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#thor fanfic
chaoticdreamergarden · 8 days ago
Climate Change by glimmerglanger
Fandom: Marvel
Main Pairing: Thor/Loki
Rating: Teen
Words: 3,810
Chapters: 1/1
“Mm, you must have noticed them, big thunder storms, lots of rain, lightning, all situated, you know, right here? Thought maybe they had something to do with you.”
Thor glanced across at Loki, who only shrugged back. “It is possible that I may be influencing local weather patterns,” Thor said, after a moment.
OR, the one where the Asgardians make it to Earth, weather-related shenanigans ensue, and Tony desperately wants to find out how Thor makes it storm on a whim.
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mandonnan · 7 hours ago
𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬 - 𝐥𝐨𝐤𝐢
pairing: loki x reader
the last time you kiss loki, inspired by a sad taylor swift song
warnings: heartbreak, angst, mentions of smut, frigga and loki bonding time
Tumblr media
your name, forever the name on my lips
he had never had a reason before, to feel as human as everyone wanted him too. He loved his family, but they adored their other son so much more, or so he had thought.
It wasn't until he met you that he began to see beyond the disdain and resentment he had grown so attached to. he heard your name, the first name to ever cross his lips that felt right. It felt so right that he needed to hear it again and again; he visited you on Midgard whenever he could get away.
His little secret; you were what he fled to when he felt isolated and alone. He showed you some of his magic, smiling as you giggled and begged him to show you again. He showed you the stars on freezing nights beside a fire, pointing out every constellation and their history to you as you listened in awe. He never talked about his family, only that he was from a beautiful place called Asgard, where the stars shone ten times as bright.
He kissed you, and promised that you would see it one day, with all its glory and riches. You were something he didn't want to share with his brother, nor feel guilty or ashamed of by his father. You were something he wanted to cherish and never let go, because you made him feel real.
You made him feel like so much more than the shadow behind his brother, he felt alive and in the sun with you. He was a fool; falling in love with a mortal who would die in the blink of an eye in his lifetime.
But he loved you.
When you kissed him, giggly and handsy in ways that made his head spin-- he felt alive; the purest forms of affection would spill from your mouth as you climbed into his lap. Your hands wound into his hair, rubbing and touching and moaning-- completely in love. It wasn't until you both were half naked, panting and chasing each other while at a standstill that he finally said it-- "I'm in love with you."
You had grinned and tackled him, peppering his lips with kisses and more happy giggles. He had never stopped smiling, even as you both fucked until the light of dawn bled into the room.
When he woke up, you were snoring softly beside him. He had retreated to Asgard and left you a note, saying he would be back in three days time. He left you a single rose from the garden, red and sweet and alive.
"Loki?" Frigga greeted him when he arrived back, worry on her face. He smiled at her and swept her in a hug. He was overjoyed, in love, and it oozed out of him liberally. "Where have you been?"
Loki was hesitant to tell her, but he couldn't resist. He had a soft spot for his mother, and he trusted her with everything. "I was on Midgard, I-I met someone. I've been with her all this time, she makes me feel so alive!"
Her face creased, the worry reaching down to her lips. "Does she know of your lifespan? Of your destiny?"
"I thought maybe if I visit so often, make time to go there and be with her, maybe she could come back with me and live-" He broke off, looking at the pain in his mother's face. She was worried.
"She is not made for this world, and even though I would give anything to see you happy, she belongs there-- you belong here."
Deep down he knew you belonged on Midgard, Earth, your home. He couldn't ask you to leave it for him, he wouldn't. He thought of staying on Midgard, but the look in his mothers eyes held worry. He loved her, and the thought of leaving her heartbroken pained him.
"My sweet boy." Frigga held his face in her hands, watching as tears welled in his eyes. "She is a mortal, her love for you is temporary, but the heartbreak you will feel when she leaves you will last forever."
He knew she was right; you would die and he would break in two. He knew what he had to do, but he didn't know how he would survive it.
He appeared in three days, eyes red and raw from anger and sadness. He appeared to you, black suit and eyes cold. You saw him and vaulted into his arms, inhaling every aspect of him as you smiled. "I missed you so much."
"And I you my dear." He pulled away and laid a hand on your waist, holding you to him. "Kiss me."
You grinned and complied, lips so sweet and soft and yearning for him. He kissed you, knowing it would be the last time he ever did. A tear escaped his eyes, falling down to where your tongues clashed.
You pulled away, worried as you saw him avoid your gaze. "What is it?"
"I can't see you anymore. We don't belong together. It has to stop."
He would never forget, as long as he lived, the way your heart broke in front of him. He watched your eyes well up, tears spilling down your cheeks as you cried. Your hands were still in his, and he raised one to his lips, kissing it as you both cried. You wanted to ask him why, but somehow you knew. He laid a kiss to your forehead, memorizing how your skin felt, before he detached from you. He was not out of your arms for a second before you spun to find him again.
But he was gone.
you told me you loved me, so why did you go away?
your name, forever the name on my lips.
He was gone.
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1burgaloaf7 · 7 hours ago
Pairing: Loki x f!character
Warnings: None.
Comments: My Loki obsession has been awakened once again and I find myself with a little too much free time so without further ado, enjoy.
My MasterList Here
Being a healer isn’t easy - long hours, and a hell of a backache at the end of each shift welcomes itself into my daily routine, as does a natural remedy for pain. My friends or coworkers you could call them complain of my ‘babyish behavior’ though they complain just as much as I do every night.
Today is no different - I walk the grand hall of the medical center, passing by healers that look like they haven’t slept in days which. They haven’t. I take the staircase to the left - walk down another long hallway, and push through the doors of my floor only to be welcomed with complete chaos.
The furious screams of a man echo from behind the nearest curtain where healers are scrambling in a hurry..maybe even in fear by the looks of their faces? Mina - the youngest of us all, approaches and grabs my shoulders. “Thank heavens you’re here, come on - we need your help” She grabs my wrist before I can protest and I’m pulled into the center of the chaos behind the curtain.
A man. One with black long hair that falls upon his shoulders. The locks frame his face that’s scrunched up in anger and pain.
That’s when I recognize him - He’s one of the two prince’s from the palace. Loki. I push a healers hand back in order to asses his wound.
The skin of his lower abdomen, just above the right side of his waist band his red and bleeding in anger from the deep intrusion of a knife. Healers continue to scramble around me as the prince cries out in pain.
The handle of the knife - I recognize it as one that holds a blade that has been dipped in a poison - the type that multiplies pain to a thousand. A small drop of it spills down the leather handle.
“Everyone stop!” I yell, getting the attention of each healer. “We need to sedate him. Mina you stay with me.” I point to a few other healers and give them something to do.
The prince still wiggles in pain, and I place my hands upon his shoulders to make him look to me. “I know it hurts. Let me take the pain away.” His eyes read fury, and my words are enough to distract him as Mina sedates him as quickly as possible.
His angry baby blue’s slowly relax and his eye lids flutter shut. “He’s under. Let’s get to work”
After an hour of cauterizing, and cleaning his blood of the poison the knife is safely pulled from his abdomen, and the skin is covered with a healing gel. The prince lays, still unconscious from the sedation. Mina and I wait for him to wake so we can do a routine check up once again before releasing him later into the day.
Another patient in need sits in front of me, and I pull a few shards of glass from her skin when the curtain is pulled violently. “He’s awake” Mina says, and I hum while continuing my work. “I’m busy right now as you can see. You are fully capable of taking care of him Mina.” She pulls the curtain closed to stand beside me. “He’s demanding to speak to you, even threatened a few other healers.”
I sigh. It’s always me, that someone just needs to have a problem with. I slip my gloves off. “Continue taking these shards of glass out, I’ll handle him.”
I wash my hands well, and make my way down the hallway to his bed. On the way I begin to come into the range of yelling, which irks me even more. I rip the curtain back, and dismiss the two healers who were arguing with the prince.
Loki stares at me. With purpose. With anger.
“What have you done to me?” His palm brushes against his injured abdomen and I scoff.
“I hope you mean to say what have I done for you, my prince.” I cross my arms over my chest, hoping to not get too heated.
“You haven’t done a thing for me. You’re all beneath me, giving you no choice but to tend to me.” I chuckle, having enough of this.
He’s not a prince. He’s a dick. There’s a difference. Heavens, if I knew I’d have to endure this behavior from him I would of let the pain take over just a little bit longer.
“You say we’re beneath you. Yet here you are, getting help from those that have a lesser importance. It’s almost ironic, wouldn’t you say?” He says nothing, which encourages me to continue. “You demanded to speak with me. What is it you wanted to say so I can continue with the rest of my day.”
“I remember you.”
“Oh do you?”
“I do” he snaps, and I sit down in the chair nearest to the bed. “Elaborate”
“The day you became a healer, Thor was injured from battle and you tended to him. After that, he wouldn’t stop talking about you. It was pathetic, and insufferably annoying.” It’s almost a backhanded compliment in a way.
I stand from my chair, but his hand grabs tightly around my wrist. “I understand why now.”
I turn around to look at him.
“Really?” I question his words, not believing them.
“No.” My wrist is set free, and I chuckle warmly.
“It’s nice to meet your acquaintance my prince.”
His baby blues roll with attitude, and I pull the curtain shut. A warm feeling in my chest tingles from his intense look, but I walk down the hallway of my floor to continue my day.
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flusteredshipping · 9 hours ago
Okay so I haven’t watched all avengers/marvel movies, which is probably for the best because the version of Loki I self ship with is more of a personal AU which I want to keep separate from the movies, but I think a lot about how my s/I would be in the first avengers movie…
Imagine this; Your childhood best friend left your home realm a few years ago and in the mean time you decided to go get an midgardian education. It’s an interesting life and you’ve adapted well to Midgardian Culture. You never had much magic to begin with besides mental defences so it’s not like you miss anything in that regard and it’s honestly nice. You have a mundane job at a coffee place, you a group of acquaintances and maybe even friends who you spend time with. Of course you miss your childhood friend dearly and hope you can one day see him again, but overall you are thriving. Then ONE DAY you are just MINDING YOUR BUISNESS on the sidewalk, on the way to work, when suddenly someone just fucking grabs you.And it’s the brother of your dearly missed friend and he is holding you threatningly accusing you of helping said childhood friend commit spacecrimes, going undercover and what not.
And you are just like “Buddy wtf”
And in that moment your manager calls you to angrily ask where you are and why you are not showing up to work.
You wordlessly hand Thor the Phone. Upside: you managed to convince him that you really are just chilling here at Midgard for fun reasons.
Downside: You are now probably going to get fired and he still insists on taking you to a fucking millionaires tower.
(That is all for now, b/c obviously she is not going to join the avengers, she is going too stay loyal to Loki but I can’t imagine her not beeing conflicted about the whole “take over the world” thing. I am still figuring things out)
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builder051 · 12 hours ago
Happy Starbucks Sunday! :) Glad to hear you’re doing somewhat better.
For prompts: While battle/violence is something that is very important and venerated on Asgard, I hc that it’s not something that comes naturally to Loki as it does to other Asgardians. So I always imagine that after his first battle or first time killing someone in battle he would have been shaken to the point of sickness. That’s the prompt, hopefully I explain okay. Obviously feel free to bypass it if it doesn’t strike your interest though!
As the body falls to the ground in front of Loki, a chorus of cheers erupt behind him. Loki hadn't realized anyone was watching him, and his hackles go up, forcing his shoulders toward his ears. His helm feels about six times heavier than it usually does, and the balance seems off.
Thor comes up behind Loki and claps him on the shoulder. "Good work, my brother," he says.
Loki struggles to think of when Thor made his first kill. Was it months ago? Years? It's not something he uses the brain power to track.
"How do you feel? There shall surely be a feast in your honor tonight!" Thor spins Loki around and shows him off to their friends, their capes whipping around their ankles.
Ill, that's how Loki feels. He swallows hard against a lump in his throat. "Um," he starts, but the lump continues to rise. "No," he mutters. "No, no."
Loki takes off running and tries to get distance between himself and the onlookers. He trips over the corpse of his kill, splashing blood over the knees of his armor.
Loki lands in a curled ball, eyes and nose streaming. He gives a small heaving hiccup and bile spews out onto the grass.
"Brother?" Thor's hand appears at Loki's shoulder.
Instead of taking it, Loki bats it away. "I've done wrong. I wish to be alone."
"You're going to be trampled." Thor pulls Loki up by the shoulders and steers him in the direction of the palace.
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seoulitx · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
fiz em 2 dias... um tempo ótimo p quem demora 1 mes p fazer uma capa ((literalmente...
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myywritingspot · a day ago
Loki introduces you to Thor
Tumblr media
|Gender neutral reader x Loki
|No warnings (However do let me know?)
“Do you think he’s going to like me”
You asked nervously, playing with his long fingers as you two were relaxing in his chamber.
“Please y/n, he likes everyone, he’s like a human misgardian puppy” Loki laughed but when he turned around to see you he noticed you were truly nervous, he had a soft smile in his face, he held your cheek with the hand you were not holding as you kept playing with the other, something he had gotten used to and didn’t bother him, in fact thought it was very adorable.
“Y/n...Y/n you mean the entire world for me, of all the 9 realms and in all the many universes, there’s nothing or anyone I’d choose that’s not you. You make me feel loved, cared for and I want to give the same to you. I know my brother, Thor has his likes and dislikes, many times, I’m his dislikes, but you’re the most lovable person despite having a little mischief in you as well.” He paused to kiss you softly “ My dear. there’s no way Thor wouldn’t like you, nor my...nor my father, Odin.” He paused on his name, still processing that last part but his focus went back to you.
Your entire face turned red and you succumbed to his touch, his long cold fingers holding your chin as his lips kissed your forehead.
The servants were preparing you in a separate room meanwhile Loki and Thor chatted.
All your garments and accessories were gold and green, quite alike Loki’s which wasn’t intended, they just happened to be your favorite colors as well. The ends of the long sleeves and the shoulders were gold and the rest of the fabric was a fancy texture and hue of green. You were a bit unsure and nervous to come out the room, you took a big deep breath before opening the gate and made your way to where Loki and the rest were.
As soon as you walked into the long room filled of columns and the smallest most elegant details you felt as if you were too small or like you barely belonged if it wasn’t for Loki.
Suddenly all eyes were on you, most of them, a big majority were kind and welcoming faces with big smiles on their faces.
Loki was astonished when he noticed your garments, mentally already drooling, he might have let a bit of drooling out, enough for Thor to grin.
“You look fantastic, rocking those clothes y/n” Thor said way too excited letting out a laugh which was very contagious making you smile and giggle as your face turned red.
Loki set his eyes on you and it was like an internal communication, actually that was one of your many intimacy love languages, holding these “telepathic conversations”. You got closer to them and started to play with your wrists nervously taking breaths as you walked.
You extended your arm to greet Thor but instead he went in for a full bear hug, you felt as if he was crushing your insides.
“Hello Y/n, I’m Thor as you may know already, I hope my brother didn’t say false things about me to you”
He introduced himself to you still embracing you but Loki told him to let you breathe or else he was gonna crush you so he pulled away from the hug.
“He didn’t, although he did say that’s not your natural hair color” you said as a joke, hoping it was okay to say so in the inside and he laughed incredibly loud. “But no, he didn’t, I was quite nervous to meet you though, I’m y/n as you also know already”
“Yes he did say QUITE A LOT about you” Thor gave a small flirty eyebrow look and laughed “as soon as he said you can be as mischievous as him I knew I was doomed, having two people to look out for from now on, but I’m very happy my brother has found someone who gives him all the love and is on his same level, though more mature I hope”.
Loki could not care less about how Thor ended his words, he would be offended, and he might be later but at that exact moment it felt like fireworks going off inside of him. He looked at you, at your face full of happiness, no worries nor nerves left, you were smiling so big and laughing; everything connected like a finished puzzle. He was happy because he found you, you were happy because you found him, and the most important person to him was happy and proud of both of you, of course if his mom could be there she would be too that was assured. Loki let out a shy smile and bit his lip. He felt like he was in cloud nine.
He quickly held your hand in his and it stayed that way the rest of the visit, and as you chatted with everyone he was standing beside you making the comments he usually does and being Loki.
As it got late you two were sitting in the room you previously were getting dressed in, sitting at the end of a large bed, your head resting on the crook of his neck as both of your hands were playing.
“See, I told you Thor would adore you my dear, you had nothing to worry about from now on, and if anyone were to dislike you, remember, I’ve got powers, I can make them regret that quickly”
That sounds very much like Loki to you, you let out a small laugh before kissing him, connecting your lips to his followed by his hand letting go of yours only to be placed softly on the side of your face holding it in place.
“I love you Loki, thank you for this wonderful day”
“No, thank you for this wonderful life Y/n”
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thor tried to project confidence and regality as he walked down the halls. he heard footsteps behind him, but he kept walking. then heimdall burst into his vision. gold eyes like a thousand suns were flashed at him, against true ebony skin like the midnight sky, figure laden with gold armour. thor couldn’t take his eyes off his best friend. he wondered why. then, he winked. an ebony lid fluttered over the gold, and butterflies exploded in his stomach. wow. he walked on giddily, and hit his head.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
love it!
mod laina
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xlonelythedreamerx · a day ago
It Was Too Late (A Loki Poem)
Just a small poem from Thor’s perspective
- - -
I wanted you home, by my side
before you overdosed on jealousy.
You where loved as a brother, as a son
yet it was not enough for you.
It was never enough
until it was too late.
It was too late to save you.
Believe me, I tried.
But you betrayed me far too many times
that I long gave up ever trusting you.
So I stopped trying to save you;
you could not be changed.
You where already set in your ways.
I wonder if things could have been different
if we had noticed your pain from the beginning.
Or was it fate to become a mad man?
To never feel quite satisfied?
Loki, you were destined for so much more
than a life wasted on delusional dreams.
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I’ll Be Here
Loki & Thor, angst, 275 words I was hit by an angst bug, so I wrote sad things. 
TW: blood, injuries, death
The blood slipped between his fingers too freely as the breath in his brother’s lungs slid from shallow to nearly there at all.
“No,” Loki hissed behind clenched teeth, tasting blood on his tongue and blinking away specs of it through pain-blurred eyes. “Stop this, Thor. Stop it. Stop it.”
Loki could not stop the blood. Thor’s breath was altogether too close to stopping.
“Can you hear me?” Loki was vaguely, distantly aware that he was babbling, but the vague, distant Loki wasn’t the one half-blinded by pain and feeling his brother’s life slip away with every passing second. “Idiot. You are not—pull yourself together, brother. For someone so strong you are not even trying—”
Thor was not trying. Thor could not hear him. Thor’s eyes had not opened after the blast that had torn through them as though they were mortals made of paper, not gods of Asgard.
Loki choked. His throat was closing up, and he realized absently that there was more blood in his mouth than saliva. The whistling breathing he was hearing was his own. It wasn’t Thor’s at all.
Fumbling, Loki managed to grasp for Thor’s hand, clasping blood-slick hand to blood-slick hand. Thor’s skin was cold.
I thought I was the cold one. Thor would have laughed at that, if Loki had said it out loud. For once though, Loki could not find the words to speak. He dropped his head, vision flickering too much to focus. His head rested on Thor’s chest. Thor’s chest was still.
I’ll be here, Loki promised silently, as he closed his eyes. I’ll be here when you wake up, brother.
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zaram-d · a day ago
Hey guys! 💙 So here is my latest chapter posted of my most requested fanfic “Split My Heart In Two”. Chapter 6 of the requested sequel is out now and it would mean the world if you guys could go check it out 😊 💙 💙 
Chapters: 6/? Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, James “Bucky” Barnes, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Stephen Strange, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Pepper Potts Additional Tags: Tony Stark-centric, Hurt Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov Is a Good Bro, Protective Natasha Romanov, Protective Avengers, Avengers Family, Fluff and Humor, Attempt at Humor, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt, Post-Break Up, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Omega Tony Stark, Alpha Natasha Romanov, Alpha Steve Rogers, Light Angst, Sick Tony Stark Series: Part 2 of Split My Heart In Two Summary:
The sequel to my A/B/O fanfic “Split My Heart In Two And Take Your Side Across The Rift”.
Natasha and the gang are trying to help Tony recover from Steve’s betrayal, but when natural obstacles, like Tony’s heat and the general structure of the team, come into play… Things don’t really seem that simple.
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cersia5 · a day ago
Lokane: Love and Thunder
All from a dream.  Unfinished (and will probably will stay that way).  Not canon compliant (obviously). I think I’ll try to make this a gif story or comic. 
Love and Thunder where Loki and Jane are having this torrid love affair. Thor walks in and sees them both together. "Brother, you're alive."  "Again."
Loki replies with a grin. "So, it would seem."
"And you're in bed with my former...Jane."
"It's not like we're dating or anything."
An expression of confusion comes over Thor's face.
"She means you, Thor."
"I knew that. I was just seeing if you did."
Loki laughs: "You haven't changed brother."
"Tell me when you're done. I have work for the both of you."
Flashes forward to Loki twirling his daggers down a street alley ready to throw them at an unknown retreating figure. Jane shows up in her Asgardan Regalia. "What took you so long?" Loki asks her. "Traffic," Jane responds.  Montage of Jane warding off multiple baddies with Mjolnir.
"As excuses go. That's suitable."
Insert Montage of Loki and Jane fighting together.
"Who are these guys?" Jane asks.
Before Loki can answer Thor arrives and answers Jane's question: "These are the remnants of Asgard's enemies. They have come to Earth to destroy all traces of Asgard and to steal your Bi frost Technology."
Insert fight scene with Jane, Loki, Thor, Valkyrie and Sif defending the warehouse where Jane's bi-frost equipment is set up.
"So, you and Jane." Thor says to Loki while their fighting.
"Yes, but I don't want to talk about it now as we are trying to survive this onslaught."
"What better time to speak on this? Then now while I pummel these villains into dust--"
"Instead of me, you mean?"
Thor smashes his next assailant into a pancake sized corpse. "I would never harm you, Loki. Unless you harm her."
"That's reassuring."
"Someone has to stop Loki before he destroys us all."  
"You can't, I love him."
"There is no other way, Jane. He is controlled by their leader. Loki will destroy everything if he’s not stopped."
"We can find a way to save him."
"It's either the Earth or Him, Jane. You must choose between the two."
"I choose both."
Cut to the Earth exploding fast cutting to Loki dying.
Cut to black and the sound of a baby crying.
Cut to Loki holding a child, and Jane's exasperated voice.
"He's yours Loki. He's your son, our son. Stephen."
Record scratch
"Stephen? Like in that novice sorcerer who pretends he's a master?"
"Hey buddy, I just delivered your kid, be grateful."
"Hello, father."
"What? You're not my son. You're only days old and with your mother."
"What can I say? Time travel. It's my thing."
"Why are you here?"
"Well, I thought I'd like to meet my Pops before you know he went insane and killed my Mom, my uncle a good portion of Earth's population."
"How do I manage that?"
"You turn the bi frost on them, and they disappear."
"And you plan to stop me?" "How do believe you are going to manage that?"
"They don't call me Kid Loki for no reason, Dad."
"I thought we named you Stephen."
"You did. But Stephen for an is lame."
"I heard that!"  
"You were meant to" the Loki's say together to the levitating Dr. Strange."
"Like father like son, I presume."
"Something like that."
"Loki who is this boy?"
"My son."
"By whom?"
"By Jane."
"Tell me brother that this isn't the size that frost giants are at birth?"
"No. I'm here because of time travel."
"Wouldn't that make you a paradox?"
"Yeah, so?"
"He's definitely your son."
"And he calls himself Loki."
"Kid Loki actually."
"My brain hursts."
"That's not surprising." Loki and Kid Loki say together.
"That just made it worse." Thor replies.
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miss-smutty · a day ago
Immortal Masterlist
Summary- Aria had to avoid the God of Thunder at all costs, she couldn't risk his questioning. Questions that even she didn't know the answer to, at least not yet.
Pairing- Thor Odinson x OFC
Warnings- Smut, swearing
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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lokiofsassgaard · 2 days ago
Chapter 58 (2227 words) by LokiOfSassgaard
Chapters: 58/? Fandom: Thor (Movies) and Marvel Rating: Explicit Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Loki Characters: Darcy Lewis, Phil Coulson, Jasper Sitwell, Clint Barton, Loki (Marvel) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Post-Thor (2011), Unreliable Narrator, Kidnapping, Mindfuck, Stockholm Syndrome, Manipulation, Abuse, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Dark, Id Fic, Rape, Forced Pregnancy, Sexual Violence, Sexual Assault, Fugitives, Implied Vivisection, Villain Loki, Gaslighting
After the fight on the Bifröst, Loki falls to the unluckiest town in New Mexico. Stranded without his magic and desperate to leave the realm, he takes the first human shield he finds and uses her to guide him halfway across the globe.
tags, warnings, notes. Do I even need to still keep saying it?
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bouncydragon · 2 days ago
Something new!
Also, it's gen!
I would say I'm on a roll, but I'm not really. Doesn't negate the fact that I finished two stories in the course of a day. I feel quite proud.
Anyway, check it out! Hope you'll like it.
@worstloki tagging you because you inspired the fic to begin with
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pickledzemo · 2 days ago
The Life Sentence
Chapter Nineteen: Fit For A Queen
Summary: A wedding can be quite magical, don't you think?
Notes: Thank you so much for reading this! As I said before though, there will be a prequel to this story.
Warnings: SMUT, 18+, traditional values mentioned.
Now this was quite a magical day. A full year later, a few months after Zemo was officially and happily pardoned from the UN, he and Alexstrasza were getting married. A nice summer day in the middle of June. Flowers blooming all over the place, bees were buzzing, and, well, Peter had officially graduated from high school! It all made Alexstrasza so emotional but in the best ways possible.
Everything was so beautiful at the venue the couple chose. It was outside, a nice sunny day so the conditions were absolutely perfect. There were vibrant flowers of bright blues, pinks, and, Zemo's chosen color, purple! 
He was going to be married again so of course he wanted a nice, stylish wedding, but even if he wasn't detail oriented, he knew Alexstrasza would handle that. However, Helmet wanted Alexstrasza to relax. She deserved it after dealing with him for two years. Plus, it was her wedding day, they shouldn't need to worry about all that.
Speaking of, Alexstrasza was in the process of getting ready for the wedding. Her white hair was braided to perfection with small purple flowers braided into her hair as well. She was having a bit of trouble getting into her outfit, they weren't wearing a dress, so Wanda had to help her get into it. 
"Thank you so much, Wanda. I could never have gotten into this thing without you." Alexstrasza laughed a little, hugging Wanda with a smile.
Wanda nodded back at him, fixing up her hair a bit. "Of course, my friend, you've been there for me so much. I just have to return the favor." The Sokovian smiled.
The Silver Star was wearing an all white getup, it looked like a whole different version of her superhero suit. It had her shoulders exposed, a tight v that exposed a bit of her cleavage. Attached to the top was a light cape that just went from her waist to about her ankle. She wore tight leather pants as well as high heeled boots that came up to the top of her shins. 
Alexstrasza truly looked like the goddess Helmut knew them to be.
Now, for Zemo…. He was wearing a dark royal purple velvet suit with a matching vest and a black bow tie. He looked almost as expensive as he actually was.
"You look great, dad!" Peter smiled, dusting off one of Zemo's shoulders. 
Helmut smiled back at Peter, nodding. Peter had become accustomed to calling Helmut his father and, well, he liked it. He was a father figure to him already and now, he and his mother were getting married. Peter was going to eventually.
The Baron quickly got into his position at the end of the isle, sighing out for a moment as he looked around. He had invited some important people from back in Sokovia but everyone else, Alexstrasza knew. It was small though, not too many people and Helmut liked it that way.
"You ready to get wed?" Sam said from behind Helmut, nudging his shoulder a little.
Every man in Helmut's group was wearing a nice black tux with a dark purple bow tie to sort of match with him.
Helmut sighed softly, giving Sam a smile. "Never been more ready." He admitted softly, a soft look on his face. He was completely over the moon that this was even happening. Alexstrasza chose to marry him.
But then 'Here Comes The Bride' started to play and it kind of all blended together from there. Of course, for Helmut and Alexstrasza it was memorable but it was also a lot.
When it started to die down, it was basically the end of the party. And the couple was about to leave for their trip…. To space.
"I love you, Pete! Make sure everything gets cleaned and please check in on the house every so often." Alexstrasza told him, hugging him close.
Peter was going back to his Aunt's house for the entire Summer because their trip would be about a few months.
The young man nodded, "I promise, mom!" He smiled happily, patting Alexstrasza's shoulder for a moment. "Shouldn't you be saying this to Thor…. Or Sam, maybe?"
"I know not to trust them with cleaning, especially Thor." She shivered for a moment before she smiled again, "Bye, sweetie." Alexstrasza waved one last time before she got in the small ship.
The ship wasn't huge but it had more than enough room for herself and Helmut. She quickly got into the navigation dock and set a course for her old planet. It wasn't destroyed but….. Alexstrasza knew something had happened to her people, Thanos kept saying something had. That something was him.
"Hello, Alexstrasza Novali." The ship's AI, Omega, answered in a feminine voice. "Setting a course for Kelvoria on autopilot. You will be there in approximately one and a half days."
Alex nodded, smiling. It was also a chance for Zemo to finally see where she came from. She just hoped the planet didn't look as hopeless as she thought it did.
"Alexstrasza! Come down here!" Helmut's voice yelled as the ship started its course, already hitting the Earth's atmosphere.
The alien sighed, smiling as she rolled her eyes. But they admired the look of space for a moment longer before she climbed down into the bedroom area, surprised by what greeted her.
"Helmut…." Alexstrasza gasped, a light blush appearing on her cheeks.
The Baron was completely naked in their bed, his legs wide open for Alexstrasza. "It's traditional in Sokovia to take care of your wife on your wedding night…. But I want to ask you, if you could take care of me?"
The alien laughed a little and nodded at Helmut, stroking at his thigh for a moment. "I would love to do that, my sweet boy." She whispered, running a hand through his hair. 
Alexstrasza quickly got undressed, Helmut's eyes watching as every new patch of skin was uncovered. Every time he saw them undress, it was like it was the first time all over again. He couldn't believe he was so blessed to see them in their full glory.
And this time, Alexstrasza had a special surprise for Helmet.
Their eyes started to glow and the lines on her forehead, chin, and cheeks started to appear and glow as well. And, as Helmut expected, her tattoos as well. He was even more in awe than before, they were so…. beautiful.
"Good boy…." Alexstrasza smirked, getting on top of him. "What do you say?" She asked with a wink.
Helmut's words were caught in his throat before he remembered. "T-Thank you, mommy." He whispered out, biting his lip.
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