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#anon ask
fox-steward · 2 minutes ago
@ anon who wrote me today:
tremendously important question you asked and i don’t have the time to write you a worthy reply today but the short of it is:
no you are not the only person to work out that their gender dysphoria comes from (sexual) abuse and those therapists you mentioned are totally wrong, bordering on malpractice, to have lied to you like that. all i can say now, quickly, is trust yourself first and foremost, you seem like you’ve got a good grasp on yourself. that won’t prevent all suffering, but it’s a good place from which to begin healing. i will write a better reply to your question soon. you aren’t alone in what you’ve experienced and i am rooting for you.
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awkwardstarfluff · 2 minutes ago
Do you ever make " vent " art?
Eh honestly not very often, I have to be in the right mood to make art and if I'm feeling heightened emotions I probably won't be wanting or able put the energy towards art
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lovenikkifacts · 2 minutes ago
thank u for giving early access to shining nikki for android user canadians. we are all lab rats now
you are labs rats and shining nikki is lingerie
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spfangirlnya · 2 minutes ago
waa i hope u feel better soon!! it’s okay to be moody, everyone goes thru the motions ya know ^^
i have been busy w classes sobs, my finals r like in 3 months time. but m here if u need someone to rant to <3
Smkcmkcmk good luck sweety! Omg! Do you think you’re ready? Studying sucks lol
Tumblr media
(oversharing loading..… jk) Thanks!
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werewolfashton · 3 minutes ago
thank you 😊💕 i sure do now 🙈
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jacscorner · 3 minutes ago
Nobody wants your dumb bikini armor in D&D. That's gross. Keep your fetishes out of the game.
So, I got this question a few days ago after I had posted about wanting to put it in a D&D game with friends. And, just gonna say it now, this question is kinda not safe. Or, at least, the topic is. So, gonna put a cut for safety and some tags. So, you know, read at your own risk, but I don't think it's anything explicit enough for a cut.
I feel the community as a whole is very anti-sex and sexual content.
And, you know, I totally get that. There are a ton of horror stories about DMs and Players alike who just straight up force their fetishes onto others. Like, browse through reddit and take a shot whenever an asshole strips a character, especially a female one, of either their agency or their dignity.
Uh, actually, don't do that. You'd never make it to the hospital.
But there's a pretty big difference between forcing people into your 'magical realm' without their consent and having friends okay with 18+ content and running an idea through them for their approval. Like, this would definitely be a private thing and, honestly, I never even asked them about it yet or anything cause I'd like to have at least a one-shot's worth of content ready before I spring the gimmick.
And, you know, there IS a place for this kind of content. It's not at a table with minors OR even a table of adults if they're not okay with it. That's why I said the most important rule is consent. In fact, it's big, I'll say it louder for ya'll in the back.
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marbled-hornets · 3 minutes ago
So, Jay. What's his reaction to Alex?
Tumblr media
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artymiswritesfics · 4 minutes ago
tubbo randomly hugs ranboo and ranboo goes ‘are u ok?!? did something happen?!?” and tubbo just goes ‘lol’ and tickles him -🔥
HE WOULD he’d come hug him and ranboo has to play a fun guessing game called Is Tubbo Sad Or Ler
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rhyssescups · 4 minutes ago
hey !!
wanted your opinion on this anti-elriel theory that kind of worries me as you always have such great analysis :)
the gwynriels have been saying that sarah said azriel's li was born in January which matches up to gwyn but doesn't match to elain so gwyn is his endgame
what do you think about that?
Hello, anon !! :)
First of all, I would just like to thank you for that wonderful compliment !!
I actually spend quite a bit of time working on my metas because I like to make sure that I have the right evidence to support the things that I’m saying and that my statements are coherent, etc. so that others are able to accurately understand what I’m attempting to convey...
So, it really warms my heart when people say that they actually enjoy reading my posts and compliment my analysis portions. It means more than you know !! 🥺💜
Now, moving on to your question...
I wouldn’t let those arguments bother you too much, anon !!
When Sarah agreed to give Azriel’s LI a January birthday, she was on a livestream with a friend of hers and didn’t have the time to sit and calculate the months in her head to see if they added up correctly for either Elain / Gwyn (and ACOSF was already written at this point so it’s not like Sarah added that tidbit in after giving Azriel’s love interest a January birthday).
It’s also important to note that in multiple interviews Sarah has discussed her poor math skills (no hate to Sarah, I relate to her in that aspect lol), so perhaps math-related theories aren’t the way to go ?? 👀
Even if Gwyn was born in January, then who’s to say that Elain wasn’t ??
It’s just a silly theory all around in my opinion, and I thought we moved past it months ago...💆‍♀️
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rollingthunderpouringrain · 4 minutes ago
person, i'm following you because you reblog stucky and are thirsty for sebastian stan like me but i don't like/watch spn and, you know, i'm making sacrifices here Haha anyway what's your favorite Bucky (and Rogers)??
Hi Anon!
I appreciate your message thehe, but I hope you know that you can blacklist SPN :) I always tag with "spn" (or "J2" / "spn cast"). If you haven't done that already. I highly recommend doing that! :)
agshdjf as for your question I don't know if you mean MCU Bucky vs Comics Bucky or, like, different Buckys we got in the MCU. But I'm gonna go with the 2nd one. Buck is a great character in every phase of his journey to me, I enjoy every single one. But my favorite is Bucky during the Howling Commandos Era, after being captured in the battle of Azzano and that whole deal, so basically sniper, second in command to Cap Bucky. That Bucky is so dear to me, idk how to properly say why that is. Close after that, recovering Bucky in modern times is very important to me, either (canon divergent) after CA: WS or during the Falcon and WS show. Both work well for me. Bucky freeing himself from the Winter Soldier persona and finding himself <3
As for Steve...Pre Serum Steve has a special place in my heart - though, I think I slightly prefer the Steve helping Bucky recover and going feral Cap over everyone threatening Bucky in the slightest (therefore, also post CA: WS, mostly canon divergent I guess?) and reinventing his Cap persona when confronted with modern times. (I also prefer a version of Steve that does in fact not stay in the past when time travelling..).
I hope my answer wasn't too long.
Thank you for the ask and be safe :)
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ahappydnp · 4 minutes ago
remember when people would put the phrase “no demon” in front of a sentence whenever they talked about anything to do with dnp not being straight
Lmaoooo yeah because you’d get fucking roasted for insinuating that maybe perhaps the constant man thirst and probing jokes could be a little less than heterosexual
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xsugarysweetsx · 5 minutes ago
Hello! It isn't a request but some of your fics got deleted like I was reading one about BSD, and three chapters were missing, it's sad to have to read two chapters on five..
Oh I know which your talking about!
Its the Oda x pregnant reader
so first of all those are about almost two years old. They have been on the blog for quite some time already, and on top of that at one point I changed my username twice and back to the original one which is what I have right now.
And for those who know changing your username basically changes all the links. I have tried to relink them over and over again but for some reason they never stay linked. even to this day I have been trying to get them to stay on every new chapter post. But for some reason they just never birthday. On top of that when you try to search them on my page they don't pop up :/
If it gets fixed permanently I will let you know!
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party-like-a-brockstar · 5 minutes ago
Personal reasons = Division team I have the most beef with because some of their players are not nice (to put it politely)
oh shit is there more than just Oz*na being an absolute garbage man? tbh not surprised if that’s the case since the word “accountability” doesn’t exist in the mlb’s vocabulary
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spidernerdsblog · 5 minutes ago
Aaj se mera naam timepass anon again I'm the same person who spoke to you earlier, I agree, I'm south Indian but meri Hindi acchi hai coz roots are from north, what you said about us, south, north-east being overshadowed is 100% true, we are like America and Canada, America is loud, they want the world to know of their presence all the time, that's north India, we're like Canada, happily doing our own thing and letting them enjoy the attention, I feel like I couldn’t have put it better lol.
whatever you wish to be called hun💕
that's a good analogy. It's true despite being a multicultural country only one part of it gets more recognition and importance whereas the rest east/west and southern parts gets overshadowed. The society is solely to be blamed for this misconception.
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manderz182 · 5 minutes ago
Do you like sex?
Tumblr media
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foreverlonewolf23 · 6 minutes ago
How's life? You've been very quiet lately, imma worried! :O
Life is life I guess idk it’s summer so that’s cool. I’ve been just working and going to the pool when I can. Don’t be worriedddddddddd
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jalboyhenthusiast · 6 minutes ago
Im allergic to kiwi, I can't try it😐
i... yeah maybe skip this experiment
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bihercs · 6 minutes ago
Who is more obnoxious; Tony Stark or Scott Summers?
Personally, anon, I'd go with Stark; Scott does definitely annoy me at times, but I appreciate why he's like that and how hard he tries. He's never gonna be my favourite X-Man, but I still like his backstory & development, and I've read plenty of comics with him that I've liked and would read again (i.e X-Men Snapshots, X-Men Unlimited #31). He's a little annoying but on a whole I'd say he's a good character.
Tony Stark, on the other hand... I can count the number of Iron Man comics I've read on one hand, and I only read those because they were part of my complete read through of Wonder Man apperances. I just find him... so incredibly overrated & annoying. Because of his success in the MCU he's in almost every comic with a big role it feels sometimes, and it's just really tiring? Especially when you read older comics, where he has much less of a prominent role and shares his panel time with other characters. I dislike Steve Rogers and Carol Danvers for a similar reason. Their popularity means they're marketed wayy more, and it is just so obnoxious to me.
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peanutbutterottieotters · 8 minutes ago
Oh no someone on anon told me I’m not funny, guess I gotta deactivate my account
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