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#cater diamond
beansproutsong · an hour ago
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[Proxy] Twisted Wonderland - Plush Release (June)
Here are the list of plushie release on June: 
Lab Style (16cm) : Octavinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde
Uniform Style (mascot 10 cm): Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Pomefiore 
Nesoberi: Jack, Ruggie 
Handmade Style Plush (28 cm): Heartslabyul 
(Item in bold are ready stock after 25th June)
All crane game prize, price might vary between character. Ready stock.  DM me to place your order. 
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tisafinedayforsimping · 2 hours ago
Memes Part 1 of ??
I have a Mar PNG now and I've decided to make it everyone's problem
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Tumblr media
More to come if I find any more good posts
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twistedwishingwell · 6 hours ago
Heartslabyul Masterlist
key: post (date posted) 
Adeuce Handeling Jealousy (10/20/20)  
Adeuce body switch 3way with fem!Reader -- Spicy Scenario  (10/22/20) 
Being overstimulated/watched by a fem!dom -- Spicy  (11/9/20)
Adeuce liking the same fem!reader-- Scenario ( 11/19/20)
Chen’nya helping a reader with period cramps (5/6/21)
Riddle Roseheart
Aftercare after a rough scene with a fem!reader -- Spicy themed Scenario  (10/21/20)
Chubby Fem!S/O who is self conscious about their body  (10/22/20) 
Their Crush gives them a kiss on the cheek for helping with school work (10/22/20)
Overblot!Riddle X Fem!reader -- Spicy Scenario  (11/2/20)
With a Shy to Blunt Fem!S/O  (1/27/21)
With a half smile S/O ( 2/4/21)
Finding out S/O used to be a lingerie model -- Spicy Scenario (4/26/21)
Chubby S/O who is afraid to sit on their lap due to their weight -- Spice and non Spice version (6/14/21)
Trey Clover
Their Crush gives them a kiss on the cheek for helping with school work (10/22/20)
Fem!S/O dry humping in their sleep --Spicy Themes ( 10/25/20)
Happy Birthday Trey -- Spicy Scenario  (10/26/20)
MC with an irrational fear of hairdryers ( 10/27/20)
MC that hates the sound of their own voice  (12/21/20)
Reacting to a Fem!S/O who has a daddy kink-- Spicy ( 1/28/21)
Fem!crush who has to take breaks on stairs due to asthma  (5/13/21)
Cater Diamond 
Fem!S/O ankle getting hurt in PE ( 10/21/20)
Photo Loading-- Spicy Ficlet (10/23/20)
MC with an irrational fear of hairdryers (10/27/20)
Bukkake with split card --Spicy Scenario  (11/3/20)
MC who hates the sound of their own voice (12/21/20)
Ace Trappola 
Hurry Up-- Spicy Ficlet (10/20/20)
Peeping on fem!MC in the shower -- Spicy Scenario ( 10/20/20)
Fem!S/O ankle gets hurt in PE (10/21/20) 
Caught masturbating by Fem!crush and she offers to help --Spicy Scenario (1/31/21)
 Propositioning Male!reader in the locker room after seeing their piercings --Spicy (5/13/21)
Deuce Spade 
Test Drive-- Spicy Ficlet  (10/21/20)
Fem!S/O ankle gets hurt in PE (10/21/20) 
Fem!S/O dry humping in thier sleep --Spicy Themes (10/25/20)
Fem!MC helping him out of trouble --Scenario (11/7/20)
Cop!Deuce x Reader --Spicy Scenario (10/25/20)
Fem!crush who has to take breaks on the stairs due to asthma (5/13/21)
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zackcarrion-key · 10 hours ago
GUYS I JUST FUCKING DIED 😩😩😩💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
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How can I kin Cater while Kinning Azul and Idia at the same time-
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* me getting Cater for the forth time of playing which twst character are you, *
:'3 sure
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spindlebeforesunset · a day ago
The NRC boys and how they cook rice
Riddle, Ace, Deuce, Sebek: measures water with a teacup, 1 cup rice = 1 cup water, doesn't use a rice cooker and uses a big pot, doesn't even bother washing the rice and drains the excess water via a colander (sacrilegious)
Jade, Floyd, Rook, Vil: washes the rice only once and watches in horror as they accidentally let whole gloops of rice land straight in the sink drain every time (💀)
Lilia: doesn't even fucking add water in cooking and washing rice and he wonders why the rice is so hard and brittle (excuse me what the fuck)
Trey, Azul, Kalim, Jamil, Ruggie, Jack, Epel, Silver: uses finger method to measure water for rice, washes rice at least twice, owns/uses a damn rice cooker (very good boys)
Cater: asks Trey to make rice (if it works, it ain't stupid)
Leona: makes Ruggie do it (what were you expecting)
Malleus: makes rice using a cauldron and cooks it over the fireplace (you do you bro)
Idia: made his own rice cooker but doesn't cook at all in it, preferring candy (aww man)
Ortho: cannot make rice (fam he's a robot)
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lanshappycorner · a day ago
Tumblr media
I nearly forgot to post today lol anyways real cadeu angst hrs
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twstpasta · 2 days ago
Malleues x reader x Cater 😘 for the event thing pls? (I would have done 👀 but no nsfw allowed xnsbxbxbzmxkxn)
Tumblr media
“Heyyyyyy, don’t ignore me! You shouldn’t give Mally here all the love,” Cater whined, draping himself all over you. You gave a small huff at the sudden change in weight distribution, but Malleus didn’t even seem to flinch, holding both you and the redhead in his lap without any problem.
You kept one hand tightly around Malleus’ fingers, your other hand moving to stroke Cater’s hair carefully. “What are we gonna do with you, Cater? You come running for attention the moment I try to spoil Malleus a bit.”
“I don’t mind,” the dragon spoke up, his voice deep enough to send chills down your spine no matter how many times you heard him talk. “You’re still here with me, and that’s enough to keep me happy.”
“See? See? Don’t be shy,” Cater sang, dragging himself as far as he could onto your lap, straddling both you and Malleus. “You should give Cay-kun a kiss.”
Malleus let you retract your other hand away from him, the gentle smile on his face never fading. He instead wrapped his arms around your waist snugly, pressing a careful kiss to the crown of your head. “You don’t need to be nervous around me. It’s not like your love has a limit where you can only give out so much. Give Diamond the attention he wants.”
Cater winked at the Diasomnia dorm leader, stealing a kiss from your lips before you could protest. “You’re so sweet, Malleus. It’s a shame I’m not better at magic. If I could, I would whisk both of you away so I can keep you all for myself!”
“Yeah, and I’d choke you alive so that I can go back into the regular world,” you grumbled, still playing with the needy third year’s hair like he was your lapdog. You doubted that he would care that much if he was an actual dog or not; he would lap up every bit of you love all the same.
“I don’t think such a thing would be too bad,” the prince murmured thoughtfully. “We wouldn’t have to worry about such trivial matters like prying eyes or reputation, and we could live each day focusing on nothing but caring for one another. Such a thing sounds like a dream out of a story book.”
“See? Malleus agrees,” Cater giggled, poking your stomach as if to prove a point. “Oh well! I guess it’s a convenient excuse for me to try and get better at magic. For now, I’ll have to settle with stealing as much of your attention as I can between classes and homework and stuff. Not that this is that bad anyway.”
“I guess we make it work,” you sighed, making yourself as comfortable as you could, sandwiched between the two. “At least Malleus is patient enough to keep up with your antics, Diamond.”
The fae chuckled, evidently pleased that you were thinking so often of him. “Everything both of you do endears you two so much more to me.”
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madam-turtlerabbitkim · 2 days ago
cater listens to spy, #brooklynbloodpop, team, never, etc. and no i don't take criticism <3
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octatriolovers · 2 days ago
Hello, Octatrio here~
I will try to open request Art for twst character~ You can feel free to ask me~
but please note, i maybe have a problem irl, so if your request not done yet, please wait patiently~ since im a human i need to rest too~~~
And please also note this, i will not make a mini comic request, i will just make A Bust up / Half body Request
Color code for Character that i will made / not / maybe
(Pink : maybe, Purple : Will, Black : Not/Never ask me this chara)
List chara :
Riddle Roseheart
Trey Clover
Cater Diamond
Deuce Spade
Ace Trappola
Leona Kingscholar
Ruggie bucchi
Jack Howl
Jade Leech
Floyd Leech
Azul Ashengrotto
Kalim Al Asim
Jamil Viper (depend on mood)
Vil Schoenheit
Rook Hunt
Epel Felmier
Idia Shroud
Ortho Shroud (im bad with mecha or robot)
Malleus Draconia
Lilia Vanrouge
Sebek Zigvolt
Dire Crowley
Divus crewel
Trein ( i don't know how to draw wrinkles, but if i can maybe i will change the color later)
Vargas (muscle too much)
Neige Le Blanche
Things i can't draw :
-Gore ( a bit of blood it's still okay)
-Dress / Clothes With A Lot Of detail
Oh and if you worry i will make you pay, Don't Worry, It's Free~
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jamikari · 3 days ago
some edits i made today to destress
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
free to use with credit ! reblogs appreciated
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otomes-world · 3 days ago
In depth of forest
As my enthusiasm doesn't cool down yet I decided post it now! Rip my internet.. Don't worry Exchange and one small drabble with Vil will be here in several days as second part of story. There was first meeting with master, life with master and life after their death(?). So I decided write part before main actions, enjoy o/
Idea belongs @twstedforyou ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
Tumblr media
Many people mistakenly believe that the most mysterious place is ocean. Well, they are not far from the truth, but for a long time the forests have been chosen by creatures that the more powerful then them. Perhaps this is why fate, determined to maintain a delicate balance, tied strong, immortal monsters with mortal masters. However, when you are an ordinary fox, your head is occupied with completely different thoughts, one of which is how to fill an empty stomach.
People often encroach on the gifts of the forest, but at the same time constantly raise a commotion if you take something from them. The red fox could not understand such double standards, however, it was not for him to judge. Everyone survives as best they can. That is why he did not feel any pangs of conscience, making his way to the temple and eating the offering. In the end, it is unlikely that the deity decides to descend. Food will be remove as it begins to deteriorate. No matter how you look, the priority in the choice is obvious. Probably, the little blue crow, who got into the habit of carrying sparkling coins, also thought so. Why keep something that cannot be eaten, the fox did not understand, but until the bird doesn't attempted to eat offering, he did not care.
People foolishly decided that the gods had finally noticed their attempts. Well, if he gets more food, so be it. Voiced croak from above confirmed the thoughts of the small animal. However, the older the fox got, the more food he needed. Therefore, as soon as there were not enough offerings in the temple, he began to steal the residents' carelessly left food. They will not become poorer because of the leftovers.
One day, waiting for a man to come and lay out food, fox sat in the bushes. The little crow on the upper branches, apparently, was expecting the same. An empty stomach was already beginning to make itself felt. People, who find out about the disappearances, took a closer look at their stocks, so it became more and more difficult to steal food unnoticed.
"It seems that we have arrived at the place" someone's calm voice distracted him from the torment of starvation. "If you believe the denunciations, things disappear in this village."
Looking closer, the fox saw that the voice belonged to an ordinary young man with green hair, if not for one "but": he was dressed in something similar to the uniform of the workers of the temple and behind him were a pair of wings.
"The place is it, but you could carry me more carefully, Trey-chan~!" The second voice, more resonant than the first, belonged to a battered red-haired boy with four tails.
Tengu and kitsune.
The red fox hid deeper in the bushes. All his life he spent near villages, so meeting real yokai took him by surprise. To be honest, he considered them the same invention as the deities to whom people erect temples. Just a beautiful fairy tale in which someone continues to believe.
However, it's not his problem, if he manages to quietly slip away, the duo will leave with nothing. At least that's what the fox hoped for, without taking off his red eyes from yokai. However, his hopes were not destined to come true, because his accomplice in theft, dived down and grabbed the tengu's glasses, frightening him to the bones.
"A! Cater, what is this?! Unhook him from me -..!" The green young man clearly did not expect an assassination attempt, trying to gently unhook from himself noisy bird and not hurt it. He cannot do it.
The village was not poor, but the glasses were still considered a luxury item. The happy owners of the object took care of them like the apple of an eye. Why the raven needed the glass, the fox sincerely did not understand. However, for all the time he had already managed to get used for it to being around him, sometimes even sharing an offering. Therefore, with a warning growl, he jumped out of the bushes and rushed at the second yokai, who was trying to help his friend.
By this time the tengu had come to the conclusion that glasses were a small fee. For, finally, having received a shining little thing, the little crow calmed down and allowed himself to be held. Now he twisted his head with incomprehension, watching as a noisy friend tried to scratch out the eyes of another fox, without letting the glasses out of his beak.
"Listen!" Not wanting to risk and loosen his grip on the bird, the green youth tried to help. "You're hungry, right? I know a place where there is a lot of delicious food that you don't have to steal!"
The red fox just snorted. They are trying to bribe him. However, a second hesitation was enough for the yokai to dodge and practically strangle the animal in his arms.
"Caught you! Thank you Trey-chan~! Something tells me that we have found the culprit. Now, just what can we do with them?"
What the strange duo continued to talk about, the fox no longer listened. He was more worried about how to get out of the embrace. The animal tried to give signals to the stupid bird, obsessed with trinkets, with a glance, but the raven did not seem to notice. Nor did he react when the yokai turned and headed towards the mountains. It seemed that now all his attention was concentrated on stupid glasses, and a red fox was tormented by concern about where they were being taken.
"How wild you are!" Despite the offended tone, the kitsune did not loosen his grip, trying to ignore the bites and scratches from the claws.
“You were the same,” as opposed to him, the tengu walked lightly, mentally figuring out that making a concession was the best decision. "I am sure Grimm will gladly tell a couple of stories about your childhood."
Kitsune could not answer as they had already managed to approach some temple. However, the fox noted that this one was much larger and better than its counterpart in that village.
“I thought what could have delayed you so,” came a third voice. He looked like a young man with red hair and small horns, clearly oni, was the youngest of all, but the way the others addressed him spoke a lot.
"Has a tough time, huh" Lazily asked the young man, on whose head was a pair of cat ears, enveloped in flames, and a forked tail swayed behind his back. "Evokes memories, I remember you two-.."
"Wa-wa!" Apparently kitsune really did not want to remember his childhood once again. He immediately interrupted the nekomata and drew attention to the two animals, which they still held in their hands. "We found weak yokai, they would have a little time to become full-fledged!"
"How can you interrupt the Great Grimm?! There is no respect for elders at all! I-…!"
"Since there is no other choice, we will leave them here. Since we have future kitsune and tengu, I entrust you two with mentoring over them." Nekomata was not as authoritative as he himself believed. Oni easily interrupted him again, getting back to business. "Names.. as I understand, they do not have it.
"Cough! Since I was the one who nobly gave names to you trios. This time, I will also make newbies happy! Listen here," the cat turned to the animal. Surprisingly, no one has ever said a word to a nekomata. "Since I noticed you first, you will be Ace, and you, quieter, will become the second Deuce. Welcome to Heartslabyul Temple~!"
The incident was too chaotic for the fox.. no, now he is "Ace"... but since there will be food and a roof over his head, then he probably stay for a while.
From the moment the fox was given the name "Ace" and was sheltered at the Heartslabuyl temple, a lot of time has passed. During this period, he managed to acquire a human form, like the others, and the ability to express his thoughts aloud. Than he took advantage of it, saying to the crow or "Deuce", everything that he thought about as a fox. About how he held glasses with his beak, as if his life depended on it. About how he allowed himself to be easily taken into the mountains. About how, unlike food, he dragged coins, which, in animal form, were of no use to them.
Needless to say, Deuce also acquired a human form, but he stll learned how to fly. For this, Ace loved to tease a fellow accomplice: what kind of bird is he, if he cannot fly. For this he often get scolding from Trey, that was the name of the green haired tengu, who soon acquired a second pair of wings. The same is true of Cater, the kitsune who brought him to the temple and who became a full-fledged nine-tailed fox.
Ace wasn't jealous, not at all, no. On the contrary, he sincerely believed that caring for so many tails is a real hassle. He would have to cope with one, but Cater should deal with nine. Moreover, from the back, he looked like a lump of red fur with ears on top. However, this did not stop the older kitsune from teasing the fox back. He needs to try best to get all his tails. Maybe it's just a part of their nature. After all, people wouldn't called kitsune pranksters for nothing.
Together with the full-fledged form came lessons about the structure of the world, which Ace hated so much. The younger tengu, by no means, listened attentively to the words of the mentors. He took to heart the words about their purpose, who in the future will become the center of their universe. The master whom they will serve as familiars.
Ace lived well without a master, so at first he did not understand why Cater, with an empty expression on his face, each time saw off the yokai who left mountain with the human. Isn't it better to live for your own pleasure without worrying about the mortal? Or so the fox often spoke out to the public, once again teasing Deuce and getting scolded by the head-oni, Riddle.
There was no such thing that the yokai wasn't meet a master. However, many yokai who have lived for more than one hundred years often wondered whether they would have one. Therefore, looking at Cater and Trey, the fox also think, why the statement come from. Maybe this is just a consolation for those who have not yet met their master. A sort of "Cheer up!" for yokai.
“Maybe it is,” the senior tengu interjected, hearing Ace mumbles. “However, in most cases, all we can do is hope. Hope that the meeting will happen sooner or later." As a tengu, he felt the emotional state of everyone in the temple, because the words were spoken with a kind of sad tinge. True, Trey soon cheered up and ruffled the fox's hair. "If I were you, I would not be so obviously shirking. In front of Riddle and I can't always cover up"
"Why do we need a master?" Kitsune finally voiced what is always wanted to know, but was afraid to ask. "What's the point?"
"There is may be no sense, but spending all eternity alone... sounds sad, doesn't it?" After that Trey disappeared completely, leaving Ace alone to ponder his own words.
This conversation became the starting point for the kitsune, who outwardly also neglected the lessons, but secretly began to listen attentively to every word. Deuce often pushed feathers, noting that Ace could recite by heart all lectures to the first stump, but not to the teacher. However, the opinion of the bird's brains worried him last.
Now he began to note how often the yokai brought their masters to temple. As if they took over the human tradition of meeting their parents, which was not an exaggeration. The temple became a home and a haven not only for the fox and the raven: someone came himself, someone was brought. So different, but so similar in action.
Trey always set the table with sweets so that greet another pair of master and familiar. Riddle, as the head, officially congratulated the yokai, while Cater cannot found a place for himself.
Reluctantly, Ace pointed out that it’s likely the older you get, the more you worry about your own fate. This is what all creatures of the other world were so afraid of: to reach the peak of strength and age and understand that your master died before the meeting could take place and the scarlet thread emerged. However, no one could predict when the master would decide to appear and under what circumstances. As the senior tengu said, they can only hope.
After a while, Ace got used to life in the mountains, occasionally continuing to make noise. Only occasionally, because Riddle, being they, possessed a very unstable condition. Getting hit on the head was still all right, but things could take a more serious turn. Trying to suppress irritability, the young man loaded himself with affairs, the rest took duty to make him angry as little as possible.
Grimm used to do this, but after the sudden disappearance of the nekomata, Trey and Cater took on the sacred duty of caring for the rest, as the third in seniority and strength. Who was the second? Ace snorted in displeasure at the young yokai's questions, saying, of course, it's Riddle.
This is what made the fox angry. Despite its late appearance, the one-tailed kitsune became the best friend with cat. This was no secret to anyone, even though the couple, for the sake of preserving the images, continued to turn up their nose.
What could make a cat, which has settled for so long, jump out of place and disappear for months? Deep down, Ace, like many, guessed, but still stay silent to preserve the fragile peace. He had no doubt that everyone in the temple would sincerely congratulate the nekomata on finding the master. However, this also meant that Grimm, who became the talisman of the temple, would soon leave it, this time forever. The yokai continued to visit with their mentors, but it was very rare. They had other concerns, other priorities. Therefore, hearing the news that the cat had returned and, moreover, with a human made the kitsune drop everything and dash off, ignoring Deuce's cries. How could a nekomata disappear unknown for how long and return as if nothing had happened.
Feeling the aunt, invisibly pierced the heart and pulling it forward, Ace stopped.
It can't be true, can it?
Will he be the lucky one to meet the master so soon, when some are waiting for millennia?
Will they be happy about the meeting?
Will a person like him?
Will they agree to accept the red thread?
Each step forward is an answer to a question and an increasing tension on the string.
Jumping out of the bushes, the kitsune meets a frightened human and Grimm, who is still looking at him lazily. However, all of Ace's attention is not riveted on him.
He probably looks like the last idiot now, however, so be it. For them he can be fool.
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riktorart · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pieces I made for Memories in Wonderland, a small digital zine for Twisted’s Anniversary!
I really love how these came how! (Especially the colors... :’) )
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zackcarrion-key · 4 days ago
Fox Cater lapping at your wet pussy ~
His tongue feels so good and licks fervently to get you cumming~ 😋💓💓💓
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a0hno · 4 days ago
fuck it no one's gonna see this post who cares I'm thinking and I'm thinking deeply abt cater diamond or as deeply as someone like me can what does he have to hide and why like to the point of being surprised and maybe concerned that trey guessed correctly that he didn't like sweets??? furrowed eyebrows do not translate to be being pleasantly surprised i am going to cry over cater diamond to sleep me thinks
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