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#thor fic
seoulitx · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
fiz em 2 dias... um tempo ótimo p quem demora 1 mes p fazer uma capa ((literalmente...
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bebx · 18 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Loki (TV 2021), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Loki & Mobius M. Mobius, Loki/Mobius M. Mobius Characters: Loki (Marvel), Mobius M. Mobius Additional Tags: Loki Has Issues (Marvel), Hurt Loki (Marvel), Loki Needs a Hug (Marvel), Loki Gets a Hug (Marvel), Loki is like a spooked cat, Mobius is an angel, protective mobius, Nightmares, Hurt/Comfort, Whump, Angst, Fluff, Loki s01 e02 Summary:
The last time Loki could actually sleep without fearing someone would come and hurt him when he was in his most vulnerable stage, was when he was still Asgard's prince, which, in its own right, felt like a lifetime ago.
It stood to reason that he was extremely exhausted. If he could only close his eyes and rest, just for a little while.
He knew better than that.
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feral-yearning · a day ago
Pairing: Reader x Loki
Tumblr media
Relevant tags: non-canon compliant, secret relationship, 18+, degradation, praise
Maturity rating:
Warning(s): 18+ explicit
Word count:
Prompt: credit to @screnwriter
"A and B are dancing with other people, their eyes move across the dance floor, only to land on each other’s, they lock eyes, and their eyes stay locked on each other during the whole dance… even though they’re dancing… with other people"
You are never unprepared for a battle.
Though you were an archer in principle, you always had a number of concealed close-range weapons on your person despite the event. Experience told you that there was no shortage of enemies that would take advantage of any level of distraction. As a lady-in-waiting to Frigga herself, you had long since decided that there was never going to be a time in which you were not ready to defend your queen.
For this particular occasion (a celebration of peace in the nine realms), you took great care in concealing three knives. The first was sheathed in a pocket that had hurriedly been sewn into the bodice of your gown and easily accessed if you ripped back the fabric. The second dagger -- your favorite if you had to choose -- had a curved blade that was specially cursed so as to put your enemies to sleep. With that in mind, you elected to strap it to your thigh in its sheath. The third and smallest dagger was concealed in the sleeve of your gown so that you could slip it down to your palm without notice.
Sadly enough, it seemed that this revel would not be exciting enough to prompt the use of any of the three.
There were two grand speeches, one from Odin and the other from Frigga. The eating, drinking, and dancing commenced soon after and, unsurprisingly, the most raucous circle surrounded Thor and the Warriors Three.
From your spot beside Queen Frigga, you watch them tell the same tales of greatness that they had at the last celebration. You suppose that you should likely be glad they have no new stories, their battles did worry Frigga. The only audience member that is not laughing heartily is Loki, though the fact that he is also the only one not heavily drinking might explain that.
"Will you dance?"
You peel your eyes away from the vaguely amused smile decorating the younger prince and turn to find an identical one adorn his mother's lips. If you weren't so well composed, you might have blushed.
"No, I don't think I will," you say, offering an apologetic smile of your own. "I find that it is much more difficult to guard when I'm not actually guarding."
Frigga laughs airily, taking a sip of her ale. "Your dedication to going above and beyond the call of duty, while admirable, is not necessary at such an event."
"My Lady," you begin, hesitance evident in your tone.
"Do you not believe that I am capable of defending myself until you returned to my side?" She asks, her eyes narrowed in a playful challenge.
With that, you are forced to resign to her will rather than contradict her power. "I do not have a partner," you admit, turning your eyes toward the dance floor. Though that is not a lie, you do feel vaguely victorious in realizing that you could not decide to dance without a partner.
"And no one could possibly be introduced at a party," Queen Frigga retorted, resting her hand gently on your mid back.
Frigga wheels you around to face the dance floor and the moment you are turned from the circle of storytellers, there is the sensation of eyes burning into your back. You find yourself being gently forced to the edge of the crowded dance floor. The very first man you encounter there, a royal gardener, jumps at the opportunity to fulfill Frigga's request that he be your dance partner. You obediently take his outstretched hand and shoot Frigga a thinly veiled look of petulance before following your partner to the dance floor.
The moment you are otherwise occupied, the queen slips back into the crowd and disappears from your field of view. You suppose that she must have something to attend to that you were standing in the way of. It is fairly frustrating to wait on a woman that does not want to divulge details of her goings on... but you genuinely adore her anyway.
Though you were against the idea as a whole, you do enjoy being twirled around the dance floor by your new partner. He isn't much in terms of a conversation partner, but he does have strong hands and is able to lift you into the air at the appropriate time. You finish your first dance together and clap for the musicians along with the rest of the crowd. Your eyes scan the crowd of storytellers and can't find Frigga anywhere. You note that you can't seem to find Loki either and decide that she must be addressing him privately. You commit to one more dance before you set off to find her.
Frigga had once jokingly remarked that your eye was more watchful than even Heimdall's.
The applause dies down and you turn your attention to your partner. You suppose that he is rather handsome once you give him a chance to make an impression. He's tall, broad-shouldered, and his days in the grand gardens gave his skin a sun-kissed glow that you were not completely unaffected by. Still, you cannot engage each other for more than a few word-sparse pleasantries.
As the next piece is queued up, couples enter and exit the dance floor. When the music begins again, you can't help but notice that the younger prince is only a few yards away and clasping the hand of an objectively beautiful woman. It irks you, though you refuse to acknowledge that feeling. Instead you note that Frigga isn't with him and turn your attention back to your own partner.
At least... you try.
You move lightly through the steps, smiling more broadly than you had before so as to disguise the growing heat of your temper. With every turn, you were forced to acknowledge that Loki's eyes were unashamedly fixed on you.
If he truly wasn't with his mother, then there was no reason for him to presume that your coupling with this gardener was born from personal preference. He might be the God of Mischief, but even he did not dare contradict the almighty that was his mother.
Nonetheless, his eyes glow. He isn't simply dissatisfied by this arrangement of partners, he is smoldering with jealous rage.
A soft blush rises to your cheeks before you realize that he had every opportunity to ask you to the floor himself. He had scarcely deigned to glance in your direction before you were being guided away by his mother. You have every right to find another partner, though you hadn't felt the want.
Your indignation overtakes your embarrassment and you declare as much by meeting Loki with defiance that equaled his accusatory glare. You twirl with more vigor and enthusiasm, your smile widens, and yet when your eyes meet Loki's your true state of mind is betrayed.
Indulging such dangerous feelings as jealousy and indignation when considering Loki's station compared to your own thrills you to your core. And, though he is clearly incensed by the way your partner holds you close, you are sure that his heart quickens that same as yours every time your eyes lock together.
Eventually, the second dance ends. You offer a curtsey to your dance partner and then step away, pushing through the crowd that does not part for you the way it did with Frigga. Your step is as swift as your pulse, guiding you toward the royal dais that you had stood by some time ago. Frigga has not returned, though you do not doubt her safety as much as your own.
You scan the crowd as quickly as you can before retreating toward the nearest door. You don't spare a moment to scan for your pursuer, needing to maintain whatever lead you have. Moments are valuable when you are being pursued by a truly intimidating predator.
You exit the hall and find yourself on a balcony that is littered with couples and small groups, all trying to find the space for conversation. Rather than retreating, you rush to the nearest staircase and descend quickly, ungracefully hauling the majority of your skirt over one arm so that you don't trip. If anyone was watching, they would see the curved dagger strapped to your thigh.
It almost seems that you're successful when you hit the lower level, but you don't stop moving until you are far enough to hear only the very distant chatter of those on the outdoor balcony.
The moment you stop to catch your breath beside a large bronze statue you are plainly reminded that you are, in fact, trying to escape a god.
"Why run?" Loki asks, his voice unaffected by the chase. You reluctantly turn to face him, smoothing your skirts and attempting to stand on what little composure you have left.
"Why pursue?"
"Call it a hunter's instinct," he offers along with a deceptively apologetic smile.
The hair on the back of your neck stands up.
"I never took you for much of a hunter," you respond quietly, listening intently to the breeze. "I applied that to the other brother."
Loki chuckles amiably and took a few steps toward the balcony, forcing you to take equal steps until you are facing away from the bronze statue's pedestal. At the very least, you can be sure that he isn't behind you.
"I would not presume to say that I am as widely successful a hunter as my brother, no. But where Thor gathers any trophy that happen across his path --" Loki shimmers and melts out of view only to finish his sentence mere inches from your ear," -- I choose my prey rather carefully."
You swallow thickly, your eyes focused on the pillar that his mirage had been standing in front of.
"And are you successful?"
"I am."
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syntheticavenger · a day ago
Higher Ground
Alpha! Thor x Omega! Female Reader
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. Alpha, Beta, Omega Dynamics. World building, a lot of angst and an introduction to a few characters I’ve never written before.
Summary | Priding yourself on professionalism while running a department at a resort, you try your best not to go out of your way to cheer up a lonely Alpha.
Tumblr media
In hindsight, he should have cancelled the week-long vacation. Despite the white sand beaches, the stellar ocean front view of the hotel presidential suite, it made no sense for Thor to do anything but rethink his idea of coming here alone. Of course, he hadn’t been alone when he was planning it. Jane had decided on the five star resort for her birthday and what sort of Alpha would he be if he didn’t listen to his Omega? The trip had been in the books for months.
Until their relationship came down to a crashing halt.
“We’re living different lives,” Jane stressed to him over the phone a mere two weeks ago, his silence an invitation for her to continue her explanation. “We’ve tried to make it work. So many times. I think we can both agree that we’re not the same people we once were. We’ve grown apart.”
And perhaps they had. Though it didn’t sting less to find her halfway across the world with her co-worker, Benny, who she had long explained was just a friend as they held hands on a balcony in the French Riviera. Of course Jane believed that they had grown apart. It was easy to say so when she had already started to pull away.
It was little wonder she never wanted to be bonded. He respected her choice, of course. The salt in the wound was that Benny was a Beta and Thor can’t help but wonder what he can provide. Not that it isn’t any of his business anymore. On an impulse, he upgraded his business class ticket to first class and decided to make this trip worth it.
Now he sits, nursing a glass of the hotel’s finest bourbon and an ache to have some sort of revenge before he tosses his phone on the giant bed. He didn’t bother to do an official check-in, simply completing it over an app. The less people he has to talk to, the better off, he decides. His mood won’t brighten anytime soon. Not with the thought of how Jane would have looked in this bed.
He doesn’t want to think about the engagement ring he has to return. That’s the least of his worries at the moment when the knock at the door gets his attention.
“Who is it?” he demands loudly. He’s already starting to get drunk and it’s a feeling that he wholeheartedly welcomes without complaint. Numbing the pain isn’t his usual way to go but he’ll take it for now.
“Mr. Odinson? I’m dropping off your welcome basket.”
He raises an eyebrow at the voice. Feminine and professional, almost an order if he didn’t know any better.
“Just a minute.”
He has an image to uphold and thus, a quick check in the mirror allows him to straighten out his tie before he opens the door.
Watching your fingers grip the basket tighter at the sight of him, he inhales your scent.
You’re an Omega.
When you introduce yourself, it’s short and to the point, pushing your glasses up your nose once he takes it from your hands. He can’t help but look at your skirt that seems to hug the curve of your hips, blazer closed with just a hint of skin and a silver necklace. You’re taller than some Omegas he’s seen but he still towers over you by several inches.
“Hospitality Manager,” Thor repeats, looking at the card you give him. “VIP Services.”
“If there’s anything you need at all, please call that number. We’ll make sure to take care of anything you need.”
He studies the card as you wait for him to dismiss you.
“If that’s all,” you trail off.
“Ah, sure,” Thor agrees. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, Mr. Odinson. Have a pleasant stay.”
With a polite nod, you walk away, Thor watching you for a moment before he closes the door, still holding on to your card.
“Isn’t that Thor Odinson?”
You don’t look up from your monitor, still trying to sort out three reservation mix ups before the guests set foot on property. Peter Quill, your assistant, is still staring down at the people mingling around the buffet tables for brunch.
“What about him?”
“Uh, he’s only like the biggest name in pro-surfing? He owns Asgard? The surfing company?”
“Huh,” you murmur, eyes focused on the emails you’re trying to send. “A surfer.”
“He’s retired now,” Quill says with a dramatic sigh. “The waves weren’t the same that day. He went and got all serious with some astrophysicist. Jane, I think was her name? She dumped him.”
“You know entirely too much about that man,” you quip, looking up over your glasses. “And please stay away from the window. What if he sees you.”
“God, I hope so. I want his autograph.”
“Quill,” you warn, pushing your chair back. “Absolutely not. We have rules and you know better.”
“Yeah but it’s Thor Odinson.”
“Alright, alright,” Quill relents, putting his hands up in defeat. “I get it. Betas aren’t cool to Alphas.”
“That’s not what I meant,” you sigh, grabbing two folders. “I have to two more check-ins before lunch. Can you please try to get this James Barnes and Sam Wilson mess sorted out? They both requested ocean view, presidential suites. There’s only one left. You’ll have to see who requested it first. The last thing I need are two bickering actors making a scene over who got what first.”
“Sure thing,” Quill replies, slipping back into his chair. “I’m on it.”
You’re halfway down the path when you spot Thor, sitting alone as he scrolls through his phone, a pair of aviators over his eyes at a table within a few feet of you. He looks much more relaxed than when you saw him last, wearing a white shirt and a pair of dark shorts.
“Good morning, Mr. Odinson,” you greet, giving him a polite smile. “I hope you are enjoying your stay.”
“I am,” Thor replies, placing his phone down as he lifts up his glasses. You can already smell his scent, rich with hints of petrichor, tobacco and eucalyptus. You swallow down the beginning of your mouth watering, frowning at the physical reaction of being near to him.
“Good. I’m happy to hear that.”
You don’t know why you’re lingering but once you raise your eyes up to the admin building, you spy Quill looking down and you narrow your eyes.
“Something wrong?”
“No,” you answer quickly, turning your attention back to Thor. “There’s are some activities listed for sign up. The amenities are free. My assistant let me know that you’re a surfer, is that correct?”
“Yes,” Thor answers, looking up at the window as Quill disappears from view. “But it’s been a few years since I left the professional circuit.”
“Ah. Well, we have surfboards available.”
“I prefer my own but thank you for the offer.”
“Of course. Have a good day.”
“Are you able to drink?” Thor calls out to you. “I could order you a mimosa.”
You turn around, shaking your head quickly at the thought.
“No fraternization,” you inform him, adjusting your glasses back on your nose. “Against the rules.”
“Ah,” he nods. “Understood. Worth a shot.”
You heart skips a beat at the question before you come to your senses. He’s probably just lonely. You’ve never broken your rules before and you aren’t going to start now. This job is your pride and joy, the reason you moved out of state to this tropical locale.
You’ve worked so hard to climb the top of the corporate ladder. There is no way you can throw it away.
Even if the lonely, handsome Alpha at the table asked you to have a drink.
Once you get to your destination, you spy a black SUV coming up the drive as it slows to a stop. The minute the perfectly manicured black fingernails touch the frame of the door, you gulp. You aren’t prepared for her visit and yet, when you look at the name on the file, you notice it’s her assistant’s name, not hers.
She stands at attention, giving you a sinful smirk, the black pinstripe suit hugging her body with her matching sky high pumps, her black hair twisted into a high ponytail that shows off her cheekbones.
An all-powerful Alpha, commanding in her presence while the folder bends in your hands. You lift your head, remembering your training and who you are.
“Miss Odinsdottir,” you acknowledge with a nod of your head. “What a surprise.”
“Mm,” she purrs. “You know better than to call me that.”
“Much better. Why the look of surprise? I’m only here to make sure that my best manager has been keeping this place afloat while I’ve been gone.”
“I wasn’t expecting you,” you admit quietly. “But your room is ready.”
“Of course it is,” Hela agrees. “You always take such good care of me. It’s what Omegas do. They protect and nurture. It’s why you’re perfect for this job.”
Hela looks around at the faces of the surprised staff, homing on in an Omega bellhop.
“You,” she orders, motioning to him with her finger. “Take my bags to my room. I’ll need a nightcap.”
“Yes Miss,” he answers quickly, rushing to comply.
“Good work, my dear,” Hela praises, walking past you while you fall in step behind her. “It’s almost time for your annual review, isn’t it?”
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fanficfreekmcu · a day ago
The Farce of Free Will (54)
Tumblr media
ᚳᚻᚫᛈᛏᛖᚱ ᛚᛁᛋᛏ, ᛋᚢᛗᛗᚫᚱᚣ, & ᚹᚫᚱᚾᛁᚾᚷᛋ
Finna’s screams shook the entire palace as Thor arrived at the doors to her wing. He closed his eyes as the sounds of her entire house being destroyed echoed from within the walls before composing himself and stepping in.
He ducked just in time to miss receiving a sword to the head and turned to see it sticking out of the wood of the door.
“Leave me be, Thor!” she warned.
“Trust me, Father may not be afraid of you but I definitely am!” he smirked.
She threw a ball of energy at him as he knocked it away with his fist. He winced as he shook his hand. “Can we speak?”
“Apparently there’s nothing to speak about!” she hissed.
He glanced around the room, noting that there was absolutely nothing in the residence that she hadn’t destroyed. If he had to guess, she probably let loose with her magic as soon as she stepped through the doors. He then noticed her house staff, hiding and cowering in the doorway to the kitchen. “Perhaps we should find a new decorator for you then?”
She growled as she again raised her hand.
“Hey!” he lifted his hands defensively. “I am not your enemy.”
“You did nothing,” her lip trembled. “No one championed my cause.”
“He is King,” he sighed. “We may not agree with his decisions, but we must obey them.”
“I never wanted this!”
“He is giving you more responsibility, Finn. We will be working together, learning together. We are equals now.”
“I will never be your equal,” she walked over to the stairs and sat. “Sometimes… I want to grab Alrekk and run, never to look back.”
“Please don’t,” he sat beside her. “I need you now, more than ever.”
She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed. “You have even less of a say than I in this.”
“I was just told that the Allfather wants me to marry the love of my life. Who in their right mind would argue with that?”
She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Got a point.”
They were both silent for a moment. “How did he find out?”
She turned to look up at him. “I visited Loki.”
“Loki knows you’re carrying my second child?” he scoffed. “And you’re still alive?”
“I told you before, I have no reason to fear my hu…” she turned away as if in pain. “Loki would never hurt me.”
“I’m sorry, Finn,” he took her hand. “Truly, I am.”
“Thank you,” she again leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed. “I fear for what he might do when he finds out in the morning.”
“As do I,” he rolled his eyes. “Father’s just looking for a reason to kill him at this point.”
“No… Odin wants him to suffer… He’s taken away his freedom, and now he’s taking away his wife. I truly fear for what he might do next.”
“You? Fear something?!” he laughed. “That will be the day!”
“Yeah, well… keep quiet, will you?”
He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and hugged her. “Do you want to marry me?”
“I wanted to marry you the first time I woke up in your arms in your tent on Nidavellir.”
“The choice has been taken out of our hands.”
“Aye,” she sighed. “I’m not sure I’ve ever had a choice. Edel was selected by my father, Loki manipulated the entire situation…”
“You’ve never had a choice, have you?”
“Have you?”
He thought things over in his head. “Only with Jane.”
“Your human? What about Sif? You two were together for a long time.”
“It was arranged by our parents a long time ago,” he smiled. “I loved her out of duty and expectation.”
She rolled her eyes. “I completely understand that.”
“If you had a choice…”
“You know I hate to play those games.”
“Who do you think you’d have married?”
“I wouldn’t,” she cocked her eyebrow with a smile. “Marriage is completely overrated, in my experience. If I had my choice I’d have a handful of men at my beck and call.”
He threw his head back in laughter. “You are so much fun, Finn.”
“I used to be,” she sighed. “Now I’m a Princess.”
“You will always be the same amazing Shieldmaiden I met on the practice field all those many years ago.”
She leaned up and kissed him before leaning against him. “Thanks Thor.”
“Now, since you have absolutely no control over the Allfather’s plans, I’m going to go and plead my case.”
“Your case?” she raised her eyebrows.
“I will not be thrown into a marriage neither of us was prepared for. I need time to visit Jane. I just… need time.”
“May you have the angels on your side,” she sighed.
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kinnoth · a day ago
Bad ideas for fic
- exhibitionism/voyeurism: Loki conjures a dozen body doubles of himself in his many different forms and challenges Thor to fuck all of them while he watches. Big orgy ensues. Thor takes dick as well as he gives it. Loki gets jealous when Thor seems to luxuriate in the prettiest fantasy version of himself that has never existed. He slips into the cuddle puddle just to break his own stupid heart. Thor recognizes him immediately. The clones help Thor fuck him.
- Loki, sad and bored in jail, conjures fantasies of himself getting adulation from the various people in his life that have wronged him. Odin apolgises to him; frigga stands up for him; the courts and armies of Asgard bow to his superiority. He can't get his Thor fantasy quite right. Every time fantasy Thor bows to him, it doesn't look right. Every time he apologises the words sound wrong. Every time he touches him, the insistence isn't there. Turns out his attraction to Thor is that he knows him and what to expect of him but he doesn't control him. Fantasy Thor is under his control because he is his own conjuration. It's bc he cannot simulate the desire for himself that Thor has. Loki has a sad wank.
- Thor has always had a facination with Loki that has persisted his entire life. As children he was infatuated. As they grow, it perverts into a deep seeded obsession that he can't reach the bottom of. He gets adept at pushing it down, but he can't bear to stare into the heart of that abyss lest he see the truth in it. He takes a series of lovers who all seem to superficially resemble Loki to scratch the itch but he the anxiety of finding out the truth about himself makes him a poor partner. Then, after Loki dies and Thor leaves Asgard, he is on vanaheim and comes across a hedge wizard who looks and sounds almost the same as Loki. He befriends the wizard and tells himself that's good, that's enough, but the obsession gnaws. Seasons pass. The wizard falls in love with him. Thor is horrified at where his mind goes to when they finally fuck. "Who is Loki?" asks the wizard once, in the middle of it, and Thor knows he has let this get too far. He abandons vanaheim. the wizard is very sad.
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someone write a fic of Thor crashing into a pole (or hitting his head on one of the rOyAl mArbLe PiLlArS) after heimdall winked at him/smiled at him from across the corridor thta led out of the lunch hall.
Yessss omg thor being all clumsy in front of Heimdall. Thor's like super obvious about his crush and Frigga gives him hints about how to court Heimdall. Lady Sif being a supportive sister and shipping them until they finally start dating.
mod laina
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lokiofsassgaard · a day ago
Chapter 58 (2227 words) by LokiOfSassgaard
Chapters: 58/? Fandom: Thor (Movies) and Marvel Rating: Explicit Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Loki Characters: Darcy Lewis, Phil Coulson, Jasper Sitwell, Clint Barton, Loki (Marvel) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Post-Thor (2011), Unreliable Narrator, Kidnapping, Mindfuck, Stockholm Syndrome, Manipulation, Abuse, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Dark, Id Fic, Rape, Forced Pregnancy, Sexual Violence, Sexual Assault, Fugitives, Implied Vivisection, Villain Loki, Gaslighting
After the fight on the Bifröst, Loki falls to the unluckiest town in New Mexico. Stranded without his magic and desperate to leave the realm, he takes the first human shield he finds and uses her to guide him halfway across the globe.
tags, warnings, notes. Do I even need to still keep saying it?
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arcticana13 · 2 days ago
.。゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。Mosaic Broken Hearts
 ゚・。・ - a Loki and Thor love triangle drabble ? I had a dream about this so why not
Tumblr media
They had set up camp in a deserted planet, long destroyed by Thanos. Loki sat and watched the debris of what once was a town. “ I don’t like where you’re going with this you know “ he finally spoke after what seemed years of silence. Ariel was setting up the tent as best as she could and laughed. “ Well I don’t like that you and your brother leave me with the men’s job but this is as best as I can give you” she said as she smiled at him. Loki smiled back and stood up. “ No dear I meant with your whole Let’s Outdo Thanos And Take The Stones Before He Does plan of yours” he said as he tinkled with the tent. She huffed and wiped sweat off her brow. “ Well we’re two stones ahead no? One more and we’re much closer to beating him “
“ As much as I admire you’re optimist views I fear you don’t understand how big this is”
“ I’m here aren’t I? I know “
Loki tore the tent apart and stood silently for a second. Thanos knew of her plan. Searched all of earth for the mortal who dared stood in his way. Killed half her family and friends, and so Thor took her from earth against her will at first.
“ Ariel , you seem to forget your vulnerability. You are no Hulk or god. You’re just a human. And that makes your actions more admirable but makes you more vulnerable. Say something happens to me and Thor. What becomes of you?” he said as he built the tent. Ariel let his words sink in. She knew she was nothing particularly special and she admit she would be nowhere without Loki or Thor .
“ I’ll make sure nothing happens to you or Thor “ she said and patted his shoulder. Loki could only smile.
“ Alright well it seems this area is secure “ Thor said as he walked up to them.
“ Ahh lady Ariel I knew you were the woman for the job! Look at this tent!”
Ariel laughed and was about to speak when Loki interrupted “ Well of course you know her saying, anything a man does a woman can do better “ he said and winked at her. Ariel rolled her eyes.
“ So lunch? “ Thor asked.
Nightfall came and for a depressing planet the skies were of light blue. Ariel sat in the tent and braided her long pink hair. Thor came in with a bottle of alcohol. “Oh no you didn’t Thor “ Ariel sighed out . “ Oh come on we have to celebrate our wins thus far!”
Thor brought out two pints and filled them up.
“ And Loki? “
“ My brother is out on one of his nightly walks, he’ll come around and join us” Thor said as he took a gulp from his pint. Ariel merely took two sips and fiddled with a radio she found. She got a signal. To an old classical music station. She and Thor sat in comfortable silence enjoying the melodies. Thor stood up and extended his hand towards her. He had noticed she seemed a bit deflated lately and it broke his heart seeing her that way. She smiled at him and took his hand. She took his hand and he rested his hand on her waist as she rested her head on his chest . They swayed to the soft piano melodies and it was just them in that moment. He gently picked her up and gave her a swing. She let out a laugh. He put her down and smiled down on her. After all they’ve lost he was relieved he still had her and his brother. Ariel cupped his face with both her hands and lovingly squeezed. Loki cleared his throat causing them to separate. “ Oh no don’t let me spoil the moment” Loki spat bitterly as he walked past them and threw a map at the table.
“ Loki,…um would you like a drink?” Ariel asked as she took out another pint.
“ You know what I would like, if instead of fooling around we actually started looking “ he said as he threw daggers with his eyes at Thor.
“ Brother, she needs to rest. You need to rest we all do” Thor said
“ Rest? Is that what Thanos is doing? I doubt it” he opened the map and took a chug of the drink Ariel handed to him.
“ Loki I promise we’ll end this but we can’t do it if we’re exhausted “ Ariel told him as she sat next to him. She was right. Loki hated to admit when she was right. But where would he be without her voice of reason.
“ I’m going to step out for some air” Ariel said and walked out the tent.
Loki and Thor sat in silence.
“ Brother I think we need to discuss the elephant in the room “ Thor began
“ What? That we’re wasting time?” Loki asked annoyed.
“ That you and I seem to share the same feelings for Ariel”
Loki stilled. He looked at Thor. The one who stole it all from him. The spotlight. The crown. The woman he loved.
He scoffed.
“ I’m no fool Loki. But I don’t want it to come between us”
“ Us? We share nothing but the burdens your father left”
Loki stood up and prepared his bunk.
“ It’s not a competition you know, I see the way you look at her. You seem to hold her in higher regards than me. Anyone can see it” Thor said.
“ You’re delusional “ was all Loki said . Loki saw galaxies in Ariels brown eyes. He wondered why his whole life was spent in mindless relationships, she was worth the wait. But of course Thor had to take that too .
“ I’ll step back Loki, truly. I adore Ariel she’s family but when you look at her i feel quite wrong ever looking at her that way”
“ Listen Thor, I don’t want your pity. I don’t want you to step away because you feel bad. If you are what Ariel wants who am I to stop it. She’s mortal anyway I could care less. She’ll be gone in a couple years and I rather not have that burden on me” Loki said .
“ Burden?” Ariel asked quietly
Thor and Loki looked up to see a teary eyed Ariel.
“ No- I didn’t mean it like that-“
“ Is that why you’ve been pushing me away? You think I’m some burden ?!”
“ NO”
Ariel ran out the tent and Loki followed.
“ Ariel please wait “
She laughed through her tears
“ And here I thought I meant something to you after all we went through “
“ You do you truly do”
“ So after this what? You leave and I never see you again and you live another 1,000 years and find another countless Ariels? “ she asked. “ That’s impossible, there’s only one Ariel. “
Ariel crossed her arms and let the tears fall.
“ I know me being mortal makes me less important but-“ she sighed and shocked her head
“ But what?” Loki asked
She kept shaking her head in tears. He walked closer to her and tried to wipe her tears away but she pushed his hand away
“ BUT YOURE ALL I HAVE LEFT! I lost it all! I lost my family I lost myself. I left everything I knew for this. For a human this shit is intense and I always carry dread in my chest Loki I’m scared but I’m even more scared of losing the last bit of family I have. You, Thor, the avengers . I have something to fight for still. To think that to you I’m only a speck nothing more than a star destined to die out and you don’t want to deal with me it breaks my heart”
Loki stood in silence. Tears welling up in his own eyes. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into his embrace. They cried. And held each other.
“ I’m sorry, I don’t pretend to know what you go through. I’m scared too. I’ve never cared so immensely for someone. Someone so fragile. I don’t know what to do” he said as he breathed in the scent of her hair.
Ariels grip on him tightened.
“ I never wanted this for you. I tried so hard to push you away from me but Thor brought you back. For once I’m grateful for my brother “ he said with a chuckle. Ariel smiled and looked up at Loki.
“ You should know it’s always been you “ she said and let him go and wiped her tears.
Loki looked at her confused. She wiped his tears away.
“ Wherever you are, I’m there. It’s no coincidence. I’ll follow you anywhere “ she said and walked back to the tent Thor who had been eavesdropping threw himself to his bunk bed and pretended to sleep. He smiled. He kinda knew it all along.
Morning came. They figured out the location of the stone. It was a couple miles away. It was a cold walk. Thor lead while Loki and Ariel followed behind. Ariel grabbed onto Loki’s hand the whole way.
“ We’re here “ Thor said with a sigh of relief
“ Well, let’s go “ Ariel said excitedly.
They looked up at the mountain. “ Must be up there, I’ll go first I’ll give you a signal if it’s safe “ Loki said as he began to climb.
He made it to the lonely top. The wind hitting his face . He walked around for a bit until he saw a figure.
“ Whose there !” He exclaimed as he drew out knives.
“ Welcome Loki, son of Laufey”
A red skinned man in a dark cloak appeared.
“ Who are you? “ Loki asked
“ I am the keeper of the soul stone, I presume that’s why you’re here”
Loki remained nodded and began to walk towards the figure
“ To obtain the stone you must lose that what you love “ the figure said as Loki walked closer to the edge of the mountain. He looked down.
“ A sacrifice . A soul for a soul”
Loki let out a chuckle and shock his head. Just as he was about to turn and walk away he heard footsteps
“ Brother are you alright “ Thor said as he and Ariel came nearer
“ Welcome Thor son of Odin. Ariel daughter of Stefan “
Ariel looked up at the figure and grabbed onto Thor’s arm.
“ We need to go” Loki said as he pushed both Thor and Ariel away from the edge
“ But Loki we’re so close” Ariel said
Loki began to hyperventilate
“ Loki relax what’s wrong ?” Thor asked.
“ He must choose. There is no turning back” the figure said
“ Choose what” Ariel said as she pushed the hair out of Loki’s face.
“ Who he will sacrifice for the stone”
Suddenly a purple light appeared and out of it Thanos came out.Thor and Loki stood up and pushed Ariel behind them.
“Ah we meet again, I told you your weaknesses would be the stop of your so called progress” Thanos said as he gripped his daughter Gamora by the arm.Then it clicked. Ariel knew what Loki had to do.She knew what must be done to win. Thor summoned his hammer and Ariel gripped Loki’s hand before he could arm himself. She grabbed his face and looked into his eyes. She kissed him. He could taste her tears. He grabbed her and deepened the kiss. She softly pushed him away.
“ I’ll find you. Somewhere out there” she said with a smile
“ What are you talking about ?” Loki asked
Ariel pushed him to the ground and ran towards the edge of the cliff “ ARIEL!” Thor yelled and ran as fast as he could. Loki stilled in shock watched as she jumped. And suddenly all he saw was a bright light.
He awoke breathless in a river. Thor beside him. “ Loki.” Thor said as Loki opened his hand and there it was, the soul stone. Loki screamed out in both anger and agony. Thor held him and Loki held onto his brother letting out the unbearable pain. “ I’m here” Thor said as he tried his best to comfort his brother. And the dark skies suddenly became pink and Thor knew they had to win now. They would win for her. For she’d be there alongside with them.
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probably-need-sleep27 · 2 days ago
I want fic with Loki accidentally meet his bio family while he was travelling the galaxy, it be so awkward and while loki having identity crisis, Laufey is so confused, his wife is also confused, loki just noped outta there and goes to therapy instead of having a mental breakdown, Laufey is currently looking for his kid and he meet his kid and his adopted brother and thor dumb friends, Jotuns are loving and peaceful brings who like being hugs, Odin and Laufey decided to have shared custody of Loki
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mkstrigidae · 2 days ago
Dr. Sansa Stark is prepared for wormholes. She’s chased anomalies across the desert for months now, with little to show for it but the scorn of her peers, so she’s also prepared for disappointment. What she isn’t prepared for are Asgardians. Especially the way Jon Targaryen’s eyes follow her, after his brother literally falls out of the sky and into the middle of Sansa’s research. - A Jonsa Thor!AU and MCU crossover.
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asgardian-viking · 2 days ago
Laurits Seier is a Loki variant, that´s it it´s canon now.
If there´s a timeline where Hulk Loki is a thing, or that he somehow won the Tour De France... than somewhere out in the big multiverse there´s a Loki who end up becoming... an emo
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gigglysokkamcu · 2 days ago
I have a shorter one for y’all today! I just wanted a little something to put out! I have a lot of another one written out that I’m hoping to finish soon!
This one has a crap ton of fluff with the reader as (you guessed it) Thor and Loki’s younger sister! SO EVERYTHING IS PLATONIC
Peter also appears for a tiny bit :)
Warnings: lmao just siblings being siblings I guess
Word Count: 984
We Haven’t Done that in a While
“Thor, come on!” You yelled. He had you somewhat pinned to the ground after a small sparring match between the two of you.
You decided to make use of the weights room in the compound. It had been a while since you had trained, so you were a bit rusty.
“Well, you shouldn’t have cheated!” Thor struggled to keep you down. After all, you were the goddess of strength.
“It’s not my fault! Loki isn’t the best influence!” You grunted as you tried your best to raise your arm up.
“Stop struggling or I’ll resort to torture!” Thor threatened playfully.
“Torture?” You didn’t believe him for one second, “If you torture me I know plenty of people who would come to my rescue!”
“Not if it’s this,” Thor raised one of his hands in a claw while wiggling his fingers.
He wouldn’t dare.
Before Loki had taken over the throne and Ragnarok happened, your brothers would tickle you all of the time, but you had grown up a lot since then. You were almost what was considered to be the age of a legal adult on earth.
“No! Not that! Thor! I’m too old for thi-HIS!” You started laughing hysterically as Thor clawed your stomach.
“You’re never too old!” Thor chuckled, “Especially since you’re my baby sister!” He teased you and switched to your ribs.
“I’M NOHOT A BABEHEE!” You cackled.
“Yes you are,” Thor teased again, “Only babies are ticklish, so you must be a baby!”
“THAHAT’S NOT TRUE!” You shouted.
“What is going on here?” A familiar voice rang out in the room.
Thor temporarily stopped to let you breathe and you saw Loki standing in the doorway of the room.
“Oh, you know, just tickling Y/n,” Thor said casually.
“He called me a baby!” You struggled to get out of his grip.
“Well you are one, for many reasons,” Loki teased, which made you scoff, “but, I know that this one is still just as bad as you. Maybe even worse.” Loki pointed to Thor, whose eyes went wide.
Thor immediately let you go, but you practically shot your hands to Thor’s ribs, making him fall over in laughter next to you.
For a man with a deep voice, his laugh was surprisingly airy, but it was still loud.
You couldn’t stop giggling along with Thor’s contagious laughter, and when you suddenly felt a hand skittering over your own ribs, you pulled your hands away from Thor and both of your laughter filled the air.
Loki looked down on both of his siblings’ carefree faces and couldn’t help but smile. Loki also couldn’t help but notice how similar you were.
The way both of your noses scrunched and even how your laughter sounded. The way both of you were physically stronger than him and yet here you were, being tickled to pieces on the floor.
“LOKIHEEHEE!” You squealed as he took his attention away from Thor and began poking your stomach.
“Aww, dear sister, we haven’t done this in far too long,” Loki squeezed your sides and chuckled at your adorable laughter that came afterwards.
You were getting close to your breaking point until Loki was suddenly not on top of you anymore.
You sat up to see Thor pinning Loki and digging into his ribs.
“You’re right, baby brother, we haven’t done this in far too long.” Thor giggled at Loki’s flustered state.
“I’M NOHOT A BABEHEE!” Loki shrieked. You stood up and folded your arms across your chest.
“That’s exactly what I said, Loki,” you smirked, “According to Thor, only babies are ticklish, so that would make you two babies as well.”
Thor laughed before he stopped tormenting Loki and wrapped him in a hug while he was still on the ground.
You walked over to where your brothers were “hugging” and watched as Loki struggled to get out.
“Get off of me you tree!” Loki shouted from underneath him. You laughed at Loki’s name calling before Thor grabbed your ankle.
“Come here you,” Thor growled playfully and pulled you to the ground before squishing you in with Loki.
“Thor, I’m literally dying!” You tried squirming out from under Thor, but it was no use. Your arms were trapped.
“You’re literally dying?” Thor finally got up off of you and grinned almost evilly, “Would you like me to kill you?” He held up his fingers in a claw again.
It’s not that you didn’t want more love from your brothers, it’s just that you probably could not take any more.
“Nope! I’m good!” You grabbed his hand with yours and giggled in exhaustion before he let both of you up.
Loki grabbed his ribs and glared at Thor.
“I was almost squished to death,” Loki hissed. He looked angry but you knew he had fun.
“I thought it was nice,” you smiled. You threw your arms around Thor’s shoulders and gave him a hug, “We haven’t done that in a while.”
Thor smiled at your comment and held onto your hands.
Both of your brothers knew you loved it when you used to play back on Asgard, and they were glad you still did.
“Why do you look so angry, Loki?” You held back a smile, “I know you had fun.”
“If anyone finds out about this I will kill you two,” Loki whined.
“Too late,” another voice came from the doorway.
Of course it was Peter, and of course he had been recording on his phone.
“Peter,” Thor let go of your hands and stood up, “How long have you been standing there?”
“Ever since I saw Loki heading to the room,” Peter smirked.
You and Thor gave each other a look before looking back at Loki. All three of you were thinking the same thing.
Not too long after, Peter’s shrill laughter could be heard throughout the compound, as well as the heavy footsteps of three Odinsons.
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charnelhouse · 2 days ago
me reading a fic
fic says Thor never went down on his girl
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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As Above, So Below
Tumblr media
Chapter 16 - Brother
Arriving at the shield office in this level of commotion is unusual... then you see a VERY familiar face
Word Count: 975
Read Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
You arrived into the office bright and early, as usual. Your desk was in Fury’s office but today he was away on a mission to speak with General Ross after the Hulk decimated Harlem a couple of days ago. Something had gone wrong in some experiments that Fury refused to tell you about and SHIELD had been monitoring the situation until Harlem became cage-fight central. A few short words on the matter and Fury was gone, thankfully you were used to it. And it meant you could use his coffee machine.
As you sat typing at your computer, copying up some old notes the Director needed, you could hear shouting and running. The last time you’d heard shouting and running around this place it didn’t end well, so you dipped your head out the door. You grabbed a passing guy that you knew worked a few offices down “What the hell is going on?”
“Some guy just tried to steal the asset they found down in New Mexico, you know the one that caused all those atmospheric disturbances” he laughed. “They’re saying he’s some kind of alien!”
“Yeah! They’re expanding a containment facility down there.”
You followed him down the corridor to the big screen in the main hall where SHEILD wide messages were played. You could hear whispering.
“You really think he’s an alien or just some overly jacked cokehead?”
“They say he beat the living shit out of the all the agents at the facility so I don’t know.”
Then you saw it. Blazoned on the big screen at the front “Thor?” you whispered.
In front of you was a giant picture of a muddy, soaking wet and defeated Thor. What the hell was he doing down here?
“What happened?” you asked the person standing next to you, she just shrugged. Then you spotted Coulson in the background of the photo; Thor was going to be interrogated. A rush of adrenaline pulsed through you. You turned and half ran back to Fury’s office, you called Coulson directly.
“Director, lovely of you to call” Coulson’s strange melodic tone greeted you.
“What’s happened down there Coulson?”
“Ah, it’s you” his tone suddenly dropped down to suspicious. “Getting too involved again are we?” he quipped. You rolled your eyes. “What are you doing with that… guy down in New Mexico?”
Coulson sighed dramatically “We think he’s some kind of special ops, why he would be after this hammer thing is beyond me. We’re keeping him here for observation.”
“You can’t do that” you said suddenly, it came out a little louder than you intended and you cringed. “You can’t just hold him there, can you?” you corrected.
“Of course we can, he broke into our facility and somehow took down every guy in here like they were basic mall cops. I intend to find out how and why.”
“I’ll be on the next flight” you said, going to hang up the receiver and you heard his voice raise “No, you won’t. I don’t need you and you have no clearance.”
“Then GIVE me clearance!” you shouted.
“I can't, I’m afraid, enjoy your filing” and the line clicked dead. You grunted in frustration, slamming the receiver down. You needed to get your brother back before he said anything stupid, if he so much as hints he’s not from this world god knows what SHIELD will do. They’ll lock him up in a different kind of facility and pump him full of drugs, or something worse. Fury knew enough but if your stubborn brother in law opened his mouth SHIELD would know far too much of Asgard than you’d ever intended. You rubbed your temples, why was he even here? The thought dawned on you, what if he was here for you? To bring you home after all this time? What if something had happened to Loki?
Your head was spinning trying to figure out how you could get him out. Coulson was being pretty spot on about this; did that mean he was suspicious already?
You paced Fury’s office incessantly; no one knew about your energy, the Director had made it very clear that he would keep it to himself on the condition that you never used those powers again on Earth. He flat out threatened you with imprisonment if you did. Despite the fact that you could just storm the place and take your brother back home to Asgard, Coulson would have your ass if you ever came back to Earth. Not that you were sure you ever could if you left again.
Taking a steadying breath you grabbed your leather jacket from the coat stand in the corner. You knew what you had to do.
You drove your car out of Manhattan, breaking probably every speed limit you hit along the way. You made your way through Brooklyn to Floyd Bennet Field. You needed somewhere out of the way; it was late in the evening so it was relatively quiet where you pulled up. You waited until a few people had left before you got out of the car. Cold air whipped around you, blowing your hair in front of your face. You stood in a good open spot and looked up into the sky “Heimdall” you shouted into nothing. Silence followed.
“Heimdall, I know you can hear me!” you shouted again, carrying your voice over the wind “It’s time for me to come home, something’s happened hasn’t it?”
Silence followed again. You sighed and turned to walk back towards your car, and then a faint sizzle could be heard before the bolt hit the ground in front of you. Loud crackling and whooshing of air consumed you. You smiled upwards and winked. Stepping tentatively into the beam of light you felt yourself being pulled swiftly up.
It was time to go home.
Tag list: @saynotoshityouhate @desparadowrites@thegreattodd
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wejustmadepartner · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A little bit of a peek into their past and perhaps a touch of foreshadowing. Sincerely hoping there comes a day where Farah can actually enjoy a solid snooze 💔🙃
Ao3 here
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syntheticavenger · 2 days ago
“I wish you would write a fic” where Mafia!Thor finds this person.
Literally any plot I just love your reading !
Cold Sweat
Mob Boss Thor x Mob Boss Female Reader
Word Count: 1K
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, heavy canon violence, arranged marriage.
Summary | A rival mob boss finds out your secrets and offers you a way out.
Tumblr media
In the span of an hour, your world had upended into chaos.
Your right hand murdered by your rival in a battle of gunfire, an alliance broken by a single secret that threatened your rein on your business.
You almost felt sorry for the poor bastard, his body riddled with bullets before you side stepped the blood that pooled on the ground. These were designer pumps and you wouldn’t sully them with his blood. His treachery was enough to make you want to take aim at a few of the bystanders who were watching your every move, your stoic expression belying your anger that surges through you when you lift your head.
“Do we notify next of kin?” the police officer asks you.
“I’ll do it,” you reply. “No need to make it worse.”
His wife will be devastated, no doubt. She warned him about the business and the association. In the end, it wasn’t the association that got him killed. It was his telling of your family secrets, giving away your plans that left him vulnerable.
He truly thought you didn’t know about his plans to take over. Many had tried before and failed. He would fall in line like all the rest. Your father had taught you well, his only child, a daughter that was his pride and joy. Your father was ruthless, they would say, vicious and violent.
You’d outdone him and then some.
But this was done out in the open. In front of witnesses so that there would be dialogue of whether you were strong enough to exact your revenge.
An open invitation for you to pay a visit to the one who pulled the trigger.
“Take care of it,” you tell your second in command. “All of it.”
All of it means the funeral, the payoff and your name out of the papers. Give him some dignity even if he didn’t do the same for you.
When you head back inside the car, you’re aware of your next destination, smoothing your hand over your diamond encrusted watch to check the time.
“Odinson’s,” you direct, settling back into your seat, scrolling through your phone to get plans in motion.
The pause makes you snap your eyes up to the rearview.
“I, uh, wanted to make sure I heard you correctly,” the chauffeur swallows. “Odinson’s?”
“Yes,” you affirm evenly. “I want to get this over with.”
When the car pulls away from the curb, the two black SUVs follow as back up, the crime scene fading into the background.
At the first sight of you, a bodyguard smirks.
“Didn’t think we’d see you so soon.”
You shrug, adjusting your blazer.
“Is he here?”
“You know he is.”
You nod, not willing to give him the satisfaction of having you ask for him. They know why you’re here. It was all over the news until coverage was pulled, thanks to the power of your father’s friends who owe you favors.
“He spilled blood. I’m not asking for him to come out, I’m telling you.”
“Or else what?”
It’s swift when you pull your gun from your purse, aiming randomly before you fire, the bullet hitting one of his men in the arm as he crumples to the ground.
“Then I keep picking your men off until he’s standing here in front of me.”
He knows the men behind you are armed to the teeth and he sneers for a moment, motioning to his men to pick up the man off the floor as he goes inside.
Within minutes, he returns, opening the door wider.
“He says just you,” the man orders. “They stay outside.”
You can hear their protests before you put your hand up for silence. This isn’t about whether or not you’re safe. You can hold your own.
Once inside, you keep your gun at your side, settling your purse over your shoulder as you hear your name being called. Turning to the left, Thor Odinson waits for you, his large frame blocking the view of his desk as he pours you a drink.
“Here I was, thinking it would take you a day or so to gather your wits about you,” Thor begins, handing you the glass. “It took less than two hours.”
“I’m punctual,” you answer, taking a sip without breaking eye contact. “And you have some explaining to do.”
He lets out a dark laugh, downing his glass in one fluid motion, tattoos etched on his knuckles with various symbols. He smiles at your comment, amused in his own way as he tilts his head to the side.
“So do you.”
“What was the point in killing him? Unsure that he would shop my secrets around?” you ask, watching him lean against his desk.
“I did it for you.”
“You killed one of my men for my honor? After getting every single secret from him? Is this some sort of fucked up insurance policy?”
“You can call it that, if you wish,” Thor hums, nodding to your glass. “Drink up.”
You hold the glass in your hand, Thor spying the gun still in your hand.
“I have a proposition for you. I know everything about your holdings, your territories and the list of people you’re planning to make disappear. If that was public knowledge, I’d imagine it would ruin you.”
You take another sip, waiting for his offer.
“I could take it all, you know. Your empire would be one of for the history books. But I like you,” Thor continues, his gaze all consuming. “A merger. Your assets and mine, together. We’d own the entire state and then some.”
“What’s the catch?”
He smiles at your question.
“You’re smart.”
You raise an eyebrow at his comment.
“You call it a catch, I call it necessary.”
“And what is that?”
“Marriage. You marry me and I offer you my protection. You’ll need it if this ever got out. I’d hate to see what would happen to you.”
You down the last of your drink.
“Fine,” you answer, watching his eyes narrow at your affirmation. “When’s the wedding?”
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kinnoth · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This is also incredibly in character for Odin and I'm disappointed we didn't get to see this
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