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helpinghanikan · 23 hours ago
Holiday, everyday
Avengers (and Matt Murdock x Reader)
Sum: Sometimes a series of fluff and holiday imagines are needed in these times.
AN:  I'm gonna be honest and say I ran out of Holidays real quick. Instead of trying to write about Holidays I have no idea about I just did "important" days and didn't think too hard on it. Hopefully you don't think too hard on it either.
Steve Rogers: 4th of July
Call it an act of irony, of God, or of just the universe screwing around but Captain America was born on the 4th of July. Because of this Steve had laid everything out for you a month in advanced.
“Please, PLEASE, no flags or decorations. Really, just stay away from red, white and blue all together.” He says before bedtime. Holding your hands to keep your attention. “In fact, just forget it’s my birthday. Let’s pretend it’s on the 5th.”
Although you (and Bucky) knew about his feelings, the rest of the world didn’t. Two cakes were made for the day, both decorated with red, white, and blue icing. Steve smiled and thanked everyone for remembering, for caring, but it was little more than a polite smile. Only taking a bite of the cake after you fed him. And that was just for the audience too.
Whether America was your home or not, you weren’t going to escaping the patriotism for the country. Especially when you didn’t want to leave Steve alone with the constant noise, yelling and celebrations he was pulled to throughout the day.
“Do I know anyone here?” he asks after finally getting back home. Only to be immediately greeted by balloons and decorations on the apartment door.
“This is what you get for making eye-contact with neighbors.” Is all you can say while getting the door open.
After a long day of sugar, noise and those three stupid colors it’s no surprise that Steve immediately hits the couch. Toeing off his shoes and groaning with an arm over his eyes.
There was no point in trying to hide what you were cooking. A hearty steak bought a day in advance to try and soak up the sweets eaten throughout the day. Although Steve likely heard the opening of cabinets and could smell the spices and meat he didn’t look until the steak started to actually cook. Peaking out from under his arm as if he were trying to be sneaky.
“I know you’re tired of red, among other colors, but I’m not gonna burn a perfectly good steak for you.” This wasn’t the only piece of the meal, but it was obviously the most important.
He doesn’t say anything while getting up from the couch. Leaning on the kitchen counter and smiling (actually smiling) while you try and cook while being watched. It’s only when it’s finally plated, and ready that he speaks.
“I fucking love you.”
Tony Stark: Taxes
“Just as a heads up, we gotta get some tax stuff done.” Was said by Tony in passing.
It was literally said as he passed by in the kitchen. Too late in the afternoon to do anything but too early to go to bed. At the moment you had taken it as a joke, chuckling and going “sure, babe, we’ll get to it this week,” before completely forgetting about it.
But, for once in his life, Tony wasn’t just making a quip.
Your man sat in the middle of the living room. Pile of papers on the coffee table and more surrounding him. Whatever color the living room’s minimalist style allowed was washed out from all the white.
Tony’s smile was the same a child would give after breaking a lamp. “I know you said sometime this week but…I got impatient.”
There were the obvious questions: “Why is there so much?”, “Why did you print it all out?”, and “Don’t you have people to do this for you?”
All asked as you just gave into the situation. Taking a seat on the couch behind Tony and picking up the closest paper. Reading through the numbers and mumbo-jumbo as Tony leans back against your legs.
“Eh, doing this myself is just another nice habit from dear old dad.” He says, pen clicked and ready to go. “Numbers and facts are like meditation, you know? More productive than sleeping. Easier than thinking.”
That was the only full sentence you got from him for the rest of the day. The rest were single word answers or simple gestures that got the point across. If he wasn’t going to really involve you (other than to have you hand over things) why had you been invited? Even asking if he wanted a coffee or something to eat was met with just a nod.
Maybe it was just to observe. To see the difference between the Tony who blasts music in a windowless workshop while working and the Tony who simply reads and fills out in silence and covered in natural light. His face was relaxed while filling things out, no knitted eyebrows or under breath mumbling. A hand on his shoulder was the only thing that seemed to have affected him. A, rather dull, sandwich put in front of him but your hand.
“We’ve been doing this for a while,” you say. “Wanna take a break?”
It’s only after Tony takes a bite, and takes a look around, that he responds verbally. Unfortunately, with a mouth full. “I’m doing pretty good, it looks like. Why? Getting tired?”
The laugh that comes out wasn’t supposed to be so hard. But it took you back to sitting on the couch. Absentmindedly picking at the crumbs in Tony’s beard that he allows to happen.
“I haven’t been sitting on my knees for hours, you have.”
“I really wanna make a come back about that but this sandwich is keeping you safe.”
Thor: Easter
It’s rare to see Thor in bright colors like this. The god of thunder’s “Sunday best” usually involved metals and armor and a cape of red that almost touches the ground. This Sunday was different, starting with the replacement of his helm with bunny ears. He looks good in yellow and light blue. A nice compliment to the light-colored formal wear you wore.
The entire park was taken up for the easter celebration. Bouncy house, games, face painting, food and (of course) an easter egg hunt that spanned whatever was left. The entire event was a community open, no formal wear required. Thus, separating the guests into two groups: those in t-shirts, shorts, and weather appropriate attire. And those fresh from church in bright collars and fluffy skirts. The air filled with parents trying to keep their children from ruining their easter best, not that it ever stopped them.
“It took me an hour to get them ready,” one parent says, looking out from your little group. “At least they’ll sleep, I guess.”
Although your little conversation group consisted of parents you could sympathies. “We got Thor’s suit special for today. The jacket didn’t even make it twenty minutes.”
The jacket in question currently hung over your arm. The expectation for the day was to be a picture fest, people shoving and asking for pictures all day while he sweated in pretty colors. Instead, everyone seemed to have forgotten an actual Avenger was coming. Who could think of that when there was candy to find and stocking’s to ruin?
This created a genuine smile that matched the children. Finding the bunny ears along with other adults who were blessed with the gift. Acting as the climbing tree for children as they laughed and ignored the problems of the world.
 Bucky Barnes: Super Bowl
It’s hard to tell what situation could bring up bad memories for Bucky. Secluded alleys, driving at night and someone whispering into his ear seem to be the most prominent triggers. Others you don’t notice until he searches out for your hand. Strong metal almost crushing your fingers every time, but you refuse to react. Instead, simply squeezing back.
Hotels, parties, places with multiple people are easier for him. Never needing to stay by your side or excuse himself from the party. This is especially so in the company of those in the know, allowing a more relaxed, freer Bucky.
You can see it from across the living room. Just barely able to see your man’s face among the other men and women on the couch and chairs. His head is up, constantly on a swivel to look about the room at the different people all trying to talk at once. His smile is eyes, sometimes lowering during a lull but never fully disappearing.
And his eyes; usually lowered enough to be hidden in the shadows he prefers were now wide and moving. This made especially so now that he had finally gotten a haircut and looks like a grownup. That being said, you still missed the little swish his hair made when he looked for you in the crowd.
He only has to scan for a second, chin up like a searching cat, to find you. When he does you’re already watching. Smiling wider at his own natural reaction of your face.
Although no words are spoken (as you would have to shout across the room) you both understand. This is fun, this good, and it’s even better when you’re together.
 Natasha Romanoff: Thanksgiving
For a master spy Nat had some serious trouble with knives while in a kitchen context. It’s only after watching her suck on an injured finger that you figure this out.
“Is this why we usually order out?” You asked from the island’s stool.
Natasha looks back at you with a joking glare. Finger still in her mouth which she removes before turning back to continue cooking.
“Well, there goes my half of our orders.” Natasha says, although her cut of the payment was way more than half. “but you can get it back by skinning the potatoes.”
Natasha broke many stereotypes of a trained killer. No stoic attitude or constant frown every time you see her. Violence isn’t the first choice but is always somewhere in the other options. And she refuses to choose loneliness when given the option, hence the cutting and skinning this night before Thanksgiving.
Before it was soup kitchens and charity work that kept Natasha company. After that it was with the Clint and his family, year after year Auntie Nat came. With whatever dish she decided to try her hand with. This time it would be mashed potatoes with skin and enough butter to put the entire family into a coma.
T’challa: New Years
Although the sunset is beautiful no matter where you look it wasn’t the focus of the view. Rather, the people just below are what you focused on. As no activities would happen until the sun was gone and most of the work was completed. Hence the rushing around on the streets below.
Just like the older adults you were smiling at the young people especially. The teenagers and twenty to thirty something year old whose voices rose above everyone else’s. Although you had a decent grasp of the language it was difficult to understand them while their voices are overlapping eachother. Maybe a word here or there, mainly the words “alone”, “later” and “please?” caught your ear. Something that forced you to smile and note for later when parents start to wonder where their teenagers disappeared to.
It was unlikely you were going to be able to do the same with T’challa. This was when people either pushed their issues aside or went at eachother in an attempt to start the new year right. Although the Dora Milaje would handle any fights that break out in the castle, T’challa would have to be the one to receive the apologies Supposedly there was going to be a line of people looking to apologize for their behavior towards you. Not that any of the apologies would find their way to you.
Although you were always welcomed to walk the halls to meander around the city (with a guard, of course) you stayed in royal family quarters. Leaning over the railing to watch the city and see the lights all around start to light.
Everything echoes in the quarters. Specifically designed to make sneaking around harder. This is especially notable on the doors. As it was near impossible to open or close them without some type of slamming. Even more so when you’re tired and haven’t dropped the calm demeaner of a king yet.
It’s only when the doors close behind T’challa that he lets his face fall. Lines of stress still evident even on his relaxed face. Not even a half smile is manageable as he walks over, a kiss to your shoulder as he stands on your right. Toying with the dress strap like he was genuinely fascinated with the fabric.
“Long day?” You ask after a few minutes of silence.
“Are they ever short?” He retorts, trying to subtly fix the strap he had just loosened with his toying.
As entertaining as it was to watch this, usually, put together man be defeated by a superstore brand dress you eventually gave him some help. Moving his hands to slides the strap back into place. T’challa taking the time to finally look out over his country.
“It’s gonna be a longer night.” You say, leaning into him that he welcomes with an arm around your back.
“I know.”
“You wanna get dressed? Get ready and all that?”
He hums at your suggestion. It was a good idea to start getting ready now, then there wouldn’t be a rush, and no one would be kept waiting to practically kiss his feet. But he ignores it and gently brings you to lean into him. He’s warm and solid against your cheek.
“Not yet.” He finally says, but only when the door is knocked on.
 Pietro Maximoff: Halloween
Out of all of the Avengers Pietro is the least likely to be recognized by the general public, especially so while in costume. Wearing the cheap cop uniform that came with the orange of your prisoner costume.
Not the most unique of couple’s costumes but it got you a compliment from the cat selling tickets in her booth. Smiling at Pietro and winking at you when handing over the tickets.
“Enjoy, hopefully all of you come back out this time.” A pre-written line she was likely supposed to say with every guest. But arriving to the haunted house early in the evening allowed you to catch the last bit of her genuine joy before it became tired and forced.
An internet search had brought this particular haunted house to your attention. Yeah, it was a drive to get there and the outside wasn’t the most original set up (old building, scary windows, booth covered in cobwebs) it was still something fun to do. Pietro seemingly more excited than you were as he led the way inside, holding your hand and promising not to rush through.
He stayed ahead of you for the first part. The dark of the first hallway making his grip tighter, lights slowly turning to red as silence began to be replaced with a deep bass. The hallway turning into a room with flashing lights that slowed Pietro down. Nearly stopping.
“You okay?” It seemed almost useless to ask him this. As he said exactly what you would expect a ‘good’ boyfriend to say.
“Why? Are you having second thoughts?” He asks with a smile although his grip is still strong. “There’s still time to turn around.”
Your smile matches his; “Not a chance.”
“Then ladies first,” He says, but keeps the tight hold on your hand.
Barely into the first room and you’ve become the leader of this little adventure. A crying woman in the corner stays in her chair while entering. About midway through the small space dressed up like a nursery she starts to stand. It’s a male scream that alerts you to her closeness. A cleaver, probably fake but raised high over her head, poised to strike while she runs screaming straight forwards.
Although fear was the flavor of the night laughter couldn’t be stopped from coming out. After suddenly being in the hallway with Pietro’s arms around you, tighter than hug could be.
“I thought we weren’t gonna rush through it?” You ask, not fighting his arms but instead playing it off like he was simply hugging. Something Pietro wouldn’t acknowledge but was grateful for as he relaxed into a normal hug.
“We’re not,” He says, taking your hand once again and continuing forward. “Let’s keep going. If you can.”
There’s no point in arguing that Pietro was scared. Him grabbing and running could easily be brushed off as instinct to keep moving at danger. Pietro wasn’t one to play the trauma card, but he likely would in order to save face.
Pietro leading only lasted past the second room. When the coffins against the wall started banging from whatever spooky creature was inside of them. Refusing to go limp and allow him to just slide through you caught his arm with too much nail. Forcing him to look into your face and see the smile that came with it.
Although there wasn’t a point in pretending to be brave Pietro kept up the façade. Keeping against your back the rest of the way. A few times his face presses into the nape of your neck at some moment or another. Until it reaches the final corner, where the hidden camera was supposed to take your picture at the height of fear. Instead, the shot was just a blur. A blur that had left bruises on your arms from holding you so tightly.
 Peter Parker: Valentine’s day
On the fourteenth pink and red are splatter periodically through your world. Some lockers had hearts, a few hands had flowers and even more cheeks had kisses. One of those being yours as Peter rushed across the lawn. His regular slight hesitance gone today, replacing it with a kiss against your cheek when he was close enough.
Yeah, Valentine’s day was fun for the couples who cared about the romance and typical things of the day. But it was the fifteenth that the real fun happens.
The fourteenth was barely more than a regular day for your relationship. Maybe a little more socially acceptable PDA or spending the bag change to get one another a snack. But you left after the last bell in the same pattern you would have the day before.
On the fifteenth, as the same bell rang, Peter met back up with you.
“You ready?” He asks but doesn’t really need and answer.
“Yep, let’s hit it.” You reply.
It’s on the fifteenth that every piece candy with the Valentines day theme goes on sale. It’s goes even lower on the sixteenth, but by then all the good stuff would be gone. Most of the good stuff was already picked through by the crowd smart enough to hit the stores early. But there were still some good bits.
“I can four suckers for a buck,” You say this from the store’s floor. Waving them at Peter. “Wanna go halfsies?”
“Are you actually going to share it?” He asks.
“Only if you share the gummy bears.” You answer.
He doesn’t reply, but it was obvious that neither of you would share.
 Stephen Strange: The Olympics
It’s a stretch to say that the Olympics counted as a holiday, it was more of society wide event. The news and media forcing your attention onto the games even if you don’t know what’s going on. Luckily, diving seemed to be understandable enough while watching.
“He’s going to catch the board coming down.” Stephen says from his side of the couch. One of four books open in his hand.
“You aren’t even paying attention,” You say, although, you weren’t either. Your phone taking up just as much of your eyesight as Stephen’s book. “You don’t even know who’s up.”
“He’s gonna catch the board,” Although he looks away from the book he doesn’t bother with eh TV. Immediately looking at you with his stupid smug face. “I know, I already know. Watch.”
The next participant up was a young man. Like the ones before he’s taking deep breaths at the end of the board. The announcer’s voice long since being ignored, even as he explained how the dive would happen and what points would be needed to make a difference.
Phone put away and sitting up straight you were now entirely focused on the TV. This young man wasn’t even representing your country. Yet him succeeding suddenly meant more than any gold metal could ever be. Just to show that Stephen Strange could be wrong.
“He’s going to catch it, I’m sorry to say.” Stephen says unapologetically.
The man takes a small bounce before jumping back. Knees tucked to his chest to ensure the quicker spin four times in a row. Ending straight into the water with a body tight and the watching crowd cheering.
“Ope! What now, Dr. Smartass?” The young man had gotten the points, but you were the real winner of the hour.
Stephen is sitting up straight in his seat right next to you. Instead of the satisfying look of disappointment you wanted it was instead one of pressed together eyebrows.
Maybe calling him Dr. Smartass was a little too far?
The cheering crowd is replaced with announcers talking the smaller details. The world continuing on even as Stephen is frozen in time. Only starting to move when you reach out with a hand.
“Stephen..?” You ask before making contact.
Your hand is on his shoulder for barely a second before he’s up and off the couch.
“This is not good,” He says turning from the room. A swish from the doorway bringing the cloak onto him. “This really isn’t good.” He reiterates and is gone into a glowing portal.
Was it worth being right?
 Matt Murdock: St. Patrick’s
Foggy had been introduced to the bar-crawl before he could legally participate. It was a tradition on St. Patrick’s to take in a drink at as many bars as possible. Starting with the local bars and expanding into the city where the bar tender wasn’t known by name.
Although labeled a “tradition” Matt had only attended two of these, and both times he was the chaperon. First time in college, when the best place to stake out trouble would be in the bars, anyway. The second was also Karen’s first time, before the truth was out and she had begged and pleaded and threatened until he said yes. Although disappearing after the second stop to follow the shambling couple with a fast-walking man behind them.
This time, the third time, things were different. He wasn’t the only eyes on the Kitchen and could even call in a favor every now and then. This time was also different because of your presence. Someone suspiciously too eager to be the chaperon of several adults.
“I wanna see what lawyers look like with their collars loosened.” You had said when questioned.
On the way to the first bar Foggy had made you take the oath of the Designated driver/chaperon. Having you raise your right hand and swear that “No matter the scene, no matter the comedy, I will not blackmail anybody.”
“Or leave after two bars?” Karen adds in.
“What? You weren’t even there!” Matt defends, but this wouldn’t the first time someone would bring it up.
Josie had the honor of being the first bar. It was also the lamest stop on the night, the only bit of decoration to be found was an upturned hat on one of the tables. Minding it’s own business when you arrived, and but used as a garbage by the time you left.
Matt’s arm was around your shoulder on the way to the second. This done so casually, as if he were protecting you from the cold. Adding more and more weight to your shoulder as the night goes on.
Alcohol was always a gamble to take part in. A pleasant buzz for most would be a license revoking amount for Matt. Nights out with Foggy and Karen involved a little game of tiny sips, quick pouring into other’s mugs (who, at Josie’s usually welcomed the free drink) and overall avoidance of drinking more than one bottle of anything.
This game was harder to win with more people watching, on unknown ground, and with his senses losing their edge with every sip. By stop five you were wearing him more than walking alongside.
“I need to tell-I NEED to tell you a secret.” He says at the second to last stop of the night.
Matt had needed air (he probably needed air about an hour ago) which resulted in your guidance to just outside the bar. Close enough you could still hear everyone inside but away enough that Matt was your full attention.
“You don’t have to do anything right.” He’s rocking back and forth while your say this. One of your hands on either of his biceps to keep him from going too far back or forward. “Just gotta breathe and drink some water. Drink a lot of water.”
“No, no- water is- water is not my secret. My secret, you gotta know because, because I love you.” He rocks too far forward, his face pressing into your shoulder while feet and legs work to keep him standing up.
“I love you, too, Babe.” His breath is awful, so much so that you have to turn away from him.
“No, like, like, LOVE you and you gotta know.” He takes your face in both hands. In his drunken state he probably thought this was a serious situation. Continuing on, “Honey, you gotta know I’m a devil.”
The smile you gave the same given to a toddler who tripped. Placing your hands over his and gently pulling them down. “You won’t go to Hell just for drinking. Even, if you do, a majority of other Catholics will be there to keep you company.”
“What? No, no, that’s not what I meant. I’m a devil. No, I’m the devil.”
“We reached chatty Matty level, didn’t we?” Foggy was leagues more coherent than Matt. Obviously buzzed still able to move around. When you asked ‘how?” he opens his arms, gesturing to himself smugly. “Mix of experience and genetics. Something that Matty should have but doesn’t.”
“He’s, yeah, I don’t know if he’ll remember this tomorrow.” You say, “How’s everyone else?”
“I’m the only one who can still wobble a straight-line. We’re just gonna cut out the last stop and head home. I’d say it’s like herding cats, but cats are smarter.”
Before you could ask how many cars you’d need to call Matt has joined the conversation. Reaching an arm out towards Foggy as if to stop him from getting away.
“Foggy, Foggy, tell her I’m a devil. I’m the devil. Tell ‘er.” He says, if it weren’t for your arms around him he’d probably fall straight to the ground. “She’s good with secrets. Real good.”
It’s a silent few seconds while you smirk and laugh while Foggy’s thoughts hit hyper speed. Lawyer brain finally taking over and he laughs too.
“Okay, I’m gonna take over Matt duty.” Foggy reaches out and takes Matt’s arm. “cars are already on their way; you can head out.”
“What? Isn’t the whole point of a designated driver to, you know, drive everyone?” You say this but don’t stop Foggy from taking on Matt’s weight.
“Not when it’s New York, go on. Get.” He says the last part more as a joke, but it forced your eyebrow to raise at the behavior. “Seriously, chatty Matty always leads to hangover Matt, and you don’t wanna deal with that.”
There’s no point in arguing with a man who does it for a living. Instead, just shrugging and letting him go. “Alright, call me when everyone is safe. Or if all the cats get away.”
Foggy laughs and nods his heads. Waiting for you to be a few blocks away before letting the façade drop. Secretly wondering what would have happened he just let the alcohol release the truth.
 Carol Danvers: Christmas
The rate of communication between you and Carol has slowed to a crawl. It probably takes longer for your message to reach her than it would have back in the Victorian period. Instead of chasing down the post man as his carriage pulls away you have to stalk and harass whoever was connected enough to the Avengers to send a message. There was always someone who handled the records and paperwork, and that person always listened to whatever Captain Marvel had to say.
You, on the other hand, weren’t so important. Your designated postman, an intern going by the name Gale, always answered your calls with more than a little bit of annoyance.
“When the Captain leaves a message, I will send you that message. That is how this works,” They said, acting as if it was four in the morning rather than the reasonable eight in the morning.
If this were a few months, or even weeks ago you might have made a joking (but not really really) offer of baked goods in exchange for information. At this point, though, things had been hard. The distance and gaps in contact has weighed so heavily onto your shoulders they’ve started to sag at this entire situation.
“…I just wanted to check. Thanks.” You barely get out the last word before hanging up. Embarrassment is the best way to describe the building feeling. It’s better to focus on the embarrassment of being scolded rather than the sadness of not having your woman nearby to warm the newly fallen snow.
Any other feelings other than loneliness have eventually left you as the days pass on. Leaving to visit their own loved ones while you pretend to be happy for them. It’s the same voice and acting you’ve used with friends and family over the phone and in passing. That everything is fine, you’re good, and that they should enjoy their time off as you intended to do.
Although you weren’t lying about intending to enjoy the time off, this wasn’t going to happen. Rather than decorating or enjoying the countless specials playing across the screens you were just…there. Waiting for the season to end and be able to check up with Gale. Just once, just to be sure.
Pounding on the door takes you away from harassing thoughts. With Christmas even tomorrow it was either the landlord or a last-minute gift someone forget to give. Opening and the door and it appears to be the latter.
“The Captain is actually paying me for this.” Gale stands in the doorway. Metal box held before them, that was promptly thrusted into your arms. “It’s already set up, just pull it out and follow the paper.”
They’ve turned away before you could ask what this was or say thank you. Raising their hand to wave goodbye while walking down the hall.
Inside the box was a rectangle which snapped out like an umbrella into a long piece of shiny metal. A thick square on either side to keep it stable on the ground. On the end of the right side was (at one point or another) the shield symbol, now scratched off until it was only an outline. Looking at it for too long felt incriminating so it was for the best that you placed the entire thing on the ground. Instead focusing on the smaller remote in the very corner.
It was half the size of a TV remote, with all but two of the buttons covered with black tape to match the hard material it was made from.
‘press right to call’ Was written on the yellow note attached to the bottom.
Although you pressed it without hesitation there was nothing. Not even a little click to show that it had gone through. It wasn’t until seeing the “on” switch that you realized it required power.
The bar lights up and blinks in your dark room. Turning off the TV to keep the screen from distracting from…whatever this thing was. As the blinking continued at a steady pace until glowing bright. Brightening the mostly darkened room until a stream of the same color created from the bar builds straight up. Creating a screen for you to look upon.
A woman appears on the screen. Loose dark pants, tank top and blonde hair cut short to better show a smiling face. Carol sighing in happiness that her present worked, even happier that it was timed perfectly for her to spend some real time with you.
“Hi, Baby…” She says, her voice trying to stay strong but it’s obviously full of emotion.
 Sam Wilson: Anniversary
Although the reservation was made days in advanced neither you nor Sam remembered until lunch. There was nothing that indicated today was any more important than the one before. With Sam spending his time between missions acting as a trainer/nanny for the baby agents and you with your own work, there wasn’t time to take a breath and look around. Not until the schedule notifications hit your phones at the same time.
‘Busy tonight?’ Sam’s text came in seconds after the notification.
It was a scramble to align your schedules after this. Name dropping Wilson could get anything you’d want. Even a sudden night off without any warning other than your feet approaching the boss’s door.
After that it was a game of rapid-fire questions: “where’s our reservation? Is it casual? Is it formal? What time do I have to get up tomorrow?” None of which were answered until you were home and able to pull it all up.
After finding the place and realizing you were gonna have to shave Sam entered the game.
Although no one would say this to his face, Sam had an easier time getting out of work suddenly. Literally patting the next man on the shoulder and saying, “you got this,” before leaving was the equivalent of a two week notice for Sam.
His privilege giving him the time to race to his sisters. Saying hi to the nephews while asking about the one formal clothing left he could wear. This jacket and pants combination hasn’t been worn since his twenties, but at least it hadn’t been worn to a funeral or government hearing. One of the kids were likely to wear to prom at some point, they just didn’t know it yet.
“Have you been here before?” You ask after a peck is placed on your cheek.
Sam only stays nearby long enough to see the restaurant. “I’ve passed by it and Sharon swears by it. I haven’t. rather not wear uncomfortable shoes all night if I have to.”
“I feel that.” You glance over at the suit Sam set out on the bed. Then to the bathroom where you would have to take a shower (probably cold) and shave now if you were going to make the reservation on time. Not to mention, the uncomfortable shoes.
“How…badly do you wanna try this place?” it was an innocent question, as innocent as it was gonna get at least, but Sam still stopped moving about the room.
“Sharon says it’s good, but…why?” Another innocent question, this time directed at you.
“The drive is gonna be long and I’m not even close to getting ready and the portion may be small…” babbling reasons was a poor kind of defense but it was a classic. Just keep saying different arguments and eventually one will stick.
Instead of interrupting or trying to comfort you Sam took a seat on the end of the bed. Stupid, knowing, smile on his face while waiting for you to run out of steam.
It takes a second to realize he’s waiting before you finally shut up.
“We could just stay in and enjoy this night off with beer and ordered steak.” He says, both as a question and a statement.
For whatever reason, his ability to understand your wants and give a suggestion was almost embarrassing. Why was that? Were you really this predictable or was this an instance where Sam legitimately wanted you to decide. Either way you nodded and closed the restaurant page.
“Yes please,” There’s really no point in saying this. Sam was already making calls and tossing the suit away.
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junajackson · 2 days ago
request: noone
Carol Danvers x Reader
warnings: none/my attempt to write cute
words: 1628
a/n: I really love this fic. The song it's based on is also really good, so if you want to check it out! I hope you enjoy this one, I put a lot of work on it! :)
summary: fic based on the song Love from Lana Del Ray
taglist: @ladyeliot @mycosmicparadise
Tumblr media
Look at you, kids, with your vintage music
Comin' through satellites while cruisin'
You're part of the past, but now you're the future
Signals crossing can get confusing
The first time you and Carol met was at a party. You were both enjoying the evening and dancing without noticing each other, but by chance you left the party at the same time. In the car park you ran into each other and decided to go for a drive together. It was a warm summer night with a starry sky, and for that time you both just forgot. Forgot what had happened in the past. You two just drove off. Because all that mattered was that night.
It's enough just to make you feel crazy, crazy, crazy
Sometimes, it's enough just to make you feel crazy
Never did you think that something bigger would come of it. But even days later you couldn't stop thinking about Carol. It was like you were going crazy. But little did you know that she had the same problem.
You get ready, you get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
Back to work or the coffee shop
Doesn't matter 'cause it's enough
To be young and in love
To be young and in love
Often you would find yourself in the park at night, walking around for hours just to get a grip on your thoughts. You didn't care where you ended up, whether it was at the city limits or in the next department stores, as long as you could think clearly again. This went on for a while before you ran into Carol again one evening. She was sitting on a bench near your flat, staring out to sea. You had no idea what to do. Go home? Stand still? Sit with her? That decision was taken away from you, however, because she turned in your direction. Her eyes brightened and you quickly took a seat next to her.
A short uncomfortable silence fell and you searched desperately for something that would break it. "What are you doing here?" "The same as you, I suppose" At these words a small smile crept onto your face. "Maybe"
"Is this right?"
,,What?" you look at her, confused.
,,This. That we are sitting here, talking to each other and-" desperately she searched for words. She didn't even have to say it, you already knew what she meant. And no, it wasn't okay. Actually, none of this was supposed to be here. You were supposed to be working in a small town in South Carolina, not here in New York. In fact, you and Carol should hate each other. Actually.
"I don't know."
Again, there was silence between you.
"What's it supposed to be?"
"My goodness, you're slow on the uptake. What is all this supposed to be? Right or wrong?"
"I don't know. It should be wrong but it doesn't feel like that."
And that's exactly what it was. This whole thing was wrong. It should never have happened. It wasn't enough to get involved. But it was enough for you. And it always would be. Because you were young and in love.
Look at you, kids, you know you're the coolest
The world is yours and you can't refuse it
Seen so much, you could get the blues but
That don't mean that you should abuse it
A lot happened in the time after this conversation. Getting to know each other better, secret phone calls and meetings, after all, you two were officially enemies. But those very moments between you were what strengthened your relationship. When the two of you were alone, it was similar to that one summer night. You could forget why your relationship was wrong and why you should be doing your work. In the evening you would often lay in each other's arms and think about the past.
"Wait a minute!" you run after Carol, panting. "How come you're always faster than me?
"Well, that my dear" your girlfriend leaned towards you. "I guess that will always be my secret".
Rolling your eyes you grab your water bottle and open it. But because you weren't really paying attention, all the water splashes into your face. So while Carol had to try not to collapse laughing, you were standing in front of her, dripping wet. A moment later you were both lying on the floor laughing. You, still soaking wet, she, by now wet too, because you had dropped the water bottle on her.
Moments like these were what kept you on the surface at the moment. Your work was keeping you extremely busy at the moment and so you were glad to have some time off now and then. You both knew that sooner or later your relationship would unravel, even if you were careful. When it came to that, that's the way it was.
I know, it's enough just to make you go crazy, crazy, crazy
In the past you never used the term "butterflys in stomach".. By now you have. Never would you two have thought that one person would be enough to make another go crazy.
But you get ready, you get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
Back to work or the coffee shop
It don't matter because it's enough
To be young and in love
To be young and in love
After five months, the Avengers began to suspect something. Carol disappeared more often than usual, not reporting for hours, and then coming back as if nothing had happened. Probably the group would have asked at some point if you hadn't come to the base on a Wednesday night.
"Shit," you curse, tearing off a piece of your dress and tying it around your foot. You had been on a mission and of course - how could it be otherwise - you got shot. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem, you would have just gone home and taken care of the wound there, but you had forgotten your key and you couldn't reach your boss either. What could you do now? You don't know. Hospitals would recognise you and report you, but just standing around wouldn't help you either.
So you decide to visit your girlfriend and hope that her friends are not with her.
The Avengers lifted their heads in confusion when they heard the lift doors open. There was no visiting at this hour and who would come here? However, before they could even begin to ask a question, Carol was already storming towards you.
"Holy - what happend y/n?!"
I've been shot. Nothing new and nothing bad."
"Nothing bad?! That's not what it looks like."
,,Yeah yeah okay, maybe it's a bit worser than I thought."
While Carol bandages your foot and discusses loudly with you, the Avengers watch you silently from their seats. The picture that presented itself to them was also quite surreal. You and Carol, officially not on good terms, talking to each other as if nothing had happened. After your foot was finally taken care of and Carol had finished her rant, Tony cleared his throat.
,,Care to explain?" he threw a prompting glance in the direction of both of you.
"Um-" your girlfriend puts her arm around your waist. "This is my girlfriend. Y/N"
Then a long story began about your relationship, with much suspicion and many questions. But you didn't mind. Because you were young and in love.
Don't worry, baby
Don't worry, baby
Something that also strengthened your relationship were nightmares. Whether it was you or Carol, one of you would always wake up in the night with a bad dream. And the other one was there to calm the one down.
And it's enough just to make me go crazy, crazy, crazy
It's enough just to make me go crazy, crazy, crazy
At first the Avengers didn't understand why you and Carol were together. But with time they began to understand. The many little moments between you, even if it was just a cooked meal, seemed to fit together perfectly. Also the care you both had for each other was fascinating. Who would have thought that one person was enough to turn Carol into a teddy bear?
I get ready, I get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
It doesn't matter if I'm not enough
For the future or the things to come
I'm young and in love
Cause I'm young and in love
"Shhhh" you lie trembling in Carol's arms. Today you had given notice to your boss and thus left the "dark business" for good. Your boss, however, quickly put one and one together and that ended very badly. In addition to that, you would be introduced to Shield later and all that together was a bit much. Hey," you flinch at the sound of Carol's voice. "Look at me"
Slowly you lift your head and look into Carol's soft eyes. "Whatever that asshole of a man said to you. Whatever those people out there are going to say. I don't care. You're enough for me and you always will be. No matter what happens, I'm here." And with that, the tears flowed.
Don't worry, baby
Don't worry, baby
Don't worry, baby
You had so much ahead of you. Children, work and endless beautiful moments together. But right now, all that mattered were Carol's arms around your waist and her tear-streaked face against the crook of your neck. Neither of you would have known what it would have been like if Thanos had flicked one of you. How you would have got along without each other. But that was not the case. You had lost many things, but not each other.
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at1nys-blog · 4 days ago
Pairing: Avengers x GN!reader(platonic)
Summary: halloween what is more iconic than visiting a hunted house? The Avengers dressed as themselfs going to a hunted house.
A/N: This fanfiction is based on a video I found on tiktok; I added Carol because why not; Y/H/N=Your Hero Name;
Tumblr media
Halloween? Your favourite holiday out there, the reason? Unknown even to you honestly.
-Tony please come with us. Is going to be so funny.-
-No Y/N, you know I don't like this kinda of events.- he said and you mimicked him and telling him that he loved only his events -Ehy stop doing that. And besides is not true. I like other events than just my parties.- he added.
-Don't tell me the Tony Stark is afraid of hunted houses.- there it was, the way to make Tony change his mind, that workd everytime.
-I'm not afraid of those. things, I just... is not my style thats all.- you turned to the other Avengers and asked them to back you up on this one. You locked eyes first with Peter but he shook his head so you turned to Thor, who was playing with his hammer, as if I don't know is a stupid way to avoid my gaze God of thunders.
-Let me tell you something you all. If you need something don't come at me.- you said and then turned to Tony. -I'll be your worst nightmare until you don't give up.- you said giving him the worst glance you were able to put on.
-Guys... Can you prepare my funeral please?- everyone laughed at Tony's over exageration of the situation. -EHY DON'T LAUGHT- he screamed at the others.
Tony gave up after a week. He really couldn't stand your "stupid" music, as he called it, especially if he needed the quite to recollect his thoughts for his projects or if he wanted some time alone with Pepper.
The Avengers were having fun watching Tony dealing with your sturburness.
-Y/N...- Tony started and before he could add something you already knew what he was going to say next.
-I told you you were going to change your mind.- you said and gave him a quick kiss thanking the man.
-Yeah as if you don't know the reason why.- he whispered but you heard him regardless
-I don't know what you are talking about, old man.-
Everybody laughed and Tony rolled his eyes. It surely was stressing having a teen like you in the team.
It was finally Halloween night and the Avengers decided to dress up as their hero alias... and then there was Ned, dressed up as very bad mummy. Peter had talked about his best friend non stop(you had learned that the guy was not that social and everyone in school kinda didn't care about him excpect for MJ and Ned) and you thought it was nice to invite them to your night out(MJ prefered to stay home rather that going out)
-Hi, I'm Y/N nice to meet you Ned.-
-Oh my god. Peter they know my name. The Y/H/N knows my name.- he couldn't keep the excitemnet at bay.
-Ned keep calm dude. What are you doing when the Avengers are here?- Peter's friend turned white.
-Spidey boy, you didn't told him all of us were coming?- you asked knowing the answer about that.
-Listen he always wnated to meet the team but he always had an excuse to ditch last minute since he is too nervous...-
-Oh no, Peter's friend is here too?- Tony said scoffing. He didn't hate the kid, he just hated having a trio of nerd kids around him.
-THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN.- screamed Thor coming behinde you and almost scaring the shit out of you. Once everyone was there you clapped your hand and asked if everyone was ready to get into the haunted house.
After you had "escaped" the hounted house you were laughing your lungs out. It was the best experience ever.
-You... you should have seen your face, spidey boy.- you said between laughters.
-Oh, as if you weren't scared back there.- he said but Ned interfered telling that, you didn't jump out your costume the entire hour you were locked there.
-WELL AT LEAST I TRIED. Not like those two.- he tried to defend himself pointing at Clint and Bruce.
-You wanted me to go full Hulk there?- the scientist said and you, Peter and Ned raised your shoulder saying that he had a point. - And this man here has a fragile hart.- he added making fun of Clint.
-EHY- you five laughed about it.
Wanda, Natasha and Carol were still arguing when they approached you five.
-...I'm not saying I wasn't going to do that too but, honestly Natasha, you over reacted.-
-First of all I don't over react, second HE TOUCHED ME AND I WAS NOT GOING TO LET IT SLIP- she added.
-What the hell happened in there?- asked Clint curious to why his best friend was screaming like that.
-She puched one of the mannequin in the house.- you said and everyone looked at you.
-Oh no, it was worst than that.- started Ned.
-She went full Black Widow on that mannequin.- ended Wanda.
-You had a fight with a mannequin?- both Clint and Bruce weren't that surprised, honestly they saw that coming the moment you proposed to visit a hunted house for Halloween.
-By the way were are the others?- asked Carol, you pointed at the rest of the team:
*Steve was trying to stop Sam and Bucky to literally kill each other
*Bucky was screaming at Sam that it was his fault if they tripped over each other and now Bucky had a black eye(apparently his face collided with a metal tube or something)
*Sam declared it was his fault since he was scared to death to go in he didn't see the metal tube
*T'Challa and Scott were trying to catch their breaths because they run out so fast since they didn't want to spend more time in there
*Thor was laughing maniacally because he didn't know if he liked it or not(it was his first time doing such a thing)
*Tony was trying to not die because aparently you were right, the old man was scared af about hunted houses.
Wanda, Natasha, you, Peter, Ned, Bruce and Clint started laughing. It was nice, it truly was. This is what love feels like you thought smiling.
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kram6496 · 4 days ago
Carol Danvers x Reader
Tumblr media
You were walking through the compound and out to the back area towards the cabin of your best friend, Carol Danvers. You had a problem and only she could offer up a solution.
Carol loved having you for company. You were really the only other person she trusted and vice versa. If you ever needed advice, you would go to her. And right now, this problem was eating away at you and you desperately needed her input.
You approach the door and knock. Carol opens a second later and a smile makes it’s way across her porcelain face. “What’s up, buddy?!“
“I need your advice.“ you state matter of factly. She gestures inside to her living room which you proceed to. Carol pours a cup of tea for you before slamming down on the couch next to you.
“So what’s the problem?“ She looks at you with those beautiful hazel eyes and you just about lose it.
“I’m in love with someone and I don’t quite know how to go about telling her...“ you fidget in the seat as Carol’s eyes light up.
“Her? Her who? Is it Nat or Wanda or...“ she kind of trails off before continuing, “It doesn’t matter. Look you’re a wonderful person, just be honest and open.“
“I’ve never done this before“ you say exasperatedly, “can I use you for practice?” She simply nods, so you take a deep breath before saying:
“Carol Danvers, I am hopelessly and totally in love with you. You are the most awesome, beautiful, intelligent, and most amazing woman I’ve ever met.”
She looks at you in total shock, “Wow. There is no way that she’ll be able to say no to you. So what are you waiting for? Go tell this gal exactly what you just said.“
You smile, “I just did.“ She pauses and then immediately smiles and tackles you to the cushions. She peppers you with kisses around your face, hovering just above your lips.
She smirks, “Ever been kissed before?“ You shake your head, not breaking eye contact with the amazing woman above you.
“Well practice makes perfect“ she says with a smile before kissing once, then twice, then after that you lost count.
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caroldanverslefttiddy · 4 days ago
i’ve discovered the secrets of the universe. or rather, our dimension.
we live in a pocket dimension in the stomach of a flerken.
adam and eve were actually two poor bastards who got swallowed by one.
and well
here we are
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kram6496 · 5 days ago
Morning Surprise
Carol Danvers x Reader
Tumblr media
Mornings. You love them and hate them at the same time. There just never seems to be a reason to get up. Carol loves mornings, blame it on Air Force training.
But Carol left a few weeks ago, on deep space patrol. You miss her like crazy. Last night, you fell asleep just hoping and praying that she’d be back soon. But tomorrow would be another morning, another without her there with you.
You wake up to feel a familiar weight on your chest. You angle yourself to find Carol snuggling into your chest. She wakes up a second later with a thousand watt smile on her face.
“Surprise.” She says quietly. You just pull her closer if that were even possible.
“You’re here?” She simply nods.
“Surprised?” She starts to laugh.
“Best surprise ever.” You give her a kiss to her forehead. “I missed you.”
“I missed you too. The Guardians are covering for me. So I’m good for the next few months.”
You quickly pinch yourself. But you’re not dreaming. She’s here. And she’s here to stay. Your Carol is in your arms and that’s the only place she wants to be.
Okay so maybe mornings aren’t so bad after, you think to yourself as Carol crawls up and gives you a kiss.
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wandakink · 7 days ago
masterlist of all my works!
This will always be updated whenever I write for other characters!
legend: (* - fluff), (+ - angst), (^ - suggestive)
⤷ wanda maximoff
[*^] promise? | synopsis: wanda’s being extremely cute in the morning. that’s honestly it.
⤷ natasha romanoff
coming soon!
⤷ carol danvers
coming soon!
⤷ yelena belova
coming soon!
⤷ valkyrie
coming soon!
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lesbian-deadpool · 8 days ago
Carol: Dumbest scar stories, go!
Y/N: I burned my tongue once drinking tea. 
Thor: I dropped a hair dryer on my leg once and burned it. 
Steve: I have a piece of graphite in my leg for accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil in the first grade. 
Tony: I was taking a cup of noodles out of the microwave and spilled it on my hand and I got a really bad burn. 
Natasha: I have emotional scars.
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silver-lotus · 8 days ago
Turmoil Pt.3 (Wanda Maximoff x reader)
Tumblr media
Months had passed in the compound and you were doing surprisingly well. You'd started therapy, only to find out that your own trauma and emotions were actually pretty manageable. It was always feeling everyone else's and not knowing how you truly felt that was overwhelming you and making it harder to ignore your intrusive thoughts.
After finding out the real cause of your problems you began training yourself to tune out others emotions, so you only had to feel them if you wanted to. You also taught yourself how to recognize the difference when you felt multiple people's emotions at once. Like how Tony's frustration felt much different than Steve's. Or Natasha's anxiety was softer than most the other's, even when it was resulting in a full blown panic attack.
It was as if you could now detect the personal energy that was attached to each emotion anyone felt.
And it made life easier.
Obviously you still struggled with your own emotions, but they were yours and that made all the difference in how you handled them. You felt like you could finally acknowledge them, knowing they weren't somebody else's confused for your own. It helped you feel more comfortable expressing yourself.
Especially now, as anger coursed through your veins.
You glared icily at Wanda as she stared back at you with wide confused eyes. You had just gotten back from a mission, where Wanda had thrown herself into a group of HYDRA agents in an attempt to distract them from you as you were busy retrieving the data you needed.
It was reckless, and she'd gotten hurt. There were hundreds of better ways to handle the situation, ways that didn't result in Wanda getting the absolute shit beaten out of her.
Now that the initial panic had worn off and Wanda was okay and sitting at the counter in front of you, only a few bruises, some stitches and a split cheekbone as evidence of her impulsivity. You were pissed.
In fact you'd not said a word to her since you had gotten back to the Compound.
"Are you going to tell me what's wrong or just keep glaring at me and being passive aggressive?" Wanda asked softly, her tone was timid with some barely noticeable undertones of annoyance.
"You're an idiot" You deadpanned "An incredibly recklessly impulsive idiot"
"Excuse me?" Wanda's brow furrowed as she studied you, eyes wide at your harsh tone. You never spoke to anyone at the compound like that, especially not Wanda. The only time anyone had heard you sound half as angry and cold was when you'd broken down and yelled at Steve- but even then you were more confused and sad than angry.
"What the fuck were you even thinking?" You're words came out white-hot as your voice raised slightly, making Wanda flinch as you flailed your arms almost wildly. "You can't just jump into groups of enemies like it's some sort of mosh pit!"
"Y/n, I-" Wanda looked confused and almost hurt at your outburst. "They were headed straight for you, I wasn't thinking- I was just trying to-"
"I don't care what you were trying to do!" Your voice raised further, remembering the pure fear you felt when you saw her body disappear in the crowd of agents after she went down. "You're lucky none of them had guns- you could have gotten killed!"
"But I didn't!" Wanda defended herself, her accent getting thicker as she almost cowered away from you.
"Thank god you didn't!" Your tone took on a sharper bite as you snapped at the trembling Sokovian, "You just got beat up and knocked unconscious instead.- How could you be so- so fucking dumb?"
Wanda looked like she was at a loss for words. She could understand why you were upset. She knew it was only because you cared. She just didn't understand why you were being so mean about it.
"I-" Wanda sounded defeated "I'm sorry for trying to protect you"
You let out a humorless laugh as you looked at her in disbelief.
"Yeah well- I don't need your protection I need you to stick to your job" You snipped offhandedly "and do what you're actually good at"
A heavy silence filled the room, leaving you to your thoughts until you heard Wanda sniff
When you looked up to meet her teary eyes, you knew you'd fucked up.
"Wand-" You were cut off when Wanda dropped her hands to the counter, palms down and stood abruptly.
The hurt look in her eyes made your chest physically ache, you didn't need to use your powers to know what she was feeling.
Wanda took a shaky breath as her tears fell down her cheeks, before she quickly turned and rushed out of the room without another word.
"Fuck!" You closed your eyes and slid to the kitchen floor, your back to the counter, letting out a deep sigh.
"I know you only freaked out because you care about her" Natasha's voice echoed through the silence of the empty kitchen as you heard her footsteps approach. "But that was really fucked up"
You glanced up as Nat grabbed a water bottle from the fridge before coming to sit next to you on the floor.
"You think I don't know that?" You sighed dejectedly and rubbed a hand over your eyes. "She was so quick to just throw herself into them"
Nat watched you silently as you shook your head, a fond smile flashing across your face.
"She was so brave.. She didn't even have to think about it.. But they overpowered her so fast." You sighed softly "When- When she dropped out of sight I- Nat I was so scared I forgot how to fucking breathe"
"You guys are both total idiots, aren't you?" Nat chuckled softly, causing you to raise an eyebrow at her in question. "So are you oblivious to the fact that you're in love with each other, or are you just ignoring it?"
"Um- what?" You looked at the redhead with wide eyes. You knew you and Wanda liked each other, it was always just a known fact between you two. You just never acknowledged it, not wanting to ruin anything.
"Oh come on, you can't expect me to believe that whatever's going on between you two isn't something more than just a silly crush situation" Natasha laughed at your shocked expression. "You guys are obviously more than friends. You're freaking out over her getting hurt, she's willing to jump directly into the face of danger to protect you. Plus you should have seen the way she reacted when Carol asked if you were single."
You sat in silence, just processing the information Natasha had just dropped on you.
It was true. You knew it was true. You loved Wanda and you'd probably just fucked it all up.
"Come on y/n" Natasha gave you a sympathetic smile "Go tell her"
"Tell her?" You tilted your head slighty
"That you love her," Nat smirked "It might help to also tell her your sorry"
"Oh" You nodded in a daze and stood up with Natasha
"Good luck" Natasha smiled and walked off into toward the training room again.
After a while you shook yourself from your daze and made your way to Wanda's room. Stopping short outside the door.
You'd never really knocked before, Wanda gave you access to her room so it was never really locked for you. Friday knew to just let you enter whenever. So it wasn't really a surprise when the door opened on its own for you. You just... Didn't know what to do.
You stood motionless in the doorway, an apologetic look already on your face as your eyes brimmed with tears.
Wanda was sitting on her bed in your sweater that you'd left there that morning. She sniffled softly, with her arms wrapped tightly around a pillow.
"H-hey" Your voice was barely a whisper but it was just enough to catch her attention. Your heart fluttered as she gave you a small smile and patted the spot next to her on the bed.
"Hey" she whispered back, her voice raspy and hoarse. Probably from crying.
You gingerly approached her, nerves twisting your insides.
"I'm sorry" you stopped a few steps away
"I know" Wanda nodded and bit her lip watching you with sad eyes
"I just- I-" You searched desperately for the right words "You scared me so bad- I didn't know how to handle it."
"I know" Wanda repeated with a sigh.
"I was so worried I couldn't process it. So I got angry" You explained further as you shuffled awkwardly on your feet. "I was mean and it was uncalled for and I hope you can forgive me- if not I understand but it would really suck cause- cause I love you."
"Y/n you're my best friend. Of course I forgive you" Wanda chuckled softly, amusement crossing her features before going back to being sad "I'm just a little hurt"
"I understand that" You hugged yourself at the pang of guilt that took over your chest. "How can I fix it?"
"I just don't get it" Wanda started and you furrowed your brows in confusion. "We all risk our life being stupid and impulsive all the time. You've been worried before but you've never yelled at anyone for it. Ever. Why was this so different?"
"Because" You shrugged "I love you"
"And you don't love the others?" Wanda raised an eyebrow
"I- well yeah" You started "but you're different"
"How?" Wanda sighed in frustration "How am I different?"
You huffed softly. You obviously weren't getting through to her.
You slowly and hesitantly took the last few steps forward, closing the space between the two of you. You stood in front of her, between her legs that were now dangling over the edge of her bed.
You stared down into her emerald eyes as she looked at you confusedly. You gently cupped her cheeks and ran your thumbs along her cheekbones taking note of the way her breathing hitched and her eyes immediately fell to your lips before gazing around the rest of your face and settling on looking you in the eyes again.
You'd been in this position thousands of times. The both of you staring at each other, breaths away from crossing that unspoken line between you. Neither of you daring to make a move. Scared to break the spell between you or ruin the friendship.
But this time was different. This time you were going to make it clear to Wanda that she was definitely more than just a friend to you.
"You want to know what makes you different?" You asked softly, causing Wanda to bite her lip, nodding ever-so-slightly. "This."
You leaned in slowly, giving Wanda plenty of time to pull away and hesitantly brushing your lips against hers, hearing her take in a sharp breathy gasp at your movements. You stayed there, breathing each other's air for what felt like hours before you finally pressed your lips firmly to hers, reveling in how soft they felt.
Wanda let out a whimper and kissed back almost immediately, fervently motioning her lips on yours. Her hands fell to your hips, gripping them softly as you pulled yourself impossibly closer to her with a content hum of approval.
You pulled away slowly, smiling at the way Wanda lingered in the same spot, her eyes still closed as she bit her lip. Her eyes fluttered open, a dazed look in them as she smiled that brilliant smile of her's.
"Oh" Wanda giggled and you couldn't help but join her.
"Oh" you repeated back teasingly, watching the way her eyes sparkled as she looked up at you.
"I've been waiting for this for so long it's not even funny" Wanda smiled, biting her lip. Which immediately drew your attention to the action.
"Me too" You shifted closer again before pausing briefly. "Never scare me like that again"
You said finally and Wanda rolled her eyes with a soft smile.
"Shut up and kiss me" Wanda tugged you forward, toward herself, making you stumble at the sudden movement.
"Gladly" You giggled and sat on her lap, your legs on either side of hers as you connected your lips in the second many kisses to come.
The end
Tadaaa! I hope y'all liked reading this as much as I enjoyed working on it :P Have a good night/day y'all🧡
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witchield · 12 days ago
Marvel Characters Being told "I hate you" in a fight (part1):
Natasha Romanoff:
"Do you think that's gonna affect me?" *actually affects her*
Tumblr media
Carol Danvers :
"No you don't"
Tumblr media
Pepper potts :
"If you want space I'll give you space, but we are definitely talking about this later"
Tumblr media
Peggy Carter :
"And what makes you say that dear?"
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff :
"No, don't say that, don't let me alone"
Tumblr media
Hope van dyne :
"You mean it?"
Tumblr media
Maria Hill:
"You mean like for real?, f*ck off"
Tumblr media
Agatha Harkness :
"Darling, i have met a lot of people around my life, and the fact that you say that, auch"
Tumblr media
Dottie Underwood :
"I literally don't care, you know what, i hate you too" *then goes and sob one hour and a half in her room*
Tumblr media
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imnotusedtobeingloved · 12 days ago
Hi! You don't know me but I love your writing. I was wondering if I could get a ship? Either Marvel, GoT or Vikings (whatever you feel like).
I'm a bisexual woman. I'm a very intellectual and logical person. Sometimes I might seem a little cold but it's just because I'm shy. If I trust you then I become a very open and nice person. I love making people feel welcomed and cared for.
I'm a Libra (although I've never understood astrology) and a INTP.
I love music, reading and museums. Since I was a child I go to cafés with my father and we look at people and try to come up with crazy stories about them.
Who am I kidding? You already now me bestie.
Love you 💖🌼
Tumblr media
Carol would be intruiged from the start. Forget saving the world, cause her new mission is to make you smile! The woman known as Captain Marvel does not fear many things, but in your presence her heart would flutter. Carol would be able to make you laugh with her dry humor and she would find joy in coaxing you out of your shell. Her charismatic nature is sure to help you open up and get comfortable. She’s an intelligent woman, viewing all her failures as educational and she has seen a lot of this world (and others) which makes for some interesting stories on your dates. Your caring and positive nature would help her to balance the hardships of her missions on her shoulders. Even tough the might be stubborn and prideful at times, you’d never have to doubt her coming back to you. Carol is extremely loyal and cares for your safety above all others.
Tumblr media
Margaery is passive when she sees you for the first time, mingling amost other guests attenting the festivities. She would watch you from afar before she gets closer, being all too aware of people around her playing the game. Where she first meets you with her usual friendly demeanor, it would soon turn more trusting and intimate as time goes by. Margaery would trust you above all others and turn the tables in your favor whenever she could. As your relationship grows, you could learn a lot from each other. She is intelligent, sharp and a political genius, which is not a surprise since she has quite the influental grandmother. There is no doubt you would spent multiple days alongside her and Olenna Tyrell, sitting in the gardens with all kinds of delicacies, scheming and laughing together.
Tumblr media
I am shocked that this is up for debate. Do i even have to explain this? Probably not. But i will anyways...
This first meeting would not be planned at all. Chances are that Ivar simply stumbled into you when he was still getting used to his crutches and could not get you out of his head ever since. Due to his rather poor experiences with women and the stories you probabky heard about him by that point, neither would act upon the attraction for some time. But eventually Ivar would push himself to talk to you, showing that what the stories tell may not be entirely true. Ivar would open up, once he senses that you do not give the whispers of him being a “monster” or “crazy” to much thought. He appreciates being acknowledges for the intelligent man he actually is, instead of being reduced to his useless legs. With time you could learn a lot from him, seeing that he is an incredible strategist. He would lean into your caring nature and gladly take part in the little game you and your father have come up with, whenever you are out and about. Ivar would take special pride in introducing you to his beloved mother, loving to spend some time with the two of you in the great hall.
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lovelyavengers · 13 days ago
Carol Danvers/Reader
words: 644
prompts: "nobody's seen you in days" & "can you shut up for once in your life"
This was part of the collection of ficlet requests I took a little while ago, and it was requested by @achromaticerebus
carol danvers masterlist // spring ficlets masterlist
There was a knock at your door, and you didn’t know if you should even answer it. But you did, and you were shocked to see her standing in your doorway. “Carol?” you asked, a dumbfounded look on your face.
“Can I come in?” she asked sheepishly.
“Where have you been?” you asked as you stepped aside and allowed her in. “Nobody’s seen you in days.”
“I had to get my head straight,” she said. “And I need to apologize to you.”
It had all started about a week earlier, and you were at a bar with Carol and Maria. You were definitely tipsy, and they were both right there with you. Your apartment was a short walk away, so you weren’t paying too much attention to how much you were drinking.
You didn’t even remember how it started, but you had kissed Carol in the bathroom of the bar, and one thing led to another. It wasn’t the first time this had happened either. You could barely keep your hands off each other as you stumbled up to your apartment, the troubles of the day long forgotten. But when you woke up the next morning with an empty bed and a splitting headache, things changed.
You walked out of the room right as she was sneaking out the front door. “Where are you going?” you asked as her hand hovered over the knob.
“Y/N, I can’t do this,” she said, turning back to face you.  “It can’t happen again.”
“You say that every time, and every time it does,” you said, and you had to fight to keep your voice down.  “So when are you going to actually confront your feelings instead of burying them like a child?”
“Can you shut up for once in your life?” she burst out, and that cut deep. “I already told you, this can’t happen again. It was a mistake, a lapse of judgement on my part, and trust me, I already regret it.” You didn’t even have time to answer, because she was already out the door, leaving you standing in your empty apartment.
“I don’t know if I should forgive you,” you said softly, as the two of you stared at each other.
“I know,” she said. “And I wasn’t even sure if I should come back, but I had to make things right between us. If you never want to see me again I understand, but you deserve an apology for the terrible things I said to you, and for that I’m sorry Y/N.”
“Why did you say them?”
Your question caught her by surprise, probably because she expected you to kick her out of your apartment without another word.  She hesitated before she spoke. “I was afraid of the feelings I was growing for you. I still am afraid, but I know now that the only way to get over that fear is to actually allow myself to be happy, and you make me happy. I hate what I said to you, how I made you feel when I left, because you’ve been nothing but supportive to me and I just took that for granted. I want to be with you, if you’re willing to give us a shot.”
You didn’t know what to say. Part of you felt the same fears she did, but there was another part of you that wanted nothing more than to be with her. “I want to give us a shot too,” you said, your voice barely above a whisper.
She took a few steps forward and wrapped you in a hug.  You missed the feeling of her arms around you, and you melted into her embrace. “Let’s promise to not hurt each other again,” she said as she let go.  
“Yeah,” you agreed.  “Because it hurts too much to fight with you.”
- the end -
***this is my sideblog. i reply to any direct comments on this post from my main blog @fandomsandxfiles
Marvel/Agent Carter: @space-helen @cap-n-stuff @captainsophiestarkwriting @spn-stuff @marinettepotterandplagg @xixxiixx @mitsumikirigakure @tdbooth @graneo02 @gollumgayghost @itsbqueenthings @polireader
Marvel/Agent Carter Women: @startrekkingaroundasgard @natalia-helena-alianova-romanov​
Carol Danvers: N/A
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witchield · 14 days ago
Marvel characters Being told "I love you"(part1):
Natasha Romanoff:
"Do you?, are you sure?
Tumblr media
Carol Danvers :
*smirks* "I also love me, I'm kidding, you are also nice"
Tumblr media
Pepper potts :
"Oh sweetheart, come here, I love you too"
Tumblr media
Peggy Carter :
" I also love you dearly"
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff :
"No, I was supposed to say it first, anyways, I love you"
Tumblr media
Hope van dyne :
"I agree, I also love you"
Tumblr media
Maria Hill:
"F*ck yes, grate decision"
Tumblr media
Agatha Harkness :
"Oh darling, seriously?, I'm happy that you said it, cause' I can say it as well, i love you too"
Tumblr media
Dottie Underwood :
*just nods but is internally dying*
Tumblr media
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lazypeachsoul · 14 days ago
Hello beautiful people!
This is an announcement that I finished writing the requests I had and that they will start rolling out soon. Bare in mind that I work so it might take me sometime to upload them.
And also:
Tumblr media
I write for Marvel, Vikings and The Last Kingdom. Both oneshots and headcanons. If I'm really inspired I might turn your request into a multi-part.
I'm especially inspired to write for Loki, Sam, Bucky and the women (Marvel); Ivar, Alfred and Hvitserk (Vikings); and Sihtric and Finan (TLK).
This doesn't mean you can only request for those characters, it means that if you have a request for those characters I will fangirl with you about the request.
Have a lovely day,
Lalla 🌼
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littlekidsteve · 14 days ago
For the first time.
Title: First meeting.
Carol danvers x original character (Katie Taylor)
Word count: 912
Warning: nothing but hardcore fluff. However please excuse me if there’s any grammatical errors or spelling errors. Thank you.
A/N: This takes place after the events of Endgame and takes place after the events of Wandavision and before The events of The Falcon and the Winter Soilder. It’s worth noting this isn't too Canon Complacent.
Worth listening to Look up at the stars by Shawn Mendes while reading this. IT IS FOR THE FEELS!!!
Also read on Ao3
Tumblr media
The halls of the make shift head quarters are quiet. Too quiet. Katie missed the joys of having the team around, even during the blip she found comfort in her found family but now they're gone. After Tony's funeral everyone departed to spend time with their loved ones and to mourn the loss of their fallen friends. Katie pushed her curls from her face as she found a place to work. A Temporary library of sorts littered with all sorts of books- fiction, non fiction, note books. She situated her self on a bean
bag in the corner of the room and began to work. A scientific report of sorts.
“The Wanda Maximoff Anomaly and It's long term effects on the residents of Westview.”
Katie never got a chance to meet Wanda nor Vision respectively but she knew how much they meant to the team. Countless hours passed by for Katie There's a thousand different thought that ran wild In her head some related to the work some not but never the less she persevered onward. The more and more she worked the more and more she became restless.
It was break time.
She passed a couple of stray agents, friendly nods and condolences were exchanged, on the way to the communal kitchen. She didn't have time to cry at the memories of her loss, she didn't have time to feel anything. Katie noticed a tall blonde figure leaning against the counter top their short cropped hair fell haphazardly over their face.
Katie knew this to be the body of Carol Danvers. Outside the odd mission briefing, Carol and Katie haven’t met formally. Carol’s casual attire was a stark contrast to what she wore at the funeral.
Katie’s heart hammered faster in her chest and the heat moved to har face as she waltzed over to the fridge then over to the coffee machine where carol was standing. It would be a lie if she said she didn’t have a small crush on the pilot, stories of a exceptional woman with extraordinary powers told to her during her youth came flooding back.
“Excuse me captain Danvers." Carol Jumped In surprise at the small meek voice.
" Call me carol. Hey your agent Taylor, right?" She asked. “That’s me and It's Thats me and It’s tatie!” She was in awe. Hazel eyes meet Brown eyes, a perfect silence, gentle smiles were the only thing to be seen."Would You like a coffee Carol?" Katie inquired over the sound of the coffee machine. “No thank you." Carol Said while moving to give the smaller woman space to manoeuvre.
Katie carried on making her good the struck up a good conversation with the former
air force pilot, talking about everything from art to sports to the fight for earth. Tears where shed Jokes Where shared and bonds were formed.
Carol can’t help but watch Katie move with such grace and fluidity like a ballet dancer taking stage captivating everyone around her, so captivating in fact she didn’t know she was staring for too long. A blush spread evenly across her face a Katie flashed her a wink and a all too knowing smile.
After a while Katie plated the food up and passed carol a plate while grabbing one for herself. “Here you go captain.” Katie smiled harder that she has in years. “I -um... you shouldn't have" carol Interjected blushing at the kind gesture.
“It's the least I can do after everything you've done for this planet I wanted to let you know that I’m grateful for everything you’ve done,” there was a small pause, “Seeing you fighting Thanos. How you kept every pieces of composure you had to protect us made me really appreciate having peoples like you in my life and how grateful I am to have met you.” Stunned into silence. The cockiness melted Into pure shock- any words Carol could of said in that moment dissipated into thin air.
Carol has seen many stars in her life time some of them dying and some being born but no star in the universe could shine as bright as the warm kindness that radiated from Katie’s heart. All this time she spent away from earth she longed for someone anyone that could reassure her that things will be ok. Carol has lost so much but now it felt like she gained more that she could ever imagined.
No words could describe this feeling.
" Thank you. " Was all that Carol could muster up. “You're welcome. " Katie replied. The tiny pitter-patter of the rain on the roof top provided a perfect soundtrack to the meal as they ate together.
“Beep Beep”
Katie checked her phone.
"Heck. Dr.Lewis needs me to send Something I have to go." Katie cussed out loud as she began to clean up her surroundings. Carol suggested that she should get going while she cleaned up. Katie thanked her.
“Well I hope to see you around sweet heart." Katie heated up at the new nickname. Carol pulled her into a hug, the faint smell of Roses , bubble gum, and a bit of smoke invaded Katie’s senses creating a new form of comfort. Reluctantly pulling away Katie left. Carol stood in her place hoping to see her again soon. The rain continued to gently fall onto the building Katie felt a odd but welcomed sense of peace fall upon as for the first time in months...
She felt like she wasn't alone.
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spid3rgwen · 14 days ago
So I just saw a TikTok that was like “Tony wanted to revenge f*ck Steve because of how Howard treated him, and Steve was in love with Bucky. And that was the reason for Civil War. But one of the comments said that Tony was canonically bi and the way that RDJ portrayed Tony felt like Tony is bisexual in the MCU. And a reply that comment was “well the MCU isn’t the comics.” Which is an argument that is often brought up whenever anyone says the MCU queer baiting or whenever someone says an actor portrays a character as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.
But something that I noticed is how mad these same people got about Sam Wilson taking up the mantle of Cap, because he has Falcon to fall back on and Bucky didn’t have anything other than the Winter solider, so Bucky should have taken the mantle of Cap before Sam because of that and Bucky takes up the mantle before Sam does in the comics. So their argument is that it’s not comic book accurate for Sam to take up the mantle before Bucky. So it’s okay for the MCU to be comic book accurate when it fits your narrow minded narrative? Has anyone else noticed this or am I just rambling?
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littlekidsteve · 14 days ago
Woooo finally got my first fic on ao3 up please if you can check it out and leave some constructive feedback Please 😊😊😊😊
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lesbian-deadpool · 15 days ago
Carol: I'm invoking the "no judgements" clause of our friendship.
Fury: My god, what have you done?!
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kram6496 · 17 days ago
Karaoke Night
Carol Danvers x Reader
Tumblr media
Being the only two Avengers to wear masks has its perks. Carol and you were able to go out on the town without anyone knowing who either of you are. It made for wonderful date nights.
Your date night takes you and her to a small restaurant that happens to have a karaoke night that night.
You order your food and drinks, just enjoying each other’s company and the occasional good singer from the nearby stage. All the while, you could see the wheels turning in Carol’s head.
As the last singer comes off the stage, Carol whispers to you, “wait right here.” She then gives you one of her famous smirks and takes to the stage.
She grabs the microphone, “this one goes out to the love of my life,” she points to you as the song comes on: Black Sheep by Metric.
You know you’re in for a show.
“Hello again, friend of a friend. I knew you when...” her hair swishes with the beat of the song.
She bobs and rocks out to the song all the while keeping her eyes, her desire, locked firmly on you. She’s not playing for the crowd, she’s playing for you.
The song eventually comes to an end and the entire place is ecstatic. She walks over to you with her hips swaying side to side. She grabs you by the collar and kisses you in front of everyone.
“I love you.” You tell her still in total shock of her amazing performance.
She smirks, “I know, my little black sheep.” She adds another kiss for good measure.
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sapphicdaya · 18 days ago
High School AU!
Maria Hill x Reader
summary: lyric fic to the song Betty by Taylor Swift. (Some lyrics are tweaked to fit the story better! These lyrics are NOT mine!)
warnings: angst to fluff, mentions of cheating, mentions of underaged drinking (very small part)
AN: I am back from my hiatus and am to see that you all stuck around. I am currently quarantined since I came into contact with someone who tested positive with covid (v scary ik!), but I am okay! I got my first dose before they got covid so hopefully, I am okay. Since I will be home for the next ten days, I'll start posting more. I hope you all are staying safe and enjoy.
Tumblr media
Betty, I won't make assumptions
About why you switched your homeroom
But, I think it's 'cause of me
“What do you want Maria?” Inez quickly dismisses her as soon as Maria steps foot in front of her.
“Look, I just want to know where Y/N is. I need to talk to her.” Maria rocks back on her heels and exhales.
“Why so you can break her heart again? Do me a favor and fuck off!” Inez yells and pushes past Maria making sure to shoulder check her in the process. Maria exhales once again and stares at the floor. God, what has she done?
Betty, one time I was riding on my skateboard
When I passed your house
It's like I couldn't breathe
It has been two weeks since the incident and it has been affecting Maria more than she would have ever thought it would. She has been sloppy at soccer practices and her coaches and teammates are starting to notice. They need their star forward if they want to make it to states and Maria just couldn’t find herself to care anymore. If this was any other year she would have been at the top of her game. She eats, sleeps, and breathes the game of soccer, but all she can think about is you. Frustrated and tired from being in her head so much, she decides to take a ride on her board. She rides for half an hour with no destination in mind. Some cruel part of her brain subconsciously led her to you. Luckily, your car was not in the driveway when she passed by, but some part of her wished that you were there. She’d do anything to see you hold you again. She felt a wave of anxiety hit as she came back to her senses-quickly leaving to go back home. So much for clearing her mind.
You heard the rumors from Inez
You can't believe a word she says
Most times, but this time, it was true
The worst thing that I ever did
Was what I did to you
Maria trudges up the stairs and into her room with tears in her eyes. She royally fucked up and all she could think about was your face that day when the rumors spread. Your best friend Inez is notoriously known for her big mouth and gossip, but this time it was true. Ironically enough, Maria woke up in a good mood. She had broken things off with Carol the weekend before and was getting ready to tell you. Maria was known as your school’s fuckgirl, but she wanted to make it up to you. You changed her for the better and she needed you in her life. She knew something was up the second she stepped into Mr.Brown’s homeroom. You and Inez were at your usual table, but instead of the pair of you laughing, Inez was rubbing your back as you tried to hold back tears. The rest of the class was whispering and gossiping about what was going on. The moment she stepped in the door the whispers ceased and all eyes turned to her. You looked up wondering why the class got silent and made eye contact with her. That was when she knew. That look on your face has haunted Maria for the past month. Maria bolted over to you with tears threatening to spill. God this couldn’t be happening.
“Baby-” Maria reached out to hold your hands but you flinched at her touch as her once comforting hands burned like a vampire in the sun.
You shook your head “You don’t get to call me that anymore. God, how could I have been so stupid!”
Maria closed her eyes- trying to contain the tears prickling the surface.
“Y/N, please let me explain just please-”
“Is it true Maria?” Y/N cut her off mid-sentence.
You could hear a pin drop in the room. Maria felt guilt creep up in her stomach and throat. She felt physically sick of herself. That look of hope that you had in your eyes slipped away. She broke your heart. A tear slipped from your eye as you bolted out of the room.
Maria laid in her bed as a sob wracked her body. She promised to never hurt you and here you were. She never did commitment before; she talked ill about it even, but you changed her world and she couldn’t get you back.
Betty, I know where it all went wrong
Your favourite song was playing
From the far side of the gym
I was nowhere to be found
I hate the crowds, you know that
Plus, I saw you dance with her
Thinking back to where it all took a turn, Maria wishes that she would have been there for you. You were just so excited to go to the school dance. If only Maria got her head out of her ass. She might have been this popular jock that everyone wants at their parties, but she hated the attention and the crowds. You were the only one who got to know the real Maria. When you asked her to the dance she promptly declined. The face you made when she declined broke her heart. Last-minute, Maria decides to go to the dance, but she didn’t see all the times where you declined dances or when you spent half the dance by yourself, no. She walked in to see you slow dancing with Natasha Romanoff. Natasha Romanoff is the school’s sweetheart. She is nothing like Maria and that hurt her.
I was walking home on broken cobblestones
Just thinking of you
When she pulled up
Like a figment of my worst intentions
She said, "Maria, get in, let's drive"
Those days turned into nights
Slept next to her, but
I dreamt of you all summer long
With no explanation, Maria wrote off commitment once again. Why would you ever like someone like her?
On her walk back home from the dance is where it all started. Carol Danvers, the school’s notorious badass just so happened to be in the area. She was intriguing and made Maria feel like she didn’t have to compete to be on her level. She knew she was in for it when she said,
“Maria, get in, let’s drive.”
One time turned into two.
Two turned into three and three turned into three months. Carol might have been the one she slept next to, but you were the one on her mind.
Betty, I'm here on your doorstep
And I planned it out for weeks now
But it's finally sinking in
Betty, right now is the last time
I can dream about what happens
When you see my face again
The only thing I wanna do
Is make it up to you
So, I showed up at your party
Word got around that you were throwing a party for your 17th birthday. Well, more like Inez was throwing a party to take your mind off everything. Maria got around to hearing of the party and started making her plan to talk to you again. This could either go really well or she could completely fuck this over.
She stood at your doorstep with your favorite cardigan you thought you lost in a gift bag. She took a deep breath before walking in your home. She felt the stares, but she couldn’t care what others thought. She was her for one thing and one thing only. To get you back.
Yeah, I showed up at your party
Will you have me? Will you love me?
Will you kiss me on the porch in front of all your stupid friends?
If you kiss me, will it be just like I dreamed it?
Will it patch your broken wings?
I'm only 17, I don't know anything
But I know I miss you
The moment you two made eye contact it took your breath away. She looked a dream, but your heart was telling you that a nightmare was approaching. Inez turned her head to see what you were looking at and immediately got angry.
“Who the fuck let her in?” She angrily stomped to Maria as you stood frozen. You knew you forgave her a long time ago, but you don’t know if you can risk all that heartbreak again. Life with Maria was bliss. You haven’t felt a connection like that ever in your life. You were in love with her and didn’t want to let her go. You took a sip of your drink and walked to where Inez was chewing out your ex.
“Look, I know i’m an asshole and I do have the nerve to show up here uninvited, but I just really want to talk to-”
“Inez it’s okay.” You stood in front of the beautiful girl you were still so in love with. Your best friend nods and whispers something to Maria. Maria gulps and looks back at you. All of that built up confidence that she had suddenly washed away.
“Hi?” You snap her out of her trance.
“Y/N h-hi uhh happy birthday.” She nervously chews the corner of her lip and extends her arm with a present.
You take the bag and raise your eyebrow. “You didn’t just come here to give me a present, did you?”
“N-no! I just-” She huffs out and tugs on her beautiful brunette hair that you used to run your fingers through. “I wanted to talk to you if you give me the chance.”
You sigh and nod your head. “Let’s go out back to the garden.” She smiles and follows you out. What have you gotten yourself into?
You two sit in the garden taking each other in. Life was so different the last time you were together back here.
“I just want to say how sorry I am, Y/N. I know sorry won’t cut it and I can’t even begin to believe how much I have hurt you,” Tears started to flow free from Maria’s eyes. Now, that’s something you haven’t seen before. You hesitantly take her hand in yours and caress her palm. She takes a deep breath and continues. “I was really planning on telling you that day, you know. I just- I felt like you could have done better than me and maybe you and Natasha deserved to be together.”
You furrowed your eyebrows at her statement. “Tasha is one of my best friends other than Inez. Where did you get that thought from, Mari?”
Maria smiled at the nickname she hasn’t heard in so long.
“I was at the dance and saw you two slow dancing to your favorite song. The look that you gave each other was something that I wish that you gave me. I wish I could look in your eyes and not see all the pain and disappointment I’ve caused. I am in love with you Y/N and I was scared. Carol was the first thing I saw after seeing the love of my life fall for someone else and I reverted back to my ways.” I flinch at the mention of Carol and shake my head.
“You can be so confusing sometimes you know that? I am in love with you Maria. If you would have been there earlier you would have seen how miserable I was. Nat just finally got me off my ass to enjoy that one part of the dance.” You let out a huff and feel a tear slide down your cheek. This is stupid why did you agree to listen. Before you could wipe your tear, Maria takes her thumb and wipes it away. She caresses your cheek and stares at your lips.
“You’re the only one I want Y/N,” She whispers. “You changed me for the better. All I can ever think about is you. I wake up wondering how you’re doing and go to bed dreaming about what we could have been if I wasn’t a douchebag. You are it for me, Y/N. Please give me a chance to start over. I am in love with you and always will be.
Those were the words you so desperately wanted to hear for the past year. Maria was the love of your life, and no matter how much pain she caused, you knew you would do it all over in a heartbeat just to have her in your arms again. With tears flowing freely down both of your faces, you press your lips to hers in a passionate and fiery kiss. She may not have been a Shakespeare with her words, but you felt every emotion flow through you with the way she kissed you. She kissed you like you breathed life back into her. Your missing piece was back with you, and you refuse to let it go again. The two of you pull apart out of breath.
“I am in love with you Maria Hill.”
“I am in love with you Y/F/N Y/LN”
Standing in your cardigan
Kissing in my car again
Stopped at a streetlight
You know I miss you
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