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Buford: I have a complicated relationship with zombies.
Buford: They're dangerous, but I love their swagger.
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jetzflare25 · 4 hours ago
Getting your picture taken in 2020 be like
Tumblr media
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During a Sleepover
Phineas: What does ’take out’ mean?
Ferb: I associate it with food.
Isabella: That works, but I still think it means dating.
Buford: No, you're both wrong! It means destruction, duh!
Baljeet: So... just to be clear... you called me in my dorm at 3 AM... just to ask me WHAT THE TRUE DEFINITION OF 'TAKE OUT' IS?!?
Ferb: Yes, yes we did.
Baljeet: *hangs up*
Phineas: He didn't answer the question.
Buford: He probably doesn't know.
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doki32 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
6/15 바네사 생일 축전~ 
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Candace: You guys cause a distraction!
Phineas: *throwing raisins around* Raisins! Raisins! They used to be grapes!
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wildshadowtamer · 12 hours ago
My HCs for PnF Characters (Pt. 2, Teens)
and we’re back! This time, focusing on the teens! And a quick reminder that this is a human au.
once again, Picrew by @thewolfofthestars​​
[DNI: Transphobes, Queerphobes, Exclusionists, Anti-Mogai, Cringe/Flop Accounts] (and everything else, but those specifically for this post)
Tumblr media
Candace Flynn is a bisexual, Polyamorous Transwoman who uses she/her pronouns.
Tumblr media
Jeremy Johnson is a bisexual, nebulasexual, polyamorous transman who uses he/him pronouns (top right is the nebulasexual flag)
Tumblr media
Stacy Hirano is a bisexual polyamorous transwoman who uses she/her pronouns. (lots of Bi’s in this triology)
Tumblr media
Pinky Garcia-Shapiro is a polysexual, demi-homoromantic Gender non-conforming transman who uses he/him pronouns! (sorry about the wrong flag, i got mixed up on the terms)
Tumblr media
Monty Monogram is a Bisexual, Queer, Polyamorous Trans Man that uses he/him pronouns!
Tumblr media
Carl Karl is a Pansexual, Biromantic, Polyamorous Trans Man that uses he/him pronouns!
Tumblr media
Carla Karl is a Trans Bi Lesbian that uses she/her pronouns!
Tumblr media
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz is bisexual, Librafemenine, Autigender, Catflux, and uses she/they pronouns!
Tumblr media
Albert Du Bois is cishet with he/him pronouns because i dont like him
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wildshadowtamer · 13 hours ago
My HCs for Pnf Character (Pt. 1, Kids)
SO i’m here with actual, somewhat original content.
Specifically, headcanons for the characters of Phineas and Ferb. This will be split into three parts, Kids, Teens, and Adults, because wow it would be long otherwise. I will give their full (or as much as i can be bothered to write) name, full identity, and pronouns.
Picrew by @thewolfofthestars​
[DNI: Transphobes, Queerphobes, Exclusionists, Anti-Mogai, Cringe/Flop Accounts] (and everything else, but those specifically for this post)
So, up first are the kids! (this is a human au and Norm is a robot child)
Tumblr media
Phineas Flynn is Pangender, Pansexual, Grey-Asexual, Aromantic, Polyamorous, and a label/pronoun hoarder. He uses any/all pronouns.
Tumblr media
Ferb Fletcher is a Bisexual, Polyamorous, Queer Demiboy. He uses He/They pronouns.
Tumblr media
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is Bisexual, Panromantic, Polyamorous, and Genderfluid! She uses she/her, he/him, and they/them depending on the day, but her gender only really changes from girl every few months, instead of daily.
Tumblr media
Buford Van Stomm is a Semi-Closeted Gay Biromantic Polyamorous Transman that uses he/they pronouns! (top flag is the bi gay flag)
Tumblr media
Baljeet Tjinder is an Omnisexual, Demisexual, Polyamorous Trans Man that uses he/she pronouns! 
Tumblr media
Iriving Du Bois is a gay cis man because i dont like him but its impossible to ignore his implied gayness. Uses he/him pronouns.
Tumblr media
Norm is Omnisexual, Biromantic, Libramasculine, and uses he/him pronouns!
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not-buffalo-marshmallow · 14 hours ago
Happy pride to Irving Du Bois and Irving Du Bois only
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continentalblue · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
An asexual platypus?
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For whatever reason, I was thinking about Zootopia's deleted scenes and scrapped concepts, and that lead me to an AU idea. A lot of this is copy-and-pasted from a few webpages I've found on the subject to explain it as best as I can, with some creative liberties of course:
Whether this is OWCA's doing, villains have taken over OWCA, or some combination of both, agents are required (and by required, I mean forced) to wear mandatory collars to keep them in line by administering an electric shock when their emotions run high. It has a light that changes color depending on the wearer's emotional state: green meaning calm and/or relaxed, yellow (the warning color) when they are agitated, and red (the color that initiates the shock) when they are too overly emotional. Any extreme emotion will trigger the collar, basically forcing agents to suppress their emotions as much as possible, for fear of punishment.
Because I love involving him in things, Coby is obviously aware that the collars are universally hated by their hosts and runs a secret, borderline-illegal indoor sanctuary which is also an amusement park where many games, activities and attractions are held and operated using the scraps of his and Perry's owners' many inventions, only learned about by others through word of mouth. To keep it hidden, the club is deep underground, even below Perry's lair, where agents are able to be themselves and have their collars removed for the duration of their visit, allowed to be given a chance at freedom to roam and experience a taste of the wild life without the restrictions of their collars.
Oh, and drama with Perry ensues. If anyone else wants to add, feel free to give it a shot!
Wait omg this has been sitting in my inbox for months and I don't think I've ever actually finished reading it before and i just fkldshajfkhadsk
Okay, first of all: Coby the Capybara masterlist for anyone who doesn't remember him
This is such a cool idea holy shiiiit 0_0
I love that Coby put this all together himself (because if there's drama with Perry, I'm assuming Perry wasn't in on this from the beginning). He's just a lil capybara; he's presumably not an engineering genius. He must have put so much effort into learning how to make all of this and figuring out how to get all the materials he needed without raising any eyebrows.
Can we talk about how gutsy it was for him to literally build it under their backyard? And under Perry's lair? He absolutely would do that because he's a little shit who likes taking risks, but damn the lil dude's gotta use his brain sometimes.
I can already picture Perry following the collar rule to the letter. He learns to train his emotions to keep the collar green at all times. Hell, even in potentially life-or-death situations, it stays green; OWCA eventually takes a look at it to make sure it's working properly. Perry hates it as much as the rest of the agents, but he'll be damned if he's going to break the rules.
I'd like to think that Perry finds out about it by literally walking in there himself. Maybe someone tipped him off because they didn't get the memo that he was not, under any circumstances, to know that this place exists. Maybe he saw someone sneak in and got curious. Maybe they were just too goddamn loud. Whatever the case may be, he walks in to check it out and everything just goes dead silent. Everyone's always been wary around Perry (as we see a few times in the show), but this is even worse than running into him on a normal day. Perry is a well-known rule follower and OWCA's best agent, and quite literally every single person in this park is breaking the law.
Perry just walks around, not looking at anybody but acutely aware of the fact that they're all looking at him, until he finds Coby. Coby has to awkwardly tell everyone to go home and that he'll update them later (he doesn't want to flat-out say that this will be up and running again as soon as he can do it without Perry being on his ass 24/7, but that's probably what he's planning), and then he and Perry have a very intense conversation.
Coby's luck that the collars are so shitty that even Perry hates them, because it's hard for Perry to defend them when they have literally zero redeeming qualities. Maybe Coby strikes a deal with him that if he hangs out here for the night without his collar and he still decides the OWCA agents should be treated like your average, everyday animal, Coby will shut it down. He has no plans to make good on that promise -- he'll probably just move the whole operation and start again -- but Perry doesn't need to know that.
Naturally, it is enough to convince Perry that the sanctuary is okay, but Perry is never coming back. If they want to put their asses on the line, that's their choice, but he's not going to do the same.
Idk which idea I like more: that Perry does eventually warm up to the idea of a sanctuary from OWCA's harsh rule and starts spending his evenings with them, or that he keeps his word and stays away until OWCA finds out about it. They'd want to punish Coby to the fullest extent of the law to make an example out of him, and even though Perry literally told him that this was going to happen and he was cool with it, Perry can't just sit back and watch it happen. Coby was gone for one (1) day and Phineas and Ferb were already freaking out. He would hate to see how the boys would react if Coby never came back. (Also maybe he kinda likes Coby but he's not gonna admit it.)
If anyone could organize a successful revolution, it would be Perry. He would gather every single agent he could think of that would be willing to fight for freedom -- both Coby's freedom from OWCA's holding cell and their own freedom from their collars -- and together, they could absolutely take OWCA down. The agents still have jobs, though, and they kinda need OWCA around for that, so Perry and Coby would have to team up to get OWCA working again -- in a better way -- to keep the evil scientists at bay, and god only knows how them working together to make the rules would go 💀
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Coby the Capybara masterpost
Coby would be the opposite of Perry
Coby would be just as skilled as Perry
Coby finding out about the second dimension
Coby and Concord?
Coby and Perry circumnavigate the world
Around the World in 80 Days
Cont. Coby gives Perry vacation time for it
Who is Coby’s nemesis and does he mess with Perry and Heinz’s relationship
Coby gives Ralph nonlethal weapons
Electric shock collars (Zootopia deleted scene)
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Phineas has a great taste in music, but you should never hand him the aux cord because his playlist is all over the place. Like, all the songs are great, but the genres are so varied that no one knows what the mood is, only that it's a Big One
Sometimes his playlists go from "Someone Like You" by Adele to "Never Gonna Give You Up" and everyone has unfortunately learned to deal with it
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So… I clicked on your Marvel tag and, because I am a cruel, cruel person, what do you think would happen if Perry, Candace, and Vanessa got snapped instead of Phineas, Ferb, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz? Obviously, the gang probably wouldn’t remain completely intact, so one or more of Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet would have also been dusted. Like, Candace and Vanessa would end up the same age as Phineas and Ferb, and Doof would lose his entire support system (except maybe Norm).
ooh throwback to the first snap au 👀
First of all, HOW DARE YOU
Secondly, I think this would throw off the PnF gang just as much as losing Phineas and Ferb would but in a completely different way. I think losing Candace would really dull the boys' spark, and they'd really stop wanting to build things. The rest of the gang (whoever's left of it, at least) would want to be there for them, but they'd be facing their own losses as well, and I think eventually they'd stop hanging out too much. They'd be friendly enough at school, but by the time they've started recovering emotionally, their friendship would pretty much be over. One day they'll look back on it as just a summer thing when they were kids.
I think what happens to Doof is entirely dependant on who remains at OWCA. The best case scenario (for him, at least) would probably be if Monty, Mrs. Monogram, and Carl were all snapped out of existence, leaving Major Monogram with pretty much nothing left. I think they might be able to help each other if they're both feeling the same loss because they'd both need someone to lean on. But if any of Monogram's family or friends (well, friend. there's Carl. other than that, he has no friends) survive, Monogram will doubtlessly lean on them instead.
I think the other possible alternative where Doof comes out on top (or, you know, not on the bottom) is if Monty loses everyone he loves. He doesn't necessarily have the best relationship with his parents, but he loves them despite Major Monogram's their flaws. If Carl gets snapped, too, Monty would naturally be the next in line to take over OWCA. I don't think he'd want to, but I think he'd feel compelled to when he saw the messes that were the OWCA agents and the LOVEMUFFIN scientists. Half of them will have lost their nemesis, you know? They need guidance. And if Monty's in charge, he's going to make it his personal duty to keep track of who's alive and who's not, so he'd keep an eye on all the scientists.
I have to think he wouldn't know who's been snapped? I'm assuming OWCA would be in contact with Fury and Monty would know what's going on, but Fury wouldn't have all the answers so Monty would have to go to all the scientists' empty lairs when he doesn't hear from them. He wouldn't want to go to Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc after losing Vanessa, but it's been dead silent here anyway; it'll just be a quick-in, quick-out (and maybe a brief conversation with Norm).
Obviously, that's not the case; Doof is just sitting there in the dark — and probably crying if he has any tears left. They both love Vanessa, they both like Perry, and they both have complicated-but-probably-positive relationships with Major Monogram, so they'd have a lot in common. I think Monty would take pity on him and sit down with him and just hang out. There'd be some talking, maybe some crying, probably a lot of silence, but in the end, they'd both appreciate the other's company, and I think that might almost evolve into a substitute father-child relationship to make up for the ones they just lost. It's not the same, but they have to make due where they can, right?
Alternatively, maybe there's nobody left for Doof. Maybe there is, but they don't want anything to do with him. Either way, Doof would be all alone, and maybe he'd want to let it that way. Maybe he'd unplug the phone. Maybe he'd put a sign on the door asking for people to stay away. Maybe he'd turn Norm off. He'd cope by shutting everyone out — not that there's really anyone left for him to let in anyway — and fall into a deep, years-long hopeless depression. I don't think there's a single possible outcome where he thrives; I think it's just a matter of how much he suffers.
I do have to wonder if it would be a possibility for him to reconnect with his blood family. I'd hope he wouldn't want to see his parents, but he still loves his mother and he still respects his father; maybe he would want to if they'd want to see him. Maybe Roger got snapped and Heinz tries to talk to his parents about it. Maybe it goes well; maybe they call him a schnitzel and kick him out because they're grieving, too, and they don't have time for him. Alternatively, maybe Roger survives and he loses everyone close to him. Maybe Melanie gets snapped away and he loses his closest friend/maybe girlfriend. Maybe their parents are snapped away, too, and Heinz is the only one he knows would understand. (Bear in mind that Roger really doesn't understand the scope of their parents' hatred for Heinz; he knows he was the favorite but he doesn't seem to have much of a grasp on just how miserable Heinz's childhood was. Because Heinz still wants his parents' love and respect, I don't think Roger will ever really understand what his brother went through.) I don't know if Heinz would accept an olive branch from his brother. I do think that if it went the other way, Roger would accept one from Heinz. If Heinz decides he'd like Roger back in his life, I think it would work out.
I think the interesting part would be what happens afterwards. Perry obviously fits like a glove. His boys love him; Doof would literally have mourned him until his own dying day if that's how it played out; Candace didn't even realize they were both gone. He'd be upset to have missed such a big part of his boys' lives, but overall, things would be fine.
Candace, meanwhile, would probably have the hardest time adjusting. Her annoying little brothers aren't even little anymore, for god's sake! And they'd be do different, too. No more building; no more little posse of kids; everything changed in literally the blink of an eye for her. And what about Jeremy? What if he didn't get blipped and he found someone else? He'd be thrilled to see her again, obviously, but probably not enough to break up with whoever he's seeing right now. Alternatively, maybe Jeremy got blipped and Little Suzie didn't, so she and Jeremy can bond over their little siblings growing up so fast.
I think the only one(s?) who would have it worse would be the ones from the main gang that got blipped. They'd all been in elementary school together, and now some of them are in high school. They might all try to become friend again and maybe it works for the older kids, but it's such a big gap in both age and maturity that I don't think they'd ever be the same. The blipped kid(s) would probably have to make new friends and start all over.
Vanessa would be welcome back with open arms. Then those arms would wrap around her and not let her go until she was literally about to pass out from lack of oxygen. If Monty wasn't blipped, he definitely would have moved on, but I'd like to think they'd still be friends? I also think seeing Ferb all grown up (or, you know, 14ish years old) might expedite the dating process. I also think that would make Candace incredibly uncomfortable — more so than I think it did in canon because not only is that her friend and her little brother, but it's a reminder that he's really not that little anymore.
I'd like to think that if Doof did make friends with someone (one of the Monogram boys or Roger), they stay friends. It absolutely boggles Vanessa's mind when she comes back to it, but it just makes Perry happy to see that he wasn't completely miserable. I don't think he'd go back to evil, but he and Perry would still hang out (and it would take Perry a while to get used to the idea of going to DEI without getting trapped). Vanessa might kill her dad when she finds out he turned Norm off to mope in peace, but they'd dust him off and turn him back on and they'd explain everything to him.
I don't think things would ever go back to the way they were, but, ultimately, I think it would all be fine. It'll take a few years, but I think everyone would ultimately adjust just fine to their new lives.
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Doofenshmirtz: We caused very few accidental explosions yesterday.
Norm: If you round down, none.
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Isabella: (in Spanish) My whole life I have been searching for love. When I saw you on the rollercoaster, I knew you were the one. If you feel the same way, kiss me now and we will be together forever.
Phineas: I'm sorry, my Spanish is rudimentary. What did you say?
Isabella: (walks away)
Phineas: What did you say? Isabella! I don't actually speak Spanish! What did you say?
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Random Thought I had: Ferb’s color scheme is mainly purple and green. Asexual color scheme is generally purple and aromantic color scheme is generally green. Now I’m not saying anything if you’re not saying anything hOWEVER-
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Eating Experiment
Phineas: We’ve been conducting an ongoing study to see what Buford will and will not eat.
Isabella: Grass? Yes!
Phineas: Moss? Yes!!
Isabella: Leaves? Oh yes!
Phineas: Rocks? Usually nah.
Isabella: Shoelaces? Strange, but true!
Phineas: Baljeet’s cooking? Inconclusive!
Ferb: How did you… test this?
Phineas: You just hand him stuff and say ‘eat this’ and if he eats it, he eats it.
Ferb: ... I don’t know how to feel about this.
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