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#ruggie bucchi
flooyds · an hour ago
darling who doesn’t mind being locked away.
featuring, rook hunt, idia shroud, malleus draconia, azul ashengrotto, leona kingscholar & ruggie bucchi.
warnings. yandere content, kidnapping, pregnancy mentions, marriage mentions, unhealthy relationships, blood mentions, violence mentions.
request. May I request the yan! boiz (Rook, Idia, Malleus, Azul, Leona and/or Ruggie) with reader that doesn't mind being kidnap/held hostage?
Tumblr media
rook hunt.
Tumblr media
- rook finds it a bit boring at first… he enjoys the hunt, chasing down his prey and earning it once he captures you, but he does still manage to find the beauty in it. you’re sweet and docile, you let him hold you and show his ‘love’. he’s a lot less violent than he thought he’d have to be.
- he’ll spoil you so much, you won’t get any breathing room and if he ever comes to trust you enough and lets you out, he’ll be watching from afar, ready to take you back any moment he sees you being a little too friendly. you’re the cutest thing in the world to him, reminding him of different kinds of small animals he’s hunted. he doesn’t mind showing you love and is incredibly happy when you listen to some troubles he’s had. he wouldn’t mind a bit of a change every once in a while, though.
idia shroud.
Tumblr media
- he falls even more in obsession once you return his affections, letting him cling and hold onto you whenever he pleases (which is always), not caring for the things he could do or has done. your uncaring nature about this is also great for ortho, to anybody else it seems like a normal relationship and that’s a perfect thing for the young robot boy to see.
- he’ll never let you go now. knowing that you’re content in this life with him makes his obsession grow more & more, becoming more paranoid whenever you even mention somebody else — even ortho. he’s never had anybody see him in such a way like you do, crazy but loveable, and he can’t let you go… he wouldn’t ever find a love like this again.
malleus draconia.
Tumblr media
- unexpected but absolutely fantastic, everything will move smoothly and according to plan since you’re so willing to let him do whatever he needs. the wedding will be planned within the week and thoughts of children will be spoken upon, how many he’d like and how terrific you’d be as a mother, all while his hand rubs over your stomach, a dark look visible in his eyes.
- he’ll have lilia convince you to have children as soon as possible, as well as a wedding. he doesn’t want any chances of you leaving him, sebek and silver are your guards as well now, following and watching your every move, making sure you don’t ever get too far away from the young master. soon enough even if you have thoughts of running, you won’t be able to. whether it’s the ring that sits on your finger or the child that’s growing in your stomach.
azul ashengrotto.
Tumblr media
- oh azul is so, so very happy! he’ll make sure to smother your with his love, kisses every chance he gets and hugs that feel as if they’re going to crack your ribs! even with your feelings of contentment, he’ll still have you locked away, hidden from anybody else (besides the eel twins, of course) only for his eyes to see. a chain sitting on your ankle as water surrounds you, giving nowhere to run even if you were to consider it. you won’t have an uncomfortable life, but it won’t necessarily be a happy one.
- he insists on skin-to-skin contact every moment you two spend together. he doesn’t even dare to speak, knowing it only takes away from the precious cuddling and kissing times shared between the two of you. azul would’ve been clingy even if you weren’t so easy, but it’s 10x worse now that he knows what he can get away with, that you’re happy to listen to his problems and let him run rampant with the things he does.
leona kingscholar.
Tumblr media
- like rook, leona’s a bit bored. he expected a prey he’d have to hunt down, one he’d have to threaten and fight with. but, this isn’t all that bad, either, he’s quite the lazy lion and you’re happy enough to let him use you as if you were a pillow that lays on his bed, to let him express his anger about his family and position as the second-prince.
- that’s not saying he’s any bit gentle, leona’s volatile, and incredibly easy to get jealous, even one peep from your mouth of another guy at this school is enough to earn you a lifelong scar. he isn’t afraid to watch the blood pour from wounds he gives you, happily dragging you to lay down while you cry in pain. his obsession may seem alright if you allow him to throw you around, bruising and marking you as his own, but beneath all of that lies a predator, and one that’s very dangerous.
ruggie bucchi.
Tumblr media
- ruggie is so grateful! his darling is happy to be kidnapped by him? hell yeah! your days spent with him will not be anything but love and happiness! he’s thinking of ways to get you stuck with him forever, a bit worried about jumping straight to marriage — money, mostly — but it’s definitely very much stuck in his mind. he wants you to meet all the kids from the slums just like him! you’d love ‘em, you love him! so they’ll be no different. and once you meet them, there’s no going back.
- he’s having your future planned out with him, first you two will graduate, and by then he’ll have a decent amount of money from all his part-time jobs, score a better job through his fourth-year applications and searching, and then once you two are done with everything, you’ll have a nice house where everyone can come and visit! them always asking about babies and marriage, how they wanna throw flowers or bring the ring, to witness ruggie’s wedding with his perfect bride (because he only deserves the best!) and then see little hyena babies! they’re all so impatient and excited that you don’t even know if you can make it out of nrc!
—thank you for your request! i hope you enjoyed..~
Tumblr media
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Birthday from the boys (NRC)
Something to know for reading all of this is that I’m going to try my best to write platonic relationships that can be implied as romantic. Because some people may like a character but not feel romantic feelings towards them but still would like to know how they would act on their birthday.
Part two is the teachers and RSA
Tumblr media
He would prune the garden himself, regardless of the queen of hearts laws he would paint the roses your favorite color
He would lead you to the garden where the two of you would have tea and talk for hours
Eventually taking you around the garden
Out of all of these boys, he’s the one that’s most likely to forget your birthday
This man did not write it down
He overhears you talking with the other first years and them saying happy birthday. Then it finally clicks and he remembers that today is your birthday and he plays it off like he remembered
He’s not being mean in any way he just honestly doesn’t remember birthdays well
He talks with the first years while you’re not around and plans a little sleepover of sorts at your dorm
When you come back to your dorm for the night you find all of the first years there and they’re just kind of chilling in the lounge
They bring out a cake for you saying that they all baked and decorated it themselves but with the experience that the first years have it’s a strange-looking cake but it does it taste all that bad it’s just a lot of frosting and decorations because each one of them wanted to add a personal touch.
You guys have fun run around the dorm causing trouble
Then once it turns 12 you guys decide to settle down for the night and plot twist you don’t actually go to bed but instead play Mario kart till 3 AM
He would try his hardest the whole day to make it the most perfect and kind of relaxing day ever. But utterly fail
In his eyes, he failed but it’s not that big of a deal
He’ll try to hold the door open for you or carry you around for fun and either, drop you, or trip
He feels really bad the whole day that he keeps messing everything up and it keeps getting less and less romantic
At the end of the day, you assure him that you had the best time and it was very fun. Which he doesn’t really believe because again he feels like he failed but he’s glad you had a good time.
He also stays the night hanging out with you until you fall asleep.
He would bake you a cake from scratch and decorated it with little flowers of your favorite color
He’s a really sweet guy so he would invite a couple of your close friends maybe three or four of them so that you’re not alone on your birthday and you also won’t have any leftover cake because you’ll eat it all.
A very nice and sweet get together messing around having fun
The morning would start very easy with the simple happy birthday and him taking you skateboarding you don’t have to go to a skating park or anything like that he’s just gonna teach you a couple of tricks.
But progressively throughout the day, it gets more centric and fun
At the end of the night can you both watch fireworks after you’ve just got done bungee jumping...
Tumblr media
He’s not going to skip his morning to afternoon nap to tell you happy birthday even if he does care
A prince got to get his beauty sleep
When he wakes up he goes and attempts to find you and if he doesn’t he just goes man and gives up but if he does find you he tells you happy birthday and then walks off
Depending on your relationship with him he could be very distant and not caring but if you go and hang out with him during the afternoon when he’s not sleeping he’s pretty chill about it not really caring that you’re there if you have a negative disposition towards him he might care and tell you to leave.
He would take you shopping for the day
You might think he doesn’t have any money but those are jobs that he’s been working aren’t for nothing
He took all of the money he could for an entire month of work and saved it up spending it on your birthday
“What?! this is only part of my savings, not my entire Life funds” hehe...
Since magic mirrors make travel very easy he decides to take you back to his hometown
Not to meet his parents or anything but just to hang out because he talks about home a lot and wants to take you. What better time than your birthday
He takes you around his town and tells you about all of these places that he has memories that as well as putting you in the general direction of where he lives
He takes you to do all the fun things you can think of where he lives
When you both go back tonight NRC he quickly takes you by his dorm so he can grab something
He comes back with his gift to you which is a little cactus for you to take care of.
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t have a birthday party for you
He would however have you meet him in the lounge
you two would have dinner together
Just the two of you...
you’ll take a walk through dorms halls just to talk in this moment you share alone
He would hang out with you if you wanted him to if you didn’t want him to he would tell you to go hang out with your friends since it is your special day
He would give you some sort of terrarium or if you’re not into those he would give you a rare plant for you to take care of as a gift
If you did want to hang out with him and you didn’t care where you went he’d invite you to a botanical garden for the day.
Whether you like it or not he’ll probably talk on and on about each plant and its properties in medicine and poison
He would throw a great surprise birthday party for you
He’s got all of your favorite foods your favorite drink an awesome cake
And somehow he surprisingly kept this under wraps until the time of your birthday party
It would be in you’re dorm, and don’t worry afterward he would help you clean up the mess
When you walk in the door he has everyone holding confetti launchers... which he 100% is going to help you clean up after a lot of convincing
Tumblr media
This man knows how to throw parties and that’s terrifying
He would throw a massive party for you
He’s inviting all of NRC as long as they’re friends with you. Hell if you had friends in RSA he would invite them too.
He would have one of your other friends distract you for the day because it’s going to take the entire day to set up this banquet
He’s got everything a giant cake, fancy lights, a lounge area, a DJ, a chocolate fountain anything and everything that you would need for a successful party
Throughout the day if you try to go see him at all somebody’s always there to stop you and to distract you
You guys party for the whole night
He would not throw a birthday party for you
As we all know he’s not really a people person
Chill about it passes you in the hall and says happy birthday
He offers to make you dinner but if you want to you can always decline
Although there is one thing you can’t decline and that’s the magic carpet ride he wants to take you on
He wouldn’t ask to borrow the magic carpet he’d just do it
Tumblr media
He would throw a big banquet for you regardless of what you want
He’ll probably say something along the lines of “Fufufu do you think I have the time to do all this? someone else said it was a good idea and they did all the work it’s not as if I care or have time to.” But we all know he cares
He about all of Pomefiore if you have to invite any of your friends outside of the dorm he would be a little irritated and save fine I guess you can about your “other friends”
It would be the beginning of the day and he’s down the hall in spots you. He would immediately not yell your name but scream it and run to you yelling happy birthday. It would make quite the scene but he wants everyone to know that it’s your birthday and also Vil would probably hate the fact that he just screamed.
He asks you if you’re ready to “rock and roll” (for anyone who doesn’t know this is just a saying to ask if you’re “ready to go”)
He’s taking you on a trip to go do a bunch of fun stuff in town and to probably prank some people because why not.
Wouldn’t throw you a party instead he would probably stop by your dorm and announce his presence and sing you happy birthday.
Bring you some sort of small gift
He would tell you that he will follow you the whole day and you can do whatever you want with him
Rook is rather chill compared to some of the other boys. However, if you want him to he can take over because he’s kept note of what you like to do so he would take you to do things that you like.
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t do anything special for your birthday
In fact, he’d probably have Ortho buy three slices of cake only, for the three of you
Throughout the day he doesn’t say anything about it
When you go to his dorm later he tells you happy birthday you guys eat the cake together
He kind of half-heartedly apologizes for not being able to throw a proper birthday party for you and that he’s sorry but his anxiety kind of got the best of him.
To make up for it he offers to play games with him until you want to leave
Before you leave he gives you a flower. An Asphodel The primary symbolic meaning of the Asphodel flower is peace after death and the afterlife, but this is not the meaning that is implied it is a white flower which generally symbolizes purity also it’s a symbolic flower of Hades
He throws a big party at your dorm (if your dorm is Ignihyde he’d take it somewhere else), not ignihyde. Because the students are quite antisocial and it would be very disruptive.
He would invite all of your best friends
It is the cutest surprise birthday party ever
There would be fireworks, trick candles, and so many fun childish games that you would play at a party
Tumblr media
Malleus is somewhere in between depending on what you want so no this won’t be a surprise birthday
He’ll either throw a big party for you in the diasomnia dorm inviting basically everyone from all the dorms as long as they know you
Or if you’re more on the reserve side or you want a smaller party he’ll have a couple of your close friends join him and going to your dorm and having a get-together little party for you.
If you want to though he is 100% okay with just you and him hanging out for the day
This man is crazy
He wrote down your birthday and planned weeks in advance
He would write down everything that you like in hopes that when it becomes your birthday he has everything that you could ever want on that day
He tries his best to bake a cake but then realizes that he’s actually really good at it
On the day of you’d think that he be really loud and excitable and overbearing but in fact, he is the complete opposite being very considerate and not quiet but an inside voice because he doesn’t want to stress you out or seem disingenuous.
He doesn’t host a party for all of your friends it’s just you and him. The reason for this and putting in so much effort just for you and him is because he’s rather shy when it comes to not just romantic feelings but platonic feelings as well not showing people how he really feels especially when it’s around other people as well. So it’s kind of to make himself feel more comfortable as well
Silver isn’t the party kind of person so he’ll probably get you a cute little gift like a bouquet of roses specifically white roses to symbolize purity or maybe a charm bracelet.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to throw you a birthday party it’s just that he doesn’t know how to go about it since the only parties ever really celebrated is his own because of Lilia when he was younger.
If you say something about not having a party or a cake he’ll get a little sad thinking that he might have failed you.
He’ll probably just follow you around doing whatever you wanted for the day as long as you didn’t have class.
He would also have a cute little lunch with you of food that he made before. You guys would probably go sit in the courtyard and eat next to a tree. Be careful though he may or may not fall asleep...
You might have to wake you’re sleeping, Prince
He’ll invite you to a concert and then right as the performance is about to start he’ll say something like he has to use the restroom or he’s going to get a drink and he’ll be right back he promises.
As the performance is starting and the lights turn off you start to worry that he’s going to miss it
And then as the stage lights turn on and you see him on stage getting ready to perform
He’s going to perform an entire album that he and the light music club came up with for you as a birthday gift
Knowing him at the end of the performance he’s probably going to get off the stage to go and kiss you (Not necessarily on the lips if it’s a platonic relationship it’s probably on the forehead with the cheek as a sign of affection no love).
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Quick June Event!
Hello and Happy Pride Month!
I’m so sorry this is late, some things have been happening in my life that affected my mental health, and I struggled to have motivation as a result. I’m doing better now, and will get back into posting.
I’d still like to do something for June, so from today until the the first of July, I’ll accepting requests from these prompts. Some of these just came into my head, other are from blogs that I can’t remember at the moment:
1. Favorite thing about their s/o
2. Favorite date spot
3. Favorite flower
4. What if their s/o asked them to match outfits?
5. General domestic headcanon
6. What gift would they give their s/o?
7.  What made them fall in love with their s/o
Since these are more romantic asks, underaged characters aren’t allowed. However, I will allow teachers for this event.
Other rules:
Send the character’s/characters’ name(s) and the number(s) of the prompt(s) you want
Two prompts per character
Three characters per ask
I’m sorry this isn’t much, but I hope you all enjoy these! 
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honey-deerling · a day ago
a Floyd or Ruggie x Reader in the style of The Lady And The Tramp
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twistedwishingwell · a day ago
Savanahclaw Master List
Key: Post (date posted)
Surprise Hug from behind from Fem!S/O --Scenario (10/27/20)
Fem!S/O asking to be bred--spicy (11/9/20)
Being Overstimulated/watched by Fem!dom--Spicy (11/9/20)
Dating a Male!S/O with colorful wings--spicy (12/19/20)
Fem!S/O who likes to play fight ( 1/12/21)
Leona Kingscholar
Chubby!SO who is self conscious of their body (10/22/20)
Fem!SO who bites/scratched them (10/28/20) 
Fem!S/O who sleeps as much as him (10/28/20)
Overblot!Leona and Fem!reader--Spicy (12/22/20)
Male!S/O who is a barbarian prince--spicy (2/2/21) 
Postoverblot!Leona x Fem!reader-- Spicy (2/3/21) 
Propositioned in the locker room after checking out male!Reader’s piercings--spice (5/13/21)
Being whispered dirty things by the s/o in public -- spice (5/14/21)
Chubby S/O who is afraid to sit on their lap because weight-- spicy and non spicy version (6/14/21)
Jack Howl
Fem!S/O Dry humping in their sleep-- Spicy Themes  (10/25/20)
MC being temporarily blind (11/3/21)
Catching his Fem!crush after she falls off her broom --Scenario (11/5/20)
S/O who is a Video Game designer (2/2/21)
Fem!crush who has to take breaks on stairs due to asthma (5/13/21)
Ruggie Bucchi
Him and S/O in bear onesies --Scenario (11/3/20)
Male!S/O who is a barbarian prince--spicy (2/2/21)
Propositioned in the locker room after checking out male!reader’s piercings-- spice (5/13/21)
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beansproutsong · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Proxy] Twisted Wonderland - Plush Release (June)
Here are the list of plushie release on June: 
Lab Style (16cm) : Octavinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde
Uniform Style (mascot 10 cm): Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Pomefiore 
Nesoberi: Jack, Ruggie 
Handmade Style Plush (28 cm): Heartslabyul 
(Item in bold are ready stock after 25th June)
All crane game prize, price might vary between character. Ready stock.  DM me to place your order. 
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vintageflowerangel · a day ago
Tumblr media
Class B Interactions
Jack Howl and Epel Felmier
Jack would be be curious about plants so he will ask you many questions if you know anything about apples Epel would show interest
Epel would be jealous of you if you look really masculine but still respects you as a friend
The three of you would go on adventures
Both of Jack and Epel don't want to get on your bad side especially witnessing what happens
Ruggie Bucchi
Ruggie likes to tease you whenever someone points out that you're nice knowing that you don't really see yourself being that
I feel like Ruggie would ask you which plants are good and healthy to eat and which ones are poisonous [He just wants to know so he could give Leona a healthy meal other than eating meat all the time]
Ruggie understands how you feel worrying about your hometown especially when he's living in a horrible place like Afterglow Savanna
Ruggie doesn't want to get on your bad side especially if you have a female body he knows his place and back at his hometown women are known as superior but he also know what pronouns that you go by
Ruggie respects you as a good friend
Carter Diamond and Idia Shroud
Carter would online shop looking for the perfect aesthetic for you don't worry nothing too feminine or too masculine just something that he thinks that will make you feel comfortable
Whenever Jade pops up randomly he would always ALWAYS scare Idia making Carter laugh. Idia would always stare at you in jealousy but at the same time "How did not scare you?"
Idia likes how quiet you are and Carter he's fine with it but it's not his cup of tea
The three of you would always be partners in science and if the topic is about plants you all are getting A+
This is part 1 I'm going to focus on part 2 soon! Also I'm so sorry if you don't like this I'm not really confident in this but I hope you do like it! :)
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twistedtummies2 · 2 days ago
Is it wrong that reading UTK had me cackling? Is it wrong that there's something incredibly funny about the booty? Is it wrong that all I could imagine was Floyd or Ruggie somehow walking in at the wrong time and snapping a picture before fleeimg from Leona? We'll never know.
...I be fair, that is TOTALLY something Ruggie would do, the half-adorable little brat. XD
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canon-twst-quotes · 2 days ago
leona, addressing the dorm: and if you have any suggestions feel free to put them in the suggestion box
ruggie: but – that’s just a trash can
leona: it sure is!
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rrasado · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
School is almost ending for me so the influx of deadlines hit me in the face this week djnd. Headcanons resume tomorrow so have some twst shitpost edits for now ^ ^.
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coffeeleafdepression · 3 days ago
Just had a crack idea for twisted wonderland- their s/o(mc/reader) using the knowledge from their world and T poses to assert dominance over the boys: ruggie,riddle, Epel, jade & floyd, separated & headcanon format bc it's easier I think (?) KDKDJDJDJDJ help idk why I thought of this-
I think I heard of this before, welp I still T pose to make my friends fear me when it comes to gimme 10 cents I gotta buy the tissues >:3 Jk jk but I still need those tissues- hope you enjoy! Sorry I couldn’t do Riddle tho-
TWST T-pose in front of them
Ruggie Bucchi
He’s constantly working.
Being Vice Dorm leader ain’t easy,
especially when the dorm leader is Leona.
He has to go the extra mile to do Leona’s work, his work and find some way to get his lunch money
And you’ve been noticing.
And while you appreciate he’s trying NOT to scheme and trick others to helping him, or stealing things,
you can’t help but feel sorry,
and that he’s overworking himself far too much,
he did not take breakfast either, ate some cookie for lunch? And is back to work again now in the middle of the night.
So, you did the one thing needed in this situation.
“S/o, wtf are you doing?”
“I am asserting my dominance with this T pose, and as the dominant one of this relationship between us, I demand you eat the dinner I made for you, drop Leona’s work, and sleep.”
Ruggie stared at you, before he chuckled softly, and ruffled your hair.
“Shishishi~ Alright, alright, dominant one.”
His eyes softened as he kissed your forehead.
Dominant one you are.
Epel Felmier
Big bruh-
He’s really tired of putting on so much make up and performing and rehearsing with VIL
And to top it off, Vil overblotted,
and then they’re back to performing again.
But Epel still had schoolwork,
but tomorrow’s a frickin’ Saturday???
Epel baby, no-
this action you have learnt and acquired in your world that you’ll do it to him NOW-
“S/o, w-what are you doing..?”
“I am asserting my dominance with this T-pose. And since I am the dominant one, I demand you abandon your work and sleep. Do your schoolwork tomorrow.”
Epel’s eyes softened, before he chuckled lightly.
“Alright, alright, I’ll do it tomorrow.”
He went over to his bed and yawned.
“Today was a long day, wasn’t it?”
Jade Leech
Like Ruggie, being a vice dorm leader is difficult
and tiring
and it’s even more tiring when he’s working at Monstro Lounge 
Managing pesky trouble makers,
going after table to table,
serving after serving all the customers
it really is tiring.
He still needs to tackle schoolwork and after school activities.. sort of-
And not only that, many people ask him for help on a daily basis,
really is tiring.
So, like the rest of this headcanon,
you are the most smartest person,
you have acquired
the knowledge of getting Jade to listen to you
“Oya? S/o, what type of strange pose are you doing? Is this suppose to be a prank?”
“No, it is not, my eel lover. I am T-posing to assert my dominance. And because I have more dominance than you in this relationship we have build healthily, I demand you got to bed with me, and also drink the hot tea I made for you.”
Jade blinked, before he grinned, and snorted, patting your head.
“Usually, you’re the one I take care of, but.. I don’t mind if we switch roles today oh dominant s/o,” he smiled,
gently caressing your cheek before placing a gentle kiss on it.
Usually he’s the dominant one,
but he doesn’t mind you being the one today~
Floyd Leech
Floyd’s a special case
it’s more rather you assert your dominance not because he’s tired,
but more rather you don’t want him to skip classes.
You’re worried about him, because he’s getting on his teachers’ nerves,
and you don’t want him to show up so moody.
So after he finished his shift,
you appeared right in front of him with a determined face.
And then you unleashed the knowledge you’ve acquired from your world.
“Eh~ Koebi chan, what are you doing?”
You looked up at Floyd.
“I am asserting dominance with a T-pose. And as the more dominant one, I demand you not to skip classes. I do not want you, my eel lover, to be moody and feel down. I must see you genuinely happy, otherwise I will not be happy to see you unhappy.”
He blinked once.
Before he broke into a grin, laughing.
“Ehehehe!~ Koebi chan is being so cute and funny today!”
He hugged you on the spot, 
almost making you lose your balance.
“Okay!~ I won’t, but only if you hug me everyday!~”
He thinks you’re so adorable,
and now he’s T-posing to assert his dominance to other students, but I guess it’s more likely to scare them than care for them.
Azul is so done-
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minccinoocappuccino · 3 days ago
Need a drawing of Ruggie and his BF sharing Donuts 😫
Ask and you shall receive
Tumblr media
I'm so glad ppl like Asher and Ruggie! I cant wait to share more about there relationship and Asher himself n the future
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call-me-aesthetic · 3 days ago
Found these Barbie crossover videos today and I’m so happy that other people on different platforms are part of this cursed cult too!
Just wanted to share this with y’all because I thought it was cool 😊💕
Credit: @/im-vegetable- help on YouTube
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fairestwriting · 3 days ago
I want to ask for something with Ruggie for school break is taking his s/o to his village and his s/o asks if the children from his village might like any plushies or clothing because she was running out of space in her dorm from her sewing hobby. It's how S/o relaxes and always ends up making way too many. He's surprised to see they are like professional quality. I know Ruggie grew up in a poor village so some family's might not have enough for toys or new nice clothes.
hope you dont mind i did hcs!!! been a while since ive written ruggie... i missed you hyena boy
Tumblr media
Ruggie Bucchi
He’s surprised you’d want to do something like this, and free of charge too? Ruggie smiles and happily accepts after you confirm you really just wanted to make sure all that fabric found a loving home, and he gives you a big hug. He’s excited to get the kids some nice plushies! They matter a lot to him, and it warms his heart to know you care too.
He tells you stories about the kids while you’re stitching up the toys or clothes, funny anectodes about their antics, sometimes a couple more heartfelt ones. Everytime Ruggie talks about home he gets this nostalgic look in his eyes, it distracts you from your sewing, occasionally.
You end up with so many gifts, everything going into a big box in your dorm room that you two smile at as you wait for the holidays to arrive, so you can give them all to the kids together, and he can properly introduce you to all of them! They’re like little siblings to him, as you’ve seen, and he goes on about how he’s sure they’ll like you two.
When you get there, they’re, as you expected, grabby and excited, asking you all sorts of questions about how you made them all those plushies, how did they look so nice? Kids hang off your arms as they chatter away. Thank you so much for the toys, are you Ruggie’s girlfriend, you’re really pretty!
At least one of them tells the two of you that you should get married, and a flustered smile and laugh is all you can give them in response.
Tumblr media
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alicems4 · 3 days ago
Ruggie Buggie 🧡🍩🧡
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minccinoocappuccino · 4 days ago
Sure I like Ruggie with a girl
Ur right and u should say it
Tumblr media
Hyenas are all gay
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