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#ace trappola
twstpasta · 7 hours ago
may i have ace trappola with 🥀 (romantic) please?
Tumblr media
Ace didn’t recall the last time he felt this angry. He barely made out the feeling of you sobbing into his chest, shrieking incoherently about someone cheating on you and connecting the fact that your longtime boyfriend must have been unfaithful.
In your hands, you had nothing but a wilted rose, tears staining your beautiful face and despair marring your countenance. Ace patted your back awkwardly, his own eyes shaking as he processed what was going on.
‘Great Seven, what a scumbag,’ Ace thought to himself, cold rage piercing through his veins. You were nothing short of caring and bright, and your ex had the nerve to hurt you like this. You couldn’t even make out any words, just sobbing loudly into his shoulder. All he could feel was your snot and tears staining his clothes. He didn’t care; you were despairing, and all he could feel was rage against the scumbag who broke your heart.
“I’ll take care of it, okay?” He spoke up, holding you tightly. “You don’t deserve someone like him. You don’t deserve someone who can’t be honest with you and cheats on you like you were nothing.”
“I- I gave him so much…!” You sniffed.
His grip on you grew stronger, like he was trying to hug his feelings onto you. “I know. But trust me, the person who should be by your side is someone faithful and sweet and would treat you right. As for your stupid ex… I’ll take care of him, okay? Let me take care of you.”
You stayed silent, clinging to him. Ace cooed something softly, his expression hardening as he held onto you.
He wouldn’t let anyone break your heart anymore. He would steal your heart back from your lying ex, and he would piece it back together himself. 
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offbrandmilk · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Y’all don’t get context rights
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riddlesimp · 7 hours ago
Deuce with a Gender!Neutral Reader? As for the request details... head cannons for a shy S/O! I just think it sounds cute. 🥺
•Deuce would definitely protect his shy s/o if someone bullies them then they will die or be close to death.
•since Deuce used to be a delinquent he will most likely try to hide that from his s/o to make sure he doesn’t scare them but they will mostly like learn from grim or ace.
•If Ace teases him,He will either punch him or get flustered.
•If his s/o has a project to do in front of the class he will ask the teacher and take their place and if his s/o gets teased or hurt,Deuce will be there for them.
•And if his s/o gets along with his mom,then he will fall more in love with them and if his mom shows them baby photos he will get flustered and run or walk away.
Hope you liked it also I’m shy so I tried to do it based off of me.
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call-me-aesthetic · 7 hours ago
Wanted to do a Scooby-Doo AU for a while but didn’t know which gang would fit well so I’ll let y’all decide 👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, just wanted to add the fact that our Savanaclaw boys were made to have the role of Scooby–
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astrolcgia · 11 hours ago
just ehwm grimm sort of comparing mastermind and survivor while both are in the cafeteria man,, and others too i scream so anyway grimm asks survivor if they can hang out with mastermind and the twst cast to a night out or something and survivor just doesn't let him because they're worried mastermind might do some shit to grimm and bsnksj
okay calm down me. ehem grimm gets angry because they never let him have fun with mastermind mc so he says this "AHH!! mc you never make me do anything with mastermind! doesn't mean you hate them i can't have fun with them! you're such a killjoy-"
DGAJDJ I ehem lh gOD- the others would probably agree too with grimm because they just see mc as this person that can't make amends with mastermind mc damn it forgive and forget
FUCK MY HEART HURTS.ndjs i cry,, 😭 im sorry i just im too into those school aus with the dang squad idnskjd also i would feel like survivor mc would be best friends with the rsa or atleast ambrose??? just need some parental figure there to therapy man
lmaooo yeah, being Survivor!MC is suffering.
But you know what's better? Having the absolute right to shrug, look away, and say "I told you so." If students who sided with Mastermind!MC basically get roped into whatever despair-inducing shenanigans Mastermind!MC cooks up.
Most notably, I think most of the twst cast wouldn't be that susceptible to Mastermind!MC's manipulations, save maybe Ace and Grimm. Deuce would most probably be wary of Mastermind!MC, because of how chipper they look while suggesting some pretty insidious things. Ace would, despite his bravado, definitely be the type to sod off if he really gets beaten up by someone for going too far. Grimm, on the other hand, is the type of cocky who's Big Ego, Small Name. Large, large chance of Survivor!MC just blanking out and just kicking the tanuki-cat to a pulp if Grimm pushes the buttons too far, much farther than his skills can protect against.
On another note, I love the idea of Neige Leblanche and the RSA students discovering Survivor!MC's past. RSA would most probably be more proactive in helping Survivor!MC return to their world and recover from trauma. Also, a big chance that the only few people Survivor!MC would have told about it be Jack and Deuce, and maybe Epel, by proxy. Vil and Rook would come in the know because Epel can't hide anything from his mentor, and Rook is a pretty good people watcher.
Lilia too, because you cannot tell me that this fae doesn't have eyes and ears all over NRC. And since Lilia is somewhat the De Facto dorm leader in Diasomnia, save for Malleus' rare appearance, you can bet that the Diasomnia dorm would take great care to avoid Mastermind!MC. Riddle is too rigid with rules, which is an instant bad matchup with Mastermind!MC.
Oddly enough, I can see Azul falling either way. Floyd is...well, beat up first, attack later in approach, but he's not simple-minded. Jade is also very obviously a cunning bastard. But Azul is easily swayed by emotion and profit, and that's a weakness to Mastermind!MC's advantage. Leona wouldn't give a shit at all, lmao, and unless Mastermind!MC pays him or something, Ruggie doesn't too!
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riddlesimp · 11 hours ago
could i request fluff with cater??? if you could, maybe even a study date together?? thank you so much!!
Of course I can try if you don’t like it please tell me and the reader is gonna be Gender neutral
“Cater can you help me for the test” y/n asked,”Like a study date~?”Cater asked “yeah I guess”y/n said smiling. Y/n and Cater walked to the library,They sat down and got out their books,”Y/n~Chan/Kun what is it you need help with~?”Cater asked,”I need help with potions”Y/n answered.Cater had a idea,he sneaked over to y/n and kissed their cheeks and poking them.
They gasped a bit and blushed,”C-cater what are you doing”y/n asked flustered,Cater giggled,”nothing y/n-kun/chan~! Cater smiled and giggled,Cater spinned y/n around and kissed them on the lips,y/n blushed but kissed back”Y/n-Chan/Kun after we’re done studying can we cuddle”Cater asked as he had stars in his eyes,”sure cater”y/n smiled,They went back to studying and after they finished they went in cater’s dorm room and they cuddle when falling asleep.
I hope you liked this and if not just tell me to do it again since this is my first time doing this I hope you like it.
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twstedforyou · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hey hey hey! Sorry for the lack of updates! But have no fear, Mod isn’t leaving the fandom nor giving up on this blog/AU! In fact, that’s what Mod wanted to talk to you folks about!
This AU has been going on for a good while, so you’re all rather well-acquainted with Heartslabyul at this point. However, not all the asks for them have been answered, and if the recent times are any indication, it’s unlikely they’ll get done any time soon... Apologies, for that!
But! Despite all this, you folks have remained invested in this AU! So to kick it back into gear, Mod has a suggestion!
How do you all feel about finally bringing in Savanaclaw? 
Of course, that means reopening the askbox to send them asks and such! But while the focus will be on the new group, it will be fine to send asks to the previous group as well!
If you folks don’t like the idea, then Mod will do their best to continue with Heartslabyul! Please give your opinion in the comments/tags, or message Mod privately if you want!
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emyluwinter · 18 hours ago
The moment Ace came to Onboro at night after eating a pie without permission and getting a collar from Riddle
- Ace, stealing someone else's food isn't good. - Yuu said sarcastically. Seriously, Ace sometimes lacked manners and logic, but apparently Yuu should be doing all this.
Yuu takes a deep breath, realizing that he will never have a peaceful life in this place, even in his dreams.
- There were more pies to share, and anyway, I thought you'd be on my side!! - Ace snorted grumpily, clearly annoyed that Yuu didn't share their point of view.
Pies....pies....he stole the pies.
Something clicks in Yuu's head and they look down. Nothing surprising considering what a "busy" day they had. Yuu really hoped that this would be the first and last time of such events. But the sixth sense stubbornly screamed in my head that it was all flowers and even the bell for the beginning of the whole scene did not start.
Yuu rubbed his neck wearily and headed for the kitchen. They won't leave it like this.
Ace and Grimm looked at each other in confusion.
Entering the kitchen, Yuu went to the refrigerator. Thank the Great Seven, it was serviceable and Crowley even bothered to get them some food.
A late hot toast would be a good option.
Ace looked out from behind the doorway with interest, watching what Yuu was doing. And what exactly did they do so suddenly?
Yuu made hot toasts using the fire from the stove burner. A little cheese, ham, mustard, mayonnaise, a couple of lettuce leaves and tomatoes.
Yuu stopped Grimm a couple of times who wanted to steal the ingredients. The heat of the toast had melted the cheese a little, and the smell tickled Ace and Grimm's nose pleasantly. Yuu even made a small cup of warm water, they had no tea or sugar. But I wouldn't let him eat in a dry. Yuu didn't want to listen to Ace hiccup all night.
Ace, who was already hungry, thought that this was Yuu's revenge for his words on the main street.
When everything was ready, Yuu pushed a small saucer of hot toast and a clean mug of warm water towards Ace.
- You're still hungry, aren't you?- Yuu smiled softly and tenderly.
Ace couldn't believe his eyes.
They prepared a meal for him. ...For him...They really did it...
Despite all the things he did. What insulting words he said and mocked.
Ace's jaw slowly dropped as he realized that Yuu wasn't mad at them. Moreover, they shared what they had.
Damn it, they were sleeping in sports uniforms because they had no other clothes, they had nothing!!Nothing but a name and they shared food?!With him??
Ace vowed somewhere in his mind that he would do everything he could to protect this man. Whatever it takes.
- Ah... yes ...- Ace said, sounding stupid and confused.
- It's not a royal feast, but at least you'll be refreshed before breakfast. - Yuu chuckled awkwardly as he put the ingredients in the refrigerator.
- ah ... yes...thanks...for the food, - Ace muttered softly. He still didn't believe it was happening. But he was ravenously hungry and finished with toast in a couple of bites. If only Yuu had turned to face them now instead of putting everything in the refrigerator. They would have seen how his pride and gratitude for the kindness shown to him struggled.
Damn it this man deserved all the blessings of the world for his sensitivity and understanding and infinite kindness
During the events of the Day of the Unborn and Riddle's overblot.
Ace didn't want to believe that Riddle had said such terrible things to Yuu. Mention non-magical weakness to others? To say that they are literally worse than others because they do not know the basic rules?
It took him a split second to see Yuu's expression. How their faces contorted at Riddle's words. How their eyes widened...
Just a couple of moments was enough to run up and hit Riddle. His headman. A sophomore. With all my strength. Without hesitation.
He didn't care if he got in trouble after that.
Nobody. Never. He doesn't dare talk about Yuu LIKE that.
Not knowing that they were without magic, without any weapons, went with them to the mine. Against a dangerous big monster. They came up with a plan that worked and everyone got out alive and more or less unharmed. They made Deuce and Ace choke on their pride and work as a team.
Not knowing that Yuu was open-hearted enough to provide them with a place to sleep and give them his own food, he and Deuce, even though the food supply was disastrously low for the growing teenagers. Being in the most filthy conditions for life.
Not knowing that Yuu had to watch Grimm forever. A monster with fire, against which they have nothing. And they could handle him. And a bunch of prefects, allowed on their own eyes, a whole fiery commotion at the entrance ceremony.
Nobody. Never. He doesn't dare talk about Yuu like that.
Ace didn't care what happened next. But he would make Riddle bite his tongue. And make him apologize to Yuu personally.
Ace may not be that smart or very good at his studies, but even he can see Yuu going out of his skin trying to get to their level.
Having nothing. Absolutely.
Just A Name.
- Ace ...
- What?
Yuu awkwardly lowers his head - Ah ... thank you for standing up for me. But try not to swing your fists anymore, okay?I don't want you to really get expelled
Ace chuckles. It seems the Mirror has accepted a man with a heart on his sleeve into the college.
- We're even. And I'm not Deuce to wave my fists at every time like.
- What?!I don't fight every time Ace! - Deuce interrupted angrily when he heard them.
- And what are you doing now, then?!
Yuu quietly giggles with joy and relief. Everything was back to normal. While Ace and Deuce were arguing and arguing, Yuu whispered very softly.
"Thank you both.".
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astrolcgia · 20 hours ago
Mastermind mc AND survivor mc. They would kill each other if they could. Both are in the school and live together- just facing the person that killed your friends everyday would drive survivor crazy. On the other hand I think mastermind mc would be giddy seeing survivor mc's face each greeting just morphing into this sad angry look-
Ooooh, they would. Also, consider NRC students siding with Mastermind!MC because they're much more fun and/or villainous and charismatic, and they Fit In at NRC more than Survivor!MC. And let's face it: Crowley only ever steps in when something is about to jeopardize the good NRC name, and his name, by extension.
Ace, being an ass from first, is more or less drawn to Mastermind!MC, who encourages Ace's much more meaner aspects to show up. Mastermind!MC picking on Ace's insecurities from his brother, Trappola-nii, and using it to their advantage. Malleus, Vil, and Leona would be warier, because being part of high society/entertainment circles has taught them to read people carefully. Mastermind!MC spills out nothing but bad vibes under that affable exterior.
And oh boy, Survivor!MC snapping at Ace would be glorious. Maybe Ace goes too far. Maybe the Mastermind also goes too far. Maybe Deuce or Jack isn't there to hold Survivor!MC back. But at some point, Ace starts distancing from Mastermind!MC and Survivor!MC, and if anyone asks why, Ace just grimaces and rubs the back of his neck, hiding how his hair stands on end.
(Ace is chilled by the realization, that no matter how sickeningly good the quiet Ramshackle Prefect is, Good does not equal nice.)
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kurokiesimping · a day ago
Riddle: I am THIS close to snap your neck
Ace: They touching
Riddle: Exactly
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courtlyharlequin · a day ago
Hey there! Could I have headcanons of Azul, Malleus, Riddle, Kalim and Ace with an s/o who just gets super excited and happy when they see them and hugs them? (they're not dating yet but good friends with crushes) That includes in public in like, the cafeteria, Mostro Lounge etc. Have an awesome day and stay hydrated 😊☀️
Fatal Affection
Tumblr media
A/N: UWAHHH~ Thank you so much anon! I apologize for the long wait. This has been in my inbox since the launch of my blog, but I just couldn’t figure out how to word it properly– or at least in a way that I liked. You said they were good friends, but you also used s/o (significant other) so I was a little confused. I wrote these headcanons under the assumption that they were friends. Sorry if that wasn’t what you meant to request! Anyhow, I hope you have an awesome day as well. Stay healthy, stay hydrated 💖
Azul Ashengrotto:
Despite what one may think, Azul is familiar with affectionate gestures like hugs. Floyd frequently glomps him in the halls. Although, he isn’t sure if whatever Floyd does should be classified as a hug
He’s caught off guard when you hug him from behind– and from excitement no less. He clears his throat and recovers quickly so as to not make a scene
If you hugged him in the cafeteria, he wouldn’t mind as much as a hug is on the more normal side of the chaos occurring in the room. If you hug him in the library, he’ll bite his tongue. He typically lets out a small yelp when you embrace him. It always takes him by surprise. Now, if you hug him in Octavinelle, he’ll also bite his tongue. But for different reasons: Azul is refraining from cursing the vice prefect and his brother for snickering in the background. They’re aware of his feelings for you and they thoroughly enjoy the conundrum he’s in
He’s a bit flustered. Your laughter rings in his ears and his heart flutters. It aches. While you two are extremely acquainted, hugging you– and knowing that there’s a high chance that you won’t feel the way– hurts
Azul wraps his arms around you, returning the hug. He greets you with a smile. He might even play innocent
“Hello, (y/n). I didn’t see you there~”
Malleus Draconia:
His eyes widened. He didn’t see you at all. Granted, he’s taller than most students, but you got him off guard for sure. You were like a little puppy. If you were a beastman, he was certain your tail would be wagging. His heart melts as he engulfs you with his arms
Regardless of where you hugged him, whispers and rumors will always lace their way into his ears. (y/n) had just hugged the Malleus Draconia! It wasn’t anything new
You had a tendency to be affectionate. It was something he found profoundly endearing. His friendship with you took the entire student body by storm. A mere human had befriended the crown prince of the Valley of Thorns. He treasured the relationship. He treasured you
The only place where his peers did not gossip amongst themselves was the Diasomnia dormitory. Everyone had come to learn that you were a frequent visitor and that Malleus genuinely liked you. Even Sebek had taken a liking to you as “you make the young master happy”
A small smile is evident on his lips as Malleus strokes your hair. You laugh and greet him. He nods. His arms suddenly feel cold as you separate yourself from him
“And to what do I owe the pleasure?”
Riddle Rosehearts:
He sees you coming from a mile away. You were running and your footsteps were audible even from the other side of the hallway. He scolds at you for running in the halls, but his sentence is cut short as you tackle him with a bear hug
Riddle wraps his arms around you to stabilize yourselves, to prevent the both of you from tumbling down to the ground. He sighs in relief and parts from the embrace, eyeing the papers that flew out of his hand. Fortunately, the stack was small, not even the size of an alchemy textbook, but he was peeved that they flew out of his hand in the first place
He continues to scold you for running in the halls like that. First of all, it is against the rules. While there may not be any supervisors around, you should always adhere to them. Secondly, what would you have done if you had gotten hurt or collided with other students and caused a scene? Well, students were already staring at the both of you, but they quickly turned their heads as Riddle sent them an icy glare
When you apologize and confess that you were merely excited to see him (as you haven’t seen him all day; dorm leader duties occupied most of his time today), a crimson tint colored Riddle’s cheeks. He huffs, saying that it’s no good excuse for violating the rules, but in all honesty, his heart is pounding
The redhead lightheartedly shakes his head as you collect the papers that flew out of his hand, rambling about how busy he must be with Heartslabyul and all
“What am I to do with you, (y/n)?”
Kalim Al-Asim:
If he sees you coming towards him, he’ll probably run towards you as well. He’s just as excited as you are. Kalim is an affectionate person at heart. He rubbed off on you, making you just as affectionate if not more. Embracing each other is a greeting for the both of you
If you catch him by surprise, he’d still return the hug as if he came barreling towards you first
He’s absolutely smitten with you, but he often wonders if you consider yourself as one of his friends as he hugs almost everyone. He’s worried about giving you the wrong message. He can’t help it though. Hugging is second nature to him
Likewise, you find yourself wondering if Kalim is under the impression that you see him as a friend as well. You both have very intimate friendships and it’s hard to differentiate from romantic and platonic at this point
You hold hands with each other and you share food. You go everywhere with Kalim. You’re good friends, but the line between lovers and friends is very blurry for you both
Kalim brushes off these feelings for now and so do you. You embrace each other warmly. There's laughter in the air and all is seemingly well
“Hiya, (y/n)!”
Ace Trappola:
You scared him! Geez… He’ll pursue his lips and give you a quick hug in  return before prying you off of him. A hand reaches for your hair and ruffles through your soft locks. His other hand is placed on the back of his neck as a soothing gesture
Ace tries to play it off cool. He wants to impress you. He’s not flustered or at least he presents himself as unfazed. He can’t let you think you surprised him now, can he? He sure hoped your didn’t hear his breath hitch or feel his shoulders tense
You both have been friends for a while now. Your relationship is extremely causal, but he started acting skittish when he came to the realization that he was crushing on you. Hopefully you didn’t catch on. He’s fairly good at hiding his true feelings, but he can only wonder how long he could keep up his little act. The heart wants what it wants, right?
He can’t help but steal glances at you after you part from him. He occasionally teases you if you caught him staring, accusing you of ogling at him. What? You got feelings for him? If you play along– because there’s surely no way you feel the same– then Ace would get flustered but recover as quickly as his cheeks heated up
Ace surprises you with spontaneous hugs himself. He likes it when you yelp. If you have a petite physique, he’d lift you up in the air Lion King style. He smirks while you glare at him. Students are staring and he snickers at you mischievously
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honey-deerling · a day ago
Platonic Brainrot for the First Years + Grim
snuggling your face into Grim's tummy while he's sleepy, and blowing hot air into his fur when you're feeling playful
having a movie night with all of the first years once every month. it's always held at Ramshackle, but the person who gets to pick the movie changes every time. Epel and Jack always choose action movies, Sebek chooses dramas, Deuce chooses comedies, and Ace always chooses horror movies
the boys lose their absolute shit whenever you get sick or injured. they always insist on doing everything for you even tho that usually just ends up making your life harder
after you introduce them to Avatar, they get into full on arguments over which nation they would each be from
you end up as Epel's snack dealer since Vil's got him on such a strict diet. you sneak him all the candy and treats that he's been missing since he was sorted into Pomefiore
Rook totally knows but he never says anything
this is a secret between the two of you, but Jack really likes to turn into his wolf form and have you brush his fur and scratch all his itchy spots. he goes nuts for belly rubs, but again, this is top secret bonding between you two
if you're afab, Grim lays on your lower stomach/lap and purrs heavily when you're on your period
Deuce is your jar opener. it does not matter where you are or when you need one opened. you always go to find him, and he opens it for you without complaint. many a time Trey, Cater, or Ace have awoken in the middle of the night, to see you waddling through the Heartslabyul halls, holding a jar. they've stopped questioning it by now. somehow Riddle has never caught you
Ace shows up at the Ramshackle dorm at the most random of times, always bringing either chaos, trouble, jokes, or a new magic trick to show you. oftentimes, his visits include all four
Ace is also the only one besides Grim to see you breakdown over missing your family and friends. it was during one of his spontaneous late night visits. he didn't bother to knock and just barged right in, to see you curled up on the kitchen floor sobbing as Grim desperately tried to calm you down. immediately he was at your side on the floor, and pulled you into his arms. he didn't complain or make any sarcastic remarks, even when your tears soaked through his shirt. he just held you to his chest and stroked your hair, hoping that the sound of his heartbeat would help ground you. neither of you have ever brought up the incident
Sebek ends up being your trash tv-watching partner. you guys watch reality shows and dramas together, and both of you get wayyyy too invested. telenovelas are you guys' favorites bc you like to try and predict the plot twists
Grim hates Crowley for putting you through all his bs even more than you do at this point. anytime the old crow shows up in the dorm to dump more of his workload on you, Grim hisses and growls at him the whole time
Grim can no longer sleep without you. whenever he does, he's plagued by nightmares of hia time on the streets before NRC. by this point, he considers you his best friend and lowkey his parent. anytime your eventual departure from the Twisted Wonderland is brought up, he grows more and more fearful of your leaving. he doesn't know how he'll survive when you're gone
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