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movieedits3 · 3 hours ago
𝗶𝘁'𝘀 𝘀𝗽𝗼𝗼𝗸𝘆 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲.
- Scream, 1996
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ozfactsblog · 4 hours ago
New Scream Film Shot Multiple Versions to Stop Spoilers
New Scream Film Shot Multiple Versions to Stop Spoilers
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aceemilythorne · 7 hours ago
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ghostiwrites · 7 hours ago
Hello! I was hoping I could request a matchup.
For starters: I'm a bit of a shy person and quiet when someone approaches me, but if I feel confident I can be friendly. Sometimes I act like a mother figure, and I'm kinda sensitive and end up overthinking everything. The only way I show love is physically or through actions, but if required I'll go out of my comfort zone.
I have very short brown hair, brown eyes and I have piercings on my face. Also I'm a tiny gremlin, only 4'11.
I love insects and frogs, but animals in general are nice. I also can't spend a day without listening to music (I like any genre although I lean more towards metal/rock/punk). As a bonus, I also like: taxidermy, pottery, masks, crime documentaries and reading.
Hey hey hey!! You sound super coolio!! Taxidermy and true crime are the best^^
In my professional gay slasher opinion, I feel like your match would be...
Billy Loomis!!:
First off, Billy thinks you are just the cutest, from your small stature to your shy nature, he just loves that about you
He also thinks that your interests are the coolest!! (He keeps bothering you to customize his Ghostface mask)
One of his favorite things to do with you and is relax on the couch, maybe have you snuggled up against him while you both watch crime documentaries (He's taking mental notes)
He's aware at how sensitive you are and how you can overthink but that doesn't stop him from purposely being twenty minutes late to see you (of course he'll apologize if he really upset or scared you)
He loves to jam out to Metallica or Led Zeppelin with you once he finds out that you're into rock and metal (insert karaoke sessions in Billy's room where you guys scream the lyrics to the songs that come on the radio while jumping on Billy's bed)
When Billy found out you had a thing for frogs and insects, he just bought you so many things themed with them (a frog onesie, a frog sweater, dragon fly hair clips, etc), he thinks you look adorable in them <3
Your piercings just mesmerize him, he loves to stare at them and touch them if you let him, he thinks they make you look badass and so very attractive
Billy is so happy that you're also affectionate like he is, showing your love physically, he loves to hold your hand, waist, shoulders, absolutely whatever you'll let him touch
He also loves to just stand there and hug you (even if he has to break his back for it)
Billy can appreciate how motherly you can be (because of his mommy issues), you help bring stability to his life like that, reminding him to take care of himself and whatnot
Billy knows he's the luckiest guy to ever live because he's dating someone as wonderful as you, you're the light of his life, his beacon of hope and he doesn't plan on ever letting you go <3
Eeeee!! Hope you enjoyed that matchup and sorry if it was too short^^ have a lovely day dear! -Ghosti
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stiltonbasket · 8 hours ago
In which all things come to an end, and our (no longer star-crossed) lovers take their final bow.
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onestormynight · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
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ghostiwrites · 9 hours ago
Okie! So Can I get fluffy headcanons for Jason, Anna, Danny, and Bubba with a daughter reader? Plz and thank you!
Of course you can!! I love writing parent headcanons!
Jason Voorhees, The Huntress, The Ghostface, and The Cannibal as parents
Jason Voorhees:
Jason would be an absolutely AMAZING father
Sure he can't do stuff like take his little girl to a park with other kids or send her to public school
But even if he could do all that, he most likely wouldn't, he'd be so worried about his pride and joy would get bullied like he did
He wouldn't be able to live with himself if anything happened to his daughter
But! Who needs school when you have survival lessons!!
Jason would most definitely teach his little one how to survive out in the woods if anything happened where she would get separated from him
He would also either teach his daughter how to swim or completelunch keep her away from any large bodies of water, the largest body of water she and him would ever get closest to is a bathtub that's not even half way full
And as his daughter got older, he'd teach her how use small weapons since he might not always be there to protect her (as much as that thought scares him)
He'd teach her to use knives, make small traps, and teach her how to carve her own weapons from bone and wood
He would never let her near any beartraps, axes, pole spear, his machete, etc.
He doesn't think those are safe and she might really hurt herself
He'd also teach her how to start a fire, cook, which berries are safe and which aren't, and how to get back home if she gets lost while wandering
All in all, Jason is a wonderful father 13/10 (heheheheh)
Tumblr media
Anna/The Huntress:
Anna has wanted nothing more than to raise a little girl
So when she was able to keep one alive, she was absolutely overjoyed
Anna is a great mother! She loves to spend time with her little one
She most definitely made her daughter her own mask when she asked about the one she wore (she made her a wolf one, to show her that she's strong)
She also made sure her daughter grew up knowing how to speak Russian
She loves to call her daughter endearing names in Russian (ex. лучик/sunbeam, куколка/little doll, and малышка/little one)
When her daughter was old enough, she taught her how to throw her hatchets and taught her how to hunt for her own food, thinking it would be good for her to learn how to survive (similar to Jason)
She, of course, would hum her favorite lullaby to her daughter, to the point where she'd be walking around and quietly humming it just like she did (awwe)
Anna would help her daughter make her own clothes out of the pelts of the animals her daughter hunted
Eventually her daughter got so good that she didn't need help anymore (Anna is so proud)
While Anna wants to be close with her daughter, she also helps her gain a sense of independence so, when she one day dies, her daughter won't die soon after because she'll know how to survive on her own
12/10, Anna is a good mom :)! (It's a 12 because she let her touch the weapons at the age of 7)
Tumblr media
Danny Johnson/The Ghostface:
Now, as much as I wanna sit here and say that Danny would be a great dad, he really wouldn't be in my opinion
I'm thinking he spontaneously killed a random lady, maybe he was just upset about something and had to blow off steam but didn't want to go through the trouble of stalking her
After killing the woman and getting his pose ready for the picture, he saw something in the corner of his eye and turned to it
Upon turning though, he didn't expect to find a cowering little girl who was tightly clutching her little teddy bear
Danny realized how much he had just messed up
He knew he couldn't just kill a child, that would be going too far
But then again, he can't just take her either since that'll make him look suspicious
Eventually he decided to just leave and come back once the woman had been discovered, that child could get put in the system for all he cared
But little did Danny realize that once the woman and her still alive daughter was discovered, he'd be ask to temporarily care for the little girl
Just until they could contact any other family she may have
Danny couldn't believe his luck, how could he care for a child! He doesn't have the time for that!!
At first, he tried to politely refuse but eventually he had to agree
Danny mostly ignored the little girl, only doing things like make her food when she asked, gave her baths, and bought her clothes along with toys to keep herself entertained
He didn't do much for her beyond that though
Eventually they were able to contact the little girl's aunt who lived out in Chicago, Illinois and she was then shipped off to her
And, Danny wasn't gonna lie, he actually sort of missed the little girl but, he was glad to be able to continue his regularly scheduled crimes
4/10 would not recommend >:(
Tumblr media
Bubba Sawyer/The Cannibal:
Much like Jason and Anna, Bubba would be a wonderful parent
When he first brought the little gal home, Drayton almost immediately told Bubba to, and I quote "put that little shit back where you found it!!"
He wasn't too happy about another month to feed
But with enough whines and cries from Bubba, he caved in and let Bubba keep the little girl which made Bubba so overjoyed
Everyone in the family calls her "Little Sawyer" since she's just so small!
Bubba makes sure to keep his little angel away from any sort of violence, she doesn't need to see that!
Of course though, knowing that he has Chop Top and Nubbins for brothers, she's bound to be exposed to some form of it
But the when Bubba found out, Chop Top and Nubbins weren't allowed around her for like a week
Bubba will also frequently refer to himself as 'mama' to the little girl while wearing his pretty lady mask which caused the little girl to start calling him mama and papa
Once when Bubba was chasing a victim, the said victim saw Bubba's little girl and managed to grab her then start running off with her which caused her to scream and cry out to Bubba who very quickly caught up with the victim and cut them down
That made Bubba realize though that he either needs to teach his daughter to fight like a Sawyer or keep her locked in his room while he's out getting food
Bubba decided to go with keeping her in his room, he just couldn't bare to have his little one traumatized or end up weird like Chop Top and Nubbins
He just loves his daughter more than anything bless his little Texas soul
3828392/10 yes
Tumblr media
Hope you all enjoyed reading my headcanons^^ I'll be working on some more stuff if you little Ghostlings need me -Ghosti
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cloversbloom · 9 hours ago
everyone stop everything I’m thinking about how the first dont u in ‘dont you’ is used to tell him to not smile at her and ask her how she’s been etc....but the second dont you is her asking why he doesn’t love her anymore
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frostytherobot · 9 hours ago
i gotta do a background check for the room i’m applying for but i’m sure it’ll pass and then i just gotta send off some store addresses to my manager and i’m OFFICIALLY MOVING??? TO LOS ANGELES??????
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ironwinterhawk · 11 hours ago
Fellow college students or whoever wants to join:
I am starting a screaming sessions for Finals week so if you are in the pre finals, in the middle of exams, or just want to scream, you may join me in this impromptu screaming session on Tumblr
Tumblr media
Thank you and have a good day/night and scream on✌🏻
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slasher-hoe · 12 hours ago
I saw a post a while ago (on twitter or somewhere else idk) where someone hated on the Slasher Community for liking serial Killers. So I thought why not try to get a few things straight here.
Most of us like Slashers from MOVIES. Not from real life, thats why we call killers like Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers or Ghostface Slashers. They exist, as I mentioned before, in movies, not real life. Of course you can call them fictional serial killers, but thats a longer word and just no.
Killers from real life are Serial Killers like Ted Bundy and so on.
When we say we like Slashers we mean FICTIONAL BEINGS. Not real ones, even tho a lot of us wish they were real. I mean, who doesn't want to get a bear hug from Jason or a selfmade gift from Vincent Sinclair where he painted you something nice.
Everyone has their own reason to simp over Slashers, may it be trauma, mental health issues or just a coping mechanism. In the end of the day, we're all just touch-starved and need someone to help us through rough times. Then we reach out to Slashers.
Having Michael stalk and kill people who are giving you a hard time, Billy and Stu making sure you come home safely (works for both male and female) or have Bubba kiss you and love you because you're special, you go Queen/King/Roalty. It all gives us a sense of comfort and someone taking care of you.
So please, before you judge and shame on a person for actually enjoying some premium time in their emotional support fandom, just think about keeping quiet and let them have peace and enjoy their daydreaming.
A lot of people will probably come for me but idc, it's all just my opinion.
Also sorry if my english is off, it's late and I should be asleep.
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chaarlottekings · 15 hours ago
hailey saying “yeah, but you learn how to be that way. to shut people out. to be invisible. you learn it.” makes me wanna combust !!!
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of-devils-and-drawings · 16 hours ago
Actually wait IM SO SORRY IF YOU ALREADY SAW MY LAST MESSAGE- im so so sorry!
Could you please do Billy Loomis in D2? Kinda like Stu at prom?
Again I’m so sorry-
Tumblr media
Cleans up good...
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