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#thor drabble
blackberrybucky · a day ago
11 on fluff with Thor?
a drop in the ocean
A/N: definitely!! 11. “Are you flirting with me?” “You finally noticed?” i hope you like it!!💗
summary: thor finally realizes you're flirting with him
distraction drabbles
Tumblr media
There's something in the way you’re grinning at Thor that tells him something is different. You're leaning in, fingers dancing along his forearm. The two of you aren’t alone in the gym, but your attention is focused solely on Thor.
Thor quirks a brow. “Are you flirting with me?”
You chuckle. “You finally noticed?”
Thor’s jaw falls open. “You’ve been flirting with me?”
You start to walk backwards, bottom lip between your teeth. “Oh, baby, I’ve been flirting with you for a long time.”
You laugh, almost to yourself, and turn around, walk away in earnest and leave Thor shocked to stillness.
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Thor: Lady/sir/most awesome person of all migduard when will it rain cats and dogs im looking for a rottweiler to give to loki
y/n: Thor *sigh* ask Google *walks off*
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balenciagabucky · 4 days ago
˚。⋆୨୧˚𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐨𝐨˚୨୧⋆。˚
Tumblr media
‧̍̊˙· 𓆝.°𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞 。˚𓆛˚。 °𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 .𓆞 ·˙‧̍̊
pairing ☽˚⁀➷。 thor odinson x fem!reader
word count ☽˚⁀➷。 1,044
summary ☽˚⁀➷。 after a stressful day, thor takes care of you
warnings ☽˚⁀➷。 anxiety, not feeling good enough, unprotected sex, insecurities, soft thor, intimacy, praise, oral receiving, eye contact, fluff if you squint, reassurance, passionate sex. living in asgard, being a queen, intimacy
authors note ☽˚⁀➷。 enjoy this new layout, i might start doing, i wrote this back in early march but never released it, PLEASE REBLOG MY TAGLIST IS ENDING ON JULY 10TH PLEASE FOLLOW @dulceslibrary AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN I POST 18+ ONLY,, feedback is appreciated i’m an international…super spy…super spy…SUPER SPPPYYYYYYYY
Though it seemed as if the king had most of the duties, as queen it was a lot for you to handle considering the fact that you had no idea what you were doing. He told you that it was probably going to be a lot. you knew that, you knew it would be tough, but you loved that man more than anything, so when he asked you to go back to asgard with him as he served with the title, how could you leave him.
As you walked across the bedroom, rubbing lotion on your arms and hands, you sat on the bed, thinking about everything you did today, it was much more than you had even thought you would do. you taught some of the younger kids some fighting skills, you signed treaties and laws, you even helped plan dinner for the next asgardian festival, but for some reason, you felt like it wasn't enough, like you could do better and it just was all going to go downwards in the end of it.
"There she is." Thor walked into the room, a big smile on his face. He placed a kiss on your forehead before walking to the bathroom. "How was your day my lady." He looked in the mirror trying to freshen himself up, he had a meeting with the council in less than fifteen minutes but anytime he had one, he would check on you, knowing you might be in a deep slumber before he would get back.
"Okay, I guess." you gave him a soft fake smile before, placing your legs on the bed and getting under the sheets, you thought your tone could pass off well enough but he knew you a little too well. your response caused him to look over at you, his eyebrows furrowed together.
"What's wrong y/n" he stopped what he was doing, giving his full attention to you, waiting for a response and when you didn't give him one, he walked to the bed and sat down next to you, asking again. "What's wrong?" His voice is soft as snow.
"I'm not fit to be a queen, I shouldn't have taken this title, I don't know what I'm truly doing." as you rambled on, he took your hands and kissed the knuckles on both sides. "you are fit to be MY queen, no one else's, anyone else doesn't matter..."
You looked at him and sighed softly before placing a hand to his cheek. He smiled at you before pressing a button, waiting for a guard to come. "Tell the council, I have more important matters to tend to tonight, I shall return to next week's meeting." He kept his eyes on yours as he said so.
The guard nodded and walked out of the room, closing the door and once it was closed, he pulled you into him, a deep passionate kiss shared between the two of you, you let your hands tangle in his hair and he let his big arms wrap around you, the feeling was so euphoric, you didn't want anything else, that wasn't until he placed you back on the bed, kissing every inch of your exposed skin, when he reached the bottom of your silk short nightgown he hiked it up, looking you in your eyes as he kissed the top of your right thigh.
As he kissed down both thighs he made sure he kept his eyes on yours, never looking away before opening your legs and pulling off your panties. He kissed your sensitive bud and smiled softly. "You're so gorgeous my love." he placed another kiss on it. "the most amazing queen." and another "no one else is like you." and with that he latched onto you, causing your body to arch off the bed, running a hand through his hair and another grabbing the sheets of the bed, you couldn't take the pleasure he was giving you.
He caught a glimpse of your reaction and let out a soft smirk, his tongue moving fast against you, your chest rising and falling, the moans from your mouth and the smacks from his echoing in the room. he pulled his mouth away and kissed up your body, placing his lips on yours once again as he got himself ready for, all you wanted was to feel him, let him love you so you could love him ten times more.
As he positioned himself, he kept his mouth on yours and as he slid in, he moaned into your mouth, causing you to do the same, his speed started off slow, kissing your forehead, your shoulder, your neck, anywhere he could just to make sure you knew he wanted intimacy. he whispered sweet nothings to you, causing you to feel the pool in your stomach begin to hike up. "Look at me." he said as he placed his forehead on yours. His strokes were slow but deep, painfully slow, but also in the most pleasurable way.
You placed your eyes on him as he continued, he cupped your cheek, the two of you just staring at each other while you felt him deep into you, the only sounds coming out of your mouth being grunts, moans, whimpers, cursed whispers, and each other's names. it wasn't until he spoke up that you realized how close you were to your release. "Let go my queen."
You searched his eyes for signs that he would release with you and he nodded and before you knew it, the two of you let go, the orgasms being the biggest one you felt in a while. he rode out the high, not stopping until he truly felt he was done and once he did he laid down next to you, looking at you while to proceeded to catch your breath. Soon you felt his arms around your body and his lips pressed against your forehead.
"I wouldn't have asked you to come to asgard with me if i didn't think you weren't fit to be queen, you're doing and extraordinary job and i couldn't be prouder." he smiled at you and you smiled back, sleepily before placing a kiss on his lips, soon falling asleep in the arms of your king.
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Mouths, Utterly Incredible.
Thor oral drabble is here! I hope you guys like it, my broken down, over-stressed brain cannot judge whether it is even remotely arousing or not xD 
Tumblr media
Tagging the Real Housewives of Asgard xD 
Eating pussy, cunnilingus, going down, tonguing, whatever you want to call it, your boyfriend? He loves it. And yes, Thor is an absolute champion at indulging you with his mouth.  
He literally cannot get enough of you, the feel of your womanhood against his tongue, your scent, your taste, the way he loves to knead your boobs or squeeze your thighs within his big hands while his tongue licks the most divine warmth through you. He craves it all.  
He also loves to surprise you by burying his mouth between your legs whenever he can, too, often without it being a precursor to anything else. He’ll come along, crouch at your feet, remove your undies and feast. Once done, he’ll smile and let you continue with your day. It’s almost as if he doesn’t even do it for you any longer, but for him, how much he loves it. You? You’re his candy, you suppose. Not that you mind one bit.  
A perfect instance of this is when he finds you relaxing on the cushioned comfort of your window seat, curled up reading a book as the sun streams through the window, the scent from the many flowers you planted out in the garden filtering in through the open window, the fragrant blooms adding to the relaxed atmosphere.  
“Can I help you?” Raising an eyebrow at him over the pages of your book, you succeed in making Thor smile as he grabs your sweats, pulling them, your underwear and socks off, kneeling before you, taking in the beauty of your sex.  
“Yes, my love. You can lie back and enjoy yourself.” Of course, you know that this is exactly what will happen, Thor nearing his face to you, kissing your navel, his mouth descending slowly, the heat of his lips pressing lower, and lower, until...
“Ahh!” You gasp, the tip of his tongue teasing your slit, a tentative lick that makes you tingle instantly, his big hands pushing your thighs further apart, opening you up more to his adoring gaze as well as the ministrations of what can always be constituted as an eager tongue. Eagerness is not yet within the realms of his repertoire, though, still gently exploring you with the softest of touches, your slit bathed with warm delicacy.
You shift a little beneath him, vying for more purchase, Thor chuckling. “Patience.” You’re not sure how you’re meant to have any of that at all, knowing how proficient he is with his mouth. He knows exactly what he’s doing, escalating you in this way, your soft skin skimmed with fluttery licks until you begin to feel yourself clenching and growing wet with want, your tight little hole becoming dewy.  
“Ahh, there it is.” Flattening his tongue against your opening, he greedily tastes what he’s worked to evoke, like a bear dipping his mouth to a sweet honey pot. He drags it through your folds, tasting you keenly as you buck a little against his mouth, gasping at the sudden contact. That firm lick has you glimmering already, the warm flush of pleasure creeping through you, like vines growing and curling around your insides, flowers starting to bloom.
Your hands fist in his hair as he begins circling your clit, swirling licks making you pant, your tiny bundle swelling, his hot breaths adding to the stimulation as watches you writhe for him, sucking on you, his hands gripping your thighs. He’s more than the god of thunder to you. He’s also the god of ruining you with his mouth. 
He loves watching you lose control because of him, like right now as pleasure glimmers through you, hot circles being administered with relentless gusto, your pussy becoming tight and wet as he drives the need from you strongly.
He works your little bud back and forth with focused, unrelenting licks, his fingers pulling you open like a flower to make it stand out more, circling around and around as your legs quiver so much, it’s as if you have a chill. Whatever ice you feel, though, it’s chased by the pure fire his mouth conjures within.  
His beard adds delicious friction and contrast to the wet heat of his tongue dragging through your slick, sucking, kissing, licking, absolutely devouring your pussy, your hips rising as you undulate against each lick.  
The vacuum of his lips around your clit sends little shocks shooting up your spine as you pant and mewl, his fingertips leaving crescents upon your hips as he holds you steady, groaning gutturally around the mouthful of your cunt he sucks upon with ardent urgency.  
“Oh, Thor!” Your voice breaks as he goes back to flicking licks over your clit, increasing the pressure, panting against your soaking folds as your slick coats his hungry tongue.  
“Come on, my beauty. Cum for me.” Sparks skitter through you as each lick transports you further to your bliss, Thor eating you to your ruin with every ravenous stroke, groaning around you, sucking, flicking, moaning as he feels you further dampen his mouth. “Yes, that’s it. Come on.” He further encourages as you begin to cry out, yanking his hair and writhing, your body a mess as you shake, rushing towards it, almost...
There it is, the release that has you flying through a sky exploding with constellations, somewhere up in the deepest of space just like where your lover came from, your entire body glowing with the thrum of exquisiteness. You’re breathless and light headed, Thor tucking you back into your clothes, grinning and kissing your forehead before leaving you in peace.
“Enjoy your book.”
Enjoy your book? After that, you’re not sure if you even remember how to read!  
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drysdale-barnes · 5 days ago
i would like to present for your sleepover, rockstar!thor:
he plays the drums (in my lil fantasy, i got a thing for drummers🤷‍♀️) but he could def play something else!! and he spots you in the crowd during his show and he'd lick his lips and wink and stare at you for the rest of the concert and afterwards he'd find you and he's sweaty and there's all that adrenaline and...👀👀
oh my god rockstar!thor is the dream. and drummers are superior, so as u should bby.👀👀
you’d be at the concert with your friend and you’d be having an amazing time, screaming along to all the songs and dancing manically.
the air is absolutely electric and as you turn towards the stage, you catch the drummer’s eye. you hold contact for a couple of seconds before he smirks and looks away, continuing to play. your friend nudges you, giggling hysterically.
“are you flirting with the drummer?”
“no!” you deny.
“well, he’s definitely flirting with you.”
and when you look back, his eyes are already on you, piercing holes into your skin. you meet his gorgeous gaze, biting your lip flirtily and he winks. like actually winks. and you melt, your flirty facade dropping instantly as your face flushes and you hide in your hands. he chuckles, but doesn’t break his gaze for pretty much the rest of the concert.
and afterwards, when you’re leaving, the crowd parts as the huge, burly drummer pushes his way through, shouting for you.
you turn in shock, lips parting slightly and he comes to a halt in front of you. there’s a light sheen of sweat glistening over his toned body and he grins like an idiot at you.
“hi.” he breathes and your breath hitches in your throat. how have you caught the attention of this actual god of a man? he’s all of of your wildest fantasies rolled into one person. and he’s interested in you!
“hi.” you giggle back, wringing your hands nervously.
“so, tell me if i read this wrong, but you’re really pretty, like gorgeous. and i’d really like to get to know you. you know, if you’d like that.” he blurts and you stare up at him, taking a step towards his muscular frame. there’s so much tension in the air, you could cut it with a knife before you answer.
“i’d like that too.”
(yup that’s it i’m gonna write a whole rockstar thor fic soon bc this was so much fun)
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balenciagabucky · 5 days ago
pls we need more thor x reader in asgard like “sex on the throne” I loved it <3
His eyes, burning red as you sit back on the throne, your body open for him to see. His hands start with your hair, running his fingers through, wrapping around the strands as he draws you closer, his hot breath on your forehead. You close your eyes as he kisses over your eyes, your cheeks, then finding your lips, his mouth covering yours. You slip your tongue between his lips and enter his mouth, exploring, finding his tongue and catching it. You bite light and draw him in deep, tasting him, his growls of passion heard as you start to suck gently, then stronger as you feel his tongue start to grow, it's length flickering in the back of your throat. You moan deeply as you feel his hands move down your naked body, he covers your breasts as you lift and mold them into hands that suddenly spread out, covering you fully.
His thumb and forefingers manipulating your nipples, rubbing and pinching, they swell, filled with the sensitivity as it heightened as the passion flows over you, the wetness between your legs growing more with each touch, wanting him. Your breath catches and you moan again as you feel his palms change, tiny mouths and tongues frown on each, licking and sucking both nipples as his body changes with his cock being set free. A body changing, made for fulfilling a woman, fulfilling himself. His hands, the mouths on each, engulfing your nipples, sucking and biting both, harder, almost drawing blood. You’re in a frenzy, the feeling of exquisiteness, the ecstasy overcomes you as your legs shudder and you come, soaking the cushion beneath you.
As if knowing, he moves on hand down, covering you, feeling the wetness leak out of your throbbing body, elongating a finger he quickly slips it in and again,you wash over him as you feel his finger growing inside , probing you, the top of the finger having a tongue now, flickering deep inside of you. You scream aloud as you feel that passion overflowing. His one hand still pinching on a nipple, pinching hard, the nipple stretching and swelling, he covers your mouth with his again, cutting off another loud moan, his thumb, covering your swollen clit as he lets small shocks of electricity zap your sensitivity. You cry out from under his lips, violently as a massive climax flows from you, your body trembling hard, you come, flooding over him, drenching him, your hands gripping the arms of the throne that they are bloodless.
Thor quickly moves down and covers you with his mouth, drinking you in, tongue searching, playing with your clit as his finger is still deep inside of you, the tongue there continuing as well. You see the hardness of his cock. “I want to taste you.” You throatly say and suddenly you feel yourself being turned on the throne, your legs thrown open wide over the back of the chair and your head dangling over the bottom. You see Thor in front of your face, reaching out to you. You quickly take your hands and bring him to open your mouth, running your tongue over, then inside, the tip opening enough for you to slip your tongue inside, then with the thrust of his hips, he rams his cock into your mouth, stopping only at the back of your throat.
You swallow greedily and move your head so that he fills you more, sucking his cock with passion and moaning loudly as you feel his mouth again on you. His fingers spreading you open, sucking on your clit with equal passion the using his tongue, enter deeply. It changes, becoming a cock itself as he fucks you with his mouth. You suck harder on him, almost screaming again as you’re being fucked. His hands back on both of your nipples as his lips grab your clit and suck, another climax hits as you feel his come hitting the back of your throat, wave upon wave hits you, your body violently shuddering, neither of you stopping continuing to suck.
He roughly lays you over the side of the throne, entering into you from behind, sliding in noisily as you am slick with nectar, fucking you hard and roughly. His hands covering each breast, the hands still the same then moving to your mouth. You almost faint as you’re being fucked. Your cunt, both equally, both roughly, his mouth now biting and sucking on your neck, his palm biting and sucking your nipple, you are being filled from everywhere and can’t hold any longer.
Your body shaking as a roar escapes his lips, the leech fully emerges, your body feeling as if it is being split in two as you take him all in. You fall back into the ground as the explosion hits, his cock still buried inside you, the massive throbs forcing him to come deep inside of you. You cry out one last time as the last orgasms hit and continue. You’re both spent, both soaked with each other's fluids, he turns your body around to face him as he kisses you deeply and you look into his eyes, running a hand over his face. “My Lord, my body and soul, my love...forever yours…”
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balenciagabucky · 5 days ago
Thor dirty talking but make it sound elegant he got that voice that makes calling me a slut sound like he's reading poetry🌸🌸
"A mortal like you, your delicate body taking the lustful fury of a Thunder God driven mad with passion? always controlling you, always careful not to damage you, always, until I can fuck you with all my power, make you scream as my cock slays you. As my cock ravages you until you beg for mercy.... can you beg for me Y/N?”
Sunddenly, in obedience to the command, Thor flipped you onto your back. Once more his cock ploughed your cunt with no restraint, no hesitation, no gentleness. You felt your orgasm charge forward to meet his new assault; only one man had ever mastered you, and that man was fucking you now. "That's it, you like how your god splits you in two... showing you no mercy... taking my pleasure of you, just to leave you broken... and aching... Cum with me, Y/N... l when you spend, I will fill you with my lightning, fill you with my thunder..." Further words became impossible as you felt yourself crest. You cried out in a gutteral, wordless voice, both a plea and a thanksgiving at the same time. You felt Thor's cock spew his seed inside you, his warmth spreading through your belly.. you came again, convulsing on his cockshaft, milking it of every last drop.
Thor rolled off you, and you collapsed on the ground, sweaty and sore from your satiation. You thought briefly, with a tinge of sadness, of how much more you would enjoy Thor's lovemaking if he was a willing participant, and all the delightful things you could do together. Sighing deeply, You turned to Thor and he began.
"Now sleep, my love... sleep, and remember only in your dreams how no other man can satisfy your lusts but me.... dream, and know that now and forever, you belong to the God of Thunder."
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balenciagabucky · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ please do not repost any of my fics or playlist, even if you give credit. MINORS DO NOT INTERACT. this blog is 18+ only, if you would like to repost my moodboards or headers please contact me first and give me credit. i do not allow any of my fics to be translated or transferred onto any other account or website
𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐨𝐨
: ̗̀➛ after a stressful day, thor takes care of you smut
𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐬 𝐛𝐲 𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐛𝐲 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬
: ̗̀➛ thor shows you how a god pleases his lover smut
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balenciagabucky · 6 days ago
𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐬 𝐛𝐲 𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐛𝐲 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬
Tumblr media
pairing || thor odinson x plus!size reader
word count || 1,257
summary || thor shows you how a god pleases his lover
warnings || teasing, pussy play, thor being fine as fuck
authors note || djwjxhwjdu first addition to the thor masterlist, we finna have fun w this man y’all PLEASE REBLOG MY TAGLIST IS ENDING ON JULY 10TH PLEASE FOLLOW @dulceslibrary AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN I POST 18+ ONLY,, feedback is appreciated
His hands run up and down your body, sliding over every curve. His right hand squeezes your thick thighs. Your lips meet in for a fiery, passionate embrace and his hands drop to your shorts. He squeezes your luscious ass and sends smack, you feel that warm throbbing in your midriff bursting into life and grow warm.
You pulled away from him as you smiled. You loved your boyfriend, he always gave the best kisses. They always were so passionate and as if he wouldn't see you again for years. He always made it sure that you knew his kisses had meaning behind them.
As you watched him walk to the bathroom, you grabbed a book you had been meaning to read and turned on the tv, for background noise. You opened the first page and low and behold, behind the frame was Thor, shirtless and walking towards you.
You can feel his breath move to your neck and kiss your ear as he whispers. "Just keep reading your book, I just want to taste you." The sound of his deep manly voice makes your pussy grow wet.
You bite down on your lip and let out a long sigh in answer as a smile spreads across your face. His hand traced a line from your shoulder down your spine, until he reached the clasp of your bra, where he unclasped it.
Your bra falls off of your body. The cold air quickly firming up your nipples to a hard peak. His lips meet them, they grow firmer, almost to the point of pain, and yet, you love every kiss he gives to them. The warmth in your midriff now radiates out to your toes, making you want to curl them. You can feel yourself getting wetter and wetter. Now his mouth sucks your nipples. A pant escapes your lips, your back arches slightly, making your pussy ache all the more. You grasp the book hard, turning the page and lick your lips, trying to focus your concentration on the white pages.
His hands now slide down, away from caressing your nipples, down to the top of your shorts where they find and open the bottom. You feel his hands guide your shorts off leaving you in your cotton panties. You try not to let out a whimper of expectancy while his fingers now trace lines on your inner thighs.
His fingers slowly reach the outskirts of your panties and they gently run in circles on top of them, just milimeters above your slit. Your clit tingles as his fingers slowly draw closer to it, the warmth beginning to throb harder and fiercer as his fingers draw ever closer and closer.
You turn the page of your book and push your hips outwards searching for his fingers, longing for him to touch it. He teasingly slides them away and then draws them back. He finally gives in and his fingers glide over the soft material covering your clit, a loud sharp gasp escaping your lips as his fingers cause a lightning bolt of pleasure, which races up through your body. His hands slowly slide up to the top of your panties, reaching the lace at the top and slowly pull them down gently.
You feel your clit get harder and the throbbing intensifies as you know that the pleasure’s not far away. Your dark sensual smell reaches out and fills the air, casting a spell on him to reach down and want to taste you even more than he already does. His fingers now slither to your opening, his fingers once again tease you as they circle around your clit. He sees your wetness glistening in the light, his fingers brush across your clit. Your body shudders as you cover your mouth and close your eyes. His fingers slide over your clit, the ringling throbbing, growing to a new height.
His fingers enter into your flower, you feel your muscles contract and relax on his fingers, the slowly exit your opening. His fingers glisten with your nectar and you peak down, seeing how wet they are due to you being soaked. He tastes your flavor sweet and sour, making his tongue tingle, he moves the book away from your face and offers his fingers to you. You slowly allow his fingers into your mouth,
He removes them from your mouth and gently enters your slit, sliding in and out, your body adapting to everytime they enter. His lips meet your hips, kissing slowly downwards towards your clit. They inch their way closer, his tongue now gently reaches out and reaches your hard clit. The feeling of his beard scratching down your skin, causing you to cover your face with the book, opening your mouth.
He, too, can now feel the throbbing in your clit, his tongue continues to snake its wat in circles over your clit, his lips then leave to gently press themselves over that spot you love, nobody but you knows where. His fingers continue to enter and slide out slowly, gaining speed and then decreasing, making you ache for more. His tongue copying his fingers varies the speed easing you all the more, until every time he slows down, he hears another whimper escape from your lips. Every exhale becomes a pant as he reaches peak speed, but this time you feel a difference. His hand starts off slower than normal and gently increases. His lips are in pressure, causing your back to arch and your hips press into him as his fingers continue to slide in and out.
He can feel your opening pulse and contract on his fingers. His fingers becoming wet with your nectar, his lips press against your pelvic bone just above your clit for the final time. He tentatively kisses a line down. Now his lips press against your clit and suck it, you gasp at the sudden increase in pleasure racing through your body and put your book down closing it. The fingers on his right hand continue to glide in and out of your opening. He replaces his lips with his left hand, changing the pressure, causing your clit to throb faster and it seems to swell even more.
His fingers continue to rub, gaining speed before losing it again. His hand however, never stops, just circling at the perfect pace for teasing; fast enough to drive you insane but not fast enough to drive you over the edge.
This time you feel Thor apply more pressure and rub much faster, his other fingers keep on thrusting into you, pumping in and out. You can feel that warm throbbing build up behind the opening of your pussy, you feel it draw closer and closer.
As Thor continued to rub more vigorously, you can feel the tidal wave of pleasure building, rearing its head. You start riding the pleasure. It breaks the waves of ecstasy rush around your body, making your toes curl. Thunder and dark clouds started to form outside. Your pussy starts contacting and squeezing Thor’s fingers so hard they feel like a vice grip. Your hands start to grip the sheets. Without realizing it, your back arches and you groan out loud, almost a scream.
As you feel the pleasure subside, he looks at you, his charming smirk and attaching his lips to your clit, letting his beard rub against your inner thighs, causing you to lay back, closing your eyes and getting ready to brace yourself for a long night of Thor eating you.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Equals you like...
Tumblr media
Y’all ready? @longlostinanotherworld​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @miss-smutty​ @skyfullofsong123​ @swaggysposts​ @a-little-counter-esperanto​ @lancsnerd​ @newlibrary​ @princessphilly​ @innerpaperexpertcloud​ @winchwm​
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miss-smutty · 6 days ago
Alternate Reality
A/N- it's here! Finally 🥵 that Thor and Chris Hemsworth Man-Sandwich I was telling you about, inspired by @mostly-marvel-musings Threesome Fic ⬅️⬅️
Summary- You don't care how or why it's happened but all of your dreams are about to come true when your boyfriend and his alternate universe clone are in the same room together.
Word count- 3,112k
Pairing- Chris Hemsworth X You X Thor
Warnings- Swearing, smut, smut and more smut
18+ only!
Posted: 14th June 2021
Taglist:- @innerpaperexpertcloud @pandaxnienke @chickensarentcheap @longlostinanotherworld @mostly-marvel-musings @darklydeliciousdesires
@swaggysposts @skyfullofsong123
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"What the actual…" Your trial of thought disappears as you watch the huge ring of light appear in the middle of your living room. Chris wraps his arms around you instinctively, as you both stare dumbfounded. The place on the other side of the ring looks different, where ever it was it definitely wasn't here. The funny thing is, you knew what these rings were and who was in control of them but how could that be? They're fictional characters from a movie your boyfriend starred in.
You're proved wrong, when the God of Thunder himself steps through the ring and into your dimension. The very same God of Thunder that Chris stars as, surely this is a dream conjured up by your sick imagination. The tall, broad God looks exactly the same as Chris with the exact same characteristics he portrayed in the movie. You pinch yourself just to check you weren't dreaming, screwing your eyes shut and opening them again a couple of times while Chris stares, completely lost for words.
"Is there something in your eyes?" Thor asks in the exact same voice you were expecting to hear, a look of amusement in his eyes at your reaction.
"Wait, what the fuck? You're real?" You ask.
"I am from an alternative Universe to yours, I have been sent here to gather information from you." Thor says nonchalantly, pulling his eyes away from you and looking to Chris.
"From me? But I'm just an actor, I don't even understand how this is real." Chris says, his eyes blown wide with shock.
"We want to know how the infinity war happened here so we can plan our moves and ultimately win."
"We, who's we?" 
"I have been sent by the Wizard, err I mean Doctor Strange."
"Of course you have, of course you're all real." Chris takes a minute to compose himself, running his hand through his hair and sighing heavily. "Fuck mate, you don't want to know how it worked out in the end." Chris paces the room, trying to make sense of everything that's happening.
"Yes we do, any information we can acquire may be able to help us defeat Thanos." 
"How do you know that it will play out the same way as it did in the movies?" Chris enquires, stopping on the spot to look at Thor.
"We don't but we are willing to try anything." You can see a note of anguish on Thor's face, knowing how the movie pans out you can take a guess at what he's thinking about.
"Y/N why are you so quiet?" Chris turns away from Thor, looking over at you sitting on the bed with your legs crossed.
"Just trying to focus my attention else where and not on the fact there's two of you stood right in front of me." 
"There's not two of us, this guys some sort of clone." 
"I believe I am a lot older than you, therefore you are the clone." Thor corrects Chris, looking rather happy with himself.
"Yeah you look it mate. You've got a lot more wrinkles around your eyes." You focus on the childish behaviour, hoping it would stop the images of the two of them running around your mind, naked. That maybe just maybe it would put you off slightly but who are you kidding? There's two of him, here in front of you and one of them is a literal god. You remember all the fantasies you had while Chris was filming Thor, begging him to bring his costume home so he could fuck you as Thor. Now the actual Thor is here as well as Chris, it couldn't get any better.
"Why don't you just slap your dicks out and measure them while you're at it." You slap your hand over your mouth, surprised that you'd actually spoken out loud. Both of them turning to look at you equally surprised.
"What?" You question innocently. "You can't tell me you're not at least a little bit curious to know if your cocks are the same size? I know I am." 
"I'd be more than happy to show you, my sweet." Thor mutters under his breath folding his arms across his chest and leaning against the door frame. His statement not quite going unnoticed by Chris when he glares at him before shooting daggers back at you.
"Are you enjoying this?" Chris asks, his voice oozing possessiveness.
"Oh, more than you'll ever know." You smile smugly. "You don't know how long I've had this actual fantasy, only it's not quite going how I planned." 
"You've fantasised about fucking other men?" 
"No not over men, just you… Times two." You shrug your shoulders.
"And how exactly does this fantasy play out in your mind?" They both look curious, forgetting about their arguments for a minute, Thor standing straight waiting intently.
"Do you really have to ask?" You say slyly feeling super confident and ready to make your move. I mean it's not everyday your going to be faced with this situation, you need to make the most of it. "Why don't I show you?" 
"I am not opposed to this." Thor perks up eagerly, puffing out his broad chest.
"You don't get a say." That death-glare aimed at Thor again "and I'm not quite sure how I feel about this." 
"Relax baby, it's not like big man over here is here to stay. It's a one time deal. Besides if you fulfil my fantasies I'll be more than happy to fulfil yours." Chris thinks about it for a second while you run your hands over his thick shoulders, loosening him up. You pull his face down to reach yours, open mouthed kisses taking away any thoughts he had.
You open one eye, spying Thor in your peripheral checking out your curves with a sly, lustful look in his eye. You catch his hand in yours pulling him behind you where he wastes no time wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you into him and planting wet kisses down the side of your neck. A tiny moan muttered into Chris' mouth makes his eyes flutter open. Anger flaring in his eyes at the sight of Thor's hands all over you.
"Listen, if we're doing this. I'm in charge. You got it, space punk?" Chris reaches over you to poke his finger in to Thor's chest.
"I think the lady should be in charge, not you nor I and she does not seem to be protesting against this." Thor turns you around to face him, one hand guiding your face to his open, eager lips.
"No, her lips are mine." Chris pulls you back from Thor, your lips still pursed needily.
"For fuck sake Chris, I am not an object. Listen, Chris I love you. Let's just play nice ok?" You grab their hands, pulling them both in front of you. The sight of them together makes you unwillingly gasp, your pussy clenching.
"Exactly." Thor smiles smugly.
"And Thor, stop winding him up. Let me take the lead." You reach up to kiss Chris first, making sure to satiate his jealousy while he wraps his arm around your lower back protectively. "Love you." You remind him before pulling away and moving to Thor.
Standing in front of the God of Thunder you search his face, trying to find any subtle differences. Apart from a couple of scars on Thor's face, they were identical. A slow smirk spreads across his face as he watches you, his hands twitching by his side, desperate to get a hold of you.
You move closer to him. Exploring his face with your hands before taking his bottom lip in your teeth, the seductive smile that appears makes your nervousness ebb away. Lust taking over as you kiss him deeply, finding that difference you were looking for. The kiss, not better and not worse just different. And the taste, he doesn't taste like Chris, he has an otherworldly taste you have never experienced before. It tastes like sin, like you're cheating and your stomach flips at the thought.
"Do you like what you see?" Thor asks after you pull away, not wanting to linger on the kiss for too long with Chris watching.
"Of course, you're beautiful." He smiles back at you, a twinkle in his eyes. There's an immediate connection with the two of you, an enigmatic connection that you're not willing to dive further into right now.
"Hey." Chris pouts, the intimacy between you and Thor making him feel pushed out.
"Babe, you're identical." You roll your eyes. "He's you, you're him." You point between the two of them. The puppy dog look in Chris's eyes completely contradicts the growing erection in his shorts.
"Yeah but…" Chris tries to protest before you cut him off, not giving him chance to ruin this for you.
"Just shush and take off your shorts." That stops him in his tracks, his eyes growing wide, a moment of lust flashing before them.
"What are you laughing at? You too." You say to Thor.
"Wait a minute, why are we stripping and you're still completely dressed?" Thor asks, while hastily unbuttoning his trousers.
"Now that is something we agree on, come here."
Your two favourite men, the best looking men in at least two dimensions, work in tandem to remove your clothes. The touch of Thor's fingertips to the nape of your neck sends shivers down your spine, an electrical current running through your veins. Your heart beating impossibly fast as you finally get your own way.
Chris kneeling on one knee to slowly pull down your shorts and panties. His thumb hooked in either side as he takes his time revealing your pussy, the pussy that is usually all his. Now he's come to terms with your desires and he's ready to take it in turns blowing your mind. On cue, Thor's hands move lower down your back, his fingers trailing a path down your spine and leaving goosebumps in their wake.
Lifting your top over your head, Thor's hands fall back to your breasts. His arms wrapped around your shoulders as he takes your nipples between his fingers. Your mouth left agape as you feel the warmth of his breath against your neck, at the same time as Chris's fingers spread on your stomach, clutching as his thumb presses against your clit making you moan deeply.
You almost lose control, your legs going weak as you hear Thor groan at the sound of your pleasure, quiet enough for only the two of you to hear. Your body on fire already with the feel of two pairs of hands tweaking your senses into overload. Your body jerking with every oversensitive touch.
Thor moves your hair to the side, biting gently on your neck as Chris' tongue takes over his thumb. The tip circling slowly over your bundle of nerves making your legs buckle completely, falling back into Thor, his body holding up your weight as he moves backwards towards the bed and sits down on the end of it. Chris moving with you, still on his knees at the foot of the bed. The feel of Thor's huge cock pressing against your bare ass is too much and you need to feel it, you need it inside of you.
No longer bickering they finally fall into a rhythm, content on accomplishing the same goal. Giving you as much pleasure as possible and it's driving you wild.
Thor holds your legs open, giving Chris better access to your dripping folds. Your head resting against Thor's shoulders as Chris' fingers curl up inside of you, when you moan it drives them both frantic with lust. The same desires and turn on's as well as the same looks. An unspoken bond between you all.
Thor's uneven breath on your neck, his beating heart against your shoulder blade and Chris' unrelenting fingers stroking against your spot - push you over the edge. As you cry out, arching against Thor's swollen cock, his thumb reaches down to your bundle of nerves - the pressure unbearable - working as a team to pull another orgasm from you. The sound of them both groaning as their fingers drive you into another realm of pleasure, grinding against Thor as your moans become feral. Your arousal dripping around Chris' fingers, his eyes pooled with need.
Thor stops to pull down his pants, lifting you up and onto his cock. The angle making you groan like a dying animal as he stretches your walls deliciously. Your face screwed into a ugly expression as you watch Chris stand, freeing his cock from his own pants and guiding it to your mouth.
Your mouth eagerly open, waiting for it to be filled with your loves huge, smooth cock, dripping with that sweet precum. Hardly noticing the ache in your thighs as you bounce yourself on Thor's cock while he rests back on to his hands watching your ass jiggle with every movement.
The sight of Chris watching you get fucked pulls you over once more, the look of lust in his eyes as you savagely take his cock in your mouth as Thor ruins your pussy. The fact Thor looks just like him is like watching himself fuck you, like some fucked up porn but he loves it. He loves it way more than he thought he would, grunting with every jerk of your hand and twist of your mouth. Your tongue swirling around his tip as he twitches inside of your mouth.
"Spit on it." Thor says his voice so deep and laced with need as he eases out of you, lifting you effortlessly into the air while he lays back down on the bed.
"Spit on my cock." You do as your told without delay. Drenching him in even more lubrication.
Chris waits anxiously, handling his own dick with gritted teeth as he watches Thor positioning himself at your tight hole. Squeezing himself between your cheeks slowly, waiting patiently for you to become accustomed to the size of his cock. You suck in air between your teeth, your body defying you as it tries to push his cock back out but you want it, you want it so fucking bad.
You take his cock, you take it so well and he gives you more, he gives you it all until he's balls deep in your ass. You spread your legs open wide, an invitation for Chris to join in the fun and he doesn't hesitate. Holding onto your knees while he pushes himself into your pussy. You feel so full, your eyes hooded with arousal, the feel of two cocks inside of you at the same time from the men you desire most. 
Chris unable to hold back any longer, thrusts into you, pushing you back into Thor, his hands holding you by the waist as he begins bucking you up slowly. The pleasure is indescribable, unlike anything you have ever experienced before. You're pretty sure this is what heaven feels like, a whirlwind of pure bliss as your holes are filled so tightly. 
Chris' fingers gripping into your knees as Thor's fingers grasp your waist, they fall into the perfect rythym which isn't suprising. Their cocks entering and retreating all at the same time until the pressure builds immediately, your body jerking with powerful gusto, your legs shaking uncontrollably. You scream and I mean scream as your body comes undone, gripping around their cocks as you cum, a gutteral moan leaving your lips afterwards.
Thor pushes you forward as he chases his own release, the tight grip around his cock making it inevitable. The same time Chris pounds into your pussy, your body leaking juices consistently. Knocking your languid body backwards and forwards which each incredulous thrust from the two sex gods.
Your mind blank, your eyes blurred with the hedonistic pleasure coursing through you. You don't ever want it to end, you want to stay lost in this state of arousal forever but at the same time your body can not take it anymore, the whole thing has been like one neverending orgasm.
You've lost count of the amount of times you've cum, one after the other until your no longer sure of your name or even where you are. Your mind consumed with pure satisfaction. 
They're both grunting in synchronisation as they finally release at the same time, pushing into you with one last powerful thrust making you spiral out of control. The feel of their mighty load shooting inside of your holes makes you scream again, your cum spilling out and dripping down, pooling beneath you.
Your mind is still consumed, no coherent words can be spoken when you fall backwards on to Thor, rolling to the side of him and pulling Chris down with you. You all lay panting on the bed, smiles plastered on all of your faces. Smiles you're pretty sure aren't going to leave you for a very long time. That is until the ring appears back in your bedroom and reality sets in.
You can't stay in the state of satisfaction for any longer and you're likely never to feel this amount of pleasure ever again. Thor has to leave and it makes you emotional, you'd built a connection with him in such a short space of time and you weren't ready to let go yet.
"Don't go, please." You manage to string together the words as you pull on his arm.
"I'm sorry, I have to." Thor says, you can hear the sadness in his voice. Chris doesn't speak, he lets you have your moment. Reaching up to kiss his lips fevently, his hands tangling into your hair as he returns the kiss just as deeply. Dreading having to pull away from him and watch him leave but he does. He pulls away, your fingertips losing grip as he looks back over his shoulder before stepping into the ring. Gone forever.
"What did you find out?" Strange asks Thor immediately upon his return.
"What do you mean, oh?" 
"I erm… Didn't get any information." His mind is consumed with you, his mission has failed but he doesn't care.
"You will have to go back." Doctor strange declares, anger and frustration laced in his voice.
"I will go back as many times as you wish." He smiles triumphantly, maybe he will have to keep thinking of reasons to be sent back to you.
"What exactly did you do while you were gone?" Strange asks. Thor doesn't answer, instead his thoughts drift away, the memories replaying in his mind like a movie. 
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Mischief and Teaching
(or "teaching mischief"?)
Summary: You have a natural talent for Seidr, the magic of the nine-realms. When your powers grow out of every teacher's control, your parents seek help at the palace. Will you find a teacher?
Pairing: Loki x fem!reader
Word count: 1.7k (God, I was so worried I would end up with more than the word count allowed, but I thankfully managed. Phew)
Warnings: 18+ even though there's nothing for this. All my work and my blog is 18+, Minors dni. Apart from that, there's a lotta fluff and humor in this one.
Author's note: This is my first submission for @syntheticavenger's 5K Follower Celebration "How it started - How it's going" Challenge! It's a really cool drabble challenge. Find the post about it here and check it out.
The prompt I received was: "Loki/'Magician's' Assistant'"
Now, I admit that had a lot of smutty potential but for once in my life my brain decided to go down the funny, fluffy road instead of the angsty, smutty one. There's gotta be a first time for everything, huh?
Tumblr media
How it started:
“No, mother. I don't have the need for an assistant and neither do I want one. I work best alone,” Loki said, voice tight as he tried to keep his tone polite but firm.
But Frigga kept nagging. She wouldn't be the Queen of Asgard if she gave up simply because someone had told her no. Looping her arm through Loki's she pulled him close to her side as they walked through the corridors of the palace.
“She wouldn't be only your assistant. You would also be her teacher,” she replied and steered him down a wide hall, smiling politely at the Lords and Ladies passing them.
“I don't have the desire to teach anyone. I'm certain she can find someone to teach her elsewhere,” he dismissed.
“I'm not telling you to commit to anything just yet. I merely want you to meet her. She and her parents travelled all the way to the palace to request our help in this matter,” his mother said in an attempt to appeal to him.
Loki sighed, barely keeping his eyes from rolling back in his skull in annoyance.
This girl his mother kept talking about was the daughter of a lowly Lady and her wife. They came from the furthest branches of Yggdrasil all the way to the golden palace just for an audience with the queen.
Frigga was widely known for her magical powers, so she was the first person the family turned to. People rarely requested audiences with the Queen. Usually it was Odin who attended to any matters brought to him by the Asgardian citizens.
Loki felt a spark of satisfaction at the thought of Odin's irritation when someone asked specifically to see Frigga and not him. He was so entitled to his position of Allfather and King of the nine worlds, he couldn't wrap his head around the possiblity that he wasn't all-knowing and not fit for every task.
It was that brief moment of petty joy over his father's irritation that made Loki reconsider his options. Sure enough he was known for his magical powers, even if not as renowned as Frigga. But either way, it gave him something he could hold over Odin's head, something he was able to do neither the old man nor his golden haired brother could.
This opportunity might open up new doors for him in the future and help him build his reputation to, in the end, rise above Odin and his childish ploys or Thor and his brute strenght.
“Fine, I will agree to meeting her, nothing else,” Loki gave in. His lips twitched into a little smile when Frigga smiled up at him widely and squeezed his arm with hers.
“That is all I wanted to hear. I am certain you will like her,” his mother said cheerily and pulled him along into the direction of the potion room where she had told the girl to wait with Thor to keep her company.
“Tell me what I have to know about her, mother. I want to know who I am talking to before I face her,” Loki said just as they rounded another corner and drew closer to the room the girl and his brother were waiting in.
“The girl's mothers are Ladies of lower nobility. Their daughter always seemed to have an affinity for Seidr, but the last years her powers grew and became harder to control. They tried to find teachers to help her, but no one could handle the extent of her powers. They were at their wit's end and the last resort they could think of was the palace. They hoped to find help here, so they came and requested an audience to explain their situation,” Frigga informed him.
“So she's powerful? How powerful exactly?” Loki asked, diggign deeper to get all the information out of his mother he could.
“Powerful, yes. You'll see for yourself. But she's inexperienced. Not one of her teachers could keep her contained for long. She needs someone who is able to hold a candle to her and I daresay you are fit for the job,” his mother answered before finally stopping in front of the room the girl was waiting inside.
You heard voices outside the door and started to panic.
The room was a mess, potion ingredients strewn across the floor, broken vials and furniture scattered in the whole room. Your magic was nervously swirling around and inside you, waiting to be used, to help, but unable to because you didn't know how.
“My Lady!” Thor boomed in front of her, his voice nasally and laced with panic. He was sitting on a small stool, his huge frame curled on top of the tiny piece of furniture. “Fix this, quickly! Before they see and-”
His words were cut off by the creak of the double doors.
Silence filled the room and you turned around slowly, face growing hot as you saw the other Prince and the Queen taking in the mess. Their gazes simultaneously moved from their surroundings to you and you cleared you throat as you curtsied awkwardly.
“Your highness, my prince,” you greeted them and then continued to introduce yourself. Maybe you could salvage the situation with your more or less decent manners. But before you could set off to a lenghty apology, Queen Frigga tilted her head to the side and tried to get a look at her blonde son hiding behind you as much as his broad frame allowed it.
“Thor? What in Asgards name are you doing hiding behind our guest? Step up and explain what caused this chaos,” she demanded, her voice not allowing any protest.
You stiffened when you heard Thor get up from the stool and step next to you. You could see him in your periphery and had do bite your cheek to keep from breaking into laughter. Keeping your gaze carefully trained on the pair standing in front of you, you waited for someone to break the stretching silence.
What you saw as you watched the pair surprised you.
Frigga's lips curled up into a smile and she quickly reached up her hand to hide the curve of her mouth behind her palm. The Prince was staring at his blonde brother, lips slightly parted and eyes wide. Then his lips, too, curled up into a smirk, but unlike Frigga he didn't bother to hide it.
“I, uhm... I was just curious and wanted to see what she could do, so we...well,” Thor stuttered trailing off when Loki started chuckling and Frigga cleared her throat in an effort to conceal her laughter. She looked at you and nodded, giving you permission to talk.
“Well, your highness,” you started, laying out your words in a way that would shift most of the blame to Thor. “Prince Thor was curious about my magic, as he said himself and asked me to show him what I was able to do. I declined politely, knowing I am not fully the master of my Seidr but he kept nagging me and gave in. It would be rude to deny a Prince, I thought. So I tried my best, I really did, but... I didn't go that well.”
“Obviously,” Loki stated, gesturing vaguely at his brother whose head at this point had turned crimson. It clashed horribly with the bright purple trunk that grew where his nose was supposed to be and dangled down all the way to his navel. The gigantic elephant ears sprouting from his head not all too unsimilar to the wings of his helmet were of the same vibrant colour.
The raven-haired Prince eyed you closely, his eyes narrowing a fraction. You did your very best to keep the amusement off your features, because really, Thor was just asking for it. He kept nagging you, getting on your nerves until you gave in and gave him a little show of your powers. It's not your fault you couldn't fully control them.
Despite trying very hard to look apologetic, you were sure Loki saw through right your facade going by the almost imperceptible upturn of his lips. He turned to his mother and nodded.
“I'll do it,” he said firmly and unhooked his arm from hers to approach you. He bowed down a little and reached out to take your hand. Bringing it to his lips, he brushed a soft kiss to it and smiled charmingly.
“It is very nice to meet you, My Lady. I have heard of your search for a worthy teacher. I am all too happy to offer you my services as your teacher and master,” he said pompously and you suppressed the urgle to giggle bashfully.
“It would be my pleasure to be your student,” you replied with a smile.
Loki nodded, more to himself than you and said, “You will make for a fine student and an even better assistant. I am sure of it.”
How it is going:
“Quick now! We have to be ready when he appears,” Loki called to you from the other side of the corridor.
You ducked into an alcove and got into position, sticking your head around the corner to give Loki a signal that you were ready. He did the same and then mirrored your movement, silently molding back into the alcove and cloaking his figure with an invisibillity spell he had taught you early on.
The two of you waited, hearts beating faster as excitement took you over, mixed with gleeful anticipation. Your Seidr twisted and twirled under your skin, almost making you vibrate with the contained power. And this time, you knew how to use it to your advantage, how to make it obey your commands and aid you in your often mischievous schemes.
'He's coming' Loki's voice sounded in your head and mere moments later you, too, heard the loud stomp of Thor's steps followed by his entourage of warrior friends.
You smiled gleefully.
'Let's turn him into a real elephant this time'
Loki's chuckle echoed in your thoughts.
'Shall we make him green?'
And again, congrats on 5K! That is such a huge achievement and you definitely deserve it, seeing how hard you work for it through all that content and amazing stories <3
'I'll leave that to you. I am open for anything. A pretty pattern would hurt either' you replied and then shifted into a more alert stance when Thor came closer. Your Seidr spiked with your excitement and when Thor reached the mark you and Loki had agreed on, you got to work.
There you go, my first entry! I hope you like it @syntheticavenger, it was a delight to write, hehe. 
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cptcarter21 · 9 days ago
The Untouchable Avengers (1/3)
Pairings: Tony Stark x Pepper Potts, Peggy Carter x Steve Rogers
Summary: MCU characters, no powers, set in 1920s. Soulmate AU- everyone is born with the last words they'll hear from their soulmate written on their body. Most people have two soulmates, platonic and romantic. I imagine it being white like a scar, but that's not really important. It's mostly gen with a few implied, canonic romantic relationships
Warnings: Mild gun violence in part 2
Steve and Bucky sit at a small table in the back left corner of the large, hazy bar room. The floor bustles with activity. Patrons hurry in, out, and around, dancing to the smooth jazz from the live band. The cabaret singer would be starting soon. Waiters rush from the kitchen to the bar to the tables and lounge areas, carrying drinks and light snacks. The bar tender, a thin, silver-haired young man, moves in a blur, filling orders as fast as they come in. Steve tosses his fedora onto the table next to Bucky’s newsboy cap, shimmies out of his suit coat and slides his thumbs under his suspenders before relaxing in his seat. He loosens his thin tie and rolls his sleeves up, leaning his forearms on the table. “So, you’re on a case?” Bucky crosses one leg over the other and leans back, stretching his brown sweater vest tight across his chest. He pulls out a cigarette, nodding. “Pepper thinks someone’s skimming cash.” Steve nods, lighting Bucky’s cigarette before taking out his own. “So,” he takes a drag and puffs out a cloud of smoke, “then where’s this partner of yours?” “Undercover,” Bucky chuckles. “How goes the art?” Steve lets out a deep laugh. “I wouldn’t call suspect sketching art.” Bucky opens his mouth to answer, but gets distracted by a woman walking by, one of the cabaret dancers. Her feathered skirt comes to mid-thigh and her loose, sleeveless top shows off her strong shoulders. A beaded band across her forehead reigns in her dark, chin length finger waves. “Hey, doll.” Bucky snags her arm and pulls her toward the table. “My pal, Stevie, here wants to know what you’ve got under that dress.” Steve’s face flushes, sending heat down his neck. “I- I didn’t-” She smirks and edges around the table. She perches on his knee and drapes an arm behind his neck. Taking his hand by the wrist, she guides him up her thigh, just under the hemline of her dress. He clears his throat when his fingers brush the cool metal of her sidearm. “Buck, you’re an ass.” Before pulling away, he glances at the single line scrawled across her thigh. I’d hate to step on your toes. It’s a shame. It doesn’t seem to match the Don’t you dare be late on his left shoulder blade. The We’re there, punk on his calf was easy to match to Bucky’s You said end of the line on his bicep. “Anymore questions?” She winks, standing up. As she leans across the table, she whispers, “You see anything out here?” He shakes his head.  “The girls are clean too. The singer, Wanda, says they don’t even see the money until pay day,” she sighs, glancing back at Steve. “Peggy.” Steve shakes her hand. “You never mentioned your partner was a dame.” Bucky shrugs. “Must have slipped my mind.” She skirts back around the table. “Like hell. Legs are the first thing you notice in a room.” “You’re going to give yourself away.” He pulls her into his lap with a grin. She shoves his chest, pushing herself to her feet. “Get off of me, Jimmy!” Steve raises an eyebrow at Bucky. “Why’re you always throwing gals at me?” “She’s not interested in me.” He shrugs. “You might as well take a swing.” “She’s not the one. Why waste our time?” Steve leans back in his chair and waves a waiter down, ordering them both drinks.
“Hey, Nat?” The redhead drops the long, floppy bow tie she’d been fumbling with and turns to look at her partner, her wavy chignon brushing her neck. “What, Barton?” she asks the brown oxfords blocking his face. He groans, pulling his feet off his desk, and bends over to fix the cuff of his pants. “You ever worn Tony about the raid?” “Course I did.” She tips chips her chin back, propping her own low heel oxfords on the desk. “I know how to do my job.” Her wide-legged trousers bunch under her ankles. Barton raises both hands, exposing the script across his forearm. Let me go. “Just checking. I’d hate to run out of booze tomorrow night at Pepper's.”  “Would you quit worrying about that and focus on this bank robbery.” She pulls her dainty cigarette case from her handbag. “What do you want me to do, Romanov?” He twists the cufflinks at his wrists. “I sent the prints to the feds last week.” “I don’t know.” She slides her suspenders onto her shoulders as she stands up through her cloud of smoke. “You want to hit the street again? Maybe a beat cop saw something.” “I doubt it.” He snatches the silver case from her desk. “But maybe we can bust up a druggie while we're out.” Nat grabs her fur coat and grey beret and follows Clint through the station. “Should we call in Barnes and Carter?” “Not a chance,” he snorts. “You know Chief Rhodes doesn't like PIs.” She nods, sliding behind the wheel. “We can shake them down tomorrow night.”
Steve shrugs his trench coat off as he enters the empty precinct. It’ll be another hour before the other detectives come in, and the smell of coffee ekes its way through the stuffy joint. He makes his way across the floor, taking his hat from his head, and stops short as his desk.  “Can I help you?” Steve eyes the man seated at his desk. Tall. Cheap suit, vest, no coat. Dress boots- interesting choice. He stands, extending his hand. “Wilson. Or, uh, Sam. Take your pick.” “Doesn’t really answer my question.” Steve’s eyes dart to the Homburg cap on his desk. Wilson snatches it up. “My apologies. Chief told me to wait for you. Said you’re always in early.” “So,” Steve narrows his eyes. This guy is something. “What can I do for you?” Wilson tilts his head, answering slowly. “I transferred from Harlem.” The chain on his pocket watch jingles as he slides his hands into his pockets. “The detective opening…” Steve nods with a grunt. It was about time Rhodes filled that spot. Pierce's goon squad took Coulson out over a month ago. “How long were you in Harlem?” “Three years.” Wilson moves out of the way, letting Steve have his desk back. “Got a little one on the way. The missus wanted me off the beat.” Steve smoothes his tie down as he sits. “So, this is your first day as a detective?” A rookie is the last thing this department needs. “You’re here early.” “I had the midnight beat in Harlem. Couldn’t sleep anyway." Wilson drags a chair next to Steve’s desk. “You got a case?” He leans his elbows on his knees. Steve shakes his head. “I mostly work with witnesses. Sketch up the perp's face.” He pulls a carton of cigarettes from the top drawer and drops them on his desk. “The mobsters around here got pretty bold when ol' Al came into town.” Wilson raises his eyebrows, pulling at his tie. “You fellas chasing Pierce?” “Hell, no.” Steve flicks his lighter and takes a deep breath, letting smoke out as he talks. “And unless you got a tommy gun hidden somewhere in that vest, you better not let anyone else hear you say it.” “So, you’re just going to keep putting away street thugs?” Steve nods. “That’s the job.” “But Pierce is here.” Wilson, waves smoke out of his face. “We could get him.” “Listen, Sam,” Steve takes a set of cufflinks from his top drawer and clicks them into his sleeves, “you seem like a good man. Leave Pierce alone.” “Cut the head off.” Wilson inches closer to Steve. “That’s how you beat these guys.” “Your wife didn’t drag you off the beat to chase Pierce. You want to see that baby, right?” Steve taps the cigarette between his fingers.  “But if we don’t-” “Just forget about it.” Steve holds his cigarette in his teeth and begins pulling sketches from his drawers. “Why don’t you go through the department mug shots and see if you can match any of these.” Wilson takes the stack and heads, begrudgingly, to the big house. Steve takes the top file off a tall stack and dials the first phone number in the report. He spends the next three hours contacting witnesses and scheduling interviews for the week. His line goes dead in the middle of a call. He spins around to see Nat leaned against the wall, spinning the cord. She drops it on the floor and stands up straight as Clint shuffles around the corner, dragging Wilson with him. “Found this dewdropper hanging around the clink when we booked a bootlegger.” Clint lets Wilson go to adjust his shoulder holster. “Said you sent him over there.” Steve smirks, standing to plug his phone back in. “Yeah, he’s Coulson’s replacement.” “So, what’s he doing on the other side of the house?” Nat tips her head back to look out from under her newsboy hat. “I told you.” Wilson glares between the pair. “Yeah, yeah.” I love you peeks out from Clint’s collar as he stretches. “Mugshots. You find anybody?” Wilson holds out a handful of sketches.  Nat snorts. “Is that all? Hey, Barton, we better hit the street again.” “These goons must he outwitting us.” He flips through the images. “Look, Nat, someone put Little Joey Corello away.” He flashes her a sketch from the middle of the stack. “You don’t say.” Nat
perks up, gold bangles clattering as she unfolds her arms. “We’ll have to pay him a visit before he flies the coop. I owe that piker a few broken bones.” “If you go necking with the warden, he’ll probably let us take Little Joey for a ride.” Clint cracks his knuckles. “Come on.” Nat smacks his arm. She glances over her shoulder, heels tapping on the concrete floor as she walks away. “We’ll see you at Pepper’s for lunch?” Steve throws her a small salute and turns back to the sketches.  After they’re gone Wilson glances at Steve. “What’s the story there?” “She had Corello on racketeering last year after two weeks undercover, but he busted her up pretty good and got away.” Wilson lets out a whistle. “She’s the kind of broad I wouldn’t piss off.” Steve grins. “Corello's in ‘the family.’ A cousin or something. He gets pinched occasionally, but he’ll be out before tomorrow morning. Romanov’s been waiting, a long time for this.” “I guess so.” Wilson reaches across Steve’s desk to set the papers back down. “What do you want me to do with the ones I matched?” Steve skims over the words on Wilson’s wrist. Not your fault. “Set them over here. I need to- Actually,” Steve opens his drawer, hefting folders out. “You can update the files. Look for matching sketches and make a note of their booking date.” Wilson nods, taking the pile with a groan. “So, what’s Pepper’s?”
A lively saxophone punctuates the air with other brass instruments quickly joining in, filling the room with bold melodies. Wisps of smoke waft up from the tables, covering the stale smell of last night’s ashes. A copper-haired young woman bumps into Wilson’s chair. “You didn’t say this place was a speakeasy.” Wilson’s eyes dart from one corner to another as Peggy excuses herself from the table. “Well, where’d you want to eat?” Steve raises his eyebrows. “I don’t know,” he shakes his head. “A diner.” “Can’t get liquor at a diner. Speaking of.” Bucky leans back in his seat and waves an arm at the bar tender. Peggy returns to the table with a drink in one hand and a smoking cigarette in the other.  “Wanda, come sit.” Peggy motions to the copper-haired woman and turns back to the group. “You’ll love her. You,” she points at Bucky, “behave.” Wanda strolls over, her long strand of pearls swinging with her steps. Her short, straight bob makes her appear even younger than she is. “What do you need, doll?” She must be from the Bronx; the accent gives her away. Peggy tips her chin up to see out from under her cloche hat and runs a hand down her loose skirt before taking a seat. “Just thought you ought to meet the gang.” Her rings glint in the light as she sweeps a hand around the table. “Don’t mind the two lovebirds on the end. They’re on the brink of cracking a bank robbery.”  Nat and Clint look up and wave. Clint uses his free hand to steady his holster. “Is Rhodey going to join us?” Bucky asks lightly, taking a whiskey from the tray a waiter brings by. “Not today.” Clint shakes his head, offering Bucky a smoke. “Got some feds coming into town.” Wanda smiles at the group. “I hate to intrude on your lunch plans.” “Why?” Steve nods to the seat between Clint and Wilson. “We got an extra chair now.” As Wanda thanks them and takes her seat, Wilson leans toward Steve. “Don’t you think this is…I don’t know, hypocritical?” Steve chuckles, “Because we bust bootleggers and raid juice joints every week?” When Sam nods, Steve answers, “You got some learning to do.” Wanda searches through her small purse and curses before looking to Sam. “You mind if I bum a fag.” “I don’t smoke.” He holds up his hands. “That stuff’ll kill you.” Steve stifles laughter while Peggy and Bucky give him a blank stare. “Oh, god.” Nat rolls her eyes, passing Wanda her silver case. “You’re not one of those gemstone healer freaks, are you?” “No, no. None of that.” He chuckles. “I haven’t touched a cigarette since my wife got pregnant, and I’ve never felt better.” “Just wait until the second one,” Clint says over his glass. “You’ll pick it back up.” Peggy looks across the table, smashing her smoldering cigarette butt into the ashtray. “How is Laura these days?” “Let’s just say there’s a reason I’m taking extra shifts,” Clint snickers. Nat shoves her elbow into his ribs before taking her lighter back from Bucky. “She’s not that bad.” “No, she’s fantastic.” He smiles. “The three rugrats are monsters, and they’re driving her mad.” As everyone laughs, a dark-haired man in a sweater and glasses approaches the table with three unmarked bottles. “Delivery,” he grins, setting a bottle in front of Steve, Clint, and Nat. “We can always count on you, Bruce.” Nat immediately cracks hers open and compliments the contents. “Where’s Tony?” Bruce jerks his head toward the office in the corner on the second floor. “He’s squaring up with Ms. Potts.” “I’ll bet he is,” Bucky sneers. Peggy chokes on her champagne, and Nat adds, “Is that what he’s calling it now?” Holding his cigarette to the side, Steve leans over to Wilson. “Tony’s sweet on-” “Yeah, I got it.” He nods, pushing Steve away. Bruce glances at his watch and then at Nat. “Thanks for the heads up. We had to clear out pretty quick.” Nat holds a hand out, rubbing her fingers together. “You got anything extra for me?” Bruce turns his pockets inside out. “Next week, kitten. Promise.” Pepper emerges from the office, hair pulled into a tight bun, pencil tucked behind her ear. Her brown pant suit swishes with every step. Her string
of pearls bounces against her matching vest. She approaches the table languidly, laying a hand on Clint’s back. “How are the drinks, ladies and gentlemen?” “Fantastic as always.” Tony walks up behind her. “We only brew the best. As a matter of fact,” he takes the bottle from in front of Steve and turns to a waiter, “have Quick Silver over there mix something up for the table.” “Hey,” Steve watches his whiskey leave and glares at Tony, “you better have an extra bottle laying around somewhere.” “Easy, big guy.” Nat slides her whiskey across the table. “You can share mine for now.” “I got a poker game running upstairs,” Pepper grins. “Five car stud, any of you interested?” “Not today,” Steve swirls his glass. “Got to get back to the station.” “Because, you got feds coming in?” Wanda looks at Clint through a thick cloud of smoke. Pepper nods and excuses herself from the table. “Business to run and all.”  Clint nods to Wanda, “I blame the new guy.” “You think they’re here to clean up your act?” Wanda raises an eyebrow. Nat purses her lips and tips her chin up. “Why would you think that?” “I heard the Bureau’s cleaning house.” She shrugs, tucking her lace-gloved hands into her elbows. “Figured they were branching out.” “About damn time.” Bucky slams his glass down. “Your department’s crooked as my aunt Edna’s back.” “Hey, now,” Steve furrows his brow, “I wouldn’t go that far.” “I would.” Clint straightens up so quickly, his whiskey nearly sloshes over the edge of his glass. “We definitely got a few on Pierce’s regular payroll, not to mention the moonlighting hitmen.” “Somebody really ought to bump him off and be done with it.” Peggy shakes her head and takes a drink.  Steve slams a hand on the table. “The hell’s wrong with you?” He glances over both shoulders. “You looking for a shiv between the ribs?” “Relax, Rogers.” Peggy waves a hand and fiddles with her bow-tied scarf. “Pierce isn’t allowed here. Tell him Wanda.” “Pierce won’t touch us.” Wanda stirs her drink. “We’re covered by a bigger family.” “Bigger than Pierce?” Wilson nudges the ashtray toward Steve and leans toward Wanda. “Stark.” Nat blows smoke through her nose. “You think Big Tony wouldn’t put his grandson’s sweetheart on the protected list?” Barton looks up. “Kind of a ‘no hit zone.' With Stark's new Manfredi tie, Pierce wouldn’t dare touch this place.” “Don’t mean someone won’t follow you home. He has ears everywhere.” Steve drops his butt into the tray and stands. “And you ain’t in the family, doll.” Peggy smirks, picking up her glass. “Where do you get off thinking you can call me doll?” “I know where you keep your weapon.” He double checks the clip on his shoulder holster before lifting his coat from the back of his chair. “Wilson, we got work to do.” Wilson follows Steve across the dining room, blinking smoke out of his eyes. As he rounds a corner, he bumps into a tall, blond man. “Sorry, Steve. I wasn’t-” The two-tone wingtips are certainly not Steve’s. He drags his eyes up the crisp three piece suit, derby hat in one hand, umbrella in the other.  The man hooks the umbrella over his wrist and claps Wilson on the shoulder. “Detective." A toothy grin spreads across his face. "That's a new title, right?” Wilson narrows his eyes, but returns the shoulder embrace. “Mr…?” “Agent.” The man opens his coat briefly, and a gold badge flashes. “Odinson. And I've got a job for you."
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He’s iron hard within your molten core, piledriving your slick with lethal intent, ferociously aroused. Your skin smacks together, his grunts peppering the air, drowning out the soft little cries you emit in response to this, a full-on attack to your insides.  
He told you this was what he intended, to give you a fucking worthy of rearranging your guts as soon as he awoke, nudging your back with the enormous erection now pleasuring you with rapid strokes.
Pleasure skitters through you, sparkling your veins as he continues to thrust wildly, one hand clutching your waist, the other fisted in your hair, pulling your head back, a clear display of dominance. You’re saturated around him, so wet he can barely keep inside you, your cunt so aqueous, you’ve dripped onto the bed beneath.  
“Oh god, Chris! Fuck, you’re going to go through me!” you cry, your man still moving like a jackhammer within you, his deep, rumbling laugh filling the room.
“Was that a complaint?”
“Of course not!”
He grins, amused as his hand comes down to spank you. “I didn’t think so.”
Each speedily delivered thrust has you sparking, your walls clenching around the thick heat driving into you rapaciously, his cock pumping your release into you strongly, the waves beautiful as you shatter for him, hands gripping the bedclothes beneath. He lets you cool down, slowing within you, enjoying the way your slick muscles feel as they flutter around him.
Once you’ve caught your breath, he’s all barbarous frenzy once again, invading your squelching heat with ruinous intent. Sweat mists your both, gilded by the morning sun filling your bedroom, you getting the most delicious view of that when he withdraws to throw you onto your back, grabbing your legs at the ankles and holding them high and wide before plunging back into your syrupy centre.
“You’re so fucking pretty.” He compliments you, leaning down to kiss your plump lips before sitting back on his heels once again, driving himself into you wildly, watching his slick cock enter and retreat from you intently.  
You provide even more of a visual show for him by reaching down to begin rubbing your hardened clit, biting your lower lip and moaning, his hips rutting against you fiercely as he groans so deeply, it sounds like thunder. 
He then slows suddenly, dragging his cock languidly, making you glimmer, leaning down to kiss you once again as he takes the weight onto his elbows, everything slow, deep and hard.  
“You are so damn amazing. How can... ahh! One man be so fucking... oh fuck, right there... be so good at sex?” You stammer, a slight rotation of his hips making his cock hit spots you never knew existed.  
“Lots of practice.” You can certainly bet that’s true, with a man as good looking at him, he’s bound to have a wealth of satisfied woman behind him. You’re the only one he wants now though, his gorgeous little honey who he’s always at his happiest when he’s inside of, hearing your soft moans, the way your petal soft flesh feels against him, the scent of your hair, the taste of your cunt, you drive him utterly wild with desire.  
Wild is how the pace picks back up again, Chris flattening you to the bed and driving into you like a piston, pinning your arms above your head as he fucks your release into you, hot and consuming, the bliss throbbing through your aching loins, spilling himself into you deeply.  
You lie still in the aftermath, his cock twitching within your spasming walls, stroking one another idly as you share soft kisses. If there’s anything waking up at 6am for, it’s most definitely that.  
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Sweet Finish.
That Hemsy drabble I mentioned? Here, have it early! 
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One word, delivered firmly by the object of your desire after he’s followed you along the narrow hallway leading to the bar’s restrooms. One word is all it takes to turn your insides to wildfire.  
“What do you mean, no?”
“I mean no, you don’t get to give me the kind of looks you’ve been giving me all evening and then walk away in here without me.”
“Whether I want you or not, it would seem,” you can’t help but tease, watching him as he raises his eyebrows, approaching you slowly, leaning in close to your ear.  
“We both know you want me.”  
The energy between you crackles, the spark ignited as you stare at once another intensely for all of two seconds, your mouths meeting in a hungry clash. It might not be the most ideal of places, Chris taking your hands and breaking your kiss for long enough to drag you backwards, checking the way is clear before pulling you into the restrooms, corralling you into the free stall.  
“I might know you want me, but fuck, baby, you have no idea how much I want you,” he pants, tongue swirling with yours.
“I think I might have some inclining.” He croaks out a husky laugh as your hand presses to his erection. “Is this for me, hmm?”
“Oh yeah. Every last inch.”
Your kisses are consuming, urgent, borne of the fire stirred within as you grapple with his belt, his short beard scratching at your lips, his teeth crushing against your tongue as you free his cock, squeezing it as he lifts you.  
Yanking your undies aside, with a simple drop, he impales you on that hot, thick hardness, filling you deeply, his hands clasping your thighs as he holds you, spread wide, hips driving against you like a piston from the get go.  
He’s uncontained within you, his cock arrowing into you so deeply you can’t help wail, his mouth silencing you with another molten kiss, your breaths ragged as your chests heave in exertion. 
Your hips roll deliciously against each of his upward thrusts, ensnaring his slippery length, reaching up to the stall he fucks you against and clinging onto the partition, your legs tightening around his waist. Oh, what this man ignites within you. Your connection burns brighter than anything you’ve ever known
The pleasure begins to wind tightly in your core, coiling as you clench around him, his cock driving into you harder to overcome that slick grip around his length, mouth at your neck as he pants raggedly, those moans...deep, barbarous, all alpha. Just like him.
It’s uncontained, feral passion, his huge, hard body shunting against yours deliciously, his very size so overpowering, mouth returning to yours in a kiss that is all unbridled want. He feels impossibly heavy within, your dewy little hole stretched to capacity around the furiously delivered intrusion of girthy heat.
The way he looks at you too, while voraciously ploughing into you, you could drown in that look, the intensity unmatched, the way his eyes look inky blue, darkened with all the lust you’ve stirred with him, his heart hammering against your breast as his teeth nip at your jaw, neck, and clavicles, arousal fogging his mind as your body is battered against the partition.  
The frenzy takes over, both of you now uncaring about being heard, groaning loudly as your bodies flush with fever, coiling tighter, glowing brighter, his hips driving against you like a machine as the pleasure snaps and he loses himself to your fluttering warmth, soaking wet sparks dragging from you as he releases his load, gripped by the jaws of nirvana.  
As far as date night’s go, being fucked in the restroom after teasing him with sensual glances for the last two hours, is a pretty good way to round it off.  
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Us Against the World - Chapter Eighteen.
Well, here are are, people. The end of the story. What was originally only going to be a short series of about eight parts grew a little more than I intended, but I enjoyed writing it and can only hope you all enjoyed reading just as much :) 
Tumblr media
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Previous chapters - Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five  Chapter Six  Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine  Chapter Ten  Chapter Eleven  Chapter Twelve  Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen  Chapter Fifteen  Chapter Sixteen Chapter Seventeen
Walking around her new studio, the smell of fresh, white paint still lingering slightly, Mia smiled to herself as she oversaw the bringing in of furnishings for the space she’d rented. It was perfect, not far from the beach over in Santa Monica, so a reasonable drive of just under an hour to commute to each day.  
It had taken some serious TLC, hiring a decorator to come in and paint and then a cleaner to help her with the floors, after she’d hired a sander to strip back the floors and then re-sealed them herself with wax and a layer of matte varnish.  
Well, herself wasn’t quite right. A certain large Australian had lent his assistance when home for a few days. The same large Australian who put a cup of takeout coffee in front of her face and kissed her cheek after sneaking up on her.  
“It looks great, babe. I’m so proud of you. I get to actually be here for the grand opening too, instead of off filming. I can’t wait,” he told her, looking around, taking it all in.
“That’s if anyone actually shows up.” She sighed and shook her head, turning to smile, attempting to be positive. It was tough, though. Although she’d finally found the confidence to start up on her own and live her life on her terms away from the adult entertainment industry, she was still the victim of a lot of negativities written about her.  
She’d had hate pages set up about her, the lesser supportive of Chris’s fans running wild with gossip (all of which untrue) about her, their personal life, her motives for being with him, her former career, everything. Her entire life was a carcass primed for picking by the vultures who swirled around her online, it seemed.  
It had gotten so bad that Chris had even stepped in to defend her, posting a video to his Instagram where he’d explained that in the simplest terms, anyone behaving rottenly to the woman he was in love with couldn’t have been much of a true fan of his, asking them to cease their harassment of her when she’d done nothing to deserve it.
He’d also found himself asked more about her in interviews, questions which he happily answered where he usually wouldn’t, wanting to keep his private life as private as he could, all in an effort to boost her, to show people he was utterly crazy about her and no amoiunt of online bile would change that.  
Still, it pissed him off that he still received a slew of negativity regarding his relationship with her, people commenting on pictures of him and her together, reposting them with her cut out entirely from photos and videos, prompting him to once retaliate by posting a video to his stories of him repeatedly kissing her cheek while saying ‘Look! You can’t crop her out!’ over and over as she’d giggled.  
He wouldn’t usually be bothered, but he saw the toll it took on Mia and hated it, how people wished for her to simply not exist in his life, how their green-eyed jealousy dictated they make as many people as possible believe her to be unsuitable for him and a bad person, all because she used to have sex for a living. Fan girls, he realised, could be the utter worst, and the most outspoken.
For the most part, though, both attempted to do the adult thing and ignore it. ‘It’s us against the world, monkey’ Chris used to often remind her, Mia thanking her stars she’d met someone so supportive of her.  
“Erm, what are you doing?” she asked, her overly amorous boyfriend trying to slip his hand into her workout leggings.  
“What do you think?”
“I think you're trying to have your way with me when we’re not exactly in the most private of locations for that to happen!” Attempting to wriggle away, she failed, his hand delving further down. “Chris! There’s people right behind us still bringing stuff in!”
“You have a staff room with a lockable door, though.” True, she did.  
“I can’t just vanish with you; it’ll look too obvious!”
“I’m not planning on being long.” With the knowledge of exactly what he could do to her in ten minutes, Mia suddenly grinned and had a change of heart, whispering to him to follow her into the staff room in five minutes.  
She left him there burning on the promise, heading into the almost empty staff room, seating herself on the solitary table over in the far corner. He didn’t quite leave it five minutes, entering the room and gesturing down to where his cock tented his sweats as he came in, locking the door behind him.
“Yeah, it would have been longer, but you got him all excited.” He told her, advancing on her hungrily, kissing the life out of her as his hands ripped down her top, grasping her amazing boobs as his tongue plunged into her mouth. She was always knocked sideways by the force of his passion for her at times, thrumming with erotic energy as her body woke up to his touch, her nails sliding over his beard and down his neck.
He yanked at her leggings, Mia kicking off her flip flops to assist with their removal before focusing on the hardness pointing right at her through his black sweats. Or at least, she tried to, Chris ducking down and yanking her to the edge of the table, his mouth connecting with her pussy in a strong suck. He groaned around his mouthful of her, her taste as deliciously delectable as ever, her soft, quiet little moans causing his cock to stiffen further.  
They had no time for anything but fast paced pleasure, save the guys bringing in the furniture and equipment waiting around for a signature from either of the two absconded people, Mia clutching his head as he ate her rapaciously, feeling her beginning to dampen his tongue.  
She felt her slick muscles widening in anticipation of receiving his thick hardness, that girthy cock sliding into her after he’d stood and pulled down his sweats, her legs winding around his waist as he gripped her thighs, utterly railing her against the table, both panting through their noses as their mouths locked together in heated, consuming kisses.  
He filled and emptied her at a frenzied pace, mouth moving to her neck, groaning deeply as he covered her flesh in open mouthed kisses. Each hard thrust delivered a burst of ebullient pleasure, her g spot twitching, her nails raking across the back of his neck, Chris picking her up and pressing her against the wall instead when the table began to clatter furiously.  
Every inch of him dragged pleasure against her walls, heat skittering up her spine as she wailed, his mouth covering hers to silence her, his fingernails leaving pink crescents in her ass from the force he gripped her with, driving himself into her ferociously.  
Their bodies moved together in furious culmination, both coming quietly with a series of stifled groans, glistening and panting in the aftermath as they quickly pulled themselves back into their clothes, Chris giving her a few heated kisses before they left the room, arriving back out to two waiting delivery men who, from the looks on their faces, definitely worked out the cause of their absence.  
The next time they were in that space together, it was in the company of all the people who Mia didn’t think would turn up, her grand opening party an absolute success. Chris was glad, as he stood back and watched her mingle, signing people up for classes. 
He was so proud of her, watching her natural gregariousness take over, her nerves dissipating when she saw that yes, people truly did want to know who Mia Smith was, what she was all about. ‘RIP, Mia Massacre’ he thought, just as a hand touched his shoulder.  
“Gwen, hey!” Welcoming his girlfriend’s mother with a hug, he waved to Phil over her shoulder who was in conversation with Amber, the one person from Mia’s past he was glad had turned up to lend her support. She was a true friend to his girl.  
“Hi, handsome. Look at this turnout! I’m so pleased. The day we were both waiting for came a lot sooner than I think either of us anticipated, didn’t it?” she replied, sipping her drink.  
“I know, I’m so stoked for her. All she needed was to have a little bit of faith in herself.” Looking over to where she’d just handed out some goodie bags to people who had signed up for a full membership, he caught her eye, winking with a smile.  
Looking at both her mom and her love smiling so proudly at her, it made Mia feel enormously lit up inside. She felt like she’d arrived. Of course, she’d been proud of her career before, but she knew she had to make the leap, to be happy, to live life on her terms, to know that the people who loved her the most weren’t scared to death for her because she was making all the wrong decisions purely out of fear.  
“Nope, definitely not so scary,” she whispered to herself, taking a cocktail from the tray of one of the wait staff she’d hired to carry around healthy snacks and low-calorie drinks, sipping it as she looked around at all the people there present. All there because of her.  
“You did it, muffin,” Cedric spoke at her shoulder, making her jump. She leaned back into his embrace, turning to kiss his cheek as she wound her arm around his shoulders.  
“I did, didn’t I?”  
“And you have him, too. Absolutely, categorically unfair,” he added with mock drama, nodding in Chris’s direction. “I can’t think of a single person more deserving either. Love you, babe.”  
She gave a small speech in thanks for everyone who had turned up, crediting the group of young girls who were also in attendance whom she’d met down at the beach for giving her the push to do it, the kids having no idea and looking utterly thrilled to be mentioned, even more so when Chris made his way over to give each of them a hug and pose for pictures.  
They were the last two to leave, locking up the studio and heading back home just as the sun was beginning to set. Once home, she changed into her comfortable clothes, a cropped top along with her pyjama bottoms, grabbing a beer from the fridge and going to stand out on the terrace, watching the ocean.  
“Oh god!” she squeaked after jumping in surprise, the presence of a cold beer bottle being held to her back alerting her to Chris’s arrival.
“Nah, just me.” Turning her head, she rolled her eyes, kissing the side of his neck. “How’d you feel, monkey?”
“Accomplished. I just have to hope that all those people who signed up actually stick to it. I have a long road ahead, in making it a successful business, but I’m ready. I made a success of myself in porn, I can do the same in yoga. No bad dragon toys needed either,” She laughed, leaning back in his embrace.
“Maybe don’t get rid of them, though. I can think of a few uses for ‘em,” he commented, sipping his wine nonchalantly, winking when she raised her eyebrows at him.
“Dirty bastard.”
“Hey, you chose me.” She laughed hard at that, kissing his cheek. She certainly did, and she’d choose him all over again if she had to. Through being with Chris, her life looked completely different to how it had just twelve months ago, but she wouldn’t change it for the world. The only thing she did change was her name, to Hemsworth, when they married six months later.
The End.  
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the-iceni-bitch · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
✨You guys!!!!! ✨
It is still so weird to me that so many of you have followed my freaky blog. I cannot believe that 3000 of you are into the nasty shit I churn out!
To celebrate, I’ve decided to do a little drabble request extravaganza.
Here’s some rules for those of you who want to play:
First spin the kink wheel! You can pick up to two kinks per request
Then spin the character wheel! If your kinks lend themselves to more than one character you can obvs pick more than one 😉
Last, the prompt wheel! There’s a butt load so you can pick three dialogue prompts per request!
Once you’ve got your results, send me an ask (anon or not) and I’ll churn out a drabble with them! (Or as close to a drabble as my no chill ass can do) and if you want me to write for one of my established couples just let me know 😉
I’m not gonna give a definitive timetable for how fast I’ll churn these out, but I promise I’ll get to all of them as fast as I can! I will also post when I’m closing the requests.
Love and appreciate all of you babes!!! 💖💖💖
Tagging some lovelies who may be interested:
@starlightcrystalline @stargazingfangirl18 @msmarvelwrites @sweeterthanthis @afriendlyblackhottie @gotnofucks @wayward-blonde @cockslut-padalecki @chrissquares @drabblewithfrannybarnes @donutloverxo @ghotifishreads @ozarkthedog @labella420 @babyboibucky @babiiface95 @chubbybuckydumpling @slothspaghettiwrites @jack-skellingtons-stuff @anthonyjanthony666 @captain-asguard @angrythingstarlight @navybrat817 @diaryofabeautyfiend @kristopbishta @hevans-angel @bonkywobble @a-little-counter-esperanto @angrybirdcr @sweater-daddiesdumbdork @thedarkplume @saint-bvcky @addikted-2-dopamine @januarystears @foxgloveprincess
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❝𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧❞ — 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 (𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨𝐨𝐧)
Tumblr media
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tripleyeeet · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Thor has always been bad at keeping secrets.  
PAIRINGS: Thor Odinson x Asgardian!Reader
WARNINGS: Literally none. Just loads of fluff. 
A/N: This was a little drabble request from @raruma935​​ for the sleepover! Hope you like it! Also, if you want your own MCU drabble I’m still taking requests until the 7th so hit me up! :) 
Tumblr media
Thor’s always been bad at keeping secrets. Little ones, big ones; anytime anyone tells him anything within the hour he’s spilling out his guts to the nearest scullery maid, making a show of whatever information he’s managed to gather up. 
It’s something that’s always plagued him —the inability to keep his mouth shut and just move on from whatever information he’s managed to soak up from his peers. Whenever it happens he always gets antsy and reckless, his body moving to and fro; unable to retain that sense of calm he knows he has to have whenever someone tells him the kind of thing that requires any semblance of confidentiality. 
It makes the whole ordeal obvious, which is why when you find him outside in the gardens, pacing back and forth like the world’s about to end, you know someone’s told him something they shouldn’t have.
Somehow he’s managed to uncover a deep secret and he’s panicking —mulling over the consequences he knows that will inevitably come forward once he opens his mouth. 
Ebbing and flowing through the greenery, he dodges the leaves that hang off the branches that surround the area; his eyes narrowing every time he gets too close and has to duck out of the way.
In all honesty he looks almost angry; most likely frustrated at the thought of the inevitable outcome he envisions in his mind. Whatever he’s heard isn’t good and he knows he’s bound to utter the truths of it one way or another causing an obvious feeling of guilt to rise through his chest.  
Out of habit you press your lips together nervously and walk towards him, noticing the way his hands seem to tighten around themselves, the skin on his fingers glowing with heat and vexation as he continues to stomp his way through the dirt. 
Sighing, you wander up behind him, your hand moving to the base of his upper back before sliding across the fabric of his shirt to dig into his shoulder.
“What’s wrong?” you ask and before you know it he’s turning around and grabbing your wrist, the warmth of his fingers enveloping your skin. 
“Is it true?” 
You scrunch up your face in confusion, searching his face for answers even though you know within moments he’ll most likely utter them himself. “Is what true?”
Thor stops, mouth half open. Like you, he knows he’s bound to talk —bound to release whatever pent up thoughts are racing through his head as he stares into your eyes, searching for answers of his own. 
“Do you love me?” He utters quietly, his voice barely above a whisper as he looks down at the vein along your inner wrist, noticing the way it’s suddenly pulsating under his touch. 
Immediately you swallow hard, hearing his words echo through your ears as you instinctively lean in close feeling the heat of his breath against your face. 
For once in your life you’re almost surprised that he’s talking —surprised that he’s revealing his thoughts so carelessly into the air. 
You both know it’s something he does, something that he’s always done and will continue to do, yet you’re absolutely floored. Unable to process words or feelings as you feel the grip of his hand begin to loosen and slide up the length of your arm until eventually his fingers find refuge against the softness of your cheek. 
“You can speak honestly,” he says, a small almost calm smile creeping across his lips as the pads of his fingers press themselves firmly into the side of your face. “There are no secrets between us.” 
Against the backing of your ribcage you can feel your heart beating and your stomach twisting, both of them working against you as you attempt to focus on the way Thor’s eyes seem to brighten at the image of your face. 
Is he in love with me too? you ask yourself, pulling your bottom lip between your teeth to push down the smile that stings the edges of your mouth, threatening to give away the secret that you’ve been hiding. 
Because at this point you’ve been hiding it for so long. Behind closed doors, you’ve longed for his attention and touch, dreaming of the moment you’d finally gain the courage to tell him yourself rather than let it slip through the lips of others. 
“Who told you?”
You’re not sure why you ask or why suddenly you care so much but for some reason you do and it bothers you.
You were supposed to be the one to tell him —the one to awkwardly stammer through your words as you professed your love to him. You were supposed to be the one in control. 
“I can’t tell you. Not until you tell me,” he says, holding your face so tightly in his hand that part of you wonders if maybe you’ll break. Maybe you’ll shatter beneath his grasp from the sheer embarrassment you can feel filling up your cheeks and coating your mind. 
“That doesn’t seem very fair.” 
“There is no fairness in life, my love,” he chuckles.  
“I beg to differ, my love,” you retort cheekily, noticing the way his brows slowly travel towards the middle of his face. 
At that point you recognize the confusion; that look he sometimes gets when he doesn’t quite understand a joke. Oftentimes he scrunches his nose and furrows his brows, always looking to you for the answer because he knows you’ll tell him.
You’ll tell him anything he wants because there are no secrets between you. No hidden agendas within the confines of your relationship. 
Thor is everything you’ve ever wanted and more and although the idea of losing him over the feelings that lock themselves inside your chest out of fear, you know deep down that this next moment will be worth it.
Everything in the end will be worth it as you feel your body begin to move, your hands advancing up the base of his arms to wrap around his neck as you pull yourself upwards. 
Against you Thor tightens his grip, taking your hip in his hand as the two of you work together to close the gap between you, starting at your chests and ending at your lips, forming a connection that practically melts your brain. 
Suddenly your skin is hot, scolding underneath the touch of the hands that roam and grip the parts of you you’ve long since yearned for him to grab. Everything’s desperate and needy, the movement of your lips quickly becoming clumsy as you feel your teeth smack against his own. 
Laughing, you find yourself tickled by the vibrations, causing you both to pull away and smile, the base of your cheeks high and aching, no longer able to contain the happiness you feel radiating out of your system.
“So, who told you?” 
Once again, Thor laughs, his fingers moving to caress your temple, holding you tight as he leans forward and kisses your face. 
“Sorry, can’t tell you. It’s a secret.” 
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: @divine-mistake​ @elijahs-wife​ @kyleed24​ @myguiltypleasures21​ @the-scarletbitch​ @nectav​ @vintagepigeon​ @blackberrybucky​
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