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#leona kingscholar
simpingfortwst · an hour ago
The Dorm Leaders Finding Out You Prefer The Hero (Jamil instead of Kalim)
Wow if i knew that falling off the face of the Earth would get me to 100 followers I would have done it a lot sooner 😅
But seriously, thanks 🖤
Anyway on with the long overdue content. Bon appetit
Tumblr media
The dude seem to be calm but it’s still strange how often you end up with extra chores to do around scho- hey where’s that copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?
(Haha I really don’t know what to write for him)
So I see you’ve chosen death
Hey it’s your fault, you prefer that brat over the guy who is way more fit to be king
He can be cute two you know, just watch, he’ll be the cutest kitty you every saw
And if he’s not, well, i’m sure no one would miss the little rat too much
He’d like to think that he hid how he felt about it well
But in reality his change in expression was as easy to spot as hay in a haystack
He can’t wrap his tentacles around why you would prefer the selfish mermaid who abandoned her family at the drop of a hat over the generous sea witch who devoted her life to saving poor unfortuate souls
Well when you phrase it like that--
Really bodies the bargining stage of grief
He’s fine
Really he is fine
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion
But as he said, it’s fine, just calm down and look into his eyes.
Oh no
Abort mission aboRT MISSION
Why did you think that would end well? Vil hates Neige more than any of the others hate their counterparts
You know those dramatic scenes where a couple is arguing and one of them throws a vase
You guys recreate that
Vil accepted that Rook prefered Neige but to hear it come from you as well...
...good luck trying to get close to him again 
It doesn’t matter how casually you slip it into a sentence nor the context to the conversation
You are getting kicked out of the Man Cave™ without a second thought
“well I guess it makes sense, Hercules is stronger, more handsome, more athletic, more famous...”
You’re gonna need to employ Ortho to kick the door down if you want any chance at shutting him up
Why do I hear boss music?
Okay but I can see him either reacting terribly to the statement or keeping it together long enough to get back to his dorm to cry into Lilia’s shoulder go to sleep
“It’s not fair Lilia, Silver doesn’t even stay conscious long enough to receive their affection”
It’s a good thing that Silver tends to sleep in random and hard to find places or else he would have found himself ripped in two at the hands of an angry lizard
Yandere Malleus? Yandere Malleus
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bored-storyteller · 3 hours ago
Hi there! I would like to request a prompt No. 6 with Leona Kingscholar and a happy ending please?
70- Twisted Wonderland, Leona Kingscholar x Reader
Tumblr media
From the prompt list
6-“Why are your eyes so red?”
Leona is someone who goes beyond human understanding, and probably beyond that of any other creature that populates this world.
He is an impassable wall, it is practically impossible to identify his thoughts.
You watch him from afar as he yawns, he does it often, and you wonder what that means. Yes, because everything in him seems meaningless, yet you are convinced that instead he has more meaning than you, than anyone.
And you cannot understand if what is inside him is so unreachable because he is fully aware of them, or if it is because he too categorically rejects them, harboring them and feeding them like a beast.
His tail twists just a few inches above the ground, and you think he's gorgeous. He is beautiful, elusive like water, and powerful like it. Even if he is on the sidelines, even if he is silent and bored, his presence is strong and majestic.
He has it all: he is handsome, intelligent and capable. Yet he always seems so angry, bored… he always looks evil. But what is really deep inside?
You wonder if you are really the only one who asks, if he raises all those questions only to you. Maybe it's because you're the first to be unhappy, or maybe it's because he always catches your eye, even if you don't want to.
And it always happens like this, that for a moment, a thousandth of a second, his green eyes dip into yours, and a second later he's leaving.
They are not always the same. Sometimes, in particular moments, their light changes. Their emerald color becomes more intense, something on his face is different, but you never really get to frame what.
Your sigh is lost in the humid evening air, while your steps slow down in sight of your goal.
It is not uncommon for you to think of him when you are sad. Think of his pain and his sadness, it is selfish, but it is therapeutic. Thinking about others is a good way to forget your problems.
You don't really want to be alone right now, but you can't weigh on the shoulders of those who love you, not all the time.
Yet, perhaps, in your heart you were hoping to meet him. You know that it is not uncommon to see him there, Leona, the Prince, who, like a puppy, seeks refuge among the flowers and leaves.
You pass him as he comes out of the greenhouse, and as always your eyes meet.
You greet him, he gives you a silent nod of acknowledgment, wild cat.
Yet this time even as he passes you, something makes you linger. Like an enlightenment, you realize what is different, or maybe you are simply driven by your desire for his company to put the pieces together.
"Why are your eyes so red?"
Your voice is neither overbearing nor pretentious, he may pretend not to hear you, but he doesn't.
His footsteps stop behind you, and you shyly turn around, knowing that you will meet nothing but his back.
"Do you care?"
That question of him is cold and mean, as always, yet it is surprising. He could tell you anything, you can think yourself of a dozen excuses right there on the spot: allergy, dust in the eyes, I was just sleeping ...
Yet no, he does not deny anything, but neither does he confess.
"I care ..." I've always cared, can't you see?
It is always like this, him.
I open the door for you, but I won't let you in. I show myself, but I don't break the glass that separates us.
You can't understand him, and it's frustrating. It's damn frustrating because you don't ask for anything, you don't ask to have his world of him, you just ask if you can be around him if he feels lonely.
"Why are you going to cry?"
His questioning tone makes you look up that without realizing you had turned to the grass under your feet.
Did Leona ever ask you even "how are you"? Does he ever ask anyone?
Your sight of him is dull of the tears you are trying to hold back - which you hold back from too long -.
Why do you feel like crying? Is it his fault? Maybe, in part. Partly it's someone else's fault, partly it's your fault. It has been a while since you have had that weight on your heart, and you don't know which part of it to leave to him.
"I'm just sad." Your answer is simple and genuine, while you still seek his attention in his gaze.
You are sad for yourself, but you are sad for him too. If only you could, just lighten that pain ...
"Are you never sad, Leona?"
That question of yours is devious in its innocence. Are you trying to get around him? Yes, but you know who the predator is between you two.
And he too. Leona gets it, you know from how he is looking at you now. But even if you know you'll never get an answer, your chest swells with pride at that little achievement you're getting.
"Eh ..." Behind that missed answer, his mischievous smile tints his lips. No matter how genuine and sweet that smile isn't at all, you managed to make him smile, despite his red eyes.
"And listen, what makes you feel better when you are sad?"
For a second, your lips part unable to speak as the crickets sing in your head. Did he really ask you? Why did he ask you? You're talking to Leona, right? Is he walking around you too? To ask you for help? Or to help you?
"Oh well ... I think ... that friends and my favorite food are a great remedy ..."
You murmur, you don't know if this will be useful to him. His tail flutters back and forth, brushing the tufts of grass, while for a moment a thoughtful veil spreads over his expression.
"All right." He says, before you can ask the usual questions "Let's go then, but don't expect me to pay."
You don't really have time to figure out what's going on, you just know he's walking away from him and you need to follow him.
Leona, the prince who is everything: handsome, intelligent and capable. Leona, the prince sad and angry so much that he becomes evil. Leona, the prince who opens the door for you but doesn't let you in. Leona, the king who will never be king but who now, in his own way, wants to take care of you, because you are right, thinking about others makes you forget your problems.
And don't worry, he'll pay for you, but keep it a secret.
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theworstfangirl · 4 hours ago
OK, I've got a question: is Leona depressed? Cause it kinda seems like he is.
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coffeeleafdepression · 9 hours ago
If requests are open, may I request Idia, Leona, and Azul with a s/o who seems very aloof and apathetic towards things until they're including? Like they won't put effort or time into it, but the second the dorm leaders are involved, they go all out. Or they just only really care about the dorm leaders! I apologize for my word vomit ahhh and if requests are closed, I apologize for not reading things properly..!!!
Oh, that's an interesting request! (Also requests ARE open!! ^^) Hope you enjoy!!
Aloof s/o that goes all out for someone
Idia Shroud
Not gonna lie-
he's pretty intimidated by your aloof personality-
he doesn't really know how to even talk to you.
Well, I mean, he doesn't know proper social interaction in general,
But you were on a whole new level to him.
Like, at least he can talk to Azul without feeling weird,
and Azul's pretty intimidating with his "business persona".
And every time someone talks to you,
you're just so
Like, you just seemed uninterested.
So it made him think how you're ever going to be interested in him.
He knows he's nerdy,
and he thinks you're the type who doesn't bother about talking about interests,
or you hate small talk,
or just find it annoying that people talk to you.
But boy that was wrong.
When he was captured by that ghost princess and was forced to marry her,
you crashed that wedding.
Big time.
And you took his hand.
"We're leaving here. I'm going to make sure you're safe."
W H A T-
He was so flustered.
You were like, a hero in an anime he watched, and he's just so-
in awe????
You bothered to save him?? And come to his rescue?? And risk your life??
He honestly felt like he's in some sort of romance manga, just that somehow he's the princess that was saved by you, the prince.
He feels special knowing that you care deeply for him, although you don't look like it.
You really are his knight in shining armor..... in a way-
Leona Kingscholar
I mean-
He doesn't really care at first-
Chances are, he probably think you're like him too.
He doesn't care about talking to others,
nor does he care if they are in peril.
It doesn't affect him, so he doesn't do anything, or at the very least, much.
He's just quite pissed with that emotionless expression your face.
Kinda ticks him off.
But he didn't really care for you, much like you didn't care for him.
seemingly, at first.
The first thing he saw when he woke up after his overblot was you
standing there crouching beside him while lightly holding his cheek.
"What the hell.."
"Are you okay?"
He stared at you.
Your face didn't looked worried, still emotionless looking as can be,
but your eyes tell a different story otherwise.
You actually cared for him?
And did everything you could to turn him back and keep him alive?
he wasn't expecting that.
Well, now I guess you can say,
after the overblot events,
he also showed his care and concern very subtly.
Like grumbling, asking you to go to sleep because it’s late at night,
or he just throw some hands for you because someone’s bullying you for being emotionless.
He insists that they’re annoying him, too,
but let’s be real-
he care bout u fam-
Azul Ashengrotto
He just sucked it up as you being formal.
He didn’t really think much of it.
He just treated you like he always did,
and I guess he thought you were just being weary of his sketchy deals that come at you.
Not gonna lie,
if he were you,
he’d be keeping his distance, too.
do you have to be cold about it???
At least like-
ya know-
fake smile, or some shit???
Well, okay,
it doesn’t matter right?
He’s not going to lie,
he was a felt quite the amount of tension from you.
Just the look of your emotionless face sends him signals of
“Avoid, avoid, avoid-”
Because he does not now how to deal with you.
But after his overblot,
he realized you always come into his office,
giving him a warm cup of tea, asking how was his day and if he was doing alright.
He was quite confused.
He heard from Jade that you immediately went over to treat his wounds
okay this is a headcanon anything can happen-
so u brought a first aid kit a’ight?-
He felt
He thanked you for your subtle efforts of caring an showing concern for him, and you bowed your head politely, eyes sparkling a twinkle before going back to what you were doing murdering-
he’s never had a person besides his family and maybe Jade and Floyd care for him. This is the first time he has ever received genuine concern from someone else, and it turned out to be you.
If you’d go all out of your way for him, than he shall do the same in return.
A deal must be fulfilled by both parties, right? <3
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twstpasta · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
There was glitter everywhere.
“I wish he at least threw rocks instead so that I could just use my unique magic and call it a day,” Leona grumbled, taking his anger out by furiously dusting off a pillow. A shower of sparkles fell down onto the floor, where you were quick to step in with a dustpan and broom to sweep up the excess.
“He’s a little kid, Leona. Cheka just wanted to have fun with his uncle! You can’t get mad at him for wanting to play with you,” you offered up. “Besides, I’m here to help you clean up. It can’t take that long if we do it together.”
“I’m not mad at him,” the lion huffed. “I’m just very annoyed. What kind of brat thinks to throw glitter everywhere? This stuff doesn’t even come off that easily. Just when you think you got it all, you find more somewhere else.”
You bit back a laugh. “Then I’ll help you clean that up too. C’mon, what’ll get you to stop grumbling and clean with me?”
“I don’t know. Incentivize me,” he retorted, half-joking half-serious. You took a moment to ponder the offer, a sly smirk emerging on your face as you sidled up to him. 
“How about a deal?”
“You’re sounding a lot like that octopunk, herbivore.”
You rolled your eyes. “I’m not gonna steal your soul or anything, so lay it easy with the insults. If you help me clean up without complaining, I’ll be your cuddle pillow for a day.”
Leona paused, shooting you a pointed look to ensure that you weren’t messing with him. “Make that a week, and I’ll take your offer.”
You grinned. “Deal. Get moving, you big housecat, or I’ll be the one making you my pillow!”
Sweet victory was yours.
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mimicrymaster · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
I love Grim "ohshitohshitohshit" face here xD
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pianostarinwonderland · 17 hours ago
I dont care if Leona would still be the same arrogant, lazy ass lion jerk he is, its his charm anyway. All I wanted for Leona is to mature and try to do something worthwhile in his life. I really wanted a Mature Leona and who wouldnt?
I feel like not enough people express this, but yeeessss I really want to see Leona find something to do to make his life worthwhile. I may not like him much, but I do wish for his happiness as well. It’s really sad that he’s wasting this much potential, all because there’s no more motivation 😭😭😭 he just needs a place that welcomes him, a place where he can finally say “I belong here”. I think he’s slowly finding that place in Savanaclaw since he does give out food to them during the building of the VDC stage, but that’s just me hoping 😭
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readdressmeasduchess · 23 hours ago
↠Bunny Serenity↞
Tumblr media
Summary: Serenity decides the best way to seduce Leona is to play up the herbivore aspect, if he mentions it that often surely it’s some kind of kink?
Word count: 1.7k
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Ship: Leona Kingscholar X @leonakingscholarship​
Warning: mentions of NSFW ( sexual themes, not described )
An art trade with Serenity! I hope you like it <3
Tumblr media
˝Are you sure about this?˝ the voice was slightly muffled by a black mask, however it clearly echoed in the empty room.
‘What an unnecessary question’ The brunette thought to herself, crossing her arms over her chest. She already knew the answer, yet she asked anyway. The rules of etiquette dictated that she was to be polite and proper at all times. However the exasperation that seemed to seep into her voice with every word was truly a testament to her current patience.
˝Possibly? About, 75%?˝ her companion replied, the only other living being in the room, as she dug around a chest filled to the brim with what seemed to be an endless amount of potion supplies. A raven haired girl with twin space buns and twin tails was kneeling on the wooden floorboards while rummaging through various chests and boxes.
˝Alright...˝ Turquoise eyes shifted as they examined the old room of the Ramshackle dorm, it looked like an old studio, something along the lines of a practice room or a hobby room, now filled with stacked boxes for all sorts of things.
Including alchemy supplies.
˝Serenity,˝ the girl in question perked up, but continued searching through the chest with determination ˝I’ll help you, but let’s not pretend this is simply a new fascination with bunnies and their beast men counterparts˝
That statement actually made the girl in question pause, even if her face wasn’t seen somehow it was clear she was a little embarrassed about being found out.
˝Okay, so MAYBE Rea has caught me, it’s just-˝
˝Leona? And the phrase ‘fucking like rabbits’?˝ A rather crude way to refer to such desires, but not necessarily wrong.
˝Well, when you put it like that˝ Serenity bluntly stated.
The soft clicking of heels against wood rang through the room as the other girl walked over, humming absentmindedly. 
In an effort to lighten the mood, Rea spoke with a light chuckle ˝I trust this was your idea to gain his attention and not his request? Otherwise that’s quite the kink˝ 
Serenity laughed at that, expression brightening up immediately ˝Yeah, pretty much, I thought it’d be cute˝
˝Well then, I’ll give you a hand, move aside˝
With that said, the brunette kneeled down beside her raven haired friend and helped her look for the necessary supplies.
The next morning Serenity walked to Savanaclaw with a pep in her step, happily bouncing on her heels. A bright white fluffy pair of bunny ears adorning her head just in front of her space buns. With a delightful hum she practically ran towards her destination, the early Saturday morning sun gracing the day.
She knew Leona would still be asleep. It was only 8 AM after all. During her travels she recounted her earlier transformation-
Rea tilted her head to the side to get a better look at the droopy white bunny ears. 
˝You look quite nice˝
Serenity nearly squealed, bouncing in her seat ˝Really?! I’m super excited˝ A dark grin made its way on her lips, various thoughts running through her mind.
Her fellow dorm member circled her curiously, brown locks swooshing in her wake. Just as Serenity was about to bounce from joy once more imagining Leona’s reaction to her new features, a shrill scream escaped her lips.
The uncomfortable feeling of someone yanking on her fluffy tail was so bad she subconsciously leaped forward, far away from her tormentor. With a furious gaze she turned back, meeting smug and mischievous eyes staring back at her.
˝The tail is a wonderful addition˝ 
While she couldn’t see Rea’s shit eating grin because of the black mask, she knew it was there from the way her eyes crinkled. At least now she knew her new bunny anatomy was very sensitive.
Serenity huffed at the memory of the morning’s preparations, skipping even faster through the hallways, being careful not to disturb any of the students. When she finally reached her destination, right before opening the door to the lion’s den, she took a deep breath, mentally preparing herself.
With that said, she practically ripped the door off its hinges before slamming it shut behind her. Any normal person would have woken up from the noise, but Leona slept through everything, which was amusing, but not unexpected.
Serenity was more than prepared for this situation, so with a bright smile she made her way to the bed, recklessly crawling on top of it, uncaring of the lion resting. Leona simply shifted in his sleep, her presence almost going completely unnoticed. Serenity would have huffed a complaint had she not been distracted. 
‘Oh, look at those biceps and back muscles…’
Leona slept on his stomach, barely covered by his blanket, shirtless.
Her nose twitched, pupils dilating at the sight. Suddenly all too willing to forget about her reason for coming here in favor of gawking at him. If a sound could be described as the real life equivalent of a keyboard smash then that would be what escaped her mouth at that moment. 
‘Was drool pooling in her mouth?
The moment was completely ruined when supposedly sleeping beauty opened his mouth.
˝Herbivore, how long do you plan on staring at me?˝ 
Serenity almost fell off the bed in shock, his grouchy voice practically drowning in irritation, but Serenity was nothing if not a simp.
‘What a deep voice…’ She started to fan her face with her hand, she felt herself heating up from the interaction.
With a grunt Leona only bothered to open one eye, cranky from being woken up, but also irritated from being ignored.
˝Why aren’t you answering-˝ He suddenly went quiet, opening both eyes wide, his ears flattened themselves against his head. 
Serenity was just about to giggle all giddy from the funny reaction if Leona hadn’t suddenly frowned. His large body immediately sitting up and his muscular right arm quickly swiping up towards her poor bunny ears, giving them a sharp pull.
˝OW!˝ She felt tears prick her ears, hands instinctively grabbing his to pull them off ˝WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?˝
Leona simply glared, still practically pulling her up off the bed by the fluffy white bunny ears sharply contrasting her black hair. His arm pulled back with a final tug to her ears that nearly made Serenity scream at him. Her hands rubbed at her ears, gently nursing the painful spots. 
˝What’s with the oversized rat appendages?˝ Leona completely ignored her question, jumping straight to the point.
Leona simply shrugged, dryly staring at her rubbing her ears with utmost care.
˝I just wanted to˝ It wasn’t like she was going to tell him now, he practically attempted to pull them out of her skull out of curiosity as soon as he woke up.
They sat in a weird silence as Leona continued to observe her, in the meantime Serenity merely ogled at his naked upper body shamelessly, but never venturing closer in fear of getting her bunny ears tugged at again.
˝Is it just the ears?˝ He asked after a while, with no hesitation whatsoever Serenity turned around, kneeling by the pillows of his head with her lower body perked up in his direction.
˝I also have an adorable little tail!˝ 
As if it had a mind of its own the small fluff of white fur protruding from her backside twitched and Leona’s eyes zeroed in on it. He huffed and crossed his arms as if to acknowledge her answer, but said nothing about it further.
After a while of awkwardly staring at each other, each contemplating over the situation, Leona smirked at her, the smugness radiating off of him.
˝When I called you a herbivore, this wasn’t what I had meant, but I suppose it fits˝
˝What a fancy way to avoid saying it suits me˝
The stare down that followed was filled with unresolved sexual tension. Something about glaring at each other while in various states of undress on top of a messy bed in an empty bedroom and what not. 
Leona seemed bored of the silence and all too suddenly grabbed her by the ankle, pulling Serenity towards him without any hesitation. When he finally had her sitting on his lap, her ears were flattened to her head, but her tail was twitching excitedly, what with her straddling his lap.
˝Was something on your mind herbivore or was this sudden visit done on a whim?˝ 
Perhaps Serenity would have managed an intelligent response were it not for her hormones going wild, still unused to the changed genetics of a beast person. Her mind was hyper focused on how close he was, he was still shirtless, she was on his lap and he smelled good. How? He just woke up, didn’t he?
Her nose twitched again and she had to fight the urge to sniff him, but she really couldn’t help the way her hips grinded down instinctively when he shifted to get more comfortable.
˝Did, did you just hump my leg-!?˝ Leona seemed quite surprised by the action despite Serenity’s calm attitude towards it. Her grey eyes still dazed as she admired him from her spot, seated on his lap.
˝Oh, so you really walked in here of your own accord looking to be eaten, alright then.˝
With that notion the carnivore naturally devoured the herbivore, by the time Serenity finally made her way back to her own dorm she was barely able to walk, covered in marks and love bites with the most blissful expression on her face.
Crossing through the threshold and into the lounge of Ramshackle she allowed her body to crash into the plush pillows of the sofa.
˝Well then, I trust your little adventure was fruitful?˝ Rea wasn’t even looking at her, still reading her book on the rocking chair near the fireplace.
˝Unghhh˝ Was the only noise that escaped Serenity, face muffled by the pillow she flopped down on earlier.
A certain brunette’s loud laughter echoed through the room as she set her book down on her lap. Serenity’s bunny ears twitched at the noise, but she was ultimately too tired to move from her comfortable spot, settling for curling up into a well deserved nap.
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flooyds · a day ago
having a neko/usagi darling.
rook hunt, idia shroud, leona kingscholar, jack howl & azul ashengrotto. yandere / hybrid!reader.
warnings. yandere content, mentioned/implied kidnapping, mentioned violence, slight stalking?. this is not love.
request. Can I order Yandere! Rook, Idia, Leona, Jack and Azul with a reader being (Nekomimi, or Inumimi, or Usagimimi), please...
Tumblr media
rook hunt — usagi.
Tumblr media
- rook absolutely adores you to no extent, he's obsessed the instant his eyes land on you. very easy to spot in a crowd of people with normal ears, and then there's you, big, floppy bunny ears with a cute tiny fluffball tail. he can't help but get fascinated as he observes you joining the pomefiore dormitory, not aware of the hunter that lurks in its corridors.
- when rook first converses with you, he's fallen even deeper, not only are you completely exquisite on the outside but the inside as well! his breath is stolen from him as he watches you scurry along to your next lesson, sighing in pleasure as he awaits the next opportunity to speak with you again.
- once the hunter finally captures his prey, he's never letting you go. you'll be trapped with rook for the foreseeable future, having any spare moment taken up by him. he’ll never get bored of you, no, he’ll always find infatuation with the simplest things you could be doing. you're such a cute bunny, and it's a perfect opportunity to understand more about an animal with ears uncommonly as yours.. maybe even lure in a beastman from savanaclaw with a naive creature like you.
idia shroud — neko.
Tumblr media
- similar to rook, idia becomes obsessed the second his eyes catch a glimpse of you. an adorable and naive neko girl getting accepted into ignihyde is all he's ever needed and more, a perfect opportunity to finally get a girlfriend. he’ll go through everything he can discover about you, having ortho do multiple scans of your whole self and become closer to you so he can see if you're truly as pure and unbelievable as you seem. and sure enough, you are.
- when you become close enough to ortho, he might even introduce himself. with his tablet, obviously, but he still tries his hardest to find any way he can get closer to you. even in such a deep infatuation, he's shy and anxious. when you do meet him in person, he’ll have a terribly tough time trying to keep his hands to himself, resisting the impulse to snatch you right then and there. he's patient, though, he knows he can charm you somehow.
- you’ll presumably end up asking him out, but in the slim chance he is to work up enough courage to ask you to be his, you’ll be with him either way. he’ll immediately have you trapped inside his room, all electronics or way to communicate with the outside world are stolen and destroyed, a sinister grin kept on his face as he watches the joy turn into terror, ortho cheering his big brother on and celebrating the fact he's finally gotten somebody go take home to mom and dad. whether you want that or not doesn't matter anymore, you're trapped.
leona kingscholar — usagi.
Tumblr media
- if you're a little bunny, it's not gonna taken much to capture leona’s attention, if he's taking part that is. and even if he isn't the second he catches a whiff of a rabbit’s scent in a dorm such as this, he's ordering ruggie to go and capture you and drag you to his room. you really are an herbivore, and to say the least, soon to be his. he’ll tease you so harshly, making fun of how you're helpless prey in a den of vicious predators.
- leona isn’t good at courting people, and it’s not going to be any better with his darling. he’ll have ruggie bring you to him whenever he orders, and you haven’t the slightest say in what goes. he slowly acts as if he's warmed up to you, treating you with small acts of fake kindness and eventually stealing your heart. even if you aren't to tell him, he’ll easily know with the look on your face whenever he's around.
- you're excitement makes him smirk when he asks you to be his, knowing how much he’ll ruin you and give you a hellish life. he's never gotten anything without being a bit.. devious, and catching you is not different. you'll be treated roughly and tossed around as if you're worth nothing, only soft moments being times where he uses you as a pillow. predators have never been sweet to prey, have they now?
jack howl — neko.
Tumblr media
- jack is very intrigued by you. a pure kitty that happened to be sorted into a den of beasts, but of course, he lets those thoughts wither away, you wouldn't be here if you didn't have power. that doesn't have jack finding his unusual feelings disappear, if anything they strengthen, it could possibly be an act.. he never knows!
- he's very awkward with interactions and greetings, finding it hard to stay somewhat friendly when all he wants to do is pounce on you, test your strengths even when he knows it's wrong. to you, he’ll seem strangely hostile, but in reality, he's trying his hardest to get intimate with you, to bait you into a trap where you can't run off. even when it feels painfully terrible, he can't stop his desire to have you all to himself.
- when jack finds it in himself to tell you how he feels, you shyly accept and it gives him even more of a rush. his mind runs rampant as he pulls you along back to his room, roughly shoving you in as he locks the door. sealing away your future as he glares at you with predatory eyes, his true feelings getting voiced in that very moment as your eyes show a panic back.
azul ashengrotto — usagi.
Tumblr media
- oh? a poor, unfortunate soul like you getting roped into a dorm such as octavinelle where only merfolk reside? what a very strange idea that mirror has. though, azul has no complaints about such a charming thing as yourself getting stuck in the octopus’ den. he’ll send the tweets to gather some info on you, and even floyd doesn't have a complaint since you just look so interesting and out of place.
- god, azul falls so deep in obsession once he gets to know you more. your innocent rabbit self not having the slightest clue what he could have planned for you. he’ll make sure to terrorise any sort of student that could come close to you, making sure that the only one you could come to is himself and maybe jade. you wouldn’t want to hang around floyd even if he had already kidnapped you for himself!
- once you confess to the octo-merman, he sighs in pleasure, knowing you’re finally meant to be his. he’ll have you sign a contract as ‘proof of your love’ and you only gave a few uncertainties that he instantly makes disappear, to reveal that you’re now imprisoned with him for eternity. the fear on your face graces him a dark smile on his own.
—thank you for your request! i hope you enjoyed..~
Tumblr media
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yandere-wonderland · a day ago
I'm opening twst wonderland requests
I will right
Song fics
X reader
I also love writing x Muslim Reader and x reader where the boys react to readers culture
I'll do platonic ships
I will not do
Student x teacher
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book-of-yanderes · a day ago
Request from @yandere-wonderland !
Yandere Leona with a fem!s/o who wears a hijab
Wasn’t done as an ask since we were chatting on ideas in dm.
Leona is intrigued to know why you wear a hijab as he probably won’t know what it is.
He will be persistent in wanting to know more about it and will learn how to respect your practices.
Although he is bummed he can’t see your hair. But he respects it as he wants you to feel safe.
He starts to find ways to pamper you and make you feel really special since he doesn’t want you to leave him.
He’s a prince, so he’s wealthy.
He will commission different patterns and fabrics into hijabs for you, spoiling you with them to make you feel like a princess.
Leona probably would also get you clothes to match the hijabs too so you can look like a queen next to him.
If you’re into henna as well, Leona may want to get matching henna tattoos with you
The way Leona really spoils you while showing others you’re his s/o and no one else’s?
Beautiful head jewelry that can be worn on top or under your hijabs. They will have stones and gems that relate to Leona’s family in them.
He may even have a small stitching in some of your hijabs or clothing saying “from Leona” as a way to say you’re his.
Overall, he will still obsess and love you a lot.
He also sees it as a good outlet on how to gift you items so you can have a luxurious life like him too.
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stormgardenscurse · a day ago
hi, may I request honeysuckle and purple hyacinth for jack (and leona if u can) please? thank youu!!
🌻honeysuckle: if their s/o was hurt, what would they do?
He becomes protective of you and makes sure you’re alright. Jack is reliable when he’s trying to shield you from danger, and his first priority would be to get you out of harm’s way!
Once things calm down he’s a bit too preoccupied with treating your wounds to feel embarrassed about doting on you. When you comment on how he’s unexpectedly careful with your bandages, Jack finally snaps into realisation - it’s cute how he tries to downplay his worry.
He eventually settles for lightly tapping your forehead and asking you if you’ll be more careful next time. Though a smile quickly takes over his expression as Jack lets out a fond sigh - well, even if you do find yourself in trouble, he’ll be there to help whenever he can.
...Hah? Who’s messing with you? Leona deals with them quickly before helping you out of the area. He tries to keep his questions brief but can’t help scanning over your form to make sure nothing serious happened; he also gets you treated accordingly.
Leona kind of just observes you a little grumpily after that - he doesn’t explicitly say what’s on his mind since it’s just the usual sappy stuff, so he resorts to lying on his bed, watching you with an unsatisfied flick of his tail.
When he finally shuts his eyes to sleep (telling you to rest too), you smile as you shift into a comfortable position, whispering a thank you (which he heard, having not fallen asleep yet. He answers with a huff, muttering about his ‘dumb herbivore’.)
🌻purple hyacinth: how would they react if their s/o died?
When he loves you, Jack settles with the knowledge that you’ll be his one and only forever. So for you to leave the world before him… It weighs him down in anguish - his heart hurts so, so much and it feels like it might never feel at peace again.
There’s no doubt a sadness that enters his demeanor whenever he’s reminded of you, and the thought that he won’t be able to create new memories with you again...
Jack will nurture your memory - he protects it with a fierceness that surprises his friends (but also relieves them of some worry, because a fired up Jack was always better than a brooding one.) When he reminisces about your past together, it’s always with a vividness that affects even others with a feeling of nostalgia.
The loss of you shatters something in Leona. He’s able to put himself back together, but the initial effect of your death… Leona’s not just unmotivated; he doesn’t know what to do with himself-- You weren’t just anyone, you brought so much to him and he… he regrets not being able to fully repay you for that.
He regrets not telling you he loved you more seriously. He’s so frustrated at the injustice of it all - there are so many things that were just snatched away from him that he…
...He supposes that all he can do now is to honor your life, huh? Leona keeps in mind the hopes and words you’ve left for him, doing what he can to make sure your impact was present, something that no one could dismiss.
He would not let your memory fade away.
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rozengrotto · a day ago
Tumblr media
the primary colors dormleader trio
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twstsimp · a day ago
Attention all Leona Simps especially you @leonakingscholarship 👁️👁️
May I present to you all–
Leona Mooscholar
Tumblr media
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spindlebeforesunset · a day ago
Overblot is pretty much the catharsis moment of those who overblotted when you think about it...
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drac0nia · a day ago
hi, can I have this but with leona? thank youu, stay safe and have a good day!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing ; Leona Kingscholar x Reader
Tw ; -
you too, anon! stay safee -w-
Tumblr media
It was noon, Leona was not around because a professor made him take remedial classes due to the times he was either absent or late so he had to make up for it. You plopped yourself on his bed, resting for a bit after babysitting your group of friends and your racoon cat child, Grim.
Eventually, you rummaged around his room to look for his uniform since you haven't tried any dorm clothes other than what you have which is.. just a regular school attire for a dormleader outfit. You managed to find it and started to put it on, it is a little loose but it stays on you so you really didn't care much.
Shortly afterwards, you were daydreaming.
It was empowering when you wore it, it felt like you were the leader of a feral pack of carnivores whom is ready to pounce on you if you dare enter their territory. You laid down on Leona's bed, you did the type of position he does whenever he shows up; you know, laying down on your side, a hand on your cheek or chin, and one knee bent up for the leg to stand, that type of pose.
You were giving that smirk he does whenever some of the members were fighting or arguing before Leona steps in and stops them by putting them in their place. You sat up thinking Leona was giving you a kiss on the cheek as he lifted you up and placed you on his lap. He burried his face on your neck and sniffed your scent, sending tingles down your spine.
Your imagination was slowly engulfing you into a dream like state where everything you saw was real when really you were spacing out. You fell back on the bed with your head hanging on the edge due to slipping on something on the floor when you were still stuck in your little world.
Leona had his smug face shooting at your figure when he saw his uniform on you, not to mention seeing you zone out when he turned the knob of his room's door.
Your hands travelled to your face as Leona steps inside and carried your figure in a more comfortable position next to him as he keeps you close. "My oh my, did the herbivore think that they can handle the dorm full of big and strong beast men? How cute", he teased. You gave him a pout in return which turned into a more surprised look when he directly kissed your lips out of nowhere.
"Don't give me that look, I like it when you're blushing but that doesn't mean I don't find it cute when you're angry", he once again teased you.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
@snlangford This is part 2/3 and I write this now for Leona and Vil :)
Tumblr media
Leona is... disappointed, angry and terrified.
He is so sad that you cannot love him.
Leona has wanted all his life but love and when he found you he thinks he will finally get it.
But instead, you too deceive him by fleeing.
Leona will definitely try to track you down himself.
He really doesn’t want help from his brother or any other member of his family.
When Leona finds you he pulls you back to his room and certainly won’t let you leave anymore.
You get a lot of bite marks because Leona wants to mark you as his own.
He whispers silent threats to your ear as he punishes you.
" If you don't behave well as a herbivore I think I have to eat you and I think neither of us want it "
Tumblr media
This was a great shock to Vil.
He had thought that you would finally have a happy ending together.
But the fact that you ran away shows his belief wrong.
Vil really isn’t delusional and he knows you don’t love him and it makes him angry.
He has done so much work for you to be the "perfect version of yourself" and the fact that you leave him when he thinks he is ready with you shows him that "you are very ungrateful".
So it’s time to lie to his followers and tell them you’ve been kidnapped.
This is going to be a very big deal in the media and you will get caught up very quickly.
When Vil finds you he presents with relief and joy but really he is very disappointed and angry.
You can be sure he won’t really let you be alone for long.
"You are a very ungrateful potato Y / N. But don’t worry I make sure we get a happy ending Whether you like it or not"
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