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#original story
boromirsshield · a minute ago
Thank you!
“What’s this?” she asked, reaching up for the ring that hung around his neck, twisting it around delicately between her fingers. “Mom gave it to me,” he answered. “Been in my family for generations.” “Pretty thing.” “You think so?” She hummed in answer, her eyes glittering. It was a simple band, an engraving inside it worn down beyond all recognition, but it shown with such resilience as if to defy time. “Maybe I’ll make it yours someday,” he continued, his smile lopsided. She froze, eyes snapping up to his, her face a soft hue of pink and growing redder. Then, in the same amount of time, she dropped the ring, letting it fall back down around his neck, making a disgusted noise, shoving his shoulder. He laughed.
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bird--egg · 27 minutes ago
Link to the chapter in AO3 here:
When Cedar woke up the next morning, Sunflowerclaw was pacing around camp, ordering cat’s around left and right. Cedar faintly remembered being told that Sunflowerclaw was the deputy, but the she-cat was so self-involved and lazy that she hadn’t fully conceptualized it. It was a particularly hot morning and Cedar had not fallen asleep easily the night before, and the last thing she wanted to do was figure out why anyone made Sunflowerclaw deputy. Windclan was crazier than a fox, as was obvious by almost every leadership decision she’d been privy to.
Cloverpaw happened to exit the apprentice den around the same time that Cedar had the Elder’s den. The two she-cat’s exchanged awkward glances before Sunflowerclaw stepped in front of the apprentice. Cloverpaw’s ears bent unhappily as Sunflowerclaw bent down to lick her in between the ears.
“You! This is the first time I’ve seen you in days, you haven’t come to visit me since you were made apprentice!” The molly grumped, stepping back to glare at the blue and green eyed apprentice. Cloverpaw seemed unmoved, tail flicking in irritation.
“Where’s Larkkit?” She asked, instead of replying to Sunflowercall’s earlier accusations. Sunflowerclaw waved her yellow tail as if shaking off flies, looking unconcerned.
“He’s just sleeping in, no need to get huffy about it. I’m deputy, I can’t be in the nursery all the time.” Cedar thought that the clan had been existing just fine with her in the nursery, but wisely didn’t comment. Cloverpaw seemed likely to be thinking the same thing, looking at her foster mother critically.
“Anywho” Sunflowerclaw continued “I have your tasks for today. You and Cedarpaw can go and do some fighting training. Just because Shadowclan’s not around anymore doesn’t mean we can relax you know!” Cedar was reeling from the casual mention of her destroyed clan, and even more so shocked that Sunflowerclaw had referred to her by the ‘paw’ suffix. Cloverpaw also seemed startled, eyes flicking briefly to Cedar before veering away.
“U-uh, she’s not supposed to be training to fight?” Cloverpaw started, more typically hesitant than she would in front of the deputy. Sunflowerclaw scoffed.
“Oh, just ignore that, such an odd little decree. We need all paws on the ground, no time for some silly made up rank! Rooty can be so strange sometimes.” She laughed at that and turned to send Marigoldfur on a patrol that went over territory Windclan didn’t own, completely ignoring the two shell-shocked apprentices behind her. Rooty?? Cedar blinked, wondering if she was supposed to ignore the leaders decree if the deputy directly ordered her to?
“Well, you heard her, kids.” Mothscar purred from behind her, apparently unperturbed by this behavior. Cloverpaw looked distastefully back at the older white tom before scampering off to find Pigeonflight.
Cedar wasn’t sure this was a good thing. A part of her did feel good to be treated like an apprentice, but she also worried how Rootstar would react. Would Sunflowerclaw get in trouble? Hesitantly, she followed her mentor as they went to wait at the entrance of camp. They heard Pigeonflight before they saw them, the young warrior was complaining bitterly to their apprentice, who couldn’t have looked less enthused.
“Where does Sunflowerclaw come off, thinking she can order a mentor how to train their apprentice? What if I wanted to take you hunting today!” they hissed, tail lashing. Cedar couldn’t help but agree to that point, it seemed odd that a deputy would intervene with a mentors training regimen. Cloverpaw mutter a vague agreement, coming to stop by Mothscar.
“Not to mention we have to work with the spy.” They gritted out between clenched teeth, glaring down at the grey helper. Mothscar moved slightly, drawing Pigeonflight’s attention.
“Let’s not waste daylight.” Mothscar meowed pleasantly “why don’t you lead us to the training ridge?”
Pigeonflight did not seem pleased to have all their complaints ignored, but with a lash of their grey striped tail the group was off. Cedar would have liked to follow closely behind Mothscar (as far from Pigeonflight as she could possibly be) but the white elder chose to walk beside them instead, leaving Cedar trailing behind the two older cats.
This left her with Cloverpaw, who was glaring fiercely at the ground as if it had offended her. The silence between them stretched on until Cloverpaw asked:
“Are you a Shadowclan cat, or a Windclan cat?”
Cedar didn’t particularly feel like getting into that pile of maggots when she’d barely had a polite conversation with the grey tabby, but the look in Cloverpaw’s blue and green eyes was nakedly confused. Sighing, Cedar looked away.
“There’s no Shadowclan to be loyal to.” She muttered quietly, the brutal truth of that statement hitting her violently. There was no going back to Shadowclan once ‘this’ was over. It was Windclan or nothing. She wasn’t loyal to Windclan, but did that make her not Windclan? Cloverpaw seemed to accept that answer, and the two she-cats didn’t speak further until they arrived at the training ridge behind their mentors.
“Alright, we’re here.”  Pigeonflight announced grumpily. Glaring at Mothscar he added “As the one who actually has an apprentice, I think it should be up to me to choose what skill they work on.” Mothscar flicked his ear at Pigeonflight, looking more amused than bothered. Like they were being ridiculous. Pigeonflight growled but moved on, taking the white cats silence as agreement
“you two should do a practice round. No training, let’s just see where your natural skills are at.” They seemed to grin at this, but Cloverpaw looked slightly uncomfortable.
“Cloverpaw has already learned some fighting moves.” Mothscar disagreed, voice more tense than Cedar had heard it before. “That doesn’t seem even, or a challenge to young Cloverpaw.”
“Nonsense.” Pigeonflight spat out, teeth glinting in the hot sun “Shadowclan cats are naturally fierce, aren’t they?” At this, Mothscar stepped closer to Pigeonflight, his much larger form casting a shadow on the younger warrior.
“Stop.” Cedar meowed, pelt prickling with tension. “I’ll do it. It’s just practice.” Mothscar turned back to her with wide eyes, but she was already stepping onto the hard ground of the practice ridge. Cloverpaw stepped in front of her, moving to stand on the other side of the clearing. Cedar wondered why she would choose the spot closer to the ridge that she could fall off of.
Cedar was fully aware that with no training she stood little chance against Cloverpaw. Still, she’d rather try and avoid a confrontation between the two mentors.
At the sound of Pigeonsflight’s sudden “GO!” Cloverpaw snarled viciously at Cedar, who flinched back from the intensity of the noise. She tried to get a good view of the other apprentice’s position so she could pounce and hopefully push her off the edge, but the sun was in her eyes as soon as she looked that way.
She had a moment to think That’s why she chose that spot before the grey tabby slammed into her.
Cedar’s back hit the ground hard as the other she cat pinned her, hissing violently in her face. Pushing up with her legs, Cedar attempted to kick her off wildly. Cloverpaw winced at the sudden attack but leaned down to grab Cedar’s scruff and hauled her half along the dirt as the smaller grey she cat yelped in shock. Cloverpaw was strong!
Cloverpaw shook her vigorously until Cedar caught her across the face with a slap, which dislodged the helper from her jaws. Panting on the ground, Cedar scrambled backwards, watching her enemy with wide eyes. Cloverpaw seemed barely out of breath and uninjured, looking at her with something strangely pitying in her mismatched eyes. Still, she didn’t hesitate to close the distance, pressing a paw sharply against Cedar’s stomach and forcing the air out of her lungs.
“That’s enough.” Mothscar announced, stepping closer to the dueling apprentices with a distressed expression on his face. Cloverpaw immediately let up, backing away from the downed helper. The white elder sniffed Cedar’s head as if checking for wounds, allowing Cedar to drag herself onto her four paws. She knew what Willowpaw meant when he complained about being beaten by his sister whenever they fought. Humiliation ran through her, but mostly she felt battered and ready to lie down.
“I guess Shadowclan cats aren’t so scary after all.” Pigeonflight sneered, before inspecting their apprentice with satisfied eyes. Cloverpaw looked down at her paws.
Mothscar’s fur was raised, but he ignored the other warrior in favor of allowing Cedar to lean on him as she went to the edge of the training ridge.
“Are you two done already? Didn’t you want to train her like a real apprentice?” They yelled from behind the two. Mothscar shook his head angrily.
“That was hardly training.” And seemed ready to add something biting but shook his head and continued forward with Cedar in tow.
 The rest of the day had been spent with Larkkit. Cedar didn’t feel too badly injured as time went on, more bruised than anything, but Mothscar seemed to insist she take it easy for the day.
Taking care of Larkkit was easy, too. Larkkit was the most well behaved kit Cedar had ever met, mostly completely silent but very polite. The little gold tabby liked to play burr tag, where one cat held a sticky burr in their paw and tried to tag the other, who would struggle to get it off their pelt by trying to knock into the other player and transfer the burr. It was amusing game since Larkkit was much shorter than Cedar, but Larkkit didn’t seem to mind the extra effort he had to expand to tackle her.
Sunflowerclaw was sleeping nearby, seemingly abandoning her deputy duties for a nap. Mothscar had played for a little, before using his ‘old bones’ as an excuse to leave. He was now grooming Newtpool, whose black pelt had gotten dirty somehow and seemed too stressed sorting plants to complain about the elder cleaning him. It was the most peaceful moment Cedar had experienced in Windclan so far, and she couldn’t help but wish cat’s like Rootstar and Pigeonflight didn’t exist. Would it be so bad, to be loyal to a clan full of Mothscars, Willowpaws and Newtpools?
The peace was broken when Pigeonflight trudged into camp with Cloverpaw behind them, apparently done training. The sun was beginning to dip in the sky, and Cedar couldn’t help but be a little sympathetic to Cloverpaw, who looked hot and exhausted.
Pigeonflight glared at Sunflowerclaws sleeping form and stomped into Rootstar’s den with a huff. Cedar hoped that didn’t spell trouble for her or the deputy; Sunflowerclaw might have been incompetent, but she didn’t hate her.
Cloverpaw passed Larkkit and Cedar without looking at them, sliding into the apprentice den without a word.
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goldpilot22 · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I reworked that painting from the other day so now it actually looks like Wren! plus increased the halo effect from the sun behind her hair. [as usual click for hd]
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bellatrixobsessed1 · 44 minutes ago
What genre is your original story?
Mostly horror (typically demons and some body horror) but there’s also elements of sci-fi and fantasy. 
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l-stories · 48 minutes ago
No Barrier: Part 5
Pat’s mom enter the room and said: “I must give you credit for the creativeness, but this is how far the game would drag.”. Pat sigh and actually felt defeated, but also relief that he was able let Carlos know about the lack of calls. He really wanted time to go faster.
Carlos and his mother arrived and they went directly to the school, since he didn’t wanted to go to the house and be seen by Pat’s parents. Some classmates recognize Carlos, greeted him and ask how he was doing. He interrupted and asked: “Do you know where Pat is?” They all gasp, since they had assume he didn’t know English, they were fill with joy but also ashamed for judging him. Carlos said insistingly: “Is ok, do you know where Pat is?” They told him he was in the hospital then gave him the address. He was in shock, thankfully his mom was there to get him back to his senses.
Once they arrived at the hospital, Carlos’ mom was confused as to why they were there. Carlos explain that his classmates told him he was there. She gasp in terror and was thankful that they came right away to see Pat. They went to the room and waited until Pat’s mother left the area, Carlos told his mother to stay put as he sneak into the room. Once inside, he closed the door and lock it. He turn to meet Pat’s sight, then ran and hug him tightly. Pat hug him back in disbelieve that he was actually there, as Carlos would cry from worryness.
After Carlos had calm down, Pat asked: “When you got here? How did you found me? What about school?”.
Carlos clean his tears as he answered: “Just this morning, I came with my mom after you called me last time. I went straight to your school, since going to your home felt hopeless. Some of our classmates told me you were here, even gave me the address and the room number. I’ve been switch to online classes, since is a critical time for me to keep switching schools, it will be alright.” He sigh and then asked worried: “What about you? What happen? Why are you like this?”.
Pat exhale and said: “It was my dad, he got really mad when I told him I would leave the family to do my own thing. He tried to cut my genitals if I was going to use them for gay sex. But, I’m fine! He missed, but still got close to them” Carlos would start to cry again, Pat would clean his tears, then said: “Actually, you kind of promise to ask me something once we meet again”.
Carlos fluster and looked away, he didn’t felt ready to tell him. But, seeing Pat again, he was sure of what he felt. He exhale deeply, then said: “Well, is more like a statement… I actually like you, like your mom was worried about. I though and tried to make myself believe it was like a brother, but, I can’t fool myself now that I’m right in front of you… Sorry”.
Pat hug Carlos as he said: “You know what? It doesn’t matter, I want to be with you and you want to be with me. It doesn’t matter the title we have, you make me happy and I think you are cute. So, I believe I like you as well”.
The two boys laugh and shared their first kiss, no matter what, that feeling right now felt right.
Meanwhile, Carlos mom would stay on guard outside. When she saw Pat’s mother, she got closed to her and said in a broken English: “Can we talk?”.
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l-stories · 49 minutes ago
No Barrier: Part 4
During one of the dinners, Pat’s dad join them. As always, he would only talk about Pat getting in an university with status so he could take over the company. But Pat has his own plans, after graduating, he would basically run away to where Carlos would be. Seeing as there was no response from Pat, his dad said: “You better forget about that boy, you have better things to do”.
This made Pat angry, he hit the table with both of his hands and said: “You may be able to have control over my life right now, but, after a year, you won’t be able to even reach me”.
His mother tries to scold him and to make Pat apologize, but his dad stop her, then said: “Look, you have 2 options: or you have a peaceful year or you have a hell of a year. So, shut your mouth and do as I say”.
Pat shake his head and said: “It doesn’t matter, because after that year, you won’t be able to control anything”.
His father got up, grab a knife and said: “Fine, have a hell of a year then”.
Two weeks pass by and Carlos hadn’t gotten a call from Pat, he was worried that maybe something happen. He even tried to call the number Pat had been using, but the guy said that he simply wasn’t going to school, no one knew why. Carlos was so worried, he was thinking in going over there and checking on him.
Pat was actually in the hospital recuperating from a wound cause by his own father. It seems his dad was planing to cut his genitals, he didn’t succeeded but still cause a bad injury. His mother had advised to the school that they were traveling, as an excuse for his absent. Pat was so worried since he knew Carlos must be worried. But, there was nothing he could do about it.
After 2 days, Pat’s mother called the school and advised Pat had gotten into an accident which prevented him to go to school. His parents didn’t wanted him to lose more time and fail his 11th year. The school understood and would send a student with some assignments so Pat could keep up with the class.
Pat got a lot of visitors, mostly all his classmates. He smiled and lied about what had happen, since his mother was always there watching him. For his surprise, the guy that had the agreement with came to see him. Pat would glance and see where his mother ways, which was no where to be seen. He said fast: “Quick, hand me your phone”. The guy gave it to him and he called Carlos, once he answered he said fast: “Hey, is me, Pat. I know, I’m sorry for not calling you sooner. Been busy, but, I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be able to talk to you in a while. I’m sorry, but, just hold on and wait for me to talk to you again. Alright, got to go, sorry, bye”. He hang up and gave the phone back in time, as his mother was entering the room and advising that the guy should leave.
Carlos was more worried after receiving that phone call, Pat could be in trouble and there was no one to help him. He went and talked to his mother about it, she tried to call him down but there was no use. So, she decided to go with Carlos and see Pat.
Pat’s mom escorted the guy out, but it was just an excuse to talk to him. She would say: “So, you are the one that let my soon use the phone to contact that brat.” The guy tried to deny it, but she would say: “Do you think I’m dumb? I’ve seen that he has double of work, you have an agreement with him. But that ends today, unless you want me to tell your parents about it” The guy shake his head in fear, she then said: “Give me your phone” He did and she would check the call history, seems Pat was cautious and deleted the call every time. But not today, since he was short on time, plus, the contact information was saved. She deleted and the last phone call, then gave it to the guy and said: “Don’t come back again”.
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spigot4 · an hour ago
When alone in the blackest night
Silence speaks to me
Among the myriad of stars
Distant galaxies
Thousands of light years above us
Pin points in darkness
The songs of a trillion years
Whirlwinds of an apocalypse
Whirlwinds of creations
The magnificence of true art
Closes into my heart
And burns into me
It’s brilliance
In my old age
I demand it of myself
Be kinder without
Love all creatures
I make mistakes
I hurt
Because sometimes
I Don’t follow the path
Of beauty
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stormgeistlegacy · an hour ago
A really sloppy sketch of my MC Coldshine being berated by his sister Riverbreak for being okay with their little brother joining the military.
Tumblr media
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lavendotter · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These four may look like different people, but they are actually the same person! If you want to hear about them look below!
Em: one of the masterminds of the operation, pretending to be a motly crew of hero’s and villains they “Fight“ each other with the help of local officials in their small town. bringing life back to it via the tourism industry. But as more people come more hero’s and villains who aren’t in on the ploy arrive as well.
???: no one quite knows who they are, but they give good information
Pheasant: a suave villainess who attacks with “mind controlling powder” (the police are in on it) and her metal whip (she never hits anyone with it)
Bear: a hero for good and justice! Fighting with their “lightning powers” (battery in spear+special effects) they are one of the many town hero’s. Though more are coming in every day...
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mewi-or-lara · an hour ago
Tumblr media
My OC - Archie McCloud. I have an original story and a lot of characters in it, but I draw them only once a year (best scenario) 😅
Archie is Irish, and he can see "spirits" flying around people. He hates this, and he drinks a lot to drown them up (because Archie thinks that it's the only way to do that).
His best (and only) friend Domhnall tries to keep him sober 💪
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l-stories · 2 hours ago
No Barrier: Part 3
The week couldn’t pass more slower for Pat, but he knew he had to be patient. But, finally, the Friday arrived. They went to eat some diner before going to Pat’s house. Once they arrived, Carlos noticed right away that the house was empty. Pat explain that both of his parents worked a lot, so they weren’t around much.
Pat lead Carlos to his room, Pat said: “See? Our rooms are alike”.
Carlos would nod as he look around, then said: “I don’t bother decorating it, since we move around so much”. Pat understood, but it was kind of sad their room looked alike since Carlos didn’t bother to decorate it. Carlos went on saying: “Um, actually, do you remember that you ask me if I knew when I was moving again?” Pat was surprised, seem Carlos was going to say it before Pat had to make him. He nod and waited for Carlos to continue speaking: “So, it’s going to be the end of the month… I knew it since we moved… I usually don’t make friends, since in the end I have to leave them behind. But, this time, I met you… Sorry I didn’t told you sooner, I just didn’t know how to bring the subject... I really don’t want to leave you behind…”
Pat could see Carlos’ sad expression, that made himself feel sad as well. Pat would hug him and say: “I’m glad you told me. Honestly, I already knew that you were moving by the end of the month. I saw it in your calendar. I was hurt that you didn’t told me, since I thought we were friends. But, I can understand that you hide it because you were hurt as well.” He let go of Carlos and continue to say in a more cheerful tone: “Before you go, we will have lots of fun! Then we can just call each other, maybe do some video call. Oh, maybe in the breaks, we can visit each other. What do you think?” Carlos smile and hug Pat.
They felt asleep, laying next to each other while holding hands until morning. They got woken up by Pat’s mom saying in shock and rage: “What they hell are you doing?!” Carlos was kick out of the house while Pat got scolded for doing something that would make him look gay. The mother forbid for Pat to pass time with Carlos, even took his phone away. But Pat didn’t care for now, since he could still see Carlos at school.
The next Monday, Carlos would ask Pat if he was alright since he didn’t answer the phone. Pat explain what happen after he left, Carlos said: “Gay? Well, we know we aren’t and I see you like a brother. Maybe we can talk to her and clear the misunderstanding?”. He said does words, but part of him felt pain.
Pat would shake his head, then said: “Just like you said a while back, it will be a waist of time.” Carlos got worried that this would make it difficult for them to stay in contact after he left. But Pat placed a hand on Carlos’ shoulder and said: “But don’t you worry, I’ll make sure to find a way to talk to you” Carlos smiled and hug Pat.
They would pass as much time as possible at school before Carlos had to leave. When the day of departing arrived, Pat would sneak out of the school and went to the airport to say farewell. Carlos would hug Pat tightly, so did Pat, then Carlos said: “When we see each other again, I’ll ask you something”.
After that, Pat made a deal with one of his classmates. He would do any assignment that the guy didn’t wanted to do in exchange for using his phone on lunch break. So, every day during lunch, Pat would video chat with Carlos. They missed each other dearly, but they would talk about their plans in the future and planning their next meeting.
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syn0vial · 2 hours ago
fun fact: in the original 14th-century romance "gawain and the green knight," gawain proves his honor not only by accepting and honoring the green knight's beheading challenge BUT ALSO returning stolen kisses to the green knight after he's kissed by the knight's wife.
he does this by kissing the green knight (disguised as a handsome fairy lord) repeatedly on the mouth.
just a Thought to consider now that there's an adaptation coming out :)
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xhuxhay66 · 2 hours ago
Hey! I wanted to share with you my story, feel free to check it out! Thank you 💞
Tumblr media
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Hey guys! After reading and thinking about the feedback you all gave, I decided to try and take on this story from a different angle. Instead of writing a story of a girl becoming an activist, it would be a bit more backwards.
What I mean is I’ll be making this a true crime/murder mystery type of story. So, this sadly means that Jenny will be dead 💀 It will start with the police finding her body, and investigating who murdered her. There will be flashbacks of who Jenny was when she died (by then an activist fighting for better representation of Asian women in the media) and possibly also who she was before becoming the activist. There will still be the aspect of Korean dramas allowing her to see and understand the viewpoint of Asian women (and question why there isn’t any better depictions in Western media).
The suspects will be her husband (William Park) and Walker. With her husband, there will still be the aspect of the patriarchy in their culture, and how her eventual change into an activist lead to the deteoriation of their marriage (possibly leading to her wanting a divorce and him fighting it off).
Walker would be an old college classmate who still harasses her, representing the Western views (Orientalist) about Asian women. He would still be same old Walker essentially, but now having a vendetta for murder (if he is the murderer) after Jenny starts a protest against his father’s media group for a movie they’re producing demeaning one of the characters who is an Asian woman.
The officers investigating are questioning who had more gall to murder her. One of the officers is Eddy Ramirez, who knew Jenny from before. He taught her self defense in the last year after an encounter with one of the two suspects. He claims to not know much about Jenny or what her movement was about, but his lieutenant questions whether he’s to be trusted. Eddy is an upstanding officer, but sometimes it’s better to remove yourself from an investigation when you know the deceased.
Through Jenny’s voice, I will show my evidence and thesis. She will be a martyr for her movement, and while her character ends up dead, she would’ve have encouraged and inspired a group of others to fight for the same cause she did.
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small breakdown of my story building for reference to keep track of what I’m actually writing.
I thought it would be very nice to kind of sum up what’s been going on so far. I realised I haven’t written any form of story since I was in the 6th grade so lets get on track with what I have.
I’m writing a story about a small town, rural town girl who grew up in poverty and makes her way to the big cirty with her mother and for the first time in her life she thinks she has everything she could ever want until she realises it’s not all its cut out to be and the city slowly eats up her wholesome and kind soul.
My characters do not have any names, I prefer to keep the story simple and leave the interpretation to the reader. However, it is awfully exhausting continuously having to write ‘the girl’ and ‘her mother’ all the time so for the case that I need it lets name the girl Marwa and the mother Nadine.
In terms of where they come from or what city they are in I do not want to mention that at all. I have created a fantasy space in my head of where they came from and where they went I want my audience to capture whatever place they want from the light descriptions.
I’m unsure of where I am going with this story, I have an idea of what I want to happen but not sure of how i’ll come about it. Probably the hints of bad writing but hey, I’m figuring it out as I go.
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so are the capulets blue?????
colors r so fucking important in romeo & juliet. as the boston ballet explains: "Getting the details and colors just right is no small matter...Color is an important indicator throughout—the fiery Montagues are distinguished by wearing red, while rival Capulets are dressed in blue."
see, usually, this would make me say "juliet should wear blue and purple!!!" but the article goes on to say that "Romeo and Juliet, on the other hand, stand out from this simple binary in more muted colors."
typically, juliet's first costume is a pale yellow or peach dress, sometimes hand-painted with flowers, which "reflects her childlike innocence."
in the 1996 movie adaptation, juliet is seen wearing a shit ton of white (and that angel costume is so important too!!). white is a pure color, and juliet is young & innocent, so this is perfect
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i mean, sure, sometimes characters break these rules, like when tybalt is wearing red;
Tumblr media
but the taxi is blue, and at this moment, he's angry, so the use of red is fine because red is typically an "angry" color.
the use of the color blue in scenes where romeo & juliet are together is interesting, too, like in the fishtank scene:
Tumblr media
and when they kiss in the pool;
Tumblr media
blue often represents stability and serenity, both of which r & j probably feel like they achieve when they're together.
in the musical romeo et juliet, the colors red & blue are also used to distinguish the families.
Tumblr media
it's weird, though, because it seems like nobody can agree on what color is which.
in romeo e guiletta, romeo is blue
Tumblr media
but another production..i'm like 89% sure these are montagues
Tumblr media
and i really hate to use this as an example, but! gnomeo & juliet, right? gnomeo is blue
plus...taylor wore a red dress when preforming love story on the fearles tour so
Tumblr media
conclusion: the capulets and the montagues are red & blue. it doesn't really matter which is which. it's really all up to ur interpretation
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tendebill · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Caroline, old oc I keep forgetting about, then remembering she exists, re-working/refreshing her lore and then dropping her again for months.
She's a royal scientist in one of the dimensions in my uni, she figured out interdimentional portals, which was basically her life's work, only to then discover using them was deemed illegal by her superiors. Not wanting to see her work being purged, she resigned (aka left her dimension and travelled through many different worlds, to finally settle down in one). She acts like a dumb, flirty gal, but she has a few phds
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