boys ultimate talents so tell me which are your versions if you'd like!
P.S: some talents can be the same as the canon talents from the danganronpa games
Tumblr media
Heartslabyul boys:
Riddle: Ultimate tyrant Leader
Trey: Ultimate Baker
Ace: Ultimate asshole Magician (like- do magic tricks etc)
Deuce: Ultimate Athlete (fake talent)/Ultimate Delinquent (true talent but it's embarrassed to tell/ want to change it)
Cater: Ultimate Magicam Blogger
Tumblr media
Savanclaw boys:
Leona: Ultimate Magift Player
Ruggie: Ultimate Caretaker
Jack: Ultimate tsundere Gardener
Tumblr media
Octavinelle boys:
Azul: Ultimate capitalist Businessman
Jade: Ultimate Hiker or Ultimate Florist or butler
Floyd: Ultimate Prankster
Tumblr media
Scarabia boys:
Kalim: Ultimate Partygoer
Jamil: Ultimate Servant or Ultimate Maid
Tumblr media
Pomefiore boys:
Vil: Ultimate Model
Rook: Ultimate Hunter
Epel: Ultimate ??? (doesn't remember/still haven't find out)
Tumblr media
Ignihyde boys:
Idia: Ultimate Gamer (that was an obvious one)
Ortho: Ultimate Android
Tumblr media
Diasomnia boys:
Malleus: Ultimate Prince
Lilia: Ultimate Warrior
Silver: Ultimate Bodyguard
Sebek: Ultimate sIMP Knight
notes: I know jack could easily fit in any talent that evolves physical activity, but it's the fact that he really loves plants + his size and personality that would make his ultimate talent more unexpected and funny (and would actual fit with his hobby in the canon story so-)! and please gonta gokuhara 🤝 jack howl supremacy
also in my headcanon story of twst in danganronpa universe, deuce would be indeed good at sports, but other boys could easily surpass him, making other people question like "this is your >>ultimate talent<< how can you >lose< in something that you're supposed to be perfect at?!"
and jamil would have the kirumi tojo's vibe but a bit more savage + his arc of secretly hating kalim and hating his talent but as he serves al asim family he didn't have much choice but accept the ultimate talent they named him
about epel..... I'm sorry I couldn't think of any good tho, so I pull the hajime and rantaro card of him not knowing his ultimate;;;
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pokikoartsworld · a day ago
Tumblr media
🍳Breakfast time 🥪 for Spade-kun ♠️
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gaaledridswan · a day ago
anyone in the twst fandom want to start a cult and ship Vil's Father & Deuce's mom together with me ????
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