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#thor odinson oneshot
mostly-marvel-musings · 10 days ago
Hereby requesting smutty prompt 8 with Mr Thor Odinson, please, m'lady! ❤️
Tumblr media
A/N: Why I’m so glad you requested this @darklydeliciousdesires ❤️ Hope you like it!
Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader
Warnings: 18+ smut, fluff.
Word count: 1.3k
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It was no surprise that the God of Thunder was a God when it came to other things as well. He was sex on legs basically and everybody was aware of it.
You were partly to blame for that, given that you made no efforts of keeping those explicit moans and screams to yourself. It was next to impossible.
It was also quite impossible to keep your hands to yourself, and you were both to blame for it. So much so that Tony made you both swear off of sex on missions after Steve Rogers complained about the ‘inappropriate incident’ to him one day, red faced and mortified.
But as the saying goes all forbidden things have a secret charm, it turned out to be all the more difficult to keep it in your pants.
Tonight was no different.
The team was on an outdoor mission that faced a few setbacks which required taking shelter in an abandoned warehouse for the night.
The air inside was hot and sticky and there wasn’t the slightest breeze to offer relief, the skin-hugging unitard didn’t help much either.
After tossing and turning on the dusty floor for several minutes, you decided to head out for some fresh air, sleep had officially eluded you. As you passed your teammates, you saw Steve fast asleep leaning against a shutter door, Nat sleeping next to a softly snoring Bruce holding hands, the sight making you smile. However there was no sign of Thor. He’d generously given his armor for you to use as a make-shift pillow, you just figured he must’ve fallen asleep beside you.
A light breeze welcomed you, sweat drying off instantly as you closed your eyes for a bit enjoying the gentle caress it offered. Arms outstretched, you took a few deep breaths in and out, enjoying the silence of the night.
If only you could peel off the uniform...
“Hello my love.”
A momentary squeal left your lips before you felt two strong muscular arms around your waist and warm, familiar breath fanning against your cheek. There was your answer to your quest of a missing Avenger.
“I was wondering where you were.” You grinned, placing your hands over his before pecking his stubbled cheek a couple of times.
It took you a second to realise but when you did, you turned to face the God of Thunder who stood half naked and proud in front of you, least bothered by the lack of clothing.
“Why the fuck—I, I mean. What are you doing half naked?”
Thor chuckled as you struggled to form a proper sentence, relishing in the fact that even after months of being with him, you were still tongue-tied when it came to seeing him sans clothes. He couldn’t blame you, he often did it on purpose just to get this reaction out of you.
It always worked, how could it not?
The man was a specimen. The sculpted physique that was pure muscle, the plains and dips of his toned torso more defined in the moonlight, made him appear ethereal.
“I gave you my armor to sleep on, remember?”
“So you’re just going to walk around shirtless?”
Your incredulous look made him laugh as he took slow deliberate steps towards you.
“Why? Is it bothering you?”
You gulped, glancing at the warehouse once before meeting his burning gaze, not bothering to answer him as it was quite clear how much it affected you.
“Why are you up at this hour my love? Missed me?” His voice dropped an octave lower, smirking when he realised you were walking backward, approaching the wall of the warehouse.
“I couldn’t sleep.” You replied weakly, the need to peel off your clothes and his stronger than ever. Another kind of heat had begun to gather between your legs and he hadn’t even touched you yet.
Thor caged you between his arms and the wall behind, clearly enjoying the effect he was seeing on your demeanor. Dipping his head, he kissed you just below your ear, grazing his teeth against your earlobe, making you sigh.
“If you can’t sleep, how about we have sex?” He whispered, pressing his front to yours while his fingers toyed with the zipper of your unitard.
“Thor w-we can’t.”
“We’ll be quiet love.” He insisted, the baritone you loved so much muffled by your skin. A tiny mewl that you emitted was the confirmation he needed to drag the zipper down slowly.
You stopped his attempts once half-heartedly, biting your bottom lip as you turned your head towards the entrance, knowing anyone could walk out at any time.
“Come on. You know you want to…”
You gave in, grabbing Thor by the back of his neck for a searing kiss. While both your fingers frantically fumbled with your clothing, your lips bruised against each other, biting and sucking in fervent passion.
He pushed the unitard down your shoulders, breasts, exposing your stomach before the cool night air met your moist folds down to your thighs is where he stopped. His lips trailed down the path covered by the fabric seconds ago, sucking on your nipples until they hardened while you pulled on his hair, guiding him further south where you wanted him the most. Your desperate whine made him chuckle against the skin of your stomach.
“Shh love. I got you.”
Holding your folds apart, he covered your clit with his mouth making your head hit the back of the wall with a strangled cry. His tongue flicked against your bundle of nerves with expertise, involuntarily sending your hips to grind against his mouth.
He watched you with darkened eyes as his fingers gathered the wetness between your legs before plunging them inside your entrance, curling them inward only to have you bite back a moan.
You wordlessly begged him for more and he obeyed, standing up and turning you so your chest was pressed against the wall before he pulled your hips back. You heard him undo his jeans before you felt his erection teasing at your entrance, gathering some of your wetness on his tip.
Thor pushed in slowly, filling and stretching you deliciously until he bottomed out, gradually moving in and out of your heat and setting a steady rhythm. Your nails scratched against the concrete as you met his thrusts, biting your bottom lip to the point where you were sure it would draw blood.
“Faster Thor..” you begged, a tiny part of you that was thinking rationally worried about being caught.
You wish was granted when he increased his pace, grunting he leaned over, biting your earlobe between his teeth. Your knees threatened to buckle and if it weren’t for him holding you upright, you’d have crumbled to the floor. A loud moan echoed in the night when his hand travelled to your bundle of nerves and began rubbing tight circles, bringing you closer and closer to orgasm.
Thor growled when you clenched his cock, making him pound into you harder than before, your combined groans and pants breaking the silence of the night.
“Let go my love, I want to feel you cum all over my cock.”
And you did, you came harder than you had before, crying in pleasure as your legs trembled and body shuddered under his. Thor’s hips faltered soon and he came inside you, his fingers digging into your butt cheeks, ropes of thick cum spilling against your walls as his cock jerked and twitched before stilling completely.
He held your limp body close as you both came down from your highs, head still buzzing from that mind-blowing sex.
Pulling out carefully, he watched his seed drip down your thighs before helping you dress with a smirk plastered on his face.
“Shut up.” You mumbled, a little unsteady on your feet knowing that was the reason behind his sly smile.
“Do you need me to carry you inside?”
“No thank you.” You hit his chest before joining in the laughter.
“Put some clothes on for heaven's sake.”
Walking back inside you sighed in relief when you saw your teammates fast asleep and oblivious to the activities that had transpired right outside just minutes ago.
Tumblr media
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insomniumstella · 12 days ago
meant every word pt. 2
thor x reader
summary: literally just a part 2 to my ‘meant every word’ fic. will they kiss this time?:)
warnings: bad writing. i sat down with no intention to write this, but the words just kept spilling and spilling into my computer
word count: 1,588
Tumblr media
“Sometimes I think you like getting punched.” Natasha is looking down at her, a small smirk on her face.
“Shut it.” Y/n replies and in a couple swift seconds she’s back on her feet again. Noticing Natasha’s about to swing at her, she quickly moves out of her way and starts heading to the lockers.
“So you’re just going to walk out of here without saying what’s wrong?” The redhead shouts after her, confused at what has just happened.
“Yes.” Y/n shouts back, hearing some mumbled sentences Natasha keeps saying, but paying it no mind, she collects her belongings and disappears out of the gym completely.
The next time Natasha asks her what’s wrong it’s 2 days later and they’re getting ready for one of Tony’s parties. Wanda observes them from a distance, but doesn’t say anything, too interested at the scene that’s about to play out. Shoes and dresses are scattered all throughout y/n’s room, but neither of the girls bother picking anything up, as y/n rummages through her closet and pulls out more options. Handing Wanda a dress she thinks the witch would look good in, y/n takes off the previous dress she tried on and slips into a new one.
“I know you kissed Steve.” She says, observing herself in the mirror and holds up a pair of earrings to check if they match her look for the night. Natasha’s calm exterior doesn’t falter, as she keeps her cool under the stares of the two girls in front of her. Zipping Wanda’s dress, she grabs a lipstick and walks up to Natasha “I think this would look good on you.”
“Thank you. So do I.” y/n nods, leaning against her vanity table and examines Natasha’s expression; it’s static, calm, except for a very slight twitch in her mouth most wouldn’t notice. The spy is good at covering up her emotions.
Coming up from behind her, she inches near her ear “Don’t bother coming up with an excuse.” Pushing Natasha’s hair to the side, she grabs a necklace from one of the trays and starts putting it on for her “I know you broke the deal.” She whispers.
“That deal is stupid anyways.” Natasha turns around so they’re face to face.
“It wasn’t when I told you about Vis and I going on a date.”
Scoffing, Natasha breaks their eye contact to look at Wanda.
“Yes, because he’s a robot and I don’t like him.” Turning her head, Wanda examines Natasha’s reddened face and comes up to them, taking y/n’s hand and leading her out of the room.
“See you at the party.” Once they’re in the hallways, y/n can hear Wanda raging about Natasha and her opinions, but she doesn’t listen, thinking about her and Thor at the beach a few weeks ago. She wonders if he’ll be here tonight, but doesn’t get her expectations up as Thor left to Asgard as soon as they got back from the Bahamas.
“Ladies.” Steve nods at them once they enter the party. “Fashionably late as always.”
“Oh, Steve.” Y/n orders a drink from the bar and places a hand on his left shoulder “Try picking the perfect dress yourself.” She looks him up and down and smiles slightly “You wear the same outfit to every party.”
“That I do.” Steve laughs, taking a sip of his own drink. “Want to say hi to our beloved blonde?” He suggest.
“No one except for you likes Sharon.” She rolls her eyes, noticing Steve’s disappointed expression and pats him on the shoulder “Kidding, of course.” That part she says so low, it sounds like she’d be embarrassed if someone heard it.
“First of all, Sharon’s a great friend.” Steve sticks out his arm for y/n to wrap her hand around. “Second, I was talking about Thor.” Turning her head to the side, she notices the blonde, the one she actually likes anyways, and her breath stops for a moment. He looks rich and elegant, and for some weird reason y/n thinks he’d taste like the finest wine. He probably would, but that strange thought she pushes out her head as soon as it comes in. She holds tightly onto Steve as they walk up the god, hoping she doesn’t fall because of the high heels she’s wearing. Smiling at y/n’s slight wobble, Thor greets them.
“Hi.” He face looks so pure, so innocent, his body clad in a beautiful designer suit, Tony probably bought him for Christmas. Thor is in fact a god, but tonight he looks the part more than ever. “I can take it from there.” Thor laughs, putting his hand on the small of her back when she removes her hold on Steve. The three avengers chat for a while, but all y/n can focus on is how great the warmth of Thor’s hand feels against her body, how amazingly intoxicating his cologne smells and how he keeps pulling her closer to his own body, leaving little to no space between the two of them. “Would you mind going for a walk?” He blurts out when Steve leaves them to greet some important guests. She doesn’t say anything, nodding instead, and letting Thor lead her through the crowd into a large balcony. He closes the doors, when they step out into fresh air, and walk up to where y/n’s standing near the railings.
“The view from up here is fucking amazing.” She blurts out and turns her body to face Thor.
“Steve told me about his and Natasha’s kiss.”
“Must’ve been heartbreaking to hear they broke our team’s promise.” She laughs, but it comes out bitter and cold, almost as if she hopes Natasha’s listening. Thor ignores her reaction and leans against the railing. He doesn’t say anything for a while, switching his gaze from the city to his feet every few minutes. Once he does finally speak up, his voice is as loud and clear as thunder.
“It wasn’t. Actually, I felt relieved.”
She doesn’t know what has gotten into her, but before she can think over her words, y/n replies with “I wouldn’t feel relieved if someone broke my trust.” Thor catches her tactless words, and sights.
“You knew about this when we were in the Bahamas, didn’t you?”
“Before that, but yes.” Stepping closer to y/n, Thor’s face looks a mixture of emotions she couldn’t identify.
“Why didn’t you say something?” To that, she doesn’t have an answer.
She knows he expects her to say something, and the only thing she can come up with in the moment is “Didn’t think you’d care.” When she notices his little head tilt, she sighs, fixing Thor’s shirt slightly and turns her body back away from him. “I know you’re a man who sticks to his promises.”
He laughs softly. “That I am.” Placing his hand on her waist, he turns her body to face his. “But for you I’d be willing to break it.”
It’s both everything she’s wanted for a long time and everything she despises. “You know” she starts “the words break it leave a lot of room for interpretation.”
Pursing his lips together, he studies her face. Thor knows y/n is playing with him; he knows the closeness of their bodies is both reassuring and uncomfortable. Wrapping his other hand around her waist, he brings her closer. If she can toy with the man so can he. “Break Steve’s nose for betraying me, or” He sounds unsure of his words “leave the Captain alone, and break the deal instead.”
She smiles slightly. “It would be a sight to see you break his nose.” She says, which causes Thor to frown in confusion. “Kidding, of course.” Y/n trails off, but the next words to come out of her mouth are loud and clear. “Break the deal instead.” She repeats his own phrase back to him.
And even though Thor is always a man of his words, he doesn’t feel guilty for breaking the deal. He moves one of his hands to her neck, leans down, stopping once their faces are almost touching, and when he sees that y/n doesn’t pull back, he slowly kisses her. It seems as if time has stopped. This was their and only their moment. Y/n wasn’t the best person to know how dreams feel as she almost never experienced them, but if someone asked her what dreams feel like, she’d probably say they feel like Thor’s lips on hers. He didn’t taste of the finest wine, like she first thought he would; he tasted better. A taste of cherries of his tongue, his lips heavenly soft. Every breath Thor took smelled like y/n’s perfume, and for the first time since he’d known himself, he felt happy about breaking his promise. If the world around them would disappear that very second, neither would notice, too lost in each other, only separating to come back for air. Y/n’s hands tangled in his hair, both of Thor’s hands on her waist, bringing her closer and closer, till no space is left between. Thor was a good kisser too as she found out when their tongues danced together in perfect rhythm. If it wasn’t for the knock on the balcony’s door, they would’ve kept kissing, eventually disappearing from the party all together.
“It appears mister Stark wants us back at the party.” Thor chuckled once they finally pulled apart.
“It appears so.” Smiling for ear to ear, she offered Thor her hand. “Ready for Tony’s lecture about the importance of keeping your promises?”
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insomniumstella · 13 days ago
What series are you currently working on? :)
right now i’m working on a request, but it’s not a series. watch out for some Bucky angst though, haha. after that i want to write either a 3rd part to “too soon” which could be read as a stand-alone story or update my steve x reader “tinder” series or break the deal between y/n and Thor in my thor x reader “meant every word” so i’m not sure, love. just can’t decide whether i wanna write a really rough smut fic with Bucky or would i rather write some angsty Steve fluff or a heartwarming Thor story, lmao.
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etherealletters · 14 days ago
Pool Daze | Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Summary: a late night swim takes an unexpected turn.
Warnings: none! Just fluff and Bucky and the reader being thirsty.
A/N: First imagine yayyy!!! If you have any requests send them in :)
Bucky Barnes was driving you insane.
And not in the way he usually did. Usually, you two were exchanging biting remarks, thinly veiled insults, and harsh glares. It started when you had first shut down one of his suggestions for a mission and then led to a not so friendly competition where you had both tried to not so subtly one up each other. Whether it was training, fighting, or cooking you two tried to do it faster and better.
You weren’t quite sure how to explain your strange dynamic with him.
And when Tony suggested a weekend getaway at his beach house, you and the rest of the team were quick to say yes. The glittering ocean and breezy nights were a much needed relaxation.
You were stretched out on a lawn chair next to Natasha while some of the guys splashed in the pool or were drinking at the poolside bar and for what felt like the 100th time that day your eyes landed on Bucky. Droplets of water dusted his shoulders and you tried not to let your eyes wander along his abs. He was talking to Sam, with a lazy grin. A stark contrast from how he usually was. Had he always been this hot?
"You should just talk to him," Nat, murmured, a cheeky grin on her face.
You scoffed but felt your cheeks heat. You were wearing sunglasses. How could she even tell?
"I'm not- I wasn't-" you stammered before huffing as she laughed. You glanced back at Bucky and you could've sworn his eyes were on you for the briefest second.
“I’m just saying he’s been staring too,” she shrugged.
Bucky was screwed. He nodded along to what Sam was saying. Something about this girl he was seeing. He tried to pay attention he really did but his eyes kept landing on you. How could he not?
Hair messily piled atop your head, baby blue bikini, and a moody pout. Yeah, he wasn’t staring. Your skin seemed to glow under the sun, as he noticed the way you laughed with ease with Natasha.
His attention slowly drifted back to Sam as he tried not to focus on the curve of your hips or the tilt of your voice or the expanse of your skin under the sun. Yeah, he was definitely screwed.
You emerged from the water with a gasp. It was the middle of the night and after hours of tossing and turning you had decided to tip toe back down to the pool and slip into the water quietly.
The air was still hot and thick with summer but the chill temperature of the water was pleasant against your skin.
You savored it, eyes closed as you submerged under the water again. It was something you had done since you were a child. Head slipping beneath the surface as you waited to see how long you could stay under for.
When you broke through the surface a voice called out, “Having fun?” Your eyes shot up to see a smirking Bucky standing at the edge of the pool.
“Yeah. You should try it sometime,”
At this he laughed and folded his arms over his chest, water reflecting off his blue eyes. You swam to the ledge of the pool where he was standing and looked up at him.
“I have plenty fun,” he said as you grinned, looking up at him as a mischievous thought planted itself.
“I’m getting cold anyways.” You frowned and reached a hand out to him. “Pull me up?” You questioned knowing damn well you could have just as easily gotten out on your own.
He rolled his eyes but extended his hand nonetheless as you tried to bite back the smile on your lips, his hand gripping yours.
You pulled him in and ducked out of the way as he fell in the water. You laughed as you waited for him to come up to the surface but he didn’t.
You furrowed a brow and looked down to make sure he wasn’t actually drowning. You were too slow to react as his hand gripped your ankle and pulled you under.
You shrieked as he pulled you and you pushed away from him, laughing. You both rose up to the water as you swam to the shallow end to stand. And to your surprise, he was laughing too.
“Your clothes are soaked,” you laughed reaching for the sleeve of his shirt without thinking. His metal hand was gripping your waist, thumb rubbing circles against your exposed skin. “I don’t mind,” he smiled back at you as it suddenly occurred to you just how close he was.
You two stayed like that, silent and close, you weren’t sure how long you did but the water had drilled and the only noises were the sounds of your quiet breaths.
Thinking about what Natasha said earlier you flushed. Had he really been looking at you too?
Without thinking you leaned forward, slowly giving him enough time to pull away. You pressed you lips against his, waiting for him to pull back.
He didn’t.
Instead his arm tightened the grip on your waist while his other hand cupped your jaw. He deepened the kiss and you reached your hand up to go through his hair.
By the time you pull back for air, your chest is heaving against his. You smile up at him, a little breathless, a little carefree. He’s grinning down at you before pressing his mouth against your forehead.
“Let me take you out sometime, yeah?”
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holylulusworld · 15 days ago
Jane Foster
Tumblr media
Title: Jane Foster
Pairing: Thor Odinson x fem!Reader
Characters: Lady Sif, Odin, Loki Laufeyson
Summary: Arranged marriage leads to fallout with the god of thunder.
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: arranged marriage, angst, unrequited love, language, jealous reader, virgin reader, jealous Thor, cocky Loki, unprotected sex, smut, possessive Thor, loss of virginity, breeding kink, creampie, fluff, Thor being a douche (and he likes to mess with the reader), tricks, Thor is insatiable, implied smut
Word Count: 3,5 k
Square Filled for @marvelfluffbingo​​​ (marvelfluffbingo2021): Free space - Thor Odinson
Marvel Fluff Bingo 2021
Tumblr media
“Where is Thor?” you sigh deeply, ignore Sif’s question for a moment to sort your thoughts. “Shouldn’t you know about your betrotheds’ whereabouts?”
“Thor does what Thor wants,” bored you step outside to have a look at Asgard from the balcony. You close your eyes for a moment, enjoy the warm breeze touching your skin. “You should know that; you’re his loyal friend.”
“You’re his wife, his future queen,” if you weren’t a lady, you would huff at Sif’s words. “He must tell you everything and share all his secrets. Odin himself chose you.”
“Therein lies the problem, Sif,” you chuckle lightly when you turn around to face the warrior. “Odin chose me, Thor didn’t. My husband doesn’t even respect me enough to hide his affairs.”
While you walk past Sif, holding your head high the warrior looks at you with pity.
“I’m sorry, your highness.”
You wave her concern off, walk side by side with Sif while she tries to fathom why Thor rejects his chosen wife.
“This can’t be helped. I only regret I’ll disappoint the all-father. I can’t give him grandchildren, not with Thor yearning for that Midgardian…”
Tumblr media
“Jane Foster again,” Odin’s voice booms through the throne room. He directs his anger toward his beloved son, the warrior, and savior of so many lives. “You are married to a goddess, a woman your stand. Why can’t you see she belongs to you, not that fickle Midgardian.”
“I appreciate Y/N’s grace and her loyalty, but she’s not the woman I wanted to marry. Why don’t let me go back to Midgard and talk to Jane?” Thor yells.
The walls begin to shake when the half-god lashes out, uses his powers to let thunder and lightning illuminate the night sky.
“You are married, son. Did Mjolnir fail me this time? Did your beloved hammer give you back your powers even though you are unworthy!”
“I didn’t even lie with her! There will be no heir for you and Asgard in the time being if I can’t-” Thor bites his tongue when you walk inside the throne room. He must supress a smirk, knowing his plan went well so far.
“ENOUGH,” your voice makes gods flinch. “I know you don’t love me Thor, but you will not disrespect me. Not in front of the all-father.”
“Lady Y/N,” Odin’s features soften when he faces the consequences of the arranged marriage he forced his son to agree to. “We would never disrespect you.”
“I know you wouldn’t, my king,” you bow, eyes never leaving Odin’s face. “But your son does. So many moons lost to an unwilling husband,” you slowly walk around the throne room. “Thor didn’t lie, my king. He didn’t lie with me, not even at our wedding night.”
“Lady Y/N,” Sif gasps at your boldness. “May I bring you back to your chamber?”
“Why Sif? Does everyone want me to keep on pretending my husband loves me and will give me children soon?” you chuckle lightly. “He sleeps on the edge of the bed if he makes it back to our chamber. After the ceremony, he drank with his friends and didn’t come back until three days later. This is how I spent my wedding night.”
“Enough, woman,” Thor’s eyes begin to sparkle, but unlike other people, you are not afraid of your husband. “What I do is none of your concern!”
“True,” you slide your hand over Thor’s chest, giving him a cold glare. “I will return to my father’s kingdom, my king. Thor and I never consummated our marriage. My confidant, Boromir will be pleased to hear I’ll return to him.”
“Lady Y/N,” Odin must watch you storm out of the throne room, ignoring your husband calls your name. “Go after her and fix this. Do you want to bring shame over your kingdom, over Asgard? Forget about that Midgardian, she did so too.”
Tumblr media
“I wonder why you sit in that prison,” the raven-haired man sneers at your words, ignores you seem to watch his every move. “I heard you invaded Midgard and met Jane Foster.
“Ah, you didn’t come to visit me, my love,” Loki gives you a knowing smirk. He leans back in his chair, watches you sit in front of his cell. “You came here to get to know more about the infamous Jane Foster.”
“Don’t say her name,” you growl. “All I heard for three months is Jane Foster. I hate she exists, even though, it’s not her fault my betrothed despises me.”
“She’s nothing compared to you, Y/N,” you wish that Loki’s words were true, but you know better. “I know that mere Midgardian is smart, but that’s all she got to offer.”
“Smart,” humming you look at your hands, wondering if you are not smart enough. “Is she beautiful? Would anyone write poems for her?”
“Poems, that’s what you want or is there something else you yearn for?” Loki smirks, eyes drifting toward your crotch. “I heard Thor didn’t lie with you, my dear. Must be lonely at night without someone warming your bed.”
“I don’t want him to come to me,” you lie, glancing at the tip of your shoes. “Men always praised my beauty but your brother, he seems to believe I’m not beautiful. Maybe it’s me. I shouldn’t have dared to grasp for the stars if all I can have is…”
“Well, my dear, you are gifted with beauty and grace,” Loki speaks a little louder. He got a glimpse of his brother and wants to rile the tall blonde up. “Unlike my brother you are kind and warm.”
“I heard Thor is a kind prince. He just doesn’t show it around me,” your voice cracks and you realize, there is only one way out. “It’s decided, Loki, prince of Asgard. I’m going to go back home, bear the shame and marry Boromir, my oldest friend. He loves me dearly and I think, maybe one day, I can open up my heart to him as I did for Thor…”
Tumblr media
“What else did she say?” Thor threatens to break the cell with his hammer, glares at Loki when he refuses to answer. “Tell me everything!”
“Oh, your lovely wife, the innocent princess, decided it’s time to give up the stars and settle for her old friend,” Loki smirks at his brother’s pained expression. “Shame it will be him taking her to bed for the first time, not you brother.”
“Taking her to bed,” Thor growls his brother’s name, threatens to kill him if he repeats his words. “No one will touch my wife. She’s mine!”
“Says the dull man refusing to fulfill his duty as her husband,” snickering Loki enjoys the struggle on his brother’s face. “I would’ve taken her anytime and anywhere. If only I could break out of these walls…”
“You won’t! No one will! This wasn’t the plan. I just wanted to get her off her high horse. Y/N was smug, arrogant even.” Thor storms out of the prison, growling your name.
“I hope you learned your lesson, blind fool,” proud of himself Loki sits back down to read another book. The one you brought him last week. “If not I’ll get her. Smug or not, she would be nice to have around – or in my bed…”
Tumblr media
“What brings you here tonight? Did your friends get tired of having you around?” watching Thor waltz into your shared chamber you frown. “I asked you a question.” Thor’s eyes seem to be glued to your body tonight, so you grasp for a sheet to cover your body, shielding you from his prying eyes.
“I want to sleep next to you, little one,” Thor mutters under his breath when you turn your back toward him to ignore his existence. “Why did you talk to Loki?”
When the bed dips, you scoot closer to the edge of the bed, ignore you can feel Thor’s warmth behind you. “I talk to whoever I want to talk to.”
“Little one,” he moves closer to bury his nose in your hair, inhales your scent deeply. “Answer my question.”
“I asked him about Jane Foster, and why she’s so special to you. I needed to know what I did wrong. When I’m back at my kingdom to wed Boromir, I want to do it right this time,” you sniffle, hiding your face in the palms of your hands. “People will ask why the god of thunder rejected me, his bride and I owe them answers. I failed my people.”
“I hurt your pride,” Thor purrs, strong arm wrapping around your waistline to bring you close to his bare chest. “Tell me, did any man ever reject you and your beauty?”
“No,” you whisper, not daring to speak any louder, afraid your voice will crack.
“Many courted for me, but I-I didn’t want anyone. I wanted only one man.”
“Who was the one you wanted?” angrily clenching his jaw Thor growls the words in your ear. Jealousy raises its ugly head, and he can barely tame his anger.
“Tell me his name so I can split his skull with my hammer.”
“You will only hurt yourself-“
“My little one,” he purrs now, realizing he was mistaking. You wanted him all this time. “I was a fool.” your body melts against his bare chest, allows him to feel your softness and the warmth you have to offer. “You’re only mine?”
“I was yours from the day you touched my lips when we were only stardust in the eyes of the gods,” you whisper. “You were my first kiss and my only love. Many men came to court for me, but I denied anyone to even kiss my hand. People believed I am smug and arrogant but the truth is, I only wanted you to touch any part of me.”
“I believed it too, my love,” Thor moves impossible closer to kiss his way down your neck. “I wanted you to yearn for me, to beg me to take you, not leave me. I am a big klutz, little one. Can you forgive me?”
“No,” you ignore that every cell in your body yearns for Thor’s attention or that you can feel his hands on your skin. “You hurt me deeply, believing rumors and lies. Thor Odinson talked about another woman while you should’ve begged for my attention. You wanted a smug wife, you got her.”
“Little one,” he purrs, lips traveling down your skin. “I’m going to give you all of me. Body. Soul. Manhood. I will devote my life to you.”
“It’s the least I can expect from a god,” you quip, smirking to yourself. You can feel Thor’s erection but decide to ignore it. “Now let me sleep. It was a long and interesting day. I think, from now on I’ll spend more time visiting your brother.”
“Little one,” Thor warns but you are too angry to care. “You will not meet up with my brother. His tongue is a treacherous snake and will poison your innocence.”
“It was you poising the vulnerable bond between us. Now you will have to earn my forgiveness and the right to lie with me,” you swat his hand away when he tries to touch your breast. “No touching.”
Tumblr media
“Wait for me, my love,” Thor follows you with large steps. “Where are we going?” cocking his head your husband watches you carry three books. “Do you want to read?”
“I told you,” turning around to face Thor you hold back a chuckle. He looks like a puppy, waiting for you to allow him to play with you, “I’m going to visit your brother daily. Maybe I find out more about not being smug and how Jane Foster won your heart.”
Twirling around you make your way toward the prison, ignoring Thor slams his fist into the wall next to you. “You should learn your place!” he booms.
“Oh,” stopping in your tracks you turn around, quirking a brow, “I know my place, Thor Odinson! Do you know yours? I think you forgot who my father is. He respects your father and loves him dearly, but my father will not allow you to toy with me!”
“Toy—you’re mine, woman. Now bring the books back to the library and we can spend the day like husband and devoted wife.”
“You mean wife and devoted husband,” Odin watches your interactions with his son with amusement. He knew from the beginning you would make a perfect match. “Maybe I’ll ask Loki to teach you some manners, Odinson.”
You huff, turn around and make your way toward the prison. “Until then, you will leave me be. I don’t want a brute to lie with me but a man.”
“I’m more man than you could ever-“ you usher away, leaving Thor behind, a smug grin on your lips. You will be damned if you don’t wrap that god around your pinky.
Tumblr media
“Interesting. Tell me more about it, Loki Laufeyson,” you smirk when Thor waltzes into the prison, growling at the men in their cells.
“Here we go, my love,” Loki snickers. He enjoys the angry look his brother gives him, knowing all too well how much it pains Thor to share your attention.
“So, that’s how this works,” humming to yourself you close the book in your hands. “What else will a man do if I’m willing to lie with him?”
“Oh, I know what I would do to you, my dear,” Thor slams his fist into the wall, growls at his brother before he grasps for you to throw you over his shoulder like a caveman. “I guess my brother won’t be gentle. Shall I call for help?”
“Stop it,” Thor orders. “You will not talk like that to me or my wife. Watch your tongue brother or you’ll lose it.”
“Will you use your hammer?” Loki snickers, watching Thor storm away with you still hanging helplessly over his shoulder. “Be gentle, she’s a princess.”
Mjolnir hits the wall next to Loki, cause the building to shake a little. “Next time, Mjolnir will split your skull, brother.”
Tumblr media
“Never again will you talk to Loki,” you gasp, nails biting into Thor’s shoulders.
He had you bare moments after he dragged you into your shared chamber.
“T-Thor,” you keen, eyes watching Thor move on top of you. People might think he hurt you, took you in a hurry but he preferred to take you apart with his skilled tongue, fingers, and finally his god-like cock.
All you could do was to let him play your body, rule it with every swirl, of his tongue and curl of his fingers. Now you are wrapped around his body like ivy, refuse to let go of Thor.
“My little one feels so good around me, only me,” he searches for your lips, to silence your moans. “She acts like a princess but moans like a whore.”
“Thor,” the soles of your feet dig painfully in his ass, urge him one to give you another high. His eyes, those mysterious blue orbs sparkle, and you gasp feeling little sparks dance all over your skin. “What are you doing?”
“You lie with the god of thunder, my love,” he smirks, using his powers again. Your body shudders and you feeling the pressure in your belly rise. “Feel how good he can take care of you.”
“I-I,” you cry out, body jerking uncontrollably when his thick cock hits the right spot again.
Thor doesn’t let up, if anything, he moves faster. His large hands slam into the mattress on each side of the bed, force you to cry out at the sheer force he uses to break the bed.
“That’s it,” he purrs, lips finding yours again. “I’m gonna ignite a spark inside your heart and cunt no other man can extinguish.”
You don’t know if it’s a threat or a promise, but you can’t focus at the moment. All you feel is his length split you open and rub all the right spots. You are ready to do anything when Thor grasps for your thighs to spread you impossible wider.
He groans, loving to watch his cock disappear in your soaked hole. He’s covered in your juices and a tiny trace of blood. “Mine, only mine. I’m gonna breed this body, get your round with my child.”
“OH-AH,” you whimper feeling Thor speed up. He’s chasing his release, groans with every unforgiving thrust as he can feel his end near. “Thor.”
“Have all of me,” he roars through his high, eyes glued to your parted lips. “Gonna cum inside your cunt, fill you up so good. You’re mine, your womb is mine. No one can fill you with a child but me…”
Tumblr media
“Why are you still inside of me?” you push against Thor’s shoulders, muttering something about letting you finally rest. “It’s been hours, I’m tired.”
“Look at you,” he captures one of your nipples suckles harshly at the sensitive nub. “Covered in my marks all over your body and my heir growing in your womb.” One large hand rubs your belly, teases you with little sparks. “I know you conceived my child tonight.”
“How’d you wanna know?” you tug at his hair, try to get Thor off your body. “You’re heavy and I’m tired. Get off me now!”
“You’re so cute and demanding, little one,” the tall blonde grins, eyes sparkling again. “Maybe I’ll take you from behind this time. To have more control.”
“You-what?” you gape at Thor, silently whimpering when he finally pulls out of your abused cunt. “I can’t, not again.”
“One last time,” he offers, rolling you onto your belly, making you groan. “Or is my little one too sore? Will she admit I wore her out and filled her with my heir?”
“Yes and yes. Now let me rest for the night or a week,” you mumble, face already buried in one of the soft pillows. “We will need a new bed too. You destroyed it, brute.”
“You loved it,” humming Thor watches you flutter your eyes closed, too exhausted to care about modesty and that your naked body is still on full display to your husband. “Could do it again, right now. Lay claim on your body and soul.”
“No,” you whine, push his hands away when he tries to bring you in his arms. “I want to sleep, please.”
“I’ll clean you up first, my love,” he purrs, lips traveling along your spine. “Maybe taste you again?” he offers, teeth sinking in your cheek.
“Ouch, Thor!”
“My love?” he grins mischievously when you look over your shoulder, an angry pout on your lips.
“You’re insatiable and a brute…”
Tumblr media
“You walk funny,” Sif muses, watching you slowly hobble toward the library. “Did you fall? Do you need help?”
“I’m fine,” you pant, watching Thor catch up with you to wrap his thick arm around your waistline. He easily picks you up, pecks your lips before he throws you over his shoulder, giving Sif a wink. “No, Sif—help me!”
“Thor, maybe you should give her a break? The whole palace, if not all the people in Asgard heard you last night, and in the morning and not an hour ago.”
“I can’t help it, Sif,” Thor snickers when you fight his hold on you. “I’m addicted to my little one. Now let me carry you back to our chamber, Y/N. I need to take good care of you…”
“Odin asked about Jane Foster. He said you wanted to clarify a few things with the Midgardian,” Sif tries to distract Thor to help you escape his hunger. “Thor?”
“Jane and I said goodbye many moons before, Sif. I wanted to rile my little smug bride up and created a hungry beast. Hungry for my cock…”
“This-this is totally a lie! Help me Sif, please. He’s going to kill me…”
Tumblr media
“All good?” watching you curl in his side Thor smiles. “Sleep, my love. I know I wore you out again. I just can’t keep my hands to myself with you around. It’s like my heart and cock swell anytime my eyes land on you. You enchanted me, little vixen.”
Tired, sore, and worn out you snuggle closer to Thor, ignore he gropes your ass the moment you get closer. “Thor!”
“I’m sorry, but you’re just too beautiful to ignore. I promise to tame the raging beast in my chest,” Thor wraps you in his strong arms, holds you tightly, missing the smirk on your lips when he offers to do amends for tricking you.
“I think you meant the beast in your pants,” laughing you look up at Thor, giving him a disapproving grunt when he tries to grope your soft body again. “No.”
“Can I touch you again when you had a nap?” he nuzzles his nose in your hair, grinning when you start to squirm. “I want to show you my love with my hands, lips, and manhood.”
“No, you can’t show me love with your body. I want you to court for me,” you quip. “I’m a princess, your wife. Don’t think you will get away with your behavior. You are still a brute.”
“But you love me,” Thor smirks. “I know you do, and you know my heart is yours. I just couldn’t admit it at first. You seemed so smug and cold when you came here.”
“This won’t save you from making amends, Thor Odinson,” you quip. “If your child grows in my womb, you are going to kneel for your queen…”
Tumblr media
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mostly-marvel-musings · 20 days ago
Ahhh congratulations! Can I ask for Thor with #12 from the fluff list and #10 from smutty?
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank youuu for requesting this, I was hoping someone would! I was dying to write a soft Thor.
Pairing: Thor x Reader
Warnings: 18+ semi-smut, tons of fluff.
Word count: 500ish
Requests & Challenges
Thor Odinson Taglist: @raspberrymama @bitchycherryblossomlove @jennie22feona @innerpaperexpertcloud @thorfanficwriter
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Tags are open folks! Send me an ask or DM if you wish to be included in any of these lists :))
The wall clock read half past midnight.
A draft of icy-cold breeze made the sheer curtains dance in the dark while distant thunder rumbled through the clouds outside. The house was calm and quiet, but only because the silence had so much to say. It was otherwise pitch dark minus the kitchen that was bathed in a warm yellow glow emitted from several candles that were lit all over.
A certain Asgardian God was to blame for the weather and the messy state of your home, particularly the kitchen, and the bedroom.
Your dinner prep was left unattended when a flash of light and a loud crack of lightning declared Thor’s arrival right outside your window. Leaving everything, you ran towards the balcony to welcome the best surprise after months of being apart.
“You’re home!”
Exchange of lingering hugs and fervent kisses turned into something more intense in no time, and before you knew it, you both were sans clothing. Mouths moulding against each other in a well rehearsed manner and hands tracing familiar patterns along the bodies.
Thor made sure your bed was a mess of tangled sheets that you gripped so tightly while he attended to your every need. His tongue swiping delicate patterns between your legs while his fingers plunged in and out of your heat, preparing you for him.
That was until you were left a moaning mess, skin prickled with goosebumps while you begged him to take you. Not one to tease when he’d missed you so terribly, Thor sheathed himself in your welcoming warmth. Every thrust brushed against your throbbing bundle of nerves, making you see stars as your cries of pleasure increased, echoing in the night.
The God of Thunder loved nothing more than to claim your body as his and leave tangible evidence of the love you shared. The red-purple spots that decorated your skin never failed to turn your cheeks warm each time you stared at your reflection in the mirror.
“You know you always look so much better when I mark you up.”
You shook your head, hiding your blush from him as he lay on his back, hands behind his head while watching you pull your panties up with a soft smile.
Preferring his clothes to your own, you wore his ‘Midgardian’ T-shirt and traipsed into the kitchen to finish that forgotten dinner, the soreness between your legs made its presence known as you walked.
It didn’t take long before his arms found their way around your waist again as you cleaned up the kitchen after you’d eaten.
“Dance with me, my love.”
Thor whispered, his breath tickling the shell of your ear before you turned in his arms and stood on your tippy toes to place a chaste kiss on his lips.
Eyes laden with sleep, your arms went around his torso and hugged him close, listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat while he kissed the top of your head, languidly swaying side to side in the warm light cast by the candles.
The distant thunder coupled with Thor’s even heartbeats acted as a lullaby that sent you into dreamland.
Tumblr media
Special shoutout to @thoranon for inspiring this fic! ❤️
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wintverstan · 21 days ago
MCU masterlist
requests are open
Tumblr media
𝐂𝐚𝐧 𝐢 𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐚𝐝?
summary: You and Bucky have been dating for eight months. One day your four years old daughter has an interesting request for Bucky.
Tumblr media
» coming soon
Tumblr media
» coming soon
Tumblr media
» coming soon
Tumblr media
» coming soon
Tumblr media
» coming soon
Tumblr media
» coming soon
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imagineaworld · 27 days ago
kinks | loki
nsfw (18+)
loki just loves to tie you up in any way he can. binding you to the bed is one of his favourites, rendering you helpless, teasing you slowly and painstakingly until he finally gives you what you want. tying your arms behind your back while he fucks you from behind is another favourite of his. he loves the power and control over you, seeing you writhe underneath him, unable to free yourself from his binds.
during sex, loki will call you degrading names, his favourite being “my little slut”, or some variation of it. he also loves to slap you around and choke you, calling you names and degrading you as he does so. “you like it when i fuck you, hm? my dirty little slut.”
knife play
loki is known for his affinity for knives, and that includes in the bedroom. he loves to run the knife blade across your skin, along your back, your thighs and your neck. he won’t always cut you, unless you ask for it. he loves the danger that comes with using knives during sex, holding it against your throat while he fucks you.
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supbeeches · 29 days ago
read a little dom!loki today, not sure how I feel about it.
still want some sub!loki
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fanpageknight · a month ago
Playing in the rain with Thor
Tumblr media
[If you see an image that you would like a story to please send me a request]
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jubileesstuff · a month ago
Loki x Daughter Oneshot
Tumblr media
I know it's not long. And there are most likely many grammar and spelling mistakes in it. It also took me a while to write it, because I was at work all week. I work in a retirement home (is that what they call it in English? In German its Pflegeheim or seniorenheim.) and there is a lot to do.
But hey, I managed to write it somehow in the end.
If someone likes it I might write a part 2.
"Gender is an invention of the toilet industry," Y/N said as she changed her gender to go to the men's room. The line at the women's restroom was just way too long. And there was none at the men's room.
There was something good about being able to change your gender on a whim. One of the few things Y/N was very grateful to her father for. What she wasn't so grateful to him for was leaving her alone on Earth. Her foster mother told her stories of her father. And then there were all the Norse mythology books. At first Y/N hadn't believed it when they told her, 'Your father is the Norse God of Lies and Mischief.'
Who would believe that? Well, it made sense in the end, sort of? It didn't make sense until Loki came to visit them. Y/N's first reaction to that was, 'I'm like Percy Jackson!'
"Didn't think it would happen that fast. The line at the women's bathroom is really long.", Sarah, a classmate of Y/N's, spoke up. "They let me go first.", Y/N countered when she came out of the bathroom and was female again. Sarah just nodded and turned away. Y/N sat down on a bench nearby and took out a book from her backpack. She couldn't read much, so the teacher was already drawing attention to herself. "Was everyone in the bathroom now?" asked the teacher, Mrs. Becker. There was a unanimous 'yes' from the class. "Now that we are all back here, we can begin. We're going to get a tour of the exhibit from Professor Dietrich. He is Leading Professor of Norse Germanic Mythology. Please behave yourselves.", the teacher spoke and looked around. "Y/N, I think it's great when you read, but now put the book away.", with a sigh Y/N put the book away. And then the professor came already.
Her class was in a museum, there was a new exhibition for Norse Mythology. And of course, Y/N's class was the poor sacks who had to take the tour.
"Let's move on to Loki, the blood brother of Odin. According to the storys, he's in a cave, chained to a rock, and a snake drips poison in his face. His wife, Sigyn, catches the poison in a bowl. That's a very, very simplified version. We are now clarifying what he did to be punished like this in detail."
Y/N wanted to contradict the professor, but then let it go.
The group moved on to look at items from excavations while the professor narrated. Y/N was at the back of the group, off to the side, ignoring everything. Until a man on a bench approached her. "You know kid, you better listen. Even if what the man is telling is bullshit, it's still your family story somehow."
Loki. Loki had an illusion placed over him, but Y/N looked through it. "What are you doing here?" asked Y/N slyly. "I want to see what progress you've made, with your magic," her father explained. "Not much."
That was a lie. And unfortunately, Loki saw through that lie immediately. "Don't lie to the god of lies." was all that came from Loki before he disappeared. "This is going to be fun.", sighed Y/N. "What's going to be fun, Y/N?", asked Mrs. Becker suddenly. "Nothing, sorry for interrupting. Won't happen again," Y/N fake smiled.
After the field trip was over, and thus school was out, Y/N tried everything to avoid Loki. But with her luck, that didn't work. "Follow me, we're going to a quiet place." came from Loki, who was walking next to his daughter, (who was sometimes his son). Y/N obeyed, though she briefly toyed with the idea of calling for help. She would just say she didn't know the man next to her and he was getting too close. But then she kept thinking Loki would just manipulate people. So pretending to be kidnapped was already crossed off the ideas list of not having to show her father her newly learned spell. And the quiet place came sooner than expected. The quiet place was Y/N's room. Her foster mother was at work right now and wouldn't be home until 9pm either. Loki was already a genius bastard.
"Show me.", was all Loki said as he sat down on Y/N's desk chair.
"But dad, it's stupid," Y/N muttered.
"Everybody starts small. Now get on with it.", came Loki's reply.
Defeated, Y/N sighed and closed her eyes. She muttered something and a bright light illuminated the whole room. And then there was a triangle. A triangle with a top hat, walking stick and an eye. "I learned how to bring fictional characters to life." explained Y/N, looking at the golden triangle. It was kinda embarrassing for her. "Meet Bill Cipher from the series Gravity Falls."
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xuberanthartt · a month ago
Best Mistake | L.L
Tumblr media
Description: You were in love with Loki and he was in love with you. That was until you were chosen to be the wife of Thor— the future king. Heartbroken and distraught, you couldn't bring yourself to break  the news to Loki, which landed you in hot water with him the night of your engagement party. 
Includes: Heavy Angst, light elements of violence, female!reader
Word Count: 2.1K
The news spread like hellfire throughout Asgard. You’ve lived here for as long as you could remember, but some of the faces that you saw step into the palace doors from your window were all foreign to you. Shying away from the blinds, you tucked yourself back into your room and sighed heavily. There was a creeping pain in your chest. It was sharp and weighed more than a ton, cutting your strides down by half. 
It was almost comical how quick one’s life could change. How quick the wind blew you from frolicking through the elongated aisles of the library with your lover to being promised to another, all within 48 hours. Honestly, you were still just as confused and many moons had passed since that fateful evening that resulted in the rest of your life being mapped out for you.  
You barely had a say in the matter at all. Your parents were the ones who spoke to Odin and sold your hand for a crown. The only words you got to utter was “I accept”. Those very words burned your throat like venom. No matter how much you tried to beg and barter with your parents, all of your cries of pain fell on deaf ears. All they were worried about was creating  a queen. They didn’t give a damn who you loved. 
He has no chance at being king.
He’ll amount to nothing. 
He has no place on the throne.
Everything your father said to you infuriated you and tore your heart in pieces. You couldn't believe that he was saying this as if it was to be some kind of deterrent from the fact that you loved Loki no matter what. You didn’t care about his status, you never did. All you wanted was him. 
Tears brimmed in your eyes. You desperately wished  to run to Loki’s quarters and embrace him—explain everything and beg for his forgiveness; ask him to sweep you away to any other realm so that the two of you could live out a happy life together, free from the shackles of this desperate climb for the throne. However, you knew that was almost impossible. There was no way that he would ever forgive you for this, though it wasn’t your fault that you were going to marry his brother,, you knew you should have told him, but you couldn't bring yourself to do it. 
It would break his heart if it wasn’t broken already. 
You plopped down on your bed, staring aimlessly at the polished marble floor; your distorted reflection highlighting the  apparent despair that  flushed through your face. This wasn’t the face of a queen. This was the face of a lovesick girl.  You tried to wipe your eyes free of the water that threatened to fall down your plush cheeks, not wanting to stain your gown that Queen Frigga graciously had made just for tonight. In a few moments, you would be standing in a ballroom with hundreds of people, greeting the nobles as you hung on Thor’s arm, feigning happiness. The thought alone made you dread what was to come. If you could make a wish to grow wings and fly away from this place, you would make it in a heartbeat.
A knock suddenly sounded at your bedroom door and a soft voice cooed from the other side, pulling you out of the abyss that was your thoughts.
 “Hello?” Speak of the goddess. 
“Y-yes?” You quickly wiped your face, quickly standing and straightening yourself up.
“It’s me darling. Are you almost done in there?” Frigga asked. 
“I’ll be out in a moment!” You rushed over towards your vanity, making sure your mascara wasn’t running down your cheeks. A little had smeared in the corners of your eyes and you swiftly grabbed a damp towel and cleaned it up, retouching the area before giving yourself one more onceover. 
You felt lousy, but you couldn’t let anyone see that. Not now. Besides, it’d be over before you knew it. 
You grabbed your thin shawl, wrapping it around your arms and started towards your bedroom door and pulled it open, letting the cool breeze from the hall flow into your room. You were greeted with the familiarly kind face of Frigga, accompanied by the stoic figure of Thor, who stood in the finest of garments, donning his signature red and gold attire. Similar to you. 
“My stars, you look absolutely beautiful.” Frigga complimented. She reached out for you and took your hands in her own, giving you the sweetest smile she could muster. 
Despite your indifference with this entire situation, you were very grateful to Frigga for giving you guidance during this transition. She was always by your side every step of the way, never leaving you to fend for yourself. 
“We’re just ahead of time. Shall we?” Thor motioned, extending his arm out for you. 
You hesitantly locked your arm around his, holding on to him as the three of you walked through the expanded corridor. 
Thor leaned down to your level and whispered softly into your ear. “You look gorgeous.” 
Your face flushed. That same pit in your stomach swirled and bubbled, but you took a short breath to clear your nerves and used what strength you had to work up a smile. “You don’t look too bad yourself, Odinson.” 
He let out a hearty laugh. “Who would I be if I didn’t?” 
You were thankful that the walk to the ballroom wasn’t much longer. After a few twists and turns, you could hear the faint sound of music whirring in the air. The melodic tune of a lyre and flutes being played harmoniously. Your chest tightened the moment you stepped passed the golden arches of the ballroom. All eyes fell upon you and Thor, both in looks of judgement and awe. Either way, they were all the same to you. 
You were nervous. Hell, more than nervous. You were practically shaking like a leaf as you stepped down the stairs. You even calculated in your head the chances of you tripping and falling. You’d embarrass yourself, sure, but perhaps the wedding would be called off. Maybe that was your way out. 
All thoughts of that being the case were soon snuffed out as Thor squeezed your hand. You glanced up at him. His piercing blue eyes meeting yours for the first time as he smiled. 
“I know you're frightened, but there’s nothing to worry about. I assure you.” 
“Easy for you to say. You’re the Son of Odin.” you mumbled under your breath. 
He chuckled. “Good point, but you’re not just some commoner either. They just don’t know you yet, but after tonight, they will. You’ll do great.” 
You didn’t expect those words of encouragement from Thor. Dare you say that it even made you feel better. 
“Thank you Thor.” 
“And if anyone tries to harm you. They’ll answer to me.” 
You laughed. Genuinely even. 
“Alright there tiger. Go easy on them.” 
The moment you hit the main floor. You were both immediately bombarded with congratulations from everyone in attendance. A few ladies stopped you and even pulled you away from Thor to talk about the specs of your dress. After you explained to them that Queen Frigga did you the service of supplying you with your linens, you didn't really get the chance to say much else before the conversation went on to talk about how marvelous the queen was and how grateful you should be to have the honor to be so close to her. 
However, the conversation shift did give you a chance to slip away. You were finally not being bum rushed at all sides, only giving small waves and gentle smiles to those who you encountered, which seemed to satisfy them enough. 
You even found yourself entangled in conversation with Sif. You always had a deep admiration for her, considering she was one of your closest friends. 
“I know all of this isn't easy for you. How are you holding up?” she asked. 
“The real question is if I’m holding up at all. This is really hard Sif. Not fighting in wars hard, but… I don’t know how I’m going through with this.”
“I’m surprised you didn't. You usually put up way more of a fight.” 
“I think my argument would have been useless to Odin. He seemed to have his mind set on me marrying Thor.” 
Sif looked around before stepping in closer to you, dropping the volume in her voice. “Have you talked to Loki?” 
“No. I haven't seen him in days. I wanted to tell him, but I-” 
Sif cleared her throat and placed her lips to her glass. “Don’t look now, but I fear he may already know dear.” 
You furrowed your brows at her statement and followed her eyes. You searched for where she was looking, just as you spotted him. 
Those dangerously blue eyes that resembled the color of the morning sky. His stern glare piercing holes through your very being. He looked furious and he was looking directly at you. You could feel your chest tighten as you both made eye contact—his irises never leaving yours as he made his way through the crowd. 
You felt like you could faint right then and there, but you had no desire to cause a spectacle. You just needed to get out. 
“Pardon me for a moment Sif. If anyone asks, tell them I went out for some air.” 
“Of course.” 
You quickly sped past Sif and maneuvered your way through the thicket of bodies that were blocking your path. You had lost sight of Loki, but he wasn't your focus at the moment, you needed to find somewhere to catch your breath. Somewhere private. Your eyes soon locked onto the nearby washroom, and with haste you made your way to the door and pushed through it. 
Once you were safe within its confines, you rested your back against the door, closing your eyes  and laying your head against it. Your world was crumbling and you didn't know how to put it back together if there was any way in the first place. 
You wished this nightmare would end. 
“Someone’s big night isn’t going as planned.” 
Your heart sped up instantly as the recognizable voice startled you. Your eyes flashed open to the view of Loki leaning his back against the far wall. 
“Loki..I can explain.” 
“You don't have to explain a thing. I understand perfectly.” he spat, pushing off of the wall, making small strides over to you. “It’s been made… strikingly clear that you seem to not care about anyone but yourself.” 
“What? No I-” 
“One week!” he exclaimed, making you jump. “It’s been a week, and a damn long one at that and you never once tried to explain to me how you ended up engaged to my brother.” 
He had never raised his voice at you like that and it shook you to your core. Loki was more than upset. He was infuriated. Loki stepped into your space, looming over you like a giant as you shrunk in his shadow. 
“Loki, please listen.. I tried.. I just couldn't...” You were on the brink of tears, teetering on the edge of breaking down. “I’m sorry.” 
“Not hard enough it seems.” He scanned his eyes over you and reached his hand up towards your face, cupping your cheek in his hands. “What I don't understand is what made you say yes. What was it that drew you? Was it the desire to become Queen? or was it that you felt so insignificant that you were trying to grasp at any straw you could pull to feel worthy?” 
His words stung, not like any ordinary pain— not even slightly comparable to the hurt you felt earlier. This was personal. You could feel your heart breaking in two as his words cut into you with no mercy, but that pain also packaged a hint of anger. You lifted your hand almost by instinct and struck him across his cheek. He recoiled, taken aback by your actions. He flicked his tongue over his pearly white teeth and stared at you with a murderer’s intent. 
“How dare you..” you growled. “I loved you, Loki! I still do and that has never changed. I didn't want this. I didn't want any of this, No matter how much I begged them to reconsider they wouldn't listen. I don't care about being Queen, if you're not the one who's beside me. Nothing else matters more than you. If you loved me at all, you would know that.” 
“If you loved me at all, you wouldn't have lied to me.” Loki started towards the door, placing his hand on the door handle. He stopped for a moment and looked over at you somberly.
 “I can't blame you too much. It's my fault as well. Falling for you was my mistake.” 
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yourmcu · 2 months ago
Mesmerized (iii)
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader
@lostaurorax​ said:
hii!! i love ur writing i was wondering if u could write a natasha x reader fic were reader is part of the guardians of the galaxy and they come to the compound and natasha is just starstruck but reader plays kinda hard to get and then just a bunch of fluff !
Word count: 2,138
A/n: notes at the end
Warnings: crash, mentions of explosion, swearing, space mission, soft!nat, quill’s a jerk
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your departure from Earth made its one-year mark.
Natasha hasn’t felt like herself since you left. She’s known you for a few months but it felt like ages, it felt like she knew everything about you from the amount of time you spent together.
It’s not like you had a choice. The guardians needed you and of course you’re gonna be there for them too. They saved your ass countless of time and, well, they’re your family.
Natasha frowns, leaning forward a bit from her sitting position. “What’s wrong?”
You fail to respond back. You curse once more in realization that you had no more ammo left in your guns, using your fire conjuring abilities is risky in this situation too, given on what type of creatures you're fighting.
Rocket is still determined to fight but you know he’s not gonna make it alive so you pick him up and sprint to your ship.
“I had it under control!” The raccoon yells.
“You’re kidding, right? The others already left!” You boom, fiddling with the buttons and levers of the ship to try and start it. The rattling of the monsters behind getting you frazzled. “Fucking-”
“Out of the way before you burn the controls, I got it.”
You go to the back part of the ship to reload all your weapons. You sigh in relief when Rocket managed to start the ship.
The mission went horribly wrong. People died and you were outnumbered. You almost set Groot on fire because of how overwhelmed you were, the fact that Quill was expressing how pissed he was at you didn’t help. Usually the team had every mission handled and sorted. You weren’t used to losing.
And you forgot Natasha is still connected to the call.
She just listens further. It's more silent than earlier so she figured you got away from whatever happened, but she's ready to try and help whatever it takes even though she's a thousand miles away.
“Quill’s not responding,” you frown, frantically searching the back of the ship for the backup weapons. “He must’ve turned his comms off. Can you contact the other ship there?”
“No, offline,” Rocket mumbles, more focused on getting the ship moving. “But geez, you and him have to sort things out.”
“I’m sorry-”
“Save it, we’re still being followed!” Rocket swerves in attempt to knock off the creatures - who're still actively chasing the spaceship. They could fly, and there are a lot. You couldn’t imagine anything like it.
You try your best to fight them off through the spacious hatch on top, but of course you have no match for all of them. You wish Thor was here. As far as you knew he's sorting Asgard things out with Valkyrie.
Every minute just gets worse. The flight gets unstable the more those creatures are catching up, you're surprised they're so determined to destroy both of you.
“Can you go any faster?!”
“I can’t, can I?!” Rocket's driving and pressing multiple buttons for the jump at the same  time.
“Y/N,” Natasha calls out, hoping you could still hear her. “I can tell the team if you need any help-”
On your end, she just got more blasters and guns going off, orders flying between you and the raccoon.
“We need to shake them off, this ship’s not gonna handle them,” You say exasperated. “I’m gonna cause a distraction, got it? You need to get us out of here - anywhere - I don’t care how many jumps it takes!”
Rocket, as rare as it is, displays concern in his face, but he sighs and grips on the levers. “Ready when you are.”
You suck in a breath, letting out a huge burst of what seems like fire and just - heat, aiming at the creatures closest to the ship. It gets nearly all of them. The raccoon mutters a quick countdown, watching you fall unconscious from the hatch in the corner of his eye. He pushes the lever forward slowly, jumping to the one place he knows the both of you could get help.
As soon as you let yourself go, Natasha loses the connection. The intensity of you using your powers like that might’ve affected it.
“God,” she mutters, pacing around her table, “Friday, you still have contact on that ship?”
“Yes, Ms. Romanoff,” the A.I responds, and for a moment, a huge explosion sounded somewhere in the forest near the compound. “...and they just landed. Would you like me to send you the exact coordinates?”
Of course Natasha doesn’t waste time to go out and find you. Thankfully Steve is around and was shaken by the sudden explosion too. It’s snowing, the forest covered with thick snow so it wouldn’t be hard to find wherever the ship crashed.
“She’ll be alright, Nat. We’ll find her.” Steve reassures.
Natasha’s breath hitches at the sight of the aircraft completely destroyed, pieces everywhere, she wasted no time to find you under all the rubble.
The unconscious raccoon isn’t hard to find, but you had it worse considering you were already out before the crash.
“Steve,” she states, walking over scraps and metal to get to you. You're sickly pale, giving Natasha the feeling that she's too late but she did feel a slight pulse. There’s blood on the side of your forehead but other than that,
“She’s freezing,” and it isn’t from the snow alone, she thought. You're colder than that. Natasha has an arm around your back and behind your knees, getting ready to carry you. “Steve, we-”
“I’ll call Bruce to get them sorted out. Try and find their stuff that’s not destroyed.” His tone is firm. He doesn’t wait for a response, gently grabbing you from her and strides back to the compound.
Natasha sighs. Almost everything she sees is unrecognizable except for a few complicated looking guns that definitely looks like Rocket’s and your bag you took on one of your dates. Biting the inside of her cheek, she opens it, sighing in relief when everything inside looked in order.
She finds a wallet-sized picture of both of you at a fair's photo booth. You always held onto it and kept it in your pocket most of the time that's why it looks worn out, probably from you holding it so much. This makes Natasha's heart ache, deciding to keep it for the meantime, carrying all your stuff that's left to the compound.
- You wake with a start. You're facing the clean white ceiling of the Avengers' med bay and you tilt your head to the side to see Natasha sleeping on a stool beside your bed with her head lulling forward and her arms are crossed. As much as you feel relieved to see her, you're confused on how you got here, how she found you. You lift your arm to gently pat the redhead awake. She sighs and goes to rub her neck. "You're cold." You smile softly, cringing at the rasp of your voice. "Didn't want you to be sore from the way you were sleeping." "I'm glad you're awake." "How long was I out?" Natasha gets up to get you a glass of water while you sit up the bed. "Twelve hours. You definitely needed the rest, everything sounded really crazy up there," she says. "Rocket's somewhere around, he left his bed the moment he got up." She hands you the glass and tucks a strand of your hair behind your ear. Feeling how cold you still are since they found you in the forest, she grabs a remote to crank the heater up a bit. You purse your lips and cross your legs, looking at her. "How'd you find us?" "Let's just say we heard the impact of the crash from here," Natasha eyes the bandages on the side of your head for a moment. "It was really lucky your ship crashed nearby, but you know I wouldn't hesitate to get on the jet just to find you. And when I did, I... I thought you were-"
Your hand immediately goes to cup her cheek, the contrast of warm and cold making Natasha relax in your touch. "I'm here now. You saved me." She returns your smile and holds onto your hand on her cheek. "I missed you." "I missed you too." "You know, I did specifically set those coordinates," Rocket says as he enters the room with Tony. "Technically I saved us." Your smile only widens and Natasha chuckles, turning to Tony to see what he has to say about your condition. "You really wore yourself out there fireball, is she still freezing cold?" He asks this to Natasha specifically and she nods. You furrow your eyebrows and turn to your fists, clenching them, only noticing now that you are freezing. "I'm gonna run a simple test and if all goes as expected, Bruce is gonna give you a shot." "Have you already got a conclusion on what happened to me?" You question. Tony pulls out something from his pocket. "Sure have. Now set this on fire." He tosses you a solid crumpled paper. Holding it between three fingers you expect it to turn into ash in your palm, but it stayed the way it is. You're looking at it now to help focus on setting it on fire but it still stayed as normal paper. Natasha grips you on the arm. "I think that's enough." "You went all out with your powers. I did see you let out an overwhelming amount when we were trying to outrun those creatures before you passed out." Rocket states. "Naturally it'll come back, but the shot should help you with your... body temperature and hopefully the speed of recovery." Tony adds. You groan, back landing on the pillow behind you. Not only does losing your powers suck but you aren't a big fan of needles either, but you'll deal with them if you really have to. Natasha's hand slowly crawls up to intertwine with yours, although her attention was still on Tony. "She's gonna have to stay here at least until she recovers, right?" She also looks at Rocket if he has any objections but he merely nods his head. "'Course, they're welcome here for as long as they want." Tony claps his hands together and dismisses himself, Rocket following behind. "In the meantime I'll be figuring out a way to build a new ship." The raccoon says before closing the door behind him. Natasha makes her way to sit beside you and you automatically scooch to make space and rest your head against her shoulder, taking a breath. "You alright?" You shrug. "I guess I do feel pretty useless without those powers. I mean, Quill without a doubt would never let me go on missions anymore. I'd just be a burden to everyone." She lets go of your hand to put around you. "Everything doesn't revolve around your powers, Y/N. You're not useless. I bet you could take that Quill guy down in a fist fight." You let out a chuckle, shaking your head. "What's that guy like anyway?" The sudden question makes your head perk up. "Oh, you know, Quill, he's a nice guy-" Natasha let out a noise, cutting you off. "Didn't sound like it while I was connected in the call." "He can be a mouthful to me sometimes," you admit quietly. "Not to everyone though, I do generally think he's a nice guy. I have no idea what I did that made him so pissed at me." You look up at her and she's staring at the wall, seeming like she's deep in thought. "He doesn't hurt you, does he?" "God, no. He's not like that," you say. "If he did want to of course I wouldn't just take it." Natasha smiles, "that's my girl." You hung your head low so she couldn't see the way you flushed at the phrase, biting your lip to hold in a smile. “I’m glad you have my back, though.”
“I always do. Always will.”
"So, when can I leave this room?"
"After Bruce gives you the shot, then we can do whatever we want." She tilts your head up to move your hair out of your face. You look at her with an amused expression, "where do you plan on taking me this time?” Natasha smirks at the question. She loves spending all her time with you and the sight of you enjoying yourself makes it better. "There’s a new bookstore open, thought you might like it. Also an amusement park. It’s a few hours away but I can always drive. Oh, Tony’s cabin. I’m sure he’d love you to meet his newborn Morgan.”
“Sounds like you have a list,” you muse.
Natasha hums, pulling you closer. “I do.”
final one!! no one’s really looking forward to this but I enjoyed writing it anyway :)
btw wrote this way before thor: love and thunder so i have no idea what him and the guardians are up to but i wish them the best
[shameless plug] check out this natasha ambience i made some people thought it was cool
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bolontiku · 2 months ago
“Dance Into Love”
Avengers AU - One Shot
Characters: Thor, powered!Reader
Word Count: 2636
Summary: He wants to be the one and only to dance with you.
A/N: uhm... This came out of nowhere. Thanks Thor. I need to get better at titles and summaries...
WARNINGS: fluff that turns into smut. Sexy times, no under 18 please
Like, Comments, & Reblogs are always appreciated and loved.
Like what I write? ☕ café
Tumblr media
“Dance with me?”
Was he toying with you?
You stared at his extended hand, his lips spread in a soft and patient smile. He wouldn't do that, Thor, he was your partner. The entire team had come to Asgard to help and now was the time for celebration and they knew how to celebrate. 
You had been surprised with the outfits, the flowing ale, the rowdy men, women smiling and laughing, happy faces surrounding the large hall. The dress made you uncomfortable, usually jeans and a tee for you, but everything had been provided. Loki had smiled and commented that the color suited you, fingers toying with your hair briefly before Thor was beside him, practically shoving his brother aside.
"Dance with me?" He asked again in that low voice of his, hand extended.
Nat nudged you and you snapped back, carefully slipping your hand into his, a little nervous thrill making you shiver, his patient smile broadening as he led you onto the dance floor. 
It was quick paced, almost immediately you were hurrying to keep pace, watching others for the steps, laughter bubbling up and out of you as Thor held your hand in his, pressed his entire side to yours, his other hand on your waist, fingers curling there and making you gasp when he would easily lift you to spin you around and quickly lead you off once again.
He had heard you talking with Nat, you'd never been asked to dance. He frowned thinking of it, how many events had you attended at Stark’s and never been asked to dance? He had arranged for the team to come and help, planned the celebration after and sent you a dress he thought would be fitting, oh and how right he had been. 
The colors flattered your eyes, hugged your curvy breasts, wrapped around your waist making him itch to place his own fingers there. The women had gone and helped you prepare and Nat had played his personal spy, reporting back to him. Letting him know how you giggled and squawked at the women, it had made him smile, knowing how you were he was certain you had assured the ladies you could dress yourself. He had lost his train of thought, mid sentence when you had walked in beside Nat, hair carefully plaited and pressed over your shoulder, adorned with small flowers. Tony had laughed, mistaking his reaction for one due to Nat.
It had taken him some time to work up the nerve to speak to you, but then he had seen Loki approach and he found himself walking towards the two of you, a little jealous when Loki wrapped a finger around a tendril of your hair, the way you dipped your chin, a bashful smile appearing. 
But now he had you in his arms, moving quickly to keep up with the dance and glancing up at him with that smile. He caught the eye of the musician, quickly nodding the pace changed.
You slowed, a little sad as the fun music had stopped, you carefully extricated yourself from Thor, missing the feel of his hard body pressed almost completely to your backside. Letting out a quick breath you turn to face him, head tilting back as you stare up at him, "thank you Thor, that… that was fun!"
His large hand cupped your cheek, "we are not done my lady." He stepped into you, hands on your waist, your own on his arms as he leads you once more into the dance. This was slow and soon you had pressed your head to his chest, ignoring the way his large hand slipped up your back to press along the base of your spine. He was your partner, that was it. 
"You look rather exquisite tonight." He dropped his chin to the top of your head as you snorted in response, "you think not?"
"I think you are being nice for whatever reason."
"Can one not compliment a beauty when one wants?"
You growled, tugging out of his arms a little too quickly and bumping into another couple, embarrassed you apologized before flicking an annoyed look at Thor. This had been a mistake, you shook your head and stomped away, ignoring the look Nat shot you. 
Thor caught you in the quiet halls, the murmur of the celebration echoing down the halls. "Y/N! What have I said to make you so irate?" He asked, wrapping his hand around your upper arm.  
You move quickly, pulling out of his reach, "Thor- what are you doing??" He stood still, head tilted to the side, giving you that look. You'd seen it before. He always looked at you like that and it was-- you wanted to shout, it was confusing, it was infuriating, if he kept looking at you like that!!! "There's pretty girls in pretty dresses out there!" You cried extending your hand towards the large hall, anger evident.
His large hand slipped around your throat, that soft look disarming you once again, "Mmm, is that right? Who wants a pretty girl when there is a goddess right in front of them?" 
You flinched, convinced he was playing with you. 
"I have seen you. Your strength yes, many cannot ignore the fact that you might lift Stark Tower single handedly. But they cannot ignore the compassion you have, the fortitude that runs through your veins. I have seen you fight, when others are clearly ready to give in, when it seems all is dark and we are on the verge of a loss, you-" he smiled, your eyes had widened and your bottom lip trembled, "you gave us the strength to come back. That strength that we so easily lean upon seems to be your folly. Others may take advantage of and only see it, I have seen you send the children giggling, helping the elder staff, and speaking to yourself whilst in the midst of the gardens." 
He stepped closer, hand slipping around your waist and leaned down, voice dropping to a dangerous whisper against your lips, "I would rather dance with a Goddess, than play with pretty little things."
You held onto the fabric of his tunic as his breath fanned over your lips, your eyes closing, "Thor-"
"I see you Y/N," your breath caught at the words, the floor tumbling out from under your feet as his lips closed over yours, your fingers tightening on him. 
Thor growled as you tilted your head back, lips parting, offering a heavenly gift. The quiet secrets you held would be for him only and the thought made him possessive, in such a way he could not remember. His kiss which had been tender, hardened, demanding, dominating, taking anything and everything.
He had already been careful to keep others from getting too close, stepping between you and Bucky when the sergeant trained with you, often taking his shirt off. Or when Steven would pull you in close to discuss tactics for a mission. Even if Tony were quick to flirt with you Thor would step in and accept the words before you could answer. He had been dangerously close to becoming a monster when others touched you.
And now…
You cried out as he swept you up into his arms breaking the kiss and moving quickly down the halls. The guards at the entrance to the room surprised you but that didn't matter once he had shut the doors. 
His room was larger than the one you had been in, your eyes quickly falling on the large bed in front of you as his lips found the soft juncture of neck and shoulder. Teeth sinking into the skin as his hands found your waist and your brain ceased to work as he pressed himself up against your backside. 
"I have thought of this many times since I have met you," he growled into your ear, pressing your forwards towards the bed. You couldn’t think as he attacked your ear, as his hands left your waist to cup your breasts, heat shooting through you as his large hands squeezed and toyed with them. You squeezed your legs together, knowing he had noted it, pressed so closely into you.
The little moan that left you urged him on, the way you pressed back into him, he had one goal in mind tonight and that was to hear his name torn from your lips.
You whined as his hands slid down, gripping your hips briefly and then he was pressing you down face first into the bed. Your dress was being pushed up, he turned you and you found him smiling, even as you felt your face burn. His large hands slipping up along your legs, along your thighs and you were tugged towards the edge of the bed, he swept your panties aside, thumb circling your clit before dipping along your folds. Thor grinned as you gasped, watching you intently, "is this for me?" Your hands twisted in the sheets, you bit down on your bottom lip to keep from making a sound. "Tsk, no that won't do Y/N, I need to hear you love," he pressed in one thick finger, your hips jerking off the bed, "come now, do not deny me what I want."
You cried out as he added a second finger, thumb circling, head falling back as he pressed his lips to your thigh, the coarse hair of his beard making you squirm even as he ran his fingers in and out of you, he moved so that he could press his free hand to your tummy, pinning you down as a loud moan left you. 
"There you are, let me hear you," his encouraging words left you breathless or was that his hands? The way he pressed his cheek to your leg, shifting your legs to dangle over his broad shoulders leaving you spread wide open for him? Teeth nipping your sensitive inner thigh as he built the fire within you, your blood pounding, heart thundering in your ears. 
You screamed his name when his tongue slid up along your folds, taking the place of his thumb before he pulled his fingers from you to sweep in with his tongue. 
Thor wrapped his hands around your hips and held you down as he drove on, eating you out like a starved man tongue flickering in and out of you until the coil he had been tightening low in your belly snapped, your back arching off the bed as you came, hands flying to his head to keep him in place hips rolling up. He smiled against your core as he felt you relax, legs shaking around his head, hands falling from his hair.
He slipped your legs off his shoulders, shedding his tunic and trousers, carefully pressing his hard member along your folds as he pressed your legs open wider to adjust to his size. He watched as you laid beneath him, eyes closed, smile soft. You wrapped a shaky leg up over his hip and he caught it, fingers digging into the flesh as he slowly sank into you. Thor stilled as you pried your eyes open, "are you alright?" He hummed softly, leaning forward to press a kiss to your lips. 
"I'll be better if you move."
He chuckled, sinking in slowly. "If that is what you desire" 
You lifted your hips, gasping at the stretch, wrapping a hand around the back of his neck and holding onto his shoulder with the other. "Thor?? Please??"
He drove in completely at the little murmur, groaning loudly into the crook of your neck, almost immediately pulling out to drive back in. His large hands held you in place as he drove in hard and fast, lips pressed to your skin. Every moan that escaped him sent fire coursing through you, fanning little licks of fire over your skin. Lips seeking skiing, throat, chest, the curve of your neck, breath harsh in your ear, "so good, my good girl, made for me, do you feel? You fit me perfectly- tight and hot, fuck" his beard burning his mark into your skin.
You moaned, lost as he cursed, his praises driving you further into a haze of fog. His name the only thing you could mutter as you held on to him, as he fucked into you, every thrust driving him deeper, every roll of his hips marking you irrevocably his. You were aware of words tumbling from your lips, begging him to mark you, to make you his, you pressed a kiss to his shoulder, teeth sinking in, enjoying the hiss that escaped him.  
He reached down between you and his thumb circled your sensitive bundle of nerves. You bucked your hips up into his, taking him deeper, his mouth on yours, Thor swallowing your cries as he felt you tighten around his cock. 
"That's it, Y/N," he urged, voice rough and strained as if he was barely holding back. You tossed your head back, nails digging into the flesh of his shoulder and neck, chest heaving, hips writhing under his as he drove into you, this. This is what he had wanted more than anything, "scream for me.."
And you did, shattering under him, voice hoarse as he pressed his lips to the base of your throat, an arm wrapping under you to hold you in place as he lost himself to you. Driving in and out as you wrapped your legs shakily around his waist, as you took everything he had to give. Thor drove in as he came groaning softly as he filled you, face buried under your chin. Your name muttered softly over and over against your skin.
He held still, buried deep inside of you for the longest time, keeping himself seated as he softened inside of you, arms keeping him from crushing you under him. 
You smacked his shoulder with weak arms, your entire body soft and buzzing, tugging at him till he dropped onto you with a little "oof" escaping you. You laughed softly as he snuggled under your chin. "Well… this changes things."
"Does it? Perhaps for you, but I have been in love with you since the first moment I set eyes on you." He chuckled as he heard you sniffle, feeling you throw an arm over your eyes. How many times had he seen this? You struggling to stay stoic, tears falling as you hid them from the others, but they were his to collect and he had rather greedily. Pushing himself off and out of you, he rolled to the side to hold you carefully as you wept. "It is alright, take all the time you need." 
You curled into his side, angry that you couldn’t stop the tears, but his gentle acceptance of you was more than you could bear at the moment. “Will you be here when I wake up?” you asked, voice barely above a whisper.
Thor smiled, hand sinking into your hair, “of course my love,” he hummed, squeezing the base of your neck, working out the knots from your shoulders carefully and slowly.
You tugged at a strand of his hair, comforted as he laughed, the sound rumbling in your ear. You threw an arm over him, Thor, always making you feel small, always by your side, when had he figured all this out? Your mind wandered, sleep taking over as you sniffled.
You could figure it out later, after some sleep.
Thor grinned as he felt you melt into his side, carefully he shifted out from under you, still pressed close to you, not wanting to lose the feel of your soft skin against his. He brushed your hair from your face gently, “I will be here my love.”
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spasmsofthought · 2 months ago
15 years, 15 million tears (i gave it my all, he gave me nothing at all) [thor x reader]
hiiii I’ve been in my feels lately so here you go. maybe more parts to come?????
please forgive any typos or grammar mistakes! 
enjoy! xoxo 
The pageantry never seems to end, apparently, as Asgardians partake in another feast, overflowing with food and drink, for the third time this week alone. The room is glowing and decadent, reflecting the riches of the people gathered together among the tables and around the pillars in a small area of this magnificent castle. There is laughter and smiles and an overall atmosphere that would be hard to resist if it were your first time at such an event.
It is not.
The merry faces hold sway over you no longer and it is easy to fade into the background while picking at the food that has been placed in front of you by a servant half-captivated by the scene in front of her and smiling politely at those who glance your way.
A boom of laughter comes from the other side of the chamber and it is not hard to guess who it belongs to. Thor Odinson has never been known for silence and his open mouth and wide grin portray his delight as he lifts his mug of ale and drinks yet again. The Warriors Three and other varying courtiers surround him, laughing along heartily. Lady Sif gives a quirk of her lips, playing along for a moment, but otherwise remains more stoic than the rest of the group.
It can be easy to be swept away in the revelry but tonight it just leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. There is no one near you that cares enough to notice when you get up from your seat, leaving your plate half-finished, and wander slowly towards the shadowed corridors hoping for quick exit. 
“My dear,” Frigga calls in her soothing voice.
Curse Frigga and her warm heart, for she knows you cannot dismiss her and you have no desire to. She is the Queen of Asgard and your guardian while you remain here in Asgard, and the wisest of all. 
“My Queen,” you turn and curtsy as she walks towards you. You can only offer her a slight smile hoping she will let you go soon and dare not ask for you to stay. 
“Why do you leave so early into the night? Is something the matter?” There is a concern, as always, in her voice, but something else that you cannot detect hides behind it. 
“I simply weary of the night, my lady, and seek rest in my own chamber, ‘tis all.” She comes closer and captures your hands with her own warm ones. Her gaze is loving and for a moment you imagine it would be like your own mother’s if she still lived. 
“Is that all?” She reads you like the palm of her hand but you give no answer. “I will have Thor escort you back, it will be no trouble.” 
You peer over her shoulder seeing Thor cast a quick glance over to his mother, for it is not often enough he sees you together in public spaces in the presence of so many people. It is the only glance he has spared you in months. You wrench your hands out of hers and hold them up to her in a pleading gesture, “No, please, my lady. He is enjoying his company and I wish to disturb no one. I know the way back to my own room.” 
Her eyes pierce yours but she chooses to relent this time, “Very well. May rest come to you tonight.” 
Her arms come to smooth over your hair and down to your shoulders, gentle and firm at the same time. 
“Good night, my Queen.” You nod and she lets go, allowing you to escape down the corridor into a darkened hallway. You continue to your room as you always have: alone. 
+ + + 
“I request an audience with my lord Odin Allfather and King of Asgard.” You try to keep your voice from trembling and you think you do well enough. This is not going to be easy, and you think your pacing wore through your bedroom’s carpet this morning. 
The throne room has always been grand, gold glinting from Odin’s seat and the weapon in his hand. When you came here years ago, it took everything in you to not cower in sheer fear of speaking to him. Now, the weight of the situation is no less heavy, but Odin is not as intimidating as he once was. 
“Speak, child,” his voice says to you after you curtsy in front of the dais. 
It is not warm like Frigga’s or boisterous like Thor’s. What little you have heard of Loki’s hold no comparison either. It holds the weight and authority of a king who has reigned longer than you have lived. 
“I wish to depart Asgard and return home,” Frigga’s eyes catch yours for a moment and there is something in them that makes you dread this conversation even more than you already do. 
“For how long? We will organize guards to accompany you on your journey and set a feast date for when you are to return.” 
“My lord, I do not wish to return at all.” The statement hangs in the air and the words echo around the chamber. It is now that you enter into truly dangerous territory. 
“And why with so little words do you wish to leave all that has been provided for you here? Foolish child, you do not know of what you wish.” Odin has always been rough around the edges, so you expected such a reaction to your proposal. He spent much time getting exactly what he wanted. 
“I know, my lord,” You beg your voice to stay even. It is not a time to test the King of Asgard anymore than you have, “that I can no longer sit idly by, gorging at feasts and drinking to my content, as my father grows old and my older sister fades away to time--” 
“You are shortsighted in your vision,” He interrupts adamantly, dismissing your words as if they are from the mouth of a child. But you are not a child and you have not been for a very long time. 
“I would continue to be patient,” It is like a spark lights inside of you, “if the Allfather would fulfill what he promised to me and my people decades ago. We gave you our best soldiers and our smiths and you still have yet to betroth me to a prince I came here decades ago to marry.” 
“I will tell you the same words I told you when you arrived here and became our ward--” 
“If my lord will forgive me,” For all the kindness and grace that has been instilled in you, your time here has taught you to never allow yourself to be spoken over, not even by the King of Asgard, “I have no time to entertain the same empty promises and fanciful notions that brought me here to you. I am the heir to my own throne and I am of no use to my kingdom if I wait endlessly for something that you, King of Asgard, have no intention of actually granting me nor my people. If it means I leave here declaring war, so be it.”
Frigga is wary next to her husband, as she is Queen of Asgard and no longer just someone who cares for you as a mother would. She cannot defy her husband in public, especially when the Court will hear of all of this before the end of day. Odin’s lips are pressed together and it is easy to tell that he is quickly losing what patience he holds with you. But you think your threats have worked well enough for the moment.
“I will grant consideration of this request but I make no promises. My decision will be known to you in the coming days.” He waves his hand at you, a quick and effortless motion. 
“My King,” You say begrudgingly though you glare at him as you give a final curtsy. The walk to exit out of the throne room is the longest of your life. 
There is a loud knock at your chamber door two days later. The servants have pitied you with sad eyes and hidden frowns meant only for you, but otherwise you wait for news that still does not come. By the weight of the knock, you know it is Thor. There only has been one other time he has come to your door and it was for the feast thrown in your honor as you were welcomed into Asgard 15 years ago. It is funny how little the prince who was promised to marry you has seen you in the span of those years. 
He avoids you and everyone knows it. 
“What do you seek Thor?” You sigh as you see his face when the door opens. You are tired. His mouth is set in a grim line, which is unusual for him. He barges in with no care to how he may jostle you, which is usual for him. 
“I hear you are planning to leave us,” You want to roll your eyes, and behind his back you do. If he is coming here to simply confirm information he has already heard, you have better things to do with your time. “Permanently.” 
You stay stationed by your door, leaving it open. He will not be here for long. Your silence has him turning towards you. 
“You run as a coward?” He does not understand you in his foolishness, the kind that he seems to refuse to grow out of; he never has. 
“I cannot serve my people in a gilded cage waiting for you to grow up, Thor Odinson.” His facial expression startles for a second, as if he does not expect you to have a spine. 
“These promises,” He steps closer, confusion furrowing his eyebrows, “they mean so much to you that you would abandon the life that has been made for you here?” 
“I have no life here if your father does not keep his word. I leave with his permission or I leave without it. But I am not staying here sheltered like an innocent and dependent little girl.” There is some silence and you still wait by the door. 
“I do admire you,” He says. You want to scoff. This is longest conversation you two have ever had, so these words are meaningless. 
“Admiration does nothing for my people. And it helps me even less.” 
“Would you have even wanted to marry me?” He asks all the wrong questions at all the wrong times. 
“Perhaps, Thor,” you shrug as he comes again past you, barely stepping past the threshold, “if things were different and you were more willing to look beyond yourself.” 
He looks a little as if you have struck him, but you cannot find it in your heart to ask for any sort of forgiveness. He barely manages a nod to your words. 
“I think I would have liked to know you better--” 
“But you haven’t, Thor,” And you cannot help but be honest. The words are bitter as acid but they bring a relief. Too long have you bottled everything in. And it’s not like either of you are going to see each other any time soon. “And that is partly why everything is the way that it is. And it is why I must leave.” 
“I bid you good fortune, then, my lady,” He says as a farewell before he is briskly making his way down the hallway, as if he cannot get away fast enough. 
And you are alone, again, like maybe you were always meant to be. 
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