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#captain marvel x reader
Disconnected Drabble (1)
Summary: In which you learn about priorities
Fandoms: Avengers, Marvel, MCU
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Mutant!Reader, Avengers x Mutant!Reader (platonic)
Warnings: seriously just silly fluff, some language
A/N: I promised drabbles, I give drabbles. These will be a series of short little things about her learning how to be a “normal” human being. Feel free to request drabbles and headcanons for this fic or any of my other fics.
No permission is granted to repost, translate, or steal my work. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
Tumblr media
Drabble 1: Learning About Priorities
Tony had called each and every Avenger in the compound down to your workshop. He was incredibly proud of his protegee and wanted to show off the battle mech you created that that had been instrumental in defeating the bombers. Only he and Steve were able to really see it that first time.
You looked like an excited puppy standing in front of your invention as the team came to join you on the outdoor testing area.
All that was missing was a wagging tail. Steve smiled widely at you and pecked your lips, heart warming at how adorably proud you were.
"Ladies and gentlemen," you said, standing straight. "I present to you my battle mech. A pilotable transformer capable of multiple forms including but not limited to a tank, a containment unit, and a piñata. I call her Confetti."
"Hold the fuck on," Sam interrupted, face scrunched in confusion. "Did you just say that it turns into a piñata?"
You made quick little taps on your watch and the machine hissed, clanged, and snapped its parts to rearrange in what was a disturbingly large pinata. The multi-colored spray paint on its skin added to the festive feel.
"I'm still trying to figure out how I want the candy to spew out though. It's still a prototype."
"Is that why you call it Confetti?" Bucky asked, clearly intrigued.
"Nope. This is why."
A few more taps and it transformed back to its original form. A multitude of canons sprouted from it, alarming the team of heroes. The sound of the canons blasting one after another made them jump until a thick rain of brightly colored paper covered them all.
They all burst into loud uncontrollable laughter at the sheer ridiculousness of the feature, some coughing as they inhaled bits of paper from laughing so hard. Everyone was having fun.
Save for one person.
"Sweetheart?" Steve asked, the low dangerous tone going unnoticed by you.
"What about the parachute?"
"What parachute?"
You saw his jaw tick and that was when you knew you were in trouble. You slowly backed away from him but he was closing the distance.
"Are you telling me you prioritized confetti canons over something that could save your life?"
You continued to take slow steps back until you were trapped by a metal hand. For a moment, you thought for sure Bucky would give you up. They were lifelong friends after all. That was until you heard him whisper in your ear.
You didn't need to be told twice. You bolted from your spot with a screaming Steve behind you being held off by Bucky.
"You better run, sweetheart!"
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a-bisexual-phantom · an hour ago
Firecracker & Brookie - C.E
prompt: #45 "Enough with the sass."
summary: Y/N likes to Instagram live in her trailer and Chris is a returning guest considering how often he just lets himself into her trailer.
pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
warnings: none
word count: 975
a/n: Requests are open! Prompt list is there if you guys want extra ideas!
Master-List - Prompts
Tumblr media
It was a normal, if not a weekly thing, for Y/N to do an Instagram live in her trailer. To be honest, she just got bored when she wasn't filming and she loved interacting with the marvel community so it never hurt to let everyone know what many thoughts were going around her head.
"Hi, guys! Today I'm waiting for Chris to be done because he said he's paying for food this time so I'm here to hang for a bit! I'm still in my wig and like pre-fire makeup but it's needed for a scene after lunch so it's staying on."
There was something about being able to interact with the fans in real-time that Y/N loved. It was the same with any convention where she could just walk around and meet people and get their real-time opinions. Not everyone liked her or her character but you can't please everyone and you'd break yourself trying which is something Chris reminded her every time she got a little upset about it. Chris had a habit of just walking into her trailer without knocking which some people noticed and called a little suspicious but realistically Y/N was just usually asleep and wouldn't hear someone knock for her so she keeps the trailer door unlocked.
"Coffee, darling!!" Chris screams as he opens the door and waltzes in with a carrier full of coffee handing one to Y/N before noticing the camera.
"Thank you, my dear, say hello to Instagram!" Y/N said taking the coffee cup before twisting the camera so that everyone could see Chris. The chat went a bit mental underneath them after hearing the 1950's pet names they call each other but realistically they could call each other anything and the chat would lose their minds.
"Chat wants to know what's with the pet names?" Chris questioned as he positioned himself next to Y/N on her couch taking a drink of his coffee. He just looked Y/N to explain as he finally relaxed putting his head back and closing his eyes.
"Well when we met on the set of Avengers I just started calling him old man because of how old Steve is in the time frame, then I thought it would be nice to give him a less mean but still oldie type nickname and I landed on darling/dear and it just flowed that I get called darling and he gets called dear. Plus whenever we go out anywhere, food or drink we don't use them in case people think we're a couple it's only a us thing to do." Y/N said smiling. There was always something about Chris dating any and every female coworker he has and right now the light was on Chris and Y/N because of how much time offset they spend together.
"Okay chat wants to know what your favorite set of nicknames we've got?" Y/N said nudging Chris so he finally sat up and paid attention to the thousands of people wanting his attention in chat.
"Okay so I actually came up with yours, so I call Y/N firecracker because for the whole movie shoot she has hair like fire but calling her 'red' seemed boring. That and if you ever see her play any kind of comp shooting game online she goes from like 0 to 100 real fast with anger so it's perfect. She just calls me Brookie because I'm from Brooklyn which is boringggg." Chris dragged on trying to show that his nickname was better. Y/N just scoffed and rolled her eyes at his comment.
"My nickname for you is great. Doesn't truly matter because at least my character is better than yours." Y/N said and it instantly got a rise out of Chris. As if by lighting and actual fire they then went on a 15-minute argument about who's character is 'better' Chat tried to point out that Y/N had the way cooler character but Chris' was iconic but he was having none of it and neither was Y/N.
"Who's the firecracker now huh?" Y/N said shoving Chris after he said her character was a side character to his solo movie.
"Enough with the sass, at least I have a solo movie," Chris said breaking out into laughter.
"Don't make me spank you in front of all these people."
"Please you'd enjoy it more than they would."
"I'd enjoy it if your ego shrunk old man."
"Oh really compared to the ego of you? Thinking Firestar is better than THE Captain America."
"Please my ass is the true America's Ass." Y/N ended the back and forth laughing.
"You may want to do more squats if you think that," Chris said trying to hold in his laughter. Y/N just stopped and looked between the phone and Chris is in disbelief at his rude comment. Y/N knew he was kidding but it was easy to fake being offended and after a few seconds Chris wondered if she'd took it seriously.
"Excuse me live, I'm about to beat this bitch up but I'll be live later with Chris' funeral times," Y/N said closing the life and spinning to look at Chris still in fake offense from his comment. She waited a few seconds before jumping towards him to hit him lightly for his comments but he saw the move coming and he just ducked and picked her up in a fireman's lift and carrying her out of her trailer and towards his car for the lunch he promised.
"You're such a dick." Y/N said laughing "You're paying for food."
"Don't worry we'll fatten this ass up," Chris said as he jumped lightly up and down making her whole body wobble on his shoulders. They only had to wait 2 hours for the photo of Chris carrying her to make the tabloid news but honestly what else was new?
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earlgreydream · an hour ago
| steve rogers x reader | fluff |
anon requested. Actor!Reader where they finally get their big break as the lead on Broadway and as much as they don’t want to tell the team bc they’re nervous, they end up finding out and going to support them.
Tumblr media
You couldn’t believe it. You’d landed the lead in Heathers, the musical you had been dying to star in. Even better, it was on Broadway. You had spent your entire career with the Avengers, working as Tony’s assistant and running data and occasionally assisting on missions with intelligence. All you wanted was to star on Broadway, and you had finally done it. 
You suddenly couldn’t imagine leaving them. The Avengers were your family, and your entire life, down to living in Stark Tower. Steve Rogers, known to most as Captain America, was your boyfriend. Your entire life was intertwined with the team, and you felt a little bit sick at the thought of leaving.
But this was your dream job. Tony had promised that if you ever left, you’d always be welcomed back. And, you knew that they wouldn’t kick you out, you’d always have a home with them, and a family.
But telling them frightened you. 
“Yeah, that’s me.” You nodded at the director, who greeted you warmly. 
You were embraced and welcomed. The rest of the cast introduced themselves to you and you ran through a couple rehearsals. 
After your shifts, you managed to slip away. Steve was gone on missions, and everyone else was too busy to notice your constant absence. You were thankful for the busy insanity, it gave you more time to keep your secret about the musicals. 
You came home one night, the Wednesday before your show. When you walked through the door, it was already past midnight. The rehearsal ran late, and you were stressed and exhausted from working full time, practicing full time, and sneaking around. 
“Where’ve you been, Y/N?”
Steve’s deep voice startled you, his massive frame leaning in your bedroom doorway. You didn’t fear Steve, you knew he’d never hurt you, but he looked mad. 
“Fuck! You scared me,” you breathed, your hand going to your chest. You dropped your bag and he raised an eyebrow. 
“It’s almost one in the morning. Security says you come home late every night I’m not here. Wanna tell me what’s going on?”
You swallowed, unprepared for having to tell him right now. You sighed, running your hands through your hair and turning to him. 
“If there’s someone else, just tell me. I don’t want to be blindsided.”
Your head shot up and you gasped. 
“Oh my god you think... NO! Steve, my love, of course not. I would never cheat on you. I love you more than life.” 
Steve stood up off of the doorframe and walked toward you, tilting your chin up. 
“Tell me what’s going on.”
His stern command made your knees weak, and you held his arms to steady yourself. You were shaking, and Steve was worried. He didn’t think you’d cheat on him, and he was right. But now, he was concerned that something even more sinister was going on. He didn’t know how Stark had managed to let you run around under the radar. Whenever you left, you took the subways, and always shut off your phone.
“Are you in trouble? Y/N, if you’re in danger-”
“It’s nothing like that, Steve. I swear.”
He patiently waited for you to elaborate, and your breathing grew unsteady as you tried to explain yourself. You were getting nervous, irrational fears that your new job would come between you flooding your mind.
“Talk to me, baby.”
“I got another job... I got the lead in Heathers on Broadway. Our first show is next weekend. I didn’t want anyone to know because I won’t be able to be full time with the Avengers, and I didn’t want it to come between us,” you were hyperventilating, your explanation rushed.
“Y/N! That’s fantastic!” Steve spun you around, surprising you. 
“Yes! This is your dream, baby, I’m so so proud of you!” Steve celebrated, his eyes filling with delight for you.
“Thank you!” You shrieked, the fear fading as you laughed in his arms. 
“I’m so happy for you, and everyone else will be too! Oh baby, I’m sorry we didn’t know sooner. Nothing is going to change, but we are going to support you. Unconditionally.” Steve promised, kissing you passionately, both of his hands cradling your face and his beard tickling you. 
Steve was waiting when you rushed out from backstage, still in your costume. You jumped into his arms with a scream, giggling as he squeezed you. All of your friends surrounded you with shrieks of congratulations and clapping, making you laugh and giggle. 
You were hugged by all of them, and it felt like the life was nearly squeezed out of you. Bucky had a massive bouquet of roses for you, and you giggled and blushed.
“Thank you!”
“You were amazing, Y/N. Come on, we have reservations,” Stark tried to lead everybody.
“Let me change, quick!” You begged, kissing Steve briefly before running back to the dressing rooms.
“Congrats Y/N!” The cast cheered for you and you thanked them, changing into a glittery red outfit to go out with your boyfriend and friends.
“You’ve got the whole Avengers team here to cheer for you,” someone noted, making you giggle.
“They’re my family!!!”
You squeezed Steve’s hand as your group was led into a five-star restaurant. You kissed him happily, and listened to your friends dote on you and your amazing performance. You were delighted and overwhelmed by the support, including their excitement for you to become a full-time actor. Tony had agreed to send you on missions between shows at your request, and you swore you’d still be able to do some data research for them.
“Don’t worry about that now. You always have a place with us. For now, let’s celebrate!” Tony squeezed your shoulder. 
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earlgreydream · an hour ago
| Steve Rogers x reader | angst |
anon requested. the reader loses their memory and like the love interest suffers because they never remember them
Tumblr media
“Steve, she was in an accident,” Bucky stopped Steve before he could burst into your hospital room, where Shuri and Dr. Banner were tending to you. 
“Let me in, let me see Y/N!” Steve shouted. 
“You can, but there was a head injury. Y/N hasn’t woken up yet. You just need to be prepared, Steve,” Bucky spoke gently, holding his best friend back. 
Steve’s panic only heightened, and Bucky followed him into the hospital room. Shuri moved out of the way, standing to the side with Banner. 
Steve felt like he was going to fall apart at the sight of you. You laid in the bed, looking pathetic and weak. You were badly bruised and scraped, and there was a gash on the side of your head. Bucky hung back in the doorway, hurting for the both of you, the two people closest to him in his life. 
“Steve-” Shuri started, but Banner stopped her. 
“Y/N, baby,” Steve breathed, running up to you. You jerked back, pain throbbing through your entire body at the sudden movement. A monitor started beeping, indicating that your heart was racing. 
“Baby, it’s okay,” Steve tried to calm you down, shocked by your startled reaction to him. 
“Get away from me!” You cried, and Steve stepped back like he was wounded.
“I don’t, I don’t know you!” You started to sob, frightened by the large man that you didn’t recognize. Banner sighed, and Shuri and Bucky went to Steve, pulling him away.
“Steve, she hit her head. She’s having memory loss,” Shuri explained quietly. 
“But, I’m her husband-”
“I know.”
“When will her memory come back?” Steve demanded, shaken and in disbelief.
“We don’t know. Steve, you need to understand that it may not come back.” Shuri tried to be gentle, but Steve sank into Bucky, the weight of her words nearly making him collapse. 
“Breathe, Steve.”
Steve sat beside your hospital bed. You had slipped into unconsciousness, sedated by Banner to help you heal. Steve had stayed out of your room after the frightened reaction, but he needed to be close. The sun had set, and he was spending the night in your room, holding your hand as you slept. Tears stained Steve’s face, devastated by the fact you didn’t recognize him, your injuries, and seeing you in the hospital. 
He sat up when your eyes opened, and he couldn’t make himself release your hand. You looked a little confused, and very sleepy. They had been careful to give you plenty of sedation to keep you from having another panic attack. Your heartbeat was weak, and you had a bad concussion. That was on top of a sprained wrist, several fractured ribs, and the numerous bruises, cuts, and scrapes. 
“Y/N,” Steve breathed softly, and you blinked slowly.
“Are you a doctor?” you mumbled, rubbing your eyes with your free hand.
“No, baby, I’m your husband,” Steve whispered. 
You froze and stared at him, stunned. You looked down at your hands, surprised to see a ring on your left hand. The silver band had tiny diamonds, and Steve’s hand that held yours had another silver band. Hot tears started to slide down your cheeks, overwhelmed by the thoughts racing through your sedated mind. 
“I don’t remember you, I don’t even remember your name... The doctor showed me a picture of us, but I don’t remember anything, I barely even remember who I am,” you sobbed, and Steve felt nauseated. 
“I’m Steve, Steve Rogers. We got married two years ago, in Brooklyn. Bucky Barnes was my best man, and Wanda Maximoff was your maid of honor. Tony Stark walked you down the aisle... He’s like your dad...” Steve explained, his voice shaking as he tried to keep himself from crying. 
“Bucky...” you murmured, squeezing your eyes shut. His name sounded familiar, but every memory before waking up in the hospital was gone.
“Yes. Bucky is my best friend. Yours too. We’re really close, he lived with us for a year.” 
“I’m sorry, I don’t...”
“It’s okay. All your memory isn’t going to come back now.”
“Steve, Y/N needs to rest,” Shuri spoke, leaning in the doorway.
He nodded tightly, rubbing his eyes. She emptied more sedative into your IV, helping you slip back into dreamless sleep. She dragged Steve out, and Bucky stood in the hallway, pulling him into his arms. He squeezed Steve, promising it was going to be okay. 
Steve sat with you, chatting quietly when you were awake. He showed you photos from your wedding, and pictures of your small tabby cat that you adored. Bucky snuck her into the hospital, and you pet her head shyly, hating yourself for your lack of memory. 
“Steve?” you asked, sitting up in the bed, but struggling under the weakness of your muscles. 
“Yes, baby?” he set down his laptop, giving you his full attention the moment he asked. 
“You said that Tony Stark walked me down the aisle at our wedding? And that he’s like my dad?” You asked, and Steve felt his heart sink. 
“Yeah, Tony is like your dad,” he said dryly, showing you a photo. 
“I think that I remember growing up in a penthouse with him... but only when I was a teenager. I think, I don’t know for sure. Why?” you struggled to recall.
Over the last few days, bits and pieces started to return to your mind, and you remembered cooking in a sleek penthouse with Tony when you couldn’t have been older than 17. 
“Yeah. Stark adopted you when you were ten. Your parents were in a car accident. He was really close with your father. You love Tony, he took really great care of you. He wants to come see you once we’re home from the hospital.”
You nodded slowly, taking it in. You didn’t know how to express the pain and confusion you felt, and you shyly reached your hand out to Steve. He took it, gently squeezing.
“Steve, I’m so sorry. I want to remember...”
“Don’t apologize, my love.”
Steve had assured you a million times that he could take you to Tony’s, or that he could even rent you an apartment if you didn’t feel comfortable coming home with him. Your memory had barely returned, despite little pieces and isolated moments. 
Truly, you were terrified to be alone, because then, you were left with nothing, not even memories. You felt safe with Steve, even if you didn’t remember your history together. He’d stayed up with you, showing you photos and telling you stories, and patiently answering every question you asked.
Steve drove you to your brownstone on the Upper East Side, carrying you indoors. Bucky was waiting, having moved back in to help and be supportive. The flat smelled like homemade bread, welcoming you inside. Steve mouthed a thank-you to Bucky, who nodded silently. 
You convinced Steve to let you down so you could walk and look around. 
“Can I have some of the bread?” you asked, shyly setting your hand on Bucky’s arm.
“Yes, of course, Y/N.” 
You sat down, trying not to act like you were exhausted just from walking around the flat. Steve knew, and it seemed that Bucky did too. You may not have known them, but they knew you. 
“I’m so sorry,” Steve said softly, and he kissed your head gently. 
You had hoped that coming home would jog your memory, but nothing came. It felt like the first time you’d ever been, and you started crying as you sat between the men. 
“The only thing I can remember is going to high school prom with both of you... I don’t remember anything before or anything after, I’m so sorry,” you sobbed, and Steve pulled you into his arms, his own shoulders shaking. Bucky gently laid his hand on your back, trying to comfort you.
You felt lost, Steve nearly as much. There was nothing he could do, nothing either of you could do.
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spid3rgwen · 2 hours ago
TFATWS head canon 3/???
Sam and Bucky run into Deadpool at one point, chaos ensures. Deadpool calls Bucky “big daddy James”, Bucky has to google daddy kinks, Sam considers retirement and Deadpool offers to take the mantle of Captain America.
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heavenbarnes · 3 hours ago
holding out for a hero
Carol Danvers x Female Reader x Bucky Barnes
Warnings/Contains: dirty talk, fingering, squirting, masturbation, degradation (e.g., slut, whore, bitch, the works), slapping (on face as well), semi-public sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, light bondage, dom/sub relationship, blowjobs, facefucking, little bit of spit, sex toys, hair pulling
Word Count: 2.8k
so when i was thinking this up in my head, i was carol and reader was doja cat lmao! but i know that 90% of my readers are little subs so had to tweak it for you all, hope you like x
Tumblr media
Carol looked a dream in her suit, the perfect fit for her (it would be, it’s made for her) and her hands in her pockets as she came through the door. It surrounds her, she commands attention as she walked into any room and that wasn’t lost on you as all heads turned towards her.
Thank God for a party, you couldn’t even remember why Tony threw this one but any chance for you to put on a short dress and hang off Carol’s arm was good enough for you. What could you say, your-girl-who-wasn’t-really-your-girl looks good.
So Carol was in your bed just about every night and you called each other girlfriends, but there were blurred lines. Especially when you also end up in Thor’s bed (after you know she’s just left it), and there’s a little bit of make up sex. But it’s whatever, right?
Carol is cool in every sense, you could tell it by the way she walks. But she also dances cool, pulling your ass into her front as you both move to the music. It wasn’t until a couple of girls from another department were pulling you over to dance to the new song that Carol parted from you.
She left you shaking your ass on the dance floor to find the bar. Carol even drank cool, ordering something that’d make you screw your nose up, and taking an easy sip. She could see Bucky in her peripheral but didn’t pay him much mind.
“God damn, you really are a fucking fox, aren’t you?” The words slid off his tongue as he sided up beside her, eyes shamelessly lingering on her figure.
“Yeah, maybe I am.”
Bucky chuckled slightly, bringing his own glass to his lips. “You act all tough but I think you’re just looking for someone to bend you over and put you in your place.”
Carol shot him a look, slightly incredulous. “Maybe you’re looking for me to do the same to you?”
“Yeah, maybe I would let you fuck me in the ass,” Bucky shrugged his shoulder like it was nothing. “But whilst you’re all dominant with the ladies, I bet you’d let me hold you down.”
Carol huffed a laugh through her nose, taking another sip as Bucky’s eyes scanned the room. They landed on you as your dress hiked further up your thighs. “I know you two are a thing but you ever fuck other people?”
Her eyes landed on his, and he offered another shrug, once again like it was nothing. “Yeah, a few.”
“Like who?”
“Like Thor, Steve, Sam, Wanda-“
“Okay, so everyone but me! You must want to complete a full set?”
Carol turned and put her back to the bar, swilling her drink in the bottom of the glass. “If you think she’s going to let me go home with you tonight, you’re even crazier than she is.”
Bucky went to question what she was on about but Carol simply nodded in your direction. That’s when his eyes landed on you, finding you stood in the middle of the room with a look that said you were less than impressed.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go handle this.”
Carol pushed off the bar and made her way over to you, except she kept walking out the door you came in and let you follow behind. Once you got into the hallway, she turned to face you and all the wrath you could muster.
“What the fuck was that? Flirting with Bucky Barnes in front of everyone, in front of me?” Your voice was raising but Carol still seemed cool, looking down at you with an eyebrow raised.
“Hardly flirting, and what do you call that dancing you were doing in Scott’s lap?”
“Oh fuck off, this is about you-“
You threw your arms out in front of you to make contact with Carol but she was too quick, catching your wrists midair with a look of disappointment. She turned both ways to see a few people watching the little spectacle you’d started.
“Honey,” Her voice was low as she dipped down to your ear. “You’re being fucking embarrassing.”
She spun you around, pushing you in front of her and forcing you to walk down the hall. Carol whistled, signaling you to make a left and then another, until she had you in a slightly more secluded part of this very public area.
With one hand, Carol pushed you up against the wall, coming down till she was right in your face. “What the fuck do you think you’re playing at?”
The best you could offer was a pout as her tone and expression was doing it’s best to make the heat rise between your legs.
Carol shook her head, pulling back slightly only to tug the top of your dress down, freeing your breasts for her. “You are such a little whore.”
Her right hand rose and delivered one slap across your face. Embarrassingly enough, your response was to tip your head back and release a throaty moan, pushing your chest towards her.
“For your information, Bucky was talking about fucking me, not that it’s any of your business.”
Another slap and another pathetic moan, as she trailed her hand down to grip your breast. Bringing her hand back, she slapped your chest, only making you squeeze your thighs together tighter.
“But you want to be such a desperate little slut, that this is where we’re at.”
Carol’s left hand slapped you across the face again, whilst her right hiked your dress up to reveal where you’d forgone panties. She tutted at you, like a naughty child. “Fucking slut, I bet this is making you wet.”
Her middle finger ran through your slit and revealed to her what she already knew. You were fucking dripping. She was quick to thrust her two middle fingers deep in you as her other hand tugged at your nipples.
You couldn’t hold back the moans, she was hooking her fingers forward right at the spot and telling you every depraved thing you needed to hear. You didn’t even want her to stop when you heard the footsteps approaching.
“Fucking Christ.”
Both yourself and Carol turned to see Bucky standing in the entryway, watching you getting wrecked on Carol’s fingers. Quickly she turned her head back to you. “You did not just grip around my fingers at that.”
Another slap across your face had Bucky swallowing at the sight in front of him. Carol grew impatient, shooting a look over her shoulder. “Are you coming in here or what?”
Bucky quickly hurried behind her, standing on your other side and watching it all unfold. Carol only sped up her hand as she went back to tweaking at your chest.
“You dirty fucking whore, honey,” She cooed, reveling in the sounds of your cries. “I can feel you fucking soaking my hand.”
You could only babble in response, hips bucking as you rode her fingers. Bucky was just staring, wide eyed and completely overcome.
“Since you seem to like it when people are watching you, maybe I should get my kicks out of this too, huh?" Carol taunted, still lent above you and vigorously rutting her fingers into you.
"Maybe I should give a good girl a call, one that doesn't try pathetic bullshit like you pulled earlier," Her words continued the floods that were headed straight to the meeting of your thighs. "Tie you up on the armchair and make you watch the kind of respect I deserve."
All that came out of you was another one of those heady cries, rolling your hips into her hand and whimpering for her. Bucky just shook his head, right hand running down the length of his face before coming to adjust his trousers.
You could tell he wasn't looking at your face, his eyes were firmly fixed on either your chest or where Carol's hand was making contact with your cunt. Her voice snapped you back to where you belonged.
"Tell me, princess," Carol's chest nearly rumbled as she raised her voice. "I have to hear it from you."
"Yes, Carol!" You cried, knees buckling and fingers grasping at the wall behind you. "I need you to teach me, see another girl treat you right."
Her laugh was so dark, almost as if she was saying "exactly."
"Bucky, get my phone out of my pocket," She spoke, not taking her eyes off you. "Call Wanda on speaker."
And another wanton moan elicited from you by something Carol said, your pussy gripping tight around her fingers. Her thumb rolled around your clit as the dial tone sounded from the phone, before a click.
"Hey, baby." Wanda's blood red voice sounded from the device in Bucky's hand.
"Hey, pretty girl," Carol chimed. "I have my other girl wrapped around my fingers because she's being naughty as hell."
"Oh, needs to be taught a lesson?"
"Of course, what are you doing tomorrow?"
"You, hopefully."
"Good girl, need to teach this one what kind of girl I deserve."
"I'll see you then," Wanda understood time was of the essence as she spat your name. "Hurry up and come, don't leave Carol waiting."
Bucky tucked the phone away, watching as Carol sped up the movements on your clit as your legs definitely began to fail. "You heard her, hurry up and squirt for me, we have places to be."
It didn't take much as she continued to hook her fingers up, one more slap across your cheek and you were done for. Hips careering forward and you felt yourself gushing down your thighs and across the leg of Carol's suit.
You opened your eyes just in time to see Carol placing the fingers that'd just left you, onto Bucky's tongue. "Isn't she sweet as candy?"
As you straightened your dress, all eyes fall to the wet patch just above Carol's knee, the sound of her tutting filling the space. "You're lucky there's a car waiting, else I'd have you licking this up."
The three of you snuck out the back to the waiting car, your cheeks and chest hot from your girlfriend's open palm. You ran your fingertips over the spots, relishing the feeling she'd given you.
As you all piled into the back of the car, you heard Carol advise the driver you needed the partition up. It did nothing for the heat coursing through you, reminding you that this was in no way done yet.
Bucky slid in first, before Carol pushed you in and went in after you. As the car started off, she looked at you expectantly. "Hurry up, get your legs up."
Shuffling back, you spread your legs for them, one over Bucky's thigh and the other over Carol's. Her hands looped in the top of your dress, re-exposing your chest. "Start playing with that pussy, if you haven't come at least once by the time we get home there'll be hell to pay."
Wasting no time, you collected slick before running your fingers back up to circle your clit. You were still so sensitive from her fingers but you knew better than to argue. Your other hand came to tweak at your nipples as you watched Carol move above you.
She lent across where you were working between your thighs, hand grasping Bucky's jaw and pulling him into a kiss just moments before you. Watching her tongue move against his, the sounds they were making, had your hips lifting against your touch.
Carol moved Bucky's metal hand to your chest, his fingers quickly tugging at your nipples as he still moved his lips against your girlfriend. The view was like heaven, the both of them looking so godly and only for your viewing.
Whilst Bucky had a grip on one of your breasts, Carol pulled at your other, rolling it in her palm. It had you arching your back and raising your chest to her touch, cooing for her as her teeth pulled at Bucky’s lip. 
“God, I can’t wait to let you live up to your words,” She breathed against his mouth. “Do everything you said, whilst she’s tied up and watching.”
Bucky’s eyes flickered to you, only slightly acknowledging your existence. “She have a seat in the room? Or would the view be better beneath us?”
You felt yourself pulse beneath your fingers, the thought of watching Bucky pounding Carol right above you nearly too much for you to take. Your cunt clenched around nothing, eager to be filled by just about anything at this point. Carol’s fingers, her strap, Bucky. Whatever was going, you would take it.
As you saw Carol’s hand slipping down to grip Bucky through his pants, you felt your orgasm closing in. He was outlined through the fabric and it didn’t take much to see that he was fucking huge. Not that he often let you forget it.
Bucky had spent a lot of his time siding up alongside you, pressing himself against your ass or your hip, whispering all the dirty things he wanted to do to you - much like he’d done to Carol that evening. You often laughed it off, maybe giving him a cheeky grip against the zipper, but nothing more.
Now all those times you’d turned him down were coming back to bite you. well and truly. Images of being tied up and tossed aside in the bedroom whilst Bucky slammed a metal palm into the center of Carol’s shoulder blades and threw his hips into hers, they were the only thing you’d be treated to tonight.
Pulling up outside your house, Bucky trailed behind as Carol kept your arm bent behind your back. Her chest was tight to you as she hushed a whisper in your ear. “You still enjoying yourself?”
You nodded eagerly, moaning in earnest as you headed up into your shared space. Carol was pleased, for a fleeting moment, before she tightened her grip on you some more. “Course you are, dirty slut.”
Bucky sat on the edge of the bed, big thighs wide spread as he watched Carol fixing the soft-rope to your wrists behind your back. His tongue ran along his bottom lip as you sat bare-naked and ready for any instruction. Carol’s attention was on perfecting her ties but she threw a comment over her shoulder.
“Anything you want to do to her before we start?”
And he was up, quick as anything, making his way to the armchair you were draped over. His fingers skimmed along your cheeks as he watched the way you gently wiggled in your confines. “These lips are usually only good for giving me shit, want to feel them around my cock.”
Carol, who was slipping out of her suit, looked over his shoulder to you. Her eyebrow raised in a look that meant “okay with you?”, so you were quick to nod with your tongue hanging out like a dog. 
Bucky was quick with his zipper, too. His belt clattered to the floor as he shuffled his jeans down his thighs. Gripping his length in his right hand, it was flushed all the way to the tip and already dripping. This was something you’d describe as painfully hard.
Tapping it against your lips, you opened your mouth again and took him in. Your eyes occasionally fluttered to Carol and what she was doing in the background, but as they pricked with tears you focused them back on Bucky. Good tears, tears that ran down your cheeks as he stuffed himself right to the back of your throat.
The gagging noises only spurred him on, the wet sounds of you doing your best to fit him in. Sticking your tongue out, you managed to reach his balls, doing the best you could with no hands. The crop of curls at the base of his cock tickled your nose as he thrust into your face.
“Pull her hair, it makes her sing.” Carol instructed, still busying herself on the other side of the room.
He pulled what he could into his palm and tugged it tight, earning a hum from you that rattled through your throat. It hit him right where he needed it, surging his hips forward and prying a moan from him. You had to hand it to him, Bucky sounded fucking lovely when he was moaning for you. Maybe you needed to get on your knees for him more often.
His thrusts slowed until he was drawing back from you, spit covered cock leaving your mouth, and leaving you flushed thoroughly wrecked. Leaning down to you, he gripped your chin before pressing a kiss to your swollen lips, tapping your cheek gently nearly mimicking what Carol had done earlier.
Speaking of which.
“Right, you’re ready to give her a show?”
Bucky spun around, before stopping in his tracks with a trace of a dumbstruck expression. Despite the pain in your throat, you smiled at them both, leaning back in your chair and spreading your thighs.
Carol stood at the end of the bed, right hand slicking the lube up the length of her strap as she nodded to the bed. 
“Come on Buck,” She grinned. “Arch your back like a good little bitch and get your mouth on her pussy.”
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mcufox123 · 9 hours ago
The Best Part of You
This is part 2 of “The Worst of You.”
Summary: what happens after time apart for both of you to grow? Will your relationship with wanda survive?
A/N: This part is kind of rushed. I had a storyline for it but decided to go in another direction instead. This is sort of so we all have closure from the first part. Also this is loosely based on Noah Cyrus and P.J. Hardings “The Best Part of You.”
Warnings: Recovery? 
Getting better proved to be harder than you thought. After you had agreed that you needed help the hard conversation started. All of Earth’s mightiest hero’s voicing their concerns about you and that they wanted to help. There was not a minute in the conversation that you had a dry eye, feeling so guilty for all the pain and worry you caused.  The one thing that you tried to avoid, being a burden to everyone, ended up being the one thing you were doing. They were worried about your drinking, they were worried about how closed off you were, they were worried about your powers, they were worried about everything about you.
“Y/N we love you and we are here for you.” Were the final words of the conversation from Steve.
After the initial conversation you sat down with Bruce to make a plan. You both decided that therapy was the first step. You would wake up in the morning and start your day with a run with Steve. Then, every morning, you would have a therapy session with Dr. Raynor. Then you would go to the training facility with Natasha and Bruce to work with your powers and learn more about them. Natasha also helped you train in hand-to-hand combat. You both were evenly matched.  The fact that it was after therapy was great because you got out all of your frustrations from the session. After that you would usually grab lunch and then meditate with Bucky, most the time complaining about Dr. Raynor. After hanging out with Bucky, you would talk with Bruce about your anger and how you could manage it better. Then came your time with Tony in the lab, just tinkering away, sometimes doing reckless stuff like flying around in Iron Man suits. After that was dinner, everyone usually ate together, besides Tony who went home. After dinner you would write Wanda a letter and read the one Nat usually gave you from her.
That was always your favorite part of the day. Hearing about her adventures wherever she was. The team, of course, didn’t tell you. They kept her location hidden so that you could both heal. At first it was rough. You tried so hard to get in contact with her and go where she was. The team was strong though and wouldn’t let you out of the compound. In the beginning they put an ankle monitor on you, so you had to stay in the house. It was torture.
Along with all of the work you were putting in, they also helped with your alcoholism. They didn’t try to completely cut you off though. They let you drink; they would just watch and moderate you. You were allowed one glass of whisky a night, two on weeknights. They kept the rest locked up. Soon you only drank the ones on the weekends opting not to drink during the weeknights.
It took you days to start to accept the help. It took weeks for you to start to get into a rhythm and start to feel a little bit better. It took months before you felt a little lighter. And at just about a year, you felt a complete sense of calm. You were lighter. You could have fun like you used to without blacking out. You learned how to control your powers with both ice and fire. You leaned on your team when you needed them, and you could finally be there for them again. You pushed yourself hard to get better, putting in the work.
Wanda had taken the year to be at peace with her life. She took trips to Wakanda often and they helped her work through her grief. When she wasn’t in Wakanda she joined the teams on their missions, being grateful for still being able to see them. She also was loving her domestic life helping Pepper with Morgan, especially since the Starks were expecting a new addition to the family. Wanda often imagined what life would be like with you when you got better. She wanted to marry you, to have a family with you, to grow old with you. She knew it would take time, but she was willing to wait.
A few months before you had come up on a year of healing Natasha went to visit Wanda.
“She’s doing much better Wanda. She seems like herself, the drinking isn’t a problem anymore and her powers are incredible.” Natasha gushed about you. Wanda felt a sense of pride well in her at hearing your progress. A pang of guilt also washed over her because she couldn’t be there for you to help you. Natasha caught it “You did the right thing giving her space, you both are going to see in the end.” She gave the witch a sad smile.
“When can I see her? If she’s doing better, can’t I come home?” Wanda felt stupid but she missed you so much.
“Soon Wanda, I promise soon.” And they sat on the dock watching the sky change colors.
The week that had been your one year of getting help, you were taking a walk with Bucky around the compound.
“You’re doing great Y/N. You should really be proud of yourself.” Bucky said while patting your back. “How do you feel?”
“I feel good. I feel light, like some weight has just been lifted off ya know.” You say, reflecting on the past year, “You know it was rough at the start. I hated all of you.” You say with a chuckle. “But looking at where I was then, and where I am now. It’s just I am so grateful for everything, and everyone. How’s Wanda?” Bucky was visiting her yesterday and you were eager to hear about the woman who was the only thing you couldn’t keep off your mind.
“She’s doing amazing! She learned to control her powers more. She seems free, but she never fails to ask me about you. She’s proud of you.” You smiled as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders.
After that there was a comfortable silence all the way back to the compound. You had time now after Bucky because your anger was under control and you didn’t have to meet with Bruce anymore.
You decided to take a short nap in your room. You deserved a nap. You laid in bed not even taking in your surroundings, closed your eyes, and fell into a deep sleeping dreaming about a specific pair of emerald eyes.
While you were napping Wanda was in the compound cooking up your favorite dinner. She had moved all of her stuff back into your room which you didn’t notice. She was back now, for good and she made a promise to herself to never leave you again no matter how bad she was herself. She felt amazing being home and cooking, but she couldn’t keep her nerves at bay. When she saw you in the room sleeping, she couldn’t stop staring. You looked so peaceful, just as you had all those months ago. This time, however, your face was glowing, and your hair was in a loose messy bun, and Wanda knew you were better. She wanted to crawl right into bed next to you and snuggle close, breathing you in. But she didn’t know that she would’ve rather surprised you.
Natasha was the first to come in the kitchen. She was the one who called Wanda about a week ago and told her it was time to come home.
“Hey Wanda!” she said as she gave her friend a welcome home hug. “I am so happy you’re back I missed you, and you’re cooking so much!”
“Thanks, I missed you guys too!” she said as she rolled her eyes. Natasha and Wanda entered into conversations about coming home and how excited they were to see your reaction. Soon enough the rest of the group started to enter the kitchen, even Thor. It would be the first time you were all under the same roof since Tony’s party last year. The kitchen was bustling, and everyone was so happy to be together. Wanda kept her eyes peeled for the hallway waiting for you to enter.
You opened your eyes to noise coming from the kitchen. You walked to the kitchen smelling your favorite dish cooking. Only one person knew how to cook your favorite meal. Your pace started to quicken your pace, trying to confirm your suspicions faster. You walked in to be disappointed however by just seeing the team. You walked over to the counter to see what was cooking and saw that it was indeed your favorite meal. Your heart started to beat faster because you knew she was here.
“What’s the matter Y/N?” Nat asked you with a smile on her face, you didn’t notice however because your eyes were trying to find the pair that had been in your dreams for over a year. You didn’t even answer Nat. You were losing hope when all of a sudden, arms snaked around your waist. You felt your whole being just relax at the touch.
“Oh, how I missed you, my love.” You heard a soft Sokovian voice say behind you. You turned around so fast in her arms and held her so tight. You buried your face in her neck, taking in her scent. You finally looked at her after a few minutes to see that her eyes had glazed over, threating to shed tears. You quickly brought your hands up to her cheek, caressing them with your thumbs to make sure she was really there.
“Hi,” was the only word you were able to get out.
“Hi,” Wanda whispered back to you. You weren’t sure what else to say or do you were in shock. There was so much you had to say, that you had to apologize for. You had talked many times with Dr. Raynor about what would happen when you saw her again, but no amount of preparation could help you in this moment. She still shined with her beautiful smile, and she still looked at you with such admiration, but you had hurt her. You had worked through all of the guilt and resentment you had for yourself but seeing her again brought it all back.
She could sense your internal battle, instead of making you think more or say anything else, she took you over to the stove and made your try the pasta sauce to make sure it was ok. It felt like normal, like before the blip, before your spiral. You were grateful that she didn’t press for more at the moment.
You helped her get the rest of dinner ready, often your hands would brush past the other, or you would be so close that it was hard to leave her proximity. You enjoyed the time, and you enjoyed everyone else being there too. The conversations were so light and happy. It felt like it was back to normal.
Dinner went by with the light atmosphere. Tony could not stop gushing about your new project that you had both been working on. He was trying to make a spaceship to go back and explore space and this afternoon you figured out how the oxygen in the spacecraft would be recycled so you could be in space for an extended period of time. Thor was having fun making fun of the fact that guys that you had never visited another planet.
The whole time Wanda’s hand was placed gently on your leg with your hand over hers.
“Would anyone like a round in celebration?” Thor asked while getting up and walking to the bar. Everyone raised their hands including you. You could feel Wanda physically tense besides you, fearing the person you once were. You gave her a reassuring smile and squeezed her hand.
“It’s ok, I’m ok.” You leaned over and whispered in her ear. She seems to relax the smallest bit, still feeling tense, however. You scoot your chair closer to her and wrap your arm around her back. She leans into you like old times.
Thor passes everyone their drinks and Tony raises his glass, “I would like to make a toast, to these great people in front of me. These past few years have been tumultuous to say the least, with the big three, people disappearing, health deteriorating, friendships lost, and the world falling apart. We got through it though. We are stubborn though, every single one of us, no exceptions, and we are all still here. We leaned on each other and took the time we needed. We should all be proud of ourselves.” He said this while looking directly at you. “So, without further ado, to the Avengers! May we always have the peace and family that we have here right now” he finished while raising his glass and toasting everyone.
You raised your glass and instead of gulping it all down like you used to do, Wanda was happy to see you sipping the beverage, putting the glass down so it could last you the whole night.
The night carried on with stories, games, and singing old songs. Towards the end of the night, you took Wanda’s hand and led her outside, away from everyone. You both walked on in a comfortable silence before coming to the gazebo Steve had built by the lake.
“I’m proud of you.” Were the first words that were said by Wanda. You felt a sharp pain hit you however, and the words were not comforting at all. Not till you at least said your part.
“Please not yet.” You whispered bowing your head in embarrassment. She gave you a few moments to gather yourself before she took your face in her hands making you look at her. She was beautiful. “I am so sorry for what I did to you. The pushing you away, the drinking, the keeping you out on how I felt. I was so numb and lost. It was hard even just being me.” You saw her flinch at your last sentence, but you pushed on wanting to tell her everything. “When the blip happened, I tried so hard to get you back and when I couldn’t I fell apart. I didn’t live much then. I shut everyone out and I hardened myself. When I saw you back at the battle, I felt so happy but so much guilt, like I didn’t deserve you because I had given up. I hated myself. I couldn’t be around you without feeling like the worst person alive.” Tears now streamed freely down both your faces.
“I’m ok now Wanda. I'm still working but I am so much better. I am so sorry for all of the pain and hurt that I put you through. I love you so much, and I didn’t show you before. If you gave me another chance, I am going to work every day to make it up to you.” You said while taking her face in your hands.
“I love you Y/N. I forgive you for all of it. These experiences that we went through are something no one should have to. But we do, we save the day, and everyone loves us. They don’t recognize the toll that it takes on us afterwards. I’ll say it again because I am so proud of you. You have made so many strides and are an amazing person. I love you, all the worst parts of you which are few, and all of the best parts.” She says gazing into your eyes.
“The best parts of me are just the pieces of you.” You tell her smiling. She laughs and you love her laugh, you love that you are the one who made her laugh. You can’t hold it back any longer and you kiss her. A long-awaited kiss, that isn’t needy. You know that you both will always have each other now. You pull back putting your foreheads together.
The both of you walked back and went to bed in the comfort in each other’s embrace that night, never spending another night by yourself.
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lostinthoughts23 · 10 hours ago
OMG! I was expecting a heartbreak but for Peggy! Cap gives his coordinates.. wow.. and I loved the ending!
Thank you... I’m glad you love it!😊💜
Yeah I wanted to give Peggy something and this Steve I think will definitely try to fix things if he can so... yeah he didn’t wanna leave a mess and come back to the present!
Thanks for reading!
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lostinthoughts23 · 13 hours ago
Read chapter 1, 2 and 3. woah what an impact it had! I loved the memories part... videos was the best one.
Hey! Thank you so much for reading! 😊💜
Yeah... I enjoyed writing the memories especially the videos a lot!
I’m glad you like it too!😇
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Candy Coated 3
Warnings: non-consent sex and rape (series), cheating, blackmail/coercion, anxiety/panic attack
This is dark!Zemo x reader and explicit. 18+ only.  Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Series Synopsis: You’ve always felt like you’re running from behind to catch up, but after a chance encounter with an enigmatic man, your life gets ahead of you.
Note: Here’s another chapter of our fave sugar daddy. Yeah, I said it. 
Thanks to everyone for their patience and feedback. :)
I really hope you enjoy. 💋
<3 Let me know what you think with a like or reblog or reply or an ask! Love ya!
Tumblr media
It was only as the car pulled up to your building, that you were freed from the warmth of Zemo’s body. His hair was mussed from his affections and your heart was racing as your skin burned with shame. You sat up and he handed over your bag but kept you from shimmying away from him.
“I will stay until you are inside,” he assured you, “have a good night, dear.”
“Mhmm,” you looked at his hand on your thigh, “my roommates will be expecting me.”
“Roommates?” he tilted his head and his dark eyes searched your face, “oh?”
“Yep, I… thank you for the candle, and er, returning my card,” you eked out.
“Anything,” he smiled, “I’ll dream of you.”
In your head, with another man, the words would be romantic but in that moment, they made you want to dissolve into the air. You nodded and hugged your bag.
“One more,” he leaned over and kissed you as he squeezed your leg, “now go before I want more.”
He slid his hand away reluctantly and you quickly shuffled over to the door. The driver was ready and opened it for you. You stumbled out and didn’t look back. You were shaking so bad you could barely keep hold of your bag. You searched for your keys in your pocket and pulled them out as you felt the air grow thick in your lungs.
You let yourself through the grated door and looked back at the car. When you were on the other side of the second barrier, you stopped and caught yourself on the railing before the stairs. You slumped down onto the lower step as your breath picked up.
You clung to your bag as you gasped for air and began to hyperventilate. The tears pricked and trickled down your cheeks, wetting your lips with the salty flavour. You hung your head and counted to yourself, the same way you did in your first year of university, that first time in the library huddled under a table.
When you could breathe again and your vision cleared, you drew yourself up with the railing and turned to climb the stairs with heavy feet. You were still slightly off-balance from the alcohol but worse was everything else. His touch, his lips, the thought of his wife, the threat that dangled between you. He got you that internship and he could take it away.
You unlocked your apartment and as you came in, the television flickered light in the front room and cast eerie shadows into the open kitchen. Mal sat up on the couch and made an ugly noise as she did.
“Oh, you’re home!” she giggled, “I must have fallen asleep.”
“Where’s Oliver?” you asked.
“Pfft, you know him. Always in bed before eight. Better yet, where were you?” she prodded.
“Missed my train,” you lied, “so I decided to explore a little and got caught up.”
“You okay,” she squinted through the dark, “you’re shaking.”
“Am I?” you acted dumb as you set your bag in the empty chair.
“Were you crying?” she blinked and stretched her arms above her.
“Oh, friggin’ allergies. You know how it is this time of year,” you reached into the bag and pulled out the candle, “here, it’s for the apartment.”
“Holy shit! Those are so fucking expensive,” she got up and grabbed the candle from you.
“Cynthia gave it to me at a discount. Overstock,” you were surprised by how well you could dole out fibs, “anyway, I’m tired--”
“Were you drinking?” she interrupted, “I can smell it on you.”
“I ate at a bar,” you shrugged, “must’ve stuck to me.”
You grabbed your bag as she removed the lid of the candle and took a big sniff. You headed for your room and staggered in blindly without flipping the lights. You sat on your bed and stared at the wall as you let your bag keel over on the floor. You spread out across your bed but could hardly close your eyes. You felt so weird.
You laid there in a daze for what could have been seconds or hours. You heard a subtle buzz and reached down and felt around for the canvas bag. You fished around until your hand closed around your phone and wondered what useless notification awaited you. You sat up as you read the name above the message, not expecting either.
You dropped your hand to your lap and inhaled. Back in the bar, you remembered he took your phone and told you he would always answer. You were too swept up in the entire scene to cling to that small detail. You began to tremble again as your thumb hovered over the words, ‘The Baron’.
You wiped up and the text blipped up; ‘I’ll see you soon. Sleep tight.’ That was all but it was ominous enough to make you groan. The emojis that followed also didn’t less the pit forming in your stomach. You dropped your phone and turned face down as you buried your face against the pillow.
You stayed like that until your phone buzzed again. You snatched it up and rolled onto your back; the same name. ‘I like you, dear, but you must answer me or I will have to come and see what would keep you from it’. The sudden shift in tone, even over text, made your throat tight. You typed quickly, ‘sorry, I was about to sleep. Good night.’
‘Good girl,” was the only response and you blacked out the screen. You put your phone on the night table and covered your face with your arms. You dreaded the morning and yet you wanted the night to just end. If you slept at all, you didn’t expect it to be peaceful.
Sunday passed in a slog of regret and self-flagellation. You should have spoken up sooner, should have been more adamant, should have said no again and again and again. Like much of your life, you were filled with thoughts of “should have…”
You spent the work day wound up like a spring and when Monday came, you were exhausted from the hours of dread and guilt. You dressed and readied for another week at the ministry. The train ride, even with the two transfers, was quick, and it felt like time was playing tricks on you.
You were early, as always, and languished at your desk as Brynne typed at her own. When the Deputy Minister appeared, he called you into his office and you went over the agenda for that days meeting, the stapled papers you’d gone over all night. It felt like all the information had bounced off your brain like rubber.
After noon, you accompanied Arnaud to the meeting with the visiting minister of France and you took eager notes as you felt like a mere footnote beside the men. You realised, that you weren’t expected to be anything more than an observer. It eased the pressure but also made you wonder if he thought you were incapable of more. Well, you hadn’t exactly earned the spot, had you?
When you were done for the day, you bid farewell to Brynne before the elevator doors closed you in. You had to hurry. You had an evening shift at Cynthia’s, only four hours, but you had about forty minutes to get all the way across the city. She was getting fed up with your lateness and you couldn’t blame her.
As you came down the front steps of the ministry lawns, you were surprised by a familiar face as he leaned against a familiar car. He wore the usual tailored jacket and a button-up without a tie. Baron Zemo stood straight as you descended and came to meet you as it was too late to pretend you hadn’t seen him.
“I was in the area and thought I might save you a train ride,” he took your hand and kissed it formally as he lowered his voice, “I haven’t been able to think of anything but you.”
You peeked around but there was no one close enough to notice, not that it seemed anyone cared. You checked your silver watched and adjusted the strap of your bag.
“I gotta get to work,” you said, “sorry.”
“So I’ll drive you there, it will be quicker than the underground,” he insisted, “how was your day with Georges?”
You blanched. You knew what he was doing, reminding you of the internship, the position he got you. 
“Good,” you lied as his driver opened the door, “thank you.”
He followed you into the car and the door closed. You kept your hand on your bag as you set it beside you on the seat and he smoothly slipped his arm over your shoulders.
“I missed you,” he purred as you felt his hot breath on your cheek, “you cannot know how much.”
“Mmmhmm,” you rubbed your sweaty hands together and traced the lines with your eyes.
“You don’t have to be so shy with me,” he nuzzled your hair, “not that I mind. It is endearing.”
“I…” you winced as his lips tickled your cheek, “I don’t know what to do--”
He turned your head, his hand framing your face, and kissed your lips and drew away slowly, “I will do everything,” he kissed you again and pulled you against him. He had you almost in his lap as you grabbed onto his arm as it snaked around you. He stopped and sat back to look you in the face.
“I don’t do stuff like this,” you said quietly.
“What? Kiss?” he pecked your lips again.
“You know,” you swallowed, “I can’t stop thinking about your wife--”
“She doesn’t think of me so why should you bother?” his brows furrowed, “think of me and everything I can give you. Everything I have already given you.”
“If I had known--”
“You are smart, deep down, you knew,” he said firmly, “but I suppose we cannot spend this entire drive kissing. Oh, if we do persist, I might do more than that.”
You shuddered and he loosened his grip but only lifted his arm over your shoulders once more. You ran your nails nervously up and down your pants and went rigid.
“On Saturday, the moving van should arrive around eight, I have given them your information and the workers will help with your stuff-”
“What are you talking--”
“Ah,” he raised his hand to hush you, “dear, let me remind you, I am a baron, I expect certain courtesies.”
You shifted and clapped your hands together, “yes… sir?”
“Mm, we’ll work on it,” he said, “but Saturday your things and you will be relocated, at my expense, of course, while you will join me for the day. There is a spa in Waleran, the drive is short enough and… you need to relax.”
“Relocate? I don’t-- I don’t understand,” your lashes fluttered, “what about my roommates?”
“They will survive without you. I will make sure your debt to them is paid but we require privacy. I have a penthouse, it is closer to the ministry, and to me, and it would be advantageous to all parties.”
“I…” you inhaled then stopped yourself. You dropped your head, “my job.”
“I don’t want you to ever worry about money again. You will quit. Your only worry will be me, well, outside of your work,” he declared, “and you will see I am easy to please.” You fought back tears and his other hand rested on your thigh, “yes?”
“Yes… um, yes, sir.”
“Baron, or Heli when we are alone,” he squeezed your leg, “do you know how beautiful you are?”
You bit your cheek and shrugged. His fingers danced up and down your leg.
“That day, you walked in so… small. Your eyes, there always on the floor but when you look up, magic,” he said, “and you came out in that dress and… I wanted you to try on every piece in that store and then take it all off.”
You bit down and held in your breath as the panic began to rise. Not in front of him. Just count. Count and breathe.
“But I do want you to return to that shop,” he said, “that gift card, you will take it and pick out something for the spa… something intimate.”
You covered his hand with yours unthinkingly. You gripped it tightly and nodded. You were fighting not to fall into a fit. You looked over through the window and exhaled as familiar sights passed by as the car slowed. You were finally at the shop but now you had to tell Cynthia you were quitting. That night was only going to get worse.
On Friday, you realised you were running out of time. You left the ministry but diverged from your usual route. You were close to the boutique and caught a bus to the nearest corner. You didn’t want to go there but you were less inclined to disobey Zemo. You walked up to the door and checked that you had remembered the gift card.
You entered and the scent of gardenia wafted around the upscale shop. You returned the greeting of the associate meekly before you declined her offer of assistance. You wandered around the nearest racks of blouses and blazer and slowly made your way further back.
You saw the shades of black, white, scarlet, and burgundy. You avoided that section as you kept pacing and built up your courage. You bought packaged underwear and department store bras. You had no idea what you were looking for.
You neared the wall of lingerie at last and stared up cluelessly. That one time you actually got beyond awkward kisses with a guy and you’d been wearing daisy print high-cut panties. You fiddled with the strap of a one piece and realised it had no crotch and no tits. You rescinded your arm and teetered anxiously on your heels.
“You doing okay?” The associate approached you.
You turned to her and gave a nervous chuckle, “uh, I think so.”
“What’s the occasion, if I might ask?” she chimed.
You opened your mouth dumbly and stopped. Your phone buzzed and you bit your tongue. “Erm, I’m so sorry, I have to answer this.”
“It’s alright, hun, I’ll be here,” she smiled and backed away to fold some of the panties along the wall.
‘The Baron’ pulsed across the screen and you answered, cursing his timing. “Uh, hello,” you picked at the collar of your blouse as you turned away from the associate.
“Hello, dear, what are you doing?” he asked curiously.
“Shopping, l--like you told me,” you stuttered.
“Good girl,” he purred and the roll in his throat gave you pause, “I do wish I could be there to help but… I am tied up. Perhaps you might send me some photos of the options?”
“Photos?” you squeaked.
“In the fitting room, they have big mirrors,” he snickered, “give me something to look forward to.”
“I don’t--” he sighed and you sensed his frustration, “of course, uh, sorry, I should go. I don’t want to keep them waiting.”
“Go on,” he urged, “I can’t wait to see.”
He hung up and you tucked your phone away. You smiled at the associate stiffly and she met you halfway before you could cross to her.
“So where were we,” she said, “oh, special occasion?”
“Just a trip out of the city,” you replied.
“Oh, a getaway,” she sang, “well let’s see.”
You struggled to find the up and down of the one piece. The black lace showed off much of your figure but for your most intimate parts. The back was less than modest as your ass peeked out the bottom and you felt sick just looking at the mirror.
You took your phone shakily and angled the lens at your reflection. You snapped the picture and quickly hit send. You just wanted to get it over with. As you watched it load and the little check mark appeared beside it, you sat and your stomach clenched. You didn’t have much to lose in your life but it felt like you’d lost a lot.
‘Good girl,’ Zemo was quick to respond and added on a suggestive emoji.
You put down your phone and changed. The burgundy bra and and panty set wasn’t much better and took another pic. You decided to power through and stripped and changed into the bright red piece and then the white baby doll. You sent all at once and pulled on your clothes.
Your phone buzzed and your nerves scattered. You opened the message and read the all caps reply, ‘THE WHITE ONE!’ You keyed in your agreement and left the fitting room with your chosen attire. You paid with the gift card and left defeated. 
Even from afar, he had his hand around your nape.
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bemine-bucky · 18 hours ago
Steve Rogers Masterlist
one shots:
Coney Island
preserum!steve x reader | word count: 1895 | fluff, angst
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whoreforbuckybarnes · 19 hours ago
The morning after
pairing: Bucky x reader
themes: fluff
warnings: none
word count: 1106
a/n: this is how I imagine would be waking up next to Bucky :)
Tumblr media
The bright light of the sun shoves between the cracks of the shutter and they illuminate your face. You mumble and turn your back to the window.
Suddenly all the memories of last night fill your head.
You and Bucky had a date and it ended up at your place, in your bedroom.
You open your eyes and you see him. The same man that, the night before, fucked you like there's no tomorrow, he's now sleeping like an angel.
You find yourself admiring him. His lips are parted, letting out little breaths that fan your face. They are rosy now, but you remember exactly how last night they were red and swollen. His cheeks are covered by a pointy beard, probably recently shaved.
Your hand moves to his face and your thumb is writing small circles on it. It passes from his cheek to his lips and the desire to want to kiss him increases more and more.
Suddenly he sighs and stretches a bit. His blue eyes open and they let you get lost in them. They watch all the features on your face and then they land on yours.
"Did I wake you up?" you say, thinking you bothered him with your hand.
The sides of his mouth rise a little. "It's okay," he says. He straightens on your bed and puts his arm around you. You curl up on his naked chest and he gives you a kiss on the forehead.
"Last night, it was wonderful," he starts to speak, still with a sleepy voice, staring at the ceiling.
It was indeed wonderful. After a picnic at his favorite spot in the city, you drove at your place, where you immediately tied your legs around his hips. The desire of having him in you was unstoppable.
"Yeah, it was," you agree with him, closing your eyes and canceling, as far as possible, the distance between you two.
You feel at peace in his arms, like you never felt. He hugs you like he has the need to protect you from everything in the world. His metal arm is cold in contrast to your warm skin covered only by the blanket.
You're both naked under the sheets, but you don't mind. Next to him all your insecurities are erased. You know that he doesn't love you for your body, he loves you as you are.
Because you're cheerful, you're kind, you put yourself after anyone else. He loves you like there's no one else around him. He would conquer the world and he would break down every obstacle just for you to be safe.
But you just need to be in his arms to feel safe. You don’t need great gestures of love to understand that Bucky is the right man for you.
“You want some breakfast?” you ask Bucky, breaking the silence created in the room. You refuse to leave your personal safe place, but you can’t stay in bed all day.
“I wanna stay here, with you, forever,” he says instead, holding you tighter to his chest. While his metal arm is around you, his flesh one is under his head.
You chuckle at him, breathing in his cologne from yesterday.
When you first smell it, it was the night before, when he was on top of you making you feel in heaven.
He sighs and turns to his side facing you. You do the same. He has a smirk on his face, but you can’t really tell what’s on his mind.
He’s always so cryptic and nobody can ever guess what’s he’s thinking. People say he has a ‘staring problem’ and you noticed it too. But this time he was smiling while looking into your eyes.
“What are you thinking?” you ask, without the hope of receiving an answer. He never does actually, since he hates when people try as much as possible to enter his mind and his little world. He always says that it’s too messy and everyone but him could get lost.
He tries to keep it clean and tidy, but it’s not simple at all. Once he gets rid of one memory, here comes another worse. But that is your job, right? Help him sort his mind so that he can have beautiful memories to think about any time he wants.
Today something changes.
“I’m thinking of you,” he replies in a rough and calm voice. His eyes glow at the sight of you smiling.
“And why is that?” you ask again, curious to know the answer. Knowing that someone is thinking of you in a beautiful way, it’s something you never noticed would be such a serotonin carrier. You never felt such a feeling.
“I’m watching you and I’m thinking about how crazy you are to love a man like me,” Bucky finally admits. His words carry sadness and a bit of pity.
Your smile disappears and you become more serious. “Don’t you ever think of that again! I love you no matter what. I don’t care what’s in your mind, I don’t care about the past. It wasn’t your fault and you need to understand that. I only care about us, now. About our present and our future,” you say in response, but you don’t leave his side. You’re looking directly into his eyes as you pour all your love for him.
Bucky raises an eyebrow. “Our future?” he asks. You shot the words without even thinking. But it doesn’t mean they’re not in you subconscious, does it?
And it is true. You see him in your future. You see yourselves living together, like an old couple sitting in the front porch. He would surely outlive you, but you would have a beautiful life together. You would help him with his past, while he would make your future amazing.
“Yes, our future.”
Bucky’s smile lights up his face. You do the same, but suddenly he puts his hand behind your head and kisses you. You kiss him back, still smiling from the words and thoughts you exchanged.
The kiss is long, but pure. He puts his hand on your waist pulling your body on his. Your skins touch and you feel warm wherever they glance. With a pop, your lips separate and their sides rise up, revealing Bucky’s cheekbones and his little wrinkles on the sides of his eyes.
Suddenly, you feel colder when he moves away. You complaint when he gets out of bed. But he reassures you immediately.
“Stay there, I'm gonna make you some breakfast.”
You smile at yourself thinking about the two of you waking up like this every day.
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syiano · 20 hours ago
Dang I haven't drawn in a while so I got no right to be writing this (no pun intended)
Steve x Male!Reader
Being An Artist and Dating Steve Headcanons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆He was surprised when he found out you can draw too (only to be teased when Tony comments on how he hasn't drawn in 70 years).
☆Steve feels flattered when you would compliment his drawings, saying he's not that good.
☆If you're the kind of person who draws aliens or fantasy art, you're gonna have to explain to him because he's gonna be either weirded out or confused. But he does also think your art would be unique and different.
☆You and Steve would sometimes relax and draw together. Other times, he would just watch you draw if you let him.
☆Steve loves seeing your drawings and designs, especially when you would base them off his. He loves your style and how you put your own twist to it.
☆He likes listening to you explain your art if they have some kind of subtle meaning to them.
☆He can just spend hours listening to you, loving how you're so exicted to talk about your drawings or stories.
☆Steve smiles brightly whenever you talk about you finally finished a drawing you've been working on for a long time and he's just so happy for you.
☆He does end up chuckling when you would go on and on you can't draw the other eye then same as the one you just drew...
☆When you would get upset about how your drawing didn't look as good as you wanted it to be, he comforts you and tells you it looks amazing.
☆When you would get upset when you would make too many mistakes, he does give you advice on how to improve.
☆He reminds you to take a break, and feels a little bad when your wrist would be sore (me).
☆Yes, he feels touched when you show him you drew a portrait of him. And yes, he doesn't do anything other than become speechless and blush.
BONUS: (Uh...AU?)
☆You're a famous artist who has your art put in a museum.
☆The Avengers joke about how you would make a perfect match for Steve, only to be shocked when Steve introduces them to you as your boyfriend.
☆Tony is the first one to steal you away (and Steve doesn't know if he should be either happy or concerned); you and Tony share so many ideas, and you give him ideas and designs for suits.
☆Bruce is just amazed and how it's on honor to meet you, only to be teased by Tony about how exicted he is.
☆Rhodey remains professional and tries not to look to into it, but does admit that is really cool to finally meet you.
☆Bucky and Sam teases Steve on how he finally found someone who has something in common with him.
☆Natasha praises you on how you always have the best designs for clothes as well.
☆Wanda will definitely love all your drawings and clothing designs, and would want to help you on bringing them to life (no WandaVision here).
☆Pietro doesn't really pay attention until you give him your notebook to draw in. When he does, he does it so fast that it looks very sloppy, and then groans on how it doesn't look that bad.
☆Vision is also oddly fascinated by it and asks you questions on each drawing, and he is trying to his best to show he's interested (since it looks like he just has a complete straight face the whole time).
☆Peter freaks out when he first meets you and that he learned about you in class. He definitely wants some drawing lessons from you.
☆Scott just won't stop talking and making things awkward. He has the whole 'excited fanboy' thing and Rhodey gets annoyed and tells him to cut it out.
☆Loki is amused and finds it quite interesting, playfully asking do you do self portraits only for Steve to suspect him flirting with you (which he is).
☆Thor is just overjoyed, and calls you a skilled Midgardian, and tells you how talented you are, nearly flattering you.
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deexchanel · 22 hours ago
Word Count:
Summary: part 2
Tumblr media
"There goes little Hermione."Tony gushes taking the baby off of Steve's chest. Hermione giggles placing her hands in his beard. "Has Steve been treating your right since earlier? Come with me to go get something from the kitchen." Tony kisses all over her face.
By the time Tony came from the garage Bucky was sleep while Steve was slowly getting there. Hermione wasn't tired at all but Steve could barely keep his eyes opened. He yawned finally letting his eyes closed.
"You have Steve, Bucky and Sam tired sweetheart. What should we eat?" Tony said opening the refrigerator door. Hermione makes a noise and Tony acted as if she was actually talking to him. "Grilled cheese it is."
He took butter, cheese then grabbed the bread from beside the fridge. All with Hermione still in his arms. A tired Natasha walks into the kitchen.
"Hey metal man."
"Natasha."Tony greeted not taking his eyes off his food. Hermione watched as well with her head placed on his shoulders. Natasha raised an eye brow looking at the unknown child.
"Who kid?"
"It's Hermione."
"Awe she has the same name as Mione. Let me hold her." Natasha held out her hands.Hermione eyes sparkled reaching for the red head assassin. "She even have Hermione's eyes."
"Natasha that's Hermione like the actual her." Tony stated flipping his sandwich. "Hank used her for the tunnel which back fired now she's stuck as a baby until I fix it." Satisfied with his sandwich, he took it out of the skillet placing on a plate. Natasha mouth dropped.
"I wasn't even gone long, what the hell have I missed??"
Tony shrugged biting into his sandwich." A lot."
Eventually Tony had to leave to go back and help fix the quantum tunnel. Hermione either wanted to be in Steve’s or Tony’s arms so that mean she was fussy with Natasha. The assassin sigh rocking the crying baby not knowing what to do. I mean she has never been a mother before.
The super soldiers and Sam were sleeping so hard. Natasha was tired from the mission as well, she grew more irritated by the minute. “Steve!”She hit his chest as his wife was wailing. Steve mumbled something then shifted. Natasha hit him even harder waking him up. “Steve wake up! Hermione won’t stop crying!”
Steve opened showing his red eyes from the lack of sleep. “Huh?” It took him a second to realize what was going on. “Shit! Why is Hermione crying?”
“Because she wants you! I’m tired just like you.” Natasha upbraided holding out the child. Steve took his wife into his arms. Immediately her cries turn into sniffles. “Goodnight Steve!” Natasha walked away before he could even asked questions. Like how did she know Hermione wanted Steve and not Bucky.
“Hey Princess,you finally got me to wake up.”Steve whispered rocking his wife back and forth. She placed her little hand onto his bearded face. Steve smiled moving his face closer to hers.
“I love you Hermione so much.”
She didn’t reply as her eyes closed. Steve placed a kiss onto her forehead still rocking the baby. 30 minutes later Tony walks back into the living room with his thumbs up.
“The tunnel is up and ready to go!”
“She’s coming back in 3,2,1.” Bruce presses some buttons. Hermione came out the tunnel as her regular self. She patted all over her body to make sure.
“Is it me? really me? Not baby me?”
“It’s really you Hermione.” Tony laugh ruffling her hair. He pointed towards Hank and Bruce. “Thanks to me though!”
“Whatever Stark.”
“We totally had that handled.”
Steve hugged his wife. “Thank god you’re back! I can finally finish my nap out.” Hermione raised a eyebrow. “I’m back normal and the first thing you think about is going back to sleep?”
“I’m kidding baby.” Steve placed a kiss on her forehead. “I’ve missed you so much.” Hermione hit his chest.“I’ve missed you too Steve even though you did a horrible job of taking care of me. You was sleep the whole time.”
“I was not!”
“You was but to reply from what you said earlier.” Hermione uttered placing her head onto his chest again. “I love you too.” Steve placed his chin onto of her head.
“You called Bucky da-da.”
Hermione stepped back looking bewildered. “You got to be kidding me.”
Okay so I decided to just finish it off since I published it by ACCIDENT 😂😂. Sorry that it’s short!
I hope you guys liked it.
Stay slutty my friends.
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lex-the-flex · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson x reader
Summary: A series of shenanigans can happen when training with the shield.
Word Count: 834
Warning(s): Fluff, and some cursing.
A/N: Sam Wilson and Anthony Mackie deserve more love! Feedback is appreciated and enjoy!
The soles of your feet bounced on the pebbled trail leading up toward the two story blue house by the lake. Turning off the car, you felt the early heat of Spring penetrate your skin as the AC slowly faded.
Taking off your jacket, you tossed in the driver’s seat and closed the door. Walking up to the house, the heels of your shoes crunched against the pebbles, and you caught sight of Sam Wilson in his front yard. A wide smile erupted from your lips just as the low metallic clank of the Vibranium red, white, and blue shield echoed throughout the open yard.
You watched Sam fail to catch the shield as the advanced metal disk rolled against the grass, along with him exhaling in frustration.
“You’re certainly getting better!” You called out, removing your hand from your pants pocket.
Bending down to collect the upside down shield, Sam turned to you and laughed.
“Yeah right! Like you’d be able to catch this damn thing.” Sam said, fitting his arm through the leather straps.
“If I tried to catch that shield, the force alone would be enough to break my arm.” You reply.
“Well, I’d love to see you try.” Sam responded, walking to you.
Meeting him in the middle of the yard, Sam catches your chin with his free hand, and leans down to kiss you. His soft lips intertwine with yours, causing you to feel a light fluttering in your stomach.
Releasing his lips from yours, a light hum floats in the air, and you bite your lip. Leaning his forehead against yours, Sam’s dark eyes gaze into yours.
“I’ve missed this. Missed you.” You whispered to Sam.
“I’ve missed you too. Hopefully when this mission is done, you and I can go somewhere nice for a change. Just you and me.” He explains, tracing your chin with his finger, earning him a tiny giggle from your chest.
“That would be nice. Even the Government’s new ‘Golden Boy’ has to take some time off every once and a while.” You reply, and playfully raise your eyebrows.
Backing away from him, you twirl your car keys in your hand. But before Sam can even think about stepping towards you, or playfully grab you, the two of you are distracted by his nephews; AJ and Cass. The boys begin to laugh as AJ covers his little brother’s eyes, shielding him from your shared kiss with Sam.
“Alright, now you’re gonna get it.” Sam says, as you start to play along.
Chasing AJ and Cass through the yard, the four of you each take turns catching the brothers in what then turns into an aggressive game of tag.
The dim lighting of the TV provides light in the dark living room when the multitude of candles flicker all around you. Holding Sam’s broad shoulders, he keeps a gentle touch on your hips as the two of you continue to slowly sway in the room.
From his phone on the small desk, the faint sound of Frank Sinatra’s Witchcraft starts to play through the tiny speakers. Gazing up at Sam, you still couldn’t seem to fathom why he liked this song so much. Silently coming to the conclusion that it was either you, Steve, or even Bucky, he smiled at the lyrics. After all, you did confess to Sam many times at how much you loved Frank Sinatra and Marvin Gaye.
“Everything okay?” You ask.
“Yeah, I’m just a little nervous about the GRC meeting. I can’t shake the feeling that something’s wrong.” Sam replies, spinning you underneath his arm.
Furrowing your brows, you slide your hands down his forearms, trying to calm him down.
“Well, what does your gut tell you?” You ask, but Sam’s answer is cut off by his phone’s ringtone.
Already knowing the answer, Sam quickly answers his phone, and turns on the lights in the living room, before returning to his room to open the locked box on his bed.
Sitting on the edge of the couch, you nervously bit your nail while you waited for Sam to come downstairs. Your heartbeat began to beat louder in your ears whilst your left leg started to bounce up and down against the hardwood floor.
Turning to you from the dining room, the brand new suit looks amazing in the light. Now Sam stood before you as the same man, but with a newly earned title. Standing from the couch, you hesitantly stepped towards him, and took everything in. One breath at a time.
Feeling tears well in your eyes, Sam takes your shoulders, and presses a quick kiss to your lips. Breaking the kiss, you look at him and smile.
“Go get ‘em, Cap.” You say.
Giving you one more reassuring wink, you watched the new Captain America walk through the house and out the door. From the porch, you gazed in amazement at the pair of Vibranium wings carried Sam to New York City, where he would be tested.
Tagging ~
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rodrikstark · a day ago
Pre-serum!Steve Rogers and winter? 😁😁
steve rogers x reader (fluff)
a/n: a friendly reminder to all that a 40s setting does NOT mean the reader is white. at my blog, i hope everyone feels welcome to read, especially my fellow WOC <3
Tumblr media
winters are worrisome
mostly thanks to your stubborn boyfriend and his less-than-stubborn circulation
you swear you have a heart attack every time steve trudges into your tiny apartment, letting in a gust of frosty air and snow, his lips and fingers just a few pale shades away from blue
fed up, you find a kind old lady in the neighborhood who will teach you how to knit in exchange for your company
you started with a navy blue scarf, a beginner's project, but also something you could throw around steve’s neck before he walked out the door like a dunce
(something you can use to yank him in for a quick kiss goodbye)
(a sigh into his lips, telling him you’ll miss him, to be careful, that you love him)
(which sends his cheeks blushing bright)
bucky pokes fun at his new hat and mittens and socks, but steve doesn’t care one bit
now, you work on your first pair of gloves
and it turns out that winters don’t have to be so bad
you get to spend the entire evening next to your boyfriend as he works on his art, your head resting on his thigh
insisting that you need to have him right there to measure your creations against his wrists and charcoal-stained fingers
an excuse that poorly veils your real intentions, if steve’s smile is anything to go by
as soon as he finishes his sketch, he’ll bring you close
lips and hands, plenty warm against your skin.
— — —
part of my 900 follower celebration :)
— — —
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incorrectquotesmcu · a day ago
Steve: I wish I could get him to open up a little bit, share some feelings.
Y/N: That’s easy! You just have to think of him as a— as a jar of pickles that won’t open!
Steve: So, what are you saying; I should run him under hot water and bang his head against a table?
Y/N: No, that’s what you do when you want to get the truth out of someone.
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