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#twst x reader
twstpasta · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“i’m drunk in you.”
bartender! azul x reader
synopsis: azul recounts the development of his feelings towards you through his drink recommendations to you. what started off as nothing more than chance quickly morphs into something deeper, something sweeter, and azul wants nothing more than to indulge in it fully.
a/n: drink responsibly pls n thx (also stream twice’s comeback)
content warning(s): mocktails (no actual alcohol is involved)
placed under cut for length!
Tumblr media
The day Azul first met you, you asked him a question.
“Does this have alcohol in it?”
That was the first thing you had ever said to Azul. The scene was set beautifully: a party in the Mostro Lounge to celebrate someone’s birthday, Azul out serving champagne to the guests, you in a stunning outfit and minding your own business when he offered a drink to you. 
He shook his head, letting you take the dainty champagne glass from him. “All the drinks served in the Mostro Lounge are mocktails. The Mostro Lounge doesn’t support underage drinking, so all of the drinks made are alcohol-free.”
You seemed to loosen up at those words, and without another word, you sipped the champagne flute. Azul watched with a slight sense of fascination as your face screwed up a little, the carbonated drink casting its magic on your senses.
“It’s… it’s certainly something,” you replied, smacking your lips softly and glancing surprisedly at the drink. “I can see why people would drink these at celebrations. Super bubbly.”
Azul laughed politely. “They’re a fun little thing for people to sip on while icebreakers are taking place. If you want another drink, I can go prepare it for you.”
You waved your hand, stealing another gulp of the faux champagne. “This is fine. I mean, it’ll take some time to get used to drinking something so much more bubbly than soda, but it’s alright. Thanks though.”
Azul couldn’t help but notice the way your eyes sparkled at the drink, surely because you had been introduced to a new world of culinary tact. Still, he smiled sweetly at you, the reflections of you and him shining against the other champagne glasses he held on his tray.
“Let me know if you’d like anything else, be it another drink, extra champagne, etcetera,” he remarked. “I’ll be more than happy to assist you.”
The day Azul met you again, it was at his bar.
This time, you had visited him willingly. You weren’t here for a fancy occasion or to grab a snack like most other clients, but rather, you came in search of him and the magic he wove on his drinks. 
Azul was surprised to see you hop onto a seat at the bar counter, and you waved at him like you two were close friends. 
“I hope I’m not coming in at a bad time,” you said to him. “It doesn’t seem that busy, but you never know with restaurants like yours.”
The silver-haired student shook his hand and made his way over to the bar. “Not at all. What can I get for you?”
“Ah, I actually wanted to ask you about that,” you laughed, your eyes crinkling up. Your eyes brought him back to his first meeting with you, the sparkle similar to the bubbling drink and the glimmering, golden shine of the drink. “I really liked the champagne drink you brought me last time. Like, I know it was just part of the hospitality package for the party, but it was really good.”
“Oh?” Azul spoke up, raising an eyebrow. His smile was calculated, translated into business and poise, a smile that refused to show you even a sliver of how he truly felt. “It makes me happy to know that you’ve enjoyed it.”
“Yeah,” you said, returning his strained smile with a genuine one. “Do you think you can recommend a drink to me? Something special that you’d think I like?”
Azul hummed to himself, his eyes skirting away from your bright face towards the rack of luxury wines he had brewed for the purpose of the Lounge. Some of them sweet, some more tart, each one crafted to perfection through a lot of trial and error. 
He moved towards the rack, selecting a single bottle. “Well, I think I have an idea as to what you might enjoy. Please, sit back, and let me pour you a glass of something special.”
The day you visited again, Azul had been expecting you.
“You’ve been making yourself quite a regular at my bar,” Azul commented, pushing an exquisitely polished glass towards you. It was about a third full, and when you glanced at the glass, your reflection seemed to follow you like a playful poltergeist.
You grinned at Azul, daintily picking the glass up and taking a small sip. It had the signature “burn”, but you knew that was from the magic Azul cast onto the drink as well as his skill infused with every drop of the addicting elixir, not from any alcohol. Not too sweet but not too bitter, just a little push-and-pull, similar to your budding relationship with the handsome bartender. 
“What can I say? You never fail to blow me away with your expertise whenever I come around. It’s hard to find another place to get something so much fun when I have you to recommend all sorts of things,” you piped up eagerly.
Azul’s smile was a bit more relaxed than what you had grown accustomed to, but there was still a mature air around him. He looked stunning (well, he always did), with his dorm leader jacket off and dressed simply in suspenders and a loosened tie. His sleeves were also pushed up, showing off his strong arms whenever he poured you a drink.
“I don’t mind,” he replied after a moment. His eyes were locked on you as you continued to savor the drink, every bit of his actions as fluid and graceful as the tequila swirling around in your glass. “I consider you a friend. And that says a lot, considering that I tend to keep myself closed off.”
The smile you gave him was enough to make his heart skip a beat, a ray of sunshine into the darkness of his soul. “I consider you the same. It’s nice to know that you care too.”
The day you nearly broke in front of him, Azul prepared something “stronger” for you.
“It’s been tough,” you grumbled, shaking some of the fatigue out of your face. “I guess I feel lonely at this school? I mean, everyone’s been kind, and you’ve gone out of your way to make me feel welcome.”
Azul kept his ears perked, taking a slice of fresh lime and sticking it tentatively into the rim of the cocktail cup. The drink was the same color as the leaves waving outside and kelp shining in the sunlight, and when Azul handed it over to you, your fingertips brushed against his.
Warm. Tingly. Electric.
“I wish there was more for me here,” you continued, eyeing your reflection within the drink in your cup. “I want something more than people pretending to like me. I want acceptance, I want someone who’ll accept me for who I am. Not for what I can do, not for what I will become, but for who I am.”
Your words probed at something deep in Azul. The dorm leader kept his cool. He always had, and he knew he always would. But when you took a large swig of your mocktail, cringing when the stinging sensation attacked your esophagus.
You looked so human, so vulnerable, so prone to mistakes. You were the opposite of him; he was almost robotic, so powerful, so immune to letting any of his shortcomings overtake him.
You forced a smile onto your face, raising the half-full glass towards him. “I’m going to keep trying. I’ll find someone who cares for me. I’ll have to keep trying.”
Mojito with lime—
The day Azul thought that maybe he had a chance, you were rather bubbly.
“You look nice in your bartender outfit,” you giggled, absentmindedly stealing a sip from your cup. “I mean to say that every time you serve me something, but for some reason, it always slips my mind. I guess I’m too caught in the moment to really point out every detail.”
Azul leaned against the counter, facing you. Your voice felt like honey, soothing his tired senses and massaging his even more fatigue psyche. Something clenched at his chest whenever you grinned at him innocently, letting your worries fade away into the sunset whenever he served you something new to drink.
“It’s just me without my jacket and sleeves rolled up,” he humbly responded. You shook your head, the summer-y taste of the citrus drink perhaps making you a bit bolder than normal. You reached out, gesturing at his arms.
“It’s not about just the objective clothes,” you pointed out. “It’s your charisma. It comes to you naturally. Something about connecting with others and weaving bits of yourself into whatever it is you give them…”
“Are you referring to my contracts?” He asked, his racing heart practically impossible to ignore at this point.
You shrugged mysteriously, the enigmatic smile on your face making his stomach feel like the trusty blender he often used to make your drinks. “If you want to take it that way. But I was talking about the drinks you make for me.”
Sweet mimosa—
The day he showed part of his heart, Azul was alone with you in the Mostro Lounge.
“I know I told you that I like being with you, but I hope you realize how much I mean it,” Azul laughed, hoping the casual tone of his voice wasn’t too strained. He was too used to keeping things curt and professional, and you were the first person to really ever coax him out of that comatose state of business deals and profit.
Your sloppy smile was the perfect compliment to the bright orange of your mimosa drink. You mouthed a quick thanks to him before taking a long sip of the chilly, tart drink. He laughed once more, hearing you gasp and burst into an even bigger grin.
“It’s bubbly!” You remarked, staring at the drink like you had struck gold.
“Quite so,” Azul explained. “That’s because there’s a good bit of champagne in it.”
“Champagne,” you repeated, tasting both the word and the drink in your hand. “That’s the first drink I ever had from you. I loved it so much that I decided to keep coming to you in hopes that I would fall in love just like I had with that fizzy little thing.”
Azul spoke before he could think. “Would you say that you have?”
You shrugged once more. Your emotions were always hard to decipher; you seemed to show so much of yourself on the surface, and you did. But when deeper, more personal questions were involved, you were always quick to tease him, to offer him a taste of what you had and to go scuttling away before he could truly latch onto you.
But today, you gave him something more than just a simple taste.
“In more ways than one.”
Piña colada—
The day Azul decided to settle things for good, he was preparing long before your normal time at the bar.
His hands shook so hard that for many a moment, Azul wondered if he could even pull everything off smoothly. You were so fond of his recommendations and his drinks, and he had one last trump card he could use to wow you.
Which he decided would be the perfect accompaniment to his grand plans. As he put the finishing touches on the beautifully crafted and sweetly decorated piña colada, Azul fished out a delicately made promise ring, embellished with all sorts of sleek jewels and details.
It was elegant but not too overbearing, a simple back-and-forth like how his feelings for you had bloomed over the days. You two had come a far way, starting off as mere acquaintances by chance and then evolving into close friends who spilled each others’ thoughts like spilled mocktails as the long hours by the bar blended into something more than a relationship between a bartender and his customer.
No, you were someone he held far closer to his heart than a mere business relation. You were someone who shared the same ambitions and endeavors deep down, and yet, you were also someone who appreciated the finer things in life and made sure to slow down to reflect and forgive.
He took the promise ring, rolling it in between his fingers as he silently poured the wishes from his heart that you would accept his feelings. This drink would be his final recommendation to you, but with luck, it would simply be amongst the many he would lovingly brew up for you. 
And with seconds counting down to your fateful arrival and with a final prayer on his part, Azul tipped the ring into the drink, letting it sink to the bottom of the cup where you would find it with time.
Tumblr media
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flooyds · 2 hours ago
trying to seduce darling when nude after seeing her nude.
vil schoenheit, leona kingscholar, rook hunt & malleus draconia. yandere, suggestive.
warnings. yandere content, mentions of being naked, implied noncon(?), mentioned marriage & children.
request. Hi! How are you doing? I hope that it is not a bother, but I have a request. What if - after seeing reader naked - yandere guy staged it for her to walk on him naked? Either during change of clothes or straight out of the shower. Like in a way of trying to seduce maybe? Is it possible to request that for Vil, Leona, Rook and Malleus?
a/n. i struggled a little bit with the whole yandere thing since the request is pretty normal seeming. sorry if it isn’t to your liking!
Tumblr media
vil schoenheit.
Tumblr media
- vil isn’t one to not knock when he enters a room, so when he happens to stumble into your bedroom while you’ve just started changing, well, it’s a bit embarrassing. not only for you, but for him as well, this could cause some kinds of damage to his image, you know!
- he’ll excuse himself for now, maybe telling rook to sneak by your window and get some pictures for him. it’s only to admire your beauty, he assures him, though rook would never question vil. he doesn’t want to seem a creep, so he decides to not make up a reason to go back, but he’ll definitely have some kinds of pictures from the event.
- he has to really be obsessed with you — which he is — to plan out an entirely staged ‘oh no, you walked in after i’ve just gotten out of the shower!’ thing. he takes his time in making sure that all goes well, having rook help him out with his ‘evil’ plan (as rook says). he’ll carefully study your routine and find the exact right time to make sure that everything goes smoothly.
- when you do end up walking into his room after his shower, it’s a bit difficult for him to keep his smirk hidden, his tone becoming strict as he asks you what business you have at this time — though, on the inside he feels a overbearing sense of lust, it’s the perfect scenario — and watching you stutter with averted eyes makes him chuckle, telling you that you’re welcome to appreciate the wonderful sight, it’s not everyday you get to see the vil schoenheit after a shower, you know?
Tumblr media
leona kingscholar.
Tumblr media
- leona had probably come to sleep in your bed, his usual demands that you stay with him in it. but instead he got you, fresh out of the shower, towel leaving little to his imagination as some water that hadn’t been soaked up ran down your legs and arms. it was a sight, that’s for sure, his usual smirk plastered on his face as he made his way over to you, his little herbivore wants to tease him, hm? well, it’ll take more than that to get leona wanting to pounce. (not really.)
- when you eventually persuade him to at least step outside of your room so you can change, he’s not gonna get anybody close your room, growling and snarling at any beast man that could step foot near the area. to you, he’s impatiently waiting outside for you to finish changing, but to him he’s staring at you through the slight crack in the door that he’d left open with his tail as he licks his lips. he’s just hunting prey, no? it’s natural for a lion such as him.
- he’ll probably grow tired and bored from waiting and wander off, commanding ruggie to grab the towel you’ve used and bring it to him afterwards. lots of thoughts run through his head as he lays down in bed, your cute embarrassed and tinted face as you tried your hardest to get him to leave, not even noticing the tent in his pants as he looked down at you. like a rabbit getting hunted, that’s how you looked to him. and of course, ruggie swings by and gives him a thought of being able to catch you walking in on him naked as well.. and he takes it.
- it’s not hard to make you come to his room at a specific time, you wouldn’t dare to refuse his orders. and when you walk in on him ‘changing’ he’ll just say how he’d forgotten all about your little plan to meet him here, and how you might as well stay, he won’t be long! just lay down and he’ll join you, that’s what you’re here for, ya know? letting his snuggle up with your helpless self. it’s not until he climbs into bed and the doors locked, you realize he hasn’t actually clothed himself.
Tumblr media
rook hunt.
Tumblr media
- rook has gotten a good catch today, hasn’t he? when he ends up walking in, he’s immediately apologizing — not because he’s sorry, but because he just shouldn’t be able to be in the presence of such beauty! — and backing out, but making sure to take eye fulls of your figure, even through the towel he can make everything out perfectly (and also since, well, this isn’t the first nor last time he’ll see you in such a form) and catch onto every curve and part.
- he’d planned it all out, of course, it’s not like rook to go unprepared nor be caught in a surprise, so it’s only natural he had known ahead of time. whether it was when he’s watching your from the trees that sit beside the room you just happened to be assigned to (by him) or when he’s listening to your conversations or when you spend a few words while you’re by yourself. rook always knew, but it’s easy to not see that, his covers and acts always amazing as he acts shocked he’s stumbled across such beauty and inappropriateness.
- rook finds beauty in having you walk in on his in such a lewd scenario as well, knowing the embarrassed look that would cover your face as you try to exit the room. even when thinking of it he grows hard and lets out a happy sigh, he, like vil, plans everything to a t, making sure it’ll all go as planned and it’ll work out in his favor. he can’t help but be excited the day of it, hurriedly telling you to make your way over in a few, and quickly finding his way back to shed his clothing.
- he acts shocked as he tells you that he hadn’t expected you so soon! he’d said in a few but thought you’d be later! forgive him for being so silly. though, you wouldn’t mind helping him pick out an outfit, would you? he wouldn’t want vil anything but impressed with his choice of style, and he thinks you’d be perfect. so, don’t be shy, he won’t bite.. if you don’t want him to. (though he still might bite even if you don’t want him to)
Tumblr media
malleus draconia.
Tumblr media
- it’s a very rare scenario for malleus to accidentally stumble upon you nude, usually minding his own business as he thinks of ways to force you to become his future queen. it’s only when he hears you stumble on something, he rushes over. now, normal human hearing wouldn’t catch it, but malleus can’t have you hurt, that could be bad for future children with the two of you! and then when he walks in and you’re naked, he gets the wrong idea at first, are you already ready to bear his child? but then when you stumble over words and ask him to please exit, he understands that he’s walked in at a rather awkward moment.
- that all doesn’t go without saying that he isn’t going to have somebody creep in you. most likely lilia — as sebek isn’t sneaky one bit and silver will most likely fall asleep — as he asks him to go and stalk watch over you, making sure no trouble may be brewing as you sit content in your room, unaware of a set of red eyes peering in on your more private life.
- he has time to himself as he thinks of ways he can make you look like that again, your cute face showing you to be all embarrassed and worried, telling him that you’re alright. it’s not until lilia returns and tells him that a good way to ‘get back’ at you would for him to also appear naked in front of you. he only nods as lilia talks him through all of the plan, that he can distract silver and sebek just long enough for you to be able to catch his nude form. malleus isn’t exactly sure if it, but he trusts lilia and goes with the plan.
- and he’s glad he did when you do walk in, loudly knocking as you let your presence be known, carefully and slowly opening up the door to revealing his naked form. he plays the impression that he hadn’t heard you and been preoccupied in his thoughts, telling you that it’s alright you’ve seen him in such a way. his smile is hard to contain as he watches you try and explain yourself, knowing that if sebek was to hear about such a matter he’d freak. malleus only pulls you close to him as he tells you that he has a way you can make it up to him, and you must listen, he’s the future king after all.
—thank you for your request! i hope you enjoyed it..~
Tumblr media
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coffeeleafdepression · 3 hours ago
Azul Ashengrotto (Honeymoon Headcanon)
Before I move on to Jade’s- Let us have slices of Azul simp action shall we?
The marriage one is here. Hope you enjoy!
Bringing him to your world for the honeymoon
He doesn’t even know where to start.
But then again, he’s got the research
and did plenty of trial and error to pick the suitable places to go to
and that would be......
In Venice!
He heard is quite romantic, 
and yes he’s eaten plenty Italian food,
but has he seen the buildings and monuments?
And what better way to do it than with you?
Literally nothing.
Spending time with you is the only option he wants if he travelled to anywhere-
He wants to appreciate the culture with you!
and also-
he made sure that the honeymoon period was aligned with the famous Masked Ball Venice holds.
Because he wants another dance.
Just like from his wedding.
He’s being sappy and extra my lord-
I love it-
 Him in a mask?
Okay but- like- yo-
just imagine him-
he’s gonna be like phantom of the opera-
Now look at me, 
Azul wearing a loose white shirt, sleeves rolled up, unbuttoned 2 buttons while having his hair a little more ruffled to the front, his eyes is soft on you as he smiles whilst sitting on a canoe rowing through the canals of Venice?
Oh please-
I’m not the only one-
I see you-
You both had such a fulfilling time, he couldn’t be more happier after your wedding.
I just imagine him kiss s/o so gently while dancing and swaying during the masked ball I-
and he just stares into your eyes, whispering how much he loves you and just puts a hand on your cheek caressed it and kiss you on your lips again this time more passionately
He just loves you so much
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wolken-himmel · 4 hours ago
In which (Y/n) finds out the truth behind her relationship with Jamil: He only accepted her confession in order to spite Kalim, who had a crush on her as well.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"You're a monster, Jamil. Do you know that?"
Countless times now, you had winded your wrist out of Jamil's grip, only for his hand to shoot forward again, recapturing your hand. Having enough, you shot around and glared at him. Jamil jumped at the scowl on your face, full of hatred directed at him — he had never seen you so angry before.
Jamil bit his lip as you once again ripped your limb out of his hold and marched away, just wanting to get away from him. "(Y/n), please—" he cried out while running after you in hopes of getting you to stop; yet, the sound of his footsteps so close behind you only made you pick up your pace. You had your eyes clenched shut in fear that tears would surface again. "We need to talk!"
"We really should, huh." You began laughing, but your laughter was so dry and ironic that it made his blood freeze and his heart shatter in pain. Wryly chuckling to yourself, you shook your head and continued your way while Jamil had come to a stop. "But I don't want to talk to a liar..." you hissed out, that pained smile immediately disappearing from your face.
"I'm not a liar— at least not anymore," Jamil exclaimed as he began walking again. "I really, really genuinely, have fallen in love with you throughout our relationship."
Finally, you stopped in your tracks, causing Jamil to let out a sigh of relief. When you turned around to shoot him another glare, the most intense and hateful so far, he felt like a deer in headlights. The scowl on your face was frightening, really. "And yet the reason why you accepted my feelings was a lie..." you seethed through clenched teeth while throwing your hands up in resignation. Jamil winced. "We built our relationship on a lie..."
"I... I'm so sorry..." was all he managed to bring out, unable to bring his guilt and sadness into words. His shoulders slouched forward and his breathing ragged, he avoided your burning stare and lowered his gaze to the floor, ashamed of himself. "I just wanted to have something that Kalim wanted — just once in my life! And then you came strolling in, and Kalim fell head-over-heels for you... yet you confessed your feelings to me, his servant. Do you know how proud I felt in that moment?"
A scoff escaped your lips, the hatred you showed for your boyfriend supposed to cover up the pain you felt in your heart. "You're selfish."
Jamil couldn't bring himself to defend himself because in essence, your words — no matter how forward and hurtful they were — spoke nothing but the truth. Merely sighing, he finally raised his gaze to look you in the eyes. The genuine sparkle in his eyes caught you off-guard temporarily. "I have never ever been able to be selfish before in my life: I'm a servant only living to serve his master..." he muttered under his breath, his voice quivering and even breaking at the end. "So why can't I be selfish for once?"
You rubbed your burning eyes, knowing that he was right; your heart was beginning to pity him, but you knew that you couldn't give in. Forgiveness couldn't be earned so easily. So, crossing your arms, you exhaled shakily and admitted, "The thing that breaks my heart is that the only reason you accepted my feelings was to hurt Kalim..." You didn't want to speak out the words your mind was thinking, but you were left no other choice. "The things you said to me must have been lies, then—"
"Maybe at first." Jamil's gaze turned steely and determined as he exclaimed, "But not anymore."
You let out a drawn-out sigh before once again turning away from him, trying to hide the vulnerable frown on your face. "I need time to think about everything, Jamil," you whispered under your breath, your voice pathetic and weak.
"I can understand that..." Jamil nodded and exhaled, too, just as angry at him as you were. "Just know that... I really love you and that I couldn't imagine a life without you any longer. Spending time with you really left a large impression on me— and I don't think I could ever erase you from my mind. I'm just... really sorry for lying to you at first. I hate myself for messing up... I always say Kalim is a bumbling fool, but who is the fool now?"
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twstpasta · 4 hours ago
can i request🧣+ azul + romantic?
Tumblr media
Azul tucked the scarf gently around your shoulders, making sure it was comfortable against your skin, part of it wrapped around his own neck. You weren’t sure whose idea it was to try sharing a scarf, but either way, you didn’t mind it. It was warm, and you couldn’t help but smile at the Octavinelle student sweetly, feeling him fumble slightly with tying the ends together.
“Here, do you want me to do it?” You asked, placing your hands over his. Azul laughed softly, letting you take over.
“Thank you, dear,” he sighed. “I usually don’t struggle with knots this badly, but maybe I’m just not used to trying to tye a knot while sharing a scarf.”
“It’s nice, isn’t it? I’ve only ever seen other people do stuff like this, so I’m tickled to try it myself,” you admitted, expertly tying the end of the red scarf into a cute bow. Your hands automatically searched for Azul’s, and Azul intertwined his fingers with yours as if it was the most natural thing in the world. 
He nodded, making sure to stay close to you to make sure the scarf wouldn’t unravel. “It’s a useful little gimmick. Not only can you stay warm and cozy, you get the opportunity to do something different with your lover. A win-win on both ends, both romantic and practical.”
You giggled, charmed by the merman’s knack for rationale even while being around you. “That’s the Azul I know and love. C’mon, why don’t we try heading out? We should show off our new scarf to everyone else in school.”
He let you lead him outside, a casual smile replacing his typically calculated one. “A convenient way for us to spend time together. Very well! Let’s be off, before anyone else can steal our spotlight!”
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coffeeleafdepression · 5 hours ago
Azul Ashengrotto (Wedding Headcanons)
Yeah I was simping too hard that day- Hope you enjoy!
A medium sized wedding
but he goes all out for it with all those fancy decorations
he’s not gonna half ass it no-
not when it’s his and your wedding-
He invited his family, close friends
Idia was the music dj lmao-
And I like to think
his whole family and you cooked together for the wedding
all those Italian dishes home cooked with love by his family.
And it now includes you.
He’s so happy.
Did Azul cry?
Yeah of course.
But to keep up his image and show he was calm,
he only let a tear fell.
A pearly tear.
But inside he was like-
Who was his best man?
Well, his closest friends were Floyd and Jade.
And while they aren’t so
you know-
Y e a -
he went with Jade to be his best man cuz he was the least chaotic out of the two
sorry Floyd, he can’t have you tease him during his wedding.
Before and after ONLY
Not during-
Flower themes was quite a pick,
but I chose violets
Besides the aesthetic purple, it’s small, simple yet beautiful. It just reminded him of you. Your beauty outshines the rest.
When you two were dancing, I swear he had never been so happy before
it was like he was in a fairytale. 
It was so tender and emotional for him, he wanted it to last forever.
He really does.
Your wedding was a very touching wedding for him.
He loves you.
He really does. 
Should I do a Jade one 0-0
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writer-akihiko · 6 hours ago
Hi, I wanted to request a scenario for the dorm leaders separately where him and S/o are dating. Grim comes running to find him and tell him Crowley was sending S/o back to their world. So the dorm leader goes running into Crowley's office and plead S/o to stay in twisted wonderland, telling them how much they love them and admitting they want to get married when they graduate. S/o agrees to stay, but explains that Crowley only gave the option to go back and Grim just assumed they were leaving.
Dorm Leaders + MC's Chance To Leave
So I have to be honest, this was a little challenging for me since I didn't want to repeat the same scenario, so some scenarios turned out a little more angsty than the others, so please be warned of that
Besides that, I had a lot of fun on the reactions of the Dorm Leaders! Please enjoy! Cut for length
"Hoi! Dorm Leader!!"
A furry cat ran up to the Dorm Leader, in full panic as his swishing tail flickered anxiously.
"Listen here!" Grim pawed at the student's feet, the mention of your name catching his attention. "YN's leaving! You have to go and stop her! I overheard her in Crewel's office!"
Malleus Draconia
He summoned as much magic as he could, transporting him to the principal's door and blasting the door open
He was truly scared, and his fear translated through his own magic as the whole school felt the earthquakes
The draconic fae hugged you tight, his much larger frame engulfing you completely. "YN, please don't go… I don't know what I'd do without you so please…"
"No, please let me finish," He said, his finger silencing you. "YN, I love you. I love you my dear, more than you'd possibly know. I want to do so much with you. I want to marry you once I was done with school, and I was hoping to take you to the Valley of Thorns!..."
"My Queen, please consider staying with me."
Despite his desperate grip, you patted his head, giggling at the confession.
"Tsunotarou… I'm not going anywhere."
Crowley coughed, "M-My my… What a passionate proclamation of love…"
Malleus was utterly confused, but all he understood was that you weren't leaving him
You explained the whole situation, although you had to tease your precious fae for overreacting
"Tsunotarou~ Should I prepare my wedding dress now?"
The Prince of the Faes has never blushed harder…
Riddle Rosehearts
He hoped he wasn't too late, as he raced down the halls, abandoning every rule he himself established in the dorms
"YN! You're not allowed to leave me!"
His face reddened with rage and despair, anticipating for the worse as he fell to the ground
He felt the familiar touch of you, as you held his cheek
He reached out to you, confessing his worries
"YN, if you really leave me... I don't think I can handle it anymore. You mean so much to me... If you're leaving me, at least know that I love you to the point I want to have a wedding right after graduation!-"
"R-Riddle... you really want to marry me?" You shied away, hiding your face in your hands
"Of course!" He protested. "You're the only one I'd be on my knees for, so please... don't leave."
You couldn't help but let out a laugh at such a serious moment like this. "Riddle... I never planned to. I turned down Crowley's offer. I'm staying here... with you. So don't cry, Riddle."
He felt like an utter idiot for believing Grim
"O-Of course! I'm... Thank you for staying with me, YN."
Kalim Al-Asim
He dropped everything he was doing, racing to the principal's door
Jamil was the unfortunate soul who had to clean up after him
Kalim didn't want to miss you, he just had so much so say to you
When he burst in the room, Crowley protested the sudden interruption
He was quickly silenced by Kalim throwing a pillow at him
"YN! My beautiful Zahra!" He proclaimed, getting on one knee. "My Zahra, will you marry me?"
"If you marry me this instance, you'd consider not going back!" He cried, the tears soaking his shirt. "YN, I don't… Don't go… What am I supposed to do?"
You wiped away your lover's tears, kissing them away
"Kalim, I never planned to. I'm staying here with you, my sweet prince, even if I can go back," You said, brushing the ends of his hair
You nodded, your cheeks warming at the thought of Kalim's sudden proposal. "Y-Yeah… Did you mean to marry me though?"
"YN, I'd propose to you over and over again if that's what you want."
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul snapped, crushing the contract he was preparing for some student that harassed you the other day
He was in denial at first, but he wasn't about to take any chances
If he had to keep you here by a contract, he'd do so
"Crowley! What is the meaning of this?!"
He protectively pulled you into his arms, stating his purpose. "YN, you are not going back," He turned to you. "You don't know if it works! It could be a scam! You're safer with me-"
"Azul, you're-"
"YN," He faced you, bringing his gloved hand under you chin. "Don't underestimate my love for you. If Crowley… If he didn't step in, I'd propose to you by graduation and I'd bring you the Sea to meet my parents and-"
"Azul, my adorable octopus. I didn't agree to go back," You said, setting your boyfriend straight. "I'm not going anytime soon, not away from you that is."
Most would've expected him to be in tears when hearing you were leaving, but Azul was a sobbing mess hearing that you stayed
"R-Really? YN… Thank you, thank you my Angelfish for staying with me…" He sobbed into your shirt, swaying into the hug
"You shouldn't underestimate my love for you either, my future husband."
Idia Shroud
Idia almost broke the game controller in his hands, his jaw agape at Grim
"Extra… You shouldn't be telling me lies…"
Idia, of course had to set out on a quest to reverse the fate of this story!...
He rushed to the den of the wicked, and there the trickster principal was tempting you to go back!
"YN! Don't fall for his schemes!" He cried, his hair of flames burning brighter than before. "I… I won't let you go back home!"
Ortho, at his side, dutifully restrained the crow from retorting anything as Idia tried to convince you to not leave
"YN… Just say anything and I'll give it to you. Just don't go!!" He said. "Is it because you thought I was hiding something from you? If it's that, I'm willing to show you!"
He rustled a paper out of his jacket, unfurling it to reveal a design of a ring…
"Here!" He presented, at this point quite desperate to keep you here. "I-It's the ring I plan to propose you with! It was supposed to be after my graduation, where you could be next to me all the time…"
You cupped the face of your frantic boyfriend, hushing him
"Idia, sweetie, I agreed to stay even before you came," You explained, telling him that you never planned to leave as well how you appreciated his notion of marriage
Idia pulled you into a tight hug, happy that you never gave up on him
"YN, I'll try to make you as happy as I can!"
Leona Kingscholar
To everyone's surprise, Leona's first instinct wasn't a fit of rage. Instead, the second prince went into a burst of tears with hits frustration
"YN… There's no way she would…"
He had to prove himself wrong. He had to
Otherwise he'd might just break then and there
"YN! Where are you?..."
He almost worried if he were too late
He couldn't explain the bloom of relief that swelled in his chest as he saw you still in this world
He grabbed you by the shoulders, unexpected words spilling from his lips
"YN, did I mean nothing to you? Was I nothing when you showed me love?!" He cried out, his tears flowing freely. "Was… Was I even worth it? Was I?"
He sunk to his knees, as he gave up all hope for you to stay
"I wanted to make you mine… I wanted to marry you and live with just the two of us…" He sobbed, his claws digging into his own skin
"Was I that easy to forget?"
He didn't expect the warmth of your hug comforting him. "No Leona," You said, shedding a few tears yourself. "I could never forget you, which is why I chose to stay. I'm never leaving you, not even for my old life."
"YN… you really scared me, y'know?"
Vil Schoenheit
Vil wanted to crush that cat under his heels for bringing such dreadful news to him
He made his way to the principal's room, voicing his very annoyance the moment he barged in
"Principal! How dare you manipulate my sweet potato!"
He cuddled you in his arms, lulling sweet words into your ears in hopes of driving whatever rubbish you had to hear from Crowley
"My sweet potato, I… Please consider staying with me," He said, his hands ghosting over yours. "I… Just let me give everything to you if that's what you want! You can do anything, I just want you…"
You were about to say something, but Vil thought it was a retort of protest
"I had been planning everything for the moment I propose after graduation! I can't let that bird ruin that!" He cried, trying to hear a word of approval from you. "My… My beloved. Please stay with me."
You nodded, bestowing a kiss on your lover
"Vil, I'm flattered," You admitted. "But I was already planning to stay. I could never consider letting you go."
Vil couldn't stop himself from lifting you up and twirling you around. "Oh, my beloved! You're staying with me!" He repeated over and over again, enjoying the giggles that came from your lips
He set you down, realising your furry companion lied to him
"YN, I really want to crush that furball that tails you…"
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pineapple-coco · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Twisted wonderland x Alchemist Mc
Mc is from the same world of Fullmetal Alcemist: Brotherhood and fought during the promise day. Mc has saw truth by trying to bring their older brother back from the dead, he studied alchemy and ended up killing himself after finding out the truth about the philosopher stone. Mc can use sapphire fire alchemy (their brothers work) and lost their right arm.
Mc cleaned ramshackle in a day, with just clapping their hands and doing some alchemy.
Crowley: Yuu... is this the same dorm I gave to you!?!
Mc: Yeah, I just used some alchemy to fix it up and all.
Crowley: I could use this to make the whole school shine better then RSA!
Mc: Not a chance am I doing that for you.
Crowley: I will not not give you any extra cash.
Mc: This is abuse of power.
Alchemy class is confusing for them as all they do is potions and understand the laws of it. Mc just sleeps through the whole class as they already know everything about it.
Crewel: Ok so dose anyone know the laws of equivalent exchange.
Mc: Mankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return.
Crewel: Good puppy! See maybe I should make everyone stay for extra lessons as it seems to be working.
Mc: Nah it didn’t work at all, in my world I am an alchemist so I already know the rules.
People finding out about Mc having automail and having them freak out.
Mc: It’s so hot in this gash darn room! *takes off sweater and gloves to be in a tank top*
Deuce: Y-Yuu! What happened to your arm?!
Mc: Oh... I committed a taboo among alchemy.
Ace: So committing this taboo gives you a cool metal arm?
Vil: No you potatoes! Yuu tried human transmutation and saw truth!
Mc: As punishment of doing it I lost my arm... to make it worst I was just 10 years old when I did it knowing it was wrong.
Rook: You must have tried to bring someone you love very much back to life.
Mc: Some other alchemist who committed the taboo found out it really wasn’t the person they were trying to bring back... mine was the same.
Kalim: That must feel bad suffering for someone else you didn’t want to bring back.
Mc: No I am happy as I didn’t make my brother die twice and the pain I went through is what I needed to move on from his death.
Vil: Strong words for a potato, now everyone back to work!
Mc having interesting conversation with diasomnia.
Sebek: Human! We will be needing your help.
Mc: What do you need my help with homunculus?
Sebek: I am not a homunculus!
Mc: Yeah I don’t think anyone beside a homunculus would look down upon humans!
*Tea with Diasomnia*
Lilia: Mc why do you hate being called human when that what you are?
Mc: Oh you see in my home country the king was a homunculus that was just going to use the whole kingdom as a giant sacrifice for a philosopher stone!
Malleus: So you were stuck knowing what was going to happen.
Mc: Only some of us knew but we did what we could and took them all down including the master mind of who they called father.
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coffeeleafdepression · 7 hours ago
Um *Sweating* May I request this but with Lilia, Vil, and Cater 😳😳
I added Jade because I simp 0-0, and that's why this is 98% fluff and 2%
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoy!
TWST with a very sensitive (ticklish) s/o (2)
Cater Diamond
Yo soft-
Cater never really bothered about your ticklish spot-
only after he started dating you he started to tickle you
And to be honest-
he didn't think you were ticklish-
but it's worth the try, right?
Yeah, um-
He tickled your neck, armpit but to no avail-
and it only ended with him being tickled
he was about to lose hope,
until he one day decided to just rest on your stomach.
and his hair poked you stomach,
and he moved his head around and his hair tickled you-
and it scared shitless out of him when you burst out laughing-
"OMG, S/O??? ARE YOU OKAY????"
You snorted-
"YoU- you were really ticklish on my stomach."
And he got this smug smirk.
Hell he started poking at your stomach until you were breathless-
Well, you got revenge by tickling him back-
another tickle war-
good luck
Jade Leech
Let's be honest-
He's the same as you-
He doesn't look like he could be tickled easily
but he actually is.
Floyd told you that.
and you attacked at his armpit when you two are alone to surprise him.
I mean you don't always do that-
cuz- well-
it ended in you getting punished-
which is he'll pull and squish your cheeks a little gently
But owwww-
What other punishments were you thinking huh?
You thought things would spice up above 2%?
you thought wrong-
and he can't seem to find yours when he wants to get revenge.
It's a hunt!
To find your ticklish spot!
Armpit? No. Neck? No. Stomach? No.
you're just making him more anticipated to find your ticklish spot-
until one day-
ahahaha yes-
you were comfortable with him touching you more affectionately-
honestly speaking, I was fine with it on day one-
and he lay on your thighs-
damn why always the thighs for the tweels?
I did that with Floyd, too-
And his hair poked and ruffled at the contact of your thighs-
legit laughed so loudly
and it surprised him.
"Oya oya? What's wrong, s/o?"
Lemme tell you,
his grin was so- worse than Floyd in terms of how evil it looked let's say-
and he started poking at your thigh as you laughed some more-
and he started kissing them teasingly to which you blushed profusely-
"J-Jade- what-"
He went up as he lifted your chin to meet his eyes, licking his lips.
"Take this as revenge from all the tickles you've attacked me with~"
boy your tickle war was merciless
2% spice is from fresh jalapeno yea?
Vil Schoenheit
Also another one I think no one suspects he’s ticklish-
but he is
and if you tickle him he’s afraid his tears come on
and smudge his makeup
so you don’t tickle him-
and he doesn’t tickle you-
that’s only when you two started dating
he only realizes it when he’s doing your makeup-
the way he lightly brushes your cheek
while the hairs of the brush gently,
almost teasingly from it,
tickling you
and you snorted a lot before giggling and diverting your head away from the brush
and he flinched.
“S/o, what’s wrong? Did the makeup went into your eye?”
“No, no, no it’s just ticklish!”
And he’s quite neutral about it to be honest.
He just smiled lightly 
and patted your head,
this time using a sponge so that he won’t tickle you to mess up your makeup
Aren’t you a little cutie!
Lilia Vanrouge
He doesn’t look ticklish-
and he’s really not ticklish
So you can’t even get tickle revenge
worse part of all,
he tickles anybody he’s close with.
so when you two started dating,
he was determine to find your ticklish spot.
Maybe cheek?
Bruh no chill he’s finding it
and it’s only when he casually laid himself on you
On your stomach
and shifted his head for a better spot
pressing a little pressure on a certain bone
caused you to giggle.
And he sat right up.
“Hmm? What’s wrong?”
“Oh, I- um- you were tickling me-”
Bad choice, s/o
He smirked
and he kept poking and tickling your stomach,
making you laugh so hard to beg for mercy
he stopped once you were out of breath
and you pouted knowing you can’t get revenge.
“Ahhh, don’t worry. I’ll cook something for you as compensation!”
You immediately politely decline-
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stormgardenscurse · 7 hours ago
Hello! Can I make a request for purple hyacinth for Vil and Jade, please?
Jade's is already done here!
🌻purple hyacinth: how would they react if their s/o died?
He carries a picture of you with him, be it in a locket or some other form. It’s his way of bringing your memory with him wherever he goes, and in a sense, bringing you along to witness the rest of his achievements and dreams. There’s still so much to do that Vil regrets not being able to show it to you personally, but at the very least he’ll remember the hope and faith you had for him in his heart.
Vil was a busy person, and still is, but he’d always made time for you. You knew this, and you always appreciated how he was considerate of you - but now that you’re gone, a part of Vil wishes he’d cancelled more plans and spent more time together with you. He knows that thinking all this wouldn’t change anything, but these thoughts do gather at times even way after your death.
Eventually, Vil thinks of you and manages to muster a smile on his face - why shouldn’t he, when you’ve brought so much light and love into his life? Rather than brooding around, he should celebrate the beauty of your actions and words. He’ll never say it explicitly, but it shows in how his determination seems to be strengthened these days.
In his room is a vase of flowers that’s cared for and changed regularly - they were your favorites, and some were the blooms you used to like putting into his hair.
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twst-shenanigans · 8 hours ago
twst Incorrect quote #161
Jade: “While my brother and I are twins, we’ve always been different.”
Jade: “I was reading books, Floyd was content with eating them.”
Jade: “I had a healthy appreciation for a well-organized workspace. My brother, less so.”
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drac0nia · 9 hours ago
Romantic relationship ship headcanons for Jade and a mushroom reader? Maybe the reader is similar to that one mushroom character (BNHA and Italian Plumber) Or they can turn into a mushroom when they get surprised or flustered? 🍄
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing ; Jade Leech x Reader
Tw ; -
Tagging ; @strwbryrainbows idk if u watch bnha but here's eel food lolol
a head's up that I'll base this off with the mushroom girl (i forgot her name srry) at bnha since i only watched that anime. (I hope this isn't repetitive bc i have a poor memory)
Tumblr media
➝ He adores you, look how small and endearing yet threatening you are, it feels like a match made in heaven for him though Floyd disagrees.
— 𝐁𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝
➝ Jade first thought of you as just an endearing human with small hints of mushroom like aesthetics but he was delighted to know that you have the power of shrooms on you. With your power, he is able have mushrooms he wishes to have in his hands whilst using your special ability to take down some people pestering him.
➝ He invited you to the lounge to get to know you better; where do you live? What skills do you have? Is your knowledge on mushrooms enough to help him discover more of them and possibly use them for his needs? In return, he tells you a little about himself but he can't tell you too much, you're still not trustworthy enough but that will change, my dear, don't worry.
➝ If you're willing to be his friend then you can join him on hiking, show off some of your abilities but not too much otherwise he'll get ideas after witnessing them at all of its glory; make terrariums with him, and learn about.. well, mushrooms.
➝ The more you hang out with him, the more you slowly become someone he could trust, does not matter if he tells you his schemes, what he thinks about certain folks, or anything, as long as you're truthful and non-threatening to him then you'll be fine.
— 𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐬 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬
➝ Do be aware that slowly he picks up on things you like and don't, not to mention he becomes protective of you when mob students decided to harm you; not like he doubts you won't win, no, he knows you're strong, he just doesn't want you to waste precious time on such weaklings and all.
➝ Your smile was cute to him and the way that you look at him with those eyes makes him want to confess to you but of course he'll pick a more suitable place for that.
➝ Your encouragement towards him is greatly appreciated, it makes his day on how you just make him feel motivated on certain jobs or schemes he has, not only that, your voice is like a beautiful instrument playing to him.
➝ He'd pet your hair and trace it's shape down to your spine, he likes how you just tingle or jump slightly by his touch.
➝ You onced placed a shroom on his head and told him it's one of those anemones that shows up when no one does what they're told on the contracts but you did it for jokes. Of course he'd laugh at your joke but he did act like your personal butler for as long as the shroom stays and yes, it had to be you to call it off.
— 𝐁𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫
➝ Jade confesses to you in the botanical gardens, the place where he usually does his work in class, since no one was here, he chose this spot for the confession. After he said all of that; he kneels to give you a ring of silver where a pearl was the main decoration whilst on his other hand is a ring of bronze with a mushroom shaped gem on top; was clear what both rings symbolises.
➝ After all is done, everyone fears their future now, not only are you two walking disasters waiting to happen, you both ended up being a couple, a couple that could burn this school down to ashes if you were given the chance!
➝ Jade invites you sometimes to join him in his schemes on where he wants to test out a duo magic with you; that way you can improve and learn about your skills more. You can say that it's like an invite to a date except it includes business and a possible destruction to the premises.
➝ When you two are alone, he gets soft with you, ushering you to sit on his lap while you recieve headpats, kisses, cuddles, or him stroking your back to lul you to sleep if you looked tired.
➝ He usually likes it when you tip toe to get kisses from him, let him place his chin your head/shoulder while you cuddle, and mostly shower him with attention since he does do it quite often to you. ( I honestly don't know if eels scent their partners but if they could, he would.)
➝ He might ask you if you want to have a merform when you're ready so you could see the deep sea with him and possibly live there. He will respect your choice so take your time, darling.
Tumblr media
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stormgardenscurse · 9 hours ago
Hello!! Can you do pink camellia, fennel, purple hycinth, marigold and sunflower for Jade, please? Thank you as usual and good luck! 😳🙏
Hope you'll like this!
🌻pink camellia: how do they react when their s/o is gone for a week? a month?
Jade is generally an independent partner. He copes by making a mental list of things he’d like to tell or do with you once you return, and would keep his complaints, if any, to himself.
When possible he does keep in contact by texting you, trying to pace his messages so as to not come off as if he missed you too much.
...Well, after the second to third week he does get a bit more irritable. Not in a big way, but to those that spend a lot of time around him, they can tell that his smiles are a little sharper when a topic related to you is piqued. (Though then again, if they were dumb enough to do that, a bit of his frustration edging into the conversation is deserved, right?)
🌻fennel: what are their kisses like? where do they like to be kissed the most?
His kisses can end with him nipping at your lips before pulling away. Your surprised reactions to those are always amusing, and he’d chuckle before giving you one last peck while you’re huffing about his smirk.
Though sometimes, they can also feel a bit possessive and greedy. If you ask, Jade might just confirm it before sneakily asking if you’d give him more since you’re aware of it now.
I feel like he’d like kisses on the cheek or nose since they’re casual enough to be done in public - he gets to show people that you’re together and it’s a reassuring show of affection. Around his ears is where you might earn a blush from Jade though, so I’ll leave that information for what you’ll do with it~
🌻purple hyacinth: how would they react if their s/o died?
He’s colder and more detached; whatever emotions you were able to draw out of him while you were around are less seen in the first months of your passing. Somehow, showing said emotions just reminds Jade of you - and showing them without you around stirs an empty feeling in his chest.
His closest friends and family would be able to see more from him of course, but everyone’s affected by the loss of you. Over time, Jade would keep an item with him that reminded him of you. He finds comfort in it, and during some nights he may venture out to drink in the sight of the moon while reminiscing about your time together.
🌻marigold: how jealous do they get? how do they react when they get jealous?
Jade tends to step in and intervene if someone was flirting with you or gotten too close. He makes it clear what his intentions are and delivers a warning to the offender, meanwhile casting a glance over you to check if you’re alright.
He doesn’t get jealous that easily, but when he does it’s quite a sight, since Jade isn’t afraid to tell the world you’re his if that would get his point across. He keeps you a bit closer to him than usual when in public, and when you’re both alone he’s more inclined to wrap his arms around your waist to pull you to his side. And no, he’s not letting go right now - at least not anytime soon.
🌻sunflower: how would they confess their feelings to their crush?
Once he realises his feelings, Jade would likely pay more attention to you when you’re in the vicinity, almost as if he was waiting for a chance - to do what? Well, he’ll decide when that time comes.
Though at one point Jade might just go and make his own opening to get you alone and set up the conversation. By the time you realise he seems to be steering the talk somewhere he’s already got you where he wants you. Jade still maintains his air of politeness of course, but there’s something about this time that makes you feel like… He was being more vulnerable than usual, even if just a bit.
“Truthfully, I have something to tell you…”
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emyluwinter · 9 hours ago
After the events of chapter 5.
Yuu recovered from a serious injury and sat in a hospital bed in the infirmary. Physical activity was forbidden to them under the threat of danger to their health. Ace and Deuce and Epel and Jack were supposed to come in after class. Their prefects strictly instructed them to go to classes, and in their free time to visit Yuu. So now they were alone in the infirmary. Even Leona didn't doze off here as he usually did. Although he couldn't stay in the infirmary for long because of Yuu. Leona said that " you smell too much like...burnt ... medicine that makes my nose ache."»
The infirmary was very quiet and only the sounds of voices from the corridor came from inside.
Taking a deep breath, they slowly got to their feet and walked over to the small medicine table. There was a cabinet above the table, and Yuu carefully took out a small mirror.
They hadn't seen their reflection in all this time, and they wanted to see something.
No. Make sure.
Removing the light robe from his right shoulder and picking up the mirror, Yuu took a few more deep breaths.
It was harder than they thought.
Finally deciding to look in the mirror, Yuu saw three large streaks from the burn and wound on his shoulder, running down to his collarbone and down to his chest.
They were afraid that they would stay.
The scars are proof of their weakness and their own stupidity.
Yuu shouldn't have gone alone that night. They had to ask someone for help.
Grimm was never found.
Yuu was willing to give all his money to buy up all the cans of tuna from Sam.
If only this problematic lump of fur would return.
- It looks awful, doesn't it? - Yuu whispered softly, looking into the mirror. Lucky it didn't hit their necks, or they wouldn't be standing here alive.
- You will always be the beautiful flower of Trickster-san. - Suddenly, a soft voice came from the window.
Yuu didn't drop the mirror in surprise and barely managed to grab it and hold it to his chest.
- Rook-san??Wha....whatt...why are you here?
Rook was, of course, a master at sudden appearance. Seriously, did he and Lily have some kind of competition to scare the hell out of people?!
Yuu noticed that now, every time they met, Rook took off his hat in their presence. Hunt had never behaved like this. Yuu thought that Rook felt guilty about what had happened. And with this action, he wanted to express that he was sorry.
"I'm so..Sorry I didn't prevent it."
- I wanted to check on you. But I saw that you decided to look at a new part of yourself.
Yuu put the mirror back on the table.
- Senpai ... please ... tell me honestly...doesn't this look disgusting? - Yuu asked in a soft whisper. They didn't want to see his expression.
He is a hunter of love. He will never say something offensive and cruel about the appearance of others.
Vil critical thinking would be more appropriate.
- I only see before me a man who bravely went to meet danger. This part will be hard for Trickster-san to accept. But these patterns on your fragile body will never make you ugly. You are still a beautiful flower bud that is about to open and show its beauty to the whole world....ah... I can't wait for this moment.
Yuu chuckled slightly as Rook was always in his repertoire.
- Ah!And Vil, unfortunately, could not visit you because of his busy schedule. But he has given you a modest bouquet of ointments of his own making for your patterns. They will help you to relieve tension and make them more accurate.
Yuu liked that word.
-Thank you Senpai...thank you very much..
Ace eat apples that brought Epel for Yuu. - You want to get tattoos??
Yuu smiling awkwardly – not really. I want to try to cover them with Mehendi patterns. But I was told that you need to wait until they are overgrown for the end, and this will last more than a couple of months.
Epel dreaming - tattoo in the whole body. It's so cool and manly!!!I want to stuff myself with a huge tiger or dragon on my back!!
Yuu worried- Epel................Epel no, please. I don't think Vil-senpai would appreciate the idea. Why don't you try the temporary one first?I'll draw you Mehendi whatever you want.
Epel is inspired – Can I ?? I want!!!
Deuce – and I want too!!!!
Jack - but will it come off after?
Yuu explaining - it's easy to wash it off, this one will be easier to explain to Riddle and Vil when they see tattoos and they try to kill me a second time…
Ace-you're definitely not okay with your sense of self-preservation.
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twstpasta · 10 hours ago
🍳+ Vil, romantic?
Tumblr media
“Good morning,” Vil greeted, a smug smile on his beautifully sculpted face. Bright streams of sunshine danced into the parted curtains of your room, and you rubbed your eyes, awkwardly sitting up in your shared bed with Vil, trying to dispel the fatigue in your body.
Vil had a meticulous schedule when it came to taking care of himself, sleep and foodwise, and you were no exception to his harsh regimen. As tempting as it was for you to live your life at your own pace, you wanted to support your hard working boyfriend, so you decided to undergo the same lifestyle as he did.
“Are you still sleepy? And to think I even let you sleep in,” he laughed, setting a tray down in your lap. You moved to try and get up, and he motioned for you to stay down. “Let me treat you to something different. I know that you’ve been working hard to do things as I have, and I want to do something special for you.”
In the tray, he set down a plate of delicious, healthy food. From hand-crafted smoothies all the way to perfectly fried eggs, there wasn’t a single dish that made you want to slam your face down and stuff your cheeks full like a crazed hamster.
Stunned, you turned to Vil. “Did you make all of this? It looks amazing!”
He huffed haughtily, flipping his golden hair over his shoulder. “Of course I did. I have to keep track of calories and nutrition, after all. Dig in, darling. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you know how important it is to eat up if you want to survive what I have in store for you.”
You grinned at the model. “Alright! Thank you for the meal!”
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pagonianychta · 10 hours ago
True Loves Kiss
[blows dust off this blog] hey I finished something for the first time in like three years
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland
Pairing: Malleus Draconia/Fem!Reader
Words: 963
Fae have different customs for the weddings of their royalty
Your relationship with Malleus had changed a lot upon your graduation from Night Raven college.
You’d gone back to the Valley of Thorns with him on several occasions during your time attending, for holidays and whatnot, and a lot of the fae citizens and servants in the castle seemed to love you, which you took comfort in knowing.
Especially now that you were going to be their Queen.
Malleus knew he loved you, that he wanted you by his side for as long as possible, and that he would die to protect you, so his decision to propose to you was not a quick one. Although it was private, abrupt, and you were caught off guard for sure. You’d had the conversation about marriage before, if you were ready to become Queen or if the relationship was doomed from the start, and you’d agreed to take the role. Malleus assured he’d be making all the hard decisions anyway with a chuckle.
Fae had different rules and ceremonies and rituals when it came to… most things, compared to humans. And this engagement was no exception. Some things were no big deal, such as your black wedding dress, but others were more...
“Are you ready?” Lilia asked very casually, like he'd done it a million times.
“No. I’m scared.” You looked up at your fiancé, accompanied of course by Silver and Sebek, the five of you currently in Malleus’ private chambers.
“It’s perfectly safe, I assure you.” Lilias smile didn’t have any mischievous intent.
One of the fae customs was reminiscent of an old story, the story of true loves kiss. It was for royal family members only, and used to prevent a new member of the family from marrying for the sake of taking advantage of the King or Queen, the status, and so on. That could happen anyway along the line, of course, but it prevented members from being manipulated from the start.
A powerful fae (Lilia, in this case) was to cast a spell upon the soon to be King or Queen (Malleus)’s partner (you). Malleus would then kiss you to awaken you, proving your love for each other was true. If it didn’t work, Lilia would wake you up and, most likely, the wedding would be called off. And maybe the fae would run you out of the country with pitchforks for trying to take advantage of their beloved prince.
But what if it didn’t work?
You had no reason to think it wouldn't, you and Malleus loved each other unquestionably, but…
“My love, I know you're scared,” Malleus took your hand and kissed your knuckles, “You wish to be married, yes?”
“Of course.”
“Then we must do this.”
“I know,” you sighed, “I’m just afraid I won’t wake up. Not because of true love, but what if something goes wrong with the magic? What if even Lilia can’t wake me up?”
“Your lack of faith wounds me,” Lilia gave an exaggerated frown.
“You have nothing to fear! Master Lilia is the best there is! And your love with the Young Master is second to none!” Sebek said this with the most confidence possible, and you will admit his confidence did make you feel a bit better.
You turned to look at Silver who just softly smiled and nodded in agreement.
“Okay.” You smiled at Malleus and moved to lay down on the bed. Lilia came to stand at the bedside, placing a hand over your eyes.
“Now sleep, my child, and awaken by the desires of your heart.”
You were out, your head lulling to the side against Malleus’ black silk pillowcase. Lilia stepped back, gesturing for Malleus to step to your side.
He looked down at you, sleeping peacefully in his bed. He thought about the tales of the princess and the spindle. Did she dream? Would you dream in this brief time? They spoke often of the beauty of that princess, but Malleus was sure she couldn’t compare to you. She couldn’t compare to the overwhelming warmth he would feel in his heart waking up to your sleeping face next to him for the rest of your lives together.
Malleus was also starting to feel a bit nervous, staring down at you for a noticeably long time.
“Malleus?” Lilia peeked around him to make sure he was okay and they exchanged reassuring smiles.
The prince leaned over, gently tilting your face up and admiring the way your lashes rested against your cheeks. He leaned in to kiss you, stopping for a brief moment of fear, before pressing his lips against yours.
He loved you.
The spell felt like… well, a sleep you couldn’t wake from. One where you were completely exhausted, and it weighed heavy on your limbs. Suddenly, you awoke, feeling like you’d never been asleep at all and your whole body filled with a warm, giddy feeling. Malleus was leaning over you, smiling with just the slightest hint of relief, and you broke into an even wider smile. The joy washed over you and you teared up, throwing your arms around Malleus and kissing him again and again.
“I love you,” you smiled and laughed. Lilia, Sebek and Silver all, quietly, let out breaths of relief.
“And I love you.” Malleus rested his hand in your hair, gazing at you like you were the most important thing in his life. His treasure. His Queen.
“That takes care of the agenda today,” Lilia smiled, casually making his way towards the door and nudging Silver and Sebek out as well, “Please enjoy your time together before the wedding chaos.”
The two of you watched them leave before your fiancé turned back to you, grabbing you and crushing your lips together again and joining you on the bed.
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coffeeleafdepression · 11 hours ago
Okay I'm going to request something, how about headcanons for Fem! Lilia, Jamil, Trey, and Jade with a s/o who is as terrible when it comes to cooking as Lilia, just batshit disgusting meals all around
Hi!!! So, I'm gonna do both version, male and female- Hope you don't mind!
Lilia, Trey, Jamil, Jade with an s/o who can't cook shit- (I'm sorry)
Lilia (Male and Female)
Male or female-
he/she sucks with you-
just that he/she likes your cooking-
"Oh my! What flavor! So tasty!"
And then ask his/her children to eat it-
oh dear-
"Malleus, Sebek, Silver! You got to try s/o's cooking, it's so good!"
when Lilia likes the cooking-
they know batshit something is terrible-
so they're like-
"Ha ha ha, we're not hungry don't worry-"
And Lilia is like, "Oh well, you're missing out on the good things!"
He/she can't provide you actual help-
Buuuut he/she provides you with confidence boost!
He/she likes your cooking so just give them to Lilia!
Trey Clover (Male and Female)
He/she took Master Chef class for a reason-
He/she is not passing up this opportunity to help you-
As you know,
Trey took the Master Chef class to learn how to teach others how to cook.
Personally, I think he/she teaches you how to cook an egg first-
the basic cooking of them all-
at least for most of my Asian gang I think-
And slowly progress.
He's/she's very patient with you,
and they don't mind you making mistakes.
The more mistakes, the more you learn!
Maybe he/she do that cheesy thing-
and just hug you from the back while he/she guides you to stir the soup slowly-
And you'll be getting tons of learning experience from Trey!
Isn't that neat?
Jade Leech (Male and Female)
Male or female-
teases you to no end-
“Oya oya? You don’t know how to cook a proper egg?”
I think female Jade would be like a lot more teasing by just rubbing your shoulders while she teaches you how to cook-
Cough, please I-
but either way-
he/she will tease you
But like Trey, he/she is very patient with you too.
With a few teasing remarks thrown here and there.
B r u h-
He/she will patiently teach you
while guiding your hands to stir, whisk and more!
Maybe female jade a little more touchy
but eh-
so would regular male Jade but less rubbing-
You’ll be a great cook in no time s/o 
I assure you!
Jamil Viper (Male and Female)
Oh god-
Well at least you don’t clean your mess with bleach like Kalim-
He’s/ she’s the least patient
But that doesn’t mean he’ll/ she’ll explode on you.
He’ll/ she’ll teach you
and their patience is quite big-
not as big as Jade’s or Trey’s,
but he’ll/she’ll hold that frustration in.
No, he’s/she’s not mad at you,
it’s just that Jamil’s scared you might hurt yourself.
Please don’t-
But Jamil is right there to save and help you along the way.
Just maybe
like you know-
be careful with that knife-
you know what,
I don’t want you to get hurt s/o-
I’ll do it-
He/she loves you and is worried for you
not mad at you-
don’t worry-
you’re precious to him/her <3
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wolken-himmel · 12 hours ago
In which (Y/n) and Grim have to take care of Lucius because Trein had to leave for an emergency.
Grim, being the smart yet lazy genius he is, decides to call over all the dorm leaders to get them to look after Lucius in his place, telling each of them that they get to spend some alone-time with (Y/n).
Request by @poisonapplenecklace.
Tumblr media
"Oh, aren't you a pretty little kitty, Lucius?"
Your fingers ran across Lucius' incredibly soft fur with your fingertips massaging that special spot the spoiled cat loved to be petted at: behind his ears. Cradling Lucius closer to your chest, you buried the lower part of your face in his forehead, whispering sweet nothings into his fur.
The Ramshackle lounge rung with your cooes and the cat's purrs, slowly driving Grim insane.
Grim narrowed his eyes at you as he tugged at your sleeve, wanting to get at least a fraction of your attention, too. Lucius lazily raised his gaze when you stopped spoiling him, and he even shot Grim a large grin, accompanied by a haughty 'meow' and a flick of his tail that slapped Grim right in the face. Grim let out a series of growls as he clung to your hand, trying to prevent you from petting Lucius again. "Hey, I'm still here, too..." he muttered, guiding your hand to his forehead, so that you would pet him, too. "Don't forget about me..."
Laughing softly, you ran your hand across his fur, flattening his ears whenever your hands trailed down his head. "What do you mean?" you asked with an amused smile on your lips.
Grim opened his mouth, about to complain about Lucius hogging all your attention, but was interrupted when Lucius mewled loudly and pawed at your shoulder, demanding attention once again. "Nevermind..." Grim hissed as he helplessly watched you go back to fussing all over this other cat. Crossing his arms and pulling his face into a grimace, he threw himself onto the couch again. "Why do we have to babysit this furball."
You shook your head and clicked your tongue, chiding, "Professor Trein said he would give us a better grade in Animal Language if we took good care of Lucius."
"I hate it when even the teachers burden us with their personal problems," Grim muttered under his breath, annoyed that he couldn't spend some time just relaxing on his own. All week long he had been working his butt off, attending classes and doing homework — and now he even had to spend his weekend babysitting a spoiled cat? No, he had better things to do...
"Come now, Grim," you mumbled and finally set Lucius aside to pull your other cat closer to you, deciding that he needed a good petting session, too. Grim's bad mood seemed to grow better when he knew your whole attention was on him, and he stuck his tongue out at Lucius. Rolling your eyes, you massaged Grim's little paws. "Professor Trein said he had to leave NRC for a few days because of his daughters. It's an emergency, or else he wouldn't have entrusted his dearest cat to us."
Grim let out a little yawn, and his eyelids grew heavy under your tender touch. He could just fall asleep in bliss — if it weren't for the annoying cat slapping him with his paw, eager to reconquer his old place in your lap. Grim pushed Lucius away, only groaning out, "Why are we the only trustworthy ones in all of NRC..."
You turned Grim onto his back, so that you could run your hand across his stomach, which drew a few purrs and sighs from him. Yet, he couldn't fully enjoy the luxury treatment since he kept his eyes trained at Lucius, staring holes into the other cat's forehead. Giggling, you teasingly prodded the fat on your companion's stomach. "You're jealous of Lucius, aren't you~?" you cooed, which immediately made Grim shoot up.
Glaring at you, Grim immediately bellowed, "No!" You raised your hands into the air, that smug grin never vanishing from your lips — much to Grim's annoyance. "I just don't want to look after that furball for an entire day!"
You exhaled and patted his head. "You'll just have to live with it..."
Grim immediately jumped off your lap and marched out of the room, leaving Lucius to immediately plant himself onto your thighs again, expecting the same treatment you had given him earlier.
"No! I am the great Grim! I won't look after an annoying cat," he yelled out as he marched towards the front door, eliciting a worried frown from you. "Heed my words, (Y/n)!" The sound of the front door falling into its hinges was the last thing you heard.
Hours passed with Grim being gone, and each passing minute made you worry even more about the whereabouts of your monster friend. And finally, when the doorbell rang throughout the run-down mansion, you immediately jumped up from the couch, so quickly and suddenly that you almost yeeted Lucius off your lap. So, with the spoiled cat in your arms, you immediately dashed over to the entrance to push open the front door.
As if in a panic, you twisted the door knob to the side and pulled the door open with such force that it was almost ripped out of its hinges. Temporary relief filled your veins. "Grim? Are you finally back—" The relief in your system was replaced by confusion when, instead of your cat companion, you found all the dorm leaders standing on your doorstep. Your jaw fell down, and you clutched Lucius tighter to your chest. "Oh... what are all of you doing here?"
Riddle shrugged and crossed his arms. "I don't know whatever the rest is doing here," he said, pausing to look at all the other students on your doorstep, "but your cat — the other one — said that you needed help babysitting."
Leona let out a yawn and nodded. "That's what the raccoon told me, too."
"Right," Vil muttered as he was busy looking at his schedule, which he just had cleared to help you with that spoiled cat of your professor. Then, as realisation dawned upon him, his gaze snapped upward to look at his fellow dorm leaders. "Wait— did he tell all of us the same—"
Malleus opened his mouth, causing everyone else to immediately shut up due to the intimidating aura he exuded. Clearing his throat, he calmly announced, "The cat requested me to look out for Lucius with my Child of Man."
Azul shook his head, retorting, "No, the raccoon made a deal with me."
Suddenly, everyone raised their voices, their words all blending together into an incoherent mess. All of them tried to tell one another that they were the one whom Grim had asked for help with looking after the cat, but no one was listening to one another. Your ears slowly beginning to fall off, as well as Lucius thrashing around in your arms due to his sensitive hearing, you decided that, since they all had come to visit you already, you should invite them inside.
"Uhm..." You raised your hand, and they quickly quieted down again, all of their eyes focused on you. Laughing sheepishly, you opened the door farther and stepped aside to allow them entry into your humble abode. "Just come in, guys," you announced in hopes that it would diffuse the awkward situation.
"Gladly." Leona was the first to snap out of his stupor, and he immediately made his way past you, slightly glaring at you. "What's the shortest way to your couch."
"Straight ahead."
Before you could even pay attention to all the students pouring inside, Lucius was quickly snatched out of your arms by none other than Kalim. "Wah! A kitty!" he cried out happily as he threw Lucius into thr air, only to catch him again. Lucius let out a series of hisses and growls, but Kalim never seemed to mind. So, the Scarabia dorm leader ran off with the cat as his hostage. "Let me play with him!"
Eyes ripped wide open in horror when Kalim dashed into the lounge, you cried out, "Wait, no—" Yet, he ignored you and quickly disappeared around a corner. "Kalim!"
Idia's tablet was the last one to float inside. "Normies, tsk."
As you closed the door to Ramshackle, you were left seething in utter anger, your fists shaking and your eyes narrowed. "I'll have Grim's hide for this..."
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twst-scene · 14 hours ago
Lilia Vanrouge x Gn!Vampire!reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. 2.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3. 4.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(I’m sorry for any misspellings I’m very tired and sleep deprived I promise pt.2 will be out tomorrow I hope the order isn’t confusing❤️)
Tumblr media
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twisted-imaginess · 16 hours ago
Pftttt not me being busy with a full time job🤧😭💕 new writing coming tomorrow!!❤️ be on the lookout for it! Definitely need some fluff on this page!👀🌸💕
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