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fereality-indy · 4 days ago
Latch Key
Jeremy: He never has time for us. Suzy: Maybe Daddy's seeing other children! Candace: Let's not be paranoid. Suzy: I'm not paranoid... who said I was?
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doki32 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
캔데레미 러브... 왕 왕 왕 러브 ;;
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dumbausfromdanville · 13 days ago
Au where City of Love is just another parody of Boat ride of Love/Toboggan of Love
I mean to be fair all songs slap
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hitchell-mope · 15 days ago
She’s got it bad
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authenticcadence18 · 20 days ago
“It’s fine we’ll always have season 4” well if THAT ain’t a mood omggg. What was up with the earlier seasons completely ruining things for Isabella lmao.
like, Phineas being oblivious is one thing. He’s not obligated to return or even understand Isabella’s feelings for him. And “oblivious Phineas” moments are usually pretty funny😂
But. Stuff like the end of Canderemy?? w h y??? WHY spend an entire episode building up Isa actually getting to spend time with phineas only to RUIN IT AT THE LAST SECOND WITH A HORRIFYING VISUAL GAG. especially considering Isabella and Phineas would have gotten to go to the movie alone if it weren’t for CANDACE AND HER INSISTENCE ON BLAMING THE BOYS FOR SOMETHING THEY DIDN’T DO AND—it’s fine it’s fINE it’s fine, I’m fine.
and, ok. ONE MORE “haha poor Isabella” moment that really doesn’t sit well with me is her “trying to ask phineas to the dance” subplot in “Out to Launch.” The end to the subplot itself isn’t the issue—because, again, Phineas isn’t obligated to return/comprehend Isabella’s feelings. BUT, the way the episode built up to that moment, spending half an hour telling Isabella to “hold that thought” whenever she tried to talk to anyone about her plan and leaving her feeling like an afterthought....only to CRUSH HER SPIRIT EVEN MORE AT THE END??? like. w h y. what did she do to deserve that.
I mean. Look at this poor girl☹️.
Tumblr media
It looks like she’s on the verge of tears. But she fakes a smile and pretends to be okay even though she’s clearly hurting....remind me again how this is supposed to be funny???
Because it’s not funny. It’s just awful and sad. And like, this scene isn’t even framed as a joke really...the music is soft and kinda sad, it doesn’t end on a “sting” like you’d expect of a moment like this. So was the point????
Like, the writers could’ve just cut out the subplot entirely, have Isa ask Phineas to the dance out of the blue at the end, and then have him invite Ferb. Make it a one-off joke, not a sad subplot that just ends in more sadness. OR, they could’ve changed Isabella’s reaction to Phineas’s response. Have her roll her eyes, or just groan and be like “of course....” or chuckle dryly and quip “well! I’ll take what I can get/it’s better than nothing!” But no. We’re left with a sad shot of a girl who’s been pushing down her own negative emotions all day for the sake of others forcing a smile and hiding her sadness yet again.
and the fact that Candace succeeds in asking Jeremy to the dance is salt in the wound😑. Because Isabella is a kinder person than Candace. I’m not saying she “deserves” a love interest more than Candace does (sure I would’ve said that when I was younger but not anymore🤣), but it IS strange that the writers chose to “reward” Candace with a date and “punish” Isabella for no reason at all. (See, this is one of the main reasons I couldn’t stand Candace when I first got into the show😅)
And again, Phineas’s obliviousness isn’t the problem here: it’s the writing and framing of the entire subplot.
I mean, I GUESS Isabella’s plot could be seen as a comfort to other kids who’ve been in the same boat as her. But if THAT is what the writers were going for, they should’ve included a scene of the Fireside Girls comforting her and letting her express her true feelings and perhaps find a silver lining in getting to go to the dance with phineas at all. That would’ve ended the subplot on a much sweeter note, like: “Life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to, even if we ‘deserve’ for it to work out. You can still turn to your friends for comfort and try to find a silver lining in sad times, though!”
Like. U G H. I hate this subplot, I hate it. Thank goodness the writers started treating Isa better as the show went on👌.
(“That Sinking Feeling” is the perfect example of a “pining Isabella/oblivious Phineas” subplot done RIGHT. We get Phineas being painfully, hilariously oblivious, we get Isabella being aggravated but in a humorous way, AND we get a sweet moment between them at the end that above all is founded in friendship. That is the Phinabella dynamic. I’m glad the crew figured it out as they went along!)
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hitchell-mope · a month ago
At least Jeremy’s conventional.
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cometcrystal · a month ago
Tumblr media
I found my old phineas and ferb magazines and i distinctly remember picking this up in walmart, flipping to this random page, and immediately begging my mom to buy it for me
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galaxina-the-pyro · a month ago
Dan Povenmire, never change. 😂
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hitchell-mope · 2 months ago
They give me canderemy vibes
I’m not sure how to explain it. Maybe it’s a combo of anxious tallest oldest sibling energy from Alex or maybe it’s Willie’s mostly laid back calming attitude or maybe it’s the amazing hair on their heads. But for some reason willex has started to remind me of canderemy from Phineas and Ferb. Am I reading too much into this or do I make a good point? Feel free to tell me in the notes
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zootopiathingz · 2 months ago
Candace: why don’t you just let me drive while you keep hitting your imaginary break?
Jeremy: the break may be imaginary but that stop sign you just ran wasn’t!
Candace: *turns around* what stop sign?
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themurphyzone · 3 months ago
It's me... or is a dramatic irony that both Candace and Jeremy are closeted geeks... Candace loves Ducky Momo so much, she geeks over it, while Jeremy is into LARPing, but they're too afraid that the other know about that... what do you think?
Funny that I get this question a few hours after I watched Nerds of a Feather, the episode that gives us Ducky Momo XD
Yeah it’s a pretty big dramatic irony. Jeremy does worry about what Candace will think, like in Nerdy Dancing when he wants to make Candace happy but worries about his dancing skills. The ending for that ep is so great because Candace just wanted to have fun together. 
What I find really cool is that Candace doesn’t feel the need to hide her love of Ducky Momo anymore. Cause in Season 4, she was just casually sitting in a theater full of kids and singing along to the theme song. She even introduced Vanessa to it, and Candace often thinks of Vanessa as cool and mature. I guarantee you Season 2 Candace would not have introduced Vanessa to Ducky Momo at all. 
And as for the LARPing, yeah, if Candace knew, she’d be totally cool with it. 
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Candace: God, I really need some serotonin right about now
Jeremy: [stands up]
Jeremy: [sits back down]
Jeremy: I forgot what serotonin was for a second
Jeremy: I was going to go get you some
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fereality-indy · 3 months ago
Hello, Hello Again
Candace: Bonjour, Jeremy. Jeremy: Bonjour, Candace. *continues to speak French while Candace looks like a question mark* Candace: ...Bonjour, Jeremy.
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fereality-indy · 3 months ago
Frog Man
Jeremy: Have you ever seen something that changed your life forever? Candace: I saw you Jeremy: That’s so sweet of you, but now I’m feeling a bit embarrassed, cause I was just gonna show you this picture Suzy drew of me with a frog on my head
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zootopiathingz · 4 months ago
How Jeremy’s proposal would go tbh
Jeremy: *gets down on one knee* Candace Flynn, will you marry me?
Candace: ...
Jeremy: Candace?
Candace: oh sorry, this is usually the part where I wake up.
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zootopiathingz · 4 months ago
Aunt Isabella meeting her niece for the first time
Isabella: so Amanda, how many cousins would you like to have?
Amanda: how many can I have?
Isabella: as many as you want!
Amanda: in that case, I want 17!
Isabella: Phineas, we’ve got work to do.
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Jeremy: Sorry about this.
Candace: It’s okay, maybe when we’re married-
Jeremy: When we’re-?
Candace: -merry! When we’re very merry Christmas!
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fereality-indy · 5 months ago
Her & Joe
Candace: *hugs Jeremy from behind* I love you Candace: *whispers into Jeremy's ear* but if you ever drink my coffee again, I will destroy you
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zosonils-art · 5 months ago
🏳️‍🌈 candace
Tumblr media
candace and jeremy are both bi and trans!!
Tumblr media
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