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#thor x female reader
myywritingspot · a day ago
Loki introduces you to Thor
Tumblr media
|Gender neutral reader x Loki
|No warnings (However do let me know?)
“Do you think he’s going to like me”
You asked nervously, playing with his long fingers as you two were relaxing in his chamber.
“Please y/n, he likes everyone, he’s like a human misgardian puppy” Loki laughed but when he turned around to see you he noticed you were truly nervous, he had a soft smile in his face, he held your cheek with the hand you were not holding as you kept playing with the other, something he had gotten used to and didn’t bother him, in fact thought it was very adorable.
“Y/n...Y/n you mean the entire world for me, of all the 9 realms and in all the many universes, there’s nothing or anyone I’d choose that’s not you. You make me feel loved, cared for and I want to give the same to you. I know my brother, Thor has his likes and dislikes, many times, I’m his dislikes, but you’re the most lovable person despite having a little mischief in you as well.” He paused to kiss you softly “ My dear. there’s no way Thor wouldn’t like you, nor my...nor my father, Odin.” He paused on his name, still processing that last part but his focus went back to you.
Your entire face turned red and you succumbed to his touch, his long cold fingers holding your chin as his lips kissed your forehead.
The servants were preparing you in a separate room meanwhile Loki and Thor chatted.
All your garments and accessories were gold and green, quite alike Loki’s which wasn’t intended, they just happened to be your favorite colors as well. The ends of the long sleeves and the shoulders were gold and the rest of the fabric was a fancy texture and hue of green. You were a bit unsure and nervous to come out the room, you took a big deep breath before opening the gate and made your way to where Loki and the rest were.
As soon as you walked into the long room filled of columns and the smallest most elegant details you felt as if you were too small or like you barely belonged if it wasn’t for Loki.
Suddenly all eyes were on you, most of them, a big majority were kind and welcoming faces with big smiles on their faces.
Loki was astonished when he noticed your garments, mentally already drooling, he might have let a bit of drooling out, enough for Thor to grin.
“You look fantastic, rocking those clothes y/n” Thor said way too excited letting out a laugh which was very contagious making you smile and giggle as your face turned red.
Loki set his eyes on you and it was like an internal communication, actually that was one of your many intimacy love languages, holding these “telepathic conversations”. You got closer to them and started to play with your wrists nervously taking breaths as you walked.
You extended your arm to greet Thor but instead he went in for a full bear hug, you felt as if he was crushing your insides.
“Hello Y/n, I’m Thor as you may know already, I hope my brother didn’t say false things about me to you”
He introduced himself to you still embracing you but Loki told him to let you breathe or else he was gonna crush you so he pulled away from the hug.
“He didn’t, although he did say that’s not your natural hair color” you said as a joke, hoping it was okay to say so in the inside and he laughed incredibly loud. “But no, he didn’t, I was quite nervous to meet you though, I’m y/n as you also know already”
“Yes he did say QUITE A LOT about you” Thor gave a small flirty eyebrow look and laughed “as soon as he said you can be as mischievous as him I knew I was doomed, having two people to look out for from now on, but I’m very happy my brother has found someone who gives him all the love and is on his same level, though more mature I hope”.
Loki could not care less about how Thor ended his words, he would be offended, and he might be later but at that exact moment it felt like fireworks going off inside of him. He looked at you, at your face full of happiness, no worries nor nerves left, you were smiling so big and laughing; everything connected like a finished puzzle. He was happy because he found you, you were happy because you found him, and the most important person to him was happy and proud of both of you, of course if his mom could be there she would be too that was assured. Loki let out a shy smile and bit his lip. He felt like he was in cloud nine.
He quickly held your hand in his and it stayed that way the rest of the visit, and as you chatted with everyone he was standing beside you making the comments he usually does and being Loki.
As it got late you two were sitting in the room you previously were getting dressed in, sitting at the end of a large bed, your head resting on the crook of his neck as both of your hands were playing.
“See, I told you Thor would adore you my dear, you had nothing to worry about from now on, and if anyone were to dislike you, remember, I’ve got powers, I can make them regret that quickly”
That sounds very much like Loki to you, you let out a small laugh before kissing him, connecting your lips to his followed by his hand letting go of yours only to be placed softly on the side of your face holding it in place.
“I love you Loki, thank you for this wonderful day”
“No, thank you for this wonderful life Y/n”
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gigglysokkamcu · 2 days ago
I have a shorter one for y’all today! I just wanted a little something to put out! I have a lot of another one written out that I’m hoping to finish soon!
This one has a crap ton of fluff with the reader as (you guessed it) Thor and Loki’s younger sister! SO EVERYTHING IS PLATONIC
Peter also appears for a tiny bit :)
Warnings: lmao just siblings being siblings I guess
Word Count: 984
We Haven’t Done that in a While
“Thor, come on!” You yelled. He had you somewhat pinned to the ground after a small sparring match between the two of you.
You decided to make use of the weights room in the compound. It had been a while since you had trained, so you were a bit rusty.
“Well, you shouldn’t have cheated!” Thor struggled to keep you down. After all, you were the goddess of strength.
“It’s not my fault! Loki isn’t the best influence!” You grunted as you tried your best to raise your arm up.
“Stop struggling or I’ll resort to torture!” Thor threatened playfully.
“Torture?” You didn’t believe him for one second, “If you torture me I know plenty of people who would come to my rescue!”
“Not if it’s this,” Thor raised one of his hands in a claw while wiggling his fingers.
He wouldn’t dare.
Before Loki had taken over the throne and Ragnarok happened, your brothers would tickle you all of the time, but you had grown up a lot since then. You were almost what was considered to be the age of a legal adult on earth.
“No! Not that! Thor! I’m too old for thi-HIS!” You started laughing hysterically as Thor clawed your stomach.
“You’re never too old!” Thor chuckled, “Especially since you’re my baby sister!” He teased you and switched to your ribs.
“I’M NOHOT A BABEHEE!” You cackled.
“Yes you are,” Thor teased again, “Only babies are ticklish, so you must be a baby!”
“THAHAT’S NOT TRUE!” You shouted.
“What is going on here?” A familiar voice rang out in the room.
Thor temporarily stopped to let you breathe and you saw Loki standing in the doorway of the room.
“Oh, you know, just tickling Y/n,” Thor said casually.
“He called me a baby!” You struggled to get out of his grip.
“Well you are one, for many reasons,” Loki teased, which made you scoff, “but, I know that this one is still just as bad as you. Maybe even worse.” Loki pointed to Thor, whose eyes went wide.
Thor immediately let you go, but you practically shot your hands to Thor’s ribs, making him fall over in laughter next to you.
For a man with a deep voice, his laugh was surprisingly airy, but it was still loud.
You couldn’t stop giggling along with Thor’s contagious laughter, and when you suddenly felt a hand skittering over your own ribs, you pulled your hands away from Thor and both of your laughter filled the air.
Loki looked down on both of his siblings’ carefree faces and couldn’t help but smile. Loki also couldn’t help but notice how similar you were.
The way both of your noses scrunched and even how your laughter sounded. The way both of you were physically stronger than him and yet here you were, being tickled to pieces on the floor.
“LOKIHEEHEE!” You squealed as he took his attention away from Thor and began poking your stomach.
“Aww, dear sister, we haven’t done this in far too long,” Loki squeezed your sides and chuckled at your adorable laughter that came afterwards.
You were getting close to your breaking point until Loki was suddenly not on top of you anymore.
You sat up to see Thor pinning Loki and digging into his ribs.
“You’re right, baby brother, we haven’t done this in far too long.” Thor giggled at Loki’s flustered state.
“I’M NOHOT A BABEHEE!” Loki shrieked. You stood up and folded your arms across your chest.
“That’s exactly what I said, Loki,” you smirked, “According to Thor, only babies are ticklish, so that would make you two babies as well.”
Thor laughed before he stopped tormenting Loki and wrapped him in a hug while he was still on the ground.
You walked over to where your brothers were “hugging” and watched as Loki struggled to get out.
“Get off of me you tree!” Loki shouted from underneath him. You laughed at Loki’s name calling before Thor grabbed your ankle.
“Come here you,” Thor growled playfully and pulled you to the ground before squishing you in with Loki.
“Thor, I’m literally dying!” You tried squirming out from under Thor, but it was no use. Your arms were trapped.
“You’re literally dying?” Thor finally got up off of you and grinned almost evilly, “Would you like me to kill you?” He held up his fingers in a claw again.
It’s not that you didn’t want more love from your brothers, it’s just that you probably could not take any more.
“Nope! I’m good!” You grabbed his hand with yours and giggled in exhaustion before he let both of you up.
Loki grabbed his ribs and glared at Thor.
“I was almost squished to death,” Loki hissed. He looked angry but you knew he had fun.
“I thought it was nice,” you smiled. You threw your arms around Thor’s shoulders and gave him a hug, “We haven’t done that in a while.”
Thor smiled at your comment and held onto your hands.
Both of your brothers knew you loved it when you used to play back on Asgard, and they were glad you still did.
“Why do you look so angry, Loki?” You held back a smile, “I know you had fun.”
“If anyone finds out about this I will kill you two,” Loki whined.
“Too late,” another voice came from the doorway.
Of course it was Peter, and of course he had been recording on his phone.
“Peter,” Thor let go of your hands and stood up, “How long have you been standing there?”
“Ever since I saw Loki heading to the room,” Peter smirked.
You and Thor gave each other a look before looking back at Loki. All three of you were thinking the same thing.
Not too long after, Peter’s shrill laughter could be heard throughout the compound, as well as the heavy footsteps of three Odinsons.
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charnelhouse · 4 days ago
Your latest Thor fic reblog using Endgame!Thor is making me feel things. How would his reader react to seeing him at that point in the timeline, so different from how they remember the shining prince of Asgard? Darker, sharper, (maybe even a touch feral?); a little broken under the weight of events. What does he care for niceties when his world has fallen apart and he thinks the fault lay with him?
Tumblr media
A/N: Thor x F!Reader. Rough Smut. Self-Destruction. Thor being a lil dark and sad obvi.
You can see it on his face as soon as he opens the door.
Confusion sliding into realization sliding into horror.
“What are you doing here?” he hisses before he glances down at himself and visibly jerks. He turns around - disappearing back into his house. You assume it’s alright to follow.
You aren’t surprised by his appearance. Val had told you as much.
“He’s not as you left him.”
“What do you mean?”
“Grief has made him harder. He eats and drinks. Hides in that little hut. He barely leaves it.”
“Do you want a drink?” he asks before he’s already tossing you a beer. You catch it firmly. It’s warm - the bottle is slippery in your hands. He settles into his couch - his t-shirt riding up over his belly. You can barely see his face due to all his overgrown hair. You’d never seen it that tangled before - that long and unruly.
You sit down in the seat across from him. You have no idea what to do with this. You had come with every intention of trying to help him - prod him until he’d speak to you. Val had called you - told you to return to New Asgard: He’s not himself. I think he needs real help. He needs you.
He regards you with careful eyes before the edge of his lips quirk up. “You look very pretty.”
You grin at him. “So do you.”
He snorts - taking a heavy gulp of his beer. “You’re hilarious, my love.”
You frown. “I mean it. It’s good to see you.”
He sighs. “I’m afraid I didn’t expect you. I would have - “ He gestures around - grimacing. “-cleaned up.”
“No need. It was rude of me to show up.”
“I suppose it was,” he replies. “You’ve been running around with the Avengers?”
You nod, sucking your lip between your teeth. “Helping Natasha. Had to keep busy after...everything.”
It had been your own way to handle your grief after losing nearly everyone you had ever known. You had lost Loki. You had lost Thor to a degree. You had stayed with him as long as you could but he had been so upset - shoving you away until you had finally left. He had been almost cruel about it.
“You should stay away from me. Everything I touch falls apart. Everyone I love dies.”
“I failed them and I will fail you too.”
He had hurt you with his words. Even when he fucked you, he felt far away. He’d roll his hips into you - staring at the wall or over your shoulder. He’d be rough and sharp - snapping the thick of him inside your cunt until you’d bruise. He’d shove you against the counter - fingers harsh between your legs as he wrenched your hair back and sunk his teeth into your shoulder just as he speared his cock to the hilt. It wasn’t necessarily bad, it was feral sex. Animalistic. You could handle it. You liked it even. But - he scared you sometimes. He’d pull out and leave the room - distancing himself - unable to find comfort in the aftercare. You’d try to wrap your arms around him and he’d flinch - gently nudging you away. Not now, little one. I’m sorry.
Finally - you’d had such a terrible argument that you left him. You were grieving just as he was, but he refused to acknowledge it or meet you halfway. You needed a fight and Natasha could use you.
Still - you loved him.
The years away from him had made you ache. You had felt his loss considerably - the shape of him branded into your heart and core and lungs.
You stare at him and he averts his gaze - scratching at the back of his neck.
“I missed you,” you confess - feeling a soft burn behind your nose - your eyes. Your head throbbed.
He exhales sharply out of his nose. “I can’t say that I’ve done all that well without you.”
“You’re mourning, Thor,” you assure him. “It’s normal to deal with it in your own way. Don’t be ashamed about it.”
He swallows thickly as he picks at the label on his beer bottle. “You’ve only blossomed.” He sniffs. “I don’t know what I’m doing - “
“Thor,” you murmur - a brush desperate. You don’t even know you’re moving until you climb over the coffee table and you’re straddling his lap.
He seems surprised - the bottle falling out of his hands and splashing over the stained couch. He automatically clasps your hips and you grasp the hinge of his jaw - tilting his face up to meet yours.
“I love you,” you murmur - your mouth hovering over his. He squeezes your ass, while his belly presses up against you. You can feel him twitch in his sweatpants.
You sweep your thumb over his cheekbone, rubbing slow, soft circles to soothe him. His breath is warm against your lips. He smells like sweat - the masculine bite of musk that is so distinct to him. You know he hasn’t showered in a while - you know that he’s almost sticky with it but you don’t care.
“Are you sure?” he asks - slightly incredulous and more sad. “I’m - I’m not what I was.”
You narrow your eyes as you tug him closer. “I don’t care. I want you -” You press a kiss to his bearded jaw - another to his nose before you reach his pink mouth. You lower your voice to something silky. “-my king.”
His eyes widen before the blue turns pitch-dark, becoming something burning and hungry. He grinds his hips beneath your thighs - his grip tightening. “I’ve missed you, too,” he grunts - the blunt prod of him rubbing up against your cunt.
You crash your lips to his - parting the seam of them as you dip your tongue into his mouth. It’s a furious kiss - a mess of emotion as he moves his hands from your ass to tangle in your hair.
“My sweet girl,” he whispers between the slide of your lips. “You came back to me.”
It’s rough and a little awkward as you try to ruck your jeans down while pulling off his sweats. He touches your cunt - skimming his knuckles between your folds as he growls: “You’re so wet for me.” He sounds stunned - awed - and you grab his face again to kiss him frantically.
You ease yourself down on him and it’s the stretch you had missed. Your thighs spread open over the bulk of his own - the mass of him clutching you closer. He won’t let you breathe as he keeps his mouth to yours - swallowing your tongue before he starts rutting into you.
“Fuck,” he pants. “Fuck I had missed this - missed your tight little cunt and your pretty mouth.”
You ride him quick - letting him drag you forward and shove you back so that he’s sheathed into the channel of your pussy over and over. The spongy head of his cock punches up against your sweet spot and you burrow your face into his throat as you try to muffle your whines.
He pulls your hair, yanking it back so he can study your expression - his eyes pinning you down as he meets your gaze head-on. “Let me see you,” he begs. “I want to see you.”
It’s so good as he splits you on his cock. You cannot get enough of him as your nails rake down his shoulders and your nipples rasp across his chest. It’s a mess - a hurricane of hot sounds - slapping wet skin and the squelch of your sex taking him to the hilt. The couch squeaks beneath him and you think it might break with how hard he’s fucking you.
It goes and goes - wild and frantic. You are trying to snap him back together. You long to glue him with your lips and your slick and your spit as you stroke him and soothe him and tell him how fucking strong he is and how easily he makes you cum.
It’s a lot. It’s maybe too much.
Or maybe not enough.
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balenciagabucky · 4 days ago
˚。⋆୨୧˚𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐨𝐨˚୨୧⋆。˚
Tumblr media
‧̍̊˙· 𓆝.°𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞 。˚𓆛˚。 °𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 .𓆞 ·˙‧̍̊
pairing ☽˚⁀➷。 thor odinson x fem!reader
word count ☽˚⁀➷。 1,044
summary ☽˚⁀➷。 after a stressful day, thor takes care of you
warnings ☽˚⁀➷。 anxiety, not feeling good enough, unprotected sex, insecurities, soft thor, intimacy, praise, oral receiving, eye contact, fluff if you squint, reassurance, passionate sex. living in asgard, being a queen, intimacy
authors note ☽˚⁀➷。 enjoy this new layout, i might start doing, i wrote this back in early march but never released it, PLEASE REBLOG MY TAGLIST IS ENDING ON JULY 10TH PLEASE FOLLOW @dulceslibrary AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN I POST 18+ ONLY,, feedback is appreciated i’m an international…super spy…super spy…SUPER SPPPYYYYYYYY
Though it seemed as if the king had most of the duties, as queen it was a lot for you to handle considering the fact that you had no idea what you were doing. He told you that it was probably going to be a lot. you knew that, you knew it would be tough, but you loved that man more than anything, so when he asked you to go back to asgard with him as he served with the title, how could you leave him.
As you walked across the bedroom, rubbing lotion on your arms and hands, you sat on the bed, thinking about everything you did today, it was much more than you had even thought you would do. you taught some of the younger kids some fighting skills, you signed treaties and laws, you even helped plan dinner for the next asgardian festival, but for some reason, you felt like it wasn't enough, like you could do better and it just was all going to go downwards in the end of it.
"There she is." Thor walked into the room, a big smile on his face. He placed a kiss on your forehead before walking to the bathroom. "How was your day my lady." He looked in the mirror trying to freshen himself up, he had a meeting with the council in less than fifteen minutes but anytime he had one, he would check on you, knowing you might be in a deep slumber before he would get back.
"Okay, I guess." you gave him a soft fake smile before, placing your legs on the bed and getting under the sheets, you thought your tone could pass off well enough but he knew you a little too well. your response caused him to look over at you, his eyebrows furrowed together.
"What's wrong y/n" he stopped what he was doing, giving his full attention to you, waiting for a response and when you didn't give him one, he walked to the bed and sat down next to you, asking again. "What's wrong?" His voice is soft as snow.
"I'm not fit to be a queen, I shouldn't have taken this title, I don't know what I'm truly doing." as you rambled on, he took your hands and kissed the knuckles on both sides. "you are fit to be MY queen, no one else's, anyone else doesn't matter..."
You looked at him and sighed softly before placing a hand to his cheek. He smiled at you before pressing a button, waiting for a guard to come. "Tell the council, I have more important matters to tend to tonight, I shall return to next week's meeting." He kept his eyes on yours as he said so.
The guard nodded and walked out of the room, closing the door and once it was closed, he pulled you into him, a deep passionate kiss shared between the two of you, you let your hands tangle in his hair and he let his big arms wrap around you, the feeling was so euphoric, you didn't want anything else, that wasn't until he placed you back on the bed, kissing every inch of your exposed skin, when he reached the bottom of your silk short nightgown he hiked it up, looking you in your eyes as he kissed the top of your right thigh.
As he kissed down both thighs he made sure he kept his eyes on yours, never looking away before opening your legs and pulling off your panties. He kissed your sensitive bud and smiled softly. "You're so gorgeous my love." he placed another kiss on it. "the most amazing queen." and another "no one else is like you." and with that he latched onto you, causing your body to arch off the bed, running a hand through his hair and another grabbing the sheets of the bed, you couldn't take the pleasure he was giving you.
He caught a glimpse of your reaction and let out a soft smirk, his tongue moving fast against you, your chest rising and falling, the moans from your mouth and the smacks from his echoing in the room. he pulled his mouth away and kissed up your body, placing his lips on yours once again as he got himself ready for, all you wanted was to feel him, let him love you so you could love him ten times more.
As he positioned himself, he kept his mouth on yours and as he slid in, he moaned into your mouth, causing you to do the same, his speed started off slow, kissing your forehead, your shoulder, your neck, anywhere he could just to make sure you knew he wanted intimacy. he whispered sweet nothings to you, causing you to feel the pool in your stomach begin to hike up. "Look at me." he said as he placed his forehead on yours. His strokes were slow but deep, painfully slow, but also in the most pleasurable way.
You placed your eyes on him as he continued, he cupped your cheek, the two of you just staring at each other while you felt him deep into you, the only sounds coming out of your mouth being grunts, moans, whimpers, cursed whispers, and each other's names. it wasn't until he spoke up that you realized how close you were to your release. "Let go my queen."
You searched his eyes for signs that he would release with you and he nodded and before you knew it, the two of you let go, the orgasms being the biggest one you felt in a while. he rode out the high, not stopping until he truly felt he was done and once he did he laid down next to you, looking at you while to proceeded to catch your breath. Soon you felt his arms around your body and his lips pressed against your forehead.
"I wouldn't have asked you to come to asgard with me if i didn't think you weren't fit to be queen, you're doing and extraordinary job and i couldn't be prouder." he smiled at you and you smiled back, sleepily before placing a kiss on his lips, soon falling asleep in the arms of your king.
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balenciagabucky · 5 days ago
pls we need more thor x reader in asgard like “sex on the throne” I loved it <3
His eyes, burning red as you sit back on the throne, your body open for him to see. His hands start with your hair, running his fingers through, wrapping around the strands as he draws you closer, his hot breath on your forehead. You close your eyes as he kisses over your eyes, your cheeks, then finding your lips, his mouth covering yours. You slip your tongue between his lips and enter his mouth, exploring, finding his tongue and catching it. You bite light and draw him in deep, tasting him, his growls of passion heard as you start to suck gently, then stronger as you feel his tongue start to grow, it's length flickering in the back of your throat. You moan deeply as you feel his hands move down your naked body, he covers your breasts as you lift and mold them into hands that suddenly spread out, covering you fully.
His thumb and forefingers manipulating your nipples, rubbing and pinching, they swell, filled with the sensitivity as it heightened as the passion flows over you, the wetness between your legs growing more with each touch, wanting him. Your breath catches and you moan again as you feel his palms change, tiny mouths and tongues frown on each, licking and sucking both nipples as his body changes with his cock being set free. A body changing, made for fulfilling a woman, fulfilling himself. His hands, the mouths on each, engulfing your nipples, sucking and biting both, harder, almost drawing blood. You’re in a frenzy, the feeling of exquisiteness, the ecstasy overcomes you as your legs shudder and you come, soaking the cushion beneath you.
As if knowing, he moves on hand down, covering you, feeling the wetness leak out of your throbbing body, elongating a finger he quickly slips it in and again,you wash over him as you feel his finger growing inside , probing you, the top of the finger having a tongue now, flickering deep inside of you. You scream aloud as you feel that passion overflowing. His one hand still pinching on a nipple, pinching hard, the nipple stretching and swelling, he covers your mouth with his again, cutting off another loud moan, his thumb, covering your swollen clit as he lets small shocks of electricity zap your sensitivity. You cry out from under his lips, violently as a massive climax flows from you, your body trembling hard, you come, flooding over him, drenching him, your hands gripping the arms of the throne that they are bloodless.
Thor quickly moves down and covers you with his mouth, drinking you in, tongue searching, playing with your clit as his finger is still deep inside of you, the tongue there continuing as well. You see the hardness of his cock. “I want to taste you.” You throatly say and suddenly you feel yourself being turned on the throne, your legs thrown open wide over the back of the chair and your head dangling over the bottom. You see Thor in front of your face, reaching out to you. You quickly take your hands and bring him to open your mouth, running your tongue over, then inside, the tip opening enough for you to slip your tongue inside, then with the thrust of his hips, he rams his cock into your mouth, stopping only at the back of your throat.
You swallow greedily and move your head so that he fills you more, sucking his cock with passion and moaning loudly as you feel his mouth again on you. His fingers spreading you open, sucking on your clit with equal passion the using his tongue, enter deeply. It changes, becoming a cock itself as he fucks you with his mouth. You suck harder on him, almost screaming again as you’re being fucked. His hands back on both of your nipples as his lips grab your clit and suck, another climax hits as you feel his come hitting the back of your throat, wave upon wave hits you, your body violently shuddering, neither of you stopping continuing to suck.
He roughly lays you over the side of the throne, entering into you from behind, sliding in noisily as you am slick with nectar, fucking you hard and roughly. His hands covering each breast, the hands still the same then moving to your mouth. You almost faint as you’re being fucked. Your cunt, both equally, both roughly, his mouth now biting and sucking on your neck, his palm biting and sucking your nipple, you are being filled from everywhere and can’t hold any longer.
Your body shaking as a roar escapes his lips, the leech fully emerges, your body feeling as if it is being split in two as you take him all in. You fall back into the ground as the explosion hits, his cock still buried inside you, the massive throbs forcing him to come deep inside of you. You cry out one last time as the last orgasms hit and continue. You’re both spent, both soaked with each other's fluids, he turns your body around to face him as he kisses you deeply and you look into his eyes, running a hand over his face. “My Lord, my body and soul, my love...forever yours…”
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Thor dirty talking but make it sound elegant he got that voice that makes calling me a slut sound like he's reading poetry🌸🌸
"A mortal like you, your delicate body taking the lustful fury of a Thunder God driven mad with passion? always controlling you, always careful not to damage you, always, until I can fuck you with all my power, make you scream as my cock slays you. As my cock ravages you until you beg for mercy.... can you beg for me Y/N?”
Sunddenly, in obedience to the command, Thor flipped you onto your back. Once more his cock ploughed your cunt with no restraint, no hesitation, no gentleness. You felt your orgasm charge forward to meet his new assault; only one man had ever mastered you, and that man was fucking you now. "That's it, you like how your god splits you in two... showing you no mercy... taking my pleasure of you, just to leave you broken... and aching... Cum with me, Y/N... l when you spend, I will fill you with my lightning, fill you with my thunder..." Further words became impossible as you felt yourself crest. You cried out in a gutteral, wordless voice, both a plea and a thanksgiving at the same time. You felt Thor's cock spew his seed inside you, his warmth spreading through your belly.. you came again, convulsing on his cockshaft, milking it of every last drop.
Thor rolled off you, and you collapsed on the ground, sweaty and sore from your satiation. You thought briefly, with a tinge of sadness, of how much more you would enjoy Thor's lovemaking if he was a willing participant, and all the delightful things you could do together. Sighing deeply, You turned to Thor and he began.
"Now sleep, my love... sleep, and remember only in your dreams how no other man can satisfy your lusts but me.... dream, and know that now and forever, you belong to the God of Thunder."
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To the Stars Who Listen- Part 15a
Tumblr media
Author: hela-avenger
Word Count: 1158
Summary: When Loki desires to never fall in love, he casts a spell to prevent such a thing from happening. Except, well, in the matters of love and magic, you never know the result it may have in the end. Loki x Reader
A/N: I’m hoping to finally get on a routine now that work seems to settle but we shall see! Btw this update is just pure angst so just take it in. 
Tags are open! (Send me an ask/message/response.)
TTSWL Masterlist
There’s nothing Tony could do to bring a smile to your face. He even called Peter up from school hoping the youngling would manage to do the impossible but even his youthful excitement wasn’t enough to crack a laugh from you. You remained silent and cold to everyone walking around the tower, a mere ghost to who you used to be. 
No one could blame you though. You had received the short end of the stick and no words of encouragement from anyone could get through to you. Not when you could see the lies that were laced with their words. 
Things are not going to get better. 
You are not going to be ok. 
That was the truth. At least for now it was. 
Though what everyone failed to notice as they were so preoccupied with you was the other hollow person under their roof. 
Loki remained silent and enclosed in his room. Thor assumed his brother was back into a sulking mood but it went deeper than that. If only Thor knew that his brother was more tormented than before. 
The balance that held Loki and you together no longer existed hence everything was off.
Not only to you and him, but to everyone. 
Natasha and Steve avoided you like the plague or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, you hadn’t seen them in a while and you didn’t wish to. 
As for the others, the one that took you by surprise was Tony’s immense focus to pick you right up. 
“You should eat more, kiddo,” Tony states as he shoves your plate back to you. “Asgardian-being or not, you need to eat.” 
The reminder of your sudden evolution makes you lose what little appetite you had left. You push the plate back and remain quiet. 
Tony sighs but doesn’t push it. He knew you would be bound to break if he persisted. Left with no choice, Tony leaves the untouched plate on the table hoping for you to relent and finally eat. With a sigh, he leaves the room finally allowing you to be consumed by your thoughts.
You glance down at your hands and sigh at the sight of the barely lit siphons. The need to use them grew less and less with each passing day. 
You didn’t feel any different but there was a difference. 
Everything felt more fragile in your hands. Your reflexes were more in tune and sharper than before. You required less and endured more.  
You were turning into a Goddess. Something many people would be glad to be. If only they knew the price that had to be paid.
The silver lining you desperately clung to disappeared alongside the humanity you so enjoyed. You knew this was the least of everyone’s problems and desperately wished to get over this slump you found yourself in but you couldn’t. 
You felt your emotions more deeply and to make it worse, you felt the emotions around you too. 
Natasha’s and Steve’s guilt. Thor’s confusion. Tony’s deep concern. 
Through it all, and what you hated to admit but knew was the truth, you found yourself missing the person you least wish to. 
Loki had always known what to say and knew exactly what you felt but he had betrayed you. He promised never to lie and he did and for something so trivial. 
You hadn’t seen him at all since your outburst. You didn’t mean to take it out on him but you were tired of everyone hiding things from you and lying to your face. Somehow Loki doing it too had made it worse. Out of everyone, you hadn’t expected him to turn his back on you but perhaps it was his nature.
Thor had once told you stories of Loki’s trickery. They ranged from petty pranks to an actual stabbing once but even through it all Thor loved him and trusted him still. 
You must be tired if you’re even considering forgiving Loki so you quickly rise from the table, ignoring the untouched plate, and make your way towards the windows. 
The mourning for your slipping humanity is enhanced as you watch the world continue on without you. Intrusive thoughts rain in again as you realize you will outlive your friends, your enemies, your own home too. Emotions crash into you and the anger returns once more. 
You're tired again so you rub your eyes and resign yourself into taking a short nap but that plan falls through when Friday alerts you. 
Avengers Assemble. All available agents get ready to depart. 
You’re quick to make your way to the helicarrier platform only to see everyone suited up and ready to go. Even Bruce, still regaled in his regular clothes, looked determined. 
“What’s going on?” 
This was the first time the entire team was called in together for something and you seemed to be intentionally left out of it. 
No one wants to answer your question and you blame your new power for it. 
It's too easy for you to reach for a flicker of power. It rejuvenates you instantly and you sense the shift in the air instantly. 
“We have a lead on the terrorist cell that took the book,” Steve answers. “Strange believes if we’re able to get it back there might be a chance to reverse everything without losing you.” 
He’s speaking the truth but you still feel unsettled. 
“You’re not telling me everything,” you point out. “I can see you hiding something.” 
Natasha calls out your name and your focus shifts to her. 
“We know what you’re doing. Please stop.” 
“Stop?” you repeat. “You think I can just stop this?” 
You step forward and you see them flinch at the simple act. You ignore it as you feel the truth so close to your reach. 
“I have sensed every lie told and every insincerity spouting out of your mouths. I have felt your closeted emotions and your runaround ways to hide the truth from me and others. It is an overwhelming weight to carry for the sake of keeping the peace but screw all of that. You want me to stop then perhaps you should have let Strange rip this power out of me and let me die.” 
Silence follows your outburst and you are slammed by everything once more.
The guilt is heavier, the concern is thicker, and Thor’s confusion has shifted into apprehension.  
They feared you. 
The power you reached for instinctively is suddenly gone and you feel cold and overwhelmed by it all.
You don’t recognize yourself anymore and it seemed like your friends didn’t either as you see them all on edge as if they were ready to take you on.
This was exactly what you feared and you alone were to blame.
You take a step back from them and you continue stepping back until you’re out of the platform and into the elevator. 
You had to get out of there. You had to get out now.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ please do not repost any of my fics or playlist, even if you give credit. MINORS DO NOT INTERACT. this blog is 18+ only, if you would like to repost my moodboards or headers please contact me first and give me credit. i do not allow any of my fics to be translated or transferred onto any other account or website
𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐨𝐨
: ̗̀➛ after a stressful day, thor takes care of you smut
𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐬 𝐛𝐲 𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐛𝐲 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬
: ̗̀➛ thor shows you how a god pleases his lover smut
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balenciagabucky · 6 days ago
𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐬 𝐛𝐲 𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐛𝐲 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬
Tumblr media
pairing || thor odinson x plus!size reader
word count || 1,257
summary || thor shows you how a god pleases his lover
warnings || teasing, pussy play, thor being fine as fuck
authors note || djwjxhwjdu first addition to the thor masterlist, we finna have fun w this man y’all PLEASE REBLOG MY TAGLIST IS ENDING ON JULY 10TH PLEASE FOLLOW @dulceslibrary AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN I POST 18+ ONLY,, feedback is appreciated
His hands run up and down your body, sliding over every curve. His right hand squeezes your thick thighs. Your lips meet in for a fiery, passionate embrace and his hands drop to your shorts. He squeezes your luscious ass and sends smack, you feel that warm throbbing in your midriff bursting into life and grow warm.
You pulled away from him as you smiled. You loved your boyfriend, he always gave the best kisses. They always were so passionate and as if he wouldn't see you again for years. He always made it sure that you knew his kisses had meaning behind them.
As you watched him walk to the bathroom, you grabbed a book you had been meaning to read and turned on the tv, for background noise. You opened the first page and low and behold, behind the frame was Thor, shirtless and walking towards you.
You can feel his breath move to your neck and kiss your ear as he whispers. "Just keep reading your book, I just want to taste you." The sound of his deep manly voice makes your pussy grow wet.
You bite down on your lip and let out a long sigh in answer as a smile spreads across your face. His hand traced a line from your shoulder down your spine, until he reached the clasp of your bra, where he unclasped it.
Your bra falls off of your body. The cold air quickly firming up your nipples to a hard peak. His lips meet them, they grow firmer, almost to the point of pain, and yet, you love every kiss he gives to them. The warmth in your midriff now radiates out to your toes, making you want to curl them. You can feel yourself getting wetter and wetter. Now his mouth sucks your nipples. A pant escapes your lips, your back arches slightly, making your pussy ache all the more. You grasp the book hard, turning the page and lick your lips, trying to focus your concentration on the white pages.
His hands now slide down, away from caressing your nipples, down to the top of your shorts where they find and open the bottom. You feel his hands guide your shorts off leaving you in your cotton panties. You try not to let out a whimper of expectancy while his fingers now trace lines on your inner thighs.
His fingers slowly reach the outskirts of your panties and they gently run in circles on top of them, just milimeters above your slit. Your clit tingles as his fingers slowly draw closer to it, the warmth beginning to throb harder and fiercer as his fingers draw ever closer and closer.
You turn the page of your book and push your hips outwards searching for his fingers, longing for him to touch it. He teasingly slides them away and then draws them back. He finally gives in and his fingers glide over the soft material covering your clit, a loud sharp gasp escaping your lips as his fingers cause a lightning bolt of pleasure, which races up through your body. His hands slowly slide up to the top of your panties, reaching the lace at the top and slowly pull them down gently.
You feel your clit get harder and the throbbing intensifies as you know that the pleasure’s not far away. Your dark sensual smell reaches out and fills the air, casting a spell on him to reach down and want to taste you even more than he already does. His fingers now slither to your opening, his fingers once again tease you as they circle around your clit. He sees your wetness glistening in the light, his fingers brush across your clit. Your body shudders as you cover your mouth and close your eyes. His fingers slide over your clit, the ringling throbbing, growing to a new height.
His fingers enter into your flower, you feel your muscles contract and relax on his fingers, the slowly exit your opening. His fingers glisten with your nectar and you peak down, seeing how wet they are due to you being soaked. He tastes your flavor sweet and sour, making his tongue tingle, he moves the book away from your face and offers his fingers to you. You slowly allow his fingers into your mouth,
He removes them from your mouth and gently enters your slit, sliding in and out, your body adapting to everytime they enter. His lips meet your hips, kissing slowly downwards towards your clit. They inch their way closer, his tongue now gently reaches out and reaches your hard clit. The feeling of his beard scratching down your skin, causing you to cover your face with the book, opening your mouth.
He, too, can now feel the throbbing in your clit, his tongue continues to snake its wat in circles over your clit, his lips then leave to gently press themselves over that spot you love, nobody but you knows where. His fingers continue to enter and slide out slowly, gaining speed and then decreasing, making you ache for more. His tongue copying his fingers varies the speed easing you all the more, until every time he slows down, he hears another whimper escape from your lips. Every exhale becomes a pant as he reaches peak speed, but this time you feel a difference. His hand starts off slower than normal and gently increases. His lips are in pressure, causing your back to arch and your hips press into him as his fingers continue to slide in and out.
He can feel your opening pulse and contract on his fingers. His fingers becoming wet with your nectar, his lips press against your pelvic bone just above your clit for the final time. He tentatively kisses a line down. Now his lips press against your clit and suck it, you gasp at the sudden increase in pleasure racing through your body and put your book down closing it. The fingers on his right hand continue to glide in and out of your opening. He replaces his lips with his left hand, changing the pressure, causing your clit to throb faster and it seems to swell even more.
His fingers continue to rub, gaining speed before losing it again. His hand however, never stops, just circling at the perfect pace for teasing; fast enough to drive you insane but not fast enough to drive you over the edge.
This time you feel Thor apply more pressure and rub much faster, his other fingers keep on thrusting into you, pumping in and out. You can feel that warm throbbing build up behind the opening of your pussy, you feel it draw closer and closer.
As Thor continued to rub more vigorously, you can feel the tidal wave of pleasure building, rearing its head. You start riding the pleasure. It breaks the waves of ecstasy rush around your body, making your toes curl. Thunder and dark clouds started to form outside. Your pussy starts contacting and squeezing Thor’s fingers so hard they feel like a vice grip. Your hands start to grip the sheets. Without realizing it, your back arches and you groan out loud, almost a scream.
As you feel the pleasure subside, he looks at you, his charming smirk and attaching his lips to your clit, letting his beard rub against your inner thighs, causing you to lay back, closing your eyes and getting ready to brace yourself for a long night of Thor eating you.
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peterbparkerth · 6 days ago
The Cloaked Rose -Chapter 4-
Tumblr media
Summary: What happens when a Psychic Nexus who feels anybody’s energy comes in contact with the Avengers but most importantly someone she thought she’ll never find.
Bucky X OC!Character
Avengers X Platonic!Character
A/N: The main character’s personality is based on myself and she’s not like Wanda just imagine the main character to be a different type of nexus and Wanda being just a witch not a nexus. Also it starts after Thanos dies meaning the falcon and winter soldier time but Tony and the rest are alive and Steve is a Nomad but the government is okay with him since He gave the shield to Sam. John Walker aka the US agent still exists but he’s on the down low. Loki is also an avenger now so chill.
Chapter 4
Alara’s POV
I had arrived at the compound, tony was there to receive me along with Steve, they were talking about something I couldn’t understand. “What are you old people talking about?” I ask them making tony look at me and roll his eyes.
“Hydra, they are also on the look out for the super soldier serum” Steve said, I nod and walk inside with them.
Everyone turns to look at us and Wanda walks up to me to hug me “Alara we missed you” Nat says as my luggage gets to the main floor. “So what happened?” Wanda asked me but all I could think was Bucky, he didn’t message me in the morning like he said he will.
“Alara!” Wanda said loudly, I got out of the thought and smile at her “sorry I was thinking about something” I said apologetically and she smiled widely “it’s fine Al, do you want my help to unpack your things?” She added as we get to my room.
“Thank you Wanda but I’m alright” I replied as I unzipped my luggage. It took me a while to get my things unpack and settle in before I walked down to the kitchen, on the way there Maria passes me a phone and I looked at her confused.
“Hello?” I say as I place the phone on my ear
“Hey beanbag” I hear Bucky on the other hand and I couldn’t stop chuckling at him
“I miss you” I finally tell him, feeling my heart beat even faster. For a minute there was a silence before I heard him speak again, “I’ll be back too love”.
Just then I heard sam’s voice telling them they have to go so we said our goodbyes and he ended the call. I kept smiling as I walked into the kitchen and made my cereal.
“So you talked to Bucky huh?” I heard Wanda say “you’re thinking about him” she added and I nodded as I took a bite of the cereal. “Are they coming soon?” Nat asked as she entered the kitchen. “Yeah soon” I replied.
We talked for a while more before taking out food to the lounge and eat. I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation, all I was thinking about was Bucky; then I realised something. I was falling in love with him and it’s terrifying.
Third Person POV
Many days has passed since Alara and Bucky talked and it was the last day of Bucky and Sam’s mission as they had just defeated Karli and her gang.
“Let’s go back home” Bucky said as he and Sam arrived at Sarah’s place, Sam looked at Bucky and smirked “so you’re saying you’re missing Alara”, Bucky chuckled and replied “no I.. can you stop” Sam rolls his eyes as they walk down to the main door after getting their bags. They said their goodbyes to Sarah and the kids and promised to meet them again.
They were on their way to the compound when Bucky got a message from Alara, telling him she’s glad he and Sam are coming back. He did reply back this time but with a flower emoji only.
This confused Alara because Bucky was never the one to send emoji, how did he even learned how to use them.
The moment everyone saw the quinjet land on the ground they all went down to greet them. As soon as Bucky saw Alara, he went to hug her and she shyly hugged him back. “Since when are you to not trying to kill each other?” Tony said in his sarcastic tone making both Alara and Bucky chuckle.
“Well things change” Bucky said as Wanda tried to read his mind. As they all went inside Tony announced that he’s throwing a party to welcome Morgan into the world. Bucky looked at Alara from a far and she looked back at him and smiled.
But they have no clue how the party might change their future. Alara and Wanda along with Nat went to shop for some dresses. They returned after few hours and as the party was about to start they quickly got dressed and walked down, wanda walked towards vision while Nat went to the bar leaving Alara alone in the hallway, she walked towards the sitting area when suddenly a man came to her and asked her for a dance.
She accepted the request not knowing what else to do. He led her to dance floor and as she was dancing she felt Bucky stare at her, Bucky on the other hand was staring at her; his anger was about to get the best of him as he got off the sofa and walked to the dance floor.
He pulled Alara away from the man and whispered in her ear “I need to talk to you about something Al”, this made Alara’s heart beat faster as she held his hand as he led her to the bar. Nat saw them approaching and Bucky nodded at her signaling her about something, that made Nat leave the bar for a bit.
Will this night change everything for Alara and Bucky?
@httpscarletwitch @madisondelstan
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jellybeannnn · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki never looks normal always insanely hot, he shows you his true self
Warnings: none really? maybe insecurity on Loki’s end.
“Loki?” You laid on against his bare chest in your bed.
“Hm?” Loki looked down to you and you prices that he looked like he’d combed his hair and brushed his teeth. He always looks so… perfect. How?
“You always look so nice. No bad angles, faces, hair, how?” He smiled and looked back down to you.
“You always look so beautiful. You’re a gift from Valhalla.”
“Thank you Loki, but it’s like you’re not human. Well you’re not but you get what I’m saying. Your hair is never out of place. You’re teeth are super white and your breath never stinks. You never stink, we could work out forever and you wouldn’t smell. How?”
“It’s a mask.” You frowned at his answer. They he followed with “over a mask.”
“Well take them off. It must be tiresome not showing yourself. I don’t want you to hide yourself from me.”
Loki rolled his neck and looked like he was contemplating what you were saying.
“I am a monster. My real form is Jötunn. I am cold to the touch. It would hurt me to touch you and more importantly it would hurt you to touch me.”
You listened to his words carefully and was happy that you had an general idea of what the Jötunn were. “I won’t touch you. Promise.”
“You’ve turned me soft.” He shook his head and stuck out his pinky finger.
“Soft? I’d say I’ve made you comfortable.” Your finger wrapped around his slender one.
“Don’t scream okay.” He looked nervous which made you frown.
“No matter the form you’re still my honey.” A green shimmer appeared and Loki was blue and a lot taller. His skin was not like the Jötunn you’ve seen photos of. It was a deep blue, his eyes were a light shade of red almost pink. “You’re beautiful.”
To you he did truly look beautiful in every form.
“I am a beast.” Your smile soon turned into a deep frown.
“No, you are Loki. Prince to the crown of Asgard. You are burdened with great purpose. You’re fulfilling it. You’re kind, intelligent, sweet, deserving, loved, and beautiful. Did I mention that you were the smartest person I’ve met.”
“That was flattering pet, thank you.” Loki shifted back to his æsir form and kissed you.
“I love you Lo.” You raked your fingers through Loki’s soft hair.
“I love your too pet.” Loki rested his head against your chest and drifted back to sleep as if you two hadn’t just woken up.
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charnelhouse · 8 days ago
Assuming Guardian!reader and Thor do have their babies, would you indulge me with a little lactation kink? He's the God of Fertility, I feel like he would be into it.
Tumblr media
A/N: Here you go my love. Lactation Kink. Over-stimulation. Pregnancy shiz and general filth.
Thor stares at you splayed out on your bed. You're tucked into the pillow - your blue nightgown folded between your legs. You blink sleepily at him - your lashes fluttering as you sweep your pink tongue over your lower lip.
The twins had finally gone to sleep. They’d kept both of you up all night - squalling and wet and flushed. Hungry. Thor had been stunned - completely floored that their little lungs could make such sounds.
They’re half you, Thor. Half-God.
He had forgotten that fact. Your pregnancy had been incredibly difficult as they rocked and pressed inside your belly. Their strengths apparent as they pounded into your ribs. Their hearts thrummed so loudly that Thor could catch the din from across the room.
He had almost been angry - furious at them for sucking your energy - for making you so ill and the very real possibility of them tearing you open when you birthed them. He would have carried them himself if he could. Val had nearly been forced to restrain him when you had started to scream in the hospital bed. He had shoved his brow to the side of your face and promised you it would be alright - that you were doing so well - that you were so strong...
And then they had come - a girl and a boy - beautiful and plump and looking very much like his mother.  He had forgotten his anger and fear and his love had grown to an unbearable swell as he cried and pressed his mouth to your hair. He had wedged himself into the hospital bed with you - despite half his body falling out of it. He watched them feed from your breasts - cooing and blinking and wrapping tiny fingers around Thor’s thumbs.
“They’re perfect.”
“They’re ours.”
The pink-gold slip of dawn warms the sheets below him. The color reminds him of their wedding - the spray of blush flowers caught in your hands and hair. You cast him a sidelong glance - sinking deeper into the pillows.
“You’re giving me that look.”
Thor jerks from his memory - shaking his head awake as his braids slap him in the chin. He blinks the sleep out of his eyes. “What look is that, wife?”
“You want to fuck.”
He grins - dragging himself closer to you. “I always want to fuck.”
Your lips twitch as you reach for him. He’s about to press his mouth to your throat before you freeze. You curse under your breath and he pulls his head away. “What is it?”
“Leaking,” you grumble as Thor watches the cups of your nightgown darken from the seeping milk.
There is something sensual about it and before he can stop himself - he skims his fingertips over your nipple - collecting the liquid and licking them clean. It’s sweet - warm and buttery.
You arch your eyebrow - regarding him with amusement. “Good, then?”
Thor’s nostrils flare. He can smell the musk of your cunt growing wet - taste the overwhelming honey of the milk that still sugars his tongue.
He growls.
“Fuck,” you whimper as he drinks from your swollen breasts. He’s hard between his legs - blood hot - and he swallows the natural blend of your formula while he fucks your wet little cunt with his fingers. You’re still sore - still bruised and throbbing from childbirth. He takes his time - rasping his thumb over your clit so he can snag velvet-soft orgasms from your fluttering core.
You fist your hands into his hair as you shove your tits up into his face. Every labored breath sends a stream of feverish milk down his throat. He bears his weight above you as you spurt around his knuckles. Your walls continue to tighten and flex around his fingers and he murmurs about what a sweet girl you are for him - so pretty and please my little one - get my fingers all wet - i can’t wait until i can fuck you open - until i can pump you full with another child, my darling wife - look how soaked your cunt is - dripping - did you miss my fingers?
You cry out at that - pelvis bucking against him. There is the squish and slide of your juices as he scissors further - pushing up against the tissue behind the crux of your sex. Thor is so far gone that he ruts his hips into the mattress - thrusting his cock against the sheets. He’s probably going to spill his seed right here - with his fingers buried deep as he slurps your breasts.
He finally releases your nipple so that he can claim your mouth. He kisses you fiercely - messily - tracing his milk-drunk tongue across the seam of your parted lips. You sob as he curls his thumb and circles your clit - diligently - rapidly - with every intention of making you liquefy.
“Thor,” you cry. “No - no it’s too much.”
“One more,” he urges - rolling himself against you and the hand he has tangled between your stretched folds. He grinds between your spread legs as your cunt sloppily gapes and contracts around his fingers. It’s loud and wet - filthy sucking noises and it drives something primal through him and the branches of his veins and cock. He has drunk from you - the mother of his children - his beautiful girl. His. His. His. “That’s it,” he praises as he feels your climax drive your soft body to fold and wrinkle beneath him - your thighs snapping together across his waist.
He groans - ragged and low -spurting across the sheets. His body is hooked into your pleasure - responsive and desperate to meet you at the peak - the end - the closing act. He is attuned to your spirit as he has always been - even before he had met you - the ache of him longing for his match across the trembling dark of space.
“My love,” he slips across your ear - hauling you flush against him. “My love.”
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americancowgirl19 · 8 days ago
Either Way
Summary: You’re a daughter of Medusa, an Avenger, Loki’s wife, and heavily pregnant.
Warnings: None
Reader: Female Reader. Medusa’s Daughter.
Pairings: Loki x Medusa’s Daughter Reader
Word Count: 694
A/n: This is a little sequel to the one shot Perfectly Beautiful. You don’t have to read the first one to know this one but you should cause it’s cute. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
It was late when Loki returned to you. You’ve already been asleep for hours, which surprised yet pleased Loki. Sleep didn’t come easy to you now a days. He was able to help but without him it was practically impossible.
Even in the dark Loki was able to see you. The moonlight shines through the open window illuminating your peaceful features. The Asgardian silk sheets help shield you from the cool night air but don’t hide the large stomach that’s been the source of you discomfort for the past few months.
Your pregnancy had been anything but easy. The two of you were... are ecstatic about the thought of bringing a child into the world. That didn’t stop Loki from worrying about you.
You grew big and your grew big quickly. When it became evident that Earth’s technology could not help you Loki quickly convinced you to come to Asgard. Odin allowed you to stay but you weren’t sure if he knew the definition of hospitality. His wife, Freya, on the other had was a godsend. She helped you in the best ways and accepted you completely. She had loved you from the moment Loki first talked about you. She gave you credit for bringing her son back to her and considered you to be her daughter.
You felt happy with the warm welcome the Asgardians were giving you. You were even relieved to find out that their medicines were able to make the pregnancy more bearable for you. A child with a Gorgon mother and a Jotun/Asgardian father was bound to be special but Asgard was able to help you through it.
As quietly as he could, Loki undressed and joined you in bed. He laid on his side and gently pulled you toward him. The snakes, in their sleep, sensed him and snuggled into his embrace as well.
A few moments later you began to stir away. The snakes were what gave you away. They moved around, rubbing against Loki’s neck and cheek in loving affection. A small smile appeared on his lips as he gently kissed the heads of the ones closest to him.
“Did I wake you?” Loki asks, keeping his voice low. You snuggle closer to him.
“I’ve been awake,” You insist. “Waiting for you to come back,” Loki hums, gently massaging your back. You groan blissfully before sighing as your son kicks your ribs.
You roll onto your back and Loki follows you. He settles between your legs and slides down to your stomach. He gently kisses your stomach before resting his head on the bump.
“What do you think he’ll look like?” You wonder. “I hope he has your hair,” You whisper. Loki looks up to you, resting his chin on your stomach.
“He’ll be perfect either way,” Loki insists. He reaches up and the snakes closest to his hand instantly go toward it. He smiles as they wrap around his fingers and snuggle into his palm. “I’ve always loved your snakes,” He mutters. “I just hope he has your skin,” He tells you. “Blue skin isn’t very appealing,”
“You find snakes sexy but draw the line a blue skin?” You ask, laughing quietly. “He’ll be perfect either way,” You echo. He smiles and slides back up to you. “I love you,” You whisper. “He’ll be absolutely perfect whether he has snakes and/or blue skin... Some day, just like us, he’ll find someone who will accept him for exactly who he is,”
“I just hope it won’t take him as long as it did for us,” Loki whispers.
“Even if he has to wait, he’ll always have us,” You remind him. “You’ll be a great father, Loki. I have no doubt,” He sighs resting his forehead against yours. “You’ll be as loving as Freya and as loyal as Thor and as protective of him as you are of me,”
“We’re going to be alright, darling, won’t we?” Loki smiles down at you. You hum positively. You tilt your head up and gently press a kiss to his lips. “Let’s get some rest, my sweetheart,” Loki settles beside you and holds you close. “Tomorrow will be just fine,”
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syntheticavenger · 8 days ago
new rules - part three
word count: 3K
warnings: 18+ ONLY. Language, drinking, fingering.
a/n: let me know what you think! i love reblogs and comments!
king’s guard steve rogers x princess reader AND king’s guard thor x princess reader
prologue, one, two
amazing moodboard by @pictures-inmy-mind | divider by @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
summary | done with his daughter’s antics, a king makes a decree that she will marry one of his king’s guards, whether she wants to or not.
Steve looks at his closet, his usual military fatigues and uniform slowly being replaced with bespoke suits. At the behest of the Queen, his protocol training begins today and with Grace, no less. He’d much prefer anyone else but her but the ire of the King is not something he wishes to draw.
Even if he did get an approving glance from your father at the state dinner. You had barely said a word, on your best behavior the entire night, your conversations short and chaste. Grace had even given you a hug before they departed.
But he saw your slight smirk when your sister left. The good behavior would only last as long as you would allow.
There wasn’t much time to ask you what your plans were. The King had pushed plans through that night, filling Steve’s schedule with various appointments and fittings. The proposal, it appeared, was going full steam ahead.
“Captain Rogers,” Grace says with a slight nod. “I trust you’re ready for our etiquette lesson.”
He fights back the urge to roll his eyes. This protocol training makes him want to walk away from the whole thing. He finally understands why you buck tradition as he pulls on his jacket and follows Grace down the hallway and to the dining room.
“One can tell about a person when they are dining. Their upbringing, social class and self-awareness,” Grace begins, motioning to a chair as he sits across from her. “It is imperative that you pay attention to what I am telling you. Understood?”
“Understood, Your Highness.”
Grace seems to preen at the comment, straightening her shoulders as her voice gets softer. Steve knows she expects him to act like you, giving an attitude as she tries to teach and he can tell she’s pleasantly surprised.
“Now,” Grace begins, holding up a napkin. “Always make sure the napkin is in your lap when you sit down. I don’t have to remind you that a napkin does not go into your shirt. It is not a bib and you are not a child.”
He certainly feels that way with her words but he stays silent, placing the napkin on his lap.
“You’re much more amicable than my sister,” Grace quips, surveying the table. “When we taught her dinner etiquette, she said it was too stuffy. Always arguing. For someone who enjoys praise, she certainly loves drawing our ire by ignoring our traditions.”
Steve listens Grace continue on about a bread plate and a water glass, his thoughts going to what she said about your love of praise.
“Whatever you and my sister spoke about at the dinner worked wonders for her attitude,” Grace continues, breaking him out of his thoughts. “I admit that she works my nerves but it was good to have her in line for a dinner. It’s been so long. Tell me your secret.”
Steve hides his smirk, thinking of how Grace would react if she knew just how he had gotten you to be quiet.
“She has a role to play and so do I. I made sure to hit on that point,” he answers her. “Utensils. We work from the outside in.”
“Precisely,” Grace says proudly. “You’ve been reading the books I left you.”
The plethora of books she’d given him were still at his desk. He’d tried to read through him, only to get distracted at the sight of the guard he once commanded doing a drill across the field. Though he had his own personal gym to utilize, nothing compared to the comradery with his guards.
“She’s still upset, you know,” Grace confides in Steve, giving him a nod after he rattles off the names of the various utensils on the table. “I can’t blame her, I suppose. Marrying a prince would have been fitting. It’s in our blood.”
“Then I must apologize for not having noble blood,” Steve mutters, holding up a steak knife as he inspects it.
“Oh,” Grace backtracks, her eyes widening at her faux pas. “I certainly meant no insult to you, Captain.”
“And yet,” Steve trails off, narrowing his eyes at her. “I’d like to try to get along, given the circumstances I find myself in. I believe that’s possible. Noble bloodline that could be traced back to inbreeding or not.”
Grace swallows hard. His tone is hard, unforgiving and Grace knows she was in the wrong, her short nod telling him all he needs to know.
“Shall we move on?” she offers, her voice light. “I don’t need to teach you how to hold a conversation. You do that wonderfully on your own.”
Tumblr media
Brunnhilde studies you carefully, her eyebrow raising in suspicion.
“What?” you ask her, slipping on your shoes. “I’m allowed to leave my own apartment.”
“You are,” she qualifies. “And yet, I can’t help but wonder what you’re going to get yourself into.”
“You really are so mistrusting,” you tsk. “And I don’t need the Valkyrie following me today, either.”
“That’s out of the question.”
You let out a dramatic sigh.
“I’ll lose you again, Brunn.”
“You say that like it’s a good thing. Your father has strict orders that you aren’t supposed to leave the city. I know of a birthday party that is happening on the outskirts of the city. Don’t you even think about it.”
“Think about it? I wouldn’t even dream of it,” you reply, watching her roll her eyes. “I’m fine. I won’t go past the city boundaries.”
Brunnhilde lets you slip past her, grabbing your purse. She doesn’t need to know that the party starts within the city limits and that it will end outside of it. You’ll be home before she can catch you and that’s all you need to make sure you have a good time.
When you walk to the waiting car, Brunnhilde spies two of the Valkyrie inside and you see her relax for a moment.
“Told you,” you say behind her. “I’m responsible.”
When you close the door, you slip them envelopes as the car pulls away.
Tumblr media
Your partying is cut short at the sight of Thor and Brunnhilde, downing the last of your drink as you look back at your friends.
“Busted,” one says gleefully. “Though it took them a little while. You got in a solid two hours.”
You hold up a middle finger in her direction as Brunnhilde storms toward you. Somewhere, a flash of a camera goes off and you see Thor shake his head, strolling after the offender as you put up your hands once you see Brunnhilde.
“Do you have any idea how much trouble you’ll be in? Your mother requested to see you. I tried to cover for you except she saw your drinking on an Instagram live, thanks to Grace.”
“Brunn,” you begin, watching her shake her head as she nods toward the door. “Grace doesn’t know how to use Instagram. She barely knows the password for her email.”
“You’re supposed to be playing a part. Now I have to go and explain the mishap to the Queen. That’ll be interesting, considering you had two Valkyrie with you. How do I explain that my guards looked the other way?”
“I just wanted to have fun,” you protest, realizing Brunnhilde is furious. “Brunnhilde, I’ll tell her myself, I promise.”
“Don’t bother. I’ll do it. Whatever the consequence is, I’ll take it. It’s my fault. Thor will take you home. I don’t think you have it in you to disobey the King’s Guard.”
Brunnhilde leaves your side as guilt racks you, Thor waiting by the exit for you, the crushed phone in his hand.
“Princess,” he says quietly, leading you away from the party. “Let’s get you home.”
Tumblr media
The ride back is quiet, your fingers flying over the keyboard over your phone as you type a long paragraph of forgiveness to Brunnhilde. If your mother knows about your offense, then you know your father does.
And most likely, so does Steve.
For the moment, it appears you’ll be safe from tabloids and gossip sites. Thor says nothing, even as you know he’s aware of everything that has transpired, his hand gripping the wheel while he steals short glances at you.
“How mad do you think Brunnhilde will be?”
“It’s Brunnhilde,” Thor reminds you. “Could be a day. Could be a month. She’ll get over it. The Queen is much more understanding than your father.”
“Do you think he knows?”
“I have no idea,” Thor admits. “But your secret is safe with me if he doesn’t.”
When you finally get to your apartment, he follows you inside, watching you pour a few shots once he closes the door. If you can’t celebrate with your friends, you’ll celebrate at home.
“You’re tipsy,” Thor observes with a grin. “The sun has barely gone down, Princess.”
“Barely,” you answer, eyeing the last shot in your glass. “I have one more left. Unless you want it.”
He looks back at the glass on the kitchen island counter. He hesitates for a moment as you eye him.
“What’s wrong? Aren’t you the Captain of the King’s Guard now? You can do whatever you want.”
“What I can do and what I should do are two very different things.”
“It’s just me,” you remind him. “Who am I going to tell? No one ever listens to me.”
You lean against the counter as he lifts the glass, downing it in one go as he licks his lips.
“Been a while since I allowed myself to imbibe,” he tells you, stacking the shot glasses together and placing them in the sink. “That’s damn good.”
“What holds you back?”
“I like my self-control.”
You pout playfully, spinning on your heels, the alcohol beginning to loosen your movements. Even with the windows open, your fingers toy with the buttons on your silk nightshirt.
“Self-control isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” you remind him. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get ready.”
“Ready for what?”
His surprised question follows behind you while you continue on to your bedroom, hearing his footsteps.
“I always go out. Ask Brunnhilde,” you lie, batting your eyelashes at him.
“You know as well as I do that she isn’t here. And I know your lies better than you think. If you’d like to go to bed, I’ll make you some tea.”
“It’s barely sundown, remember?” you recite his words back to him, giving him a small smile. “Although I am curious about something.”
“What is that?”
Thor swallows at your comment.
“What about them?”
“Well, it’s a natural aphrodisiac, right? What about alcohol? Does that count?”
“It depends. Why do you ask?”
“How does it feel?” you ask, watching his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he looks at you.
“How does what feel?”
“When you take it.”
“I think you’ve had too much to drink,” Thor says with a laugh, reaching for you as you lean against him. You’re not drunk in the slightest but the happy buzz thrums in your veins, his soft hands on your waist.
“I wish,” you mutter. “At least I could have a good night’s sleep for once.”
His eyebrows knit in concern.
“Are you not sleeping well?”
Truthfully, you hadn’t since the state dinner, wondering why on earth Steve had such an effect on you with a simple strike of his hand. Your father had praised your good behavior, your mother watching you carefully as you avoided her eyes. The way your core clenched when Steve reached for your hand, the pad of his thumb brushing over your hand.
“No,” you answer truthfully. “But I’ll get over it.”
You lean into his broad chest, looking up at him as he holds you up in those strong arms of his.
“I think we should get you into bed. You don’t have to sleep but resting can do wonders.”
You nod, licking your lips softly as his eyes narrow, his pupils dilating at the sight.
He pulls back the blankets, helping you into bed as he sits near your legs.
“Do you need anything?”
You reach down, your hand dragging his own up your thighs, settling it between your legs.
“Princess,” Thor warns gently, his hand unmoving. “It’s the alcohol talking.”
“But it isn’t,” you affirm, his fingers lightly moving above you. “Please, Thor. I wanna know how it feels.”
“You have Steve -”
“A man who would rather rut with a commoner and be at the beck and call of my father. I want someone to show me what it’s like.”
There’s a heavy silence, Thor taking in your body that makes you almost whimper at the gaze he gives you.
“I can show you,” he says after a long pause. “A lesson, perhaps.”
You nod as you lift your hips up, pulling down your silk shorts. He looks surprised at the lack of your undergarments, his large hand stroking your thigh slowly before he pulls himself up onto the bed, lying on his side as you look at him.
“Are you certain this is what you want?”
“Yes,” you rush out, parting your legs slightly as you pull his hand back, sighing at the warmth against you. “Please, Thor.”
“Is it the wine that makes you all wet, Princess?” he asks innocently, his thumb brushing against your clit as you arch your back at the sensation. “Or was it me?”
You swallow, the rough pads of his fingers slipping between your silky folds, his eyes locked in on yours as you try to breathe.
“Do you ever use your own hand?”
You nod, his middle finger circling your entrance before you feel it slowly inching up inside you, your breath hitching.
“How many, Princess?”
“T-Two,” you admit, his finger nestled inside you. “T-Thor…”
“I take it this is the first time you’ve had something other than your fingers inside you,” Thor observes, his thumb still brushing against your bundle of nerves gently. You keen, his face leaning closer to yours.
“So many lessons to learn, Princess. It shouldn’t be me teaching you,” he reminds you, his finger moving in and out of you slowly as you lift your hips again to try to bring him back inside. “But if you insist.”
“I… I do,” you pant, reaching down to keep his hand there. “More.”
“You think you can handle two fingers?”
You nod greedily amid his laugh that sends sparks down your core. Your eyes travel down to his pants, his cock straining against his pants.
“I could barely fit one, you’re squeezing me so tight.”
“M’Thor, please,” you whisper, almost more of a pant than a plea. “I can take it.”
He closes his eyes at your fervent words, smiling to himself.
“No,” he denies gently, slipping another finger inside you as you gasp loudly, kissing you to silence your cry. “But it would be a treasure to see you try.”
Your eyes close when his fingers curl inside you, moving in and out of you slowly before he slides his fingers in deeper and you spread your legs wider.
“M-More,” you whimper.
Your wish is his command, his lips brushing against your forehead. His fingers stroke your spongy walls and your legs start to tremble at the sensation.
Your breathy moan tells him all he needs to know. Especially when your knees draw up slightly as you feel yourself getting closer. Somewhere in the back of your mind, over the beating of your heart and your soft moans, the sound of his slicked fingers into your cunt is a tempo that you aren’t sure you’ll ever get out of your head. Not that you would want to.
“There we go, Princess. Almost there, aren’t you? Does it feel good?”
His fingers scissor inside you and you break, your head bumping against his chin as you cry out, body tensing before wave after wave of pleasure washes over you and your body relaxes, your heart slamming against your chest.
“Breathe,” Thor instructs softly, wiping the perspiration from your forehead. “Good.”
You don’t want to open your eyes but you do it anyway, half-mast to look at Thor as he gives you a smile. Your body feels like you’re floating on a cloud, head heavy with slicked thighs.
“Feel better?”
“Mhm,” you answer, softly bemoaning the loss of his fingers. Sleep is beginning to come but you wouldn’t mind having them inside you as you fall asleep.
You aren’t prepared for him slipping them into his mouth to clean them off.
“I’ll be right back,” he tells you, the weight of him moving off the bed.
The sound of the faucet is heard briefly before he returns, cleaning up the mess between your thighs as you let him, still in bliss as the blankets are placed around you and you surrender to sleep.
“Sleep well, Princess,” Thor tells you, turning off the light as he closes the door.
Tumblr media
Steve eyes Thor’s office, still eyeing the new title next to the door. For now, he’s Co-Captain, something Steve still feels is a way to appease him by the King until his official duties come into play. He’s currently not in charge of anything. Anything that is placed across his desk is because of Thor and he barely has time to read it, let alone offer a decision.
“Steve,” Thor greets. “Didn’t think you’d be here. It’s late.”
“Long day,” Steve answers. “Royal protocol training.”
“Sounds riveting.”
Steve notices Thor’s shirt that is slightly unbuttoned, his tie missing as he opens his office, leaving the door open for Steve to follow.
“What’s the occasion?”
Thor looks at him, confused for a moment as Steve motions to his missing tie.
“Used to seeing you all buttoned up. Date night?”
Thor leans against his desk, running his finger over his lips.
“No,” Thor admits. “Helping Brunnhilde.”
“So I heard,” Steve says pointedly. “So much for her good behavior.”
Thor nods in response for a moment, reaching for his coast
“I think she may have learned her lesson.”
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charnelhouse · 9 days ago
the cycle and the twist
Tumblr media
Pairing: Thor x F!Reader Wordcount: 1.6K Warnings: period kink/blood kink. this is filthy. porn w/o plot. Summary: Thor helps you out during the bad days of your cycle. A/N: this gif kind of works lol. im always worried about thor being OOC ugh.
Thor is heavily attuned to your cycles - your scent and the subtle shifts in your body. He knows when you’re in pain and when you’re bleeding and when you swell with bloat.  
He has no qualms about feasting on you. He is addicted to your smell - the earthy sweet bite of you beneath the layers of perfume and shower gel. He wants you undraped - exposed. He wants you especially after you work out - when the salt of your sweat lingers in the hinges of your limbs. He will eat your cunt just like that - stuffing his face between the soft flesh of your thighs as he licks and licks until that musky girl-flavor becomes lighter and lighter from the sweep of his tongue.
All this to say that when you are bleeding and bowled over by cramps, Thor will do everything in his power to pleasure you so that the pain stumbles to a limp. He works his fingers between the folds of your pussy - sweeping his thumb over your swollen clit. He is shameless about it. He massages you with whispery-silk orgasms and when he tugs his hand away he’s coated in a thin film of red. 
He doesn’t stop there. He nestles himself between your knees. His broad, muscular body shifts in the middle of your legs - his huge shoulders spreading you open so that he can stare at the secret of your pussy. Slick with crimson and slick with your cum. He doesn’t hesitate to push his face into your sex - his nose scraping across your bundle of nerves. You’re so sensitive - so raw and tender and Thor feels it with every spasm of your walls around his fingers.
Another cramp splinters through your belly and you shudder against his lips. 
“Hurts, little one?” he asks - his voice quiet but still gravelly - still deep and low and hungry. “I’ll make it go away.”
He hitches your thighs over his shoulders so he can sink further - burying his face as if he could drown in your blood and juices. When he parts your folds with his tongue - you squirm - your fingers knotting into the golden braids that drape along his scalp. He draws the flat of his tongue from the hole of your fluttering pussy to the very top - latching to the erect bundle of nerves. He suckles, making you buck into the hard edge of his jaw and chin.
“That’s it,” he coaxes - dipping his fingers inside you - thick and calloused as he fucks them through the channel of your core - back and forth and steady as the thrum of his heart. He flicks his tongue over your clit as he rocks his knuckles syrup-slow. Your orgasm builds and builds - morphing and winding with the throbbing pain that skates across your lower muscles. Thor’s eyes snap to yours - his brow pinched as he concentrates on making you shatter into the talent of his diligent mouth. He offers you a wolfish grin - predatory and made even more feral by your blood smeared across his nose - a slash across his cheek. 
He lifts his hand to catch the one you have fisted in his hair. He threads his fingers through your own - and pins them both to your belly. There is the pulse of your pleasure beneath your joined palms - the flicker and bite of each dash of hot fire he lances through your system.  He grazes his thumb over the top of your hand - a sweet, soothing gesture: I am here. I am here. I am here. 
Your climax slaps harsh across your body. It’s so intense that you arch up - practically curling into his large head. It tastes like a storm - feels like a burst of thunder across the planes of your flesh - rolling deep in the very pit of your womb. You ripple with the aftershocks - your thighs trembling around his ears as he slows you down with soft kitten-licks and the subtle grind of his fingers still caught up inside you. He brushes a kiss across the seam of your pussy before he climbs up your torso and tilts your chin to access your lips. 
You savor yourself on his tongue - the earthy metal of your juices caught up in the cup of his mouth. You are still painted in his beard. The faint traces of pink and red and you wipe at them as he bumps your noses together.
“Leave it,” he demands, repositioning your hips - spreading you open once more as you feel the hard, hot line of his erection grazing your slit. He begins to sink - inch by inch - your walls blooming to accommodate him. There is the filthy squelch of your sex swallowing him whole - sucking him as far as possible until his groin jams up against your belly. The bulbous head of his cock knocking into the plush tissue buried deep.
“I’d walk around all day with my face coated in you, lovely one,” he teases - nipping at your throat - offering you an experimental thrust that makes you gasp into his shoulder. Thor is so big that every time feels like he is splitting you apart - there is the tiniest pinch of pain that blends and melts into something delicious once he finds his pace. “I’d lick you clean every chance I could.” He drags his bearded jaw across your cheekbone before he lowers his mouth to the pulse in your neck. He sucks a mark into it - pulling the blood to the surface - and then lowers himself further to wrap his lips around your pert nipple - sucking it raw.
“I’d come to you whenever you needed me,” he mutters as he snaps into the dripping clutch of your pussy. It lurches you up the sheets, makes you dig your face into his sweat-damp shoulder. “Find you and get on my knees and lick that pretty cunt until there was no more blood for you to give.”
Jesus Christ. 
You bite back a sob - raking your nails across the undulating muscles of his back. He drags his cock almost all the way out - the head catching on the rim of your hole. You peer between you and can see yourself all over the swollen ridge of his length - shiny with everything - and then he shoves himself back inside you with one, slow stroke.
“You taste so fucking good,” he grunts. “Could - could feast on your tight little pussy until you got my face all wet.”
You could die. You could burn up and die right now as Thor hovers above you - bearing the weight of his massive body over the writhing mess of your own. His hips stutter against your pelvis and the grind of his cock tears you open - stretching you impossible wide - the mass of it swelling as he nears completion. You cradle his face to rip him back down to your mouth - to crush your lips to his as possessively as you can. 
He has ruined you. He has ruined you for anyone else and you know that was always his intention. That had been what he sought to do the first time he ever bedded you - screwing you as he pulled your hair and fucked himself against your ass and told you - you’re my fucking woman - you’re mine.
“Cum in me,” you whisper against the grit of his teeth. You drop your head to get a better look at him. His handsome face is screwed into something frantic - his blue eyes flickering to yours as he takes and takes and bounces you up the bed - the frame creaking with each brutal slap of skin. His jaw tenses as he bites his lower lip. Ragged grunts spill from the pink seal of his mouth as his nostrils flare. 
His face falls against yours as he trails sloppy kisses over your parted lips and seeking tongue. Your jaw and cheek and brow. His hand gently circling your throat like a tender collar to pin you in place as he stuffs your cunt. 
“Fuck,” he growls as he hits his peak - as his spine stiffens beneath your palm - as you feel his cock expand inside the channel of your pussy - the warm burst of spend in your core. He shakes above you - his fingers squeezing your neck - his other hand tearing through the pillow beside your head. 
You stroke his waist - the heaving muscles of his shoulder blades. It always stuns you to see him like this - to see him so thoroughly exhausted and flustered after sex. The God carved into something almost vulnerable as he pants into your hair. 
“Are you alright?” you tease - pinching the hump of his ass. He’s still inside you - his cock twitching with its last threads of spend. He chuckles - kissing the crown of your head. 
“You have wiped me out, sweet one.”
You grin up at him - the hot ache of your powers beginning to run up the tree of your spine. Your eyes must have turned because you notice the glow of them has made shifting patterns of pale-purple light across Thor’s bare face. 
“Hmm,” he gloats. “That good then? Made you go all witchy, my love?”
You trawl sparks over his bicep and he closes his eyes - lulled by the warmth and the tingling sweep of your magic. You flex around him before you lazily lower your hand between your bodies - your fingers wedging around the base of his cock. You lightly seep a jolt of energy into the sensitive flesh - the curve of his balls. He gasps  - jerking above you as he begins to grow - the length of him fattening once more inside you. Another blossoming twist of desire in the seat of your cunt.
“You’re insatiable,” he scolds. “Such a needy girl.”
You smirk up at him. “Good thing you have all that God-stamina, Odinson.”
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Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123​  
(To be added, please feel free to message)
He’s iron hard within your molten core, piledriving your slick with lethal intent, ferociously aroused. Your skin smacks together, his grunts peppering the air, drowning out the soft little cries you emit in response to this, a full-on attack to your insides.  
He told you this was what he intended, to give you a fucking worthy of rearranging your guts as soon as he awoke, nudging your back with the enormous erection now pleasuring you with rapid strokes.
Pleasure skitters through you, sparkling your veins as he continues to thrust wildly, one hand clutching your waist, the other fisted in your hair, pulling your head back, a clear display of dominance. You’re saturated around him, so wet he can barely keep inside you, your cunt so aqueous, you’ve dripped onto the bed beneath.  
“Oh god, Chris! Fuck, you’re going to go through me!” you cry, your man still moving like a jackhammer within you, his deep, rumbling laugh filling the room.
“Was that a complaint?”
“Of course not!”
He grins, amused as his hand comes down to spank you. “I didn’t think so.”
Each speedily delivered thrust has you sparking, your walls clenching around the thick heat driving into you rapaciously, his cock pumping your release into you strongly, the waves beautiful as you shatter for him, hands gripping the bedclothes beneath. He lets you cool down, slowing within you, enjoying the way your slick muscles feel as they flutter around him.
Once you’ve caught your breath, he’s all barbarous frenzy once again, invading your squelching heat with ruinous intent. Sweat mists your both, gilded by the morning sun filling your bedroom, you getting the most delicious view of that when he withdraws to throw you onto your back, grabbing your legs at the ankles and holding them high and wide before plunging back into your syrupy centre.
“You’re so fucking pretty.” He compliments you, leaning down to kiss your plump lips before sitting back on his heels once again, driving himself into you wildly, watching his slick cock enter and retreat from you intently.  
You provide even more of a visual show for him by reaching down to begin rubbing your hardened clit, biting your lower lip and moaning, his hips rutting against you fiercely as he groans so deeply, it sounds like thunder. 
He then slows suddenly, dragging his cock languidly, making you glimmer, leaning down to kiss you once again as he takes the weight onto his elbows, everything slow, deep and hard.  
“You are so damn amazing. How can... ahh! One man be so fucking... oh fuck, right there... be so good at sex?” You stammer, a slight rotation of his hips making his cock hit spots you never knew existed.  
“Lots of practice.” You can certainly bet that’s true, with a man as good looking at him, he’s bound to have a wealth of satisfied woman behind him. You’re the only one he wants now though, his gorgeous little honey who he’s always at his happiest when he’s inside of, hearing your soft moans, the way your petal soft flesh feels against him, the scent of your hair, the taste of your cunt, you drive him utterly wild with desire.  
Wild is how the pace picks back up again, Chris flattening you to the bed and driving into you like a piston, pinning your arms above your head as he fucks your release into you, hot and consuming, the bliss throbbing through your aching loins, spilling himself into you deeply.  
You lie still in the aftermath, his cock twitching within your spasming walls, stroking one another idly as you share soft kisses. If there’s anything waking up at 6am for, it’s most definitely that.  
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Going To Asgard For The First Time Headcanon
Tumblr media
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Going to Asgard for the first time
Yourself and Thor had been dating for around two years and he was constantly going between Midgard and Asgard which was starting to impact your relationship as you both felt like you hardly saw one another. 
Thor’s brilliant idea was to bring you to Asgard when he next went as he was convinced that the both of you would get married and that he would make you the Queen of Asgard. 
“My love I’m needed back home urgently and I believe you agreed to come with me the next time I went.” Thor said with a smile as he knew you wouldn’t break your promise. “Well darling it’s a good thing Stark doesn’t need me this weekend.” You said whilst placing a kiss on your lovers forehead. 
The next morning Thor was fast too wake you up so you could get ready for your trip to Asgard. “There’s no reason to pack my lady we’re going to be putting you in the finest Asgardian leather.” He told you as he pulled you into a loving embrace. 
Thor summoned the Bifrost and soon enough the both of you were in Asgard which was beautiful. “Thor this is beautiful. How did you get bored growing up here?” You asked the God with genuine curiosity. “It wasn’t that I got bored it was that I was stressed. My father was always training us to become the rulers of Asgard and it quickly began to cause tension between Loki and I. Which you’ll see tonight.” The God told you. 
Once the both of you were settled in and wearing the proper attire you headed off for your first Asgardian dinner with Thor’s family.
“So where did you meet my darling brother?” Loki asked with an underlying tone of disgust. “Well, I work for Tony Stark so whenever the Avengers mess up I’m the one who helps to make it right.” You told the dark haired God. Thor placed his hand over you thigh to reassure you that he was with you. 
“Son, when do you plan on coming back to Asgard to rule and protect the nine realms?” Odin asked “Well father that’s actually why I’m here. I wanted to ask my lady a question...” The God trailed off making you nervous. “I’ve always told you I planned to make you my Queen. So will you marry me?” He asked with a smile. 
Once you said yes and the news spread throughout the Kingdom you found yourself being congratulated everywhere you went. 
“One day the two of us will be the rulers of this place my lady and we will protect everyone together.” Thor said with a glint of excitement in his eyes. “We will rule fairly and we will make sure Loki is included in the decisions that are made on behalf of Asgard.” You told your lover as you understood his brother just wanted to be included in the ruling of Asgard. 
 As you took in your surroundings and the beauty of Asgard you saw a flash of green in the corner of you eyes. Which meant Loki heard your plan to rule together. 
It’s safe to say your first trip to Asgard went well and that you were defiantly welcomed. 
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Reset | Loki x Female Reader
Loki (Marvel) x Doctor Who
Tumblr media
Loki and the Doctor answer a distress call, while Donna explains the reason for Loki’s sudden cruelty towards you.
Part Thirteen | Part Fifteen | Chapter Index
Words: 5.7k
Warnings: death and angst
Read on AO3
Loki and the Doctor returned to the TARDIS in solemn silence, as he suspected, Loki didn’t find you in the control room, he knew you would be hiding deep within the TARDIS by now and that Donna was likely trying to find you. He was certainly it would be a few days, at least, before he would see you again, before he had to see the pain on your face and know he was the one who was responsible for it.
You would resent him now and Loki didn’t even know if you would give him an opportunity to explain, but even if you did, how could you ever trust him again after the things he said to you? Loki felt hopeless, the only silver lining was the fact you were still alive and he reminded himself that he did the right thing.
“Loki, I’m sorry.” The Doctor sensitively approached him, “it was the only way-”
“Yeah,” Loki cut him off and the Doctor could tell he didn’t wish to talk about it, or about anything for that matter, so he let himself fall silent as he focused on piloting his ship.
Loki, who usually stood with proud posture and walked with confidence in each step, hung his head, slumped his shoulders, with them curved forward slightly, and dragged his feet as he began to make his way out of the control room to find somewhere to wallow in self pity, but the TARDIS had other ideas.
The lights of the control room switched to a dangerous red, that told you immediately something was wrong, but if that wasn’t enough, a repetitive bleeping echoed through the room. Loki suddenly became alert as he turned on the spot and looked back at the Doctor who was already working furiously at the ships console.
“What is that?” Loki demanded to know as he joined the Doctor’s side by the console.
“A distress call.” The Doctor answered while he squinted at the monitor, instead of putting on his reading glasses.
Loki’s interest spiked, he realised a distraction might be exactly what he needed to keep his mind from running over the cruel things he had said to you as you wept at his feet.
“Are you answering it?” Loki asked.
“Of course,” The Doctor nodded, as if that should’ve been obvious before he glanced up at Loki. “Wanna come along?”
“I have nothing better to do.” Loki nonchalantly shrugged.
“Buckle up.” The Doctor told him as he slammed down the handbrake.
You were lying on the floor of the dome observatory, curled up between the scattered cushions and blankets Loki had conjured for the makeshift bed you would often share whenever the pair of you came here. The more time the pair of you had spent together here, the more it felt like the space belonged to the both of you, it had always been peaceful here and you were never disturbed. It seemed natural to you that this was the first place you decided to come to seek safety and comfort.
Loki’s scent still lingered upon the soft furnishings which surrounded you like a nest, you couldn’t tell if you found it comforting or if it made your stomach churn with nausea, perhaps a bit of both. You hugged one of the cushions close to your chest and snuggled your body tightly around it as you unashamedly let your sobs rack through your body, which caused your back and shoulders to shake from the uncontrollable cries.
Your tears were cooling as they dripped from your jaw and travelled down the line of your neck, soaking the bedding around you, but you didn’t care. You were in agony, it genuinely felt as though your heart had been torn apart from the inside out and it was left bleeding in your chest just as rapidly as the tears flowed from your eyes, which were red and puffy by now. A dull headache had begun to form at your temples, from the toll your continuous weeping had taken on your body and your eyelids were becoming heavier as you welcomed sleep with open arms, but you didn’t get the chance.
You reduced your sobs to quiet sniffles when you heard the sealed door slide open before sliding back shut. Your eyes widened immediately and your weak and damaged heart nervously quickened it’s beat as for just a moment you had thought it was Loki who had come to see you. You weren’t sure if you were more glad or disheartened when you heard their footsteps and instantly recognised them as your aunties.
You gulped before you attempted to speak, hoping your crying and the tightness of your throat hadn’t put too much of a strain on your voice.
“If you have come to say ‘I told you so’ you can leave.” You croakily told her, without even bothering to turn around.
“Quite the opposite, actually.” Donna softly explained as she welcomed herself to sit down beside you.
You wanted to ask what she meant by that, but you didn’t have the energy, so you stared off at the breathtaking sight before you, despite the fact that all the stars and colours blurred together from the moisture that gathered in your eyes and slightly impaired your vision, hoping that she would elaborate without prompting.
“What a gorgeous view.” Donna observed instead, “I never even knew this part of the TARDIS existed.”
“Loki showed it to me.” You quietly told her, your voice was tired and saying his name caused your heart to clench.
“So this is where you two would disappear to when you were avoiding me?” She teased like everything was still normal, which only caused memories to rapidly flash through your mind like quickly flicking through the pages of an old photo album. You couldn’t stop yourself before you were crying again, you curled yourself tighter around the cushion, squashing it between your thighs and the front of your chest as you rested your forehead against the top of your knees and buried your face into the soft cushion, literally turning yourself into a ball. You felt your auntie rest her hand on your shuddering back as she gently began to stroke it in a circular pattern in an attempt to sooth you.
“I came here to tell you I was wrong.” Donna finally admitted, it shocked you so much, it acted like a sudden slap in the face as it immediately interrupted your sobs.
You raised your face from the cushion and lifted your head at an angle that said a pain shooting through your neck, which you ignored, to look at your auntie for the first time since she entered the room.
“About Loki.” She quickly added, as if it needed any clarification.
You ignored the ache in your head as you forced yourself into a sitting position, at first your head spun from how abruptly you moved, so you cradled your forehead in your palm for a moment before you focused your attention back on Donna and narrowed your eyes at her.
“Get out.” You harshly told her as you pointed towards the door, when she failed to move, due to the fact she was stunned motionless by your abrupt change in behaviour, you shoved roughly at her shoulder which caused her to gasp in both shock and pain.
“Haven’t you done enough, already?” You yelled at her, while she recoiled with wide eyes, completely thrown off guard by your outburst. “You think you can trick me again? Manipulate me into forgiving you, just so you can wipe the slate clean and start another twisted game?”
“What?” Donna hesitantly asked, afraid you had lost your mind since you weren’t making any sense.
“Goddammit, Loki, just drop the act!” You demanded with an exhausted sigh and Donna finally realised what you thought was going on as she sympathetically pulled her bows together and leaned back towards you.
Donna recalled how Loki had shifted into his female form at the temple in Pompeii, she hadn’t realised he could shift into other the forms of other people as well, but from your reaction, it didn’t take long for her to figure out that you had thought she was Loki disguised as herself.
“Hun, it’s me. It’s Donna.” She gently told you which caused you to finally pause as she put her hand on your forearm and stroked her thumb back and forth.
She had used the term of endearment which she most often called you and you couldn’t recall a time where which she had used it in front of Loki and he never called you ‘hun’ which made you pause in consideration as you squinted your eyes at your auntie.
“I’m sorry,” you eventually slumped with a sigh, as you brought your fingers up to your forehead to smooth out your crossed brows, the pulsating headache still dully shot through your skull. “I thought you were Loki, he can shift into the forms of other people.” You explained and Donna nodded with understanding.
“It’s okay.” She assured you.
“But... but why are you defending him?” You finally asked, “you’re not exactly his biggest fan.”
Donna tilted her head and pursed her lips to the side, the patience and empathy in her eyes made you feel at ease.
“Do you recall what happened?” She asked you first, to get an idea of your understanding of what had happened, because she knew you were smart and suspected that there must have been something blocking you from making the connection between the monster preying on your faith, specifically your faith in Loki, and him suddenly destroying it.
“The beast had started coming for me...” you drew your brows together as you concentrated on playing the memories back in your mind, “I was frightened and it was attracted by my fear, but Loki was there and I knew he would keep me safe but... I... I was wrong.”
You couldn’t see the confusion that was evident on Donna’s face as you were looking down at your hands which you were fidgeting with on top of your lap.
“Do you remember how the beast was defeated?” She asked you.
“I didn’t see,” you shook your head, “I was too upset. I just... I just assumed the Doctor had figured out how to stop it.”
She wondered how you had managed to get it so wrong, you hadn’t suffered any head injury that might have distorted your memories but then it hit her that something else would have distorted your mind, the beast had been inside it.
She recalled how you had told Loki it was changing you and your thoughts and realised that it must have made you forget that faith was what it fed on, and instead made you believe it was fear, in order to make you cling on tighter to your faith in Loki, despite how hard he was trying to break it.
“Sweetheart, the beast fed on faith,” she reminded you, “it was your faith in Loki that it wanted, he had to destroy it to save your life.” Donna explained to you as she gently brushed some of your hair away from your face, once you had lowered your head in thought.
“He didn’t mean anything he said, I could see how much it broke his heart to say those things to you.” Donna continued, “he really cares about you. It’s genuine and special and I was wrong.”
It was hazy at first but the fog the beast had left in your mind started to clear and your memories slotted back together, you realised how out of the blue it was for Loki to suddenly start being cruel to you and how at the exact moment he completely shattered your heart, the beast was defeated.
The realisation hit you like a slap in the face as you sat up straight and let your jaw fall slack, you suddenly had the urge to find Loki immediately and tell him you understood what he had done and fix everything, but before you could rise to your feet, you felt tremors beneath you as the whole ship began to quiver. The view beyond the dome vanished into array of colourful lights which the TARDIS travelled through like a current, the colours reflected on your face like a rainbow as you watched with wide eyed wonder, until the TARDIS came to an abrupt stop and the dome was plunged into darkness.
Loki and the Doctor cautiously stepped out of the TARDIS into the corridor of the space ship, which had given out the distress call, with wide eyes as they vigilantly glanced all around them, since they had no idea what to expect. But apart from some broken wires, which hung loose from the ceiling and occasional spat out sparks of electricity, it was empty and eerily silent. The pair made sure to steer clear of the broken wires as they made their way further down the dark and abandoned corridor, which was littered debris and abandoned belongings, while smoke and dust filled the air around them.
They followed the trail of destruction in silence, both wondering if they were too late, but they soon found out that they weren’t alone.
“Hear me and rejoice.” A voice called from the distance, beckoning them towards it. “You have had the privilege of being saved by the Great Titan.”
Loki abruptly halted in his tracks, the Doctor walked a few steps ahead before he realised he could no longer hear Loki’s footsteps behind him and looked over his shoulder, to find him bracing himself against the wall with a pale and vacant look on his face.
“You may think this is suffering.” the voice continued.
“Loki, are you all right?” The Doctor asked.
“No.” The voice said, “it is salvation.”
Loki blinked rapidly and determination took over his features before he stood straight and looked beyond the Doctor as he continued towards the voice which echoed through the wrecked ship, while the Doctor followed after him, whisper yelling his name along the way.
When Loki reached the centre of the ship, he saw the height of the destruction, the fires, the bodies of his people scattered around the floor as Thanos’ henchmen, Ebony Maw, stepped between them reciting his speech while Thanos himself, stood at the head of the ship, clad in gold armour.
He swallowed heavily at the devastation Thanos had brought upon his people, before he found a shadowed corner to hide in, behind a broken piece of wall as he watched on unnoticed. The Doctor joined his side just as Ebony Maw walked past a man who turned his head into the light, which revealed his features to both Loki and the Doctor.
“Is that you?” The Doctor whispered.
Loki nodded but his lips remained tightly sealed and the Doctor suddenly yanked on his arm, abruptly turning Loki to face him.
“You can’t be here, you can’t go back on your own timeline, the consequences could be catastrophic.” The Doctor warned him with a low tone. “We need to leave.”
“No.” Loki stopped him, “this isn’t my past, it’s not even my future. It... it’s... complicated.”
“Believe me, I know all too well about complicated, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. Try me.” The Doctor told him and Loki looked at him with furrowed brows.
“That purple brute other there,” Loki nodded his head towards the mighty titan and the Doctor glanced over and acknowledged him with a nod. “His name is Thanos and he is searching for all six infinity stones. I suspect he succeeds because five years from now, Earths ‘mightiest heroes,’” Loki brought both his hands up to make air quotation marks, which caused the Doctor to pull a face which Loki paid no attention to as he continued. “Go on a mission back in time to gather the infinity stones themselves, in order to reverse his snap which erased half the population of the entire universe. Of course, as you would expect, they messed up because I got my hands on the tesseract and diverged from the timeline, I mean, I didn’t know they needed it to save the universe.”
The Doctor cleared his throat in order to remind Loki that he was also diverging from the original point he was trying to explain.
“The point is, this isn’t my future anymore, not since I broke the original timeline.” Loki finally explained. “I’m a ‘cosmic mistake.’ That is why I shouldn’t exist.” He added to himself, more quietly.
“How do you know all that?” The Doctor asked.
“The TVA showed me.” Loki shrugged.
Suddenly Thor’s cries of pain caused Loki and the Doctor to once again peek over the wall they were hidden behind.
“That’s your brother!” The Doctor instantly recognised him from when he had saw him in the alleyway in New York.
Thanos was holding him down on his knees with his head clenched in his large hand as he held one of the infinity stones against his temple, torturing him.
“All right, stop!” Original Loki yielded and Thanos immediately removed the stone from against Thor’s temple, but still held the top of his head in the palm of his oversized hand.
“We don’t have the tesseract.” Thor said, his voice was exhausted and hoarse and he was panting heavily from the torture which Thanos made him endure. “It was destroyed on Asgard.”
Loki and the Doctor watched with bated breath as original Loki slowly began to raise his arm and a bright light appeared in his palm as he conjured a blue cube and he lowered his head to avoid his brothers gaze.
“You really are the worst brother.” Thor sighed through his heavy breaths.
“I assure you, brother, the sun will shine on us again.” Original Loki told Thor as he stepped towards Thanos and held out the tesseract.
Loki ducked back down and rested his back against the broken wall, the Doctor followed him and observed him as he seemed to be lost in thought.
“Loki...” The Doctor whispered, in an attempt to prompt him to share his thoughts.
“I die here.” Loki simply muttered, without lifting his eyes to the Doctors.
“I die here.” Loki repeated, as he finally looked up to the Doctor, “but what if I changed that? What if... what if I took his place?”
“Loki, you can’t.” The Doctor immediately discouraged him.
“What else is there for me?” Loki argued. “I only had one thing worth living for and I broke her heart.”
“And you think dying will fix it?” The Doctor asked Loki, trying to make him see sense.
“No, but maybe he can.” Loki gestured to the Loki who stood beyond the broken wall they crouched behind. “What good am I for her? I am living a life on the run, you said it yourself, that’s not freedom.”
The Doctor recalled saying that to Loki during his first night on the TARDIS when they shared a conversation in the control room. He couldn’t believe how far they had come since. He still believed what he said was true, but now he had grown closer to Loki, it was harder to admit it, while Loki, who had originally disagreed with him, was the one repeating it back to him. They had come full circle.
The Doctor was just about to open his mouth to reply when a large, roaring, green beast came hurtling towards them, Loki quickly dived for cover and pushed the Doctor down with him as he did, just in time for the beast to leap straight over them.
“What the hell was that?!” The Doctor whisper yelled.
Loki didn’t stop to answer before he was climbing off the Doctor and stealthily scrambling through the ship to steal himself away, during the commotion.
Loki fought back against himself when he felt a strong arm slide around his waist and a large hand clamp over his mouth, usually he was able to use his strength and tactics to protect himself in situations like this, however this time he was struggling to get free, due to the fact it was himself he was trying to escape from, he had met his match but Loki hadn’t realised that, since his other self had grabbed him from behind. Once Loki had managed to drag himself over to a secluded corner, he let him out of his hold and the pair of them finally made eye contact.
Original Loki immediately freaked out and conjured a dagger before he shoved Loki into a wall and held it against his throat in the blink of an eye. The Doctor, who had watched the whole thing from where he was hid, quickly scurried over to the identical pair before they killed one another.
“Not quite the reaction I was expecting but, then again, I can’t say I’m surprised.” The Loki with a knife to his throat said as he raised his hands by his sides to show he wasn’t a threat.
“Who are you?” Loki demanded lowly which caused the Loki before him pulled his face back and give him a look.
“Come on, you and I both know you’re smarter than that.” Loki told him, which caused him to squint but he didn’t remove the dagger from below his jaw just yet.
“Loki–” The Doctor tried to interject, but the pair of them sent him an identical deadly glare and he immediately sealed his lips.
“There is no other like me, I am the one and only.” Loki told himself.
“My existence says otherwise.” Loki replied to himself with a shrug, “look, this has been nice but you’re wasting time...”
Before the Loki with the dagger could react, his other self raised his palm to his forehead and transferred all the knowledge he needed, which caused his eyes to roll into the back of his head as the dagger fell from his limp hand and his body became weak from the force of another’s thoughts, experiences and memories invading his mind. Once Loki retracted his hand from his skull, the original Loki dropped to the floor unconscious.
You called out for Loki and the Doctor as you and Donna rushed into the control room in search of them, only to find no one was there. The pair of you shared a look before you walked around separate sides of the console to reach the exit, you were the first to push the narrow wooden door of the TARDIS open and you immediately felt unsettled as you were greeted by the sight of the wrecked and abandoned corridor of what appeared to be a space ship, filled with smoke, debris and lose broken wires hanging from the ceiling.
Donna peeked over your shoulder, from where you stood in the doorway, at the carnage before the both of you, and although you couldn’t see it, her face mirrored yours as her features filled with worry and dread.
“What on earth are they doing here?” Donna wondered out loud, as you cautiously stepped forward and she slid out of the TARDIS after you and gently pulled the door shut behind her.
Your wide eyes wandered over every inch of the corridor which you could see and you quietly travelled down it, with your auntie in toe, carefully stepping over the bits of rubble. The pair of you yelped and jumped out of the way when one of the wires you were passing by, spat out some sparks of electricity towards you.
If that didn’t surprise the both of you enough already, the monstrous roar which echoed through the ship surely did as you clung to one another in shock.
“Those nitwits are going to get themselves killed.” Donna fretted as you both ran in the direction of where the roaring came from, unprepared for what might await you, but determined to save the God and the Time Lord from whatever situation they had got themselves in.
The first thing that caught your attention when you finally reached the heart of the ship was the green beast attacking the man you recognised as Thanos and you immediately put your arm out to halt Donna to ensure the both of you remained unnoticed in the shadows.
Your heart had threatened to leap straight out your throat as soon as you laid your eyes on the raisin resembling titan as a million worries raced through your mind at once. Your concern only heightened when you saw the hundreds of bodies that were scattered across the floor, you instantly knew the all lost their lives to the hands of Thanos and you sent a silent prayer that Loki wasn’t one of them as your eyes desperately searched for his familiar face.
“Oh my god,” you tensed when you heard Donna gasp, “that’s Loki’s brother!” She whispered to you as she pointed towards a man, who looked worse for wear, from what you could see, he was the polar opposite of his adoptive brother in appearance, with short blond hair which contrasted Loki’s long black locks.
“Wait- how do you know Loki’s brother?” You whispered back as you began to move further into the room, keeping in the shadows.
“We met him in New York while you were unconscious... did we never mention it?” Donna told you and you shook your head over your shoulder as you gave her a disappointed look that wasn’t too serious.
You quickly shushed Donna, despite the fact she wasn’t speaking, when you heard some hushed voices coming from behind some broken pieces of wall.
“Look, this has been nice but you’re wasting time...” You would recognise that voice anywhere and you immediately rushed towards it.
You were surprised when you saw a replica of Loki collapse to the floor before your Loki, while the Doctor stood beside him. Loki whispered your name as soon as he saw you.
“What are you doing here?” He asked you.
“Looking for you!” You harshly whispered back, he recoiled from your tone as you made your way towards him over all the debris, until you were finally stood in front of him.
“I... I’m sorry, I know what I said to you is unforgivable but please listen to me, you can’t be here. You have to leave.” Loki urgently whispered to you but you shook your head.
“No, Loki, I know why you did it, Donna explained everything.” You assured him as you brought your hand up to his which was limp by his side and he glanced over your shoulder towards your auntie with an unreadable look.
“She did?” He asked with disbelief as his eyes remained on Donna and she offered him a small apologetic smile with a nod. While you took a second to glance down at the Loki on the floor at your feet before you peaked back over the wall towards Thanos, who was beginning to overpower the green beast and your heart sank with realisation as fresh tears began to rise to your already puffy eyes and you grabbed a tight hold of Loki’s shirt as you stepped closer to him.
“Loki, please tell me you’re not about to do what I think you’re about to do.” You whispered lowly to him and the way he avoided your eyes gave you the answer you didn’t want to hear.
“Loki, don’t you dare!” You made your voice sound as assertive as it possibly could but it still trembled due to the lump in your throat, which was making it difficult to breathe, as sheer panic ignited in your racing heart. “Listen to me, if this is because you thought I might be upset or mad at you, I’m not, I promise. I understand why you had to say those things. You were saving me. I know you didn’t mean any of it. You don’t have to do this. Just come back to the TARDIS with me, yeah?” You pleaded with him, but he just kept his head down as his own eyes became misty.
You placed both your hands on the sides of his face to force him to look at you and your heart shattered all over again when you saw the hopeless look on his face.
“You’re better off without me.” Loki told you and you rapidly shook your head but he continued. “I’m on the run, I can’t keep dragging you along with me forever, constantly looking over my shoulder. You deserve a better life than that.”
“I’d follow you forever.” You promised him and he smiled sadly at that as he let out his own sob and brought your hand up to his wet lips to kiss the back of it.
“Take care of him for me, okay.” Loki told you as he nodded to the version of himself that was lying unconscious at your feet.
“I don’t want him, I want you!” You stubbornly told him.
“He is the better version of me.” Loki continued trying to persuade you.
“You’re the best version of you. Loki, I... I love you.” You finally admitted to him.
“What?” Loki choked looking at you in disbelief.
“I love you.” You repeated with more determination, you didn’t care what his response was, you just desperately needed him to know.
Loki stared at you with his mouth agape for a moment, it was as if you were both in your own bubble, completely oblivious to the chaos around you as you both stared into each other’s watery eyes.
“I love you too.” Loki confessed and he could barely finish his sentence before you were crashing your lips into his, the kiss was sloppy and tasted salty as your tears slipped past each other’s lips, but neither of you cared.
“Then please don’t do this.” You begged him once you parted.
“I need to save my brother,” he gestured to Thor, who was now being restrained as debris from the wreckage coiled around his body, “and you need to save him,” he gestured to the Loki at your feet, “I’m not supposed to exist. Everything will be as it should.”
You swallowed hard realising that there was no turning back from this and it became all the more real when with a green shimmer, Loki was suddenly dressed in the same clothes and cape as the unconscious Loki was wearing, even the same marks of dirt appeared on his face and his hair grew a little longer. He was his mirror image. The fact you knew exactly what was going to happen next made it all the more heart wrenching as you threw your arms around his shoulders and held onto him as tight as you could, certain that if you simply refused to let him go, he would give in and come back to the TARDIS with you.
Your shoulders shook with the force of your cries as you hid your face into the crook of Loki’s neck and you felt his arms curl around your waist just as tightly as he buried his face into the crown of your head. You were sure you felt his own chest tremble against yours with his own sobs which left a constricting feeling around your heart.
The Doctor peaked over the wall and watched Thanos add the second infinity stone to his golden gauntlet and he looked back towards the both of you.
“Loki...” He called his attention.
You sniffled as you pulled back from Loki and nudged the tip of your nose against the back of your sleeve. Loki glanced over to where Ebony Maw knelt before Thanos before he looked back at you.
“This isn’t the end for me, it’s just a reset.” Loki assured you. “The Avengers will return to 2012 and I will escape with the tesseract and embark on this journey again.”
“You will be trapped in an infinite loop?”
“I will spend the rest of eternity reliving the happiness moments of my life, with someone I love and who loves me in return.” Loki corrected you and you couldn’t help the smile that broke through your sobs, lighting up your face like the sun peeking through a pair of storm clouds.
“You need to go.” Loki said more solemnly when he realised he was running out of time, he could bare to look at the way your face dropped so he closed his eyes and left a final lingering kiss on your forehead before he wordlessly turned to make his way out of the shadows. You had automatically taken a step forward to follow him but your aunties hand on your shoulder stopped you from going any further.
You felt numb as she encouraged you to move, you allowed her to guide you without any struggling but she was the only reason your legs were moving at all, as you refused to take your eyes off the spot where Loki disappeared.
“If I might interject. If you’re going to Earth, you might want a guide. I do have a bit of experience in that arena.” You heard Loki voice as you kept to the shadows and Donna encouraged you to continue putting one foot in front of the other.
You were grateful for the fact your auntie was guiding you because everything looked smudged and out of focus due to your tears obscuring your vision.
Once you made it back to the TARDIS, Donna held the door open for the Doctor to carry Loki through, you knew he was the same person as your Loki but when you looked at him, it felt like looking at a stranger and you couldn’t help the faint burn of resentment that ignited within you when you looked upon him, knowing your Loki had sacrificed his life to take his place and offer him a second chance.
Without a care for what the Doctor did with Loki, you made a beeline straight through the control room, ignoring Donna as she called after you as you rushed as quickly as you could to your bedroom and locked the door behind you.
You didn’t even manage to make it to your bed before your legs gave way beneath you and you succumbed to your grief as it ripped through your chest and the agony of your loss constricted around your heart like barbed wire.
You sat on your bottom and hugged your arms around your legs, which were bent and pulled flush to your chest, and you buried your face into the top of your knees. As your last moments with your Loki played on a constant loop behind your eyes, until the memories faded into a dream as sleep took over.
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syntheticavenger · 10 days ago
Nice To Meet You
Word Count: 500
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. Possessiveness, unprotected sex.
A/N: This is a prequel to Selfie! I’m submitting this work to my own challenge.
gif by @chrishemswrth​
Tumblr media
How It Started
The bass thumps in your ears and vibrates throughout your body. It’s a well deserved vacation and you’re making the most of it. Despite the attention of the man you’re dancing with, your eyes are staring up at the blond haired man leaning over the railing, sipping his beer while he stares back, his eyes never leaving you. He’s bigger than his associates with him, shirt unbuttoned enough for you to see the expanse of his broad chest and tanned skin.
The liquid courage gives you the boldness to lick your lips. For a moment through your drunken haze, you swear you see him tilt his head up. As if he was accepting your invitation.
The man that was holding onto your hips has disappeared and right now, you don’t even care, one of your friends snaking around the packed crowd to whisper in your ear.
“Did you see him staring at you?” she says loudly, cupping her hands around her mouth for you to hear her.
“Thor Odison,” she replies, raising her head toward where he’s standing.
The name sounds familiar but you can’t be bothered to think of why he’s important. You know he’s a CEO. Self-made millionaire, somewhere on the Forbes list that’s both impressive and ostentatious. But the way he’s staring at you makes you feel warm all over.
You watch him finish his beer, the glass still in hand as the sign of a smile plays over his lips. When you blink, he’s gone from your sight.
“You ready to go?” your friend asks over the music.
You let her lead you away from the dance floor, watching your steps while you weave through the crowd.
Right before you make it to the exit, you’re separated, a strong hand taking yours and guiding you down a quiet hallway. It’s Thor. Up close and personal, his hand swallows yours before he presses your wrist to his mouth.
“Pleasure to meet you, gorgeous,” Thor greets you, his piercing blue eyes taking in your body. “I’m Thor.”
You swallow, looking up at him as you try to pull down your dress that creeps up your thighs with every shift of your heels. When you tell him your name, he hums in response, giving you a smile that makes you melt.
“It’s getting late. Can I offer you a ride home?”
 How It’s Going
Your dress is around your hips, his hands at your thighs. Your fingers tug on his shirt, your lips pleading against his as he laughs softly.
“What’s the matter, sweet one? Too full?”
He taps his foot and you whimper, resting your forehead against his. You’re stuffed full of him, your walls fluttering around his cock as he pulls another orgasm from you, your sweet little moans music to his ears.
“You take me so well, sweetness,” Thor praises. “How about we make this official, hmm?”
“Y-Yes,” you whisper with a nod.
“Mine forever? I don’t like to share. You should know that.”
“Okay,” you breathe. “I understand.”
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charnelhouse · 10 days ago
You ever think about how one of the things Thor is the god of is fertility??? I think about that every goddamn day
Tumblr media
Warnings: Thor x F!Reader. Smut. Breeding Kink. Thor being a feral little shit. Over-stimulation.
A/N: I think about Thor being a fertility god at least three times a day. Four times on Sunday. Pretend this gif says KEEP OUT, PETER because that's how i presume thor is living on the Benatar and like this gif really doesn't fit the tone of this filthy smut but who cares we live in the free world BABEY.
You play it like a game. Thor can sense when you’re ovulating - his nose attuned to the subtle shift in your scent.
The first time it happened you had been shocked. He’d sniffed at your hair - nipping your breast and shoulder as he rutted against the side of your body.
“Fuck,” he growled. “You smell like birth.”
You had jerked away from him - fixing him with an offended look. “Excuse me?”
He swallowed thickly - his fingers already between your legs - curling into you as he felt for something soft. “You’re - you’re quite fertile right now, sweet one.”
Thor appeared half-mad - his skin ruddy and flushed with blood. His lids heavy while his eyes gleaming moon-bright beneath his lashes. One dark as the far reaches of the ocean- pooling into something desperate and ready to strike with the undertow. The other golden as hot copper or stormed-over wheat.
“Are you alright?” you murmured - brushing your palm over his cheek - catching the sweat that had begun to drip from his brow. He nuzzled into your palm - nearly purring.
“I’m not only the God of Thunder, my love,” he reminded as he sealed his heavy frame flush against you - almost burying you into the mattress. His thumb found your clit - teasing you until you swelled with juice - making you arch into him.
Oh - you had forgotten. The fertility thing.
“Can I fuck you?” he pleaded as he climbed between your legs - grinding his clothed cock into your sheets. “Can we pretend?”
“Pretend what?” you whispered - parting your lips for his tongue - screwing your fingers into his loose t-shirt.
“Pretend to breed you.”
It happens every time you’re ovulating. Thor goes near-feral, practically loses all sense, as he fucks you and eats you until you can’t walk.
“We have to go, Thor,” you gasp - your knees strangling his ears. You yank at his soft flaxen hair - wet with sweat and other things.
“No we don’t,” he tuts as he latches onto your taut bundle of nerves and suckles - urging his fingers between your folds as you buck into the firm press of his mouth. He suctions his lips in such a way that it wedges pleasure through your system - scattering your nerves and cells until they pulse and build and burst beneath your flamed skin.
God of Pussy Eating would be his more apt title.
“The - the - fuck - shit - the Guardians,” you stammer as he adds a third finger - stretching you open while you flood and stream and drown the onslaught of his face against your slit.
“Fuck the Guardians,” he grunts - the words slightly muffled into your mound - his nose practically dragging over your clit. His breath is feverish - sharp and rough as he blows air over your aching sex. He doesn’t shock you - doesn’t drift sparks of lightning across your body. He only does that when he’s in a rush to get you off.
“Thor,” you whimper and he tugs a fold into his mouth - biting weakly just to shut you up.
“Not leaving until I fill this tight cunt up with my seed, you brat.”
Jesus. You need to be off the ship - helping Rocket map out the latest planet you’ve touched down on. The Benatar had landed half an hour ago.
“Baby,” you warn. “Peter will come looking for us.”
He sighs - removing his fingers with a rather lewd squelching noise. He sits back on his haunches - his broad chest damp with your slick. He’d made you spurt into his mouth - overstimulating you until you had sobbed and slapped him across the head.
You’d liked it though.
“Fine,” he growls - his expression almost boyishly put out - shaded in the remnants of his brother’s influence. “I’m still fucking you.”
His hands wrap around your thighs - spreading them apart as he leans over you. He braces his forearm beside your head - his other hand lining his cock up - smearing the head against the soaked mess of your sex.
He lowers himself - rubbing his cheek against your own - rasping his beard across your jaw. He captures your mouth in an insistent kiss before he grits: I’m going to fuck our child into you, my girl. Get you so full and heavy with it.
You moan - going boneless - gripping his tapered waist - thumb sweeping over the swell and flex of the muscles in his abdomen. He shoves into you with one long stroke - the spear of him overwhelming as your walls expand to accommodate his girth.
He draws himself nearly all the way out before he plunges back inside - his massive cock nearly splitting you in two. His pace is fast and hard - his fingers fisting the iron bar of your headboard as the mattress creaks and squeals. He grabs a fistful of your ass - hitching your thighs up higher over his hips - snapping into you with such deliberate precision that each thrust has him ramming up against the bowl of your womb.
“Fuck,” he snarls. “I smell how ready you are for it.”
He drops his head - his long hair tracing over your face - tickling you. You follow his gaze and nearly bite your tongue in half at the sight. Beneath the shadows of his form - there is the glossy rod of his cock punching into the spasming clutch of your weeping pussy. The hairs at his groin glimmer with your essence - the shamelessness of the image twists your gut. You flutter around him - your heart lurching in your throat.
“Do you hear it?” Of course, you do. How could you not? The room echoes with the slap of his skin against yours - the liquid suck of your pussy swallowing him to the hilt over and over again. He drags his fingertips over your thigh before he nudges them against the hardened peak of your clit. “Gods - your lovely cunt is soaking me.”
You can feel yourself leak into the sheets - another spurt of your slick as Thor angles himself downward and pounds you into the shrieking springs of the mattress. The iron railing of the headboard creaks above you as Thor bends it nearly in half.
He pants into your ear - his tongue hot against your skin as he slides it down the pulsing vein in your throat: Let me fill you up, little one. Let me mark you in me.
He brings you off again as you bite your nails into the muscles of his shoulders. He rolls his hips into your pelvis - his pace beginning to lose momentum. He pushes your knees back as far as he can - peeling you open as your pussy parts around the length of him. You’re on display - bare and stretched and wet and Thor’s eyes drift over your face - seeking the pleasure that has made your eyes fall half-mast. He wants to know that you’re sated - that he has ruined you as he always intends. Every night or morning or hour that he beds you - he wants it to be good.
“Are you ready?” he urges as he begins to grind himself as far as he possibly can - his hips slotted between your legs - his hands pinning your knees apart as he rocks into you. “Ah - darling - you’re so fucking tight for me.”
You feel him lose himself - you feel the spit of his cock in your core. He trembles above you - bearing his weight as his eyes draw over you with a gentle, blissed-out expression. The ferocity of before long gone - buried somewhere inside him where the primal parts of his god lie. His chest heaves from exertion - his pelvis jerking up against you as his cock hits the end of his release. He is so utterly handsome that it steals your breath - that you find yourself cupping his cheek as he pumps the last threads of his seed into your womb. He noses into your palm - sweet as a lamb - as prey - his lips twitching into a devastating smile.
“Would you like to do it for real one day?” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to your heart line. You nod - hitching your ankles over his ass to force him a little deeper.
“Yes,” you reply - voice torn and thin from over-use. “One day, I’ll let you knock me up with little electricity babies.”
He laughs - leaning down to part his lips over yours - tongue hungry as he slides his joy into your mouth. “They would be warriors, my love. Ruthless as you, I wager.”
“My condolences to the universe.”
He laughs again - running his knuckles over your cheekbone. “You’re a wild thing.”
“You’re the one who just kept me in bed for three hours.”
You’re so fucking sore - chafed and throbbing. It’s a good pain - a divine pain to be honest - but you can’t help but whine as Thor gingerly eases the heft of his softening cock out of you.
He scoops you into his arms - rolling to the side so you’re stretched out on top of him. Everything is very sticky and fleshy and the air is tangy with sex.
Thor opens his mouth to speak before a knock interrupts him.
The voice through the steel door is slightly strained. “Um - not to be intrusive, but we need both of you outside.”
“Peter!” You sink into Thor’s chest - pushing your face into the molten skin above his thumping heart. “How long have you been standing out there?”
“I think around the time Thor said he was going to fuck a child into you.”
“Oh gross.” You bristle as you try to scramble off of Thor to get dressed. “You should have said something!”
He binds his arms tighter around your waist - keeping you glued to him. You whirl around, smacking his stomach. When you peer up at him, he just looks smug.
“You definitely knew he was out there,” you accuse.
Thor shrugs. “Not my fault that he decided to creep around and listen to our love-making.”
“I heard that,” Peter shouts through the door.
“Fuck off!” you both return in unison.
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