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#words and writing
insanepoetics · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
// I'm tuned to this new melody. Its slow rythmic motion pulls me from my safe confinement. I'm euphoric— my lips are torn out of their usual dissatisfaction; my eyes are crazied out of their normal visions; and my hands! my ever twitching and twisting hands! —they are now stretched far into the labyrinth to touch an incandescent figure . Burning with fury , a very familiar flame; one I have, perhaps, seen in my dreams . It's alluring , seeming dangerous and soothing at once. I'm going to shake the mad man's hand and exchange my dreams for his magical pearl. My soul longing for years is now free— to have its own light //
10:00 a.m
– Basil
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resqectable · 11 minutes ago
Loving someone is taking a constant risk with your emotions. When you find the right person,the one you know you want to be with, that person becomes worth the risk.
Monica Murphy, Second Chance Boyfriend
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opulentnoir · 16 minutes ago
Thought of the day: Hot wild sex featuring you.
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thisengrainedheart · 21 minutes ago
I can love you,
But teach me how to love all of all,
For our Lord Creator may master Love for all,
But thee think if you love someone you know
Then would you not love all strangers?
One shall love the good living beings,
For all things be considered,
And all are equally purposed.
Written by Ismael Mansoor
Tumblr media
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unaescritoracualquiera · 22 minutes ago
Amar a alguien, eso algo que realmente necesita de coraje, y no todo el mundo tiene lo que hay que tener bien puesto, para darse el lujo, sencillamente de amar a alguien.
Sabes que amas a alguien cuando has visto sus malas costumbres, su ira, sus temas absurdos y hasta sus contradicciones; y aún así, para ti sigue siendo el ser más maravilloso del universo.
Muchos aman solo lo que brilla; pero cuando se topan con la oscuridad, no saben para dónde carajos mirar.
Y de eso se trata, la persona que es capaz de amar tu caos e incertidumbre, es siempre la respuesta a todas aquellas preguntas que te hacías de pequeño.
Me gusta esa parte del amor, donde el otro sencillamente te conoce tal y como eres; pero no solo eso, sino que también te acepta tal y como eres, no te añade nada, ni por dentro ni por fuera.
Y es mutuo, ni más allá ni más acá.
Simple y sencillamente, en su punto exacto.
—Mel Cab
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fxrihxmim · 25 minutes ago
-• কিছু কথা যায় না বলা, কিছু ক্ষত যায় না দেখা, কিছু মুহূর্ত হয়ে যায় স্মৃতি, অসম্পূর্ণ থেকে যায় কিছু কাহিনী •-
-Some things can't be said, some wounds can't be seen, some moments become memories, some stories remain incomplete.
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quotefeeling · 26 minutes ago
I think too deeply about everything. I still don't know if that allows me to see more of the world, or less of it.
Mobeen Hakeem
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inklingshadows · 28 minutes ago
I know you were not there for me, but you can count on me being there for you. I’m not going to bite back a dog just because it bit me.
From the Shadows
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born-to-hand-jive-babey · 41 minutes ago
Much Ado About Nothing
Much Ado About Nothing
Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. By Amisha Jayakar/Books and Bashful Words In a nutshell. A play, a solace, a masterpiece and an epiphany; that is what Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing epitomizes for me. It is Shakespeare’s sheer brilliance and literary genius that never fails to render readers pleasantly gob-smacked. His tragedies are monumental, his romantic comedies-…
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ipatra · 50 minutes ago
Neither all shimmering teeth manifest smiling...
Nor all tears shed manifest weeping...
Once we understand the difference they hold...
We will be able to realize who all belong to us & who all don't...
Tumblr media
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teamcharlotte · 55 minutes ago
okay so something that @hoziersgf said in a previous post made me realize something:
Charlotte never got a real kiss.
I mean, we know she and Lewis kissed, but the two or three times they did, it was framed... in a bad way? I'm not sure the best way to explain this, but let me give examples, see if I can illustrate it better.
So, I'm not expecting a lot of kissing in a kid's show, but they do happen, and it's framed in a sweet, relationship, lovey-dovey way. Zane and Rikki's first kiss was sweet and promising, as was Lewis and Cleo's first kiss. Or it's cute and wholesome, like when Zane and Rikki was messing around at the mall, or when Cleo and Lewis made up. They're kid's show kisses. The most risqué it ever got was when Emma got moonspelled for the first time and got all flirty with Byron and they made out in the hot tub.
But then when Charlotte enters the picture and starts dating Lewis, they never really do that? @hoziersgf mentioned that the hug they had when Lewis offers to organize their date definitely would've been a kiss if it was any other couple and she's right! Another good time to have a kiss would've been when Charlotte is shown the picnic that Lewis set out for them, but that was a hug too.
The only times they kiss that I can think of is when they're at Mako and Charlotte gets the wrong impression and kisses him, which Lewis couldn't even really reciprocate because he was worried about Cleo, and when they go to Mako for the camping trip and Charlotte invites him out to the woods for some, ahem, alone time.
So, one kiss that wasn't even reciprocated and one kiss that's framed more like they're going out to Make Out Point, and Charlotte is some kind of hussy for wanting to make out with her boyfriend. I think the only time they have a cute kiss is when Lewis is at his birthday party, but again, it's after about ten minutes of him not having a good time and making sure the audience is against Charlotte with the stunt she pulls on Emma and Cleo.
One more way to make sure that Charlotte is framed as the worst character ever when she just wanted her boyfriend's attention *sad kazoo noises*
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yeshasanjuan · an hour ago
Hey self,
I hope you are doing great today. I know you are tired from figuring out what path to take in life. You feel so disappointed for not meeting people’s expectations. You feel so upset because you seem to be lost in your journey. You seem to be so left behind.
It is not easy waking up each day and taking in that pressure to survive in the real world. You have to deal with toxic people on a daily basis. You have to be with people who will try to bring you down. People who do not want to share the spotlight with you.
You get to meet a lot of temporary people in this journey. People who will make you feel special but will never stay. There will be a lot of struggles that will distract you from achieving your goals.
You might be tired, but you should not give up in life. Do not pressure yourself. Do not let people’s expectations govern your life.
Soon enough, you’ll get to where you want to be. Your dreams will be fulfilled. Your heart will be happier soon.
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quotefeeling · an hour ago
i'm tired of giving others the privilege of being the light in my life. i am the moon and this is my sky and i will shine. i will shine all bright and beautiful, all by myself.
ekta somera
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