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violetrainbow412-blog · a minute ago
In the middle of the war
Sirius Black x reader
Word count: 1.8k
N/A: in my head, Regulus never died, he deserved so much more
Tumblr media
"Remus!" you yelled, raising your hand to the werewolf who was found on the other side of the house playing the role of headquarters for the Order temporarily "Remus!" you repeated desperately. He was next to the bodies of those killed in battle and with tears in his eyes.
Please not him, please not him, please...
"Remus!" you screamed for the third time. You hadn't been aware of when your feet started running in his direction, tears streaming down your cheeks uncontrollably. But before you reached him a pair of arms grabbed you around the waist to keep you in place "Regulus, where is he?" you asked sobbing. Your brother-in-law was covered in dust and a bit of blood staining his usual elegant white shirt. He had joined you, betraying his family, the death eater, and even Lord Voldemort, a few years ago when he faked his death and won Dumbledore's protection. But, although he had earned all your affection, at that moment you did not want to see him or anyone else.
"You have to calm down..."
"I don't want to calm down, tell me where Sirius is!" you screamed trying to get out of his grip. The idea that he was trying to protect you from seeing his body lying on a blanket with Remus sobbing next to him made your stomach drop. "Regulus, tell me he's okay..." you muttered in a cracking voice, legs shaking and standing up thanks to the arms of the man.
"You have to calm down first, please" he repeated. You didn't know how hysterical you were that he would look at you with such concern. You started to hyperventilate and had to hold your opponent's arm more tightly to keep from falling.
The war had taken many people, many people important to everyone, and that now no one could return. So every day that Sirius left the barracks you feared for his life like no other, much more now.
You remembered that night, the two of you yelling at each other, refusing to give in. The order needs one more person to accompany the group the next day and you both wanted to go, the problem was that you refused to let the other risk that way.
You had a very heated fight, you said things you didn't want about each other. Sirius ended up telling you that neither of you would go and threw himself on the bed with his back to you, with you next to him with your back to him as well. You hadn't been sleeping well for days and even though you wanted to resist the dream, it ended up defeating you. Between dreams, you felt a soft kiss on the lips and you woke up with a start when you reached out to the other side of the bed and did not feel the warmth that the man normally gave off.
He had left.
You woke up nervous, running through the corridors of the house asking everyone where they were Sirius. In the end, Lily took pity on you and told you that he, along with her husband, team up at dawn to attack a death eater camp. The world fell apart, Sirius had betrayed your trust and had not even said goodbye. If he died, it would remain in your conscience that the last thing you did together was a fight.
Those last weeks you had not slept more than necessary, waiting all day and all night for his return. You barely ate and everyone noticed it. Your friends were trying to take care of you and make sure that Sirius would return safe and sound, but you were not so sure due to rumors that Voldemort's followers had taken hostages and that they were increasing their dominance.
At that moment you didn't even care what Sirius had done, you just wanted to have him back in your arms, you wanted to be able to sleep peacefully because he was by your side. You thought about how young they were, about everything you wanted to do with him in the future. You wanted the two of you to get married, maybe have kids, grow old next to each other in some Muggle town. Something quiet, have a normal life.
But the war was in the middle of your plans, plans that had been carried away as the waves of the beach drag everything in its path. You never thought that you and Sirius would have to fight those monsters from fairy tales. Only this time they weren't monsters, they were friends, they were teachers... they were family.
And you couldn't. You couldn't lose the only man you loved.
"Regulus, let go of her" said another voice next to you "She is very bad, she needs to rest and maybe later we can talk to her"
"Don't talk like I'm not here!" you sobbed. At last you abruptly released yourself from the black-haired's grip and faced him. You noticed that it was James who had spoken and beside him was Lily, her belly swollen as a sign of the baby approaching her. Remus had also approached, his eyes bright with tears, and even Frank Longbottom was looking at you with pity "Tell me once where Sirius Black is!" you screamed. They all seemed to be avoiding the topic and that only made you worry more.
"Y/N, he's alive" James dared to speak. The air returned to your body and you recovered a bit of color in your face "For now" he added. What little stability you had regained vanished and this time you held onto the wall to keep from collapsing.
"What do you mean by for now?" you said with a small voice. You did not realize the wild beating of your heart when all the possibilities passed through your mind. James leaned a little closer to you and looked at you with compassion in his eyes.
“They managed to hurt him, he is in the infirmary. He lost a lot of blood and… you know most of us here have no knowledge of medicine. We called Dumbledore and he will come as soon as possible to see if he can do something, but…” he did not dare to finish the sentence. He wasn't very hopeful, that's what everyone thought.
"Where is he?" you asked. Your voice was so distant, so low that you doubted you were speaking. Suddenly all the noises were muffled, everything seemed not to exist. Your mind was only spinning on one thought: Sirius is dying.
“Y/N, I don't think it's for the best. He is weak. You should... wait for him to improve "
"What if he doesn't?" you said. Your voice cracked mid-sentence "If Sirius dies today, do you think I won't die too from the thought that he could never say goodbye to him or see him for the last time?"
"He's going to live, Y/N," Regulus said. But from the way he hugged Remus and the tears trapped in his eyes you knew that neither of them believed those words.
"I want to see him" you repeated, your head spinning due to nausea that had just arrived. Without waiting for anyone, you headed in the opposite direction, reeling from lack of sleep and wanting to return what little food was left in your stomach. James ended up giving up and offered you his arm to prevent you from falling on the road. You held on to him as if your life depended on it.
In a way it was so, because your life depended on seeing Sirius safe.
When you arrived at the infirmary, you were greeted by a chorus of groans of pain. All those wounded in battle were fighting for their lives, hoping they could make it to tomorrow safely. James led you down a course you weren't even looking at and suddenly stopped in front of a bed.
You thought he would look terrible, that he would make you pass out from the shock, but… he was just there, lying down. His pale face had a calm expression, he seemed to be asleep. A part of you became convinced that it had all been a bad dream and that Sirius would wake up at any moment to hug you.
But the huge stain of dried blood on his shirt snapped you back to reality.
"They managed to stop the bleeding, but they don't know if he has any internal injuries" whispered James. He was also hurting to see his best friend like that. You felt his arm around your shoulders in search of comfort "Dumbledore will arrive with a mediwizard soon, you have to have faith" he expressed. You couldn't do or say anything, you were totally in shock.
Sirius is fine, Sirius is fine ...
"I'll stay here" you said. Again your voice was distant, because all your thoughts were focused on being able to walk up to him to take his hand. You heard James say something, but you didn't pay him a bit of attention.
Sirius, wake up. Wake up, please.
You didn't even realize it when James left the room, because all the energy you had was in your hand, holding the opposite hand tightly
"Sirius" you started to speak. You didn't know if he heard you, but it didn't matter. "Love, I'm very sorry I yelled at you..." you continued. The tears had finally reappeared "I'm not mad at you even though you're gone, okay? I know… that you had to do it and we all have to sacrifice things to win this war, but… I don't want to lose you” you sobbed. Your forehead was leaning against the edge of the bed and you were crying freely. You couldn't say anything more, but you had to. If Sirius was still conscious he must have known how much you needed him. "I think... love, I think I'm pregnant" you uttered. You hadn't wanted to accept it until that morning, but you were afraid it was true. You didn't want to have a baby in the middle of that war, so young… you didn't want your baby to be left without a father “And I need you, Sirius. I can't do this alone, I don't want to do it without you and I'm afraid of dying of sadness after losing you” you whispered. With work you could say something, your voice was just a low scratchy moan. "I love you, please stay with me..." you murmured. And this time everything you wanted to say stayed with you.
You cried, cried for hours until you fell asleep with your hand pressed against his and your head leaning against his body.
When you woke up, startled again, you thought you were back to the day that all that nightmare began. You were back in bed, with the lights off and the wind gently moving the curtains.
But this time, when you reached out to the opposite side of the bed, you could feel a warm body that breathed calmly.
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swanimagines · 2 minutes ago
Can I request a prompt fic with Kaz Brekker with an accidental kiss (F7) thank u xx
Fandom: Shadow and Bone
A/N: Literally the only kiss prompt that fits for Kaz, or at least the only one I can write in character :D I hope you like it!
Warnings: mentions of drinking (not reader though)
Word count: 744
If you wanna be added to Shadow and Bone taglist, comment on this post, message me or send me an ask!
Tumblr media
You knew that your brother coming to visit you at Ketterdam was a bad idea, considering you had mentioned about taking a liking to your boss in a letter just a couple of weeks ago, only to find him at the doorstep a week later. And now Zolin had sulked around Kaz, inspecting his every move and making it very clear that he doesn't like him, like overprotective brothers tend to take as a mission every time.
But as days went on and your brother was glaring daggers at Kaz, saying it over and over again that you didn’t deserve a man who beats up people almost daily, that he’s gonna hurt you too, that it’s inevitable, you began to think it’s rather irritating than just cute of him to worry so much.
“Why is my happiness so big of a deal to you?” you finally sighed.
“Because he’s not good for you, you deserve someone better,” he hiccuped, slightly drunk. “I don’t want my little Y/N to be beat up by some... some crime boss who's dubbed as Dirtyhands!”
“You'd be thinking that even if he was the most polite, affectionate gentleman in the world who wouldn't hurt a fly. Everyone has their faults, Zolin, even you and yet you're married. And Kaz wouldn't hurt me, how many times I have to say it? You don’t need-”
But he had just downed his beer so he walked towards the counter to get more. And as he had not cared to listen to you finishing the sentence, you followed him through the crowd he had just disappeared into, muttering curses under your breath. Zolin was the most stubborn ever when it came to things he worried about, especially things related to you. You understood him in a way, but it was tiring to explain the situation over and over again.
Zolin was seated in front of the counter, head bowed down as he waited for the bartender to hand him another glass of beer. You grabbed him by his shoulders, and he stiffened, which you found a bit odd but figured he’d relax soon enough after he’d notice its just you and not Kaz ready to beat him up like he apparently had imagined to happen.
"As I was saying before you rudely left me there, you don't need to protect me all the time. I’ll still be your baby sibling even if I’d marry someone," you pressed a teasing kiss on Zolin’s cheek as you muttered to his ear, "but Kaz won't like me back anyway, so you have even less reasons to worry."
You pulled away from him, only to notice that the whole Club had gone silent and everyone's gazes were turning towards you one by one. At first you didn't understand, weren't you allowed to kiss your brother?
Someone looking just like Zolin was standing in the crowd, looking like he’s going to have a heart attack at any minute, and your eyes widened. But you must’ve seen wrong, the lighting wasn’t the best at the club. Zolin was right there, he couldn’t be behind you at the same time.
You turned to look at Zolin to ask if he knows what’s the problem with others, and realized the man you had just kissed definitely wasn't your brother.
It was Kaz.
And now everyone was staring at you two.
You turned redder than ever, mumbling hasty apologies as you looked down at the floor before fleeing the scene to your room, leaving Kaz to the situation alone. He’d handle it better when you weren’t there. But you still swore you’d never be able to step to the same room with him again or look him in the eye.
Back downstairs, everyone listened to you hurrying up to your room, your footsteps pounding against the wooden floor, echoing across the eerily silent Club. And after your door had slammed closed, people were still unsure what to do, but after Kaz sent them a death glare, making everyone continue what they were doing a moment earlier.
“Well,” Jesper let out a breath he had been holding, and chuckled, fully aware of Kaz returning your feelings, just not saying it loud. The Sharpshooter was also sharp with detecting feelings from anyone, even from Kaz. The glances Kaz had sent your way hadn’t gone unnoticed by him, and the fact that Kaz was now blushing slightly. “When’s the wedding?”
“Shut up Jesper.”
Tags: @musicallisto @take-me-to-ny @mindofasupernova @lxncelot @xxxtwilightaxelxxx
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buckybarnesdiaries · 2 minutes ago
hi, guys! as many of you know, i've been shadowbanned the last week because of a bug on tumblr, so here i bring you a friendly reminder that:
REQUESTS ARE OPEN for the 15 filthy days to celebrate the 3.5k milestone. (7 left)
This is my last WRITING posted. one hour after posting it, tumblr shadowbanned me.
adding (part) of my tag list undercut to notify them.
@whatrambles @phoenixhalliwell @homesicam @marvel-diaries @amelia-song-pond @heartbeats-wildly @met4no1a @weenersoldierr @petlaufeyson @sillygamingartghost @wildflowergubler @isnt-it-loverly @zealouspursecowboydeputy @rvgrsbrns @artisancowbells @plagooey @tinylumpiaa @hemsbucky @bxmaaa @quxxnxfhxll @capxwinter @knowyourworth-sellyoursoul @hateinthemorning @asemistablehundredyearoldman @purpleelfwizard @twinerd14 @nikkixostan @stolenxkissess @wintersfilm @whoreforsamwilson @thatcrackheadsadbitchtm @baconmuffins1216 @28cnn @hxlyhoax @lieswithoutfairytales @angrybirdxx @clownerlyluv @kait-is-always-late @marvel-ousnesss @natashadeservedbetter @ebxny27 @fanofalltheficsx @spider-man-lover @masterlists101 @lewd-alien @warm-sensations @stealapizzamyheart @talk-on-the-street @theresnoplatypus @everyhowlmarksthedead
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wittybrity · 3 minutes ago
Being the youngest on the SHIELD team and Daisy helping you recover after a mission gone wrong would include:
Tumblr media
·         When the team got the information that your team was ambushed, they all came together. Being the youngest does that. The older ones always keep an extra eye out for you.
·         Daisy was the one you were closest with. Not that you weren’t close with the others. It was just that Daisy…well, Daisy never had anyone looking out for her, and she didn’t want you to feel the same.
·         So, when the news comes that your team has – by all accounts – been killed. She breaks.
·         It was like Lincoln all over again. But this time, the team are able to respond.
·         They rally around their friend/sister/daughter.
·         Daisy doesn’t really speak to them for a few days. The wound still fresh.
·         She even tries the radio every so often. To try and hear your voice.
·         She knows, deep down, that it’s in vain. But she still tries.
·         When Mack shows up at her door, a serious look on his face, she tries to sober up. To hide the hurt.
·         But, his news makes more occur.
·         “It’s Y/N. They’re alive.”
·         You are, but….you’re different.
·         You jump at things more easily. You’re guarded more. Even around your friends.
·         Daisy see’s the state. You look like you should be dead. She see’s the haunted look in your eye.
·         She knows that look too well. She also notices how you try and supress it. How you try and hide your reaction to your friends. How you don’t let your guard down.
·         Everyone else is crowding you, but she keeps back. She knows better than to crowd.
·         Once Jemma gets you stable, Daisy is by your side whenever she can be.
·         When you wake up, Daisy just waits for you to get your barings.
·         “Hey, it’s ok. You’re home. You’re safe, Y/N.”
·         Those words seem to hit you, hard.
·         Your lip trembles and you try as hard as you can to hide the tears that appear.
·         “I – I got them killed. I thought we could handle HYDRA.”
·         “No. Y/N, you didn’t get them –”
·         “Who else did, then?” Despite the look on your face. Despite the tremble in your voice. There’s a firmness there. A belief. A moral driving your words.
·         “You weren’t responsible for this?”
·         “…Then who else was?” Your tone is hollow, your words remind of her of what you’ve lost. Your own team, dead like that.
·         At least she still had Joey alive.
·         As you recover. As you come back to the world of SHIELD, Daisy makes sure to keep an extra eye on you.
·         She knows where self blame gets you. She knows where self hatred gets you. She knows where a desperate belief that you cause all you love pain gets you.
·         She knows where trauma gets you.
·         She goes by your room once night and has an urge to check in on you.
·         So, she does. Your room is unlocked. She would’ve expected the opposite.
·         Still, she enters, and sees you on your bed. You are saying something, but you’re sweating.
·         She approaches you, slowly.
·         She shakes you. Your eyes shoot open, but she holds you down as you try and bolt away.
·         “It’s me, Y/N. It’s me.” She whispers. Her eyes wide and full of concern, but also a hint of understanding.
·         “It’s me.” She repeats again, as you slowly remember where you are. And who you are with.
·         She gets into bed with you, putting and arm around you and holding you close.
·         “I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be right here.” She promises you.
·         She doesn’t say anything else, just lets her presence – hopefully – help.
·         She just holds you, running a thumb on your arm.
·         She feels you still and go back to sleep.
·         She knows this will happen a lot.
·         She knows your pain won’t just go away.
·         She knows it may never go away. But instead be a permanent scar.
·         But she knows she’ll be here.
·         Whatever you need.
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imaginesbyella · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[x] // requester: anonymous // request: here
Destiny had spoken. It was a quite pretty disheartening fate after all both you and Jaskier went through together, but you couldn’t just walk away from it, at least that’s what you were taught to as a mage. You had to go back home, to Aretuza, where your older sister — Tissaia de Vries  —  would need your expertise for some urgent reason.  
“Y/N, stop!” you heard a familiar voice. “Stop, stop, stop...” he ushered, aware of your sense of determination.
Stopping on your heels, you glanced up, caught Jaskier’s gaze and held it there. “Jaskier, I told you. I can’t stay...”
He didn’t wait any longer, he couldn’t. With three long strides he closed the distance between you and caught you in his arms.
Your eyes were still locked on his, your hands trembling on his chest. And though both of you were soon going soon get quite wet because of the rain, you knew what was about to happen, of course.
The tears spilled over onto your cheeks, but your smile reassured him. He could have looked at you this way forever, marveling still at how solid you were to his touch, the way your eyes shone, how perfectly beauty and strength mingled in your expression.
He moved his hand up your back, pulling you closer, and everything else faded away. In this moment, it was as if no one else on earth existed, only the two of you.
It was gentle and desperate all at once. Jaskier drank you in, the taste and the smell of you so familiar and yet so foreign. He’d dreamed of this moment a lifetime ago, then it had haunted his nightmares of what could never be, and then—
You gasped, and Jaskier pulled back. 
“Goodbye, Jaskier,” you breathed heavily as you whipped around and pull your hood over your head, as the the thick fog started to wrap your body as you began to walk away from your beloved bard.
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teenwolffan-with-nolife · 9 minutes ago
Could i get a derek and reader where she's his secret gf and they are high school sweethearts
If not its ok
Love your stories btw💙💙
thanks for requesting!
i have way too many requests i should really do them.
gif from google
a/n: i keep forgetting to say it but i made a taglist lol and the link to be added is in my bio ❤️
Tumblr media
"Okay, I'll be back in two hours. Just make sure you get to talking about me before then?" you and Derek stood in front of each other, standing by the entrance of the loft. You had your arms around his shoulders while his was around your waist.
"I will try. They're not going to be happy, by the way. I can already hear how annoying Stiles is going to be," Derek started.
"Okay, well, our wedding is in a month, so it's about time that you told your friends-"
"They're not my friends," Derek raised an eyebrow.
"So you say. Okay, I have to go," you pressed a small kiss to his cheek, before leaving the loft.
Dating Derek Hale was definitely difficult, especially with all the supernatural threats to Beacon Hills. He insisted no one knew who you were and that your relationship remained a secret. You went along with it, for the most part, you left the loft whenever the pack came over. But, it was now May, and you and Derek were getting married next month, after being together since high school. The two of you agreed it was time for the pack to meet you, and know who you are.
You were a little hesitant at first, but after learning a little about them, you realized you had nothing to worry about, and that they were all a great group of people.
You stood outside the loft, taking a few big breaths to ease your nerves, before pushing the door open.
You were immediately met with the faces of innocent children, who all stared at you with glossy eyes.
You frowned slightly, before smiling.
"Hi," you waved, walking to Derek.
"I told you. They're all looking at you like lost puppies," Derek said softly, before pressing a small kiss to your cheek.
"I'm (Y/N)," you started.
They all opened their mouths, all beginning to speak at the same time. You could barely make out what they were saying before you interrupted.
"Okay, wait. Which one's Scott and which one's Allison?" you asked.
The two of them raised their hands, before eagerly shaking yours.
"I'm Stiles, and that's Lydia. How long have you been dating Derek? Also, why Derek? He must be completely different when he's with you because all we see is this big pile of sour wolf," Stiles spoke quickly, earning a laugh from you.
"Okay, Stiles," Derek sighed, putting his arm around your waist.
"Well, this big pile of sour wolf is the only person I've had in my life for a while, and the only person I need. I wouldn't want anyone else," you turned to face Derek, while he smirked slightly, you could see a visibly blush on his face.
"I love you, (Y/N)," he put his hands on your wait, pressing his lips against yours.
"I love you too, Hale," you replied softly.
Within an instant, you found yourself being pulled to the couches, getting asked a million questions by the rest of the pack.
You could see the smile on Derek's face, if he didn't want to admit it, he loved all of them, and they loved him too.
sOryy it's bad writer's block really made me it's bitch
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knightsofkenn · 12 minutes ago
Fire and Ice| Kylo Ren x Sith!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: As Kylo's apprentice, the two of you embark on what was supposed to be a diplomatic mission, but when you encounter mysterious pollen your dyad is tested
Tags: Sex Pollen, dom!Kylo, Primal Smut, Creampie, Mutual Masturbation, Inappropriate Use of the Force, Dub Con, Rough Smut, Enemies to Lovers, Reader is a Sith, Kylo tries to kill you at one point, Canon typical Violence
Word Count: 2.58K
A/N: Hey everyone! I decided to post a OneShot about Kylo getting hot and heavy with his apprentice! I enjoyed writing this dynamic because he and the reader (you) aren't particularly friendly with one another, but Sex Pollen can easily change that ;) Watch the Throne is nearing 100 notes, so I appreciate all of you for reading my work! If you sent me a request I will FINALLY be fulfilling them on Thursday, so thank you for your patience. I hope you all enjoy <3
Heat flooded your body as Kylo pulled the two of you back to his ship. You had been on a diplomatic visit with the leaders of Coruscant, that just so happened to be in the middle of the snow-covered forest, hoping to forge a new alliance with its citizens, you had done all of the mundane tasks requested of you. Research the leaders, check. Have a defense strategy in place, check. Be prepared for Kylo’s raging emotions, check. Everything was set up to go according to plan until Kylo got an attitude that you wouldn’t wear your saber.
“Just put it on” he had whispered through your connection, as you refused to grab it from his hands. He should have known that you would resist him, it was in your nature to be stubborn and have little control of the newfound darkness within you, but this wasn’t about showing how rebellious you could be. The saber, no matter how small, showed that you posed a threat and that you were not as weak as you looked.
Pushing Kylo's hand back into himself, you mouthed to him “No”, as he turned his body away from you and awaited for your guests to arrive. The snow-filled forest provided little lighting as you stood slightly behind Kylo. You could feel his rage simmering just beneath the surface. It was a fresh wood fire cracking through him, warming his limbs against the harsh weather.
You, on the other hand, were calm. The black hooded cape surrounding your shoulders did nothing to protect the exposed skin on your thighs from the elements. But, your Force signature, naturally cold and imposing, allowed for the area to provide a bit of comfort. Your dress had no sleeves, leaving your arms at your side as the cloak billowed around you. Where Kylo’s anger was a fire that always burned, yours was ice that never melted.
Kylo scanned the horizon in front of you both. There was a collection of trees to the east and west, with your ship lying at bay behind you. He had chosen to bring you on this mission because it required no violence, which meant you could make yourself useful for once, as opposed to just hiding behind him like a scared child. Kylo didn’t know what Snoke saw in you, despite your ability to manipulate the force, you struggled with stressful situations and rarely contributed to anything. But here the two of you were, standing in the cold waiting for your guests in a situation that was likely an ambush.
You moved to remove your hood, as Kylo’s head snapped in your direction. Your gloved hands pulling off the fabric, revealing your face to the night. “You should start wearing a mask” Kylo muttered, “It would make for fewer distractions.” You ignored his words, as the trees to your left rustled.
Kylo changed his stance, angling his body so that you faced the ship and the east, and so he faced the north and the west. The two of you felt The Force, preparing your bodies for whatever could come next. You closed your eyes, taking a breath of the dry air, and ducked as a plasma bullet shot towards you. Kylo, mirrored your movements as the bullet continued its trajectory. Whoever shot that would have successfully killed you both, had they not underestimated you and Kylo’s connection to The Force, and connection to one another.
Kylo stayed ducked down, sensing the shifts in the air, he felt you choose to stand up but successfully stalled your movements with a “Wait!”, as the next set of bullets flooded the sky. Rolling onto the ground, Kylo flattened his body, as the blaster fire continued. You instinctively did the same, rolling onto your back to try and see where the fire was coming from.
“Kylo! They’re in the trees!”, You yelled over to him, hoping he could hear you over the blasters going off in each direction. Thinking quickly, you snapped the branches of the trees on your side, causing a few bodies to fall to the ground. You cringed at the screams of the falling bodies and shielded your face at the sounds of them hitting the earth.
Kylo would outdo you at anything, and chose to snap the tree at its base, with the tightening of his fist. The heat of the battle picked up, with half of the fire stopping from Kylo’s attack. You were relieved that some of the shooting had stopped giving you enough time to gather your bearings and come up with an escape plan. “Escape? We’re not surrendering Y/n. These people have openly attacked the First Order, the only option is death.”
Kylo watched your expression, your eyes went wide as if you had seen a ghost, and he could’ve sworn your heart had skipped a couple of beats. He knew just what to say to psych you out, but hopefully, his tactics would startle you, and help you realize the reality of your job. You were an up and coming Sith, there was no time to spare lives or even consider escape without trying to fight your way out. You belonged to the Dark Side, and sooner or later you would have to harness your darkness or die.
Tossing the saber to you, Kylo stood to his full height. He towered over anyone, giving him the ability to see over the land with a better vantage point. “How many miles until the river?” He asked you, hoping you had done your task. “Maybe three miles on foot, why?” With no answer, Kylo ignited his saber, as the people from the trees were now on the terrain, and heading straight for you.
You watched Kylo’s red sabers connect with person, after person, dropping bodies with no remorse. You raised your hands, diverting bullet after bullet from hitting you. Kylo continued his rampant assault, throwing a man in your direction. “Kill Him” He spoke in your mind, you glanced at the saber in your hands. You had never taken a life like this, personal and unforgiving. The man was already injured, his face badly burned and quickly rotting. You could do it, it would be just like a mercy kill… right?
Your thoughts were interrupted as a bullet shot into your leg, crippling your movements. “Ow fuck!” Kylo heard your pain and even sensed it, but there was work to be done. If you couldn’t hold your own, then you had no reason to fight for him.
You watched the blood seep from your leg, it was as if you were being stabbed repeatedly, all throughout your leg. Placing your hand over the wound, you followed your instincts and guided your force energy to the bullet entry point.
Kylo swung into the last soldier on his side, feeling his body begin to sweat from exertion. He was sweating in the 20-degree weather because you were of no help to him. Removing his helmet, Kylo placed it into the snow and turned his advances on you. You sat on the ground, your blood staining the pure snow, as you struggled to get up like a newborn calf.
“Here, let me help you.” Kylo offered but instead flung you into the woods with The Force. You gasped at the impact, feeling your lungs stutter in the absence of oxygen. Did he just throw you into a tree? “Yes, I did” Kylo spoke, entering your line of sight. His lightsaber ignited, the red glow illuminating the space between you. You knew. You knew what this was. You hadn’t been holding your weight, fuck you hadn’t even been attempting to, and Kylo would make you pay for it.
Kylo openly swung for you, giving you no choice but to ignite the purple saber in your hands. A flash of awe struck you, your saber a double-edged reflection of Darth Maul. But, you had little time to admire as Kylo’s real attack began. Kicking you back into the tree, Kylo swung for you again, causing you to duck beneath his hit. Lower in stance, you took a gamble, thankful that you had somewhat paid attention in training, channeling Soresu, you separated your saber, to block the next series of hits.
Kylo was somewhat impressed that you weren’t dead. You had finally ignited your saber, and would hopefully last long enough for him to stop the match, but if you didn't, who was he to stop your impending death. You continued your defensive blocks, doing your best to keep up with each of his strikes. Seeing an opening, you ran straight towards Kylo, jumping up at the last moment to confuse him. Taking the change of direction, you bounced off of a tree for leverage, wrapping your legs around Kylo’s neck.
Kylo dropped his saber, feeling against your exposed skin as he tried to remove you. You sat atop him, taking pride as you smothered him. He would either have to kill you or tap out for you to let go. “Y/n! Enough!” He bellowed into your mind, successfully grabbing your hips and pulling you off. Landing softly on the ground, you smugly reached for your saber and placed it on its hilt, trying to adjust to the new weight. “Commander Ren, I kicked your fucking ass!” You cheered, between breaths as Kylo retrieved his own saber.
“You only won because I trained you, now let’s get goi-” You and Kylo let out a chorus of coughs and sneezes, as the man you had failed to kill somehow snuck up on the two of you with a bag of glowing pink dust. Through the fog of the substance, you picked up a pointed tree branch, throwing it straight into the man’s spine. You turned your focus to Kylo to remark about your success, but he was pulling you at an impressive speed back to the ship.
Kylo was panicking. He recognized the pollen that had been thrown on the two of you and knew the effects would be setting in at any moment, leaving him to have to suffer your confusion and his ever-growing arousal. You stumbled behind Kylo’s steps, wishing that your synchronicity was present at a time like this. “K-Kylo… I’m not feeling well.” You whined. Your body was growing warmer with each step, and your dress was beginning to stick to your skin.
Reaching the ship, Kylo opened the hatch and dragged the two of you inside. You could hear him panting, as he leaned against the wall, and began stripping himself of his cape. “Y/n, We’ve been infected with pollen. It's going to cause your temperature to rise, but it will have the same effects as a regular fever.” He lied, hoping that if you knew nothing of the other symptoms, then the two of you could avoid it altogether.
Sliding down onto the ground, you haphazardly pulled your cape from your face. Your skin was on fire, and you only wished you had enough energy to reach out for The Force, to center yourself. Your heart rate had risen, and you were beginning to feel a familiar pulse in the southern region. “Oh fuck” You whispered, but Kylo had heard the words fall from your lips, and couldn’t have agreed more.
Now standing only on his top, Kylo debated whether or not to initiate a relief to your shared problem. On one hand, it would alleviate some of the body plaguing symptoms you were no doubt experiencing, but on the other, it would add a change to your already strained dyad. But there was no other way for the two of you to become any closer, so Kylo settled on giving it a shot. Leaning into his pilot's chair, Kylo swiveled around so you were in his gaze. You were slick with sweat, and your pupils were completely dilated. You seemed to be zoned out, and slowly rubbing the heel of your foot into your cunt.
You had to be suffering from the strangest fever ever, but you couldn’t resist taking care of the throbbing coming from your clit. Taking your heel, you pushed your waist up and down giving it just enough friction to rub against your clit. With your head thrown back, lips parted, you rocked back and forth, ignoring the feel of Kylo’s eyes on you. The effects of the pollen were still flowing through your blood, but giving in to your needs was giving you just enough relief.
Kylo stroked himself, hearing the small swears and moans leaving your body. He was no foreigner to jerking himself after a rough day, but falling into depravity, in front of you- was something he could never come back from. A bead of sweat dripped down his chin, aiding the humid air as it grew in thickness. Kylo was full-on beating his dick, watching his pink head disappear in and out of his fist. Tingles flowed through his body, and he looked in your direction, seeing you had changed tactics, and were rubbing yourself with quick strokes.
Kylo’s mouth fell open, observing your hand work underneath your black panties. Your dress sat pushed up against your waist, giving you enough room to spread your legs for Kylo’s viewing pleasure. “Fuck, Y/n, pull your panties aside”, he commanded, always the leader even when you were sure the two of you had lost your minds. “That’s it… Spread those pretty lips for your Commander.” Kylo was blissed out, drunk off of the sight of your wetness, and craved nothing more than to be seated in it, but he didn’t want to push you into anything in a state like this. He knew that if he offered, you would jump at the chance, your thoughts being impaired by the pollen.
“K-Kylo” You choked out, you sounded like you were aching for an antidote, and aching for a release from your pleasure. Kylo watched, feeling your uneasiness as you crawled over to his chair. You turned your ass to face him, hoping he would understand what you needed, without having to make the scenario more awkward than it was. And of course, Kylo understood the assignment, pouncing on your body.
An animalistic growl escaped Kylo’s throat, as he pulled you onto his length. Your cunt stretched against him, letting him into a warm, tight canal. With no words said between you, Kylo began fucking you. His guttural grunts left his body, with each slam of your hips against his. He was mindless as he thrust into you, focusing only on the feel of you. He didn’t care about your now potentially damaged relationship, all he cared about was cumming.
You laid your head against the ground, suffering at each of Kylo’s strokes. Slap. Slap.Slap. The sound of flesh connecting resonated throughout the spacecraft, filling your ears as you continued to be mauled from behind.
At some point, Kylo came, deep, deep within you. You weren’t sure when exactly that was, as the two of you would go on to spend the new 72 hours in or on each other, chasing relief.
You didn’t even know how soon the effects of the pollen would wear off, but it seemed you and Kylo were determined to hump and rut like animals for as long as you could.
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buckys2thicc · 14 minutes ago
Keep your eyes open
Chapter 4/?
Bucky x female reader
Warnings: none
Tags: @stolenxkissess @stucky-on-spiderman @thatfangirl42 @winter-soldier-vibes @abitgryffindorky
Tumblr media
You woke up bright and early, hoping that everything will be fine. You got dressed, ate breakfast and left.
The market was packed as usual, loud and crowded, when you got to James apartment he was already walking out.
You turned around quickly, did he see you? Maybe he didn’t, it’s an apartment he doesn’t know everyone that lived there.
He continued walking and you followed, he walked through the market not stoping at any tents, simply passing by. This felt wrong.
He walked to an empty abandoned street, definitely wrong, maybe he’d kill you before you found out.
“Your not a great spy,” James said turning around, “I knew you were following me from day one,”
“I’m not with Hydra, I’m just here to keep you safe,” you said holding your hands up.
“I don’t need anyone to keep me me safe, so you can go home now,”
“I thought you would say that, but I can’t leave until your actually safe,”
“I’m perfectly safe,”
“For now,”
He walked towards you, “I don’t even know who you are,”
“Y/n y/l/n,” you stuck your hand out, “nice to meet you James,”
“Bucky,” he corrected.
“Well Bucky, I guess I’ll see you later,” you started to walk away.
“I don’t need protection,” He grabbed your wrist.
“You may not need it but I have a job and I’m going to finish it, goodbye Barnes,” you yanked your wrist from his hand and walked away.
Fury’s going to be upset he knows but as long as you didn’t lose your job you would be fine.
Your phone started to ring, “speak of the devil,” you answered.
“Yes Fury,” you said answering the phone.
“You missed your last update, everything all good?” Fury asked.
“Wow good to see you care about me,”. You said sarcastically, “he knew I was following him ‘from day one’ he caught me and told me he didn’t need protection,”
“So you blew your cover after just a week of being there? You said you could do this,” Fury said disappointed.
“Yeah I know, I’m going to keep an eye on him, just because he knows I’m here doesn’t mean I’m going to stop my mission Fury,” you told him.
“Alright just be careful, we think hydras going to try and take him tonight,” Fury warned you.
“Got it,” you said and hung up.
You had to make a plan, if they were going to attack him tonight you either have to warn him or stop them before they could get him.
To be continued…
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xwonie · 16 minutes ago
✧ serenity
—genre: fluff
—pairing: sunghoon x reader
—a/n: listen to dot by dvwn at the 1:05 mark
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
there was no other way to describe this very moment. the way your hair softly swayed around as you skated without a care in the world, feeling as free as the night wind. everything felt like a fairytale. sunghoon didn’t know what compelled him to stay and watch the girl skate. it was supposed to be like every other day—wake up, finish school, hang out with friends and then come to the empty rink late at night, except it wasn’t empty today.
his brows furrowed seeing the unknown figure. the boy couldn’t help but let his curiosity get the best of him, inching closer to the railings to catch a glimpse of you. his breath hitched as his eyes followed your every move.
you were beautiful.
he didn’t know how long he spent staring at you until he looked down at his now vibrating phone. i’ve been here for thirty minutes? he thought to himself.
ripping his eyes away from his phone, he looked back towards the rink one last time before deciding to finally go home—hoping you’d be there the next day.
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luminousbarnes · 17 minutes ago
i’ll be seeing you – b. b.
Tumblr media
pairing: 40s!bucky barnes x f!reader
summary: after you receive the news of bucky’s death, your world falls apart
word count: 1.1k
warnings: swearing, grieving, character death, angst (i’m sorry)
a/n: flashbacks are in italics!
It’s the morning of the day Bucky has to ship out.
The two of you are in bed still. You’re laying on top of him, his arms wrapped around your waist as your legs tangle together. You rest your chin on his chest, and Bucky smiles as he reaches out to brush your hair away from your forehead.
“Promise me you’ll come back home,” you whisper.
He leans forward slightly and presses his lips to yours. “I promise. We have big plans–or did you forget already?”
You laugh softly. “How could I?”
“I can’t wait to be able to call you Mrs. Barnes,” Bucky grins cheekily.  
“I can’t believe you’re gonna be my husband,” you say, heart staring to pound at just at the mere thought.
His eyes sparkle. “God, I’m the luckiest damn man in the world.”
You smile wide and press your face into his bare shoulder. Then, suddenly, you turn serious. “Write to me,” you mumble. 
“I will. Every single day. You’ll get tired of how many letters I’ll send.” 
Tears suddenly build in your eyes and you lift your head to lock gazes with him. “Bucky–” Your breath catches in your throat.
“Hey, hey. It’s alright,” he says. The two of you move into a sitting position and he cradles your face, wiping the tears away. Your eyes flutter shut as you lean into his touch. “I’ll make it back. I can’t leave my girl here all here alone, now, can I?” 
You sniffle and shake your head. “You better not.”
“I won’t,” he promises. “You don’t have to worry about me, doll.” 
You’re sitting cross-legged on the couch, reading one of your favorite books, when a knock sounds at the door. You dog ear the page and place the book down. Jumping up from your seat, you rush over, opening the door with a smile on your face.
It falls immediately when you see who it is.
Suddenly, it feels like the air has been knocked out of your lungs. You feel like you’re going to throw up, and you reach a hand out to lean against the doorway in an attempt to steady yourself.
“I’m sorry for your loss, ma’am,” Colonel Phillips says, handing you a sealed envelope. “He… he was a hero.” 
His words sound far away and muted, like you’re listening to him from underwater; everything around you becomes blurry and suddenly you can’t breathe. Your hand shakes as you take it from him. “I… Thank–thank you.” 
He gives you a small nod, his eyes sad, before he turns and walks away. 
The second you’re back inside behind the closed door, you crumble to the floor with a loud cry, your legs unable to hold you up any longer. Sobs wrack your body and you place your head in your hands. 
Bucky had promised.
Before he left, he promised you that he would come back. Your mind drifts to the wedding you’ll never have, and your heart aches at the thought of spending your life with someone who isn’t Bucky.
As you sit there, you aren’t sure how much time passes, but you couldn’t care less.
By the time your eyes are dry and you have no more tears left to cry, you can tell through the windows that the sky is dark, the neighborhood streets deserted. 
For the next few weeks, you feel numb. Nothing feels real. Life without Bucky is dull, boring. You’re not sure if there’s a point to anything anymore.
It isn’t until around a month has gone by that you realize something. Bucky wouldn’t have wanted you to be like this. He would have wanted you to move on, to be happy–in fact, if he saw you acting this way, he’d probably hit you upside the head and tell you to go “live your best life” or some shit like that.
So, one morning, you decide to actually get dressed and go outside to enjoy the nice weather. 
As you walk down the streets of Brooklyn, regret is quick to settle in your stomach. Everywhere you look, you’re reminded of Bucky.  
The cafe on the corner of this street? That's where you went for your first date.
Bucky smiles, and the sight makes your stomach fill with butterflies. “So… tell me about yourself.”
Your mind goes blank. “What?”
“You know.” He laughs, and you love the way his eyes crinkle adorably at the corners. “Your hobbies, interests, anything really. I want to know all about the magnificent (Y/n) (L/n).”
You duck your head, biting your lip. “Oh. Um, I–I think I’m rather boring, if I do say so myself…”
He shakes his head. “Now I don’t believe that one bit. Come on, there must be something you can tell me.”
Your mouth quirks up into a smile. “Well…”
That little park? You and Bucky would sometimes sit for hours on end on one of the benches and talk about nothing and everything. 
“Do you ever wonder?”
You’re cuddled into Bucky’s side as you sit on one of the park benches, his arm resting behind you. He glances sideways at you. 
“Wonder about what?”
“About what it would be like if we had never met,” you say.
His face scrunches up and he shakes his head. “I don’t even want to think about that. Can’t imagine life without you, doll.”
Your heart skips a beat. “I can’t imagine life without you either.”
“I guess that means we were meant for each other, huh?”
You nod and let out a content sigh. “I guess so.”
Your eyes prick with tears and you take a deep breath, trying to gather your composure. 
Memories continue to play out in your mind as you make your way down the street. You try to ignore them, but they’re persistent, one after the other. Eventually you give up trying to resist it and let them fill your thoughts. 
Around an hour later, you decide to make your way back to your apartment before you break down in the middle of the sidewalk. Thinking about Bucky this whole time has made you feel sick to your stomach–you miss him so much that it physically hurts.
When you make it back, you immediately go to your room and plop yourself onto your bed, letting out a trembling sigh as you curl up on top of the comforter. 
As you sit there, alone with your thoughts, you start to realize something.
Bucky will always be a part of you.
Yes, he might be gone, but that doesn’t mean he won’t still be in your heart. And he’ll be in the small, ordinary things. Like the sun, bright and warm. And during the nighttime, the moon shining in the dark sky with bright stars littered around it.
You take a small semblance of comfort in that, and the corners of your mouth quirk up into a smile. 
And besides, you’ll be seeing him again.
You’re sure of it.
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breanime · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ok ok ok hear me out. White wolf vs Killmonger AB OFF!!! 😊
(You. Monster.)
“The hell got you all dreamy-eyed?” Erik asked you, standing at your shoulder as you sat on a boulder.
You jumped, feeling your cheeks heat up, “What? Me? Nothing. Why? Shut up.”
Erik chuckled, always charmed by you, before he followed your line of vision.
Then he was all scowls. 
“Seriously? The white boy?”
Bucky turned then, pausing from his workout to look at you and the reformed-Royal cousin. 
Erik sized him up, clearly unimpressed, “Is this your dreamboat? This the guy you wanna drool over, seriously? Mr. Ballerina Waist over here?”
Bucky made a face, “’Scuse me?”
“Ain’t nothing impressive about his pale ass,” Erik went on, “Check this out, babygirl,” not wasting a second, he pulled his shirt off, revealing his toned abs and the tallies on his chest, “See this? This is a body.”
“And this isn’t?” Bucky asked, lifting his shirt, his abs shimmering with sweat. 
“Come on, who’s got the better body?” Erik asked, turning to you.
“Yeah, be honest,” Bucky encouraged you. 
You stared at them, taking in Bucky’s defined abs and Erik’s incredibly sculpted chest. You put your chin in your hand, pretending to think. “Hard to tell... Maybe if you were both wet...and wrestling.”
Erik pushed Bucky and ran towards the river, leaving a scrambling Bucky to catch up. You stood up, smirking to yourself. 
This could take all day...lucky you.
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Hey can you please help me find a fake social media of choni x Reader where she's I think is dating Cheryl or Toni but she meets Toni or Cheryl since I love it thanks if not btw love your stories
Hey!! I can certainly try! Does anyone know who made this? I really hope we can find it! And thank you!
Stay safe anon and have a lovely day/night. 
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gio-is-writing · 24 minutes ago
OK OK UMMM Josuke fluff where his s/o wants to forever cuddle with him in bed
REQUEST: OK OK UMMM Josuke fluff where his s/o wants to forever cuddle with him in bed
I wish I could cuddle him forever waaaaaaaaa!!! HOPE U ENJOY THIS, i really enjoyed writing for him again u.u
Warnings: none, Josuke x GN reader
(Y/N) threw their bag to a corner of the room as they jumped into the bed with the biggest smile and a sigh once they settled into the comfy mattress.
“I’m sure you only visit me for my bed at this point” Josuke frowned walking into the room a second later
“It’s not my fault you have the comfiest bed in Japan” (Y/N) sighed out loud very dramatically with their eyes closed, they could fall asleep any second now
Josuke shed his uniform jacket and placed it on a hanger. It was Friday so (Y/N) came to spend the day at his house, usually they went elsewhere to spend the start of the weekend but today was a specially hot and tiring day so nothing sounded better than to stay inside under the A/C, in a comfy bed with a lover or that’s what (Y/N) said.
Sitting in a corner of the bed Josuke started undoing his shoes
“Hurry up Josuke!” (Y/N) whined pushing him with their foot
“Sheesh, so impatient. I thought you fell asleep already”
“No, I’m missing the most important element”
“What would that be?” he held back a playful grin as he laid down beside them
“You, silly!” they wrapped their arms around his neck as he leaned down to kiss their lips. Josuke smiled and moved both of them to lay together in the bed, it wasn’t big but (Y/N) was right, it was exceptionally soft and comfy.
Josuke had an arm under their head and the other around their waist. He closed his eyes and he felt his body relax, after such a long week to finally be able to let go he sighed and buried his nose in (Y/N)’s hair. Both their breaths started to slow down as the sounds of nature and the small-town activity lulled them to sleep.
A few hours later, the sun lowered and the sky was painted orange. It was not as hot as it was mid-day so people started to fill the streets, groups of young students or couples walking around looking for something fun to do, families enjoying their time together to start the weekend.
Josuke groaned as he woke, stretching in the space he had. Feeling some weight over his almost numb arm he was reminded of his lover beside him. He looked out the window from where he laid and turned back to them, shaking their arm lightly.
“(Y/N) wake up” he called but received a groan and them snuggling deeper into the space between his shoulder and shin “Come on, don’t you want to go out and get some food?”
“No” they were quick to respond “I want to cuddle”
“We already cuddled the whole day; my arm is dying on me” Josuke tried again to move away but was pulled back by (Y/N) who scowled with their eyes still closed.
“Shut up Josuke, I want to cuddle forever”
He laughed and gave into the cuddle again, how could he refuse such a cute and sweet demand. Josuke placed a hand on their back, running his hand up and down in a very calming pace, (Y/N) almost giving in on sleep again.
“Ah, you’re truly the best” they sighed with the brightest smile
“You owe me ice cream” he answered rolling his eyes playfully “and a new arm”
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winter-james · 25 minutes ago
Woman Like Me - Part 4
Summary: Bucky is a tease when it comes to y/n and she can barely hold back anymore
Warning(s): death, language
Word count: 2.1k
Author's note: I’ll be honest i’m not really happy with this one, but this is the best I can do right now.
Feedback is always appreciated and don't forget to reblog and like if you liked it and want to see more. Thank you!
Tumblr media
Your mind was running a thousand miles per hour, trying to come up with a reasonable explanation for John so he doesn't put you behind bars or worse, kills you... well tries to anyway. He pulled his arm from the shield that was still pinned to the table by the spear, his eyes not leaving you. You stared back, not willing to be the one who breaks eye contact, that would mean you are ashamed of what you are. The man stood up and marched towards you, only for Bucky to stand in his way. Sam walked up next to you as you held your hand out for the wakandan woman to take. She took it as she stood up, nodding her head. You guessed it meant she had no hard feelings.
"You care to explain the little stunt you just pulled?" John raised his voice. Bucky put his metal arm - that was back in it's place - on his arm in warning. It wasn't like you needed protection, but it was still nice for him to stand up for you.
"You want me to explain what you clearly saw? Did you hit your head or something?" you stepped closer to him. Bucky looked back at you, a warning clear in his eyes. You would be lying if that look didn't make your legs tremble in want, but now wasn't the time to think about that. Instead you shut your mouth. John shook Bucky's hand off of him and finally reached you, standing way too close for your liking.
"Do not get smart with me little girl, it can get you locked up somewhere cold forever." he hissed. You flexed your jaw, wanting to just punch him at least once.
"Oh yeah? Let's see how you do that with your head missing from your shoulder Cap" the mock clear in your voice at the last word.
"Okay let's calm down" Sam stepped between you with his hands up. Bucky put one arm around your waist and pulled you to himself so your back was flush against his chest. You straigthened your spine at the sudden contact. Sam and John arguing tuned out in the background. You could feel his breath next to your ear as he whispered to you in amusement.
"Aren't you a little feisty thing?" his arm thightened around you. Your breath hitched. Oh god. He was so enjoying this. You had half a mind to just turn around and press your lips to his, but the other people in the room probably wouldn't appreciate that so you just pushed yourself closer to him if that was even possible. In response he brushed his lips along your neck from your ear to where you neck met your shoulder. Okay that's it. You burst out from his arms, not being able to take his teasing. You whipped around to face him. His eyes were wide and his mouth slightly open like he didn't expect you to do that. He wanted to say something but the fire in your eyes was enough to shut him up. You stood in front of him, probably closer than you should have.
"If you're only going to tease me I suggest you stop" you hissed at him, tired of the game you two were playing. You have been constatly frustrated for the past 2 days because of him and you weren't sure how much longer you could take it. He needed to do something about this or stop entirely because the next time you will not let him play around. He nodded at your words with his eyes still wide so you turned back to the others. The women were looking in the bathroom, talking about how Zemo was gone. That slimy man must have slipped away when all of you were fighting. The women exited just as fast as they appeared, leaving you with the men.
"I can't believe he pulled an El Chapo" Sam walked over to the entrance to the bathroom, where the bath was moved out of the way, the lid of the drain removed.
"Well I do" Bucky walked up next to him, with you in tow.
"Don't think that this is over" John pointed at you as he and his partner walked ou the door.
"Oh I sure hope it isn't" you smiled at him. Sam put a hand on your shoulder in warning. You knew you shouldn't rile John up but then it shouldn't be this fun to do so. You looked back at Sam who was looking at you with a slight amusement in his eyes.
"Okay we need to go" Bucky grabbed his jacket and motioned for you to follow him.
"Okay hold on. Listen. Pack an overnight bag and take the boys." You didn't know who Sam was talking to but they seemed to be important to him and something was wrong. Maybe a wife and kids?
"What happened?" Bucky spoke before you could open your mouth to ask the same question.
"Karli called Sarah. She threatened my nephews" Sam pulled the phone away from his ears. So it's a sister not a wife.
"Okay." Sam put the phone back to his ear. "Go somewhere safe. Only pay with cash. Alright? Let me know when you get there." the woman said something on the other end. "I know. I love you. I'll never let anything happen to you ar the boys, you know that. Okay, bye." you wondered what it was like to have a family like that. Someone you are so close with, that you would do anything for them. The men stopped walking in front of you.
"Karli wants to meet. She left a contact number." just as the words left Sam's mouth he got a message. You looked at him, worried. "She said come alone" he looked at Bucky.
"I'm coming with you" the other said.
"And me too." you spoke for the first time since leaving the apartment. They looked at you and you knew what the answer was before either of them even opened their mouth.
"I can't let you come with us y/n. We don't know what will happen" Sam said with regret in his eyes.
"That's exactly why you need me. What if yomething goes wrong and you need help?" you tried to reason but they weren't having it.
"You need to sit this one out, okay? We said that I would be the one to decide whether you could come or not." Sam reminded you. You scoffed, stepping back.
'Fine, but don't come crying to me when you get your ass kicked by that girl" you turned and walked away. What am I supposed to do now? I can look around the city I guess.
You were walking along the sidewalk when you saw John running in the street. You decided to follow him because he seemed to be in a hurry and you wanted to know what was happening. You did say that they shouldn't come crying to you, but you still cared about Bucky and Sam and if John was going somewhere it was definitely related to them. You stayed hidden as he kicked in a door with Lemar on his side. They went up the stairs as you stayed hidden. Only when you heard John run up the stairs you moved after them. You were looking around quietly, trying to assess the situation when the glass roof shattered and Sam flew in. You stepped aside as he landed next to you.
"Hi" you smiled seetly at him, knowing you shouldn't be there. He only looked at you in disappointment and shook his head. Suddenly a man flew down the stairs with too much force for it to be normal. John appeared and the man tried to fight him with a metal pipe, but he easily bent it and kicked him down a few more steps. He was way too strong to be a normal human. You looked at Sam who seemed to be thinkng the same thing.
"What did you do?" he ask the new super-soldier, who's only asnwer was that they had Lemar as he quickly walked past you. Sam followed him and you were abou to do the same when you heard footsteps behind you. You turned around and it was a man wearing a mask. He stopped for a second and just stared at you with wide eyes. You looked back at him, weirded out by his staring. He shook himself out of and and started to throw punches at you. You easily blocked them and pinned him face first against the wall but he pushed backwards so you hit your back on one of the pillars. Your grip loosened because of it and he broke free. He tried to punch you in the face but you caught his hand and twisted it. His knees gave out because of the pain and it gave you the perfect opportunity to kick him in the stomach. He yelled out and you let go of him, thinking that he will stay down. You heard another set of footsteps and you turned around to see Bucky standing there, ready to fight. You back was to the masked man so you didn't see that he got back up, but Bucky did and you saw his eyes shift behind you. You realized what he was looking at when you felt movement and you turned around just in time to catch the man's hand again.
"I thought we agreed on you staying down" you joked and punched him hard enough that he was out cold before he even hit the ground. You turned back to Bucky who raised his eyebrows, impressed. You walked up to him and put your hand on his chest. "What was it that you called me? Feisty?" you tilted your head to the side and leaned closer to him so your breaths were mixing." I prefer the term strong. Thank you" you pulled away like nothing happened and walked towards where John and Sam disappeared to. The only thing indicating that Bucky had heard you was a quiet gasp that left his mouth. Two can play that game old man.
When you found the others they were in the middle of a fight with 4 masked people. You ran in to help and immediately the two women who were closer shifted their focus on you. You blocked one's punch to the stomach, but didn't count for the other who had a clear shot at your face. Fighting super-soldiers was not something you were used to, let alone two at the same time. The punch had you a little dizzy and you were thankful when Bucky appeared in your line of sight and knocked out one of them. He held you by your arm and stared into your eyes. You nodded at him in thanks. A knife flew past you that he caught in one hand. He pushed you aside and lunged at the man still holding another knife in his hand. Bucky easily threw him over his shoulder and flipped the knife in his hand then threw it at the grounf next to the man's head. Impressive. Sam kicked another masked person over the table while John was against two.
Two other people ran inside the room, one without a mask. The other you guessed was the infamous Karli, but you weren't sure as you couldn't see her face. She stopped as she caught you standing there and she ripped the mask off her face. She seemed to recognise you, but you didn't know how. Maybe she was in Madripoor at some point. The anger in her eyes was the only thing you saw before she lunged at you. Barely having time to register what she was doing you stumbled backwards, her fist missing your face by inches. Lemar appeared out of nowhere grabbing Karli by her torso and bringing her to the ground with him. She got up and punched him way too hard for a human to take. He flew backwards into a pillar, cracking it. Everything stilled. John broke free of the guy's grasp running to him and trying to wake him up. It was useless. He wasn't moving. He was dead. The masked people with Karli ran out of the room. You ran after them with Sam and Bucky, leaving John behind.
When you arrived at the square adn broke through the crowd of people, the scene you found yourself in was horrifying. John stood there with blood on his shiled, Captain America's shiled, while a man was dead on the ground in front of him. He put the shiled on his arm and looked around. Everything was so eerie about him that you said the first thing that came to your mind.
"Oh god"
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i got this really good Connor Rhodes request!!! It will used Liv’s idea that the reader is a trauma and pediatric surgeon. Connor keeps asking you out but you say no as you are playing hard to get. Until Connor gets attacked by a patient while you are in surgery and once you see for yourself he is okay, you say yes.
So this kind of went off the rails and turned into a 5+1, but I love it.
Warnings: Canon typical medical stuff, mentions of child abuse and child sexual abuse, pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, mentions of child death, active shooter scenario, gun injuries.
Words: 3.2k (how is it so long?!?!
Wanna join my taglist?
“Dinner tonight?” You turned and looked at the new voice who’d asked the question. His scrubs read Connor Rhodes, and you raised an eyebrow.
“Hi, nice to meet you, how are you?” You held out your hand and he shook it.
“Hi, I’m Connor, nice to meet you. Want to get dinner?” He smiled, and you were pretty sure it worked on everyone.
“No thanks, Connor. We should get back to work.” You turned and went to the nurses station, introducing yourself to the charge nurse, Maggie.
It was your first day fully covering the ER for paediatric trauma cases, and you spent most of it stitching up kids to try avoid a scar. You’d greet parents, and then get down on their level to talk and explain exactly what you were going to do. It calmed kids who were afraid, and that was the part of your job you loved.
Halfway through your shift you got called to a trauma room, a family had been t-boned by a drunk driver and there was a six year old who needed to be checked. The other paediatrician was already in there, and you followed her lead until it was obvious it was surgical and you took over with a nod. She needed her spleen removed and some liver lacerations closed, but you were able to give the good news to her parents before going downstairs to tell the other doctor.
She was surprised you sought her out, and held out her hand. “Natalie Manning. I’m looking forward to working with you.”
You spent the rest of the day in the ER, and when Natalie invited you for a drink with the rest of the doctors you agreed without hesitation. As you left you spotted Connor staring at the group of you walking out, but you put it out of your head.
You were staring at the scans, trying to work out what to do. Your patient was barely a teenager, she was pregnant and it was an ectopic pregnancy. And she didn’t know she was pregnant. It was a clusterfuck of epic proportions.
“You ok?” You turned around to see Connor leaning in the door of the doctors lounge.
“Not really? Can I get some advice?” He sat and motioned for you to continue. “Fourteen year old female, brought in for lower right quadrant pain. She’s never menstruated before, unusual but not unheard of. Standard tests run to show a high hCG level.” As your words set in Connor's face darkened. “Ultrasound confirmed ectopic pregnancy. I can get her in for surgery now, but pregnancy means she’s automatically emancipated so I can’t tell her foster parents, and she’s convinced she’s never had sex. I don’t know what to do.”
He looked at you for a moment, his head in his hands. “This is a mess. Is there abuse?”
“Nothing physical. I was thinking about getting someone from psych down, but she needs surgery in the next hour. I’ve called DCFS, but I need her to approve the surgery.”
“You have to tell her. Maybe get Nat in with you too?” You nodded, a small smile on your face.
“Thanks, Connor.”
His plan worked, and the teenager had told you that her foster dad had told her that if she told anyone she’d be out on the streets because nobody would believe her. Your heart broke, but you took her up for immediate surgery, removing the ectopic pregnancy and managing to save the girls Fallopian tubes, so she could have a chance at having a child when she was fully grown. You handed over the necessary samples so CPD could do their job and arrest the bastard, a solemn nod from Upton as she took it from you. You’d had a few drinks with her and liked her, but this was too much.
Finally your shift was over, and you just wanted to go home and crash. As you walked through the doors into the chilly Chicago night you heard Connor call your name.
“How did the surgery go?”
You laughed bitterly. “As well as could be expected. She’s going to make a full physical recovery. But mentally? She’s been in that foster family for three years. They were going to adopt her. Now she’s alone. I bought her a stuffed animal so she wouldn’t be so alone.” You wiped your eyes. Normally working with children was a joy, helping them get better. This though, this hurt your soul.
“Do you want to get a drink? Is it a good idea for you to be alone?” You could hear the concern in his voice, but you couldn’t keep the mask that you were ok up any longer.
“I need to go home alone, Connor. I’ll see you next shift.”
You walked to your car, making it home and collapsing into bed with a sore heart.
If you ever decided to go into politics, your entire campaign would be based on seatbelts on school buses. Two buses had collided on a frozen street, and it was hell. You were in and out of ORs, trying to save as many lives as possible. By the time the carnage was complete you’d had to call time of death on three kids. You just kept reminding yourself of the five you’d saved, but it was hard.
When you arrived back into the scrub room Connor was there, his forearms on his legs, sitting in silence. You tried being quiet but he looked up at you, his eyes bloodshot.
“How do you do it?” His question was quiet, and if you hadn’t been so careful to not make noise you would have missed it.
“Do what?” You asked, putting a fresh scrub top on and sitting beside him.
“Kids. I had four kid surgeries today, and two didn’t make it. How do you know when to call it? How do you make yourself?”
You threw your head back and stared at the ceiling, looking at the bad paint job. “Because I have to. Because I remind myself that I’m only one person, and by me even attempting to help - even if I can’t do it - I’m giving them a better chance. If neither of us operated there’d be twelve dead kids today. Instead there’s five, and seven should get to go home to their families. I call that seven lives saved.” You leaned against his shoulder, taking the comfort he gave. He’d become a friend since you’d arrived three months before, his initial cockiness turning to mutual respect when you both realised you were good at your jobs. He’d consulted with you on cases, and vice versa.
“After a day like today, go do something that brings you joy. I’m gonna go home, open a bottle of disturbingly cheap rosé I’ve been drinking since college but love anyway, and sit and have a glass or two while watching a rom com. Whatever makes you happy, do that.” You squeezed his shoulder as you stood, preparing for the rest of your day.
“Do you want to get a coffee after shift?” Connor sounded hopeful, and you hated letting him down.
“I’m sorry. After a day like today I just need to get home. Rain check?” He stood and gave you a brief hug, the two of you walking out the door and pretending everything was fine.
You were officially pissed. Natalie had promised she’d meet you at Molly’s, and was now an hour late. You knew she was hooking up with Will Halstead again, and while you were glad they seemed to be working their issues out, you’d have rathered it not be on a night when you really needed girl talk.
Because you thought you might have a crush on your fellow trauma surgeon and had No Idea what to do about it. Instead you slowly sipped the beer in your hands, mulling over what to do. You’d finish the beer, go home, and text Nat that you were happy for her but you seriously needed some girl talk next time you were both free.
“Doc, my brother interrupting your night?” You turned to the voice, seeing Jay standing at the next place on the bar.
“Everyone knows but they think they’re so sneaky, right?” You responded, a small smile on your face. You’d met the detective a few times through work, before going to Will’s to watch a Hawks game and meeting him properly.
“I think he’s afraid of screwing up again. You weren’t around for the disaster that was the two of them dating and getting engaged. It was a mess.”
Jay invited you over to his table, and you chatted with the other members of his unit. It felt so good to spend time with people who knew what your job was like but didn’t actually do it, even if you and Kevin felt like fifth and sixth wheels. After a second beer you said goodbye, determined to get home and relax. You’d just left the front door of Molly’s when Connor came out the patio gate, looking glum.
“Everything ok?” You asked, appreciating the small smile that came over his face when he saw you standing there.
“A little better now. I had to see my sister today. Family’s only good in small doses, you know?” You just nodded, with no family close by you didn’t really know what it was like. “Heading in?”
“Just leaving. I was supposed to meet Nat, but...” you trailed off, rolling your eyes.
“Manstead rides again?” Connor asked, and your confused face made him explain. “Manning and Halstead, Manstead. You’re in the betting pool, right? They were engaged, came pretty close to making it down the aisle. She dated Crockett for a while, some other guys, he dated around, but they always had a thing. I left Chicago for three years and they’re still on and off again.”
“Oh god, it’s like Bennifer?” Connor chuckled at your comparison, the laugh coming from deep within him.
“Exactly. Come on in, I’ll buy you a beer?” You wanted to, you really did. But one more beer would put you firmly over the tipsy line, and you didn’t want to be the topic of gossip in work. As much as you wanted to spend time with Connor.
“I can’t. I need to head home. I’ll see you tomorrow?”
His smile immediately dimmed, his eyes losing their sparkle, but he agreed.
“See you in the morning.”
You loved your job, you loved your job, you loved your job. You kept telling yourself that, hoping it would make it true. And normally you did love your job. But you were on hour 21 of a 36 hour shift, and you were exhausted. Doing these shifts as an intern was bad enough, but as an Attending? It was hell. Your body just didn’t metabolise caffeine as well as it used to. But finally it was four am, and you half walked half staggered to Maggie.
“I’m going into the lounge to nap. Wake me if you need me?” She nodded, patting your shoulder.
The couch wasn’t comfy, and wasn’t long enough for you to stretch out on properly, but it was better than a gurney so you lay there. It felt like you’d only blinked, but Connor was shaking you awake, a takeout cup of coffee in his hand.
“Hey, it’s seven. I figured you could do with some decent coffee from Josh down the street.” You sat up, yawning, taking the cup from him. It had two sugars and some cream, and the noise out of your mouth when you sipped it was obscene.
“Sorry, sorry,” you murmured, checking your watch. “Only twelve hours to go. I thought Attendings never had to do triple shifts?”
“Only in regular medicine. You’ve got this!” You downed your coffee before putting the cup in the trash, stretching out your back before taking on the day.
You were only up in surgery three times, and you were grateful for it. People laughed that you were a surgeon who didn’t want to be in the OR, but it was how you worked. You wanted to get your kids healthy, and if you could avoid surgery without causing a big issue, you would.
You’d finally left the last surgery, having to give the news to a wonderful couple that their eldest daughter hadn’t made it. You never made a resident give the news. They could watch you, but you always told them, and held up the parents when they broke. Their daughter had been cycling down the street when a drunk driver ran her over, and despite everything you tried doing to save her you couldn’t.
When you made it back downstairs you didn’t even change, just grabbing your bag to get out. It was seven thirty, you’d been in the hospital for thirty seven hours and all you wanted to do was collapse into your bed.
As you walked out of the hospital you heard your name being called, and you turned to see Connor.
“I heard about your last surgery. You’ve had a hell of a few days, want to go get dinner and I’ll drive you home?” He had a small, hopeful smile, and all you wanted was a hug from him and to spend time with him. But your exhaustion was too much, and you needed to go home.
“I just need sleep, Connor.” His face fell, and you took his hand, squeezing once. “It’s not a never. It’s a not right now. Ask me after our next shift?” His smile came back, and he squeezed back.
“Sure thing. Sweet dreams?” As you walked away you had a small smile on your face, and you realised that you couldn’t wait for him to ask.
Code silver. All staff, code silver.
Your blood ran cold when you heard it. There was an active shooter in the hospital, and you had your hands in a two year old’s abdomen trying to repair trauma from a car accident. You could see your OR team start to shift and worry, and you had to take control.
“Emma, you’re not sterile. Lock the door, and pull down the blinds from the door and the gallery. I need you to make sure nobody can tell we’re in here. David, we’ve got thirty minutes to get this under control. Two-oh vicryl on a curved needle, I can use that to repair the lac.” Your voice was calm, and your staff responded to you. True to what you said, twenty nine minutes later you were putting the last stitch in the toddler’s belly, thankful for the technique Connor had taught you to minimise scarring. Once you’d finished and bandaged the wound everyone got out of their sterile gowns, waiting for the all clear. It was another twenty minutes and the doors unlocked, Jay Halstead popping his head in.
“You’re fine. It’s all in the ER, we’re working on getting eyes in there.” You could see the worry for his brother on his face, and your stomach fell. Your friends were down there. Nat, Will, Ethan. Connor could even be down there.
Connor. Who was going to ask you out today and you were going to say yes. You were going to ask him to go for dinner at a little noodle bar you loved. And hopefully you were going to get to kiss him.
The time passed so slowly, until Jay got the all clear. You heard the call for you over his radio, needing to hear it again.
“Get her! She’s the best trauma surgeon in the hospital who can operate right now.”
The elevator was still out thanks to CFD, so you ran down the stairs, taking them two at a time. You made it into the ER, looking around for everyone. You couldn’t see Ethan or Connor, and Nat pointed you to the hybrid OR. As you arrived in you realised Ethan was keeping pressure on Connor’s abdomen, and you wanted to scream. Instead you went to scrub, as quickly and effectively as you could.
“April, I need a vent and I need you to close the curtains in here. Get me Maggie, and someone from anaesthesiology. I need them right now.” She ran and within two minutes you had everything you needed in the room, just four of you in there with Connor.
You nodded to the anaesthesiologist who you’d never met before, watching as he injected Connor to put him under. You took a deep breath and picked up your clamp, getting Ethan to lift his hands and clamping the artery that had been grazed.
It took longer than it should have for you, but finally the bullet was out and Connor’s artery was repaired. You carefully checked everything, seeing no other issues. If it had been a few millimetres one way he wouldn’t have had any issues. A few the other and he’d have died almost immediately.
You sewed up the bullet hole, knowing there’d be a scar on his stomach and hoping he wouldn’t blame you. Once you were finished you nodded, moving him to a gurney. The elevators were back up and running, so you took your patient up to Recovery, giving a hopeful nod to your friends.
It took three hours for Connor to wake up. Three hours of sitting there with bloody scrubs, unwilling to move in case he woke up alone. You’d had your hands in him. You’d had to save his life. And all you could think while you held his hand waiting for him to wake up was what if you hadn’t done it right. You were used to dealing with children, tiny veins and arteries. Nothing like what an adults were. But you needed to make sure he was ok and you were the only person in the hospital who could have saved him.
You had his hand in yours, running your thumb over the back of his hand. There was a small knot of scar tissue at the base of his index finger, and your thumb kept finding it and rubbing on it.
“Lacrosse accident as a kid.” Your head shot up, seeing Connor’s blue eyes looking at yours. “My finger scar. Broke it when someone brought his stick down on my hand. What happened?”
You smiled, so glad to see him awake and coherent. “There was an active shooter in the ER. You got shot, Ethan kept you alive until I got down. You needed the bullet removed and a graft on your renal artery, but I did it. It’s going to be a recovery, but you’ll be ok.” The tears you’d held back since bringing him upstairs started falling, and you tried wiping your eyes to stop him seeing.
“Don’t cry. I’m ok thanks to you. I don’t want to make you cry.” You looked at him and without thinking reached over to kiss him. His lips froze under yours for a second, but then he was kissing you back. You separated before it got too deep, not wanting to strain his healing body.
“If I’d known it’d get me a kiss I’d have been shot already,” he said, before wincing as he saw your face drop.
“How about this? You promise not to get shot again and you’ll get at least one kiss a day.” You smiled through your tears, just glad he was alive and joking and being so Connor.
“I promise.”
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springbean · 26 minutes ago
Wolfsbane: BLOODLUST | Kim Taehyung [ part 2 ]
paring: kim taehyung x f!reader
genre: werewolves & vampires, supernatural romance, gothic / period time, angst, fluff, action, drama
overview: it was easy to think that things had ended. with the silence and serentiy that had fallen in the wake of the events of past Halloween, I fell into a beautiful stupor of a timless fairy tale with Taehyung. finally, together, alone and at peace. but everything good must come to an end-even I know that. I should have suspected sooner though, because now I fear that we are too late to stop what has already begun. I cannot control what is within me…but the worst part, is that I don’t know if i want to.
rating: PG-15
word count: 1938
chapter warnings: mentions of war, language, a soft shower scene (no explicit material), mentions of death, conversations of magical elements
a note from the author: so, I am seriously excited to continue this story. I have SO MUCH to show everyone, and so many fun new characters to introduce, and a whole new plot--politics, drama, fantasy wars and all! plus we will introduce two new regions in this story and I cannot wait to explore them!
Tumblr media
What surprises me the most is not their faces of anxiety or nerve, not the quick and sudden motions of hands that pull drapes back and mouths that call on the phone as Namjoon puts his jacket on the hanger. Taehyung’s hand is now holding mine tightly, his vice grip exhausting the blood from my limb. 
“We need to talk.” 
Namjoon’s voice is a bitter chill, ripping my sense of place when he finally pulls out the kitchen table chair, and takes a seat. Yoongi mentions something about calling the others, and leaves the room. 
“What’s going on?” 
Taehyung and I sit in front of Namjoon, placing ourself at the other side of the table across from him. Namjoon sighs and rubs his face, the jugular of his neck ticking. 
“It’s about the council.”
Taehyung sits silently, staring at his brother. In some ways I am not that surprised--I don’t think anyone suspected that Namjoon and Yoongi would just walk into The Council without any problems. This was vampiric territory, as Jungkook put it, and no werewolf was ever allowed unless summoned. 
“We all knew they would give problems. We’re ready to fight them.” 
“It isn’t that,” Namjoon stops, looking between Taehyung and I before he glances down at his folded hands. “There’s a problem, with The Council. I don’t even think they know the full extent of it. But, if it comes into fruition, there will be no doubt that y/n will be affected, and that we will be killed.” 
The silence overtakes the room in a wave of thick vibrations. Namjoon doesn’t look up to meet my eyes, but I don’t need to know the pain he feels. At most we believed that with some consideration, The Council could bypass the breach of territory with a new land treaty, new distance orders, something of the sort. We knew that staying here any longer would probably be out of the question, and with graduation nearly over there was nothing really keeping me to the town. 
But, death, that was a word that I prayed would not be said. 
“I don’t understand,” I begin, my finger scraping along the table. “I thought that we could come up with a solution that didn’t involve this.” 
“We did,” Namjoon explained, sighing. “Yoongi and I spoke to The Council, and they agreed--new territory lines and a new settlement stake.”
“Then I don’t understand how this is ending with us dying.” 
Taehyung’s hands are fisted in his lap, his back tight. I can barely hear the rumbling that sits in his chest. 
“Because this isn’t something we brought up. It’s something we overheard.” 
“War,” Yoongi’s voice barrows from the hallway. Taehyung and I turn around to watch the elder come forward, stuffing his phone into his pocket. “Joon is talking about war.” 
I turn back to Namjoon and stare at him. My throat feels dry, the skin on my body feels light, and my hands are shaking. 
Yoongi walks past us and into the kitchen, grabbing the kettle and filling it up. 
“Since Joon won’t easily explain, I’ll give the run down, and you both can decide whether or not we need to be worried.” 
Taehyung eyes his brother from the seat, and Namjoon lifts himself from the table, huffing. 
“Years and years ago, before most of our ancestors were alive, practically all of Europe was conquered by Vampires,” Yoongi begins, letting the kettle fill. “Barely anyone questioned them, and for the most part, our people were settled in other regions of the planet. The vampires had an exponential amount of force, and having an entire kingdom to their own, they seemed to be as united as any other land. A council, rules, laws and order; everything was perfectly aligned and set. Vampires all over the world were connected to their code, bound to its creed and pledge allegiance to their king.” 
Yoongi places the kettle on the stovetop, turning around and leaning against it. “However, a while after they had begun their rise, there were rumors that another kingdom had been risen in the shadows, and posed a threat. In Spain, there was a region that had been unmarred by the vampiric council, and untouched by the werewolves. People lived in it, humans. However, they too had a king, and unlike the people, he was vampire.” 
“His name was Nathaniel Amor, and he was the first vampire king to preside over humans. At first, The Council did not acknowledge his reign. They denied his legitimacy out of enragement of his actions towards humans. However, as the times progressed, it was undeniable that Nathaniel was a true king in his right, for he had lineage of royalty within him, even if they did not accept his actions of king to be enough.” 
“From there, two kingdoms were born of the vampires; one in Romania, in the original homeland and overseer, and then in Spain, Nathaniel’s new blood kingdom, as they had called it.” 
“Nathaniel Amor...” I pause, closing my eyes. “Taehyung mentioned something about a Gabriel Amor.” 
Yoongi hummed, nodding. “Gabriel is the direct line of Nathaniel, and the next prospected king to The Council.”
“But I don’t understand,” Taehyung huffed. “We already knew that Gabriel posed a threat to The Council--that’s why Thomas was after y/n; he wanted her binding to become king without election.” 
“Exactly,” Yoongi frowns. “An election for a king is going to come--war is bound to happen. Thomas is still alive, and he won't let for his kingdom to fall to the hands of a New Blood. Our problem stems from beyond the council. We have no clue when Thomas will be back, or what he will do. He is going to start war with Gabriel to try and push back the elections for The Council, and in this, he will come back and find y/n, and there is no doubt he will kill us. In war, everything is off the table, especially if he declares war on not only Gabriel, but also on us.” 
Taehyung rises from his chair abruptly, slamming it back into place. 
“Taehyung, this isn’t some petty fight. It isn’t like elections are years away. They’re too close for comfort, and Thomas is already battered up from last time. Running isn’t going to solve anything.”
“So, what do we do,” I look between the two, worrying on my lip. “What do we need to do to stop this.” 
Yoongi stares at me, and sighs. “The only way...would be for Gabriel to become king.” 
I stare at the elder, Namjoon frowning from across the room as well. 
“We can’t keep running, and if Thomas becomes king, he will do everything to kill us after the embarrassment we have put him through. His name questioned, his line in danger, and his presence a mock. It's chaos waiting to happen.”
“Okay, then what are we supposed to do about any of this,” Taehyung growls from the living room. 
Yoongi pours the hot water into a cup, his voice becoming very quiet. 
“There have been rumors...that Gabriel is looking for allies-”
“No,” Taehyung rips, the air being tense. “I’m done with this conversation.” 
“It’s our only hope,” Yoongi growls back. “If we don’t, then Thomas will find us, and even if Gabriel does win, Thomas can still find us and make our lives a living hell. The only way to end this is to kill Thomas and end his ascension to the throne.” 
“This is madness,” Taehyung laughs, breathily, and walks out of the room alone. I am left staring at the table, trying to understand what Yoongi has just claimed.
The two elder brothers remain silent, Yoongi staring at his cup of tea with remnants of anger on his face. I look between the both of them, pulling at my lower lip. 
“Gabriel’s ascension to the throne can only be confirmed by a vote, but it cannot be denied if he has link to Archaic blood.”
Namjoon’s explanation slices the silence. A shuttering breath leaves my lips, and I try to compress what he has said. 
The only thing I can do, then, is to offer myself to Gabriel. 
“This isn’t fair,” I whisper, eyes stilly closed. 
“This is our world.” 
I bite the inside of my cheek at Yoongi’s words, bitterness crawling inside of my veins just as I push the chair back with a screech and turn, stepping away from them. 
“I’m not a tool for war--I’m human.” 
I walk down the hall and out of the room with heat coursing through me. I had only just begun my new life, and now I was supposed to throw it away? As if this world was not mine now as well. 
When I push the bedroom door open, Taehyung is nowhere to be seen. The only evidence of his exit is showcased in the ruffled pieces of clothing spread out on the floor in disarray, and before it, the porch doors wide open.
With a defeated sigh, I begin pulling off my shirt and shuck off my jeans with a kick of each leg. I walk into the bathroom, turning towards the shower and snap on the water, pulling out towels as I wait for it to heat up. 
When I finally enter, the hot steam has covered the room fogging up the glass door and the mirrors. The water is scorching, but it’s the only thing that can soothe my mind. War, magic, politics, vampires, and werewolves. The thought of them all together should have made my mind spin. I knew that, unfortunately, Yoongi was correct in one sense; as long as Thomas was alive, he would stop at nothing for power, and for my heart in his hand. Nevertheless, I did not want to become some play point in a game of kings. I wanted to forget everything that happened, and move on normally. 
The water drops form feverishly along the shower walls, and I barely register the shower door opening and shutting quietly in the rush of the water. It isn’t until I feel warm, rough hands smooth along my waist, arms enclosing around my body, and soft lips pressing to a spot below my ear, and along my beating pulse. 
“Taehyung,” I whisper, loud enough for him to heart over the water. A low hum rumbles against my back, and Taehyung replaces his lips to nuzzle against my wet skin, his fingers pulling and clenching against my hips. 
We don’t say anything for a while. Instead, I look down as the water pour over us, and watch the dirt drain off of his feet and ankles from wherever he had ran to. It sparks me then, as I feel his teeth nipping at my neck, and his low rumbles reverberate against my skin, and as I know he has just been a wolf only minutes before he had walked in, that I will never achieve normal. My life will never go back to what it used to me--I will forever be roped into the worlds of demons and danger. 
When we lay in bed, Taehyung’s warm body caved around me as he swaddles me within his arms, I stare at the celling as I listen to his heavy heart beat melodically. The rumble of his low, sleepy growl echoes along side it, and with a final breath I close my eyes. 
I must except this world as it is now: all its dangers, and beauty as one. 
Gabriel Amour is the final name I think before sleep rushes over me, and the darkness takes hold.
Tumblr media
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The Ties that Bind: Somebody’s Watching
Synopsis of series: Being the older sister of a literal genius? It’s not easy. Raising said genius from childhood on? An act of love. Uprooting your life again when he gets in over his head? A no brainer. Finding a new family and support system for yourself? Well, you suppose that’s just luck.
Master List
AN: Based on season 1 episode 18. The character of Joel, is based on Joel Goran from the show Saving Hope. No other elements will be taken from the show, just him, because he seems to fit. You don’t need to watch the show to understand anything :)
What’s something you guys would like to see in this series? Any special moments? Any special episodes?
Tumblr media
You’re in line waiting for your morning cup of coffee when you see it; your baby brother kissing one of your favorite actresses ever. Your eyes go wide, and you jump out of line to grab the magazine off the stand. You bury your nose in the pages and read through several lines about Lila’s mystery man, and you cackle. Like actually cackle, because he is never going to hear the end of this. It is your DUTY as his older sister to frame this magazine and put it out for everyone to see. You buy two more copies and head into work.
Your co-teacher, Lesley, is waiting in the classroom for you, and when she sees the smile on your face and no coffee her brow furrows, “What’s up with you? You’re never smiling this early.” 
You pull the magazine out and toss it to her, “My brother has been making out with Lila Archer.” 
She snataches the magazine up before you can finish, and then she’s all smiles too. “Can I go share this with everyone we know?” 
“How else are we going to take pictures of everyone with it to send to him?” 
 She’s gone a second later and you start settling in. You’d been teaching for nearly seven years now, since you were twenty-two. While Spencer had been earning his first PHD, you had just graduated with your BA. More than once he had sat in the back of your classroom tutoring kids who needed it or organizing supplies, or even organizing your desk. Almost every teacher in the building knew him, and they had all been shocked when you had come in nearly silent one morning and announced Spencer was joining the FBI. 
Even now, nearly three years later, they still demanded updates on their favorite boy genius. And you were happy to regale them of Spencer’s tales as he had told them to you; nothing too gory, and never too much detail. 
You push the article out of your mind when students start filtering into the classroom, and you get to work. You’ve just started the novel Ghost by Jason Reynolds, and your kids are loving it, that’s more than enough to keep you occupied for a while.
When lunch rolls around though, you’re ready to call. You figure out the time difference in your head, and you figure he’ll either be at work or waking up from a nap; maybe both? You dial. 
He picks up on the second ring, “Hello?” 
You dive right in, “So, I don’t know which I’m more mad about, that you were in the state and didn’t come visit or that you made out with my favorite actress and didn’t tell me.” 
“WHAT?” The screech comes through and you grin.
“I love Lila Archer Spencer. Not as much as you apparently,  but I really like her stuff. Is there any chance you can get me an autograph?” 
There’s a little bit of sputtering, before he says, “You are ridiculous. I’m going to tell mom!” 
“What are you, twelve?” 
In the background you hear some say, “Fourteen.” 
“I’m not having this conversation with you.” 
“Now, come on Spencer. When I started dating Joel, I let you meet him after the third date. Can’t you do the same with Lila and me?” 
He hangs up on you, and you laugh. Lesley pokes her head in a second later, “Everyone’s ready.” You can’t help but grin. 
“I’m going to kill my sister!” 
Morgan glances up, as Reid storms in, a brown box cradled in his arm, and then looks over at Elle, “Did you know he had a sister?” 
That’s a question for another time, “What she’d do pretty boy?” 
He’s too frustrated to answer so he just  gestures towards the box. And really, Derek can’t help but go snoop. He grins at what he finds there, a framed picture of Lila kissing him in the street. 
He takes it out, “This . . . is a very nice frame.” 
He kind of wilts, “She swore she’d get revenge when I spent an entire afternoon outsmarting her boyfriend.” 
Elle smiles, “Doesn’t that just come natural?” 
He shrugs, “He’s an orthopedic surgeon . . .and I may have spent six hours quizzing him about the latest articles and techniques.” 
“How’d he do?” 
Spencer shrugs, “He was passable, but I out did him quite a few times.” 
“You should go for your MD, that would really show him.” 
“Nah. I don’t feel like doing five years of residency.” 
Derek grins as he shrugs the frame back in its box, before he catches sight of the note, In your messy scrawl it reads, “Seriously though, can you get me an autograph?” And Derek can only smile, because despite the annoyance written across Spencer’s face, there’s also fondness and it’s one that only comes from having siblings. As he walks away he notices Spencer on the phone, and a second later he hears, “Hey Lila, it’s Spencer. I was hoping to ask you for a favor . . .” 
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just my type (spencer reid/reader)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Title: just my type 
Request: kinda, not really
Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!Reader
Category: Smut
Content Warning: SEXUAL CONTENT (daddy kink, loss of virginity (reader), praise, fingering, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, after sex cockwarming, groping, heavy petting, tipsy sex, innocence kink, hair pulling, crying during sex (but the VERY end)), dom!Spencer, sub!Reader, Professor!Reid, age gap, aftercare, swearing, drinking, making out in public places, incredibly brief mention of necrophilia, mentions of absent father, ooc!spencer, professor/student, brief mention of drinks being drugged (not actually happening)
Word Count: 8,194 
Summary: Reader sleeps with a man she met at the bar. The next day she finds out that man was her new professor, Spencer Reid...
A/N: this was writing for pom’s discord server fic swap! My partner doesn’t have tumblr, but their wattpad is babyleaf1! I took a few of her favorite tropes and prompts she likes and came up with this! It’s loosely based off the song campus by vampire weekend. Spencer and reader’s ages are undefined, but there is a gap between the two.  thank you all so much for the support! i really do appreciate it. check out my masterlist!
Going to the bar wasn’t exactly my scene. Sure, it was nice to kick back and have a drink after a long day. I’d rather be at home with a glass of wine and watching a movie. But when a friend I haven’t seen in a long time asks to go to the bar, I’m gonna go to the bar with her. 
My eyes scanned the crowded room, searching for my friend who was no doubt already drinking. The room was filled with drunk people. I didn’t expect so many people to be drinking on a Tuesday night… who am I to judge though? 
When I finally saw my friend, I rushed to her. She was sitting at the bar with a drink already in hand. I wondered how many drinks she had before I arrived.
The moment I appeared by her side, she let out an excited squeal before throwing her arms around my body.
“It’s so nice seeing you!” she squealed into my ears. I laughed as I carefully pushed her off my body, and tried to regain some personal space. “It’s been so long!” 
“Yeah, yeah. Been busy. School and stuff starts this week.” I nervously laughed as I sat down on the stool beside her. She leaned over the bar as she called for the bartender. 
“That’s right! School!” she exclaimed as she looked back at me. I looked away from the bartender and at my friend. “That’ll be fun!” she added, trying to sound excited, but epically failing. 
“I sure hope it’ll be fun…. But it’s hard to say. You know, college,” I chuckled and looked down at the counter. The bartender placed the two drinks on the counter, pushing them towards us. My eyes widened once I saw the brightness of the drink. The brightness of the liquid was unnatural. So of course I was going to drink it. What’s the worst that could happen?
A couple hours had passed and the conversations between us seemed to flow fluidly. I was thanking God that that was the case because I don’t think I could do awkward drinks. I like to think I was concentrating on her and her words pretty well.
And then he happened.
A man walked up to the bar and looked right at the bartender. He held up one finger as he sat down behind my friend. He had an exhausted look in his eyes, which were hidden behind shaggy brown hair. Suddenly my concentration was out the window and I couldn’t take my eyes off the man. My friend definitely noticed too, but thankfully she didn’t comment on it. 
Then he looked over at me, and I was met with honeyed hazel eyes. They were more intoxicating than my drink. A small smile grew on his lips when he realized he captured the attention from someone. 
I just assumed he would have gotten his drink and returned to wherever he was sitting. But I was so wrong. Maybe the bar counter was where he was sitting and he just got here...
“So… What’s your type?” my friend asked, looking over at me with a small smile on her lips. I struggled to look away from the attractive man sitting just behind her. It was a relief when his gaze dropped from mine when my friend asked the question. But a small smirk grew on his lips as he, and my friend, waited for my answer.
“I… I, uh,” I finally looked away from him and down at my drink. The two black stir straws leaned against the glass, and I realized that I should probably stop drinking soon. My face grew really hot, and I couldn’t tell if it was from the alcohol I had consumed, or the thought of telling my friend my type in men I’m interested in, or even worse… That the type of guy I’m interested in standing right behind her…
“C’mon, can’t be that bad… Unless you’re like… A necrophiliac,” she laughed as she leaned closer to my body. I moved away from her before looking back at the man behind her. He was looking back at me, an amused smile on his lips. “Well,” she asked, slipping closer to me. I locked eyes on the man before licking my lips lightly.
“Older…” I made sure to be loud enough that I knew he would hear. I watched as he choked on his drink before looking over at me. 
“Ooo! Girl,” my friend exclaimed as she moved closer to me, “How scandalous,” she whispered as she wrapped an arm around me, “How old are we talking?” she looked up at me. Her eyes were glossy, and I knew there was no winning this one. 
“Is this really a conversation we… we should be having?” I asked, my voice shaky as I spoke. She looked at me with wide eyes.
“We talkin’ old enough to be ya daddy… if ya know what I mean,” she mused as she began falling into my body. The man behind her looked over at me, his smile telling me he was clearly listening in to our conversation. And he obviously enjoyed what was happening in front of him. 
“Ye-No!” I cut myself off with a shout, “No! Not at all!” I continued, backing away from her body. I couldn’t tell if I was being serious or not, and something was telling me my friend and the man didn’t believe me either. “Wh-why are you suddenly…” I let my words trail off as my train of thought suddenly vanished.
“Because… You’re young, you’re single… And you’re… you know…” this time it was her words trailing off. I looked at her with wide eyes, my face getting hot again. “A virgin,” she said in a normal tone, even though I think she thought she was whispering. The man behind her choked on his drink again before slowly turning to face me and my friend.
“Will you shut up?” I whispered as I tore my eyes off the man and looked down at my friend. She sat back in her seat as she looked at me with a smile.  
“OH!” she shouted as she looked down at her drink. She slammed the rest of it in one go before standing up, “I have to pee! Stay here! If I’m not back in 10 minutes, assume I went off with that hot guy.” She slipped off her chair before pointing somewhere in the bar. I looked over my shoulder and at a group of guys who were closer to our age than the guy behind her.
“O-okay,” my words stumbled as I carefully pushed her body off mine. I held back my chuckle as she stumbled away from me and towards the bathroom. 
I turned back to the counter, my head dropping so I was looking at my drink. My fingers fiddled with the straws as I waited for my friend to return. The bright blue liquid sitting with ice wasn’t as good as it looked. Which was very unfortunate because I’ve had maybe two of them… Working on my third...
“Your friend… She’s rather excitable,” someone spoke from beside me. The seat my friend was once sitting in was now occupied by the man who sat beside her. I perked up and looked away from my drink. He was hunched over the bar, holding a small glass with an amber liquid. 
I didn’t realize I was staring at him till he cleared his throat and looked back at me. I jumped, looking down at the bar. I didn’t exactly know how to respond to him, words not coming from my mouth properly as I struggled to speak. So, I shrugged and stared at him.
“Y-yeah, yeah she’s like that… Especially when she’s drunk… She doesn’t know how to hold her booze,” I laughed as I lifted my drink to my lips. I searched for the two mixer straws with my mouth, closing my eyes before taking a sip. “Y-you didn’t hear anything she said,” I asked, my words slurring slightly from nervousness, "Did you?" I added as I leaned on the counter. The man looked at me with a raised eyebrow. 
“Uh, erm,” he looked back down at his drink, not directly answering my question. I sighed deeply as I planted my face into my hand, leaning against the bar. 
“She was being really loud,” I laughed as slowly slipped off my stool and into his body, “Oh, sorry.” I looked up at him as I held onto his arm, “I think I should stop drinking,” I laughed as I recollected myself and moved away from the stranger’s body. 
“It’s okay.” The man looked at me, helping me get back on my seat, “I’m going to get you water.” He looked between me and the bartender. 
“Listen, listen, yeah, whatever, like so what, I’m still a virgin… I just have my bar set way too high for men,” I started as I turned to face him, “I should lower that bar and my standards,” I mumbled as I leaned against the counter. The man looked down at me with a raised eyebrow. Why did I think my friend would be embarrassing to me when I can just do it myself?
“Definitely getting you water,” he laughed. After a moment of silence, the bartender placed two glasses of water on the counter in front of me and the stranger. The man looked over at me before pushing the glass closer to me. “Drink it, you’ll feel better,”  
“Is it safe, right? Like…” I let my words trail off, hoping he’d clue into my worries. He looked at me with raised brows, like what I had said was absurd that I would even suggest something like that.
“It’s safe… just water and ice,” he returned, his tone telling me he was mildly offended that I'd think he drugged water. But to be fair, he's a random stranger in the bar, talking to a girl who's had a few drinks.
“Thanks,” I muttered before lifting the glass to my lips. The icy coolness of the water hit my lips and tongue and I already felt a million times better. I couldn’t help but let out a pleased hum. 
“Spencer... by the way,” the man finally introduced himself to me. I swallowed roughly as I looked up at him. My eyebrows knit together as I stared at him, my words tumbling from my mouth as I introduced myself.
“What are you doing here?” I asked, looking around the semi-filled room of drunken adults. 
“After work drinks,” he spoke softly. He didn’t sound too enthused by after work drinks. Part of me wondered why that was… Maybe all his friends ditched him too. 
“Sounds boring,” I laughed as I looked back at him, “My friend wanted to get drinks… But she wanted to catch up and to… Well, just drink,” I sighed as I leaned my entire body against the counter, “As you can see, she ditched me… Like always,” I scoffed before looking over at where my friend actually was. She was standing beside the cute guy, leaning close to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d be gone with him the next time I looked over at her. 
“Maybe it’s your turn to leave her at the bar.” Spencer watched as I lifted the glass of water back to my mouth. I nearly spat water all over the place with his words.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked as I moved my chair closer to him. He seemed content with where I was sitting, and how close I was to him. To be honest, I wished I could be closer to him. 
“Could mean anything you wanted it to mean,” he replied with a shrug. I stared at him for a moment, slowly leaning closer to him, but not getting too close. 
“You’re right.” I smiled as I stared at him. He looked away from his drink and nodded. “Like going home before her to go to bed early.” I laughed. Spencer returned the laughter and shook his head. 
“If that’s what you want it to mean,” he smiled at me. I rolled my eyes and shrugged.
“Nah, I don’t think I wanna go home yet,” I sighed, resting my head on my fist, and my elbow on the bar counter. We both stayed quiet for a moment, letting the silence carry our “conversation”.
“So… Older men…?” Spencer asked after the long silence. He looked down at me with a smug smile. I froze in my seat, my eyes on the glass of, now, ice in front of me. 
“You did hear that conversation,” I lazily laughed as I looked up at him. I couldn’t help but nibble lightly on my lower lip as I looked at him. “Nah…” I looked up at him, feeling a small smile grow on my lips. Spencer looked down at me with a raised eyebrow and a sly smirk. “Maybe… Possibly… Definitely older men…” My head fell back in laughter. Spencer kept his eyes on me and his smile grew more amused than smug. 
Spencer definitely met my standards in men. He seemed to be older than me, I wasn’t exactly willing to question that though. There was a certain… gentlemanly-ness to him that I infinitely enjoyed. He was definitely not like any other guy I’ve talked to. And he 100% wasn’t some 20-something-year-old guy who claims he has all the experience in the world but doesn’t. Spencer seemed very experienced, in what? Well, everything I guess. I could just sense it by the way he talked to me and the way he held himself.
“My last boyfriend was 10 years older than me, and the one before that was 7 years older…” I paused, staring at him. I wondered what he was thinking, and if he was thinking what everyone thinks… ‘This girl has totally got daddy issues.’ “I don’t have daddy issues,” I rolled my eyes as I gravitated closer to his body. I looked up at Spencer, my hand falling to rest on his thigh as I moved closer to him. His body tensed slightly at my touch. I felt a little bad at first, but when I went to move my hand, he stopped me. His hand reaching out to grab my wrist.
“Even if you did, I don’t think that would influence your taste in men.” He looked down at me. It was then did I realize just how close our faces were to each other. 
“That’s good to hear because most people just automatically assume that I have daddy issues,” I murmured as I looked between his lips and eyes, “Although… It’s just a lie… I tell myself that because people always say women with daddy issues are sluts… But I’m not…” I whispered as I slowly moved closer to him.
“I didn’t think that,” Spencer furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head, “And I’ve known you for all of 45 minutes,” he laughed as he removed his hand from my wrist.
“Good,” I laughed lightly. “Can I kiss you?” my voice was a murmur as I looked into his eyes. Spencer licked his lips before parting them slightly. He didn’t seem too shocked or taken aback by my proposition. But when he spoke he was a little… nervous.
“If… If that’s what you want,” he whispered as he looked at me. I took a deep breath, my hand resting on his leg shifting a bit as I moved closer to him. Spencer took a shaky breath as I looked up at him.
“Do you want it?” 
“I… I’d be lying if I said no, but I don’t want to take advantage of a woman under the influence,” 
“It’s what I want,” I leaned even closer, not even an inch between us. I could feel his breath through my nose, that’s how close we are. “And I’m not under the influence,” I spoke, losing my confidence with each word. It was also an obvious lie too. We both knew how many drinks I had. “I’ve had two glasses of water and a handful of bar nuts, and it’s been like an hour since my last drink. I’m okay,” I whispered as I leaned totally on him. 
Spencer looked down at me, his face still as his eyes examined my face. He slowly brought a hand up to my face, resting it gently under my chin. I smiled, feeling my face heat up again. When he squinted his eyes, I felt my heart rate spike. 
“Please,” I begged. The bar and world around me simply vanished as I became so involved with Spencer and everything about him. In that moment, I was obsessed with him. “Kiss me,”
Spencer let out a soft breath of air from his lips before pressing them to mine. If the cool water didn’t sober me up, this kiss sure did. But at the same time, it was so intoxicating. Sure I’ve kissed men before, but this time it was… Different. Something else was going to happen tonight, with Spencer. But I couldn’t exactly place what it was that was going to happen.
My free hand lifted from its place beside me and went to his head, my fingers getting tangled in his hair. My other hand stayed put on his thigh, my grip slowly hardening on his leg. I tried to be quiet as a moan came from me, but I obviously failed. Spencer moaned right back into my mouth. I suppose I was happy he didn’t have an issue with our volume. Thank God the music was loud enough to drown us out.
When I pulled away from him, I nearly fell into the bar. Thankfully Spencer looked at me, his hand going to my hip to keep me from crashing into the counter. I looked up at him, taking a deep breath to get my head clear. But it was hard when I went back to him, my arms wrapping around his neck as my lips crashed back into his. 
Spencer’s hands moved quickly over my back, resting on my hips, lower back. Anywhere he could reach, he would touch. He turned more to face me, allowing me to stand between his legs. 
“We… We should stop… Before one of us does something we’ll… We’ll regret,” he whispered softly. Spencer pressed his forehead to mine as he spoke. I took a deep breath, my chest rising and falling quickly. 
“No… No, we shouldn’t.” I looked up at him, my hands getting knotted up in his hair again. Spencer looked at me, a certain softness on his face. “I think… You… You meet my standards, Spencer.” I blinked at him. 
Spencer quickly looked over at the bartender before fumbling for his wallet. I looked at him, watching him pull out more money than needed and shoving it in the bartender’s hands. He looked back at me, wrapping an arm around my waist and guiding me out. I smiled as Spencer dragged me out of the bar. 
For the first time ever, I was leaving the bar before my friend… And I didn’t care about her. 
Spencer looked back at me as we stepped outside and the semi-cool air of the night felt really good against my hot skin. Inside I almost couldn’t breathe, but outside it felt like it just came to me. It was so… refreshing.
I didn’t realize Spencer had called a taxi till he was pulling me to the vehicle. I looked up at him, blinking slowly as he pulled the car door open. Swallowing down the sudden excitement and fear mixture, I slid into the taxi before him.
 I wasn’t scared because I was having sex for the first time. No, I was scared that I was going home with a strange man. Anything could happen, honestly. What if he was a murderer? 
“Where to?” The taxi driver looked up in the rearview mirror at me and Spencer. I was the quickest to talk, giving him my address before Spencer could give his. 
Spencer glanced at me, watching as I nervously played with the hem of my dress. When I glanced at him, I noticed that he was turned to face me more, whereas I was still, facing the seat in front of me.
“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice low and soft. I moved my head a little too fast as I looked at him. 
“Mm, yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I’ve never done something like this before, that’s all,” I whispered, looking at him as I bit my lower lip. Spencer nodded as he looked at me, watching as I shifted closer to him. 
“We don’t… We don’t have to…” Spencer started but stopped when I maneuvered to straddle his legs. He looked up at me as he carefully rested his hands on my hips. I swallowed roughly as I looked down at him. My hands pressed to his chest to hold myself upright, and my head occasionally hitting the roof of the taxi with every bump we went over.
“I know... I know we don’t have to do anything…” My heart slamming in my chest as I stared at him. I moved my hands from his chest to gently cup his face. His cheeks were stubbly, prickling at the palms of my hands as I held his face. With one final deep breath of air, I pressed my lips to his, this time a lot more passionately than before. 
Spencer pressed his lips down my face, and neck while his hands roamed my body. My hands stayed planted on his face, keeping me in place over his body. I was so into him just… touching me that I didn’t even realize his hand had slipped in the front of my dress. His fingers gently stroking the skin on my inner thigh.
My head fell to the side as he pressed his lips down my neck more before going towards my chest. A huff of air came from my lungs as I pushed my hands through his hair. 
“Uh… We’re, uh… at your destination…” The poor taxi driver spoke from his spot in the front. I moved Spencer’s head away from my body and I looked down at him. 
“You… you pay him.” I stared down at him, feeling a certain embarrassment grow in my stomach, and across my face. Spencer quickly fumbled for his wallet before pulling out more money than necessary and tossing it to the driver. After he shoved his wallet back into his pocket, he wrapped his arms around my waist before exiting the taxi. A squeal came from my mouth as he carried me out of the vehicle and towards my complex. 
“Spencer!” I screamed as my arms wrapped around his neck. A dizzying feeling took me over as a hard bulge pressed between my legs. I almost couldn’t hold back a moan.
 He laughed before putting his lips back on my neck, nipping lightly on the sensitive skin. And I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan, almost a whimper. 
“Keys,” Spencer muttered into my neck. I took a deep breath, my chest pressing into his body more. 
“Unlocked,” I gasped as he nipped my neck again. He hummed as he opened the door and entered my home. He put my back down once we were inside, door shut and locked. I grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall towards my bedroom.
Spencer pushed the door shut and pressed me against it, pressing his lips to mine like I was the last woman on earth. His arms were propped up on either side of my head, blocking me between the door and his body. It’s a good thing I didn’t feel trapped because I otherwise wouldn’t have allowed that to happen.
My breathing picked up when he pressed his hips against me. A pit grew in my stomach, and I couldn’t tell if it was actually anxiety or excitement. I was willing to bet it was both. 
As the anxiety slowly melted away, a new feeling took over. A feeling of want and hunger. It was the type of feeling that could be satisfied by another person, or by my own doing. But, I knew I wanted it from Spencer. I needed it from Spencer. 
“I need to feel something,” I whimpered against his lips as he pinned me against the door, “Please, I need to feel you.” My leg wrapping around his waist to pull him closer to me. I almost couldn’t breathe, my excitement getting the better of me. 
Spencer looked down at me, a hand slowly coming up to my face, resting gently on my cheek. My eyes blinked slowly as he examined my face. I wondered what he was thinking, and if they were good thoughts. I only wondered what he thought because of how he looked at me. His features were soft and gentle like he was a child holding a fluffy, white dandelion. But the way his eyes moved across my face… They were hungry. Unlike his soft facial features, his eyes wanted to destroy everything in sight… 
And I liked it. It should have scared me, right? A man looking at me like he was about to destroy my life… But the way he did it… I liked...
While he kept one hand on my face, his other hand was high on my upper thigh. His thumb carefully moving back and forth on the soft skin. I wonder if he knew how desperate I was beginning to feel. And he only fueled my desperation the further up his hand traveled.  
A sharp gasp fell from my mouth as his hand finally moved against my underwear. His fingers were gentle as they ghosted over me. I wondered if he could feel how aroused I was through my underwear. Probably, it was impossible to hide that…
The way his hands touched me and held me was weird. He was still gentle, but there was a certain hastiness to it that I noticed. Like he was trying to claim something that wasn’t his. 
“Please,” I whimpered as he trailed kisses down my neck. My chest began heaving as he began tracing his finger over my underwear. Okay, now he had to know how desperate I was. Spencer groaned once he pressed his lips back to mine. 
“You’re so wet, Princess,” he whispered as his hand on my face fell to my chin. Another gasp came from me at the pet name. He took the opportunity to pull on my lower lip with his teeth. “I’ve hardly done anything,” he moved his head away from me and smiled, “Hardly touched you at all.” 
I looked up at him, my lower lip pouted out slightly. It was hard to say what his next action was, but I heavily anticipated it. He smiled softly as his thumb pulled down my lower lip. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I yelped when he pushed my underwear to the side, and carefully slipped a finger between my folds. 
Spencer looked down at me with a pleased smile. It was clear to me that he enjoyed my struggle. I placed my hands on his arms to keep myself up. And even though my body was pressed against the door, and I braced myself against him, my knees still wanted to give out.
I’ve never had another person touch me like this before. My previous relationships didn’t last long enough for them to do something like this. And, I’ve never exactly had this feeling before. Well, let me rephrase that, I have felt this feeling before. I’ve never felt this way from another person. I’ve masturbated before, after all I’m lonely, not Catholic. But, the feeling happening because someone else is causing it. 
“Do you like it when I touch you like this?” Spencer whispered as he slowly pressed a finger into me. I looked up at him and nodded as I pressed my lips together. “Use your words,” 
“Yes, it feels so good… s’good, Daddy,” I whimpered as I looked at him. I swear I saw the corner of his lips twitched slightly. Did my title for him do to him what it did to me? It was obvious he liked it. 
Spencer stared at me for a moment before harshly pressing his lips back to mine. It felt as if he was taking the breath right from my lungs with everything he was doing. His hand between my legs moved a little faster, my hips grinding down on him in reaction.
“Say it again,” he murmured against my lips. The way he moved his face caused our noses to squish together. My heart was slamming in my chest and I could hear it in my head. It felt like at any moment it’d break out of me. 
I softly yelped when he carefully inserted a second finger in me. His pace quickened slightly and I couldn’t concentrate on anything.  
A tension grew in the pit of my belly, and slowly grew as the seconds ticked by. I wasn’t sure how long I’d make it till the tension cracked. I wondered if Spencer sensed that too.
 I removed my hands from his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck to hold him closer to me. It was so hard to hold back the soft whimpers and moans I was feeling getting trapped in my throat. Although, Spencer seemed to enjoy my struggle.
It became more of a struggle the stronger the tension grew. It was close too. 
“Say it again.”
“I’m s’close, Daddy,” I whined, my head involuntarily falling to my shoulder. Spencer looked down at me before moving to press his lips to my neck. His lips attaching to the base of my throat before sucking gently on the sensitive skin. 
Again my body reacted by trying to get closer to him. The closer I got to him, the faster he went. I could tell that he was trying to bring me closer to the edge, to finish the moment. 
“Let go, it’s okay,” Spencer whispered. I swallowed roughly, my head falling forward onto his shoulder before my body slowly fell into his. It was hard not to stay quiet, my sounds getting louder as I finally finished. 
I stayed against his body, trying to recollect my breathing for a moment. Spencer rested a hand on my back, rubbing soothing circles on my shoulder. And after I had my moment, I stood back up, leaning against the door behind me.
Spencer looked back at me as he pulled his hand out from my underwear. He looked down at his hand, more specifically the two fingers he just had in me. I nearly lost my balance again when he put those exact fingers in his mouth. And it didn’t help at all when he moaned. 
“You did so good, Princess.” He looked at me with a soft smile. Part of me was worried that was all we were going to do. Sure it was nice, but that was that the end of it? 
He cupped my face again before pressing his lips back to mine. His arms were wrapped around my body before he led me towards my bed. But I didn’t realize we were going to my bed till the edge of it hit the back of my knees.
A breath of air was knocked from my lungs the second my back collided with my bed. I looked up at Spencer, watching as he fought to take his jacket off. But when he finally did get it off, he was back over my body, his lips on mine while his hands roamed my body. My fingers quickly unbuttoned his shirt, and his hands were pushing up my dress. His touch was like wildfire across my body, and it felt near impossible to breathe.
“Please, Spencer,” I whimpered as his lips reattached to my neck. My eyes fluttered shut as he gently sucked a spot on the base of my neck. His hands pushed the top of my dress down, making it sit around my hips.
"Tell me what you want, Princess," he spoke against my skin.
"You… I just need you…" 
It was really… strange. I had just met him not more than 2 hours ago… and I couldn't get enough of him. Even though I knew this would be the only time I'd ever see him, I never wanted the moment to end. I needed him more than I needed air, it felt like. I needed the night to last as long as possible.
Spencer looked down at me for a moment before getting off the bed. I had to hold back my laughter as he struggled to take his pants off. And after throwing his shirt to the ground, he was back over me, his body between my legs. My chest tightened, and at the same time, my heart sped. 
I tried not looking further than his neck. But it was so hard. Did I want to see what he looked like before anything happened? Or would it make me want to back out? 
I shouldn’t look...
“Will it hurt?” I brought my eyes to look up at him. I wasn’t exactly scared. I was more worried about it hurting than anything else, I think. I wanted this.
“Maybe for a moment, but not too long,” he whispered as he brushed his thumb over my cheekbone, “If it hurts too much we can stop… But you have to tell me,” he spoke so softly. 
“I can do that,” I whispered, keeping his eyes on him. My arms wrapped around his neck as he pressed a soft, yet passionate kiss to my lips. His hips slowly started to lower towards my sex. That was when my breathing picked up, and my chest heaved slightly.
“It’s okay, you’re doing such a great job,” he whispered against my lips, “I got you.”
A soft wince came from my mouth when he carefully entered me. My fingers knotted in his hair, gently tugging it as he slowly kept going. I struggled to take a deep breath. My head fell back and my lips opened.
“Spencer,” I whined, finally allowing air to enter my lungs, “You’re so big,” I moaned as I pressed my head into my pillow. One of my arms fell from his body and landed on the bedding beside me. My hand gripped the bedding. 
“You’re doing a great job, Princess,” Spencer whispered as he grasped my hand and held it. I looked up at him and nodded lightly. “You’re okay?”
“I’m okay,” I whispered and stared at him. After a moment, he carefully moved his hips, and soon after fell into a steady rhythm. 
“Please… Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing,” I gasped. I slowly ran my hands up his chest to his shoulders before wrapping my arms around his neck. Spencer looked down at me, his eyes half-closed as he stared. “It feels so good,” I whimpered as he started to slowly move his hips. 
My legs tensed for a moment when he bottomed out in me, and I could feel the wind being knocked out of me. Spencer looked down at me as he brought a hand to rest on my cheek.
Spencer grabbed my hand and moved it to rest against my belly. An unfamiliar bump hit my hand through my stomach and caused me to gasp and look up at him. Spencer smiled and nodded lightly.
“Do you feel how deep I am?” he whispered softly.
“You… You’re…” I took a deep breath as I stared at him. He pressed his lips back to mine. His movements hastened and he pulled his hand away from mine, moving it between us and to where our bodies met. A small whimper fell from my mouth, again, as he began rubbing a finger on the already sensitive bundle of nerves. “Daddy,” I whined as his hips quickened for a moment before faltering.
I cried out as an unfamiliar warmth spread throughout my body. Spencer moaned into my ear. My legs were wrapped around him, clinging to him as he rode out our highs together. And, as I came, I couldn’t help but moan out his name.
My chest was heaving as my breathing tried to catch up with the extreme movements I was just doing. I couldn’t move my legs off him. I wasn’t ready for him to leave me just yet.
“Don’t move…” I gasped, looking up at him, “Please, Daddy… stay inside me…” I cried as he began moving away from me. My hands gripped his arms, holding him above me. Spencer looked down at me, his eyes glued to the way I squirmed beneath him. There was such an intense gaze in his eyes as he looked at me, I wasn’t sure what to do. 
He lifted his hands and rested them on my cheeks. The way he held himself over me without actually crushing me was impressive. What was even more impressive was how he carefully pressed his hips back to mine.  
“It’s okay, I got you,” he whispered, brushing the apple of my cheek with his thumb. I stared at him, my chest quickly rising, only to fall just as fast. It felt hard to breathe, my body still feeling full with him. “You did such a good job, Princess,” he pressed his forehead to mine.
I didn’t even realize I was crying till Spencer’s thumb moved across my cheekbone. I looked up at him with wide eyes. 
“Are you okay?” Spencer whispered as he kept his eyes on my face.
“I’m good. I’m okay. I promise.” I wrinkled my nose and nodded. Spencer smiled softly and returned the nod. “I’m-I don’t know why I’m crying,” I laughed lightly before sniffling my nose, “I’m sorry.”
“Sex can be an emotional thing for some people. And since this was your first time, it was an emotional experience. You’re okay. You don’t have anything to be sorry for.” Spencer reassured. I stared at him and nodded, agreeing with what he said. “I’m going to get you water and a wipe or something.”
“Uhm… Yeah that’s okay… I guess. Bathroom is over there. I should have a cup in there. And there should be paper towels too.” I nodded as I gestured towards the bathroom. Spencer pecked my lips one last time before pulling away from me and leaving the bed.
‘It’s just a one-night stand,’ I kept telling myself just so I wouldn’t forget what this really was. And, in the morning, I’d never see him again.
My body jerked slightly when I woke up. An arm was wrapped around my middle, and the body that was connected to the arm was close to mine. Her head was resting on my chest, her ear right over my heart. She, and like my surroundings, were unfamiliar. 
“Crap,” I whispered, looking down at the girl and her sleeping form. She hummed as she nuzzled her head more into my chest. I pulled on my lower lips as I carefully pulled her arm off mine. I had to be quick as I slipped out of the bed.
Usually, I wasn’t the type to just sleep with someone and then leave them the next day. To have a one-night stand, if you will. If today wasn’t the sort of day it was, I’d stay with this girl till she woke. But I had to leave to get ready for a new semester at the college. 
I quickly grabbed my shirt and pants, throwing them on my body as I quietly and quickly left her apartment. My feet dragged quietly across the ground as I got closer to the front door. I pulled the door open at just the right time. Or maybe it was a bad time.
A young woman was standing with a carrier filled with coffee cups, her fist was lifted like she was about to knock. Our eyes locked before hers carefully looked down my body, lingering in spots that made me very aware. 
“Holy shit,” she stared at me with wide eyes, “She wasn’t joking when she said she likes older men,” she stated, the shock in her tone was so apparent that it left me in shock. It was her friend from last night.
“I-I’m sorry.” I looked at her with furrowed brows.
“You’re old enough to be her father,” she spoke before pushing past me. I turned as she entered the apartment. “She’s got balls of steel to fuck a guy like you,” she spoke as she set the carrier on the coffee table, “But, I’m happy she did… Hope her first time was good,” she chuckled before winking at me.
“I-I have to go,” I nodded before leaving. I pulled the door shut. I tried not to linger in front of her home for too long. She’d probably be awake soon, and I really didn’t want to stick behind. 
I kept my head low as I ventured on my walk of shame to the closest coffee shop. And then, from the coffee shop, I’d get a taxi to return home… To return to my home.
The second anyone finds out I had a one-night stand, I’m dead. I’m leaving. I could only hope it stayed between me and those two girls. 
I looked over at my coworker and nodded, only half paying attention to what they were saying. Which, in turn, made me feel bad. This morning is not my morning and there were only so many reasons why.
Then I looked across the grounds, looking at all the new and familiar faces returning for a new semester of classes. My eyes landed on a familiar girl walking beside a friend. She was laughing and smiling at whatever her friend said.
“Fuck,” I muttered as I stared at the girl. Then she looked up and saw me. An embarrassed look grew across her face as her gaze fell from mine. I kept my eyes on the girl across the campus for a moment longer, long enough to notice that the friend she was with had spilled coffee over her shirt.
“I have to go…” I grimaced as I looked at my colleague. They looked back at me before slowly nodded. I kept my head low as I walked back towards the building and towards my lecture hall. 
Thankfully I was the first and only person in the room. Enough time to prepare over everything. To free my mind of… of her and what we had done last night. But oh dear God, it was so hard. 
I thought I had a lot of time on my hands, seeing as the class didn’t start for 5 more minutes. I thought it was bad when I saw her across the campus. Then she entered my lecture hall, clearing her throat to get my attention. 
She introduced herself like I had no idea who I was. As if this was the first time we ever met. Maybe she forgot? But she definitely wasn’t drunk enough to forget. I wouldn’t have taken advantage of someone wasted as Luke or Derek would say. She was lucid, I know that much. Hell, she was able to give the taxi driver her address. 
“Spencer… Reid… Professor Reid is fine... Reid... Doctor Reid. I'll-I’ll answer to pretty much anything,” I rambled, feeling as if I couldn’t stop myself from talking. She looked at me with a knowing smile, and I wondered if she thought ‘Oh, I know you’ll answer to anything… Daddy,’ That’s probably a bad thing to think, right?
“Oh! It’s wonderful meeting you, Professor Reid,” she kept talking as if she didn’t know who I was. 
“Pleasure meeting… Meeting you too,” I paused with a forced smile at her, “Can’t wait to have you in my class.” I stared at her. The way she stared at me confirmed that she was pretending that she didn’t know me. I thanked God or whatever other Deity was out there that she was pretending. I don’t think I would have been able to survive if she acted like we knew each other. 
“Can’t wait to be in your class.” She nodded at me before going to the first seat in the front row. I stared at her for a prolonged moment, noting the way she crossed her legs at her ankle, and looked down at her notes. She held her pen between her thumb and forefinger, the end of it just barely between her lips. I couldn’t stop hating on myself for just leaving her this morning.
 Then I noticed she was staring back at me. She had a smug smile on her lips as she looked at me. It felt as if she was reading my mind as if she knew every thought that had passed my mind from the moment she entered my lecture hall.
‘Shit,’ I thought as the memories of last night forced themselves to the front of my head. All the things I said to her last night stood in the spotlight. The idiot part of me that said the stuff about impregnating her and how she kept calling me daddy stood out loud and clear. I broke this poor girl, and it was too late. And the worst part about it is… I’d do it again if I had the chance.
 My pants tightened and my face grew hot. How the fuck was I supposed to get through the day? Let alone this semester?! That’s the thing I wasn’t supposed to do. 
I was happy when the end of the class came. Everyone stayed in the room for a moment, bantering with each other for a moment before leaving.
I kept my eyes, and head, low as all the students filed out of the room. A few people stayed around to ask me their questions, or give me their comments. It was until the last standing student had exited the room did I realize someone was still at her desk. 
“Is there something-” ‘I can help you with,’
“Why’d you leave this morning?” she asked, standing up from her spot. I looked up and away from the paperwork I was “working” on. Swallowing down my own pride and unnecessary fears, I stood. My fingertips resting on top of my desk. “Woulda made you coffee… Breakfast even…” she whispered with a shrug. 
“You were hoping I was so drunk I forgot who you were, right? That’s what it is?” she asked, her eyebrows knitting together as she spoke. I watched as she stepped around her desk and approached my own. “I thought… I don’t know what it’s like the morning after… But if that’s what it is… Then I don’t want it,” she scoffed as she stared at me. I didn’t mean to hurt her as much as I did. But it was already too late, and the damage was done. 
“That’s not what it’s like. I promise,” I whispered as I looked at her. I wasn’t prepared to make up excuses and lies as to why I just left. But I also don’t think she’d believe my truth either. 
“Then why did you leave,” she ask-No, she begged. Begged me for the truth. 
“I-I, uh, I had to leave because of this. I needed to get ready for this class,” I tapped down on the hard surface of my desk. Her eyes dropped down to the desktop. I could see the range of emotions on her face as she looked at all the papers scattered on my desk. Maybe she would believe me. Again, I don’t think I would have been able to come up with a believable lie.
“You could have woken me up, still… I seriously would have made you coffee,” she muttered before shrugging, again. 
“Next time then,” I swallowed roughly as I stared at her. Her eyes shot up from the desk and landed right on my face. I could tell she was trying to keep her sudden excitement hidden. But I knew she was excited because of the way the corner of her lip twitched up slightly, and the way she shifted her stance, and the way her grip on her books changed, and all the other things I could list off but won’t.
“Next time?” It was obvious she struggled to keep her voice low.  
“I mean, never say never, right?” I asked, shoving my hands in my pockets. She looked at me with a smile as she hugged her books closer to her chest.
“Right… Never say never,” she whispered as she looked back down at the desk, “It was nice meeting you, Professor Reid,” she paused before looking up at me, a smug smile back on her lips, “And, it was nice seeing you again, Spencer,” she winked at me before walking out of my lecture hall. I swallowed roughly, staring at the space she once occupied. 
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kaizokuwritings · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A MOMENT OF ATARAXIA ╰  @some-piece 2.5k challenge event <3 !
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS 𖦹 benn beckmann x fem!reader
PROMPT 𖦹 "they're so cute when they sleep"
SYNOPSIS 𖦹 Benn can finally enjoy a quiet moment to concentrate and work but you continue to fascinate him while you are sleeping.
TW | CW 𖦹 just only fluff
A/N 𖦹 here is my participation to the Bas event! i hope i followed the prompt! Also, i know there is no window to speak of on the Red Force but i realized that after writing this scenario. And i frankly didn't have the strength to redo it all. Sorry for the inconsistency!
W.C 𖦹 0.8k
Tumblr media
Benn closed the door behind him as he entered his cabin. It was cool and quiet in the room. Benn continued to wipe his hair as his eyes darted around the room. He didn't see you and thought for a moment that you had left without waiting for him. But soon he saw your sleeping figure in his bed and he smiled.
After wiping his hair one last time, he laid his towel on the back of his desk chair and sat down lazily. Quickly, he lit a cigarette and silently thanked you for opening the porthole so that the smoke would not remain trapped in the room. His dark eyes drifted over the papers spread out on his desk and he sighed.
The atmosphere on the Red Force was unusually quiet, and Benn's initial plan was to concentrate on his papers and think about potential next destinations. But the shower had completely relaxed his muscles and all he could think of doing was joining you in bed and closing his eyes. But he couldn't put off the tasks ahead of him forever and tried not to think about the temptation that the bed and you represented.
So he plunged into his papers, glancing from time to time at your sleeping figure, a book resting on your chest, rising with your breathing. He often saw you reading it and in a short time you were falling asleep easily. So he could conclude that the book was a better sleep aid than a real entertainment and that made him smile softly.
A soft warmth spread through his body as he looked at you and the calm atmosphere of the boat reinforced this beautiful picture even more.
He was dreaming of pecking your face with kisses, of linking his lips with yours and of finally showing his love for you. But not yet, he felt that it was not yet time for you. He quickly went back to his papers, pushing these distracting thoughts out of his brain.
His task as first mate of the crew could sincerely bore him sometimes. Sure, he couldn't thank Shanks enough for dragging him along on this wonderful adventure, and therefore for being able to meet you, but he had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and he seemed to be the only considerably reasonable person on this ship.
So he loved the time with you even more. You relaxed him so much and made him even happier than he already is. Benn is really good at reading people. This is a necessary and paramount quality when you are the second in command of a Yonko. But it's true that it took him a long time to understand the egnime that you are, and you still continue to surprise him.
Happiness is to keep on desiring something or somehone you already have. And Benn always wanted you. Not only physically but also emotionally. Your way of thinking, of reasoning attracts him. He will never tire of the discussions you can have, and even of your silences.
A fresh breeze cut through his thoughts and seeing your body shivering, he decided to get up and go close the window. It had been dark for a long time now and the coolness of the sea is all the more present in the evening.
After throwing away his cigarette, Benn approached you. You weren't even covered, and the goose bumps were clearly visible on your arms. Benn took the book off your chest and put it on his desk. Gently, trying not to wake you, the pirate moved you to slip under the clean sheets.
Unfortunately, his warm, soft hands on your skin had the opposite effect, waking you from your sleep. You looked at Benn with eyes still clouded with sleep as you groaned. “Sorry (Name), I didn't mean to wake you up. Go back to sleep.” He leaned over and pressed a kiss against your forehead. “Will you stay with me?”
Your sleepy, overly innocent voice made him smile so he just took off his top under your admittedly sleepy, but still appreciative gaze. You pushed yourself up slightly to give him room, and no sooner was he under the sheets than your arms were already around his torso for him to cling to and warm you. His chest shook with a small laugh before he closed his arms around you, enclosing you in a warm embrace. It wasn't long before you were back on the train of your dreams and little snores could be heard in the cabin as Benn looked at you again.
One of his warm hands caresses your face as he places a kiss on your cheek. You're so cute when you're sleeping. And even cuter when you're in his arms.
Tumblr media
𝑖𝑓 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑒𝑛𝑗𝑜𝑦𝑒𝑑 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑖𝑛𝑔, 𝑝𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑒 𝑙𝑖𝑘𝑒 𝑎𝑛𝑑/𝑜𝑟 𝑟𝑒𝑏𝑙𝑜𝑔 !
Tumblr media
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