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#monica rambeau
fuckyeahdarcylewis · 3 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: WandaVision (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis & Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis & Jimmy Woo, Darcy Lewis & Wanda Maximoff, Darcy Lewis & Monica Rambeau & Jimmy Woo, Jane Foster & Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster & Darcy Lewis & Erik Selvig, Darcy Lewis & Thor Characters: Darcy Lewis, Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo, Wanda Maximoff, Jane Foster (Marvel), Erik Selvig, Thor (Marvel), Carol Danvers Additional Tags: super epic hex gang, Darcy Lewis Has ADHD, Thor & Thor the dark world era, and wandavision era too, aka the best era Series: Part 1 of short MCU stories that pop into my head at 3am:) Summary:
So, Darcy Lewis has ADHD huh? Heres an insight to darcy's life.
(kinda oneshots, not really sure whats happening atm, bare with me lol)
(also why tf do i such at summaries)
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Hayward: Tell us where Vision is and we'll burn your hex to the ground!
Monica: Don't you mean or?
Hayward: Fine. Tell us where Vision is OR we'll burn your hex to the ground!
Darcy: Well which is it? That seems like a pretty crucial conjunction.
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why-is-the-rum-gone · 12 hours ago
Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Monica: No?
Officer: You have four people on the back of your bike
Monica: FOUR?!?! Oh shit, we lost Eon
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n8-draws · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’m not sure if it looks like her, but I like how this turned out.
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jiminysjournal · 20 hours ago
So, I’m seeing two potential ways the MCU could handle Teddy.
Be he introduced in The Marvels or Secret Invasion, he obviously can't be Mar-Vell's son, since she died in 1989, but he could be:
Mar-Vell's grandson. I could see her having had a relationship with one of the Skrulls.
Monica's son, perhaps with Talos' daughter (possibly the MCU's Anelle), although I don't know, if they ever saw eachother between their meeting in 1995 and their (assuming that was her) mid-credits reunion in 2023. There certainly wasn't any such mention of Monica ever having kids, either.
There's also the questions of whether or not the Minimoffs will get another age lift (which would affect how old Teddy is, of course), if their "pre-incarnations" already exist, whether there even is a Skrull Empire in the MCU, if Mary-Jo exists in the MCU (they COULD make her Talos' daughter's Earth identity), etc.
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red-snake15 · a day ago
Claiming my place as a CAPTAIN MARVEL, MONICA RAMBEAU, and VALKYRIE stan/simp right now in case they ever get really popular!!
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subtlebucky · a day ago
pairing:  wanda maximoff x fem!reader
summary: you and wanda have been a constant in each other's lives for seven years. you realize at a friend's wedding how you feel, but it's too late. isn't it?
warnings: mentions of homophobia, a lesbian wedding (not wanda and reader's sry to dissapoint), wanda being pretty and soft, dumbasses in love, lots of fluff, slight angst w a happy ending
word count: ~3.4k
author's note: this was written for @sunflowerxbarnes​‘ meme writing challenge! my prompt was "*throws hands* I guess!!" it'll be pretty clear when this happens lol. this was so fun to write and probably the cheesiest thing i've ever written in my life. i’m sorry it’s late, bex! it has best friend maria rambeau because i just rewatched captain marvel recently and i'm soft for her but also want her and carol to be together forever thank u :) enjoy this!! thank u again to bex for letting me join your challenge to help celebrate you 🥳 you can listen to the song the title is from here !
disclaimer: my blog and all of my fics are 18+ only! if you are under 18, this fic and my blog are not for you. please respect my comfortability and boundaries and do not read these fics/interact with my blog you are under 18. thank you.
Tumblr media
The most annoying part of it is how accidental it's become.
Your freshman year of college, you are set to be with a roommate from your high school, a girl you know through friends of friends of friends. You're just glad to know someone. She is, too.
At least, that's what you think until she finds out you had a crush on one of those friends of friends, and that friend was a girl, and god fucking forbid she be exposed to that. So, when you're moving in your things come orientation week, and you notice exactly six bins full of just fairy lights scattered on what is supposed to be her side of the room, everything otherwise moved in and much less clothing than you remember her buying (she posted an entire new wardrobe all over her social media), you know something is off.
That something is Wanda Maximoff.
The first thing you notice about her is how she moves. Even when she’s opening a door, she’s so sure of herself. Aware of the space and how much she takes up, but not in a way that makes her small. She knows what she deserves. The second thing you notice is that she’s so pretty, you think she may deserve a little more space.
As she turns around, she has two baskets of fries balanced on one arm, and she’s licking ketchup off of her thumb while she gently closes the door behind her with her foot. She looks up at you as she pulls her thumb out of her mouth, and her grin is contagious. “Oh my gosh, hi! I’m Wanda. You’re Y/N, yeah?”
All you can do is nod. Jesus, she’s really pretty. You almost hope she hates you like the idiot from high school, because if she likes you, even just as a friend, you’re screwed.
Still, she smiles at you, and then holds out a basket to you. "You hungry? I was hoping you'd show up soon, but don't worry, I would've eaten your fries if they started to get too cold and just bought you more later." There's a glint in her eyes, like she's sharing a secret with you. "Nobody deserves cold fries."
That makes you crack the smallest smile, and she breaks into a grin when she notices.
"Want some help unpacking, and then we can string up some lights after?" She nods to her boxes.
"Yeah, okay."
As you get to know each other, you begin to notice a lot of things about Wanda. She is gentle with you, sweet, but when your RA comes knocking on your door, inviting you both to the mandatory floor meeting, she's different. It isn't that she's rude, necessarily, but she's a little short with them. Maybe not as warm.
It's how she is with everyone else. You sit with a few people at dinner, and you both chat politely with each of them. They are nice, and you can tell they aren't as put off by Wanda's mood change as you are. You get lost back in the moment of putting the fairy lights up, your favorite music playing, Wanda singing to it when she recognizes a song you put on. It's not exactly comfortable to you yet, the space you two began to decorate earlier, but you think you might be getting there. Wanda says she wants to take a trip to the drug store off campus to get some Halloween decor, meaning more lights, but you're a little excited. You want to spend more time with her.
She nudges you as she nears the end of a conversation with one of the people who've sat with you. "You still here, Y/N?" You just nod again, but she smiles. It's secretive again as she scans your face, and you just stare back. "Good."
Wanda gets you out of there pretty quickly after that, telling the group of your plans. They try to invite themselves, but she denies them, claiming it's 'roommate bonding.' You're leaving the dining hall as she speaks to you directly. "Sorry for telling them no without asking you. I just..." She tries to act nonchalant, but you note that this is the first time you've seen her be nervous all day. "I've liked getting to know you on our own, I guess. I can go back in there and grab them if you want?"
"No!" You look sideways to her and find her already looking at you, brows furrowed. "I mean, yeah, no." You clear your throat and focus on the concrete as you walk beside her. "I like the roommate bonding idea better."
God, you really like it when she smiles at you, let alone because of you. "Yeah?" You nod quickly, not wanting the look on her face to leave just yet.  "Cool, cool. That's... yeah. We can always make other plans with them, right? They seemed nice."
"Sure. Other plans."
The two of you spend the week of orientation the same way. You're together the whole time, and neither of you get tired of the other. You find out that Wanda is a cuddler, and you're not sure whether to curse or thank the universe for that. She's warm, though, so you can't complain, really.
It's when you're both laying on her dorm bed spooning that you decide you aren't just glad to know someone, but you are glad that someone is Wanda. You think that she might just be glad to be known, that someone as full of this hidden brightness must just be glad to be seen, but you also think you're okay with that.
You realize why you're so okay with that way after you should. Like, seven years after you meet, way after.
And now, you're sitting here at a bridal shop, Wanda's thigh pressed against yours as you wait for Maria to come out of the fitting room. It's only the two of you in the waiting area, and there was a larger couch to the side the two of you could've sat on, but she pulled you onto the loveseat. You haven't been able to stop thinking about the heat from her skin burning into yours, and Maria's showed you both four dresses already.
"This is pointless." Maria comes out in a dress with so much tulle it makes you itchy, and you absently scratch at your arm.
Wanda smacks your hand away, pulling you to get up with her as Maria looks defeated in the mirror's reflection. "It's not pointless, Maria. They're just not you. We'll find one that is, it's just probably gonna take longer than you want it to."
It’s not college anymore. Wanda’s nice to people other than just you; it’s reserved for people she likes. You’re not special.
Wanda sets her head on Maria's shoulder. Maria just stares at the dress, and you can tell she's started to space out—which means she's way too deep in her head, which means she's freaking out a little. "Hey." She comes back enough to look at you when you put your head on her other shoulder. For a while, you just hold eye contact with her in the mirror, having a silent conversation until she finally lets out a huff of air. When she looks back to you, your smile is soft. You switch out your head for your elbow, not putting any weight on it. "Do I hear you backing down from a challenge, Rambeau?"
She glares at you, but you only grin back. "You sound like Carol," she mutters, and that only makes you smile more. She sighs. "Alright, alright, off." She shrugs both of you away. "I'm getting out of this dress and looking for where the sales girl put my clothes so we can go somewhere else." She looks to Wanda. "Find a business on the list that's family owned. I don't care if we have to skip through the schedule, I can't handle another person trying to shove me into a princess dress when I ask for just about anything else."
Wanda salutes her, and she disappears. You're sitting in silence for a bit, her skin back to touching yours, until she speaks. "You're amazing, you know."
She says things like that, sometimes. Compliments you in a way that's just too honest from her to ever deny, so you have to deflect. "I just know how she works. We're good at getting each other."
Really, it's true. You met Maria and her now-fiancé, then-best friend Carol the same year you met Wanda, and the four of you have been close since, but you and Maria are similar. She brings out the sarcastic side of you the most, but you're reserved and private, like she is. It's why you're one of her bridesmaids (you gladly gave the title of maid of honor up to Monica, because you know your place). Maria saw through you before you were even ready to admit it to yourself. The night you two met, she asked you when you and Wanda started dating, and you starting choking. "Feelings for your best friend, huh?" You shrugged, but she smiled as she looked to where Carol and Wanda were getting all of you drinks. "Yeah, well. Me too."
Except, you can't be that similar, because she's marrying her best friend, and you're quietly freaking out over thigh touches.
"I mean it, Y/N." Wanda nudges your shoulder. "It isn't just with Maria. You always seem to know how to make people feel good."
You laugh her off. "Can we just say it was a team effort and drop it?"
She rolls her eyes at you, but she puts her head between your neck and shoulder. She's scrolling through the list as she says, soft, but clear, "We are a pretty good team."
That keeps your mind spinning for days.
Eventually, Maria finds her dress at the second family-owned business you go to, and she couldn't look more beautiful. Months go by, months of still living with Wanda at your shared apartment, but nothing changes, much. Wanda tries to get a date to the wedding, so you pretend to look for someone until she finally just asks you and you try to agree in a way that feels normal.
Still, you don't see her much, the day of. It makes sense. She's part of Carol's party, you're part of Maria's, they both need their respective groups on their wedding days.
You sit at the back of the reception two hours in on the floor, tired out from all of the dancing Carol made you do the minute she saw you. Maria approaches, plops herself down with a glass of champagne in her hand right next to you. You've never seen her this happy. You tell her so.
She grins even wider as she looks to you for a second, then looks back to where you're staring. Wanda's stepped in for you now, keeping Carol occupied. The colors of the lights across their faces and their smiles make the moment feel like a movie scene. Weirdly enough, it almost makes you sad.
"You've seen me this happy. Carol makes me this happy. You just notice it today cos you're supposed to. You gotta tell me I look happy, otherwise you're a shit friend for letting me go through with the whole thing." You laugh, and Maria looks back to you. You feel her looking at you, but you don't say anything. "I'll bet I've seen you this happy."
You close your eyes, leaning your head back on the wall behind you. You know exactly what she means. "Really, Rambeau? Of all days to start this up with me, you choose your wedding day?"
You hear the smile in her voice. "I see an opportunity here. Don't you have to do anything a bride wants on her wedding day? Bad luck, or something."
You take a deep breath. In through your nose, out through your mouth. "She's moving, Maria." You open your eyes, but keep them trained on the random patterning of the popcorn ceiling of the reception hall. "She got a job offer in New York, and she's taking it." You scoff. "Of course she's taking it, it's a great opportunity for her, I’d be pissed if she didn’t, but it's just—she's moving."
You feel her fingers lace with yours, and she puts your hand in her lap. You don't look back at her yet, but you know it's her way of saying she's sorry things ended up this way without the classic I told you so. Because she has. She's told you so many times to fess up, even more since she and Carol got together, but you only used their relationship as an excuse. Of course she thinks you have a chance when Carol's loved her all along. Wanda hasn't. Not in the way you want her to.
You chew on your lip, looking over to Maria for a second. "She didn't even ask me to go with her, Mar." You look back up and swipe gently at the corners of your eyes with your free hand, sniffling. "I wish she would've asked."
She puts your hand back in your lap, touches your cheek to make you look at her. "Did you ask to go with her?" You roll your eyes, but she cuts you off before you respond, her own eyes sharp. "She can only take so many first steps on her own before she starts to rethink those steps, Y/N. Stop being a dumbass and just tell her, okay?" She smiles gently and leans in to kiss your cheek. You let her. As she gets up, she turns to you. "For my wedding day, yeah?"
You don't respond for a while, just closing your eyes again to settle your breathing, but you know she's still there. Once you're calm, you look up at her. "Why do you want us to have the same anniversary as you? You're weird."
She laughs, then, and you smile with her. She shakes her head at you. "Your excuses are gonna run you dry one day, but I'll be damned if I won't be around to see it."
She walks back to Wanda and Carol, points to you, because of course she does, and Wanda barely smiles. Or, she does, but it's sad. You get why. Moving is still gonna be hard for her, even if she doesn't feel the same way.
You look away from her and take off for the bathroom, trying to clean yourself up.
Maybe Maria's right. If you don't tell her before she leaves, you know you never will, and while you've been okay with that in the past, your feelings have shifted recently. Even before she told you about the move, you've been feeling on edge. Like the threat of her warmth leaving the space you've created together has made your body grow restless.
You can't think on it much longer because Wanda's coming into the bathroom.
Fuck. You just fixed your face.
She doesn’t say anything as she locks the door and hugs you from behind. "Wand?" You try to catch a glimpse of her in the mirror, but she only buries her cheek into the back of your shoulder. She knows you hate when she hides from you, but you know she only does it when she's super nervous. "Wanda." You put your hands over each of hers wrapped around you, waiting for your touch to bring her back out. Eventually, it does. She peaks her eyes up at you in the mirror, and when she sees you're already looking at her, she adjusts her chin to sit on your shoulder. "What's wrong?"
She looks down, then, but still talks. "Me. I made you cry."
God, you hate Maria right now. "Wanda, you didn't make me cry. Really."
You're turning in her hold to face her while she ignores your claim. "Maybe I can just keep searching for jobs here. Having a dream job is stupid anyway, right?" You stroke one of her hands with your thumb. She starts to ramble. "I can find other stuff to fulfill me. I should. I can't find anything fulfilling in New York." She could, you think to yourself. You could, too. "I can just stay. If that's okay with you. Have you started looking for other roommates yet? Put out an ad? Maybe we could—”
You don't even notice when your free hand drags her face towards yours, but you kiss her on purpose. You make sure she knows it. You kiss her thoroughly, and she kisses right back. Like this is how it's always been, and, god, hasn't it? Hasn't every small gesture been this? This tender kiss is asking you what you want for breakfast, is shielding your eyes from a scary movie, is holding hands while you walk home tipsy with the rest of your friend group a noisy blur, is asking you to write flour on the grocery list the day after baking way too many cookies, is stringing up Halloween lights in a dorm room knowing you have so many, you might cause an electrical circuit overload, is wanting so badly to tell her how much your love for her burns you, but knowing you're a fucking wimp, so you get out of it with a kiss in the bathroom of your best friends' wedding reception hall.
You're both panting when you pull away, but your mind finally catches up to who you just kissed. So you do something even dumber: you step away from her completely and blurt out, "I'm sorry."
Wanda looks dazed until you speak again. Her brows furrow in silence, eventually shaking her head. "You're sorry?" You nod. "I thought we were done with the nodding-and-no-response shit, Y/N. We left that in college."
'We.' As if there could ever be a 'we.'
"What else do you want me to say, Wand?" You avoid her stare, now. "I shouldn't have done it, and I'm sorry."
She bites her lip, like she always does when she's thinking, and then she catches you looking at her. You can't look away. "Do you regret it, then?"
You're not expecting that, and you can't hide that from her, so you answer quickly, instead. "I don't know."
She has the same secret smile she did the day you met, and you swear you're about to melt into the floor. "If you don't know if you regret it, then how do you know you shouldn't have done it? Or that you're sorry?"
You're confused. She doesn't look mad at you. She should be mad at you. "I don't..." The look in her face almost irritates you, like she knows something you don't. Does she? "I don't know."
"So maybe you don't regret it, then?" She's getting closer to where you are, backed against the tiled bathroom wall. "Maybe you should've done it. Maybe you wanted to kiss me more than you're letting on. Do you think that's it, Y/N?" You're getting frustrated. You don't have a grip with what's going on, and you hate it. "Do you think you just got so overwhelmed with your feelings that you had to kiss me, otherwise you'd explode?"
“I guess!" You throw your hands up, side stepping away from her and crossing to the other side of the room as you try to take deep breaths again. You don't notice Wanda laughing until your adrenaline goes away. “What?”
“Nothing, it’s just..." She pauses. "I didn’t think you’d ever admit your feelings, let alone admit them over us arguing about whether or not you meant it when you shoved your tongue in my mouth.”
You groan. “You make it sound gross when you say it like that.”
“Apologies, then, because it really wasn’t gross. At all.”
You hold her stare for a second, trying to find her humor in it. “At all?”
Wanda shrugs. “I mean, I think I might like to have your tongue in my mouth again, actually.”
You scrunch your nose up at her words. She laughs, and you absolutely do not laugh with her as you start to cross to her again. "You're an asshole."
"Am I?" She lets you cage her against the bathroom sink, her smile less teasing, but no less full. "Do you have a problem with that?"
"I think I do."
"Then kiss me about it." As you lean up to reconnect your lips with Wanda's, you're only a little bit upset that Maria was right.
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stars-aligning · a day ago
Imma do it off anon then
Show: wandavision or tfatws
Character: darcy or bucky
Pairing: monica and Darcy or sam and Bucky
Show - WandaVision! Honestly, TFATWS didn’t capture my attention all that much, while WandaVision had it from the beginning
Character - Darcy! I cannot handle Bucky’s greasy hair.
Pairing - Sam and Bucky!
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theavatar-asami · a day ago
Just realized something: in Salem, Agatha begged to be the hero in her story and was turned down because of what she had already done
Tumblr media
And then Wanda was the opposite, she thought she was the villain in her story
Tumblr media
Fawken parallels
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nobledemons · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Thank you for choosing me to be your mom.”
Mom’s are magic. Happy Mother’s Day!
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alpineandbucky · a day ago
Chapters: 4/? Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, WandaVision (TV), The Good Place (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis & Monica Rambeau & Jimmy Woo, Minor Agatha Harkness/Wanda Maximoff Characters: Darcy Lewis, Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo, Wanda Maximoff, Vision (Marvel), Agatha Harkness, Various MCU Characters Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - The Good Place (TV) Fusion, Darcy Lewis Has ADHD, Darcy Lewis-centric, darcy is eleanor, monica is chidi, Bisexual Darcy Lewis, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Fluff, Bisexual Monica Rambeau, Sharing a Bed, POV Darcy Lewis, Everyone Is Gay, there are literally no relevant straight characters because marvel, Angst and Hurt/Comfort Summary:
When Darcy Lewis dies and ends up in The Good Place, it’s a bit of a surprise, but she knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth.
Then she meets her so-called soulmate.
Or: The Good Place but make it WandaVision; cheleanor but make it marcy!
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stucky-on-spiderman · a day ago
new characters: Yelena OR Monica?
Monica 💖💖
Tumblr media
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happylittletrees3 · a day ago
hiya! i just read your WandaVision one-shot and i loved it, I don’t see much of Darcy and this felt really realistic! i’d like to request something similar, with Jimmy-Monica-Darcy being besties, especially after episode 6. hopefully something centering around Darcy and her getting sucked into the hex, maybe after she gets out and finds herself a lil scared of everything. thank you so much!
Cross posted on AO3 | Part 1
Ended up making this a Part Two for Needles, this is turning to a whole blown fic isn’t it?
god i'm sorry this took so long blame adhd
Darcy was not able to set Hayward on fire.
She did get him arrested though, so she could live with that. 
Darcy had done her best to avoid the debrief, but Jimmy eventually tracked her down and dragged her back.
“I know you don’t want to but we need more information on what happened inside the Hex from someone we know isn’t actively lying to us.”
“Ok, so ask Monica.”
“We need information from more than one person.”
“Fuck you.”
“I’ll buy you coffee?”
Jersey didn’t have terrible coffee.
Like, Darcy had had worse, she thought, sipping the mug Jimmy had put in front of her. They were having dinner in a place off the highway (major dejavu) and he had scribbled out all of his notes in a little pad that had been in his pocket. It was a grandpa notepad. Monica stared into her own cup of coffee, tagging along with the other two in an odd sort of haze.
Something had happened that the woman wasn’t talking about and Darcy wasn’t sure if she wanted to know.
“Do you think Wanda is ok?”
Darcy turns to look at Monica who's still staring into her coffee cup.
“I mean, she's pretty powerful I think she can handle herself,” Jimmy says with a nod, “Yeah, Wanda is probably all right.”
“She's still suffering. And now she's alone,” Monica says with a sigh, “I want to help her but I think my schedule just got booked. Indefinitely.” 
“We could look for her,” Jimmy says, giving Darcy a hopeful look.
“I kinda have a job Jimbo.”
“You’ve been unemployed for six months and it’s not even because of the blip.”
“How does he know that?”
“Look, someone does need to look for her,” Jimmy says, giving them both a look, “I don’t think the government is the best option right now given...uh...all that. Everything. The Hex incident in general,” he says, with a flourish of his arms, “It’d be completely off book. I’ve got friends who could get us transportation and supplies, we could get set up somewhere easy.”
“It sounds like you’re proposing a road trip,” Darcy says, balling up her straw wrapper, “Didn’t know you liked me that much Jimmy.”
“I’ve worked with worse people. Besides, it's more of a ‘find someone who is capable of dealing with this’ trip.”
“Doctor Strange?” Monica says, sitting up, “He's definitely capable of helping her.”
“Both have the Hogwarts vibe going on, I dig it!” Darcy says with a grin, sticking her straw in her mouth and blowing the wrapper at Jimmy's face. 
She misses.
“You have a PHD,” he says, just staring at her, “And here we are.”
“You’ve never met someone with a Doctorate have you? Ninety percent of us just...don’t give a fuck anymore dude.”
“So your plan is go off the grid, find Strange, and hope for the best?” Monica asks with a grin.
“The road is the best therapy,” Darcy says, spreading her arms wide, “And I’m too broke to afford the real thing so I’m calling it the next best thing!”
Monica laughs, “Well sounds like I know where I’ll be until I’m officially called in. A road trip sounds...nice.”
“I still don’t think it's technically a road trip…” Jimmy says, standing out of the booth, “But it's not Westview so I’m not complaining.”
Darcy lets out a cheer and jumps over the back of the booth. “Let's go slowpoke! Wizard hunting time!”
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women of marvel xreader exchange - sign up
this summer’s exchange is the women of marvel xreader exchange!! if you like xreader fics and marvel women, then this event is for you!! 
here’s how it will work: 
1. Sign Up Here, and pick at least two marvel ladies that you would be willing to receive a fic for. for a prompt, please choose one or two dialogue prompts that the person who gets you will use in their fic. Sign ups close at 11:59 EST on May 27th.
This exchange is random, and because I don’t see who has who, it is highly recommended that you be comfortable reading and writing at least Natasha Romanoff and/or Wanda Maximoff, but it’s not limited to them by any means.
Please reblog this post to get the word out!! All writers are welcome, whether this is your first fic or you’re an already established writer :)
2. The day after sign ups end, you will receive two emails from me:
I’ll be using a secret santa website to do the matching, so one email will come from that website, and it will tell you who you will be writing for. I can easily randomize the assignments this way, and it ensures that everyone has a match. 
The second email will come from this blog’s event email ( and it will have posting information, general information for the participants, and a spreadsheet of all the assignments. Once you find out from the secret santa website who your person is, you just need to find them on the spreadsheet to see your prompt and the characters you have the option of writing for.
3. You will have about six weeks to write your fic, and the word minimum is 800 words. On Saturday, July 10th, participants will post their fics to tumblr. I’ll send out more details about posting when the event gets closer, so don’t worry about that. When you post your gift, make sure to tag your person and this blog, so i can reblog it here as well. I will also put together a list of all the fics when the event is over, which will be linked on my pinned post with the other past events!
And that’s it! This event isn’t really that in-depth, and I’ll be available throughout the entire time if you have any questions, you want to workshop your fic, or anything else!
If you do have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me here, or you can ask me on my marvel fic blog @lovelyavengers​​! 
tagging those that said they were interested: @cap-n-stuff​ @lazypeachsoul​ @marvels-writings​ @satxnsupreme​ @buriedhatchetcominguplavender​ @natasharomanoffswife​​ @ithehellisbucky​ @blackberrybucky​ @miphas-trident​
also tagging @marvel-events-central​​
Tumblr media
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its-all-ineffable · a day ago
i’ve also recently got into mcu! i’ve been watching the falcon and the winter soldier - i absolutely love it. bucky barnes is definitely one of my favourite mcu characters. who are yours?<3
Ooh, yay! An MCU and Downton fan! I’ve recently got attached to Bucky and Sam too, because of TFATWS tbh, as I never got the hype for them before, especially not Bucky. But now I love my boys!🥰
My favourite characters though? Hmm... Pepper Potts tops this list, I ADORE HER!😍 Honestly, she’s my fave MCU lady! Love her so much! I also love Loki and Tony Stark too! Other favourites...Sam is up there as a fave now, along with Bucky, I guess, especially after TFATWS. And Peggy Carter, also a definite favourite, along with Sarah Wilson now, and Monica Rambeau and Shuri! Oh, and Frigga! Can’t forget her!
I love most of the MCU characters, I’ll not lie. Some not as much as others, but most of them! You got any other faves? Thanks for the ask @barrowstans?💖
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Darcy: [reading a magazine] Your best friend took your favorite lip gloss without asking. Do you a) get a new best friend, b) push her down a flight of stairs-
Monica: It does not say that.
Darcy: I know, but I feel that it should definitely be an option.
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gaypositiveicon · a day ago
jimmy: what do you say when you answer the phone?
monica: hi!
agatha: what the fuck do you want
darcy: sup
wanda, zoned out: no he’s dead, this is his wife
the rest of the group: ......
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