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wedarkacademia3 hours ago
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What are some study tips that you swear by?
掳 my favourite tip for getting started is to start a stopwatch and see how long I can work before I get tired
掳 a stopwatch to see how much I can finish in a particular time, I use the forest app for this.
掳 I reflect on this during the break.
Some updates-
- made this vegetarian version biriyani for the first time- chickpea biriyani and it was really good.
- bought this chocolate again just for the pretty cover 馃槀
- been raining incessantly and all the plants are looking healthy now after getting some relief from Kolkata scorching weather.
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inshagram19 hours ago
She knows the weight of her dreams. Her dreams aren鈥檛 small, but the weight never made her stumble over her own steps. She has learnt how to lift up her dumbbells, and leave her burdens behind.
~Insha Suleman
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quiteapieceofheart20 hours ago
i wrote to my own self once
asking about somethings
i asked- why i have clenched my heart so hard
knowing it doesn鈥檛 exist in me
knowing , that person took it away - long ago
knowing , i happily handed it over
with words and veins
and it won鈥檛 be broken there
as it has been here
carrying it slow and with love
it will dance with a heart beat
Never been heard before
-celeste the darkling
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wordsarehota day ago
Tumblr media
How I adore nice people. What else makes life worth living? Are you a nice woman? What do you think you live for? 鈥 Virginia Woolf [more quotes here]
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ninasdraftsa day ago
There is no one else who looks at the world the same way you do. Every time you think you've learnt the shape of things, they feel slightly different if you pay attention. Their edges are smoother, or suddenly painful to touch. A smell is hardly ever the same. And sunsets? Each one is as unique as a fingerprint. But why do I even tell you? You've seen it all before. But maybe you've been forgetting to value it lately. Maybe you've been taking it for granted. The smell of freshly baked bread or the sound of the ocean, the feeling of someone else's hand in yours or the first sign of spring in the air. There's no one else who sees these things quite like you do. Has anyone ever asked you how you feel when someone you love says your name? Have you ever asked another person a question like this? Why not?
how do you see the world? / n.j.
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beforehuegoa day ago
For my heart only loved
few people, some had gone,
some returned and some were never.
So I asked this heart
of what it'll do if a stranger
come and crash the borders
I protected myself through?
I wonder how many times
it'll experience crying
and ripping out the feathers
of a comfortable pillow?
Will it beg for its lover
to stay until the very end?
Will it beg for another heart's
mercilessly painful love,
if that's what it calls it?
Or will it be brave enough
to let go and
let the wind find its another
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thinkingaboutmyvibe2 days ago
Tumblr media
鈥osting just to remind you: 鈥測our dreams are as hungry as your demons. Make sure you are feeding the right ones鈥.
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abreathlessword2 days ago
There is a star in the sky for every thought I鈥檝e had of you, and every thought to come. The shooting stars are the highlights. The nights that I think about every night, and probably will every night to come. When I look closely I can see them all aligning. I can feel your hands in my hair. Thank god the clouds hide the sky from time to time.
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wordsarehot2 days ago
Tumblr media
You鈥檝e ruined peaches for me. I can鈥檛 eat one without thinking of your hands dipping into my soft flesh, mouth dripping, teeth skimming across skin, tongue lapping at the excess: greedy, greedy, greedy. I am all rush and blush at a summer picnic lunch, hands shaking at the farmer鈥檚 market. 鈥 Trista Mateer [more quotes here]
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