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#thor headcanon
x-hufflepuff-reader · a day ago
Hi so since fanfiction is essentially my way of coping with things.... can you do an avengers x reader (Bucky, Steve, Sam, Tony, Loki, Thor, Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, etc.) and they react to the reader scratching their car or getting into a car accident (not fatal)-A (I don’t mean for it to be ‘dark’ just like them comforting the reader bc obvs you’re a bit shaken up afterwards)
I got you babe! I did this as teen reader, who's Peter's partner.
So the accident, not that bad. You were ok, no one else was involved and the car was ok. But your heart was racing, you were shaking, and you felt like crying.
Therefore in no condition to drive, so you called Tony to see if anyone was nearby or willing to come drive instead.
The other Avengers were in a meeting so when Tony said it was you and answered they all payed attention. If you were calling right after school something had to have happened whether it be good or bad.
However, when Tony said minor accident, everyone started getting ready to come get you.
"What do you mean Minor accident? Your ok right? Are you sure? Yeah of course someone can come drive you back."
Bucky and Natasha won and got to drive you. Sam and Steve got to go get your favorite food and drink in an effort to make sure you would eat.
Wanda and Pietro were in charge of setting up a movie you wanted to see and some of your favorites.
When Steve and Sam dropped off Bucky and Natasha, Bucky took the wheel while Natasha sat with you in the back.
He made sure to try and make the least amount of sudden movements with the car. You didn't need any more stress.
When you got back to the tower, you were immediately brought to the room filled with pillows and blankets in front of a large screen, a stack of movies, and food.
Thor and Loki weren't completely sure what was going on but they both knew you weren't doing the best and since they thought of you like a little sister, there was no way there were going to let it slide.
So, throughout the whole movie marathon. You would be sitting in between the two gods.
The rest of the group kept their eyes on you to make sure you were feeling better.
If you need anything, someone would get it for you.
They were going to pamper you for the rest of the day and tomorrow if you were still nervous, they would do what they could to help then.
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thunderbringer · a day ago
in my world , thor stays in new asgard instead of abandoning his people. it becomes almost like a WELCOME CENTER for anyone coming to earth to take refuge or to get acclimated.  the asgardians know what its like to be in a new strange place and to feel like they don’t belong . so they try to make it easier on those who come to earth , as best as they can. 
ASGARD IS STILL A BEACON OF HOPE. thank you and good day. 
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crypticwanda · 2 days ago
Hi, I saw your requests were open! If you're comfortable with it, could you write how the avengers would react if the reader was going blind?
Apologies that these are short, I'm still getting used to writing headcanons!
The Avengers reacting to you going blind
summary: how the avengers would react to their s/o going blind
pairing(s): steve rogers x reader | tony stark x reader | thor odinson x reader | bucky barnes x reader |
warnings: mention of blindness (?), fluff
Steve Rogers
such a sweet man omg
when he first finds out that you might be going blind, he's there from day one to support you
steve is always there whenever you need him, seriously ANYTHING you need and he will be there
always walks holding your arm, even if you said that you don't need it
always checks up on you to see if you need anything from him
he always holds your hand to reassure you that he's there
Tony Stark
like most things, tony was initially silent
he was calm on the outside but he was secretly worried
he would create some sort of tech that you could wear to keep you aware of your surroundings
I could also see him becoming slightly more possessive of you, not wanting you to get yourself hurt
he would 100% help you with styling your outfits if you needed help
he'd probably have fun doing it too
Thor Odinson
at first, he's a little confused
he doesn't understand how you could slowly lose your vision
once you explain it too him, he becomes much more understanding
lowkey I can see thor LOVING carrying you
I mean it's canon that this man is incredibly tall and over 600 pounds-
I can totally see him carrying you place to place whenever you want
Bucky Barnes
my favorite boy
when he first finds out you are losing your vision, he becomes very worried
even after hours of reassuring him that it's fine, he's still overly stressed about it
he would always keep his hand in yours
is always extra observant whenever he's out with you
if anyone even looks at you the wrong way, they are dead
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bebx · 2 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Thor (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Major Character Death Relationships: Loki & Thanos (Marvel), Loki & Thor (Marvel) Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thanos (Marvel), Thor (Marvel) Additional Tags: Hurt Loki (Marvel), Loki Needs a Hug (Marvel), Loki Gets a Hug (Marvel), Loki Does What Loki Wants (Marvel), ghost - Freeform, Thor Needs a Hug (Marvel), Whump, Angst, loki is a little shit, Hurt/Comfort, Hopeful Ending, Happy Ending, Angst with a Happy Ending, Sad with a Happy Ending, Fix-It, Fix-It of Sorts, Canon Divergence - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), Thanos has a heart Summary:
If Thanos thought life after retirement was going to be simple for him, he was partly wrong.
To put it another way, Thanos saw Loki's ghost, and it kept haunting him.
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lazy-cat-corner · 2 days ago
I’m really hoping the new character arc(s) for Thor and Loki will be “our inheritance blew up and now we both need to be common folk and get jobs” and they’re both just comically bad at it while learning valuable lessons about working class ethics they may have ignored while they were monarchs.
Tumblr media
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kayxleeee · 5 days ago
Loki Laufeyson:Delusions (Loki x Reader)
Warning: NONE! Slight Mean + Sad Loki
A/N: Love this one! I always feel so bad for Loki in Thor The Dark World :(
Summary: After Loki returns to Asgard he is immediately sent to prison for his crimes on Earth. Unfortunate events occur when Asgard is under attack and you just want nothing more than to check in on your beloved.
Word Count: 2k+
*NOT MY GIF* Do not copy my work
Tumblr media
The news of Loki return to Asgard was both worrisome and exciting. There were rumors being spread about that he was returning as a fugitive for the destruction of not only earth, but the crimes that he had committed against  Asgard. You of course found yourself just happy to know that he was alive. He may not had been well, but sure he was very much alive.
Living. Breathing. Speaking.
Out of all Thor’s closest friends, you and Loki bounded the most, which caused you solely, to develop feelings for him. These feelings would lead to a sever fallout between you and your warrior companions. With Loki’s criminal accusations, hate and critism came from many, especially from Sif and Fandral. For you to still think highly of him,--well you were considered a traitor in their eyes.
When he returned you were forbidden to pay him any visits. Odin also ordered that the only visitors Loki received were of kin and even those visits were kept very minimal. Now with the unbearable news of Frigga’s death you worried about his sanity even more than before.
The queen has been deceased for a few days now, Thor was easily consoled  by Jane’s presents and the support of the Asgardian people who were also mourning their queen. However no one was concerned for the fallen prince, except for you. You knew that his crimes were severe, but nothing was more torturous than knowing of your mothers death and there is nothing for you to do because you are locked away without even the slightest hope of saying goodbye.
For days you try to receive information on the location of where Loki was being held. You are a warrior of Asgard, you should have known these things, but because of your so-called bias-ness for the Prince of Mischief you weren’t allowed. Your inquiries about Loki’s whereabouts in the palace were extremely noticeable and you received a lot of animosity for it, especially from Lady Sif. She called you stupid and selfish for wanting to see him. You were also accused of not having any dignity or self respect. No one would tell you directly where Loki was being held, but with enough sneaking around the palace, you finally over heard a few guards speaking of his whereabouts.
With the common criminals.
You have been watching two sets of guards for more than an hour. You wanted to  slip past them undetected, but you needed to wait for the perfect moment. You weren't one of the most skilled warriors in fighting but you were known for your intelligence and abilities to be clever in any situation. The plan was for you to create a diversion to get the guards away from the staircase leading down to the dungeons.  You knew that since the palace had been attacked from the inside out the guards would be on high alert. You cast a large stone, breaking a window to which the guards attention is drawn to the noise. They run into the direction of the shattering glass. As you sneak past them, the memories of Stif warning you fills your mind as you flip into the entrance running down the concrete staircase as quickly as possible.
“It’ll be the last thing you do” She threatened.
“He is a prisoner, he knows his crime.” She scoffed
“If you go to him, we will know where your loyalties lie.”
“Loki cares nothing about you, he is a man who cares simply for himself.”
You reach the bottom of the large steps, hoping you were turning down the correct corridor as you ran quickly. You notice on your way that the majority of the cells are completely empty. This worried you, but did not stop you from searching for him. You luckily reach his location without any mishaps.
“Loki!” You announce breathlessly watching as he paced around the small room with his back turned away from you.
His cell was tidy, clean as if he had not touched a single thing. He had all of his things that brought him comfort; fancy furniture, books, papers, and pens. You knew that Loki loved to read because the two of you spent the majority’s of your time together in the library. You felt at ease knowing that he at least had that. This was of course curtsy of the Queen; she asked for these items. Although he was being punished, the only thing she wanted for her dear son was that he was comfortable in his confinement no matter what he had done.
“What is it ?!” He snapped turning around to face you. He took heed in your presence and then pressed his lips into a thin line. “Ah, Lady (Y/n).” He greets you calmly, then an amused grin appears on his face. “Here to tell me the mighty King has passed on too?”
His comment took you by surprise, you assumed he would be just as grateful to see you, as you were to see him.
“Don’t be so morbid Loki!” You cut him off with offense frowning your face in confusion. “With the news of your mother passing, I would think you’d have far-more compassion for your family, for Asgard.”
“My family.” He repeats, mocking your charismatic tone placing his hand over his chest. “My Family is not here on Asgard. My family are no more than those disgusting vile creatures you fight and kill.”
“Loki I know you’re hurting, I know you have all this anger built up, but you have to know that you do have family and loved ones here on Asgard.” You say subtlety hinting at yourself. “I did not come here to be mocked.” You say in a calming voice as he walks over to you.
You place a hand on the enchanted glass as you look up to his figure continuing to speak. “I am not one for your dramatics, I just wanted to see how you were holding up.”
“Holding up?” He lets out a malice laugh. “Ha! Holding up?! I am locked in a cage like an animal!”
You slam your fist against the glass in annoyance realizing your loving reunion was falling flat. You did not come here to argue with this man, you didn’t even plan far enough to think of exactly what you wanted to say, but it was never envisioned like this.
“And who’s fault is that Loki?! Who’s fault!?” You snap matching his dramatic tone.
“My own! For trusting idiots!” He yells back and you can’t help but think what idiots he were referring to. He continues,  “Why are you even down here, Odin forbade anyone from seeing me, you can’t be THAT stupid. Or perhaps you want to cast more stones?”
“Cast stones?— I came here as a friend Loki. All this worrying I did for you, all the tears and regrets. I risked my own life and freedom by coming down here” You scoff rolling your eyes at his demeanor. “Just to be spat on by you?”
“Better I to you, then you to me.” He laughs.
“That is your problem, you always think people want to hurt you just as bad as you want to hurt them! Look at you and your brother, he mourned you, we all did, and you go and do this? Destroy and take over the only place he loves. What did you gain?!”
“Oh bullshit! That place was nothing, but a pathetic little wasteland! They needed ORDER.”
“They needed no such thing Loki, YOU needed a sense of belonging.” You say with emphasis.
“My god you’re just as delusional as my brother .” He laughs.
“Delusional?!” You yell.
“Yes.” He says calmly, pleased at how angry he was making you. He walks away and sits on his couch crossing his legs and resting his arms on top of them. “D-e-l-u-s-i-o-n-a-l, delusional.”
As he walked away you noticed a single error in his walk as if it all was an illusion. Something that only someone who knew Loki would catch if they payed close enough attention.
“Enough, no more illusions Loki. Show me your true state, I know you are not this heartless. The only person who stands here delusional is you!”
With that, what you thought was the real Loki fades away in shimmers. A much sadder scene formed before you. The cell becomes a mess, with the once neat furniture, either broken or distorted across the room. The scuff marks on the walls concluded that he had thrown the furniture with immense force. His beloved books were ripped and torn to shreds, and his once neat clothes tattered and disheveled. Your eyes meet his saddened pale figure sitting on the floor near something he recently broken. Fresh blood oozes down his foot as the glass that was lodge in him is discarded next to him on the floor.
“IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED TO SEE!? A BROKEN MAN YOU SEE !?” His unruly hair falls into his face as he screams at the top of his lungs, veins bulging from his neck.
You immediately go to the side panel that unlocks the cell, running to his aid. You kneel beside him where there is not much debris, wrapping your arms around him and pulling him into a tight hug. He barriers himself deep into your neck letting out a silent sob. You hold him close as if you never wanted to let him go.
“I am here Loki.” You whisper to him placing a kiss to the top of his head.
You have never in your seen the Prince so weak, so fragile, so upset, so venerable. This all must have taken a huge toll on him, you couldn’t imagine what he was going through.
“ I did not want this for myself, I did not want this, not for her.” He says lowly as his voice breaks.
“I know.” You rub his back softly. “But you have to know that she loved you unconditionally with all her being, Loki.”
“I-, I don’t believe that.” He sighs with a hint of hesitation in his voice. “No one could ever.”
“That should not be hard to believe because I do, I love you too, I love you unconditionally.”
“You love me?” Asked confused he pulls away from your embrace looking at you with puffy red eyes.
“Yes.” You admit.
“You surely love as a friend correct?” He questions with squinted eyes.
“More.” You place a hand on his cheek giving him a small reassuring smile. “I’ve always loved you Loki, more than a companion, way before any of this.”
He places his hand over yours, giving you a weak smile, then leans in to kiss you. You were surprised , but quickly adapted the new feeling. The kiss was sweet and slow, so slow it felt as if time had stopped. He pulls away resting his forehead against yours.
“This probably is the best news I’ve received all week.” He says with a light chuckle. "I'm so sorry."
You smile pecking his lips once more before speaking again.
“I hope you know that for me to love you unconditionally, that I know who you are deep down. I know you aren’t all bad. I know that you had your reasons for going to earth and ruining New York, just as you had reasons for all the mayhem you have created. What was it ?” You say attempting to have him open up more.
“My reasoning ?” He asked in an unsure voice. “ I do not know.” He concluded turning way to look forward as if he was thinking.
“I find that very hard to believe Loki.” You say resting your head on his shoulder, taking his hand. “But I’m here whenever you’re ready to open up.”
It was true, you never thought Loki was all bad, you knew that there had to be reasons behind his mischief and misunderstanding. A few minutes passed of the two of you just being in one another’s presents. You imagined in other circumstances, this is how Thor felt when he Jane, as if nothing else matter other than the fact that they had each other.
“It…. His name was Thanos, after I fell from the birfrost—” He finally spoke, but it was short lived.
“(Y/n)!” You hear Thor shout from the other end of the cell interrupting. He states at the two of you intensely.
“Thor it is not what is seems.” You say imagining Lady Sif would soon be on her was as well.
“You are not in trouble (Y/n), but I need to speak to my brother, alone.”
You turn your attention back to Loki and he nods patting your hand. The two of you get up and Loki weakly walks you over to the entrance of the cell that you  previously came through.
“We can talk later, you know I’ll be here.” He looks at you with a knowing grin placing another kiss on your lips, before Turing to his brother.
You nod turning away to leave the two alone to talk. You had hopes that one day you and Loki could somehow be together, and finish that conversation, but today was clearly not that day.
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poppinisperfection · 6 days ago
|| What the Marvel Boys Smell Like ||
All my opinions, let me know if you want a part 2 or who you'd like to see in another one ❣️
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
• Vintage cologne, leathery sandalwood and almost spicy scent.
Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
• Sweet spices and orange blossom, sometimes has smells of mechanical oil or petrol when helping out with fixing things.
Peter Parker
Tumblr media
• Let's be honest, he uses AXE. Although Aunt May bought him a Ralph Lauren perfume for Christmas last year.
Tumblr media
• Cedarwood and pine, very earthy and fresh. Almost like the scent of freshly cut wood.
Tumblr media
• Pine, like Thor, only more refined undertones. Definitely a spicy and Frankincense-ish scent.
Pietro Maximoff
Tumblr media
• Lavender and floral, very light and airy. Often smells sweet and herbal.
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jammesbarnnes · 6 days ago
Avengers Headcanon: All the Avengers own a weighted blanket. Tony started it when, after listening to him talk about all his worries and his inability to sleep, Bruce told him about them. Not long after, Tony got Bruce one. They sleep with them every night. Eventually, Thor noticed and laughed because he thought, somehow, blankets were too heavy for Midgardians. Bruce let him borrow it and after that he refused to sleep with anything else. Eventually they all end up getting one in a different color for various reasons. It's all helped them a lot with sleep, with anxiety, etc and they have fun with them too, even using all of them on Hulk thinking that might calm the big guy down for a while. It's become such a staple in the Avengers, even the newest members are highly encouraged to get them. They don't know why at the beginning, but they come to understand.
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thepilotanon · 7 days ago
Toddler!Thor and baby!Loki sleep time plz? 😍
Oh my GOD.
Loki is very good when it comes to nap time/bedtime. Thor isn’t and never was. Loki was never one to wake up in the middle of the night and cry nonstop (he would fuss, of course, but never burst eardrums or shatter walls); but Thor always had a rough time, because he was always full of energy and could never settle for long periods of time, and would need comfort whenever he wakes up and feels alone. He never could nap for more than 10 minutes, then perk up and run around.
Despite that, Thor was really good at keeping guard of his baby brother’s crib while Loki slept during the day. Kind of like playing pretend, Loki is the King and Thor is his most bestest and strongest guard. Loki didn’t wake easily, when he knew that there were familiar people around, and Thor was probably the best to let Loki stay at ease. When Loki would wake up from his nap, Thor would be there to say hello and wave to him. Pretty damn cute for all the nurses and servants to see, honestly.
I learned in Old Norse/Viking era, the families all usually slept in the same bed, so I can see Odin and Frigga being the kind of parents who kept their little ones between them in bed or nearby - until they were old enough for their own beds and be left alone. I imagine Thor being a kicker in his sleep and constantly bruises Odin’s ribs and get his hands tangled in Frigga’s hair BUT!! Thor was always gentle and cuddles with Loki. Loki only needed to be held or cuddled up to someone, and will stay in place all night.
Any time Loki woke up from a bad dream and was fussy about it, Thor would be the first to wake from the sounds of his sniffles (the thick walls and distance never stops Thor with his Big Brother Instincts). Thor would come in with his own blanket and stuffed animal, climb into Loki’s gated bed and tuck him back in very carefully and stay by his side. Any time Thor would have a nightmare, he would sneak into Loki’s crib and Loki would just allow Thor to hide with him.
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iamanartichoke · 7 days ago
work-in-progress wednesday
*trips and drops some ‘Loki-experienced-microaggressions-as-a-child-and-apparently-isn’t-over-it’ feels* 
He doesn’t notice, then, when the Hulk shrinks back down into the decidedly unimpressive Bruce Banner until Thor and Bruce sit down at Loki’s table in the mess hall a few evenings later. 
“Hey, Loki,” Thor greets, cheerful as usual. 
Loki narrows his eyes as he glances from Thor to Bruce and back again. “What is this?” he asks. 
“What is what?” Thor inclines his head toward the bowl he’s just set down in front of him. “It’s dinner.” 
“I mean, why are you eating here, specifically?” Loki watches as Bruce awkwardly adjusts himself, taking off his spectacles and cleaning the lenses on the hem of his shirt. “I was here first.” 
“No one’s telling you to leave. We’re joining you,” Thor responds, and promptly digs into his soup. 
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Tom’s new story post gave me this idea of hanging out in the Avengers Tower.
(Requests are open by the way so feel free to ask for something!)
Tumblr media
Maybe it’s just you and Peter hanging out on a balconies. It’s raining and the city is quiet in the early morning hours. You both were on patrol that night, but instead of crashing like you usually did when you came home you were both still wide awake.
He’s been trying to learn to play the guitar, but with the “Stark Internship” aka being the newest Avenger member, he hasn’t had much time. He’s eager but still a little rusty. So the two of you sit outside and he practices. It’s a soft plucking tune, perfect and soothing.
Every time he messes up and curses you can’t help but grin, he’s adorable even when he’s frustrated. Eventually though he gets the hang of it, and you let yourself relax in your chair. The scent of rain is everywhere, fresh and intoxicating. Peter’s quiet humming mixing in with the sound of the water hitting the pavement. You lose yourself in the moment as time seems to stand still.
Neither one of you moves until you hear the rest of the Avengers getting up, making breakfast. By then it’s turned into a full on rainstorm and you both head back inside to avoid getting wet.
And to steal some of Wanda’s homemade crepes before the rest of the team eats them all.
(Obviously that’s not my image, I just took a screenshot of Tom’s story so you could see what I was talking about)
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thepilotanon · 10 days ago
Toddler!Thor trying to teach things(as walk for example...) to baby!Loki ? 😍❤
Thor absolutely “taught” Loki how to walk. I say it in quotations because Toddler!Thor was a babbler and never really made much sense when he talks, especially when he got excited, like teaching his baby brother how to walk by himself! While chatty, Thor was SUPER careful while holding Loki’s hand to help him stand up and catching him when he falls, hushing him and patting his head and wait until he’s ready to try again. Thor will also call for Loki, encouraging him to try to waddle over to him and cheer as loud as he can, so everyone sees how great his baby brother is!
Despite his babbling...Thor would try to teach Loki his first words. He tries to teach him “Mama” and “Papa”, because he knows lots of babies can say those types of words. He points to murals and statues of Frigga and Odin (when they’re not present), but Loki just kinda stares and thinks his brother is being funny. Loki’s first word is “Mama”, but then immediately does a baby-version of “Thor” (probably like ‘Toe’ or ‘Dor’) because all the maids constantly call for him to let his baby brother nap or feed.
Thor likes showing Loki his toys and “weapons” and go into detail of what each does. Kinda like a show-and-tell? And Loki is a very, very good listening and will make gurgling noises or gestures, and Thor takes it as a question, mimicking his tutors, all “Very good question, little Prince!” Even when he doesn’t know the proper answer, he will say “There is still many studies to be done, but it is still amazing!” Thor knows that his baby brother is very smart and can understand things, the adults just don’t see it yet.
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lazy-cat-corner · 10 days ago
Loki training a swarm of fireflies: You would not believe your eyes...
Mobius sick of the meme: Loki...please.
Fireflies: [swarm towards TVA]
Mobius: [reaches for fire extinguisher] It’s 3AM.
Mobius: Ah, shit.
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thepilotanon · 11 days ago
Loki and Thor playing when they were kids? 😍😊❤
I think (Earth-math counting, not Asgardian) Thor is a few years older than Loki, and was probably a toddler when Loki was brought home, who would have been under a year old. Thor was naturally the “big bro in charge” at the start when they were able to play together - under Frigga or a nurse’s supervision, being the one who decides what they play and who plays which roles, and Loki would easily go along with it because he liked playing with his big brother.
Thor would eventually get the compassion to ask Loki what he would want to play, seeing how sometimes he wouldn’t have fun playing the same thing as Thor over and over. Thor would also be protective of Loki, whenever they would play with other kids, too, like never allowing other kids bully him or tell Loki what to do. They easily both got into rough-housing and getting dirty the more older they got.
When they were taught how to wield weapons, that’s when the “real fun” began for them. Because they’re obviously sturdy, stabbing, hitting, smashing and whatnot does no real damage to them and they make games between each other over it (hence where Loki disguised himself as a snake and Thor loves snakes, so he picked up to admire the snake and then Loki transformed and was like “MERGH, IT’S ME!” and stab him).
I think, the older they would get and grow to be adults, the more they would become protective over the idea of their own children playing that way? Granted, their kids would most likely inherit their sturdiness and wild nature, so it should be fine? No, Thor and Loki would get the idea of why Frigga was so adamant about them playing nicely and being careful, because no parent would want to see their kid bleeding, even if they know it’s for fun and natural for Asgardians to play rough like that.
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darwindrawz · 11 days ago
Y’all I just realized something about Asgardians...
You know they don’t like... have deodorant, right? Like Thor? Yeah that dude smells like sweat, woodsmoke, and probably the blood of his enemies like there is no way any of them smell clean. You guys are crushing on a man who smells like a middle school boys locker room without the axe body spray.
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era-of-fear · 12 days ago
Daddy, Daddy! ~Thor
Tumblr media
Desc: Father headcanons for MCU Thor
~This man is a himbo, lets say that from the get go. He’s a himbo with kid now and that energy stays. He holds his baby like a damn football.
~Always seems to be carrying his kid, their cousin, and at least one of their friends at all times at any age. Literally, the kid could be 16 and Thor has them on his back and is just, “ONWARD MY CHILD!”
~Threw his child in the pool (lake/pond/river) to teach them to swim, and pushed them down a hill to show them how to ride a bike. He was right behind them most of the way and wound up pulling them out the pond.
~This man does not understand homework, but he will call Stark or Banner to help, because he wants to see his child succeed. 
~On that same note, Thor is heavily involved in any activity his kids into and he’ll even help them hone their skills! “You want to do ballet my child? Well then, we will Parry-A together then!” (And you know like 80% of the parents hit on him but he’s just like “No thank you?? Look my child made a basket :D”)
~Look me in the eyes and tell me Thor isn’t a grill dad.
~He loves to tell stories of Asgard and its rich history as bedtime stories. He always gets far too into it, and has a look in his eyes as he goes into the most intricate details about his home. Whenever his child asks to see it, he gets the saddest of smiles on his face and shakes his head. “I wish you could see it...”
~Not the type of dad to set a curfew, but if he’s up at 3 am and his kids just getting home he’s so confused. He’s fine with it, but at the same time what were you doing until 3 am that required you to come home and not stay there? 
~Wrestles with his kids lovingly, but also casually whips out a WWE move over the remote.
~Thor can sleep with his kid no problem. Thor sleeps like a sack of bricks, but if his kid so much as whimpers he jerks up and begins poking their face, “Your making little noises, are you okay? Did Loki do something? Loki?” 
~Lets his kid take little sips of anything he drinks, including coffee and beers. Thor doesn’t care that their a baby! If they reach for his cup of beer and get upset when he moves it away, he’ll let them try just a dot of it then get genuinely offended when they spit it out. Still repeats this until their like 13 or someone catches them. If they try to do more than a sip he takes it away and just. “NO.” very firmly like you would a dog.
~Speaking of Dogs he’d absolutely give into the “Can We Have A Dog?” question after like 3 times and he’d get a rescue dog. 
~God of Thunder comforts his child during thunder storms with the most, “That's just me saying I love you in the sky” way possible
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unlimtedfangirling82 · 14 days ago
Thor Odinson The Cop Circus Au
* As mentioned before Loki did have a Foster family for a while
* And while his foster mother loved him dearly he felt like he didn’t belong
* His brother Thor was always the better one
* Of course Thor was the one to follow in the family tradition and become a well known cop
* Loki was still seen as a street rat, someone mooching off the family
* So he left to start his own life
* This did break his mother’s heart but she understood
* Thor was also hurt
* Thor is a bit arrogant of course his family name of Odinson doesn’t help anything
* He is beloved by all citizens and many family and friends but a lot of his co workers get sick and tired of him parading himself around
* He doesn’t mean it in a malicious way
* He’s a bit of a dizzy man at times but that doesn’t mean he’s bad at his job
* So how does Thor find out his brother is alive and thriving..
* A newspaper is thrown down on Thor’s desk
* It reads “The Laufreyson Circus”
* Thor takes the paper in his hands his face lighting up as he sees his Brother’s photograph
* “The Circus! Why yes!” He laughed
* He then furrowed his brow “My friend, what does this have to do with work?” He asked to his co worker
* Thor’s smile quickly turned into a frown as he was told the Circus was a suspect of being involved with recent murders of nobleman
* What a sad twist of fate brothers only United only to fight against each other
* As the man left Thor rested his head in his hands “oh dear, brother” he whispered shaking his head bitterly
* Thor wears his typical cop uniform
* His hair is usually half up and half down
* Sometimes in a pony tail
* Casually he will wear a dress shirt, suspenders, and a red bow tie
* The boy is still bulging muscles and all
* He isn’t the smartest but he’s not stupid either
* Regardless usually someone else writes reports up for him
* He’s pretty naviie but that changes when he gets involved with the circus
* He realizes that there is no clear good and bad and it actually puts the big guy into a depression for a while
* He had a full month of just internal struggle he let himself go and would drink a lot
* But it’s Thor so he bounced back
* Whether or not he decided to take Loki’s side or not is a story for another time *wink*
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