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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#new love
forehim · an hour ago
does he think of me as I think of him?
I want to hold his hands and
Kiss every inch of his skin
Feel his warmth beneath my finger tips
Silently watching as they gently glide
and leave small shadows across him
I want to memorize every curve, angle, piece of him
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not-cailin · 20 hours ago
☀️ gmornin'
today we are wearing flower plants and expressing gratitude
5:15am calgary
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poetry-byyourstruly · a day ago
There is no shame in being alone.
I find that I do quite well on my own.
I really am fine taking care of myself.
I know how to be gentle with myself
when I am sad,
and I know how to celebrate my joys.
But I don’t want to live life
only fine.
I want to be fully immersed
and obsessed,
over the moon for you.
I want to be better than fine,
and I want to be better than fine with you.
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poetry-byyourstruly · a day ago
I never thought the day would come
when I forget the color of your eyes,
but stranger things have happened.
The day has finally come,
and I can find comfort in knowing
my heart has finally moved on.
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poetry-byyourstruly · 2 days ago
I consider myself a rather
confident and brave individual,
And yet,
I have not ever found ability
to say everything I want to to you.
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bodybybrendat-blog · 3 days ago
New Love/Fresh Start
OK, before you ask, NO, there is not someone new in my life. I am talking about ME. I have been numbing and hiding for too long again. Some parts of my life has made me not value myself for several years now, and it is exhausting to hate myself this much! The man, who many of us lovingly call, Bossman, Hunter Holmes, asked in his readers’ group yesterday, “What is Your Poison?” He posted a…
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Tumblr media
Hesitation in forming new attachments. Longing to, but fearing history repeating itself. But this one’s different. I feel it. I think. I hope. Actions and words align this time, and that’s never happened before. Only time will tell.
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poetry-byyourstruly · 4 days ago
The truth is that I know you’re afraid.
I know you refuse to get hurt like last time.
Your heart is tired,
and you won’t let anyone in to help you rest.
Love, don’t you know that not everyone
will leave you with the same pain?
Believe it or not,
there are people who will do
to see you smile,
to see you happy.
I happen to be one of them.
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livelyyoungheart · 5 days ago
Ahh, you have a new lover
It is so beautiful, to find
A connection so full of
Passionate energy and electricity
You are so brightly excited, I can tell
She's on all your mind.
You deserve this someone who
Uplifts and inspires you
Who makes you blush and grin
And wonder at the sheer magical
Sensual pool of love you're in
There is a small sorrowful longing for you
In me, but what is there to do?
It is not as though I can be with you
Or even near you, anytime soon.
And it is not as though we were
Ever going to be that way
Like he and me, or you and she
Its comforting to know maybe we're
Because of that a little stronger
I can be sure I'll get to know you
At least a while longer.
I can tell you're having fun seeing her
Staying up together all night, how romantic
How that sets a soul alight
And that is perfectly good to me
Because you've found someone
To spark your pleasure and curiosity
To excite and entice you
It is truly beautiful
And it is not something I could do for you
It only hurts to see you swept away
In the same way I've been with you
For all these many months and days
The brightness and energy
You describe to me, so intense and fresh
Is how I experience you and me
What you told me you would
Never allow yourself to feel for me.
I wonder if I ever expressed it clearly
How easily and completely
You have swept me away to sea,
How intense and strong, you feel to me.
But I had my chances, I had my signs
I was warned to make a decision,
That if I didnt take some action
The decision would no longer be mine
And now predictably, I am left
Lamenting over something that
Could never have been
It is a wistful new flavor
Of melancholy today
Which like everything else I feel for you,
Must be carefully hidden for good.
Regardless of the state of me
I hope you continue having a happy
Day, week, month,
Extended, unending moment
Of falling totally in love
And I'll do my best to gently
Fall out of love,
And move on quietly.
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poetry-byyourstruly · 7 days ago
I have been asked so many times
if I would go back
if I could.
It has taken me many months to
decide on an answer.
I will not return to what I had before.
No matter who asks,
I will say no to returning to the past.
I was happy there once,
but I could not be again.
I can never forget the response I received
when I needed help the most.
I can never forget the arguments
over things that should not be debated.
I cannot forget
as easily as my parents.
If I had the choice,
I will keep moving forward
to decide my own life.
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thistles-n-flwrs · 8 days ago
When your forehead rests against mine
The rest of the world grows silent.
And all I can see, and hear, and feel
Is you.
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Tumblr media
I left my window open
for three months
to fill my room with a smell
that isn't you
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blackcoffeebooks · 10 days ago
My eyes trace the curves of her body as she sleeps. She snores slightly, in the cutest way. Her leg twitching every so often. I love her in this moment. She rolls over and opens her eyes and sees me.
“Good morning beautiful”
I swear I could die. I don’t think she knows that she snores. I don’t think she knows how much I adore her. And I would never want her to worry about it. So I keep it to myself. A secret between just me and her sleeping silhouette.
The truth is I don’t sleep as much with her by my side, but waking up next to her after 4 hours of sleep is better than any 10 hours waking up alone. I want to memorize every inch of her body before she leaves. I want to breathe in every milky sweet part of her before I have to let go. Things are so easy with her. Sitting in the sun in silence.
I miss her already as I kiss her goodbye.
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troubledrobin · 11 days ago
None of this is fair
It feels like I'm settling for second best
What does she have that I don't have?
None of this is fair
Because I still want him to come running back
And here I was, thinking I had my life on track
None of this is fair
Not to you, not to me and certainly not to him
It's been over a year and it just feels like wasted time
None of this is fair
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thistles-n-flwrs · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Since I’ve met you I have continued to circle back to you. I thought I was damaged beyond repair but you have shown me what it means to embrace and love myself for who I am and what I’ve been through. You have supported me and shown me what healthy love feels like.
I thought what I had with K was real and something I’d never be able to find again. Boy was I wrong.
I am beyond grateful for you. Since I met you a year ago, almost, it’s always been you. ❤️
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blackcoffeebooks · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
I think I fell in love in this moment. The moment I realized she was just as weird as me. And it was so easy, the way her hand felt in mine 💜💜
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I feel so immensely lonely almost all the time. And in the fleeting moments that I don’t, a person who is not MY person is the reason why.
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