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#floyd leech
yandere-wonderland3 hours ago
I see you open the request ><
C-can i request For yandere Jade and Floyd fighting each other for Mc Affection?? 馃憠馃憟 but in the end the one mc love is azul, i want to know what jade and floyd reaction ,thanksss 馃挄
Of course hun 馃挄
Warning : Toxic relationships
Pairing : Leech Twins x GN Reader
Leech Twins
Floyd and Jade constantly fought over your affection.
To be honest it's quite scary, I only say this simply because well darling they're two large mereels they could easily rip you apart.
Floyd tried so hard to get his little shrimpie's attention by inviting you to basketball games, inviting you to swim (don't go because it'll end badly)
Jade however did the most he made meals for you to enjoy, invited you to go mushroom hunting, probably the scariest part ever trust me it is.
To be honest none of their attempts at winning your heart was working, so they both tried chasing you, literally, which only made you even more terrified of them.
Although it wasn't working for them you only grew closer to Azul
At in the end you ended up with the shady octomerman.
Oh Floyd and Jade weren't at all happy.
Why choose him over them.
Floyd threw a tantrum and Jade jade was plotting something.
Perhaps Azul will grow bored and throw you to the fishes where Jade and Floyd will be waiting for you patiently~
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crookybeans6 hours ago
Tumblr media
So cute...
Look at Jade鈥檚 smile, Floyd鈥檚 scared face and Kalim鈥檚 wink...
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writerintwistedwonderland10 hours ago
Quick June Event!
Hello and Happy Pride Month!
I鈥檓 so sorry this is late, some things have been happening in my life that affected my mental health, and I struggled to have motivation as a result. I鈥檓 doing better now, and will get back into posting.
I鈥檇 still like to do something for June, so from today until the the first of July, I鈥檒l accepting requests from these prompts. Some of these just came into my head, other are from blogs that I can鈥檛 remember at the moment:
1. Favorite thing about their s/o
2. Favorite date spot
3. Favorite flower
4. What if their s/o asked them to match outfits?
5. General domestic headcanon
6. What gift would they give their s/o?
7.聽 What made them fall in love with their s/o
Since these are more romantic asks, underaged characters aren鈥檛 allowed. However, I will allow teachers for this event.
Other rules:
Send the character鈥檚/characters鈥 name(s) and the number(s) of the prompt(s) you want
Two prompts per character
Three characters per ask
I鈥檓 sorry this isn鈥檛 much, but I hope you all enjoy these!聽
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simpingfortwst15 hours ago
Can The Twisted Wonderland Characters Skate?
Inspired by this roller skating event thing I went to a few days ago.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes on each character below the cut聽 聽
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Notes
Ruggie - He has never skated before so no one is sure why he got the hang of it so quick (got bored after a while and started tripping people up with his unique magic)
Cater - Really good at skating and floods the rink with clones to take pictures
Floyd - Skates around the rink clotheslining people who get too close with a deranged look on his face that only a mother could love. Eventually causes everyone to leave for their own safety. If you think he stops there you would be sorely mistaken, the dude also leaves, locks onto one poor fucker Riddle and chases them around like a heat seeking missile
Ace - Gets over excited and drags Deuce with him without listening to any arguments
Chen鈥檡a - Was he even invited? Gets a kick out of disappearing and reappearing in front of people to trip them up
Rook - He just sits there, staring at everyone with a camera in lieu of his usual bow and arrows because apparently 鈥榦ffensive weapons are illegal in public spaces鈥. Would usually just examine Leona but Malleus鈥 constant supervision makes him a far more interesting target
Kalim - Can鈥檛 skate but when has a lack of skill stopped him from doing something (forced Jamil to hold him the entire time)
Lilia - Can鈥檛 skate, he just can鈥檛. However he is a dab hand at salsa dancing and reminds everyone of it when they comment on him not skating
Vargas - I present to you the embodiment of fake it till you make it. This man has way too much confidence in his abilities and by the time that and his patience starts to wear thin he鈥檚 started to get the hang of this skating thing
Deuce - Had no intention of skating until Ace dragged him into the rink kicking and screaming (and then they were kicked out)
Vil - His famous last words were 鈥淗ow hard can it be鈥 before falling rather ungracefully and causing a pile-up of skaters
Jack - Is the asshole who skates right in front of you and stumbles. We get it, you can stay upright now please get out of the middle of the rink before you kill someone
Crowley - Doesn鈥檛 even wait to get the group signed in before disappering only to reappear 10 minutes after everyone left with only the smell of alcohol emanating off of him to keep him company
Epel - Was still getting his skates on when Vil fell over, needless to say he was forbade from getting into the rink
Trey - He can skate. I have no proof that he can. But he can, Trey just chooses not to so he can stop Riddle from blowing up at the next person who mentions he can鈥檛 skate.
Sam - When would he find time to skate when he鈥檚 too busy running 鈥楳r. S's Mystery Shop Lite鈥 in a storage room where none of the staff can see?
Neige - What he even invited? Pt2聽Choose not to skate because his fans chasing after him would cause a safety hazard
Jamil - Realised pretty early on that if Kalim is clinging onto him like a koala with abandonment issues he can go and put on his skates. Unfortunately the koala in question did not reach the same conclusion
Crewel - Pfft Him? Skate? And risk getting his coat dirty? Absoloutely the fuck not
Azul -聽 When would he find time to skate when he鈥檚 too busy running 鈥楳ostro Lounge Lite鈥 in another storage room where none of the staff can see? What do you mean he鈥檚 scared? Of what? The floor? (Octo is not scared, Octo is terrified)
Sebek - He does technically get onto the rink, in his shoes. Sebek, ever the paranoid guard, shadows Malleus the whole time in case he falls and can鈥檛 get up. Inadvertently causes Dear Tsunotaro to trip when he shouts at Jack loud enough to knock Malleus of of his feet
Idia - I was tempted to say that he could skate but insisted he couldn鈥檛 to others so he could leave but I would have been wrong. Ortho uses puppy dog eyes and a decent amount upper body strength to force Idia onto the rink before watching his brother immediately fall and crawl away shouting about how he proved he can鈥檛 skate (No one had the heart to tell him that he never had skates on in the first place)
Jade - Spends the first half of the afternoon helping Azul and the second half restraining Floyd. Very capable boyo (So capable that one might overlook how he just can鈥檛 skate)
Trein - He never actually showed up, this whole outing was Crewel鈥檚 idea and so he wanted nothing to do with it
Riddle - Riddle is a burnt out former gifted kid who can鈥檛 put up with anything that he isn鈥檛 immediately good at. Yes I know he is cannonically really hard working and realisically practiced for a week leading up to the outing. No, I don鈥檛 care
Leona - Sleeps
Silver - Sleeps
Malleus - He only found out about the trip the night before when Yuu mentioned it. When he gets there he doesn鈥檛 understand and uses magic to hover a milimeter or two off of the floor.
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chorige19 hours ago
Tumblr media
鑹插銈娿伄绶寸繏 銉曘儹銈ゃ儔
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ristoranteivorykeys23 hours ago
饾悺饾悶饾悮饾悵饾悳饾悮饾惂饾惂饾惃饾惂 饾惈饾悶饾惇饾惍饾悶饾惉饾惌: reader collecting bottlecaps ft. trey and octavinelle 鈺扳攬鉃 request by @coffeeleafdepression鈥
Tumblr media
trey clover
嗉*路藲 generally, trey is cool with it. he isn鈥檛 opposed to you collecting bottle caps, but he isn鈥檛 going to shout at the top of his lungs about your hobby either.聽
嗉*路藲 he actually appreciates the fact that you do collect bottle caps because it helps in saving the environment. while he isn鈥檛 as much of an environmentalist as jamil is, he has grown more conscious of the environment thanks to the tea parties heartslabyul throws often and the general lifestyle he grew up with as someone who lives in a bakery. the only comment he has for you is that you should recycle them or at least give them to a recycle shop, but he won鈥檛 say it out loud. instead, he鈥檒l simply watch and hope that you think about recycling them.
嗉*路藲 your bottle cap collecting also has its conveniences. sometimes, when he has to buy bottled water or soda for whatever reason (e.g. soda for his siblings) or finds any bottle caps in the botanical gardens during club hours, he鈥檒l either give you the bottle caps if you鈥檙e with him, or if you鈥檙e not around, trey will hold onto them until he sees you again.
鈥渉ere, i found this bottle cap earlier during science club. i hope this helps with your collection.鈥
floyd leech
嗉*路藲 eh? why bottle caps? at first, floyd doesn鈥檛 get why you would collect bottle caps. what are you going to do with them anyway? at least with shoes, you can wear them and pair them up with matching outfits.聽
嗉*路藲 at some point, however, floyd will find amusement in the bottle caps. if your dorm is in octavinelle, he鈥檒l barge into your room and start playing with them. if you so happen to have some of your bottle caps on your person in the campus, he鈥檒l also ask for them to play with them. he may do things like seeing how far they can roll across a table until they fall or even juggling them. whatever entertains him. just be careful that he doesn鈥檛 lose them, though!
嗉*路藲 seeing the bottle caps may give floyd some nostalgia. many things are often thrown in the sea, and this includes plastic bottles, which he and jade would have found as children. he鈥檒l tell you stories of his childhood, such as the time he thought a bottle cap was edible and tried to eat it, only to spit it out in disgust.聽
鈥渉ey hey, can i borrow some of your bottle caps? i wanna do something with them~!鈥
jade leech
嗉*路藲 oh? it seems like jade ends up meeting people who are collectors, one way or another. floyd is a collector of shoes, azul is a collector of coins, and you are a collector of bottle caps. nevertheless, your hobby intrigues him because as far as he knows, plastic bottles are trash, and this extends to the caps attached to them. he supposes the saying,聽鈥渙ne鈥檚 trash is another鈥檚 treasure.鈥 is applicable here.
嗉*路藲 in a way, you remind him of the mermaid princess. she loved collecting anything from the land, from dinglehoppers to thingamabobs, and it鈥檚 similar to you collecting such simple things.聽
嗉*路藲 your hobby benefits him! as someone who鈥檚 been growing terrariums and who鈥檚 eager to experiment, jade would likely grow terrariums in plastic bottles. sometimes, if the plastic bottle he finds has no cap, he can ask you nicely for one. for your sake, it鈥檚 better to just fork over a bottle cap for him.
鈥渋 have a new terrarium that i wish to grow, and it requires the use of a bottle cap. i鈥檝e been distraught all day, wondering where to find one. if i may, may i have one cap from your collection? i promise to give something in return for your kindness鈥 fufufu鈥︹
azul ashengrotto
嗉*路藲 fascinating! azul understands that sort of lifestyle, being a collector of coins himself. like jade, he thinks of the mermaid princess when finding out about your hobby.聽
嗉*路藲 azul will tell you the monetary importance of the bottle caps. one bottle cap can range from 5 cents to 40 cents, and if you have many of them hoarded, you can make quite a fortune.聽
嗉*路藲 ever the conniving businessman, azul will try to use that knowledge of your hobby to his advantage. he may try to hunt down a particularly rare bottle cap that you may be eyeing for a while and perhaps wrap you into a contract somehow, fufufu...
鈥渨hat鈥檚 this, you ask? why, it鈥檚 a simple bottle cap that i found on the ground a while ago. of course, ever the compassionate soul that i am, i鈥檒l give this to you! 鈥 that is, if you have something valuable in return, fufufu鈥︹
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honey-deerlinga day ago
a Floyd or Ruggie x Reader in the style of The Lady And The Tramp
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twistedwishingwella day ago
Octavinelle Masterlist
Key: Post (date posted)
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Learning their Fem S/O knows how to pole dance --slight spice聽(5/6/21)
Helping their S/O with the loss of a loved one聽(5/22/21)
Azul Ashengrotto
Crush gives them a kiss on the cheek for helping with school work聽(10/22/20)
Azul with a S/O who doesn鈥檛 gain weight easily聽(10/23/20)
S/O finding a photo of him as a child聽(10/26/20)
Ice Queen S/O seeing his baby photo post blot聽(11/2/20)
Baby Azul traveling to the future and hanging out with Azul鈥檚 crush聽(11/8/20)
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Super Spicy Azul x fem!Reader聽-- Spicy Scenario (1/27/21)
S/O who is a Video Game designer聽(2/2/21)
Finding out S/O used to be a famous lingerie model-- Spicy Scenario聽(4/26/21)
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Jade Leech
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With a shy to blunt fem!S/O聽(1/27/21)
Fem!Significant other who has bad friend-- Scenario聽(3/18/20)
Yandere!Jade x reader -- Scenario w/ Trigger Warnings聽(4/24/21)
Dom!Jade degrading and tieing up Fem!Sub Reader --聽 Spicy Scenario聽(5/16/20)
Floyd Leech
Fem!SO who bites/scratches them聽(10/28/20)
Brings fem!S/O to the lounge to relax--Scenario聽(10/28/20)
MC being temporarily blind聽(11/3/20)
Lovers Theme by Herve Roy聽(11/16/20)
With a shy to blunt fem!S/O聽(1/27/21)
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With a half-slime S/O聽(2/4/21)
Propositioned in the locker room after checking out male!reader鈥檚 piercings--spice聽(5/13/21)
Being whispered dirty things in public by their S/O-- spice聽(5/14/21)
Chubby S/O who is afraid to sit on their lap due to weight-- Spicy and non spicy version聽(6/14/21)
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"Ne ne~ Happy Birthday sea otter!" The owner of all sea themed nicknames was currently holding an otter himself! Where did the otter come from? No one knows, and yet Floyd went on "I saw this otter down by the shore and whaddya know, it has these, uhhhh- Boxes. Yeeeeah those things, like 10 of them. Tons of juice! Mango juice I think. Anywayyyys I hope ya don't mind that I took a sip hehe." The otter could only chirp in contempt. "It wants to sing happy birthday, so I'll do it for it. Ahem-"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Happy birthday to you 馃幍 You live in a zoo 馃幍 You act like a sea otter 馃幍 so that means you鈥檙e one too 馃幍鈥 (Floyd belted out improvised lyrics to the tune of the birthday song, while the otter in his hands squeaked along.)
鈥淲hoooa, amazing!!鈥 Kalim burst out into applause when the pair finished their short song. 鈥淭hat was so good, Floyd and Otter! You two could go on a world tour, singing the birthday song to kids all over Twisted Wonderland!鈥
鈥淓hehehe~ Thanks, Rakko-chan!鈥 The eel giggled excitedly, pleased with the praise. 鈥淢mm, but you know, the real gift from us is all this mango juice! You should drink up, so you can grow big and strong!鈥
(... As Floyd spoke, he carelessly yanked out another box and pierced it with a straw. He took another healthy slurp of juice, even making a show of how tasty it was by loudly smacking his lips together. The otter mimicked his motions by nibbling at the air.)
鈥淎lright, I can do that!鈥 Kalim agreed, reaching for a box鈥攂ut someone stepped in the way, blocking the drinks off with his arm.
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 be serious, Kalim,鈥 Jamil said sternly, his eyes like poison-tipped daggers. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to accept these suspicious cartons of mango juice that washed up on the shore... just because they came with a cute animal and a song?鈥
鈥淵up!! They poured their hearts out to put on a good show, so I gotta graciously accept their gift!鈥
鈥淵ou have no idea where the juice came from.鈥
鈥淓hhh, but Floyd鈥檚 already had two boxes and he鈥檚 totally fine. See?鈥 Kalim pointed to the eel, who had already slammed down his second serving and had grabbed a third. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 need to worry about the juice being dangerous, or having to taste test it yourself.鈥
鈥淔irst of all, there could very well be poisons that are deadly to humans, but harmless to merfolk. Second, his stature is far larger than yours, so it would take even potent poisons longer to be circulated throughout his entire body. And last, but not least...鈥
Jamil took a deep breath. 鈥淲hy, for the love of the Great Seven, are you letting Floyd consume his own birthday gift to you?鈥
鈥淗uh? There鈥檚 nothing wrong with sharing.鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 powering through the mango juice like a dehydrated man through his water reserves.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 nice that Floyd has a healthy appetite! Just like Silver has a healthy sleep schedule! There鈥檚 no such thing as too much of a good thing.鈥
鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛 call either of those habits healthy or good things...!!鈥
(鈥淎hahah~ This party鈥檚 so much fun! Rakko-chan and Umihebi-kun are the best comedy duo~鈥 Floyd laughed鈥攁nd from his arms, the otter trilled in agreement.)
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beansproutsonga day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Proxy] Twisted Wonderland - Plush Release (June)
Here are the list of plushie release on June:聽
Lab Style (16cm) : Octavinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde
Uniform Style (mascot 10 cm): Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Pomefiore聽
Nesoberi: Jack, Ruggie聽
Handmade Style Plush (28 cm): Heartslabyul聽
(Item in bold are ready stock after 25th June)
All crane game prize, price might vary between character. Ready stock.聽 DM me to place your order.聽
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rui-drawsboxa day ago
seeing as i'm not the only one who likes maidos,,,
There's the Tweels in maid outfit (銇も湩蠅鉁)銇
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ngl i like Floyd more, that's why i used him in that perspective/gray scale practice(?)
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sweetleaf-cafea day ago
Floyd Crush/Relationship Headcanons
First off, if you've attracted this chaotic eel, good luck.
Once he's decided he's into you, or even before he realizes it, he's going to be extremely obvious.
Floyd will straight up attach himself to you.
Say goodbye to your personal space!
(Though if you were really uncomfortable, he would back off, a bit.)
He can and will squeeze you whenever you're in the vicinity, and if you're not, he'll probably just chase you down and do it anyways.
And if he surprises you or manages to get some sort of rise out of you while doing it?
Then it'll be extra fun in his book!... And you can expect it to become even more of an occurrence.
"Found you, Shrimpy! Lemme squeeze you~!"
When he squeezes you, he's still very firm in his grip, but usually not bone-crushing.
(It wouldn't be any fun if he broke his favorite Shrimpy.)
Well, unless he were very excited or if his mood was at some sort of extreme.
If so, you'll have to be quick to remind him that he's not trying to kill you, and if you don't, R.I.P. you.
Also, he doesn't particularly care where he squeezes you.
You could be giving a presentation in front of the entire school, and that wouldn't stop him.
He would just run up, pick you up, and run right off the stage or wherever you are with you in tow.
(Que Jade chasing after Floyd while Azul tries to get the chaos at the assembly under control.)
If Floyd wants his squeezes, he's getting his squeezes.
Overall though, as long as he isn't murdering you or you aren't super shy or easily embarrassed, hugs from Floyd are very fluffy!
Physical affection from Floyd is certainly not limited to squeezes though.
He loves draping himself on you like a freaking coat.
Only he's very heavy and chances are, you will topple under his weight.
If you do, will he bother to move from this position?
He's comfortable enough as is, as for you?
Pray you aren't in some sort of public space or a hallway.
Hope you can get comfy quick, because who knows how long you're going to be there?
And that's not the end of it, not by a long shot.
He'll also rest his head, arms, or whatever's most comfortable on your head.
If you're somehow taller than Floyd, then DOESN'T MATTER.
He'll just have you sit down first.
Or he'll even just straight up grab a box, stand on it, and rest himself on top of your head.
But if he can't do that, then your shoulders are pretty comfy too, right? :D
"Shrimpy! I'm tired.... lemme use you as a pillow!"
Overall, even before an official relationship starts, Floyd is already very physically affectionate with you.
And he will want your attention, like, all the time.
Whenever he can, he'll be looking for his favorite shrimpy.
Time spent together is spent doing all sorts of stuff, but Floyd is always going to looking to make it FUN.
He wants to play with Shrimpy!
Which somehow always ends with him chasing you around.
If he doesn't find whatever it is that you're doing interesting, he has absolutely no issue trying to find some way of distracting you from it.
What he'll do will certainly vary, but he'll often poke and prod you while complaining till he has your attention.
Or if he's really wanting your immediate attention, he'll just pick you up and carry you off to do whatever it is he wants to do.
At that point, good luck trying to get anything done.
And he'll also get rather possessive.
Does not like it at all if your friends get too close or they flirt with you.
Well, he doesn't like it if anyone pulls something like that if it's not him.
If someone gets a bit too close for comfort, Floyd will squeeze you, all the while sending a death glare towards the offender.
From there, he would be even clingier for the rest of the day, or even longer, depending on how you interacted with them.
And hid mood would also be rather foul.
If you were to ask him about it, he would be honest with you.
"They got too close to my Shrimpy."
If you ask him about since when you've been his Shrimpy, he'll shrug it off.
"Since I decided it."
He'll want a lot of cuddles from you, and somewhere along the line, he'll probably just trap you in his arms and stay like that until his mood shifts.
"I just wanna stay like this."
Floyd is also one to be very vocal about his love for you.
When he's not ranting to Azul and Jade about how adorable he thinks you are, he'll be telling it to your face.
He has absolutely no shame when it comes to this.
What he says will also differ.
Sometimes, it's remarks about how cute he thinks you are.
"Shrimpy is the cutest when they're jumping around like that~"
To other more upfront remarks.
"Because I wuv my Shrimpy~!"
Either way, he's very good about letting you know just the way he feels about you.
It's honestly endearing.
While many of these aren't said in super serious situations, he certainly means every word.
And if you're easily flustered, then he'll definitely notice that.
Once he does, prepare yourself, because you're in for one heck of a ride.
He'll be even more vocal about it, because he thinks that it's adorable when your face turns all red like that~
Throughout all this, eventually, Floyd will just decide he wants to make it official.
He's already aware that you two are essentially in a relationship, and the idea of being able to take it up a notch makes him feel all happy inside.
(The idea likely first being presented by Jade and Azul.)
If you think he's going to wait to tell you, YOU'RE WRONG.
The moment he decides this, he'll just barrel through to find you.
Once he does, he'll pick you up and twirl you around, seemingly happier than ever.
"Shrimpy! I was looking for you all over the place~! So I like you, I want you to stay with me, and I want to date you."
He'll be very upfront with it, not really leaving any room for interpretation.
And from there, he'll also tell you about all the little and big things he loves about you, already in a really great mood.
Should you accept, he'll legit start beaming.
That mood will certainly last awhile, so you can expect most people nearby to be breathing a sigh of relief.
They did not want to be around if things went awry.
Now that you're officially in a romantic relationship, somehow, he'll be even more affectionate.
He'll want kisses from you all the time.
And is not afraid to bug you for them.
"Shrimpy, I wanna kiss~!"
He loves it when you pepper his face with kisses, and any sort of affection you give him, he'll return it three-fold.
Whenever you kiss him, depending on his mood, it can go many different ways.
Still, a lot of the time, he'll be hungry for more.
So it's best to not kiss him a whole lot unless you're looking for a full-on make out session.
As for his erratic mood swings, you'll have to deal with that.
Sometimes, when his mood is sour, you'll be able to brighten it up with a kiss or something cute like that.
However, much of the time, he'll likely just get annoyed with you and will just want to be left alone.
Should you persist, it likely wouldn't really end well. When it comes to this, it's really best to just give him space when asks for it.
Once he's feeling better, he'll be sure to find you and hang out with you more, and will give you an apology if things didn't go so well.
Overall, things with Floyd are always a rollercoaster of emotions and will bring more than enough chaos in your life.
So once again, good luck with our eel boi!
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bonafidevulpesa day ago
Random soft headcanons - Twisted Wonderland - Floyd Leech
I was threatened asked by聽@esosquing for Floyd stuff, so here I am to provide! tags: fluff, canon x gn!reader, sfw
- clingy slippery fish man - he鈥檚 a massive tease and will clown you for pretty much anything - hyperactive, probably constantly on a near lethal dose of caffeine - very PDA, will show you off to anybody he meets - loves holding hands with you - will kiss you or stroke your cheek when you least expect it, causing you to jump and/or get embarrassed if it鈥檚 in public - this man loves seeing you flustered - won鈥檛 hesitate to play pranks on you to get your attention - and he wants your attention 99.9% of the time - he鈥檚 kinda like a high maintenance puppy - follows you around absolutely everywhere and pretty much never shuts up - if you鈥檙e doing something that keeps you from being with him/giving him attention he gets really annoying - like, he鈥檚 gonna go absolutely feral - would probably bite and scratch furniture like an angry cat - would literally kill for you - when you both are alone he鈥檚 the sweetest ever though - he鈥檇 do whatever he can for you - loves just relaxing with you, listening to you talk about your day or what you鈥檙e passionate about - sometimes gets insecure - he鈥檒l snuggle up to you whenever he feels down - affectionate nibbling - will act like a cat when you鈥檙e working/going after your hobbies - like, he鈥檇 sit on your table or lap and be extra clingy and annoying - again, he loves seeing you get emotional so any reaction would be absolute bliss for this boy -聽鈥淗ey, hey, y/n, pay attention to me~鈥 - loves being the little spoon when cuddling but is also fine with being the big spoon if you want him to be - personal space? What鈥檚 that? - he always respects your wishes though, of course - an unconventional gentleman - you鈥檙e definitely gonna be the most important thing in his life and he鈥檒l treat you as such - he鈥檇 shower you in gifts and affection pretty much all the time - usually not very corny but can be if he knows it annoys you - kind of a drama queen but you love him for it and you know it
All in all, he鈥檇 be a clingy, sometimes annoying but also loving and adorable partner who鈥檇 cherish you and always make sure you鈥檙e feeling loved by him. He loves you with all your flaws and insecurities, even if he might poke fun at them a bit, it鈥檚 all in good loving fun!
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bubbledumbbincha day ago
How do you imagine Jamil, Jade, Floyd and Epel initiating sex? Some headcanons please 馃
Wheeew yes here goes!!
Pairings: Jamil x Reader, Jade x Reader, Floyd x Reader, Epel x Reader
A/N: This piece of writing is strictly 18+. Minors do not interact.
NSFW below the cut
Jamil Viper
I can see Jamil being a bit shy about admitting to being needy about sex.
He would most likely take the classic route of starting with making out, then touching, and then asking if it was okay to keep going further.
Jamil would also probably do some favors for you before he initiates sex to win you over, for example give you a massage with warm body oils, rub your feet, cook your favorite food, etc. You always know where he鈥檚 going with that ;)
On days he鈥檚 feeling rougher or if you鈥檙e being bratty, he would roughly grab your ass and just drag you to his room. He doesn鈥檛 use his unique magic on you to tell you what to do but he would be dominant 馃挅
Jade Leech
Jade is teasing鈥 he is so very casual in the way he can whisper lewd things into your ear causing shivers to run down your spine. It doesn鈥檛 matter where you are.聽
When you pull back to see his face he is as stoic as ever, you wonder how he could keep his cool when saying things like that!!
Jade would, once you both were free, take your hand or arm and lead you to his bedroom. Once you two are alone he in turn strips himself slowly of his butler-esque attitude and switches it with a sexually sadistic one~
Floyd Leech
I wouldn鈥檛 be surprised if Floyd just tells you he wants sex whenever the mood strikes. He doesn鈥檛 care where you are either.
鈥淗ey Shrimpy~ you smell so good today. Let鈥檚 do it~鈥 he would whisper into your ear and lean down as he ravages your neck with wet kisses.
You panic and tell him he has to get you to his or your room first! Unless you are into risky sex, that is. Because Floyd would be down to do it anywhere as long as he can do it soon!
Epel Felmier
For Epel, the way he would initiate sex would depend on his mood too. Is he feeling normal and wanting to be perceived as cute? Is he feeling bold and rough?
If he鈥檚 feeling like he wants to be sweet, I could see him showering you in compliments while leaving feather light touches along your thighs, giving you his signature doe eyes. He鈥檒l also kiss along your neck to the shell of your ears and whisper into them~
If he is feeling bold he will grab you by the waist, pull you close, and use his hands to palm at your ass. Epel squeezes it firmly while he uses another hand to grip at the back of your neck, lightly squeezing it to make you let out a moan. Once he sees your mouth open he comes in for the kiss! You can tell where it is going from here鈥
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canon-twst-quotesa day ago
floyd: if you were to vacuum up jello through a metal tube, well I think that鈥檇 be a neat noise
azul: i beg to differ
floyd: then Beg
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