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#thor the dark world
lokislittlesigyn · 3 hours ago
OG616 : Thor: The Dark World - Pt.3 [Thor’s Return]
[My masterlist, where all parts of this and my other fics can be found]
Pairing: Loki / Sigyn (basically an oc based off the marvel/myth namesake)
Warnings: just more sad - but with some hope at the end!
Author’s Note: I take some deleted scenes as canon, so enjoy those making a little appearance. c:
Taglist: @high-functioning-lokipath , @onaheroicmission To be added to the taglist, just ask me here or send a message! <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
When Loki was first imprisoned, it had been summertime - but the bright days and warm, temperate nights spent gazing up at the stars brought Sigyn little comfort. She wished he were there, with her. As time passed, along with grief for what could have been, a gradual swell of frustration and despair welled up inside of her.
He was so close. On the same realm, but stuck in the deepest reaches of Asgard.
Frigga had helped her send more gifts. Odin, catching onto their scheme, clearly disapproved. He never confronted her about it, but Sigyn often gave him a wide berth just in case.
And she never once dared to go near the entrance to the dungeons. 
She avoided that area of the palace entirely, in fact. For months she dutifully kept her promise,  instead pouring into the letters that were safely hidden in the folds of books she sent to Loki. She told him what everyone was doing, how the realms were faring, and what new (or old) places she’d found in the forest. She told him of any astronomical happenings, knowing he liked to watch the sky. She even told him, around Yule, how she had thought of him during the celebratory toasts.
By the time a second summer passed, Sigyn was running low on books to send. 
Eventually, whispers of autumn played on the breeze. The chipper green hues of summer gave way to fiery reds, the same color as…
Sigyn sighed heavily, sitting on a tufted window seat in a breezy area of the palace, her sketchbook on her lap.
Thor still hadn’t returned home. 
Neither had Sif, nor the Warriors Three. Instead, troops of Einherjar, often led by Tyr, funneled enemy captives into the dungeons. She saw them sometimes, droves of hardened criminals, some still covered in blood that was most likely not theirs, being paraded down into the depths.
It would be easy enough to disguise herself, slip in among them, and then… Well, trying to avoid being imprisoned herself was the tricky part. She huffed through her nose. In truth, she’d concocted dozens of far-fetched plans on how to reach Loki, or free him. 
But she was bound by her word.
Frigga was too smart to let me go without making a promise, Sigyn mused, She knew I’d go straight to him otherwise. But this existence is.. Miserable.
Sigyn closed her eyes. She had spent countless days on a seat like this years ago, lying next to Loki. Sunny mornings and rainy afternoons, cozied up with a good book and loving company… 
She shook her head and sighed.
An eternity alone.
One year was a fraction of her life, yet it felt like an eternity in itself. Were they doomed to this fate forever? Odin showed no sign of shortening Loki’s sentence, despite her excellent behavior. Even Frigga couldn’t convince him to letting anyone visit the dungeons, outside of delivering prisoners. 
Grabbing her book, Sigyn flipped through the pages. It doubled as a notebook of sorts, and often accompanied her on trail rides or trips to visit Heimdall and learn about the stars. It was an unassuming and well-loved little book, the pages all crumpled and covered in scribbled-down futhark. 
Eventually, she found the page she was looking for, and the symbol upon it. Three sets of three lines. One, vertical, the other two at angles. The web of Wyrd. The net of Skuld. The matrix of fate.
Her eyes drifted to the margins, where she’d taken notes from a book in the library - the same one she had read frequently after Loki’s fall. It had quickly become a favorite book in those months, so much that she’d copied an entire page from it. A knot formed in her throat as she read.
“Here we see how the past, present, and future are interconnected. Norns, keepers of fate, weave them through spinning the strings of our lives. We provide the material with our choices, our actions. But who is to say this life is the only tapestry made?
Endless choices, endless possibilities await us with every day, every breath. Surely, other paths await. For as we exhale our final breath in this life, we inhale our first in another: An eternal tapestry of fate.”
Sigyn held the book closer, pressing it to her chest. A tear slid down her cheek, plopping into her lap.
I’ll see you again, love. In this life or the next.
Weeks later still, Thor returned to Asgard, inspiring raucous celebration in his wake. The entire realm seemed to rejoice upon his return. By the time a new wave of prisoners had been taken to the dungeons, and those escorting them could return to their lives, it was dark out. Cold. 
Snow drifted down from the sky, white powder collecting on the edges of streets and tops of buildings. The beginnings of winter had found its way to Asgard: the last hues of fall clinging to the trees, cool rain now replaced with soft flurries of white. 
Sigyn took a deep breath of icy air, pulling the collar of her sapphire cloak closer to her neck. Oddly enough, she enjoyed the cold. It felt familiar.
She had changed into a slightly thicker, warmer version of her riding outfit. But now she adorned it with an emerald and gold sash tied around her waist, as well as her necklace, which was tucked in her shirt.
As beautiful as the palace was, Sigyn always loved roaming the city.
Fires blazed around her, filling the night with bursts of amber light, and countless Asgardians were already celebrating the recent victory on Vanaheim. Laughing, drinking, reveling.
Sigyn quickened her pace.
Children raced past her and she recognized them as Volstagg's son and daughter, following them through a tavern. She exhaled a gentle breath, the warm air melting the snowflakes on her shoulders as she approached a large table. A powerful voice filled the room everyone was nestled into.
"... Cracking under the strain, I threw the beast off. But, six more beat me to the ground, crushing my blade as if it was paper- Oh, you're missing the best part, hah!" Volstagg called his children over, scooping his daughter up into his lap. She giggled.
Sigyn took a careful seat next to Thor, who smiled a silent greeting. She returned it. Across the room, Fandral, ignoring his two lady-friends for a moment, gave Sigyn a small wave. She smiled again, nodding at him. 
Thank the Norns they’re home safe.
"Now, where was I..?" Volstagg held his daughter in his lap.
"You were surrounded." Thor smiled, taking a drink.
"Again." Fandral smirked.
"Oh, yes, yes yes, by the most vile criminals the Nine Realms have ever produced!" Volstagg embellished each word with dramatic movements, entertaining the crowd.
"To our left, savage beasts, with fangs like knives! To our right, soldiers of fortune, their blades dripping with blood! And who was there to face the horde, but Fandral the Dashing!"
"I was." Fandral took a drink.
"Hogun the Grim," Volstagg continued, "And Volstagg the.." He stopped.
"Voluminous?" One of Fandral's ladies suggested.
"Fat." Fandral chuckled, and even Thor and Sigyn laughed.
Volstagg looked indignant. "Invincible!" He corrected, "I don't mind telling you, I feared for Thor's life." He pointed to the thunder god, who was still grinning.
"But," Volstagg raised his voice, "With steely courage, intrepid spirit, and an axe-" He beat the table with a fist, "Victory was ours!" then raised a toast to tumultuous applause.
Thor clapped, drinking more mead. "Truly, a tale for the ages."
"No doubt he'll be telling it that long as well," Fandral took another drink.
"Another!" Volstagg shouted, tossing his goblet aside. Several others did the same.
Sigyn kept smiling, but never as widely as she once would have.
I wish you were here, Loki.
I wish you were here beside me. Joining in the celebration. Correcting Volstagg, rolling your eyes and chuckling at him.
You could always make me laugh.
She felt Thor move next to her, setting down his goblet without so much as sipping from it. 
"Brother?" She muttered to him.
He pursed his lips in a half-smile. “It’s nothing.” But as he gave her a firm, loving pat on the shoulder and left, Sigyn saw a pain behind his eyes she knew all too well.
The mortal he met, he still misses her. Her heart ached. I know how that feels...
Sigyn left the celebration early, heading straight to the palace.
It didn’t take her long to find Frigga. She was in her chambers, a basin of fire lit before her. Sigyn cleared her throat.
Frigga glanced at her over her shoulder. “It’s quite cold out tonight. Though, I expect the festivities are keeping you all warm.”
“Some warmer than others. Fandral has returned to being.. Well, Fandral.”
The queen laughed gently. “Yes, I expect he has.”
Sigyn huffed a small laugh, walking closer. They stood a moment, watching the flames.
“Frigga..” Sigyn started, looking at her - she noticed there were tears in the queen’s eyes. “Is.. Something wrong?”
Frigga smiled sadly.  “I spoke with him today. Loki.”
Sigyn froze. Frigga continued, “Using illusions, of course. He’s settled in nicely - you did well, choosing things that would help him feel more comfortable. I had meant to fetch you tomorrow, in fact, to help you visit him through magic - Odin is in good spirits, now that Thor has returned. But I’m not sure Loki would like to see me for a while.”
Sigyn swallowed. “What did he do?”
Frigga rubbed her hands together. “He is bitter. Angry. Hurting. I fear resentment toward Odin and Thor has clouded his judgement..”
“I need to see him,” She whispered, so softly she was surprised when Frigga heard.
“Yes.” The queen agreed. “And he needs you.”
Sigyn looked at her, eyes filled with tears.
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i-love-the-mcu-3000 · 7 hours ago
-My Family Deciding on What Marvel Movie To Watch-
My sister: We could watch the Guardians of the Galaxy.
My other sister: The first one? Why do you want to watch that one? The second one’s better.
My sister: Because I haven’t watched it in like forever
My mam: You’ve never seen the first Guardians of the Galaxy?
My sister: No, I have, I just haven’t watched it in forever.
Me: Well if that’s the case, I want to watch all the Iron Mans and Thor the Dark World.
My mam: No, the Iron Mans aren’t that good, I don’t think they had the right writers at the time and it’s so old.
My other sister, who was born in the same year Iron Man was released: Wow okay.
My mam: And we watched Thor The Dark World recently didn’t we?
My other sister: Yeah.
Me: No.
My sister: No.
Me: Did you watch Thor the Dark World without me??
My mam: No, we wouldn’t have done that!
Me: Well I haven’t watched it in years!
My mam: So then where were you when we were watching it?
Me: I don’t know! You were the ones who watched it without me!
My dad: Which one’s Thor the Dark World?
My other sister: The one with the naked guy!
My dad: What?
My sister: The one where Loki fakes his death!
Me: That doesn’t narrow it down!
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wandaloki · 21 hours ago
Can we talk about the scene at the end of Thor: the dark world, where Thor is abdicating the throne to who he believes is Odin, but actually Loki in disguise. It insinuates that Loki wasn’t disguising as Odin with the intention of taking the throne, if Thor had to abdicate then Loki wasn’t using his disguise to deny Thor of the throne. Which means that once again Loki didn’t intend to end up with the throne of Asgard.
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mimsyisgianna · a day ago
Loki-Character Analysis (and Rant lol)
Idk if anyone will see this and I frankly don't care too much, just kind of ranting and venting. (for context I am not necessarily in the healthiest head space as of now so my emotions could be more extreme than they normally would be)
Loki's death is really hitting hard for me again. The fact he went from a mischievous kid who just wanted his father's recognition, to sabotaging his brother's coronation to lead up to defeating the Jotuns for his father and proving himself worthy as Thor, in the process finding out his life was a lie and that he himself was a Jotun who was abandoned, to giving up his life only to be found by Thanos to be threatened and manipulated (idc what anyone says, Loki was definitely tortured during his time with Thanos. How else could you explain how sickly and gaunt he looked when he first showed up in Avengers?) to losing his mother and protecting a mere mortal just because his brother cared for her, also willing to sacrifice himself for her and his brother, to finally having a period of success, only to witness his father die, see his home destroyed, and then ultimately get killed by Thanos as he tried to kill him to protect Thor.
He had an arc. He grew. And then he died. While we will get Loki in the new Disney+ series, he will never be the same Loki unless they find a way to implant the experiences of the prime Loki into this one. While I have no doubt he will be shown key points of his alter variant self's life, seeing them from an outer perspective cannot substitute for the experiences themselves.
Loki was such a complicated character who, while sometimes seeming inconsistent, was consistently inconsistent within the nature of his chaotic and mischievous character. He cared. He wanted recognition and to be viewed as equal to his brother. Along the way he got lost and found and twisted even more. Notice how in Thor 1, he never killed anyone other than Jotuns. While he did endanger other humans, he never killed them despite being easily able to do so with the destroyer automaton. And when it came to his brother, he had the perfect chance to blast him, but resorted to a backhand; and while that could have proven to be fatal, when it came down to it, Loki couldn't bring himself to do it the easy way. Deep down he still wanted to be on equal terms. That's why when Thor returned to Asgard, Loki kept instigating Thor, trying to rile him up so he would fight him. He ended up resorting to threatening harm upon Jane just to get his brother to treat him as equal and a worthy opponent. He denied familial connection to Odin and Thor, trying to convince himself that the reason he will never be viewed as equal with Thor is that he is a Jotun, the "monster parents tell their children about". In the end, when Odin still wouldn't show any more sympathy to Loki or try to reason with him, instead just telling him "no", Loki gave up. He was willing to accept whatever happened to him when he let go and he fell into the collapsing portal of the bifrost.
Cut to the first avengers, he is clearly very changed. He's sickly, gaunt, and weakened, needing support just getting onto the back of the truck for Clint Barton to drive him away on. His eyes are sunken in, he's greasy and slow, and borderline sociopathic. He clearly experienced something that turned him into this. We already know the scepter influenced his mind and that Thanos threatened him eternal suffering that would make pain look sweet if he didn't get the tesseract. But I steadfast refuse any statement someone could give me saying he wasn't tortured or manipulated by Thanos or his followers. Loki quickly goes in for the attack when he arrives on Earth, killing without hesitation or regret. When Thor confronts him on Stark tower, for even just the most fleeting second, he pauses. He knows what he's done and that he's gone too far. Even when he doesn't back down, he doesn't try to kill Thor. He simply, or, well, "simply" stabs him and runs off knowing very well it would take much more than that to kill his brother.
When he is brought to Asgard for imprisonment, his pride and guilt eat away at him. He refuses to acknowledge what he did as wrong to anyone, but he is very well aware of his actions the weight of them. The person who affects him the most being his mother, the one who always showed love for him and Thor equally. He tries to hide this knowledge, denying her being his mother as well since he is of Jotun blood, but he cares for her greatly still and can't help but feel guilty for how she sees him now. He still strives for chaos and when the Dark Elves invade, he mischievously points them in the direction of the throne room, not knowing their full capabilities, but living for the potential chaos to ensue. Of course this leads to his dear mother being killed. Loki is furious, broken, and lost. His actions have gone too far, causing the woman he loved the most and felt loved him more than anyone else to die. Thor can easily see through his illusions proving that Loki has shown his adoration for Frigga enough that even Thor knows of it. When they finally get to the Dark World, Loki tries getting under Thor's skin again, but also in an attempt to understand him. He prods at Thor's feelings for Jane and reminds him that her life is but a brief moment in their own lifetimes. They bicker and scuffle on the ride to their destination, but it is ultimately resolved by Loki's declaration that Thor can trust his rage, his rage at Frigga's death. When there, we see Jane in direct danger twice. Both times, Loki throws himself in harms way to protect her, seeing her both as vulnerable but also something that Thor cares for. Loki then proceeds to save his brother's life, being willing to sacrifice his own for him as well. Knowing his wound is not fatal, but also being fully aware of his skills in trickery and illusions, not only does Loki trick Thor into believing he is dead, but he also takes the opportunity to try to relieve his conscience; he apologizes. He then follows it up by saying that he didn't do what he did to make Odin proud or acknowledge him, not this time. He did it for the one who truly cared for him and showed it, Frigga. This gave Loki the opportunity to discreetly get back to Asgard and exile Odin and take his place. Now, Loki got the respect and adoration he felt he deserved. But it would only last for so long.
When Thor gets wind of Loki's antics, they both find themselves eventually facing down Odin and him passing away, but not before telling them that he's proud of them and loves them. Even Loki tears up here. He feels somewhat that it's his fault for Odin's passing, but he also feels empty after finally hearing Odin give him what he thought he always wanted. Hela arrives and Loki tries to reason with her; perhaps thinking he can relate to her and handle the situation. Unfortunately, Loki and Thor get separated for a while, eventually reuniting, but on opposite ends of the social class on Sakaar. Loki could easily continue to bask in his new status over Thor, but still decides to help him when h found him in the waiting area for the fighters (even though he eventually tried to betray him later when he realized he could regain what status he had and that he viewed escape futile and pointless with Hela still around). In the end, despite him having the chance to escape and run off, he returns to Asgard to help fight. He even proves key in defeating Hela as he revives Surtur, also grabbing the tesseract on the way. He doesn't hide. He doesn't show bitterness. He returns to the ship alongside his brother. (despite how much Waititi gave a middle finger to the writing and characterization of the characters, I am still trying my best to piece good Loki moments from Thor Ragnarok and fit it into Loki’s personality given that Ragnarok is considered MCU canon).
Thanos attacks. He has Thor in a precarious situation, threatening to kill him if Loki doesn't give him the tesseract. Loki tries to hold out as long as possible, knowing the consequences of giving it to the mad titan, but eventually yields when he sees no other way to save his brother; after giving it to Thanos, he immediately goes to Thor's side to protect him. When Thanos took down Hulk, Loki realizes the only chance they have to get out of there alive is to use his trickery. He proclaims himself Loki, prince of Asgard and, most impressively, Odinson. He accepts who he is. He acknowledges he is the rightful heir to Jotunheim, but he also knows that, even if not by blood, he is Thor's brother, and Odin and Frigga's son. Unfortunately, he rushes to action quite recklessly, potentially undermining the power Thanos has already with even just the two infinity stones he as acquired. Loki is killed. Neck snapped from the pressure of Thanos choking him. He died trying to protect his brother. Trying to fight for the good fight. Died at the hands of the man who twisted him in the first place and promised him suffering if he didn't deliver the tesseract.
Loki may have started out as a dark antagonist, then to a twisted villain, and eventually progressing to an Anti-Hero, but he died a hero.
This just breaks me. He was such a loveable and complicated character. He had many faults, faults he battled with every day. When it came down to it, he threw his own life down for his brother.
It upsets me he died so quickly and seemingly so pointlessly within the first ten minutes of Infinity War. But he also served a great, if I may, glorious purpose. He brought the Avengers together in the first place, and died trying to make sure another one of them, and his own brother, could live on to fight and stop Thanos.
Loki will always be my favorite character and hero and villain simultaneously in the MCU. And I couldn't thank Tom Hiddleston enough if I got the chance for his stellar performance of this fantastic and complicated character who helped bring the Avengers together, even if unintentionally.
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giovannafox · a day ago
The amount of fanfictions in which the protagonist trusts Loki even though she knows he's gonna betray makes me wonder if he is the god of lies because he lies professionally all the time or because you will believe him anyway even though you know he is lying.
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the-departed-potato · 2 days ago
Can we just talk about the PILE OF BOOKS in Loki’s cell in Asgard? 📚
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I mean we all know he read a lot but that’s so many. He wasn’t really there for that long right? I wonder if he has super human reading powers as well.
(I could have the timeline wrong but I didn’t think he was in the dungeons for very long. If anyone knows how long he was there please comment below. I’ve been trying to find an exact time but can’t.)
*UPDATE: Thanks to @gothiccatrina @returnofismasm and @nikkoliferous for clarification that Loki has been in prison for a year or more.*
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bearvibe · 2 days ago
Yes, A Sequel Can Be Better Than The Original
By Bear Dever
Hello everyone! It’s been a while. Well, I just graduated college and I’m taking a breather month during May before I start working as a camp counselor in June. I need something to do so I’m gonna start writing some more BearVibe and I hope y’all enjoy it!
Tumblr media
So, sequels. Most believe that it’s impossible for a sequel to a hit motion picture to be as good as the original. Well, that isn’t always true. Here are some of the best sequels I have seen that outshined their originals.
Tumblr media
Thor: The Dark World
Yes, everyone loves Thor! He is a beloved member of the Avengers and made his debut in 2011′s Thor. This was a great film and did a great job introducing a character in a fish-out-of-water scenario. However, Thor: The Dark World is set after the events of The Avengers, where Loki of course leads an army to attack New York. The highlight of this film is seeing the evolution of Thor and Loki’s relationship. The plot keeps audiences on their toes trying to figure out if Loki turned good or not. They are enemies in many senses but they share a very special bond as brothers and seeing that relationship be explored was worth the price of admission.
Tumblr media
High School Musical 2
Some may say this doesn’t count because it’s a made-for-TV movie but it’s a cultural phenomenon and deserves to be on this list. High School Musical redefined what a TV movie should be and this film continued to redefine it. This was 100% a theatrical-level quality film. Unlike a lot of Disney Channel content, this was not meant to be goofy. This film deals with legitimate drama between high-schoolers working at a country club for the summer. One girl has a crush on a guy and will do everything she possibly can to make sure he can sing with her in the talent show. The guy gets sucked into the life the girl is trying to make for him and forgets about the ones who really mattered to him. These are very intriguing plot points combined with incredible music and dance numbers and a production design that holds up nearly 15 years later!
Tumblr media
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Nobody was expecting for The Hunger Games to explode in popularity back in 2012 when it was released. It stayed on the top of the box office for four weeks! This is a very rare feat in the film industry. Expectations were high for this film and it delivered the goods so well. This took the damage from one rebellious act between two tributes of the Hunger Games to a full-on national rebellion. Jennifer Lawrence gave an Oscar-worthy performance as Katniss who was sick of Panem’s government and wanted revenge- especially after the last scene. We get to see the 75th Hunger Games with so much action but like the previous two films I talked about, the draw of this film is the character development. This was the best film of an incredible franchise is should be regarded as one of the greats.
Tumblr media
Grown-Ups 2
Sandler knocks it out of the park again, at least in my mind. This film was universally panned by critics for some reason I don’t understand. The first Grown-Ups was so charming. There were five hilarious men and their families staying at a lake house and causing a couple hours-worth of ruckus and laughs. However, there wasn’t exactly a plot. This film has somewhat of a plot. After all the grown-ups minus one move back to their hometown, it’s the last day of school. They put together a huge party that night like they haven’t done in years. There was even a full-on battle with some frat boys. This movie is great because of the one-liners and ridiculous occurrences that middle-schoolers would find funny. This movie isn’t for everyone but if you like Sandler’s level of humor it’s fantastic!
So these are some of the best I could think of. Feel free to comment more. Thanks for reading BearVibe!
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rt8815 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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rt8815 · 2 days ago
Y'all expect us to believe Thor, as dense as he could be, wouldn't have noticed Odin's OOC behavior?
You think it wouldn't have sent up any red flags that he was being somewhat...reasonable?
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rt8815 · 2 days ago
Thor to Odin: "Loki, for all his grave imbalance, understood rule as I know I never will."
1) Duh. We've known that the whole time.
2) Too little, too late to acknowledge that.
3) The powers that be behind the scenes are so inconsistent with character development, it makes me dizzy.
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rt8815 · 2 days ago
Thor had to take the Underground back to Greenwich 😂
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rt8815 · 2 days ago
"Mew mew!"
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rt8815 · 2 days ago
Thor and Malekith landed on top of The Gherkin 😆
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lokislittlesigyn · 3 days ago
OG616 : Thor: The Dark World - Pt.2 [Isolation]
[My masterlist, where all parts of this and my other fics can be found]
Pairing: Loki / Sigyn (basically an oc based off the marvel/myth namesake)
Warnings: None. again, unless you want a warning for sad sigyn and loki
Author’s Note: This one’s a bit longer. Apologies in advance for me being such a horse girl, I can’t help myself.
Taglist: @high-functioning-lokipath , @onaheroicmission
To be added to the taglist, just ask me here or send a message! <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
After Frigga left, Sigyn looked around her room. With the exception of her dirty riding boots off in the corner and a few books and papers lying around, the room was practically untouched, as intended.
What would he want?
She paced a moment. Stopped. The bed… She smoothed her fingertips over the soft, velvety bedspread. Deep sapphire, with silvery accents. She smiled slowly, thinking of countless lazy mornings spent under it. He’ll like this.
She turned, surveying the room. Think. What will he be doing? Probably lots of reading… I should send him books. Where does he like to read...
She looked to their set of chairs and accompanying footstools, which were covered in a similar soft, deep blue fabric. Perfect.
Sigyn gathered a few more things: The book he’d been reading before his fall. A pitcher of water - and one of his favorite wines. A book of spells. Finally, she grabbed a sheet of paper and wrote a short note before folding the paper and tucking it into one of the books. Perhaps she’d do this again, in the future - send him books with letters, little love notes reminding him that someway, somehow, they’d see each other again. She clutched the book to her chest.
Later, Sigyn went to Frigga, explaining what she wanted sent to Loki. The queen assured her the items would reach him, and explained she’d arranged for a few other pieces to be sent. Namely a bed, and a washing stand. But before Sigyn left, Frigga stopped her.
“Child,” Frigga said.
Sigyn turned, facing her. “Yes?”
“Please, do not seek Loki out. The Allfather has forbade you do so.”
Sigyn exhaled, nodding. She’d guessed Odin would forbid it - he’d be a fool not to. But then, perhaps he was a fool to think he could keep her away from him…
“I know.”
Frigga looked at her pointedly. “Promise me you won’t go to him yet. For now, these gifts will have to do.”
Silence hung between them.
“Promise me, Sigyn. Please. If you want any chance of seeing him, you must be patient.”
Sigyn’s shoulders sunk slightly. She nodded. “I.. I promise. I’ll wait. I trust you to tell me when it’s.. Suitable.. To speak to him.”
Frigga stood a moment, considering her words. “Good. Thank you.”
Loki stood in the center of a crisp, white room. It felt sterile. Cold. Contrasting with what sat in the room - a bed, which he supposed Frigga must have had sent. It was plain, only having sheets and a set of plain pillows atop it. Perhaps Odin would only allow so much comfort. Besides that, and a washing stand with a bowl of clean water, the only other thing in the room was himself.
He turned to his right, faced the glowing orange barrier that separated him from the outside world.
Would death have been better than this? This life, separated from everyone and everything? Hatred was better than apathy, that much he knew. But isolation…
Could he find solace in it?
The dungeon doors opened. A troop of Einherjar, accompanied by a few women - thralls, by the looks of it - walked to Loki’s cell.
“Stand back.” Tyr, the Einherjar leader and seasoned old warrior, held his sword at the ready. The sorcerer at Tyr’s side cast a spell, and the barrier slowly receded, fading like an ebbing tide. 
Loki smiled coyly and stepped back with his hands held aloft. “Why, I had no idea you’d bring me gifts..” He eyed the furniture they brought in, his brow furrowing slightly. That chair - one from his bedroom. His footstool. The women brought in water, wine, and fruit, all set on a table. Another woman placed a pile of blankets on his bed - no, not just any blankets. His blankets. Finally, another woman set two books in front of him and quickly backed away, behind the Einherjar whose spears were pointed at Loki’s throat. 
“How very generous.” Loki sneered at the warriors.
“These are not ours,” Tyr said as the sorcerer re-cast his spell. The barrier flowed back in place, seeming to solidify. “They are from your wife.” 
Loki merely watched him, refusing to give him the satisfaction of a reaction. Instead, he kept his jaw firm, his expression unwavering. “Send my regards.”
Tyr gave him a look. Without another word, the troop left, the heavy dungeon door shutting behind them with an echoing thunk.
Loki glanced at the food and water, only now realizing how hungry he was. Touched the back of the chair - still soft. Walked to the books, picking one up in each hand. The first, he recognized as one of his favorites - a book of spells he often reviewed. He sat it to the side. The second, he realized was a book he’d been reading through before, though had never finished…
He swallowed. Dragged his fingers along the old cover, then tugging the bookmark gently, he flipped it open to the page he’d left it at.
A piece of paper fell to the ground. He caught it just in time, standing back upright and setting the book aside to unfold the note. It was Sigyn’s handwriting.
My dear husband…
Words cannot express my love for you, nor the pain I have felt in your absence.
I cannot imagine the pain and anger you must feel. But believe me when I say, you are not alone. You are never alone. Mother and I are here for you. 
We will find a way to help you. And in time, we will be together again.
I love you.
Yours always,                             Sigyn
Loki’s gaze drifted up from the note, to the barrier of his cell, then beyond it to the door.
Out and to the left. Up, until you reached the main level of the palace. Then up again, with a few turns, would lead you to their room - it was safe there. A place entirely their own, calm and quiet and familiar. She’d be waiting there - waiting for him.
She was probably waiting now, after Odin demanded she be kept there.
Both of us in isolation.
Loki folded the note, tucking it back into the book, which he left on the table. He walked to the bed. Grabbing the blanket, he brought it up to his face - his fingers twitching into a fist as he did. It smelled like her, sweet and warm. He closed his eyes, breathing in the scent…
After a moment, he opened his eyes. Laid down on the bed, on his side, clutching the blanket in a tight embrace. 
Weeks passed. Sigyn kept her promise to Frigga, never once daring to venture too close to the dungeons. Eventually, she grew bored of staying in the palace, where her good behavior would be on display for all the Einherjar, who were no doubt reporting her actions to the king. It had been long enough, hadn’t it? She could stand to leave the safety of Valaskjalf and venture into the city...
So one morning Sigyn slipped on her boots and sleek riding outfit and went to the stables. She could feel the Einherjar’s gaze follow her as she walked, as though expecting her to make a beeline for the dungeons. And as much as she desperately wanted to run down there as fast as her legs could carry her, she still had a promise to keep. She had to wait. 
She reached the stables just as the bleak morning gave way to golden sun. Breathed in the deep, calming scent of hay. She smiled.
“Princess,” A stablehand greeted her, walking one of the horses in from pasture. “Shall I saddle your horse?”
“I’ll saddle him, thank you.”
The boy nodded. “He’s out in the eastern paddock.”
Sigyn thanked him, making her way through the grand stable - a few friendly faces greeted her along the way, big brown and blue eyes turning her way, ears swiveling to catch her footsteps when she passed.
Out in the paddock stood her sturdy dapple grey horse, Villieldr. His name meant wildfire - a name which suited his free spirited nature. Next to him, a chestnut whose satiny coat shone the same color as rust: Sinir. Sinewy, his name meant, and his lean, muscular figure certainly reflected that. They were both geldings, and after so many rides together over the years, they’d become close stablemates.
“Sinir,” Sigyn cooed, and the chestnut turned her way, twitching his shoulder. Loki’s horse always had a soft spot for her. Villieldr walked out to meet Sigyn, his velvety muzzle blowing grass-scented air over her face. “Mm, I missed you too.” She giggled, gently pushing his nose away. 
Sinir ambled over, and Villieldr tilted his ears back at the approach.
“Hush, you baby.” Sigyn scratched under his chin, then turned to the chestnut. “Hello, friend. I’m sorry Loki hasn’t been around to see you… You must be missing him, too.” 
Sinir lowered his head as she stroked his neck.
“In fact… Forgive me, Vill, but I think Sinir needs some proper attention.”
After giving Sinir breakfast and a thorough brushing, then dressing him in the tack Loki had chosen for him, Sigyn eased into the saddle. She clicked her tongue, and he sprung forward, eager to finally be going somewhere. All the horses were allowed to roam the paddocks throughout the day on a regular rotation - and when necessary, stable hands would exercise them. But Sinir had, no doubt, been bored in his master’s absence. Loki was forever his favorite person.
Villieldr’s distraught whinnies carried over the wind. He was pacing at the portion of the paddock nearest to the entrance, snorting, with his ears pinned back.
“I’ll be back tomorrow!” Sigyn smiled despite herself when Villieldr whinnied again, and led Sinir down toward the city.
Through the streets they rode, past houses and merchants and taverns, down to the rainbow bridge. 
Sinir tensed beneath her when they approached the Bifrost, his trot growing choppy.
“Want to run?” She stood in the saddle, squeezing his sides - he didn’t need any other signals. Sinir moved into a hurried canter, then soon into a gallop, bouncing Sigyn down the bridge until she found his stride.
By the time they made it to the observatory, Sinir’s coat shone with sweat. 
“Ho,” Sigyn slowed him down, slipping out of the saddle once he was still. “What a brilliant boy you are,” Sigyn stroked his neck and he arched it, his head low. “Thank you for the ride.” She ground tied him, then walked into the Observatory.
“How fare the realms, Heimdall?”
The Gatekeeper stood with his back turned to her, staring out the grand window of the Observatory. Naturally, he wasn’t at all surprised by her approach. 
“Full of unrest, my lady. Raiders continue to pillage and plunder, souls are left lost without homes.”
Sigyn stopped next to him, crossing her arms. “I suppose there’s no way to help from here...”
“Einherjar have been dispatched across the realms. Prince Thor, as well.”
“And the Warriors Three?”
“Mm.” Heimdall nodded. “They fight bravely.”
“Do you see Midgard, Heimdall?”
“Of course.”
“How do they fare?”
“After the battle?”
Sigyn nodded.
“Humans are surprisingly resilient creatures - they will rebuild. Even now, Thor’s new friend Stark rebuilds his tower.”
“How far can you see, Heimdall?” She inched closer to the window, watching the vastness of the sky. Even during the day, Asgard’s light only shone so far into the endlessness of Yggdrasil. There before her lay an endless ocean of space, full of planets, galaxies, and nebulae. It felt as though if she leaned too far, she’d fall into it.
She stepped back, looking at Heimdall, who was now watching her.
“What is it you seek?” He asked, seeing right through her question.
“After Loki fell, did you see him? Were you able to see him at all?”
“No.. If I had, I would have told you as soon as I found he was alive.”
Sigyn shifted her weight. Wherever Loki was, for whatever reason he was with those creatures in that mysterious abyss, none of it could be good. Something must have happened there, something that inspired him to attack Midgard…
“What about now?”
Heimdall smirked. Turned, his gaze settling on Asgard. “Reading in his bed. He seems content, all things considered.”
Sigyn exhaled a relieved breath. “Thank you.. I may return, ask you to check on him from time to time..”
“I’d be happy to, my lady.” He offered a small nod as she left.
That night, Sigyn sat at the table in her chambers. One half of the chair set was gone, now - thought the thought of Loki using his half of it made its absence easier to bear. 
She grabbed a fountain pen and a piece of parchment.
My love,
I took Sinir for a ride today. He misses you - as do I. Vill was less than enthusiastic about it, but he’ll come around. Perhaps you’re right about him being spoiled.
I hope you are enjoying the gifts, if you can call them that: they’re yours anyway, after all. 
Someday we’ll go for a ride together again. I’m sure of it.
         Yours,                                                               Sigyn
Sigyn folded the paper, slipping it into a book of poetry and setting it aside, to be given to Frigga in the morning. She glanced toward the bed. 
It shouldn’t be empty. Not now, not when Loki was so close… 
“Promise me you won’t go to him yet.” Frigga’s words echoed in her head.
She had to be patient. But she wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep that promise…
Sigyn grabbed a blanket and settled back into the chair, closing her eyes.
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"Shut up!"
"Oh dear, is she dead?"
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"Now they're firing at us!"
"Yes, thank you for the commentary, Loki. It's not at all distracting!"
"Well done! You just decapitated your grandfather."
"You know, this is wonderful. This is a tremendous idea. Let's steal the biggest, most obvious ship in the universe, and escape in that! Flying around the city, smashing into everything in sight so everyone can see us. It's brilliant, Thor! It's truly brilliant."
"You lied to me. I'm impressed."
*sexy ship steering hands*
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