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#life quotations
yazan-2020 · 43 minutes ago
كلما زادت تعاستنا ازداد تشبثنا ببعضنا البعض.
The more miserable we get, the more attached we become to each other
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goffjames · 12 hours ago
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5lepta-akoma-makous · 14 hours ago
Αν η αγάπη που σου έδωσα ήταν λίγη τρέμω να μάθω πως θα ήταν η πολύ.
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sleeping-0n-a-cloud · 17 hours ago
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If thinking is just talking to myself inside my head, why don't I know what I'm about to say to myself before I say it?⁠
Art by @polyshaperr⁠
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fallenangels9 · 21 hours ago
It’s not hell if u like the way it burns
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